The Boy Scouts Is Removing “Boy” From Its Name To Accommodate More Female Members

Via NY Post:

For 108 years, the Boy Scouts of America’s flagship program has been known simply as the Boy Scouts. With girls soon entering the ranks, the group says that iconic name will change.

The organization on Wednesday announced a new name for its Boy Scouts program: Scouts BSA. The change will take effect next February.

Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh said many possibilities were considered during lengthy and “incredibly fun” deliberations before the new name was chosen.

Mike Surbaugh, the man who killed the Boy Scouts

“We wanted to land on something that evokes the past but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward,” he said. “We’re trying to find the right way to say we’re here for both young men and young women.”

The parent organization will remain the Boy Scouts of America, and the Cub Scouts — its program for 7- to 10-year-olds — will keep its title as well.

But the Boy Scouts — the program for 11- to 17-year-olds — will now be Scouts BSA.

The organization has already started admitting girls into the Cub Scouts, and Scouts BSA begins accepting girls next year.

Surbaugh predicted that both boys and girls in Scouts BSA would refer to themselves simply as scouts, rather than adding “boy” or “girl” as a modifier.

The program for the older boys and girls will largely be divided along gender lines, with single-sex units pursuing the same types of activities, earning the same array of merit badges and potentially having the same pathway to the coveted Eagle Scout award.

Surbaugh said that having separate units for boys and girls should alleviate concerns that girls joining the BSA for the first time might be at a disadvantage in seeking leadership opportunities.

So far, more than 3,000 girls have joined roughly 170 Cub Scout packs participating in the first phase of the new policy, and the pace will intensify this summer under a nationwide multimedia recruitment campaign titled “Scout Me In.”

The name change comes amid strained relations between the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America.

Girl Scout leaders said they were blindsided by the move, and they are gearing up an aggressive campaign to recruit and retain girls as members.

The new boy scouts

Among the initiatives is creation of numerous new badges that girls can earn, focusing on outdoor activities and on science, engineering, technology and math. The organization is expanding corporate partnerships in both those areas, and developing a Girl Scout Network Page on LinkedIn to support career advancement for former Girl Scouts.

“Girl Scouts is the premier leadership development organization for girls,” said Sylvia Acevedo, the Girl Scouts’ CEO. “We are, and will remain, the first choice for girls and parents who want to provide their girls opportunities to build new skills … and grow into happy, successful, civically engaged adults.”

The Girl Scouts and the BSA are among several major youth organizations in the US experiencing sharp drops in membership in recent years. Reasons include competition from sports leagues, a perception by some families that they are old-fashioned and busy family schedules.

The Boy Scouts say current youth participation is about 2.3 million, down from 2.6 million in 2013 and more than 4 million in peak years of the past.

The Girl Scouts say they have about 1.76 million girls and more than 780,000 adult members, down from just over 2 million youth members and about 800,000 adult members in 2014.

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157 thoughts on “The Boy Scouts Is Removing “Boy” From Its Name To Accommodate More Female Members”

  1. This reminds me of how feminists in Spain are protesting a veredict which has been controversial (the one about a rape gang) and don’t allow men to join the protests.
    Men are not allowed anywhere yet feminists claim to be champions of equality.
    Their hyprocrisy shall be their perdition, because society will realize about how they are nothing but a bunch of phonies with double standards.

    1. I’m going to span next month with my job. All the bluepill guys at my job are excited because they picture beaches and exotic senoritas. But from what I’ve read online, it’s a feminist hellhole with angry women on par with any other western country, or perhaps even worse. Am I right ?

      1. Rollov,
        Hookers everywhere in Spain now, with 35% unemployment what do you expect. High crime rates from Romanian gypsies flooding the country. Some of my pals go there because the hooker prices are dirt cheap (BJ from 10 Euro).

        1. JOHN
          I’ve heard that about gypsy females in Europe. That they will actually sit in a public place and give you a handjob in front of the rest of the world for $20.
          From what I have been told the indigenous hookers of the usual need-a-fix white trash sort out of sorts because they are being undercut.
          Saw a documentary on Liverpool where white British crack whores were complaining about Eastern European competition.

        2. I lived in Spain for about 17 months with my family in Sevilla, when my Dad worked for Consulate there.
          I can tell you, even back in late 1980s and early 1990s, Spanish dudes spent an insane amount of time in brothels and whorehouses in Spain.
          One of our Spaniard neighbors was taking his son (who was like 12 or so) and he offered to take me and my brother (who was like 9) to the whorehouse with him! LOL My Mom freaked out,. of course, and we did not go.
          But because Espanola women are so damn rude and Feminist, a lot of dudes prefer hookers then trying to game their bitchy women.
          At least that is some kind of job. The unemployment rate in Spain for men under 25 is about 90%. Overall unemployment floats around 30%.
          Spain is a failed state, basically. The Greece of Western Europe, as we call it.

      2. Spain is an absolute hellhole when it comes to women and any guy who thinks otherwise is totally deluded. I lived in Spain and trust me, it’s even worse (feminism wise) than USA. Most Spanish women are NASTY, loud, smokers and aggressive…and not that good looking anyway.

        1. Unless you are talking girls from small towns in northern Spain (i.e. Castile region), most Spanish women are ugly as hell. 😡 American and British guys think Spanish women from Spain = sexy Latinas from Argentina or whatever. They cannot be more wrong.
          First, body-wise, a lot of Espanolas do not have the hot bodies of your typical Latina. They just do not. They also do not offer the same level of bedroom fun as Latinas do, which is one of the Latina’s strongest features. Not only that, Spanish girls (from Spain) are not only bland and ugly, they are also RADICAL FAMINAZIS. I can tell you from having lived in Spain close to 2 years, the average Spanish guy rather spend his weekends in a brothel then with an average Spanish woman putting out for him free. The women in Spain are that bad.
          The women in Spain are total trash, BUT they are only kinda better then ones form Portugal. But then again, Portugal has ugliest women in all of Europe, bar none.
          Portugal is even worse then Spain (Portugal has the ugliest women in all of Europe, hands down). In Brazil, we used to see at least 1 planeload of horny desperate dudes from Portugal every other day unload in Rio. The women in Portugal have nothing, and I mean NOTHING to offer. They are flat bodied, cannot dance, have dry hair and oily skin, tons of acne, they smell bad, cannot bang, have ugly-ass faces, and their attitudes are so bad, even Brazilian entitled women from Sao Paulo beat them in every way shape or form.
          Bottom line: Portugal has ugliest women in Europe, Spain has some of the 2nd ugliest and cuntish women in all of Europe. It is so bad, I rather take my chances with women in UK then in Spain any day. That should tell you a lot of the low level of quality of the Spanish women.

