Sex Has Become An Obsession

Have men always been as obsessed with sex as they are today? Was it thrust into their faces practically every single moment? I doubt it. Men of the past had to put so much more energy into survival that sex was seen more as the dessert instead of the main dish like it is now. Otherwise, the sex-obsessed ancient man would surely die of starvation or predation. What you think of as a normal level of horniness and healthy sex attitude would be vulgar and downright ill to men of the past.

I go online and there is sex in places it shouldn’t be. My Twitter timeline is filled with attention-whoring women who showcase their cleavage and beauty, retweeted by thirsty men. The trending list on YouTube is filled with women using their sexuality to get views, and even children’s videos have sexual themes. Instagram, an app I barely use, insists on recommending busty women who showcase and jiggle their breasts. The only way you can turn off receiving endless sex messages from the internet is if you don’t go on the internet.

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Even when I succeed in not thinking about sex, I’m immediately corrupted as soon as I walk out my door. Women are too eager to show me the curvature of their bodies, their breasts, their ass, and with yoga pants, even the outline of their chubby labia. Women have become so deranged with showing us their sex that many are petitioning the government to go topless on public streets. It doesn’t matter how much willpower you have as a man, they will attempt to suck you in and put your mind into thinking about fucking them so they feel a sense of validation.

Sex is our generation’s daily obsession. If men don’t spent hours on porn sites or social networking trying to “like” or swipe their way into a woman’s pants, they hop on an airplane and travel thousands of miles away to bang until they’re sick of it. While most of the third world is looking for economic opportunity, the comfortable men of the first world look for sex opportunity, because it’s one of the top things that gives them meaning in life. It’s so easy to survive that so we can safely dedicate ourselves to rock star sex goals at the same time we experiment with a diet or supplement stack that maximizes our testosterone level to ensure superhuman fornication.

Frankly, I’m tired of it. I’ve dedicated more time than 99% of men into getting sex. It has given me a community of men online I can talk to, which is great, but my soul has nothing to show for it. I don’t want to care about sleeping with a girl I don’t have feelings for. I don’t want to go on another bang mission, or travel to more countries to find a perfect woman who exists only in my mind. Enough! I can’t bear to look at another vagina for the sole purpose of using it as a tool to get a ten-second orgasm that gives me no pleasure as soon as it’s done, even though I know deep down that the next girl I sleep with will certainly be someone I do not love.

If some facet of the culture has been normalized by the time you reach puberty, you will think it’s an integral part of humanity. This means that any man born since the sexual revolution of the 1970’s will grow up thinking about sex and pursuing it far more than his ancestors. The situation is worse for men born in the era of internet porn, who don’t know what it’s like not to have hardcore ass-to-mouth videos on demand.

Even if you decide to shake this sex obsession, those around you have not. Girls will insist on displaying vaginas close up to your face, asking if you would kindly take a sniff. Men will insist that you need to “just get laid,” as if that will solve all of your problems. There’s no way to stop it unless you remove yourself totally from society, an unreasonable task. It looks like we’re cursed to have sex a daily part of our existence, whether we like or not.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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174 thoughts on “Sex Has Become An Obsession”

  1. Sex is overrated you can’t feel shit in a condom. I would rather get my dick sucked then fuck.

    1. All the restrictions on a white guy having sex in a western country has made it an obsession. After 10 years living in countries where sex is easily available, I can take it or leave it. Banged myself senseless the first 3 years though.

      1. JOHN
        I cannot imagine hanging around clubs with 20 year old slags trying to get laid.
        And the sex is lousy anyhow. Some drunk slag on her bag totally drunk.
        Where is the porno style sex?
        But most of these guys don’t get sex. They go to the club, spend their money on overpriced drinks, go home and have a wank to porn.
        It is amazing more young men do not rape women.

        1. MM,
          I certainly had no idea about set until I was 52 and living in Asia. But I didn’t understand what I was missing either, so can sympathize with a lot of the white guys living in their home towns. I don’t even bother telling my pals back home about sex out here, they just claim I’m lying, or at best think I’m lying.

        2. Porno is made by degenerate J EWs to debase Western Culture and Women. As stated by Mogul Al Goldstein of Screw Inc.
          I feel sick and dirty reading every single one of your filthy posts.
          Idiots go to clubs and try to get laid. Its stupid. Real quality women dont exist there.

        3. Yea
          So You move to the Phillippines and pay lower beer and bar cover charges to do all you described, only with rice eating, third world, money grubbing slope slags.
          You Js are so funny

        1. Why wait a week, 1 day of discomfort, take the antibiotics ($1 where I live), and it’s immediately gone. Maximum 2 days of mild discomfort, less trouble than a cold.

      1. Life is going to get much harder in the years to come.
        Overwhelming debt, unfunded liabilities,environmental degradation, cultural collapse, peak oil
        The combination of those factors and others pretty much guarantee that life will get much harder for most people over the next couple decades.

    2. Make humans obsess about a certain thing, then you can easily control them. the amount of men and women on social media, online forums….etc talk about relationships, sex, how do I look ?, Am i good enough ? is really pathetic.
      for the most they make it as priority in their lives then they wonder why I’m not happy about life in general.

    3. Who,the hell, has excessive sex with Western women?
      These are obsolete societies. Most women are completely invisible.

      1. Young male students get to do it bareback with their female teacher.

    4. Michel Houellebecq (Plateforme), top french writer alive describes it like this : we are tending to Third World countries mainly aimed at fulfilling sexual desires of white western men, “tourists” or “expats”. this is one big global dynamic today according to him. (i m a 40 y o white french man and i agree with his thoughts).

      1. Sounds like something a feminist harpy would write.
        The reality: We’re taking care that millions of arab guys will “tend” to our women on behalf of j*ws.
        Third world sexpat countries like Thailand were always irrelevant and will always remain so.
        Few western companies dare to set foot in there and they aren’t Africa thus don’t get aid.
        Also little brown fucking machines are commonly considered unattractive by western males.

        1. True, I’ve gotten sloppy with “banana” chicks at parties but have never had yellow fever. My Celtic side lusts for pale skinned ginger women. And those cunt “we can row a longboat too” Scandanavian women.
          It is gratifying knowing I’ve gotten the same pussy for free that sheikhs and tech geeks have payed thousands for. Thank you high school lacrosse!

        2. I don’t disagree with your overall analysis but actually foreign investments, both the FDI and the portfolio variety, in Thailand are copious.
          I personally don’t like Thailand at all, but it’s a reasonably modern, industrialised and globalised country.

      2. Lol “white men”. If you travel for example to Malindi, Kenia, you will see mostly female sex tourism…ugly, fat, old, white women with young african guys walking at he beach.

        1. The fugly ones go to Africa the somewhat more attractive and younger ones go to Asia/Bali.

        2. He he, nice film Ace.
          But the security guard in my Hotel/Malindi had bow and arrows.
          And the hotels were managed by Italian mafia.
          Comment of the manager:
          You are an italian guest. You won`t have any security issues in this town :D.

        3. There was an article is some magazine about that some time back. The African dudes were lamenting that they had to sex up these old German hags just for some money to buy a sammich. I always remember the quote:
          “She make me fuck her in the ass, on the beach, right in the water. That is not right.”

    5. Millions of female teachers in North America do it bareback with their male students while they preach feminist hate of men.

    6. Im currently in Mexico where one nightstand is like Good Morning.. Quite frankly, my first 2 weeks here, i used to be obsess w/ taking chickas/tourists home. Lately, I’m finding myself turning woman down & even shame them playfully so they can leave me the eff alone. That makes them want me even worst.

      1. Which part of mexico ?
        What sort of mexican girls, native looking, jungle type or white euro?
        Im not fan of indian look btw

    7. I think it was Eddie Murphy who said: “Sex with a condom is like eating with a sock on your tongue.” Damn I Miss the days of Raw and Delirious.

  2. I highly recommend fucking as much as possible with as many women as possible so that you can get it out of your system. It’s fucking boring after a while. I’m at the same stage as Roosh. Now I spend a lot of my time educating or exercising or creating. Feels better.

    1. I get bored as I’m fucking them. I can’t wait until it’s over so I can move on to my next activity, just like everything else I do.

    2. In my opinion, this is the right way for men to approach sex; getting your yayas out. After he’s done this, he can focus on what is meaningful to him.

      1. High five.
        Catch 22, though, and this is a big one, when your decision making isn’t influenced by pussy (trying to get it), you suddenly become a pussy magnet. They see you as a challenge, and they love it.

    3. You forgot to add masturbating to that list of activities.
      Let’s not be delusional. Every healthy man needs REAL sex (as opposed to condom sex) with fertile females and it’s an absolutely beautiful, invigorating, life-affirming activity.
      And that’s exactly why the price (i.e. investment of time, energy, money, etc.) of decent pussy has been artificially inflated to astronomical figures by the people in power.

      1. Yeah, but the anxiety of wondering if you contracted something from her or if she is pregnant is a pretty awful downside. Plus if you’re circumcised (penally censored by Jewry), the pleasure is pretty moot regardless.

        1. Weimar, do you really worry about disease or pregnancy? Most STDs easily caught are trivial for men, and I quite like children so pregnancy wouldn’t be a problem.

