Self-Driving Cars Will Destroy Human Freedom

The newest tech trend in Silicon Valley is automated cars. All the big sharks from Silicon Valley are competing between each other in a race where the winner will pioneer this technology.

When the average Joe hears about vehicles piloted by an AI, all he can think of is how great this is going to be. After all, having an AI piloting for you means, that you will be able to use your time time on the road wisely while stuck in a traffic jam, for example. Activities such as reading a book, playing a game on your smartphone, relaxing or just watching the view of the city will all be possible, thanks to the AI, who will be taking care of reaching your intended destination without crashing or losing the route.

All of this sounds really great, doesn’t it? However, the masses adopting every technological revolution is plain wrong. Every technological advancement should be taken with a grain of salt. They don’t always translate as an improvement to our conditions of living. Nonetheless, let’s look deeper at this issue.

Your car is now a RC car waiting to be controlled by the government, corporations and hackers

Remember, when you were a child and experienced the joy of playing with your RC car until an old brother of yours took the remote control from your hands? Well the same will occur with your automated automobile, but this time it will be Big Brother in the literal meaning of the word!

If you are born in a corrupt country with a facade democracy and ruled by an iron first, you realize how bad this idea sounds. Imagine this technology at the hands of corrupt politicians and crooked entrepreneurs, they will use it to achieve personal gains such as trying to silence anyone that opposes them or forcing the car’s AI to bring political activists to the police or getting the location of a suspect through the vehicle’s GPS system.

If this technology ever becomes a trend in least developed countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia, I’m sure it’s most likely to be used to enforce the elites’s wicked goals rather than to give more comfort to the local population.

An AI is still a software program, which means glitches that can threaten lives

Not so long ago, Uber was testing a autonomous vehicle in Arizona that failed to slow down and stop when a woman was crossing the highway. As a consequence the car ran over her and ended her life.

This is further proof that no matter how much bug fixes they do, an AI is still a computer program written in a programming language. Which means bugs will always exist. Even after the engineers fix most bugs and thus the software gets closer to perfection, every now and then a glitch will cause an accident or cost an innocent life.

The real reason behind why they still want to keep pushing self-driving cars

Robots will be taking most basic jobs in a not so far future

Even after the death of a pedestrian Uber, Tesla, Google and other tech giants stated that they are still committed in their quest for pushing automated vehicles, until there won’t be human drivers any more. No one will ever need to worry about knowing how to drive cars. After all, it’s all about giving the masses more comfort, right?

You might have heard of Uber CEO, Khosrowshahi, make these statements: “Ultimately, self-driving cars will be safer than humans, but right now self-driving cars are learning,” and “They’re student drivers. You need a safety driver with a student driver. When that student driver graduates, it will be safer than humans.”.

Unless you are a captain of industry or a software programmer chances are that they will be taking your jobs.

The real reason behind all those corporations investing in self-driving automobiles isn’t  because they care about your well-being nor your family’s and want to give you more comfort in the future. The reality is that it’s all a plan for them to cut more jobs, increase their profits, and make people more dependent on the elites, since no one might be able to drive vehicles on their own in a not so far future.

After all, a robot won’t ask their boss for a raise, get sick, or file a lawsuit against their employer. They don’t care if self-driving automobiles are more likely to cause crashes than human-driven vehicles nor that this technology might be used by corrupt governments and crooked entrepreneurs to spy on you or quietly kill anyone. After all later on they can claim it was a glitch in the AI to get away with it.

What all these tech corporations care about is to push their agenda, increase their power over the masses, cut costs, and increase their profits. In a not so far future, multinational corporations will probably bribe politicians to accelerate their agenda of standardizing self-driving cars and make human-driven automobiles obsolete, until it’s possible to completely cease the production of human-driven cars.

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185 thoughts on “Self-Driving Cars Will Destroy Human Freedom”

    1. JOE LEONE
      Madman Marz says:
      When everyone with an IQ under 170 who cannot work for NASA is unemployed who will pay for their welfare for their entire lifetime?
      In terms of kindergarten mathematics when a tiny pool of those with an IQ above 140 are employed and everyone else is in the situation blacks in Detroit are now in, how will such a small pool of employed people cover the cost of welfare for a far greater percentage of unemployed people?
      Technology renders economics a joke.
      It would be wonderful if everyone who was unemployed simply went to the library everyday.
      They won’t. They will be like third-generation welfare receivers in South Chicago. Drug use will go up, as it always does with the unemployed. In fact there will be a narco economy. More people will spend the day fucking their heads off, that age old opiate of the masses, having 10 or 15 children. More people will drink all day with the attendant alcohol-relate problems. Women of course will peddle ass (We are already seeing many more middle-class women becoming Craig List whores or porn stars for lack of the traditional secretarial or clerical jobs women used to do).
      So the world will be “Coon Town”.

      1. MM
        You raised some valid point.
        You said:
        “They will be like third-generation welfare receivers in South Chicago. Drug use will go up, as it always does with the unemployed. In fact there will be a narco economy. More people will spend the day fucking their heads off, that age old opiate of the masses, having 10 or 15 children. More people will drink all day with the attendant alcohol-relate problems. Women of course will peddle ass (We are already seeing many more middle-class women becoming Craig List whores or porn stars for lack of the traditional secretarial or clerical jobs women used to do).”
        It is happening already in some part of the US and increasingly the UK, too.

        1. PETER
          Remember Kyle Reese in the Terminator? He looked like an ordinary suburban white boy but was TOTALLY FERAL like the worst ghetto black-attacking police officers in alleys, robbing bums of their clothes, escaping police stations, a ragmuffin with a shotgun.
          Welcome to the future even WITH a universal income (Determined by the 1%).
          If you visit the Philippines, where Chinese own the entire economy, you get an idea of how generous they are with squirming masses. If one gets out of line, they blast him. They also control the meth supply, just to profit off the misery and boredom of the native population.
          Don’t expect the Universal Income to be much.

      2. Madman
        Universal basic income will come sooner than people assume, they will probably create more farcical government jobs just to keep face, but all in all the stars are aligned in that direction.
        For instance in America there has been an explosion of people on disability benefits ( despite enormous improvements in workplace conditions. What is that if not swept-under-the-rug unemployment where millions of inept morons are simply paid to breathe ?
        That’s the not-so-distant future: different levels of (cashless) universal income, according to your loyalty to the powers that be, paid to a dumbed-down, blackmailed poulace, while everything is regulated and dominated by AI.
        Tech companies will turn into omnipresent mega-jaebols a la Samsung, cornering every possible goods&services niche.
        Get ready for QE 3-4-5-6-infinity-and-beyond…
        I hope I die soon

        1. In short, you’re betting that the elites will be surrendering substantial portions of their wealth in order to keep poor folks fed and happy?
          I think that’s a losing wager.
          Wealthy elites (and I mean the wealthiest of the wealthy) would choose seeing half of the population starve versus giving away their fortunes in massive taxes to support the welfare state.
          Another point…
          The self-driving vehicle has little to do with convenience and there is very little consumer demand for them. The purpose of such a vehicle is to render a massive number of men unemployed. Driving (taxicabs, Ubers, tractor-trailers, delivery vehicles, etc.) is an occupation that is massively skewed in favor of men.
          And what was the mainstream media’s reaction to the incident mentioned in the article? Basically that such hiccups (read: FATALITIES) were necessary insofar as to perfect the self-driving car. The end justified the means.
          Now notice something else… sexbots. You’ve got entire organizations emerging and trying to stop sexbots from being developed under the guise of them being “human rights violations” or some bullshit. And why? Because it will greatly diminish the value of women as prostitutes, as wives, as girlfriends, etc.

        2. You people all talk like you don’t think there’s a mass genocide on the cards.
          I will give you a valid example, one that they use to indoctrinate anyone who is logically minded (note: sociopaths are logical):
          Q. If you put a single bacteria in a jar at 10am and that bacteria doubles every minute and at 4pm the jar is completely full of bacteria, at what time is the jar half full?
          A. 3:59pm
          There is absolute truth in this example, and that is why a mass culling, or keeping the human population below 500,000 (as stated on the Georgia Guidestones) is what they want to do.
          Chicken or egg question: What kills you first? the flu or the flu vaccination.

        3. ASDASDA
          Can you connect the subject of technology and the end of jobs with bacterial propitiation?

        4. AJEOSHI
          “Farcical jobs”
          You mean a useless bureaucracy like they created for ghetto denizens to have civil service jobs?
          The Department of Motor Vehicles Main Hoodrat (usually a female) that is a bit of a joke, right?
          See what I mean about a world wide Coon Town?

        5. REED
          “Human rights”
          To the amoral (If physically non-violent) liberal this is code for landlords being broke-another words the poor and usually dim women of the world being able to rent the only desirable property they possess in the form of their mouth, anus and vagina as a way to get by.
          Once PORN is digitized, this is going to be a huge blow to the white working class women like Stormy Daniels or Jenna Jameson who number 100,000 in the porn industry-though their professional fee has been dropping for years and Al Goldstein a Jew who was the stupidest of the porn moguls (Swedish-American Hefner and Irish-Catholic Flynt were in fact far better businessmen) died homeless in a Bronx shelter.
          In Dubai porn is totally illegal and this has been a massive boost to the economies of Russia, China and Africa whose thousands of prostitutes work the Dubai streets. They can send enough money home for some family member to build a store, buy a house, etc.

      3. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho will definitely happen earlier than 2505

      4. Nice post overall, but there is no need to dump on blacks, in general, when poor whites of low IQ suffer the same malignancies.
        The idea of “Universal Basic Income” (or welfare) for the masses simply isn’t going to happen. The super wealthy will never support such an idea.

        1. Universal income will not be paid through taxing the wealth (or the income) of the elite, it will be funded through eternal QE (Japan is already kinda there).
          Why the elites would want that ? They would extract enormous profits selling to a large consumer base funded by the creation of money out of thin air

        2. Hear, hear!
          Universal basic income is a fairy tale of epic proportions. Somewhere, somebody is running a cost benefit analysis of keeping 4 billion space taker-uppers alive. Unless you’re an inventor or an artist you’re an easy decision.

