Men Who Constantly Hate On American Women Are Sore Losers

As somebody who has gotten a few “flags”—mostly from emigres, tourists, and exchange students—I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t “think locally and fuck globally” in the immortal words of Gogol Bordello. But what I am going to say is something you can learn by reading the books found in this very website’s store—there really isn’t a “pussy paradise” out there, and further more, going by my own analysis of things: if you can’t get laid in America, you’re probably not going to get any in some random country either.

I’m certainly not going to say that there are no problems with American women—god no! Undoubtedly, there are many problems—the unrealistic expectations and entitlements many of them have in the dating market, the way that American culture goes out of its way to encourage women to make themselves look as ugly as possible, etc.

But as I have previously said, I feel that some of the dissident right’s concerns with this benighted set of womanhood are somewhat exaggerated. Most of the women I have dated were either born in the US or lived here for many years, and I have never once had an American girl in my life that was the stereotypical “the kitchen is a prison!11” feminist hag. Quite the contrary, the majority of women I have had in my life have explicitly told me that they enjoy cooking for and satisfying the man in their life both sexually and otherwise.

In fact, I’ll go a step further—if the woman you’re currently seeing has such a hysterical reaction and adamantly refuses to bake you cookies or whatever, maybe *you’re* the problem.

“But the women in Russia/Brazil/Thailand/wherever are more likely to cook for me! Their culture hasn’t been corrupted by feminism!!” you’re probably saying to yourself. And I’m sure to some extent that’s true, but again, if you’re the sort of person that goes around saying “all women are like ‘that’, all women are like ‘that” with regards to female “hypergamy” and “lusting after Chad” and all the other incomprehensible dorky codewords that keyboard alpha males do then shouldn’t it also follow, logically, that most women are also “like that” when it comes to wanting to submit to a strong yet gentle patriarchy—if you can provide it?

In other words, why are women “purely emotional hamsters” when it comes to lusting after Chad—and I am going to ignore how the angry beta males are probably themselves lusting after Chad—but suddenly they become shrewd and business-like when it comes to not choosing your stupid ass to fall in love with?

Personally, I do indeed think that women and men both have biological imperatives that the overwhelming majority would follow if given the choice, and I will always maintain that if a woman sees you as a strong and masculine “alpha male”, she will want to be “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” strictly for you, not anybody else, just the man she has eyes for.

A real man doesn’t need to force the woman to be in the kitchen with violence, or put her in a burqa or something like that: through sheer force of strong-yet-benevolent patriarchy, she’ll do it willingly and with a genuine smile on her face.

The point I’m trying to get at here is: if you can’t induce those feelings in American women, or at least convince an “Ameriskank” to give you a casual roll in the hay, then why the hell would you assume you’d be a stud somewhere else?

The girls in the Philippines/Ukraine/Colombia aren’t going to sploosh over your “mumbling boring beta simp” routine just because you’re white/rich/whatever. Sure, you might get a few curiosity bangs but you won’t get the submissive housewife you think you’ll get.

And here’s something I thought of but I rarely, if ever, see addressed by others: considering that your average beta male has spent most of his life in America or Western Europe getting clowned and getting metaphorically or literally kicked in the dick by everybody around him—and yes, I have never been afraid to admit that I am an ex-beta male and thus my childhood and teenage years largely consisted of such—what do you think will happen to said beta male when the men of his sex tourist destination decide to have a few words with him about trying to turn their country into his open air brothel? From what I know of anthropology, it won’t be pretty.

This article was not intended to say “you can only stay in your country and have sex with your countrywomen,” so much as it was to say “get some practice in your homeland before you try sex tourism, to truly get the best out of your sex trip and maybe find that something resembling ‘pussy paradise’.”

Because if you can get American women to “fulfill their womanly duties”, then the comparatively less feminist “muh foreign women” should obviously thus be willing to go to the moon and back to serve you, right? Or in terms that are less, y’know, retarded, practicing in your country will make your sex trip easier and more fulfilling.

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346 thoughts on “Men Who Constantly Hate On American Women Are Sore Losers”

    1. If I could sleep with white women half my age for $25, not have to worry about child maintenance, and/or false accusations, and live with one without risking losing my home, I’d probably do it (again). Now I’m just not prepared to risk the current western gynocentric laws, or pay the price white women want for sex. But hey, I’m happy for you to feed their egos, go to prison, or lose your home and job, ‘because they’re worth it’.

        1. Thanks! I upvoted your comment that I should drink bleach to help your pussy beta ego.

        2. @ Jane, you write like a dude. Let me guess, you’re either lesbian or bisexual. Right? Of course, there’s the third option, that you’re a dude pretending to be a dudette (which will forever and ever more remain an eternal fantasy… just saying).

        3. Jane will be a white male, 20-30, SJW, anger issues towards a semi-abusive dominant father estranged from the family home, frequent pot smoker, marginally employed, resides at home, average-to-below-average looks, long history of Beta orbiting, sexual frustration and rejection-reaction traits.

        4. WEIMAR
          Early-to-mid 30’s, Anglo-Saxon or maybe Irish-Catholic but not Italian-American, father a white-collar professional, raised in suburban middle-class home with both parents during developmental years.
          Probably Midwestern or Northwestern, not a Southerner and not from the East Coast.

        5. Actually…No. Total swing-and-a-miss on almost all of them.
          Wow. Am I really that much of a mystery?

        6. WEIMAR
          Early 30’s? Am I wrong.
          Anglo-Saxon or Irish-American? Am I wrong.
          Maybe you are from the South. Could be wrong there.
          And perhaps your parents were blue-collar although clearly you’ve been to university.

        7. I shall leave it to mystery…mostly because there are Antifa here collating personal info.
          But I will say you are old enough to be my father…if you got lucky in high school.
          Why do you say I’ve ‘been to university?’

        1. Generalize much?
          Ive been All over the USA, Asia, Carribbean and no women compare, Looks wise, to Western European or American Women.
          Billionaire Saudi Sheiks aint paying $50,000 for Asian skanks like they are US Penthouse Pets for sex, flying them over.
          Granted, Most (80%) American women are toxic. The other 20% you have to search for, Where you look counts for everything. It aint wild bars, clubs or parties.
          You can have your Asian skanks.

        2. This dipshit cannot even the irony of his words because he is so pussy-whipped by his homely, menopausal wife.
          Why should 100 percent of men chase after 20 percent of women?
          Cue bono from such a lopsided strategy? WOMEN
          You are a feminist. I bet you enjoy BDSM too.

        3. RW
          Up to about the age of 30, maybe 35, white women corner the market on the looks department-they have the longest leg to torso ration, the most dramatic coloring, the height, the big tits on average that Asian women lack, the best asses.
          Problem is, especially with Nordics, they don’t age well.
          Nordic women tend to look like Nick Nolte past 40. All strong jaws and hard cheekbones and lines down their cheeks.
          Mediterranean women age better because their skin is not affected by the sunlight.
          But Northern European women age faster.

        4. SO John just so you can have Asian arm candy you married a single mom just because of her looks ? Sounds wimpy

        5. Pretty damn hilarious that you admit you could only get the fugliest most undesirable white women which is why you ended up Ching Chow diving in Vietnam.

        6. @MadMarz – The best aging woman I ever met was of Roma Gypsy clan from Belarus or Bulgaria roots or somewhere thereabouts. Her clan had since lived in USA for generations. She was a 50 yo stripper who worked side by side with 20-25 yo strippers and she herself looked like she was in her 20s. Diet maybe? Genes for sure. No dope or booze, just working out on a pole. She had straight jet black hair and perfect face with a smooth white china doll complexion over every inch of her body skin.
          I met her working at carnivals and got invited to a family wedding. After the ceremony the uncles and inlaws went to the local strip club to see ‘grandma’. Her pierced pussy shimmered . . so perfect and not a wrinkle anywhere. No dangling beefage either. She could have done centerfolds. That crotch of hers was immortal, unbelievable for a 50yo. It had a gap even. If you’re a 19yo with a gap like that, MCGOO says EAT RIGHT or you’ll lose it by 25. And it was no big deal that 50yo grandma showing off her P. They were Gypsy of course. I respectfully tucked a $2 bill into her string and some uncles upped it with $20s to prompt other patrons I guess. A $2 bill is uniquely interesting yet secretly cheap is my rule.
          Again Gypsies, or at least that clan had some darn good longevity/youth genes.

        7. Haha,
          Have you looked at 50 year old women recently? My former wife looked the same as every other woman her age, probably better as she wasn’t fat. Does your mom or grandmom look significantly better? Post wall women generally aren’t that attractive. Just as an experiment ask your dad (or granddad) how attractive he finds your mom, and how often your mom lets him have sex with her.
          PS The Vietnamese girl I was with last month was called Haha.

        8. Hey it’s not my problem that your only options and old post-wall fugly white women or dinky dow ching chows. Sucks to be you doesn’t it you old disgusting sack of shit?

        9. @MCGOOBER
          Jesus reading that spiel makes me just about puke. You getting a throbbing boner for a gypsy gramma with her snazzy beef curtains. No wonder you’re alone, you’re extremely gross and repulsive.

        10. Hammered,
          I married a woman who was was prepared to give birth to my children. But not the ‘Asian eye candy’ in the photo, she was a lovely women and I lived with her for a year, but she already had two children and didn’t want any more. I reluctantly dumped her and shortly after met a woman who would give me what I wanted, a family.

        11. HAHA
          Well we could pick up a Latino/Black cougar like your mother-she is doubtlessly a cougar in late 40’s who is divorced and leaves you at home to hit the bars.
          Your anger at Asians is more that you’ve been displaced as a group in California as a Non-Asian minority than any personal preference of sex partner.
          You don’t have a sex partner. You’re too effeminate and too confused about your own sexuality to get an erection and penetrate a woman.

        12. JOHN
          HA HA does not look at middle-aged women. He is a teenager. This is what you do not realize-a great many of the posters on this site are adolescents-I used that term loosely because adolescence today stretches far into the average Gen Y’s 20’s.
          He lives at home with his mother, a cougar in her 40’s who like your ex wife gets fucked by blacks or cads at the bars.
          A good many people on the net are schoolboys. Some like Ravi will admit they are teenagers. Others will pretend to be a 60 year old Admiral when they are in fact a 15 year old whose mother is shouting for them to come down from the bedroom for dinner.

        13. RW you stupid son of a whore, the Saudis are paying to shit and piss on them, not marry them. You can have those sloppy seconds

        14. BO
          This is true, I lived in Dubai.
          Every so often a dead Russian hooker would be found in the desert by some Bedouin. Maybe once a year.

