What It’s Like To Be A Freemason

I wear a ring. It belonged to a Mason who probably lived many generations ago and, as I purchased it from a vintage jewelry store, I do not know his identity. It is a simple ring, constructed of steel, bearing just the Square and Compass an emblem that is commonly associated with our Fraternity, and would cost around $40 to buy an almost identical copy, online today. At least once a week a man will notice this ring and ask me questions about my Masonic affiliation. The purpose of this article is to answer some of those unasked questions men might have about Freemasonry.

What Does It Mean To Be A Mason

A few months ago, I was sitting at a diner counter eating breakfast. The waiter was lingering around my location and I caught him casting a few glimpses at my ring. Finally he got the courage to blurt out his question. The man sheepishly said, “My Dad is a Mason but he will never tell me what it means to be one. I want to join the Lodge but want to have some side idea of what that means. What does it mean to you?”

My response was, “That is a complex question, but the basic operational answer is that I am a member of an International Fraternity that is primarily a social club but also engages in community and charitable outreach. There are also many opportunities to engage in self-improvement which is the heart of Freemasonry. Your Dad is largely correct though when he says you have to join to find out the meaning of Masonry because the ultimate meaning is personal and varies Mason to Mason.”

Does that sound purposefully mysterious for the sole purpose to incite intrigue? Given the nature of Masonry, sure, that is to be suspected. But it is the truth.

Qualifications To Join The Club

The most frequently asked question I get from my fellow man are about the qualifications to join the Lodge. There is a lot of “disinformation” out there on this subject. Some men think they must treat even inquiring into my membership status as if we are talking about the battle plans to invade a foreign country.

Once I had a stranger request to speak with me in the alley behind a bar because he was uncomfortable about bring up the subject as “someone might overhear” if we talked about it in an open room as if that could be a matter of life or death. (The man was sincere in this belief as someone previously had told him if two or more Masons heard anyone bring up the subject of membership in the same room then that man’s name was placed on a blacklist).

To clear the air, here are the real qualifications. These regulations vary by Grand Lodge, which in America is on a state by state basis (rules that apply in California may not be applicable in Florida, for instance). But, in general, you must:

  1. Be a man
  2. Be of the age of majority (18 in most jurisdiction these days, some are still 21 though)
  3. Believe in a divine entity (does not have to be the God of a mainstream religion)
  4. Be of good character (not a felon, town drunk, etc.)
  5. Have your petition sponsored by at least two Masons in good standing
  6. Pay an initiation fee if your petition is approved

That is it. If you do petition a Lodge for membership they will let you know any if there are more specific minor requirements. Also, once you become a Mason there are nominal annual dues which vary greatly across the country, as they are set by local Lodges, but the norm is between $100 and $200 a year.

The whole nonsense of having to be directly related to a Mason or one must save the life of a Mason may have used to be a membership requirement centuries ago. If they were ever true, those requirements have been long dead. The way I started my membership process was by simply asking a man who I knew was a Mason about the organization.

If you don’t know a Mason look up the Grand Lodge in your state and contact it. The Grand Secretary will put you in touch with a local Lodge that will assist you starting the membership process.

No Women Allowed

Yes you read that correctly. A woman cannot become a Mason. It is a male-only Fraternity and has been since its origination.

If there is a woman in your life who is interested in the concepts generally taught by Freemasonry she will have to petition a Masonic body such as the Order of the Eastern Stars that accepts women as members.

Freemasonry In The US Is Much Different Than In The Rest Of The World

There are active Masonic Lodges throughout the world, in just about every country and continent. But, Masonry in the United States is distinctly different then that found in other countries, especially Europe. Here in the States, it is mainly a social club promoting self-improvement of men and conducting charitable outreach. There is no political agenda. In fact discussion of politics is actively discouraged. However, in Europe and other parts of the world Masons do have real political agendas and act just like a political party. This is simply not true in America though. The local Lodge on Main Street is spending most of its energy planning the next pancake breakfast and not running the town council.

For a real word recent example, there has been a Masonic backlash in France as it is rumored that Emmanuel Marcon, the new Prime Minister, is a puppet of one of the French Grand Lodges which is using him to push their agenda. I have even read of reports of violence against Freemasons motivated because of their political activities.

I do not know how deep this animosity actually runs outside of the United States, but a Brother of mine, who engages in frequent international business travel, has a personal policy against bringing any Masonic regalia with him on trips to certain countries because it might make him a target. Bluster? Who knows. The point is that if you join a Lodge in the United States your experience is going to be much different than that of a foreign country and it is not going to involve political conspiracy.

There is Still Fraternity Among Masons, Domestic and International

I have traveled extensively throughout the World and encountered Masons in just about every country and those interactions have been extremely positive. In some countries, especially those of former communist origins, Freemasonry is a considered to be a rouge organization, usually not actively suppressed by the government these days, but certainly not encouraged. Even given this though members their will reveal themselves to me and engage on a Brotherly level.

Once, I was in Russia and noticed one of the business contacts at our meeting was a Mason. At dinner that night most of our one-on-one conversation was about him giving me warnings on how the government will blacklist Masons, break up Lodge meetings, and seek them out for political arrests. His Lodge would not meet in the same location twice and I was warned to not disclose my affiliation. He still paid the check though and insisted I put one more vodka on top of what was otherwise a fine meal before we parted ways.

On the flip side, in many other countries, the practice of Freemasonry is openly endorsed. In England, I had a fellow Mason, on recommendation of the Master of a local Lodge, put me up for a few days when I had an emergency. Similarly, a local Lodge in Germany provided me with some cash assistance when my wallet was stolen.

Joining the Fraternity outside of the United States, might have different meanings that will vary country-by-country, but in most ways you are still part of an International Brotherhood and your membership will be positively recognized wherever your travels take you by most Brothers.

Investment Of Time And Opportunity

When I get this question, all I can say is you have to join to understand why it is worth your time. Personally,  I am a busy man with limited time but I find the experience fulfilling enough to maintain active membership. It is a net benefit in my life. Largely, what you get out of being a Mason is what you put into it though and, considering the dwindling ranks of the Fraternity, those opportunities are just become more plentiful with less competition as the years pass by.

Many of these Grand Lodges and local Lodges sit on large endowments and bank accounts which will be used to subsidize self-improvement opportunities for members. I have taken advantage of some of these at little to no cost. Had I paid for it out of pocket, attending some of the courses or conferences would have cost me thousands of dollars.

The Secrets Of Freemasonry

The greatest secret about Masonry is that there are not that many secrets. There are certain signs, grips, and ritual work which Brothers swear to keep confidential, but all of these can be found on the internet today. In fact, you can find this information open to the public in Masonic collections at local, regional, and college libraries.

The way I learned most of what I know about Freemasonry before joining was by reading an excellent book entitled Freemasons for Dummies. I would highly recommend the read if you are interested in joining or in the process of doing so.