          Leatherface swinging a chainsaw under the rising sun of rural America…
          Indeed this is as awful as Tyrone in his ghetto shooting snitches.

        4. The crime rate of the Poorest Americans-whites living Across 8 states aka Appalachia, is 60% lower than the National average.
          They don’t act like Nggrs.

        5. I like Marz overall, but he is as politically correct at times as Baby Boomers when he waxes poetically about ‘white trash.’ No other reason than to impress minorities about how ‘equal opportunity’ he is in ridiculing everybody equally, despite statistics not matching this Cultural Marxist narrative.

        6. WEIMAR
          Minorities cannot get over on urban Northern whites like me as easily, leave it at that. We grow up with them. Donald Trump’s father was a German immigrant and he got rich in New York and Hymie the hot dog dealer did not.
          As for poor whites, I know them better that you and by the time you are 18 in Detroit you know who is fucked and who is not fucked.
          Wigger? Fucked. There is only room for one Eminem in the world. You won’t be him. You’ll just be a pallid dork at a party full of blacks one night who stomp on you for trying to hang around them.
          Have a kid at 20? Fucked.
          Get a GED? Fucked.
          Get hooked on a hard drug like heroin or meth? Fucked.
          Get busted and go to a Detroit jail? Totally fucked and you will be the subject of medieval torture.
          Mudshark? Fucked.
          No education? Fucked.
          I’m German-American and I don’t give a shit about Nazis. I do not burst into tears of self-loathing when I see a movie about Nazis.

        7. Universal basic income will solve a lot of problems like declining white birthrates but a wealth cap of around 200 million maximum per person adjusted yearly for inflation would be a better idea. Excessive wealth concentrates to much power in the hands of too few.

      5. Hey Madman, craigslist whore and self-driving car is actually not a bad idea in combination.
        Since the travel time is used meaningfully.

        1. Men have been “DWB”ing (Driving While Blown, by a hooker or a wife or girlfriend) since the age of chariots.
          Are you telling me you have never been blown in your car?

        2. I did recently. Kinda toothy. I’m pretty sure some weirdo was videotaping it in the parking lot when I stopped for wine. Pretty overrated really. Physically, the fear of being caught outweighs the psychological payoff.

      6. A society based on universal welfare to keep the proles in line is destined to collapse in very short order.

        1. That is assuming that the 1% will give a shit in the first place.
          Look at the US immigration problem caused by the Spanish whites owning everything in Mexico.
          The small wealthy class in the US may just decide they don’t give a shit at all.

      7. In the future they won’t be having more children – they will be having fewer. One goal of the elites is to bring about a drastic drop in the population. We’re starting to see it now, with big drops in testosterone, and with young males preferring masturbating to porn over sex with a real live female. And some of those sex robots, (who don’t try to control your life), are starting to look pretty good in comparison.

        1. That will work for whites.
          My own immigrant family for example. My German grandparents came from a family of 5, they had 3, my parents had 2, my brother had 1.
          But in the ghettos and barrios they will have 10 children.
          Therefore it is a Brazil with a small white ruling class (Including Jews, though they are not so white) and some Asian merchants and techies.
          Beneath this is the squirming mass of brown and yellow-tinged poor, like a Brazilian slum. The Brazilian poor are mostly the descendants of African slaves who intermarried with jungle Indians and Mestizos. But anyhow.

        2. The third world is booming in population. This de-population stuff is really only targeted at whites or competitor groups to (((you know who)))

        3. IMPRISONED
          Sure, the whole point of some college dropout like James Deen doing porn is to ensure that whites do not reproduce.
          The Tribe probably implemented the single-child policy in China as well.

        4. IMPRISONED
          The Jews made my parents lower middle class.
          The Jews made me attend that shitty public school where blacks or Hispanics pummeled me.
          The Jews are responsible for the fact that I was born in a state or region in post-industrial decline.
          The Jews are responsible for the fact that college graduates now work in Bistros.
          The Jews made my sister become a Mud Shark with their Chex commercials.
          The Jews pumped the heroin and crystal meth into white lower class populaces from Mexico.
          The Jews destroyed my marriage with porn.
          The Jews are responsible for the birth of Feminism in the sixties that now prevents me from getting laid.
          The Jews are responsible for the out-of-wedlock birth and adaptation of black ghetto affectations that have turned young whites into Eminem-imitating wiggers.
          The Jews. The Jews. The Jews.

        5. Nonwhite birthrates are leveling off. Even though they are projected to swamp us, they are being hit with poz too. All this existentialism is depressing as hell, but it will be interesting to see if we die out before nonwhites are affected by Cultural Marxism like whites have been. It’s just a matter of when.

        6. I somewhat agree overpopulation is problem but like Diversity is Our Strength nonsense propaganda only whites are dumb enougyh to play the rules

        7. Yep! They’ll give men sexbots to prevent them from reproducing with real women, and they’ll push women into lesbianism and only allow the smartest humans to reproduce.
          A peaceful population control, probably better than war or a virus. But i wonder how they are gonna deal with russia and china.

      8. @ Madman, of course I can, dummy. That was the entire point of me posting about population control on this thread. I gave you the courtesy of connecting the dots for yourself as it’s rather easy to do, but I guess that was too much to ask.
        Robots -> the lack of need for human labour -> lack of jobs -> unrest -> the need for genocide.
        And we can look at 5G technology, AI, CERN, HAARP and a whole bunch of wonderful technologies that can not possibly lead to mass control.
        And to think your comment got 3 upvotes. Wow, people is dumber than ever these days.

      1. JOHN
        60% chance you are correct.
        This COULD be that the governments simply decide that a 10% rise in unemployment and that number of men out of work would lead to worldwide anarchy/revolution.

  1. They will use vehicular terrorism to scare people into embracing driverless cars just like they do with gun control

    1. So could one drive a car using his computer cause that would be way more dangerous.
      Just imagine a bunch of terrorists driving cars into people while sitting in Internet cafes.

  2. The most idiotic activities will be engaged in while driving. No, 99% of the rubes will not read any books, do any homework, etc. They will use the time to make themselves even more unbearable than they already are. This is a horrible idea, automatic cars must be stopped.

    1. JJ
      Wait until the rubes are ALL ON WELFARE because Travis Bickle cannot drive and taxi and at least make enough money to go and visit prostitutes once a week.
      Once the rubes are all unemployed then you will see the same vice, folly, out-of-wedlock birth rates, rape, drug abuse, alcoholism and prostitution you see in the ghetto.
      In a world where robots do all the jobs humanity will turn into “Coon Town”.

      1. That would be the end of monogamous relationships and culture as we have understood it.
        There will be no reason to raise a child into a mature adult, because mature adults will have become obsolete. Neither will it make sense to raise your child to become a stoic or warrior, because surveillance will be ubiquitous and the government will have a monopoly on violence.
        The only way to compete in such a society will be to impregnate as many women as possible and not get caught, which is basically how welfare ghettos currently operate.
        In this whole scenario it doesn’t even seem clear why there should be people at all. The only reason not to just get rid of the human masses, which have technically become unnecessary economically, is that the elites need them to maintain a sense of superiority.
        Would the elites be able to live just for themselves? Or would they require the agony of the masses to justify their own existence? Would they feel the need to create more wars and force techno-communism on the rest of the world, simply because there will be nothing left for them to do?

        1. “Would the elites be able to live just for themselves? Or would they require the agony of the masses to justify their own existence?”
          The second one you said

        2. It is much easier to control and extract power from an overabundant desperate people than a handful that don’t really need to listen to you.

        3. IMPRISONED
          Latin America (Spanish, Portuguese) and Philippines (Chinese) for example.
          Because maybe 10 Chinese families own the 90% of the Philippine economy and the other 10% belongs to some Spanish Mestizos, they don’t have to give a rat’s ass about the squirming population.
          In the average Latin America country there are maybe 5 Castizo families that control the economy.
          The United States is affected in particular by the Spanish ruling class because the Indians and Mestizos are flooding over the border.
          The US 1% is held somewhat in check, but none of them really care about the squirming masses between the Beltway/Manhattan and Malibu.

        4. IMPRISONED
          A Chinese-Filipino once remarked to me that “poor people produce poor people quickly”.

  3. Ayn Rand published that book to encourage Protestant individualism so that Jews could network in order to run society.
    That was the point of her book, wasn’t it?

    1. I think the goal of her books was turning her into a small celebrity among waspy campus types so good ole Ayn (not at risk of being confused with the hotter sister of Bar Rafaeli) could score some of those Anglo cocks she notoriously craved.

    2. Whether consciously or unconsciously, that makes the most sense…
      Didn’t she spend the latter half of her life on welfare?
      Wasn’t she basically just another “welfare for me but not for thee” Jew hypocrite?

    3. The point of all promoted Jewish books and “great” philosophers.
      To undermine and subjugate the non-jew goyim.

  4. No no no. This assumes gps technology is even 60% accurate MOST of the time.
    People like you have too much faith in the system. If the government can’t even handle the DMV what makes you think they can control all cars

  5. Don’t be so dejected goyim, the world is improving everywhere in every way. As soon as we deliver more H1B geniuses from Sudan and India, you will notice the benefits as your… our country will improve immediately.
    Sure, you may lose your wages and your shiksas may get enriched by our new virile guests, but ya know what goyim, ya gotta break some shiksa eggs if ya wanna make a beautiful multicultural omelet.
    What are you, some kind of obsolete biggot of toxic masculinity? I think a little sensitivity training is in order here, and maybe some antidepressants, just think about the 6 million shares I have invested in Fizer goyim.
    Anyway, the future is looking very tikkun olam goy, if you can’t cut it in our new wonderful world of diversity maybe you should join the military, Israel is such a tiny and helpless country, we could always use more goyim on the ground to die in our firing line, and face it goy; it’s either that or arguing with teenagers on the internet over Star Wars.
    it’s the least you could do coz muh holo-kawwwwst n sheeeit

    1. RABBI
      Only because the whites are stupid. Only because the white girl from the suburbs of Alabama or the prairies of Missouri sees some exotic appeal in the Sudanese or Indian before he starts battering her on a regular basis and she joins the other Mud Sharks at the battered women’s shelter.
      Only because whites CHOOSE to fixate on some stupid space opera that starred Peter Cushing 40 years ago.
      Only because whites who control the primary economy are incapable of throwing the yoke of East Coast financial and cultural domination off their slumped shoulders.
      Only, only, only.

