British Army Instructor Faces Court Martial For Making A Female Recruit Cry

An instructor of the British army may be court martialed after he was filmed yelling at a female recruit during a bayonet course and the video was uploaded on the Forces Bible Facebook page.

The Queen’s Finest are going full circle into cuckery and might sack the instructor for doing his job: put on an act to shout at recruits and prepare them mentally for war.

Women can’t handle basic military training

The instructor’s insults are nothing out of the ordinary. The problem seems to be that the recruit is too fragile to handle words, when the position she trains for might include killing her enemy in the future. She is crying when her comrades did not, therefore the instructor simply states a fact with his “You are fucking weak”.

He also refers to her tongue piercing. I believe the corporal wanted to shout “YOU ARE A SLAG!” but managed to hold back and just yelled that she was “not a killer” instead.

How I noticed that problem with my army experience

My only army experience was limited to a “preparation” lasting a bit less than a month. French students can volunteer  for a few weeks in certain units, to see if military life suits them. It is designed to sort the wheat from the chaff. Instructors are specifically told not go easy on the new recruits.

Even in that very short period, I noticed how girls were always lagging behind. A dead weight for the whole unit, they were particularly mediocre in the activities that needed upper body strength, orientation, or hand to hand combat.

One episode that stayed with me was the tunnel. On the obstacle course, a concrete pipe was buried about two yards underground, with a length of fifteen yards and the width of a human body, just like those Viet Cong war tunnels. We had to crawl in it and follow the light to the other end of the tunnel. Even if my reptilian brain told me for a second not to do it, my logical brain analysed that there was virtually no risk of death, to take a deep breath and start crawling.

Out of the seven girls in our group of fifty recruits, three refused to get in the pipe and were sobbing, saying that they could not do it. Out of the four others that succeeded, two needed mental coaching for about five minutes to reassure them before getting in that pipe at a snail’s pace while choking back tears.

Instructors regularly called our mothers whores and us shit-for-brains, faggots or sacks of shit. It was all part of the game and that is what the PC pawns do understand but refuse to accept, because a girl was at the receiving end.

This procedure is needed to harden the spirit and add additional stress to learn to think in a tense situation. But this is what happens daily in armies that are soft enough to recruit women…

What did the soyboys at the Daily Mail expect?

“That army guy was like, so mean! How can you shout at a girl?”

The softies who wrote the news article do not understand that even the instructor knows he is playing a role and uses caricatural lines form Full Metal Jacket (“Show me your war face!”). They only want to punish him for putting in words her inability to be a soldier and that thousands of viewers, especially hardened veterans, probably had a laugh at the expense of the liberals that are forcing women quotas in the military.

These recruits will be sent to war. The role of this instructor, however foul, not politically correct or offensive is necessary. Recruits need rage for bayonet charge and combat. They need to be angry and aggressive to channel adrenaline and kill a potential enemy.

I would be more than pissed if I was a NCO, with years of experience and probably a few deployments under my belt, getting court martialed because daddy’s little treasure with her tongue piercing can’t handle someone screaming at her.

The white knights at the Daily Mail obviously deactivated the comments on their page to prevent any pesky dissenting opinions.

Pas de “grosses” dans les rangs

The deeper the country is into cultural decline, the more cucked and ridiculous its military policies become. Women, by their very nature, have absolutely no place in combat units. And I think 95% of our readers that have served in any army will agree with me.

I won’t detail again why women in the armed forces is a terrible idea, we have written enough about it in the past:

The only solution to meet half way across the bridge, if there was no other alternative, would be to create all-female units limited to administration or first aid.

But after all, British top brass choosing to fire a competent instructor to satisfy a few low-T pen pushers only mildly surprises me. We are talking about the same army that commissioned these adds for recruitment, becoming even more of a global laughing stock:

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  1. Good, I say recruit more women so the stupid anglo-shmanglos can finally stop being a nuisance.

    1. Check black female on your next job application. And if they don’t hire you, sue them for discrimination. Or do you still think the short haired dykes in HR are going to hire you because you’re “a stand-up dude!!!”

      1. Good call. I am what I identify with — at any given moment in time — as is beyond question.
        I’m a black Hispanic Muslim female. Don’t you dare tell me I’m not! Don’t you dare make me cry! Or, or, I’ll dial 911 and accuse you of identity assault. I’m sure that’s a felony here in the West.

        1. Photo: the girl is holding the pistol by the barrel (pointed toward her). Nice. Reminds me of a story. My friend went to a conceal carry class. A girl hit her target, got excited, jumped and did a 180 with the hammer cocked… surprised she didn’t shoot herself in the foot.

    2. Yeah, but the women aren’t actually going to face the enemy, and everyone knows that,so why even pretend they are in the training course. Shouldn’t they just have a different ‘soft’ training course for the girls?

      1. Incorrect. Women always face the enemy… in his harem. Every unearthed battlefield proves this by its lack of female skeletons. They always live on while we die ‘defending their honor’ that they don’t even have for themselves.
        I think it’s time for an all-female army to do the dying and the fighting. I’ll be home cheering them on giving them goodbye sex and getting engaged to several at once to play hypergamy in case one of them dies (lad’s gotta do what’s best for him, right?), and then fucking the older businesswomen while my fiancé is away at war (not a betrayal because she gets to leave while I have to stay), as it is my right as the ‘weaker’ sex since women are ‘stronger’ now.
        The only ‘serving’ I’ll be doing is working at the tampon munitions factory with all the other Rory the Riveters cheering on our gals and collecting their life insurance.

      2. JOHN
        You have to keep in mind here that jobs for the female population have also shrunk since the 1970’s when you were entering the workforce.
        Proletariat women have little choice. They can go and do some stripping, work absolutely menial jobs that pay nothing, or join the military.
        It is an attempt by the government simply to create employment-even if that is little more than some officer picking out the most passably attractive of the enlisted females for sexual favors (Which is what the reality is).

        1. As a traditional, feminist hating, cuck crusher, I will gladly provide the sexual favors in exchange for food, shelter, protection and toxic masculinity! F’in what passes for men in these day sin liberal California makes me want to puke……..fu*#ing skinny jeans, YUCK!

      1. I think you should try to take the Falklands (Malvinas) back so the Brits can kick your ass. Again.

  2. She can’t hack it. It’s that simple. It’s all based on the false presumption that men and women are equal, but not just equal under the law (which is reasonable) but equal in every way. And when this “equality” is exposed as false. What do “they” do? They deny the feedback and double down. This means more social engineering. This is who we are up against and why they must be sedated at all costs. Society is not at all imbalanced or at a loss because women can’t be grunts or quarterbacks. Our opponents are so ideologically possessed when evidence says men and women are different they respond by imposing more controls over us because come he’ll or high water we will make us all equal. Hence the social engineering, which IS incredibly oppressive to everyone. This is a foreign authority literally telling you to go against your nature and how to live. For men they must cut you down and for women they must elevate. For women it’s done through propaganda as most of the things they want women to be they can’t do or do poorly. Why do you think all men are portrayed as weak and all women as strong when you turn on a random tv show? It’s F up and it will stop.

      1. Off topic,
        Man receives text message from neighbor, “I have to confess I’ve been using your wife for the last six months and the guilt is eating me up”, man gets gun, and shoots sleeping wife in the head, a minute later a new text arrives, “sorry, I mean WIFI, bloody auto-correct!”

    1. Heh. For myself I thought sedated was exactly the right word to use in that context. Hysteric irrationality did once qualify as temporary insanity after all.