    2. Its funny how these parasites act like big bosses, in countries build by the blood and sweat of men. And of course with the help of the damned cucks.

    3. Did you guys hear that the group formerly known as the “Boy Scouts” just had its “International Council” is requiring they pass out free condoms at their annual Jamboree in WV? *smacks forehead* 🙄
      Keep in mind that whether or not it is a good idea to supply kids with condoms at all times, is not the issue here. The problem is that not even 5 years ago, passing out free condoms was not even an issue in the Boy Scouts (now called “Scouts BSA” or whatever the hell that means). 😡 The fact this is even an issue that their “International Council” needs to even worry about should tell you a lot about what is going on with the “Boy” Scouts.
      Now, should this mess surprise anyone? First, they dropped Christian religious affiliation from the organization. Then they allowed openly gay scouts to join. Then they allowed gay Scout Masters (adults) to join and take boys deep into woods for days on end. Then they allowed girls to join. >_<
      Then they take these kids (young boys and young girls), along with gay and straight adults deep into the woods for days on end. 🙄 What could possibly go wrong with that?!?! 😆 What the hell did they expect to happen next?? 🙄
      Next there will be rape accusations (real and false), lawsuits galore, kids screwing each other in the woods, and of course, a special fund to pay for abortions. This is like a trial lawyer’s dream come true!!!
      Time to find new boys/men’s only development organization, if you have kids. And if you are an adult Scout Master, be ready for false rape allegations and lawsuits from ambulance chaser lawyers. It is time to move on from this dead organization.
      Bottom line: the (Boy) Scouts are finished as a force for good. This is not a healthy oir sane group to help raise and train the next generation of men anymore.

  2. Getting sick of this PC crap. These women can’t fix their own damn organization to fit their own needs so they have to go someplace else where it does work and run it into the ground.
    Can boys join the girl scouts? Nope.

      1. >> This is synonym of “Female inferiority”
        If girls cannot do what boys do it is because they are inferior OR oppressed in some way, so there must be measures to fix this inequality, otherwise what?
        >> Otherwise, “women are inferior” , and men even more than women, fear that.
        It becomes implied because it is a dichotomy.
        So “equality” represents the inferiority of the group that is being equalized.
        This is how these situations should be described by men, to make people conscious that these things allude “girls inferiority” directly.

    1. I refuse to buy Girl Scout cookies because of all this nonsense.
      The de-evolution of the Boy Scouts of America sickens me as well as a former Cub Scout, Bear Badge Holder and Denner. I was in Cub Scouts in the 70s and even wore a special Bicentennial neckerchief back in ’76.

      1. Actually dont boycott the girlscouts, they are not the same entity and actually promote the separation of boys and girls. This move threatens girlscouts just as much as it does the boyscouts. Put your girls in girlscouts if you want tostop this madness

  3. what name will be, from Soyboy scout to SoyPerson scout? Who cares? The organization is run by homosexual pedophiles anyway, your son will learn to explore his sexuality instead to explore the woods. Everyone knows that the soyboy scouts is where you send your fluid non gender conformity demi pan sexual kid person to have their first homo erotic experience. They better learn how to stretch their anus soon than getting a tore sphincter later in life. Indoctrination is better when young.

    1. A little vulgar, but I agree. I also think fear of child abuse is likely an important factor for Scout membership being down. I love camping / survival skills and I think civic responsibilities are important for kids to learn, but I’d never send a child of mine (if I had one…) into those pedo PC packs.

    2. Amidst all the moaning here, no one has mentioned Trail Life USA. They’re much like the no-nonsense Boy Scouts of old.

    3. True.
      They cannot reproduce, so must recruit.
      Its been a pedophile recruit center for a long time, and I was abused.
      But, its ok for them.

    4. Fathers should teach survival skills to their kids by themselves, instead of sending them get polluted by these people.

  4. This was only a matter of time. Once they started that herstory bullshit, this was the next inevitable step. The more coddling women get, the unhappier they get. Waiting for the lawsuits against Men’s Health because of the name. The feminists are getting their way because of getting the self hating Leftist men to take the opposition over by force.

    1. Men’s Health magaxine you mean? Yes I definitely see them being singled out and shamed for having a magazine dedicated to men.

      1. I give it 1 year max till the lawsuits start and are actually taken to court. Some woman said to me “is there a woman’s health” I said yeah, go look at a newstand. These idiots actually have people that listen to them.

      2. Men’s Health mag is 90% cuck. Although GQ really takes the fucking cake above all. I flip through it at the barber shop whilst waiting for comic relief. How to properly run on the treadmill, how to get ripped in 2 hours BRO, how to dress like a fucking fag, what beers have the lowest carbs, and my favorite section “Ask the Girl next door”, where clueless “men” ask a female columnist questions. My favorite one went something like “How do I complement a beautiful woman and not come off as creepy”? sent from Bill in Cuckville, Indiana. DUDE. KILL. YOUR. FUCKING. SELF.

  5. “During his administration, the Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America has removed the ban against homosexual adult membership, changed the membership application to allow youth to include the gender they identify with instead of requiring the gender on their birth certificate, and has started accepting girls into Cub Scouts”
    “As we approach #RoshHashana, I want to wish our fellow Scouts and friends in the Jewish community a Shanah Tovah! ”
    How fucking predictable . EVERY . SINGLE . TIME