      1. MM
        Jews do not run the US (nor the UK or any other country for that matter – except, Israel, of course)
        The WASP elite (I mean the educated and wealthy ones in the urban centres of the Northeast and the West Coast, not the uneducated ones in flyover country) still rule he US.
        They simply “outsource” certain profession (that they don’t want to be associated with) to highly educated Jews who then will get the blame for everything.

        1. Wasps were bought and sold by the Jews long ago. They either play ball and carry out their masters bidding or be demoted to the peasant class.
          Wasps are like the U.S war machine. A front and scapegoat for Zionist crimes.

        2. PETER
          WASPS have a two-tier society. There are the highly educated Old Money WASPS in the Northeast and West Coast and then the lower-tier live in the US interior.
          Anyhow the WASPS seem to be in primary economies-oil, coal, gas etc. The Jews are more likely to be the 21st century equivalent of skilled tradesman-surgeons, dentists, lawyers.
          Which has always been the case. In Europe the Old Money families owned the land and Jews practiced an invaluable trade.

        3. PETER
          WASP elite and Jews
          The WASP elite derived from English colonial title holders that had money in Britain. Like the Bush family.
          The WASP elite LIVE on the East and West Coasts. These places are geographically relevant. There is a “rising tide” effect there.
          Jews live in the same geographically relevant regions and there is a “trickle down” effect. In a podunk state where nobody has any fucking money there is nothing to trickle down.
          WASP elite do not have kids out of wedlock with black thugs or white ones for that matter. The marriages are actually vaguely pre-arranged. George Bush is not going to marry Stormy Daniels just as Hymie the Jewish surgeon is not going to marry Amy Winehouse the Jewish Hunt’s Point crack whore.
          Old Money WASPS are usually educated in prep schools. They are not being sent to public schools where they are beat up until they start acting like Eminem and cannot learn anything anyhow. Or for that matter, some rural school in the bush that closes for hunting season.
          Old Money WASPS, like Jews, travel a great deal (Having familial links to the UK or Holland) while the typical white prole in Podunk has never been anywhere. So of course the Old Money WASP is worldly while the poor white has no grasp of the planet outside the town limits. I’ve known townies that traveled the world in the Navy but they only bounce from whorehouse to whorehouse steaming drunk.
          WASP elite generally have good lawyers and good relationships with the local police. Few of them have a prison record. When half of a kilo of cocaine is found in their glove compartment they go to rehab in exchange for a clean record. The police know their family has the best lawyer on retainer and treat them with kid gloves. The poor white local yokel wracks up a felony record because the police are OUT TO BUST HIM and he has a shitty public defender. The prosecutor is not playing golf with HIS DAD.
          WASP drugs of choice are cocaine, pot, Molly, lots of booze (And “ludes” in the past.) Poor white drugs that really fuck a person’s life up are PCP (Gone now), crack (80’s), meth (90’s) and heroin.

        4. PETER
          If you were born in an urban center in the East or West, there is a “rising tide” effect.
          Similarly, there is a “lowering tide” effect in a rust belt city like mine.

        5. LOL you guys and your ‘WASP elite.’ Too cute. I don’t think you actually know what that means. How many Supreme Court Justices are WASP? John Paul Stevens was the last one.
          Even ‘Drumpf’ is not WASP. How many heads of Wall Street firms are WASP?
          Put down the Great Gatsby and step into the 21st century. It’s like pretending the freemasons are relevant even though it’s nothing more than some VFW mannerbund.
          One thing that Alex Jones actually did right was bring up the very important strategy of ‘cognitive dissonance’ that injects phony conspiracy theories in order undermine legitimate conspiracy theories, like the ‘no-planes’ theory of 9/11.
          You can tell guys like Frazer are either nonwhite, Jewish or devious in not dismissing the actual global cabal, but just rearranging its conspirators. Very smooth, rabbi.

      2. Js were recently lamenting that only a single digit small minority of whites were actually race mixing. I bet that really disappointed you and the Rabbis, Mr Marz…

        1. Redneck World
          Murray the Coney Island hawker and your average Ron Jeremy wino slurping his JD out of a brown paper bag in a Brooklyn park and Amy Winehouse the crack whore shooting up in Hunt’s Point do not give a shit what Anglo-Celtics of the Manson variety do in Southern Ohio.
          They have never been out of NYC in their life.
          Similarly, the Korean living in Los Angeles does not give a rat’s ass about whites in Missouri.
          They have never been out of these bubbles and have no interest in leaving them.
          Perhaps they are vaguely aware that whites in the interior of the US produce the primary economy-its metallurgy and petroleum and coal and livestock.
          Rural whites do not exist to them.

        2. Redneck World
          Old Colonial Stock whites like yourself have so much squaw Indian blood in your veins that racial purity is kind of a joke anyhow.

        3. Sigh, the hopeful and sprightly white nationalist so full of delusion (chivalry). Been there, done that. You can either close your eyes and read ‘surveys’ as fact or you can open your eyes and see that white women are into miscegenation more than all women combined. I don’t blame you for closing them though because it is maddening just how treacherous white women are.

        4. WEIMAR
          I’m from Detroit and most of the white woman who had children with black thugs were from the white working class-Polish-Americans and Hillbillies like Eminem.
          It ended badly for them. At best, divorce. But often times domestic violence as well.

      3. It’$ not that Whites are stupid just helpless victims of an intense brainwashing campaign. Applying our pathological altruism to other races will be our downfall.

    2. I have always said even in the pre 9-11 days that the US and the West abandon our alliance of Israel in favor of Palestine and the Arab states. We do much more business with them with oil and really the only reason why we incur wrath from Muslims and Arabs is due to our alliance with Israel. So many Western lives would have been spared over the years as well as the costs of war and “national security”.
      We have shed so much blood, lost so many lives and spent so much money “Backing the Jews”.
      I never had a bad personal experience with an Arab or Muslim. Jews on occasion have been a problem for me in certain instances in my life, especially my professional one.

      1. Sounds like you need the advice of one of God’s chosen people. As Evangelical preachers will tell you, Jews have an uncanny ability to make good decisions. I am kind enough to share this gift from God with you goyim for free.
        All that I ask is that you go to my website and install my toolbar program and instruct your anti-virus software program to ignore it.

    3. Rabbi = another insecure, inferior, in-competent, butt hurt and GRUDGY local mangina !!

      1. RAVI
        The expat Gora here-
        Now why don’t these nefarious Hebrew schemes affect the South Asian populace in Edison or Northern California?
        Wait a minute! The Jew wants to destroy the Evangelical Protestant in the US interior, right. So that South Asians can take over the United States.

        1. I sometimes find myself even on here accidentally anthropomorphizing these hostile immigrants in thinking that they possess an ability to reason like we do. Like their rhetoric is just a stratagem like it is for white leftists, and they can actually see the irony and hypocrisy in their application of these tactics. But sadly they cannot. They just really are that stupid, especially our pal Mowgli, who pretends to think of ‘MEN’ as universal, but somehow magically always has something bad to say about white men, just like they all do. I just tell them to take a number and get in line before they spout their rehearsed grievances against us.

  6. Garbage article. Technological progress and automation are a consequence of the free market. You can’t stop it. Cars will be much safer overall and the number of casualties from car accidents will be far fewer when the technology is perfected. As for jobs, people will have to adapt and learn another trade just like they always have.

    1. Another trade like “art” you mean? Like the “art” that most women produce these days? Who are they going to sell when everyone is a freaking artist?!

      1. PAPA
        When asked why he was homeless Al Goldstein replied that “everyone is making porn and putting it on the internet”.
        In the old days, anybody with $5000 could blow into Los Angeles with a video camera and hire some willing bodies and make a million dollars.
        I’m not sure if Bukkake is an art form but nowadays nobody buys porn any longer.

    2. All progress is a two-edged sword. Always has been the case.
      Agriculture gave you a more reliable food supply, but also more diseases as well as priestly/noble caste/governments who tried to keep it all for themselves. Metallurgy gave you way better tools, but also better weapons for violent conquest, i.e. grand theft writ very large. A telephone meant you could talk with somebody at a distance, but also that anybody could – in a manner of speaking – come inside your home without your say so. And computers, well….
      The real problem is that all these advances end up sooner than later attracting the sort of people who want to control others, who want to punish others, and the newly converted with a fear of their own cravings. While a self driving car would be great to have in theory – think of it as a sort of cruise-control on steroids – somebody someplace will eventually use it as an excuse to mandate that you use it and punish you if you don’t. (I’m not even going to go into the tracking and privacy aspect.)
      Also, these same automotive advances will result in people doing otherwise stupid shit because they feel safer. Bear in mind that it’s been shown that people drive more recklessly because of airbags. What sort of, errr, “Questionable” actions will people do because the car is self driving? (And no I’m not talking about screwing in the back seat.) Will somebody try to, say, put his dog alone in the car and then try to have the self-drive take it to the vet? It’s plausible. Already somebody has tried crawl into back seat for a nap or something while the car was in self-drive. (Or maybe the passenger seat; the article was sort of contradictory.) And in it’s ever expanding mandate to “Solve Things,” what sort of measures will (a socialist) government impose to control such behaviours?
      It remains to be seen how it will all play out, but with self-driving cars, you’ll sure as hell be seeing a developing dynamic between the forces of individualism and privacy against collectivism and control.
      Just a thought.

