4 Reasons You Need To Master The Art Of Sales

Selling is undoubtedly the most important skill for a person to develop within their lifetime. The ability to sell will inflate your bank account and ensure you live a prosperous life. Beyond that, a good salesman becomes a master at the art of persuasion and understands basic principles of psychology to ensure he gets his way in life.

In every interaction you have with others, sales are being made in the form of presented ideas, requests, and beliefs. If you aren’t the stronger salesman, you will be constantly persuaded and influenced by other people’s opinions and ideas. However, with sales and persuasion skills, you can influence others to agree with your opinion, see value in your character, or just buy your product.

A good salesman will also need to sell himself on his ideas, beliefs, and personal value. When he is sold on himself, the persuasion of others will fall on deaf ears and he can move through life with an unerring confidence known only to few.

Let’s dive in-detail to a few reasons why we need to master our ability to sell. Hopefully I can sell you on the idea…

1. Commission – The Reward You Get For Making A Sale

“Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission.”—Grant Cardone

Commission isn’t just something the guy at Best Buy gets when he sells you a flat-screen TV. Commission is the reward you get for effectively selling yourself or someone else on something and then continuing to sell it until completion.

Sell yourself on eating healthy and you get the paid the commission of higher energy, better libido, improved complexion and so on. Sell yourself on exercise and you get paid the commission of a good physique, improved confidence, and lady magnetization.

When I reached out to Roosh to guest post on Return Of Kings, I had to sell him an idea—this post and your attention is my commission. However, if you can’t identify a commission, you will never pay the price to get it.

2. Persuasion – Getting Your Way

In every exchange, positive or negative, one person is more persuasive than the other person. Whoever is most persuasive will get his way.

A parent trying to persuade their kid to eat their vegetables is going to have to sell them on the benefits of vegetables. Of course, the child is going to return with its own persuasion techniques and whoever is more persuasive wins.

If you and your girlfriend had different ideas about what would be the perfect way to spend next Friday night, whoever is more persuasive will see their plans come to pass. By simply understanding that in every encounter someone is persuading, you already have a leg up.

Of course, the power of persuasion can be abused. So, to use persuasion ethically, simply believe in what you are selling. You believe in the value of vegetables and you know that your plans would be more fun than your girlfriends. If you are truly sold on your position and ethical, getting your way would actually be beneficial to the others and giving up is unethical.

For example, I sell an eBook helping men overcome depression. I believe the information within is unparalleled. Therefore, I can ethically be pushy in my sales because I know that my ideal customer will actually suffer if I don’t make my sale. It is unethical to let them walk away.

3. Personal Confidence

Personal confidence only comes as a result of being sold on your character and value. Failure to present your value to yourself cannot possibly yield the commission of confidence.

Selling yourself on your value is undoubtedly the most important sale you will ever make. It is from here that all other sales originate. A timid little boy cannot outsell a confident man.

Unfortunately, true confidence can’t be faked. You can bullshit others about a product. You might even be able to make others think you are confident. But you can’t bullshit yourself about your confidence. Confidence only manifests commissions when it is real and genuine.

If you can’t truly make the sale of confidence, here are a two tips to help persuade yourself:

Improve Your Value

If you aren’t confident, it is likely because you lack value in a particular area. Just like a product is sold off of its value, so is your confidence. Start improving whatever area of your life lacks value.

If you aren’t physically fit, your value to the opposite sex is lacking. Improving your physique will improve your value and, consequently, your confidence.

If you aren’t overly intelligent, pick up some books and unlock the potential of your brain. As your wisdom grows, your value to the marketplace will grow and, consequently, so will your confidence.

Use Affirmations Ceaselessly

Another extremely effective method to convince yourself of your value is through the usage of affirmations. If you have even a moment of mental leisure throughout your day, begin speaking positive words to yourself… sell yourself to yourself. This might look as so:

  • I am charismatic and extroverted
  • I am calm and confident
  • I am a master of sales. I can sell anything to anyone

Through regular repetition of positive affirmations, your subconscious mind will make small psychological shifts and start thinking these thoughts naturally over time. As these thoughts become natural and frequent, so will their corresponding actions and rewards.