  6. New-Age androgynous customs (such as eliminating the Boy Scouts/Title IX college sports funding) is not simply a feminist-communist gambit anymore but a gynocentric helicopter-parent stratagem. Cucked fathers (of daughters) are now incorporating egalitarianism into chivalry because gynocentrism is a wraparound continuum that is not just leftist but rightist now too.
    It plays into the evangelist paternalism (not patriarchy) that ‘men are evil, women are wonderful’ phenomenon that both sexes (female in-group preference + male out-group preference) exude.
    Even the pathetic opposition to desegregating the Boy Scouts goes something like this….
    ‘I don’t want my 12-18 daughters around horny 12-18 year old boys.’
    That is why white (knight) nationalism ate itself from its unrequited simping of fat, incorrigible women – simply because they were captivated by the fact that white women have the means to make white offspring, without realizing that the very ‘fashy women’ type they are trying to court/create/marry are the very type to actually engage in miscegenation, ironically. The crazy female gene does not discriminate in its extremism – it just flutters to whatever is more brazen.
    The gynocentric ethno-matriarchy they proposed would actually sustain white birthrates even WORSE than a multicultural patriarchy would, once again ironically, because even nonwhite men are more principled than white women and make more disciplined nationalists than white women.
    So it is no longer the soy boy leftist orchestrating this, but his alleged adversary (trad-cuck) who is cosigning it now – Remember, the father is typically absent in leftist families (not always), but typically present in rightist families (not always), and Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts is a white traditional thing, so it is most likely well-to-do white families pushing this, of course with (((tacit support))).
    As for the coed Boy Scouts defenders, the first comment you always see (even if it is just a shill, because it is still true enough) is similar to this….
    ‘I used to be a scoutmaster and I am a father of 5 daughters. This was needed a long time ago because my daughters rejected the misogynist Girl Scouts, which limited their aptitude.’
    This helicopter parenting (white-knight fatherhood) is designed to protect the stewarding of girls into womanhood rather than actually disciplining girls. So these types always end up falling into these ‘accepted’ pitfalls (lesbianism, miscegenation, childless feminists, junkie prostitutes) because they weren’t treated like managed property.
    Just like with fitness centers, there is a female-only one and also a coed one, but not a male one. So men have to pay the same price as women with access to only half.
    Like so many other institutions that have been ruined by diversity (Cultural Marxism), this too is ruined. The first poz pathogen that wormed its way into Boy Scouts was homosexual scoutmasters (maybe mother scoutmasters?), then trannies and now girls. (I never made it past cub scouts because I couldn’t take it seriously, but many people do.)
    Just remember, there is one move you can always make when the time comes, which is a de facto dynamiting: exiting.
    It is the ultimate revenge. Watching these cronies mismanage storied institutions they commandeered to the point of collapse is a wonderful consolation.
    Nothing is more powerful than white flight or male non-participation.
    The time for total MGTOW/John Galt whatever you want to call it is nigh. Eventually, all you will have to do is stay in decent shape and have Red Pill knowledge, and then women and corporations will become headhunters for you. I have experienced this on the micro-level. So many people and places are starved for men that just look competent, brooding and attractive. Your ‘credentials’ mean nothing because they are drawn to masculine magnetism at the expense of everything else. But you have to make yourself scarce and aloof to fully take advantage of societal desperation.
    One recent example was the out-of-shape women forgot to make my pizza when I was there. (I worked in a pizza joint years ago, and pizza bitches are the WORSE type of women I have ever met.) But I kept my cool and said nothing as everybody who was behind me, got their food first and I was the last person there. They told me what happened and told me I could have a free soda. I asked which one and she said I can even have a 2-liter if I want, as she smiled (they never do, trust me). Next time I’m there I will see if I can get her number.
    No Jordan Peterson lobster analogy even applies. All you have to do is manage a few intrinsic masculine qualities, and everything else falls into place, because it is so elusive these days.

    1. Wow. MGTOW, Galt, (((echoes)))); this post has it all. Trifecta. Seriously, BSA did this because fewer boys are joining scouts these days and it’s a desperate attempt to recruit warm bodies, even if female. Warm bodies = dues.

      1. Found the (((realist))). Looks like you (((guys))) succeeded in corrupting the ‘Goy Scouts.’ Can’t have white male camaraderie now, can we?

      2. Yeah it’s never the Satanic Jews, who opened our borders intentionally to ethnically cleanse us, and spread feminism like a virus to destroy the American family. It’s always just the invisible hand of economics, eh?
        Your debt is infinite, Herb.

  7. It’s a giant shit test, gentlemen. You pass the shit test by not backing down
    This just happened 15 minutes ago: I’m at a bus station and I put down a box and backpack I’m carrying and then walk around the area to stretch, breathe, see who else is there, etc. I take a seat on a bench and have a 5-sentence conversation with a guy before standing up and walking back to my belongings. This security guard ( a girl) goes “you can’t leave your stuff here unattended, I’ve told you once already.”
    I say, “well, it looks like you’ve told my twice now. SHAME ON ME!”
    Everything I said was a direct undermining of her own self-perceived authority. Cops are typically more calm and suggestive in their tone- which I typically respond to the reason why somebody says I should do something (not just to obey) and in doing so I understand the merit of following an order.
    When cops, security guards or anyone for that manner acts to instill PETTY rules, I let them know I’m not interested in compliance

    1. Feel free to mess with mall cops and security guards. But Real LEOs can be dicey.

    2. Not backing down? What do you think will happen? What you say is true, but I don’t think anyone, save a handful, will do anything about this. Most “alphas” won’t because standing up for stuff is caring and therefore “beta.” They are going to spend time jedi mind trick controlling women, covertly, while zero fucks given dontcha know.

    3. White men are mostly libertarians so they were not standing up for anything but themselves in the first place.

  8. Just join a group that are like Boy Scout used to be. There are plenty. Stop mourning.
    Act like men.
    Boys scout were pretty much undead anyway.
    I repaat. Stop mourning. Stop complaining. Fixing things is what men’s do.
    Getting shits done is what men do.

    1. Agreed but you still have to call out and shame institutions that are letting the side down. In the near future people won’t even know that they were ever called the Boy Scouts.

    2. Yeah exactly. Why mourn when an American institution formed a century ago – for the express purpose of inculcating boys with the VERY VALUES we’re constantly encouraging one another to embrace – is destroyed by feminists? Just move on and don’t complain.

  9. The boy scouts couldve dodged all the screeching feminists and gay scout leaders if only they stopped taking federal funding. Yes, it wouldnt change the bigger issues but it would buy more time to function normally. Private organizations get to exclude whomever they want. The reason private universities cant is because they take federal funding for financial aid.

  10. They came for geek culture, tech, sports, military, politics, and now the boy scouts.
    Seems like going monk is the only male space men have left nowadays.

      1. William, they don’t have to bother with that. They know men are the weakest when we are isolated, they infiltrate and ruin our spaces because they fear our potential to fight back when organized.

        1. Hmm. I disagree. To stand alone, isolated, and not give in to the “suggesstions” of the endless masses would likely require great strength. Of will if nothing else. But I see the point. Isolated men don’t seem to be standing for much of anything these days. The trap of self-pity.

