3 Reasons Why Men Are Happier Than Women

Men are happier than women—period. Yes, there are plenty of miserable, depressed men and there are plenty of women who are truly happy, but we’re not talking about the outliers here. The exception never makes the rule. We’re talking across the board, person for person, that the average man is happier than the average woman. If you were to assign a number correlated with the contentment and happiness of every person, the average male score would be higher than the average female.

Let’s go even further and say that red pill aware men are far happier and content than feminists. There’s no need to qualify or quantify anything there. Feminists are fucking miserable and red pill aware men are not.

Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the number of females who are on anti-depressants compared to males. There are studies out there that say 1 in 4 women are on anti-depressants compared to only 1 in 10 for men, then some statistics out there say it’s 1 in 3 to 1 in 8 and so forth. But regardless of which study you give credence to, the results are universal across the board. More women are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications than men and the simple reason for this is that men are happier than women. Here are three reasons why:

1. Our sexual primes are much longer

Short and balding, still smashing young hot ass. Okay he’s a movie star but you get the point….

Women are the most sexually attractive between 18 and 28 years of age, give or take a few years in either direction. During that decade a woman can sleep with and/or get commitment from pretty much any man she wants. She can get attention, dick, money, provisions from just about any man she chooses to.

All she has to do is show up, put herself on a platter in some way shape or form, whether it be just her company, her body, or sexual favors, and most men are going give her that attention. Most men are gonna give her the dick. Most men are gonna give her that commitment.

As men, we’re the most sexually attractive between 30 and 45 give or take a few years. Our sexual shelf lives last at least a decade and a half longer than a woman’s. But that’s just our sexual prime. Don’t forget that we’re also sexually attractive in our 20s. Granted, it’s not quite as attractive as when he hit 30 but men in their 20s are still sleeping with beautiful women out there.

Now, don’t mistake me here. I’m not saying that a man’s sexual prime is better than a woman’s. Females may only have 10 years of prime beauty and fertility but their beauty is far more effective than that of a man. Men will move heaven and earth to secure an exquisite female in terms of youth and beauty. Women, not so much (though some may cutely try if they’re close enough to The Wall).

Young hot girls sleep with older men on the regular. The inverse rarely happens.

A given woman’s sexual prime may not last as long as a given man’s but hers will burn much, much brighter and much hotter. The hottest female will always attract more far more men than the hottest male will attract women by a long shot. It’s not even close.

But the fact remains that as men, our prime attractiveness lasts 50% longer, and even before that, in our 20s we’re still able to fuck pretty girls. So even if a man doesn’t get laid until he’s 20, he still has at least a quarter century of peak sexual activity as opposed to 10, maybe 12, for women.

A woman’s sexual prime ends very quickly and very abruptly. One day she’s able to fuck any guys she wants, and the next, those same guys aren’t paying her any attention unless she’s dressed like a slut and throwing herself at them and even then, they get rejected in favor of younger tighter girls. 

Yes, there are some 35 year old women out there who are still hot, but that woman will never be as hot as she was at 24 and she knows it.

2. The more they accomplish, the less attractive they are

“I have everything I want…but a man. I’m dying inside”

Women are making more money than they’ve ever made in history. They’re more influential, and have more power than they’ve ever had.

Now this is exactly what feminists wanted. But what they didn’t take into account was the effect that all of this money and power and influence would have on a woman’s value in the sexual marketplace. And when I say sexual marketplace I’m talking about a woman’s overall attractiveness with regards to her beauty, her femininity, her personality, etc.

Here’s the raw truth: The more a woman accomplishes, the more money she makes, the more power and influence she gets, the further she shrinks her pool of potential suitors. In other words, the more status a woman has, the fewer men she’ll have to choose from.

Women don’t want to downgrade, they want to upgrade. They want fuck UP…date UP…marry UP. They’re not programmed to give the time of day to men who have less money, power, and status than they do. It’s simply not in their DNA, nor should it be. (Conditional love is for the weak. Embrace the burden of performance).

Donna, the executive at XYZ Fortune 500 company isn’t fucking the Junior partner at the big law firm. She wants to fuck the guy with his name on the door of that firm. She’s not going to date Steve the warehouse supervisor. She wants to date the guy who owns the company Steve works for. She doesn’t want to marry the company accountant. She wants to marry the CEO of that company.

Let’s take it to a lower level. A female junior partner at a law firm isn’t gonna date, fuck or marry a law clerk or a first year employee. Worst case scenario, she’ll date laterally and get with another junior partner but that’s the WORST case scenario. What she really wants is the Senior Partner.

Now women might say, “Well there’s nothing wrong with that. She has to have standards!” And they would be absolutely right. But here’s the problem: 


You see ladies, there are more far more Steve’s, Junior partners, and CPAs out there than there are company owners, CEOs, and senior partners at big law firms.

“Well…well…there are far more male executives and CEOs than female executives and CEOs so there are plenty to go around for all of the powerful women! In fact they’d have their pick of the all the most rich and powerful men!”

Wrong. Dead fucking wrong.  Yes, there are far more male CEOs and executives than females. But high value men like this don’t wanna date female Vice Presidents. They don’t wanna marry these powerful and influential women. They don’t wanna fuck female CEOs. Why, you ask? Because they don’t want relationships with women who have masculine qualities or personalities.

“Well how do you know they’re masculine?!? They could be very feminine and lady-like!”

Simple. Because you don’t become a senior partner at a law firm by being a feminine, kind woman. You gotta be a fuckin’ killer. You gotta be cutthroat. You don’t rise through the ranks to become an executive at a Fortune 500 company without being driven, and ultra competitive. And any woman who accomplishes these things has to exhibit masculine characteristics. Then they have to maintain these characteristics over an extended period of time.

It’s all fun and games until you’re acting like a man

And when she finally gets to where she wants, as soon as she reaches the pinnacle, she has quite literally forgotten how to be a lady. Yes, she’s still a female, biologically anyway.  But all of her femininity has been stripped from her. 

High value men are not looking to be with a woman who acts like a man. They don’t wanna be with a woman with a scorned disposition. They’re not looking to get with women who can’t turn off the bitch switch and compete with them. They’re not trying to get with a woman who’s stubborn because she feels like she has something to prove to him.

Think about the cliche of the CEO fucking his secretary. His value is higher than hers, he makes more money, he tells her what to do, he has power, and he gives her instructions. The secretary is in a subservient position, she does what she’s told, she asks his permission, she doesn’t get outta pocket, and she defers to him. The CEO/secretary dynamic alone is conducive to attraction on both ends.

Women have been completely duped. They were told to get all this money and status and influence and they’d be able to attract any man they want. But the more they get, the harder it is to find a man because the feminine operating system simply will not permit her love and respect a man who is not superior to her in every way. 

But it would appear that women are beginning to figure it out. The high powered female attorney’s pissed off because big time male lawyers want nothing to do with her. The female executive’s miserable because she now realizes why she’s no longer attracted to the men who used to make her pussy wet on her way up the corporate ladder.

Sure, they’ve got cars and money and friends and can travel and buy pretty anything they want. But what women really want is a man. And at the end of the night when she lays in her $8000 bed with her 8000 thread count sheets she cries herself to sleep, because she’s just now figuring out that the more wealth, status, power, and influence she gets, the less the men that she wants will want her.  Her taste is too expensive for her sexual market value and it will be until the day she dies.

So she calls up her doctor and gets him to call in, yet, another prescription for ambien to help her to knock her out at night, lexapro to keep her from committing suicide during the day, and valium to keep her anxiety about being alone at 47 years old under control.

Think a 47 year old man is that miserable?

3. Men have accepted reality, women have not

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number honey! #StillGotIt

This is especially true when it comes to red pill men versus feminists. Any man that takes and accepts the red pill goes through a series of stages before he finally comes to acceptance.

There’s the shock phase when we first come across something red pill related—we can’t believe there’s something out there that goes against everything we’ve been taught. Then there’s the anger phase when we realize we’ve been lied to our whole lives and for a good long while we’re pissed off at women. The gluttony phase comes next where you’re consuming any and all red pill content you can find.

There are a few other phases in between but eventually we come to the acceptance phase. We accept that women aren’t what we thought they were. We accept that we as men have every bit as much to blame for the sad state of women as women are. We accept that we as men have to have our shit together before we can start making demands of women. We accept that the sexual marketplace isn’t fair and that hypergamy doesn’t care if a man’s only 5’9” because he didn’t hit the genetic lottery.

Red pill aware men accept hard and fast truths no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient they may be. We’ve accepted that in order to get what we want, we’ve gotta go get it. We accept that nothing’s gonna be handed to us. We accept that attractive women aren’t gonna be attracted to us if we’re outta shape and undisciplined.

Women on the other hand have nowhere near the same mentality—especially feminists. They think the world should be handed to them on a silver platter for no other reason but that they exist and that they have vaginas. Women believe that no matter what they do or who they are, that they deserve the very best men out there and what they have to offer despite not offering a damn thing themselves.

They don’t feel like they should have to bring anything to the table but their company. The world tells them that no matter how grossly overweight they are, how unattractive they are, and that no matter how slutty they are that they have a right to the highest value men on the market and that anyone who disagrees is a misogynist.

Someone get this girl a xanax

So yes, females are delusional to a fault but here’s why they’re really miserable: Even though the world fills their head with this bullshit day in and day out, they’re starting to see it doesn’t work that way. They’re starting to see that they actually have to work hard to get ahead in life. They’re seeing the highest value and most attractive men marrying young, fit feminine women who want to start families, who don’t care about careers or sleeping around. They’re realizing that as they get older, fewer and fewer people will tolerate their crappy attitudes and behavior. 

They were told that if they go to college, fuck a bunch-o-dudes to “get it outta their system”, graduate with a useless degree, then go work in a cubicle for 30 years that they’d be truly happy and fulfilled as women. Then at 37 they finally have that ah-ha moment where they think:

“Uh oh! I’m at a dead end job I hate, I can’t keep a boyfriend, I may have a drinking problem, and can’t stop crying at random for no reason. I thought I’d be happy. But here I am at nearly 40 years old and I can’t figure out why I’m depressed. I’d better go see a doctor because there has to be something wrong with me if haven’t found true happiness like everybody said i would.”

All the while, a 37-year-old man’s ah-ha moment is when he realizes that scheduling two dates on the same night isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

He’s been banned on YouTube and Twitter but you can still watch Donovan Sharpe drop Red Pill truth on TSR: Live weekday afternoons at 4:30E/1:30P 

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265 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Men Are Happier Than Women”

    1. I don’t get the feeling that many posters on this site are happy, not even the site owner. Maybe I’m wrong, but I sort of get the feeling nobody is happy in the white western world these days, men or women. Just glad I’m not living there any more.

      1. White women are a waste of time,t hat’s for sure.
        You can still use the West as your financial base. Just make sure you don’t marry a White woman (or a woman who grew up in a White-majority country).

        1. Peter:
          Do not marry any woman from anywhere if you live in a country where divorce-rape is the law or the norm (i.e.: USA, UK, Brazil, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, etc).
          It has less to do with the woman’s race and more to do with Feminist culture that corrupts everything, from marriage to the legal system.
          No doubt, marrying ANY woman of any race from the AngloSphere is probably THE worst thing a man can do for sure. They are lazy, entitled, become ugly at record speed, and will divorce rape a man for any reason at any time.
          But you are missing the issue. It is not the race of the woman; it is the culture she is from and where she lives. I know black American women who beat up the men (dudes who could easily knock them crazy botches out, but live in fear due to “Duluth Model” type policing) and then divorce rape these men. Puerto Rican women divorce rape and emasculate their men all the time.
          Black Americans and Puerto Rican’s Latinas are just as horrible. Why? Because they grew up in a FemiMazi culture, where laws and the whole society has been catered to them from cradle to grave.
          It is not race; it is mentality and culture, my friend.

        2. I think you’re somewhat right in that statement. I like in the article the header “the math doesn’t add up”: Ironically, which gender favors math? The Red Pill is something you continue to swallow. The reality of it can change beyond the “expert’s” projections of what the future will “really” be like in relations between the sexes in the west. One thing that held true since say… 2014-16 posts on RVF and ROK. And that’s that it will probably get worse before it gets better. The question many were wondering is “how much worse,” and “how much longer before it gets better,” and “how much better can/will it get?” The answer in the foreseeable future may be net negative on ALL counts for many, many years, maybe decades, maybe a whole lifetime, no one can tell the future in absolution. That’s a red-pill awareness to the reality of it all, I’m not sure anyone was/is willing to admit to. Well, here we are well into 2018, and unless you committed a significant portion of your life to altering your course to make it better for yourself in the past 2-3 years, you probably aren’t see any change for the better unfortunately. I personally have focused my change in 1 main area (my weakest), and a little in another, finding life-time restriction in covering all 4 areas I’d like to. If I didn’t need sleep, I’d have my plans licked, but until then, it remains a steady grind. I’ve banged enough sluts, that adding more to the count really has minimal value at this point…

        3. G Rock:
          First, I think that ion many areas, it is so bad that things may have already hit rock bottom. Roosh wrote that he recently came back to DC because of his sister and said it seems o have bottomed out (i.e. Women are not getting any fatter, any trashier, or any more misandrist, etc). Has it hit bottom everywhere? Absolutely not. This stuff is all regional, especially in a huge country like the USA.
          For example, in my hometown in Central Florida, it will be another couple years at minimum, to fix the FemiNazi mess we have. The problem in my area, for example, is that not only we have no “common culture” because it is a hodge-lodge of New Yorkers, foreigners, and the remaining locals. The Brazilians have invaded Orlando metro area that the culture itself has changed drastically as well. Some of the Brazilians are middle class, largely white and Latino, and brought a more conservative/moderate dating and political view. The lower-class ones brought Marxist Lula/Dilma Feminist ideology and cultural Marxist dating strategy to the area. The NYers very often bring their shit mentality down with them too, especially since most of the ones who come to FL are from the ghettos that have been gentrified. The local Floridian are very conservative and religious, often Baptist. So it is a mess and it will be a few years until we figure out how this NON-melting pot will work out.
          Sadly, things in the AngloSphere NEVER get better until there is an immediate and serious crisis. As B. Hussein Obummer’s Cheif of Staff always says “never let a good crisis go to waste” [to pass bad and unpopular legislation].
          Wanna know when the National Debt will be addressed? Days before we have a national currency crisis. When will the almost complete ending of marriage as an institution, be corrected, by legislative fixes to marriage-rape and child-support-rape judicial crisis? When marriage rates decline from currently 80% un-married for men 20-34 to around 99%-100% unmarried and suddenly this issue will “be discovered”. When will the Border be closed? When a jihadist walks a WMD across the Border and tens of thousands of Americans die in the attack.
          This is why our country is such a mess and why our women continue to decline in quality at lightning speed. Trump wrote a book called “The America We Deserve” like 11 years ago. In it, he outlined simple solutions to things. Did you see the Honduran caravan invasion of San Diego this week, easily climbing the little risky-dink fence and waving Honduran flags?? Trump is ready and wants to build the Wall (one of his Legacy items), but assholes globalist Progressives in Congress (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeff Flake, Marco Rubio, etc) cockblocked him. They rolled Trump badly in that Omnibus spending bill, no wonder he was so pissed off about it.
          Sadly, we have to have a crisis before Trump will get his Wall. Since the war drumfish of the left and NeoCons are beating against Iran now, maybe Iranian terrorists will “do us a favor” and walk across Border and kill Americans, so we can finally secure the Border. The suffering of dead Americans will be the price we will have to pay and endure so we can close that fucking Border. Mass immigration, NOT terrorism is America’s biggest threat. Far more dangerous then the debt.
          In any case…. My notch count is low compared to vast majority of guys on RoK for sure. I am at less then 30, but again, I am a quality over quantity guy. I passed up many easy fucks when I was a teen because I wanted my first to be a 9 or 10…. and yeah, of course I got a solid 9, maybe a 9.5 when I was 18 and it was soooo worth the wait and resistance to bang the many easy 5s in my day. Ended up dating her for over a year, what a great memory to have such a hot girl be my first (and me hers). 🙂
          But this is how I think… I know some will call “beta” or whatever, but that is how I roll. IF I was into hookers as some here are, I would rather pay a solid 9 $200 for the bang then pay $20 for 10x low quality (2-3) ones in SEA, for example. *shrug*
          No man should allow WOMEN to determine his value in life or society. So what if some people may think your ability to lay sloots determines your worth as a man??? I do not give two fucks what they think. I am my own man. If every guy on the planet thought Kid Rock sucked and I liked his music, I would listen to it, out loud, with my car top open, full blast. I simply do not give a shit. At church, some are trying to pressure me to reconsider my fanatical anti-marriage stance. I just laugh and ask “will you give me half your house if I lose half of mine in a frivolous divorce?” And just laugh. Amused Mastery at work, folks. 😉
          Funny thing, a girl just yesterday at my office was getting all argumentative about her case. Noticing I did not capitulate nor cower before her cuntish attitude, she was very surprised. And I mean VERY surprised. he then said she was gonna complain with my supervising attorney and and I said “here, call him now, if you do not want to wait for him to come back from lunch”. She said she did not want to, so I called him on speaker and said “I am here with ____ and she is on speaker right now and wants to complain about her case”. Bitch would not say a word, then after several minutes, she said was all a misunderstanding.
          We got off the phone and she said I was “very challenging” sometimes, but she liked how I handled things and thanked me for my work. Wait, what?? 😮 So…. I am guessing a fuck could be in the works here since even before she left the office, she already set a new appointment with me for Tue (my first open spot) to “discuss things”… but we have absolutely NOTHING to discuss until we get paperwork back in 3 weeks, so sounds like she is DTF. lol
          Go figure this annoying bitch would be DTF! 🙄 Women are so irrational…. I did not give a fuck about her tantrum, called her bluff, and now she wants to see me again. Irrational creatures indeed. *shrug*

        4. ChrisCool
          “I would rather pay a solid 9 $200 for the bang then pay $20 for 10x low quality (2-3) ones in SEA, for example.”
          #MeToo, BUT, after a while the 9s and 10s become a little boring, and generally they aren’t worth the extra money ‘cos they don’t make much effort to provide good service. I’ve dipped as low as a 6, and she was a LOT of fun in bed, with no holes barred. She moved in with me for my entire holiday, I only gave her 500 pesos ($12) a day and she was shagging me 5x every day. She didn’t want any money, but I like to keep my relationships clear cut. Keeping your standards high means missing out on some great experiences.

        5. @ Christian Cool
          Where do you live?
          Ceratainly not NY, LA, SF, Miami, Boston, etc..
          You will NEVER find a 9 for less than $400/hr in a 1st rate US city. Trust me on that.

        6. JD:
          My friend came back from Kiev (he works for think-tank) after 2 weeks and said it is a playground for adults or a “adult candy store” there. But he said the 9s and 10s working girls are kinda lazy and the 7s and 8s put more effort in bed.
          I see your point there, JD. I have never been with a working girl before, but I can see you’re point. Overall in my personal life, I just focus a lot on quality, you know. 😉
          I am currently in CO due to law school, but I am from Central FL. Miami is terrible, but it is better now then to was say back in late 1980s or mid-1990s. The city of Miami has been cleaned-up quite a bit, ghettos have been gentrified, and the airport in Miami is now first-world quality. Between Miami and NYC or Lost Angeles, Miami it is for me.
          But I rather not live in a 3rd world city, with crappy people. I prefer to live in suburbs in Middle America. Not “cool”, but safer, cleaner, better women (not great, but better then in coasts), and fewer uh…. undesirables to deal with. 🙂

        7. What kind of a degenerate makes a general statement like that? A Fn loser, thats who.
          There are millions of solid young girls, ready to become moms and housewifes. They eist among the Mormon community, Traditional Catholics and Orthodox as well as Evangelicals. Many, as in the vast majority, are virgins. They have Faith and they have virtue.
          But youd rather play the loser and the Nggr that hops from ho to ho, dat bitch aint nuthin, man. Gnome sayin? So Fn degerante and derelict.
          Ill repeat. Dave Ramsey, famed radio host and Pastor, at it for 40+ years, says divorce is a mere 10% WHEN couples agree on FAITH and MONEY-Budgeting.
          If you want to act like a Nggr-hopping bed to bed with hos, or a celibate Red Pilled Monk, thats your call. But to insist that all Western women are garbage, is totally delusional.

        8. Chris Cool:
          “I would rather pay a solid 9 $200 for the bang then pay $20 for 10x low quality (2-3) ones in SEA, for example.”
          A “solid 9” for $200? LOL! Please provide links to “solid 9’s” renting out their pussies for such a small sum of $. thanks in advance.

        9. @AutomaticSlim
          $400/hr for a 9? wtf? if only that were true.
          for $400/hr, you might get a 7
          $1k-$2.5k/hr = maybe a 7.5
          $3k-$5k/hr = maybe an 8
          $10k-$15k/hr = maybe an 8.5 (but don’t count on it….how often do you even see an 8.5?)
          9+ = better be on Forbes 400

        1. Learn the signs of anti-depressant junkies (25% of American women):

          Never Date A Woman Who Takes One Of These Prescription Drugs

          Read and never forget this ^^^^^ and never get trapped by a lunatic bitch in your life.
          Ps. If she is a female lawyer (and a leftist, which is 95% of female lawyers), she is either an alcoholic or an anti-depressant junkie. I never met a female lawyer that was fully, 100% normal. Ever, in over a decade working in law.

      2. Happiness is a fleeting feeling, like hunger, satisfy your craving and carry on. Happiness is not a lifestyle like disney taught us to believe.

        1. Totally agree. Happiness itself is not really a sustainable emotion on its own. It is a by-product of feeling self-assured, balanced and strong. It comes from having a prolonged period of emotional stability from within one’s core. Women lack this due to estroegene and other factors. I agree with the craving part of your reply, looking for ‘happiness’ without self-assurance is rather like that other sugar-rush: social validation via social media. Fleeting, superficial and soon leads to a down.

        2. @when_you_are
          For sure. Aim for contentment in things, that’s good enough and can be maintained as baseline for long stretches. You can be “content” while getting root canal if the frame of mind is correct. People who are “happy” all the time are strange beings prone to experience forced, disingenuous moments. For me, that stuff’s an energy drain, and I’m always a little suspicious of my own happy moments. When a wave of happiness comes, a dude knows it’s going to pass or recede pretty quickly.

      3. JOHN
        Amen to that.
        I cannot imagine being the average white 25 year old today.
        Live at home because of the economy. Which apparently is controlled by short guys in funny hats. Never escape your city or region or travel. End up at the same club every Saturday night watching the same slags bump and grind with blacks. Pay for fatherless children of black and Muslim criminals. Jerk off to porn and not even get fucked by a real woman. It must be shit.
        I am truly glad I left the United States in my 20’s and I have not missed it for a day.

        1. That actually does not describe the life of an average 25 year old white man at all.
          Never escape your city or region? Are you serious? Even working class people working in relatively low paying jobs travel across the country quite a lot and even go abroad on holiday occasionally (say once every 3 or 4 years).
          And as for ‘jerking off to porn and never getting fucked by real women’, that is not common at all. The majority of guys have been with at least 1 girl by 25.
          If a healthy, financially secure 25 year old man living in his country of origin where he knows the language, culture etc is unable to get a girl despite wanting to, I hate to say it but maybe the problem is with him. Not black people, not Muslims, not the women in his country or the economy. Either his looks. Or his personality. Or his social skills. Or his expectations. Just him.

        2. The average 25 yr old in my local suburb, are all college graduates with useful degrees it seems….Cyber Computer IT, Business, Accounting, etc. Working and doing well by all accounts.
          Some of living with roommate friends, enjoying the best time of their lives-going to brew pubs on weekends, Sports games and after parties, taking part in local art show parties and exhibits, City celebrations, Dating decent women that I see them with together at Church, that look to be quality, marriage minded women.
          You are utterly delusional with your low brow impression of what life in like in America, because youve taken up with 3rd world rice eating slags, being a low income loser allows you to stretch your dollar a little farther, but brings on Yellow fever that no self respecting white guys desires. As a J EW, you have no problem with it though. Ive got you pegged, Marz. Here to sow discontentment, and nothing else, which you project from your own shortcomings. A big F U to you, Yid.

        3. LOL this bitch is doing everything she can to buttress the Current Year. Too late, THOT. There are too many rightist forces converging to tear down the matriarchy. Enjoy the downfall.

      4. JOHN
        Well despite the “safe spaces” and the huge press attention the reality is that the standard of living is slowly sliding into poverty.
        Gizmos have improved but what can a 25 year old have today that you took for granted in 1980 or whenever you were 25?
        A big gas-guzzling car? Forget it.
        A house in a decent neighborhood? These poor fellows LIVE AT HOME at 25. Not even able to share a flat with some other male pigs or enough for a bedsit.
        The blacks and Muslims cause their sisters and female classmates to drop to their knees and fellatio them.
        Meanwhile the white beats himself off to his porn on his computer in solitary masturbation.
        Look at the sheer number of whites who have completely given up in the US or UK and simply lay on the road high on Spice.

        1. This weirdo semi-homo is at it again w/his black wet dream fantasies. Every other post u put up deals with black, Latinos, & or Muslims, even if the topic has nothing to do with them. You left the US because you’re a weirdo who frequents brothels/whorehouses, if you died no 1 would notice.

        2. KANGS
          I left the US mostly for career reasons and quality of life.
          As for brothels, sure, I like getting laid. I’ve enjoyed kinky satisfying sex acts with women of nearly every nationality.
          I am not going to get into what I do or my personal life but if you cannot make enough money to live in the best part of Miami or the West Coast why the fuck would you live in the US?

        3. The J EW weighs in with more commentary from his own delusions of white America.
          Im visiting colleges now with my son, I see none of what you describe, none of it. Companies are hiring like never before, and paying well. Young kids are taking part in moving downtown in my mid size Midwest City and cleaning it up, part of the gentrification, which I oppose, but it is what it is. They are gaming girls, as guys have always done, and enjoying life. They went to school, worked hard, took part in work co ops through school.
          My Neighbor kid never really impressed me, but works for GE now, through their Co Op, they payed for school, he has a nice looking girlfriend from high school. She is a solid 8. He might be a 5-6. He golfs, goes river rafting, canoeing, drinks some suds and by all accounts has a good time in life.
          Youre JD Salinger type J EW posting, is uttlery delusional and pathetic and does not equate to anything I see in real life.

        4. Where do you come out with this shit, seriously?
          Your obsession with white mens’ masturbation habits and the sexual exploits of black and Muslim men reeks of projection…

        5. @RW
          another story of a “5-6” guy pulling a “solid 8.” this is quite amazing. when I’m out and about, I don’t even see “7-8” guys with “solid 8’s.”

      5. Christian
        That proves my point.
        Those African-American and Puerto Rican girls who behaved that were still brought up in a White majority country (the US). Hence their behaviors is what it is.
        Black African girls who grew up in Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia etc do not behave that way.

