Men Who Have A Secret Second Family Can Come Clean In A Very Modern Way

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If there’s anything the modern age has taught us, it’s that there isn’t a problem that can’t be tackled by reality television.  According a new casting notice, there is a TV show aiming to provide expert help to men who are leading a double life with two families.

The phenomenon of men living a life with a secret, “second family” is nothing new. From King Edward IV and Charles Lindbergh to Charles Kuralt, some of history’s most prominent men allegedly managed to keep a significant other AND kids secret from their wives. Charles Kuralt supposedly did it for nearly 30 years!

Yes, it’s still a thing

“But that was 50 or even hundreds of years ago,” you’re saying. People could actually get away with that sort of thing before cell phones, video cameras, and the internet, right?  Well, just because our lives are more public now, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

According to the Daily Mail, a woman in South Carolina recently discovered her husband was married to three other women. And there have been several other documented cases in both the US and the UK over the past 10 years.

It can be more complicated than you think

In her book “Anatomy of a Secret Life: The Psychology of Living a Lie,” Gail Saltz writes, “When our secrets start to control us — and far too often they do — then a normal life clicks over into something else: a secret life.”

And those secret lives — whether it’s cheating on a spouse, stealing, or assuming another identity — are fueled by self-deception, which, she says, can be “destructive to ourselves and to others.” In extreme cases, they can have devastating consequences – emotional and otherwise — for everyone involved.

Between a rock and a hard place

So, what is the right thing to do? Coming clean to both families would feel like an impossible position. How would you approach it? How would you tell them? How are they going to react? It couldn’t be easy for anybody involved.

Chances are the man doesn’t even have someone to confide in. He’s probably alone with his secrets — secrets that will certainly be discovered.  He will miss a flight, confuse a text or forget to delete an email. At some point, his carefully maintained house of cards will collapse.

To avoid a potentially chaotic and destructive process, maybe seeking expert help does make sense. With the right guidance for everyone involved, someone – yes, even on a TV show — MIGHT have a chance of acknowledging the truth in a reasonably healthy way.

Will the truth set you free?

Honestly, we don’t know the right answer, but the experts on TV always seem to. If you want to check out the casting call, you can do it through Facebook or in the flyer below.

Use the contact information in the flyer above or click here to contact the producers through Facebook.

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74 thoughts on “Men Who Have A Secret Second Family Can Come Clean In A Very Modern Way”

  1. Yes, harems and polygamy are a real thing, amongst the top 20% of men. The rest get nothing, or scraps. The most I could juggle was 2 girlfriends at once… And that was extremely difficult.

    1. Common where I live, many guys have a main wife and a minor wife. Often the women are friends and the children all play together. My wife isn’t bothered about my affairs,when I go on holiday, I often find a live in girlfriend for the week. White women are so oppressive (and dangerous) to men, I don’t know why so many of you guys bother with them any more.

      1. “Pale women are so oppressive (and dangerous) to MEN,…”
        Enjoy in your so called “first world” shithole !! Do not enter into any other shitholes !!
        first world shithole = false ego+insecure+inferiority complex+jealousy+enviousness+GRUDGE
        You reap what you sow !!
        Way to go! first world shithole dwellers !!

        1. Honest to God in the last 2 years I cut down my alcohol intakes to pretty much zero, the day China nukes the living shit out of India though the champagne will flow wild and free in my kitchen.

      2. Lmao so not wanting your husband to have another affairs or even another wife is oppressive now?

        1. The SJWs just can figure out what they want next.. They are so schizophrenic they will never figure out what they want.

      3. The math doesn’t quite add up, unless Thailand is also some giant polyandrous clusterfuck: if lots of men have 2 wives, who are all those Thai incels ?