  11. This is your nation on ‘eskimos’ Goy.
    Easily played, up the ante and change the name to Commie Hunting Scouts

  12. It’s simple. The organization is dieing anyway. This move will bolster their numbers in the short term, but quicken the pace of death in the long term.
    A replacement organization is needed where gays and girls are absolutely not allowed and where only vary masculine survival and civic activists are practiced. No more sewing badges, except for sewing stichtes into a wound, or maybe into their torn backpack.
    If the organization actively taught that homosexuality is evil, then even the young boys would know to shout and scream “no!” To any leader that tried something. The pedos wouldn’t be able to last in an organization that made an active effort to teach that their type is pathetic, disgusting, evil and needs to die.
    But the question is, whom has the money, organizational skills, motivation and balls to take such a step? To be so anti PC and to truly put the young boys of America first?

  13. Firstworld shithole !! This is the direct result of firstworld shithole MEN (not all, though!) being pussy maniacs and manginas !!
    You reap what you sow!

    1. The avg penis size in India is 4.03 inches. It ranked #112 out of 116 countries samples, below Vietnam and China! Look it up. Very macho.
      That’s all for now.

    2. ‘First world shitholes’ don’t exist, Ravi. That’s like saying ‘wealthy poverty.’ Try again.

      1. WEIMER
        I disagree, I’ve been to India and the most upscale high-caste areas of Mumbai make the rust belt cities of Detroit or Pittsburgh or elsewhere look like shitholes.
        Okay, there is not the absolute total poverty of India but Appalachian trailer parks are fairly close. Not far away.
        Also, the US is more dangerous than India. In Detroit and Phoenix the blacks and Mexicans were more aggressive in their criminal behavior or random violence. This is not say that Mumbai does not have dangerous areas but it is not the deathtrap of inner-city ghettos or barrios.
        US streets are SLIGHTLY cleaner and welfare keeps minorities from living on the sidewalks-it takes a great deal of government AID to make Skid Row look as nice as it does for homeless people-but their behavior is more out of control and stupid than Indians.

        1. MARZ
          I don’t what it is with you and ‘white trash,’ but how they live just isn’t the same as any of those places or peoples you mention. Have you ever actually driven through Southern Appalachia? It is the most breathtaking poverty I have ever seen in this country, but it was also the safest. Ironic, huh?
          The well-known problems of these inhospitable ravines these folks live in are largely expressed with self-infliction rather than crime because NOBODY else lives the lifestyle of these people. I saw no out of state plates in in all 3 states. I saw one nonwhite as a trash man. No diversity does coal mining. Not even illegal aliens will mine coal. These counties are largely dry too, so it created pill mills for people to legally cope. These people have severe problems, but they are salt of the earth. They all greeted everybody with smiles, even at the gas pump in a region that does not even get internet.
          People openly defecate in the street and water in India. I’m just making an observation. There is no gunplay (aside from suicide) in trailer parks. And fyi, most trailer parks are BLACK. Drive through the Delta. All that vibrant greenery William Faulkner wrote about is the Black Belt. Yes, rural black trailers. Not a building over one-story to be found. Again, just an observation.
          It makes me embarrassed as a white to see the dilapidation that so many whites in the South live in, but I have come to understand that it is how they insulate themselves and preserve their majority from diversity.
          These people have the lowest life expectancy in the US, but they don’t complain. They just drop out of school and go into the mines like their antecedents. These towns are all dying too. Almost all of them in the ‘October Sky’ region are 1/4 of what they were in the 1930s.
          I don’t envy these people, but they got more guts and heart than I or anybody else I know do. Even the cops investigating me for sleeping in my car on the side of the road were friendly compared to the other 4 times in the last year I have been harassed by police for no reason and let go.

        2. So you’ve been to India, hey? What is his name, the little, Indian boy who stole your heart? The one who you’re still obsessed over?
          P.S. And, no, 100% I’m not Indian, so I’m not him, in case you get your hopes up.

        3. WEIMAR
          Equating white trash to blacks and Mestizos.
          A Tony Soprano mob boss or Richard Kuklinski “Iceman” contract killer or Dahmer manages to kill more in a weekend that a Blood or Cholo in his whole Broadway opening weekend.
          Cholos and blacks are too stupid to get away with murder-especially these days with cameras everywhere.
          Nobody if mob guys in Philly or Newark kill one another whereas when some MS-13 Indian chop off a high school girl’s head it is much more impacting to society as a whole.
          But overall blacks and Mestizos are too stupid to for Russian or Italian-level organized crime.

        4. Marz
          When was the last mob killing? It happens every couple of years, not every hour, like your comparisons do in every major city. If the mob killed somebody, chances are they deserved it. Plus, at least the mob actually provide a service.

        5. WEIMAR
          I’d say a Tony Soprano orders many 5 or 10 hits a year. Because he is smarter than the average black or Mexican he manages to survive into middle age by which time he has ordered perhaps 50 murders in his life. Your average black or Mestizo gets caught after 1 or 2 murders and is jailed for life.
          Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski once remarked that most of the people he killed were “scumbags”.
          You make a good point-it is hard to mourn the death of a “Ralphie” or “Paulie Walnuts”-some middle-aged Russian or Italian scumbag.
          The cops feel the same way, in fact. When “Vito” disappears or is found in his trunk the police do not break their asses to catch the perpetrator do they?

        6. Not what I asked. There are no mob killings anymore. RICO finished off the mob in all but name. The last one I can remember was from like 2 years ago when a pizza owner got bumped off. It just doesn’t happen anymore. Tony Soprano isn’t real. Come on, Marz.

        7. WEIMAR
          “Did not answer your question”
          I don’t know what your question was but my answer is that a German-American serial killer (Bundy, Gein) or Italian-American gangster can kill more people simply because they are more intelligent (Tony Soprano was mentioned of having an IQ of 138) and Dahmer hand an IQ of 131.
          “It isn’t real”
          An estimated 200 people were killed at the Gemini Lounge in New Jersey. ONE LOCATION.
          That was in the 70’s and 80’s.
          I’d say 99% of the time a mob killing is never reported. A Ralphie or Richie is killed and his body is disposed of and there is no report of crime.
          More than anything else Italian women simply married out to thirsty WASP middle-class males or for that matter mob kids like Anthony Jr. raised in the suburbs lacked the feral instincts of a Paulie Walnuts.
          Sopranos was fairly realistic about this. Most of the time, they disappear.

