3 Ways To Forever Stay Out Of The Friend Zone

When I go to the gym, I see men working out with good-looking women on a friends-only basis. I go to bars and run into a group of girls with a man friend in their midst. These situations are both toxic and unnecessary.  The man on a friend-date wastes his time with someone he wants to sleep but is unable to.  These actions must stop if American men are to come back to being as the men of old.

We’ve softened up due to less need for conflict. The USA is a miracle of God and because of unappreciated luxuries, we have lost ourselves in comfort. Men are so comfortable that even critical thinking is a chore, hence they can’t cope with the shame of rejection.  Rejection is a sometimes heavy, lingering, imprisoning sensation that overtakes you, but it is necessary.  How will you go enter death peacefully if you lived a life scared of pretty women?

Focusing on yourself rather than women takes effort but it’s the only way to become the type of man most women want.  There isn’t a lot of emphasis on the fact that women notice when men are too focused on them.  If you find yourself with high anxiety when you only think about cold-approaching fine women, then you need help reaching real confidence.

Real confidence is letting go of that which you can’t control and focusing on that which you can—yourself.  Start these three behaviors immediately to begin a more fulfilled life.

1. Stop having female friends

I do not care how long you have been friends with a girl—if it’s not platonic then you must cut-off communication.  That’s to say if you secretly like a girl you call a ‘friend’, give yourself ten lashes and delete her number.  You could admit your feelings but the chances of her liking your tepidness are low.

In the chance that you are not sure if you like a female friend, refrain from masturbating for ten days and then think about her sexually.  This will answer a lot of questions.  From now on, you’re only allowed one platonic female friend in your entire life.  Choose wisely. If you can’t handle going cold turkey, then you must slowly start backing away by finding a beneficial hobby.

2. Stop trying to script a pickup

Hollywood convinces men that even the way they meet their partners is important.  You won’t get that prom date unless you ask her in front of the whole school.  If you fail to propose to her in front of the Eiffel Tower, or other romantic landmark, your marriage is already doomed.

This extreme expectation of relationships freezes men when it’s time for them to approach.  Even when guys do find the courage to talk to a random cute female, they behave automatic and boring.  You can never convince a woman to sleep with you, much less be seen in public with you.  It’s far time to stop believing in fables.

3. Accept that it’s okay if you don’t have sex with a girl you like

In order to stop acting like a robot, you need to find comfort in yourself.  The most beautiful women fall for the more focused man.  Yes, pickup game does work in certain situations but you’re still going out with the intent to fornicate.  You waste precious amounts of life when you put your focus on relationships or sex. Instead, lose yourself in what interests you and you will see the women fawn over you without any of your efforts.

Men who perform elaborate gestures to impress a woman is likened to the guy who messages her on OkCupid.  She just enjoys the attention, but she won’t actually go anywhere with you.  Ponder the amount of time and effort you’ve put into a woman who didn’t like you back—you’ll never get that time back.  One way to end the madness emboldened by Hollywood is to ignore it.  If you do happen to run into a girl that can’t be ignored, then approach her as you.  Don’t try to be a Casanova, it won’t work mostly.


One truth you should ingrain is that you can’t convince a woman to like you or friend your way into her pants.  The three steps that I have presented you are just a few techniques that you can do to get yourself out of the friend zone and remain out of it for the rest of your life.

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155 thoughts on “3 Ways To Forever Stay Out Of The Friend Zone”

  1. I have never understood why any man would have a female friend. Unnecessary toxic energy, and getting nothing from it. Fuck that

    1. My thought exactly. I never accept a girl who wants to put me in her friendzone because it’s the same as giving her the power to dispose of me as she wants. Fuck that.
      A girl, either I fuck her or I simply ignore her.

    2. I have one that I study languages with. She speaks a language I’m interested in. So I get something out of it. But yeah, I don’t see the point of even talking to a woman unless you can get something out of it.

      1. That’s what these unrequited guys aren’t ‘getting’ (in addition to pussy). They think they can finesse their way into her pants, and women can SENSE that because being a ‘nice guy’ worm IS a passive-aggressive scheme, which is what women are all about. THAT is why women despise beta males and InCels.
        ‘I read your book, Rommel!’
        You have thus failed her ‘shit-test’ because she just took your passive-aggressive strategy and raised the bar right under your nose.
        There is no ‘friend-zone.’ There is just a purgatory women place men in when they aren’t done siphoning resources/attention from him. But these chivalrous ne’er-do-wells refuse to wake up from their wet dreams. They don’t value their own time or self-worth enough. They think they are gonna win the shell game with women, but they never will. You wouldn’t be in that situation if you knew what you were doing.
        Friendship is amongst men. You can’t divulge any angst with ANY woman or else she archives that piece of information for a later date and then immediately re-categorizes (permanently lowers) you within her hierarchy of needs.
        This is one of the forms of upkeep you must be disciplined enough to maintain, even with women you aren’t attracted to because once you start getting rejected by women who are beneath you, the descending loss is upon you, and you are on your way to InCeldom.

      2. if u are not fucking there is nothing to gain even that language you can get it elsewhere.
        when was the last time you met a woman who you thought was as intelligent as you?

        1. I met a knockout Canadian physicist on airplane in Detroit (yes, Marz) by lucking out that nobody sat next to her assigned seat. So it is possible, but not likely.

      3. @James
        Same here. “There is not such thing as a girl who is a friend, every woman is a potential bang” is a personal maxim of mine.
        Two things one can get out of it:
        1.) Leaning another language helps increase brainpower, goal completion, academic discipline, etc.
        2.) If you cannot get the bang, then still it an opportunity to practice game concepts and learn more about how women react to things an behave.
        But remember you must set the tone starting with the first interaction (at the very least have strong frame and don’t come off as a friend). If you do get in the friend zone, you can still get some use out of it until the point due to the nature of being in the FZ that game practice with the “friend” is no longer useful.
        I can imagine if one is new to game it could help one get comfortable with hot women but make sure you are doing this for mastering the language with game practice secondary.

      4. Maybe he doesn’t sleep with her because she isn’t attractive enough..
        If you happen to see every women as potentially fuckable, then it simply means you have no standard right.
        Also I don’t see any harm in being around a female you are not interested physically..
        But it’s a lot different issue if the dude is hanging around the girl waiting for her to notice him, aka friendzone.

    3. You don’t have to “get something” from female friends. Do you “get something” from your male friends? I never understood this kind of thought process of not wanting female friends.
      If a woman thinks it’s okay to be toxic around you, that’s a reflection of her thinking that you’re not important enough to be on her best behavior around you.

      1. Good compagny, intelligent discussions, sane brotherhood, real loyalty, help, pain sharing, sport partnership, quality mentoring…
        All the stuff (almost) women are not capable to give to a man.

        1. …women aren’t supposed to cover those qualities you mentioned. They’re supposed to cover the qualities that men can’t. You don’t have to pick between hanging out with ONLY women or ONLY men, you realize that, correct?

        2. Was just answering to your question “Do you “get something” from your male friends?”
          For your another question, sure I know that’s not an exclusive choice. I just prefer hanging out with one female whom i can fuck at the end than many females who don’t see me as a real man, that’s all.