        1. You got it, Pete. It is the culture the women grow up in that corrupts them the most, hands down.
          Brazil is a perfect non-white majority country (it is about 35% white overall) where Marxism and Feminism combined to ruin the women of the country. If you asked Brazilians or foreign guys who went to Brazil and dealt with the women there in the 1990s, they would have glowing stories to tell you. Feminine, insanely good in bed, sweet girls, Catholic upbringing.
          After 8 years of Socialist totalitarian rule under President Lula from “Worker’s Part” and 5 years under now-impeached Communist regime of female Presidenta Dilma, Brazil has become so corrupted, it is a disgusting FemiNazi shithole like no other. The women are COVERED in tattoos (biker-gang style), are physically aggressive, have become obese, and they have zero legal liability for anything under laws, including crimes. The level of entitlement and shithead mentality of Brazilian women is appalling to the point I rather marry an average white American randomly picked from middle America then a typical Brazilian Femi-Cunt from Rio, for example. That is how bad it is.
          The issue is their culture and the large-scale implementations of cultural Marxism and legislative Feminism into Brazil. It just happened in Brazil about 10 years ago, while we have had radical feminism in West for 50+ years.
          Case in point: the culture and feminism ruined Brazil, minority-white country, forever. It will never recover.

        2. “If you asked Brazilians or foreign guys who went to Brazil and dealt with the women there in the 1990s, they would have glowing stories to tell you. Feminine, insanely good in bed, sweet girls, Catholic upbringing.”
          I experienced this when visiting Australia for the first and last time in 2014. A few bluepilled friends of mine used to play in touring music acts, and they ping ponged around Aus in the 90’s. When I told them I was going to be taking a trip there to visit an old friend of mine, they showered me with stories about how much Australian women love American men, and once they hear my “accent” the panties automatically fall to the floor.
          Staying in Melbourne for 3 weeks was one of the harshest redpilling moments of my life.

      6. I am actually pretty happy guy with my life. Yeah, becoming widower sucked, but I overcame grief (had a great support system) and bounced back in short time.
        I love this site because of some of the strategies and insight into faith, travel, politics, and Game. I know people here seem to criticize Troy, but his piece on retail store girls was useful to me, because I almost never hit on retail store girls. Why? Because they get hit on 24/7 and have irritating personalities and egos. But a couple months back, I noticed the floral girl at Safeway (grocery store) and days later, Troy’s article on talking to retail girls was out. I used his strategy to improve my approach (modified, since this is not a fancy retail store, but the concept was the same). It did NOT result in a bang or mini-relationship, BUT it got me further along then before. Before, I would not even bother with retail girls, but the article encouraged me to give it a try.
        BTW, my strategy is 80% daygame, 20% online game, and I do about 10-15 approaches a week minimum, just not girls working in retail. I have bias against hitting on retail store girls since my ROI has been so low since my teenage days at trying to hit on retail girls at Florida Mall to present day. But was good experience to try anyway.
        RoK and Heartiste are my go-to sites for Game insight. A nice break from law books and legal client work for sure. 🙂 Right now, I am waiting for a meeting to start and checking out RoK and posting quick comments. Life is good. 🙂

        1. My game is 100% sitting in bars and restaurants drinking beer and eating while waiting for a woman to approach me. Last week (in Saigon) I added sitting in the park reading a book while waiting for women to approach me. It’s been about 8 years since I stopped approaching women, and I feel way better turning them down, than in the days when they turned me down.
          Countries without welfare are great places to live and travel.

        2. JD (John Dodds):
          That is wild. I have been approached by women before, but that was in Rio back in mid-1990s. They wanted to know where I was from, since I am clearly not native Brazilian (I could have been from southern Brazil, possibly, but fashion style told them otherwise).
          I feel like you are playing the ‘lull of the Dark Side here, making me sometimes wonder if I should consider your approach to women.
          The only thing stopping me is my conscience and fundamental Christian religious background.
          Otherwise, JD, you seem to have a sold, stress-free fun “mating strategy”! LOL 😀
          Ps. yes, countries w/o welfare are amazing for sure. 🙂 A lot can be accomplished there in terms of meeting quality girls.

      7. You are correct. I think that the main problem is that for most people no matter how hard you work it is very difficult to get ahead in America.

        I just read in Yahoo News that an Indian and his Beaner buddy shot a white guy because the Indian was in love with the guy’s girlfriend who told him to fuck off.
        Now that is the sexual frustration of young males these days.
        When I was young, we saw women for what they were. Penis sockets. One turns you down, you find another one who doesn’t.

        1. Did you actually look at the guy and his girlfriend? The victim’s name was Mark Mangaccat and him and his girlfriend do not look white by any stretch of the imagination.

      9. I’m quite happy at age 44 . I play soccer with 20 year olds , have a great job and a great son as a best friend . Sometimes I date a post wall slut for 6 months , at other times I rip off whores on seeking arrangement . It’s quite a great life .

      10. Sounds like you’re unhappy and you got so desperate you had to marry a single mom . Fuck that

        1. HS,
          Single mom is your obsession, not mine. MM has his ‘Detroit cholo’ obsession, my obsession is UK divorce rape. We all have them but it’s pointless to keep projecting them onto other people.

        2. So you got divorced rape , doesn’t mean you should have took it out on your kids and got so desperate you had to marry a leftover single mom . Bet you her kid won’t give a crap about the money you spent on her and will respect her deadbeat dad more than she will you .

        3. JOHN
          Who needs any of the garbage in the States if you are a working middle class guy like me?
          I don’t have to be around Cholos, white trash, Negros. I don’t have to hear the silly shit about Arabs parachuting into the US swinging scimitars while complaining about the JOOOS running my world.
          If I want to get laid, I get laid. I don’t sit around jerking off to porn all day.
          I’ve enjoyed life overseas.

        4. HS,
          Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve just taken on a new 8 year old girl, unrelated to me or my wife. I like having children around me, I like being a human climbing frame. Having children is great, I don’t need them to be mine.

      11. You’re on point Dodds.
        I was much happier when I was in South East Asia than I am here in the States. It’s just a much better, more fullfilling life in non-Anglo countries.

        1. MADMAN:
          How long have you been gone from USA? Ad where are you from? Many things have changed here in last 10 years, some for the worse, some for the better. Economically, the country has improved by leaps and bounds this past year. But again, we lost a whole decade before then, living off the misery of stag-flation…
          Women quality, we have gone from great to terrible. This is my 20-year report since high school.
          But in terms of quality of life overall, the USA still beats other places like I lived in, easily. I can drink the water without getting sick. I can easily afford a nice car (cheap gas/insurance) and drive where I want whenever I want. I can buy groceries affordable, whenever I want at Walmart. I can have a gun permit and carry for safety (something impossible in 90% of countries out there). I do not have to worry about being gunned down on a sidewalk over a baseball cap, like in Brazil. I do not have to bribe cops or worry that a cop will rob me (literally), as they do in Brazil, during a “street car Blitz” (road block). I enjoy conveniences here like 24h gas stations, 24 hour stores, safe wide highways to travel, availability of credit, protection from being frisked on middle of the street by a cop on a whim. I can buy all sorts of healthy, pre-made meals relatively cheap. I can travel across country, stay in nice hotels for a reasonable price, and fairly safe. I can order food, clothing, electronics, and even large expensive items and have them delivered to my home in 2-days, trouble free. I can live in a nice townhouse (which I own now, mortgage free)…. so I don’t know….
          Despite all the problems we have here in USA, I would NOT trade it and go back to living in Brazil or even Sevilla, for example. No freakin’ way. As a single man here, the conveniences of America are just awesome to me.
          Maybe after I travel to EE (for girl scouting purposes), I will change my mind. But I know when I come back Stateside, that I will enjoy the conveniences of America again, even if I will continue to be disappointed by low quality women. 🙂

          When The Little Inconveniences Of Living Abroad Begin To Add Up

          Anyone else has some positives on America (except the women, which are a mess) besides me and Mr. Trouble?

      12. This female happiness index should come with an asterisk because it contains an accidental omission: Woman LOVE drama. They LOVE being miserable. They LOVE chaos and instability because it reifies them.
        Why do you think they outlive men by a decade? Why do they seldom commit suicide or overdose? Dying early is a male thing for a reason.
        Men seek peace and happiness, and when they can’t find it, they die. But women somehow keep on living with themselves.
        Tranquility is foreign to women because they have a natural aversion to it – they cannot function unless the world is burning by their own hand because everything would be ‘boring’ otherwise.
        The moment women get ‘bored’ they search wherever they can to find that chaotic ambiance or an environment where they can create chaos because drama and women are symbiotic – you simply cannot have one without the other.
        But the chaos created by men has a purpose and a lifespan, as it is meant to accomplish a particular end, while the chaos created by women is an end in itself: drama for drama’s sake.
        That is why men are ‘happier’ than women. In real numbers though, it does not amount to much in the Current Year.
        I heard it put brilliantly on a podcast yesterday – men seek symmetrical entertainment akin to Mozart because there is a definitive buildup, crescendo and powerful ending, but women seek exhaustive entertainment akin to Wagner because the palpitating tempo never ceases or wavers (or has any purpose other than grandeur) from the moment it starts until it ends abruptly.

        1. No your last comment didn’t show, you can post it here, if it works (or you can answer me in the “The Diet Coke Commercial…”)

        2. I don’t know what you meant by me being in line with Antifa, but whatever.
          Your personal dilemma has nothing to do with the Red, Blue or Black Pill trichotomy. That falls under some other psychosomatic existentialism. Really, this cabinet of metaphorical medication is a white male thing because it is directly caused by and reactive to female/nonwhite nature.
          I used to have something, not really similar, but in the same realm, only it involved obsessively watching myself (extreme self-awareness) like I was across the room picturing what I looked like 24/7, critiquing all of my flaws. Yet, ironically, I could not dissect things and other people like I can now…so it was nothing but endless, fruitless self-critique because I had no frame of reference or social skills.
          Just like with your issue, it was a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Usually there is a tic/ritual associated with it as a cerebral negation. It is a way of your mind coping with a lack of intellectual filler for every single moment because you currently do not possess an excess of productive thoughts to fill this emotional void.
          It can be solved with distraction – scheduling yourself to be constantly busy, new hobbies and constructive (replacement) thoughts to rationalize your irrational mental patterns, so you can have literally no time to even have these thoughts. Focusing on something outside of your control (and anybody else’s) is unproductive and unhealthy. You have to show your subconscious mind that there is nothing you can do about these concerns, so that your mind can become unfocused on harmful abstractions like that since there is nothing to gain by it, thus your mind cognitively sees it as a waste of energy, and will promptly use austerity on the machinations it delivers to you.
          Your mind is like a delivery system consisting of infinite cerebral pathways carved out for years, some productive, some unproductive… It functions similarly to how a comedian can tell jokes that have the same formulaic cadence, punchline etc with different words and context.
          Eventually, these cerebral pathways that have been carved through your mind will close, and the unpleasant thoughts will be shoddier and shoddier, as new pathways form…if you are dedicated long enough to misremembering the old ones. You will still remember that you used to have odd thoughts, but it will be similar to reminiscing about algebra…you forgot the nitty-gritty numbers that you learned growing up, but you still remember the cover of the textbook and the vague powerpoint presentations.
          Actually, becoming nothingness is how I cope. When I see a white woman with a nonwhite, I get so angry that I think I could have a heart attack. I feel betrayed, disgusted and hopeless. So I have to take myself out of the situation mentally by dismounting from this self-appointed position of belligerent white nationalist, and just become an observer. I just think of myself as an alien wanderer unaffected by all the poz, and that my country/race is destined to collapse regardless of my worry.

        3. If you are “exaggerating your personality” it means that you’re in line with what you are saying (contrary to a “troll” or a “fake personality”). So, ‘sensitive’ people know that you’re more serious and more a threat than a troll or a fake persona and they react really badly to you. That’s what I meant. I didn’t say that you were in line with the Antifa, I said that you were in line with your ‘offensive’ content (in addition than being particularly provocative).
          I didn’t take well the part with you “handing me over to the Muslims when the Islamic sharia takeover occur” so I could be “a concubine in a violent harem”. The whole comment was violent, and it came just after I shared personal feelings and story. I was being bitchy in the next comment in defense, I used passive aggressive tactics mostly to defend myself. My first comment was not passive aggressive, but I understand now why it sounded bad and I understand why you attacked it. Simply the fact that I’m posting here, being a woman, is misplaced.
          In case you still remember the conversation and you still care a bit, when I said “creepy” and “obvious insanity” to talk about you, I was exaggerating.
          I used that comparison with Matrix because, doing productive, rational things (or simply distracting myself) seems absurd, vain, compared to this ‘eternity/infinity’ point and I feel like I’m pretending, lying, being a fool for even having hope. I know that men use the Red Pill comparison in a very different way here. I also have the other problem that you had (extreme self awareness, over watching myself, criticizing all my flaws, low self-esteem). Which means that I’m a bit stuck between freaking out about things I can’t do nothing about and asking myself if I’m right when I’m actually doing things (very smart). But I will set aside these dark thoughts, I’m already doing it.
          I thank you for the time you spent to explain the cerebral process to me and how I could break it and feel better, that was nice and generous of you.
          If it can make it a bit better : not all white women want to fuck non-white men, many white women are proud of their heritage, culture, origins and are attracted by men of their race. (It doesn’t take away all the wrongs done to white men and it doesn’t take away the betrayers).

        4. Even though I play this gritty chauvinist online and IRL (for various reasons), sometimes I can still ‘break character’ and impart some wisdom..
          I can tell you are indeed female because of the overthinking and overanalyzing.
          You should never take anything anybody says online personal. It is the perfect battlefield like I said. Anonymous written words cannot hurt you. Nobody knows anybody here in any way, so there is no harm to be had. It’s like a racquetball court….ping-pang-pong-ping-pang-pong-zing-zang-whiff.
          Men like to cut through the phoniness of pleasantries and formalities in arenas such as this because it is unnecessary. We speak rawly and honestly to each other because we want the truth and we want it fast.
          Sometimes it takes nastiness to ferret the truth out of people quickly.
          Conflict amongst men is kind of an amazing spectacle because it is like a nonsexual, pleasureless ejaculation….this great buildup of tension, angst and emotion all expressed in brutality of words, fists or worse. But then the anger and passion is gone within seconds from both sides. So naturally it leaves a vacuum that is filled by default with camaraderie.
          You can see it in some of my flame wars on this site and another. The guys that tangle with me become my greatest defenders afterwards.
          The cliches are true. Two guys fighting it out in school end up becoming best friends. Two guys slug it out at the bar end up sharing a drink.
          We men are problem-conflict-resolution oriented.
          It is never fun and we cannot wait until it is over. Then we can reflect.
          Unfortunately, I’ve heard every NAWALT soothsaying and it is unhelpful in the Current Year because it does not matter whether or not white women want to fuck nonwhite men…when the time comes, they will regardless. Women pick ‘winners.’ Sadly what is dictated as a ‘winner’ these days is very specious.
          Plus, they don’t have to actually fuck these savages to still fuck over their own men. There is basically ‘equity’ (diversity stock) that is just as harmful, if not worse…merely voting the same way or tolerating the encroachment of diversity is equivalent to fucking diversity because it is irreversible.

        5. I do want to soothe but it is unhelpful. And when I share my feelings and thoughts, it looks like I’m trying to deceive. I read some of your other conversations, I can’t make sense of half of the subjects because I don’t live in America but something concerned me.
          It’s not obvious at all for everyone that there is (would be) a white race and that it is being erased of the earth. In France, simply talking about ‘race’ concerning humans is racist. Most of the time, we don’t know how to point out that someone is white, arab or black without being afraid of being taken for a racist (it’s less the case for recent years).
          An assimilation policy has been applied by right-wing president Sarkozy to force Muslims to adopt our values, speak our language and forget their religion. “You can come/stay but you have to adopt our way”. It outraged a lot of leftists because Muslims/Arabs were losing their identity in that setting. The debate was about the survival of the culture, and not the survival of the skin color.
          The common idea is that it’s mostly the other people (non-white) who change their way and become westernised, since European old empires colonized and imposed their laws around the world, affecting other civilizations, and since US soldiers broadcasted their culture everywhere they went. It would be mostly non-white people who lost/lose their integrity when they immigrate (through assimilation policies) and the integrity of their homeland (through looting and western economic/social impacts). Most African countries would be ‘burning’ right now because of the (old and current) white people presence. White men in general would be the ones who messed up with the earth, bringing destructive technology responsible for pollution issues and ecological issues, over industrialisation, overexploitation, overproduction, consumption society, resources depletion. Which makes a lot of responsibility to assume and is completely unfair since everyone is well pleased to benefit from these technologies and massively using them and many of the Third World inhabitants want to emigrate to western countries. European countries, USA, made themselves too attractive, too desirable, they showed their superiority to the world and now they’re invaded by unwanted populations, while being targeted by Anti-Western terrorists. Original identities are blurring, other ones strengthen, there are equity, assimilation, diversity laws mixing in all of that, but it’s not necessarily hopeless, closing the borders, sending illegal immigrants home, rebuild, in a more secluded way, re-ignite national pride, are also actual tendencies.

        6. I don’t make a habit of talking politics with women because it is too sophisticated for their sensibilities (no offense). I know a little about Code Napoleon outlawing censuses, so ‘antiracism’ is ingrained in French society, as is atheism, making ‘antiracism’ is the de facto religion in Western Europe. I have met clueless French sluts shaming me in my own country when I tried to help them not be so naïve about black men. But no more…I leave them to their own fate.
          The truth is that the average European is far worse than the average American leftist. It’s sad. The purer people of the white race somehow fell into this Cultural Marxist trance. God help them. Hitler should have won. Vichy France was great.
          Even in Mein Kampf, the concept of a ‘white race’ was understood despite the lack of diversity during WWI Europe. When I speak to Europeans, I sense that it is not that they can’t understand race (like Americans), but that they refuse to let their mind go there. They point out an obvious race issue and other coordinates caused by diversity, but they refuse to connect the dots – because it is a de facto religious-faith thing. They don’t want to appear blasphemous (‘racist’).
          I’ve even seen Danish women throwing a fit at the holy rollers, claiming that they would be imprisoned in Europe. I said these people are what free speech is all about. We need this counterbalance to the evils of Judaism, Islam and atheism. Though Sharia Law does not look so bad now.
          I had a charming older Frenchman at my old job a few weeks ago baffled at how the northern part of the city was utter shit, even though he worked in real estate in the southern half. I explained to him that my grandmother was born and raised there and was the 11th runner up in the Miss America Pageant in 1940, but the demographics were drastically different. He still didn’t get it. Today it is 99 percent black, back then there were next to none. Like literally people of my dad’s age in the 1960s met their first Negro upon entering high school and would regularly see whites reach out and touch the coarse hair of negresses out of curiosity.
          The entrance to our town used to say ‘Ns, don’t let the sun set on your blk asses.’
          (mods wont let me spell it)
          My elderly Austrian (by blood) family friend always tells me how the swimming pools used to say ‘No shirt, no shoes, no Semites’ and she would get turned away because of her curly hair.
          These were called sundown towns, which were legal under Jim Crow. It preserved Western Civilization. Miscegenation was frowned upon. Parallel societies. Life was good.
          Your laws strictly forbid free speech, so you have every right to be fearful. I’m not though because all I have to worry about is doxxing. So I speak my mind, especially since I just quit my diversity job, which frees me up to travel to Europe…if I can figure out a plan.
          Too bad European women prefer these short, ugly, useless, uncouth nonwhite savages over tall, muscular, handsome, diligent, white American men because when I meet a dame (je ne sais quoi), I take her hand and kiss it all the way up her arm until my lips meet hers, telling her in between each kiss, ‘Je suis—amoureux—-de toi—-belle femme,—au revoir, mademoiselle.’

        7. You didn’t hurt my ‘sensibilities’ (don’t worry), you made me laugh several times, which sums up how much these subjects are taboo where I live, and how much reading your free speech is impressive for me.
          It’s the second time I read someone bluntly question the consequences of immigration and diversity for white people (first time was on roosh v blog) and I wanted to understand the worry (even if I don’t feel it myself).
          You got it right about Europeans, we don’t want to “let our mind go there”. I was serious about the ‘race’ word. French people say “nique ta race” when they’re really, really, pissed off by someone or something, but that’s all. Even ‘racist people’ don’t really use it. Maybe, because of all the things that happened with the Nazis, precisely. I don’t question the race’s issue myself (not really). I already feel some unease because I used the term ‘superiority’ in my previous comment.
          The French national motto is “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”. For our schools, the most important word is “laïque” (secular). These are fundamental values for French. I have been educated in this way. And with Catholic instruction thanks to my grandmother. Most of the time, I see the differences between people in terms of age, sex, color skin, origins, religion, and I try not to be prejudiced. Most French people are proud of being tolerant, more than being white or black or Christian or Jew.
          (In my case, I also grew up with a present and caring father, who happens to be a very angry, politically incorrect and misunderstood individual, so I’m probably more ‘open-minded’ concerning white nationalists, male chauvinists or wounded men, than most French women).
          The good thing is that we don’t lose time and energy with passionated proud racial claims and conflicts. We don’t have a heavy history with segregation, slavery and civil war in our own territory. Today, we are concerned by Islamic religion (it’s a mess because many French Arab migrants/sons of migrants aren’t devout Muslims, and most French Muslims rejects the Sharia law as it is/was applied by the extremists, but at the same time some of them kill hundred of other French people on behalf of Islam in one night, so…).
          If you manage a plan, go in Europe, you could take some hindsight about some things (without lowering the Red Pill shield of course), test your skills and knowledge with European women, I can’t promise they would love it like American ones does, but you can try your luck. I personally have some dreams about tall, muscular, handsome, diligent, white American men… When I meet one, I don’t let him talk dirty to me, I talk foolishly to him, I let him get in my head, I make him fall in love with me, I waltz with him, I put my arms around his neck, I press my cheek against his chest, sweetly touching him, I tremble and whisper “I’m in love with you too”.

        8. You didn’t hurt my ‘sensibilities’ (don’t worry), you made me laugh several times, which sums up how much these subjects are taboo where I live, and how much reading your free speech is impressive for me.
          It’s the second time I read someone bluntly question the consequences of immigration and diversity for white people (first time was on roosh v blog) and I wanted to understand the worry (even if I don’t feel it myself).
          You got it right about Europeans, we don’t want to “let our mind go there”. I was serious about the ‘race’ word. French people say ‘nique ta race’ when they’re really, really, pissed off by someone or something, but that’s all. Even ‘racist people’ don’t really use it. Maybe, because of all the things that happened with the Nazis, precisely. I don’t question the race’s issue myself (not really). I already feel some unease because I used the term ‘superiority’ in my previous comment.
          The French national motto is “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”. For our schools, the most important word is “laïque” (secular). These are fundamental values for French. I have been educated in this way. And with Catholic instruction thanks to my grandmother. Most of the time, I see the differences between people in terms of age, sex, color skin, origins, religion, and I try not to be prejudiced. Most French people are proud of being tolerant, more than being white or black or Christian or Jew.
          (In my case, I also grew up with a present and caring father, who happens to be a very angry, politically incorrect and misunderstood individual, so I’m probably more ‘open-minded’ concerning white nationalists or wounded men, than most French women).
          The good thing is that we don’t lose time and energy with passionated proud racial claims and conflicts. We don’t have a heavy history with segregation, slavery and civil war in our own territory. Today, we are concerned by Islamic religion (it’s a mess because many French Arab migrants/sons of migrants aren’t devout Muslims, and most French Muslims rejects the Sharia law as it is/was applied by the extremists, but at the same time some of them kill hundred of other French people on behalf of Islam in one night, so…).
          If you manage a plan, go in Europe, you could take some hindsight about some things (without lowering the Red Pill shield of course), test your skills and knowledge with European women, I can’t promise they would love it like American ones does, but you can try your luck. I personally have dreams about tall, muscular, handsome, diligent, white American men… When I meet one, I don’t let him talk dirty to me, I talk foolishly to him, I let him get in my head, I make him fall in love with me, I waltz with him, I put my arms around his neck, I press my cheek against his chest, sweetly touching him, I tremble and whisper “I’m in love with you too”.

        9. You didn’t hurt my ‘sensibilities’ (don’t worry), you made me laugh several times, which sums up how these subjects are taboo where I live, and how reading your free speech is impressive for me.
          It’s the second time I read someone bluntly question the consequences of immigration and diversity for white people (first time was on Roosh blog) and I wanted to understand the worry (even if I don’t feel it myself).
          You got it right about Europeans, we don’t want to “let our mind go there”. I was serious about the ‘race’ word. French say ‘va niquer ta race’ when they’re really pissed off by someone or something, that’s all. Even ‘racist people’ don’t really use it. Maybe, because of all the things that happened with the Nazis, precisely. I don’t question the race’s issue myself (not really). I already feel some unease because I used the term ‘superiority’ in my previous comment.
          (Technically, Napoleon wasn’t entirely French, he was Corsican, a proud people who live in an island forcefully attached by force to the French kingdom one year before Napoleon’s birth).
          The French national motto is “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”. For our schools, the most important word is “laïque” (secular). These are fundamental values for French. I have been educated in this way (and with a Catholic instruction thanks to my grandmother). Most of the time, I see the differences between people in terms of age, sex, color skin, origins, religion, and I try not to be prejudiced by that. Most French people are proud of being tolerant, more than being white or black or Christian or Jew.
          (In my case, I also grew up with a present and caring father, who happens to be a very angry, politically incorrect and misunderstood individual, so I’m probably more open-minded concerning ‘white nationalists, chauvinists and wounded men’ than most French women..).
          The good thing is that we don’t lose time and energy with passionated proud racial claims and conflicts. We don’t have a heavy history with segregation, slavery and civil war in our own territory. Today, we are concerned by Islamic religion. Many French Arab migrants/sons of migrants aren’t devout Muslims, and most French Muslims rejects the Sharia law as it is/was applied by the extremists, but at the same time several French kill hundreds of other French on behalf of Islam in one night, so.
          If you manage a plan, go in Europe, you could have some hindsight (without lowering the Red Pill shield), test your skills and knowledge with European women. I can’t promise they would like it, like American ones does, but you can try your luck.
          I personally have my own dreams with tall, muscular, handsome, diligent, white American men… When I meet one, I don’t let him talk dirty to me, I talk foolishly to him, I let him get in my head, I make him fall in love with me, I waltz with him, I put my arms around his neck, I press my cheek against his chest, sweetly touching him, I tremble and whisper “I’m in love with you too”.

        10. You didn’t hurt my sensibilities (don’t worry), you made me laugh several times, which sums up how much these subjects are taboo where I live, and how much reading your free speech is impressive for me.
          It’s the second time I read someone bluntly question the consequences of immigration and diversity for white people (first time was on Roosh blog) and I wanted to understand the worry (even if I don’t feel it myself).
          You got it right about Europeans, we don’t want to “let our mind go there”. I was serious about the ‘race’ word. French say ‘va niquer ta race’ when they’re really pissed off by someone or something, that’s all. Even ‘racist people’ don’t really use it. Maybe, because of all the things that happened with the Nazis, precisely. I don’t question the race’s issue myself (not too much). I already feel some unease because I used the term ‘superiority’ in my previous comment.
          (Technically, Napoleon wasn’t entirely French, he was Corsican, a proud people who live in an island attached by force to the French kingdom one year before his birth).
          The French national motto is “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”. For our schools, the most important word is “laïque” (secular). These are fundamental values for French. I have been educated in this way, and with a Catholic instruction thanks to my grandmother. Most of the time, I see the differences between people in terms of age, sex, color skin, origins, religion, and I try not to be prejudiced by that. Most French people are proud of being ‘tolerant’, more than being white or black or Christian or Jew.
          (In my case, I also grew up with a present and caring father, who happens/happened to be a very angry, politically incorrect and misunderstood individual, so I’m probably more open-minded concerning ‘white nationalists, chauvinists and wounded men’ than most French women).
          The good thing is that we don’t lose time and energy with passionated proud racial claims and conflicts. We don’t have a heavy history with segregation, slavery and civil war in our own territory. Today, we are concerned by Islamic religion. Many French Arab migrants/sons of migrants aren’t devout Muslims, and most French Muslims rejects the Sharia law as it is/was applied by the extremists (I think), but at the same time several French kill hundreds of other French on behalf of Islam in one night.
          If you manage a plan, go in Europe, you could have some hindsight (without lowering the Red Pill shield), test your skills and knowledge with European women. I can’t promise they would like it, like American ones does, but you can try your luck.
          I personally have some dreams with tall, muscular, handsome, diligent, white American men… When I meet one, I don’t let him talk dirty to me, I talk foolishly to him, I let him get in my head, I make him fall in love with me, I waltz with him, I put my arms around his neck, I press my cheek against his chest, sweetly touching him, I tremble and whisper “I’m in love with you too”.