        15. @Haha – No brah I didn’t have a throbbing boner. I wasn’t lusting for that Gypsy grandma but rather pointing out how she showed no signs of aging. I got a close up view of her in that strip club that only a doctor would be privvy to otherwise and whoo-wee did she look like a 24 yo. You would have to be there to see it for yourself. I said “Dayum she got invincible telemeres or what?” But knowing she was a Gypsy grandma my dog wasn’t stiff in the slightest. If I hadn’t known I would have contemplated probing her further. She really did look like a digitally touched up and perfected version of Joan Jett in her prime with the dyed black hair. Perfect face. Perfect smooth boobs. You should have seen it.
          I’m fascinated with people who don’t age. MM was commenting earlier how nordic blondes wither after 35-40. But not all nordic blondes expire after 40. Every racial group has their own bell curve of intelligence, looks and aging and there are outliers on both ends of every curve. Usually mainland Spanish, Basque, Balkan females age well but there are nordic outliers. Youthful genes occur on difmerent bell curves for different races and some nordics remain youthful like they were vampires or something.
          Check out Mamie Van Doren who’s 87, almost 90. She was one of the three original 50s blonde hollywood bombshells alongside Marylin Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. The other two died very young but she ducked out of the limelight before she too got whacked. Hollywood is satanic and eats their young like a wild animal. Spiritually the hollywood cabal, male and female alike are all evil scorned bitches from hell. Fuck joo hollywood elites.
          Mamie hasn’t done much since she dropped out of the picture but she’s obviously an older version of something that was extremely sexy back in the day.
          Nevertheless Mamie Van Doren could pass for a woman 50 years younger. How many 87 year old women do you know of who aren’t in a convalescent bed or in a walker and with a face that looks like potting soil? Her voice isn’t that trashed either. False teeth most likely, but she could still pass for 1/2 her age.

          And here she is 65 years ago in the mid 1950s.

          No doubt she has centurion genes. Other tribes like Berbers in Morocco have longevity of the organs basically but not so much the skin (appearance wise). The skin is an organ too. This is a centurion Moroccan Berber woman. What an HB difference from Mamie Van Doren who is of Germanic immigrant stock from South Dakota:

          Many Berbers live past 100. The skin becomes leathery and very unsexy but hey it still functions.

        16. Mr. Dodds, don’t you think your age, coupled with the less need for financial support from a man minus the pressure to settle down could explain your options? I find it boggling that all Western men believe that it is feminism that has put the blinds onto Western women’s eyes, thus chicks from patriarchal/more traditional societies will see these men as hot studs. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Economic stability, the prestige associated with marrying someone from a more developed society and the immediate benefits (large house, educated husband, no more slaving on a low salary/rice paddy) are what motivate these young women to choose men who are losers back home. Please use your logic, any young woman will lust for a young, hot blooded male regardless of her nationality, but those from poorer countries will be more attentive about her choices and less likely to lose her stability as they don’t have the government safety net underneath their feet. Has any of these amazing players ever had success with Swedish girls? Yea, those women who fall for rugged, masculine immigrants and Latinos, have you guys ever worked your “game” magic on them? Or have you just resigned yourself to mumble in your beard that they are ugly, crazy and wacky feminists like Roosh wrote about Danish girls?
          That’s your real test. Try to pick up a hot, stunning woman who doesn’t need your money or your passport. See if your masculinity game and playa attitude works. I am 99,99% convinced 1 out of 100 men on this website could ever be lusted after by a truly gorgeous woman in a genuine manner. Fucking poor girls who dream of moving to a Western country and would do anything for that green card/ € salary/ McMansion is just self delusion for men who would rather spend their energy on pure Elliot Rodger-ness rather than improve themselves and become the man they wish they were. Peace.

        17. Hoplite,
          Not sure I’ve ever considered myself a loser, when I worked I was in the top 10% of UK earners, when I retired (age 45), I owned a large home (free and clear) and had enough money to live for the rest of my life with my family. In the west the government provides welfare (and worthless jobs) for women, they don’t need men any more, government checks have replaced us.
          It’s the same in any country I’ve visited, welfare and asset transfer on divorce destroys the family unit. If there’s no welfare, there are plenty of available women.
          Women only marry for money, in countries where you aren’t bidding against your own government, you just don’t need so much of it. Yeah, we’ve all had a free one, now and again, when we were young, but they ain’t gonna marry you if you’re broke.

        18. Hoplite,
          Marry for love, lust after me? I ain’t a movie/rock star and neither are you.
          Apart from western Protestant males and Hollywood movies, nobody in the world cares about that, and even in the west it only lasts a year or two. Women get married for a nice house, supplies for them and their children, and an easy(er) life. Most women who want a shag, don’t really care who’s on the end of the penis that’s in them, they close their eyes and think of Pitt/DiCaprio et al, it’s never you.

      1. @John one can sleep with women without the risk of child maintenance nowadays by practicing safe sex (it’s almost fool proof if you have a brain on your shoulders). Similarly, no man loses their home because they had sex with a woman. I’d gander and say you paid for sex not because of the things you mentioned but because you wouldn’t be getting sex otherwise.

        1. BURTON
          Yeah, that might be true. So what? Few of us got sex from the women we really wanted it from past the age of 25 or so because when I was young women put their wild and crazy experimentation away with college.

        2. @ Burton
          I could “get sex otherwise” if I wanted.
          But I am not attracted to 4s and 5s or even 6s. And I am certainly not attracted to old bags over 35 or even over 30. So I will pay for 18-29 y/os until I die.

        3. Burton,
          I don’t want to sleep with a woman without the chance of having a child. I would also like to keep my home, my women and my children intact as a family unit. Welfare and Family court don’t allow me those options. Yeah, it’s great you only want pump and dump, your choice. I only want LTR as a fixed family group, that’s my choice, and I’ve had to leave the western world to have a fair chance with my choice.
          Safe sex = wanking to porn IMHO.

        4. AUTOMATIC
          Sure, you and the average fuckable 20 year old have a lot to talk about.
          I mean when you were her age people were dancing to Hall & Oates and disco biscuits were still floating around…”Oh, I can’t go for that…Nocando…I can’g go for that, can’t for that”
          Ask them if they remember Ludes, Automatic.

        5. JOHN
          The only time I got a serious STD was screwing a common or garden hippie chick in the late 90’s because I finished without a condom on her backside and the brief contact with her anus resulted in genital warts. In those days women had huge bushes and most had no idea whether they had warts or crabs or whatever.
          At any rate, I had to have the wart burned off with dry ice. Until you have had a dry ice torch held to your penis for five minutes you have missed out on the best in life.
          With hookers in Philippines, I contracted a few of the lesser STD’s. Gonorrhea several times. That was painful but I bought the pills and it cleared up.
          Crabs is gone now because all women shave their pubes.
          It is really hard to contract AIDS from vaginal sex. If you fucked bargirls in the ass without a condom you might get it but in general AIDS is a homosexual disease.

        6. MM,
          “Sure, you and the average fuckable 20 year old have a lot to talk about.”
          Dunno about AA, but I can talk to most young Thai ladies about music. I listen to a lot of the latest Issan songs with my 20yo step daughter, songs like, ‘Dee awk’, ‘Rak Qwai Qwai’, ‘Hai nong bai sar’ ………. and can sing along to them. You should try it.

        7. JOHN
          Come now, bars in Asia are international.
          But imagine popping down to the local rave club in the UK and some fight between 20 year old males is about to break out and the girls are all the local slags.
          I’m 44 but I do not want to be sitting around in some college bar or club trying to pick up a 20 year old.

        8. @MM
          I tell tbem about the 80s quite often. Its fun. They seem to like my stories. Of course that could be the fact I pay them…but I don’t mind that…

      2. JD,
        You are spot on. The risks, hazards, and pitfalls of trying to have a relationship or marry an American woman are too great to allow yourself to go down that road of destruction. It is alot easier to leave America in search of a woman that was not raised under feminism. The pictures you posted below are all the proof that is needed. Keep up the good posts.

        1. @Keith:
          The hazards of ANY woman raising under feminism (Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, NZ… pick the country, it is all same) may not even be the woman’s direct fault, but she will benefit from the unfairness. The unfairness and hazards are legislated into place and enforced by the government. The word “enforced” means “by means of force”.
          Examples are divorce rape via out Feminist/misandrist courts, having your children stolen from you, having to finance the woman’s lifestyle for decades via Alimony, while she shags random dudes in your ex-bed, in your ex-house while you pay the mortage! How about being falsely accused by the woman of any crime her lil’ heart desires at any given time.
          Think about this: MARITAL RAPE. It carries 15 years in Florida (2nd degree felony, if she does not say you use a gun to rape her, which then carries life sentence.) Let’s stick to “basic” marital rape. 15 years prison, lifetime sex offender registration, no gain time when serving hard-15 years, no parole.
          How can a man DISPROVE “marital rape” in court?? The woman will get on stand, tell a good story about her so many years ago in your residence, doors closed, lat at night, her husband raped her. She will be shaky and crying because she is thinking about how when you go to prison, she will take EVERYTHING you two owned together. The jury will be full of people who think “women never lie about stuff like this”.
          How do you think this trial is going to go?? Man will go to prison for sure! She will divorce rape him while he is in prison, man loses everything! Freedom, life, future, all your current assets… everything. Might as well murder-suicide or just suicide. Your life is over, playa.
          Marriage in a Western country is THE WORST deal ever. I cannot even begin to describe the legal, financial, and emotional perils here. Believe me, 6 years as Paralegal, 1st year Law Student now. I have seen it all, fellahs. It is ugly.
          Again: DO NOT GET MARRIED. How many times do we need to repeat this?

      3. JOHN
        You would be more likely to get genital warts from the average slag in a rave or club than a clean Asian hooker.
        And at our age, we are going to get the real slags…the girls who are off their heads on E’s and cocaine and who never use rubbers.

        1. Thank you Rabbi Marz for telling it like it aint.
          Say Hi to your fellow JIDF colleagues in their cubes..

        2. RW
          You’re improving. I almost buy you as a Yank. Not quite though. A real hick from Ohio would say ain’t but not write it because it is too hard to spell.

        3. Guarantee he is just your classic middle-aged cuckvangelical who used to worship (((Biblical people))) his entire life until a year ago when he finally wised up after calling everybody who spoke badly about (((them))) as ‘Nazis.’ Too bad he is about two years too late to keep saying (((them))), (((them))), (((THEM))) and sound en vogue.
          I can’t believe I’m even technically defending (((them))) in this instance. But this little jock sniffer is like a city slicker on his first hunting trip out of state, going buck wild because he saw an owl. It’s embarrassing. At some point it’s counterproductive to keep naming (((them))) because it masks all the other degeneracy. It’s almost like a caricature…calling everyone a fed or a (((member))).

        4. WIEMAR
          No, he’s a Brit. I have lived in London and his employment of words like “arse” “utter” “proper” and general syntax is not American.

        5. I haven’t seen evidence, although the missing apostrophes hints at that because the British are lazy with that. I don’t really care either way because the guy is pretty innocuous.
          I think I’m nearing the end on this site though. I’m burned out and I think I’m no longer needed.