        3. @Faraway, who ever down voted you is either a mangina or a faggot; for sure !!

      2. But the thing is the inclination of women biologically is to get things (resources) from men. If I’m going to play along and not get sex (my biological inclination), then I might as well get something of use out of the interaction.

      3. What women want from a male “friend;” your time, your attention, your Facebook likes and your commitment to fight her battles when the shit hits the fan. What the man gets in return; the honor to be able to say he knows this chick. You can count me out. These chicks are laughing with their friends, scratching their head, wondering what hoop they can get you to jump through next. Meanwhile, errand boy is on the phone with his friend talking about how “cool” this chick is.

        1. Other girls even asks”hey please I need my computer fixed, get your pet to do it for me? the computer shops want $100 and I don’t have it”.
          they you rush to show her your tech nerdestry in order for her to see smart you are.

      4. Anon, I just have one question; what would you do if one of these chicks told you she was mistreated by another man? Would you knee jerk and defend her maidens honor?

        1. Nope. I wouldn’t really care. Perhaps a statement of empathy but that’s as far as I’d go.

    4. Never understood it either. The guy in the friend zone is an errand boy. Girls love to try to get guys to change their plans and do things for them. This is the female equivalent to a blowjob. The solution is simple; stay a step ahead and be ready to say no, change HER plans instead, you don’t have to be a jerk about it, you can make it a light hearted joke. For example; “I want pizza.” “No, you always want pizza, we’re getting Chinese food.” In most cases she doesn’t even want pizza, she’s just seeing if she can jerk you around and make you her new errand boy. Lol.

    5. Most of you are Fn Hopeless.
      You USE girls as friends to get TO their better looking hotter friends….Fn dummies
      The friend is the one you talks you up about how nice and considerate you are. Have to actually think this through, guys.

      1. Spoken like a clueless baby boomer or woman…or just some out of touch white knight who has been married his entire adult life. Gynocentrism doesn’t work anymore, simp. LOL ‘just try being more nice.’

        1. I’ve seen it and used it to bed women.
          The friend at work has a lot of better looking hotter friends. Itsvwgat girks do. So she becomes a conduit to said hotter friends.
          What a concept. Expand owns social network. Yous are hopeless.

    6. While I generally agree with most everything in the article the part saying “lose yourself in what interests you and you will see the women fawn over you without any of your efforts” is a bit of wishful thinking. While its true you should go about your personal life and let your goals be your motivation the idea that women will ‘fawn over you’ for doing so is an unreality. Point being that you still MUST game the girl in some way, shape, or form. One of the most important points of game I ever learned back in the day when starting out was no matter how interested the girl may be in the guy she’s not going to be proactive in ‘asking you out’. She may find ways (excuses) to get you to talk to her, etc, but realistically the idea that girls will ‘fawn over you’ just because you’re doing what you should already be doing is a misnomer and hal-truth. Decent article otherwise.

  2. How about just being candid?
    There is no defense against that.
    You don’t need to jew your way into her pants like a sneaky merchant.
    You approach, and tell her she’s beautiful and that you want to sleep with her.
    How many of you have said that verbatim?
    You wouldn’t be writing these silly articles if you had experience doing just that.
    Women are surprisingly lenient, forgiving, and accommodating to you if you have the balls to look them in the eye and commit to your own expectations.
    That’s ultimately what they lime in a man, and if spreading their legs keeps him around, no problem for them.

      1. Nah, I’m late 20s.
        I’ve hung out with a wide variety of PUA groups and have a ton of experience approaching.
        No one knows better than a woman when you like her.
        And no woman is turned off or repulsed by the idea that a man wants her. Even a beta’s attention is better than no attention.
        The problem is so many men, conditioned by feminism and the remnants of a Puritanical culture, are ASHAMED of their attraction to women. That is the part turning these thots off.
        When you act aloof you just come across as a clown.
        You’re fooling no one but yourself.
        Pursuit isn’t supposed to be some game of cluedo where after a few tricks and techniques you finally surprise her with the truth! Lol no.
        Only by having the guts to own what you feel are you in any position to be approaching thots.
        Doing this will calibrate the correct attitude.
        And picking up thots is all about expressing the correct attitude.
        Not mouthing off some pick up line or some strange weird trick.

        1. Oldboy,
          The correct attitude is not really wanting them. No woman wants men that REALLY want her. You gotta not really care, then she will chase you.

        2. That’s bullshit, coz the truth is that as a man you do actually want the woman.
          Why make things difficult?
          No one is better at noticing discrepancies in character than a women. They know you want them which is why they doll themselves up endlessly and post slutty selfies all over the place.
          Pretending you don’t want something you’re lusting for inside makes you look like a clown.
          Pursuit is the essence of male sexuality.
          That’s what arouses a woman.
          Consider how much women loved 50 Shades of Gray;
          A story about an antagonist relentlessly pursuing the woman, even to the point of stalking her and shamelessly admitting it, undeterred. At no point in the story are the antagonist’s lustful motives in doubt.
          The there is rape; the ultimate pursuit, making women climax better than consenting sex.
          Anyway, putting on some clown act isn’t going to work as well as aggressive pursuit.

        3. That was the exact opposite of 50 Shades of Grey. He made them sign torture contracts as they begged to be helicoptered to his billionaire bachelor pad, and would quickly expel them from his life.

        4. Did you even read the book?
          It’s a story about a man aggressively pursuing a typical thot.
          He doesn’t even try to conceal his intentions.
          He even does things you’d consider “beta” like tracking her down at work, finding her address, and coming to her rescue at the drop of a hat when he discovers she’s drunk in some college bar.
          In the end she leaves coz she gets freaked out, but in the next book she comes crawling back.
          But that BDSM shit is the least interesting part of the story. I guess it was just a last-ditch attempt to deepen a predictably red-pilled story about aggressive masculine pursuit.

        5. Oldboy,
          You’re wrong, I get so many offers from women, that I turn most of them down because I don’t need it (and don’t want to give them money). My pals and I were discussing just this, we can take a woman home for sex ($25), or drink 50 (Saigon Green 450ml, $1/2 each) beers in the bar/restaurant. Mostly we prefer the beer and each others company, so OK, we’ll let the girls rub against us a bit, feel the goods on offer, and maybe even buy them a beer or two. But sex is so cheaply and easily available, the novelty has just worn off. Our real thirst is for beer and laughs.

        6. That’s coz they’re SE Asian prostitutes hanging around expatriate bars.
          Of course they throw themselves at you.
          But that doesn’t mean they’re turned on by you.
          Hookers are never turned on by their clients.
          Coz hookers are still female and they need a man to pursue and subjugate them.
          Men see prostitutes precisely because they are incapable of this masculine function.
          And men who know how to pursue women have no need to pay for sex.

        7. Oldboy,
          You think white women are different?
          I think they’re the same, just more dishonest, and more expensive.
          ALL women want payment for sex (Briffault’s Law).
          White women want your house and pension, Asian women will settle for $25.

        8. As for being ‘turned on by me’, why the fuck would I care about their thoughts or feelings. They ain’t paying, so they can be happy with the money and the shopping ‘feelings’ they get later.