        8. WEIMAR
          Technology and the Serial Killer
          Dahmer today would have been caught because cameras are everywhere.
          The guy would kill people in hotels and then walk out with a suspicious duffel bag.
          It just would not happen these days. The blacks that he took home would have texted “Hi Tyrone I am going over to this big creepy German-American guy’s apartment full of barrels of acid. He says he has some free liquor.”
          This would have led the police directly to Dahmer after 3 or 4 victims.
          At one point Dahmer would sever heads to get his freak on with their skulls at the candy factory where he worked and would keep this portable masturbatory device in his LOCKER. These days the cameras would pick up Dahmer taking a head out of his locker for oral copulation during lunch.
          Technology has more or less ended the era of the prolific serial killer.
          Andrew Cunanan would have been caught in a week these days. That is largely based upon the cooperation of law enforcement post-911. It is just to easy to track serial killers.
          The same could be said for the Sopranos. In the late 1990’s when Tony Soprano became head of the family cameras and surveillance were not everywhere.

        9. Actually there are more serial killers now, and they are black. The same triggermen of the ‘inner city’ are getting away with most killings now. Something like 30 percent of homicides are solved in the cities now despite all that fancy technology. Why? Because the black code of silence and the government decriminalization of black obstruction/conspiracy.
          For the last time, Tony Soprano does not exist. He was a character. Victims with Italian surnames are not being found slain anymore in the Northeast, unless they are women out jogging and targeted by blacks. I know you are somewhat PC, but come on already. Stop equating everyday nonwhite crime with white. The stats are there to disprove it. It’s like the same argument the nonwhites make about whites being the ‘real’ criminals with that little inversion flip of nonviolent crimes: ‘DWIs’ juxtaposed next to all the violent stats black lead.
          PC is just cowardly. You keep injecting ‘white trash’ to virtue-signal on an online forum. It’s silly because you are just trying to impress diversity.

        10. WEIMAR
          Roy Demeo killed something like 100 people during his reign as a New Jersey mob boss. Look it up.
          That big fat Polish guy they called THE ICEMAN killed a similar number especially with cyanide which he sprayed in his victims faces.
          Blacks and Mestizos are too stupid to do this sort of thing-plan out a murder and prearrange to freeze it to disguise the time of death or kill a victim on a yacht.
          If black or Mestizo gangs were as intelligent as Italians, society would be like Mexico. Blood and MS-13 cannot bribe cops, judges, witnesses.
          Do blacks kill many people in the ghetto? Yes, it is an internal Third World. You’d be better off parachuting into Mumbai than into Baltimore at night.

        11. WEIMAR
          “PC” “Virtue signals”
          Bloods and MS-13 are yet to produce a Polish genius like Kuklinski who can kill people with remote control car bombs and cyanide.
          They don’t have the intelligence for “organized” crime.
          When can the Crips bribe politicians, judges, cops?

      2. WEIMAR
        If you went into Flint where the water is poisoned you’d be real close to India. Detroit is nearly as rundown. Visit a trailer park sometime.
        The US bottom class is awfully close to that of India.
        The US caste system which seems to put WASPS and Jews on top with Asians in the middle along with ethnic whites (Irish) and blacks and Mexicans at the bottom is also fairly dramatic. Not AS dramatic as India but you know that if a guy has a name like Lipowitz he’s probably 10 x better off than a guy with a name like Diaz.
        Barrios and trailer parks and ghettos are REAL close.
        I’m repeating myself here but please don’t tell me that the US is as comfortable or safe as most Western countries. It isn’t.

        1. I challenge you to cite your alleged peace stats of India compared to America. Even the ghettos here are safer, considering India has about 10 different civil wars occurring, like actual rebellions involving Marxism, separatism and other sectional conflicts, with literal ambushes, suicide bombs and beheadings.
          You cannot even drink the water in India without getting sick. It’s worse than a few dirty cups of Flint water. Indians have a deep distrust even in this country of ice cubes. They never use it for a reason.
          I know it’s easy to exaggerate and get carried away with America have no-go zones, but India is an actual a THIRD WORLD dump. Even Ravi won’t pretend that it isn’t. He is here because it is a shithole. Nobody immigrates to India.
          I can’t find the video, but there are tons showing how the highways are mislabeled and measured incorrectly, with endless amounts of truck crashes. That does not happen in this country. The mountains of trash and cholera puddles. Not here.

        2. WEIMAR
          The Indians I did business with lived in communities that were nicer than the residences of poor whites I knew in Michigan.
          Rural poverty in the US is one of remoteness as well-people out in the middle of nowhere in old wooden houses with no public transport or economy.
          As for poor whites dropping out of school to go down into mines, well, it is their choice to drop out of high school to go into the mines. They also choose to have children young, and this more or less seals their fate.
          I will agree with you that the absolute worst poverty in India is worse that the US but the barrios of East Los Angeles or the Bronx are pretty bad.

        3. I’ve told you this before and I’ll tell you again: the US is a nation of 330 MILLION people spread across half a continent. It is fucking HUGE. Yes you can find places here that are incredibly dangerous, but to say that Flint or Detroit are somehow representative of America is completely insane.
          If you live in Michigan you can get in your car and drive towards the sunset and 2 days later you’ll finally hit the coast. In that time you’ll cross the plains and mountains and forests and towns and cities and deserts. I’ve traveled and lived all over the world and I have never seen the sheer variety that I see here. Want to live in a high-pressure, crowded, busy metropolis? We’ve got them. Want to live in a sleepy, all-white farming town? We’ve got them. Want to live in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of rednecks who will show up at 2am to help pull you out of the ditch? We’ve got them.
          Look man I’m sorry your experiences in Detroit were so shitty (whose aren’t? That town sucks). But even with all our faults, this country is fucking awesome.