      4. Perfect.
        Yup. We can just give in. Date these fuglies, buy them flowers, dinner dates.
        Lets buy them expensive rings, start the night with some champagne, then lube them up with some great oral sex, eh?
        Its not worth it.
        Every time you hear a guy moan about American women, he is saying that.
        Not only that, but every time you compromise, and settle, you are only making it harder for yourself and the rest of us.
        In most other countries, ordinary men can score ordinary women. You know, slim, clean ladies who smell nice? And she doesnt act as if she is doing you a favor.
        By accepting American women, no matter how low they go, we only encourage them and make things worse.

    2. Larsen (Lars):
      I would like to begin by saying that your name gives away your heritage or national origin, which I am going to take a guess: Norwegian? Swede? With that said, you have an advantage of looking at America and our culture, women, and lifestyle from an “outsider’s point of view”. I also noted that you seem to be an expert on “Oriental women”, so you have done some traveling and should have a decent point of view.
      Your OP piece has some good points, but you are missing out on a more nuanced issue here.
      *First, the famous statement “if you can’t get laid in America, you’re probably not going to get any in some random country either.” is indeed true. BUT… that means you won’t get laid “FOR FREE”. P4P is alive and well all over the 3rd world, especially in SEA (South East Asia), land of cheap poon (see our commenter, friend, and SEA P4P expert John Dodds for more info). 😉
      *Second, the whole cooking issue. If you have lived in America, you have probably noticed that food is plentiful, cheap, and available 24/7 in stores and restaurants. Food is also incredibly TASTY, and it is conveniently frozen, pre-packaged, and available for home-heating, still maintaining much of its nutrition and great taste. This is PERFECT for single men.
      The whole “women doing some cooking for her man” thing is NOT about the food itself. It is about caring and showing a man she can handle food prep for her man. It is about a woman showing her man some VALUE. Besides that hole between her legs and her back… what is an average modern woman offering the average modern man this day and age? Most do not want kids and most have been pumped ‘n dumped so many times by hundreds of dudes……. if she is unable or unwilling to cook for her man, she is probably lazy and won’t help with other things either, like cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc.
      *Third, you cannot simply lump the top 3 worst kinds of women into a single pile. They differ in quality levels and types of positives and negatives.
      1) Western European women: the worst of the bunch, they have had radical feminism implemented and mixed with Socialism even longer then in USA. These are real whores, almost have no kids at all, cuck their men with “Refugee welcome” signs, and vote Socialist so often they are basically begging for a total collapse of their own countries. Many can be quote hot, if you are into white girls, but are bitchy as hell.
      Personal anecdote: I dealt with a lot of Norwegian guys and girls back when I was a teen, because my Dad worked for Consulate and we lived in 4 countries over 6 year period. The Norwegian girls were quite hot, the dudes were decent looking too, but were Betas and Gamma males, cucked by parents and their education system into submission. Despite being a good 1-2 points below the Norwegian dudes I met in height and classic good looks, I approached the Valkyries hard and confidently, they responded well, but were still very stuck up and bitchy women. I could not bang one, I could only make out, but that was pretty good for me being 15 years old, so all good. 😀 lol Again, I was a teenager back then, and I still have a lot of male Norwegian friends to this day, good people, but the Norse girls are typical EuroCunts in attitude, IMHO. Do not even get me started on the rude cunts from Spain or God-forbid, the Fem-Shreks from Portugal… UGH! 🙄
      2) Brazilian women: Probably worst in attitude then American women and worse then EuroCunts, hands down. Yep, I kid you not. The girls have “marra”, a type of attitude that is a mix of American ghetto with violent tendencies. The women have ZERO class in Brazil, they are rude and trashy. Feminism is THE LAW in Brazil, codified and executed by corrupt female-run police offices across the country (called “Delegacia de Mulheres”). The women curse at, spit, hit their men, yell and debase their men PUBLICLY and the men face 10 years in prison for merely complaining about it, under “emotional distress law” passed and signed into in 2006 called “Lei Maria da Penha”. There are videos on YouTube of Brazilian women beating up their men in public, the cops do nothing and the men cannot defend themselves at all, under penalty of prison. It is a FemiNazi dream in Brazil today.
      Because Brazil is a collectivist Socialist-minded society, almost all girls in Brazil followed their “fem TV role models” and the girls are covered in ugly, huge, disgusting tattoos. I am talking biker gang. The Brazilian middle class (*and above) girls have ZERO domestic skills and are lazy as hell, due to having maids at home. The women suck off cash from the guys to buy beauty products, spray tanning, and all sorts of stuff to beautify themselves, either to get a better guy then you or to please their man. The women falsely accuse of rape and are taught to do so in school, doctor’s offices, gov’t offices, classes, etc in order to gain power, leverage and control over their man. Women can sneak move into your home and in 6 months, she can accuse you of rape and because Brazil has common-law marriage, she steals your house while you are in jail.
      The guys have become much more beta thanks to Marxist culture and government running Brazil for the last 14 years under Dilma and Lula. Soy is extremely cheap and mass produced to such degrees, obesity has become more endemic then in USA lately. So you basically have a buncha fat, rude, lazy women who like to accuse dudes of rape to gain leverage over them. Nice! 🙄
      *Personal anecdote: I lived in Brazil 4 years, I am fluent in Portuguese and their culture, and tens of thousands of Brazilians new arrivals have literally invaded my hometown of Orlando in last 3 or 4 years. I have written extensively in comment section about Brazilian women and their lightning-fast decay into shit-status. I would rather wife up an EuroCunt from the UK or a random local American bithcy-type here and take my chances then a Brazilian woman any day. Brazil is a raging shitholoe of a country today and the women have followed the country into the toilet.
      3) American women: They are vilified very often, but for good reason. American girls when I was in high school (class of 1999) were pretty, feminine, thin, took care of their appearance well, were great to date. I am going on 36 years old, so I am not talking about the 1950s. This was how it was in my high school in “middle America”, the girls were top quality back then.
      What we saw since the early 2000’s with the debut with Miley Cyrus’s (whore persona), the rise of the Kardashians, and the glorification of FemiNazism in education, media, and entertainment have changed the women here into trash. Feminism and its effects on Generation X women were visible and shocking to see them transform. Women are like water, and they take the shape of the container you put them in.
      The Millennial American women are simply disastrous. They were born and molded by a society completely controller by FemiNazi TV, music, education, media, news, social media, africanized ghetto culture, smart phones, etc. While many of the Gen X’er girls from middle America that were still feminine, the Millennial ones were born into this shit from Day 1. The Millennial ones never even had a “great period”, they were messed up from day 1.
      The good news is, despite being an insanely bad deal to get married in a country where divorce and child custody laws are SO abused against men, you CAN find some less damaged/semi-decent women in USA then in Western Europe or Brazil for sure. We still have a good 30% of the country being Evangelical Christians or those who follow other Christian faiths seriously (charismatic Catholics, Mormons, Amish, etc). These would be good wives, if marriage was not such a danger (which is why ALL MEN must avoid marriage at all costs).
      Is it still possible to find a decent American girl today? Yes. Is it extremely hard, to the point you may need to travel around America and seek out women in smaller towns in places like Nebraska or Utah or whatever? YES! Is it possible to find a decent woman in Sodom (NYC) or Gomorrah (California)?? NO! Is it possible to marry and not get divorce-raped in USA today? Yes, but the odds are heavily against the man and unless you like to gamble your life, finances, and freedom, do not get married. Period.
      *Personal anecdote: I have written about my HS experience in Kentucky and in my hometown in central Florida and the decline of American women are noticeable and tragic. We simply lost an entire generation of cute, sweet, feminine pretty girls that have been co-opted by Feminism and are ruined for life. You can read some of my experiences in American high schools in some other of my comments, if you are curious about what the women in America USED TO BE. *sigh*
      *Fourth and finally, it is NOT just “beta males” complaining about American (or Western European or Brazilian women). The Alphas are doing it as well. I am certainly an Alpha 1.0 (in contrast to Alpha 2.0’s, opt for LTR with women and do not actively seek ONS, due to my Christian faith).
      The #1 complaint men like me have about American women is NOT just that they cannot cook, or are feminist, or are whores. While these complaints are true, my complaint is that I KNOW I have extremely low odds of finding a decent woman as I once had in my life in America today.
      I was married to an amazing woman from South, she was great in many ways and she enabled me to make educational and financial breakthroughts I simply could not have done on my own. She passed after 12 great years married…..
      My issue is not that I am not smashing some b!tches here in CO or Florida. Oh I am getting enough tail and I only go for 6-8 girls (quality over quantity, NO P4P for me). My situation in life today with no kids, remaining good-looking and fit, great financial situation, and no ex-wife creating problems goives me an edge to game girls wanting relationships. You know the 28-38 year old girls who rode the carrousel and suddenly they panic and want to marry ASAP. I turn their “mating strategy” against them. 😀
      My complaint is not lack of women putting out for me. My complaint is KNOWING thT I will probably never find a great woman as I once was married to, to be a real partner in life. I REFUSE to get married again, so I will be forced to have a kid with an LTR woman, which is not ideal, but I have no choice. I do not trust the women in America today. I know deep inside I “won the lottery” with my late wife and to win the lottery twice and find a 2nd one to re-marry and have the same type of love and happiness would require that I “win the happiness/marriage lottery” again and beat the odds.
      That is why I come down hard on our women. They have debased themselves into THIS level of trash. I KNOW how they were like before and seeing what they have become is more then enough reason to speak about it forcefully, as I do.
      So……….. THINK about what I said herein, before you go out and lash out at dudes for pointing out the mess American women have become. This issue is much more nuanced and complex then simply calling men who complain about the decline of our women as “being beta”. 🙄 My .02 cents.
      Ps. I heard a quote the other day: “if women of our current generation behaved like this a generation ago, our species would have probably disappeared or greatly vanished by now”. SO true!

      1. Interesting post and sorry to hear about your wife. As a Western European, I’d love to learn more about your impressions of our womenfolk because I can’t quite relate to Scandinavia. I also feel like it’s almost next to impossible to find a decent wife over here – not to say they’re all bad but coming from a country with a 70% divorce rate, you have to watch your back. I limit myself almost exclusively to Catholic circles but the dating pool is ridiculously limited.

      2. Though the entertainment industry, anti-white crap is part of the problem, I’m beginning to think that we might of been transferred to a parallel universe sometime around 7 years to a decade ago.
        In the natural world, normal doesn’t come crashing down that fast unless something revolutionary (like the Bronze Age or Iron Age but going backwards) developed in such a small timeframe.
        The air is extremely toxic to breathe in from the chemtrails that barely existed in a pre-1999 world. Spraying millions of tons of Nano-particulates of aluminum, cadmium, barium, and fly ash (with mercury) into the atmosphere and then blasting electromagnetic waves at it could turn a 3.1-3.3 GPA student (just slightly above average) in the early-mid 2000’s to an obese, drugged up lard with a shaved head and tattoos on his face. Its not just peer pressure doing the US in, its ingesting dangerous heavy metals and chemicals on an everyday basis while getting cooked by the Wi-Fi and 4G towers.