    3. until you are labled a rapist anmd cant drive to other areas because you are not allowed there or car refuse to start when you are inside because of a comment you made on facebook because manufacture disagree with your racest comment

  7. I don’t buy the future automation thing. Same goes for the global warming scam(its natural cycles, not manmade), peak oil scam etc etc Its all about how one tribe can weave a lot of lies to defraud the masses (esp. white people) of their money whilst coming up with ‘reasons’ as to why we should live certain lifestyles. I guess at this point its perhaps pointless to point these things out as they own it all, no joke. Once they tie up some loose ends in foreign countries and the Middle East, they will collapse the western(and by extension the global) economy. We are in the middle of the slow collapse and building up to the ‘fast phase’ of the engineered fall of western societies. I don’t buy that we will spend the next 20-30 years in the slow brazilification of the west as that is simply not sustainable for a variety of reasons.

    1. Man-made global climate change is a fact. If just ignored more and more natural disasters, shifts in weather (affecting agriculture for starters), flooding, etc. will occur. This will mean more corporate and government interference in our lives- just look at what happens after a hurricane or flood and who is in charge.
      The problem is arrogant or just plain stupid mainstream media and arrogant scientists who coin “global warming.” This implies a uniform rise in temperature which is NOT the case, so when people see that’s not happening they assume the whole thing is a hoax- which may be the exact intent.
      I’m also annoyed by the justification of killing wild animals because of “habitat destruction” yet somehow humans aren’t doing anything. I don’t like hypocrisy (one reason I oppose feminism).
      Wes The Great is right to be concerned about the environment. If it goes, our freedom goes with it. Period.

      1. NO its not.
        Its pseudo science, Ultimately its about control.
        To somehow ‘prove’ that GOD made a mistake and to grant power over who lives and dies, to Js. Thats where Over population comes in. All bunk The entire earths population can fit inside of Texas o na 1500 Sq foot lot.
        Feel stupid yet?

    2. jmalony,
      I’m with you on this one, the end of technology is far more likely than automated cars ever being made. I think we’ve reached the peak of ‘white science and technology’ and things will only get worse and more low tech, for most of the world population anyway.

      1. JOHN
        I’m old enough, just barely, to remember 1980. It was a year when I was six years old. The Jetson’s was predicted to be right over the horizon.
        The following year you had the black riots in Brixton. Meanwhile, in the US, the ethnic white urbanites (Irish, Jewish, Italian, Slav, German-Catholic) moved to the suburbs and completely detached themselves from the black urban populations.
        Crime rose 1000% percent.
        At the same time cures for all diseases were predicted…meanwhile a new one was killing gays and porn stars.
        Experts in 1982 declared that America’s 15 year love affair with drugs was over when John Belushi died…and then crack cocaine materialized.
        Feminists declared a “War Against Porn”…but of course by 1980 porn was so lucrative that middle-class women were entering the business and today it is everywhere.
        Crime rose in the 1980’s. Out-of-wedlock births. Junkies. Redundancy.
        The US had its auto industry collapse from outsourcing and the UK lost its steel industry.
        Now granted, the new Yuppie generation were rising from the seventies Me Decade but the auto workers in Detroit and the miners that went to war with Thatcher were wiped out.
        So pretty much the entire future has been more war, pestilence, poverty, crime, racial conflict.
        Are Brixton and Bradford nicer now or back in 1980? Detroit?

        1. Brixton is nicer, mainly because all the poor blacks have been forced out due to rising house prices. Apart from the council estates which are complete hell holes.

  8. There should be an article on the nature of free will and how most human beings have become mindless drones, automatons for the elitist to take control of. Its such an important concept – most people are complicit in this global scam just by participating in certain activities or by mental assent.

  9. Dishonest to have a picture filled with a whole bunch of blood cause by a drunk driver and then use it when talking about an incident with an Uber self-driving car.
    I’m positive to self-driving cars.

  10. They are going to be yet another nail in the masculinity’s coffin. And the men of the future will wonder: “Why are my T-levels so low? It must be the plastics in those damned cars”!

  11. Self-driving cars are already happening, at least partially, in many Asian countries: in Korea, Japan and Singapore self-driving taxis should be commercially available by 2020-2022. I think though China will be the first market to adopt the technology on a mass scale.
    Why ? First of all they have the talent to engineer those products.
    Second their car ownership rate is skyrocketing (doubling every 5 years or so) but still very low: currently there is in China one 4-wheeled vehicle every 7 people, a figure comparable to Italy 50 years ago. In the US, the world leader in terms of per capita car ownership, the equivalent figure is around 4 out 5. In South Korea, and most Western Europe, the comparable number hovers around 1 out 2.
    Third China doesn’t have a mega car company to protect, local brands are growing and getting popular but they’re nowhere near not only Volkswagen/Toyota sales figures but even Hyundai&Kia’s .
    Fourth due to the sheer size and population density of the country China car market cannot reach anywhere close the level of North America. The country is already plagued by traffic jams of epic proportions, it was also calculated that if in China cars were as common as they are in America, something that extrapolating from current growth figures could happen by the 2040’s, the road maintenance bill alone would be north of half a trillion $$ a year. Clearly an AI-based automatic car-sharing model would fit them quite well.
    Last but not least well having a totalitarian technocracy in charge definitely helps.

  12. What the fuck ever most people can’t drive worth a shit I think this is a good step in the right direction.

    1. Right. A computer-operated car.
      And computer systems are NEVER hacked, infected by viruses, or suffering from glitches and malfunctions.

      1. and just wait for social networks like (((facebook))) to come in the field of AI vehicles, and let the party begin. Oh your posts are mean to some minorities ? let my AI networkd car go off the cliff while your account will be suspended !

  13. There are just so many ways this can go wrong.
    The problem is too many people, including those in charge (but have no idea about just what they are doing) will have visions of Michael Knight and KITT. What we’ll end up with will be more like KARR.
    STEM has become a religion, and a fanatical one at that, more like a cult. I have television, radio, and a computer (obviously). But I can switch these off at any time. I can separate the rest of my life from technology. With these fanatics, soon that will be impossible. We’ll likely be implanted with some kind of tracking chip “for our own safety,” maybe eventually one that can inject a downer if it detects strong emotions (akin to “THX-1138” and “James Bond: A View to a Kill” with those race horse implants).
    For our own good, of course. Forced conversion.

  14. Neil Peart of Rush foresaw this in a way more than thirty years ago in the song “Red Barchetta”. “The Motor Law” is coming. Read the lyrics and listen to the song, it is really foretelling.

  15. What is the one true reason behind it?
    They know people own bug out vehicles
    to take to their safe locations.
    They are saying Oh No you will die like the rest of the Billions in our scheduled mass extermination of
    This plot to kill off humans
    comes directly from Satan

  16. Seems no one can see the writing on the wall. Reading the comments (and the article for that matter) is like watching a pantomime with the audience screaming ”he’s behind you!” as the actors feign ignorance of the baddy poncing around in the background. You’ve been told you are living in a post-consumer world (your only functions being produce and consume), you’ve accepted you are to blame for global warm… no, wait, it’s climate change now I suppose(of course the weather never changed in the past), you’ve never questioned why the most valuable commodity in the world is it’s cheapest (hint: your labour), you play dumb as to the level of corruption in ALL of your institutions(just a few bad apples, if only we can get someone on our side in power), you’re all played like a fiddle from birth to death (indoctrination and programming) and to top it off you act like the economy, politics, law, culture etc etc are somehow real. Deep down you know it’s all fake. Those that lord it over the rest of us despise us, even though it is us that have placed them in their lofty positions. True history of civilisation has only one common thread, that of control. Now they think they have the technology to replace us, prepare for a mass culling, we are all surplus to requirements. I suppose if God has chosen you, you’ll be alright, right?

    1. Someone who does not know the difference between climate and weather and uses the terms interchangeably reveals his science illiteracy.

      1. That’s usually just carelessness. The same way people use “centrifugal force,” even though that doesn’t exist (it’s inertia tangent to the circle).
        With global climate change and the disasters it will create (more deserts, superstorms, flooding, etc.- remember that a given area is geared for a particular climate and radical change will cost MONEY and need more corporate and government interference) our freedom will diminish and our lives more controlled.
        That said, Trump was right to reject that climate change law if it excluded China and Russia. This means it’s up to us to avert it; you cannot count on corporations or government.

        1. JOHN
          We heard all these predictions when I was young man in the year 2000.
          Wars were through because the Wall had collapsed.
          Cures for everything.
          Poverty wiped out.
          Spaceships on the horizon.
          All a bunch of bullshit. Idiot American patriots thought that every war could be one “by air strike” and here we are in Afghanistan 2 decades later.
          An economy plunged into a recession it only came out of now. Unemployment finally returned to pre-Bush levels after what, 20 years?
          I look back at my friends then in their 20’s who saw a glorious shiny utopia on the horizon. Today, like me, they are in early middle-age.

        2. MM,
          I’m living in that utopia, warm weather, cheap booze, abundant pussy, young and sexy wife who serves me. All the movies, tv shows, music and books I want for free (thanks internet).
          Life can’t get any better.

        3. JOHN
          You know I feel incredibly lucky that my life was so shitty as a young man that I had nothing to lose by moving overseas and possessed nothing but a suitcase.
          I could be there today-complaining that short guys with funny hats were running my life by playing parlor game tricks on Wall Street.
          My perceptions of the planet earth and reality could be formed by coked-out screenwriters in LA churning out shit to make a studio deadline.
          I could be sitting in clubs nursing a beer and watching the same old slags I went to grammar school with bumping and grinding on black thugs, hoping that they would let me poke them while they were passed out drunk.
          Or jerking off to Hungarian peasant girls sticking things up their ass for 400 Euros in ratty Los Angeles apartments. Wanking like a schoolboy who found a magazine in the park trash bin.
          I could have seen my property values collapse.
          Instead I spent a productive lifetime overseas. I have not had to give a shit about any of this.
          Saul Cohen control my destiny. He cannot live in Dubai or Southeast Asia where he is hated.
          Sure not all the sex I got was free but at least I did not have to hump my hand in my Mum’s basement when I was 26 because the women of my generation were either going black or becoming disheveled Dykes.
          I was not married to a woman who sued me straight down to my underwear. I did not lose a house that would have been worth absolute Fuck Nothing in my city anyhow because blacks eventually discover every neighborhood in the US and it becomes an anarchy of crime and violence. Or Mestizos. Or Muslims.
          All has been wonderful overseas.