    2. This social engineering is being done by design. When the United Nations makes the final push to implement “Agenda 21” now known as “Agenda 2030” they want the men as docile as possible. If you aren’t aware for the “Agenda’s”, and your country is part of the United Nations, you may want to go to the UN website, look up the Agenda’s I’ve indicated and start educating yourself. They are moving forward with this plan incrementally as we speak. Words like global warming, inclusion, social justice, diversity, globalization, Smart-XXX (phones, tv’s, internet, etc. which will be their surveillance system to monitor coherence) sustained development, disadvantaged communities, migration, calls for eliminating borders, etc. are all words designed by the UN to socially engineer us all the way into what they call “Human Settlements” (otherwise known as “Sustained Developments”) They have the US mapped into 5 “Mega-cities” (pack and stack high rises) 2 on the west coast, 3 or 4 on the east coast/mid west. All other land, including the coasts (for the Elite only) and the entire middle america will be off limits to humans in the name of conservation. Private ownership of houses and land will be a thing of the past. The “Global Government” will see to it that we are all happy, the land will be saved from us pesky humans, population will be managed, and there will be “equal distribution” of wealth and resources. He who controls the food controls all……sound crazy? Just look at the UN website and start reading the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 plans. When they refer in the report to other studies like the Urban Development Plan, or any other study because they keep the information hidden and de-centralized so we don’t figure out what’s going on until it’s too late. Did anyone ever tell Europe that the migration from the middle east was planned well in advance and the governing bodies knew it was coming? I am pasting for you an excerpt from their declaration at a meeting on migration. Notice at the bottom how it states that the dialogue started in 2013, to further the global government, Also notice that this agreement was guided by the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. It’s happening……One World Government……and I always thought it was a Conspiracy Theory. As it turns out, real life is stranger than fiction.
      In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Now, an excerpt from the following:
      72/244. Modalities for the Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the
      Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration:
      “Reaffirming that the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration
      would set out a range of principles, commitments and understandings among Member
      States regarding international migration in all its dimensions, make an important
      contribution to global governance and enhance coordination on international
      migration, present a framework for comprehensive international cooperation on
      migrants and human mobility, deal with all aspects of international migration,
      including the humanitarian, developmental, human rights-related and other aspects of
      migration and be guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 1
      and the
      Addis Ababa Action Agenda of the Third International Conference on Financing for
      and informed by the Declaration of the High-level Dialogue on
      International Migration and Development adopted in October 2013, 3
      Acknowledging with appreciation the voluntary contributions received to date
      by the United Nations multi-partner trust fund to support the global compact for safe,
      orderly and regular migration,”

  3. “Are u a killer or a mouse?”
    ” A killer, whaa-whaa!”
    “Show me”
    “Sniff, sniff, what?”
    “Show me how u wield a weapon(Unzip). Take this riffle”
    “Oh, my Gawd”
    “Squatting position, now take it”
    “Yes, sir”
    “Both hands, soldier, this looks like a pistol to u!? … Yeah, that’s right, eyes on the target, yeah, keep going… Damn, soldier, ur a killing machine! “

  4. my understanding of this is that he’s facing a court martial because he shared the footage on twitter (i.e. “for all of you who think women on the frontline is a good this is what I have to deal with when I’m training them”). They would probably have got him anyway but in the video itself he is actually fairly supportive of her in a mean sargeanty kind of way. If he hadn’t posted the vid I’d have said he actually wanted to turn private benjamin into a soldier of sorts

  5. Why is this news? Women cry all the time, for multiple reasons. Reducing a woman to tears is an easy feat that could have happened in a coffee shop, let alone the military.

    1. Can you imagine if a man started crying from the same treatment? It just wouldn’t happen(if he did he would have no place in the military, not even in a support role).
      This year on Anzac Day in Australia, the march of veterans on TV began with the host saying this years focus will be on women in the military. They went to an interview with a former service women around 35-40 years old.
      She complained that people and other marchers wouldn’t take her seriously, when she wore her medals on the left hand side. Left side is for someone that has served, right is when you are wearing a dead relative’s medals. People had told her she should be wearing her husbands medals on her right side. Boo hoo.
      She then went on to tell how she suffered PTSD and she had a hard time finding support from Veterans Affairs(who probably wouldn’t take her seriously). It turned out that she hadn’t served anywhere near the frontline, let alone been under fire. She was some sort of psychological counselor who couldn’t handle second hand trauma from someone who had actually been in combat. Apparently despite her psychological training and assesment by the army she was given a role she was totally unsuited for and blames everyone else for her shortcomings.
      I don’t really see how someone in a support role, that goes nowhere near the actual fighting has the right to be called a veteran. It makes a mockery of those that fought and that those who were wounded or actually died. Just because someone is in the military it doesn’t mean they are a soldier.

      1. As a man in a support role who gets near actual fighting – all those who serve are vets. Because while I joined as a comm guy – I now serve with a special unit and get just as down and dirty as they do.
        Thing is, anyone who serves takes that chance of that occurring, so all should be considered vets, because when the shit goes down your role doesn’t matter.
        On the other hand, a person who never saw any combat, support role or not, shouldn’t get to claim PTSD and a bunch of other shit. I agree with your point, you just took it a bit too far mate.

  6. Judging by that tongue piercing the only thing she probably knows how to do right is give blow jobs out. Wonder if she cries during that too

  7. This is why women shouldn’t be allowed to be in combat roles. If she can’t even handle being screamed at what’s she going to be like in a fire fight in a war zone!

    1. So you think women should not be allowed to die instead of men? You are making the same arguments feminists make. It’s their turn. Don’t be a cuck. Call the whore’s bluff. Combat or no feminism.

      1. They shouldn’t be allowed because it’s not a fucking game. You don’t go to war to prove a point. You go to war to kill the fucking enemy and keep your homeland safe. That’s why you don’t have retards or paraplegics or asthmatics or even weak bitches with flat feet in the military.
        So we put women into combat positions and send them to war to prove what kind of point? That women should die just like men? But again, the point of going to war is not to die. It’s to make sure the other fucking loser dies. And by putting some weak ass woman on the line – even one who is stronger than 80% of the COMPLETELY pathetic women out there – we will get more good, brave men killed. And even more catastrophically, stand the chance of actually losing a war in the very near future with a country like China who cares fuck-all about political correctness or women’s feelings.

        1. JOMVIKING
          “Keeping the Homeland Safe”
          Impossible really, Muslims will always find some malcontent Arab or Prislam black convert for a suicide mission.
          Yemeni and Syrian Jihadis are not going to parachute into Iowa swinging scimitars.
          In any event, an F-35 cannot stop the sort of Travis Bickle tactics that Muslims employ-some nutcase stabbing civilians in public.

        2. Most of the hot women who join the army end up being the fuck of the week from an officer-I served two years in the Michigan National Guard Infantry Reserves (One weekend a month in Traverse City) before a hearing loss got me discharged on a general medical and women are REMF anyhow but the hottest of them end up at Arlington cemetery doing the ceremonies or something.

      2. I spent 10 years in combat units (Infantry and Armor). Women shouldn’t be allowed. I’ve met a single woman who could pull her weight physically or mentally. And if such a woman existed, she would still screw up moral and destroy unit cohesion.
        Simply not worth it.

        1. testify bro! i was a tanker for 12 years and loved the hell out if it. BUT IM RELIEVED TO NOT be in the service now, the putrid petri dish of social experimentism that it has become with all the females destroying literally everything the military was about ALL BECAUSE OF “MUH DIVERSITY” BULLSHIT!!!. I still am in the DoD halls and its turned into a real cultural shit show of stupidity and SJW mindset that is killing the service line a virulent weaking cancer. How do you destroy a military and country? just inject estrogen and feelings…done….finis….

        2. I hear ya, brother. Over 10 years active duty and numerous posts stateside and overseas, including one fairly elite unit. Don’t even get me started on chicks in the army. Except in certain admin and medical specialties, and maybe supply, they are a drag on a units readiness and fighting potential. The stories I could tell.
          But of course since it’s all about being PC and the top brass sucking up to politicians and feminists, They are trying to get MORE women to join up. Just look at the recruiting ads with the emphasis on women and minorities. It even extends to the VA hospital system. Though it is mostly white men who have served and getting treated at these facilities, the VA system seems to have a never-ending series of celebrations, forums, Facebook postings, etc., about women and minorities in the military, past and present. It’s an obsession. And of course posters up everywhere about sexual harassment and other women’s issues.

        3. No there are a few – I’m in a combat unit right now and we have several women, though frankly I can only think of one MAYBE two out of all of them who I think would actually hold up right with the men. The one I am absolutely certain of, and she doesn’t ruin morale either.
          What we need is to accept only those extreme few, because when people claim “no woman” when it is obvious that some can, it just makes us look like sexist idiots – which only serves to fuel the crazies further and make them seem logical.

      3. Weimar
        I agree with you. All femicunts should be send to Syria or Afghanistan. Let them die off. They are parasites anyway.