I highly doubt Masonry in America is involved in anything corrupt. Perhaps in Europe or in other International Masonic bodies there is more to the whole “conspiracy theory” aspect of it, but here in America that is not the case. As one Brother of my Lodge likes to say, “I doubt we could put together a wood shed in an afternoon let alone run the world.” He is right. Getting everyone to the same location for dinner requires as much logistical work as it did to invade France in WWII on D-Day. Simply put, Freemasons in the United States are not running a secret shadow government.

Final Takeaway

If you would like to join a community based organization that is exclusively male, performs charitable acts, and meets in a dimly lit building which are only occupied a few times a month, then think about joining the Lodge. Doing so will give you many opportunities for self-improvement and in this modern age is one of the last places where a man can engage in fraternity exclusively with his fellow man.

If you have any further questions about Masonry please feel free to place them in the comment section. I will attempt to answer to the best of my knowledge (without giving away any of our “secrets” of course).

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  1. How does it feel to know that you and your “brothers” are not only complicit, but are one of the parties responsible for genocide of Europeans since the 19th century?

    1. In their mind they saved Europeans from the mean bad church.
      Thank God for their secularism, thank u masons for turning an entire civilization into a joke. Good job!

      1. Hitler jailed over 100,000 of these destroyers, putting them into work camps. Any surprise that Germany flourished with them and Ju’s out of banking and Govt?

        1. Hitler was far too nice on his enemies.
          If he actually did the things he is accused of, he would have won WWII.
          Hitler needed to take s page from Stalin and execute each and every of those 100,000 traitors.
          The world would be a better place.

      1. So that other continental races don’t become extinct. Who would feed the Africans if the bitch ass Europeans disappear.
        Tho’ I guess they could eat each other

    2. @ Pike (aka author), how does it feel to be on the losing side? Fuck all you masons. Trump is draining the swamp and a lot of your masters are going to Guantanamo. I’m enjoying the show.

      1. What’s it like to be a freemason? Being an old white male prole paying union dues to LARP as a carpenter.
        Basically, it’s just a men’s organization for likeminded nobodies to get together and throw darts (like at a VFW) since every other ‘Mannerbund’ has been shamed with nefarious conspiracy theories or the ‘hermeneutics of gay suspicion’ (thanks to feminists) and overtaken by Cultural Marxism (Boy Scouts being the most recent).
        Freemasons have not been relevant in two centuries.

      2. (((Trump))) is a mason and the pawn of the Jooz. Glad to hear (((you))) are enjoying the show.

    3. You mean like George Washington and Ben Franklin who helped found the United States right?

      1. “Another Guy / Goy”: And these two men are so awesome, patriotic and pure of heart because you were taught so in a third-rate secondary school and can read all about it on Wikipedia???
        Ben Franklin was also a member of the Hellfire Club, a secret society of the 18th century now known to be involved in the rape, torture and ritualistic murder of women and children.
        Who knows what shenanigans old George got into, but the Smithsonian’s infamous bare-chested George “Caesar” Washington statue does not depict a man of normal character or American values. It supposedly mortified onlookers when it was first displayed in D.C.

    4. There’s lots of secret societies. Many seem to have similar symbolism but you can tell the difference between each group by what they say and their actions.
      Compare what Andrew Jackson embodies to the Superbowl halftime show for instance.
      This does not say that masons are not responsible for white genocide but there are lots of these different societies.
      Another thing to look at is that the waning of masonry seems to correlate with basically a red pill American nation state.
      Neolibralism and progressivism is the most popular it has ever been in America while masonry is definitely not what it used to be (sliding downhill). Something to look at if interested.

        1. Big difference…The old Freemasons believed in the bill of rights, self determination, and creating a better country for their sons, grandsons, great grandsons, and after. Most Freemasons more then 150 years ago were gentleman of solidarity who were primarily Anglo-Saxon, German, French and Dutch extraction. Today, any schmuck out of a can go join. I wouldn’t doubt that some babyboomer, fat freemason holds sex parties every summer at their mason hall or yacht.

    5. Gayest ROK article I’ve seen in a while. Fucking Freemasons really? Bunch of homosexuals.

      1. Return of Kings…yeah right. Roosh isn’t even trying anymore, just collecting the shekels. I’m done here, visit the Chateau for some real Kingly thoughts.

    6. “Kiron” should spend more time picking up women then trolling conspiracy theories. I am laughing at most of the comments here. Especially the ones about the j—-. Article seems fine and pretty balanced to me. I’ve worked with some men who were Masons in the past and if they really do run the world God help us all.

      1. Hey dipshit, no one said low level card carrying masons are running the world. Stop being a little sneaky bitch.

    7. I must have missed this part of history class. how are Freemasons responsible for European genocide?

      1. Is this the same history class that would harp on about Nazis and evil Christianity but would never speak of the atrocities of communism or the (((people))) behind it.
        History is written by the victors or those who have usurped control.

    8. Man. Get a life. You are probably just a beta/omega loser. It is just an informational article about a dying fraternity. Masons will not be around in 20 years anyhow.

  2. I read once that Masons are honor bound to help each other if it is requested. Any truth to that?
    How do you go about getting two to vouch for you? Especially if you only meet one by chance.
    Interesting article thanks for writing.

    1. JARED
      Yes it is.
      It is suspected that Jack the Ripper was a Freemason and the Chief Inspector of the London Police was also a Freemason who obliterated evidence because he already KNEW that the man was upper-class.

      1. Jack the Ripper was a high-level Freemason and the surgeon to the Queen at that time. In fact, a group of three men killed those women (likely two by mistaken identity) because they were trying to cover up the Crown Prince’s (Eddie) secret marriage to a prostitute and her subsequent pregnancy. The Prince was a half-wit who fell for a whore, but her best friend (another whore) thought she could blackmail the monarchy for $$$ with the information. As such, the ritualistic killings began and were made to look obviously masonic so that the (largely) masonic police force would look the other way — which they did.