        9. “And men who know how to pursue women have no need to pay for sex.”
          You may be poor, and your time worthless. My time is valuable, and I’d rather spend my ‘money’ (I have plenty to spare), than my ‘time’ (which is limited).

    1. Wrong. They have done actual research on your approach. Ask a man to bang you and 70% say yes. Ask a woman and you get 0%.

  3. I have several female friends that I’m on a platonic basis with, a choice I deliberately made. Being friends with them has its annoying moments, but nothing beats rolling into a bar with them and getting attention from other women right off the bat, and making it easy for me to open other women. Plus their friends that come visit can be excellent dating prospects.
    Being with a group of women is toxic an unnecessary? Women in a group are on their best behavior when I’m around. If they’re acting crazy, perhaps the author should reconsider why women think it’s okay to act like that around him.
    I’d rather hang out with a bunch of women whom I consider my friends than with a bunch of dudes, unless the dudes are actually cool. In reality the ideal situation is a mixed group of girls and cool dudes.

      1. Really intelligent response dude. I have no idea why there’s so much hate on here for having female friends that help me get laid, but whatever floats your boat dude. It’s not like I’m secretly harboring feelings of attraction for my friends and pining at them in the night; they’re there to make me look preselected and as a consultant to help strategize my exploits with other women.

        1. Kill urself f***** U r not our ally. Just another little liberal bitch

        2. Cool story guy. I’ve been in the game for 10 years, career in military aviation, voted Trump. Maybe you should consider shutting the fuck up and reading my posts a little more carefully, you might learn something. Perhaps your responses would at least be a little more intelligent.

        3. U ain’t nothin but a f***** everything u say is a lie and ppl hate u. End ur pitiful existence

      2. lol dude I honestly feel bad for you, I hope things get better for you and that you grow up.

        1. Female troll alert. THIS IS WHAT WOMEN do. Nobody regularly shames other men with that outside of high school. You are the same female troll coming to the rescue of the sisterhood. Trying to enforce gynocentrism again on woke men. Tsk tsk. Go change your tampon.

    1. Very very verrry true bro.
      I got exact the same situation. I have some female friends. I made it clear that I like them only as friends, so I friendzoned them before something could happen.
      Women are not toxic or sth. else, they are actually quite fun if they see you as a cool guy to hangaround with.
      You get to know things from a girls perspective, they give you instant social proof (the hotter they are, the better) and they can even help you getting laid.
      Oh and it is nice to have some hot platonic friends, if you have a relationship with another girl, you can use them to make her jealous etc. 😉

      1. Thank you for putting in that way. It seems a lot of the readers on here just don’t understand that. Which is fine; one of the most fun things to talk about with girls is how dumbass guys get super weird about things when a girl doesn’t like them, and then wonder why they have no friends/dating prospects.
        Then again, what do I know? One of the commenters called me an incel, so I must be keyboard jockeying and not talking from experience.

      2. Women have nothing I want except a vagina and a womb. If you really have female friends you don’t WTB, it just means you aren’t very manly. Maybe you’re gay or bi. Women just don’t have minds worth of a man’s interest.

    2. You’ve never gotten laid that way, liar. Being the lone guy in a group of THOTs means you look like (or are) the gay male friend. If you are in a group of THOTs and you aren’t swimming in pussy, everybody (especially women) can see it and it means you are sexually radioactive.

      1. Yeah dude, I made an anonymous internet account to comment about how many girls I get. You got me.
        I’m usually not the lone guy in a group of women; sometimes I’m with a friend, and sometimes the girls have some of their guy friends or guys they’re seeing. It’s called being social.
        And yes, being the lone dude in a group of hot girls can initially make you look gay, but anyone with a functioning gaydar can tell right away that you’re straight after one second. It’s all about your mannerisms and how the women react to you. I’m in military aviation and spend most of my time around a bunch of Type-A dudes, so one of my ways to unwind is to bask in female energy.
        And yes, sometimes there’s something going on between me and one of the girls in the group, but I keep it low.
        I swear, most of the dudes that downvote me and give me shit for these posts don’t have much experience with women or social skills in general. I thought this was common knowledge.

        1. You’re the only one getting butthurt about anonymous, random thumbs down. Crying about meaningless ‘credentials’ and ‘popularity’ is how women think. Are you a woman? No wonder they prefer your ‘friendship.’

        2. lol another pickup “hardass” with a shitty attitude. Apparently I’m not allowed to wonder why I’m getting downvoted lest I expose myself as a “woman”. I’m not going to sink to your level and question your success with women or your gender, but I do think you could benefit from being more positive.

        3. “I swear, most of the dudes that downvote me and give me shit for these posts don’t have much experience with women”
          Well those dudes surely think the same about you so no need to despise people who don’t agree with you.

        4. You’re doing it again. I am not a ‘pickup.’ I counter-signal it constantly as it is just a coping-mechanism or ‘romance novels’ for unrequited men.
          Being ‘positive’ means being lazily idealistic. That is what hopeful-virgins do…and guess what happens when they reach that sugar crash?
          Men need to be realistic so they can capitalize on the opportunities that their idealist side refuses to allow them to see.
          If you can’t read between the lines of my words, you are a lost cause. But I know it is helping others who can.
          I don’t care what you do with your sex life (or lack thereof), but you are putting your alleged strategy up for scrutiny on a notorious site, just like the rest of us. If you can’t stand the heat…

        5. “Being ‘positive’ means being lazily idealistic. That is what hopeful-virgins do…and guess what happens when they reach that sugar crash?”
          I think there’s a little more nuance to being positive; I’m a negative person by default but I’ve had to learn when it’s beneficial to be more positive. I’m not bouncing around with a dorky smile on my face and being idealistic about things. I don’t know if I explained it properly but I think you know what I’m talking about. There’s a time and place to be both realistic and idealistic.
          “Men need to be realistic so they can capitalize on the opportunities that their idealist side refuses to allow them to see.”
          “If you can’t read between the lines of my words, you are a lost cause. But I know it is helping others who can.”
          Need to be more explicit; I really don’t want to expend the energy to “read between the lines”; just be direct.
          “I don’t care what you do with your sex life (or lack thereof), but you are putting your alleged strategy up for scrutiny on a notorious site, just like the rest of us. If you can’t stand the heat…”
          I don’t understand why it’s difficult for the guys on here to realize why it’s good to have a solid social circle that includes cool dudes that are good with women and attractive females that you are friends with. There’s a difference between being deliberate in selecting attractive female friends and secretly pining over a girl who thinks that you’re “just a friend”. You don’t have to be friends with ALL girls, because quite frankly some of them are more annoying than they are beneficial.