      4. I think you guys are on a much lower frequency of brinkmanship than I am. Who were the very last antifeminist women? (Yes, they actually existed for over half a century before they magically vanished because of one binding reason).
        Phyllis Schlafly and the ‘Anti-second wave’ of the 1970s. They sincerely campaigned against female custody, alimony, no-fault divorce and female careerism…because the age-old fear of ACTUAL equality (Equal Rights Amendment ) would be the communist gift that keeps on giving. There would be actual unisex restrooms, male nurses, preschool teachers etc.
        But most of all…they were terrified of BEING DRAFTED INTO THE MILITARY after seeing what happened in Vietnam.
        That type of fear they gleefully shamed men with via white feathers when injured vets were simply out of uniform.
        You guys are falling for gynocentrism. Force these cunts to be conscripted and put in combat (which they currently aren’t and never have been – training videos don’t count). How many female purple hearts have been handed out? How many female military funerals? Next to none. So just stop with the chivalry.
        All it takes for feminism to end entirely is for a few homely bitches being forced into deadly trenches with amputations before the Great Reversal occurs. Women will gladly hand over their rights at that point and this nightmare ends. The trad-THOT shit ends too and these bitches start going back to finishing school and getting pregnant at 19 again.

        1. I’m not talking about chivalry. I’m talking about winning. I don’t give a shit about their feelings or protecting women. I want our military to so thoroughly overpower other militaries that the thought of going to war with us is terrifying. And the way to do that is to NOT let people in who will drag the mission down by their very presence. And by that I mean men and women.
          You talk about how few women Purple Hearts recipients there are, which is a valid criticism. But there are just as few blacks and browns in that list. And forget about Medal of Honor recipients. The media (and to be fair, the armed services are bad about this too) loves to tout the odd Mexican or black guy who wins a Medal of Honor. But the vast majority were won by guys who look like extras on a Western set from the 50s.
          Again, the military is not some kind of game or proving ground for social experimentation. It has one very specific and crucial purpose and anything that gets in the way of that quite literally threatens us all. It’s like saying you want more women to become firefighters so that they’ll die while fighting fires, and ignoring the fact that this means more civilians will ALSO die in fires <— this is not a good thing by the way. I feel like I need to point that out on this forum.

        2. Yes, blacks and Mexicans do not die in combat by and large. The FBI stats prove this. White men, despite all their ‘evil,’ are still doing the disproportionate fighting and dying while women and diversity become NCOs without combat experience.
          But you did not refute anything I said. You only reinforced my point.
          Like I said, we are on entirely different frequencies of brinkmanship. We are both Weimar Republicans. But you want to build it back up, and I want to tear it down and bring on the next incarnation of empire.
          I am willing to risk total destruction, just like they are of us to get their perks. So yes, it IS a ‘game,’ as per brinkmanship. They are playing it, but you aren’t. You are offering your zero-sum charity of gallantry (armed protection) to them that only harms you and benefits them.
          The military is not some sacred thing for me. Your defense of it (ironic) is the literal (not ironic) definition of chivalry (swordsmanship and all – I’m not calling you a ‘white knight’ as a reddit insult).
          BECAUSE this military is so powerful is exactly why poz was allowed to take off so effortlessly…the fact that it provided this protected artificial arena of safety away from the hostile outside world from which to stage this dystopia is why it will only disappear once the walls come down. We are already seeing it with the migrants.
          It is all such a fragile experiment and I want them to experience the anarchy and violent vacuums their unnatural politics would yield literally anywhere else at any other time in history. It’s time for them to taste the consequences.
          I say we need to defang anything that protects Clown World. Pastoralize these enclosed creatures that so rely on the charity and muscle of the very white men they are slowly and gleefully annihilating, so they can face the hostile prey every other weakling has to in Natural Selection…the very Darwinian theory they rub in our face with our ‘intolerance’ in the ‘Current Year’ as if diversity and poz were evolutionary and not artificially buttressed BY GUYS LIKE US TO OUR OWN DETRIMENT.
          WE white men can survive without anybody’s protection safely in the hills and in underground bunkers because we are the only ones who LARP with survivalism and firearm practice. That is why they are trying to disarm us, as they only use weapons for robberies and ghetto gunplay, not target practice or hunting.
          Once ‘civilians’ are forced to inescapably face the Current Year like a few of us are, they will be Red-Pilled too.
          I don’t give a damn about the prestige of some government that is barely two centuries old or land because everything has a lifespan and runs fallow. What I care about is the white race, which will outlast this republic.
          I want more people to start thinking like me so I don’t have to comment online anymore.
          So I WANT to be criticized. I WANT to be shot down so I can have my few errors pointed out and corrected, but also to refute any and all criticism that was not exegetically expressed in my theories.

        3. You make some very solid points. Particularly this one, which I believe is the kernel of what you’re talking about
          “BECAUSE this military is so powerful is exactly why poz was allowed to take off so effortlessly…the fact that it provided this protected artificial arena of safety away from the hostile outside world from which to stage this dystopia is why it will only disappear once the walls come down.”
          That is absolutely true. I am not as black-pilled as you, in fact I have always resisted pessimism or nihilism (old terms for what people call black-pill now). But even I do not think that the nation as we know it will survive another generation. I know the idea of the downfall of the US (or Western Civ in general) has been bandied about on internet forums for so long that lots of guys just disregard it as autistic screeching, but I can’t think of any nation in history that has withstood the level of demographic changes that have been forced on us over the past fifty years. I just can’t see any logical way for it to continue.
          That being said, the weaker our military the more our lifestyle will be threatened, and the lifestyle of our children. Now if you don’t have kids you probably don’t give a shit and I wouldn’t blame you. But the result of this is not just, “I’m going to live in the hills with my truck and hunting dog.” I’m talking shipping lanes being mined, bombers flying over corn fields, submarines surfacing off the coast of Cali and knocking out cities. It would suck on a monumental level and no amount of feminism or LGBTQ bullshit would make me think that was a preferable situation. China does not fuck around and I wouldn’t put past Mexico to throw their hat in with them (they’ve done it in the past as recently as WWII and they are still pissed at us for handing them their asses in the Mexican-American War). This wouldn’t be another cold war.

        4. I am not Black-Pilled entirely. I am just a realist. I think this country will limp along for another century. There is not going to be some Mad Max collapse. Not going to happen. It will collapse brick by brick in a controlled demolition, like how all the major cities are now toxic hellholes, and now the rural areas are (if they ever weren’t?).
          There is simply too much wealth, too many resources and too many industrious people here to keep it ‘evolving’ exactly as is because they already have contingencies in place. There is an aristocracy using this synthetic poz (Current Year jargon for diversity/degeneracy) as an invisible hand to funnel it into every area like it was marbling a cake.
          All of those doomsday scenarios (La Reconquista, Chinese land buyouts, Third World replacement) are already playing out without a war. So…
          You’re right. I have nobody to defend, so I am not going to defend this decadence. I’d actually assist Russia if it came down to it. It doesn’t make sense anymore to pretend like this is ‘our’ country to defend when we have become its personas non grata.
          I’ll take delight in its demise and figure out the rest during the cleanup. I don’t care about my standard of living. Nothing is constant. Some things are more important than materialism. These people aren’t standing side by side with you in the trenches…they are at home with the women stabbing you in the back and laughing as they do it. That is the definition of chivalry. Entirely thankless, unrequited and corrosive. Have at it.

        5. If you think only “white” men can survive? You’re an idiot.
          Plenty of black people LARP and frankly LARPing doesn’t prepare you for survival.

      5. @Weimar, keeping apart differences, I agree with what you said. But, unfortunately that’s not going to happen! pussies will NEVER face any Combat. They will simplify find “excuses”; getting Impregnated, periods, abused by fellow MALE Soldier etc., etc., !!
        They know very well that they are No match to the MEN.

    2. fucking useless is what she will be, she will be a liability that will get MEN killed. end of story.