    2. “GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.” (The Protocols of Zion, 4:2)
      “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”—-Rabbi Isaac Wise
      The Jewish Tribune newspaper, in 1927, in an editorial, stated: “Freemasonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?”
      The Jewish Guardian admitted openly on 12 April 1922:
      “Freemasonry is born out of Israel.”
      The following could be read in the French masonic magazine Le Symbolisme (July 1928): “The most important duty of freemasonry must be to glorify the Jews, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom.”
      The high-ranking freemason Dr Rudolph Klein stated: “Our rite is Jewish from beginning to end, the public should conclude from this that we have actual connections with Jewry.” (Latomia, No. 7-8, 1928)
      A speech at the B’nai B’rith convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in The Catholic Gazette (London) in February 1936 and in Le reveil du peuple (Paris) a little later, stated: “We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. We have made it an honour, a great honour, for the Gentiles to join us in our organizations, which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever. Yet it remains our secret that those Gentiles who betray their own and most precious interests, by joining us in our plot, should never know that those associations are of our creation, and that they serve our purpose…”
      Ray Novosel, writing from Australia in 2004, states: “Zionist world leaders, men in influential positions with the various Masonic organizations everywhere, have worked “hand in glove” for a universal world revolution, which will bring in the One World Church and a One World Government. Many Masonic Lodges are exclusively Jewish, as are the controlling B’nai B’rith Lodges —the mother of the infamous and very dangerous Anti Defamation League (ADL).”
      “Masonry, that immense association, the rare initiated of which, that is to say, the real chiefs of which, whom we must be careful not to confound with the nominal chiefs, live in a strict and intricate alliance with the militant members of Judaism, princes and imitators of the high Cabal. For that elite of the order–those real chiefs whom so few of the initiated know, or whom they only know for the most part under a nom de guerre, are employed in the profitable and secret dependence of the cabalistic Israelites. And this phenomenon is accomplished thanks to the habits of rigorous discretion to which they subject themselves by oaths and terrible menaces; thanks also to the majority of Jewish members which the mysterious constitution of Masonry seats in its sovereign counsel.”—Gougenot des Mosseaux in Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, Paris, 1869.

    3. They are also notoriously homosexual. Gay orgies at least 2 a year. Also a fair few of them are into pedophilia. And I’m not even joking here.

    4. “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”
      “A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.”
      Sounds a lot like Talmud code of conduct.

    5. my experience is that if you meet one, and you ask for more information, you will be introduced to others who can then vouch for you

  3. You should address the major beef between The Catholic Church and Masonry. Apparently any who join can consider themselves excommunicated until they denounce it.
    Also people claim a lot of your rituals are worship of Baphomet in disguise.

        1. How about Jahbulon?
          That bizarre three-headed Masonic god with a toad, cat, and old man’s head wearing an eye-studded crown???
          Yeah, I did not make that up, and neither did some 5 yo, it’s an actual Masonic deity.
          google Jahbulon.

    1. Ju’s were always kept on their Heels, in the defensive by the Catholic Church.
      They lived confined to caged walled ghettos, for the safety of mankind. They could not have professions in medicine, law, Govt or education, again for safety sake. Their books like the filthy Talmud were often burned, They were thought to be behind the Black Plague-killing off half of Europe, their confessions of throwing flea bitten rats down wells of Christian land owners are on the record, at the directive of their Rabbi. Most of this is sealed now at the Vatican, but the art work is still available to view.
      A great book on this- (online free) is THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH by Maurice Pinay which chronicles 2000 years of this treachery.
      Freemasonry is about the destruction of Western Civilization and The Church or Christianity. It seeks to upend all of it. They are essentially the Ju’s Useful idiots. Hitler jailed all of them- Bnai Brith. About 100,000 of them.

      1. RW
        Council House Kid
        You’re a UK Jew of Polish Jewish descent yourself, like Ali G.
        You’re just laying it on too thick, bro.

    2. John Paul II removed the edict of excommunicating Masonic Catholics.
      He most likely being a 33rd degree Scottish rite mason had a lot to do with it.
      Also – don’t forget, Jesuit Catholics wrote the Masonic code. And who has always been in power of the rcc (in shadow and now in public)?
      The Jesuits.

  4. What I have read in many places is that members who are degrees 1-32 experience freemasonry along the ‘charitable/ social’ lines you describe; the 33rd members (of which Albert Pike was one) are the ones who learn what Freesmasonry is all about, namely the deep occult/ Satanic practices.

    1. Plain wrong.
      Albert Pike wasn’t a Freemason at all.
      Again, there are no occult/Satanic practices in Freemasonry.
      It is a secular fraternity organization, not a religion.

      1. Frank, you’ve proven yourself unfit to carry on with this conversation. You may be knowledgeable or clever in other topics, but definitely not this one. Please refrain from posting more on this topic because you are appearing completely ridiculous, which undermines your comments on other topics. Just some useful advice for you, gent.

      2. 33rd degree masons participate in Human sacrifice.
        They believe they get a “Charge” from it.
        They absolutely use magic rituals and symbolism, to say that there is no occult is beyond belief.
        You must think the readers on this site are very stupid.

        1. I can’t stop reading these comments. The guy in the video is talking from a hut he built and is supposed to be a credible source? And who is supposedly stupid again?

  5. Wherever the masonic lodges went social revolution followed.
    I believe masons laid the foundation for liberal(left party) capitalism(right party). The current western society is their dream come true, a short lived dream considering the birthrate of whites is declining & the new people won’t be interested in the enlightenment ideas.
    I believe that current masons are a shell of what they used to be. Once the Catholic Church lost its power so did the masons.
    Becoming a mason nowadays is like becoming a churchian. U go to see some rituals about some architect, make some connections & gossip.
    Spiritual dead end imo. I’ve even heard their rituals can be found on the Internet.

    1. I think the joke here is the comment section.
      Accusations of human sacrifice?
      Saber rattling about blame the J—–?
      One world order conspiracy theories?
      Did this hit a Reddit or social media feed for nut jobs?

  6. It’s always the below 33 degree Masons who love to lecture us poor peasants on what a fun and innocuous little social club Freemasonry is, always with palpable contempt at what a bunch of raving lunatics anyone who doesn’t buy into that narrative are.
    How about some stfu???
    You’re not a real Mason, you are part of Orwell’s outer party, not the inner party. Never forget that.
    For those of use who have eyes to see and ears to hear we understand Freemasonry to be an elite cult full of snakes, pedophiles and probably child-killers.
    You can drop the smartass attitude now and stfu.
    Freemasonry will forever be associated with bizarre sinister elements because wherever there is smoke there is fire.
    Enjoy your filthy fraternity.

    1. Well said, brother. Freemasonry is one of the main scourges of the world and has been for at least a few hundred years.
      “I highly doubt Masonry in America is involved in anything corrupt. Perhaps in Europe or in other International Masonic bodies there is more to the whole “conspiracy theory” aspect of it, but here in America that is not the case.”
      What a ridiculous and overwhelmingly naive couple of sentences…

    2. Boy, there are way too many people on this site who believe everything they read on the internet. Instead of conspiracy theories, let’s look at the facts:
      The United Grand Lodge of England operates the second largest charity organization in the United Kingdom.

      1. Kinda like the same way Jared Fogel, and the Clinton Foundation couldn’t keep their filthy fingers off “children’s charities”.
        Give it up Shlomo, the goyim know.

      2. Charities are the biggest scam on the planet. I suppose your claim clears Jimmy SoVile who did a lot for charity…haha

        1. Tell that to the local community I know – their general hospital received life-saving medical equipment through a masonic charitable organization.

  7. This question might sound stupid but I’ve heard from a friend of mine, who is a freemason in the US. That most freemasons think that the US Grand Lodge dont have a political agenda largerly, due to the fact that the high ranking freemasons hide their interest in politics by running another secret society that only other highly trustable high ranking members of the US Grand Lodge ever get the chance to be invited.
    Havr you ever heard any of these rumors between your fellow mason brothers?
    Do you think there is any truth behind these rumors?