        11. That’s really mean from this website to allow all of my attempts in one go (one day late), it didn’t do that last time, it allowed simply one…

        12. I know all about Napoleon. I love him. I regret that he emancipated the foulest creatures that ever lived from their enclosures, but it was a financial-military tactic, which somebody would have done by now anyway. He really knew how to end a rebellion, which I admire.
          But to say that France never had a racial/ethnic problem??? LOL
          Algeria? Haiti? Mexico? Mozambique? Alsace-Lorraine? Belgium? Basque? Corsica?
          This post-Congress of Vienna, post-Hitler, Cultural Marxist ‘pride’ that Europeans (and increasingly Americans) have for this abstract concept of ‘tolerance’ and hostile alien diversity is just pretend piety.
          The free speech I express about race/sex/whatever is not something that makes me happy. The irony is I get along better with all of these groups IRL than these purported ‘allies’ do because I am straightforward. I have had sex with their women, but only since I became Alt-Right, because that it what conquerors do, not because I wanted to. That is what these animals are doing to us, while none of us are fighting back in the one way that is really grating to a man’s soul: having their women crawling all over you, begging for more.
          But more importantly, women themselves demand this lecherous behavior from men because they instinctively see it as a lighthouse in the choppy sea of sexuality, to know they are navigating in the right direction rather than ‘following the constellations’ to mediocrity, unlike the nice storybook ending every beta grows up hearing. It makes no evolutionary sense to me, but I have gotten enough of an unforgiving feedback loop to know this is true regardless of my feelings.
          I would rather have just one jeune femme that I (along with my lips/tongue) can get to know entirely, but it’s just the way it is (Briffault’s Law). You can only pump-and-dump (no tongue, without fear) with trysts.
          Yes, I would love a nubile frenchwoman. I briefly knew an assimilated Franco-Ontarian (I know, not real French) and she was lovely and much smarter than I. They are more feminine than the Germanic women of my area, who are just exhausting with their nagging gynocentrism and portly habits. I don’t even leash la chien on walks anymore because I think the only ones that belong on a leash are these harlots.
          I think I got a little ahead of myself with planning an overseas trip spontaneously because, as you know, Middle America is entirely inexpensive compared to Europe. I wouldn’t know whether to go to East Asia instead because, although I was never attracted to these Area 51 nymphomaniacs, I know they are far more loving, which is such a relief since I really have no patience for the browbeating/treachery anymore by our pink cunt harridans.
          When I was in New Orleans, it was amazing to realize how much they worship the white man, even when they say they are married or engaged. Groups of them all just stop what they are doing and French kiss you. Then you instruct them to help you take off your shirt and then you lift them up across your chest so they can take a photo, and they don’t even fight it.
          Some of them insist that they cannot kiss you because they are married, but then they will still pull your dick out of your pants in the middle of the street (very illegal) and compliment it. None of their friends cockblock you either like white bitches typically do. You just invite all of them to take a look and have a grab. I wish I had done this (joined Légion étrangère de chatte) a decade earlier instead of worshiping white women. How much more pussy and expertise I would have gotten back then. C’est la vie.
          But to be fair, all of my public double handjobs have been from groups of white chicks in the street. They don’t even care if it gets all over their clothes (and even say they want it to), whereas they probably wouldn’t give me the time of day if each one was alone when I approached them. White female vanity is very conflicted.
          Traveling is just a time/safety thing for me because I am good with money. I am used to being in complete control of my destiny at all times because I am always alone when I do it. Far more opportunities without the flotsam and jetsam.

        13. Good points, I didn’t even think about Belgium and Corse. I was more thinking about racial/ethnic conflicts still happening in metropolitan France.
          You admire empires or independent nations ? At time, no men were individuals, freely standing alone, they were all subjected to their lord, their king, their emperor, and the nationalists were revolted against the empires/kingdoms, they were the liberal ones (I’m not naturally interested in politics and I can be wrong), it seems harsh to me…
          If I got it right, you didn’t dedicate your life to any woman, no wife cheated on you, stole your children and ruin your life, you didn’t give a woman any luck to prove you wrong and help you making a nice beta story. You ‘simply’ lose time, and didn’t have enough “pussy”, before embracing the RedPill life… You say you’re fucking many women (especially non-white ones), giving them what they want, because that’s what conquerors do but it doesn’t make you happy. Roosh V man, he said “Hundreds of years ago, I would have been a soldier, fighting battles to defend my country against invaders, or invading another tribe to steal their women and land (implying that this would have been good and simple)”. So, it’s reality and it’s human ? Men want to take the women of other men ? And women want to be taken by other men, they want the fight and the ownership dominance show ? Maybe a part of themselves wants that, maybe a part of themselves want it to be animalistic or brutal, (or feeling that they are “navigating in the right direction rather than ‘following the constellations’ to mediocrity”).
          And maybe another part of themselves wants the nice beta story, with simply one lover. Like you do. Maybe some desires change with time. Women (like men) are attracted by the unknown, the danger, the threat, the other men, but if these other men are/were really savages, we would not/won’t want to marry them or fuck them forever, we would not/won’t stay with them.
          You talked to me about that bubble of privilege and wealth, but the same goes for men, no. They can’t just enjoy what they built decades ago, centuries ago eternally, they have to prove themselves again, against other people trying to steal them (since that’s what men do). Maybe you’re right, maybe there is ‘gynocracy’, maybe there are more women in power, imposing diversity, miscegenation… instead of facing the enemy, rejecting him, killing him, like men naturally do.
          How do you know that a non-white man who engage in some relationship with a white woman do that simply to “fuck other people’s women” ? Why not because he likes her, or anything else that is not about “alpha” and “conqueror” behavior.
          (“A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.”
          It’s on the “About” of Return of Kings… That kind of thinking is the reason why men have to deal with “pampered bitches” who don’t understand the value of work, the value of money, and who don’t respect good men.)
          I never heard about Briffault laws before. So, I checked. I found “The Rosetta Stone of Women’s Behavior” where the author describes and explains the Briffault laws to other men:
          “Loyalty, honor, gratitude, and duty are male values that we men project on women, but which very few, to no, women actually possess. We aren’t born with these values; they are drummed into us from the cradle on by society/culture, our families, and most definitely by the women in our lives. Women get different indoctrination, so they have different values; mostly, for a woman, whatever is good for her and her (biological) children is what is best, full stop. So, do not expect that the woman in your life will be grateful, and sacrifice for you, when you can no longer provide for her and hers.[…] Men love women, but I truly believe that women are incapable of what we men call love. “Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friends.” How many women are willing to die for their husbands, friends, country, or comrades in arms? Damn few, if any. ”
          Maybe my family is exceptional, but my maternal grandma owns the ancestral farm from her mother and she’s ‘above’ my grandfather concerning money/status. My dad is the one who asked for divorce. My mom did not keep the house, it always have been my father’s property, they made a marriage contract (because that’s what adult smart people do). And my mother always made money since her 17, so she doesn’t depend on him , she never had.
          Women, in general, make less income than men (for various reasons), so it’s logical that most of them end up with a man who make more money than them. And most men are not attracted by women who make more money than them. Because they’re too proud for that, or because a more ‘career’ women would have less time to spend with them or with their children. I don’t contest the statistics about hypergamy. But I contest the reasons beyond that (women being the ones who choose, I don’t think it’s true).
          And hypergamy and Briffault law are not the norm “everywhere” (like he says in the article), I doubt that it makes sense in Mongolian mountains or in Somalian desert, where basically everyone is working the similar piece of land, trying to reach the same well or feeding on the same herd of cows.
          Not all women have many pretendants. These Briffault laws apply for beautiful women. The ones that all men want, because most men don’t care if their wife is smart, hardworking or moral or mature, they prefer “beauty” and “fertility”. That’s ROK talking. That’s your talking. You said you wanted to marry a “beautiful” woman. Someone you would have treated like a “queen”. A “young” one (you realize she would have became older eventually ?) And then men are surprised that these “beautiful young” women have bad manners, know nothing about their values and leave them the day they become a looser. It’s not about men being RedPilled, it’s about men who want perfect dolls and who get what they deserve (gold diggers).
          It’s true that most women love their babies and their family, they would be ready to die for their children, and maybe it’s because they see them as their own. And maybe that’s precisely why a man would give his life for his beautiful woman: because he sees her as his own (since he acquired her, fighting the other pretendants, buying her all these flowers, jewels and beautiful houses). So, it’s not about “Greater love”, it’s not about men loving women while women are not being able to love, it’s about ownership material. Wow.
          You feel like this is gynocracy, like women are in power, and simply men are being criticized but I don’t think it’s simply the case. I feel that men are still blindly criticizing women too. And maybe women are in reaction to that, defending themselves. And men are in reaction to that, and so on.
          I’m not simply being an annoying ‘bitch’ with you (and other men on other sites). I’m arguing with women on womanish websites too. I’m at war with my sister for months because she’s into feminism.
          (It’s not really a “secret” that women are not saints and that they have a libido. If it was a secret, feminists regularly insist on revealing it, feminists want the destruction of the ‘docile nice woman-angel’ stereotypes and the sexual ‘liberation’ for women).
          That was the most nice thing concerning a woman I read from you, saying that that Franco-Ontarian woman was smart. I’m sorry for keeping answering and arguing and being bitchy. I do it because I care for your answers. I can deal with a ‘go away’, if you don’t care anymore.

        14. My dear, ‘individualism’ is imaginary. At least women didn’t have ‘individualism’ over men back then (when he was guaranteed a docile wife) because we are essentially living in neo-feudalism now. I could give convincing parallels, but my time on this site is winding down as I’m burned out from 2.5 months of shit-posting, which is longer than my usual peripatetic jaunts.
          Forgive me for not wanting to elaborate because I have done it on so many articles since I started blitzing this last holdout in the archaic PUA universe.
          I actually made a great outline about the changing wants/needs of women that answers all of your questions, and it’s a raw deal for the beta bagman that post-wall women seek to pick up the pieces in her shoddy life.
          Think of your body as an unlit cigarette that is smoked (smells amazing at first) until it is dwindled down to the filter after being puffed by countless unloving alphas that you then hand over to some nonplussed beta/omega to assume the ashes…pretty unsavory and existentially unsustainable, which we are witnessing on the female collective.
          I’m sorry, but I will not make an ‘honest woman’ (if such a thing even exists) from not just used-up pussy, but treaded-down-to-the-studs pussy.
          ‘But but but you can sleep with all these women…why can’t the girl sleep with lots of men?’
          First of all, I haven’t been with THAT many women…even if I had, it does not change my premise that men and women are not equal.
          Secondly, by all means sleep with all the men you want. Just know that for whatever cosmic reason, your body/psyche was not built to take that many dicks. Statistics reflect this.
          Women regularly get infections from perfectly healthy men, but not vice versa.
          I love giving oral sex to a woman because I am very good at it. (I have only met one crazy girl who didn’t like having her pussy licked.) The problem is I cannot faithfully perform it on strangers without the fear of disease. So all the other concomitant foreplay is nixed along with it (massages) and kissing/sucking the rest of her body (tits, neck, stomach, legs, buttocks)…I just don’t really do it with hookups.
          I’m sure you’ve had it done to you and you love it because it is an incredibly endearing and intimate experience…right? (I’m getting an erection right now just thinking about it, even though I had trouble with that for 4 years – that is how important physically pleasing a woman is to me, perhaps even more important than my own orgasm because it gets kind of boring not having foreskin).
          Actually the last woman I had sex with was nagging me because I was taking TOO LONG to ejaculate, even though I kept it hard. So now women complain about things that even benefit them at the man’s expense. I can understand if I ejaculate too soon or can’t get a boner, but how much she wanted me to cum in her mouth (after I gave her multiple orgasms just laying down on my back) seemed less about interest and more about impatience, when I was just relaxing and ‘edging.’
          Men never talk about this stuff like women do, believe it or not. We don’t trade notes at all. It is uncomfortable. I just let girls read the text messages these satisfied women send me begging for more because it’s too awkward for me to say it.
          The bubble does not EXISTENTIALLY apply to men. Most men are not vain. I do not care about my standard of living, as long as I don’t have to live around blacks. Men can live in the woods alone, while women can’t. That is the ultimate rejoinder. Women NEED society (men), while men do not. It’s nice, but I can adapt to any lonely situation, in the same way women adapt to any situation that men dictate them.
          The Briffault’s Law (I thought it was just one principle?) I was referring to is women choosing their sex partner as opposed to the patriarch dictating his daughter’s arrangement. It is unstable in the long run for society.
          You are falling for normalcy bias when you cannot fathom hypergamy in faraway lands. Briffault’s law only occurs in gynocentric societies. Those places are Islamic/Taoist patriarchies. That is the bubble I am talking about, where women have been unchained to their natural habit, which is self-destruction on the individual and collective levels.
          Darling, you lazily blow past all my points with disproven NAWALT talking points and gynocentric male-shaming to try and trivialize biological male mating habits. Why would a man marry a 50-year-old woman? How can she give him children?
          Of course not ALL, but ENOUGH do.

        15. It is insulting to assume that these men who have been [email protected] all married knockouts and it was their own fault. They didn’t. They married sloppy leftovers just like you suggest and they still got [email protected] by gynocentrism. Most people get divorced now. Most women are not knockouts. Basic math. So something else is at play…ubiquitous female amorality because almost all women think they are knockouts.
          I can’t believe you even demonized male sacrifice for his wife as male evil. I am not upset because I am too hung over, but this is female solipsism. It is illogical…and I am speechless. The creativity and brainstorming women resort to in order to make men evil is uncanny because that same abstract mindset is what men use to innovate and bend physics for the common good.
          The way women (and you just did) equalize blame that is 100 percent the fault of women when you can’t solely pin it on me is the sneaky way women dodge responsibility. I am in awe of it when I am not angered by it. That is female virtue – avoiding blame.
          Like you could (and may) turn around and say the fact that I love licking a girl’s warm, wet pu$$y (and giving her immense pleasure) makes me an oppressive patriarchal sexist in some bizarre female solipsistic way. Baffling, but it still happens.
          Never heard of pretendant before (does not translate really, but sounds like beta romantic).
          Your pretenses are epic fails. “It’s not a secret women are not saints.” Uh, yes it is. Men are shamed and scorned on all sides, hence the wraparound continuum of gynocentrism, for even suggesting otherwise and not treating them ‘ladylike.’
          It was always a rule to ‘never hit a woman.’ But now I absolutely would if it came down to it because women respect it when a man does not let his boundaries get continually tested.
          The only way a woman will continually respect a man is if he can give her mind-blowing sex, which is not easy. The planets have to almost align sometimes, yet women expect you to be perfect every time, like the previous times never happened. She only remembers the one shitty one.
          That’s why MGTOW monks are the other spoke on the umbrella, as opposed to my pump-and-dump strategy.
          It is so much easier to just regularly masturbate and watch pornography than dealing with the nonsense of pursuing the modern female. So much time, money, energy and hardship is spared with a simple ejaculation by your own hand.
          It sounds like you have been with nonwhite men or have thought about it. Do what you want since it is your right, but it is also my right to not respect it, as I do see you as part of my tribe (property), albeit in a more fleeting way by the day…almost to the point now that I am indifferent. But I would never respect it because white wombs belong to the white race. She has effectively bartered herself needlessly to a hostile tribe like her father would have done centuries ago to settle a tribal dispute. You are gifting yourself to the enemy is how I see it. Best!ality is disgusting. So maybe there is an ‘ownership’ thing, but that also comes with ‘disowning’ too (MGTOW)…which is worse?
          I don’t have to experience a shitty marriage to know it’s a shitty marriage. I could quote Mark Twain like every other bore does, but…too hung over.
          I have my reasons for being an enemy of gynocentrism. It’s no longer just about me. I think of myself now as Wat Tyler launching a Peasant’s Rev0lt…thus the dawn of the passive-aggressive male…the only way to fight gynocentrism in the Current Year.
          I know you [email protected] men like me and you’re trying your hardest to keep men on the gynocentric plantation. I’d wish you luck, but then I’d be lying. It’s too late. You women are going to experience the male backlash caused by reckless feminism.
          I only started noticing recently just how much the average woman [email protected] the average man. I see it everywhere now. I probably would have actually cried had that been my first Red Pill because it is so heartbreaking just how little women care about men even though men think about and yearn for them so much. But now I just say ‘Yeah, that’s about right’ and go on with my day.

        16. You put words in my mouth. I said “it’s not a secret women are not saints”. I didn’t say that men were evil and all the other things you said I said.
          I’m more and more aware that there is a current trend which consists in putting women in the centre of everything. Janice Fiamengo is the one who made me realize that (she is a Canadian professor denouncing the feminist-gynocentric-whatever movement/society through many videos and conferences).
          I said “it’s not a secret women are not saints” because that was part of my personal experience. Since forever, I saw my dad imposing his views and being frustrated and angry at my mother (or at me), criticize his mother and his sister (“castrating mothers”). And, I am not blaming him by saying that, I’m stating, there was no worship of women in my family (or in my school, for what it is worth). I’m quoting one of the phrases he made my sister and me say many times when we were little: “mon papa que j’aime et que je vénère (my daddy whom I love and worship)”… I saw ‘bad’ characters of ‘femme fatales’ or ‘female whores’ in many movies, ‘evil witches’ in many Disney, I saw flawed female characters in every TV series. In politics, I saw Hillary Clinton being demonized as much as Donald Trump (I know, he’s being demonized much more than everyone else now). On internet and IRL, I saw men telling that women were ‘useless’, ‘gold diggers’, ‘cold bitches’, ‘cunts’, ‘weak’, ‘whores’ (so no saints) and feminists insisting that women are not perfect (do you know Lena Dunham ? She made money in revealing female wickedness on ‘Girls’ HBO serie). And I have been aware of the three monotheistic religions and some of their speeches on women (“tempting creatures” with “no conscience”). Many times, women are also portrayed as ‘wonderful’ (in a very unrealistic way). But it always have been the case for men too. I don’t know what are your references, but there are many enhanced and beloved male heroes in cinema and in history (I have my own favorites beloved male heroes).
          And I still got it. You see the current cultural marxist trend. You can’t see nothing else (it is NOT a reproach or a blame!). You don’t care about what I’m saying ( I’m not saying that you are evil by saying that !). I can’t help, and I can’t help arguing.
          I was reasonning when I talked about ‘ownership material’, I was not blaming or making a reproach at men, I was trying to understand. And I was in reaction to that article. The man is arguing that all women are unable of love while men are. That’s also what you implied. Do you like it when a woman is seriously arguing that ‘all men are rapists’ (for example). I guess you don’t (or you used to be hurted). Well, I’m hurt when I read a man seriously saying and arguing (without joking) that ‘women are unable to love’. It makes me want to defend, argue in return. My dad loves me, I don’t mind it if he loves me because he thinks I’m ‘his’ (‘ownership’) or for another reason. He loves me. I’m proud of that. And a big part of me is living for him, happy that he married another woman (who understands him better) and hoping that I’ll succeed doing the things he want me to do.

        17. I’m talking with only one man here, you. If I wanted to divide men and protect gynocentrism, I would have been posting on new recent threads. You caught me on my third attempt on that website. You calmed me down. You antagonized me and appeased me, you answered my questions. I felt blessed when you stop calling me a ‘thot”. I looked out for you on other posts. I’m translating your words, I’m checking the notions you’re using. I’m attracted by you in case you had not yet noticed it. I may have a “feeble mind”, I’m not strong, or particularly smart, but I’m not a liar. I’m vulnerable here, because the person I care for weeks is an anonymous man who will stop coming here pretty soon because he finished his mission here and I can’t do nothing against that since I have no desire to force him talking with me and since we don’t actually know each other or live in the same city or live something real. It’s online, anonymous talk.
          I think you’re a good person, whatever you say about ‘not caring’, you kept answering me (whatever your reasons are), women’s opinions about you still count for you and you care about others. And I don’t think that there are ‘bad’ men anyway. I never tried to put a blame on someone. I’m reasoning. I don’t have fixed ideas or fixed judgements :
          You said “Women NEED society (men), while men do not. It’s nice, but I can adapt to any lonely situation, in the same way women adapt to any situation that men dictate them.”
          It makes me want to play/defend in return:
          -That’s what men are with women ? “Dictators” ? And we should be grateful ?-
          But I don’t seriously think that men are dictators with women. I’m arguing, fighting in the online arena, because it is the perfect battlefield, no harm can be done…
          Some additional fighting : -Men have more strength, women carry the child. Men used their bodies and abilities to create sophisticated societies while women were busy with children. Without men (and so without sex and children to care for), women would have the time to use their human bodies and human abilities into survival, they would live independently than men. Since men and women need each other for the continuation of the species it didn’t work that way. Actually there has always been female recluses (living in the woods or in convents). People called them ‘witches’ or ‘nuns’ in medieval time.-
          I’m trying to understand. By arguing. And I’m biased because my feelings are involved. I can’t help it.
          I’m living a little ‘recluse’ myself.
          You talk about sex with a greater ease than me (I appreciated you sharing, I’m not being mean or ironic, I appreciated reading some of your adventures and fantasies). I’m not good concerning sex, I’m frustrated, I’m hung up, I’m afraid, I’m trembling right now because of what I’m about to say, I like giving oral pleasure, taking my time pleasing a man, I did that few times, and kissing and making out, but I never let a man do me, or give me oral pleasure, or even look at it. It’s tangled in my head and tight in my body each time I have been with someone. I have a kind of ‘attraction’ for non-white men (Arab ones in my neighborhood, to be precise) but I’m not at ease with that or proud of that or something (and I wasn’t looking for a praise or absolution from you concerning that) and my main attraction is for white men (real ones, fictional ones). I do yearn for respect or love from men (not every men and not in a blindly way of course). I’m afraid of living, I’m afraid of failing, mostly dreaming. I’m not young (or a ‘knock out’), I’m 27 on 12 september this year.

        18. Merci beaucoup…mademoiselle
          This worship of women happens every 300-400 years where women are deified and moralized. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_Domesticity
          Yes, some men are lauded as heroes – they are called alpha males. They are the spires of the gynocracy.
          I have a theory that women crave the alpha male more than any man could ever crave any woman – this is manifested in the way they present themselves to him without pretext – It is just understood that he can give her exactly what she wants because he is preselected, despite her contradictory rhetoric of wanting something else.
          I’m watching a movie right now (What Women Want) that makes no sense because the premise is that Mel Gibson is this alpha lothario, yet does not understand women until an accident allows him to hear their inner monologue. You can’t be a skeleton key to women’s panties if you don’t understand how they think.
          It’s also important to not be ridiculous. ‘I don’t think there are bad men.’ Of course there are. I would never say otherwise.
          Yes, women essentially want men to dictate or else they do not even acknowledge them. Case and point, (if you’re not catphishing) your apparent affinity for my words. Women admire strength, no matter what they say otherwise. I never used to talk like this to women, but the feedback loop of rejection compelled me to change.
          So you don’t speak English…you just Google translate? That is quite a task.
          Last night I sang this at my old job where I am the only gringo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejBw-N3Kgcs
          I only understand a few verbs and nouns, but it’s enough to get by in all-Spanish environments. I can pronounce everything without an accent, even though I don’t really know what it means.
          Your dad sounds like a tyrannical French chauvinistic asshole. How I wish I had father figures like that growing up. Talleyrand, Petain.
          Does it really affect you that much when men casually call women female-specific insults? Or when you are called that even in anonymous settings?
          I honestly never called women euphemisms for ‘whore’ in my entire life until the RedPill because I didn’t understand why it would be an insult. But now that I know why such words exist and that women have to be sexually policed, I totally understand it.
          I truly believed in equality because that is what we were brainwashed with.
          I thought you could just talk to girls the way you talk to your pals and that women thought exactly the same way as me. But I was dead wrong.
          And that lie of equality is so vicious that it gives that ‘RedPill rage’ because of the missed opportunities in youth and the muscle memory you have to unlearn and relearn correctly.

        19. My bit about ‘men not needing society, while women need it (men)’ is not evolutionary – procreation yes, but individually no.
          Of course hypothetically I would need your warm womb to fertilize my sperm and carry our children, your silky vagina to birth them and your supple breasts to feed them (though not as essential these days).
          But after our children are raised, our son (Pierre) could disappear into the woods, in say Vietnam (another French race war lol) forever and live with nothing but a bar of soap and a razor (and perhaps a knife and M16) as they did during the war. Could our daughter (Bernadette) do the same thing? I don’t think so.
          What I’m getting at is somewhere along the way, ‘independent’ women are still receiving assistance from men (nuns – from the Roman Church). Sometimes I express this in the heat of an argument in an antagonistic way, but most of the time I don’t hold it against women, unless they spout feminism or egalitarianism because it is the ultimate rejoinder.
          Camille Paglia even said women would be reduced to mud huts without men.
          Like the last two dates I went on were nearly identical despite the women being 20 years apart – both living unstably with an elderly man as charity (not sugar daddy, but some beta nice guy). Needless to say, both dates ended badly (no happy ending for various reasons).
          But my point is that the ‘money problems’ women have never ends no matter their age or income. That is not true of most men.
          Most of my comments are reductio ad absurdum because it gets my point across quicker. I don’t literally want to put women on leashes. It’s a metaphor that is so hyperbolic that it’s sardonically silly – humor is disarming, which makes my arguments that much more compelling.
          It’s funny because I never realized it until just now, but all the women on my mom’s side have French names (rare ones too) even though we aren’t French. I think even mon chien is French (Toto).
          We actually are not far apart in age. I don’t like your attraction to nonwhite men, but it’s not my business. You have the freedom to do whatever you want at the present moment regardless of what I or anybody else thinks. I expect it at this point from white women.
          I also have my suspicions that sex is not happening as widely as it seems. The 80/20 rule manifests itself in various ways, but not straightforward. It functions as an unstable catalyst that is always looming overhead, which is why it is the threat the manosphere makes it out to be. Nothing is worse than instability – I would rather polygamy actually be legal and actually see all the sleaziness out in the open rather than this corrosive surreptitiousness that has undermined basic trust.
          Are you homely? InCel? VolCel? I just don’t expect any woman to be inexperienced past teen years. I was somewhat of an early bird in some ways, but a late bloomer in others. I can’t give you advice, but I will say that you’re still technically young. Your eggs are still valuable, but you are getting into iffy territory. It’s only downhill from there in terms of male attention. So you should really find a husband or whatever while you can because inexperience is valuable until it’s not since it too has an expiration date.
          I’m torn on whether women should be ashamed of sex itself like they used to be because that would absolutely function as a societal shaming suppressant for whoredom, but it is also natural for a woman to want to please her man and vice versa.
          I had a similar fear of showing it too at first because I was worried it wasn’t big enough, since I had no frame of reference for what big or small was, as heterosexual men do not compare erections. But I started finding opportunity with women in festive ambiances and suggested showing it and letting groups of chicks play with it. The apprehension disappeared permanently because they liked it.
          I don’t want to turn you into a whore, but if you’re in a position to showcase it, make sure it does not smell. I personally like it shaved, but apparently many men do not (men never talk about this stuff). So at least keep it trimmed so nothing gets in the way. Lips should be shaved though. It can never taste ‘good’ (because skin doesn’t taste good), but it can taste bad. However, there are body lotions made for sex that does make skin taste/smell good temporarily. Raspberry is a tantalizing one.
          I have no way of knowing if I’m being catphished or trolled, as I just assume everybody is a tranny in fishnets, but this conversation could be private in emails, yet still anonymous for security concerns. I’ve made pseudonymous email accounts over the years for people I corresponded with online, as I have no other social media footprint.