        6. I already bore everybody here with my windy machinations, so I’m not going to make them longer. Everybody else here seems to get it.
          You are a negative person, but put on this ‘Mr. Positive’ thing? I am the inverse, which comes off as nasty (because brutal honesty is the quickest means to getting my point across), but I am actually not sad precisely because I am a realist.
          I pivot from there to chisel away at the impossible, instead of just living there like a clueless beta male setting himself up for disappointment.
          If you read my other post, I mention that ALL ‘relationships’ (work, sex, pals) are fleeting these days, so what you say is not even an option. I have been burned by even lifetime friends, so that is not a realistic option anymore and I am not sad about it.
          I don’t see my boss or my neighbor as my friend, even though I drink with them. We are just in each other’s lives by secondary chance…the same way women see men, which is why men need to reciprocate this ‘objectification.’
          Most people are just fooling themselves anyway if they think they have an active social life past high school/college.
          The truth is that most of your legitimate friends are other guys that you see a few times a year at most because everybody is too busy, and all of the women there are just in your life by happenstance. There are regulated politics there too. You can’t just text the girlfriend of your coworker to hang out with her. This isn’t high school. There are very real consequences to that shit.

        7. True. It’s called being social. I have several female friends myself and they’re always at their best behavior when we hangout. They are helpful, reliable, loyal and respectful to me. Just like my dudes.
          Of course I have naughty thoughts about my female friends every now and then. I’m a male. They are female. I can’t help it. But I have self control, so all is well.
          If these girls are never on their best behavior around you, then maybe… You just aren’t worth it. They despise incels the most.

        8. Another female troll. This is not how actual men behave. How does nobody else see this? These are gynocrats trying to stir shit. You are just a beta male who can’t get laid. Seriously, where do you ‘hangout’ with ‘female friends?’ Quick, make up another story. This is not what guys actually do outside of high school. When was the last time you got laid ‘Romeo’ ….or should I say ‘Juliet?’

        1. Yeah, it all just sort of culminated in this strange ability to see insincerity when I previously had no ability whatsoever. That gives me hope that someday our collective inability will change too.

    3. Never understood how that works. I can’t stand being around ugly women(except a cousin of mine), attractive women get me horny so I can’t be their friends.

    4. Anon, I can agree with you on one point. If you go to a bar with a bunch of girls, it gives you instant validation. But you can get the same result with a large group of men and women (you mentioned that as well). But to say a woman is your “friend” is pretty naive. I’m sure women have made you feel like a friend and it probably feels pretty good but my recommendation is; if you’re not planning on banging these chicks, keep them at arms length and use them to your advantage. Don’t degrade yourself by doing them favors.

      1. I’m definitely not planning on sleeping with them; your post is exactly what I have been trying to say this whole time. However, sometimes I do favors for them, and they do favors for me. Per a normal friendship.

        1. You have been found out, lady. All the men are leaving the gynocratic plantation, so you and your sisterhood are going to have to get your hands dirty learning how to garden all over again instead of just sipping mimosas in the shade watching men trip over themselves for so little. Haha

    5. I’m with you on this man. I don’t give a shit if a certain woman wants to sleep with me or not, because another will eventually come around. Platonic friendships with women that you’re not invested in are harmless and there are social perks. Anybody that has a problem with this attitude are just sexually frustrated, and is a child that cannot control their emotions.

    6. I’ve always found those western mixed sex groups dull. Typically people have to address the whole groups interest which results in boring (at least to me) content as it results in too much gender neutrality and it naturally dose not split into guy groups and girl groups (both of which are interested in different things in or in different ways).
      You say it helps you to get laid, so different strokes for different strokes – to each his own.
      I realize that you are in the military (which air-wing is mostly gender neutral on paper) but I’d still try to alienate some or your “female friends” for the bang and if that does not work then move on but use them as something to calibrate yourself for real game. There’s plenty of civilian women who are much more feminine even in the USA/West that would love to fuck you provided your game is good.
      For the record, every mixed sex unit I saw the guys were thirsty as all heck.

  4. I haven’t been friend-zoned since I was young and stupid and let girls know how much I liked them. Never, ever, let a girl know how much you are interested in them. Always play it cool and be unpredictable and they’ll let you know how much they like you.

  5. When a man has a worthwhile project or business to focus on, women are more attracted to him. If a man is around her too often, unless he’s fucking her, she takes him for granted. If you hang out with chicks, and you never get her panties on the floor, next time you are at a social event, you will be the man she asks to tell another man (that fellow over there) that she thinks he’s cute.
    Don’t be that guy.
    Nobody gets the girl every time. But time is more valuable than gold. It cannot be replaced. It is always running out.
    Build your kingdom. As you become more successful women will be more attracted to you. Those who want you will make sure you know who they are. And thank God for Bang! by Roosh.
    Now fuck her or FUCK HER!

    1. Right on Edward!
      Another worthwhile advice I would give is to think like the law of supply and demand, like a product if you make yourself too easy to access they will label you as low value. But if you make yourself scatter she will assume you are a high value man that is focused on his own goals, because you arent all the time trying to get into her pants.
      The best way to do this naturally without coming off as a planned strategy to game her is to simply focus on yourself and your goals, like you stated above.

      1. Howard Roark
        As I progress in my chosen field women who know, and are interested, drop hints and lines to me often. Rarely do I pay attention to them. I have deadlines to meet. Time is not spent by me; it is invested. Wise ladies know this.
        Last night, I rolled with a fine, twenty-three year old brunette. At least an eight. I am fifty-three.
        Didn’t buy a drink. Didn’t spend the last week texting her countless times a day. When she showed up at my home, unexpectedly (Saturday night), I escalated immediately. Within ten minutes I had her panties on the floor. You can guess the rest.
        Not bragging. Just saying.
        Strangest thing is I never did a damn thing for her. Ever.

        1. @Edward nice one!
          From my experience in the dating market I know that most girls dont like to be treated as equals or above you in a relationship. Women want you to be her captain. She wants to follow your steps thats what turns her on.
          When a guy gets too worried about being nice to her, complying every demand of hers or paying everything its a major turn off for her. Because it gives off a vibe that you are pedestalizing her. This is why nice guys always finish last while douchebags usually get the girls.
          We dont have to be complete douchbags all we have to do is treat them like they arent our main priority in life and not cater to every wish they do.

        2. Howard Roark and AutomaticSlim
          I have recommended the book, Live Like A Pimp by Max Vance here before. It is not the best written book, nor is Max Vance the best writer whose work I ever read, but the book helped me tremendously.
          Toward the end of it, Max states a truth I had never heard before. And I quote:
          “Place yourself at the top of the heap and don’t be surprised when women sometimes fight tooth and nail to be with you.”
          Or words to that effect.
          Along with Seven Laws Of Seduction and Bang!, the book helped me reach the next level. More than women. That really is a small part of it.
          Everything Max Vance, Troy Francis, and Roosh, has to say, can be applied (most of the time) to most things in life.
          Thanks AutomaticSlim.
          And Howard, I am following your blog. It is excellent.
          Have a great weekend gents
          And a shout-out, before I go, to Weimar Republican. Excellent words.

      2. A woman who gives her body easily to man is a woman man don’t want. A man that easily gives his attention to woman is man that woman don’t want

        1. Hey i like when a woman gives her body easily to me. I’m too old for all their bullshit, shit tests etc. Straight to the point i’ll like it like that.

    Words of wisdom
    In atavistic terms, the Beta is the weak useless males who picks berries with the women while males were hunting Mammoths.
    Women are attracted to the man who is doing something, perhaps even slightly on the edge. The Beta is the modern-day equivalent of the “berry picker” who jerks off alone in his small crevice while the Alpha is fucking the women in his cave.
    This is why women like the bad boy who gives her little attention.

