8 Things You Should Know About Having Relationships With Chinese Women In China

Last year I went to China to work. Naturally one of the my biggest concerns before going was whether I would be able to get laid. Would Chinese women, I wondered, be boringly conservative? Would they be labouring under not just seven decades of communist repression but five millennia of tradition constituting what the Chinese call “the oldest civilisation in the world”™?. Perhaps it would be a good thing and, insulated from the degeneracy of the modern West, Chinese women would make for great marriage material?

Since there was a real dearth of information on China in the manosphere to answer my questions, there was only one way of finding out. And find out I did. Here is a list of some things you should know about dating Chinese women in China.

1. The average Chinese woman is attractive

Straight off the plane I was surprised by how attractive Chinese women were. I’d lived a few years in South America where Latinas provided a satisfying alternative to the average Western European land whale. Chinese girls, however, are on a whole other level. Slim, petite, cute, even, dare I say it, elegant. I can sling around even more epithets, but I’ll just give you some photos of normal girls from around my city (yes I took all of them):

I stress again these are just normal, not exceptional, girls. A dime a dozen. And there is a biological reason for that.

While I can’t endorse the “they all look the same!” stereotype, there is definitely less phenotypic variation amongst the Chinese than you see amongst Caucasians. Basically, there are a few moulds that the vast majority of Chinese women will be a variation of and this puts the majority of 18 to 30 y/o women in the 6 to 9 range.

So while say there are very few 10’s (the breathtaking beauties that you might consider fucking even if they had AIDS), there are very few few 5’s (in my book someone who you wouldn’t fuck even if drunk) and below. Very rarely will you see anything like the bovine monstrosities that lug themselves around western city centres. Relentless social pressure assures that most Chinese women stay in shape even as they get older.

2. Chinese women are very easy to pick up

Let’s get straight to the point. In China, just like in South America and South East Asia, there is 100% a foreigner pass that no matter how you look (as long as you are white) gets you a front row seat on the fish taco express (however this is a VERY qualified pass – see no. 6).

The mechanics of dating in China are also easy. China is a far more technologically integrated society than the western world (mobile phones are used for absolutely everything) and there are a huge variety of apps through which you can easily procure a “one night stand” which has become a popular term in the Chinese culture.

There is also, surprisingly, far less BS involved with asking a girl out. You can just send a message along the lines of “want to go out sometime” or even just walk up to someone somewhere in the supermarket or on the subway and you will be given a very matter of fact yes or no (this goes for Chinese guys too – and the answer is usually yes). Girls will definitely not treat you like a sex pest.

3. Chinese men are hopeless

Milk tea and cat videos. The Chinese manosphere.

Your foreigner pass will be gilt-edged by the poor quality of the domestic competition. Chinese men are the least manly group of people I have ever come across. Physically they are slightly built and on the short side but more damning is their social behaviour.

When I first got to China I was amazed by the open displays of homosexuality. I soon found out that the young men I saw walking around arm in arm were actually most likely friends and it’s normal to embrace like a bunch of gay lovers. It is also a very common sight to see groups of young men hanging out in “bars” where they will sit for hours playing video games drinking overpriced bubble tea or green tea topped with powdered milk.

There may be concerns in the West about fielding future battalions of limp wristed snowflakes and transgenders, but from what I see, if they do battle with the Chinese, they might well have the edge against man-boys whose endocrine and nervous systems have been devastated by a daily barrage of soy protein and funny cat videos.

4. Chinese girls are not sexually experienced

Having a limpid male population coupled with pornography ostensibly being banned in China has resulted in very undeveloped sexual skills. I don’t mean that girls will be virgins, but, whereas one of the few silver linings of western decline is that at least your average Tinder date is near guaranteed to give a pornstar blowjob, your average Chinese girl will barely get her mouth around the tip before before she becomes a tremulous jumble of adrenaline and uncertainty.

This may be seen as a negative but the chance to school them on how to fuck properly is a definite positive. It will earn you an eternal place in their heart.

5. Chinese girls have a different smell

Let’s get into some negatives. Perhaps not a major one, but with Chinese girls you definitely come across some funky smells. If I could give it a general description, I would say they smell of Chinese food. Probably won’t be up to everyone’s tastes, but for someone like me who grew up in the UK, it’s a welcome change from dick and alcopop breath.

“Gizz uz a kiss!”

6. The foreigner pass is only valid for one night stands and very casual relationships

“I can still feel it right here! Too bad he came from a loser civilisation”

The most important point in this article. If you have lived in somewhere like South America or SE Asia you will probably be used to the girls itching to turn that foreigner pass into a long term relationship/ marriage and their own passport to the West. Not so in China.

Chinese women will be quite happy to bang you but they are NOT desperate. Maybe it was different in the past but nowadays the Chinese are quite aware of their position in the world. “China No.1!” is a common refrain you hear in not so jokey conversation and if they see a foreigner in their midst they are more likely assume you as a loser who couldn’t succeed in your own decrepit civilisation rather than the bearer of great cultural and economic riches. A common phrase in China for a foreigner is ‘LBH’: loser back home.

Have you noticed even amongst Chinese emigres in the U.S and Europe there is a strong tendency to marry within their own community? Fact is, despite being unmasculine, Chinese men are professional, hard working, and wealthy. Chinese women being a few IQ points above Western women will not put having great sex above the ultimate goal of having a family and economic stability which they are more likely to do with Chinese men.

7. You will have to deal with ‘face’

All of Chinese social life turns on the concept of ‘face’ or Miàn zi (面子) which basically means keeping up appearances and avoiding humiliation. If you are just having flings this probably won’t be an issue (because she is unlikely to tell anyone about your relationship). However, if you are long term, then you will have to adhere to the social code, meaning you must spend big to impress her family and peers.

You must also get ready to seriously up the spending in a year or so because if you have made it to long term status that means that marriage is on the cards. A Chinese girl cannot be seen to have had various unsuccessful relationships and she must have a house and family by around 28 otherwise she will be considered a ‘leftover woman’ that no self respecting Chinese man would marry. She will then be forced to try her luck with a foreigner on an online dating site (the humiliation!).

8. Don’t marry a Chinese woman unless you are a millionaire or she is prepared to leave China

The second house you buy could be yours!

Because of ‘face,’ in order to marry their daughter you will be expected to pay the parents of your girlfriend a dowry. When I say dowry, don’t think jewelry or some gold bullion coins. Think a house or sports car.

After that you will be expected to lay on a lavish ceremony followed by an expensive holiday accompanied by ridiculous wedding photos. So make sure you are loaded especially in the South of China.

If you do however manage to clear these hurdles then congratulations. You are likely to have married a smart family-orientated woman. However there is still the issue of having to live in China.

As a foreigner your business won’t truly be yours and any assets like a house and land you ‘own’ will only be enjoyed on a leasehold basis. Also, If you have a child in China you’re going to have to accept that it’s a subject of the Chinese state. Chinese nationality law is one of the most draconian in the world, so make sure never to piss off your wife or face never seeing your kids again.

Ideally you should convince your wife to move. If you stay, be prepared to keep a low profile and live in a cage, albeit a very gilded one where you can certainly enjoy the trappings of luxury. You can also access ROK without any problem, which is more than can be said for my mobile provider in the UK.


Chinese women are surprisingly attractive. If you enjoy banging exotic chicks then it is absolutely possible in China. Having long term relationships with a Chinese woman is a whole different ball game. You will face unrelenting pressure to keep up appearances and spend big money. If you are able to do so then it may be worth it. Chinese women are intelligent, family orientated and feminine. 