        20. Tout le plaisir est pour moi, monsieur !
          I need to translate some words and I need Linguee to make proper sentences, but I can read you fluently.
          What’s impressive is you who can pronounce another language without accent, and it’s also original to prefer working in Middle America than in the US (but less expensive).
          Anonymous casual calling doesn’t affect me normally, but some insulting posts yes. I feel bad when the critics towards women apply to my case and frustrated when it doesn’t. What bothers me is that, sometimes, some attitude is not male or female, it depends on the personality, the character, the situation, there are other parameters who defines the behavior of a person.
          “Chauvinist asshole” haha. My dad married a Cameroonian three years ago. He was the only white man at his own marriage. Now, he’s supporting her family overseas and he’s okay with that since he feels useful and appreciated. He has a grateful african wife and a non-blood-related family who both acknowledge his great value… Everyone at his work and in the family thought he was crazy, my sister and me were the only ones who supported him (he was very lonely and unhappy). I’m sure that his next big move is to undermine as much as possible the “rotten” and “hypocritical” company he works for, just before retiring. It’s great to have outstanding figures like that. It’s a bit ‘overwhelming’ to be the daughter of one.
          Sure, if you give Pierre a gun and you train him but not Bernadette (really cute ! and really old-fashioned name, our daughter will be mocked at school), he’ll be more likely to survive ! I don’t believe that soldiers wanted to go to Viêt Nam and live with nothing, they were obligated. I like to think that if they’re both trained and dropped with similar resources, both Pierre and Bernadette will live. I don’t know if women are lacking a lot of male abilities to live without men (strength and some spatial abilities ?), maybe they would live in mud huts. That being said, US soldiers weren’t living ‘properly’ in Viêt Nam wilderness.
          Are you essentially dictating here ? While I’m essentially performing?
          Who doesn’t admire strength ? Napoleon and Talleyrand were strong men. Everyone admire strong leaders. They’re also a bit ‘intense’ to live with, they can be very ridiculous at times and respect can morph into fear or hate. I don’t respond well to dumb authority or complete arrogance, I shut down, I become crazy, I want to kill, I certainly do not submit. Between a ‘bad’ alpha and a ‘good’ beta, I would reject the alpha and choose the beta (I hope). And a nice man (someone who is not dictating me) makes me want to take care of him, to take action, I feel more confident.
          My cousin (18 yrs) used to date a really nice guy (Josh), he was british, gentle, polite. She broke up with him and now she’s dating X (she never presented him, I can’t remember his name), for what I understood Josh was “too nice” and their relationship was too “predictable”. X is not nice and predictable and she misses Josh. I know she felt awful and sad for Josh when she broke up with him. I don’t know if she respects him, do you respect someone who is always nice and accommodating ? She didn’t spit on him, she acknowledged him for what it was (a good friend and a nice boyfriend).

        21. I’m trying to post another comment but it’s not working (‘forbidden’)
          So, an adress, if you want to contact me here: sesina . coquelicot arobase outlook . com

        22. I’m not homely but I have bulimia/anorexia troubles since middle school, I used to be a bit fat and very complexed, I’m still obsessed by my look (I need to be very thin to feel okay). I’m not sociable, not in a classic way, if someone accosts me in the street, I will be sweet with him, but I don’t go out to bars, cafés or parties with friends. I never thought about sex as something simple, nice, something you do as teammates. You talked about ‘rape’ fantasies, I have many fantasies like that, since a very long time (abstract ones at first) and I fantasize a lot about gay male and slash fanfiction (which is weird unknown stuff for many people). I know that sex isn’t about that, I’m not completely inexperienced, I never did it all the way (I guess I have been a real ‘tease’ in some way, but it wasn’t fun for me). I want to love, have a man who cares about me (I don’t want a “shitty marriage” though), and I’m afraid because I’m getting old, but at the same time I’m half-convinced it would not work, that I’m special (not in a good way), I’m a bit resigned. Soon, I will finally be financially independent, leave my family, work more seriously, and do something artistic.

        23. If there was propaganda, it affected everyone, not simply men (unless you’re saying that girls are the ones who are actively making propaganda ?) For me “equality” brainwashing comes from parents, medias, government, and it’s well-intentioned (to avoid inferior/superior dynamics and abuses). Asking boys to be nice with girls and treated them ‘ladylike’ is more about inequality than equality, though… I was an oddity, but I had (female) friends who had (male) friends, and I know they had great time together and some of them used to date their (male) friends eventually.
          (I don’t think that women who act like sluts care about men calling them sluts anyway. They seem to prefer to embrace it than feeling ashamed).

        24. Bernadette would not be able to survive long before she begged uncontacted villagers for homemade tampons as the yeast infection sets in, even trading in her chastity for food and shelter, while Pierre would cake himself in swamp camouflage and stealthily assassinate anybody he felt threatened by with his knife and disappear back into the foliage and continue to live off berries and rainwater.
          Women get infections and sicknesses in ways men could not even imagine just because of slight uncleanliness, while men could hunt game, build fires and even shave with a pocketknife without getting a fever. That is why streets are littered with homeless men, not women. It will take years off their lives, but it isn’t the overnight death sentence it is for women.
          Not sure what you meant by dictating/performing. Maybe it does not translate.
          The boring thing happens from routine, which is why I don’t see marriage as workable. The woman leaves freely, but you’re still financially obligated to her. Women crave conflict because they parlay it into passionate sex, while most men (not alphas) want a docile, loving wife because they slave away all day and need to relax, which women can no longer get moist from. This is unworkable. That is why I refuse to get married.
          Look, if you have rape fantasies (which nearly all women have, and very few men have aside from actual rapists), you do not really want a ‘nice guy beta.’ Trust me. The inscrutable mind of a woman compels her to say this, but her body compels her to say otherwise (moisture). Women want marriage as a base from which to pivot. They want to take care of the finances first and then pivot to a more desirable Chad, whom she provides for.
          I have texts of girls proving this, and how I shocked them back into attraction (with anger) for me after I blew it with niceness, because this curse of niceness is the natural default for probably most men these days (nice to your dog, nice to your mother, nice to everybody). It isn’t healthy because it isn’t desirable. A woman’s sexual revulsion to it is all the evolutionary evidence I need.
          I can’t say I approve of the old man marrying a Cameroonian. I don’t find them attractive or want them in white countries, but like I said…not my money, not my life and laws allow it. I have let Negresses do stuff to me though, ya know, as a conquest.
          I’ve never heard of slash fiction, but I think this is where the metrosexual/homosexual vampire thing comes from. I heard something recently that blew my mind about female fantasy…women always see sexuality in everything as a hypothetical (though not necessarily literal) possibility (between cousins, siblings, horses etc.) in storylines, which they project onto men when they accuse us of homosexuality for being antifeminist or having men’s clubs since it doesn’t include women. Women’s mind automatically assume that men are thinking about this pan-sexuality like women do, but we don’t. We are still thinking about sex with women, not our immediate surroundings.
          That is how female fantasy differentiates from male fantasy. Many men have a lesbian fantasy, but only because they think they could reify it and join in the orgy, while women see these otherworldly pairings as the culmination of passion entirely unrelated to realistic sex.
          So this all circles back to a woman’s abstractions for what she thinks she needs (and says) and what she actually wants (and pursues).
          But there is something I have not yet reconciled in regards to female interest in homosexuality – women despise gay men (the go-to insult against chauvinists), while still fantasizing about them.
          Doesn’t anorexia affect menstruation?
          That email looks odd, but I’ll try it.

        25. It did translate correctly but I wasn’t clear at all. I don’t think that I’m attracted by you because you are essentially dictating me (as you implied) I think there are other reasons, this is embarrassing, so I just wrote enigmatic questions..
          I didn’t even though about menstruations and the infections she would catch because of that. So if I had to wander alone into wild foreign lands, I would beg or die in a short time, no other way out.. For obvious ego reasons, I don’t like that I need society (=men) to live or even survive, that I will always be dependent on society (=men). At the same time, I want to trust and believe one man, or men in general, and forget all my issues. It’s contradictory.
          I’m aware that people are lying to women or telling them deceptive encouragements to make them feel good and confident. I find it weird when a feminist or a TV spot say that I can do whatever I want (no matter my sex/gender). I like you telling me bluntly that women are much more vulnerable than men without society, explaining me why, inventing a funny-lovely story with children, I don’t know why exactly but I feel better. Technically, many western countries are so wealthy, so clean, so careful with everyone, that I could be insulting, arrogant, dismissive with every men around me and I could still live without being at risk of dying before a long time (but that doesn’t sound like a functional society).
          There is something you keep repeating, I still can’t relate to… my mother (so, a woman) started as secretary at 18, she’s almost 60 and she worked all her life, saving money as a safety precaution. She’s reserved and ‘mundane’, my father used to say “terne (dull)”. They divorced, he kept the house, she received child support and alimony (she could have asked for more but she didn’t, he could have cheated on her but he didn’t). They both found somebody else. I could state something about my uncle and his wife (both happy spouses and simple persons with modest profession), but I think you got my point. You’re not the only one who told me stories where women are irresponsible, unstable, easily-bored creatures, where most men (betas) slave away all day and where marriage is a trap for them and a tool for women, I believe these stories, but, maybe, there are other stories, other women… I mean, stable and faithful women are probably not the first ones who will flirt with you. I hope it doesn’t sound stupid or offensive. You probably just wanted to explain why you don’t want a wife, nothing more. (Do you see yourself as a beta or an alpha ?)

        26. That thing you heard about male and female sexuality/fantasies is fascinating. The world of fiction/fanfiction is a fantasy way-out for many women, in a similar way that the world of video games is a fantasy way-out for many men. The authors love to write about romantic/sexual relationships (like in classic fiction), but their stories are based on a ‘fandom’ (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel Comics…). They imagine new stories based on existing universes and existing characters. 50 Shades of Grey is originally a fanfiction, based on Twilight fandom (the main characters were the same ones but they were settled in a BDSM universe instead of a vampire universe), it became so popular online that they published it (personally, I have never been interested in stories with vampires or elite men, so I read Twilight for curiosity but nothing more). The vampire theme is just one theme between thousands of them. ‘Slash’ means gay in the fanfiction world. The very first authors used to be female fans of Star Trek TOS, they invented a sexual loving relationship between Spock and Kirk in their stories (I read a hundred of those). In high school, I used to read fanfictions about a real music band, it was always about a girl who ended up in a sexual relationship with one of the members (I could directly identify with her and it was very exciting), then I moved on stories where the singer and the guitarist (brothers in real life) were having sex together (through various dramatic and violent plots). Identity issues, rape, violence, death, these topics shocked me and captivated me IRL, and through fanfiction I could approach them. I’m still reading some. Many times, women are not the main characters and it doesn’t bother me. I forget myself when I read slash fanfiction and I love it. It’s just like you said: “otherworldly pairings being the culmination of passion entirely unrelated to realistic sex”.

        27. I would never have told you about my fantasies in middle school or in high school, not because I wanted to manipulate you but because I was ashamed (I pity all women who are as private and confused as I’m (used to be) concerning sexuality). I never talked with another woman about my sexual desires (not thoroughly). I think it would have been even more insane and destructive if boys knew that and acted on that. These are fantasies. I made them to deal with my sexual desires/impulses, and fears (I think). I would not like being raped or touched against my will, or humiliated for real. And there are saviors in my stories, or I escape eventually, fight, it’s not simple. You’re right, niceness is not desirable, not constant niceness in any case. And I feel sorry for exhausted betas who just want to cuddle their wives at the end of their hard day’s work while these bored wives just want to make passionate sex at the end of their lonely day. It doesn’t work. That being said, I’m lonely and frustrated and I deal with that without provoking conflicts and making passionate sex with a man (but I could probably getting off on that, if it happened ). I never had passionate sex with a man. I had few nice, sexy and carefree moments with one man I had feelings for. Sometimes, I’m alone somewhere and I pretend I’m embracing a beautiful stranger, touching him in a non-sexual way (just like in Sleeping Beauty haha).
          I find the study about female fantasies, views on sexuality, very interesting but I don’t see the link with women projecting on men and accusing men of homosexuality. Even if that theory is true, that doesn’t mean that women are losing all sense of reality. Men’s clubs are about male friendship, not homosexuality. I have possible reasons which could explain the hate and the contradictions you pointed out. Homophobic women are probably not the same as women who fantasize about gays. Women who call you a faggot are not necessarily homophobic, but angry because they’re not the centre of male’s attention. They probably know that men’s clubs are about men building friendly bonds and it scares them because it fortifies the unity of men (and it could be prejudiciable for women), this brotherhood may look dangerous to some women (just like sisterhood may look dangerous to some men). It would be about the war between men and women and power, not homophobia.
          I’m not that thin fortunately, it doesn’t affect menstruation. I’m just eating a lot at times, then I go out running for hours.

        28. I don’t really think it’s up to the man to determine whether he is alpha or beta. Society is the feedback loop that decides for him. I guess I would say I am probably beta overall, but there are certain situations (ambiances) where I am absolutely an alpha. I can literally cuck other men from the women they are with when they get separated in crowds, and steal a kiss from a woman who claims to be involved/committed/loyal. I can make her do things to me just by ‘dictating’ (as you say). I go against all advice of the PUA strategists in group dynamics because I go directly for the groups of THOTs (rather than singled out girls) and parlay their energy into coveting me. Most of the time it ‘backfires’ (not really) because it is a numbers game… in the American pastime of baseball, a .300 hitter is a hall of famer (meaning he strikes out 7 out of 10 times and only reaches base 3 out of 10 times).
          I simply have no fear in this environment…mostly because I am intoxicated, but also because it is anonymous and ‘Idgaf’ anymore about rejection or conflict (since I have good size).
          I think of it as playing human checkers…I just bounce from this group to that group without time to think (good or bad thoughts)…but only when I am falling asleep in my car, exhausted after doing this for 5-8 hours a night, do I reflect on this (and of course masturbate at later times). But I think of myself as in a battle, like a Frenchman or German on the Western Front passing around a broken bottle of Merlot in a crater with my platoon, fetched from a bombed-out winery, in a destroyed Alsatian village after a victory in battle… That type of rejoice/relief at knowing you survived another day and accomplished a little headway in a hopeless, pointless conflict, which you were unfortunately born into against your will…but also that type of unease at partying like it could likely be the last day of your life, so you enjoy every moment with your comrades, who are in the same situation, without ever acknowledging it because the camaraderie speaks for itself.
          I do get wicked sick though with head colds afterwards because my immunity is not used this bombardment of germs since I don’t get action regularly, but very streakily instead. Like I get sick from sharing a ‘peace pipe’ or straws with people. I end up pulling ropes of mucus from my throat and nose for up to two weeks and I can barely hear, smell, taste, swallow, breath or sleep and my head is pounding all because I get congested with some crowd sickness. That is why I can only do these sorts of things one week a year and then ‘get lucky’ the rest of the year.
          The best feeling ever though (very gross) is towards the end of this flu because all of it just flushes from you and your head stops hurting instantly. Nothing is sore. I think it is better than pissing, shitting or climaxing combined.
          I don’t understand why women have this quest to become men or outmatch men. There aren’t many men who want to be mothers. I think really all of this is signaling the end of democracy and consumerism because there is a bubble building, which we have delved deeply into already.
          It sounds like you thought you were a lesbian? That wouldn’t be the same (as bad) as a man being confused about his sexuality, since women have an eternal do-over of sin, while one fuckup for a man gets him labeled and blacklisted for life, not even just by the brotherhood, women, family, friends or society, but himself. That is why men commit suicide at unprecedented numbers. They simply cannot live with themselves, while women can.
          Your case is kind of extraordinary, though like I said…I suspect many people are much more inexperienced than they let on. But in this instance I really think you need to get some action just to get it out of the way and get on with your life. I know this is very personal and you probably already do it, but try masturbating so you can release some stress and so you can figure out how you get off and someday can instruct a man when he is performing on you.
          It sounds like you are socially awkward? Again, that is very peculiar to me because it is exclusively men who are portrayed as these inept loser layabouts in their mom’s basement (since we have few ample opportunities) because women are constantly bombarded with eyeballs, compliments and proposals that men could scarcely imagine, which automatically nets the average woman incredible social skills and a keen sexual judiciousness that she also parlays into male utility (beta-orbiters doing her chores).
          This really goes against my beliefs, but I think you need to lose your virginity ASAP because there is a downside to be the exact inversion of a whore – an old maid. It should not be difficult for you because all you have to do is put yourself in a situation and wait for men to approach. Then all you have to do is say oui or non.
          I have had middle-aged lady neighbors without husbands or kids. It is not pretty. They lose their minds and start imagining bizarre scenarios of being spied on by ‘enemies’ and the ‘CIA.’ It is a psychosomatic fantasy designed to make them feel important, but quickly overtakes their sanity.
          You do not want to be that. As bad as being a single mother is scrutinized in small pockets of Western Civilization (like this site), it is better than being a cat lady because it is better to be born under unideal situations than to not be born at all.
          So I really suggest going and sitting at a bar. Drink some wine and read one of your books in public. Maybe an older man would not be so bad for you in this instance. What you can do that men can never do is tell somebody that you are a virgin and about your concerns, wants and fears. Like that video above described, Frenchmen are notorious womanizers.
          And if that doesn’t work…ugh…..dress up in a really skimpy outfit and traipse through the Arab district. Chances are you won’t get [email protected]/k!ll3d if you do it just once.
          Sex isn’t that great, at least as physically important as it has been made out to be…Although I am biased because I am a man and I am circumsized (for some unfair reason despite not being Jewish).
          But it is important mentally. Like if you follow my comments, I have been pretty open about trysts. I haven’t had sex in nearly two months. It was really fucked up because she died a few weeks later and I felt responsible because I never answered her texts or saw her again afterwards, and her siblings thought I had something to do with her death because I was so distraught.
          What I am a little confused about is that you are frustrated (sexually?) even though you are a nubile woman who stays in shape. That is literally all you need to showcase yourself to men. But something seems a little off, like you’re leaving something out. Are you not pretty? Even that can be undone (‘butter face’) if you keep your body in shape because it signals fitness. Even small breasts are unimportant at the end of the day. No man has ever said, ‘Yeah, she’s hot, but she has small tits.’ I love supple breasts, but they are really just a bonus.
          Maybe it has to do with living in a world class city (Paris?) where there is so much diversity that it makes everybody impolite and unsociable (Putnam’s Bowling Alone)?
          NYC and LA are like that where people don’t make eye contact, talk to strangers, or appear in groups of more than two. Totally otherworldly for me. It made me sick being there for a few days and made me appreciate living in the middle of the country even though our women are disgustingly overweight, tatted up and drugged out.
          I think you articulated the fag dilemma women have better than I did. I got a little lazy with my writing. Women don’t necessarily ‘hate’ homosexual men… They just feel threatened by them despite being friendly with them (because more fags means less suitors for women), but they also know that men feel threatened by homosexuals and homosexuality itself (so they use it as a weapon)…because like I said earlier…a man is his own toughest critic… He will literally kill himself if he can’t satisfy his inner voice.
          An alpha, as I understand it, is just a cocksman. He is very similar to a woman in his unconcerned disposition with her sex life apart from the one she shares with him, as he is noncommittal to her or anybody else…so he doesn’t project the jealousy a beta committed to her would. I heard an interview with former porn star Mary Carey explaining this…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSA1u8LW8CY
          I recently binged on the series Prison Break. I think it is as close to the female fantasy as it gets…racially ambiguous, incredibly handsome, ingeniously criminal, charming, strong, clever and ruthlessly cruel yet dapper ensembles of men. Prison contains all the cliche subplots and plot twists (perpetual fear of homosexual rape, murder, betrayal, fight, intimidation, escape etc) that women love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOgmbNeahms
          That is why I think this ‘beta/InCel rebellion’ represents the closing of the (feedback) loop of rejected betas/InCels. ISIS are the leftover Arabs forgotten because of Islamic polygamy, and these mass-murder loners in North America are the leftover undesirables driven to this. Women LOVE these guys and write love letters to them…even after they die…because it taps into that abstractness of a woman’s mind in terms of masculine dominance…transforming these InCel betas into alphas overnight…even though they are not allowed to act on it (prison/death).

        29. Maybe, I left something out…
          (To be clear about the “date” term : none of these men paid me something, except Christophe who bought me flowers).
          My first date was with a colleague at work, he invited me to come at his apartment, we watched movies, I think he wasn’t experienced (he was 20, timid, informatician, very ‘geek’ and not a beauty), his sex was the biggest I’ve seen in real (for what I saw in the dark), it hurt me, it made me panic, I wasn’t excited or relaxed enough and he stopped trying, we met two other times, then I broke up with him.
          The second one was Christophe (I already talked about him), I met him in public transport, he was drunk, speaking alone, angry at everyone in the trammay (his apartment just burnt the day before). I laughed a bit and he started talking to me, we were making out one hour later in the way of my home. He told me that I was doing something very special to him with my tongue, that he loved that and that he was falling for me. I had been in a strange state of mind the whole day before I met him (depressed and desperate), that’s probably why I kissed him good. The second time he didn’t want to let me go, I had to use cunning to ‘escape’. We met a dozen times in four years. I never removed my jeans with him, we always met at day and he would have seen my sex, I was convinced he would have try to lick it (he said so) and I dreaded that (you already told me what to do, no need to insist). When we met again after a year, he told me that he was going to change for me, have a real job, he talked about bad things happening to him, prison and all. One night, he called me forty times, let me forty voicemails. Each time we met, it was because he had insisted on the phone to see me. The last time, I wanted it to be like a dream, I drove us to the sea, we wandered on the beach, ate ice creams, huddled together and kissed on the dyke, I touched his sex and sucked him for a long time, he reached mine under my jeans, people could see us on the dyke, but they couldn’t see what we were doing downstairs. I never trusted him, I never believed in a serious relationship with him. I knew that, in some way, I was forcing myself, and he knew it too, it took us an hour to separate. I had affection for him, and pity. It hurt my heart and my conscience to hear his despair on the phone, he was not really smart, I explained but he didn’t care, he begged me and I cried, I tried to comfort him, it didn’t work, I tried to be firm, ‘mean’ (but I couldn’t), it was awful, I was powerless. He has a supportive family and he has friends, I didn’t let him alone. The only thing I want is that he forgot me and founds a more normal girl.
          The third one was my black neighbour, I met him on the way (he made fun of me because I arrived after him, although he saw me running, taking a shortcut) eventually, he invited me to his apartment, and kissed me, at some point, we were both naked (in the dark), like doing it, but he didn’t try to push it in me and I didn’t ask. I stopped answering him.
          The last one was an Afghan migrant, I never considered to have a sexual relationship with him but there has been some ‘romance’. I used to go in a park and climb the big tree in the centre of the playing field and relax on a branch. Usually, it was desert, but one day, migrants (all men) started to come here to play cricket. I hid in the tree and watched them play. Eventually, they noticed my presence and ignored it, except for one. I came sooner the next day and he was there too, we tried to talk in english, then he ran to the tree and came back with a piece of paper with a drawing and his phone number on it, he had put a message on a branch of the tree, hoping that I would find it. We met again in parks, we kissed and we talked about our lives, eventually there were children passing in front of us and we started to talk about that, he said that he wanted me to came in Afghanistan and have ten children with me. That brought me down on earth and I didn’t see him anymore.
          I never had a boyfriend in high school. The first time I kissed someone I was 19, he was a friend of mine, we were in a club, he was experienced, I told him he was my first kiss, he didn’t believe me at first, I told him I was a virgin, he comforted me, he told me that men liked virgin ones, he touched my sex above my legging, told me he was going to do it to me properly, I was completely hooked. He had to leave with his friends. When I called him the next day, he didn’t remember the night “Who ? ? ah ! .. the girl with the big boobs?” That was me, but I felt stupid suddenly and I didn’t answer his texts.
          I flirted with several men (always in the streets), and kissed some of them, I even sucked one in his car who had been particularly nice and cajoling with me, I was afraid I caught aids for weeks.
          I have been badly rejected the two times I told a boy that I liked him (in middle school). Otherwise, I have always been infatuated with men in secret. I never proposed to someone who attracted me mentally or physically. I always settled for being nice with the ones who accosted me. The next (and last) one will be a man I love and respect. That’s my dream. But I think that I prefer being single, frustrated and masturbate endlessly than doing it thoroughly with a man because I’m afraid of my reactions. Even if I was able to seduce a man, I don’t want him to make me orgasm. You, in particular, should understand that, you said you find women despicable because they like being taken roughly. I know how I like it, with a lot of pressure and teasing. I would probably get off on being naked, wide-open, worshipped, whining, asking for it, I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want anyone I respect or like to see me in that state and despise me for that. Is everything I say making sense ? You probably didn’t ask for as many details.
          When I was little I asked questions all the time (much more than the average apparently). My dad always gave me scientific answers, that didn’t explained “why”, why humans existed, why earth existed, why physic existed, why I existed, why I will stop to exist, why eternity. I would have knock my head against a wall to stop thinking about that. They send me to a psychologist and I remember the first answer she gave me was “when you will be dead you will not even realize it”. To not exist for eternity, without realizing it, terrifies me. I’m clinging to that since a long time. I don’t want to have hope, I don’t want to believe in a relationship, or to try to work, or enjoy life, I don’t want to give a value to my life, or in life in general, because it would be like pretending that life has a sense, that life is meaningful, when it isn’t. And all of that is linked with my terror attacks about infinity and death. And maybe with sex. You say that sex is important mentally. Maybe, I would be more at peace with an husband. A part of myself wants to let it go, get on with my life and another part in me wants to abandon every hope. Everytime I’m making a move, I retract after. To be short, I’m conflicted, I’m socially awkward, I’m living with my mom, but it’s not simply because of sex. (You never met a socially awkward girl before ? I can’t believe that).
          I have been rejected the two times I applied for a job I really wanted and I was qualified for.
          I’m not a student anymore and I quit my last job (I used to work as a nanny). I feel like a parasite because I’m not earning money. I wish I would be a little more like you, more confident, independent. I think that’s the reason why many women are trying to become men or outmatch men. Being a good mother isn’t praised at all. I don’t think that the cult of domesticity is actual in our society. I think it’s the contrary. It’s expected from a woman in western societies to be independent, to have a job and to prove herself outside the traditional female duties. You said yourself that it was simple duties to just take care of children and be a good wife. My dad despises my cousin because she’s younger than me and she has already two kids. He says that it’s the most easy thing to do in the world, making kids. I know that’s not what he expects from me. I know I will never succeed doing what he expects.
          Being a man looks like freedom for many women. At the same time, most men are dependent from their work, or their chief, or technology, or other men. And I understand that you’re not at peace, that you’re disillusioned, that having sex with a woman becomes like a battle against the enemy in a foreign country when it should be natural (that’s fascinating).
          I need to leave my town. I never heard about it before but, the “Putnam’s Bowling Alone” phenomenon makes a lot of sense for me. I’m not living in Paris, but I feel like I could never find a meaningful place in my city. I feel excited when I’m drawing for a new project or meeting someone interesting. I feel a bit more at peace when I’m doing small down-to-earth activities, cooking, cleaning, repairing. I’m also a bit more hopeful when I’m with children, taking care of them.