  8. I quit one of my gigs last week for precisely this reason. This tall, blue-eyed Mexican (sweetheart of a man) let his unfriendly young adult children operate his fledgling business into oblivion. Ok fine. I get it. I’m just there for a quick paycheck.
    The only other white person there is this angelic 15-year-old girl. I kept my mouth shut for two weeks as this little cunt regularly pushed my arm to get past me and tell me what to do in her obviously first job because she has never been told no in her entire life…
    I know the type…incredibly pretty and precocious, believing that since she started giving blowjobs at 12 to the older boys like a grown woman, she thinks she knows all there is to life.
    A nubile little tart has zero incentive to remain infantilized like a guy playing video games all day. So she is learning how to drive and work from the get-go and all that because adolescence is a female’s Golden Age where she gets everything…as it is only downhill after that. So they are on top of the world at this age and incredibly arrogant.
    So she walks all over everybody because everybody is mesmerized by her beauty. She is almost as tall as me and has tits like a woman. I had no idea she was that young until I was informed.
    One night I’ve finally had it as she says ‘Hey! You cant’ just…’
    And very tamely I raise my voice and say, ‘NO! You can’t tell me what to do. You are 15.’
    She did not bother be the rest of the day, but I was informed as I was leaving at midnight after I had had a strong drink on an empty stomach, that I had made her cry, and that there might be a problem if she tells her parents.
    I’ve never heard of such a scenario, as if this were some high school study hall.
    I worked the next day and she didn’t say a word to me but did all these little passive-aggressive bitch tactics like bump shoulders in passing, and silently race me when walking in the same direction. Shit like that.
    I quit that day, not because of her (the pay sucked), but I think I gave her a good life lesson…never talk to a man without fear of recourse. Probably saved her life.
    I fully support women getting their legs blown off in war though. It’s their turn to defend ‘freedom,’ especially since they have more of it than men do.

      1. It would’ve been an interesting case study into the mind of nymphette, but I just didn’t care enough about the job.

        1. Weimar, I don’t know how old you are, and I’m certain I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but as an old man now (60), some jobs, and some people, are just not worth the effort and the aggravation. If this means you have to extract yourself from a toxic no-win situation, then I submit, walk away! If not for the sake of your health, safety, and sanity, at least for survival. I’ve tasted the bitter pill of locking horns with protected classes in the workplace (e.g. Women), and it didn’t end well for me. Even if they win, their victory dance is short lived. One caveat I’d add to this list is pick your battles, and pick them well. Entire nations and armies, throughout history, have won battles, then lost the war.

        2. Antonio, I am less than half your age, but I think I have gained a world of wisdom on women in the last 2 years. My dad is actually significantly older than you and divorced my mom when I was in diapers…so all those stories from much older friends of my MGTOW dad warning about such and such were somewhat lost on me back then (since they have all dropped dead one by one).. But have all come roaring back under a new meaning, kind of like all those top-40 songs from the 1990s I used to listen to that seemingly made no sense my little kid self.. but then you listen to them now and you realize they were actually very meaningful but coded (often about heroin).
          I know that little cunt is still thinking about me because she gave me some dry-run head game, but I cut it short before she could implement it.
          These jobs mean nothing to me. I make my money and leave, but fool around with a coworker or client here and there. Mostly it’s just to study female nature and keep my social skills sharp.

        3. “some jobs, and some people, are just NOT WORTH the EFFORT and the aggravation”
          @Antonio, OMG! Words worth more than GOLD !! Now that’s the true Wisdom of Life & Survival.
          I know you are generous enough to allow me to use your Words, Grandpa!
          PS: I am quite happy that you live in my Home State, MO/KS.

    1. Weimar
      Good luck convincing these ultra cuckservatives nutjobs that white women aren’t worthy of being treated like a lady. They aren’t even feminine to begin with. So why treat them like a lady. These cunts aren’t marriage worthy & definitely no good for the society. Last time i have checked they all wanted equality. So why not give them a real test of equality. Recruit them in military & drop them in a war torn country. Let them die off in the battlefield.

      1. I singlehandedly flipped the entire altright.//com in the two months I posted there despite being entirely unreceptive in the beginning (we all know how that goes), and I have received a much better reception here from almost the beginning. So there is a good chance.
        The Amazon princess warrior thing is a bluff through and through, which we need just enough guys in the manosphere to start calling them out on because women are reaping the benefits without consequence.
        But right now these guys are not getting it. They aren’t seeing what I’m seeing. They have not overcome this deleterious romantic gallantry because they think they are preserving something, which they are – the Current Year.
        They are so proactive that they cannot comprehend that ‘less is more’ and letting go yields more control. The Laws of Thermodynamics would be at play if just enough guys stopped participating.
        We are never going to convince all men or even most men to become Red-Pilled. All we need is somewhere between a tiny minority and a significant minority of men to be aware because gynocentrism requires near uniformity to even operate, just as a table needs all four legs to stand. But time alone erodes it enough to start squeaking, then wobbling, which requires buttressing from artificial stopgaps. Then one leg becomes too unwieldy and the whole tabletop is virtually useless from imbalance. But if we could chisel away at it just enough, we could expedite the inevitable.
        So many men are lazy shills who will never overcome their chivalry or their blissful ignorance of the social revolution taking place right beneath their feet, which their own do-gooder cuck autism has prevented them from even seeing. So they lash out in anger at us because they do not understand any of it. Not because they are stupid, but because it does not affect them enough to prompt their attention or extensive research. It is like waking a simp from his wet dream to the reality of women. Some men can handle it, some cannot.

    2. Makes me think of high school girls I see whenever I’m sitting there at Starbucks writing. What the fuck does any high school tart need to know about physics, chemistry, or A&P for?
      All of the girls I have ever known and fooled around with in high school have become zilches. They also were taking up 9 tables to “study” the same exact subjects. Most have become teachers, real estate agents or mommies. Home economy is all the education most women will ever need.

  9. FFS, women in the military… If I could go back in time…..its an idea that I would kill outright in any mind that suggested it. and kill Karl Marx when he was a baby.
    Humanities turning point was universal suffrage and voting rights…then this dazzlingly stupid piece of suicidal thinking “Lets let women in the military”…..

    1. On another note, find and read a book called “Their Masters War”, by Mick Farren. It fits this topic of female usefulness for male soldiers. Midway through the book, you get the point.

    2. Karl Marx never mentioned women in any of his work, he was old school, no equality for women, they were beneath his notice. In those days only men were worthy of politics. Marxism has been twisted by feminists, Marx would have been on our side on this war.

        1. Actually it is the point, feminists would have just twisted someone else’s philosophy, Marx is just another male victim of feminism. If you read about his personal life, he hated women, if you read his works, he ignored women.

      1. John Dodds is flat out wrong. Marx discussed women.
        What follows is for general edification for other readers. I’ve decided John Dodds isn’t worth my time.
        From the Communist Manifesto
        “The less the skill and exertion of strength implied in manual labor, in other words, the more modern industry becomes developed, the more is the labour of men superseded by that of women. Differences of age and sex have no longer any distinctive social validity for the working class. All are instruments of labour, more or less expensive to use, according to their age and sex.”
        Note: Marx is almost Red Pill on that but ge goes on to state in full proto-sjw fashion:
        “The bourgeois sees in his wife a mere instrument of production. He hears that the instruments of production are to be exploited in common, and, naturally, can come to no other conclusion than that the lot of being common to all will likewise fall to the women. He has not even a suspicion that the real point is to do away with the status of women as mere instruments of production. For the rest, nothing is more ridiculous than the virtuous indignation of our bourgeois at the community of women which, they pretend, is to be openly and officially established by the Communists. The Communists have no need to introduce the community of women; it has existed almost from time immemorial. Our bourgeois, not content with having the wives and daughters of their proletarians at their disposal, not to speak of common prostitutes, take the greatest pleasure in seducing each other’s wives. Bourgeois marriage is in reality a system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might possibly be reproached with, is that they desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalised community of women. For the rest, it is self-evident that the abolition of the present system of production must bring with it the abolition of the community of women springing from that system, i.e., of prostitution both public and private.”
        Note: Whoa, Karl, where’s that coming from — attending too many 1848’ era swingers’ key parties? No, Marx took any swipe he coukd at the Bourgeois and saw the dissolution of the bourgeois family model as part of the revolution.
        Ironically, Marx was a family man himself.

        1. “Ironically, Marx was a family man himself.”
          If you consider living off his aristocratic wife and impregnating her maid a family man, then you are correct.