    2. Jumbo harems are mind boggling and not very likely. Two women are harder to manage separately than concurrently. If two gf’s were hard to juggle, it’s because you felt compelled to keep them apart. You thought there would be fireworks and had possible fear of phantom society hen biddies chastizing you if you slogged two women at once. It’s an unreal fear and a falsehood.
      If you had asked both gf’s out on the same dates to the same restaurants, it would save money and time. They could share the same drink and clean up the same plate. They share your dick so what’s the big deal? And at home, they could share the same underwear, lipstick, make up, soap and bras. If only you had shit tested them on their compatability by arranging a three way get together. Jealousy evaporates quickly and turns to a catty kind of curiosity with the hamster when another hamster is thrown onto her wheel.
      If two women don’t pass the shit test to get along with each other, then what subsequent test would they not individually fail as well? So test them at the get go. What can you lose? And what with seeing as how they obviously know they’re both tapping the same nut – then why waste that extra time divvying it up to them individually? And why waste the extra gas and steak money playing games and rendundant run around so they don’t meet face to face? Why keep a good thing partitioned, separated and boxed off? Make venues where they’ll both cross paths, contact and then interact. PEEK A BOO guess who?
      Depressurize the situation ASAP and acclimate them to how you kino the other as meetings and venues occur. A pat on the back, a caress and then kiss on one and then on the other rouses them quickly to a ‘triple kiss’. Then it’s balls down – both of them – yammy yammy jammy.
      The true nature of women goes super hyper g when the man brazenly and openly breaks the beta slave monogamy rules. A woman can actually squirt herself in her panties when seeing her man go down on the significant other. Then she wants a piece herself so you lay the rules and basically just keep the whole place wet until they understand the game down. Problem solved.

  2. “Men Who Have A Secret Second Family Can Come Clean In A Very Modern Way”
    Men who have a secret second family is JUST seriously mentally ill. never mind “coming clean”, that is a construct of the sick society we currently live in. Its just mentally and emotionally stupid in the extreme and legally speaking, it sets you up in the current judicial system for complete fiscal suicide. Goddamn the whole notion is just insanity befitting blue pill minds. Utterly insane. You just do not get more morally degenerate nor logically divorced from reality than to justify this kind of stupidity and selfishness, never mind women jumping on board with this thinking they will successfully get money or material out of the moron they are “sleeping with”..

    1. If you do this kind of thing you will not only fully deserve the gynocentric court systems [email protected] r%pe of your stupid ass, but the jail systems [email protected] raping of it later after you fail to meet the courts demands for child support.

    2. I am gratified by your take on this subject. It’s obscene to even try to justify being such a degenerate shitbag. If we as a people have truly become so honorless then we’re already damned. Fuck this rendition of civilization. Fuck this mockery of humanity. Time for the gods to re-roll the dice. I think I’d prefer to die trying to pick up the pieces rather than pretend modern society holds much of anything worth saving.

      1. Well it also fails utterly any logic test for a man to start with. You get TOO much estrogen by too many females in your home and you have guaranteed chaos and personal emotional strife. You as a male and testosterone creator, will simply be overwhelmed by all the vagina around you (nevermind all the adult vagina drama queens actions) to literally kill you by removing viable years off your life.)
        I would relate a very short story to you. I went from being a single dad with two kids courteous of my ex-wives criminal succumbing to her lust for money. She opted for crime over her kids. I had three female dogs and two girls under my roof and it was chaos enough. fast forward 4 years. my ex gets paroled, gets out meets a great guy (poor sucker) and get her hooks into him. Wealthy, retired dude, and she resumed her gambling and money grubbing ways. My best friend I have right now is my Exes husband (we have completely cleared any air between us over my and the exes history, he has no doubts (especially from his own experience with her) about how she is NOW vs then. He KNOWS I have his back to protect him from her ways, she HATES me for it ( but so what). Long story short, he has my exe and my youngest daughter in his house with his own daughter and THREE female dogs…and virtually NO help at all to maintain his house and ALL of the female drama and chaos they bring into the home. I joke all the time with him about how they will kill him well before his allotted time on earth, but he admits that it is likely true, so he don’t laugh much over it. Never mind the drama that his exe wife (and her psycho issues, then her criminal ways and past, then her constant harassment through the courts all throw in also, keep in mind that none of the kids LIKE THEIR MOTHERS ANY MORE TOO)… Oh yeah, he has very destructive chaos around him, all brought to him by all the estrogen encircling him. I’m a single guy now, my oldest daughter lives with me and two female dogs, two males. We have some sanity in my home at least and my kids actually like me too, the calm in the storm.