      1. EDWARD
        Let us examine the Karate Kid again now that the spinoff TV series is on the air.
        Johnny, despite his Hitler-youth good looks and WASP pedigree (Though the stepdad who raised him was Jewish) was an orbiter/Beta. He dated Ali briefly. He still hung around her beach parties.
        But she liked Daniel because, beneath the surface HE was the bad boy-uncouth and loud and greasy and bringing gritty urban Italian grit.
        Sure, Johnny could kick his ass but Daniel was street smart.

    1. Then how do you explain how the spindly drug dealer who sits in a rented living all day and night with five other junkies gets the women orbiting him, while their husbands are away crunching numbers for holding firms?
      The beta typically does everything he was told, but is still burned, while the alpha does nothing and still gets his way.

  7. The biggest problem is figuring out if you are in the friend-zone because it happens faster than you expect it. The way she hugs you is the biggest tell. If she hugs you where every part of her body is touching you, from legs, pelvis, pussy, tits and face, you are still in it.
    But if she sticks her ass out or does the side-hug (unless its two girls at once from either side), it’s over and you must project an immediate immune-response of revulsion and point out, “Gross, you just gave me the ‘just friends’ hug!” to gauge her official reaction.
    Sometimes they immediately readjust their hug and give you the correct one as you say goodbye. I do not recommend it in the Current Year, but the next test is to peck her on the ear as she is giving you the right hug – that is when she will project her immune-response of revulsion, albeit in the subtlest audible way of disappointment to even this fake kiss, if she is not attracted to you.
    The way friendships, partnerships and relationships (of any kind) these days are so fungible, fleeting and expiry, swapping phone numbers and sexual compliments is not collateral for sex anymore, but a moment of honesty, possibility and brief want.
    We all have one-way friendships where the other person will never text first. I always put them to the test by deleting their number afterwards.
    If she starts ghosting you, reacting in outrageous anger is also a definite jailbreak from this sexual purgatory. It will end any further communication after the bickering is over, but you are out of the friend-zone nonetheless. At that point, you are building for the future for the next girl you meet by collating as much knowledge about your failure with this current cunt. Women will only tell the truth when they are incredibly angry, which is when I have learned the most about why I missed an opportunity.

    1. If she gives you the side hug or ass out hug, there’s no need to gauge for an “official reaction”. It’s redundant at that point. My preference in that case is to do a verbal preemptive friend zone and deputize her to start being a pivot for me.

      1. And that’s why you’re an InCel. You don’t have balls to escalate an unsavory situation.

        1. LMFAO dude, you got me. I’m an incel. Am I secretly gay too? Clearly you’re an expert on social dynamics, because incels are well known for using women as pivots.

        2. Also, why would you escalate an unsavory situation if it’s already unsavory? Best to never get to that point in the first place. Getting physical when a girl already shows that you’re not interested is just going to prove to her that she made the right decision, except now she has a solid reason to reject you because you couldn’t read her social cues and tried something anyway. Then she’ll talk about your lack of ability to read social cues with her friends.

        3. You’re still not getting it. That is why I put a disclaimer on it to NOT do it, unless you are fearless. I know you enjoy swimming in the shallow end because it is safe, but when something has no further use for me, I push the boundaries to try and bend physics instead of just resigning myself to a predictable fate.
          If a woman complies with my hint to give me the hot hug, then I’m gonna see what else she will do.

        4. What I’m trying to say is that if the behaviors and way you presented to the woman cumulated in her giving you a platonic hug, you’ve already lost, and “pushing the boundaries” is like trying to recover an aircraft that’s already crashed.

        5. You STILL don’t get it. Don’t worry about this strategy, Lt. Mitchell. It just isn’t for you.
          It isn’t about just getting in a particular woman’s pants. That ship sailed. It is about GLEANING information (Recon) about why you didn’t so you can get into the next one’s, and gauging her reactions to escalation because a woman will NEVER tell you why she doesn’t want you. It just isn’t in them (partially because they can’t articulate it and partially because they don’t care enough).
          The last one I tried that on was this highly attractive but trashy half-white/half-Latina, who was only into black guys. She even had kids with some beta dork black guy that still wasn’t over her. But I still wanted to explore.
          It’s pure curiosity at times, not some heartbreaking Hail Mary.
          Women are not that different from each other. The Bell Curve proves this. That is why it is better to experiment on women you have already lost with (or in this case, never given a chance) than ruin another clean slate so you can move diagonally, rather than being repulsed vertically.
          She even then volunteered information about how me and the other guy at our job were ‘cute white guys’ and then she bought me a drink. I never experienced women paying for me before that. But I only figured that out because I started escalating lost causes and to prompt this unexpected behavior. I never saw her again after that because we both quit our job and she has found another black guy since then.

        6. “I never experienced women paying for me before that.”
          That specific part of your post as well as the fact that you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel of trashy women shows that you would benefit from spending less time on your try-hard “windy machinations” and more time in the field; perhaps having some female friends that can watch you interact with women would be better than “experimenting” with a lost cause that you shouldn’t have gotten into in the first place? That’s what I’ve “read in between the lines” of your brilliant posts.
          Oh wait, that’s right: it’s “gay” to have female friends. The fuck do I know? I’m a gay incel who makes anonymous profiles to impress guys he doesn’t know on the internet.

        7. Ok I am convinced you are a woman. You have checked all of their typical rejoinders and ‘sound advice’ AND you have a bitchy attitude. See, I opened myself up and you used it against me (like I stated in another post that women do) AND you make this entire article about YOU. Very gynocentric.
          You have internalized every comment and negative feedback just like a woman. I think your entire ‘story’ is bogus, and you are just trying to counter-signal any man who rebels against this gynocracy because you have a lonely snatch between your legs.
          My ‘field’ is everywhere. It’s at my job, it’s in my neighborhood and anywhere else but the gym. You put pussy on a pedestal instead of objectifying it like they want to be.
          Stick to being the group purse-carrier. You need it more than it needs you. Don’t forget to buy the gals a vibrator, like the lone guy at the girls night out does for the birthday girl.

        8. You have no intelligent response other than to call me a woman and whine. That combined with your inability to realize that there is a way to be friends with women while retaining your masculinity proves that you really shouldn’t be giving out any kind of advice on the subject. My advice to you? Get good scrub.

        9. Cat’s out of the bag, hussy. The way you got SO defensive on every little triviality, but then calmed down for this particular suspicion proves that you are a woman. Your ad hominem slowly progressed to this. The way you prioritize women is a dead giveaway now. Another sound defeat to a female troll.

        10. This conversation is getting boring. I’m trying to offer nuance to the whole friends thing and show a different angle and you just keep claiming that I’m an incel/woman. Not my fault your social skills need work, but again, I suggest you stop offering your bad advice to the guys who visit RoK to learn, especially when you can’t grasp a simple pickup concept known as how to appropriately use pivots and be able to differentiate the, from girls that you pine over and are friendzoned with.