        4. JOHN
          I disagree. Middle-Class expats like us have brought a modicum of decency to Southeast Asia and raised the expectations of the female population beyond being a beast of burden for slothful males.
          We’ve brought money and businesses that employ people.
          We’ve built houses.
          Introduced Western middle-class thought.

        5. JOHN
          I changed my life. I went overseas at 25. Simply decided that what I had in the United States, which was fuck all, was not worth staying for.
          The ominous Mestizos and blacks and obnoxious pushy “Beastie Boys” and prick-teasing slags with their snotty gossip vanished.
          So my life changed instantly because I went overseas.
          Here’s the funny thing…things only changed for the worse.
          The year 2000 was predicted to be the beginning of a wonderful new Utopia.
          Then Bush was elected and the country went to hell in a hand basket.

        6. @madMAN,
          Did you all also heard about any “predictions” at that time, like:
          =pussies will walk bare chested in the name of equality !!
          =pussies will do slut walks !!
          =pussies will use false rape accusations !!
          =pussies demand for affirmative action & easy jobs !!
          =pussies will divorce rape !!
          =pussies will become more & more arrogant, bitchy, slutty, whorish and ungrateful !!
          =about Saddam, Gadafy, Syria & Iran !!
          =about exporting waste to China for “recycling” BUT demanding to use products “made in this Country” !!

        7. RAVI
          I was fucking a Norwegian girl on Anjuna Beach when those trends came about in the late 90’s early 2000’s, so the answer is not.
          See you are 2 generations behind European immigrants and still in the “honeymoon” phase where your Dad like my great-grandfather was glad to leave an Indian village or urban slum for Edison, New Jersey.
          Edison, New Jersey would seem like a shithole to the average Australian or New Zealander or Japanese BUT to your father it was a paradise and he instilled a huge sense of patriotism in you just like my own German immigrant grandparents had.
          You are US born and have no desire to live elsewhere and so you are all wrapped up in domestic issues.
          I on the other hand, do not give a shit about any of this and intentionally spent my life overseas.
          Goan Brahmin and Kochi Nair are actually much more civilized to me than the blacks, Hoodrats and rural poor whites of the United States that I would have to live around in the rust belt. A bungalow on the Malabar coast of India or Philippines subdivision condominium seems like a luxury compared to sharing an apartment with white bachelor pigs in Phoenix or living in Greater Detroit on some unsafe street. I LIKE being overseas. I’ve only visited the US on business once in the last 20 years.
          So no, I do not follow any of these stupid developments. They make no matter to me and seem like cheap SJW diversions from the reality that the US is slowly becoming a second-world country.

        8. RAVI
          I cared about Saddam or Ghaddafi like you care about Kashmir. I could have told you then that removing these dictators would create an anarchy and the subsequent refugee crisis we have today.
          As for women doing “slut walks” or giving men a free show this does not interest me. They can drink hot asphalt for all I give a shit.
          None of them were going to fuck me anyhow.

        9. RAVI
          Ghaddafy was around in 1986, as I was 12 when the US bombed Libya. I remember him.
          Saddam Hussein was around in 1999 when I left the United States and I could have told you that removing him would lead to Syria and the refugee crisis.
          Bush’s advisers told him this back a long time ago. His Dad listened. But Bush did not listen and as a result the US had a costly war that led to Syria and now the refugee crisis.
          As for the “slut walk” most probably US female Desis are not doing this. Your anger might be more a result of Gori not screwing YOU.

        10. RAVI
          What do you give a shit what “goris” do?
          Presumably your parents will arrange a marriage to a Desi girl.

      2. climate n 1 prevailing weather conditions of an area 2 region with particular weather conditions 3 prevailing trend of opinion I suppose someone without access to a dictionary might fall into the same trap as you, Eric.

    2. We’re probably not all that different from the cows we herd to slaughter. Some people are maniacally trying to break free and warn everyone around them. But most are resigned to a pitiful death without so much as a whimper. A life spent saying “shut-up and just accept your fate, everyone else is.”
      I swear some people are born into this world with their spirit “pre-broken.” They wouldn’t know what to do with freedom.

      1. “We’re probably not all that different from the cows we herd to slaughter.”
        Correct phrase:
        We’re probably not all that different from the Bulls & “dried up” Cows we herd to slaughter.

  17. i’m waiting for autonomous AI driven trucks of peace do their things and politicians to claim that not all AI are programmed the same. And those stupid leftist to cackle that if you don’t like AI, you’re just AIphobic.

    1. Ever read “The Fall of Colossus: The Forbin Project?” That was actually a capital offense called “anti-machine activities.”

  18. Just look at that picture at the top of wall to wall traffic. Self-driving cars are not going to do squat to reduce that heart-attack inducing nightmare. And, with millions more immigrants entering the US each year, highway congestion is only going to get worse and worse. Instead of wasting millions on soul-destroying Big Brother self-driving vehicles, the money would be MUCH better spent on commuter railroads and subways. All other advanced countries are well ahead of us in this technology. Our current trajectory guarantees that we will soon be Brazil.

    1. Worry about the millions of kids being popped out by local people !! in the name of “religion” (God giving & we are popping !!), Lol!
      Worry about the millions if local people going on welfare & eating away Tax Payers Money (and this includes those “millions more immigrants”), Moron!

      1. RAVI
        Caste systems are essentially the same all over the world, bro.
        Let us look at India, where I spent a considerable amount of my life.
        Once you get up to the Brahmin case the women have one to two children.

  19. Search Argus, a company which specializes in car firmware security, created by two Unit8200 veterans. They are already into your cars, as reliance on this technology increases so will their power.

  20. Howard this article was interesting. But when your big brother takes your economic car that’s the literal meaning of big brother. Big brother referring the government is figurative

  21. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. No wonder you conservatives in Middle America are poor. Instead of focusing on tangible practical ways to improve your income you focus on useless insane conspiracy theories. You deserve the steel factories moving out of your shthole town.

        “Seething White Hatred”
        I’m white. I’m not a Hebrew either. Let me spell it out for from a Northern suburban white.
        REAL white men do not go to honky Tonk bars and wrack up assault charges. That is for hicks and losers.
        REAL white men do not live in a proximity to poor blacks that puts them in harm’s way because REAL whites earn enough money not to ride public transport all day with blacks who have nothing better to do than brawl on the buses they ride for free.
        REAL white men do not have kids they cannot afford to send to private schools who then get pummeled and robbed by blacks or Mexicans in shitty public schools.
        REAL white men join the Armed Forces or work their way through college. They do not leave school in the 11th grade with a GED.
        REAL white men do not end up in jail with blacks or Hispanics in the first place.
        REAL white men move around the world. If one geographic setting proves unable to meet their requirements they shift.
        REAL white men do not get hooked on hard drugs-crack, heroin, meth. That is Negro shit.
        REAL white men call a cab if they are drunk and do not go to jail for DUI’s.
        REAL white men understand that the crap that Hollywood produces is just that-crap. Their behavior is not influenced by the media.
        And by the way, you might tell me why the East and West Coast-those places where the non-Anglo populations cluster ranging from Irish-Catholic to Jewish to Cuban-are doing so much better economically than the US interior which is Anglo-Celtic.

      2. Redneck World
        If you are like most “whites” South of Cleveland you don’t even KNOW where your ancestors are from.
        Chances are you’ll say Scottish but have no idea whether this is Dundee or Glasgow.
        Then you will proceed to claim that you have Indian blood. Cherokee maybe, or possibly even something wilder like Apache.
        In reality, you are probably Anglo-Celtic, but no little about your European roots.

        1. Actually I’m quite aware. Still have photos of some of them.
          Germany, Ireland, Italy. Good stock
          You’re ancestors were rag peddlers in Krakiw before they flushed the sewers and sent them oackingbtk the USA. A curse upon the world.

    1. JOSH
      It’s Because of the JOOOS
      A Chant
      I cannot go outside because there is a man at the door who looks like Ron Jeremy…short and greasy…he is watching me
      Did I tell you I visited NYC….so many JOOOS were watching me…The Hunt’s Point hooker that looked like Winehouse and the drunk in the park that resembled Mike D…they are all clever scholars… pretending not to have a dollar
      The JOOOS broke up my marriage with porn…it is why my daughter was never born…My wife left me you know…after I kept penetrating her anus with a big dildo…because I saw it on the screen…being done by a Jew who is named James Deen…

  22. There is a bright future for Man and it is being born in Russia right now. I went there to see it for real. Just read the Ringing Cedars books by Vladimir Megre and learn about Kin Domains and the erased history of the Vedic people. A kin domain is 1 hectare of land surrounded by a living fence where families live for centuries or more. In 2014 there were over a thousand kin domain communities in Russia. I have heard that Moscow is now surrounded by them. This is the answer to the technocratic insanity.

    1. robert,
      And yet, any Soviet citizen who can, leaves Russia to work as scammers, drug dealers and hookers in South East Asia. They must all be wrong about Russia even though they lived there all their lives, and you must be right even though you’ve never been there.

      1. JOHN
        There 7 or 8 oligarchs in Russia-I think 5 of them are Jews and 2 of them are Christian. They own 80% of the wealth and the rest of the population from Finland to the border of China lives on vodka and table scraps.