      2. Don’t forget that it needs to be with BEAUTIFUL fertile females; preferably beautiful fertile females who aren’t batshit crazy. If all you can do at the moment is plow a war-pig, a “Precious,” or that chick from “Fatal Attraction,” then jerkin’ it suddenly becomes a much more sensible proposition.

  3. And yet, it will continue. ‘Game’ is about getting women; period. If any of you say it is about ‘set improvement’ then bear in mind that the ‘improvement’ you seek is getting more women- let us cease with the lies. And such things are natural enough and require no apologies.
    In the recent past, a man, upon finishing high school, did a short stint in the military, got out, was introduced to a few different girls- for a short courtship and potential marriage, not for endless ‘dating’- picked one and moved on. He got his sexual outlet locked down and was able to proceed to his life, his character, his work, his kids, his intellectual and physical development, etc. Now you are stuck in phase one indefinitely, just as ‘game’ is stuck in phase one and has not gotten past hedonism yet. Today, you are only measured by women and money.

  4. I have learned the most destructive thing a man can do is nothing. Just letting the world burn is far more destructive than any implosion he could cause. It killed me to come to this realization, but after a while I just say, ‘It’s none of my business.’ Now it doesn’t feel so bad when I don’t intervene to thanklessly assist somebody or ‘do the right thing.’ I have women to thank. YOU did this. I am going to spread this way of life to as many men as I can because it is creating a precipice that will reverse the poz of the Current Year if there aren’t enough beasts of burden (cucks propping up gynocentrism).
    Not so long ago I was very naïve and it was my dream to marry JUST ONE beautiful woman, cherish her like a queen and have a litter of kids with her. If my career did not pan out, I would work 3 shitty jobs to support everybody. But after realizing what piles of dog shit women are, and the override of gynocentrism, I will never dedicate myself or commit to any of them or work myself like a slave.
    You can call me ‘incel,’ faggot or some other bullshit lie, but even the ‘incels’ win in the end because more women are alive than men, right? That means for every bachelor, there is MORE than one cat lady. By choosing not to be married (or being condemned to bachelorhood) you are making MORE than one female an unrequited cat lady. That is a battle of wits women will not win.
    The current GenY girl power thing of childless THOTs is like that slow-moving nuclear trash pile floating from Japan to the Western shores of North America. There is going to be a major disaster when their eggs runs out en masse. It’s going to be glorious to see what happens because a childless female collective has never existed.
    I make sure that every woman that approaches me will forever be teased and tested for her loyalty, and I will make empty promises (like becoming betrothed without a wedding date) so women can experience uncertainty for a change. I know exactly what turns women on and what doesn’t after careful study of success/failure.
    Before, I contemplated women being neither moral nor immoral but amoral…but I’ve seen enough. They are sadomasochists. They get off on giving and getting abuse. It isn’t women that commit suicide from rape or being diddled – it’s men.
    The dykes technically had it right…heterosexual sex is rape because the woman wants to be ‘taken’ (simulated rape). It IS rough because the woman cannot get off unless there is enough friction…inb4 you call be a faggot…NOPE. I have sex with women. I just don’t trust them, and yes I am angry with them for what they have done to me and society.
    It is cartoonish how they want you to give them a ‘rough ride’ in your car like a cop delivering a perp.
    They dress up like porcelain dolls because society has reinforced the secret of male libido just to enslave him to the whims of the average Plain Jane, who has no intention of bedding him. But society also entirely conceals the secret of female libido (until the smut authors of 50 Shades, Twilight etc.) to also enslave the average man into a sexless purgatory of hopelessness. That’s why they started calling success with a woman ‘getting lucky,’ when it never was since society used to instruct men on how to handle women.
    Men must be taught to simulate everything that turns women on, not just to fuck many of them, but to pussy-tease them and get as many resources out of the ones they are not attracted to as possible in the same way women have done to men. Women have the means now, so it is their turn to experience the hellscape of Clown World.

    1. @Weimar Republican
      Your comment’s mood was punitive, angst-laden and raw……and awesome. Good on you sir, this attitude needs to be mixed in with the other manospherian attitudes in order to temper the ‘positivity’ of the game community. This dash of pepper can do a lot of good.

      1. That’s what so many guys (hopeful virgins, as I call them) are so naive about when it comes to womanizing (I don’t consider myself one)… When you go from having zero women to suddenly having several women (technically ‘womanizing’) you LOSE something that the hopeful virgin has: fantasy…because you gain experience, and thus realism.
        You realize it isn’t ‘that thing’ to solve all of your personal problems like you imagined because women are empty vessels. Sex is just something to emotionally sate your self-worth rather than something that is leagues better than masturbation.
        I am not envious of being a virgin again at all because it sucked. I am just underscoring variables that I’ve never heard anybody else say, like the tremendous soreness you experience after sex in your throat and back. That is how sex should be viewed…an activity, not an extracurricular accomplishment that requires talent and expertise, which has allowed even fat women to become the prize of receivership to the most successful men.

        1. Indeed. The loss of sexual idealism has cost us. You get more, which is now less.

    2. >By choosing not to be married (or being condemned to bachelorhood) you are making MORE than one female an unrequited cat lady. That is a battle of wits women will not win.
      Most women end up finding some beta and making his life hell, maybe divorce rape a couple times. Unless you’re obviously fugly there is still deep distrust over decent looking single men if you aren’t in a major capital and who knows what people might accuse you of.
      I wouldn’t get my hopes up that MGTOW will gain any major traction in younger men. Maybe with 50+ year old guys that are divorce raped alimony slaves, but those aren’t useless to women anyway and basically discarded objects.

      1. You are falling for the democratic numbers fallacy. It doesn’t take a majority or even a significant minority to drastically alter history. Remember, the American Revolution was fought/supported by 3-5 percent of Americans. This gynocentric society requires nearly 100 percent cooperation/participation by men or else it starts to atrophy and buckle under its own weight.

        1. I’m just stating my hypothesis. Career women tend to forgo betas for the most part but there are tons of women in low paying jobs actively looking for betas and making an actual effort post wall that might work on unsuspecting betas who suddenly believe they’re hot shots or recognized for their true worth instead of being used for companionship and money.
          Now a lot of gen X have mothers that savagely divorce raped their fathers to the point of ruin but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to believe in blue pill fantasy land. The full red pill is pretty hard to swallow for whites while it comes more natural to all other races for some reason.

        2. But they are all ‘career women’ now. They pretty much all go to college (to hop the cock carousel), even though most don’t end up in corporate America. Yet almost all of them are still somehow in severe debt no matter their income because a woman’s life is precarious.
          Women have a remarkably similar flight path that is neatly separated by tactile barriers, with different wants/needs for each era;
          Stage 1: From menarche to the wall (prime)
          Stage 2: Post-wall to menopause (slope)
          Stage 3: Post-menopause to elderly (twilight)
          Stage 4: Elderly to death (epilogue)
          Also a futures market stage:
          Birth to menarche (prologue)
          Most women only figure things out at around the median – the onset of the wall (to brace for its impact) or immediately post-wall (maniacal recovery) to rally her remaining eggs to advertise for harvest after the blast radius of realism concusses her world.
          But her journey does not stop there…she then pivots from her guaranteed mortgage (beta marriage/divorce) to hop back aboard the hypergamy train to see if she can do better still, as she already slid several notches across her personal abacus (kids, 401k etc)…at this point she is nearing the second wall of menopause, and having already procreated, she has nothing to lose (protected by law)
          A woman’s ‘career’ has nothing to do with anything aside from positioning herself to higher-status men, not providing for herself because virtually all women are in debt from spendthrift frivolity. A higher income means only a more lavish lifestyle to burn on her youth, not her 401k, which comes in the form of husband/alimony, with a gynocentric safety net of Evangelism (charity), feminism (welfare) or chivalry (beta-orbiters).
          Of course, I could be wrong on some of this or all of this.

        3. >But they are all ‘career women’ now.
          Not where I’m from in Europe where getting into college is somewhat hard and any serious studies even harder.
          I have dealt with a few HR harpies lately that had to get masters degrees just to get their HR harpie position.
          There are far more women falling into low paying petty bureaucrat jobs than college grads and even those largely end up outside their choosen underwater basket weaving fields.
          Unemployment is huge in Europes inflexible overly bureaucratic rigid economies that discourage self employment, startups and the gig economy as they want full reliance on the semi communist state.

        4. Its a losing cause and a lost cause.
          Just marry smart.
          Until Slut shaming comes back, it will continue on.
          Lawyers like Goldberg & Cohen will keep raping men in divorce court, too good a scam to abolish it.

      2. If you’re a good looking guy, single and in a small town you either will be accused of being gay or a pederast. GenX and certainly GenY will be majority spinsters.

    3. Youre over analyzing.
      Women basically want to feel loved and be taken care of at the end of the day. Spoiling her just a little, occasionally doenst hurt. But you must be in charge, at all times, llet her think shes in charge of house duties though.
      Its really not rocket science.
      Find a girl late teens of early 20s, Low to 0 partner N Count.
      Make sure you agree on FAITH and Money Budgeting, look at her folks, and mom as she was her teacher. If all checks out, then all systems go and knock her the Hell up and begin having white babies. Raise them to be wise, know the JQ, homeschool if possible, No vaccines and Traditional or Orthodox Christian.
      J’s will hate you for it. Faith and Money are what destroy marriages, according to Dave Ramsey. 10% divorce when those are agreed upon.