My advice however is to go there, soak up the culture, and treat any relationship like a Sino-American joint venture; pump, dump and get the hell out the dodge.

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141 thoughts on “8 Things You Should Know About Having Relationships With Chinese Women In China”

    1. I was in China last year, agree the women were surprisingly white and attractive. But the level of English spoken was essentially ZERO, and I couldn’t work out how to get one. No bars, clubs or any other social meeting areas I could find. Hunan Province had no foreigners, so maybe different in a more touristy place.

      1. You have to do it with apps like the article states. Google translate can be the basis for a short in person conversation after meeting online. Can quickly escalate to the bedroom because many women are sex starved there

    2. Yes, an interesting read.
      A different perspective on some points:
      6. “The foreigner pass is only valid for one night stands and very casual relationships”
      Well, yes and no. On average, you definitely do have an advantage from being a (white) foreigner, even when it comes to more serious relationships. There are many girls who are attracted by westerners for different reasons. Some want to move abroad, others not; but the ones you meet will probably not be desperate to get out (and you should avoid such girls anyhow). However, many of them will be (rightfully) concerned about cultural differences, the relationship between you and her parents, etc. It is probably difficult to have a long-term relationship with a quality girl without understanding and to some degree embracing (or at least accepting) Chinese culture. This is not about cultural supremacism, but simply a sense of identity paired with healthy pragmatism.
      ““China No.1!” is a common refrain you hear in not so jokey conversation”
      I have never heard any Chinese seriously saying that China or Chinese ways are superior in general to others. In Japan such attitudes are common, but Chinese generally speaking have a rather humble attitude to their country and culture in comparison with others (much more humble than most US-Americans). They are quite nationalistic and will defend their country – to the point of ridicule – if you as an outsider criticise it, but this does not mean that they are not aware of its shortcomings. Just be sensitive, and you can often have quite honest and balanced discussions on the subject.
      “A common phrase in China for a foreigner is ‘LBH’: loser back home.”
      Again, I have never ever heard anyone express such sentiments. The social circles that the author has been moving in must be rather different from mine.
      “8. Don’t marry a Chinese woman unless you are a millionaire or she is prepared to leave China”
      I would say that you should not marry any girl who is not willing to follow you wherever you go. Personally, I would not like to live in China for an extended period of time, because life there is very stressful and often quite frustrating. The money is not the main issue here (for me), it is about life quality.
      “Because of ‘face,’ in order to marry their daughter you will be expected to pay the parents of your girlfriend a dowry.”
      Well, there will be expectations of a completely different level of economic involvement with her family. But this is a two-way road. Her parents should also make some big investments into you and your new family. If you think that you are supposed heap money on her parents without getting anything in return, then you have probably met someone who is either poor or unusually greedy. Or perhaps you have simply misunderstood the situation.

    3. A good overall analysis. It is sensible that many dont speak English and that they are not desperate and claiming China is Number One. China is a superpower whether we in the USA believe it or not. The Chinese have astutely managed to integrate into the global economy and China in 2018 is a bonafide strategic rival to the USA. They have began establishing global infrastructure banks as alternatives to the IMF and World Bank (USA led institutions), the Belt and Road Initiative is going to kick butt and the Yuan is becoming more used in trade deals. China is also quietly amassing a large military and is primed for leadership in AI. China has arrived.

  1. Great article, have been waiting for something like this. Studying in Singapore in a few months, may have to drop by China while I’m in the area

  2. That’s right goyim, Chinese girls are very easy, totally disease free, and such a great alternative to those White shiksas, who prefer black men anyway coz White goys have such tiny penises.
    But a nice Chinese Shiksa would barely even notice this, so you goyim should totally be getting on planes to Beijing and marrying yourself a beautiful, down-to-earth, and totally non-materialistic Chinese irl waifu. They will never divorce you and almost never think about money goyim. In fact, you should be having as many children as possible with these Chinks, it will totally absolve you from your White privilege. Just look at (((Mark Zuckerberg))), he is just like you goyim.

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      1. He isn’t black, he was just making point of what globalist Jews supposedly promote to the ‘goyim’

      2. Its true.
        Science has proven that Whites, in fact, are Larger than black negros when erect, ie When it counts, albeit slightly while blacks are slightly larger when Non erect.
        John Holmes, Peter North, Jonah Falcon make the bruthas cry.
        Anecdotally, I played D1 Football and have probably showered with 400 +men, I can also attest to this truth.

    2. Dont know about the rest, but I am a lot likelier to click on an article if they include pics of delish babes.
      Kind of like guys who claim to buy Playboy for the articles

  3. “Very rarely will you see anything like the bovine monstrosities that lug themselves around western city centres. Relentless social pressure assures that most Chinese women stay in shape even as they get older.”
    What sets apart the Chinese from Western women…ACTUAL self awareness. western women cannot get past their obsession with their own narrow perspective and self image, and being locked into that delusion (with NO acceptance of outside perspective), they just will never grasp what they look like and act like from people outside of their own minds, hence the overinflated sense of self entitlement born of that delusion. I don’t think men in the West suffer as much from that delusional thinking, but it is RAPIDLY CHANGING, to their own detriment, ESPECIALLY WHITE MEN. If they don’t get a grip on reality, they will in the next generational turnover, functionally become extinct if they insist on adopting the Progressive track and fail to snap pout of it. the other ethnic male groups are all relatively set into their own tracks, shaving off a few percentage points of population that is going full on gay, but NOT in the same manner and scope that WHITE MEN are suiciding themselves and their ethnicity.

    1. We in the west cannot survive the current trend of societal change into the Progressive model. End of story. the only way to survive it is full on jump off the runaway trainwreck of the negative change that the full on perversion that western society is following.

        Why do whites choose this, deplorable?
        I read today that another white serial killer was apprehended in the post-industrial Ohio wastelands. He was simply offering white women heroin or Oxy and taking them into a house and killing them.
        So the question is why are whites on self-destruct.
        Jews could show Chinese porn images of black thugs happily impregnating Chinese girls in Hip Hop videos and know Chinese woman would believe a word of the shit.
        Chinese did not rush out and become drug addicts because of Tommy Chong. Nor did they want to be gangsters because of John Woo films.
        I’ve already laid out the example of Jewish whores not having out-of-wedlock children, even though 80% of women in porn are Jewesses. Sarah Silverman has sucked and fucked every single Goyim that could ever help her career but she is not standing in the welfare line seeking Aid to Dependent Children or whatever the fuck welfare calls it.
        Is it simply that Chinese are a few IQ points smarter than white women? What is the reason. Has to be more complicated than that.

        1. madman marz May 8, 2018
          “Is it simply that Chinese are a few IQ points smarter than white women? What is the reason. Has to be more complicated than that.”
          Francis Fukuyama (The Great Disruption) calls it familism.
          Definition of familism
          : a social pattern in which the family assumes a position of ascendance over individual interests
          ‘The greatest good in the West is freedom – particularly individual freedom. In the East the greatest good is order. Deviant behaviour is therefore punished much harder there…in the West it is celebrated because it is seen as the ultimate expression of – individual – freedom.
          Here is where psychology comes in:
          “Operant conditioning (also called “instrumental conditioning”) is a learning process through which the strength of a behavior is modified by reinforcement or punishment.”
          Behaviour that is penalized remains contained, behaviour that is rewarded through praise, attention, money etc. tends to spread and multiply.