4. Become Your Own Boss

“We learn to read by the time we’re seven. We learn to make a living by the time we’re 30. Often by that time we’re not only making a living, we’re supporting a family. And yet by the time we’re 65, we haven’t learned how to become financially independent in the richest land that has ever been known.” – Earl Nightingale

Finally, we arrive to the part of selling that most people associate sales with—the big bucks. There is no ceiling for a good salesman who is sold on his product. Since a salesman is paid by commission, his income is only capped by the amount of product he can sell.

And, of course, the amount of product he can sell and commission he will receive is only capped by his persuasion skills and confidence.

In Conclusion

To the professional salesman, the world is a playground. With the ability to sell and persuade both others and himself, the professional salesman lives the life he wants.

Whether you want to get the girl, improve your health, travel the world, make your own schedule, or even overcome your low self-esteem, it is imperative you learn how to sell.

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65 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Need To Master The Art Of Sales”

  1. Many salesmen are duds — they either go nowhere, or barely tread water. They never learn that a person has to already want to buy, prior to meeting you. If it’s not a “hell yes”, then it’s a “hell no”, and you should walk away. They’re wasting your time. Can’t tell you how often I saw this in the car industry (had a few car salesman friends, over the years). One gave it up and is now a low-voltage installer.

    1. I dunno, I did sales for a couple of years, and I can tell you that there were days where I couldn’t sell to a sole, and other days where I couldn’t not. And working for commission, you deeply analyse what you did differently on the days you were on fire. I can put it down to 3 things:
      1. I looked and smelt good. I was fresh, clothing clean. I didn’t look poor, I didn’t look desperate.
      2. I was full of genuine enthusiasm and genuinely happy (because I’d got laid the night before, or whatever). It’s an infectious vibe.
      3. I believed in the product I was selling. If you don’t believe in it, they won’t either.
      And the rest of it’s luck. Good weather, good music, whatever.

  2. Sales is bullshit for the most part. Everyone these days has everything they need- anything else is extraneous and more than likely just supports the demented consumerist structure. If you want to learn how to navigate the world read 48 laws of power, and pick up a skill/trade to sustain yourself as you work your way up. TheyRiseBand put it quite aptly; conventional sales jobs are pretty much a dead end.

    1. Middlemen will always be needed though. Watch the film, Middlemen, you’ll see. Sales is not only buying and selling, but negotiating. You need to find out what the person needs, and fill that hole with you shit. A middle man is the grease between the product and the consumer, and his skills are based in sales and business knowledge.

      1. Some middlemen, yes. Others, like realtors… Not so much. Actual conversation from my house shopping adventure (the process is a joke — I still rent).
        Realtor: “So, this is the kitchen. All new appliances. This is the livi-”
        Me: “-No shit.” (while looking for cracks in walls).
        Realtor: “Um… What are you looking for?”
        Me: “Indications of structural damage or foundation issues. Can I see the roof, basement, and garage floors, please?”
        Realtor: “Well, I can’t show you the roof, but I can have someone come out to certify it. And the basement is a little messy. I’d advise not goi-”
        Me: “-That’s fine. I’ll look elsewhere. Thank you.”

    2. You’re an idiot. If sales didn’t have some serious benefit for the companies in America, those companies wouldn’t employ 18,000,000 of them. That’s 18 million. Shit sales reps get the word out to more people (still some benefit) and good sales reps uncover high value clients, find out what they need, and then fill whatever needs they can. Overall, they are a net benefit to their companies. Even companies that don’t have “reps”, still have someone whom engages in those activities.

      1. That’s true — there are many independent (1099) reps out there, who also employ interns and other business/secretarial staff.

    3. Not all salesmen sell to consumers. There are LOADS of industry-specific salesmen, guys who go to businesses or shops and sell products or services. These men are actually useful and fill a very important niche. In fact there are lots of times that I’ll contact one of our sales reps myself when I know we need something and not even bother to wait for them to call me.