    2. Russia is VERY technocratic. Face recognition systems are actively being used here. Yandex(local Google competitor) is working on self-driving cars

  23. Those fucking soulless nerds from Silicon Valley will be the ones to bring the end of the world.

    1. BIG DICK
      True. The 1990’s was a golden age of prosperity because of retail. The internet wiped a great deal of this out. It wiped out the entertainment industry. It wiped out travel agencies. Digital wiped out film.
      Basically the internet allowed physical and mental labor to be separated and of course the mental labor went to Third World countries-creating their middle class and leaving the US Flyover to increasingly resemble Asia 30 years ago when it was a collection of rotting buildings and scavengers on the road.
      You being Mexican would know about outsourcing.

  24. I find the picture and caption about robots replacing basic jobs in the future to be puzzling and misinforming. I’ve been hearing this prophecy for years now. I remember back in the early-mid eighties hearing that manufacturing was dead and bloated. The popular notion said we were moving into a service economy, and that I’d be selling you a sandwich, and you in turn would be selling me an investment portfolio. Today, after watching my boss, and other managers and colleagues, spend their time day trading stocks, surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, and playing video games on their computers (tell me why this sloth and donut dunking is tolerated in many workplaces today?), then they baled out at noon to start their weekends of golfing, clubbing, gluttony, and drinking, I decided to spend the afternoon calling on accounts, and cold calling to turn over rocks to find new business. I called on CNC machine shops, metal fabricators, plastic molders, and other niche manufacturers. Here’s somethings I witnessed firsthand . 1. Companies that used robots for welding or pick and place assembly work were pulling their hair out because the “robots” were malfunctioning and broke down frequently. 2. The companies that are producing wealth (e.g. tangible goods and products), and buying metals, perishable tooling, coolants, machine tools, tooling, etc. were small to mid-size (5-100 employees) CNC job shops, metal fabrication shops, and niche manufacturers. They were not the whales or the heavy hitters (e.g. GM, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, etc.). 3. The companies that are hiring are again the small to mid-size companies. I called on nearly a dozen companies, and every single company told me “we are desperate for machinists and welders”. I inquired about wages, benefits, production bonuses, etc. All but one company offered very competitive wages, bonuses, benefits, and all the OT you’d ever want for my geographic area. Yet, with all these available manufacturing trade jobs, people have an aversion towards them (?). I knocked off an hour early, went to a soup kitchen in the urban core of my city started by my church 15 years ago, and helped prepare and serve meals for over 200 homeless people. Age and time have shown me that the kingdom of god is more eternal than any temporal or nefarious employer.

    1. Antonio,
      Homeless people are mentally ill or drug addicts, it isn’t about employment.

      1. JD, I believe changing the heart, and having a trade or marketable skills to earn an honest living, will help resolve many of these social woes. Polar opposite of the usual ROK worldview I’m afraid.

        1. ANTONIO
          With the complete separation of physical and mental capital, I’d say that whites in the US are better-off doing high-skilled traditional service jobs like plumber, police officer, mechanic.
          IT, engineering and accounting are leaving the US.
          So ironically, the blue-collar guy with a high school degree who becomes a plumber or cop is going to be the one with the job-not the poor asshole who spends 5 years getting an IT degree.
          I know, my degree is now useless.

        2. ANTONIO
          Yeah, if you want to be a welder. As a young man, having a welder and living in Detroit for the rest of my life was not exactly appealing to me.
          Of course your skill has to be one that a Mexican is not intelligent enough to learn. Dry wall? Try getting a job doing this in Phoenix Arizona. If you have the capital you can start a contracting business but being a carpenter or tree-surgeon…forget it. The Mexicans take those jobs.
          Now of course my degree is more or less useless but I was just young enough to be able to work in my field overseas for 20 years.
          You cannot do that if you are a plumber or a welder. You are stuck in the city you were born, as is the case with you Antonio.
          The other option is symbol-manipulation. Learning how to play the stock market. Perhaps real estate. But these are really only applicable on the East Coast. You are not going to make a killing in stock brokerage in Detroit or Missouri. It has no stock index.

        3. ANTONIO
          If you are a former publisher or accountant, it is hard to want to retrain to be a welder when you are 45 years old.
          If your accounting job goes to India when you are that age you cannot retrain to be a police officer.
          Also, middle class whites are used to certain settings.

        4. ANTONIO
          “Honest living”
          Sorry, but the average middle-class white collar professional (Certified Public Accountant, IT) who was raised middle class finds difficulty adjusting to lower wages in a rough working class setting ie owning one car and your wife having to take the bus to work with nogs.
          If you are used to working around the educated middle-class a truck stop is sort of an unpleasant setting. These folks are not talking about their trip to Paris and their idea of recreation is to shoot pool in a dingy bar where someone is always about to swing a chair.
          Being from Detroit I know that the life of a working-man is often a struggle for adequate funds, affordable decent housing, a neighborhood that is a nice place to raise your kids etc.
          It is not anything a former white collar professional relishes becoming at 45 years old.

        5. Antonio,
          Having a hopelessly optimistic worldview doesn’t count for shit. Half the RoK posters think finding a white Christian virgin will result in them living happily ever after. It’s all delusion, only the details are different.
          The only way to cure the homeless problem, is with a bullet in their head.

        6. JOHN
          You’d have to be out of your gourd on Spice to be homeless in the UK.
          The United States is a bit different but in the UK you’d have to be homeless out of pure choice.
          Wages in the UK for hospital porters and plasterers are high enough to purchase a house.
          Muslims and other immigrants are not taking white jobs. Maybe the Polish are, but not too terribly much. It is not like the United States where Mexicans are going to take every single job in the service sector.
          My experience in the UK is that most homeless people are out of the gourd on Spice (Or back then heroin) and cannot stand to be in a homeless shelter where they cannot score it. If they get the dole money, they spend every pence on more heroin.

        7. JOHN
          “Bullet in the head”
          Most mentally ill people can never be sane. They will stop taking whatever pills are issued to them sooner or later and start hearing voice and seeing things again.
          When I was young in London most of the homeless were heroin addicts. A few were Scottish or Irish drunks but the average native was a heroin addict.
          I’ve read that Manchester now has a problem with Spice-using homeless people. This drug was after my time, I have no idea was Spice is.

      2. JOHN
        That would be more true of the UK than the United States. There is less of a social safety net in the US and this is also why working-class whites despise blacks and Mexicans so much is that losing their job immediately puts them in harm’s way-suddenly you are 45 and riding the bus with unruly black youths or living in an apartment complex infested by MS-13.
        In the UK the white working class can obtain more government aid but at the same time they are trapped in estates. In the United States poverty is more transient, which is the reason why the class system never really existed in the United States.
        Working class whites in the US are more likely, I think, to drift to wherever work is obtainable.

      3. JOHN
        On mental illness: I knew a crack users and former heroin junkies as a young man and these folks EASILY lose their mind on the street in the situations they get themselves into. The abuse and horrific situations would snap anyone’s mind.
        As for winos, you can actually be productive on cocaine and when I worked in sales it was understood that everyone was on cocaine. The boss was on cocaine. He would offer to give you cocaine.
        But a hardcore alcoholic? Nah, forget it. You’re fucked. Workers do not REEK of cocaine. But if you reek of booze you are totally fucked.
        With marijuana, my drug of choice in college, most people are stoned and stupid when young-if you are fired from your high school or college pizza job for reeking of skunk nobody is going to give a fuck in 5 years when you have your degree and are working in your chosen profession. Being the Sean Penn character in “Fast Time” is really a teenage thing.

      4. JOHN
        Homelessness and drugs.
        If you are working poor and miss work one day you are fired anyhow. Chances are you have no savings so you are fucked.
        If a middle class son of a lawyer develops a heroin addiction Dad supports him, sends him to rehab, gets him a decent lawyer etc.
        But for the working poor guy who smokes his first hit of crack and gets hooked it is all she wrote.
        He does time in jail, he loses his job, he does not own a house anyhow, his parents are poor retirees and he ends up straight on the street.
        I’ve known crackheads and generally they build a felony rap sheet that would prevent them from getting anything but a menial job anyhow.
        One I knew was a truck driver. He lost his trucking license and that was that. Could not get another decent job. So he started dealing, which pays more than a teenagers job. Soon he was busted.

    2. ANTONIO
      Middle-class perspective here.
      WTF wants to earn $40,000 a year when they are 50 years old and own one car so their wife has to take the fucking bus to work with she-boons who might jump her?
      When it became obvious to me that my degree was going to circumvent my quality of life in Detroit I left the United States in a big hurry.
      Who the fuck wants their kids to have to go to public schools and get pummeled by minorities.
      See if you grew up middle-class like me you have expectations.

      1. Marz, to set the record straight (as I’ve noticed many ROK commenters often assume that every one else on here is some type of silver spoon pie-in-the sky liberal). I’m now 60, and I grew up in middle-class blue collar America in Minneapolis. I’m the son of a Tool & Die Maker, and his father was an auto body and fender guy. All my uncles were machinists, welders, or auto mechanics. I’ve worked the last 11 years in a scrap metal yard in high crime urban core Kansas City, + worked a second part-time evening job just to barely meet my monthly nut, so no glamour, over privelaged trust fund, soft money job, or sloth here! I don’t get the ex-patriot thing, although each to his own. Nor do I get why employers allow, and enable, donut dunkers who bring no value or wealth to the table, to keep jobs. Your points are generally valid (be they harsh at times), I’ll concede that much. I have a worthless piece of paper undergraduate degree that I would not wipe my rectum with if I ran out of toilet paper, but that still does not change the fact that many men step up to the plate daily, work jobs they’d rather not have, make chump change, and struggle to support themselves and/or their families, nor does it negate the fact that as evidenced in my calls on industrial accounts, that employers desperately need skilled machinists and welders. What I read on ROK is that trades like these are for losers and knuckle walkers, or that they won’t earn doctors wages and six figure incomes, so why bother. That’s just delusional thinking. I mean if a young guy wants a life of minimum wage dead end low-level jobs, insurmountable student loan debt for a worthless degree, or living in his single mother’s basement, I guess that’s his free will and choice.