  10. Just a question outside the subject does anybody recommends a book about south african politicas from 1948 to 1994? please no liberal or trevor noah bullshit

  11. “Women, by their very nature, have absolutely no place in combat units.”
    Most contemporary Western men aren’t fit for the job either. They aren’t that different physically and mentally from their female counterparts. The only demographic(s) that is still somewhat fit for military service are minority males. These guys still have a level of aggression and fighting spirit in them. The problem is that this segment is largely motivated by money and material gain and not conviction and love of country – they don’t view the country they live in as their country. However you’re going to slice it you’re going to end up with a qualitatively compromised military.

    1. Wrong. Have you ever been in the military? Have you even attempted it and washed out of basic? This does not describe the US military in any way shape or form.
      Go on YouTube and watch any of a thousand videos of military training and tell me that those guys are lacking in aggression or masculinity. I served for almost ten years and I can tell you that there are men in the military RIGHT NOW who are stone cold killers.

        “Wash out of basic”
        If you wash out of Naval or Army Basic Training Fort Polk you are a sad bastard.
        Paris Island. Yeah, that might be more understandable.
        The Air Force? A six year old could get through basic.

    2. Also I’ll add one more note to this (since this commenting system doesn’t allow for edits?) – while I was in I had the privilege of working with SF units for a few years and they were almost exclusively white men. There were a few minorities but for the most part blacks and browns join the military to skate by and get some benefits. In fact you’ll see that in nearly every challenging field in the military, especially one that requires some measure of physical bravery.

        1. In all honesty, that is the way it should be. Why would anyone expect minorities to fight for white men. Would I fight for another people so they could expand their influence? I honestly don’t know why white men sign up for the military either. What are they fighting for, a dying country? A country getting colonized by the third world? A country that fights for ZOG? Maybe it is for the thrills, who knows.

        2. Wes
          Cheap incentives (‘paying for college’) and chivalry (‘My dad and his dad and his dad etc all served, so I will too’).
          So it is basically a mercenary organization.
          I say Go John Galt, MGTOW whatever you want to call it entirely. Let these savages protect their own asylum, so they are forced to be the white man to save them again…in exchange for their rights.

        3. WES
          If you are born in a really totally shitty rural city or town in the US interior you can join the Navy for 2 years and get the college money and probably not get a scratch.
          Having done this you can escape forever from the sheer shittiness of some crumbling internal third world and at least attend some university.

        4. WES
          Mostly it is for a paycheck. I have no idea where you are from but in places like Southeast Michigan you are down to the military, college (And has to be a degree you can take somewhere else) and shitty menial jobs that do not pay jack.
          Work in Home Depot or fight in Afghanistan-such is the choice of the trailer trash, Cholos and blacks. And those are the ones that do not have a felony rap sheet.
          Also, though you would not regard an army base as particularly luxurious the trailer trash and Cholos and blacks live in such poverty as civilians that a base in Kabul is comparatively luxurious.
          It is the same reason they do not mind prison.

      1. You hit the nail on the head Viking! The one black guy in my fire academy dropped out halfway through. He came from some talented tenths, doesn’t seem that any of the talent rubbed off on him though.
        Not that I nurse any virulent hatred towards blacks or Mexicans. Some are good dudes, but most are morons.

  12. I hope that cunt in the video is reading this comment. The army isn’t a fucking game you stupid fucking bitch. I’d shoot you myself on the battlefield so that I don’t have to carry ’round your sorry ass. Fuck off to a stripper’s pole or something, anywhere were you won’t be accountable for other people’s lives.

  13. From what I’ve seen the UK is experiencing a soyboy apocalypse. Ghastly. Is there something in the water?

    1. In the water (fluoride), in the soy (phytoestrogens and more fluoride) and in the food (long list of toxins…).

      1. Also, it is my understanding that many pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants are very high in flouride as well. Does this correlate to the sorry state of native swedish men today? Theres a large percentage of swedes on them.

    2. Yes, it’s apparently down to the birth control pill although the chemtrailing in the u.k is off the charts, fuck knows what that shit they’re spraying is

  14. Good article, but it’s hampered by quite a lot of spelling and grammar errors in the second half. ‘form’ should be ‘from’, ‘adds’ should be ‘ads’, etc and a number of sentences can be restructured to sound more coherent.

  15. In past, India was invaded and ruled by britishers for over a 100 years. UK will face the same consequences if such a trend of encouraging soy boys and women to join the army continues.
    I imagine a future scenario that in times of crisis, those women at the borders will cry loudly to call the soy boys for a rescue, while soy boys would be playing video games in army camps wearing headphones.

  16. To all of you stating here that women should be allowed in combat units cuz of feminism (so they can do-or-die) – it would be all nice and dandy if they were not mixed with men in combat units. Combat unit is only as strong as its weakest link – in this case that would, most likely, be its female soldiers. This would result, in many cases, in deaths of male soldiers due to females’ inability to perform physically at the level of her male mates, no matter how hard she would train and try, I cannot see a female being able to pull out/carry her wounded comrade out of the harm’s way, even if he was just 180lbs with 50 lbs of gear. Also, female ability to make quick life-or-death decisions under fire cannot match the abilities of her male soldiers – more unnecessary deaths to follow. Leave them in support units to allow for the “quota” holy grail of feminism, there they could not cause much unwanted deadly consequences…

    1. I don’t care about defending my country. My government doesn’t represent me in any way. I welcome the death of the government and anyone who fights to defend them. Whoever invades and wins can’t be worse, let somebody new rule me. It can’t be any worse than things are now.

      1. I’m almost there myself. We effectively already have collaborationist governments. We are just client states of Israel. I have a deep dislike of ‘blue lives’ too. All of it needs to go. Why are illegals who work beside me exempt from taxation, but I am not? Why can they attend the same government schools and private hospitals for free, while being exempt from the law? None of this makes any sense and things are going to start to crack in this Ponzi scheme because it isn’t sustainable.

      2. JOHN
        Well yeah, presumably you have enough money to remain outside of the UK for the remainder of your lifetime.
        But imagine the poor Chav who is stuck today in your cities. Fifty years Canada and the United States and Australia were still accepting your endless stream of prole emigrants to Detroit or Vancouver or Perth. Australia and Canada a bit longer because these were underpopulated countries that needed swinging dicks.
        Today, forget it. You cannot immigrate and they sure as shit will not pay your boat ride.
        So the white chav born in 1990 to two 22 year old parents in a Council House who were pleasant enough but had limited education have given him no opportunity to escape at all.

  17. I hate to be contrarian but, why not encourage more women of this sort to join up? For one thing it gets more stupid women out of the regular workforce. That can only be good. Secondly, since this is the UK, there’s a slight chance the training might thin them up a bit. (A slight chance is better than NO chance.) And most importantly, when the UK finally decides to give up all pretense of freedom, those resisting won’t have to face a well-trained military!!
    Just observations from an outsider. 🙂

    1. Agreed. I’m going to be handing out pink feathers to any cowardly woman who isn’t ready to protect her men from the enemy.

  18. I have seen female soldiers cry many times in my Military career. When I went through basic training in the US Army back in 02. Many of the female Soldiers could not take the pressure. I was an NCO, it was my job to ensure the troops are able to fight, engage and destroy the enemy. War is not a game, weakness could get your battle buddy killed, selflessness and person courage are traits you normally develop in the Army. Everyone has fear however there is courage when you fight together.

      1. JOHN
        The US military budget has utterly bankrupted the United States. If this was Bin Laden’s idea in the first place, which probably it was, he spent 5 figures on some box cutters and pilot’s lessons and managed to draw the US in a war that has stretched on for nearly 20 years.
        When I returned to the US for business 7 years after I’d gone to Dubai, I was surprised how run-down it looked. Infrastructure crumbling, whites descending into homelessness and drug abuse, huge swathes of the place internal third worlds.
        Muslims fight through hit-and-run tactics-grooming 12 year old girls, suicide attacks, selling heroin to white hicks in Ohio and Chavs on London estates or simply having a load of kids to drain the fiscal budget etc. They do not bang on the front door of able-bodied ex-soldiers and demand a mano-a-mano gladiatorial conflict to the death or parachute into Iowa swinging scimitars.
        Bush got his ass kicked and was ultimately responsible for the refugee crisis which Hillary then galvanized by removing Ghaddafi as the gatekeeper to Mediterranean shores.
        So the West has been stupid and an alcoholic bum who could not hold a job for 20 years convinced the US proles to elect him in 2000 because he had found religion and they were sick of Clinton insulting their values under the Democrat admin and they proceeded to flush the US right down the toilet because they cannot even spell protest signs right.
        The ultimate objects of Laden’s hate and that of Alabama rednecks alike were unscathed in their Manhattan apartments and Hollywood villas. None of their kids fought in Iraq or Afghanistan, I assure you. Their economy was not affected by the war, particularly.
        The idiot rednecks on this site will blame some race hustler from Chicago but by the time Obama got into office Bush had already flushed the US down the toilet.