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    1. Why would they? They’ve done very well off that number. Even made it illegal to question it in Europe.
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      1. Protip: 6 figures isn’t a lot of money lol unless you are mid or high 6

        1. In the rust belt where the median wage is $40,000 a year it is a considerable sum of money.

      2. I’m in San Antonio (avg household is 40ish) and I’m brown. It’s not a lot of money lol

  4. It’s a reasonable career in a shitty economy for someone with motivation and energy but a lack of a educational credentials like a college degree.
    Recruitment is the most common unskilled point of entry these days it seems.
    You hype it up a bit too much though with motivational cool aid and clichés.
    Places that hire a lot of people with big promises like Marcus Evans pay absolute minimum base and churn and burn sales reps like no tomorrow while keeping them in line with a combination of motivational rah rah, peer pressure and gas lighting tactics.
    They have a good process, high ticket items and young newbie reps brainwashed to sacrifice themselves so even a really hard sell makes sense for the company but most likely not for you as any halfway normal person burns out after being hung up on for the 30th time today trying to pitch hard to sell high ticket stuff.
    The big winners are always the company owners not the sales reps and most opportunities don’t get you anywhere near an easy six figures. It’s surely better than flipping burgers, but you’re still just a cog in the machine.

  5. I mastered the arts of science and engineering instead of being a bullshit con artist. I get 100k a year, benefits, job security, and my schooling was paid for by a govt that loves smart Mexicans.

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        2. You are quite the troll but your handle and response are quite humorous.

    1. You can be replaced by an engineer in New Delhi who works twice as hard for 20% of the pay. A saleman cannot be so easily replaced. They are the ones who produce your pay.

      1. I work in the public sector, so no, that doesn’t apply.

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        You’ve been sold on the street shitting genius lie. Indians actually cost more because 3rd world people have 3rd world attitudes and produce shit tier work, resulting in countless re-iterations and often whole projects need to be scrapped and redone by 1st world people.
        >A saleman cannot be so easily replaced.
        I got bad news for you bro. I work with sales reps in Pakistan who speak great English that work for much less an American ever could / would work for.
        Hispanic deportees can be trained as well.
        Their attitudes obviously aren’t completely 1st world but they get the job done for low end high volume work.
        It’s upskill or perish in the west these days…

        1. Just curious, what markets those 바퀴벌레 (put it in Google Translate it’s pretty funny) reps sell into ? I assume it’s not the Far East as in my experience the Ching Chongs and the rest of the munch bunch in NE Asia absolutely DETEST Indians&Pakis.
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          To be honest I can scarcely imagine who would be willing to do business with such an uncivilised lot.

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        3. @Ajeoshi the US and Europe. These Pakistani guys don’t have thick accent like most Indians so that helps as well.

    2. “…a govt that loves smart Mexicans”
      Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale ?

      1. AJEOSHI
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  6. I’m a 25 year recent college grad who’s working a sales position. I make about 45K a year. Yeah, I’m still a cog in the machine I suppose, but sales has enforced red pills view of the world being transactional and generally I like what I do. Some days I’m confident, other days I’m plagued by corporate workplace anxiety. I’m still the top seller of my area so I must be doing something right. Still, you start to see everything through the lens of economics. I realize that human beings are commodities and at our company one is either and asset or a liability. I am the former fortunately.
    Wages could be higher put it pays for my rent, food/gas and I can afford one or two prostitutes a week so I’m a doing okay by my book 🙂

    1. At bigger companies this is true. Some small companies get family like environments, which I find is generally better. You’re less likely to be viewed as a cog and more likely as a person. You might be viewed as a good person or bad person, but still as a person.

      1. I worked at a smaller company for 13 years and what you say is very true. I worked in sales capacity as a non-managerial individual contributor who directly contributed to the company’s exponential growth. I was one of only three of the 70+ of those individual contributors to receive a stock option, that I fully excersiced a year before I left when the shares were at peak value based on the stock price that the parent company that bought us out in my latter years there. My boss who was 2nd in charge at the time told me that I helped “build this building”, meaning that when we moved to a much larger building that we bought and moved into due to our growth, he gave me sincere credit for it and backed it up with the money.

        1. >he gave me sincere credit for it and backed it up with the money.
          This is extremely rare these days. Most workers are generally being treated like disposable cattle nowadays unless you bring plenty of high level experience to the table and are aggressive about pursuing the best possible compensation.

    2. Not a bad income level you are at but if you really like sales and are developing a proficiency for it I would shop around for a better paying sales position in the near future.
      I make more than you but even I can’t afford one or two prostitutes a week 🙂 Glad you can pull it off though. A good escort is better than the hassle of the crap that is out there in the sexual marketplace.