        11. And THERE’S the passive-aggressive snark and shaming tactics. Your last arrow in the empty quiver. Sadly for you my chainmail is bitch-resistant.
          See you are a woman and you were caught redhanded (menstrual-blooded). You don’t even dispute this when you threw such a bitch fit over ‘anon’ thumbs down, unlike any man would. You just try more gaslights instead and then tuck tail.
          Like the typical CUNT, you blow right past my point because your tiny, high-time preference female mind can’t comprehend it.
          I am not in any ‘friend-zone’ because I don’t have female ‘friends’ since I know the game you bitches play. I give you what you ACTUALLY want when I know there is ACTUAL interest, and when there isn’t, I GAIN what I can, just like you sleazy whores do.
          I beat you at your own game and you can’t handle it, just like you can’t handle this thread now that you’ve been outed as a woman in a place where there are no rules and no chivalry to rescue you.
          So why don’t YOU tell everyone what you are doing here, ‘anon?’
          You don’t know how to conquer a woman because you ARE a woman and thus have never conquered one, except maybe a drinking make-out session in college to impress a few frat guys.
          Stop insulting everybody’s intelligence, you defeated bitch. You are here to stir shit like the rest of them.
          ‘Air Force’…yeah, I bet. The female program. I lost my virginity to a female ‘veteran’ who was in some troubled ‘veterans’ housing complex.
          Typical human female….cowardly and snarky as you run away.
          You just don’t like it that you’ve been figured out. Just admit it.
          No actual man tries to shoehorn having unrequited friendships with women. It’s literally the worse thing that can happen to a man. He would rather end your life before ever accepting that.
          Nice try, cunt.
          BEGONE THOT

        12. “No actual man tries to shoehorn having unrequited friendships with women.”
          Do you even read my posts or are you too busy foaming at the mouth about me apparently being a woman?
          I can’t tell if you’re an actual troll or just one of those really vocal frustrated guys that have poor social skills and grasp on social dynamics; you didn’t even address the fact that I’ve been describing a pivot (a technical term and concept in the PUA world) this whole time and you go on this hilarious rant about me apparently being a woman and describing the Air Force as a “female program”, despite the fact that you seem like too much of a pussy to even consider a career in combat aviation. When I finally deploy for the first time I’ll remember your pussy ass rant while I’m raining hate on terrorists that curiously enough parallel a lot of the rage you just expressed.
          Anyway, whatever floats your boat man, if you want to continue to be miserable and not entertain the idea of using pivots as a strategy to get more pussy, that’s fine by me. I really don’t care. At this point your responses are just amusing, I’m curious if the main points of the your response are going to be to continue to ignore even mentioning the utility and benefits of using a pivot and what creative nonsense you’re going to come up with about me. Perhaps I’m an incel now? Or am I still a woman? Entertain me.

        13. ‘When I finally deploy for the first time’
          Haha…who is the inexperienced LARPer again?
          You’re right. I don’t follow PUA. That would be like reading a newspaper. You’re trying to gain intel on men by studying obsolete blueprints…how feminine.
          Bottom line, ‘sir’…You worship women. That is why you are their friend, not their lover.
          You’re a woman. Just admit it.
          BEGONE THOT

      2. IMO, WR is right. If a male is hanging around a female it is because he wants to bang her. The female absolutely knows this. This friend zone crap is simply her using a male for other purposes. Attention, someone to talk to, favors, etc.. WR is suggesting calling her out on this behavior. Shit or get off the pot so to speak. Why not cut to the chase and save a whole lot of time and effort?
        Of course, I have my own methods of saving time and effort…

        1. AUTOMATIC
          In my 20’s and far into my own habit of going to prostitutes I briefly had a fling with a woman named Trish.
          After a few fucks she decided to cool it on our relationship and said “why don’t we just be friends.”
          “Good luck to you then,” I said genuinely.
          “What? Like you’ll never see me again!”
          I never did, because by then if I could not get Sex on Demand I just could not be fucked to waste a moment of time on any bullshit.
          A week later, paycheck in the bank, I went to visit a prostitute again. I forgot completely about Trish.
          Months later a mutual friend said she’d mentioned me. But by then I did not care, I could not be fucked.
          In point of fact if you are not going to marry a woman-which I did eventually-why not just spend your money on prostitutes instead of blowing money buying drinks for women who waste your time.
          A few times I did fuck some chick and she was with her friends I noticed they would talk about some Beta guy who hung around. Talking about what a loser he was, how they would never fuck him in a million years, giggling their vicious female tribal laughter.

      3. “That combined with your inability to realize that there is a way to be friends with women while retaining your masculinity proves that you really shouldn’t be giving out any kind of advice on the subject.”
        “Not my fault your social skills need work, but again, I suggest you stop offering your bad advice to the guys who visit RoK to learn, especially when you can’t grasp a simple pickup concept known as how to appropriately use pivots…”
        No offence, but having “female friends,” is never the best course of action if being a good friend means striving towards the perfect friendship it in and of itself (meaning having no ulterior motives or “pleasure” as Aristotle puts it).* Like Capt. M., it might work for instant social proof, and it’s not that useful after that and you can employ other more effective tactics 95% (5% out because you might use in situational game) of the time.
        Is she going to cook and clean for you? Raise your children? Is she that kind of potential and are her legs still open? Then why bother when that’s not the case? If the woman is married or something like that then she someone else’s property and not the same as “friendship” because you would not call her up to hang out on a whim etc. Its not appropriate.
        *Women just don’t think like that, they want something from you which is especially true when you are put in the friend zone…which means that she is even less of a friend really.

    2. Weimar,
      “If she hugs you where every part of her body is touching you, from legs, pelvis, pussy, tits and face, you are still in it.”
      Not sure about that one, my stepdaughter has been hugging me like that since she was 15 (20 now).

  8. I only deal with women outside of work if I’m going to fuck her…………………….

    1. I work in field with very few females. And the few that are there are mostly hideous. Makes it easy to not deal with them.

      1. AUTOMATIC
        You know, when I would occasionally smoke pot or have sex with non-prostitutes in my 20’s they would always talk bitchily about some Beta “hangaround” (What we used to call orbits) and what a loser or fag he was. Their faces would twist into disdainful expressions “Rick is so creepy” “He’s a dork” etc.
        Then the guy would show up oblivious to the fact they laughed at him.
        It made me reflect on using prostitutes who did what men liked and no bullshit.
        I reflected that none of these poor fucks ever got laid. Just showed up as a source of humor.

        1. Realizing that is when I stopped being ‘Mr. Funny.’ Women take themselves far too seriously and are too passionate to want a guy that ‘makes them laugh.’ Now my natural humor only emerges sardonically.
          I recommend any pathetic simp who thinks he needs to make a woman laugh watch the 1924 silent movie ‘He Who Gets Slapped’ starring Lon Chaney. A real eye-opener.

        2. @MM
          Even escorts have orbiters. And ugly girls too. I will never understsnd it. Must be some type of personality disorder with these guys. Even when I was foolish enough to play Cpt. Saveahoe at points in my life, I was still getting pussy from the girl.

        3. AUTOMATIC
          I went through a stage where I fucked strippers.
          Every stripper had some guy trying to reform them.