      1. RW,
        You are one of the hopelessly optimistic. Find a 20yo religious virgin, marry her and by 30 she will be divorce raping you under the guidance of her sisters in your local church group. AWALT.

        1. Mormons, Evangelicals, Orthodox or Traditional Catholic.
          Millions of young virtuous virgins.

        2. Again.
          Divorce is less then 10% days Dave Ramsey when couples agree on Faith and money.

    4. U will die lonely, miserable and unfulfilled.
      Like reading JD Salinger Catcher in the Rye. Our entire purpose is to pro create and you stifle that and try to rationalize it with some malarchy.
      You generalize all women and yet there are some great catches out there, if you know where to look.
      Or Go see Dr Gold for some psyche pick me up drugs. I’m sure you’ll be wearing rose colored glasses soon enough.

      1. Your Nice-Guy/White-Knight Nationalism is embarrassingly trite. You’re like the Baby Boomers or Silent Generation that suddenly discovered Facebook/smartphones long after the youngsters grew tired of it.
        You are either a woman, a Baby Boomer, an Incel or some combination because I recognize that hopeful virgin ignorance in your cliche upbeat counter-signal. It’s embarrassing. Everything you stated has already been tried and disproven… Look at what we are left with.
        People like you are the reason why I have all but abandoned the Alt-Right. This corny NAWALT strategy you suggest is obsolete and counterproductive, ironically.
        I can tell by the tone of your comment that you are single and have not tried any of those flimsy strategies. That means I get more pussy than you. Yes, me…the mean pessimist-realist. White women run away from beta simps like you because even the fattest, ugliest white woman does not respect white knight chivalry.
        Keep masturbating to muh Aryan maidens in wheat field porn and pretend you’re saving the white race.
        My strategy is actually more productive than yours for white birthrates.

        1. Really?
          I was Alt Rite before it was cool, and it was never alt rite, just right of Attila the Hun.
          We are where we are because of men, not women. Men abrogated their responsibilities. Women just follow trends and do as they are told.
          On P*ssy, Ive had 10xs as much as you.
          I played D1 football. I signed autographs, I won game balls, played on Espn. Could literally tell girls my hotel room # and have sex that night. Sometimes multiple times. Been there, done that. I had Lots of meaningless degenerate sex. I ran a Harem before-4 at once. Blondes and Brunettes with DD cup ta tas. Had em lined up. Solid 8s, maybe a 9. Professional women-nurses and pharmacists.
          Ive done things you can only dream about.
          I now have 4 kids, 1 pretty hot Italian wife. Oldest full ride academic to Clemson Pre med. Didnt want to be an idiot like me and play college sports, though hes 6-4 mega athletic, blonde/blue. Others are ass kickers too.
          I found religion, I became wise to the JQ and see the snares they set for us.
          My advice is to marry smart. Not be a fag and go Mgtow, but be smart. Marry a notch down, low partner N count- young as possible, agree on Faith and Money and it will all fall into line.
          Ideally, keep her barefoot and pregnant. Spoil her just a bit. Make sure no divorce in her family.
          Your strategy accounts for little to nothing as far as birthrates. Its absurd and unsustainable. Whites need to have children. Point blank. Mgtow

    5. You literally sound like a Fn bitch….
      Lamenting the ways of the world, the Ju and Feminism.
      Heres a novel idea, Go out, find a decent young Church going girl, from good stock, whose family is in tact, make sure youre in agreement On Faith and Money, Knock her up and get married, not necessarily in that order…could be Mormon, Orthodox, Traditional Catholic or Evangelical. It matters not. Just white European Christian.
      But, but, but…lifes unfair, and I want to tease them and get them back.
      Wah, wah, wah….want some cheese with that whine?

  5. You are who you eat. In other words: A human being is shaped by the culture.
    Every once in a while you should some delicacy into your cultural diet.

    1. Oh crap. I meant, that you are WHAT you eat. Curse my foreign language skills!

      1. You are who you eat is also true…a Freudian slip if I’ve ever read one.

  6. I have to disagree with the article, and the comments concur.
    In the past all motivations were based on reproduction, and most men still rise heights because of this. If anything, it’s become so available that we don’t even care anymore. It’s ironic to think that our ancestors conquered the whole earth for us to be able to get here, and even pussy is boring now.

    1. @Tracy
      Interesting point Tracy. Sometime, sit and ponder, that nature was conquered, the secrets of the world forced to reveal themselves, and armies formed and died- all for the likes of you Tracy. Take it in, feel appreciative, feel the weight of both gratitude and responsibility.

      1. My point exactly sir. I’m a product of relentless willpower, sheer determination, genetic selection and no small amount of “luck”-culminating in reproduction. After all that, I’m fuckin girls I would never want kids with, let alone be around after finishing.
        A sad state indeed…
        Welcome to America I suppose.

  7. Are you turning into a born again christian?
    Sex is an obsession because 80%+ of guys barely if ever get laid these days and for women it’s their only source of power so they want to get you hard in their tight lululemon pants 24/7.
    You need to be ripped chad with deeply psychopathic traits and preferably loaded to get laid on the regular or become a slick spam approaching PUA who fakes the psychopathic part (all guys with natural game I have ever met turned out to be total psychopaths).
    The dark truth is women only get wet for nation destroyers and betas get used when convenient. Women don’t want you to know this though as they’d all get hanged and quartered back in the days (or die as outcasts) for their ways much like gay guys and pedos on the down low who will deny and deny until the proof is shoved into their face.

    1. @Larry
      This was not always the case. When stern patriarchies existed, women’s naughty behaviors were simply restricted and their options curtailed. Psychopaths were simply killed- end of story. This can happen again, and with modern technology it can be done easily and quickly.

      1. Psychopaths tend to end up at the top. They’re the more skilled manipulators. For everyone who goes a bit too far or is totally uncalibrated there are dozens undetected ones. The just world full of rightful people is a fantasy.

        1. Psychopaths mostly end up in and out of prison, but some do become very successful in the few positions of real power. Either way, rich or poor, women love them. But most psychopaths are not built to live long, as their decisions eventually create a day of reckoning that comes knocking. Psychopaths live a fast life and die a fast death.

        2. @Weimar all psychopaths I knew from school in the higher IQ levels all ended up in upper middle class positions. The most cunning one even made it to CEO level with possibly faked credentials.
          Psychopathic third worlders go to prison in and out (and sometimes until death) because they’re low IQ with low self control.
          Smarter ones (j*ws in particular) tend to go for white collar crimes and do 2-3 years while they have millions stashed away or they just settle with whatever government agency is involved with no admittance of wrong doing.

    2. “You need to be ripped chad with deeply psychopathic traits and preferably loaded to get laid on the regular or become a slick spam approaching PUA who fakes the psychopathic part…”
      This does not match what I’ve seen in life at all. I’m not either of those things and I get laid on the regular. It takes just a modicum of effort to get a woman into bed. I know I’ll get some inevitable downvotes for this because there seems to be a healthy percentage of the manosphere (~30 or 40%) who hate themselves and hate women and are mystified when that wicked combo doesn’t get the girls breaking down their door, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m old enough now to know better but for you young guys out there, this is just not true.
      There are loads of resources out there on what you can do to sharpen yourself up as a man. IF YOU CARE. If you don’t – if you dislike women so much that you don’t even want to get laid / get a girlfriend – then who gives a shit what they want? But if you care, then you should at least be willing to put in as much effort as you expect WOMEN to put in to get YOUR attention. I don’t want to fuck some fat, miserable slob of a woman who can’t be bothered to dress herself in anything other than sweats and a hoodie. So why should women want to get with a guy who’s fat, boring, pessimistic, passive-aggressive, blah blah blah. It’s not like you DESERVE to get laid by just breathing air.
      I’m attracted to pretty women with healthy bodies and pleasant personalities. Just like 99% of the hetero male population. So if a woman isn’t a total fucking loser she’ll work on getting those three qualities – pretty face, decent body, pleasant disposition. That’s it. Because of their stupid hamster brains they have turned men’s desires into a multi-billion dollar behemoth of an industry but all they need are those three things. And they are ALL within their power.
      Same with men. The ONLY thing you cannot change about yourself is your height. That is it. And that’s not a tiny thing don’t get me wrong. But EVERYTHING else about you is malleable and totally within your power to change. Stop fucking bullshitting each other about how women only want some sociopathic chad to fuck because that’s loser talk. Are they attracted to men like that? Yes. You’d have to be stupid to think otherwise. But so what? I’m attracted to all types of women. Tall ones, short ones, sweet ones, crazy ones, blond/brunette/redhead. And women are the same way. Yes they are hypergamous and they are by nature disloyal – when they are at their worst. They’ve been that way since biblical times. But guess what? When WE’RE at our worst, we’re violent and aggressive and will stick our dicks in anything that has a pulse. But we’re not always at our worst and neither are they.
      Whatever, /rant. Let those who have ears, listen. Otherwise get used to being alone.