    1. ALBERTO
      They don’t. Richard Pryon, several Italian mobsters and many Anglo-Saxon businessmen have been Freemasons and the organization is based on “Cannot refuse a favor” lines.
      Another words Thaddeus Beumont Cornelius the IV wants the fuck beaten out of his ex-business partner and Tony the Mobster wants a dean to get his daughter into an Ivy League college that she cannot get into.
      Richard Pryor for example was a Freemason.
      The most famous Freemason conspiracy allegedly involves Jack the Ripper. It is suspected that the Police Superintendent KNEW a certain Lord was responsible for the murders and hid evidence.

        1. There have been Mob guys who were Freemasons and several famous Jews as well.
          Its not a religious organization.
          It is in itself a mafia based on favors. Pryon becomes famous through some Freemasons and one of them is film producer and he agrees to sign a contract that gets the guys film financially backed.

    2. @Frank, we could go down the rabbit hole of the origins of the word ‘hospital’ or dig deeper into the medical ‘industry’ but Im sure you, as mason, know its not a winner. A third degree is like the bog cleaner in bank, not much gen up.

    3. There is no such thing as the “US Grand Lodge”. In the United States every state has their own Grand Lodge.

  8. So you would have us believe that satan worship and pedophilia were never part of the program? Do you take us for fools?

    1. Freemasonry is not a religion or religions organization thus there is no “Satan-worship” involved. In some lodges you may find men of different faith (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc).
      Pedophilia is a crime thus it isn’t part of any Masonic ritual. Freemasons are men of high moral standards who have no criminal records.
      Instead of obsession with conspiracy theories that you have found on the internet, why don’t you visit your local lodge and ask Freemasons directly?
      You will be pleasantly surprised.

  9. This question is not sarcasm,
    I’ve seen blacks with masonic regalia,
    So if I joined, would I encounter them?
    I wonder if free masonry is segregated by race, as well as sex.
    Black and white lodges, perhaps.

    1. Men of good character who adhere to the moral principle of Freemasonry are welcome to join. Your ethnic background is irrelevant.
      Sadly, in the American South post-Civil war the were segregated Lodged. Nowadays, that is mostly a thing of the past thankfully.
      Some Prince Hall Lodges insist on only having African_Americans – but the ones recognized by the United Grand Lodge accept member of all ethnic backgrounds.
      I hope this answered your questions.

      1. Very succinct response, thanks.
        So the blacks I might run into won’t be rifraff like the general pop?

      2. There is the United Grand Lodge of England, but there is no “United Grand Lodge”. There is no international grand lodge.
        You can be of any race to join, but if you live in the South and are a minority they will probably send you to a Prince Hall Lodge at first. But these days most local Lodges will not reject a ballot because of your race.

  10. So what is the central purpose of the Masonic fraternity?
    Is it just a social club for dudes? Is it red-pilled or just a lonely boomer hangout?

    1. It is a secular fraternity organization – a fraternity of good men of all of faith, ethnic groups, professions, ages who adhere to the moral principles of Freemasonry and seek to become even wiser and better man through the Craft (Freemasonry).

      1. Why is Craft capitalized?
        This is all interesting but I must remind you, there are always two reasons for everything, at least. The reason that sounds good, and the real reason. This is especially true of most charity organizations. You have provided the reason that sounds good for the existence of your organization.
        Forgive the readers here if they don’t just take your word for it.

    2. CLARK
      Its a cross between a mafia and a fraternity but with less drinking and more medieval rituals-
      Supposing Richard Pryor’s white businessman’s son goes to prison for selling some cocaine to some Frat guys.
      Pryor puts out the word to the blacks not to mistreat him the joint.
      Two years later, the Freemason backs Pryor’s film.

      1. “Its a cross between a mafia and a fraternity but with less drinking and more medieval rituals”
        I don’t know if you’re trying to sell me on this or not… But it’s working…
        If there are tangible benefits, then it’s worth considering. I wouldn’t be interested in joining a self-help group if that’s all it is.

  11. There was an episode of the Simpsons cartoon called “The Stonecutters.” Though a cartoon, I think it contained a lot of inconvenient truths about the Masons.

    1. Tell that to the gentlemen of MS-13, the Mafia, and the Taliban.
      Good luck standing up to a gang of predators as a special little snowflake individual.
      Group strategy always beats individual effort.
      Don’t be a sitting cuck.

        1. If ur definition of a man is some innocuous cuck…
          But that’s just the arbitrary gaslighting of an insecure mind.
          Why don’t you put ur money where ur mouth is and go find a small gang of Chechens and call them faggots?

        2. SOXMIS
          They have a fuckload more money and power than you do.
          Not in UK where two smallish-sized homosexual twin brothers name Ronald can intimidate an entire city with a single sword.
          But the average US mobster can order 3 deaths in one phone call and in an hour it happens.

        3. Unfortunately, well off organized men can beat one tough as all hell man who is alone. Group strategy does always win. But, maybe you can create and lead your own group since you sound like a man whom doesn’t want to follow.

  12. I thought that kooks believed the Jews were running everything. Now it’s the Freemasons? Illuminati? Knights Templar? Lizard people? I can’t keep up, I’m confused. Lol!

    1. @Word you’re a fucking idiot, if a man cannot stand on his own two feet, if he needs the back up of a group of like minded cowards, if he cant make his own way in this world without a little help this makes him what? A real man?

      1. I guess families, nations, armies, and socializing are for cowards then.
        Only autistic permavirgin pariahs are real men then?

        1. Clint Eastwood is an example of the Anglo-Celtic individualist fantasy that could not possibly exist in real life.
          He rides off alone into the sunset completely free.
          In real life it is rubbish. But it appeals to the individualistic Protestant mentality.

        2. Ive served time, during three conflicts, and proven my mettle enough to know I am right and you are wrong, chap.

        3. SOXMIS
          English prison maybe.
          Detroit or Miami you’d fall in with the Irish-American and Southern “Aryans” very quickly.
          You might be tough but when 9 blacks jump you with intent to rape you there is not much you can do.
          In US prison you would be in a white gang in prison just so blacks did not steal your food.

        4. Hang on, a family is a gang? A nation is club? An army is a secret society? You are arguing against masons but think the mafia, gangs, militias are not masonic? Get to fuck, you’re an idiot.

        5. SOXMIS
          Read tales of English drug dealers like that Ecstasy dealer in US prisons.
          They fall into a White US Nazi Prison Gang in a single HOUR.
          Unless it is Boston and then of course the Irish-Americans let the Negros have them.
          I only spent a single night in a Detroit jail but you will not be playing the loner. Believe me, you fall in with whites fast.
          English jails are full Pakistani and Albanian pimps and some Scots hard men. That is NOTHING compared to being a white man who finds himself in a US state pen.
          You really think in a US prison situation you are going to tell 9 blacks to fuck off?