        1. Aaaah! Ze problem is with the household ratio needing re quantified. Order more male dogs at once. This really raises questions why in some quarters of ancient Greek society for example resorted to tolerating faggy sh¡t. Was it a patchwork solution? Or was it another vice of a denatured lifestyle living in so called ‘civilization’ where upper classes evolve that partake in bread and circus luxuries while losing the function of doing other more necessary functions like procuring and growing your own food? When food and work mule chores like pulling a wagon are relegated to lower classes of otherwise good men, then the PRINCESSES are born.
          Princesses are bad for testosterone wherever they rear their ugly heads. And they hypergamize over the more important considerations like time tested bloodlines and tribe. A society of ‘princesses’ shines for only a short period of generations. Then the princesses get the notion that they’re in charge and they begin screwing apes on a whim. And dogs. There goes the male dogs and the civilization too.
          A wild unkept woman is no different from a wild untamed dog. It is not only useless but a threat to the fabric and is kept in check only by the GLUE OF SUPREME PATRIARCHY.
          Polygamous clans will often barter or swap a female to a neighbor man for a shotgun or a nice piece of furnature. Poor third world struggling family men will sell their daughters occasionally for a few bucks to alleviate the excess estrogen in the household.
          In the west with hypergamous TV brainwashing rampant, a household of teen female siblings is a madhouse and explosive. ORDER MANY many male dogs and smash the TV.
          There really is no easy solution and never has been, but never let go of the patriarchal hammer and just keep swinging it and whack a moling the hypergamous uprisings that if left unwhacked can unravel the whole place. Societies have been known to throw females in the well, so keep that in mind. Boy is it a job keeping a good brood of offspring and steering your young females to fellow tribesmen and not throwing them away to the enemy. You see how insane it is now to send your daughters away to college to learn feminazi dogma.

    3. amen brother.. just imagine how fucked up the daughter’s idea of a man will be if growing up in a life like that..

    4. Maybe but Mormons Own and run the entire state of Utah, as well as vase portions of Arizona and Western Colorado by allowing it, and its all of 150 years old.
      Just admit, youre not man enough to do it…I had a harem of 4 once, was exhausting, worked down to my favorite 2 and that was doable.

    5. I’d love to have a harem, but it’s sad knowing that for every extra chick you take for a wife, there is now one more bachelor out there with no hope of a good wife of his own.

  3. The whole “secret second family” scenario is just a tired motif which pops up in US (((TV shows))) on a semi-regular basis. A perfect example is some alpha douchebag father like Hank Moody / (((David Duchovny))) from Californication find out he has a long lost son from a fling which took place like 14 or 15 years in the past.
    It’s all just to add drama to the idiotbox, and very few men out there have secret or unknown second families. It would be far beyond just the mere 80/20 beta/alpha divide, it’s probably 1 out of 100, maybe even less?

    1. The 80/20 number is somewhat backed up somewhere. It could be 60/40 or 95/5 depending on culture. Maybe the number originated in a poetic piece by a manospherian writer. In the matriarchal ooga booga Pacifica tribes, the % number is down off the caarts like the Animal House GPA (Belushi). It crashes our trusted base ten number system so percentage theory is unconceivable under pathologic genetic isolated matriarchy – especially in cannibalistic island tribes where the ‘bitch mother animal eating her young’ transfers to the genetic calibration of taste bud receptors of all tribe members.
      WHAT CONCERNS me in the west is ‘STATE HUSBANDRY’ where the state controls a large number of women and subdues the sires at gunpoint demanding blood money. WHAT’S THE REAL %/% number in zones where the state is actively waging war against all men and especially against all blood fathers? Under ‘state husbandry’, the state processes and controlls a LARGE % chunk of the womanry and polices any contact between the blood sire and his own offspring. IN WAR numbers are off the table . . . err out the window. Whichever way, it’s BALLS AGAINST THE WALL western man.

    2. What a mischief….white man blaming again.
      The real problem may be that many men consider children of other fathers to be their own children.
      The percentage is about 3%.
      Genetic testing can bring safety, but that is forbidden, for example, in Germany without the consent of the mother.