    3. Larry,
      You forgot us guys, ‘crusty old boomers’ living in third worlds. We get laid a LOT.

    4. What a Faggy post.
      ROK should moderate and put into Spamblinka, those that demean the site, or smell of beta fags and J’s

  8. I can understand sex being an obsession in male heavy countries like India and China where there are 113 men for 100 women. In the west, the obsession phase of sex has passed. Girls have had a lot of sex with different men and are merely looking for validation. I have to wonder if guys who have had a lot of sex think ‘is that all there is to life?’ and get bored.

    1. Sex is a problem in most places these days. Even if you live in a Western country where there are officially more women than men, the sex ratios are skewed in favor of the former. The age ranges with many more women than men are the 50+ years; while among the youth (15-35), during the period when women are most attractive and fertile, there are always more men than women due primarily to immigration. Besides, young women are not only chased by men their age. Men 35+ are also competing to screw them. You only get a balanced scenario in a country where most men have died due to war or illness, or from which they have fled looking for greener pastures, leaving their women behind. These could be the case of some South American and African places.
      I addressed this issue some time ago in another comment on a post. If this trend goes on and there is no major incident that decimates the male population, we’ll need to consider to use genetic engineering to produce more women than men, insuring that there are wet holes for everybody. My idea was to conceive 4 girls for every 1 boy. While decreasing the value of sex, and hence the power of women; this, in turn, will paradoxically generate the feminist utopia many of them dream on: a mostly feminized society with small degrees of violence and harassment. The only problem will be that these abundant young and fertile girls, will someday turn into old and cranky harpies. My idea included eliminating all of them by the age of 50 to start all over again.

      1. all people who come up with solutions always forget one thing which makes their solutions not to work,((they)) this situation is engineered to be like this every solution to change it will be removed until ((this is solved )) and power reduced.

    2. @jmo… Lol! Don’t know much about China but in Hindustan, there are more pussies than MEN! Go figure out!
      Also, regardless of number of pussies, MEN in Hindustan are not “pussy maniacs”, at least when compared to the west!

      1. I generally don’t find Indian girls attractive (excepting Sunny Leone and Deepika Padukone), so it doesn’t matter how many there are of them available. Romance Travelers aren’t found on the Indian continent, so it looks like most white guys agree with me.

  9. Westernised societies are insane. ‘White’ man(J _ W, guess who?) one has it in for white man number 2, and wants to make the nonwhites the new slaves. ‘White’ man number 1 is an insane psychopath, white man no. 2 has killed off his brothers in wars as well as allowing his women to become sterile degenerate sluts and offshoring his food supply and industry; and the nonwhites learn to be good slaves if they aren’t complete losers already.

  10. One of this best articles ever on RoK and here’s why. A man who wants to workout, make money and do all things to catch the attention of a woman is in a state of perpetual physical and mental slavery. True emancipation (meaning that of men) starts with realizing how weak, male sexual impulses make men. Outside of sex what value does the company of women have to men? Sex is a fruitful act according to natural law to obviously beget children, anything outside of this is sterile. Sex to modern men usually is void of wanting children (understandable) so only two results can naturally follow from this: 1.) Sterile Sex 2.) STDs and/or Death. At a certain point one has to realize this fait accompli men have developed towards wanting to see women in heels, booty shorts, short skirts and all the other clothes that a even a Victorian Era whore wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing. Subjection or rather subjugation starts with the eyes and from that only bad things can result from most modern interactions with women especially western women. Once one comes to this conclusion, this is the apotheosis of the red pill. This is the true red pill.

    1. Interesting reply. This is why I think that sex (a natural recurring impulse for men that should be satisfied with vaginal intercourse with a woman — as opposed to masturbation or deviancies) should be penciled into your routine much look gym workouts, doing laundry and getting your car washed. The reason is simple: it takes the stressful unknown element away and you regain control of it such that it doesn’t become an obsession. It’s like in more modern times in North America, we don’t have any fear / stress / anxiety about eating every day. Hunger and starvation do not enter our minds, although go to Africa or any war torn country and the obsession of attaining food is a 24/7 cycle that absolutely dominates the minds of people and causes them to commit atrocious / inhuman acts.
      The key point, however, is that you can’t rely on “regular” women to comply with your scheduled and budgeted sex, can you? Based on your job, gym routine, hobbies, other social activities, libido and financial budget, let’s say you want sex every Wednesday and Saturday nights, but not much interaction with the opposite gender aside from the bang-bang and some light flirting / cuddling. Who’s going to comply with that? Your liberated wife?? Your feminist girlfriend??? A random Tinder hookup who gave you a fake name and cell number???? No.
      The answer is using the services of pros or semi-pros, plain and simple. When I transitioned to this model, my newfound gender relations really triggered a dramatic change in my outlook on life and my daily aspirations. Much like having 24/7 access to a food buffet, having regular / predictable sexual liaisons takes away your “hunger.” Of course, the key is to not over-indulge and become a fat fuck who is always stuffing his mouth, right? The other key is to live somewhere that allows you to interact regularly with pros / semi-pros in a budget friendly manner. You get your pussy and some light social interactions, without any of the bullshit we all loath. Your companion gets her resources ($$$) and hopefully a little kindness and respect from you. Win-win, yes? Problem solved — assuming you don’t want to have children in this lifetime.

      1. It’s a cycle of emptiness. So what you get sterile meaningless sex on a timed schedule and then what? What does that produce but nothingness? There’s no such thing as a disciplined addict. Either a man has control firmly over his sexual impulses or he doesn’t. Something the Stoics and Christians both knew. With us men… it’s our minds or our dicks. Choose your operating system. One is liberation and the other slavery.

        1. Not true for some of us. I have a sex budget that entails banging young, cute semi-pros twice weekly. If a girl is “sterile” or boring in bed, I simply fire her and add another to the rotation. I look for chemistry and mutual attraction just like I used to for more traditional relationships of years past. For me, banging different cuties almost every Wednesday and Saturday nights is the norm now, so I don’t have any obsession or anxiety over it. I had a chica text me last night wanting me to come over and bang her (for money, of course), but I choose to wrestle with my little dog and watch the hockey game instead — precisely because I no longer have an addiction or obsession.

        2. AM,
          I hardly ever have ‘sterile meaningless sex’, I never wear a condom and I’m looking to impregnate on every encounter. If a woman tells me her womb ain’t working, then I an’t gonna bang her.

      2. >Your companion gets her resources ($$$) and hopefully a little kindness and respect from you.
        Sorry but to become a hooker you need to be hardened as fuck. Getting banged by at least half a dozen betas a day is not something average girls would be able to handle without a complete mental meltdown.
        The best you could get in the past were “farm fresh” girls in Thailand that headed out from the rice fields either on their own or on their families behalf to start hooking. After a month those that remain won’t have true affection for men ever again.

        1. True in some cases (the worn out 35-year-old street hooker), but not in many others in my experience over the last 5 years. I think the key is banging “semi-pros”, which is VERY common in today’s world because the line is extremely blurry between being an attention whore (95% of modern women) and having an actual whore mindset (85% of women).
          Additionally, I’ve found it’s best to actually monetize your relationship with women who you assume to be non-pros of any kind. In other words, turn the relationship into a quasi sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship where you give her money for regular sex (on your schedule) and getting your expectations met (being on time, no excessive venting, not always staring into her phone in your company, for examples). Say something like, “look, I’ll gladly pay for our dates and some of your bills, but I expect you to be a very good and fun girl.” Then actually give her some cash for her “bills” after each enjoyable session. Very quickly, an employer / employee-type relationship will develop where you can demand better performance and she might ask for occasional raises. Fair enough, I say.

        2. “Sorry but to become a hooker you need to be hardened as fuck.”
          Maybe, but in Asia many women seem to view payment as part of the date. I’ve banged plenty of Asian women and always pay them after, yet every one of them was softer, nicer and more loving than my former white wife. Most ‘respectable’ white women appear to me to be 10x harder than your average experienced Asian prostitutes.
          You also mention ‘true affection’, do white women even have that any more?

        3. Allister,
          You clearly have Asia understanding, there are very few of us that have reached your stage of ‘enlightenment’.

        4. @John I think pleasant south east asian hookers are a thing of the past as well. Most thai hookers are very aggressive in their game and trash talk like drunken sailors. It might not be obvious to guys not exposed to Asia though. Maybe if you go wherever the better off locals go you’ll find the more pleasant ones but those whites are commonly exposed to are trashy as fuck.
          They’re also skilled at mindfucking and extracting favors out of weak guys.

        5. Larry,
          Banged a nice one in Saigon last week. You must be looking in the wrong places.

      3. Fair enough, but I’m assuming you’re not in the U.S. If you are, where are you going to find these “semi-pros” after FOSTA has shut down the means of finding them?
        Even if you have a stable, you’re going to want to replace some of them at one point.