        6. SOXMIS
          This is the very REASON Pakistanis on the US East Coast cannot run rampant over NYC or Jersey like they can in the UK.
          Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans and needless to say Jews are an extended family.

      2. SOXMIS
        Gangs go to great risks when you think about it. Every time a Paulie Walnuts does a hit he risks a life sentence. Muslims are willing to commit suicide for one another.

      3. SOXMIS
        Makes him powerless. Look at the Pakistanis in England compared to a New York where they live among the Irish-Americans, mostly.
        Pakistanis are well-behaved in the US, unless they are intent on suicidal terrorism.
        Think they are “grooming” little girls in New Jersey.
        Gypsies in the US are better-behaved too.
        So are Polish in Chicago.
        I don’t know why but immigrant gangs in the UK have no respect. They just are not afraid of anyone in their host country.

  13. First of all : Freemasonry is not a religion. It is a secular fraternity. You are expected to have faith in a supreme being (And if you are already a member of an existing religious congregation, you are encouraged to keep your faith and religion)
    Anyone can by a ring with a square and compass on it. That does not mean that the person who is wearing a ring is a Freemason himself. (Many rappers with criminal records who wore similar are not members of any masonic lodge.)
    Having lived in both countries – Masons in the UK are less likely to reveal the are Masons – the UGLE is more open about charity for Non-Masons.
    IN the US (at least in Florida, California and Nevada) Masons tend to be more about about their participation in the Craft and are more helpful to each other than their UK counterparts . (That’s my experience anyway).
    You don’t have to be rich to become a Mason. And bare in mind, it won’t make you rich either.
    You should only join if you are of good character, have no criminal record, you fully agree with the principle of Freemasonry and you only wish to you the Craft to make yourself an even wiser and better man and act in good faith towards the future of mankind.
    Instead of reading conspiracy theories written by non-Masons…why don’t you visit a Lodge near you and ask Freemasons directly?
    Here is the list of Grand Lodges recognized by the United Grande Lodge of England.
    All the best.

    1. Wow you can read wikipedia.
      When I was young and dumb I visited a lodge out of curiosity.
      But my deeper compass told me to GTFO and stay the fuck away.
      I’m glad I did.
      Freemasonry is a scourge upon the world.
      One day all your filthy little secrets will be made known and Providence will destroy every single one of your synago… I mean lodges.

        1. “I haz power level 666, all ur base belong to uz!!!”
          Nice tower of babel lodge in that last picture.
          I guess you guys really are for one world government, world communism, and besting God. I mean, that’s what Nimrod’s tower is all about amirite??
          Did you think the goyim didn’t know that? wink wink nudge nudge, *secret hand shake*

  14. “But, Masonry in the United States is distinctly different then that found in other countries, especially Europe. Here in the States, it is mainly a social club promoting self-improvement of men and conducting charitable outreach. There is no political agenda. In fact discussion of politics is actively discouraged. However, in Europe and other parts of the world Masons do have real political agendas and act just like a political party. This is simply not true in America though.”
    He’s quite right about this. Masonry was a very popular social organization in the USA during the 19th Century, particularly for Protestants. This is some of the civic stuff Americans did before we had TV and movies to distract us. It’s Europe where it took on a more political character, which should be less of a big deal now that absolutist monarchy is out of fashion.

    1. There were real Freemasons among the Funding Fathers, including George Washington himself. The Land of the Free would not have been shaped the same way without leaders who adhered to Masonic principles.

        1. Check out Aristotle’s Politics. He says some pretty interesting things about how states rise and fall then get replaced.

  15. While the Freemasons disrupted the then Tyrannical power of the Church which was due to the Church choosing to disregard the authority of the Monarchy. They are also one of the many institutions pushing the Multicultural Bullshit and want nothing to do with them or the lies they preach.

    1. Tyrannical power was always in the hands of monarchs and the Jewish bankers they employed, the court Jews. The Church was always captive to the monarchy, the French king even hijacked the papacy and moved it to Avignon directly under his control. Tyrannical Church- a communist lie going back to the French Revolution. Kings didn’t hesitate to murder bishops even in Medieval times- supposedly the apex of the Church’s power, Thomas Beckett, Stanislaus of Szczepanow (Poland) to name a few.

  16. Freemasonry is incompatible with a just society.
    Masons tend to favor each other over nonmembers. For instance, a judge who is a mason is likely to be more lenient towards another mason who has a case before him. Same goes with police officers who are masons when they interact with members of the public who belong to the group.
    And how about business opportunities? You guessed it: masons will favor other masons over non-masons, etc.
    Most of the problems that America has today are rooted in freemasonry.

    1. Favoritism is strictly prohibited in Freemasonry.
      There is Masonic Charity where the brethren in need can get some help.
      That does not apply to business opportunities, however.

      1. FRANK
        A few are Jews.
        Which makes sense because WASPS and Jews have the same mentality when it comes to Capitalism.

      2. “The overwhelming majority of Freemasons are of Christian faith.”
        That’s because they don’t really understand (or care about) either system enough to realize they’re incompatible.

        1. Indeed. Masons say wisdom comes in degrees. Jesus tells us all wisdom comes through revelation. Jesus warns us against mindless human derived ritual. The Masons swim in ritual. Jesus warns us against idols and symbols. The Masons, well.

  17. According to Finney, Masonic oaths pledge its members to some of the most unlawful and unchristian things:
    1. To conceal each other’s crimes.
    2. To deliver each other from difficulty, whether right or wrong.
    3. To unduly favor Masonry in political action and in business matters.
    4. Its members are sworn to retaliate and persecute unto death the violators of Masonic obligations.
    5. Freemasonry knows no mercy, and swears its candidates to avenge violations of Masonic obligations unto death.
    6. Its oaths are profane, taking the Name of God in vain.
    7. The penalties of these oaths are barbarous, even savage.
    8. Its teachings are false and profane.
    9. Its designs are partial and selfish.
    10. Its ceremonies are a mixture of puerility and profanity.
    11. Its religion is false.
    12. It professes to save men on other conditions than those revealed in the Gospel of Christ.
    13. It is wholly an enormous falsehood.
    14. It is a swindle, obtaining money from its members under false pretenses.
    15. It refuses all examinations, and veils itself under a mantle of oath-bound secrecy.
    16. It is virtual conspiracy against both Church and State.

    1. This is true. I posted up their oaths, including for the 3rd degree the author must be familiar with. Everything posted, the author claims can be found on the internet was deleted. Geee…why could that be. So here is a story on what it’s like to be a freemason…yet…contributions that express exactly what is expected from Freemasons……are deleted. So, we trust a guy they hides the oaths took…while claiming to be informing us of some truth.