        4. I just don’t get why you internalize the downfall of Detroit? Are you part of Ford motors? I was there last summer…the whole state is shit. Very pretty Northern Lights, but I didn’t see much difference on either side of 8 Mile. The whole state looks like an episode of life without people. Abandoned mansions.
          I live in a crestfallen region myself, but who cares? I lived in the city for a year and it sucked. I’ll never live in any city again. But I don’t internalize it. Street parking, sirens and diversity just isn’t for me. Besides, concentrating undesirables in the cities works just as well as Indian reservations.
          The way you equalize ‘white trash’ with blacks and mestizos seems politically correct rather than sincerity, especially how you dovetail that with lauding the mythological ‘well-hung’ negro.
          I say lots of weird shit that I sometimes have to rethink, but you say the same revolving concepts without any obvious purpose. ‘White trash’ in Appalachia do vital jobs that you and nonwhites won’t do. Ghett0 parasites do not. They sling dope, disease and vi0lence. Illegal alien barrios are RICO havens for tax-evading Third World peasants. Neither have my respect. Today my boss literally asked for my SS number for tax purposes as all the illegal workers there get paid in cash.
          There is no ‘wasp’ establishment anymore. You haven’t been here in decades to see that the Great Gatsby doesn’t apply. I was just in the Northeast. All the country clubs now are filled with the ‘ethnics’ you speak so arcanely of because the ‘wasps’ intermarried long ago. There is nary a white Protestant in that region. Whites don’t divide themselves anymore like they did at the turn of the century because nobody can tell them apart.
          So are you just venting or are you actually giving constructive criticism? The way you recreationally mock coal country is pretty unoriginal, very Leftist/nonwhite and extremely contemptible.
          It’s actually cuck0ldry. Not even nonwhites invectively disown half their race like this.
          Anybody who seeks to divide the white race is an enemy of the white race.

        5. WEIMAR
          In point of fact blacks sell a great many basketball jerseys and shoes overseas so you could technically say that they are an important part of the economy.

        6. JOMS
          The Himalayas in India are beautiful country too but life is not so-hot for the average Indian or Nepali there. I guess that is my response.
          I blew Michigan right after my junior year in college and went to Phoenix, where my brother had long since fled.
          Phoenix did not have the same problem with blacks but within the space of a year I had a few run-ins with Mestizos-I knocked me down at a bus station at night and mugged me and another two followed me in an old ominous Chevy in broad daylight to my apartment complex as I was walking back from an electronics store.
          In all fairness, the white tweakers were just as awful. For a short period of time I lived in a tiny efficiency apartment by myself and a tweaker in the complex-making me for an out-of-state newcomer-followed me around with a sinister spaced-out smile on his face. I never used drugs and did not socialize with him but he nevertheless followed me around with a spaced-out grin on his face. After I left the apartment complex, the tweaker, a big white guy who’d just gotten out of five years in jail, broke into my empty apartment and slept there for a few days.
          As a working middle class white YOU CAN get away from these people by moving into the rural hinterlands but depending upon your skill set you may not be employable. I studied advertising, not agriculture.
          Overall, I was incredibly relieved to move to Dubai. For one thing, the issue of the “J” is not existent there. They are not allowed in the country.
          But moreover Australia, New Zealand and Canada are just better places for working middle class whites than the United States is.

        7. JOMS
          Put it this way-
          When I moved to Dubai I was astounded at how great it was for working middle class white Americans.
          No blacks, Cholos or Trailer trash because these morons are always on probation or parole and cannot get a passport.
          No JOOS of course. So no having to have Hollywood crap and Zyon rammed down your throat. You’ll never meet one in the Arab gulf or Asia.
          Tax-free money.
          Want a hooker? You get one. No problems with law-enforcement.
          No hard drugs. Of course hashish and ghat (Organic speed) are part of the Arab culture but no tweakers lurching about trying to steal car batteries to get their next fix.
          Himalayas has scenic beauty to rival Yosemite but I would not want to move there.
          Maybe you are rich but I am a working middle class white guy. So other countries-Australia, Canada, NZ, Dubai, Asia offer a higher quality of life.
          I called old enemies from Dubai-a Mestizo apartment manager, a Beastie Boy whose Dad owned a pawn store, a black cop who harassed me about driving on expired insurance-I called all of them racist names on the phone.
          What could they do? In the US I would have been sued, jailed, or had their entire nation after me. But in Dubai or Asia you are free to call it how you see it.

        8. WIEMAR
          You work with illegals paid in cash? What kind of job do you have?
          That’s horrible.
          “Divide the white race?” The reality is that East Coast and West Coast urban ethnics (The Irish, the Italians, the Jews) have nothing in common with the Anglo-Celtic populace in the US interior. Zero.
          Nor am I trying to dived them but the division is there-religious and urban vs. rural in the main.

        9. JOMS
          In other Western countries such as Canada or New Zealand or Australia have a standard level of living while United States has such extremes between states?
          Canada is larger than the United States and Australia is about the same size but they have a blanket standard of living and no equivalent to Appalachia or Detroit.
          QUESTION 2
          Let us say you are a poor white prole from Detroit. I’m middle class but I knew poor whites-Polish and Appalachians, mostly.
          How are you going to GO ANYWHERE. Take a greyhound to say, Miami. What are you going to do in 3 days when your money runs out? What job are you going to get.
          Or let me ask you the opposite question. You are an urban inner-city Italian or lower-class Jew in the pits of the Bronx or Brooklyn. When you “move to the country” what job is going to support you? Working for the city and agriculture are the only options. What is an inner-city kid going to do in remote small towns and rural cities?
          Third questions. Why don’t Australia or Canada face these problems.

      3. WEIMAR
        Indian poverty, which I have seen, is as bad as it gets.
        However, places like Mississippi and Appalachia are close.
        Even trailer trash in Detroit are living close to the situation of Indians.
        To some degree you or Ravi are going to argue that white trash and blacks make this choice-
        Kids out-of-wedlock, crippling drug addictions, “John Bender” attitude in high school, DUI and assault record for the felon disqualifications…yeah, they are stupid.
        But still, the US has some borderline Third World scenery in places.

        1. “John Bender”? Good grief. Why not make an “Angels with Dirty Faces” reference while you’re at it.

        2. HERBIE
          I knew John Benders in high school. You meet them in Detroit.
          The principal was actually completely right when he told the 18 year old Bender that “in five years you’ll be all wrapped up in your pathetic life”.
          It is basically true. A John Bender usually drops out of the 11th grade, has no skills, wracks up some minor felonies and jail time, ends up hooked on some drug…

    3. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, the hard truth just needs to be faced and admitted, before there is hope of any change for the better.

    4. RAVI
      As if Indians are not pussy maniacs. No Gori in Goa is safe from rape. Of course these white women are stupid and get drugged and half-naked on Anjuna beach but nevertheless India is full sex maniacs.
      Brahmin are the biggest Manginas and they run your country.
      Can’t bullshit me…I made my money in Kerala and Goa. Won’t tell you my business but I had to live in India and know India.

    1. RAVI
      As if Indians are not pussy maniacs. No Gori in Goa is safe from rape. Of course these white women are stupid and get drugged and half-naked on Anjuna beach but nevertheless India is full sex maniacs.
      Brahmin are the biggest Manginas and they run your country.
      Can’t bullshit me…I made my money in Kerala and Goa. Won’t tell you my business but I had to live in India and know India.