        2. @madMAN
          “Is it simply that Chinese are a few IQ points smarter than white women?”
          Are you that naive, to not figure out the “reasons” !? If so, then read on:
          Chinese MEN (and majority of MEN in Asia) are not “pussy maniacs” !!
          They do not “pedestal” their pussies !!
          They have strong cultural background !!
          They do not allow pussies to walk bare chested !!
          In short, people, especially pussies were always been kept within their “limits”.
          Unfortunately, fuckin western “vested interests” are hell bent on destroying the Culture, Tradition, Family structure & Society of Countries (with different faiths!) !!

        3. There are Chinese coalburners and Chinese drug addicts but the family unit is much more tight knit, controlling and can offer a lot of money that’d be hard to come by in the free market from scratch.
          They very much have a family unit vs outside world mentality.

        4. Self destruct, goyim, is what Marz claims.
          All a new phenomenon, as whites in the past, never killed others, or themselves, never did drugs, alcohol, or self destructive anti social behavior.
          Marz offers insightful commentary, goyim, just keeping believing this and allow this Rabbi to take a dump into your soul, polluting and degrading it.

        5. Guess you never heard of the Opium Wars.
          England and Rothschild addicted most of China to Heroin.
          You are so transparent, you silly Rabbi, you.
          And Now Sarah Silverman sux off gentiles…..Not fellow Rabbis that control the entire entertainment industry. Youre such a card, Marzman.

      It could be that the ancient mercantile societies-Chinese, Jews, Arabs, Iranians-are simply better adapted to weathering post-industrialism.
      Societies go from agrarian to feudal to industrial to post-industrial but merchants are always merchants. The Jewish fuller brush salesman and the Chinese bush peddler in Malaysia and the Iranian market-bazaar trader survives by a wheeler-dealer cunning.
      Jews and Chinese were never going to sail the world or discover new lands or settle them. They never produced fearless Spanish conquistadors or gritty British pioneers that could fight American Indians.
      So whites with their combination of innovation, daring, physical and moral courage had about 500 years of domination.
      However, it may be coming towards a close.

      1. Civilizations rise and fall. Genghis Kahn had an exceptionally good run and yet look at Mongolia today.

        1. The mongolians were nomadic warriors. They never built an advanced civilization, just conquered the dying ones..

      2. You count out Eastern Europe, Russia, and The West, which by all accounts, is not done by any measure.
        10% of the earths populace, due to costly Judaized influenced wars, and lately, birth control, but once massive deportations begin, we will rebound just fine.
        Then the Inquisition Part 2 kicks off. Oh what fun.

    I used Chinese prostitutes over the course of 7 years and experienced Chinese prostitutes are very good.
    They are also relatively cheerful-as long as you pay them.
    None of this garbage you get with white prostitutes of “oh, I just got of rehab and I am getting stoned again and can we hurry up so I can get my next fix.”
    Chinese prostitutes remind me of a happy free era in my life in the Arab Gulf when I was making money, single, professionally reaching the top of my game.
    Their pussies were tight, their mouths a pleasurable vacuum cleaner and they were relatively free of body hair.

    1. interesting. i guess it depends on many factors such as location etc. i had experience with 2-3 Chinese escorts… this was absolutely horrible. honestly i wasn’t even sure I’m interactive with human beings and not with some weird croaking humanoids.
      plus i just can’t find their bodies attractive – especially the asses. i did like that their pubic was unshaved.

    2. Whenever I’m in China and pass by a “special barbershop” the women look cold, hostile and aggressively negotiate with customers.
      I doubt the sexual experience will be much better than that unless you spend big money on a high end place.

  5. I agree with the points 3 to 8. Regarding point 2, chinese girls can be incredibly shy even though they are attracted to you. The transition from the date to your place can be difficult sometimes. This applies of course more to “ordinary” girls from day game than to club sluts.
    Regarding point 1: that the majority of the girls are between 6 and 9 is a massive exaggeration. Putting the yellow fever aside, I would argue that the majority is between 4 and 7. The normally slim body of course is already a solid basis, however I personally find the faces mostly very average. Boobs and booty lovers also will have a difficult time in China. Given that the country has a population over 1 billion people, there will be enough quality girls of course. But that they are the majority is just not true, sorry.

    1. some people want a slim clean girls with symetrical futures and some cities have a majority like that just because you have never seen anything like that a city full of attractive woman you think its imposible.

  6. Good article, but you didn’t mention just how batshit crazy China girls can be. One guy I know was attacked by his knife-wielding gf just because he didn’t want to go out to show face to their friends. The horror stories I hear from China are on par with those from Thailand.
    For an equally sexy yet less nutty experience, seek out the SE Asian Chinese diaspora. My rough guide goes like this:
    Indonesian Chinese – usually all rich and family oriented. You probably won’t stand a chance unless you’re really special. They probably speak good English but 95% of their compatriots don’t, so you’d better either take her back to your country or learn Indonesian language and culture.
    Singaporean Chinese – like all Singaporeans, they can be a bit cold, robotic and extremely driven (or ‘kiasu’ – afraid to lose). They all speak perfect English and are completely up to speed on Western culture. Good option if you can handle living in Singapore.
    Malaysian Chinese – Intelligent and worldly but much more down to earth and chilled out. In the cities, almost all speak good English. In the smaller towns, less than half. Exact flavour varies depending on the region. Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur can produce more stressy girls like Singapore, while Ipoh, Penang, and Kuching can produce some really homely (in a good way!) and relaxed girls. The type you might want to settle down with.

      The Chinese in SE Asia are powerful. Their Dad can turn you world upside down.
      I’ve known foreigners who married Chinese-Filipino women and essentially they have all the power in that society.
      You’ll never get your kids away from them. If the marriage goes South, pack your shit and run to the airport.

      1. Don’t scare people with overreaching generalisations!
        _Some_ SE Asian families can be powerful enough to use the police force as their private army, but not all families, and only in The Philippines or Indonesia, possibly Thailand. This certainly isn’t going to happen in Singapore or Malaysia.

      1. AJEOSHI
        There was an Iranian businessman in Philippines who broke up with a Chinese-Filipino woman-not young, in her 30’s-and she deported him. Police simply arrested him in his Manila call center and dragged him to jail and then onto the plane.
        “Undesirable” is the blanket charge when Immigration throws a foreigner out. Going rate is a bribe to Immigration and Customs of $30,000.
        There was David, a Long Island guy, who was married to the Chinese woman whose family owned a shopping mall. He got VD from bargirls and gave it to her. He had to grind the pills up in her coffee. But he could have been killed.

      2. AJEOSHI
        Shabu story.
        A Chinese-Filipino girl was raped by an addict on Colon Street.
        A poisoned batch of Shabu killed about 107 people. There were dead addicts IN the jail. Just a trail of addicts down the road. I’m surprised Duterte hasn’t tried this.
        Another time, there was a long dispute between some squatters and Chinese-Filipinos over land ownership and the squat burned down. This is known as a “burnout”.

    2. You are spot on about ethnic Chinese girls in Malaysia – they are the only ethnic Chinese girls worth to settle down with, really.

      1. The one Chinese Penang girl I’ve known was intelligent, but also very scheming. She was 24, and willing to lose her virginity to me. I did not take the bait, mainly because I sensed a hidden agenda and volatility. Later I found out from elsewhere, she was willing to get pregnant in order to get to stay in my country (Northern Europe). Since I think with my dick, I would probably have raw dogged her at some point. Through sheer luck, I avoided this huge trouble.
        The irony is, KL and Penang are not bad places to live. Malaysia is a solid choice e.g. if you earn your money online. They don’t tax foreign income.