      3. “My complaint is not lack of women putting out for me. My complaint is KNOWING thT I will probably never find a great woman as I once was married to, to be a real partner in life.”
        My wife wasn’t a winning ticket which is why she is now my ex wife. However, when I still lived in the US, I had the same emotional reaction to the dating scene as it seems like you did. I wanted to find a woman who I genuinely liked and admired as a person and who turned me on. I finally gave up that quest. I could find a nice woman or one who turned me on but never both. It isn’t that they don’t exist but they are few and far between and were usually married, at least in a blue state city.
        However, shortly after I have up my quest for a ltr, I lost interest in dating altogether because I either didn’t like or was bored by the women I banged. After a certain point, I just didn’t want to be around them period.
        That prompted me to move overseas and things have been much better.

      1. Larsen,
        Glad to finally see an article that promotes some common sense. Change starts with the individual.
        From what I’ve read in the comments section of any given ROK article, there are too many escortcels/incels and “blackpill” philosophers here.
        Rather than put them down (as I tend to do at times), I hope messages like yours can help a borderline incel make a change vs running on his own hamster wheel (to wit, their: “I’m not ‘ Chad, ’it’s hopeless, roasties, wah,” mantra).
        Here’s a little something about “Mr. Chad,”
        Beyond high school, that dude’s a joke. Incels think “Chad” becomes a CEO and gets the world handed to him. The fuck ge does: most CEO’s are average or below average looking dudes, they’re smart, ruthless, charismatic and work hard. I see more 5’7” pudgy balding Senior VP’s and C-levels rather than 6’4” dudes with chiseled jawlines (the latter are usually aging sales brah’s stuck where they are promotion-wise with bad livers an overbearing mortgage and post-wall ex-trophy wives they still pay alimony to).
        Women objectify “Chad” to the point where he’s a joke. See any chick flick where there’s a stereotypical male stripper to get an idea — cackling hens waving dollars at some dude’s g-string and making crude dick comments. Is that respect? Fuck no.
        Other than incels and closet homos, competent men seldom revere another man due to his looks. In fact, in most manly pursuits and anything involving teamwork the “pretty boys” usually have to prove to they’re not incompetent.
        More to your point: most guys would benefit from learning some game, interacting with women irl, working on themselves, dropping the misogyny and not running from their lady troubles by either slinking off to mom’s basement, being a hooker’s paypig and/or trying to find a nonexistent third world fucktopia like it’s the El Dorado of pussy.
        Anyway, I hope your message reaches a few of these guys and they investigate making some positive changes.

        1. good comment here.
          “hooker’s paypig” made me laugh.
          dropping the mysogyny : good advice. Hating fat/ugly/depraved/lesbian feminists or bossy/snarky/misandrist bitches, that’s ok.

        2. Hamstering real hard aren’t you?
          Still bitter that Chad did better than you in high school and college? Jfc get over it. That’s seriously pathetic. You’re putting Uncle Rico to shame out here, Napoleon. Loser.

        3. “Hooker’s paypig”???
          I am 6’1″.
          I weigh 170 lbs.
          I workout regularly and for my age (52) I am probably in the top 75% (or better) for being in shape. I am in the 93rd percentile for salary and net worth in the US. I shower, shave, brush my teeth and tongue, and wear a shirt, tie and dress slacks to work every day.
          And if I decided to “date”, I would have to settle for 4s and 5s (possibly low end 6s) and certainly they would be wrinkled old bags over 35 with stretch marks and cellulite. Who the hell wants that???!!! My current regular is 20. She’s a solid 9. Blonde hair, hazel eyes, milky white complexion, youthful, bubbly personality, and a pussy TIGHT like you can’t believe! Why on earth would I give that up??? So what if I pay her? If that makes me a “paypig” in your eyes or anyone else’s eyes, then hear this…I will be a paypig until the day I die!!! No old bags for me!!! And no ugly dogs, fatties, or plane janes either!

        4. HAHA
          You are a loser. Hispanic or black, late teens or possibly even in your early 20’s, compelled to talk to grown men on a commentary because your mother is divorced and you grew up without a father in the house.
          It is also possible you could be female but more likely you are a male effeminate with gay tendencies who is sexually confused.
          You are also a reflection of the West Coast. You are a minority, possibly Asian but more likely black or Hispanic. You’ve been raised in California by a hardcore democrat mother and you bridle with anger at heterosexual white males-though possibly your father was one.

        5. Marz, Dodds and Slim.
          You three assholes have nothing better to do than post 900 times a day about how your worthless asses always had to pay for sex. Get the hint that people here are sick of your bullshit.
          A hooker’s paypig is basically what you three are.

        6. @justabouteveryone
          Enjoy the wrinkled old bags when you get to be middle aged. Or perhaps you are one…

        7. Yeah well, I got some insight into the state of things for the average working white middle class guy in the US in the decades since Billy left office.
          See, after a lifetime overseas I was actually curious-having only been in the US once in 2007 in the last 19 years-what, if anything had changed.
          So I got an insight.

        8. EVERYONE
          “Nothing better to do”
          Yes, I am basically semi-retired but professional reasons I will not go into how I made my money or what I do.
          So at 44 I am a gentleman of leisure who can read with some curiosity the opinions of the sort of guy I might have become if life had not taken me to Dubai.
          It is amusing.

        9. NoMorePills:
          No one is asking for the “El Dorado” of poosy. If one wants to P4P, one can go to 3rd world countries and pay up and bang. I am not one of these guys.
          But to simply dismiss the REALITY of the situation of the decline of our women in our country (USA) today as “men complaining” is simply agreeing with FemiNazis running the show today: that it is men’s fault!!! 😮
          You, as a man, can make as many changes as you want. Will it help you smash higher quality poosy? Sure. But will it help you find the woman who will be a partner in your life, a woman who will make your life better, who will bear and raise your kids to be successful??? NO. One man, improving himself, cannot fix the overall decline of our women. Period.
          You need to be realistic here, my friend. Reality = Red Pill. To blame men for it all = to agree with Feminists (which declares that ‘men are the problem’), and give a poosy pass to out crop of these fat, lazy, rude, useless, carousel-riding cunts.
          Look at yourself in the mirror and be reflect on what I am saying here. Big difference in a man improving himself to smash more extremely-easy American poosy and that same well-improved man finding an LTR/ wife/mother for his kids.
          But then again, maybe the whole Western system is past beyond redemption and we should all enjoy the decline…? *shrug*

      2. This article just reeks of illusory rapprochement – the typical trad-THOT dialectic that does not reflect reality.
        ‘We just need to come together…(without changing any laws)….oh, and change male behavior just a little bit MORE!’
        Yeah, because negotiating with women (emotional terrorists) has never been tried before.
        Women (and diversity) respond to strength, not nice words.
        ‘As an Ex-beta male.’
        That’s not for you to determine – the feedback loop of society decides what you are and aren’t.
        ‘Men who constantly hate on American women are sore losers.’
        I don’t think you realize the absolute disdain the average female has for the average male, yet they still get everything they want.
        It took me a year into the Red Pill to start seeing this side effect. It’s actually quite breathtaking if you actually take notice instead of projecting cliché male suspended disbelief of ‘muh courtly love’ mythology is ‘still real to me, damn it!’
        It isn’t just the (((commercials/tv/movies))) depicting men as brainless oafs…
        This casual misandry is ubiquitous. Female commenters, regardless of ‘muh traditionalism/alt-right Aryan princess,’ will still say ‘men’ (just like any feminist) to describe the actions/’inaction’ of one or a few males, and how it negatively affects the female collective (to induce thankless male policing of male behavior, like this article, thus allowing the average overweight/worthless woman to sit back and posture like the hookah-smoking caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland)…
        And they ALL want the premium male, not the average male, which is mathematically impossible.
        Talking to a girl, having sex with a girl, dating a girl, marrying a girl, procreating with a girl, maintaining a marriage with a girl are all entirely different tasks that require different strategies to dovetail with the unstable wants/needs/behavior/hypergamy of the human female in the various stages of her fertility/infertility.
        Statistics in every category reflect that this obsolete strategy of ‘muh bootstraps’ (will > finesse) is not working anymore, and it ruinously affects the man (and thus society) at the behest of the woman.
        So we have ‘ex-beta males’ like you internalizing this female cognitive dissonance to the point that you’re actually doing the usual gynocentric dirty work (shaming/encouraging male plantation continuity) of your Aryan princesses (basically franchising the female corporation to its local white knight/simp/mangina managers), making you a de facto plainclothes matriarchal sentry.
        This societal rot can only be countered with the casual but overpowering ‘misogyny’ of yesteryear, where women were regularly (and humorously) ridiculed and compared to the devil in silent films – it functioned as a societal retardant to the wildfire of female hypergamy/vanity.
        Women were not allowed to have their singular evolutionary use (motherhood) fulfilled unless they followed the rules (wedlock) or else they became bridled old maids… Not these empowered ham-beasts, who have effectively nullified men electorally (majority voters) and financially (80/20 consumption), thus virtually disenfranchising and redlining men from civic input because everybody in any position of authority must pander to the female hive-mind with virtue-signaling pleasantries and self-flaggelating counter-signals or else they face a boycott/de-platforming/persona non grata public relations.
        So guess what happened when ‘ex-betas’ decided ‘muh respect for women’ (allowing the corrosive bastardy of Briffault’s Law) was more important?

        1. Red Pill = looking at the truth objectively, and accepting the truth regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.
          To deny that the average city-dwelling careercunt or your average college girl feminist bitch is somehow “hating on the women” is a Beta mentality.
          Misandry is the law of the land in AngloSphere, not misogyny.
          And of course, saying anything negative about our current crop of “goddesses” we are OH so fortunate to share the world with, is beta…. sure… 🙄
          The moment men accept the fact that 80%-90% of American women are nothing more than cum-receptacles to be pumped ‘n dumped, NOT marrying these women when they later in life try to appear “innocent and holy”, and act accordingly with the women in the AngloSphere, the faster we can fix this mess.
          Until men accept our women are trash and act accordingly, this misandrist nightmare will continue. Thus, the OP article does NOTHING to advance this goal. Lars single blame the men for being Beta for pointing out the obvious. 🙄

        2. Weimer and CrisCool should be writing these articles not Larsen Halleck.
          Geez guys, you’ve kicked his ass.

        3. @JD:
          Thanks for the +Rep.
          I am actually working on two articles to submit for RoK. One on divorce and Prenups and another one on dealing with common lies women tell men.
          I have been slammed reading case law for school and can only post here while I am between classes.
          Hope you see one of my articles here soon.

        1. From what I can gather you are a South African who bolted for Australia and UK so to accuse others of going their own way is a bit ironic.
          At the very least, you are living outside your birthplace though whether this is Australia or South Africa is impossible to determine.
          So it is ironic that you should say MGTOW.