        1. Yes, I understand this FOSTA bullshit has caused some classified sites to be shut down, which is an inconvenience. However, those who live close to Mexico (Cali, Arizona, NM, etc) need only to cross the border. Yes, some brass balls are needed the first time, but Mexico is a pussy paradise and can be relatively safe if you follow smart mongering guidelines. For example, a place like Tijuana will blow your mind and change your life once you learn to navigate it wisely.
          Aside from that, and as I’ve noted in other posts, American and Canadian men can easily take short trips to the Caribbean multiple times per year for mongering activities — DR, Costa Rica, Cuba, for examples. South America and SE Asia are obviously more expensive, but everyone’s budget is different. The take home point is that you’re not realistically going to regularly bang young, cute semi-pros if you stay in the US or Canada (unless you spend LARGE and don’t care too much about your reputation). As such, you must travel and explore — which is half the fun anyways!
          Although I’ve lived and traveled in Asia, I’ve never been to Thailand. I prefer South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Being a whoremonger is a very interesting change of perspective, and one I recommend to every single man — at least on a short-term perspective. The mongering community is very diverse and the cliched “loser profile” makes up only a small minority in my experience. Food for thought.

    2. Female teachers in Canada are allowed to wear booty shorts to school. And then we wonder why so many female teachers are doing it bareback with their students.

    3. The J OO has really F*cked up this world hasnt he?
      Invented the Pill and taught women feminism.
      Can be counter acted, most women want children, but finding the Right one, with 0 baggage is the real challenge.

  11. Whilst western men(of all colours) have allowed their bitches to become promiscuous serial monogamists who move from one man to another, the society is collapsing. If you call this out as it is, you are called a mysoginistic nazi basement dweller. In their early years women are major sluts (do it for the fun) then become major whores (do it for the money) in later years as they marry some beta/omega slub and then divorce rape him. In this way even the men raising families are degenerates as they are merely just weak men breeding the future slaves of society. Whilst one group of people bears more blame than the rest, ultimately, everyone is to blame for this state of affairs.
    I judge the health of western society by looking at the state of the white anglo Saxon/nordic/etc males… They’re oppressed by evil bankers and their brethren, their women are useless and now that the food supply and industry is offshored, they are weak. At least the muslim invader knows that western society is biased against the white male and who is behind it, making him much smarter than most white men.
    Based on how weak (mentally, societally NOT physically) white men have become I can only surmise that the banksters will soon collapse the western society. Since third world countries like India and China are dependent on the western economies to buy their cheap goods, they will also go down. In this fashion, the banker will come to enslave the world (if he hasn’t already done so!)
    Never mind the fact that the alt-right is full of controlled opposition, but if you are the ‘good guys’ who are you trying to save? The overwhelmingly vast majority of western citizens are corrupted and are not worth saving. The only hope to turn things around is a sudden crash of society as opposed to a long slow dystopia where mass immigration continues and the economy and society continue to decline over decades.

    1. >Since third world countries like India and China are dependent on the western economies to buy their cheap goods, they will also go down.
      Russia will remain unaffected due to long running sanctions, but Putin is apparently one of (((them))) too and slavs will probably forever remain slaves as per their naming.
      China has shifted away from exporting and would be able to handle a complete meltdown of the western world.
      India is a third world street shitting backwater. They were always irrelevant and self reliant due to their backwardness which will ironically save them.
      What will happen to the west is solely up to (((their))) planning.

        1. A brown communist utopia. Read 1984, we’re almost there. Once automation is in full flux everybody in western Europe will rely on welfare.
          Not sure what will happen in the US as it’s the only white place with a good percentage of people that truly value independence and self reliance.
          Things will probably turn South Africa tier. Whites get the lowest preference for employment and are slowly but surely marginalized out of existence.

      1. I rarely go full 88, but Blacks and Hispanics are utterly incapable of running a civilized society. If there was ever a case for the caste system America would bear that necessity out. The Aryans and Vedics probably tried numerous times in vain to enlighten those dirty brown southerners. No matter what Amazon and Google commercials show, the “talented tenth” doesn’t constitute the capabilities of the race.

  12. Men practised monogamy in the past to build up strong and advanced societies. Things like casual sex, PUA, feminist relationships are damaging to male-female relations and only benefit the banksters in the long run.
    In whatever future society emerges from the turmoil of the west, for its future stability it is important that the new society has socially enforced monogamy for the vast majority of the population. Without this, it will also rot and collapse.
    We also need to address the fact that most men derive a sense of purpose from life goals, especially the search for God; and men derive purpose from trying to support their young families. Men do not get purpose from banging lots of chicks – that is a societal meme that is false and can only lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
    Whilst it is true that women often dress for attention, I don’t think that is any more a problem today than it was 10 years ago. Rather, I look at the men and women as weak-minded brainwashed zombies who cannot get any satisfaction from each other and thus hop from one relationship to another, without finding any lasting happiness. Such people make for good consumers and good slaves. The strong male/female leaders have been wiped from the gene pool and whichever of them is left wouldn’t be able to identify with the people we have today and vice-versa. Western society has sacrificed strong independent individuals for narcissistic individualism(ie personal selfishness, immediate gratification and personal gain). It is no wonder that such a mass of people find themselves spiritually lost and the society withers as a result as people find no real lasting meaning in their lives.

  13. A – not particularly – hidden aspect of relations between the sexes is that each ‘side’ insofar as it functions as a ‘side’ in the gender war complains about the sexual debilities of the other sex while pretty much trying to maximise their sexual sway both individually and as a sex. There are healthier and rather less healthy ways of going about this. Making yourself or your gender attractive to the opposite sex doesn’t and certainly shouldn’t mean that you debase yourself or your sex, but unfortunately this is what a sex obsessed culture, driven by narcissism has tended to do. The celebrity women who strip naked, reveal all about their sex lives or otherwise try to allure and enveigle are making themselves purely masturbatory objects. Traditionally this is not how women make themselves attractive. The response from men though is what matters since if women are debasing themselves in this way it is no doubt in part a response to men themselves demonstrating debatsed desires (and generalized thirst) . For instance both men and women know many of the worst aspects about each other’s desires (and fears and weaknesses) from watching porn. It is highly likely that dykey behaviour in the real world is at least in part a response to and function of the discovery of male desire for girl on girl action in porn. The same is probably true of most other vices, most of which are not natural or widespread but a response to fetishisation within the culture of porn.
    Some here will defend porn etc, and that’s fine. The point isn’t about porn except insofar as it represents the weaknesses of the sexes and contributes through misguidance in further damaging expectations and relations between men and women. The real issue isn’t about porn but about self-control. ROK has been at its most valuable when it has sought to provide men with guidance on self-mastery and for want of a better word stocism.
    We are tempted by desires. If we give into those desires, they own us and potentially work to destroy us. Porn like drugs is bad because it is difficult to control. Generalised sluttiness has much the same effect in wearing down self-control, but equally all of the above represents an opportunity to develop self-mastery, or at least a generally stoical attitude. St Anthony learned to resist tempation as did Ghandhi the urges of the flesh (? see link) just as the stoics had done before them by moderating expectations, consumption, and strong emotions / pleasure. Human / male frailty is what it is, but there were generations before us that would have negotiated the constant stimuli and availability of stimuli better than we do today, because they had the moral fibre that as a rule we lack. Hopefully that is just a question of adjustment. I am already aware of a sense of fatigue in the air, with respect to the endless and hypocritical display of female flesh within the media while the same individuals complain of harassment etc. There will be a reaction to all of this. The question is whether it will be constructive or just an unthinking swing of the pendulum

  14. Sex makes a good distraction from the realities of a shitty life and other things. Especially as an obsession.

    1. Cocaine, crack, and heroine are all distractions from a shitty life doesn’t mean that they’re good for you. After so many whores and enough sterile sex, someone will pay the price eventually of something… unwanted pregnancies or stds.

      1. I’m not saying its a good thing I’m saying its a good political too to get people not to pay attention to the world around them as they lose civil liberties.

    2. But its not a distraction.
      Its a Union of 2 people with real consequence, biblical ramifications where they become ‘One flesh’
      Not to be taken lightly by either gender.

    I agree with Michael on porn’s effect on women’s loud claims to be “bi-sexual”. Girls in 1991 when I started high school would never have been bi-sexual-Lesbianism was regarded as the territory of female criminals and sluts so badly used by men that they could not have a relationship. See “Monster” on the Aileen Wuornos case.
    The same was true of DEEP THROAT and the seventies. This was an era when all women were giving Deep Throat blowjobs.
    As the 90’s progressed bisexual became chic.
    Andrew Cunanan grabbed the attention of people in the late 90’s not because he was gay but because he was bi-sexual (He had in fact slept with women as well as men).

    1. The bisexual thing with women started in the late nineties. I was a kid at the time but remember it vividly. Women french kissing each other was the hype of the day back then. Totally a product of pop culture.
      “It wasn’t until the ’90s and 2000s — with bisexual starlets like Lindsay Lohan, Anna Paquin, and Evan Rachel Wood coming out in greater numbers — that bisexuality became as accepted (at least among women) as it is in pop culture today.”