  18. What so because you’re a low-level 21st century member you know what’s going on now and throughout all of history..? You can’t be for real. This is like a muslim saying of course we weren’t involved in 9/11, that’s all a conspiracy.. no muslims i know were ever told of anything, it takes ages just to organise us for dinner let alone to fly planes haha! Or a random Jew stating that anything involving the Jewish elite must all be a conspiracy because he and his low ranking nobody church members have never been asked to participate. You being a ‘member’ does not mean you have the slightest clue whether it’s a conspiracy or real.

  19. Also, does the fraternity teach you basic spelling punctuation and grammar? This article is lacking in a lot of all three.

  20. Any organization that allows men to pursue self-improvement independent of women is to be encouraged in this day and age.

  21. A girl I fornicated with of African American origins had a grandfather who was a Mason, he probably was part of the Segregated Variety, they purported to be devout Christians and he warned her to stay away from Men involved in the Craft; whatever this may mean.
    There have been many Satanic Accusations against the Craft and a devout Catholic wrote a book about it.
    Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge
    His argument in the book is that Masons Deny Jesus as the Son of the God so ergo Masonry is Anti-Christian; for a true Christian Believes Jesus is the son of God, Masonry believes in the Grand Architect of the Universe, the all seeing eye has associations with Luciferianism, and Masonic Rituals talk about the Light Bearer and seeing the Light.
    Its questionable, the relation to the Lucifer the bearer of Light and the brightest Angel of all has me concerned for my eternal soul.
    If you are an atheist and dont care about Christ then Join, you take the gamble of being hoodwinked into an anti-religion or something potentially satanic without realizing it. If you are remotely Christian then you may not want to gamble with your soul.
    For the record the Grandfather was sworn to silence and never revealed to the girl I fornicated with what his issue was except to Stay away; man that was some good fornication 🙂

    1. But, in the bible it says that Satan (which means accuser) is intent on usurping God’s identity. Also, in keeping with Christian doctrine, Christ, who is the perfect human image of God, was referred to as the light bearer-“lucifer”, if you will. The true light bearer is Christ; to call “Satan” the light bearer is to play into his hand.
      Also, Christ is quoted as saying he is inferior to the Father, who is after all the great divine architect.
      I’m not defending masonry, but rather encouraging independent research and intellectual accountability. He said she said is feminine, and therefore relegated to women.

  22. IF, and I say IF, you believe in the conspiracy theories of supposed 360 degrees of higher esoteric/occulted knowledge (white and black lodges) and the Illuminati power structure: even those lodges are still at the base of the ‘pyramid’. Like the Church of Satan, these are considered to be initiate organizations, nothing more.
    A 33rd degree mason (red lodge) is considered to be just beginning the journey of discovering occulted knowledge. A 360 degree mason would, theoretically, have discovered enough occulted knowledge to have an inkling of the ‘real workings’ of the world.
    I use ‘occulted’, as it simply means ‘hidden from view’ in Latin. I don’t intend for the word to have negative connotations.

  23. Bull shit article. Freemasons are one of the groups behind the destruction of western civilization. Why do you think that almost every major political person in America is a Freemason. You guys are no different from the homosexual [email protected] group called “skull n bones”. You and the other elites are responsible for feminism and the rise of degenerate culture. You are not a 33rd mason so you have no idea. Albert Pike was a 33rd mason and said wwiii will be the fight between Islam and the rest of the world. It was predicted over a 100 years ago! All major wars are planned and your group is responsible for the crap that men complain about on this website.

  24. The beauty of all secret societies, such as Freemasonry, is that they are secret not only to the public at large, but also to over 90% of their membership. The Blue Lodges (first 3 degrees) are dupes and used to generate income and provide respectable public relations. At the lower levels, many good deeds are done typically, although in more recent times (last 20 years) this has decreased. At the very highest levels (so-called 33rd degree and beyond) you’ll find the puppet masters of the world. These white men, many of whom are also Jewish Cabalists, are chosen due to their bloodlines, family connections and various deviances, which bind them together in shame. At the highest level in Freemasonry and other secret societies, homosexuality and pedophilia are rampant. Ritualistic murder / sacrifice is practiced. Psychopathy is extremely common, as is the devotion to so-called Lucifer or Satan. The highest secret society members see themselves quite literally as “black priests” who can summon demonic entities to do their bidding in the materialistic realms. At the highest levels, Freemasonry, Satanism and Cabalism all blend together into one “religion” or belief system. This “religion” has completely permeated world politics, international banking, the military, the intelligence community, Hollywood and the music industry. It is very likely the most evil and powerful cult that has ever existed on Earth, but don’t tell that to the silly author of this article because he might poop his pants while shaking his head in denial…

    1. I think you are confusing Freemasonry with Alsiter Crowley’s (perhaps your handle is based upon his name?) group the OTO. That organization is not of Masonic origins, nor was Crowley a known Mason. Nice try though.

      1. No, I’m not confused. Crowley “the most wicked man in the world” was an MI6 asset and had a variety of masonic affiliations throughout his life, although he had to be careful about publicly declaring such in his era. In many ways, he was like the “reincarnation” of the infamous Sir John Dee, and served a similar role to the Crown and the so-called “Illuminati.” As I mentioned above, he saw himself as a “black magician” and master of Majic.
        But again, the main day-to-day structure and titles of freemasonry are for the lower level dupes of the organization to busy themselves with. These same dupes get thrown some bread crumbs (financial benefits) due to their membership and like to pretend they are do-good Christians and fine Gentlemen of their communities. High level members blend seamlessly with what most people would call Satanism, although they often prefer the term Luciferianism. The bottom line is these men are degenerate to the core and placed within positions of power within essentially all the pillars of society. This process is at least a few hundred years advanced, so not a recent phenomenon.

        1. You are a bitter bitter little man. At least you didn’t parade out any comments about the j—-s. Or homosexuals. Or human sacrifice. Or banging children. Holy s***. There are actual crazy people out there.

        2. “Another Guy / Goy” — your point is completely lost on me. I am not bitter, nor am I small, either in stature or intellectual capacity. I have known many Masons quite well and even have some in my extended family. My experience with their “Craft” or “Order” is long and far reaching. What I state, however, is true of likely less than 1% of Masons, and it’s not crazy in the least to report such insidious activities and agendas to the uninitiated, even the small-minded ones such as yourself who come across as naive and childish. In point of fact, I’m quite happy I was never roped into such “secret” organizations when I was younger, but I understand how some lower level “innocents” get coerced or blackmailed into doing things they’re not proud of. However, at the very top of the pyramid, we’re dealing with pure psychopaths who have “communed” in some fashion with entities best called demonic. Strange, but true nonetheless.

  25. How can you tell if the freemasons are actually a force for good in this world? Ask them one simple question. No “freemason” will ever proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. They will try to elude you with some shadowy mysterious “secular belief in a divine being” (not fooling anyone on who your light-bearer is). These people are responsible for every white genocide in the past several hundred years (white vs white country in a war, revolutionary or not = planned European genocide).

  26. Masonry has its merits in our fallen anti-male culture, some of which was pointed out by the author, but there is good reason that it’s been condemned by every mainstream form of Christianity.