      3. Read my reply comment ^^^^ above. You made some good points, but you miss the much more nuanced issue at hand.

    1. I was told “if you cant make money in your home city then dont expect to make it big in other city” and I found that to be wrong. I went to another city s made enough money to buy a decent car , start a side business for the first time,Upgraded my life style. I just could not find same success in my own city .
      As for woman this article is both correct and wrong.
      Its correct in that if you cant even approach a woman in your own home town woman who speak same langauge as you and same race&tribe then dont bother going elsewhere you dont have enough knowldge to even know when a woman is gaiming or using you.
      However maybe you can approach and have few that want to be your girlfriend but they are not wife material in your hoime town best to go elsewhere.

    2. Jared,
      Looking at the votes, seems Larsen was the one whose feeling were hurt.
      He’s completely misjudged his readers.

  1. “Why the hell would you assume you would be somewhere else?”
    …well you probably will be.
    Even in the 90’s before SJW convinced every white middle-class woman that she was a Lesbian who should have a baby with a black thug out-of-wedlock white American were so, so snotty.
    You could spend a shitload of money on them and if you were a Beta-a well-behaved normal guy another words-you’d always be thirsty.

    1. More Kol Nidre inspired Ju filth….
      1990s was post OJ era, it set back interracial relationships by at least a decade if not more. Ju’s lamented all of it, still decry that whites arent mixing as much as ‘theyd’ like. Its Single digits for whites, Rabbi marz.

        1. CORINTH
          A curious German/Jew thread ran through the entire case-Nicole was the daughter of a German woman and born in Germany; Mark Fuhrman was the grandson of Germans and collected Nazi memorabilia-so the defense alleged.
          Ron Goldman was a typical LA fringe type-a would-be actor who had done a game show or two but was making ends meet as a waiter when he discovered that he could be a “sugar baby” to a rich German-American divorcee whose black husband was footing the bill.

      1. RW
        In addition to being a Brit, which I still suspect you are, your use of Jewish expressions leads me to believe you might be some Ali G.

  2. I’d tell young man from the perspective of early middle age the following-
    Prostitution saves you a great deal of time.
    No deep, heartbreaking relationship you have when you are young is ever going to last. She’ll fuck some other guy, or you will. You’ll spend a load of time and energy getting sex.
    You’ll waste a load of money in clubs, trying to buy drinks for shallow chicks.
    The sex is not as good as it is with prostitutes. Pros who do not just lie there drunk on their back after you bought them enough drinks on Ladies Night.
    There is no variety in America. With prostitutes you can experience sex with all sort of different nationalities and races.
    Women in their 20’s are shallow often times.
    You’ll get married later on in life anyhow.

    1. Prostitution is for the bottom of the barrel of society’s losers. Being a whoremonger precludes developing satisfying relationships and passing on a healthy genetic legacy to well-raised offspring. For that reason alone it is anti-White, anti-natal, anti-life. In other words, evil. There are a thousand other reasons why sexually exploiting the daughters of poor rural farmers is a bad karmic move as well. You will reap what you sow as surely as the sun rises in the East. And while we’re at it, cowards and turncoats who run away from their countries and then lob half-baked, booze-soaked criticisms at it from their dirt-world whoreshack aren’t really worth listening to in the slightest. If only they would stop leaving a dozen soul-destroying comments in every single article.
      Misery loves company.

      1. Hear hear!
        Prostitution is just a feedback loop of self disgust and loathing on both the whore and the john’s part.
        I’m also sick of hearing about shit like “sugar dating” trying to go mainstream. I’m glad that Sesta-FOSTA bill passed and backpage got seized — hopefully the sugar daddy sites will be next and it’ll curtail some of the casual prostitution.

        1. Nah you are putting too much thought into it. Prostitution is just an easy way to get your nut off, and cheaper than dating.

        2. NOMORE
          Most clients of prostitutes feel no shame at all. We’ve usually been doing it for 20 years.

        3. Most clients are family men. Sure, some Johns are losers but I’d say it’s less than the average Walmart shopper. Anyone with a lil $ can get hot young pussy, that’s a fact.

        4. @ Grapefruit
          I am living proof of that fact!
          What did you think of the “girls of the big east”?

        5. “JOHNS ARE LOSERS”
          No Scott is a loser. Scott was my roommate post-college, finishing up a degree in Graphic Arts and minoring in accounting.
          Twice he got stoned and fucked a Polish Catholic girl who had not beer raised to understand birth control.
          He “saw her” for all of a week, if fucking a her in our bachelor pig apartment after epic-bong rips is such a word for it.
          She got pregnant of course.
          Scott ended up working two jobs to pay for a kid he did not give a shit about, with some Polish girl who was not so hot in the cold light of day and whom he had forgotten about by the time she called him up to tell him she was pregnant.
          By then, myself 25, I shook my head. He could have gone berserk with hookers-my form of birth control was to use a condom and then pull it off and finish with a Hoover blowjob. Instead he poked some Polish girl spread-eagled on his bed and the sex was not too hot…
          And he is paying for it today.

      2. GARY
        …Oh, whatever.
        I was in college once and had enough fucking headaches to last my sex lifetime.
        Maja who was “late” for her period and that week of agony as a 19 year old seeing my future swirl down the shitter in diapers.
        Trisha blaming me because my dorm roommates caught her giving me a blowjob and the blowback/dorm gossip that forced me to move to another quad.
        Holly “I told my boyfriend I only jerked you off” and the cops coming to tell me he had shoved against the wall so hard he dislocated her shoulder.
        Ferous the Indian Muslim getting in my face because I fucked his sister-like everyone else on campus.
        Tiffany “he raped me” one stroke who invited me to her room, got naked, started enthusiastically fucking and then in mid-stroke told me she wanted to stop because she felt it was amoral and I took TWO MORE STROKES and she told her roommates I had raped her.
        Rebecca “Messages for Mom” who left filthy messages on my parents answering machine.
        I should have started going to prostitutes when I was 14. That is my regret.

        1. Sounds like the kind of sh!t that only happens to beta fagg0ts. Here in ChadLand, the water’s just fine!

      3. whatever, Gary. I wish I’d skipped the college agony bullshit. Little Ms Maja “I’m late for my period” and all the other bullshit of yesteryear.
        I should have started going to hookers at 14.

        1. The rest of us met girls in college, at class, parties, through friends, exchanged numbers and got together later over a few beers and if it clicked, fooled around. It wasnt that hard. Still isnt.
          You got the Asian Yellow Fever. I literally cant stand degenerates like you that do nothing to better our society. A big FU to you.

        2. RW,
          Just to point out MM and myself aren’t part of your society.
          Enjoy wanking to Jewish porn in your moms basement.

        3. Marz
          My bitch radar is going off right now on RW. The passive-aggressiveness and the bogus gynocentric stats. It just doesn’t add up. I think ‘he’ is a SHE. Read all of her comments with a female inner monologue and the shoe fits.

      4. Even though I could never reconcile paying for sex, a silly sex doll, vasectomy, anti-natalism…or even understanding the logic….it functions to starve the gynocracy by a significant minority of men hoarding their beta equity, so I approve.
        ‘Muh white birthrates’ are already plummeting and suburbia is collapsing, if you haven’t noticed. So it is time for a different strategy.
        White whores already invited in the entire Third World to replace their own men.
        So you can LARP about ‘muh respekt for wahmen’ all you want, but it won’t change anything for the better.
        Every other race pimps out a segment of their own population, and it serves to protect the rest for endogamous, while we worship our women unrequitedly to disastrous, existential miscegenation results.

        1. White Whores invited them, or Ju’s?
          According to a report on YNet news, the well-known rabbi Baruch Efrati, a yeshiva head and community rabbi in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, made the remarks on a Jewish website in response to a question about the Islamification of Europe.
          “Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there,” Efrati said.”
          Youre such a limp dick, cant even ID the right enemy..

        2. Dipchit,
          I never said to chase after 20% of the women.
          I stated that only 20% of them were worth chasing and or evaluating for marriage, wedlock & children. Big difference.
          You actually have to read to understand.

        3. You have been counter-signaling antifeminism in every post. Just own it. You love being under a woman’s thumb, Mr. Heisman. You JUST SAID IT AGAIN, stupid.
          ’20 percent of women are worth marrying.’ Yet you shame all of us for suggesting we bypass marriage anyway.
          You are a gynocratic Baby Boomer shill, even if you are technically younger. Look at all your comments shilling for the status quo, quoting Dave Ramsey with fake marriage stats all because you can’t handle being in control of women. Have any daughters, cuck? That’s why you’re so protective. Careful, that’s how they flee to black men.
          All you do is say ‘Ju Ju Ju’ as your grand resolution. How has the worked for Stormfront all these decades?
          Everybody here already knows what (((they))) are and what they’ve done. That is what ‘Shiksa Goddess’ does to act cute and get male attention. Nothing more. Making everyone J-wise alone is not going to solve anything.
          But then again, you and ‘shiksa goddess’ aren’t trying to solve anything. You want to sustain the Current Year by shilling for matriarchy. I suspect you like diversity more than you let on, judging by your inability to give up your football voyeurism, which even Baby Boomers have done now in the face of anthem kneeling.

        4. So much Fail in your post.
          FYI-White birth rates are steady at 2%.
          Housing market is hot, stable and strong in every market.
          What in heavens name are you drinking besides bong water?
          Low birth rates are not the issue as automation covers the low cycles, Immigration IS the issue and most with a room temp IQ understand this.
          White females arent inviting in the 3rd world, Ju’s ARE….

        5. Well your buddies hid my post for 24 hours. So I will not waste another moment responding to your bland pussy worship. Just say what you are…a feminist. You obviously have a daughter that you are protective of. Go ahead and keep shilling for the matriarchy, you cuck. Meanwhile, your weak parenting will push her right into the arms of black men. She is probably doing it right now. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

      5. GARY
        “Run away”
        It takes some initiative to live overseas. Finding a job. A place to live on a specific budget. Knowing the ropes.
        “Cowards and Turncoats”
        Yeah that’s right, I don’t want to live around Cholos or Blacks and in the US your options are limited.
        Does that make me a turncoat?
        No, it makes me want to get away from Cholos or blacks.
        “Soul destroying”
        Some guy who blogs his own opinion of why he lives where he does is soul destroying? Everything I have written could be wrong, or wrong for someone else. If you are white working middle class like me and you like your standard of living in the US than by all means enjoy your happiness.

        1. madman marz
          I support your choice to live in another country. I was stationed in Japan for a year-and-a-half and I liked that country. Visited the Philippines a couple times. This was all in the early nineteen-eighties.
          Actually, I am now learning Spanish and arranging my affairs to relocate to Central America.
          So I served my country. And seeing how it is turning out, I will not risk my life for it. Anybody got a problem with that can go to Hell.
          Otherwise, I like the article Larsen Halleck. Spitting truth.
          Madman Marz, I hope you enjoy your life in which ever country you now reside.
          As for the haters, they can go fuck themselves (since they ain’t got game to get a lady to fuck them. Hahahahaha…).

        2. EDWARD
          It is not as easy to leave the United States as these guys think-money management, adapting, learning the culture, the language.
          If it were easy the blacks and Cholos would move overseas.
          There is an IQ bottleneck. Below a certain IQ, many cannot live overseas.