    2. I think female sexuality is very fluid compared to men because of the tangible relationship they have with babies that men do not. Women literally feed infants inside the womb and outside it with their own bodies…so much so that it often creates the misnomer of postpartum ‘depression’ (sometimes literally drained of calcium to the point that her teeth fall out).
      The fact that babies enter the world through a vagina (being coated in its nectar) and then feasting on breasts for several years (something men are entirely excluded from) makes a woman’s sexuality unstructured, and thus not subject to the biological laws of heterosexuality that men are.

      1. Continued…
        Only gay men are subject to k!ller STDs/suicide/drug abuse…although female promiscuity brings infections from healthy men.
        That is why women can guiltlessly engage in r3creational le$bianism spontaneously just for the laughs or to impress people at a party, or even live the lifestyle briefly. It defies logic. They can [email protected] each other’s @ss and t!ts in public for pictures, make out with each other and even lick each other’s pu$$y without regretting it or being considered h0mo$exual.
        Yet there is no equivalent for a man. The closest thing would be athletes slapping each other’s ass, which very few feel comfortable with.
        That is also why women don’t commit suicide or abuse themselves from molestation or rape like a man does. It just doesn’t affect them that much.
        There is simply is no parallel for men. A woman’s organs are not 100 percent sexual, while a man’s organs are. So because women share their organs with their young children and their male lovers, it leaves a bizarre gray area for them to experiment with other women.

        1. I’d be more inclined to correlate physical weakness with moral weakness concerning the fairer sex. Not the duality of female sexual organs. And the fact that all female time away from men is totally unstructured “free time.” The simple fact that during the course of humanity no woman has ever invented anything of consequence is ample proof. Contrary to popular thought, men confronted with other men in solitude end up building or trying to discover shit. Women get bored and eventually start making out. I guarantee you the first human to ever consider meditating was a man too.

        2. You mean Peter Steele was actually referring to a real trend when he wrote “my girlfriend’s girlfriend”? I was too young back then.

        3. Interesting point, but it does not explain why women masturbate to other women when they are alone. You’re implying that homosexuality is a moral failure, as if it took strength to not surrender to? Men do everything they can to not even be perceived as gay, actually because of women and their (((friends))) who wrote (((The Authoritarian Personality))), which created this bizarre homophobia that has effectively ended male hetero friendships of yore. Women do other same-sex things like check out each other’s ass and tits to compare and contrast outfits, which there is no male equivalent, and is not necessarily sexual in nature.

      2. Its not fluid.
        Gay is Fn gay. Kissing make out same sex is gay. Its disgusting, hedonistic and needs to be controlled and curtailed, or Pandoras box.
        ‘They’ promoted it with Britney SPears kissing Madonna on TV award show and the cat was out of the bag. All staged. Fn J EWs yet again.

  16. “What you think of as a normal level of horniness and healthy sex attitude would be vulgar and downright ill to men of the past.”
    The people of old probably were more horny and had more intercourse than we have today. First and foremost they were more in shape physically and hormonally. Men these days are obsessed with sex because that carrot is constantly dangled in front of their eyes yet there is no constant, healthy release possibility (blue balls). Men in the past married young – in their sexual prime – which formed a stable source for intercourse. Kept society well organized and healthy.
    Almost from the time you wake up you’re distracted with sexual images on tv, internet, in the streets, at school, the work place or at the gym. In the past men didn’t have to deal with this. The worlds of men and women were strictly kept apart. If you did see women they dressed modestly: not showing tits and ass and behaving sexually suggestive.
    Now, sexual energy is build up throughout the day because of the constant dick teasing but most men aren’t in a stable relationship in their sexual prime. The only way they routinely can get rid of that itch is by rubbing one out. Masturbating is like fast food it very momentarily does the job of satisfying your hunger but in half an hour to an hour you will be hungry again. It’s a way of tricking your brain you’re having the real deal but you aren’t. So, you’re left ever wanting.
    The only way to keep this in check is by forcing yourself not to look. Discipline yourself in not looking at sexually enticing images. See it for what it is: a way for them to f*ck with your head (both of them but primarily the top one).

    1. but the vagina obsession really began when somebody figured out that we go crazy once they are shaved. nowadays we want to bury our faces in their crotches. we eat their assholes. i recently watched a vagina waxing video on youtube. at first i was repulsed with the hairy cunt but as soon as she was waxed clean i fantasised about smelling her farts

      1. Its a J thang.
        They secretly are pedophiles and like to pretend they are little girls, hence the shaving. Bush was huge in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.
        Then enter J Man to change all of it. Now anal rimming, and the rest.
        This is your nation on Js

  17. Yet men like Alex Minnassian couldn’t get laid as a white Armenian in the feminist capitol of North America; Toronto.

      1. Weimar: your last comment didn’t showed, you can answer here, (or in “The Diet Coke Commercial” or the “3 Reasons why men are happier..” I don’t know which one is better)

  18. Sex has become an obsession in so far as it’s been pushed onto us via the culture. Some folks say it’s due to easier lives, the pill etc, which makes it seem like this was inevitable. I disagree although acknowledge the impact of things like the pill ET al, but still I see this mostly as a cultural issue. Just turn on the tv or listen to music. It’s oppressive. And this push is coming from the left. If we had a more balanced culture, less influenced by the left, then there wouldn’t be as much as we see.

    1. Was contemplating this recently too, I also tend to think it is the left. Don’t understand the theory though, the link between Marxism pushing sex onto society

  19. Roosh,
    You are spot on with this article, and it points out the rot and decay we now have in America. I have dated over 40 women in America trying to find just one woman that was wife material…that ain’t happening. I have now gone across the border to Mexico in search of a wife, and I may have found her…but she is a very religious Mormon woman which is fine by me…it now takes this drastic of an extreme in order to find a woman that does not have a high notch count. So, for those guys still searching you may have to go to another country and find a woman with strong religious values.

    1. Mormons of Mexico… Interesting phenomenon. She is white, right? Since Mormons are insulated like the Amish.

  20. Typical article that omegas would write.
    There is a direct correlation between the libido:masculinity and stimulation:femininity.
    Stimulation is provocation, it activates the sexual brain of a man without his consent, or in other words, it is harassment. But something men want right?. And because there are males that are so incredible pathetic(PUAs/beggars), it is what women today are the “victims”
    More stimulation in society is directly correlated with prostitution.
    Where there is prostitution there are pimps. These pimps sell their women, their daughters, in TV, movies, college, divorce, etc. These pimps sell to whores their porno-clothes. These pimps create laws for them and permit them to keep provoking desperate males. And men don’t dare to describe women’s decadence because of these sexual instincts they have.
    Dominant men are less likely to be desperate for sex, males who are not supposed to mate are now being constantly stimulated, something that is COMPLETELY unnatural, but what can they do, male-sexuality is a strong instinct. This is the same as giving everybody the vote, most are weaklings, the result is that then the government can steal their vote, easily.
    It is through desperate males, or confused/indoctrinated males, like nice guys and PUAs, and males who cannot make women responsible for how they dress, prostitution/porn and abortion, that this decadence was allowed. These insignificant males form their own groups, where they think of themselves as being “moral”, “masculine”, “alpha”, and talk about how to get laid, and how to please sluts as if they were the ones with pussies, like this site is doing; then they sell books or ask for money(parasitism), in exchange they offer them “equality” (being attractive to chicks or knowing “the truth”). In other words these opportunistic males are the ones validating whores doing prostitution, then these same omegas become some kind of pimps by selling to males “how to get laid”, “how to be attractive to whores”, and lots of blue pills painted in red, etc.
    You can’t teach a dominant man how to be dominant, or how to use his dick. Only omegas try that with other omega males. And this site is constantly doing that, indirectly promoting feminism, feminization, emasculation, desperation, while contradictory talking about “masculinity”. The comments were the main reason to visit this site because from time to time somebody showed that he really knew what he was talking about, but the articles, most of them are the representation of omeganess, true omeganess and wrong advice.
    Why is it that the emasculated becomes OBSESSED with masculinity, and starts preaching emasculation as if it was masculinity itself ? For the same reason sluts promote slut culture, to diminish the value of other females to so increase their own relative value.
    For the same reason feminists promote equality(penis envy), they are obsessed with that they cannot have, “masculinity”. Like pathetic males who want but cannot be real men.
    This attracts lots of misfits that seek validation through sluts and men.
    Sites like this that should be exposing these things are trying to teach males how to attract sluts, as if men had tits and big asses, and women penises, a ‘genuine’ sexuality, like men do.
    Why? Because you cannot sell real dominance, only the illusion: feminization.
    Dominance never needed to be attractive. And weak males never had the chance. But now,
    Now they can have “equality” too, thanks to prostitution:

  21. The older I get the more offensive I find the idea of some dumb caked up thot who puts nothing but her well-fucked pussy on the table.
    Maybe when I was 19 that seemed like a good deal, but at 31 it’s just a pathetic thing to see. They’re like Amsterdam whores in the window.
    The only reason I say this is because I’ve been all over the world, and there is something much more richer and deep about sitting in some shitty, run down flat with a Russian girl who can cook, speaks 5 languages, can produce opinions beyond bland pop culture cliches, and takes an interest in the world around her.
    Not that I value a woman for her intellect, but it’s nice to meet women who aren’t completely brain-washed stupid sluts.