      2. If you ever made a comment like that to me, in person, I would hurt you badly.
        Did you ever serve, tinkerbell? And if not, what’s your lame excuse?
        Too smart? LMAO.

        1. Blue-Eyed
          Michigan National Guard Reserves infantry general discharge for bad hearing and a heart murmur.
          So no, not really.

        2. Blue Eyed
          I served one weekend a month in college in the Michigan National Guard Reserves infantry battalion. Basic and advanced infantry training Fort Polk but spend most weekends in Traverse City.
          Eighteen months in I was diagnosed with a hearing loss in my right ear and a heart murmur they had not picked up on the induction physical and received a general discharge in 1996.
          So no, I’m not a veteran.
          In fact I do not even count the state guard reserves as serving.
          During 9-11 I was in Canada in fact. I spent the 18 months between 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq in Ontario getting a post-graduate degree.
          I was 29 years old when the Iraq War began. So I was too old to serve and medically unfit though I passed through Basic in Fort Polk without an trouble.
          Anyhow, you’d never meet an expatriate like me where you live. I live overseas, Have for nearly 20 years.
          Saw the US go downhill too. When I left in 1999 it was not a great place for working middle class white guys like myself but when I returned for business to Los Angeles in 2007 shit had gone downhill in the Bush era, I’ll tell you.

        3. “In Person”
          I probably wouldn’t and won’t. You live in a Podunk town or small rural US city far away from anywhere I would choose to visit. You’d never meet someone like me. In New York or Los Angeles, maybe. But I doubt it.
          And you don’t have the money to go overseas I suspect, nor the inclination. So you would never meet expatriates like me.

        4. MM… you are very confused here. You have addressed me 3 times about a comment I was making to Mr. Dodds!

        5. BLUE-EYED
          I’m sorry, I thought you were addressing me.
          I personally have no feeling about a person serving one way or the other.
          However, in the Michigan National Guard Reserves, and granted this was the mid-90’s when moral was incredibly low and not active duty, minorities were just awful.
          I don’t think in this day and age they would actually accept those type of minorities into the armed services.

        6. BeD,
          You need to specify the target of your comment, like I have.
          But to answer you, gun, sword (personal choice) or knife?
          I train regularly with each weapon in preparation for the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse, and am absolutely confident of my ability to kill.
          I never ‘badly hurt’ my enemy (pointless as you face revenge or police), kill or ignore are your choices.

        1. I’m 44 years old and I don’t know whether you are referring to me or not.
          Since you are probably to young to remember Bush you don’t know what I am talking about anyhow.

        2. MM… Gryphon was referring to John Dodds as I was.
          You are not following who is talking to who.

        3. BLUE-EYED
          I apologize for being an idiot.
          One white guy in motorpool was stabbed with a screwdriver by a black GI.
          I mean when I was in the state guard reserves, it was really really low moral, but that was in the mid-90’s.

        4. GRYPHON
          I think Mr. Dodds is angry at a government that enacts laws that divorce rape men in the UK.
          You guys are too young to have been divorce raped and you have to take his feelings about losing everything he ever had into consideration.
          Wishing death to people who need a job and choose to serve their country is not quite what I would say but please understand John has reasons to despise his government and its agencies.
          Also, John is Irish.

      3. Dodds… you want a soldier killed because he’s serving a government you don’t believe in? You are one sick puppy. If I could reach through this screen, strangle the life out of you and get away with it, I would.
        What’s the REAL reason you never served, you yellow fevered pussy?

        1. BeD,
          The reasons I never served are,
          1) I never needed to escape ghetto poverty,
          2) They didn’t offer to pay me enough.
          3) No other country has threatened me or my family.
          4) I’m not stupid.

    1. Amusing comment for sure, but there is never a place for a menstrually-timed lesbian shock troops. Women no matter how butch and or lesbian, even when on male exogenous hormones, are still only Larping at being men.(thanks WeimarR, royalties awaiting in your bank account).
      Wait a minute…I could see a role for a unit that could cause a distraction to the enemy and be readily sacrificed.

  19. I was a firefighter alongside women, they have absolutely no aptitude for the job. I’ve met a few that were competent paramedics, but definitely not firefighters. Being a big mean bull dyke doesn’t count for shit either, most lesbians don’t have any more mechanical aptitude than any other woman.
    Women should temper their enthusiasm for swinging pipe with the actuality of swinging pipe. Why the hell would they want to be soldiers?

  20. I am a US Army Officer. I understand the reservations of women in the military…. The problem is there aren’t enough able bodied men to fill the needs of the US military. Our generation is fat and weak. We don’t have enough recruits that can make height and weight standards even including females. Then add a morality clause (no felonies) and a need for intelligence (officers or non-grunt work, IT, nuclear, drones, etc.), and a growing economy with low unemployment…. Where do we get the men? I have a graduate degree and can easily make 100k + without having to wake up at 0530 or worry about a PT test…. How do we contend with that? It’s a free market (volunteer army) and the best and brightest have other easier options….

      1. JOHN
        I get the feeling that 75% of the bloggers on this site are 17 year old schoolboys who live at home.
        Jeremiah strikes me as the same Brit who poses as Americans under other avatars for some silly reason. You pointed him out a few months ago and then he reappeared impersonating an Ohio redneck.
        I suspect that the real hardcore anti-Semitic stuff is actually a gag by some 17 year old Ali G type.
        In general, most of the posters here are just kids.

      2. JOHN Bit of Compassion
        These sad, sad bastards on this site posing as adult men have had none of the opportunities you and I had by dint of being born in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s.
        They have never been able to travel or see the world or even hold a decent job.
        They have lived their entire life in their divorced Mum’s house and lack the independence to even backpack around Europe.
        They have never been near a woman and their entire notion of sex is from wanking to pornos in the room where they have spent their entire 20 years on earth.
        They have no possible hope of saving enough to simply fuck off overseas like you and I and have a wonderful life abroad. They could not afford to even leave home, the sad fucks.
        When you were their age you were too busy to impersonate middle-aged men on a blog, had one existed.
        But these tragic, tragic fucks have nothing to do and nowhere to go.
        They will never enjoy Asian hookers or LOSE a house to wife or do anything but wank in their basement when they are grown men.

        1. Tell us some more stories about how amazing you are by fucking Asian hookers. Truly a life worth living! I can only aspire to be in such a place, where I live in some 3rd world shit hole and fuck sub-90 IQ women who would knife me for the money in my wallet if they had the chance. Unfortunately I didn’t have the amazing opportunities that you did.
          Instead I had to suffer through growing up in an almost 100% white town in Northern Wisconsin. I lived all over the world in the military, came back home and got a bachelor’s degree from a state university. Now I’m working full time and raising two kids and nailing a green-eyed former competitive gymnast who speaks three languages and understands me when I say I want to go camping over Memorial Day weekend.
          But you do you, Marz. Sounds like a good life buddy.

        2. JOMSVIKING
          You’re confined to a base perimeter on a curfew overseas, so it is hard to really see much of a country.
          I served in the Michigan National Guard Reserves, Traverse City, one weekend a month for 18 months. General discharge on the grounds of bad hearing and a heart murmur.
          In any event Dubai and even Bangkok are not shit holes.
          As for living in a small Northern Wisconsin city, where would I meet hookers, man?

        3. Joms,
          How many women and children did you kill while stealing oil from 3rd world countries?

        4. JOMS
          This comes down to an “each his own” sort philosophy.
          My experience in Northern Michigan’s small towns is that economy and the infrastructure are actually less developed than your average Asian city.
          You need an all-terrain because you have to drive on dirt roads and depending upon your degree you have limited options for employment.
          But again, to each his own.
          I was unimpressed by rural life in the US both in Traverse city where I served my one weekend a month (Infantry battalion) and college at Central Michigan University. There’s no cuisine, no hookers, nothing to do, the people that have not been in the military have literally been nowhere, limited job options (Unless you are in forestry or perhaps a mechanic), no surplus money in the local economy for much in the way of venture capitalism, not much pussy.