  7. I’m in sales. I have no desire to be able to “sell anything to anyone.” It might be a great skill, but, if you utilize it, you are a con man. I want to sell things of high value to people whom need them, or would benefit from them. I enjoy consulting with intelligent, motivated clients and finding out how I can actually help them. The clients are what keeps me in sales. It’s sure as hell not the company I’m selling for. Oh, and the commissions.
    If you sell anything to anyone, over time you will destroy your reputation. If you refuse to sell just anything, and are much more picky than to just anyone, you’ll gain a lot more respect from your clientel, which makes your revenue stream consistent, and long term.

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    Sales is all about jewing people out of their money.
    Notice how necessities do not need to justify themselves.
    You will never need to convince someone to drink a glass of water.
    But salesmen make a living off (((talking))) , like a woman…

    1. No, sales is not just like talking like a women to sell your products. Real sales centres around the art of convincing the buyer, i.e. to make him understand that your products are better in quality and cheaper in price compared to that of your competitors.

  9. The big question is that has the author ever held a sales position and had any long or even short term success? Some sage points he makes but I would bet that the answer is no. He’s just another writer and most likely not a doer and never worked in the trenches much if not at all.
    I have been in sales for 23 years, mostly with successes with some failures as well. Its more than an act of persuasion, it is also composed of persistence, properly knowing your product or service and targeting your market, identifying needs and/or solving a problem for the customer or client.

    1. If you’re still doing anything after 20 years you’re a failure.
      A success earns enough to retire in 20 years.

      1. What sort of retard advice is that?
        isn’t it more like if you can’t work for 20 years then you are the failure?
        I’m pretty sure surgeons, dentists, pilots, lawyers, engineers, and business men are still working after 20 years.
        We would ALL be failures if they just threw in the towel after 20 years.

        1. bannedbro
          An America where white men retire at 40 and move overseas (Though I have)-
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        2. bannedbro
          I’ve known a few millionaires who retired in the Philippines at 40 but they get a bit bored and become alcoholics.
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      2. JOHN
        Yeah but you were born in what? 1955. That was a different job market when anybody with 5 O Levels could get a decent job.
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        Sure, I will have to continue working but I’ve been free of any of this bullshit in the West.

        1. the way you put it makes it amusing…. like that movie with jim carey “me, myself and irene”

        2. MM,
          But if she hadn’t done that, I’d still be banging a 60yo fat woman once a month and living in a cold wet country. Now I have an attractive wife half my age, 3 kids and a new house, frequent Asian holidays, live in a warm climate, and can bang as many young hookers as I like on the side.
          I look on the western divorce rape as a win in the end, it’s given me the best 10 years of my life.

        3. JOHN
          I was lucky, my girlfriend broke up with me in college. With no decent job and no house and nothing to lose, I accepted a friend’s offer to move in with him in Dubai.
          As a 23-25 year old my life was atrociously typically white working middle class. Blacks intimidated on the streets and sometimes hurtled insults. I was mugged by Mexican thugs at a bus stop. I went to the clubs trying to get laid by trying to spend money on wall-eyed pasty slags I would not look at it in Asia. On one occasion I was cautioned by police for curb-crawling. On another occasions cops searched my apartment because they smelt marijuana. A drunk redneck ran his tow-truck into the back of my car. The Jewish son of the pawnshop owner complained when I sold the bike, threatened a lawsuit.
          I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel that I experienced these things because I had nothing to lose by moving overseas.
          Having nothing to lose and leaving America was the best thing that ever happened to me.

  10. Sales is a feminine profession. Better to develop actual skills beyond the ability to bullshit and leave the con artistry to the weaker sex.

  11. Sales is a good gig for a man with a VERY particular personality. For absolutely everyone else, it is a horrible profession. Watch the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” if you want to get an idea of what it’s like.
    The author is right in some respects. Yes, much of life is the art of persuasion. But then again, much of life is showing up. Much of life is a positive attitude. Much of life is the luck of the draw. There are many things that are “much of life.” But to think that salesmen – even good ones – have somehow tapped into the sweet spot of life is fucking laughable. Practically every full-time saleseman that I know is either miserable or a fantastic bullshitter. The only ones who seem both happy and have a moral compass are selling good product to businesses that actually want them.

    1. The last scene where Lemmon looks like he will collapse on the doorstep of the prospective is telling.

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