  27. I am a quadriplegic and I use a motorized wheelchair, is it possible for me to join a lodge?

  28. I read somewhere that the masons carried over an “observation, argument, assumption, however you want to define it,” that a nation lives and dies according to their moral worth against evil. It pretty much stopped there.
    But just because a Mason knows this does not mean he will be against evil.
    What do you think about that? Is this article correct?
    It did say nation and not state.

  29. Why is this occult subversive ideology being advertised as some great thing on ROK?
    Whoever approved the publication of this article is either ignorant or… well, better keep the house in order is all I’m saying.

  30. Glad to see so many comments have popped up in a few hours since publication. Here is a “clearinghouse” response to most in order to sum it up:
    1. No. There is no oath to the Devil or any demonic being involved.
    2. I am a Mason in the USA. As I openly stated in the post Masonry in other countries is completely different.
    3. No. I am not a 33rd degree Mason. I am a 3rd Degree Mason. That means I am a regular member of a local Lodge. I know many 33rd Degree Masons. Most are very old men at least in the US. I doubt these guys run the world as getting into the Lodge is a task for them.
    4. If you are handicapped you can still become a Mason. This was not the case as of 30-40 years ago at least in some Grand Lodge jurisdictions.
    5. You can join regardless of race. I don’t think this has been a question for at least the last 20 years, even in Southern jurisdictions. But, a lot of African-American men opt to join Prince Hall Lodges. And, by the way, those Prince Hall Masons are no joke. Their work would put to shame any Drill Sergeant.
    6. Yes, there are women Masons but largely not recognized in the USA. There is one Grand Lodge in France that will confer Degrees to women. Also, there is small contingent called “co-masonry” that exists in the US. For the most part though it is exclusively a male only organization.
    7. If someone would like to copy edit the article and send those correction to Roosh it would be appreciated. Yes, I see a few typos here and there. That is what happens when you are an author and read your own material dozens of times over. Obviously, my conspiracy laden Brothers are too busy to offer such a service but if you would like to volunteer I am sure Roosh would love the service.

  31. Why do I bother writing interesting replies and observations when 50% of the time they are censored and deleted by ROK “editors”??? Ridiculous…

  32. Your trying to recruit people into freemasonry on return of kings? Is this some kind of sick joke? Like jesus said, get away from me satan! Freemasons literally work for the devil.

  33. Are comments off or being moderated? My last one was sent to a different, seemingly hidden page.

  34. I wonder if the Freemason/Illuminati gangs as nefarious as they are, are simply just a distraction from conspiracy theory against their masters the Zionist cabal.
    A lot of freemasonry spirituality has many similarities with Talmud doctrine.

  35. If you live outside of the US then your experience with Masons is going to be different. The writer was pretty clear about that in his post.

  36. 3. No. I am not a 33rd degree Mason. I am a 3rd Degree Mason.
    Most don’t make it beyond 4. The pocket handbook is about all they ever know. Heh could you upload a few scans from yours, the internet for some reason doesn’t have the handbook.

  37. My brother, keep sacred and inviolable the mysteries of the Order which have been committed to your charge. The transactions of the Lodge you are not to communicate to any but such as are rightfully entitled to the knowledge of them. Indiscreet conversations on such subjects have occasioned disorders which have been difficult to correct.

  38. Authorized to correct the irregularities of you less informed brethren, and to warn them against a breach of fidelity; but when find it necessary to reprove, let reproof be administered with kindness.
    Outside of that, for everyone else here. No truth of any meeting can be disclosed, if such was…it would be corrected quickly. No members of lower rank have knowledge of higher. Recent converts usually with ask one to be one bumper stickers are the worst for, oh it’s all good nothing strange at the Lodge…..that I can’t even disclose the meaning of its construction.

  39. The point here is not what the Freemasons are or aren’t. I just notice that so called “neomasculine men” here are simply clinging to any form of outdated masculine identity in order to fight their insecurities. There’s used to be that site called “the art of manliness” or something, that listed all those fake, oldfashioned “masculine” postures you can take.

  40. There have been 2 antimasonic parties in the US because of the conspiracies done by masons. You are very nieve. Freemasonry is like a gun..a tool that can be used for good or evil that depends on the user. In the beginning of our country they were largely Christian then they were largely infiltrated by the illuminati.

  41. Big mistake to publish this.
    The god of Franc Maçonnerie is lucifer, satan, the devil.
    Big mistake roosh, i delete this site from my bookmark.

  42. I live in europe, and have spoken about freemasonry with several people who are involved in politics, and with people who have been asked to join a masonic lodge. All these people have confirmed that freemasonry is a shadow organisation involved in politics and social engineering. In fact, a prospect member of a lodge is informed beforehand about these activities, because they need members who are OK with these activities. What do you think when they get a real christian or good hearthed person on the inside, that they actually can show him the benefits of theft, fraud, secrecy, betrayal and the promotion of wars and genocide? Come on.
    The author is either very dumb, or speaking with satans tongue.

  43. This post brought ALL the crazies. If Roosh needs some click bait next post should just be titled “Jewish Conspiracies Revealed”.

    1. entry level american masons know nothing of what masonry actually is. the deception is infinite

  44. masons are scum. who do you think invented feminism and unleashed it on us? who do you think invented the alt right? who do you think forced us to follow mgtow? hitler was a jew mason, blair, cameron,brown,clinton,bush,reagan,may,corbyn…..all fucking masons

  45. I am 23 and am genuinely interested in becoming a Freemason. Seems as if the comments that claim the satanic rituals etc. say it out of research, but have never walked into a masonic lodge.
    I must admit there is a lot of shady things that have happened involving masons, but it seems as a good self improvement place.
    My question would be, can you walk out at any time?

    1. Sure, you can leave at any time. Yet after go through the vetting process…you will realize life and the world will be much more difficult. When your used to rubbing shoulders with…..everyone that runs your city………well. You might want to change doctors at the very least.

  46. Lmfao…for some reason all my posts directly from my craftsman pocket book that expressed why he can tell no truth and is privy to no truth were deleted. So mote it be hahahaha. You’re not getting anything of merit from this guy. His progress is probably gonna be stuck at 3/4 forever. He knows all the so called perks will be revoked if he states anything of merit. So mote it be. So there is your, what it’s like to be a freemason article…you lie and protect the Order at any cost……even to the extent of deleting random comments from a stranger. Yet, the fact he failed to reply to my universal greeting is also odd. When encounter another Mason not sure of..there is a question you ask, you get the right reply back, then you give the final third ” code sentence.” He did not give the reply…..maybe to low level or something. Yet struck me as strange. Anyhow…everyone here has the Masons dead to rights mostly.