        30. There is something in every comment you post that makes me feel like an alien. I’m not sure if I’m right, but, it’s like you are truly convinced that women never reflect on themselves, on their actions, never feel bad (and they are constantly manipulating others). I don’t know how much you’re serious, but… You see women in public places (social networks, workplace, coffees) or when they’re alone with you, you don’t see them when they’re alone with themselves, thinking about their life and their actions, men committing suicide more than women isn’t a proof, you don’t necessarily have to kill yourself to appease your conscience, you can become crazy, lose your mind or fall into alcohol or drugs. Even if women were spoiled, it’s not a bless to begin with. I don’t think that women are the lucky ones because they have more (cheap and easy) sexual opportunities. Women carry a ‘victim’ stereotype, they can play that card more easily than men, that’s true. They also take less action than men (in general, in history), it means less responsibility, less ‘fuckups’, and less “guilt” issues to deal with, it’s less the case nowadays, and it never has been the case concerning children. I know a man who fucked up once (sexual assault), his family supported him, some of his friends supported him, and right now he’s asking for a second trial to clear his name. There are probably more relevant examples, men are not powerless, they fight, they redeem, they’re pardoned (I’m saying say a lot of very stupid things, and I’m taking that whole conversation too seriously).
          (Maybe you would have make a small difference, for a short time, but if she was on drugs/alcohol you couldn’t have done nothing really useful unless you were willing to take a lot of responsibility on you, follow her, confront her on her issues and make her abandon her addiction, and it’s not sure it would have work…).
          I have never considered ISIS or islamic fanatics like rejected betas before. I never imagined that terrorism and Islam was linked with sexuality… it makes a lot of sense. (There are women who wrote letters to dead terrorists ??)

        31. Never watched Prison Break, but I watched some episodes of The Walking Dead and I find the two main characters very attractive, they’re both strong men who give a lot of orders and fights. I like Daryl the most because it’s obvious that he’s good, not cruel or mean, that he mostly lacks self-esteem and social skills. I can’t help moaning when I see him doing something on screen that completely shows his good heart and vulnerability. He’s strong and reliable but he’s vulnerable concerning relationships, if he was just all dominant, or if he was cruel it would bring down the interest in me.

        32. I think it’s time to continue this conversation in private emails, as it is longer appropriate out in the open.

      13. I’m pretty happy with my life. But I wasn’t always. The thing I tell guys about being happy, which doesn’t go over well, is that they need to lower their standards. For wives men want hot babes who will cook, clean, and fellate them at will. You won’t get that. Lower your standards to something attainable, attain it, and you might just that you don’t need that much after all.

      14. That’s because most men are still not really accepting the biological reality that the red pill *should* eventually lead to, at least in the material sense, and so they are still in the philosophical circle-jerk phase where they just try to get laid, not understanding why that desire would even be there in the first place.
        Hint: it’s not just to get laid.
        A significant number of men in the “manosphere” haven’t held their own biological child in their arms for the first time, to see their own genetics, mixed with a woman’s, manifest a new person who will (hopefully) outlive them and continue their genetic distinctiveness, let alone continue the species itself, on into the future.
        Whether you’re an r-strategist or K-strategist, they both are *reproductive* strategies, and right now most men simply aren’t willing to take the risks to reproduce, and so they’ve become genetic dead-ends, not realizing that they’ve completely missed out on their most simple material purpose in life.
        And really, if your drive to continue the species can be so easily derailed, would anyone want you reproducing in the first place? If you won’t go to war to ensure you have a legacy, what traits are you going to pass on to the next generation?
        I have children, and even if they were stolen from me and “reprogrammed”, their genetics still carry my distinctiveness, and should they have children of their own, those traits will be passed on, and then their children will have to be “reprogrammed” all over again because behavioral genetics never changes despite the efforts of social conditioning.
        People keep getting caught up in trying to change the world we have now, not realizing that the simplest way to start changing it is to ensure that more people who think and behave and look like you, by default, will exist in it in the first place.
        Louis C.K once said in a bit that single people, those without children, “didn’t matter”, and I think the unhappiness you see is folks realizing why that is true and not feeling like they can do anything about it except for showing off how well they can diagnose the same problem again and again and again.
        Few care to tell their stories after they’re gone, when even terrible parents are still talked about for generations.

        1. Agree with you whole heartedly Big Nate. Even producing something that lasts past your death pales in comparison to the child you can create. Guys are so unwilling to risk what they have to make a child and a family they don’t realize that they risk even more by not having a child.

        2. id love to have children. it would be an extreme waste to let my genepool die out. its a miracle that im even alive. but im not willing to become a slave to the government by working 40+ hours a week barely see my beloved ones. only spending the garbage time with my family has no dignity. just existing for the purpose of paying taxes is despicable.

        3. It is a completely selfish act bringing a child into THIS world in THIS current time. LIFE IS SHIT. Look around. And it’s not getting better.
          I have chosen to sacrifice my narcissist/evolutionary urges and say, “It’s just not a fair deal right now.” If things change for the better, in a drastic way, worldwide, then I’ll change my stance.

        4. BIG NATE:
          I actually agree with you 100% on having a child thing. I have amazing genetics, including ZERO family history of serious genetic defects, like autism, Down syndrome, baldness, cancer, depression, mental illness, and other such ailments. My cousin did a family-wide research, calling all relatives to ask about any of such ailment history in family and none found on my paternal side, so I did same about my maternal side and same.
          I agree (once in my life) with Louis CK that unless you pass on your Legacy through a child(en), you never existed, unless you were to become the next George Washington or Ben Franklin. But how likely is that? Not highly… so passing on your legacy through quality genetics, quality mentoring of the child(ren), and wisdom, so next generation is better.
          But I do have 2 issues with this so far:
          1) I suddenly became single before we could have children (which she badly wanted); Being single again, means I would have to either re-marry to have a child (which I strongly do not want to re-marry ever again) OR have a kid with an LTR. As a dad, how do you think having kids with an LTR live-in “legal roommate” affect the kids’ development (if at all)??
          2) The world is definitely not heading towards a great future as it SHOULD, because of the spread of Marxist culture and FemiNazi ideology into countries we would never expect to see it. And also mass invasion of America by the worst immigrants this world has ever produced, hands down, means that our country is likely going to either be further impoverished as our strained budgets and welfare systems will have to provide full-package welfare of these immigrants.
          It also could mean, that if these illegals get amnesty at some point, we would not have 60-100 million new family-based “chain migrated” immigrants come in LEGALLY, just the newly legalized 20 million currently-illegal aliens would change the country politically to the hard left in ways never seen before.
          Anyone thinking these poor, uneducated, Marxist-educated 3rd worlders from central and South America and Middle East are “natural Conservatives” like idiots like Karl Rove say, are either delusional or never MET and worked with these immigrants before as I have. These people overwhelming and I am talking 80%-90% support total gun bans, higher taxes, massive welfare programs, and Feminization of the social dynamics. I mean in Brazil, to this very day, schools still teach that Cuba has “secret medicine techniques” to reverse paralysis… 🙄 They believe that kinda fake Marxist crap. In Brazil, I would guesstimate 90% believe in global warming and that we need to do “whatever it takes” (even if means live in mud huts) to reverse it. They are indoctrinated from birth. These people are NOT Conservatives, even if they slightly disagree with the left on abortion. But unlike spoiled Americans, these people focus on WELFARE for themselves, not abortion or gay marriage debates. They are slaves to the left and their own poverty.
          In Scenario 2 here, would it be such a horrible thing if Americans decided not to reproduce, since they will be living inn a shithole situation anyway? Would it be such a horrible thing if white population declined to the point of being a minority, similar to what we have seen in Commiefornia, if the whole country would be governed like Commiefornia, since the voters would be overwhelmingly left? Do you see what I mean?
          I hate to see a whole population be wiped out by its own lack of reproduction and lack of brains to defend itself for destruction by foreign invasion, but again, if we are headed to that inevitable place, is it not acceptable NOT to reproduce?
          I think it is worth having a discussion, at least. 🙂

        5. Big Nate, I think you may have a point. For each of my kids I remember distinctly the sex act that conceived them. It was different than every other time I and my wife had sex. Those times I remember feeling really powerful and just getting incredibly deep and wanting the feeling to last forever. The kids make it possible for the moment to last forever.
          I do not know the connection though it means so much to me that the nights sex went to the highest level I created life.

      15. Yup. The site owner took the red pill, went out and lived his hedonistic life with his new knowledge and still ended up unhappy.
        The author of this article is too concerned about whether women are happier than men. He is competing with them and that leads nowhere.
        It is possible that men need women more than women need men. Men are emotionally incomplete without a woman, maybe women are less so without a man.
        What is the answer/solution. Well on one level there isnt any, this is just another way we suffer. Life is sufferring.
        Perhaps it would help if we gave up trying to win the game but even that would be a short term relief.

      16. @ JD
        I am absolutely not happy.
        But at I make a decent living and have money to I get laid regularly.
        Banged a 5’0 95 lbs 22 yo blonde last night.
        4th time I’ve seen her.
        She comes up from Georgia every couple of months.

      17. Definitely the entire West has a happiness problem, including men.
        But I think the author is right that it’s hitting women the hardest.
        Feminism is entering it’s victory stage, but women don’t experience that as personal victory.
        They’ve been estranged from their feminine nature and men.

        1. Jonathan:
          The Feminazis have basically totally already won the war in terms of education, divorce legislation, media, and social dynamics. They also have secured a welfare system for themselves, and a steady supply of income from men, through alimony, divorce rape, and child support.
          Problem is, the cost of such victories for the feminist left is that women are miserable in this country. I challenged another poster here yesterday to point out to a woman that truly loves her “career” (job, many times) at the DMV, at a law office doing Paralegal work, as a feminist lawyer, as a fast food worker, as a dental hygienist, as a clerk at courthouse or local government office, etc….
          They are slaves to their own desire sot be “strong and independent”. Then you hear nonsense like “women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. Then WHY, pray tell, do we have entire TV shows, series of books, courses, workshops, and etc all teaching women “how to get your men to marry you” or “what to do if he will not commit”. Getting a commitment from a man and having a man “vested” in her is important no matter how feminist deny it (unless they are dykes or extremely wealthy, obviously).
          Clearly, the biological clock of women (not just reproductive clock, but also their quickly fading beauty clock) works against the women here. are ANY 40-something year old movie stars who were about the same appearances rating when around 20 and pair them up at age 40. Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo, for instance. Pierce still gets women half his age turned on and Rene simply will not arouse the vast and I mean vast majority of men.
          So really, this Feminist victory is merely Pyrrhic in nature. Men respond to economics and logic. Why kill yourself in the rat race if you will never worry about marriage and you have an endless supply of local free American sloots that will bang ya if you game them by saying you are a “starving artists” or “upcoming DJ” or local crack dealer?? The incentives are not there for men. Feminism requires men to “step up and do their share”, but if men just Galt and live with parents never marry, and whatever, then the women cannot support this Feminist utopia they have created.
          This is Feminist collapse is far more advanced in UK, Australia, and Canadas than in USA. The AngloBitch Blog has a whole section on this issue and the “Experts”, including many feminists are fully aware that as men pull out of the marriage market and labor market, the feminists will simply be unable to support it. Even that horrific author of “End of Men” has acknowledged this in her book, which is funny because her book is 80% “hoorah” and 20% “oh shit, now what”?
          This Feminist utopia will not last. Just as the Soviet Union was a disastrous political and economic experiment imposed upon Eastern Europe with disastrous consequences, FemiNazism has been a failed social experiment forced upon the West. It is failing just as Communism did, but the unwinding of Feminism will be as ugly and painful as Communism, just in different ways.
          Good news is, we will see the outcome of it all in our own lifetimes. 🙂

        2. Good points CC.
          Feminism is a vast socio-economic experiment. Dalrock says that the ‘patriarchy dividend’ – men producing more than they need – is fading. AND that will hit women and corporations increasingly.
          Then it’s their move.

        3. Jonathan:
          I check Dalrock and FabiusMaximus at least once a week, as it is Christian-focused and interesting as well.
          Many men, because of the hard work by feminists feel that they do not have to “pitch in” in society anymore. They have been beaten down, ostracized, ridiculed, and belittled. So they checked out. Now the feminists are freakin’ out that men are not doing their “fair share”, as their little utopia is headed for a crash.
          Think about the shopping malls across America. They are designed with women in mind, from top to bottom. And despite women having jobs and all that, these malls are failing. They are NOT failing because of online shopping. Women prefer go shop in person, to touch goods, to smell perfumes, etc.
          These malls are failing because women no longer have the privilege and luxury of having a husband working 60h+ a week to enable them to be stay-at-one moms. Women/wives can no longer send kids to school, husband leaves to go to work, and they go to the mall with other ladies to “shop away” and have coffee at the food court.
          Now, these same women, instead of the cushy, easy, and comfortable “oppressed” life of a housewife, they are working 60h a week like the men used to.
          The more men check out and Go Galt, the more women will have to do. And these same women do NOT want to do the work, they just SAY they do. It is like women saying they want a “nice guy” when they enjoy being treated like dirt by Alphas and bad boys.
          As you say, the “extra work” men USED to be willing to do, the patriarchy dividends, are gone.This system will rest, but it will be ugly when it happens, no doubt about it.
          As a friend of mine always says, women understand the insane nature of women the best and that is why they talk trash behind their female friend’s backs so much. 🙄

    2. Moreso, women need a child to feel complete (minus a handful of exceptions to the rule). For this reason alone feminism was doomed from the start, we’re just seeing the death throws right now as hordes of women hit the fertility wall.
      But I disagree with this article about men being happier, this stat has been skewed by all the men who have committed suicide not being able to partake in the survey. Plus, men do way more drugs on average than women, there’s a reason for that, and it’s not JUST to be creative.

      1. asdasda
        If men did more drugs than women on average there would not be rampant street prostitution from King’s Cross in Australia to Vancouver’s East side.

    3. Benny, I really hope your joking. Because if not this comment is so confused and senseless on so many levels!
      In 2018, a single unmarried woman can do anything a married woman can do, including having sex (pre marital sex is no longer taboo, so being unmarried in her late 30s or 40s doesn’t mean she never had sex, or can’t do it in the future without getting married ) and having children (she could use a sperm donor, or adopt.

  1. Great article. There are a few parts and arguments that can be questioned or nuanced, but overall Donovan makes many valid points about SMV, hypergamy and women vs. men’s social sadness in relationship to the dating and marriage markets. I question, to some extent, that women are obessed about career value; women do also look holistically at men, and good looks can sometimes compensate slightly lower socioeconomic status, but that’s a nuance.
    A major difference – underscored in the article – is, of course, that men on average are better at accepting their reality and situation. But I still see a lot of men, especially blue pill betas but also in the comment section of this website, who get angry and project their angst on the messenger rather than dealing with the message. If a woman is content with her situation and is already married to a relatively high-value man, then she can accept that she is more of a mother than a sexy woman, but if she is single she will get upset when someone stresses that men prefer women who are 18-28 because she still hopes to attract males and is used to positive comments from female friends and beta orbiters.
    As for 5.9 men I am 170 cm. My girlfriend is 157 cm and 167 with high heels so I have started to occasionally wear insoles (3cm). Works perfect. Many girls look at a guy’s looks holistically: face, height, hair, style, posture, and hygiene. For some height it will be a deal breaker, but some care much less, both in a short term and long-term dating/mating context.

    1. As a short Swedish shorter-than-average guy you should go for women who are on average are shorter: The Philippines and Vietnam come to mind.
      You won’t stand a chance with an average White or Black girl.
      Sorry to hurt your feelings.

        1. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
          Just don’t come back crying once your Swedish “babe” dumped you for a taller and more masculine Albanian/Somali/Nigerian etc guy.

        1. Sweden is NOT multi-cultural. It is bi-cultural, either traditional Swedish and radical Muslim Jihadist now.
          Any woman, I do not care where the hell she is from, will become corrupted by the culture in a Feminist hellhole like Sweden in no time. In terms of cultural decal and FemiNazism, Sweden is light-years ahead of the USA. Religion, morality, and culture have been replaced by Feminism and Marxism.
          That is why the RapeFugees have set-up “No Go Zones” and have basically taken over the city of Malmo and have set-up modesty police and Sharia courts. The Swedish government has ZERO control over Malmo or the No-Go Zones all over Sweden.
          The hilarious part of watching Sweden become a Muslim colony and majority Muslim country by 2040 is that FEMINIST WOMEN demanded open borders. These same women vote for the Socialist and Green parties and they brought in the Jihadists by the teens of thousands at record peed. Think the Muslims will tolerate lil’ Swedish entitled FemiCunt laws for long? 🙄
          LOL…. It is too funny to watch. The Swedes bought and fed the snake that will bite them and kill them off.

        2. Look, that’s fine.
          I was just simply pointing out that just because the short and balding Jason Statham can get hot pick does not mean any short guy can. (They forget the simple fact that Statham is famous and filthy rich. Most short guys reading this site are not rich or famous).
          If you are a shorter-than-average White guy you will have to work extra hard to get ANY woman anywhere outside South-east Asia.
          And you know that.
          All the best

        3. Peter,
          I always thought Jason Statham was gay. All his Transporter movies were worshiped by gays.

      1. Yeah, I overreacted a bit. Height matters, for sure. Sometimes when I see a tall and really good-looking guy I think that “great dude, you have much more options”, and even a guy like him can get rejected.
        But there are ways to work around that, often meaning working extra hard on increasing your strengths and minimize your weaknesses simultaneously. Plus you have to make some good decisions in regard to dating options. I often get some extra boost in confidence whenever some taller girls looks at me.

        1. @ William Adams
          Height’s not all its cracked up to be.
          I’m 6’1″. Never made a difference — except when when the liquor store puts the Old Crow on the top shelf by mistake. Then it comes in handy.

      2. Height isn’t really an issue if you are looking for a girl in a 3rd world country. I am a short white guy living in Kenya and I get IOI all the time from girls taller than me. Besides your pool of available ladies is so high, you can still easily pick someone shorter than you. I would still recommend Philippines for most guys, but only because it is a lot safer and the culture more similar to the USA. Either way, your dating pool is huge.

    2. “As for 5.9 men I am 170 cm. My girlfriend is 157 cm and 167 with high heels so I have started to occasionally wear insoles (3cm). Works perfect. Many girls look at a guy’s looks holistically: face, height, hair, style, posture, and hygiene. For some height it will be a deal breaker, but some care much less, both in a short term and long-term dating/mating context.”
      Du glömde nåt viktigt…You did not list body in that list of yours.
      I’m average height and would likely be a hair shorter than average if I lived in Sweden and were in my 20’s (I’m 179cm) but I learned to take pride in those cosmetic qualities that are based on accomplishment and serve as a proof of character. Growing tall may look good but it does not tell anything about whether the person is a lazy push-over or something better. If the tall guy does not lift and eat right, he simply has a longer version of the same dull untrained body someone shorter (more mediocrity on display) has and most gym guys (much less those who don’t lift at all) are not that knowledgeable about lifting. Once I learned to lift properly and understood aesthetics on a more specific level I don’t care how big of a blob someone representing my competition is; bigger is not automatically better, better is better.
      Sure I’m using logic here and we all know that attraction is not logical and some girls will simply swoon over the tall slob no matter what but what propels your inner confidence as a man is what you do with what you have.

      1. Yes. I agree.
        One benefit – among all the negative – of a multicultural (as in multi-ethnic/multiracial) society is that a guy can date girls with foreign background like Bosnia, Romania, Albania, Iran, Vietnam, China etc. People who discuss Sweden need to take that into account instead of just focusing on white feminists and brown Muslim men. The typical Nordic girls with blonde or brown hair are just some of the multiple categories that you will find here. And as for them, they are not impossible, even if you’re short.
        People need take that whole thing about height and exotic competition with a grain of salt. Do many prefer tall guys? Yes. Do many Swedish girls like Arab and Africans yes? Yes, but the opposite is also true. Typically I go for shorter girls from Europe or Asia, but sometimes the girls are pushing into somewhat taller heights like 165-172. I have better-than-average face, hair, style, physique and confidence, and that are certainly not enough in Los Angeles or similar status-inflated locations but will often do pretty well in Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, South Korea, Japan, Colombia etc (not all Southeast Asia).

        1. William:
          You do well in Spain because the Spanish girls prefer white guys. But I personally find Spanish women to be rude as hell, extremely entitled, and bitchy.
          That is why Spanish guys spend an absurd amount of time in brothels. A neighbor was taking his 12 year old soon to a brothel and invited to take me and my brother (who was 9 at the time!!) with them to whorehouse and my mom flipped out and said “no!!!” so we never went, but this is common with Spanish man for sure. Lol
          I lived in Sevilla back in the 1990s for a year and a half. Hot and miserable weather, cannot turn A/C on the window or electric bill goes from 200 Euros to like 800 Euros like nothing.
          Spain is not my kinda place. I did enjoy history and beauty of the Castile region in North, Barcelona, but that was about it. Overrated country IMHO.

  2. Dude! You nailed it my man. I am reading this at CGH airport in Brazil. You nailed it. I am here in Brazil because of this disturbing trend in the US.
    Ok gotta go! Andrea tonight, Claudia tomorrow for lunch, Mary the day after that, do I need to go on?
    Ate lago meu amigo

    1. Another delusional guy who thinks Brazilian women are “loyal. traditional and conservative”. Lol.
      These days, most loyal and family-oriented women tend to be found in Asia and Africa only.

      1. He will learn soon enough, Pete. Brazilian women are barely any good for a quick pump ‘n dump, let alone dating or God-forbid MARRYING a Brazilian woman.
        Obesity in Brazil is so rampant now, it will become fatter per capita then the USA in 3 years. Not only that, Brazilian women are not sexy, tanned, feminine, and fit anymore. They are hugely fat, covered in tattoos, and legally-empowered by laws and Female special police to abuse men, hit them, and divorce rape them on a whim.
        This dude is basically thinking about Brazil 15 years ago, before the Marxists literally took over the country and re-engineered the whole thing. Brazil is now a testing ground for left wing policies and thought, since Venezuela has imploded. Soros think tanks are in Brazil implementing for last 15 years, just as they were in Venezuela during pre-Hugo Chavez dictatorship began.
        I feel bad for the guy in Brazil. He needs to always have $500 USD cash at all times to pay bribes if he is dumb enough to try to game Brazilian girls instead of paying hookers there straight-up (totally legal in Brazil, BTW).
        While I do not personally condone using prostitutes, in Brazil, you are better off with hookers then average city-girl in Rio, Nordeste (northeast), or São Paulo.

        1. Christian
          Any interaction in Brazil between a “gringo” (foreign men) and a Brazilian woman will involve money.
          A US-girl will offer to pay half of the email if you two decide to eat out.
          A Brazilian women will dump you if you suggest her to pay half – and she will think you are a total jerk-off.
          As for hookers in Sao Paulo in can range from a R$20 blowjob from some crack-addict semi-homeless “baiana” (mixed girls from the state of Bahia) to R$2000/per night “high-class” blond “gaucha” (from the state of Rio Grande do Sul) escort.
          Needless to say, you should avoid both.

        2. PETER: Yes, cash is a motivators for Brazilian women NOW. Back in mid-1990s, I straight up “gamed” (even if that wasn’t a term) girls in my school free all the time. Making out was free and Americans were considered cool. Same when I was still “dando umas agarradas e dando ums peags” on Brazilian girls in Orlando before I got married. 😉 Americans in Brazil are not looked as cool as we used to be. The left ran the country for 14 years and re-educated and re-legislated Brazil from top to bottom. They blame all their failures on American imperialism, when no such thing exists, but that is how 3rd world works.
          I would not go for “escorts” in Brazil anyway. The cost to go to Brazil + dealing with crime, expensive cost of living, and all the headaches is simply not worth it. I can get Brasileiras for free in Orlando anytime. I know their hang-ours, I know they want to have “status” of dating an America guy, I know their language and culture, and I can run “nice guy Green Card potential husband game” (since the BR women here expect American men to be courteous, refined, and they are here illegally and want to have Green Card to travel back and forth freely).
          But BR women have declined in appearance so much, hardly worth much effort. My hometown (Orlando) now has an ample oversupply of Brazilian women, since the entire middle and upper classes fled Brazil during the Socialist and Communist regimes there last 14 years. The variety will be mostly girls from Rio and São Paulo, many many from Nordeste, so not Southern Brazilian quality, sadly. If you want southern Brazilian girls, you have to go there. they are very much settled in that mini-Brazil and rarely move, sadly.
          Brazilians vary in race and appearance. In southern Brazil, the girls are pure European stock, overwhelmingly German ancestry, Italians (not Sicilian), Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and some Portuguese.
          The “Latina” Brazilians are mainly in Rio and Nordeste (northeastern Brazil), but they are Raimunda girls (Feia de Cara, boa de bunda – ugly in the faces, good looking ass). You see girls with 2-3 faces and 8-9 bodies regularly. hat is, if you can overlook girls covered in tattoos and take the time to screen out the obese girls.
          The São Paulo girls are often more Italian and Portuguese stock, some can be cute, will be much nicer then ones in Rio, but are career type girls, and less fit then in Rio. But faces will be cuter in São Paulo for sure. Simply better genetic stock in São Paulo then Rio, which has become FlipFlopistan, as far as I am concerned (stealing the term). LOL.
          Almost all Brazilian, except smaller towns in South will be very poisoned by FemiNazi ideology. You will need to watch out for false rape accusations and will need pay off cops if accused. As long as you have cash, Brazil can be a consequence-free country.
          The headaches and cost, as stated above, of going to Brazil these days simply make it unappealing to me. If you want to come to Orlando, I can meet with you and take you to the BR hangouts and you can see if you like what you see and run some. Game. If you do not like the girls, skip Brazil completely. Otherwise, if you got nothing to do, go down and check it out. 🙂

      2. I live in Hong Kong and travel extensively around Asia on business and the virus that has infected Anglo Femicunts is rapidly spreading all over this region.
        The only place relatively feminine women are left are in South East Asian shitholes like Laos, Burma, the Phillipines, and Indonesia.
        Asia isn’t what it once was re feminine women.
        Never trust a woman…irrespective of her race or upbringing. Feminism will destroy all of them in the end.