    2. BW
      Hicks like you cannot do shit. Your rules and regulations are imposed on the East Coast in New York and you’d get killed up there before you could gun down anyhow.
      You live in a small house in a dusty town far from the centers of decision-making or wealth in America on either coast.
      You compete with Mexicans for shitty jobs. Richard Ramirez type Cholos scare you on the streets.
      You are a white Anglo-Celtic hick that people on Wall Street or the West Coast with the money and power and prestige cross the street to avoid. No upper middle class white collar American wants anything to do with you.

  14. Scouts BSA? The globalists and the servants of the globalists, which have infiltrated the lead positions of the Boy Scouts, are purposely mocking Western traditions and making everything ugly, including the new name of the Boy Scouts.
    I think what will occur is parents or boys themselves will pull out of the Boy Scouts, and the Boy Scouts will dissolve from lack of participation. Make no mistake. This is what the powers that be wanted all along – the dissolution of Western traditions.
    I believe communities must turn inwards and create their own Boy Scout and other organizations that the globalists destroyed, and make them highly inclusive with rules of who can enter and (((who))) along with (((their))) minions can’t enter to spread (((their))) influence.

  15. So just run off to a new hiding place until they catch you there too? That is “acting like men”? Good God, this contest to see who can be manliest by willingness to quiet bare a little more dong up the can is getting old.

    1. People are naturally more in tune with their immediate community than what’s happening 1000 miles away. With the direction America is taking, balkanization and immediate local communities are the future. It’s not retreating, but finding like minded and similar people (politics and race) and building something permanent vs. living autonomously in large, unhealthy cities. The trend is clear. There are mass exoduses out of major cities and growth in the suburbs/country.

      1. JIZM
        The Asians on the West Coast and the Jews in NYC do not give a shit about any of the woes that Anglo-Celtics live through-the Iraq War none of them showed up for, blacks pounding their kids in public schools, shitty post-industrial decline in cities, Mexicans taking their roofing jobs…
        The middle of the country is something that Asians and Jews and ethnic whites and Hispanics in Miami do not know or give a shit about.
        Ask them about their “constitutional rights” they could not name one except the pursuit of happiness through cash. Which they are better making than the Anglo-Celtic Yeoman.
        The US interior is an internal third world they do not know about or care about.

      2. JIZM
        Nothing that whites in the US interior are wrapped up in-Oxy abuse, out-of-wedlock birth, constitutional rights…all of this is shit to your Japanese-American in LA or Murray the Ad Agency lawyer in NYC.

    2. JJ
      Nobody, absolutely nobody, gives a shit if a white man pulls a fade from the bullshit and disappears overseas.
      Who is “they”?
      I had a business dispute with a J and called him in Dubai and mocked him as “getting killed” if he came to Dubai. Needless to say he did not come.
      Nobody gives a single wet shit if you go overseas. The government does not care. You earn under $80,000 a year you can keep it and not declare it.
      For twenty years I’ve been overseas. Dubai, Canada, Dubai again, India, Philippines, Thailand. Nobody gives a shit, nobody notices.
      And I do not care about the United States. What is there to feel homesick over?

  16. It’s much worse in Canada. Here, the PC culture of subjugation expelled the Boy Scouts years ago. Now it’s Scouts Canada. Of course the Girl Scouts still exists, because, you know…it’s important for girls to have strong female role models. Scouts membership is in decline… and will ultimately cease to exist:

  17. Their membership started to plummet when they allowed sodomites in (under the leadership of Rex Wilkerson), and now they’ll need to have more and more to the sjw agenda to appeal to their new potential membership base of liberals now that conservatives are abandoning the organization due to its support of faggotry. It’s s losing strategy and in the end “kid scouts” will collapse.

    1. Men care Nancy. Scouting was an honorable tradition going back long before your wretched hide showed its ugly mug on this earth. It gave boys a chance to acquire the knowledge that would make them valuable as men. Truth is not subject to the winds of “progress”. You’re nothing but one more millenial twitter mutant right? You have no value.

  18. Why not just refer to them all – Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, cubscouts and brownies – as “Scouts?” This hoorah over a name and admitting females into a formerly all male organization is ridiculous! Handicrafts, cooking and survival skills is needed by both boys and girls since parents don’t seem to want the responsibility. The Scouts also reach responsibility and taking care of one’s self.

    1. Ha. Tragic. Does your wife pick out your clothes for you too? Do you run every thought by her so she can decide whether or not you should think it? For fuck’s sake find your soul man!

    2. David:
      Society has been pandering to just that mentality for decades. In my half-century of life I can say as a witness that the results have been a total disaster.

  19. The venerable 100 plus year old institution, destroyed because American fathers are plain wimps who allow the left in this country to even treat the minds of their kids like clay tablets, to be used and molded in any image the left wants. PATHETIC. THEY NEVER SEEM TO THINK OF GETTING TOGETHER AND SIMPLY PULLING THEIR SONS OUT, OR NOT EVEN JOINING IN THE FIRST PLACE. WHAT IS THE LEFT GOING TO DO THEN?

  20. The odd thing is that despite all the SJW garbage the actual living standard of the West has slid into steep decline.
    What difference does it make if the Boy Scouts is called the “Butt Boy Scouts” when so many families cannot afford the basics for their son to be a boy scout.
    If you are white middle class your son is to busy trying to act like Eminem in order to keep from being robbed and beaten in a public school to be a boy scout.
    How many blacks and Mexicans are boy scouts? Their version is the “Pimp Scouts” where an eighth grader has to learn how to use baking soda and cocaine or make Weebalow by serving as a lookout on corner-deals.

        In order to assimilate whites into the minority norms Weebacholos will learn to “run trains” on somebody’s Mexican Indian mother after getting her drunk on cut-rate Tequila.

        1. Don’t forget chopping off a few heads to adorn la santa muerte altar

        2. AJEOSHI
          When I was in Dubai I remember one Mexican Marine Embassy guard I saw around.
          One day I was driving my car and he was sitting off the base on the side of the road dressed in Marine issue sweats with nowhere to go and nothing to do.
          I drove past and he looked up at me with a crazy grin on his face and he looked like Richard Ramirez (His hair was long for a Marine and a lock hung on over his forehead).
          After a year out of the United States I was reminded of one reason I had left. Cholos. Would not have wanted to run into him in a barrio at night, I thought.
          I was glad to be in Dubai at that moment.