        5. JOMS
          Truly a life worth living!
          I spent my college years in rural Mid-Michigan and I much preferred life abroad to the sort of job opportunities available in small US rural towns and cities.
          The public funds cannot even cough up enough for public transportation. There is no venture capitalism there. If you have a skill set or degree that is in demand you can make a pretty good living but if you are a self-employed businessman, forget it. There is some retail, a few restaurants, some landscaping (I did this hellish job one college summer) that is about all.
          There is no vast skyline with 40 story views like my Bangkok apartment. Two story houses made of wood. There is no possible way to find $100,000 investment (I am not going to go into my business) unless you wanted to open a taxidermy shot or a tattoo parlor.
          Corporations pretty much have wrecked small business in rural towns and cities. In the bigger cities you can own a hardware or clothing store but in a small town Wal Mart has wiped everything out.
          So to each his own my man. But would I trade the life I have had overseas to live in rural Michigan?

        6. JOMS
          I completed Basic and Advanced Infantry Training and served one weekend a month (Traverse City and Ripley, Minnesota) for 18 months.
          Okay, that is REMF shit and I am in no way a veteran.
          My hearing in my right ear was bad to begin with and I lied to pass the physical.
          As a result, I received a General Discharge.

        7. JOMS
          You’ve succeeded in pissing me off. I did not wash out of Basic or Advanced (Fort Polk, Camp Ripley).
          I was mustered out after 18 months on a General because I lied about being half-deaf on the physical and my NCO later picked up on it and sent me to the doctor.
          Finally someone has really pissed me off on this blog.
          Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a veteran. But I did not “wash out of boot”.
          Fuck you, Swede.

  21. Not just this the UK government is prosecuting former Soldiers for actions in Northern Ireland while the terrorists go free or are in local government themselves!

  22. The British army is fucked. Praying on the battlefield, while the others look on and bombs are dropping. What a joke.

    1. It’s been 75 years since the US or British Army had any real purpose, they haven’t defended our home countries from any potential or actual foreign invaders. All they are for is to sent overseas to oppress other countries and steal their resources (usually for the benefit of large corporations).
      Hell, all the potential invaders are welcomed into out home countries, given welfare, free housing and invited to bang our women.

      1. JOHN
        Military generals and F-35’s cannot bomb shitbag Muslims grooming children or selling heroin on the streets of UK.
        The US police are actually less inhibited by civility than their UK counterparts but even still they barely make a dent in Mexican crime in the Southwest.
        The Pentagon or MI-5 cannot come up with a strategy to stop immigrants from having 5 kids of whom none will ever be employed in the lifetime of any reader of this commentary section.
        This is not to say every Pakistani or Mexican family produces total scumbags-about one in five are very productive citizens (Perhaps a 20% success rate).
        What George Bush and Hillary Clinton did do in fact was kill the two bastards so tyrannical that Muslim terrorists were kept under their thumb. Bush created the refugee crisis along with Hillary killing Ghadafi (The tail end of the Obama administration was a real embarrassment in fact).
        Bin Laden in fact won because he drew the US into a 20 year conflict that has bankrupted the economy with the military budget and this cost $20,000 in box cutter’s and flying lessons.
        The American proles are so stupid that they voted for Bush, and this is not something that can be attributed to Jews because they hated the man and protested Iraq, resulting in the happy situation of America today.
        I’ve been overseas for 19 years and I have seen this. The endless wars, the loss of civil liberties that do nothing to prevent the next malcontent Arab or Pakistani or black Pris-lam convert from running around with a knife, the economic disaster…

        1. The us economy is booming, unemployment is at a very low rate… Can’t say the same for the Marxist bent countries. Ahhh but what do real stats matter when we can utter bs.

        2. JEREMIAH
          It was booming in the 90’s as well, but the problems a working middle class white man like me would face seem to gotten more significant with time.

        1. Hey Will,
          You ain’t stealing it for the people, you’re stealing for the big corporations so they can have a bigger markup on their prices. I’m waiting for 1 soldier to explain how they defended their country, by going overseas. The only way Saddam (et al) could have delivered bombs to the US would have been to send in FedEx.

        2. JOHN
          That is why the army is all-volunteer these days, John.
          As for fighting Muslim terrorism, in fact it has increased since 2003.
          F-35’s cannot wipe out some disaffected Pakistani immigrant. No amount of Homeland Security will stop such acts.

  23. Military training is about 30% skills training and 70% conditioning soldiers how to function under duress.
    Elements of sleep deprivation, physical and mental fatigue, and stress simulate a fraction of what a soldier is called upon to do in combat.
    In a real workd scenario are NCO’s politely, encouragingly saying “come on now, off you go, ye can dae it?”
    No, they’re giving commands much in the same way this corporal was because they too are under extreme fucking duress (what with being shot at by the enemy and all).
    If this female recruit can’t function in training then she sure as fuck cannot function in the field. The army’s job is to prepare her or wash her out of training.
    Further, how un the fuck is her mouth shrapnal regulation? A metal foreign object through her tongue that further complicates a medic’s job and endangers her.
    Women should not serve in combat roles because they compromise the safety of the men. They should be drafted (if there’s ever a draft again) into non-combat support positions because why the fuck should they stick around at home taking up civilian jobs while the males their age must sacrifice their prime years (and potentially their lives) as conscripts?
    As for the British recruitment ad, I’ve no issues with competent (operative word) soldiers of any race or religion serving as long as they’re loyal to their military oath. I will say that there’s no fucking way a combat operation would ever get delayed because a soldier wants to pray, but presumably that advert was supposed to depict a training exercise
    The military shouldn’t be a nation’s social justice experiment. It has a job to do and people who serve deserve competent comrades and the utmost support.

      I think this would be impossible at this point.
      The Leftists would chop off their trigger fingers or just take 100 hits of acid before they went into induction or commit petty felonies.
      The Jews for example, would tear up the campuses in protest and they would find some financial backing-even if it were a war in Syria.
      There is no possible way to reinstate the draft.

  24. Rudyard Kipling
    I went into a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer,
    The publican ‘e up an’ sez, “We serve no red-coats here.”
    The girls be’ind the bar they laughed an’ giggled fit to die,
    I outs into the street again an’ to myself sez I:
    O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”;
    But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play,
    The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,
    O it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play.
    I went into a theatre as sober as could be,
    They gave a drunk civilian room, but ‘adn’t none for me;
    They sent me to the gallery or round the music-‘alls,
    But when it comes to fightin’, Lord! they’ll shove me in the stalls!
    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, wait outside”;
    But it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide,
    The troopship’s on the tide, my boys, the troopship’s on the tide,
    O it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide.
    Yes, makin’ mock o’ uniforms that guard you while you sleep
    Is cheaper than them uniforms, an’ they’re starvation cheap;
    An’ hustlin’ drunken soldiers when they’re goin’ large a bit
    Is five times better business than paradin’ in full kit.
    Then it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, ‘ow’s yer soul?”
    But it’s “Thin red line of ‘eroes” when the drums begin to roll,
    The drums begin to roll, my boys, the drums begin to roll,
    O it’s “Thin red line of ‘eroes” when the drums begin to roll.
    We aren’t no thin red ‘eroes, nor we aren’t no blackguards too,
    But single men in barricks, most remarkable like you;
    An’ if sometimes our conduck isn’t all your fancy paints,
    Why, single men in barricks don’t grow into plaster saints;
    While it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, fall be’ind”,
    But it’s “Please to walk in front, sir”, when there’s trouble in the wind,
    There’s trouble in the wind, my boys, there’s trouble in the wind,
    O it’s “Please to walk in front, sir”, when there’s trouble in the wind.
    You talk o’ better food for us, an’ schools, an’ fires, an’ all:
    We’ll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
    Don’t mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
    The Widow’s Uniform is not the soldier-man’s disgrace.
    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!