        3. madman marz
          America makes it easy for dummies to survive. Too easy.
          And it’s funny!
          They always say, “My country! America! Love it or leave it.”
          So when you leave it, they give you shit about that too.
          But that’s no affair of mine.
          I am not the Captain of this ship and I sure as fuck ain’t going down with it. I didn’t make the decisions that led to this, and I’m not paying their price with my blood.
          I abide by the laws while I’m still here. But once I leave I’m not coming back.
          Have a good evening.

        4. EDWARD
          The criticisms I hear are the lamest examples of naive townies.
          “Turncoat”. You’d have to give a shit about a place to be a turncoat. I am not a turncoat, I just want to get the fuck away from the Cholos, blacks and white working-class hicks who are now going to be manipulated into war with Iran by Neo-Cons in Manhattan.

        5. EDWARD
          Leaving is a white man’s best revenge-just look at Detroit.
          If you gave $300,000 to every white man in America about half of them would just run straight to the airport never to be heard of again.
          White woman and blacks and Cholos depend upon the system and Ju’s are so unloved that they do not want to be anywhere with a Muslim population but a white man is free to roam the world.
          Most of the assholes on this site who criticize expats are the ones with kids, a house, an investment in the country who resent some other white guy just blowing off to enjoy the views of mountains in Asia and tropical sunsets.
          Some of them will talk about “dirt whore shacks” but an old farmhouse off a dirt road that looks like Leatherface will burst out of with his chainsaw with potholes 5 miles from the nearest crossroads is more of a third world than a 40 story view from an apartment in a bustling Asian city.

      6. This is the dumbest comment I have read here in a long time. Yeah. You go ahead believing that. How old are you? You haven’t experienced, read or understood much have you?
        The reason I quit hooking him with women when I was 25 and had had quite a few already (debut at 13) I have almost solely gone to hookers. They are 1000 times better in bed, always nice and you never hear from them again. Your conclusions about malice is right in there with the feminists who haven’t taken the time to actually study and talk to professional call girls.

        1. but you cannot touch a hookers vagina, let alone smell and lick it. you cant kiss her or go raw. because its infested by other chumps dna.

        2. @The Internet:
          Clearly you have not been with some “free” girls you meet at clubs or Western Eurocunts lately, have you? They smell worse then rotten gorgonzolla cheese, I kid you not.
          When I was an exchange student years ago, I tried to hook-up with 2 French girls during 2 separate occasions. But the SMELL when they opened their legs was so potent, I felt sick and nauseated. One was so bad, I could smell her rotten salmon through her shorts.
          And the way modern women rack up notch counts in the hundreds, you will be getting plenty of other dude’s DNA as well, trust me. One of my friends was schtupping an ex-Army girl, who confessed to him after a few drinks that she fucked over 140 dudes during her first year in college, ❗ and many more later when she was in Army. That is about 1 new guy every 3 days in her first year in college. My friend did not believe her (despite her being totally busted front and back), so he talked to her best friend who confirmed and she said she probably had fucked more then 400 hundred guys and she was only 22.
          A woman that has been banged by more then 100 men IS a hooker IMHO, even if she does not charge cash for her work. 🙄

      7. Nah. Some of us fuck club sluts on the side of having a regular “girlfriend”, have kids from a wife or ex-wife or from baby momma(s) and still fuck prostitutes sometimes as well. New pussy is new pussy is new pussy is new, and all the posturing otherwise is lame.

    2. @Marz:
      I actually agree with your point about P4P women are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper and easier then a regular LTR woman.
      But some of us, especially men of faith like myself, cannot cross that line. It is one thing to bang a woman you are in a relationship of some kind with; it is another to P4P. Make sense?
      The other issue is that the OP and some commenters here are forgetting about. Banging a woman (pump n dump) is NOT same thing as wanting a woman for child-bearing or an LTR.
      Why would you get married later in life anyhow? 😮 That is a stupid idea, man. Marriage is Indenture Servitude in America today. 🙁

  3. I’ve seen some commenters here whining about ‘americunts’ and saying that they’re gonna go find a wife in Ukraine, Yeah, maybe you will but I fucking doubt it. If you wanna have a relationship let alone marriage with an ATTRACTIVE foreign girl you gotta have solid game, understand her culture and why she does what she does and good language skills- even if she speaks perfect English. Your shitty ESL job probably isn’t gonna cut it either.

    1. The naive betas who follow the advice of flim-flam men and book expensive trips to foreign lands with the hopes of finding a loophole in the sexual marketplace are setting themselves up for the bitterest of red pills.
      Nine of ten of them will be used, abused, and discarded by the shrewd female players of Eastern Europe or SE Asia.
      Your efforts are far better spent in the gym and with your tailor.

      1. GARY
        This is 50% true. If you come to SEA directly from the suburbs of Iowa it might happen, but expats who’ve been overseas for years do not face this fate.

      2. Married to my new wife in Asia nearly 10 years now. It doesn’t matter how long I spend in the gym, it won’t change the decisions of the western family court. In the west there are only two choices, live alone, or bet your house on a woman.

        1. John is right. Besides being an incredible amount of work to keep a marriage interesting and keep yourself in tip-top shape as a man, the Western family courts divorce-rape men openly and routinely. They take away his current assets, his kids, his dignity, his future earnings, and his freedom. “No Fault Divoirce” is what makes divorce rapes of men possible.
          NO way I would re-marry again. I “lucked out” as John says being widower, but never again will I hand a loaded gun to any woman who can ruin my life on a whim (BTW, I do not consider becoming widower to be luck, but I see his point). It could be hell for me if I had been divorced instead, but not once in the 12 years I was married did divorce ever come up. I lucked out by finding a real partner in life…. 🙂
          Ultimately, there is a middle ground between Marz and JD’s whoremongering with P4P women and having an LTR with a woman and never marrying that woman too…….. 😉

    2. Mick,
      Mostly the guys slamming ‘americunts’ and suggesting a wife from the Ukraine are writers not commentators. I’m not American, I have had no interaction with American women. But all the US/EU laws are similar and really they aren’t worth the risk to your liberty, assets or income. At 62 years old, American women (along with all the other white women) in their 20s just aren’t available to me (at a price I can afford). My last bang in the UK was 23 (I was 52), one of my son’s former classmates. Didn’t want to be seen in public with me, would sneak into my house after dark, no charge apart from dinner I’d cook her and a few beers.
      As for guys teaching ESL, met a 54 year old Nordic guy in Vietnam last month teaching in a government school ($20/hr), his wife was late 20s, lovely looking slim woman, waitress in my local restaurant. He wasn’t bothered if it lasted or not, 5 year VISA for married foreigner $40.

      1. JOHN
        Your US realistic dating options-
        You’ll go into some seedy Irish-American pub called the “Silver Shamrock” or something and have to buy beer for the oldest Irish-American barfly in their with garish red hair and a laugh like nails on a chalkboard.
        Maybe, you can work her.
        You can hit the raves and clubs, where people will assume you are some patrons pissed-off Dad.
        A fight will break out, as it always does with post-adolescent males.
        Chances are, by the way, that you WON’T GET LAID.
        You can go down to the bad side of town where the women are on the game.
        If they are pretty, chances are they are a female cop and black thugs in police uniforms will leap out and manhandle you and step on your head as they handcuff you on the cum-stained motel bedspread.
        If you are really unlucky, the cops will burst in and the prostitute will have her gear on her-heroin or crack cocaine with the needles ready to go-and you will be charged for it because the room is in your name.
        Then you will spend the night with some blacks in an awful holding cell and have to telephone your Embassy to get you out and pay the fine etc.

      2. JOHN
        Using American Prostitutes
        Remember that scene with Al Pacino in the hotel room in SCARFACE?
        That is how you will feel. You’ll go to some deathtrap hotel and have a terse, distrustful negotiation with some woman who looks like “Martha” and feel like a hardened criminal doing a cocaine deal.
        Then, possibly, her pimp will burst through the door just like the Colombians in SCARFACE with guns and put you in the bathtub and torture you until they have got your ATM number.
        So if this is your cup of tea, by all means visit American and hit the red-light area.

        1. @MM
          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In 32 years I have never once been even threatened with arrest or by a pimp or manager.
          I can only speak for the NY tri state area and California though I suspect it is the same in most parts of the US. The cops only bother with the girls, mostly to take their money.

        2. AUTOMATIC
          It is when you proposition a female cop that you are really fucked.
          Cities differ. Van Buren Avenue in Phoenix was so lax that I was paying $30 (In 1998) to get my cock sucked right out in the open off the sidewalk.
          In Detroit, the cops really come down on you (I think this is Midwestern morals) and impound your car, billboard your face, publish your photo, put on the news etc.

        3. SLIM
          In the Midwest IF A GIRL IS SEEN GETTING INTO YOUR CAR you will
          a) have your car impounded
          b) have your arrest/photo published in the print media
          c) the did the billboard thing for a while
          d) possibly charged for her drugs because she is in your vehicle
          e) attend stupid classes
          f) probation
          If you have any kind of decent job or own a business your life is over in the Midwest

        4. I do NOT recommend using American prostitutes UNLESS you are in de-criminalizes area (like Vegas) or totally legal (like Reno, NV).
          Why? Risk-benefit analysis. I personally never used P4P ever, but I am speaking from a legal and rational standpoint.
          A criminal record of ANY kind in America is disastrously FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It will always prevent instant gun background check buys, it will show up when you go rent and apartment, get a job, apply for security clearance, apply for licensing (concealled weapon carry, medical license, real estate license, contractor’s license etc).
          Make matters worse, a sexual-related one (like solicitation prost.) = register as a “Sex offender” (for LIFE) in many States. The registry is nationwide, so you will be there, your photo, address, DOB, etc forever. You have to keep it updated required by law.
          Even a simple arrest not resulting in conviction will show up in every “$1.99 instant background check” online service these days.
          Trust me, no wethole is worth the hell that is an arrest record or criminal conviction.
          My .02 cents on that. Not worth to mingle with hookers in USA, period.

        5. CHRISTIAN
          My Scrape
          I was cruising for prostitutes in Detroit one night and as I pulled towards her a police car ran me off the road with the sirens on.
          The cop thanked the prostitute, obviously knew her well, then searched my car and found no insurance.
          I was hit with a $300 fine. Which at that time was a fair amount of money.
          The cop said “You’re lucky we did not see her GET INTO your vehicle’. Then he ran down the consequences of that-impounded car, sex offender registry (You might as well be molesting little girls), newspaper arrest (This would have fucked up my burgeoning career at that time), probation (Would have fucked up my ability to move, which I was about to).
          There were two things I learned-
          1) Often prostitutes work with the police in luring johns into a situation where the cops can search their car. Then stitch some charge up for a quota.
          2) This is only if the cops see the hooker APPROACH the car. If she is IN the car, you are fucked.
          This is one reason I left America. This sort of bullshit hypocrisy and corruption.
          So much easier to be in Europe and simply pay 50 Euros for a good time with no fear that cops will arrest you.