        1. >The irony is, KL and Penang are not bad places to live.
          these girls tend to have skewed perspectives of the west
          if you know the west just from TV / youtube you wouldn’t think it’s a bad place to live for many
          Although chinese people are just good schemers and worker drones but overall lack creative / out of the box thinking that is needed to run a successful online business.
          Whenever I get a Chinese cold caller they’re cold, bossy and impersonable which is not a good basis for getting people on board and everything Chinese people tend to do is half assed and barely good enough to sell to unsuspecting idiots who’ll be stuck with dud products / services.
          The way Chinese people get rich is by building and working political connections once they have some baseline money from some menial business. Just like j*ws they don’t fare well in a world of white standards and rely on cunning to build wealth rather than quality products and services that are often innovative.

        2. A lot of Malaysian Chinese want to move overseas so they get equal rights and treated like normal citizens. In Malaysia, they’re legally second class citizens who miss out on a ton of benefits that the Malays get. They’ve also got an incredibly low opinion of Malay politics and worry that the future of Malaysia may look something like Indonesia.

    3. I’d never want to deal with Singaporean ball busters. They’re basically mentally ill. They’ll openly insult you to see if you’ll beat them up and hatefuck them (I kid you not) as no guy has ever put them in their place.

      1. Singapore is a fucking lunatic asylum. All clean and nice but with no soul. They can execute you for just finding you in possession of drugs. Even if it was planted in your bags at the airport without you knowing. So note this fact when you travel there.
        The sexual harassment and rape laws are draconian and one sided, especially if the victim is a Singaporean and the accused is a foreigner. They will cane(flogging) you for vandalism, fine you for having long hair or chewing gum. Fuck that place, why would you want to go there, much less live there and fuck those entitled skinny assed THOTs over there?

  7. Regarding #1
    I’ve lived in Japan, visited China, and visited Korea (though I didn’t try to pick up women at any of these places). Despite what is said about the Chinese in America, Chinese people look very different from each other. If obesity removed as a factor they truly have a regular bell curve for attractive women.
    Japanese Women are without a doubt the most attractive of the three on average. They do look similar to one another.
    Korean women also look similar to one another, and like Japanese Women, but they look more sickly. Too skinny.

    1. I find in general Japanese women very sweet and with a refreshingly pure soul but IMHO they are butt ugly ! Short, with weird legs and Christ I’ve never seen teeth like that…and you also would expect in a supposedly first world country (which in my opinion Japan is not, the only truly developed country in East Asia is Singapore) a much higher level of personal care.
      You have a point about the sickly appearance of many Korean women.

      1. AJEOSHI
        The Japanese women in Northern Japan and for that matter Manchu Chinese look more like Russians.

        1. True and I find them Northern Siberian gals the most attractive of the East Asian lot. Once me and wifey had a nice 3way weekend with a Northern Jap we met in a lingerie shop.

        2. AJEOSHI
          I wish I could get my Chinese-Thai wife to agree to that!
          She’s quite staid though she will give me all the sex I want. Chinese women are usually more traditional and realistic about men than white women are.
          Which is strange. White women used to be renowned for common sense in the British Empire days of Hong Kong.
          Now they are not.

        3. hahaha madman marz you’re absolutely right. It’s not just the women though. The whole Chinese outlook is incredibly earthy and matter-of-fact. So the thinking will go like ‘Men like sex… you better give him lots of sex or maybe he will go elsewhere’.

      2. I think Japanese girls can be a hit or miss. Ugly Japanese girls just look weird, so weird they’re almost cute in an odd way.

    2. I find the sickly appearance of Koreans is from various skin whiteners, cheap plastic surgery and odd fashion choices such as an Asian wearing Blue contacts, I mean, I know it’s hard for an asian girl to stand out from her peers, but come on.
      Poor Chinese girls have the same problem.

  8. I don’t particularly find these “average” women that attractive.
    They are healthy, slim and possess a feminine manner though that is critically lacking in western societies. I suppose a regular western man hunting and feeding on the abysmal contemporary game in the west would be impressed and taken back on experiencing a healthier sexual ecosystem.

      I don’t even know where the average Gen Y male would meet a woman these days?
      To begin with, most Gen Y live at home with their parents until they are 30.
      Secondly, where do they meet women. A club?
      Thirdly, Gen Y women do not really want to marry anyhow. They’d rather have babies out-of-wedlock.
      Fourth, Gen Y women seem really dyke like in the main. They all seem to be bi-sexual and would rather have a threesome with a Chad than an ordinary relationship.

  9. The 2 cents of a guy who lived 3 years in Hong Kong and worked and traveled extensively through the Mailand:
    1- Mostly not true, Northern Chinese women are the best of the lot imho: taller, long-legged, haughty, with light skin, shiny black hair and stylish. They’re of similar stock as the Koreans and the Mongolians. Southern Chinese women are short, with harsh mousy facial features and, despite all the money they have, they still dress and behave like country bumpkins. The only sexy Southern chinks I’ve seen were in Singapore due to the the slight admixture of Malay blood. The pics you posted are definitely nothing to cry havoc for.
    2- mostly true (HK is a partial exception), Chinese cnts manage to be at the same time very cold and very sluttish, a unique combination seldom found around the world, you decide if it’s good or bad
    3- mostly true, especially in the South. Northern Asian men are bigger and more aggressive, among the Asian ethnic minorities in China Mongolians are the most brutish, Koreans and Manchu come a close second. Cantonese and Hokkien guys are a bunch of proverbial Asian dorks.
    4- Not exactly true: they’re simply cold and not particularly interested in hot sex. Many Chinese women rack up dozens of partners every year, after such an impressive cock carousel though they’re still as entertaining as a piece of dead codfish. They’re simply not interested in being wild and freaky: guys, race differences are real, Colombians they’re not, no matter how much they sleep around.
    5- fuck yes 100% true, it works both ways though: even the most Westernized, biggest Banana groupie will find the smell of the average Western guy simply revolting (a mix of wet dog and rotting onion I’ve been told)
    6- VERY TRUE: China is still poor in the countryside (Korea and, believe it or not, even Japan also appear a bit poorish outside of the mega-urban centers, the rural/urban divide is in general wider in Asia comparing to the West) but it’s a wealthy highly developed country in most big cities, not only the usual Shenzhen-Beijing- Shanghai triad. Have you ever heard of Ningbo, Dalian, Wuhan or Hangzhou ? They make the average EU shithole capital look like the Soviet Union+your average Middle Eastern bazaar. More on the subject at # 8
    7- Very true and let me add one thing: China is mostly a matriarchy, unlike Korea or Japan, so if you get serious with a Chink she will treat you like a not-so-bright beast of burden, particularly if you’re white.
    8- Very True, guys here let me break a piece of basic, albeit often overlooked,economics for you: Chinese cities boast per capita GDP that’s encroaching the level of Spain/Italy. Those cities still host a vastly underpaid immigrant class from inner China working menial jobs for a pittance: that means that the average Chinese broad with a decent university degree and a white collar job is living a much more stylish and prosperous life than the typical bum from Belgium/France/Wisconsin. She doesn’t need you and chances are she doesn’t want you unless you’re a highly succesful professional. Most Chinese bitches who get it on with white dudes are interested only in honing their (generally very poor) English skills and/or experiment a bit with the big pallid bamboo, that’s it: you pretty don’t exist beyond that. Unless you’re the head of the local subsidiary of Amgen you’re pretty much thrown in the same social bin of a Nigerian hustler or a Pinay maid.
    Conclusion: East Asians are in general very racist toward dark-skinned people. The days of unconditional white worshipping are long gone as well. Toward whites they display the most brutish, direct and unrepetant classism I’ve ever seen. If you’re interested in wild times and a bit of spoiling from women, there are much better places.
    Stay away from ESL job offers, for Gods sake

    1. >They make the average EU shithole capital look like the Soviet Union+your average Middle Eastern bazaar.
      Spot on for Berlin, although it has it’s nice parts. In the center of the city you have abandoned soviet era buildings full of graffiti and menacing welfare / min wage proles walking around that stab each other to death in gang fights every weekend.
      Even if you have a good job chances are your savings in those places are really low due to j*wed up rents and you’re just a job loss away from living next to the violent underclass without a car, which means you’ll get robbed or beaten up sooner or later.