    1. RUDYARD did not live to see the Indians colonize the UK so let me write a Kipingesque poem-
      “ODE TO UK PAKS”
      Abdullah is a heroin dealer,
      On the London estate he peddles doth wares
      His brother Nazeer art in schoolyard parking lots.
      Grooming the little mares,

        Most Americans, including myself, who live overseas would avoid a US army base or even a bar full of US military.
        Even under the most controlled circumstances including a base perimeter and a curfew the blacks and Mexicans and white trash are apt to real stupid and anti-social behavior.
        The Americans on this blog have a real insight into how an American expatriate truly feels overseas.
        They make me sick.

        1. You’re a consummate douchebag, loser, Marz.
          You brag about fucking whores.
          You’re always whining about being from Detroit.
          You put down the US military.
          Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit. Get the fuck off of this site.

        2. That’s a great way to cover up your cowardice to serve… Blame others and don’t try to be the change to make the organization better. If you have an issue with women serving and you didn’t man up to serve, you’re part of the problem and not the solution. And if you are a marxist, you’re definitely a coward because you didn’t stand up and die with your brethren. At least they stood up and fought for their beliefs instead of fighting hangovers and hookers.

        3. Jerry,
          The US military is nothing but a bunch of mercenaries, paid to kill and oppress foreign countries that have oil reserves. The USAs real enemy is Mexico, and the Mexicans are invading the USA every day, yet how many of the US military are defending your borders from the invading Mexican hordes? None, they’re too busy killing women and children in the middle east.

          I served 18 months in the Michigan National Guard Reserves infantry.
          One weekend a month, Traverse City.
          At the age of 23, after 18 months, I got a general discharge (Medical) for bad hearing in my right ear and a heart murmur that was not picked up in the physical.
          So in fact I did go through basic and advanced infantry training (Fort Polk, Louisiana and Camp Ripley, Minnesota).
          Of course this is REMF and not serving. I am not a veteran. It was the college ROTC program.
          In fact, I won’t actually say that I “served”. Most weekends in Traverse City I slept under trucks after drinking beer.

        5. 18 Months Michigan National Guard Reserves (Infantry), E-1 (Yeah that is sad, I know, but it was ROTC), general discharge May 1996 (Age 22).
          When they picked up the heart murmur and bad hearing in my right ear (I lied to pass the physical) they decided I was not their problem child.
          I did not wash out of Fort Polk basic or Advanced Infantry Training.

        6. SANE RICKY
          I served in the Michigan National Guard Reserves infantry when you were a baby and I have been around blacks and Mexicans in a barracks in Traverse city and Fort Polk which you have not.

        7. DEAR PATRIOTS
          We have no quarrel here because people like myself or John get the hell out and are never seen again.
          So there is no argument.

        8. MM,
          Totally agree with you on this one. Military personnel are generally not proud patriots, but the lowest form of thuggish scum in the world. Nobody in their right minds mixes with this sort of people, and the whole world avoids army bases. Gretto losers and redneck no-hopers are the guys that join as grunts.

        9. National guard are different,
          They come from all walks of life and generally view it as extra days adventure holidays at the governments expense, while still being paid by their employers.

        10. JOHN
          You have to be fairly young to want to volunteer for a war.
          I was 29 when the US invaded Iraq and had been living overseas for years by then.
          However, the Dubai economy was good in the war years and that helped me in my professional life.

  25. I met Royal Marines when I was in the corps they were pretty badass the British army must just be garbage though. But it makes sense if we had let the Brit’s take the lead in ww2 we’d still be waiting for them to attack

  26. The irony is that elite liberal Marxists have taken over the West but yet are building a weaker military. And to go along with that, when it comes to contracts to produce weaponry, the government only awards contracts to those corporations that implement the most “diversity”, which translates into more expensive weapons with flaws. Think F-35. Ever wonder why the F-35 had so many problems? Because of all the females and minorities that the corporations hired to work in engineering, management, and labor positions to produce the F-35 resulted in a problematic product. So the liberal leftist Marxist elites expect to win a war against Russia and China with a weak military? Hopefully we are invaded one day by Russia. I’ll gladly step aside and let the females fight so Russia can win. Then Russia can liberate us men and re-establish a patriarch society here in the West where only men have jobs and women beg men for dates.

    1. I think it’s hilarious a bunch of faggots think they are rebelling against the system by joining the god damn mother fucking military. It’s perfect…let the pre op fags become post op from an IED.

    2. Pretty obvious. Remember the stereotype about Vietnam veterans being insane after they came back? Well, now we really have people who were insane BEFORE even joining the military.
      Oh, yes. What can possibly go wrong with that idea?

  27. I love the irony that many of those that disparage the US Military love areas that are thanks to the US and it’s military. Eastern europe, Thailand, and the Phillipines. Hell, Pattaya is directly from the US military as are many of the areas in the Phillipines.
    We do tropical medicine research and give humanitarian aid. We fight Islamic insurgents in the south of Thailand, the Phillipines, and Africa.
    Many expats are former military or reservists. We also work as military contractors in countries such as Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Japan, and Thailand. I live a great life and speak Thai, Laos, and Kham Meuang. We are highly educated and work with foreign governments at a high level.
    It’s not a surprise that young 17-21 year old soldiers go out and do crazy stuff… It’s the same as every gap year student doing dumb shit around the world. I read thaivisa now and again and every time some “insert random European country tourist” did something dumb or an expat did a nose dive off a balcony. That’s life… People do dumb shit… Your nationality or military status have nothing to do with it. I hope those with all that inner negativity can turn that energy into something positive… Hit the gym or go study… Make yourself a better person…

  28. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A few brigade of these fine “warriors” are meant to subdue the Russian bear?

  29. JOMS & RICKY
    Good News
    The malcontents, I mean the real ones like myself or John, wash out of the country.
    So we are not really the problem. We are not going to vote, I would not waste my time at a protest on either side, we are not on your welfare rolls. Nothing.
    We are just gone. Non-participants.
    So there really is no quarrel. Once in a great while, in every city or town in America, you will hear about a guy like me who just could not give a fuck about complying to the norms of your society and pulled up his stakes and disappeared to Asia or South America to live on $1000 a month.
    You’ll never hear from us again, whatever our opinions. We don’t even express our opinions overseas, because nobody there gives a shit.
    So it is not as if such a disagreement matters.

  30. MAN…if that cunt had a dick, she would have been stick fighting fodder for the entire squad. Yup…she might die from the training, but everyone would have learned a lesson that day. Anyhow reminds me of a story of a short lived feminist I knew. She signed up for the military when all that bra burning shit was going down. Well…in the service, she started unloading a supply truck. Get this, the other women told her to stop…cause the crates are heavy and the men can do it. Like I said short lived feminist, that woke her quick…and joining up and all that just a lulz drinking joke now.

  31. Wait a sec. That picture. That bitch is really holding a 45 by the end of the…damn. It ain’t a dick lady. FFS shouldn’t you at least, NEVERMIND, before signing up. Fragging diversity gonna sky rocket.

  32. Good Fuck, but this was embarrassing to watch. What you are witnessing here is a country in complete surrender to multiculturalism. This is what cowardice looks like. Know it and recognize it… then kick it in the nuts!

  33. But don’t forget the asian women especially chinese.They fought as regular soldiers in the war against Japan and got their merites. In our case the reason is more or less the decadence of the western women and our rottening culture.

  34. There’s something often overlooked, even at this website:
    Has anyone else ever noticed that the push to put women in the military really started in earnest only after the Baby Boomers were too old to be drafted or to enlist?
    During the Vietnam War Baby Boomer women had a perfect opportunity to “prove themselves,” but instead were part of the anti-war movement. They called returning veterans “baby killers,” and well, you get the idea.
    It amazes me that younger generations of women somehow fail to notice this.

  35. I suspect that the real reason that the elites want women in the army is bc they know that men will approach them sexually and thus it presents another opportunity to charge men with sexual assault and spread the complete emasculation of all sectors of the economy. Men at all levels are being taken out with either completely false accusations or else accusing them of sexual harassment for mere social awkwardness. Al this is being done under the guise of affirmative action and fairness but the real intentions are completely sinister.

  36. “She can’t hack it. It’s that simple.”
    Indeed. But then, by his own account, neither could `Jean-Batave Poqueliche’. She has at least the excuse that she is a woman, n’est ce pas?

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