        1. Max, Roosh said same thing: “do not trust any woman anywhere”.
          One of my HS friends here in Florida, he was a master player, super huge ‘roided dude, bad boy type, tribal on the arm, made girls cry constantly (and had them come back fro more), this kinda guy. He was a “Carnivore too”, he would hook-up with ANY girl if no others were available, including 1’s, 2’s and 3s, even fat ones if need be. That kinda guy, he was all about the numbers.
          He said to me, many times, “when you hook-up with enough women you will understand why trusting a woman is for the blind and the morons”.
          At the time, I was not as experienced as he was and I did not fully get t. Today I am like “ohhhh….”
          Not a fan of Rod Stewart, but his “Ooh la la” song makes sense. “I wish I knew what I know now, when I was younger…”

    2. It is “ate logo” not “ate lago”.
      If you are in love with Brazil, try to learn the local language.

    3. Rockr,
      It’s better to say “até logo”. Ate lago is the grammatically imperfect way of saying “until the lake” or “till the lake”.

    1. About damn time you came back, Donavan!!
      For a while, I was worried Donavan had given up on Manosphere or gotten clipped by a FemiNazi. 😀 lol
      Glad to have Donavan back. His stuff is awesome. It is hardcore Game and it is brutal, but so needed.

      1. You can catch him on 21 Studios channel, usually Saturdays doing a chat with “The Red Man Group”

  3. And that’s our biggest weakness as Western men, Gentlemen. Happy people tend to be, on average (and without a very high standard deviation and skewness&kurtosis), lazier than miserable fucks.
    Much better said, among the ranks of the defeated I’ve seen plenty of types, happy go-lucky, sullen, extroverted, introverted etc. but among the succesful I’ve never met anybody who was not an anal, often obsessive, perfectionist constantly trying to squeeze the maximum out of themselves and people around them while refusing to raise the white flag, no matter the circumstances. Scarcely what i would call a good recipe for a healthy, balanced and happy life. Peter Thiel once said show me a good loser and i’ll show you a loser…a great truth if there ever was one.
    White Western men used to have that rage, that desire, that tension inside their soul now they completely lost it: basically they have become the butt of the joke worldwide, a bunch of 병신새끼 content with their pathetic little lives. You think femicunts or the mudslimes are happy and at peace with themselves ? They’re angry, neurotic and mean: that’s exactly why they’re taking over. You think North East Asians are a happy bunch ? For fuck sake they have the highest suicide rate in the world around here.
    Go out and do something with your life, no matter if it’s money, physical strength, political power, sex you want, never give up before you attain it and never rest on your laurels after you do.
    Live every day like it’s WW 3&4, treat every other human like a potential enemy and don’t be afraid to hate to your heart content.
    Pain and hatred are for men, happiness is for pussies.

    1. “White Western men used to have that rage, that desire, that tension inside their soul now they completely lost it” Dude, it’s libertarianism man, and many white men have been brainwashed by the old school Fox News/Glenn Beck/rich Jew/Mormon types into this type of thinking. It is almost like white men have lost their “civilizational mojo”. Also, even though I have nothing really against pot, I have noticed that a lot of white men my age are straight up stoners, and the more I am around them the more I have feeling that pot actually fucks you up and turns you into a Nihilistic fuck (not everyone, but most i’ve seen).

      1. Yes you are right, junk tv and weed are some of the most toxic poison of modern times.
        Weed may not be particularly damaging to your body but it’s a soul-destroyer.

        1. AJEOSHI
          Here is the strange thing about pot.
          If you smoke it regularly before the age of 17 or after the age of 27 chances are you’ll be a total loser your entire life.
          Pot saps your energy to do anything.

      2. WES
        Anybody who smokes pot everyday after the age of 25 will be a complete loser. At least on average.
        I don’t know why, but people who start smoking pot before the age of 17 regularly are also losers.

        1. PETER
          I smoked pot all over the world. I smoke Mexican swag in Michigan and Arizona in college known as “ditchweed” and hashish in the Arab Gulf and more hashish in India from Kashmir and weed in Amsterdam and London and lots of weed in Canada and Thai stick and run-of-the-mill pot in Philippines.
          So I’ve been stoned all over the world. I’ve been stoned in Arizona rock outcroppings and Michigan forests and California bungalows and Indian beaches of Goa and Philippine sugarcane fields and London flats…I’ve been stoned all around the world.
          And I am not a loser. At least in the sense that what I wanted to do with my life-travel, make money, get stoned and fuck prostitutes/sluts of every race.

        2. PETER
          You know I liked getting stoned with hardcore slackers, hippies and stoners in my youth but most of THEM amounted to shit.
          In point of fact I took every drug that was the rage in every particular place. In Philippines for example, I smoked shabu to see what it was about. In the US in the 90’s I snorted big lines of cocaine once or twice. Never got shit out of cocaine by the way. I smoked heroin a time or two, made me listless. I did acid and had a bad reaction to it.
          My favorite drug is nicotine.
          Alcohol is for fucking losers. Alcoholics are fucking losers trying to destroy their brain cells and deaden themselves. An alcoholic will never amount to anything.
          Alcohol is a loser drug.

        3. MM
          I agree with you on alcohol : it is bad.
          However, be careful with drugs, too.
          Particularity cannabis: the media portraits it as a harmless substance but it has been linked to serious mental health issues (such as paranoia and schizophrenia) and it can mess with your testosterone levels, too.
          Would you let your kids (if you have any) to try cannabis? Probably not.

        4. PETER
          Actually the drugs that really screw people up-in my youthful druggy experience-are not around any longer.
          PCP and Acid use to fuck people up for the rest of their lives. But those drugs are sort of gone now. A person can be a heroin addict for 20 years but after they get off of it they are fine…one bad LSD trip or smoking PCP and a person was fried.
          Most people who smoke pot everyday in college are normal enough afterwards.

        5. The only “drug” I am willing to take is one that makes me a better man. I am indeed a self-improvement junkie, I admit it. And I am very focused on my personal appearance. I do NOT like alcohol or any mind-altering substances. I am too rational to do anything that inhibits my own thoughts and sound decision making. I am already kind of a buck the rules type of guy, last thing I need is not to be in control of my own actions. :p
          My suggestion: try the “Vitamin S” (Steroids). They make you get MASSIVE muscle gain and then you do a cutting cycle taking Winstrol depot.
          The catch is you have to do it in moderation, you have to “cycle out” with estrogen blocker, and you cannot drink any alcohol or take Tylenol (ibuprofen only) during cycles. You need to drink tons of water and eat moderately clean and hit the gym everyday (and trust me, you will WANT to when you see results fast).
          The danger with steroids is NOT impotence, not “going berserk”, not physical addiction, or other media lies. You only become impotent if you take steroids for decades, replacing your natural production of testosterone completely. Decades, not a few weeks while doing a growth or shredding cycle. Arnold took steroids and GHB for over 20 years and had a kid with the maid just a few years ago.
          The real danger is PSYCHOLOGICAL addiction.
          Allow me to explain: you can stop Vitamin S at anytime. Literally. It is not addictive like nicotine, weed, crack, etc,. Which create a physical dependency. Steroids give you such fast, massive muscle gains and fat loss (specially doing Winstrol), you want to keep going. So that is the issue. You do a Durateston cycle, say 12 shots over 4 week period, for example (starter growth cycle), then you do a Winstrol 10-shot cycle to cut afterwards over 3 weeks and then PCT (Post Cycle Therapy, meaning estrogen blocker and even some DAA, which is sold at GNC or whatever).
          You will gain about 20lbs or so of pure, beautiful muscle. Skinny dudes will look shredded as heck and should focus on growth cycles (like Durateston), while chunky dudes should focus on cutting cycles more (Winstrol).
          The results will be so amazing, you do not WANT to stop! That is how the psychological addiction develops. You wanna be bigger, more cut, lose more fat, etc etc. THAT is where the problem is. You want more and more.
          Can you stop anytime, not having a “drug withdraw”, like say crack? 100% yes.
          I am not one to advocate illegal drug use, and I would never ever smoke any weed or crack or snort coke…. but that is me. I am not here to tell anyone how t live. But if you must do some drug, give the Vitamin S a try. The results will be amazing and you will look amazing, and will get a lot of wet hole from it. 🙂
          Anyone ever get more wet hole by smoking weed and sleeping all day? 😉

        6. PETER
          “Would I let my kids try cannabis”
          10 kids smoke pot for the first time in the 10th or 11th grade.
          Let me break it down-
          6 will become casual pot smokers in college and after 23 or so will never get high again.
          1 female will immediately become a stoner and quickly get into cocaine and become a coke whore.
          1 male will graduate quickly to meth and become a criminal who spends their life in jail.
          1 user will just be a casual user of hard drugs who can hold a job but does Molly all weekend or cocaine.
          1 guy will be a “career pothead” who ends up wandering in a stoned haze in Seattle or somewhere for the rest of his life but never graduate to hard drugs. He’ll be 45 and have dreadlocks and live off welfare or grow dope and be a hippie his entire life.
          1 person will never smoke pot again.

        7. Drunken sports fans and potheads both end up dumb. A lot of dumbasses are happy and satisfied though…

      3. WES
        I don’t know how you define that but if the moderately cynical and intelligent like myself should be expected to stay in a rust belt city like the one I am from simply to try and lift the stupid and those who lack initiative or sense from their guaranteed shitty poverty moral and otherwise I must tell you I’m glad I got the fuck out young.

        1. And moved to a 3rd world craphole, where dikes havent yet been invented and flooding is an accepted norm with backwards Asians aka The Nggrs of Asia.

      4. Wes, I am going to law school here in Colorado and Denver’s City Park, Capitol area, and basically anywhere downtown has become a shithole of epic proportions thanks to weed/pot legalization. You cannot walk 10 feet in Denver’s City park without tripping over some stoner shithead or walking on trash/waste.
        Our homeless population in Denver and Boulder have become so vast, CO will become a mini-California if they do not crack down on drug-users and cut their welfare cash.
        The cost of welfare, Medicaid, and homeless services FAR OUTPACES any tax revenue from weed sales. This caused the middle class and families to flee Denver and go south to the 3 countries that do not give Business Licenses or Occupational Licenses to pot shops. The result: sky high home prices and rents have gotten out of control. It is like we have 2 States now. ColoLosers and Colorado.
        Not only that, the foreign drug cartels have basically taken over entire cities, like Greeley (in Northern Colorado, a college town and middle class farming community). The Zetas cartel from Zacatecas, Mexico now controls an entire city in middle of America. They run weed growing operations and meth distribution using the I-25 highway to go all the way into Canada. All based in Greeley. Middle class fled (white flight) and now Greeley is all trailers parks, meth labs, pot farms, and rundown areas. Gunshots and peeling tires every single night, followed by police chase.
        Open borders have absolutely ruined our country. The drug flow and mass immigration have taken a huge toll in our society. We still have time to turn this ship around, but we are running out of time fast to turn this ship around. 2018 election will determine if we can implement the Trump agenda by replacing the Jeff Flakes and Paul Ryans or simply enjoy a few more good years before the whole thing collapses, a-la Western Roman Empire around the 5th century.
        But good news is: we still have time. Not totally over yet.

    2. AJEOSHI
      You know as a race blacks are the biggest losers-they have more HIV and more poverty and more drug problems and more everything.
      Yet they are happier than other races.
      The Hispanics are similar, kind of.
      It is the East Asians that commit suicide. The Scandinavians. The so-called economic winners of the world.

  4. Men are happier than women because we are able to swallow the black pill a lot earlier in life than them.
    We know what we can and cannot be by age 25-30 and we are never able to leverage our looks at any stage of life for easy societal favors and white knightery / beta orbitdom.
    We know what deck of cards we got and we roll with it.
    Women are hit with a sledgehammer somewhere between 35-45 that everything they thought about them was so amazing was purely due to looks.
    A formerly attractive woman seeing herself age in.the mirror has got to be one if the most gut wrenching feelings any animal species can experience.

    1. Funny you mentioned the Black Pill as the key to male happiness. Funny because it’s absolutely true! Just hold your nose and swallow the damn thing, your life will improve dramatically once it digests in a couple months.

    2. You are right. It’s hilarious how out of touch with reality US women are. The reason men were doing shit for them was that they were young and attractive. Once those go men don’t give a shit about you anymore. These women think men were doing this shit for them just because they were a woman.

  5. The video above sums up most of Donovan’s argument & a major problem in male-female dynamics today. These 2 nerds are obviously of equal status but the female weirdo has friendzoned him. Women in Western society will only be receptive to men at that are at least 2 points ahead of them on the overall scale (which includes looks, status, money, etc.). Even if it’s blatantly obvious that you & her are compatible, it is not guaranteed at all that you’ll get her. This is even true for male celebrities. There’re countless times you’ll see a male celebrity with a beautiful, no-name female but it’s much rarer for a male celebrity to be with a female one of equal fame & status. In fact, more often then not, when you see a male-female celebrity couple the male is usually killing his competition & has greatly surpassed his female counterpart. Why? Because those female celebrities are holding out for a mogul or billionaire. This has really damaged & fcked up the game in the West & makes me realize why many other current & previous cultures implemented arranged marriage: you cannot allow women to have that decision.

    1. It’s why average men from western countries can go to countries like Vietnam, Ukraine, Colombia, etc. and be squarely in the top 10% choices of the local female population due to you having more money, depth, ambition, and scope than most of the local dull-ass men.

      1. But see, that still doesn’t solve the core issue. The fact is, even if you travel abroad or manage to stay in the West & achieve that top 10% status, the majority of guys who do that will still only pull females of a status lower than themselves. 10s will be more likely to get 8s, 8s will be more likely to get 7s & 6s, etc. Again, at the end of the day, no matter how much game one learns or improvement one achieves he still must play by women’s rules. Quite depressing how the earlier generations allowed this gradually.

      2. I have spent a lot of time living in both the Philippines and Kenya and I have noticed that any local guy that is willing to work hard has an easy pick of local females too. The problem is that about half the guys in those countries are just plain lazy. They totally lack motivation.

  6. Great article. The unhappiest women i typically meet all have the same 3 characteristics. 1) Career women. 2) Always travel and in a relationship with a “nice guy” or looking for one. 3) Leftist.

    1. That is because they TALK THEMSELVES into being in a relationship with a so-called “nice guy”. Really, what they ant is an Alpha male, but they cannot get one. Period.
      So they settle for a Beta/Gamma and then abuses the hell out of the poor loser.
      I was at a birthday party 2 weeks ago and this beta loser was shacking up with a 43 years old female OGRE. I have no way to describe this mole-faced, skin-tagged, disgusting 5’3″ 180-pound behemoth, with 2 bastards by 2 different guys in tow.
      The Beta clown she was with had a “MeToo” T-shirt on. 🙄 I had to hold myself down from sticking a broomstick up that lil’ douchebag’s ass. But then I thought “nah, he has to service Fem-Shrek when party is over and I have an 8 scheduled for tomorrow”.
      I pointed the douche out to my friend, shrugged, we laughed, and walked away. 😀 lol

    2. the “adventurous kate” travel blogger types. Always fun to watch them age into bitter old blue-haired haryps since they inevitably all miss the marriage and children boat.

  7. Women are unhappy simply because everywhere in the West in which they’ve been given liberation or rather a total license, they’ve been given an agency that they know they shouldn’t possess. Simply put women no matter how deeply they learn (i.e. memorize by rote) they are not deep thinkers, they don’t understand depth or complexity (just try having a conversation with one). Women interpret freedom as the ability to do what they want without consequences and just like children, they get upset when the consequences of their actions end negatively. Women would be much happier if their behaviour and actions were limited by the family under the auspices of the patriarchy and then a God-centred state. Imagine a child having no real guidance in life and then at 15 he spends his life in juvenile jails and then at 18 he’s depressed and bitter … why he never had strong guidance, he was given a freedom he couldn’t possibly handle or have the acumen to know right from wrong (in serious life matters)… women are the same way. This is the source of the western women’s angst, confused from mixed messages and bitter because deep down on a subconscious level she’s been given total license absent of consequences (just the way this criminal government prefers it).

    1. Anti-Modernist, that was truly insightful and true. 🙂
      One thing that has shocked me deeply dealing with Millennial women after becoming single again (I am Gen X’er, 35yo) is that they have no sense of purpose or direction whatsoever. They just… exist. They have no purpose for being here, they have no mentoring. In Christianity, older women are supposed to teach younger women to be honorable and good women, and this grandmother-mother-daughter system kept culture and a healthy system of pair bonding operating for ~6,000 years, stemming from Judeo-Christian culture and religion. Now we see these empty shells of people, similar to what I saw in Sweden when I traveled there with my dad years ago as a teenager. No surprise, Sweden’s suicide rate is 2nd highest in the world, only beaten by a strict, over-worked culture of Japan. They have no higher purpose, they answer to no higher calling then themselves. They are narcissistic and unhappy beyond words.
      Sweden and Denmark are perfect examples of what happens to a society that completely replaces God, family, faith, and tradition for secularism and FemiNazism. America has a boatload of challenges, BUT we at least still have a good 30% base of active, actual Christian conservatives in the country. Sweden and Denmark, has close to 0%.
      I think happiness is combination of a positive-thinking state of mind and contentment. Sure, other factors come into play, but overall, the key to being happy is being content with your life, while making improvements ( never stop growing and getting better), and thinking positively.
      Men, overall, are happier because we accept what we cannot change, we feel much more content with ourselves, and due to being more independent, we feel our happiness comes from within, not from others. Women need and want validation from others – constantly. This is why we seem them on Social Media, thirsty for “likes” or comments from others, especially from men. If a woman gets ignored, she becomes unhappy and as Donovan pointed out, once a woman is post-wall, her attention-gathering appearance will vanish in the haze. They cannot tolerate this. They say “aging is a woman’s hell” and I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.
      Women also focus much of their happiness on pure materialism. Men are natural Minimalists. We buy expensive cool flashy cars, yes, because we feel good driving them, but also largely because they are our peacock’s feathers to attract females. We wear nice clothes not only because we feel good about ourselves doing it, but because women like well-dressed men.
      But truth be told, most men focus on simple usefulness of things rather then their appearance only. Simply put, a man would rather have a basic working reliable car to get to-from work then a shiny attractive car that breaks down constantly.
      One interesting thing I noticed about life in Western Europe is that people’s standard of living compared to USA were much lower. Homes were small, people had to ride crowded buses with smelly people, food portions were small, expensive, and tasteless. People have to use trains to travel and it takes infinitely longer then cars, and they did it because gasoline/petrol and cars were purposely made unrealistically expensive by socialist tax systems. Everything was inconvenient as hell (stores closed early, restaurants closed early, gas stations closed early, and grocery stores closed early). Your whole schedule had to be planned around the schedule of others. It was aggravating not being able to travel at night, since you had to worry about not being able to reach your destination and run out of gas in middle of road. 🙄 The weather was horrible in central and Northern Europe… and yet, people seemed kinda cheery many times. I wondered why. Then I had an Epiphany one day: these people have LOW EXPECTATIONS of life. If something truly horrible does not happen to them, they are “happy”, in the very generous sense of the word. Once I understood this “low expectations” system form Europe, I implemented it in my own life, modifying it for higher American living standards and my own admitted quest to always look my best. (I know this is not good thing, but I am a self-improvement type guy and I am overly focused on my appearance too much).
      But even in this system of low expectations that I saw in Europe, women were always less happy then men. ALWAYS! They did a study and found in UK, women are only happy after they are senior citizens over 62, happier when their husbands die, and after their hormones seem to calm down at some point post-menopause.
      Finally, women are largely emotionally unstable due to their hormonal composition. Men are much more stable with his strength-creating hormone (testosterone), then fluctuating, mind-affecting hormones of a woman (estrogen).
      Bad news is that it is estrogen that make women sexually appealing to men…. :-/
      It could be purely hormonal or they do not know contentment and satisfaction (which may be also be in part due to hyper glamour nature and the modern, easy, pain-free divorce system, allowing hypergamy never to end).
      Bottom line: As long as men feel content with themselves and do not allow women to dictate his own happiness and personal satisfaction, men will be fine. No man should feel his self-worth is dictated by success with women. Making women the arbiters of your happiness is one of the pillars of Feminism, to allow women to dictate whether or not men should feel good about themselves. Success with women is NOTHING to me compared to my personal financial success and my own personal appearance success (staying attractive, keeping fit). These two open the door to success with women, but whether or not I am banging some girl or have an LTR with one or not, I am happy with myself first. Women do NOT get to dictate my own personal happiness. Whether I am banging a 9 or no woman at all, an intellectually and morally inferior creature with a smelly hole between her legs simply cannot and does not determines my happiness. Period, end of story, no caveats.
      I have higher goals, I server a higher purpose. Women are simply the “icing on the cake”, so to speak. They are not my focus in life.
      Find a Higher Purpose in Christ; focus on yourself; feel content with what you have and who you are; keep growing and improving always; find hobbies that you enjoy and that make you a better person; have a good circle of male friends; buy your own house and car; only stay in a city or country you are happy in, if not MOVE as soon as possible; go to a great gym; travel and see interesting stuff; do a real charitable act once in a while that make you feel good; save plenty of cash because you will want to do the same stuff you did when you were 20 when you are 35; read and pray alone at night (even if you are surrounded by others); get a pet (cat or dog, whichever you prefer); and try new stuff, new restaurant, new clothing store, new anything…. I sometimes will eat a new item of junk food because I saw something new at grocery store and “had to try it”; do not get trapped by same routine everyday, as that kills enthusiasm and motivation. These are just some ideas…. 😉
      Most importantly: remember to never ever let others, especially women, dictate your happiness…. and you shall be a happy man indeed. 🙂

      1. CHRISTIAN
        My grandmother owned a large condominium that would have been worth millions in Belgium or London.
        Was not worth shit in Detroit when we sold it.
        Property values will continue to go down in the US interior. My grandmother lived in greater Detroit in what had been a nice suburb in the 1980’s which was worth little by 2006.
        European public transport is far better. If you have no money in the US for a car outside of a major city you are basically fucked-Uber has changed that to some degree.

      2. ChristianCool,
        You talk about finding a higher purpose in Christ and about how women are inferior creatures with a smelly hole, which is basically cynicism if not outright hatred.
        I’m not going to debate what ‘true’ christianity is but you sound very negative and a disbeliever in humanity despite the cheerful bits you add in there. I believe it’s easy to fall into that when we overthink things and get into the ‘red pill’ a little too much.
        You can never take the red pill whole or it will turn black and we’ll have commentary just like yours; commentary that expresses a deep disdain for humanity while simultaneously talking about a higher goal. Not maintaining some amount of naivety, rose coloured perception and reducing everything down to flesh market economics and darwinian theories will suck the humanity out of you. Only human beings have the ability to look at a scene and put beauty and deeper meanings in it; a beast will simply preoccupy itself with satisfying base instincts. All it sees is more objects to be exploited and devoured.
        If you don’t have faith in humanity and its destiny, what good is your higher goal unless that goal is just to have prostitutes snort drugs from your cock and inflate your ego with hobbies, adventures, degrees and what not? It makes it sound like you want to keep your cake but eat it too and I accept that humans are prone to hypocricy and it’s possible for them to play both sides if they are clever; be a massive bully and asshole in your private life and then go on a podium and talk about the importance of fairness and justice for mankind.

        1. DEPRESSED:
          I live for a higher purpose in Christ, that is why I would never allow anyone, especially a woman to determine my worth and my value as a person. My problem is I am a positive-realist. I do not dwell on the negative as much as possible, but I live in a world of rational thought and practicality. This does NOT mean I deny the supernatural nature of God, including the Resurrection. Rational thought and faith can and do co-exist, even if seemly contradictory, are compatible.
          The problem is that most men in the AngloSphere and the Western World have been cucked since birth to think of women as holy angels of light (thanks Feminism)! This is why men suffer under the cruel thumbs of women today. They feel intimidated to approach such “divine creatures”, the modern day (alleged) goddesses that supposedly dwell among us, and we should feel lucky to interact with. 🙄 Such thinking is so prevalent in Feminist hellholes of Western Europe, the men are intimidated by women to a point of fear and paralysis, leading to a life of suffering, frustration, and anger.
          When I was living abroad, the Consulates would often throw parties and social events to bring families of other nations consulates to mingle and create a sense of camaraderie between Consulate workers, since we all lived in a foreign country ourselves. Once we had this event where the Norwegians came in. I was STUNNED at some of the girls there, tall blonde, fit Valkyries-types and was immediately ready to lose my virginity with one (i was a teen back then of course). I also noticed the dudes were also tall and good-looking. BUT the dudes were all standing on the corners, just looking on like a bunch of bashful nerds. I asked one dude “how come you are not approaching the girls? They are so hot!?”. This one guy, who has now been my friend for over 20 years, told me that it would be “too aggressive” to try to go talk to one of these girls. He said he should let the girls “give signals” before they approached, out of respect to them. Wait… WHAT?!?! 😮
          I was so shocked at this (not understanding that Norway had already been completely poisoned by Feminism decades before America was in a large scale and the boys were raised Beta as standard procedure), so I started to approach and talk to the girls on my own. I already had become an approach-specialist having been in Brazil and the Nordic girls, despite their stand off-ish and arrogant demeanor, were impressed I asked up, started talking and being charming. I never got my Norway flag, but I did make-out with a super hot girl named Beret, just stunning (she as from Stavanger, probably hottest girls in Norway are from there to all you poonhounds). 😉
          My new Norwegian friend was stunned how I just walked up and started talking to the girls like that. He said it is because I am 1/2 Italian and he wasn’t, but nahhhh… I just was confident and was never cucked by my parents or my society. Remember, I grew up in middle America, not degenerated hellholes like Shitcago, NYC, or California. We had a normal life back then growing up in 1980s and 1990s.
          Then as I tried to help many Norwegian friend meet Brazilian girls (which he liked), I noticed all his fears were irrational in nature. They were TAUGHT fears, not rational. You see a coral snake and feel fear, that is valid. It will kill you. But fear of a woman…?
          Think RATIONALLY for a moment here. Why should I, a man who can bench 250lbs (clean, no spot), can curl 65lbs single hand dumbbell hundreds of times over, who is in the prime of my life should be AFRAID or intimidated by a soft-skin creature that weights 120lbs and cannot even lift 20lbs dumbbells?? Unless she has a gun and seems ready to use it, why should I be afraid to talk to such a creature or tell her “NO” when she throws a tantrum? Really, women are simple human beings, diety-fied by our fallen culture and Feminism. Think biologically here… underneath all that make-up, perfume, and expensive clothes, a woman is a physically weak, manipulative, erratic, emotionally-controlled being, who happens to have an opening that if not washed frequently, smells worse then rotten Gorgonzola cheese. A dick smells like seaweed if not washed often too, so this is not one sided here. But if you are thinking RATIONALLY, devoid of emotion, men are far superior physically and intellectually, being able to make purely rational decisions and accomplish much in life.
          This is not hatred or misogyny here. This is simply looking at hard facts and biology here. If you deny the physical strength argument or the clear rational vs emotional thinking priorities of the genders, then you are lying to yourself. But there is NO LOGICAL REASON whatsoever, why a man, being physically and intellectually superior then women, should be afraid of a woman. Or worse, that a man should worship such a flawed mortal female being. Or even worse, why any man should allow such a creature to determine our happiness, our value in society, or our self-esteem. It is absurd and illogical. It is Feminism hard wired into your brain.
          This is NOT to say women are worthless. They bring a lot to the table too. I absolutely love the way a woman’s skin feels or the way her long hair intoxicates me (short hair is a boner-killer here). Women, when adhering to their God-given purpose, are incredibly well-suited for a man and a man to a woman. They are also the gatekeepers of the future, since they control reproduction. I love charming a woman, I enjoy going on dates (yes people, DATES), I love the mating dance more then the bang, sometimes. Once you bang her, you won. Before you bang her, you have to outsmart and outmaneuver her shit tests (which I always smirk and dismiss “that is really cute” or “yeah, I can see you are adorable”), and her fake resistance. It is all fun and enjoyable for me.