      1. LARRY
        “Without a car”
        My worst experiences were actually with public transport.
        The time I was robbed by the Mexican in Phoenix was at a bus stop.
        Another time was a mad black man following me and calling me a white bitch and the only reason I managed to get away from him was simply blending into the line to get on the bus.
        The third situation simply walking out of a mall and Mexicans in an old Chevy began following without any real reason shouting that they were going to kill me.
        Fourth time was a Scottish nutcase in a London tube who lurched up to me and shouted “gimme some money ye fackin American cunt” I did so, all of three pounds.
        So much of modern life is dependent upon a car to get to and from places that are usually safe. If you have no car in any US city you will be dealing with trouble.

  10. Living in Northeast Asia, there was a sea of good looking women. I never found too many knockout stunners there, and in their eyes, a 10/10 is often a woman with European features and/or plastic surgery. As a Scottish coworker of mine said, Asian women trying to look white killed their natural beauty, but made it easy for him to get laid, so it was a double-edged sword.
    Number 6 varies. If you’re going for a big city girl, yeah, they probably won’t be as open to marrying the first “super-duper” white guy that they see, although you will have sexual access. Girls from third-tier cities or provincial towns may be more open to it though.
    Number 2 is probably the white man’s advantage. I never could just go up to a girl and just tell her I want to go out without IoI. I cannot speak for everyone, but chatting apps and hookup apps worked reasonably well for me. In Xi’an and Changsha, it was mostly college girls, and in Guangzhou it was dissatisfied wives and women on business travel. Most of these girls outright said that they were DTF within the first few messages.

    1. Changsha? Just head up 岳麓山 Sunday mornings and strike up a conversation. I’d usually schedule a whole week of dates.
      I do like Harbin and Heilongjiang girls, and the cuisine.

      1. I’m a Black guy though. Like I said, that is the White man’s advantage.
        Yuelu Mountain was fun, but I went in the evening. Got destroyed by the mosquitoes.
        My ex-gf was from Changsha. I’m back Stateside for the time being.

  11. There’s a YouTuber called Serpentza who’s a South African guy living in China and married to a Chinese woman. He’s done a variety of topics regarding life in China including relationships and foreigners.

    1. I’ve watched his videos,
      And honestly he seems like the kind of guy who would rat you out for an invitation to the consulate dinner party.

  12. No ass, no tits, 1000% hypergamy and a soy sauce smell. Not for me thanks.
    Norwegian friend of mine married a Korean chick. She kicks his ass everyday – in full view of everyone.

    1. Koreans are the most violent people in Asia, they drink a lot and deal with eachother through continuous low level physical violence, take it or leave it that’s life here

      1. AJEOSHI
        I GOT into fight with a Korean in the Philippines, as a matter fact.
        There was this Korean druggy/alcoholic named C.J. Song. He did not get along with anyone. He lived in my Cebu subdivision.
        I sold him a fridge but it had to have a power adapter-which I gave to him-because it was form the US. He wanted his money back and I refused.
        A few days later at a taxi stand he blindsided me with a headlock. I punched him full in the stomach.
        That was the end of it and the Korean guy saw me again but did not seem to bear a grudge although the punch double his shit over.
        A while later I heard the Filipinos were so sick of him that they when they snitched on him to the cops. He was busted for cocaine possession-and believe me jail is no fun experience in Cebu.
        I read in the newspaper that put up $5,000 bail and was kicked out of the Philippines for good.

        1. madman
          I heard countless stories like yours involving Korean guys, both the petty soon-to-be-forgotten fight part and the debauchery in the Philippines part.
          If I had to compare Koreans to a European population the English/Irish would come to mind. No wonder they were actually famous as the Irish of Asia.
          Among the many things they have in common is the tendency to act like mean, aggressive jackasses in foreign dangerous countries like the Pines thinking that overthere the same rules they’re accustomed to at home still apply. First rule of living in the third world: you don’t bring your placid, bored and boring nation bar fight jackassery to a headhunter society.
          Particularly the way both groups behave in South East Asia is truly despicable, everytime (quite often) I hear one of them was killed I to be honest do not feel too sad.

        2. AJEOSHI
          I had a Korean freelance photographer who did a job with me in the Philippines.
          Afterwards, paid about $1000 for the gig, he took me to a Korean bar and picked up a couple of Korean women.
          We went to a hotel and he broke out some weed and I took a hit out politeness sake. But he explained there was going to be a foursome.
          I privately think gangbangs are GAY AS FUCK. Sorry, but I do not want some guy’s erect penis in my face or his bare legs over him in the same hotel bed naked even if there are hot chicks there.
          But I politely declined, saying I had shit to do.
          He called me a “Faggot” (To be honest I think gangbangs are for faggots even if women are present). Anyhow I left, not wanting to brawl with him.
          But some other Koreans I knew told me the word was going around that I was gay.
          I distanced myself after that from Koreans in Cebu.
          Another time, a Chinese-Filipino car dealer I knew named Lim was negotiating the sale of a car to a Korean businessman and the Korean just attacked him over the price. Not “no thank you I’ll go somewhere else” but a full-on assault in Lim’s showroom!
          Lim picked up a tire iron as he was being slammed into his vehicles and beat the fuck out of the Korean in a panic, fearing for his bodily security.
          The Korean was in the hospital for 8 months.
          Funny thing was that the Korean actually recommended another Korean to buy a car from him.
          Indeed Koreans are violent out of nowhere but there is none of that scorched-earth vengeance pray for death shit as with Japanese or Chinese. They soon forget.

    2. Every nonwhite woman will do that since they see white guys as nice push over doormats.
      Ivan ahmed pajeet tyrone zhang pedro tua gerimimo dont take shit from their women but steve will

    3. … and the ridiculous language and the clannishness that would make a jew cringe, I’ll pass.

    4. Bollocks, no offence to the author but there is plenty of tits and ass around, even on the Canton girls, and Ive never smelt soy sauce on a girlie here, in fact it’s rather refreshing to not smell tuna on a regular basis.

  13. The author failed to mention that mainland Chinese women (the ones brought up in the Popular Republic of China) are among the materialistic women int he world (Only Eastern European women are worst). Most of them definitely aren’t wife material.
    Plus remember: virtually all urban Chinese girls you meet in China in 2018 were born under the countries “once child policy” – meaning her parents may be reluctant to let her go with you to the US. (Not wanting to lose their only support>) You say you want to settle in China? Good luck with that.
    The girls of the Chinese diaspora (particularity in Malaysia) are not remotely like that, however. Those in the ethnic Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia are the only once worth marrying and start a family with. Forget pump-and-dump. You will need to make effort, have personal integrity and some respect for the culture. If you have those, you may succeed. Otherwise, forget them.