  9. Staying out of the friendzone is easy. Step it up a notch: staying out of the friendzone with your girlfriends friends.
    I’m not really made for long term relationships. I’m a total cunt. Now that that’s out the way, yeah, learn how to play your girlfriends friends. I’ve fucked most of my girlfriends’ past friends. They all love it. It’s fucking weird. You have to have seen how cool and guilt free they were around my ex girlfriends (note: I’ve done this in every LTR I’ve had). Cold as ice. That’s a red pill and a half to witness.

      1. And why is that, pumpkin? You think that I really am LTR material? No, seriously, this isn’t something that I’m proud of, but when I get the signals I act, and so it’s been many a year since I’ve been in a LTR. And note: I’ve never been dumped. You just get to a stage where you’re tired of being a cunt, and a leopard can’t change it’s spots.

  10. ********************
    An article to help omegas. Who would write that ?
    Ah omega males giving advice to omega males
    In other words: returnofthekings.com
    Where pariahs and incels gather together to talk about pretending to be real men.
    > Gay.

    1. hfsvar;jl
      “Where pariahs and incels gather together to talk about pretending to be real men.”
      And where ass-clowns like you show up to advertise how ignorant you are.

    1. Of course I left the above as a reply to “hfsvar;jl”
      Put it in the wrong place though.

  11. This stuff is actual work, fellas; grateful to have a resource like ROK to remind us. My op/ed follows…

    IMO, most friend-O orbiters are a threat to your game, and you know you’ve got to throw them out of the ring or the girl you want is going to be distracted by their nonsense. First rule, never get stuck “in orbit” (after the initial getting-to-know-you stage, switch off the “cool/interesting new friend” vibe and show your true will). Never fear the constant competition for genuine high-SMV women; they can smell it on you and you will get friend-zoned like a bitch. Rule 2, banish her other (inferior, temporary) orbiters with as little effort as possible. If you’re something special, and if she’s on point, she’ll be deleting those faders from her phone. The women who aren’t neurotic, socially-inept bimbos or sluts will actually look up to you for your lack of complacency.

    You know how the solo nomadic lion shows up and eats all the cubs before taking over the pride? That’s YOU. Clear the territory. I have zero intention of making friends with her male friends, and will only tolerate their presences for a short time. Once I’m in, they’re OUT.

    If a woman starts throwing the friend-only vibe — often merely as a shit test — I’ll usually drive my point home with unambiguous body language, eye contact, etc. If non-verbal doesn’t seal the victory and she starts friend-zoning, I’ll say it outright, but in a lighthearted way: “Hey this isn’t about being friends, or ‘just friends’…LOL I’m coming directly after you, and you know it!” If she starts smiling and keeps talking, it probably worked. If you overplayed your hand, then you are unfortunately now a creep; sucks but it happens. If time is being wasted, leave and delete. Next.

    Once you land her (esp if she is multi-date or LTR material), it helps to find a clever way to let her know she’ll be getting rid of all extraneous males by telling it straight: “Got news for you — high probability that NONE of them are your friends; they want something more, or they’re gay. One or the other, 9 times out of 10. It’s me or them…can’t have both or all of us as long as I’m around…sorry!” Force them to choose. Women who need gay male friends — HUGE red flag (seen it); like a bunch of harpies. Let her know that your male intuition is real and you’ll be acting on it. It’s not as rude as it sounds. I generally can be found joyful and laughing when I say such things (“Abundance” signal), because this awkward step is funny too; you laugh in the face of competition because her orbiters are bullshit, and none of them are as authentic as you are in this moment. Other dudes dither and wack off behind her back, you closed the deal with crystal-clear motive. Women respond positively unless you are not their #1 pick, then they’ll give you the “fuck off” vibe and you’re done. Whether we like it or not, SHE will be gauging your power and doing the choosing; let her. Nature said so.

    Simplicity and directness, and no waffling in the friend/chump zone ever. I’d rather go down in flames than share any woman with another potential suitor.

    1. Hot girls tend to hang out with/date the top tier of guys; you can actually find really good guy friends through hot girls, because they act as “social filters”. I’m not talking about their beta orbiters, I’m talking about the guys they actually date. Make friends with those guys, because you can learn a lot from them, and you can also meet more girls through them.

        1. Really bro? Developing a social circle through finding the top tier guys in your area and making friends with them to get access to the top tier girls in your area is stupid advice?
          Your other post mentioned that you have no friends. It’s pretty clear why, especially if you think that “all males are effeminate, honorless pussies nowadays, no sense making friends with them.” The top 10% of the guys in your area are slaying it while you lurk around by yourself with this false sense of superiority.
          Since you’re obviously such a stud, why don’t you offer some advice that isn’t “stupid”?

        2. Seeking ‘friendship’ or any attention from other guys is just pathetic mate. I just can’t imagine what do you mean by that. What exactly such ‘developing of social circle’ looks like in practice? Maybe I’m simply completely different type of person but I hate the idea of another man on my way to get a woman. Picking up girls is a lonely activity, no other fagots will help you with that. Besides I never have met any person worth wasting my time with them so yeah I have no friends. People are unbelievably stupid, there is no ‘ top tier guys’. Chicks don’t act as ‘social filter’s, they are shallow and superficial, driven by primal instincts. One in a million is worth serious commitment.

        3. No man speaks like this cunt. She really failed at trolling. I have texts messages in my phone from women that say ‘bro.’ Get lost, whore. We aren’t going back to gynocentrism.

        4. It’s pretty clear that you have a low Emotional Quotient. You have no concept of the basics of having a wingman, and therefore no idea how a solid social circle can get you laid. When you develop these kinds of relationships with guys that know how to handle women (read: someone that’s not you) you don’t get in each other’s way, you HELP each other. It’s pretty easy to determine why knowing top tier guys can help you get laid. You seriously don’t know that top tier guys can help you get laid? So you’re saying that knowing and hanging out with local guys that are bouncers, bartenders, DJ’s, business owners, surfers, and other local “players” isn’t worth your time and effort? You sound like the kind of faggot that lurks around the bar by himself and tries to pick up the chicks that these guys all already know, and then gets AMOGed because he doesn’t know anyone even though he could.
          The fact that I have to even EXPLAIN why it’s a good idea to have wingmen and be friends with high status guys who are good with women is fucking pathetic. I thought RoK was part of the manosphere/PUA community, yet retards like yourself and WR fail to grasp even BASIC social dynamics and concepts that FUCKING HELP YOU GET LAID FASTER AND WITH HIGHER QUALITY WOMEN.

        5. The lady boy ‘fly guy’ with stolen valor is still going at it. Dude, when was the last time you actually got pussy? When was the last time you actually went on a date? WE actually get laid…and since you’re a woman, you probably do too. GTFO with your American Pie memes. I have never had a ‘wingman,’ nor has anybody else I have ever met. That’s not how it works IRL, kid. See, if you were actually a guy, you would know this, but you’re just some clueless woman who only receives, so of course you don’t understand. Kindly fuck off, bitch. Go trying on mommy’s makeup and vibrator, again.