        6. @MadmanMarz:
          I can agree with you 100% on the criminal law hypocrisy situation in America for sure. The laws here are too intrusive and the enforcement is political in nature. Hookers in America are now rarely, if ever, arrested. Why? Because women are viewed as eternal victims of the non-existent patriarchy. The hooker is the victim, the “john” is the criminal and abuser of the poor woman. 🙄
          Another example: 22 year old math teacher bangs a 17 year old girl in high school (consensual). Man gets 10 years prison, lifetime sex offender registration. 40 year old female teacher takes it up her ass by a 12 year old boy student in her class. Woman gets probation for 3 years or “counseling”. Same crime, in fact, much worse by female teacher due to victim’s age. But enforcement and punishment is all based on political and social trends, not actual laws.
          We are all too familiar with this. No need to even mention American women filing false police criminal complaints for crimes that never happened (like false rapes or false physical assaults). The woman is almost never punished for the felony of making false police report. How about women who commit same exact crimes as men (fraud, armed robbery, etc) and get 1/3 of sentence? All political decisions.
          In Western Europe, I would not worry so much about an arrest because the cops there are so busy now with Jihadists and immigrant criminals, the cops just walk by tourist foreign dudes. Not only that, many crimes in America are simple fines in places like Norway or Sweden. I knew a dude that got a gun permit in Norway and went to target practice next to a residential neighborhood at 2am in Bergen. LOL The cops came and arrested him and he was only in jail overnight. They took all his guns away, of course and he had to pay 12,000 NOK fine (like $2,000 USD). That was it. In USA, it would be prison time for sure, it is 3rd degree felony (up 5 years prison in most States, but in FL, the “10/20/Life law” would guarantee 15 for this little incident because there is an sentence enhancement for being a gun crime). 😮
          The laws here in USA are too broad and intrusive to an extreme. And enforcement is almost entirely political now. ❗ It is not based on legality, but based on politics and public sentiment at the time. Bill Cosby and #MeToo, being one recent example. Trump and Russia. 🙄 It is all political, has nothing to do with justice or actual national interest.
          Politics is in everything and taints all areas of life, from movies to music to TV to criminal law enforcement to courts!!! That is one of biggest problems we have in USA.

        7. CHRISTIAN
          Why do you think porn is such a big deal in the US? In Holland, where any male with 40 Euros can go and get his rocks off, fewer marriages are broken up by porn. It is in the Evangelical heartland that marriages collapse because some grown man is jerking off to porn like a schoolkid who found his Dad’s Hustler mags in the closet. And these are grown men, it is pathetic.
          This is of course is one of the reasons I don’t live in America. I want to be able to do whatever the fuck I want in.
          The US seems to be a place of horrendous extremes. You cannot solicit a prostitute but you can pay some 18 year old girl $400 to do godawful sex acts in front of camera and then put it into commerce. A guy like Max Hardcore walks around with a camera and some cash in his pocket ready to destroy a teenager girl’s rectum but Joe Normal has his life ruined by a soliciting charge because HE TALKED TO A PROSTITUTE.
          Police enforcement in the US is about raw capitalism and fueling the economy much like the implicit desire of the prison-industrial complex to have people to jail. In Europe, you’ll see relief on a cop’s face when he cannot bust you and disappointment and rudeness on the face of a US cop.

    3. Dundee (Crocodile Dundee, I assume??):
      You as a man can marry UP in a place like Ukraine. They have a surplus of unmarried girls that cannot find a local dude there to even LTR with them for sure.
      The issue is that once she is in USA, if she starts hanging out with other ex-pats from her own country (or worse, from Russia!) she will learn about divorce rape, which she is as entitled to do to any man as any local AmeriCunts can.
      The issue is the Feminist legal system that emnables this shit to go on and continue. Without this shitty legal system, many of the problems we have today would not exist. If women went to prison for making a blatant false rape charge, the # of bitches doing that would reduce considerably. They make false accusatio0ns as they have NO fear of repercussions at all, neither from cops or from civil courts! -_-
      See the problem?? It is not just the woman… it is the container she gets out in. Women are water, they take the shape of whatever container she is put in. You would need a complete support system to bring a foreign woman (regardless of country, be it Ukraine or Philippines or whatever) to the USA. A local church, a group of quality married conservative friends, good neighborhood, etc. Or the woman will be corrupted in no time in NYC and then bend over for the divorce rape, dude! 😡

  4. Oh man this is going to stir up the hornets nest of ROK losers and excuse makers. Let the incel tears flow.
    I know the truth hurts but try not to murder or mass shoot anyone today boys.

    1. Jew Princess, what happens when a guy gets tired of getting poked in the eye by that gigantic schnozz?

      1. Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy
        “Ethnic conflict is of obvious importance for understanding critical aspects of American history, and not only for understanding black/white ethnic conflict or the fate of Native Americans. Immigration policy is a paradigmatic example of conflict of interest between ethnic groups because immigration policy influences the future demographic composition of the nation. Ethnic groups unable to influence immigration policy in their own interests will eventually be displaced or reduced in relative numbers by groups able to accomplish this goal.” Kevin MacDonald, Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review.
        MacDonald goes on to say that the Jewish concept of an ideal America has been for ethnic and religious pluralism for the masses, while the Jews would remain a separate “genetically” and culturally cohesive group. In other words, the “ethnic and religious pluralism” is the Jewish goal for everyone in America – except the Jews!
        Before 1965, the immigration policy of America was to admit primarily white Europeans in order to keep the U.S. population homogeneous. Up until 1965, most Americans did not have to lock their doors.
        They did not lock their cars.
        There were few, if any, homes that had bars on the windows.
        Few people had home security systems.
        A child’s bicycle left on the front lawn overnight was still there in the morning.
        Young children could walk to school without concern for abduction, rape and murder.
        Few people knew anyone who had a drug addiction.
        There were no gated communities.
        There was no need for “security” at airports or anywhere else.
        There was no terrorism.
        But ALL this changed!
        The Jewish Conspiracy Behind the 1965 Open Immigration Law
        The Death of America was enacted in 1965 with the signing of the Open Immigration Law of 1965. Here is the assessment of Brother Nathaneal Kapner, a Jew who has converted to Christianity and is now exposing the Jewish takeover of America.
        While serving Jewish interests, the Open Immigration Law of 1965 was the beginning of America’s death as a unified nation. Jews were behind the law, promoting, lobbying, and “bribing” the law into existence with the fanaticism equaling the most dedicated terrorist.
        Jews have continually evinced hostility toward American Christian culture in their aggressive efforts to change it. The Open Immigration Law of 1965 is a prime example of that hostility.
        Jews are a paranoid people. Wherever the Jews go they fear “Anti-Semitism.” (Jews have a guilt complex – and for good reason.) Jews fear a homogenous Christian culture of which they would never ascend to influential positions. Rather, in a homogenous Christian culture, Jews are looked upon, (and rightly so), as “Christ-killers.” This is why the Jews tried to get Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of Jesus Christ, removed from the silver screen.
        A typical example of what characterizes the Jewish push for open immigration can be seen in the following 1948 quote by David Petegorsky, former Director of the American Jewish Congress:
        “Jewish survival can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.”
        Here are the Names of the Jew Behind the Open Immigration Law of 1965:
        1. Senator Jacob Javits (NY)
        2. Congressman Emanuel Celler (NY)
        3. Leo Pfeffer (Former President of the American Jewish Congress (AJC)
        4. Norman Podhoretz (Writer and Member of the Council on Foreign Relations – which is 75% Jewish)
        Senator Jacob Javits played a prominent role in the Senate hearings on the 1965 bill. Javits authored an article entitled ‘Let’s open the gates’ that proposed immigration levels of 500,000 per year for 20 years with no restrictions on national origin.
        Congressman Emanuel Celler, who fought for unrestricted immigration for over 40 years in the House of Representatives, introduced similar legislation resulting in the ‘Celler-Hart Immigration Bill,’ the precursor to the fatal bill of 1965.
        Leo Pfeffer, a so-called ‘Jewish Intellect,’ (translate, ‘Christ-hater’), wrote many treatises and books that propagandized for open immigration.
        Norman Podhoretz, a former leftist, now a Jewish ‘neo-con,’ (he’s still a leftist), also wrote many articles promoting open immigration.
        Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Congress, the Jewish Federation, the ACLU, and the B’nai B’rith, (there is no end to their organizations), filed briefs in support of open immigration before the Senate Subcommittee in the early sixties leading up to the passing of the 1965 law.
        The 1965 Open Immigration Law is presently fulfilling the aims of the Jewish conspiracy as seen in its effects. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of America due to the massive influx of immigrants since the signing of the bill in 1965.
        Most of these immigrants come from Third World Nations whose customs, religions, and culture are far removed from anything remotely resembling Christianity. Within the context of a Jewish-informed ‘multicultural America,’ these immigrants are encouraged by the Jews to retain their own languages, customs, and religions.
        The Jews have also given these immigrants a moral mandate to expand both demographically and politically. And expand they will and do! But any attempts by European-derived peoples to retain demographic, political, and cultural control in America are represented by the Jews as being ‘racist and immoral.’
        Bottom Line: The Jews are guilty of the ruination of America.

        1. REAL WORLD
          Legal Japanese engineers and Singaporean bankers did not really raise crime rates.
          Mexicans and blacks were a problem before 1965 and after.
          These two groups did not immigrate legally-blacks were always there and Mexicans who commit crimes are Indians who’ve also always been in the United States.

        2. RW:
          Look at the periods when US Immigration was lowest and the type of country we had.
          The roaring Twenties was the Golden Age of America. Look at immigration rates, they were extremely LOW.
          Then look at post-WWII ear, pre-1965 (when USA opened its immigration again). We had a Golden Age again, almost 0 immigration into USA between 1940s until 1965. Prosperity and security.
          The Baby Boomers, Democrats, and yes, many J3ws, including then Representative Chuck Schummer (D-NY) opened the Immigration hell into America.
          This is why wages have not risen since then,. That is why crime went up like a rocket. That is why we have the mess we have today.
          Less immigration = better society. That is why Japan, China, South Korea, and even Poland… are all doing WAY better then say UK, Brazil, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, etc in the long run.
          Trust needs our support to help close that damn border and crack down on immigration the way he wants to. Trump gets it, ending mass immigration is life or death for America, he gets it.

    2. LOL Pics or GTFO, ya damm JAP.
      155% you got a honker, are fat, and your politics are straight out of Rules for Radicals.

  5. Ain’t dat de truth?
    Just coz ur too weak to tame these dumb femicunts, doesn’t mean we’re about to give up.
    I’d sooner White Sharia one of these cunts into submission than take a model-looking gook as a wife.

      1. That’s coz ur a cuck.
        If you don’t have the balls to entertain the necessity of a patriarchy to cure feminism, then ur part of the problem.