        1. ANTONIO
          If you are a blue-collar Italian than you can identify with KARATE KID’S stone-accurate depiction working-class helplessness laid bare-
          Daniel leaves his shabby but warm Italian neighborhood (Where the mafia offer the working class Italians some dignity and protection) to find himself at the mercy of the ravages of the US class system.
          To begin with, he is the son of a single parent. This is common among the working-class who marry young, too young, and divorce.
          His mother moves them into a ratty apartment where the plumbing is always broken and the owner employs a single alcoholic Asian maintenance man who takes forever to fix anything.
          Eager to fit it and semi-Latino himself Daniel tries to befriend local Mexican kids and this leads him straight into a conflict with druggy suburban WASP upper middle-class stoners on beach.
          At this point the sheer powerlessness and dispossession of the white working class is laid bare-
          The suburban white WASPS kids who would not have singled out Freddie because the rest of Cholos would rally around him but have a lone poorer Italian kid to savage which they proceed to do in a dope-fueled haze…we never do understand Johnny’s motive. He’s often high and is the local degenerate.
          Daniel is semi-tough himself and gives one of the WASP suburban kids a ground and pound on the soccer field but of course the figure of authority-the coach-sides with the suburban WASP whose Dad is the local dentist or lawyer. Daniel is merely part of the rootless transient working service-sector with no country club membership.
          Daniel’s mother is totally helpless. The cops whose salaries are paid by suburban white-collar tax payers would have thrown Daniel straight into jail if his sucker punch on the beach had chipped a tooth because Johnny’s Dad lives in a Zip code the cops are paid to protect. Daniel is obviously not an Anglo-Saxon and merely a lumpenprole. The police-who should have been involved at this point-will tell the Italian lady waving her hands at them in irritation to file a report and get a lawyer she cannot afford.
          Johnny’s and the gangs drug use continues and finally, they nearly kill Daniel under the influence.
          One reason is that they probably sense, as privileged teens do, that their Dad’s would get them off the hook. It would be a shame to ruin these 17 year old’s lives over a working class Italian kid who did in fact provoke them. Aggravated assault, 6 months probation, time served, no adult record.
          The Karate Kid lays completely bare the total fucking that working class face.

        2. ANTONIO and JOHN
          The expat thing (For under 45’s)
          I’ve had to ride the bus in Dubai but there were no 250 pound foul-smelling female widlabeests irritable because they needed their next crack cocaine fix or “Prislam” thugs ready to fuck up a white, any white.
          You can WALK through any neighborhood in Dubai and not get robbed. You do not have to hide inside after dark like a Transylvanian peasant near Dracula’s castle. Arabs do not give a shit about you, they are in Monaco gambling because they are all rich. Filipino and Indian workers are not going to mug you and endure a tortuous stretch in an Arab prison. Local cops are not trying to make a quota and hassling you in the hopes of finding an unpaid ticked on your licenses or a joint in your pocket.
          ROK bloggers mention the “country” and rural environments but fail to mention that every Appalachian with legs under 60 is scrambling up the I-23 to Detroit (Used to) or Chicago or Philly to get a job. Any job. What the hell is the working middle class buy going to do in white rural America? Work on a farm? The city jobs are all done by local yokels.
          Antonio, you’ve mentioned that you are 60 years old and barely making ends meet. How much do you have to show for you life. A house in an iffy neighborhood with precarious property values? One Negro opens a crack house or HUD takes over and your property won’t sell for shit. You won’t be able to PAY somebody to live there who has any kind of money.
          I did not have the luxury of living in my parents basement anyhow, so nothing to lose by moving overseas.
          It is much, much better than American for the average American working middle class guy like me.
          No cops hassling me because I look easier than the average possibly-armed black and I might have an unpaid ticked on me and the cop is trying to make a quota.
          No blacks or Mexicans. My kids do not have to go to shitty public schools.
          No trailer trash whites dressed like Eminem reeling around high on Oxy or ex-cons with the Nazi tattoos blaming everything on JOOZE.
          Speaking of which, and I grew up with a fair number of JOOOZE, you never see one in Dubai. They are not allowed in. They are certainly not running the economy and if they hate Arabs, the Arabs are doing fine thanks.
          As for my employers, it is has been gig-to-gig but same in the United States. Your employer does not give a shit about you anyhow.
          Personally, I find the working-class whites to often be a drag like the ones on this site. The “JOOZE”. I cannot do anything because of the “JOOZE”.
          At lease Hymie the Brooklyn wino slurping his Jack Daniels on the park bench is not blaming his life on “The Anglos in Alabama or Missouri”. Amy Winehouse the crack whore in the Bronx is not claiming that she became a crack whore because of the WASP elite. Ron Jeremy is not blaming “Baptists” for quitting his teaching job to do Bukkake videos.
          It is just so wearisome to see how the US has declined since the Clinton era. The joblessness, the homelessness, the endless stupid wars like Afghanistan long after Laden is dead, the total dependence upon the internet that has turned Gen Y into social media porn stars who all want the world to see them jerking off, the adulation of worthless celebrities famous for no reason like the daughters of some slimy lawyer named Kardashian who may have abetted OJ in killing his wife for having a sleazy affair with some Jewish waiter wannabe actor or screeching housewives in New Jersey who come off like Tony Soprano’s “Goomah”.
          America has slid into total stupidity. Social Justice Warriors complain of Starbucks while whites in the Rust Belt live in post-industrial cities that resemble India.

        3. ANTONIO
          Sure I am harsh, I know the score.
          All of the working-class whites I knew in Detroit are fucked now.
          Scott, my college pot dealer who had a kid with a Mexican girl at 20 and was on the run from child support that no 22 year old with a GED could possibly pay, ended up stabbing a Polish sailor at a party and going to jail and NOW HE LIVES IN A TRAILER WITH HIS MOTHER.
          John Ribniki, the Polish kid I knew who had a kid in college and dropped out ended up living with his parents. The mother of his baby ran off to California and he never saw his daughter again.
          Zeke, the lower class Jewish son of the pawn store owner we called “Beastie Boy” who gave me shit when I sold him my mountain bike and I called from Dubai to taunt about “being tortured in Dubai” ended up being an X-Ray technician with a kid. Like most Jews, he ended up SLIGHTLY better off.
          The crackheads I knew in the 1990’s got it the worst. Dana the stripper-turned-crack whore-turned benefactor of a Sugar Daddy should have been set for life but she lost the apartment building her older benefactor left her. She ended up going back to selling drugs-this time meth, got busted a third time, went to jail for life.
          But most of the working class whites I knew just NEVER WENT ANYWHERE. They have lived in the same shitty places I could not wait to get out of, just getting older as the property values declined. Never had a chance to see the world. Never fucked a gorgeous Asian prostitute. Never swam in the warm tropical sea. Stuck for life in a grimy shitty neighborhood doing a teenager’s job.

      2. Marz, I’m not of Italian American blue collar heritage. I’m 3/4 Anglo with 1/4 Lebanese blue collar heritage. I don’t have a lot to show for my life materially, save for a small 2 bedroom house in a decent enough and safe middle-class neighborhood in Kansas City, and more consumer debt than I should have. This is a result of me though, poor planning, and some bad life decisions in my younger days. The finger points at me solely. I’ve never personally based success or happiness on material possessions as a benchmark, or raining havoc on others lives (although that seems to be the case advocated on ROK). In 2010, I made a great salary, year end discretionary bonuses that ranged fro $8-$12K, had the best job of my life of 6 years tenure, was planning on retiring from there, a nice 401K with strong benefits, almost total autonomy, money in the bank, and drove a 5 series BMW. The scrap metal yard I worked at was sold to a large domestic steel mill. They came in and laid off 300 of 400 employees. I was one of them. Most of the employees were men like me, then in their 50s-60s, many with 20-40 years tenure, and getting ready to retire. All of us were held to one year non-competes, then kicked to the curb. The egregious part was that they hired young joe college frat boys out of the Finance program from Ohio State University to come to Kansas City for 50% less wages, gave them company cars, credit cards, and other perks, then set them loose, where most fell flat on their faces, or baled out in a few short months for the “next best deal”, or because the scrap metal industry was not “glamorous”. Problem was, most of these white middle age males they kicked to the curb never fully recovered from the setback. Today, I work 2 jobs for 40% less wages, and many of these guys I worked with who made big wages cleaned out their 401Ks and ended up running forklifts for $12 an hour, or working landscaping jobs, or other low-level jobs. Getting re-employed was a nightmare from hell for me and others. Ageism exists, and being a white Christian male is a sin today. But I don’t agree with JD’s advocating genocide of the homeless and indigents, I also don’t agree with endless social welfare that enables poor lifestyles and choices either, nor the nihilism, solipsism, and black hearted worldview on ROK. I believe in giving a good faith effort, and being honorable and ethical, but that’s all I’ll ever give any employer ever again. As I said in a previous post, I believe there are greater things than the typical unethical, morally bankrupt, and grossly immoral employers of today.

        1. ANTONIO
          Black view
          In terms of “social welfare” the government cares just enough for whites not to want blacks to come out of the cities and cannibalize them because their welfare is cut.
          If you ever stood in line in front of a 300 pound black male at KFC in Detroit you know that if welfare did not exist that elderly whites and pets and all other meat would go into the cannibal’s pot.
          Tyrone the pimp and LaShonda the crack dealer who augment their earnings in the underground economy with a welfare check do not want to work in Burger King for an honest wage. And so they get welfare for the same reason OJ was not convicted…to prevent endless rioting and Muslim terrorism from making inroads into the black ghetto.
          Since being a “white Christian male” is a sin (I agree) and you are part Lebanese why not tell people you are Jewish? Jews are essentially a cross between a Lebanese and a European anyhow and nobody will know the difference. Just study the Hebrew faith for a year. If you went to a Temple you might make some connections. At least find a good attorney or two.
          “Recovering from the setback”
          When I worked in college at a Big Boy restaurant the owner was always in Hawaii playing Golf while his employees charged around his business like they were soldiers defending civilization. Then, having found a college kid with a degree who wanted a summer job, the owner fired the manager who’d worked his way up from dishwasher. They don’t give a shit. You could work in a company for 2 months like me or 10 years and the owner who lives in Hawaii half the year will never care whether you come or go because in this economy within 4 minutes somebody else will accept the job.
          “Decent 2 bedroom house in a safe neighborhood”
          You belong to the last generation of white working class males that could expect such a thing.