    1. PETER
      I think the thing that worries most foreigner married to Chinese-Filipinos or Chinese-Malaysians is kidnapping.

        1. Malaysia is an officially Muslim and a Muslim majority country. Enough said. That is the last place to go and indulge in debauchery. I would be patently foolish to indulge in debauchery with Muslim girls in such a country. The Chinese are usually non-Muslim there, however.

        2. nick, it’s only Muslim on paper. Sharia law only applies to Muslims, and Muslim etiquette only applies in Muslim majority areas in which most foreigners have little interest, such as Terengganu, Pahang, and government offices. If you live in an urban area down the West coast, Islam is no issue at all.
          The funny thing about sharia law is that if you sleep with a Muslim girl, she is breaking the law and you’re not. In practice, it’s common for Muslim girls to sleep around in the big cities and easy for foreigners to bag them.

  14. If you plan to date one of these girls then stay in their home country. In college I was dating one and turns out she was fuckin other [email protected] behind my back. By the way I’m black and athletic and fit. And I still got cheated on. Western culture will poison a foreign girl’s mind. I learned that the hard way. A lot of Asian girls in my college was living the “college experience” and didn’t pay attention to Asian dudes until their senior year after that had a lot of black and white dudes. I seen it happen many times. I was even planning on writing a few articles about my red pill experience in college. I can’t speak about the culture of college in the 1980s but I can say that the current college atmosphere is nothing but a f$&@ fest. Threesomes , [email protected]@ngs, and everything you can name is happening on the college campus . Later these girls will want a good men to wife them up. Pathetic lmao enjoy the decline guys. At this point we should just sit back and just watch

  15. A couple of those girls in the photos had man-jaw but some were really cute.
    Thanks for the info, OP

  16. Good post …mist current of what i noticed as well.
    Lbh mindset is poppin among indians too since believe in that future superpower status as well. Though many rich or upperclass people in poor countries see westerners as lower value like english teacher in korea.
    White western god factor is going down in asia.
    Ya they are right we are from a broken culture so i dont blame em for not wanting to marry us. With that mindset n influence im thinkin in time rest of the asian continent will think that way esp with all those puas fuckin up there
    U mentioned an importamt one that many westerners ignore is age. Ur not gonna marry anything below 25 in asia. Maybe russia but 27 28 ya is when theyll look into gettin a foreign man. Not exclusive to china but whole developing world. They are more tradional an are expected to marry a native boy.
    Gamin inlandight be needsd

  17. Chinese men are hopeless for good reason – because of their “date” culture. When girl text/say “let’s go eat some food”, when you try to date with her, it doesn’t necesarilly mean she’s going on a date with you. She can bring her female friends (like 1-3) and that means it’s not a poliamorous date, only social meeting, and Chinese man MUST pay the whole bill to prove he can afford it. It’s even worse, if girls want to go shopping he must pay for everything. And he ends with nothing.
    So it means Chinese girls are gold diggers/free food seekers like rest of the females when culture allows them to be.

  18. Lots of Chinese women have very flat butts. Being a butt man myself, I find this very unappealing!!

    1. Mainland Chinese are almost universally skinny. If you want Chinese girls with big butts, better head to Malaysia. The whole culture is about food. Skinny girls are available, but there’s also a good range from curvy to voluptuous to too-fat-for-ROK.

      1. I think the Thai and Vietnamese girls are probably most attractive from SEA. They just do it for me the most. I do like petite women, so that’s probably why.

        1. Indonesia? Javanese girls especially are almost universally petite. So many under 5 feet

    2. Dragon … surely it’s all a matter of taste? (pardon the pun).
      Chinese women have some of the most desirable butts in the world, but only if you look directly from the rear … and not from the side.
      I agree, they don’t have appealing “270 degree view butts” that some White Women are blessed with. But from a directly 100% rear view angle, they can look just perfect. In fact I was eye-balling one in this way, just yesterday … a twenty-something year old Chinese tourist wearing (very short) neatly cut-off jeans. Unfortunately her face did not match her perfect butt and thighs, and in any case she was with her Soy Boyfriend and a group of friends. But that image stuck in my mind for hours … so good was it.
      My guess is that the Chinese female was the first to perfect the “doggy position” … perhaps back in the Shang or Zhou Dynasty. 🙂

  19. I’ve been sexpatting in China for years and indeed it used to be great, but with government-sponsored nationalism, the tide is progressively turning against us… They even started a classification of foreigners as A, B or C depending onthe “quality” of said foreigners.

  20. Those are honest points BUT they could have added
    Chinese girls throw sensational tantrums if they don’t get their way.
    Don’t forget Chinese girls favourite thing – MONEY
    Chinese girls of the new Rich are as lazy and spoilt that they make sloth’s look dynamic
    As for these guys commenting on Japanese girls and their looks obviously haven’t been to Japan recently because the average Japanese woman is pretty plain Jane in the looks department some are so Ugly they go to foreigner bars hoping an open minded (thirsty) western guy will pick them up.

    1. True, I know a white guy dating a Chinese woman.
      Pre-marriage she was a nice feminine looking thing.
      Post-marriage she has morphed into some fat little squat gnome with a hideous and demanding attitude. It is extremely cringy to see how she treats her white husband: absolutely ZERO respect or even the slightest consideration. None.
      But there is no use feeling sorry for the guy; he is the one who gets up every morning and DECIDES to tolerate such shit.
      White men who get with Chinese women are traitors to their people and posterity.

  21. Concerning Rabbi Hirschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein above:
    Roosh, didn’t you have this site sprayed for SJWs?

    1. The man is a trained Rabbi giving out free advice.
      And you want to censor him?
      Stop being an anti-Semitic prick you bigoted privileged little whiner.

  22. Excellent article: both in content and form.
    It’s a shame the unwashed commenters can’t read and article without wasting an opportunity to keep their fucking stupid opinions ON TOPIC.
    REAL grown up men don’t feel the need to constantly complain and insult other groups of people to feel better.

    1. It’s always the “REAL men do…” gaslighters who end up being the biggest closeted feminist cucks.

  23. No one I know of who has spent long periods in China has ever had anything nice to say about these people.
    Chinese are predatory subhumans with no souls.
    If in doubt, go ahead and browse through a China Hate forum on /pol/, full of liveleak videos out of China where you will see with your own eyes these insect people doing some of the most despicably inhumane shit to each other you have ever seen; grannies with maggot-filled holes in their face being left to rot like dogs in someone’s apartment, children being slowly and deliberately run over on the streets, fresh fetuses in gutters, people casually walking past dying mangled pedestrians after a car accident… and on it goes.
    Here is a typical example:

    If you mix with this race, then you are lower than toilet scum.

    1. An absolute lack of morality, mainly due to long-term communism that has banned any religion, at least religion provides for a baseline morality…

  24. No fucking way. White men dating Asian women aren’t any better than white hoes fucking Muslims. Both are crossbreeders. And IMO Chinese girls (as well as Japanese, Vietnamiese, Korean etc.) aren’t attractive at all. There are a lot of Chinese people in Berlin but none of them are such attractive as girls on your photos which are probably professional models with several plastic surgeries.

      1. Flip flop and shorts wearing peasants that project narcissism and greed without class – nah thanks bro…

        1. Have you ever seen Asians swimming or doing activities like tanning on the beach? They stay out of the sun and largely can’t swim. The only south east asians with class I have ever met were upper class gay guys with chinese blood. Everybody else dresses like a peasant, even very rich viets.