    3. Exactly, affairs are common but being legally married to two women at once is something that only happens in TV shows and movies, thankfully.
      Plus I’m pretty sure that here in England if a man marries another woman without divorcing the first one, he’d go to prison for it? Looks like it’s not the same across the pond. And also, wouldn’t it also be taken a case of fraud if the second woman is able to prove she didn’t know the first one existed?

      1. I can’t say it enough – IT DON’T MATTER who or what your woman knows existed or didn’t exist. WHAT MATTERS is that her nose knows where the meat cutting board belongs – beneath her nose – and where the spice rack is. And it is important she knows when it’s her turn to drain your nut. Then she can high five her sisterwife. Laah dee daah. The food is cooked. The master’s balls are drained. What to do next? Eeeh . . how about let’s streeetch those tendons a little bit. Keep it flexy and loosey goosey for Dicko Daddyo.

        Life is good when there is patriarchy. Patriarchy is goood. Mmmmm . . .

  4. Of course the top pic has to show two braindead white chicks with some.. well.. I don’t know what he is. Arab? Latino?
    ABC, Anyone but caucasian.

    1. They’ll start the show with the A-rab. He’ll look cool. The white guy will make an appearance and he’ll be some clumsy idiot who screws everything up, bangs his head into things and ends up in full fetal crying and sucking his thumb. The brown guys will look like stallions. SOP.

      1. “The white guy will make an appearance.” Unless you’re an open alpha white male (which is rare nowadays), people will just ignore you, stay out of your way, make you feel invisible, etc…The way to combat this is to not give a f%&k about them either. When they know you don’t care, they might be more open.
        There are a lot of closet alpha males out there. They don’t look alpha but they when something turns ugly, they will react fast and swift.
        Think of Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, or Patrick Swayze, they don’t look incredibly alpha, but when SHTF, they were the last guy you would want in your way. The Black, Mestizo or Mulatto almost always has the appearance of Alpha because their people are always so predictable or low IQ. They don’t quite possess the cunning or skill to deceive their opponent.
        In 20 years time, being white, or more importantly; having blue eyes and white skin, you might be a rock star because most of those people will not exist like they did 20-30 years prior. Some Latina or Asian woman might like that because you’re different and a minority. If you live in any or near any major metropolitan area in North America or Western Europe, and you’re white and male, prepare to be COOL AGAIN!
        Unless the liberal, Zionist media in 20 years is still promoting that a small minority of 1% babyboomer whites is keeping the brown people down or multiple Quentin Tarantino films depicting the exploitation of non-whites by white colonials 3-400 years ago is still going on, then YOU DEFINITELY WON’T LOOK COOL!!!
        I, personally, think that Hollywood or the movie industry will have collapsed by that time but there will always be a liberal mindset in any movie industry. It just might not be as bad as it has been since 2005. People might be interested in making a movie to tell a good story and won’t have an interest in putting in snippets of anti-white racism into the story.

    2. Arabs techically are Caucasian and so are many “Latinos”, but judging by your username you are clearly suffering from a sore anus since the guy isn’t huwhite. The website you’re looking for is Stormfront, Eugene.

      1. Most Arabs are technically not Caucasian. Even many eastern Europeans (mainly South Slavs), Sicilians, Argentinians and southern Spaniards are technically not 100% Caucasian. Arabs are a hybrid race of 2 or more races. It took 2-3 millennia to bring this about. Countless invasions by Mongoloid people from Central Asia into the Mid East and eastern Europe, Aryan whites that migrated into Persia and parts of the Mid East and northern India after the Great Flood near the Caucasus Mountains and in between the Black and Caspian Seas around 1500 BC, and invasions of Nubian and Hamitic peoples into North Africa, Lower Egypt, southern and central Middle East. In fact, National Geographic had a huge article on Nubian invasions of Egypt from Sudan during the New Kingdom a little over a decade ago.
        The only peoples that you can guarantee are close to 100% Caucasian are the white peoples that are dying out now in the British Isles, Norway, Sweden, Germany…Close to 100% Caucasians will probably remain a majority in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Labrador, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia (and the rest of middle-upper Canada, Alaska, and possibly Australia (depending on their immigration policy). Countries over the next decade that will NOT BE A MAJORITY CAUCASIAN are the United States, possibly most of lower Canada, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, and probably Italy.
        Places that are inhospitable due to harsh climate such as Alaska and Greenland will remain close to 100% Caucasoid. Those are predominately any people with light-medium and sometimes even ruddy complexion, flaxen hair-dark brown, mainly blue, grey, green, hazel eyes, and predominately a dolichocephalic-mesocephalic skull shape (discounting the extreme rise in morbid obesity that has widened the face over the last 20 years)