        2. ANTONIO
          The Steelworker’s Tale
          I knew a Connecticut steelworker in Cebu, Philippines named Clinton Macbeth. He was divorced and his wife had kept the condo when I met him.
          Clinton Macbeth had gone to Iraq as a contractor and when this ended he went to Philippines, which he knew from his army days.
          His money slowly ran out and he was homeless in the Philippines out of choice. He would sometimes ask other foreigners for money. He more or less starved on the street but was fed every couple of days by sympathetic Filipinos.
          Eventually, his cell phone was stolen.
          By the time I met Macbeth he was half crazy. I asked him why he did not want to return to Connecticut. He told me he wanted “respect in front of my kids”.
          He began to get on my case for my lack of patriotism and for not letting him stay over.
          Slowly, Asians began to kick his ass in the road. First it was Korean thug tourists who actually chased him into a Filipino police station and beat him up in front of the police. Then it was Filipinos.
          Yet Macbeth had nothing to return to the United States for. He knew his shit, as far as steel mills are concerned. But that industry was gone and he was dyslexic and never attended college.
          He once told me “I’m just a dumb steelworker,” and also that he wanted “respect in front of his kids” when he returned to the US. Of course he had none he was penniless.
          The other American retirees got sick of him and the younger Americans like myself who had money too. He was 58, with no social security or pension check. Nor was able to earn any money.
          One day he came to the Philippine McDonald’s with a terrible foot infection. “I’m going to lose this foot!” he told the other American retirees sitting there with their 20 year old wives.
          None of them responded or gave him the single 50 cents for the medicine.
          That is the tale of a working class American overseas, Antonio.

  25. Hope self driving cars come as fast as possible, when I see the driving skills of millenias and boomer zombies.

  26. The bright future being created in Russia right now is very tiny at this point compared to the whole of Russia. I have been to Russia to see for myself. I have seen the kin domains inspired by the books Ringing Cedars; I have seen and talked with the founder of an amazing school called Tekos Kin School. His name is Mikael Schetinin. I have visited remnants of the ancient Vedic culture and talked with a scholar who knows about that culture. The only way to know what I am talking about is to read the books Ringing Cedars and then you might say it is not true. I went to Russia to see for myself, and after that I decided it is true.
    The other stuff you say about Russia – technocratic, people want to leave, etc… is also true of course. Many states of consciousness can exist in one place.

  27. Another factor will be cost.
    When I was old enough to drive in 1982 what kind of a car would I have gotten? One from the late 1960s or the 1970s for several hundred dollars.
    Repairs. Maintenance. Even a shade tree mechanic could easily do most of the work himself. Getting it through inspection. Parts, etc.
    Now a kid in 2018. Compare what I would have gotten to what he would get, ask yourself about those things I listed. Cost, even adjusting for inflation and ignoring the rotten economy and the increased cost of necessities, is much greater. That moronic “check engine light” standard.
    The cars discussed in this article will make it far, far worse than even now.
    Quite different.

  28. anglin on DS actually write something that I always though: cashless society is gonna be the most massive control aparatus ever pulled by the elites. if you’re enemy of the state, you simply wouldnt be able to join the economy.
    everybody from the dissident right is suffering from economic terrorism, but this is even bigger

    1. BAKED
      Ghetto blacks are enemies of the state and they do very well with EBT cards and no cash money.
      Gen Y put themselves at the mercy of the state by dint of their reliance on social media. Everything is “flagged”.

    2. baked georgia
      “economic terrorism on the right”
      It is not so much a conspiracy to empower Left Coast gays sucking one another’s roots in San Francisco lofts above their Bistro as it is the following-
      The Left is stone racist and Jewish defense lawyers and Japanese-American techies would no more live in the ghetto than a Klansman Klavern…
      But the Left is clever. As one poster noted, they listen to folk music and dress like the cast of Deliverance with big mountain beards and the dumb US interior whites are the ones who listen to rap and imitate Eminem.
      Few of these Ivy League WASPS or Jews will be having a Mulatto baby with a thug to rebel against their redneck father…they save that for the stupid Flyover lumpenproles. Few of the Jews or Leftist upper middle class WASPS will be having a joy baby with a black thug…it is dumb white lumpenproles in Southern Indiana who will be a the welfare line cradling a Mulatto baby.
      East Coast Irish-Catholics and Italians are anti-Semitic but they are intelligent enough not to say the word JOOOOO in public or on their Facebook account.
      NB This is down to Italians and Irish coming from ancient corrupt civilizations controlled by a clerical bureaucracy via the Catholic church…same with Jews. They understand hypocrisy.
      It is the stupid white Flyover lumpenprole “right” that gets their accounts “flagged” because they are too close to the Bell Curve to understand technology.
      Right-wing Trump supporters tend to live in the Flyover or the US South and these places are economically irrelevant compared to the East or West Coast. They do not have a diversified economy and neither Hollywood nor the tech industry no Wall Street is located in Missouri. They are are primary economy states.

    3. BAKED
      * The Right is more likely to marry young, without a college degree and have kids by 25. This puts them totally at the fucking mercy of Leftists who can afford to send their kids to a private school and don’t give a shit if a Trump voter in Arkansas’s kid is getting pummeled in public schools.
      * The Right is more likely to live in some interior US state with a primary economy. The Right has no economy to stand on and this partly geography. Exceptions are Texas or Louisiana that are big oil producing States. But Alabama? Missouri?
      *The Left are more likely to have ethnic solidarity. Another words, they are Jews or Italian-Catholics or Asians or Irish with an ethnic community behind them in correlation to their religion. White Anglo-Celtics have dead roots in the old world and do not have this global network that Jews or Chinese do.
      NB The dissident right wears confederate flags as oppose to the flag of Ireland or Italy or Poland like an ethnic white in a bubble city. This is in itself a sign of dissidence but the Irish-Catholic is saying the same thing, effectively,
      * The Left has less to lose. They don’t have a family to support at 23. They are either fags with both partners working or they are career sluts with an IUD or they are the remaining Yuppies who are making 6 figures a year and waited until 35 to have ONE kid.
      * Generally the dissident Right is more gullible than the Left because they do not get a university education. Leftists actually dislike blacks, dislike their music, do not want to live near the ghetto. This is why they listen to Techno of Folk and dress like Hillbillies. It is white lumpenproles in the US interior who imitate Eminem and have Mud Shark babies.
      * The Right is less worldly. They’ve never traveled. They are poorer. They have no connections.
      * The Left is less likely to use destructive drugs than the dissident right. The Jewish stock broker uses Molly or Skunk. The right-wing dissident used meth, wracked up a number of minor charges, woke up at 30 as a felon.
      For all these reasons, the right are at a huge disadvantage. Mostly, the right are from the working class and therefore they don’t know how to lie like the Left. Of course Hipsters do not want to go to Eminem concerts and be Mud Sharks. That is for stupid white Lumpenproletariots in the US interior.
      Your average urban white feels the same way (Or worse) about many issues as the Right-wing dissident. He just does not express them.

  29. “Big Brother in the literal sense.”
    You really should look up the definition of literal. I think you may be confused.

  30. Perfectly true. When self-driving cars start working, 10% of the population will have them before manual driving will be outlawed as unnecessarily dangerous. Then, you’ll never choose where you want to go again. You’ll be like a child driven here and there by a nanny.
    I know it’s ironic to say this on the internet, but the longer I live, the more I believe that the best thing that could happen to us is a global energy crisis that completely halts our tech development and brings Earth back to to 1900.

    1. @TheMaster
      As ironic as it sounds I agree with you even if I´m a strong advocate of Ayn Rand´s Objectivism. The truth is that Captains of Industry, that live with a moral code like Henry Ford and fictional ones like Henry Rearden or Dagny Taggart are a thing of the past, now a days they are very rare to find. Most modern Entrepreneurs are coward, sellouts, greedy backstabbers; who will do their best to prosper out of taking advantage of the ignorance and naiveté of the masses. They dont care if their inventions are bringing us one step closer to the destruction of our freedoms, free speech and privacy. All they care is to save themselves from the hands of the Big Brother and be controlling us with the government.

  31. The self driving cars thing is BS because there simply aren’t going to be very many cars in the future. There’s going to be much, much less driving, and whether it’s done by robots or not is irrelevant.
    Nobody has penciled out a viable post petroleum driving culture. Nobody has discovered any new oil for a decade and we’re simply running down the stuff we know of as rapidly as possible. No, electric cars don’t work. Nobody has any new ideas for a way to charge up all those cars. No, solar and wind don’t work.
    Look, this is playing out now. Car sales are crashing. People can’t afford new cars. The future is just not going to involve everybody driving everywhere.

  32. Mate, after seeing the way some people drive, i reckon this will save alot of lives. People who hate driving won’t have to be a nuisance to those of us who love driving any longer. Yes, they may eventually be hacked, but so could your train, your traffic lights, your garage door, highway signs, street lights, highway surveillance, basically all these things and more could cause massive deaths every day.
    Self driving cars means Sally can text without killing someone on her way home. Good things, i say.

  33. You might be on to something… in fact intelligence is relative to powerful existing conditions and environments. Throughout history the elites have gained control by avenues considered obsolete or ineffective today. The corporate elites of today have effectively stymied the development of unique individual inherent attributes. They use accumulated wealth to purchase, control and direct ideas that are sold as progress for the human race… when in fact they are just gaining more control over the rest of us.

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