  25. >1. The average Chinese woman is attractive
    Totally not. I have been in China on and off and the average Chinese woman is absolutely appalling. They don’t work out ever and are skinny fat.
    The only good looking women I see are normally foreign born Chinese.
    >2. Chinese women are very easy to pick up
    Because casual sex isn’t really a thing in China so a date is presumed to lead to marriage.
    >3. Chinese men are hopeless
    The culture is marriage culture. Chinese people are fairly asexual and not very sex driven. If you live in a developing country you’re definitely more concerned with getting a masters or w/e will enable you to make a stable living than dicking around.
    Even if you’re a total autist your family will introduce a bunch of women to you and you’ll probably marry, hence all these (on average) very ugly people…
    >4. Chinese girls are not sexually experienced
    Again, the average Chinese is very asexual, although in the nightlife you’ll meet the occasional turboslut. If missionary is enough for you and you’re a dweeb with no game a chinese girl it is for you. Blowjobs, anal and passionate sex ain’t something that 99% of Chinese women can provide you with.
    >The foreigner pass is only valid for one night stands
    Most Chinese people still don’t earn shit and English teachers still outearn most professionals without stellar backgrounds. There are plenty of Chinese women that will happily railroad you into marriage.
    >8. Don’t marry a Chinese woman unless you are a millionaire or she is prepared to leave China
    The dowry stuff is nonsense. That’s a thai thing. You don’t need to be a millionaire to live good in China, but an English teacher’s salary doesn’t cut it anymore in first tier cities. You’d need to earn at least double (about 60k USD post tax) if you want to live in a nicer place and be able to afford a car. Forget raising a child on that tho.
    >You are likely to have married a smart family-orientated woman.
    Unless you really want Elliot Rodger hapa kids that don’t fit in anywhere and want to become a beta bucks provider to a money and status oriented woman that is horrible in bed be my guest.

  26. Good article with some important distinctions and nuances. I went to mainland China in 2009 (I have also been to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and met Chinese girls in Malaysia and South Korea) and went to quite many dates, received many IOIs and “you’re so handsome” comments in a limited amount of time. I think that many of the pale-skinned northern Chinese women are slim and well-dressed but seldom pretty, whereas the somewhat darker southern Chinese girls can be very cute, but there are of course in-group variation.
    The craziest Chinese girls who I have met was a neurotic and somewhat weird 33-year-old model/teacher here in Sweden, about 168 cm. She was really skinny but I was still a bit aroused by her thin body and smashed her once in my tiny apartment after a dinner and never responded to any calls or messages, removed her from my FB etc. For an entire week she tried to contact me through every goddamn app that she could come to think of but I ghosted completely and suddenly it stopped, thank God.

    1. As much as I spit on chinks, I must say that you are a fuck up for doing something so dishonest. Certainly not for the chink slut’s sake, but because of how poorly your actions reflect on your indecisive and immature character.
      Someone like you has no place lecturing men on manhood here.
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you that same guy who wrote an article about getting yelled down by some Swedish grandma on the street, and you did nothing?
      You’re a lightweight.
      If you had no genuine interest in this chink slut, then why did you lead her on like that and make yet another jaded whore of her???
      Just coz you needed to rub one out?
      lol wanker lol

      1. No you silly beta cuck, who misguidedly defends a slut who gives it up on the first date and expect me to take her seriously. No way. Plus, I have every right to choose to respond or not. She was annoying and I don’t care about insignificant annoying people the slightest.
        The way I treated the middle-aged Swedish woman was largely correct, which anyone with an IQ over 100 can comprehend.

        1. Didn’t I clearly state my criticism isn’t for the slut’s sake?
          These actions are about you and your dishonest character.
          You make a decision, then you run like a little bitch from the consequences. Now what does that say about you?
          If you faced up to the consequences and straight up told the slut to fuck off after you were done, I’d actually have respect for you.
          But you ran from your problems… typical Swede.
          The same guy who cedes his dignity to Swedish cat ladies wants to lecture you on how to be a man.
          Lol ROK is a joke.
          I only come here to ridicule it.
          There was a brief moment when ROK was in synch with the right-moving Overton window, but Roosh made a concious decision to stay behind. Now look at this rag; stuck in stale 2009-era PUA.
          “lol bros I banged a slut”

      2. Don’t worry, there’s a karmic effect to everything.
        Look at Roosh. He’s spent his prime mastering the art of getting sexual access to as many girls as possible. Now he’s 40 years old, all alone, and doesn’t have any of the qualities required to attract a girl who is worth attracting.
        But this is ROK so I guess I’m going to get downvoted too 🙂

  27. I think the two best destinations for a first trip would be Guangzhou and Shanghai, get wechat on your mobile before you get there and load the translator and stick some cash on your wechat wallet (stick a good photo on your profile, some intersting stuff on your moments and keep the ‘people nearby’ function on at all times). Act the perfect gentleman with everyone for the best results with the girlies, they will be watching you. Do not criticise China in anyway, remember if you fuck up you’re on your own. Always wear a rubber, I swear you only have to look at these girls and they pup up. Do not over do the sauce when out and about and watch your drinks like a hawk. China is one of the safest countries Ive lived in but it can turn into a nightmare if you’re not on your toes. Oh, and be sure to take any SJW ESL teachers down a peg or two when you bump into them, its so refreshing to blow these cunts out the water when they start blurting their shit in expat bars forgetting they are not home!

  28. Holy Mother of Big, All-Night F*cks!
    That lady, dressed in White, in the first picture shown!
    Heck. Now I can’t get that perfect image out of my mind. It’s gonna take me another 3 hours just to get my concentration back.
    Phwaar … in my book, that’s a clear 10.
    But I always did have “Asian Fever”. And for some strange reason, I habitually want to bang Chinese girls far harder than any other race. They sure can take it hard too.
    What city did you say she was from?

  29. The girl shown dressed in the all-black-attire looks so very lovely too (IMHO).
    Back during the 1980s, White English girls used to wear this same “all black” uniform as a political statement. It was seen abundantly in places such as Bristol and Brighton, where many hard-core feminists used to hang out. They probably still reside there!
    So wearing black everything, including those thick leggings pretending to be stockings along with flat sensible shows, was basically a Marxist-Feminist statement that shouted “stay well away” to most normal, sexually active males.
    But the 180 degree contrast shown by this cute Chinese girl could not be more obvious. She’s wearing more or less exactly the same attire as those bitches in Brighton, Sussex, England did, yet she looks so inviting, so sexy, so feminine, and so “up for it”.
    This is the magic of the average (and not so average) Chinese girl. Wad-da-yah-tink??
    P.S. The facial features and body shape of this “girl in black” very closely resembles my girlfriend from the 2002-03 period. I had met her in Central London, where she worked. And she pulled me, rather than me pulling her.
    We had some marvelous times together in Southampton. And in late 2002 I even flew her out to be with me in Bangkok. A 100% percent feminine-female right down to her toenails, she made the Thai women I’d been pained to (again) deal with look so damned ordinary. And our first sex in that Bangkok hotel room set the sheets on fire. Metaphorically of course.
    I lost her after I had to return to the UAE for work, and after she graduated from her London University, to return to China. Last time I heard back from her (email) she was helping with the Beijing Olympics, and had a young daughter (not mine).