      2. The closest I could find to a true white Spaniard is Jordi Molla, a Spanish actor born in Catalonia in northern Spain. He’s definitely an Original Mediterranean or Atlanto-Mediterranean type that is found throughout the British Isles, Iberian Peninsula, Belgium, Italy, and parts of France. Jean Claude Van Damme is another classic Atlanto-Mediterranean type. Both definitely pure Caucasian. Roy Scheider (actor from Jaws), Joseph Goebbels and Andy Garcia are other prime examples.

  5. These liberals don’t think much of returnofkings that’s why they advertise here they think people here are alt right asses with no integrity

  6. These liberals don’t think much of returnofkings that’s why they advertise here they think people here are alt right assses with no integrity.

  7. I have a similar situation, in a small way. I had a gf in the philippines and she got pregnant, but then I cheated on her. Now I’m marrying another woman. My ex and my child are part of the past now, and I’ve moved on to another female. I guess this is serial monogamy, not polygamy. Still, it feels kinda similar. It’s not ideal, I will say that. I have to support my ex and our son, and it will cost me. So my “fun” is definitely not free. So think hard, guys. For myself, I met another woman, and I just had to have her.

    1. Your child is part of your past? He or she shouldn’t be. You fucked up and busted your was in a woman. You are a coward for not seeing it through and being there for your progeny. What a fucking loser.

      1. Jane,
        You’re just plain wrong, this idea that a man must raise his children is pure White Knight Protestant fantasy. Nobody else in the world believes it or does it. If you believe what you said, it makes you the slave of any woman you put your cock in, which is what was intended. The kids don’t need you, your government says the kids don’t need you, your courts say the kids don’t need you, and the mother certainly doesn’t need to. Your White Knighting does nothing but hurt and oppress other men. Some other cuck will happily raise your children, and they will always be happy to call him ‘dad’ and forget you.

        1. Nobody else in the world attempts to raise humanity out of the dirt either. Populations become degenerate when the old fail to set a decent example for the young.

      2. This is what sickening poosy whoreship looks like and why I cringe so much these days about how “men” act….When a pink wet fish smelling slit will make you act like this…mankind is doomed if that is contagious…Oh wait….

      3. Shut up Jane.
        Thats a hell of a leap you took from what he wrote.
        He said it would cost him. Even an absentee dad is better than an abortion
        Lose your hate

    2. You didn’t cheat on your 1st wife Ben. Under supreme patriarchy, the word ‘cheat’ only applies to disloyal whoring shebeasts. Your dick was HONGRY and it was justified brah.
      WHAT ISN’T justified is leaving your 1st brood in the cold. Bring ye house together. It’s YOUR blood house. You made it. It’s YOURS. You’ve got the makings of a harem. Who’s stopping you? Right, nobody.
      Get your broods back together and your producer mammies back side by side and slack strapped onto the BOARDS OF PATRIARCHY. ALL HAIL the supreme patriarchy!!
      Mammies strapped and obedient, chumping, sucking, cooking and tit feeding. That’s what it’s all about. HAIL the man. HAIL the patriarch. Each PUSH and the patriarchy rises a bit more. The GREAT WAVE of patriarchy is coming. Every man with dick and balls PUSH a little each day. It’s coming soon THE BIG RISING when MAN returns to the throne.

    3. Soon your half – Filipino son will meet your daughter and bang the shit out of her. Or maybe your daughter will find an exotic half-filipino guy, and get fucked, without knowing that they came off the same father. That happens numerous times irl. I shit you not. Parents get separated – doesn’t get to to know each other’s existence – doesn’t know they’re related – bang. Lol

      1. It does happen, mostly in Black Hoods. Or in Israel and the Middle East where its actually legal and very high rates of incest exist.