  47. I attempted to post a few comments earlier, but apparently they were blocked by moderation. Roosh has told me that has been cleared up so seeing that I would just like to follow up on a few comments.
    1. Freemasonry and European Genocide. That is a new one to me, but apparently something as the highest ranking comment has almost 100 “likes”. I have been accused of devil worship in the past, but never belonging to an organization that planned major European wars and genocide. Going to have to read up on this one.
    2. Catholicism and Freemasonry. I am not a Catholic, but I do know Brothers who are though. From what I understand is that membership is generally banned by the Vatican since the 1700’s and recently updated in 1984-86. The Catholics have their own very similar institution, Knights of Columbus, but I don’t know much about them personally. Nothing in Freemasonry forbids a Catholic from joining though. But, if you are a Catholic I would suggest you consult with your Parish before completing a petition.
    3. Religious Nature of the Craft. Freemasonry is not a religion, but you have to believe in a Divine Being to become one. That is it. I’ve been to Lodges that have Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Mormon members. Personally I am a Christian. And yes FWIW I do believe Jesus was sent by God to provide us with the New Covenant.
    4. Masonic Regalia. The symbols are Freemasonry are not protected by any copyright or trademark at least in the US. You can find old rings and just about another other bling at flea markets, thrift stores, and online. Anyone can slap the logo on anything. You can even order a license plate, in most states, with the square and compass without having to show any proof of membership.
    5. Can I Start My Own Lodge? I was searching for the comment but think it was deleted, but the answer is YES. You can buy everything you need online and even get copies of the rituals with an easy internet search. And no Lodge or Grand Lodge can stop you (at least in the US). Just get your friends together, read the stuff, hand out some aprons, and get on with it. Just beware that your new founded lodge will be regarded as “clandestine” or not recognized as being a mainstream Masonic lodge. Also, you probably won’t get the same experience out of the ritual work. But, nothing is illegal about forming an organization called “Flying Spaghetti Monster Lodge No. 1”.
    6. Most Masonic Events Are Open To The Public. Other then some regular meetings, most Masonic Lodges hold regular events that are open to the public, at least here in the US. You can just show up. You don’t need to know anyone who is a Mason. It also usually involves a free meal. And if you are interested in becoming a Mason you will be introduced to many good and worthy Men who will sponsor your petition. You might need to attend a few public events before they will sign the line, but Freemasonry is about bringing in those who would like to join not excluding people that otherwise would qualify.
    7. 33rd Degree Masons. The is no International body that confers the 33rd Degree. In the US, it is sort of complicated, but it is an honorary Degree conferred by some jurisdictions upon invitation only. There are several in my Lodge and most are very old men. It is usually given out as a form of a “life time achievement award”.
    8. What About That 32nd Degree? A local Lodge will only confer the first 3 degrees of Masonry. The 4th to 32nd degree are conferred by an associated body known as the Scottish Rite. Hate to sink your battleship, but there isn’t much to them. You can watch videos of these degrees online. Some are even open to the public if you have a Scottish Rite Theater close to you.
    And to wrap it up, I know many have deep seated beliefs about Freemasonry in general. As a Man, I do not make value judgements on speech. People have the right to express their opinions or even make wild accusations. The point of the article was just to provide some prospective to an institution some Men might have been curious about throughout their life. I hope this has accomplished that purpose and I thank Roosh for the forum.

  48. Question for the author. You caught my attention with the funds for self improvement workshops. Would those funds apply to bootcamps and seminars i.e. Rich Dad Poor Dad convention or trade specific seminars like National Association of Realtors Conventions? Or even a ticket to a TED Talk or something similar? This alone has really piqued my interests as I am addicted to self improvement and those type of events can run $5,000-$20,000+ but many people that go say the connections and networking far exceed the ticket prices… please elaborate on what you meant about these funds, and how they are distributed.

  49. Almost every time I see massive chemtrailing, I will typically see that square and compass symbol on a regular basis.
    Its insane to think that the freemasons have a problem getting a pancake breakfast social at the local mason hall. These people are like Commies(far left liberals)…They appear to be your best friend (sometimes for many years or even decades) but when their power structure or money supply is threatened even just a tad, they don’t appear to be your friend any longer or may even become hostile.
    However, its ludicrous to blame all of societies ills on the Freemasons. The globalists and/or anti-nationalists are made up of many groups (The Vatican, Zionists, Sabbatean-Frankists, Marxists, Central Bankers, Government Alphabet Agencies, CFR, Club of Rome, Jesuits, Freemasons, some Mafia, Illuminati, DARPA) that when working in tangent, are able to wreak havoc on basic human rights in the West and globally.
    I’m sure there are some low level Freemason initiates that think its cool to sign up and are harmless, but the vast majority of Freemasons are babyboomers (this generation really stuck a fat fork into their sons and grandsons being able to be self-sufficient, have basic freedoms, and financially stability) and mainly real world Alpha types (business owners, real estate investors, stock brokers, police sherrifs, construction contractors for large corporations) that were primarily born at or before 1975.
    They all help each other out (that’s the good part) and scratch each others back but they also are against the Bill of Rights (as long as it doesn’t infringe on theirs or their 3 kids) and flooding this nation with as many low-medium skilled (Central Americans mainly) and high tech (Indians, Pakis, Bangladeshis) foreigners as needed to drive down the wages and have you working a $12 per hour slave job.
    Unless you have Asperger’s (with AS its extremely difficult to work in any social situation) or a neurological disorder (which so many younger millenials born after 1987 have), joining the Freemasons can be beneficial in the long run as the babyboomers retire over the next decade. Especially, if you want a raise, a promotion, living in a decent neighborhood, or putting your son in a really good school.

  50. Yeah, its just a social club. They paid for giant stone temples all across the country with donations and pie auctions, right?

  51. Rules for becoming a Freemason: first- Masons are not permitted to ask anyone to join. If you want to join: its called a “petition to join”. Ask any FM or just contact[look in a phone book] a Lodge in your area and state you would like to “petition to join”. In most cases the Lodge will assign 2 Masonic brothers to personally meet with you, to discuss your request and to find out more about you. The meeting might take a few hours. There is no cost or obligation. The interviewers then complete at report on you and submit it to the Lodge, with their thoughts about you, including if they think you might be a good candidate for initiation. If the report is favorable-it is read out to members at a regular Lodge meeting and voted on. The vote is not by paper. Its a series of white and black balls the size of a medium size marble. Thus confidentiality is maintained for the benefit of the members vote. In order for the proposed candidate to be accepted for initiation there can be no black balls. If there is only one black ball[or many] the proposed candidate is rejected. Hence there can be no reason given for the blackball[s] If the candidate is accepted, arrangements are made for initiations. If the candidate is rejected-he is so informed, and of course no reason can be given.

  52. This post has brought out all the crazies. No wonder the alt-right gets such a bad wrap when you have people talking about how Hitler might have been correct. Then a ton of comments blame (((these people))) for everything.
    Maybe 33rd (or 360) degree Masons runs the world. Wouldn’t surprise me. But I think the intent of the author was just to say something like hey men here is an organization of men you can still join.
    And now queue up a response from Mr. Collins…

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