        6. “I have never had a ‘wingman,’ nor has anybody else I have ever met. That’s not how it works IRL, kid. See, if you were actually a guy, you would know this, but you’re just some clueless woman who only receives, so of course you don’t understand. Kindly fuck off, bitch. Go trying on mommy’s makeup and vibrator, again.”
          lmfao dude you’re so fucking stupid:

          12 Essentials To Being A Great Wingman

          The Benefits Of Having A Good Wingman

          I can’t tell if you’re a troll, or just socially retarded. I actually think you might be an incel because despite all your hilarious rantings, you haven’t posted much in the way of actual advice that’s going to help the readers on here, and you have this weird obsession with calling me a woman.
          Anyway, I suggest you quit posting for a while while you read and take action on the three articles I posted, and maybe you’ll be less of an incel faggot that calls anyone that doesn’t share his dumbass worldview a woman.

        7. See, only WOMEN actually troll men with the ‘incel’ label and the over the top homophobia. YOU ARE A WOMAN. Admit it. You are preaching a gynocentric worldview on a manosphere site. You are shoehorning in ‘milady first.’ That is why you threw a bitch fit. Nobody else has ever complained on this site about down votes because men don’t care about that. That is what women do. You get your feelings hurt easily over nonsense.
          You still didn’t answer me. When was the last time you got laid? I normally would not shame a man because I know how difficult it is at times, but I know you aren’t a man so I’m calling you out. There are telltale signs about a heterosexual man vs a woman/homosexual describing sex while pretending to be a heterosexual man. The movie American Beauty is a good example.
          Go ahead, toots. I’ve already bedded female ‘vets’ like I said. So I know your type. I know how you like it and your weaknesses. She also claimed to be ‘raped’ on seven different occasions. So I know about that bullshit lie too. How many guys have raped you in your storied ‘military career’ devoid of combat?
          Keep deflecting, missy.

    2. Hey this isn’t about being friends, or ‘just friends’…LOL I’m coming directly after you, and you know it!”
      Bravo! Something to keep in the back of your mind.

    3. Spot on with everything. Except, “the women who aren’t neurotic, socially-inept bimbos…” Well, these days they are ALL neurotic. Specially in the bigger cities and burbs.

  12. I held a chicks purse once in public. She passed it quick to me like a football from a quarterback. I was caught flatfooted. That memory still haunts me to this day.

  13. I have no friends. Women are for sex only (except that one you choose for wife and mother of your children, you have choose carefuly), all males are effeminate, honorless pussies nowadays, no sense making friends with them.

  14. The article barely touched on something that could be in an entire article, or series of articles, alone. These ridiculous “stunt” proposals (carry it on through the stunts for asking girls out too)
    If a man doesn’t have the cajones to ask her “say yes to ME” he falls back to “say yes to this distraction”. It’s a disease.

  15. The best material to gain confidence comes from classical self help books, like think and grow rich from Napoleon hill. Confidence becomes a by product of your studies once you realize that you can have anything you want, if it becomes reality in your mind first.

  16. By far one of the best, most straight-forward relationships articles on ROK.
    This is ROK at its finest, I started acting on this immediately, erasing some numbers from my phone and cancelling a coffee date that was gonna go nowhere. I’ll use the time I saved to lift.

  17. Stop having female friends? Why? Female friends are trojan horse for other women, it is always far more easy when some else talk about you. And if you got a female friend who got many, many other female friends, well, you are in like a flint, at least as long as you don´t fuck your first friend anyway, then the party is pretty much over.
    Another bonus you can learn a lot from female friend. For some unknown reason, they tell me things that they don´t even tell to their boyfriends, even when they cheat on them. Yeah it is fucked up, and it is sometimes disgusting, but you learn a lot about a true nature of people.
    And for the end, always try to be Casanova, the man is genius. You can even get his book, about 5 000 pages, but good stuff. In short, Casanova way, to love every one like the first, and last, with all the passion is great way to destroy her bullshit radar, her intuition. Just watch for revenge afterwards, because you are playing with people hearts and feelings this way, something that is never to be taken lighty.

    1. Female friends are total cock blockers. If you have one, and she meets a girl you WTB, all of your secrets will be revealed. Best to keep any weakness to yourself, real men don’t need to share their ‘feelings’ with anyone else.

      1. JOHN
        All of this is “fifth form” 15 year old shit. Are these grown men here or boys trying to “snog” a girl from their class.
        Men get laid. Men support the woman they live with if she is agreeable and does not prefer black bums off the street. Men go to hookers.
        What is this shit? What man with a job has time to “orbit”. What is this, fucking Gregory’s Girl?
        I mean this is some sad shit.
        Remember how I said that Gen Y was socially retarded?

      2. Groups of Asians do not cockblock white men. They all gather round and take pictures when you kiss them and let them pull your dick out…in public. I wish I had given these Area 51 skanks a chance a decade earlier. It feels wonderful being worshipped instead of browbeaten by white women. That is why I don’t even keep my dog on a leash anymore…I think of it as something that belongs on a white bitch.

      3. All my secrets will be revealed? What am I? KGB agent? First of all I don´t like generalization. There are some truly wonderful women out there, fascinating and with extreme feminine qualities. You just can´t put every one of someone in the same basket. Man-Women friendship? Why the hell not? I love company of good, and quality women. When I look back, some of the most wonderful times of my life where possible because of women.
        Man support women and go to hookers? Well, I´m 15 year old…can´t say a thing on this, MAN…
        All in all, don´t be a hater. Yeah I know the world is F….. up, your relationship/marriage got the same chance for success, like the madman marz will fuck something this month, government is bad, state is bad, people are god damn demons if you look generally, but there is still a room to enjoy a good, and a fun life. Just play with a cards that you got, there is no other way. And always remember, IF it is not fun, you are doing something wrong.

  18. Look at the woman in the top headline picture. If you look at it closely I’d say she’s a five at best. She certainly not “beautiful”. Sure, shes not necessarily fat… the haircut is relatively uninspiring, and good lord that soyboy/feminist fish mouth smile they do with their teeth.
    I honestly see some males Aim for women in the 3 to 7 range, because they think they have a better shot.

  19. 1. Don’t have female friends.
    2. Don’t have female friends.
    3. Don’t have female friends.

  20. Fully concur, having learned my lesson the hard way about female “friends”. Life is not Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.
    However, a female friend can be useful if and only if she can connect you with some of her friends who might think of you as something more. If not, bail immediately.

  21. Female friends suck. They’re not dependable, they’re boring, and they rarely share any of the same interests as you.
    Also, its a big mistake bringing a female friend into a circle of males, it will most likely create drama from all the sexual frustration.

  22. Had a girl tell me she just wanted to be friends. I replied that my female friends fucked, so if she really wanted to be friends we’d be fucking. Worked with her. Did her off an on for 3 years.

  23. I discovered this is an instructive and fascinating post so i suspect as much it is extremely valuable and proficient. I might want to thank you for the endeavors you have made in composing this article

  24. Dont have female friends and expect the same from them as you would from a man. That should be the takeaway.
    Life is almost never black or white. I have fucked some of the most beautiful women with some of the least effort I’ve put forward from social circle game that centered around female friends.
    It is usually a toxic waste of time, but if you have the appropriate expectations and frame, then female friends are a great weapon in your arsenal.

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