        2. (CONTINUED….)
          Hate women? No, I enjoy them, too much and not only in a sexual way. I enjoy their company because I understand what they are and who they really are. They are NOT worthy of my “worship”, because deep inside, they are too corrupt and weak to be worthy of such devotion. Foolish men may think women are “sugar and spice and everything nice”. While their skin may taste sweet to the lips, just under that thin layer of sugar is a layer laced inside with pure arsenic.
          This is the reality of the modern woman, no matter how we spin it. We can find the rare ones that have a thicker layer of sugar, but know that the arsenic lays just below that sugar. Sooner or later, if you are not careful, you will metaphorically “die” from getting too deep into it and hitting the arsenic within. I get this reality. This is why I seem cynical, but I am simply realistic about it. It is better then understand the truth (red pill), then to foolishly go out and marry some woman “in an impulse of love” and lose half my stuff and risk prison because she is easily willing to lie and wants me out of my own house.
          I simply accept the fact that women are selfish by nature. This Solipsism is a survival mechanism that has gone haywire in a Feminist world catered entirely to them. They are not longer at risk of becoming a “War bride” in 2018 America or Europe. But they ACT like they are fighting for survival and should;d act using their worst natural impulses. To justify a modern woman’s worst behaviors, FemiNazis put out “rape crisis” and “wage gaps” that do not exist. They need a reason to justify their poor behavior and oppressing men is just a bonus to them.
          This is why I have become so anti-marriage. Marriage today is no longer a partnership, as I once experienced (to my great benefit, happiness, and success). Marriage today is simply a wealth-transfer scam to undeserving women and an Indenture Servitude system for men. Modern marriage is not a bond as it was before.
          Do you REALLY think God, whom created males to be heads of households and fathers, wanted men to become subservient to women, and kow-tow to her woman’s capricious whims?? My understanding is that divorce is only for cases of adultery, and yet, we live in a society where the woman always benefits to an easy, painless divorce for any reason she wants. Even if she is not actively holding such a weapon in her hands, the divorce as a loaded gun can be pulled out of a drawer and put on to the man’s head at any time. Modern marriage is a hostage situation, where the woman has the weapon and the man is a hostage negotiator, trying to avoid being raped by the woman in court. This is not marriage, well, not Christian marriage anyway. This is FemiNazism at its finest. And I will have no part in it. And either should you.
          No, you misunderstand me. Modern women, the ones who want a wedding and not marriage, are ones prowling in wait to destroy your happiness and your life. Especially Millennial women, they are pure arsenic with a sprinkle of sugar on top. This is why they are destined to be pump ‘n dumped into post-wall alcohol and/or anti-depressant addiction phase. They are the final product of 50+ years of radical feminism run amuck because, we men, always wanted to “take the higher road” and not fight back. We men, who were taught and cucked into thinking “women are superior” somehow, despite the evidence right before our eyes.
          But such women, we KNOW who they are, because there are sod many of them out there. If it feels like they are the majority of women today, well it is because they ARE the majority of women today. They are the ones banging 3 guys off Tinder in a single night after scamming free drinks from some putz at the local watering hole. They are the ones passing out drunk (as they regularly do) and then banging some guy, only to ruin his life the next day with false rape accusations. They are the ones abusing the Betas amongst us for laptops and expensive gifts, in hopes of winning the girl over. 🙄 They are the ones riding the cock carrousel fast and hard during their prime years of their lives, later in life to try to appear a angelic to cuck some Beta fool into marriage and child support for a child that is not even his.
          Friend, I am way past the part where I could have broken up the red pill into 2 or 3 small pieces and swallowing it in stages. I did not have that luxury. My dad took me, my brother and my mom and we moved away from our country so he could work at Consulates/Embassies abroad (as security Consultant). I lived in 3 countries and spoke 3 languages by the time I was 16, so I have seen what the world really was like much earlier then most do Americans do when they sex-tour as adults. When my family first arrived in Brazil, before my 12th birthday, I saw a LOT of stuff that did, without question, shake some of my faith in humanity as a whole. When we lived in Rio in 1990s, the country was basically at civil war levels of street and criminal violence. People burned alive in tires shown on TV news every night. There was a local newspaper called “O Palavrão” (the curse word) and had pictures of dead people killed by Cartels hanging from overpasses or full-color pics of a bunch of limbs of people killed by grenade on a bus. Violence and death was everywhere. It was chaos.
          I vividly recall a day when I went to meet some local kids and they were playing soccer in a sandy empty field, (this was in Rio, but not at the beach). There was this little girl, she was probably 10 years old, maybe 11. She was running around in a dress, smiling and playing soccer wth the other kids. The one kid shouted “hey fat girl, come out of the field, player switch” and she came out and the kid went in. As she walked over towards us, I saw that she was probably 7 or 8 months pregnant. 😮 I had never seen a young girl pregnant at such a young age and was so shocked, I went home and told my mom this very fat girl was playing and she seems very fat in stomach and I was not sure why she was so big. My Mom realized what was happening and came out and she was in shock and horror. We went back in and she called cops, as this is obviously child-rape, but cops said “who raped? And what you want us to do?”. Frustrated, we went back out to talk to little girl, but she and the kids had left. Do you THINK seeing this type of thing as a pre-teen gives you some reason to distrust people as a whole? 🙄 This is barbarism. 10 year old girl. I bet she did not even know what was going on with her.
          This was Brazil in the 1990s. But do I think about that often?? No, I think about all the girls I made out with and how good I became at cold approaching, kissing, and talking to girls. I focus on the positive. I am merely telling you the story of the pregnant girl because this happened. Christian or not, I experienced this live, in real time. Our personal experiences mold part of who we are. I think it is because I am a person of deep Christian convictions is why I have not given up and jumped in bed with hookers or become a cynical, cold and calculating person.
          I am simply desensitized, not cynical. I worked 6 years in immigration and criminal law (by the way, most of our immigration clients had pages and pages long of criminal records, do NOT believe this “desperate caravan migrant” crap, these people are the worst Central America has to offer and they will be huge drain in this already debtor country). I have seen enough…. and them because the job market dictated it, I was forced to work for a time doing civil litigation and assisting this divorce lawyer as well. Think I have not seen a ton of horrific things happening, especially in Family Law?
          So when you hear the “I have seen it all” strategy of Amused Mastery, I HAVE seen plenty in my own time. I have been made a natural at Amused Mastery by LIFE, not by pretending. I have seen and have dealt with more then I wish I had sometimes, because I am now desensitized. I am like a medic-soldier who has seen so many messy war gunshot wounds, he is now calm when treating someone from a bloody car accident as an EMT. Cynical? No. Desensitized? Yes.
          But you will be surprised I have a lot of compassion for people’s suffering. But I have to be moved on my own, trying to guilt me into helping someone never ever works with me. I am also a very nice and friendly person. This why I feel disgust and outrage when I see this “fake compassion” for the Barbarian Horde of invaders at our Borders. Then you read what I wrote here and you think “wow, dark and serious”, but that is because I am simply responding to your post about me. Truth be told, I am actually too nice, to the point I am ordering Francis’ book “How to be an asshole women love” because I am NOT good at all doing Asshole game and it seems to be needed more and more these days. I am confidence game, with a scoundrel smirk and a boatload of stories and photos on my phone to have great conversations.

        3. (Continued….. 3/3)
          The one good thing I got out of living in Brazil is I became insanely confident around women. That is because back then “Americans were cool” in Brazil and I made out with an insane number of girls (not sex), because the culture in Brazil is a “make-out culture”, NOT a hook-up culture like USA today. So when I got back to America, I had relationships with some of the sweetest, cutest girls imaginable in high school. Yes, girls in America used to be pretty, feminine, and sweet. It was a different world in Brazil and in America. If I hopped in a Delorian in 1998 and came to 2018 America time travel without seeing the decline of our women over time, I would have thought I was in another country completely. (I am going to be 36, BTW, so I am hardly talking about the 1950s).
          The issue is that ever since I became widowed over a year ago (married 12 years), I was just shocked staring to date again. Shocked. The quality of the women declined drastically right under my nose. Granted, I grew up in suburbs in “middle America”, married, so I never saw the decay or smelled the rot of what American women had become. I was frankly disgusted and sometimes even horrified at what our women have become. I could not believe I could get a lay from a “career girl” within 2 hours of meeting her in person (this was online website thing, not an approach) and then rawdogging her again in shower (no condom that 2nd time, because she just came into the shower – hey, it was he apartment). How the hell was that even possible? 😮
          This is how I became desensitized to the “damsels in distress” or fake “sweet girl” routines I encounter today. I am like Donovan in some ways, this guy has been through Hell with women and 2 failed marriages. After a while, I earned my PhD from the School of Hard Knocks. We get it, because we have seen enough. We are desensitized. I simply have no patience for rich, spoiled Americans girls who cry about their Latte not having enough cinnamon. Compassion for THAT? NO, not from me. That leads me to believe my own eyes, nose, and experience: women are NOT superior to men in any way, not even compassion, despite Feminist claims. They are simply human being whose biggest “offer” to attract men is that smelly hole between their legs. This is why men pump ‘n dump so easily… they get the hole, mission accomplished, move on. I say this with a degree of sadness, but it comes with acceptance. SAD to see this is how it is now, but that is how it is. I just merely live here, I do not own the place or create the rules.
          That is why I make such a statement about the “smelly hole”. It puts the whole thing into clear, objective perspective. This is not hatred, it is merely an observation of facts. LIFE IS ECONOMICS. This is why we hear terms in the ManoSphere like “sexual marketplace” or “sexual market value” or “economics of marriage”. It is economics in the end. Your value as a man and hers as a woman and how it squares away, If she is higher on the SMV scale, you use Game strategies to get with a woman that is sexually more valuable then you are. A man with 7 SMV and a woman with a SMV 9. Game re-balances the equation. That is it.
          You speak of beauty…. well, beauty is found in things that are pure and true. Snow-capped mountains in the horizon. A child’s smile when you lift it above your head and make it fly. A cat that loves you reaching up on your leg so you hold it. Wildflowers found during a walk. There is an honesty and a beauty to these things.
          Do you believe more then ~10% of what a woman says to you when you are gaming her? I take a “Ukrainian woman’s approach to truth” to believe women in general (if you read Bang Ukraine, you will understand the reference). Simply put, I do not believe more then 10% of what women say to me, unless I can verify it later. But it is pointless anyway, because trying to pair bond” for an LTR with most women is futile.
          That is why I very rarely see “beauty” in women today. I see “hot or simply “sexy”, since that is what women market today. There is no real beauty there. They cannot be trusted, they are not simple, honest, or pure.
          If I thirst for sex as much as some did, then yes, I would be a mere beast seeking to satisfy a need, as in hunger or horniness. I like sex, obviously, but that is a side reward for me. But I want it from 7-9 girls and they are harder to get, thus giving me plenty of targets to game and approach.
          I like winning, I like overcoming the woman’s absurd shit-tests and lies and having her grant me sex, if I want it. Most of the time I want it, but I will confess, I have twice now been so disgusted by the vulgar nature of some of the women I have been able to Game successfully that I decided to call off the bang at last minute. One had this huge tramp stamp above her ass, a huge turn off for me. The other was just such a vulgar woman when I got he clothes off, I felt disgusted at myself if I stuck my dick in that beautiful, yet ogre-minded creature. I could not do it, no matter how much I wanted the fuck. Interesting enough, I walked out, saw a girl I liked in the building, and I was ready for action again, so it is not physical, it is a disgust I felt…. I cannot explain. This is a rare thing, totally due to extreme vulgarity. Women are so good at faking it up front, but they show their true colors fast.
          This, I think, is probably my greatest frustration with the fem-trash we have today. I know deep inside, I will not re-marry as I promised my goddaughter I would. I simply will not find a woman in this country that is decent and faithful, even if I were to accept a woman 3 points lower in appearance then me (which would suck for me, so why bother with even considering marriage?).
          This is why I have been thinking about taking a Sabbatical and heading out to Ukraine or Belarus and clear my head. But then if I meet a girl I really like there, then what? Am I gonna hand her that .357 magnum, loaded with sure-kill rounds (called “modern marriage), so SHE can decide whether or not to pull that trigger on me later on? Meeting a great woman outside this country is probably going to be worse for me then continue to game local “toilet paper” when I feel like getting a bang or if I want to try an LTR with her.
          My whole life, I have always wanted and preferred relationships to ONS and quick sex. Always. Even in Brazil, make-out land, I would favor dating a girl then continue with endless makeouts (this is how women there “test” a guy, to see if they have chemistry, you kiss and make out – called “ficar com a menina”). But given the choice, I always favored relationships/LTR/dating.
          But in 2018 America, is it even worth my time and effort to have an LTR with a woman? It is sad to think that, but for the last year and change, I have not met a single girl so far that would be worth the expense, effort, and commitment of an LTR. I am doing what Roosh calls a “mini-relationship”. But deep inside, I know these are not going anywhere.
          I am being totally realistic here as well. I would love to get married again, have that life and have kids this time around. But is it possible, within the framework of risking so much for it? I do not know yet and why I am reading so much in Manosphere, to try to figure this out and read and ask questions. Can I do kids with an live-in LTR, never marry and risk child support later on, if out came to that? Is having kids with an LTR gonna be OK for the kid(s)? Has anyone done it and how did it work out? Etc…
          Oh and I do not even drink alcohol and I do not do drugs. I have never been with a prostitute, but sure as hell feels like I have, based on how these girls behave and talk in bed. 🙄 Most pornstars would blush at how the average woman talks during sex these days. Some of the stuff is so vulgar, it takes me longer to finish up. 🙄
          And a hypocrite I am not. I am 100% clear about stuff that does shock some of my fellow church members. Like the fact I will never get married, because what we have today is legalized male slavery, not marriage. Or the fact I advise people not to get involved with men-woman disputes on street, as a certain way to go to jail yourself (let no good deed go unpunished). Or how I videotape every single private interaction with women and record all calls with them because they cannot be trusted. This shocks church people. But again, I am well past that stage of caring about shocked feelings (desensitized). I just laugh and make light of it all. Whatever. *shrug*
          Fairness and justice for mankind? Hah… if you have a TV, just see how the DC shithole treats our dully elected President. Just watch how the elites (including govt workers) live by one set of rules and us peasants by a whole much harsher set of rules and punishments. Watch how witch-hunts ruin lives and the perpetrators escape with total impunity. You want justice, you handle it yourself. This is the direction America is going anyway. 10 years tops justice will mean you handle it, Brazilian-style. The courts and our govt institutions have been corrupted, maybe even beyond repair, over last 10 years.
          You know…. If you were a woman and you had said the words “justice and fairness for mankind”, I would have said “wow, you are just adorable when you say that” *smirk*. And her panties would have been soaking wet I could drown a baby in them. 🙂 lol
          God, what a crazy world we live in. LOL…. 😀

        4. @ChristianCool:
          I was gonna give up on reading all these posts but that was a great read. smackdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Attraction is not a fucking choice. If you got tons of confidence and good game and approach a lot your height doesn’t matter. I live in Toronto and I have two friends that are shorter than their super hot girlfriends. The boys are not rich but they can kick as and they are super confident. The bitches are crazy about them.

  9. “I don’t see what sort of help woman was created to provide man with, if one excludes procreation. If woman is not given to man for help in bearing children, for what help could she be? To till the earth together? If help were needed for that, man would have been a better help for man. The same goes for comfort in solitude. How much more pleasure is it for life and conversation when two friends live together than when a man and a woman cohabitate?”
    – St. Augustine

  10. Women are higher in trait neuroticism than men, hence the excessive negative emotion, low self-esteem, depression, volatility of mood. We are wired to be more neurotic so that we can respond faster to crying infants. Since many modern women do not have babies and never will, all they are stuck with is useless neuroticism.
    Women get red-pilled too. I got red-pilled when I realized that boys in my school and neighborhood were not interested in brainy girls, only beautiful girls. Since I was not beautiful, I had to accept that I would never be chosen. It didn’t seem fair, but then life seldom is.
    I completely agree that modern women have been duped. We are told, by our leaders no less, that a woman’s value lies in becoming a corporate slave and working 11-16 hours a day instead of being at home and raising children (because that’s “oppression”). Try being a traditional woman with a husband and children, a home maker. Nobody will thank you for raising the future generation, because as a society we no longer believe we have a future. I want to turn the tide but I can’t do it alone.

    1. Madre:
      That was truly red-pill of you to say. I cannot relate to your struggles being smart and not pretty, because I am blessed with being a pretty boy 8 with a rebellious nature, which women seem to like.
      But you, as a woman, can do things to mitigate lack of stellar appearance. For example: back in mid-1990s when I went to high school in “middle America”, the nicest girls in school were not the prettiest ones. They would never end up with the Tom Brady jock all-star QB, but they could easily get an average guy who loved them and treated them well. I once had a short-term relationship in my Freshman year with a girl well-below my standards for appearance. She was a 5 and I was a solid 8. But this girl, Marianna, she was so nice, I just could not want to spend time with her.
      Also, when I lived in Brazil, many girls who were 2 in the face would go to the gym and look very fit, get spray tanned, etc and would end up with a 9 body. They always had guys around. That is another way to mitigate lack of natural beauty.
      Also most men are average in appearance. If you have a REASONABLE and realistic set of expectations about your man, you can be content and happy with a man who is average too. problem in, our Feminist insane society teaches girls they will all be supermodels and will all be President someday. They are given expectations that they cannot achieve. Simply put, they are told “honey you are beautiful and amazing and you deserve it all” when they are 200lbs and rude as hell.
      Also, you are right, women have been duped by corporations and Feminist professors that working as a corporate cogwheel is happiness and make these women trapped and miserable. One consequence of women being “Shoved” into the workforce was that it depressed the wages of men. While in the past 1 man could support a wife, house, and kids with his income alone, now it takes husband and wife both working slave hours. That is also a consequence of lovely Feminism.
      Yes, being a mother and stay-at-home wife is “not regarded” as it once was. But also being a good husband and father are also not regarded well in America. This is a cultural perception that yes, we, men and woken, must work to fix. 🙂 It is easy to fix, actually, if we restore family, local communities, and churches into our culture. Media plays a big role too, that aspect is harder to fix as we have a leftist media.
      One critical way to turn this ship around is first we need to reform marriage and divorce laws. Without that, the family unit of a hand-wife-children is over. Men are simply not going to marry if the risk of a divorce rape by unfair courts is assured. We need equitable and fair divorce and child custody laws. Also, bringing back “fault divorce” where the person who ruins the marriage is punished by courts, would fix a lot of these issues. 🙂
      Life is not usually fair, but it does not have to be bad. I lost my wife to a tragic accident. There was nothing I could do, and yet, I felt the consequences for this event. I could have chosen to be depressed forever like many widowed men I met last year in “support groups”, but I chose to move forward. I chose to be happy and I choose not to give up. I have this one life to live and I cannot afford to wallow in depression and regret. I have a survival instinct, I guess.
      Good news is, you do not have to do it alone. First step is, if you have kids, raise them in truth. Do not say insane things to your kids like “I will love you no matter what”, because that blocks their self-improvement and need to do well in life to impress parents. I mean would you love your child if you child became a serial killer and pedophile? I would not. I encourage self-improvement and give praise and confidence boost to self improvement (positive reinforcement, encourage improvement, which leads to self-confidence).
      The second thing you can do, Madre, is to speak up when you hear people praise things like frivolous divorce or feminist ideology. This is particularly powerful in female groups, since women live in groups and tend to think and share ideas collectively (“the herd”) while men hunt outside alone (“individuality”).
      Third, you can encourage others to join online groups like RoK or other Manosphere.com type groups. The knowledge goes a long way. Once people get “red pulled” to the truth, it is hard to go back.
      This whole mess we have in our societies will take some time to fix. It took radical Feminists 50 years to make this mess and it will take us a good 15 to restore balance and sanity to our society.
      Good news is: we still have time to right this ship. There iOS still hope. A country like Sweden is doomed unless they mass-deport the barbarians inside their borders. But America has a much broad-based 30% or so of traditional folks and we have time and an opportunity to right this ship still.
      Do not get discouraged and do not give up. In time, we will take steps to fix our society again. 🙂

      1. @ ChristianCool
        Thank you for the long and insightful comment. I don’t blame men for being attracted to pretty women. Why would you pick an unattractive mate if you can have an attractive one? It just seems so arbitrary, since we don’t choose the genes we are born with. In any case, I accept the cards I was dealt and I am grateful for everything in my life, including the obstacles, the falls. I am happy to be alive.

        1. Madre:
          Couple things: first, women also want men that are attractive. They want me who are fit, tall, muscular/cut, well-dressed, nice shoes, smell clean, etc. The physical attraction component goes both ways. But attraction is largely subconscious, it is not “decided”, if that makes sense.
          This is what makes “Game”, strategies to make men be more confidence, for instance, which triggers attraction in women.
          Female Beauty is highly subjective, so do not think you have to look a certain way to be “attractive” to a man. You would be surprised what turns on some men with women and vice versa.
          For example, I am turned on by women with long straight hair and women that smell good around their neck. The hair and pleasant scents combined create a special attractive for me towards the woman.
          Some guys like women with certain feet or whatever. So do not be too hard in yourself. Try some online dating, be friendly (since so many women these days are vile and rude), and do what you can to make yourself more attractive.
          Exercise, tanning, nice clothing, clean hair, etc…. all can be achieved and bump up a woman’s appearance substantially.
          I also think a woman’s personality adds a point or two to their beauty score (1-10 scale). 🙂 Back in Freshman year, there was a girl that was substantially less attractive then me, but she was so nice to me and had this incredible personality, I became attracted to her over time in class. A woman with a great heart can find a good man to marry, if she and him have reasonable expectations of one another, and bind in love. It happens, it is possible.
          The key is “reasonable expectations”. A “mere mortal” like me wanting to date Charlize Theron or Melanie Trump is simply futile and illogical, no matter how much game or self improvement I do. Without massive wealth or super good looks to meet such women would be impossible, so I do not expect such a woman in my life. Makes sense? 😉
          If people do not give up, we can, in time ,turn our country around and re-establish sanity to relationships, legal parity/fairness in marriage and divorce, and gender relations.
          Stay blessed! 🙂
          Christian ^_^

    2. I honestly don’t know how seeing that boys preferred pretty girls over smart girls ‘red pilled’ you.
      It’s a well known fact that people can be shallow (especially at a young age) and prefer looks over personality or intelligence. After all, how many teenage girls have crushes on unattractive or unpopular boys because they’re smart?
      And modern women have not been fooled.
      They just don’t want to be that woman who gave the best years of her life to handling all the housework and child raising responsibilities (and doing nothing outside that) while her husband progresses in a career of his choice, only to be later told by him that he’s bored of her, and wants to be with some gold digger half his age.
      And let’s be honest, even if her husband stays with her, and treats her well, why should any woman sacrifice her own job which she may have worked very hard to get and love doing?
      Your saying most women today work because they’ve been duped into it by politicians and the media. But actually, most women work because they find their jobs interesting and fulfilling, and even if they don’t, they want to at least keep making money and be independent whether or not they are in a relationship- which is surely a normal, understandable thing?

      1. TJ:
        Madre got “red pulled” by watching men be attracted to beautiful girls, not smart ones, because we live in a Feminist society that lies to our kids. I hear parents tell their kids “sweetie, you are so special, you are amazing and perfect in every way”. REALLY?? 🙄
        So our Baby Boomer parents told us growing up that she was smart and that in this “new feminist world” intelligence would trump beauty for women or intelligence would trump physical attributes for men. It simply will never happen. Attraction is irrational, not decided.
        Your idea that men simply left their wives to be with a hotter, younger gold digger after on is simply insane. Divorce used to be “fault based”, so a husband that did that to a wife would lose HUGE in divorce, lose child custody, pay through the nose for alimony and child support for decades.
        No-fault divorce allows the husband to do that. But are the men doing that to women? Nope. Statistic show over 80% of all divorces nationwide are filled by women. The women create a system where the party who destroys the marriage (through abuse or adultery) often wins big. That is because the women are the ones divorcing frivolously and divorce raping the men in the process. Just look at numbers, this is not a secret.
        Most women are MISERABLE in their jobs. Miserable. Why do you think women consumption of alcohol and anti-depressants are though the roof??
        Have you ever worked in a law firm before? Try dating a female Paralegal or a female lawyer. They are miserable human beings. hey hate their jobs. And women control 90%+ of paralegal jobs.
        How about HR where women easily outpace men in HR workers. How fun is that hearing people bitch all day, get into fights, fire people, etc. How fun is that?
        Dental Hygienist…. how many men (if any) do you meet that do that work How fun is that job 🙄
        Military women? Cops? How do women handle these high stress jobs?? Do you think prescription drugs, alcohol, and anti-depressants to “treat” their misery is happiness and “loving their jobs”?
        How about these women you meet at DMV? They seem happy! LOL…. McDonald’s ladies seem to also have a grand ‘ole time. 🙄
        The only jobs I can see women enjoying is teaching young kids OR high school, since women have been fucking young guys now by the thousands each year, Just go any news website, women teachers are getting snapped on the wrists for banging students (when male teachers would get 20 years in prison for).
        Anyone thinks Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Whoopi Goldberg, or whatever are “happy” in their careers? Ever wonder why Angelina had to adopt 20 kids + ones she had with Bard? They are miserable. If career women were happy, we would not have the opioid and anti-depressant addition crisis in America today. Hollywood and DC would be happiest places ever.
        LOL 🙄

        1. I know a lot of women hate their jobs. But a lot of men hate their jobs too. That doesn’t mean they should all be forced to stay at home.
          A lot of men on this site seem to think western women with careers are very unhappy being the way that they are. It’s true that some of them are unhappy, but they are probably much happier this way compared to women from most countries in the world.
          Do you honestly think a woman who is forced to stay at home and have however many kids her husband wants in some poor third world country regardless of what she wants to do with her life is happier than a middle class woman in the UK with a desk job she finds boring sometimes?

        2. And ok, for the sake of the argument we’ll accept that men hardly ever leave their wives of many years for young gold diggers.
          But the numbers of women who leave their husbands for younger guys, (for whatever reasons) are much, much lower, so by your logic practically negligible.
          So if someone gave you a guarantee that if you gave up the career you worked extremely hard (and might have even paid thousands of dollars to go to university ) to get, you would get a woman who would never leave you, would you actually do it?
          If the answer is no, then think about why you wouldn’t want to do it.
          Because you worked hard to get that job? Most women have worked hard to get their jobs too.
          Because you don’t want to lose the independence to make your own money? Many women wouldn’t want to do that either.
          Because you know any woman who demands that you stop working forever (even you know she’ll stay with you forever if you do) is not worth staying with in the first place? Most women know that now too.

        3. This bitch is just gaslighting you. You gave her stats and she still says it isn’t true. Gynocentrism 101. Female Taqiya. They will lie without remorse to keep the matriarchy running.

        4. TJ,
          From what I’ve seen most women leave their husbands for a lonely solitary life with a house full of cats. I have no idea why.