    1. Putin & the Russian army will be more than happy to recruit you to fight the feminist, BLM and other pieces of scum that are infesting America. A Russian woman is the rarity of femininity. If you fight for Russia, God will bless you with a Russian woman. If you’re in the US Army, we need you to leave that tranny & Angloskank shithole & join us in Russia. We will teach you how to fight the feminist and BLM thugs in America once Putin agrees to invade America.

  22. What a fascinating experience it has been to watch Roosh and other leaders in the manosphere as they grow and mature. You’ve gone through taking the red pill, you changed yourself and how you interact with the world, then you went through your pussy hunting phase, then you finally realized how easy it is and how meaningless it is, and now you are in the disillusion stage.
    You ask if sex is an obsession. The answer is YES, it is an obsession. Men and women are by nature obsessed with sex and procreation. I’ve lived in America, Europe, and the Middle East and everywhere I’ve been it has been the same. What has changed is how this obsession manifests itself. I think that in America our obsession with it has been studied and targeted and monetized to such an extent that unless you consciously seek to reject it, you are powerless to resist.
    It’s like our human need to improve and perfect things. This has also been capitalized on by corporations and the government to the point that unless you CONSCIOUSLY ignore the messages you’ll find yourself perpetually in debt trying to get that new iPhone (or car or jacket or vacation or refrigerator or bike). It wasn’t until I basically took a financial red pill that I finally started to get myself out of debt. Now I’m honestly mystified when guys talk about spending $2000 on a new set of rims for their ride or whatever. It doesn’t even touch me anymore.
    Roosh (and anyone else out there struggling with this) – let me tell you, and I know this will sound like bullshit so you can take it or leave it, but you will not understand your primal purpose in life until you have children. That’s what all this dance is about. It’s your one true shot at immortality and you have millions of years of evolution pressing down on you imploring you, begging you to not let your genes die out with you. There is more to life than sex. There is more to life than money. Speaking for myself, I did not understand true fulfillment until I had children.
    When I was 22 I would have thought some old dude like me was fucking crazy for saying that. So I get it if you all blow me off. But trust me that is what it’s all about.

    1. Exactly that’s what I’ve been trying to say if you read my comment with a few thumbs up. The notion of living for money and satiating primal sexual needs with sterile sex (unfruitful sex) is a Jewish notion. Philosophically according to natural law, everything must serve some creative purpose for the generation or even regeneration of something. Whether a tree bearing fruit or even leaves … something must do something in nature and life. Money must give way to industry and creativity, not to financiers and bankers who make money from manipulating money (a thoroughly Jewish concept… aka the modern Hedge Fund manager). Sex must be for children and if not, it’s sterile and then it becomes a drug, you need that feeling over and over again until you’ve been depleted of your vital life energies, money and time and for what? A bitch, some sex inside a rubber condom? And this is supposed to be the apex of modern male fulfillment?
      Modern life is filled with emptiness and sterility. A life firmly suited for people who are homosexuals, hedonists (PUAs included), feminists and other types of degenerates and undesirables. People who cannot create anything meaningful like a family with a strong name and foundations. Once the manosphere realizes they cannot find happiness in permanent sterile sex and they cannot find it in trying to fit in a modern fallen nation which has outlawed all male authority in the family… then they can start to fight some battles for the reconquest of civilization or leave. This is a much more fruitful endeavour than trying to craft some pickup lines to impress some vapid empty brained whore with yoga pants on just so the end result can be to ejaculate inside of a condom (literally you’re fucking the condom) or worse exposing your health to some random whore.

    2. If having children were the ultimate fulfillment, then I don’t think fathers and mothers would be committing suicide, abortions and infanticide. All of those things happen. In numerous cases throughout history the woman conned the man into pregnancy and then a shotgun wedding ensued. Even my mother once hinted that she did just that to my father and I remember the fights they had when I was a kid. My mother actually told me not to ever get married a few years ago. My parents are pretty functional people so I’m not talking about some trailer park folks either.
      If you think about it, for the man and most male mammals reproduction ends in ejaculation while for the female reproduction only (arguably) ends with birth and even then the infant is dependent on the mother’s milk and care for a while. From an evolutionary perspective, going in and coming raw is basically the ultimate fatherhood experience; the glow of fatherhood in a few short seconds while a woman’s programming is different and for her absorbing the sperm is just the start of a long process. This could explain why sex is so fulfilling for men. Once the average guy is tied down, he’s going to miss endless opportunities to feel that sense of victory and glow for the rest of his life while the woman is happily tending to her mammalian female task of caring for her offspring for years and years.
      Another thing is that different generations or more accurately men of different ages occupy different realities and they cannot jump from one reality to another; the mentality of an older guy is always going to be different. Not necessarily because he is smarter but because he feels the weight of time, feels more vulnerable and his venue of competition is different. Older guys like to frame it as being wiser, which is convenient for them, and smart guys do get wiser with time but it’s also about perceiving the world differently because a young guy can take more physical abuse and has more to gain from daring stunts while an older guy will simply break his ass and be laid off from his office job. Younger guys have more intense emotions; some of them resulting in needless deaths and hardship and others in great memories and successes.

  23. You are not a piece of flesh.You are a spiritual beeing.
    A piece of flesh does not really live.Only a spirit lives.
    A pussy is a piece of flesh.Its not a spiritual beeing.
    A piece of flesh cant make a spiritual beeing really happy.
    Something thats not really alive does not and cannot love you.Only another spiritual beeing can make a spiritual beeing really happy.

    1. Wanna hear something frightening?
      If you cultivate the consciousness of an animal,
      you will be in an animal body in ur next life.
      Think of Pinnochio on pleasure island turning into a donkey.

  24. The funny thing is my girlfriend wants sex more than I do she has actually created a way to pick fights because I’m not in the mood. Keep in mind i’m no slouch I probably have sex with her anywhere from 2-6 times a day. I’m 27 and slowing down in performance while she craves more. I don’t really know what i’m complaining about because that is pretty low on the overall “her problem but I love her anyways” list. I guess I just hate how such a beautiful and primal act can be turned into the same level of daily importance as taking a shower. It burns the stimuli and makes it that much less special and more of a chore…..

    1. I agree. It’s cool to have 4 times a day fuck fests in the beginning but then the Coolidge effect sets in and it starts getting old fast. I don’t think women understand this at all. A girl I was seeing for a number of months would get butthurt bc I wouldn’t want to fuck her RIGHT AFTER I fucked her and busted my nut. A good way to solve this issue is to be busy (real or fake) and see them once or twice a week. And then when you get a new piece all of the sudden you can bounce back super quick again. Biology is funny.

    2. A woman who needs to be fucked more than “2 to 6 times a day” and starts fights over it is a psychological mess. She was almost certainly molested when she was young, and is incapable of normal bonding. She has already cheated on you and will never be capable of being monogamous.

  25. Roosh sounds like a pussy. Did he lose his balls somewhere along the way? So what if banging these vapid sluts is meaningless. It’s a primal male instinct. I’m not always on the prowl but every once in a while you gotta get it in.
    You’re a fool if you expect to somehow get validation or meaning from women. They’re a means to an end, not an end themselves. They’re an accessory to your life, like any other commodity.

    1. Women are a necessity, try getting rid of women and see how viable your people will be.

  26. White Sharia is the answer,keep women from destroying our societies
    by cleansing feminism from our society we can save western civilization

  27. A life of vanity and sin has left you unfulfilled and broken spiritually, emotionally, mentally. Imagine that.

  28. This is because our concept of sexuality is shallow and degenerate. We need a holistic, noble and spiritual approach. Conservative social norms need to return too (at least to some extent).

  29. After the blue there is red, after red there is black, after black there is…enlightenment.

  30. When you treat sex like a game and have it with strangers it cheapens the meaning of the act.
    Sex with a woman who loves you will always be more fulfilling than the fleeting excitement of a new gal.
    The easy part is getting them in bed, the hard part is keeping a worth while one around.
    I took my wife’s virginity when she was 19, she is 31 this year. Maybe it will last, maybe she will leave. I feel with all the advice I have read, from Roosh and other red pilled sites about women and how they think, I have a good chance of it lasting.
    Find an innocent woman while she is young and grow together.
    I sometimes wish I could sleep around but I know it would ruin what I have.
    All parties come to an end boys and we all have to sleep in the beds we make.

  31. girls in every corner of the public space, in the front office of every service/company and almost naked on every print.. smoking hot. they’ve never been in such beautiful shape (at least in Europe..) thanks to sport, nutrition and diet.. their skin is now like silk. it’s hard to find a girl with acnea or some damaged skin.. and yoga pants, the final combo.
    ..yet they seem cold as ever. picky as hell. flaky and full of shit..
    I try to ignore them as much as possible, it’s really hard. spring time ! at least I check out their faces rather than ass or breasts. it’s a pity that we can’t approach anymore in France..
    Every period of time had their downsides. our generation didn’t experienced wars or global diseases (like polio in the 40’s/50’s).. we “just” have to deal with chronic frustration.

  32. “My Twitter timeline is filled with attention-whoring women” <- Maybe follow someone else if you want to see different content on your timeline. Mine is mostly science tweets, Joe Rogan, and various local businesses. It can be done.