      2. “Everyone give a hip-hop handshake to Tariq, he’s jut gotten his second hotwiring badge!”

  21. Maybe it is a J trick to distract us from poverty and a capsizing economy but how is it that the SJW’s act as if renaming things is an important thing when the US slides into the Third World.
    There are blacks and Mexicans killing people on contract at an age when girls sell cookies.
    Central American Indian primitives walk around with machetes.
    Thousands of white trash on heroin…
    Yet, nobody notices how the United States has declined into total poverty.

  22. My son will be 5 in two years… already planning to join Trail Scouts instead of the BSA. This was a 50/50 thing for me prior to this, because I supported the BSA’s education of STEM and Ham Radio, now they can go f-ck themselves… I’ll go to my grave fighting to make my son a real man, not some f-ck who let’s girls run the show…

    1. STEM obsession has become like a religious cult. I’d want my kid to get AWAY from that for a time.

    2. How about YOU teach him to be a man rather than farming the job out to a local pedophile?

      1. I think you are misunderstanding what Tick is saying, Wayne.
        The BSA was basically ROK back in the day. Why do you bothering coming here? Because it’s FUN.
        The BSA wasn’t about ‘learning to be a man’ although it was a takeaway that could be organic.
        The BSA used to be FUN with other like-minded individuals. Now it’s just shit.
        Women ruin everything.

  23. This whole thing is all about marginalizing western boys, part of the bigger plan to destroy the West as a culture. So allowing females in is part of it. But you all should note that the BSA has allowed Islam into their organization – no girls allowed in Islamic troops.

      1. I’m very glad i left the US with my son when he was 5 (he’s 18 now) I’m also really glad he had the chance to go through his teenage years in a civilised and fun (for a white teen with some means) place like Hong Kong, he started college there (computer science), he had no desire to settle in his country of birth, thanks God !

        1. AJEOSHI
          Third culture kids usually cannot re-integrate with townies who have never been anywhere.
          Your son is probably an international kid for the rest of his life.

          Third culture kids cannot re-integrate easily.
          They’ve experienced the world.
          I moved overseas relatively young-25. I cannot return.
          In the interim my working middle class white friends ended up in the banal, even depressing, milieu of the rust belt.

  24. Amidst all the moaning here, no one has mentioned Trail Life USA. They’re much like the no-nonsense Boy Scouts of old.

    1. NO! Teach your own boys manly shit!
      What is wrong with you that you can’t teach him to hunt, fish, hike, climb and fold a flag yourself??

  25. An abhorrent move motivated by PC culture and greed. The fat cats at the top want more attendance bc more Scouts = more $$$ but as it has been said this will hasten the death of the organziation. And good riddance. I was a scout when it wasn’t gay as fuck and I actually got my Eagle rank. Most of my friends thought it was lame and to a degree it was (when has anyone ever considered being a Boy Scout to be “cool?”) but my troop had a lot of cool guys and awesome dads/leadership who let us fuck around and do what we want. We actually did some awesome stuff like go caving and scuba diving. The older Scouts picked on the newbs but nothing too hardcore and then we passed down the same tradition. It was a very healthy masculine environment and as I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate it way more than when I was a kid. We live in Clown World and everything is all kinds of fucked

  26. This makes me so sick, I hope China wipes the West off the face of the Earth to do away with this degeneracy.

  27. Utterly ridiculous, spineless kowtowing to the PC Lunatic Left.
    In the absence of any commitment to the genuine values of western civilization, the BSA has resorted to rolling onto its back and urinating on itself in submission to the cultural Marxists.

  28. Folks, this just proves that there is no appeasing SJWs, especially feminists. If every man simply committed suicide right now feminists would whine about the need for time travel so men could kill themselves a thousand years ago (or at least after men invented everything women take for granted).
    You cannot compromise with people who will always come back demanding more. This is a lesson neither baby Boomers nor the so-called “Greatest Generation” ever seemed to figure out, so now Generation X and younger are stuck with this monumental mess.
    There was this cop show on last night with this TOUGH FEMINIST cop going after a PATRIARCHAL (presumably Christian-based) cult because of abuse of children.
    It annoyed my relative that I called it all without seeing the episode. The propaganda is no longer subtle as in “All In the Family” which concealed it behind comedy.
    We cannot give another inch. If you don’t want your son in the Boy Scouts for crying out loud CONTACT THEM AND LET THEM KNOW WHY. It’s the only way.

  29. Baaahahahaah!
    I wish they’d adopted my submission, the “whatever scouts.”
    If you let your boy in scouts you deserve to have your penis revoked.
    Subcontracting your fatherly duty to teach your boy to be a man is as weak and unmanly as your average scout leader.
    “But Wayne, my kid’s scout troop isn’t like that!”
    Whatever it takes to make you feel less guilty I guess.

  30. Seriously, why the fuck do you have to have the local creeper teach your son anything? Is there something wrong with you?
    “But Wayne, I don’t know how to rock climb or hunt.”
    Well pussy, I suggest you get on Google and figure it out. Be a fucking man, raise your OWN kids.
    Why the fuck have them if you’re just going to send them off to strangers to teach them everything??!!!

  31. the point of renaming the Boy Scouts is
    murdering the USA. Period. Proof?
    Boy Scouts can be repurposed as
    armed defenders who can safely
    and knowledgeably operate a
    rifle. Our enemies know this.
    They know it as completely
    as where to look for 4473’s
    to go after gun owners when
    they invade and occupy.
    Boys won’t be allowed to
    join Girl Scouts, but Girls
    must be allowed in to BSOA.
    Just like with the 19th Amendment:
    Once you make them your equals
    you make them your masters

  32. It’s getting nigh on impossible to have a proper discussion on this site. Always the same people posting multiple times hijacking threads. Come on guys, what’s happened to the comraderie that used to exist in the manosphere?
    Arguing amonsgt ourselves is eaxctly what the globalists want. I don’t know if you noticed or not but this is one of the last bastions of free speech on the internet. If it implodes we are left with nothing.

    1. Same thing on CH. Phucking phaggots hijacking threats, punching right, and basically acting like little girls pecking at each other.
      Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, Ironsides/Suburban_elk/Jaded Jurist, you phucking phags.

  33. We knew it was coming.
    First it was the out-of-the-closet types, then women had to get in on the action.
    They should have burned it down before it got pozzed.
    Baden-Powell is rolling in his grave.

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