      2. @ TJ
        I was red pilled when I realized that, as ChristianCool has stated above, my intelligence and education meant less to boys than my beauty. My mother and teachers always stressed the importance of education and career. They said I’d be successful if I played by those rules. What they did not tell me was that, as ChristianCool says, there is chemistry between boys and girls that is instinctual, biological and uncontrollable. It’s like magic that happens or doesn’t happen. Someone is attracted to you or isn’t… No man was more attracted to me because I had a university degree or a stable job. So basically I spent years pursuing something which was good for my personal development but which did not help me find a boyfriend.
        Women want to marry up the social ladder. Men don’t mind marrying women who are below them or on the same level. So if you are a woman, the higher education you have, the narrower your choice of male partners. When I was at a university, I had a few male colleagues. The ones that were available did not want to date me. They always picked the prettiest girl in the class instead, and no wonder. It mattered little that I was smart, because I always paled in comparison to those beautiful girls. They didn’t even have to try and they were chosen.
        In my own experience, family trumps money and career. I worry about all those women who choose to stay single and childless, because they will be terribly alone once their career is over. Money won’t hug you. A dog or a cat won’t call you “Mommy.” When you are in the protective, warm embrace of a loved man, you draw comfort and assurance from that touch…you can’t get the same feeling if you press your face against a university diploma. Men are irreplaceable, period. Children ditto. My family is my lifeline.

        1. Madre,
          If you were in any way nice, pleasant, or attentive a guy would of banged you and married you. But you behaved like all the other entitled cunts, and being an ugly entitled cunt were totally ignored. Buy a few cats and be happy with you solitary existence.

        2. @ John Dodds
          You don’t know me, John. I am not an ugly, sour feminist. I have a family now, but in order to get it I had to change my thinking and basically unlearn what my mother and teachers had taught me in the 1980s.
          The young men I met in school were interested in sex with girls but not marriage. I think they themselves were immature — they were looking for experience, not a long-term relationship. Getting “banged” for the pleasure of it was not all that appealing. All you get is a bad reputation and remorse.
          A number of my more beautiful classmates are now divorced, while I am still married. So I think I’m doing something right.

        3. If your saying that girls should be discouraged from a young age from focusing on getting an education and finding a career, and instead be told to focus on their looks, as men prefer pretty women over smart ones, I strongly disagree.
          Because as I said earlier, it’s well known that good looking people are preferred as partners- and that too by both genders, not just men.
          Everybody knows just being educated isn’t enough to get the man or woman you want. Everybody knows that looks matter to people when they are looking for a partner. The whole “good boys only care about your intelligence and personality” thing is just a well intentioned lie told by parents and teachers to teen girls so that they work hard at school instead of obsessing over boys. And frankly, I don’t think it’s bad advice either. We all know it’s better for a teen girl to try her best to achieve her full potential at school, discover herself and choose the right career rather than crying over how Luke in 9A would probably fancy her if she was taller/shorter/more developed/fatter/thinner/whatever.
          However, though it is true that having a good career alone doesn’t guarantee a young woman a happy, successful long term relationship in the future, neither does being attractive and low achieving. The truth is, nothing can guarantee anyone that.
          That is exactly why girls should be encouraged to do what they genuinely want to do when it comes to their career, whether it’s to be a doctor, a beautician, join the army or even be a housewife if that’s what they really want to do. Because the career they have doesn’t determine whether or not they’ll find a good man who’ll stay with them- or whether they’ll find a good man at all.
          And anyway in the end, finding a man isn’t the be all and end all of life for a woman, just as finding a woman isn’t the be all and end all of life for a man.
          It’s important to remember that staying single because you couldn’t find the right person is far better than settling for the wrong person, making compromise after compromise for them and things not working out anyway (whether that means getting divorced or remaining unhappy in the relationship)
          And as for children, if someone who’s reasonably well to do with no criminal record and a decent personal life wants to adopt, it’s unlikely that they would be stopped. It isn’t necessary to get into a long term relationship with a man to experience that.

  11. @ChistianCoo
    Black women & white men couples have the lowest divorce rates in the USA. While black men & white women couples have the highest divorce rates in the USA.
    Insecure & jealous black man like you have always tried to poure dirts on black women to hide the collective failure of black men.

    1. SUNBURN
      This is because black women are usual supermodels and the white husband is David Bowie.
      Black women, no fools about thugs, are not going to marry a white loser thug of the Sean Penn or Jax the biker mold.
      It is naive white women who stand at the welfare office with Mulatto children.

      1. You are absolutely correct. White women take a big risk when they date down black men. Most of them become single mothers or crack whores. Either way their life become miserable.

    2. Sunburn, I am not black. I am not pasty white as my Mom is northern Italian and my father is Dutch, but I have thick medium brown hair and blue eyes. I am definitely white guy by all standards, just not Irish pasty white. LOL 😀
      I think you are missing my point. My point is not racial-based divorce rates, and yes, I know the breakdown, the NIH and Census have data on this.
      My point is that CULTURE, not race determines divorce rates. Feminist mentality, and how low the quality of the women will be in a given country. In Brazil, FemiNazism has become the national religion and therefore, ruined women of all races in that minority-white country. The Feminist mindset in Brazil is so powerful, women of all races and economic backgrounds have covered themselves with tattoos, exploded in weight, and became un-feminine and aggressive cunts of the lowest caliber.
      You can introduce radical western Feminism (cultural Marxism) Malaysia, Norway, or Nigeria. The moment Feminism takes national prevalence and takes over media, government, education, and culture, it is game over for that country. The women will become crap, the men will become lazy and disconnected, and society will crumble under its own weight.
      The cultural cancer of leftism and feminism will rot any country, any culture, and nay race. That is my point. 😉

      1. @ChistianCool
        Okay my bad. Sorry for the harsh words.
        I thought you are a black man because most black guys I know try to scare away white men from dating black women. Deep down they know that a classy & beautiful black woman will never date a ghetto black men.

        1. No problem, Sunburn. I can take it as well as I dish it out. 🙂 lol
          It is extremely hard to find a feminine black woman in America today, that is for sure. I knew a black Brazilian guy in high school (this was in Florida) and he told me was going back to Brazil as he liked black women, but only feminine ones and the American ones disgusted him, with their large and in charge attitudes.
          Mind you this was mid-1990s when Brazil was still a country full of feminine hot women. Now I bet this dude would be trying to sneak into America to date our women, because Brazilian women have become disgustingly huge and FemiNazis covered in biker-gang tattoos. 😡
          I do not discourage any man from choosing the women he wants. I believe we are all individuals, even women who often think collectively and follow trends rather then their own conscience and traditions.
          Funny thing, since we are on topic of black feminine women. There as this one American black girl in my high school, she was actually super feminine, thin, no ghetto-speech, vey nice to be around, and with long (straightened) hair. She controlled such a level of attention from the top black dudes in my school, you would think OTHER black women around her would see her and “get the message” and make some changes to their behaviors!!! But nooooooo. 🙄 They kept eating Cheetoes and whole boxes of fried doughnuts all day and yelling ghetto shit across the hallway. 🙄
          I guess the Feminist imperative is so ingrained in their minds, they could not see what was just in front of them! *shrug*

        How many black women do you see hanging around Biker clubhouses or meth lab type white criminal thug settings?
        How many black women would want to have a Sean Penn or Death Wish white scumbag like Goldblum or “Nirvana” baby?
        Not many. It is a white woman thing.

        1. Madman, you have a point there. It seems to be an UPPER middle class white woman thing too. The lower middle class white women seem to want to marry up and get out of the trailer parks or crappy “working class” rust belt neighborhoods they grew up in.
          I married a lower-middle class American girl, sweet, girl from next door. She married UP with me for sure, that was no secret. But she has never even wanted to be near anyone from ghetto, never listen to rap, and never would even consider dating a guy with tattoos.
          But you are right man, the ghetto-fixation of American culture has definitely had a major impact on upper-middle class white women disproportionately. I think their parents also spoiled them to rot, which made them entitled as hell too. With everything handed to them, why not get into the”thug life”?

        2. MM
          Spot on.
          99% of the time it is White women and White women only who go for the bad boys.
          Black women, particularity the ones who grew up in Africa would never do that.

        3. CHRISTIAN
          Let us examine the OJ case. The Jew got some restitution. His father got a Jew lawyer who sued Simpson down to his underwear in civil court and won easily. As a result, OJ’s life unraveled quickly. He lost all his money to the Goldman’s father and ended up trying to rob people.
          But Nicole got no money. Her family were middle-class whites who were naive and simply never got a single cent.

        4. PETER
          Black Female sees the slit glaring eyes and mean mouth of Sean Penn and the tattoos…she crosses the street and would scream if he approached her.
          NB Even a high-end thug like Tony Soprano with his power and wealth does not attract black women…she knows he is going to end up dead or in jail.
          White female sees a black thug and thinks…I am in loveeeeeee

      3. CHRISTIAN
        Northern Italians like Jane Fonda (Genoa) or Alan Alda (Milan) are white as hell. Look at Rocco Seffredi.
        You have to get into Sicily to see Ralph Macchio or Pacino types able to pass for Hispanic. This is because the Arabs never really got into mainland Italy. Even Gandolphini was not really THAT swarthy.
        On Italian intermarriage.
        One thing that happened with Italian women from the South is that they married WASP males in America from the middle-class because they did not want to be the beasts-of-burden of Daniel LaRusso types in Newark who would end up having 4-5 kids.
        A great many Sicilian women just “married out” into the middle-class.

        1. Madman:
          I know Italians pretty well. The northern Italians (my grandmother was pure Lobmbardian stock, natural reddish brown hair and blue eyes). My grandfather was from Abruzzi, that is central Italy, so he had green eyes, a little more tanned (he jogged outside everyday) and dark brown hair.
          Italy is 4 countries in 1:
          Northern Italy: think Fabio or Leonardo DiCaprio. Almost all models from Italy come from here.
          Central Italy (Mezzogiorno): think John Travolta, Madonna, Antoni Sabatto Jr.
          Southern Italy: Think Marissa Tomei, she is perfect example. Chizeled cheekbones, pitch black hair, brown eyes.
          Sicily: the genetic toilet of Italy. Think Danny DeVito. 😀 Pregnant-belly Fat, short, bald, angry, intellectually-inferior, with a 1″ dick. They do NOT consider themselves Italian at all, unless it is during World Cup. Sicilians have their own president and all, and they identify as Sicilian, NOT Italian, if asked “where are you from”.
          There is a term in Italian, called a “pallerma”, meaning someone from Sicily’s biggest city, Palermo. The invective is that someone from Palermo = ugly or stupid.
          If you wanna piss off a real Italian ask him “Aren’t you Sicilian? I thought you looked Sicilian”.
          That is like asking “how can you NOT be Sicilian, you are so damn ugly/stupid?”!!
          LOL 😀

        2. Christian
          Sicilians seem to be Arab as hell. There is Arab in their language and their food dishes.

        3. CHRISTIAN
          Travolta is half-Irish. Leonardo is 3/4 German (And looks it). De Vito is from Naples.
          Pacino and Macchio and Stallone look like Sicilians. They look like Arabs or Mexicans, essentially. More or less, especially in Eastern Sicily, they are half-Arab.

        4. @ChistianCool
          my great-grandfather on my maternal side was from AbruzzO(my moms dad was German-American Catholic with roots from Stuttgart) and you are dead on about the green eye, slightly tanned look in Abruzzo. My dads roots are Campanian (between Naples and Foggia) and his family fits the darker southern mainland Italian look. If you haven’t been to Abruzzo region, go. Moutains, nice beaches, great food (arosticini is an Abruzzese delicacy) and no BLM.

        5. MADMAN:
          I was using Travolta, DeVito, and DiCaprio as examples of what they LOOK like, in terms of Italians. A northern Italian looks more like DiCaprio then say Al Pacino. A Central Italian has that dark hair light eye and medium skin tone you see in Travolta. I merely mentioned them because they are famous and therefore, easy references. 😉
          I used to mention the model Fabio as a typical northern Italian or Antonio Sabato Jr who is from Central Italy (Mezzogiorno is how we determine it)… but no one seems to know who they are! LOL 😀 That is why I use DiCaprio and Travolta as examples.
          I know Travolta is half-Irish, he has said his upbringing was basically all Irish-American minded. he just got the hair, eyes, and Italian look (and dance moves, it seems). LOL
          Dude, maybe we are distant relatives? 😮 My grandfather is pure Abbruzo stock, dark hair, green eyes, medium skin tone, super-fit, total Alpha, but as hot-headed as they come. LOL 😀
          My grandmother is natural reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, super pale skin (tons of brown spots due to living for years in horse farm in Campania as well, yes, near Napoli). She is originally from a small town in Lombardy (which is named after the Germanic barbarians, Lombards, who invaded northern Italy in the 5th Century and helped finish off the Roman Empire and plunge Western Europe into chaos for centuries).
          Both my grandparents left Italy due to chaotic nature of Western Europe period between WWI and WWII. But they married here anyway, and had pure Italian kids. Back in the day, people wanted to have kids that carried their genes…
          I am sometimes asked on street or stores if I am Italian, simply because I am naturally cocky and great at conversation, but appearance-wise, I look probably much more Dutch like my Dad (he is ethnic Dutch, not Flanders fake-Dutch Belgium wannabes). I am also asked if I am Canadian for some reason. Maybe blue eyes/brown hair combo is a Canadian look?? I joke I am getting a fake Canadian ID, so I can say “yes, I am from Canada, eh”. Lol 😀

        6. DiCaprio is not Italian in phenotype at all. Just compare Leos looks to his fathers. Looks like only his fathers Bavarian half and German mother shaped him.

  12. Excellent article. It all boils down to the fact that women are simply not partaking in building out their feminine qualities. This includes starting a family, cooking, developing relationships, etc. For thousands of years women instinctively understood that one day their looks would fade, and their value will lie in their feminine qualities. You see this in older women from conservative countries who have a certain familial warmth that only a life of femininity can cultivate. Unfortunately the globalists have all but erased this wisdom from the minds of the modern woman.

  13. One of the biggest reasons Western women are so unhappy is because feminism is meant to MAKE them miserable.
    It never ends. #metoo is just the latest to convince/brainwash women into believing that instead of being the most privileged group in human history they are “oppressed” in some way.
    This disrupts society, and disrupts it better than an atomic blast. Which was exactly what it was meant to do.
    So there you go. Career women are miserable because nothing they do matters; feminism is always there to make them miserable. It’s like running around in the rain in order not to get wet.
    To the mainstream media and feminists reading this: just compare the “happiness ratings” of women from decades ago to now. Now explain why the ratings are so much lower, and DO NOT say because women from back then “didn’t know better.”

  14. 1.) Even the very first point in this article has no basis in reality. Men are by and large NOT more attractive in their 40s than in their 20s.
    Sure there might be some rare exceptions like guys who were very overweight or unattractive when they were younger and later started working out/eating healthier/grooming themselves and therefore looked better when they were older. And of course the celebrities who look better know than they did years ago, which is for the simple reason that they literally have the best of everything now- which they obviously didn’t before they were rich and famous, or at least as rich and famous as they are now.
    The average guy definitely does not look better at 45, balding, with wrinkles and a beer belly than he did younger and fitter at 25.
    The reason you see so many young, pretty women with older men isn’t because older men are more physically attractive! At least 90% of the time it’s because those men have a lot of money and a high status. And even if the man is not particularly wealthy, you’ll almost always find that he’ll be a lot richer than her, at any rate.
    If you don’t believe me, try remembering how many average looking 45 year old plumbers and electricians you know or you’ve heard of who are in relationships with attractive women significantly younger than them.
    2.) I honestly don’t know how the writer has come to the conclusion that “the more a woman accomplishes, the less attractive she becomes”.
    Ok, I appreciated that she may now be less attractive to men who have themselves accomplished less than she has, but surely not to men who are of the same level? I mean look around you. Most men marry and settle down with women somewhere around the same financial status as them.
    The thing about high achieving men supposedly never wanting to be with high achieving women is also equally confusing. I know and know of quite a few men with high status, well paying jobs who have married women who are also have high status, well paying jobs (sometimes even the exact same job as them).
    To be honest, I’ve actually noticed that the only people of either gender who only want to be with people of a significantly lower financial status are either egotists, who can’t handle being with someone anywhere in their league when it comes to intelligence, education or wealth and of course, the users and manipulators, who think someone of a much lower status is easier to control and sometimes even abuse.

    1. That last sentence says it all about your views. You say “either gender” but that is just politically correctspeak for “men are guilty of it.”
      “High-powered career women” are usually in such positions because of some government-demanded quota system. How many of them NEVER had to go through the drudgery of the lower levels of a business hierarchy? I’ve worked warehouse jobs and noticed that while male managers typically spent time “in the trenches” with the workers female managers somehow got there without doing any of the lifting or fun things like unloading heavy items off of trucks in the rain and freezing cold.
      I had to work under female managers who ALWAYS called me when the scanners needed recharging or froze up.
      So don’t try that with me.

      1. First of all, when I said of either gender, I literally meant of either gender.
        There are women who just want to manipulate and use their partners. And many such women will deliberately seek out men of a significantly lower status as they feel this will make their job easier. And there are men who do this too.
        And by the way I live in England, and over here there are no gender based quotas for any jobs, so it’s safe to say most of the working women I know would have got where they are through merit (whether they are the best at their job or not).

        1. TJ,
          I lived in England, there were female first quotas on all employment. How come you don’t know that?

      2. You guys kidding here?Women have job hiring quotas in all countries with feminism as government politics. Same with minorities. IN Cali whites are minorities and still get passed up for jobs base don race only issues.
        Funny how women have a whole system of benefits created just for them and they cant see how they benefit. rigged system in their favor why would they wanna change it?

        1. Again, as far as I can see there are no quotas for women or minorities in the UK.
          Not a feminist or anything but that is just not true.

    2. TJ, I am going to assume you are a woman that wrote that post. Men already know that women want status and money in men. Men already know that a women don’t flock to plumbers or janitors. Men do not give two shits about a woman’s financial situation or status. Its not in our DNA to care about your money. We just care about your fertility and your femininity and nothing else

      1. Except the thing is, not all women are obsessed enough with chasing money to get into a relationship with a man 25 years older than them.
        You do realise that if they wanted, most attractive middle and working class women could just get with some rich older guy?
        But the vast majority don’t, because they tend to look for attractive men close to their own age. An average woman is attracted to money and status to the extent that they don’t want a guy who would be embarrassing to introduce to family and friends (i.e someone significantly below her own financial and social status).
        The women who are willing to be with guys years older than them (or guys they wouldn’t otherwise be attracted to in general) simply because they are rich are by no means the majority.
        And as for men never caring about women’s status, speak for yourself, because the majority of men definitely do.
        It’s an extremely bad idea to get into a long term relationship with a woman just because she is feminine and attractive, without thinking about her character. Because if I can say one thing for certain it’s that women with good character and morals (or even just ok morals) don’t marry or settle down with men who are in no way compatible with them just because they are rich.

        1. TJ,
          You need to be young and attractive to bag an older guy. And most of us older guys don’t just hand out the money any more, we make you work for it. I mainly pump and dump, be happy with your cats, it’s all you will ever have for a LTR. PS. Most ‘attractive middle and working class women’, would be about 2% of the English females, English women are almost as ugly as African women.

        2. It seems you are out of touch with reality TJ unless you mean middle aged women dating 70 year old rich men. Why would rich 40 year old men want a 40 year old women ? That almost never happens.

        3. RP,
          As a relatively wealthy 60+ guy, I hardly ever bang 40+, 20yos don’t cost any more than 40yos so I might as well buy a 20yo for the night. To put it bluntly, no point in wasting viable semen on infertile wombs. I never understand why 40+yo women thing anyone wants them, they ain’t good for anything, droopy tits and sagging bums, no thanks?

      2. RP, the truth is the majority of rich men (or any men) are already married, or atleast in a committed, long term relationship by the time they hit 40.
        The ones that aren’t have two options: either look for relationships with women of their own age who haven’t yet settled down, or go for younger more attractive women who far below their own status.
        If the man is rich, with no kids of his own, he’s not going to want to marry some divorced 40 year old single mum with 2 kids already who most likely doesn’t want any more. He’s also not going to want to marry one of the women who are still single because they are either extremely unattractive, extremely promiscuous, or have extremely weird or difficult personalities.
        So he is instead going to go for an attractive woman several years younger than him, who hasn’t been married before, has no kids and doesn’t have anything outwardly wrong with her personality.
        So basically, many of the ‘rich but still single’ men in their 40s don’t want the ‘rich but still single’ women in their 40s, because those women are usually either divorcees and single mothers, or they have something wrong with them (which is why they are still single). Not just because the women are rich too.
        There are many rich 40 year old men married to women of around the same age and status. It’s just they didn’t meet and get married as 40 year olds.

    I thought you married one of your mud sharks and retired……
    Glad you’re back.

  16. I would personaly be with a plumber because I know they are not hurting. As long as they clean up I do not care if their job is dirty.

  17. John Dodds, firstly, I have no idea how you think most British women are ugly.
    Even if you exclude women with any immigrant background and only look at the ones who are 100% fully White English, there is a huge variety in facial features, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, body shapes, etc. If we’re assuming your only talking about women in their 20s and early 30s, the vast majority of them are slim and fit too.
    And many of these women could be in relationships with better off, much older guys if they wanted to, but they don’t. Most women prefer men closer to their own age, even if that usually means they aren’t a lot richer than them.
    The only women who deliberately seek out much older, much richer men are gold diggers.
    And to be honest I’m glad you don’t go for long term relationships with women like that, because I know of men who did, and regretted it long after.

    1. TJ,
      English women, poor skin often farmer red cheeks, a funny shape small on top and big on the bottom, and generally much too big. I like my women to be small and slim (as in weighing less then 50Kg). Good luck finding one of those over 20 in the UK. Not to mention they have the most unpleasant attitudes towards men in the world, nasty entitled bitches the lot of ’em.

      1. Weighing less than 50kg!? As far as I know that’s not common in for women in any part of the world. Infact you’d be hard put to find any 18+ girls who weigh that little, unless they are very very short. If they aren’t, and weigh less than 50kg, they’d actually be classed as very underweight.
        And as for them having a bad attitude to men, I’ve found most to be ok, so I don’t know. I would definitely class England as being one of the countries with more attractive women rather than less.

        1. Less than 50Kg is normal for most young women outside the western world. India, China, Asia, women that haven’t let themselves go normal weight range 40-50Kg. The west is full of big manly women, and horribly overweight women.

        2. the United Kingdom is full of fat purple haired disgusting fem shreks.You need get out more sweetheart. LOLZ

      2. And btw I even looked up ‘female first quotas’ in the UK online, all I could find was something similar being used in the Labour Party called ‘all women shortlists’ when selecting ministers and a bunch of arguments about why we should never introduce quotas for women.
        So there don’t appear to be any government enforced quotas or ‘reserved’ jobs for women or (or anyone else).

        1. Can you tell me how to get to the alien world you live on? Because apparently you don’t live on this one…
          For crying out loud, when I hear a radio ad for jobs most of the time I hear “females and minorities are encouraged to apply.” Now why would they bother saying that if they weren’t under some government mandate?

  18. I couldn’t agree with you more. Biology is not in women’s favor, and now social forces are pushing them to suicide (figuratively). They cry about the pay gap, but as women marry up, the more money they make (as you point out) the fewer potential mates they have. Society pushes them to inflate their body count (to get it out of their system) when this in essence makes them less attractive to men, harms their biological bonding process, and ultimately leads to future unhappiness. Finally, their fertility clock winds down during the years they could be having children OR having a career. The work place is not built to accommodate this; it’s built for competitive and aggressive men.
    BUT, what happens when I happened to fall in love with a girl I met when she was 29 who exhibits many of these signs, and may have been experiencing a crisis, as you described? We’ve been together on and off for two years.

  19. Wrong about the age thing. Men get more attractive all the way up into their 70’s these days. My father and many of his friends are older guys who are smart, successful, and have a lot going on in their lives, and pull attractive women in their 20s.

    1. Ask any woman in her late teens all the way up to her 50s and she’ll probably say she doesn’t find 70 year old men attractive.
      99% of the women you see in their 20s and 30s with men in their 70s are just gold diggers, nothing else.
      It’s foolish of those men to get into long term relationships with women like that.

      1. Duh sweetie. that is what pay for play is. no relationship shits to deal with just tight and hot pussy to pound.
        try the reverse show me some hot 20 or 30 guy with some old fem-fart and show me their love? LOLZZZZ Its cash$$$!
        RP guys are tired of these beat up old hags, we want the good stuff. so what they want cash, we will pay. cheaper then divorce and cheaper then dating anyways.

        1. If you want nothing more than pay for play and tight and hot pussy to pound (your words not mine) then fine, whatever, have fun in that sugar daddy type arrangement (because that’s exactly what it is).
          But if your entering into long term relationships with women who clearly only want you for your money, I have no words for your lack of sense.

      2. TJ,
        Yeah, but most women are whores and fuck for money, not for attraction.
        How many homeless guys have you had sex with? None.

        1. What a joke! That’s definitely not most women. You’ll find that 90% of women are married to men of somewhere around the same status as them.
          Most women would never have sex purely for money unless they were in abject poverty and had to do so to sustain themselves and their family.
          Believe it or not, most women want to sleep with ‘hot’ guys. It’s actually very rare that a woman who could be considered beautiful herself is with a much less guy just because he is richer than her.
          The few that do (the gold diggers) often have no issues with cheating in their rich 60 year old husband with random hot younger guys, provided they get the opportunity.

  20. We men are happier than women because:
    1.We are not entitled and spoiled, we don’t expect the world to bow down to us
    2.We are capable of creation and beating challenges
    3.We have a harder life, and therefore, become stronger people

    1. @zzxx
      Yep. ask for strength you get difficulties which you overcome and become better. Men are better for this and the Whine Beasts (fems) of today just want the world handed to them. swallow red pill men and this system will end.

  21. research gay marriage divorce rates (Wikipedia offers some stats)..the frequency of lesbian divorce is regularly almost TWICE that of gay men ( so yes..women cant even get along with their own kind (nothing new here 🙂

  22. Humans are sophisticated apes.
    It’s all about the pursuit of food and orgasm…everything that follows is called responsibility.

  23. Humans are sophisticated apes.
    It’s all about the pursuit of food and orgasms….everything that follows is a developed sense of ego and responsibility.

  24. A slight disagreement on the women as leaders or positions of power in companies.
    Yes, some of them act like men and have masculine dispositions to get there, but in most scenarios, they are only there to fill in the diversity quotas the SJWs and feminists have forced down society’s throats (at least here in the West).
    Most of them aren’t even competent let alone have the mental capacity to run these companies properly and have to rely on their subordinates or fellow (MALE) managers to do their job.
    Prime example: YouTube. Its feminist “CEO” is driving the platform head first into an early grave and driving content creators out en masse because of its idiotic “hate speech” and 1984-esque censoring to avoid hurting the fee fees of whiny man-children and feminists.
    You can literally get a community guideline strike and demonetized just for uttering the word “gun” or “weapon” in a video.
    So there you go, feminine women who are enticed by the wonders of the diversity quota placed in positions of power by beta-cucks are destroying companies left and right because of their feminine nature. And the best part? They don’t even realise it.

  25. You forgot another thing about part 2; precious time (youth) gets wasted climbing the corporate ladder, and so unless she knows people, a woman can’t reach the top job unless she sacrifices all her fertile years.

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