      2. Half Filipino son entitles you to a free 1 year VISA, don’t desert him, use him for the VISA.

    4. “So think hard, guys. For myself, I met another woman, and I just had to have her.”
      And there in lies the suicide needle in your arm….”….and I just had to have her.”
      My guts literally shivered when I read that. Poor soul to have so little self esteem and value.

  8. Know a woman that found out her spouse has a secret family. She went from shocked to angry to infatuated within a week. Then she let his 17yo xbox/stoner son move in to her house. Cooks, cleans up after him. What a stupid bitch.

    1. It’s totally different to have two or more girlfriends and more than one wife!
      Having more than one gf isn’t ideal, but doesn’t usually do as much damage as having two wives or a wife and another serious relationship ‘on the side’. Especially if the man has kids with either woman. Those poor children would have such a messed up life.

  9. Why you would want twice the drama ? If one pussy is not enough just marry a woman who’s into the occasional 3way fun, they’re not that uncommon.
    For the record I don’t do any of that swinging stuff, my rule is: if there’s any dick other than mine in the room I’m out outta it.

  10. John Dodds,
    If I am somehow a white knight than you are just a big fucking loser. If I stick my dick in someone and get her pregnant, I own it. That is your kid. How can you justify being a dead beat?
    SAYS A LOT about you….in other topics you talk about how you have no relationship with your kids. You sound like a broken human being. Taking care of your kid doesn’t make you a white knight, it makes you a man. Whitw knighting would be getting together with a used up 35 year old with three kids and attempting to be their (ineffectual)father.

    1. He is, dont sweat it.
      Thinks hes black, has a Hood mentality about hos and not raising his offspring. Totally degenerate. Might be a Yid/Heeb…

    2. Jane,
      Why do you ‘own it’? She can kill it at any time, you have no say over it’s birth or termination. You can’t even see it, if she says no, but you can be forced to pay for the next 20 years. It’s entirely her choice, but somehow you feel you have to be her slave forever because she decides to have it. Black people don’t think that, Asian people don’t think that. It’s only sissified white western Protestant cucks that feel that way. One person in two hundred is related to Genghis Khan, the greatest ‘father’ the world has ever known. I doubt he hung around long after impregnating the women of the men he killed.
      I have a great relationship my the kids that live with me, just spent all afternoon killing my 6yo (ours) and 8yo (not ours) on Halo 3 (Xbox 360) multiplayer. My 20yo (wifes) has just gone camping for the night with her university group.
      If I’d hung around in the UK desperately hoping to be allowed to see my previous four, I’d effectively had no children, and probably been living alone in a bedsit. Fuck that, you’re welcome to play the ‘vindictive former wife’ tug of war kids game, not me, I have better things to do.

  11. Furthermore, putting your dick in a woman doesn’t make you their slave. It is really easy to not get someone pregnant…wear a condom and then make sure YOU dispose of it. Not that hard.

    1. Jane,
      You may not care about your immortal soul, enjoy your everlasting cuck damnation. I’m looking for babies at every penetration. Happy to look after them, if the woman allows it, happy to forget about them if she doesn’t. God is on my side (not yours).

  12. I am sort of in a similar situation. I am in my late fifties. I have a wife also in her late fifties, a mistress in her young fifties and a second mistress in her mid twenties. The wife and mistress #1 know of each other. Neither one is particularly happy about it, but that’s too bad. The secret one is the young mistress, who I would like to spend more time with. I don’t care what my wife thinks but mistress #1 is an incredibly sweet, loyal, generous, guileless soul and I don’t want to hurt her. I wish i could figure a way to bring mistress #2 into the open.

    1. Robert What? Your situation sounds exactly like what that tv show is looking for. If you’re looking for a way to bring mistress #2 in the open, sounds like this show will give you a way to do that. Maybe you should contact them?

  13. Robert What? Your situation sounds exactly like what that tv show is looking for. If you’re looking for a way to bring mistress #2 in the open, sounds like this show will give you a way to do that. Maybe you should contact them?

    1. @Mikey, no children, although I have suggested it. But like most silly young women she doesn’t want any yet – if ever. Should I tell her about baby rabies that strikes most women in their thirties?

  14. @docudocudocu,
    While my life sometimes reads like a television show, I don’t think I could actually do it. Now if there would be a boatload of money involved …

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