  30. as a Chinese girl I just want to say none of us would ever even consider fucking the pathetic incel who wrote this article or any of you disgusting losers in the comments 😊😊😊

    1. The truth is that you do. Al lot of Chinese females do, even as we speak. Who care about what some Chink chick says anyway? The truth is that 97% or more of Chinese guys are butt ugly betas compared to a large share of white men, why it is perfectly reasonable for Chinks to jump into bed with the latter.

      1. The truth is that you do. Alot of Chinese females do, even as we speak. Who cares about what some Chink chick says anyway? The truth is that 97% or more of Chinese guys are butt ugly betas compared to a large share of white men, why it is perfectly reasonable for Chinks to jump into bed with the latter.

  31. @TheTruth: Your level of mental retardation and/or feeble-mindedness are seemingly beyond grasp and salvation. The way you treat people is mirroring who they are and what they mean to you. Hence I will treat my family, close friends and long-term GF very differently than some random ONS that don’t deserve honesty or frankly anything from me. I will also treat situations, and the people linked to them, differently. The situation with the crazy woman had nothing to do with “character” or “being honest”; it was about to solve the situation so the speak in the most appropriate way , which I, in the end, handled well. I also wrote about it because it was somewhat comical and a sign of the times.

  32. As a Chinese male who can bench squat and deadlift over 100kg, I’d gladly beat your face into a bloody pulp just for your comment about Chinese men.
    Is always funny I’ve found that western “men” who make fun of asians are always themselves soft betas who need insult others to make themselves feel superior.

  33. 9. Thanks to China’s one-child policy, patrilineal tradition, and gender-selective abortion (legalized murder of innocent girls), in China men outnumber women by about 34 million. This makes it much more difficult to meet Chinese women.

    1. With a population of 1.3 billion, the difference is barely 0.5% between the number of men and women. The 1-Child Policy had a lot of exceptions and is now officially a 2-Child policy.
      In any event, the issues of culture and language present a much bigger challenge.

  34. Date and marry within your own race if you care about happy relations. Races exist for a good reason. Ignoring nature has consequences.

  35. I guess if you like girls with the body of a 12 year old boy
    essentially titless & assless, skinny

  36. For me learning the Chinese language would be the biggest hurdle as it is ranked as the most difficult one for a foreign westerner to learn! If you think Spanish or Russian are tough that is nothing compared to memorizing 5000 characters and tonal language structure. Still I love martial arts and Chinese food so dating some stinky chinkies can work out.

  37. I’ve been living in China for 5 years and some of this is spot on and some requires clarification.
    1) Most Chinese girls are fairly plain looking, but they tend to clean up damn well. The average BMI is almost 6 points lower than in America, a reasonable 23.4, but you can knock a point or two off for “dating age” girls (18-30) because that is for the whole population and women tend to gain a point of BMI every decade. So least half trim and maybe half of them range from slim to skinny. College-age girls are almost universally cute at a minimum.
    2) It depends on the city, the venue, and your age bracket. In Shanghai, Hong Kong, perhaps Beijing, few others, they are very westernized and a good chunk of them speak English. They like to go clubbing and such and if they are living alone or on campus, then the don’t have to account for their whereabouts.
    In second or third tier cities or more, the girls tend to latch on the a guy in high school or college and then stick with him for several years. Single girls tend to live at home until they get married or else are self-supporting, but usually by that time they are close to over over 30. Most will not speak passable English so it ranges from difficult to impossible to actually game them.
    “Left Behind Women” (sheng nu 剩女), that is those over 27, are hit or miss both in terms of looks and motivation. There are plenty of Chinese girls who simply don’t hit the Wall until late 30s or even into their 40s. Some career women are open to a fling with an interesting western guy while other have their beta-radar on high gain. Overall, most of them are still single because they are 挑剔 (tiao ti – “picky”).
    4) Most you find are n20. Most don’t give head without a lot of calm encouragement, and virtually none will try anal. They also don’t tend to shave their muff.
    5) I never noticed, but then I wasn’t in Sichuan or Hunan with all the crazy spices. One girl commented on my smell because I had a lot of red meat and dairy in my diet which is uncommon in China.
    6) Most Chinese girls don’t want a foreign boyfriend and fewer want a foreign husband. As a novelty, you can play friendzone alpha, but that is obviously a waste of time unless you are just making friends with your work colleagues. A lot of Chinese parents are racists and don’t want their girl to dating or fucking or marrying a foreigner. Of those who are opened to the idea, they want a rich foreigner. If you are making six figures USD you should be fine anywhere outside of Hong Kong or Shanghai.
    LBH is more an insult jealous American guys throw around rather than the Chinese girls.
    The reason (first generation) Chinese-American girls tend to marry Chinese guys is a carry over of the racial culture and the fact that the Chinese have a critical mass of population in North America, so they don’t really have to look outside their community (Toronto is 10% Chinese, north of Toronto is Markham which is over a third, Richmond in Vancouver is 56% Chinese, etc). Japanese are actually the ethnic group most likely to intermarry, because there is comparatively so few of them).
    6-7-8 Chinese girls tend to be “silver diggers”. They want a guy who can buy a condo and a car. The problem is that housing prices are insane for what you get. Actually making $100k USD while living in China is a bit of a feat unless you are an entrepreneur with a location independent income, or you got lucky enough to be transferred to China by your multinational employer or you can speak the language and otherwise are very employable.
    The weddings are lavish but not so much by western standards, plus the actual costs are much lower compared to most western cities. Not sure about honeymoon protocol, but a crazy-big photo op is a must. Take a walk down the beach in Qingdao and it is couple after couple after couple all decked out with their photographer.
    It is customary for wedding guests to give the couple a “red pocket” with money in it. A few hundred RMB (maybe 50 bucks each) tends to be the norm unless the crowd is particularly wealthy.
    As a final note, the national divorce rate is 4% but that is mostly due to 800 million peasant farmers for whom divorce isn’t an option anyways. Shanghai is more like 35%, Beijing 23% IIRC.

  38. Lots of good points in the article. Want to add a few more from having lived and worked in China and dealt with Chinese 1:1 where they will open up.
    1. A common bit of advice mothers give their daughter is “it is important to marry a man that loves you but you don’t have to love him. If later on, you want a relationship with a man you love, have an affair.
    2. Over 80% of women told me that they simply married the man with the most money. Anything else was “impractical.”
    3. If you have date a hottie for awhile, it is common for them to present you with a list of demands that includes, upon marriage, what you’re of home they want, what brand of car, how much they will get in allowance and how many kids they will have. If you don’t sign off, they will go to the next man. I didn’t see this but one men it happened to and Chinese talked about it
    4. At 25 single women will be under intense pressure to marry and have a child. At 27 she will be a “leftover woman” whom few successful men will court out of fear of losing face.
    5. She will look good but have dreadful third world sanitation practices including a belief that hand soap is harmful.
    6. If you marry, your mother-in-law will have carte Blanche to regularly come into your home and critique everything you do

  39. Its seems as if every article on this site contains a bunch of stereotypes and generalizations. This indicates the simple minds of the authors, unable to critically filter their thoughts and perception. Not all Chinese are rich. Almost a 100 million live on less than $1 per day so how the hell can they buy anything? Obviously.

  40. chinese cunts look like macaque monkeys, I can’t understand for the life of me, why anglosaxon imbeciles find them irresistible, from Lenon and Yoko Ono (yes she’s japanase, still almost undistinguishable from a chinese cunt) to the guy from Natural Born Killers married to a chinese hobo. All 3 or 4 examples of “atractive regular chinese women” look like booble-headed deformed horse-toothed monkeys with square chins. You lack fucking taste.

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