  33. I’ve seen this before. Most cocksmen see the light sooner or later. From the “The Myth of the Monstrous Male”, to “The Wedding Singer.” They don’t want to be Fonzie anymore. They just want someone to hold them, and tell them everything will be all right.

  34. I’ve seen this before. Most cocksmen see the light sooner or later. From “The Myth of the Monstrous Male”, to “The Wedding Singer.” They don’t want to be Fonzie anymore. They just want someone to hold them, and tell them everything is going to be all right.

  35. I have no idea why I am commenting and I do not know what this says about me but as a women I am thoroughly enjoying readin these articles. I just stumbled upon this site as my SO just texted me asking if I knew what “ that white trash redish purple hair dye was called and how much it cost” and while typing trashy purple hair dye into google
    an article popped up by this site. At first I felt kinda shitty reading that article because I once at age 20 died my hair blue and two moths later realized how much I hated it. And I also have shorter hair that’s not crazy, just fits my face and I hate my hair long. With that said I quickly got over myself and decided to continue exploring this site and though I don’t agree with everything, I am enjoying the heck out of reading all this stuff. But I guess as a psychologist I just am fascinated by this perspective. I suppose I will continue reading.

  36. An oldie:
    “Sex, as it turned out, was like money. You thought of nothing else when you didn’t have it, and you thought of other things when you did”

  37. Roosh, it is simple, very simple indeed.
    The main idea behind sex is to produce babies.
    I already told you this the last time you had similar thoughts in your head a year or two ago.
    There is no way around this fact.
    Fucking is to be done the “old way” with no condom and no birth “control” to a fertile (reasonably young) woman who is in the best case near her ovulation.
    Thats the only sex that matters and the only way to fill the void in our hearts.
    Love is an overrated concept – invented by women.
    Women want to find a guy who is willing to support (and fuck) them when they are no longer in their prime. The guy who will still hold her hands when her face has wrinkles and her boobs cover her belly. Its a female idea, dont fall into this trap.
    We as men should try to produce babies (plural) with a woman we consider hot and sexy and thats really all that matters. If her family is good that would be an added plus; its worth looking at your kids future grand parents.
    If you deny yourself kids for whatever imagined reason, you are semi-castrating yourself and your bangs are basciyl a major waste of time and life energy.
    Remember – I am not here to attack you. I do consider myself as sort of a friend who has been reading your site and books since the days of “a dead bat in paraguay”.
    When a fellow warrior is in such shaded thoughts I do see it as my duty to remind him with some (perhaps) harsh words that it does not have to be this way. Maybe, just maybe, it is about time to get up and do the right thing. No matter the fears.

  38. It makes my blood boil that I won’t ever f#%k a girl as hot as the one in the purple yoga pants as long as I live in the States or some English speaking country. It isn’t just feminism or liberals…The problem is that there are way too many dicks and social media contacts for these vapid sluts to choose from compared to 10 years ago.

  39. Who has not seen this before? Most players end up seeing the light sooner or later. They don’t want to be Fonzie anymore. They just want to find someone to hold them, and say everything is going to all right.

  40. Great article on the whole but I’d dispute a technicality (perhaps localised). In the UK Islam has taken its sinister hold and a result is women dressing more conservatively and less provocatively. I expect this to be repeated throughout all 1st world countries the religion of peace has invaded given time.

  41. As a woman, I’m very interested in mens’ opinion. How do men feel about women who allow them an easy sexual release of frustration? I enjoy letting men use me for sexual sport because I really rhink they’re happier when they get regular sexual release, but some people act like that’s wrong. Am I wrong to enjoy letting men use me, or should I be doing it more? I’m not worried about smv because I don’t plan to marry.

  42. As God said, “be fruitful and multiply.”
    Yes, I love pussy; always have, always will. Can’t get enough of it. I want to fuck every hot bitch this world has to offer. If that’s a problem, then it’s your fucking problem and not mine. So go fuck yourself. Or is that too considered “sex obsession”?

  43. I agree with an earlier comment about horniness today: “What you think of as a normal level of horniness and healthy sex attitude would be vulgar and downright ill to men of the past.”
    We are indeed “sexualized” and commercialized. Not only that, most Westerners today are prostitutes in every sense of that word…particularly White men. I have yet to see a single White male of any importance NOT apologize every time so BS gets out of hand and the dark world starts howling. Without fail, you will always see the White CEO or boss or politician apologize and bow. This is such a degenerate society that it is NOT worth saving…there is nothing to preserve or save. The only hope is that America has a higher percentage of White males who actually care…but these mostly live in rural communities and would have to lead parallel lives, parallel structures.
    But think of your average young White city dweller today: left-wing to the core (or “apolitical” since actually many of them don’t have a clue about ideologies), hooked on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, addicted to the latest technologies and totally dependent on corporations to get a salary…where they will then spend 80% of it (assuming they are “middle class”) on overrated, expensive, dirty and crappy housing. But oh! “I live in THE CITY” baby! What idiots!
    Then we have the sex obsession: as someone said earlier, you constantly have a meat market, but you can’t actually either buy or eat what is presented without being accused of some harassment issue or other BS. So, hence, the insane rise in masturbation. I don’t respect baters….it is sterile and ultimately leads to depravity. I don’t care what the “new” studies say – our ancestors knew masturbation was bad and men like Kellog even invented a special cereal to try to stop it.
    When whorehouse music began to be THE music for the masses, as of the early 20th Century, this was inevitable and ever since that, it just gets more vulgar and vulgar until we have reached the point of no return.
    Many imbeciles are actually happy (and they say it all the time, including men) that we are “less uptight” today compared to say, the 50s. And in fact that is true: we are ever more relaxed about degeneracy. I do not respect any woman who dresses to show flesh…which rules out most White women in the West today….just as I would never respect some vapid, classless dirty bastard male who wears flip flops in public.
    Guys, look around you – observe how people dress, what they talk about, what they listen to, how they react to things. It is nearly impossible today to have any meaningfully interesting conversation, let alone about politically “incorrect” matters.
    Churches (Protestant) in America used to preach against all of this…against sensual rock, against the oversexualization of our society…but gradually we have drifted completely now and there is no turning back except, as I said, parallel communities. Get off Twitter, GET OFF FACEBOOK, GET OFF THE PORN, stop masturbating and go OUT AND REORGANIZE.
    Discipline is important, learn self control and not be distracted like animals when you dangle meat in front of them. It is very hard to find good women, yes, but they are out there IF you know where and how to look.
    I will also say this: if you are working for a major corporation, I really don’t feel sorry for you, but you will also be miserable indefinitely. I don’t know of any truly happy man working in a major city. In fact, major cities in America are totally alien (and have always been viewed that way) to the White American man. That’s why the only “whites” you see in major cities are either “trust fund” types who actually live PARALLEL to the browns and poor, or students and other whites doing a temporary gig. Cities are totally hostile (ever since the late 19th Century that’s how it was seen) to the White man.
    This oversexuality has to do also with materialism: back in the day, a woman had many children and these children would SHARE rooms and clothes (these were passed on from older to younger). Now? No sir — own room, own phone, own tablet, more and more debt, no purpose in life except to work the grind, to be a cog.
    I know my comment is a bit all over the place but in summary: try to find a lasting woman, STOP the distraction with porn and bating, get out of the corporate world, get out of social media, start living right, upright and with as few distractions as possible. Be a boss, be in control as much as possible. I get comments from women all the time telling me they love my confidence and how I take no prisoners. And yes, I don’t make a very high salary but I am truly free and independent, I am the boss when people know me and that’s why they either hate me (envious types who can’t stand that I don’t answer to a corporation) or they respect it but can’t live my life….they say it’s too “austere”. That may be so, but sexually I can’t complain and socially? It’s sometimes great to be surrounded by weakling and cucks. For women, I would recommend certain denominations and cultural groups.

  44. Roosh,
    It took me a long time to realize that I had an obsession with sex. I’m currently in a relationship with a girl who I’ve cheated on with no less than 8 girls during our 1.5 years together. We weren’t even “off” during most of those; I just wanted to get the next high.
    I also fell into the trap that there was some magical girl out there, who would be a virgin and live up to all my expectations and desires. I learned multiple languages, earned graduate degrees, made money, and became a high-value male, only to realize that we will never find the fulfillment we’re looking for in women (not necessarily physical). Fulfillment, in the words of Dr. Peterson, comes from finding the heaviest burden you can bear, and bearing it.
    The life free of obligation is empty, and we’ve fed right into the worst excesses of the West, which disgusts me as much as it does you. Where do we go from here?

  45. Well the good news is when a man gets older he has less need for sex. Vaginas smell. Women make little effort to please a man in bed. I rather just play music or watch a movie nowadays. The risk to reward now of sex is just not there for me and no I am not gay. Once a man is past 40 he has other needs and less for sex.
    I have no desire for marriage or kids.

  46. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For many years of my life, I felt as if I had been born about 50 years too late because of this VERY THING, having sex thrown at me and thinking I had to go along in order to be accepted. Damn! All I ever wanted was one good woman- I’ve since blown well past that. I’m not completely jaded, but I’m on the way. Thanks for bringing this out into the open! THANK YOU!!!!!!

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