        1. Yeah, it’s not like I repeatedly advocate patriarchy in this very article, right dipshit?
          Patriarchy does not have to entail punching a woman in the face and putting her in a burqa. Ironically, only a beta male needs to use brute force to control a woman.

        2. I guess our ancestor’s were all beta then?
          Coz they used brute force to control women.
          If you want patriarchy then you will need brute force.
          You’re not gonna talk, bribe, or trick a woman into compliance.
          Ironically for you, that is exactly how betas and jews view women hahahaha.

      2. Know where the saying ‘General Rule of thumb” comes from?
        It comes from Middle Age Euro Law whereby a Man could (and often would) beat his wife into submission, but only with a stick no larger than his thumb.
        Silly cuck. Look hard, maybe youll find your balls.

        1. Sharia keeps Muslim women in the fucking kitchen and fertile.
          Why wouldn’t you want the same for white thots?
          We will culturally appropriate this awesome meme to btfo feminism.
          If ur not on board ur a cuck.
          White sharia or brown sharia, make ur choice cuck.

  6. If a man focuses more upon snagging a perfect housewife the than he does upon improving himself, then he’s more than likely going to be unsuccessful in ANY country. Women want a man they can respect, and a man who is so gynocentric that he forgets to develop those characteristics which would make HIM attractive will not receive much in the way of respect from women regardless of country. Focus on improving yourself, grow in confidence, be where the good women are (whether that’s abroad or at your local church), and the rest should take care if itself.

  7. Solid article. ROK often reads like a reverse Jezebel, whining about the opposite sex. If you are alpha, women change to accommodate you. Their initial bitchiness is a fun game.

    1. The problem with you “just be alpha” types is you NEVER specifically define what this vague concept means.
      Perusing these sites one would imagine an alpha is some mysterious guy in an Armani suit, cradling a whisky, behind a cloud of smoke as two sexy thots dangle off his arm totally in awe and horny coz this guy’s just sooo aloof. Like wow dude… *insert a Joe Rogan wow dude…”
      It’s fucking hilarious to watch this.
      You’re all wrong.
      Authority is the proper male form.
      You’re not gonna get authority over a woman just by acting detached and jaded.

      1. Having confidence in yourself and articulating your beliefs; being physically fit (not a ‘roid head but reasonably in shape with a healthy bmi); wearing clothes that fit; standing up straight with your shoulders back (JBP); mastering control of your own emotions; never whining; never blaming other people for your problems.
        You know, basic shit like that.

        1. I do all this and more, yet many attractive women in the US see me as “needy” because I get frustrated when they take 72 hrs to respond to a text after a brief back and forth. Women’s attitudes in the US are not as innocent as the author makes it seem. That the burden falls entirely on men to Alpha up to unseen levels to meet the expectations of women is absurd. I went to Vietnam and taiwan for a week and could’ve have a 7-8 looking girlfriend in the time i was there, had many girls offering…. yet here in the US only 4-5’s show me any enthusiasm, the 7,8,9s are a fucking unbelievable headache , even when you offer a lot as a man (6′, muscled, clean, white, airline pilot, no kids etc). The girls here are way too entitled. Maybe i’m part incel in this environment, but I have dedicated the better part of a decade and a half to self mastery and it has not beared fruit in the form of a loving girl, but has served as an awakening.
          Lot’s of basic dudes in the US end up just fine, but many of the intellectuals, hard working and spiritual types are deprived because the majority of women value image and tingles alone. Part of that is the environment and not innate hypergamy.

        2. @sirpsychosexy
          First, like the RHCP reference.
          You have to separate the wheat from the chafe and avoid early onset oneitis.
          Your example of being impatient over a 72 hour text response indicates you’re investing too much too early in a one woman. It might be that she’s just giving you a shit test, it might mean she’s no longer interested, or it might mean she has explosive diarrhea and wants to be alone for awhile.
          Whatever the reason, learn from your mistakes and just keep moving.
          The alternative is nihilist shitsville or, from reading some posters to this forum, apparently 3rd world hookers (and posting 90+ messages a day in ROK, often repeating themselves 8 times fishing for an upvote) and neither are all that appealing.

      2. i explain you the principle of “alpha”
        dont say shit like this: *insert a Joe Rogan wow dude…”

        1. Aww you triggered dude?
          Joe Rogan epiphanies are hilarious–just pedestrian observations that could only be profound if ur brain’s fried from weed.

    2. “Reverse Jezebel” Love it! Now I’m just going to nuke some popcorn and read the comments about how girls in Ongo-Bongo land are so superior to Amer- (Aussie- Canada- ) cunts.

    3. “Reverse Jezebel” Love it! Now I’m just going to nuke some popcorn and read the comments about how girls in Ongo-Bongo land are so superior to Amer- (Aussie- Canada- ) cunts.

    4. Oh gawd..another ‘MGTOW is basically male feminism.’
      No it isn’t, stupid. SHILLING for status quo is male feminism.
      There are only two types of men who use this argument: the father of daughters…or hopeful-virgins high on their own inexperience.

        1. How myopic, yet not surprising, coming from the resident Midwestern Jew. (Yes, I know what and where you are.)
          MGTOW is amorphous, not asexual. It is the way to beat this Judeo-matrirachy. I know you enjoy marrying used, post-wall shiksas because it forms hybrid vigor for your consanguineous Hebrew genetics, but it is a failed sustenance for Western Civilization.
          Go make Aliyah before it is made for you.

      1. People don’t see or understand that if perhaps we starve the beast it may be forced to reform.
        It’s certainly not going to change or get better if we keep feeding and submitting to it.

        1. If you starve the beast she will just switch to BBC,
          Time to grow some balls and get out the back hand cucks.

        2. They won’t just reform, there will be a complete overhaul.
          It’s just like how corporations raise prices during shortfalls, and then start cutting inventory and shrinking square footage and mass layoffs… Then they start closing stores…before they cut prices to supply and demand levels.
          I predicted a few weeks ago, based on my own anecdotal observations, that we would see the birthrates of nonwhites plummet..and today we have proof.

          It’s just like hypothetically banning abortion. It won’t lead to an explosion of unwanted births or back-alley abortions – it will lead to female sexual austerity because of the troublesome consequences of risqué intercourse. Pragmatism > principle
          This is incredibly difficult for most people to conceptualize because it defies the logic of Clown World.
          The Laws of Thermodynamics, not Darwin, dictate society.
          Think of these seeming contradictions as manifested in examples like Jamaican sprinters having ripped upper bodies even though their lower body is their breadwinner, or the way electricity travels and is generated, but never ‘off.’

  8. Hmm, I agree with the principle that if you can’t laid in Amerika you won’t get laid elsewhere (what with Tinder etc) however I think the majority of men who go overseas for women do it because a) bangs are cheaper (in London a date will set me back £100 if I’m lucky) b) wife material is better. Yes, it’s just a fact that Latin and Asian women cook more frequently and better. They are also in general repelled by the idea of abandoning their kids in day care to pursue a career. This is just a fact.

    1. DON
      I was living in the Philippines and this female sailor came off a merchant vessel. The white women who come to the Philippines are usually rugged, I only knew one white woman who chose to live in the Philippines. Or actually she was an NGO or something.
      Anyhow, I supplied this white female with some booze and figured she was horny from being on the ship and plied with booze until she fucked me.
      But afterwards she wanted nothing to do with me.
      Now I might be a complete loser. But I also had forgotten the expectations of white women.
      They are high.

  9. Madman
    I don’t know dude, if she worked on a merchant vessel sounds like she could have been a raging Lesbo.

    1. DON
      She wasn’t. But she was crude. I was running a girly bar and she showed up and got drunk. Ex Navy, now a sailor. Reasonably hot blonde.
      I’d not fucked an American woman in decades.
      I got her totally soddenly drunk and of course I fucked her. Only once though, the next day she was not interested.
      It was a reminder of how high white women’s standards are.

        1. SPICY
          Better than beating off.
          I’ll fuck almost anything, man. It is why I go to prostitutes.

        2. madman marz, I expected higher standards from a huWhite man. That notion of nailing anything that moves is more in line with Black men, and a tenet of our existence that I am trying to steer my folks away from.

        3. Ok, I almost disowned you madman, but that comment was funny and saved you.
          But would you fuck a 400 lb. Jewess? I canna believe it.

        4. CORINTH
          I once got a blowjob from a Jewish crack whore-Amy Winehouse type in Greater Detroit.
          She was thin.

      1. THE GRAND
        At least those blacks get pussy.
        These guys who always go on about the “JQ” will soon be back beating off for the 4th time that day to some sleazy guy who looks like Ron Goldman fucking a Nicole Kidman lookalike.
        Then he will get back on here and start complaining about how Ju’s are destroying society again after he has masturbated to porn produced in their studio.

        1. Better to beat off than fuck shit-tier women, at least in my book. Better to do pushups (and other self-improvement activities) rather than beat off until you can actually get women within a reasonable standard.

        2. nicole kidmans father was a nasty pedophile and child murderer. nicole is also a psycho. just throwing that out

  10. In the west and especially America, the alpha male is the person who OWNS the society and sleeps with a lot of women and can get away with almost anything. In this sense, the alpha male is NOT ‘Chad’ but someone degenerate from the tribe, like Harvey Weinstein.
    What is an alpha male? I’m sure I don’t buy the western BS version…
    Modern-day Eastern European males and Russian males do not count either. The alpha male must’ve been a guy back in the early 1900s at the latest.

    1. This whole alpha male bs is predicated upon a Darwinian and deterministic interpretation of social dynamics.
      But since Darwinism is a false theory, it seems stupid to base your behaviour on it.
      In a no-holds barred survival situation, if a beta male is not good enough for some cunt well then he can simply just rape her. It happens all the time in nature, and even women find rape sex far more pleasurable than consenting sex. Women even FANTASIZE about it.
      Something like 95% of rape victims orgasm.
      So much for female selection…
      A beta passing on his genes so easily does not seem very Darwinian to me. But if the audacity to rape turns one into an alpha chad on the stop, then the genetically deterministic part of this theory goes straight into the trash can.
      So which is it my alpha male bros???

    2. Weinstein DIDN’T GET LAID that was what was so sad.
      If he was rocking the casting couch with willing wannabe actresses I’d say good for him.
      But in point of fact he either had to forcibly sexually assault women or rape their potted plants?

      1. You Jus’s are so Tribal, Marz. Always got each others back..
        Covering fro Weinstein. Thats chutzpah

  11. Most women (and men) are pretty useless in the west. If they are not happy tax-slaves paying for illegal wars in the Middle East, then they are happy to contribute to their own replacement and demise via mass abortion etc etc. Most men are just as bad as the women.
    White man no.1 (from the tribe) has gone full on narcissistic psychopathic, white man no.2 has lost his mind (wars against fellow brother whites for the tribe, contributing to his own race-replacement in a variety of ways) and the nonwhites enter western society and become the new slaves, contributing to foreign wars abroad and (what should be) illegal actions at home. Western society is representative of the degeneracy of the human race.
    There’s no way to meaningfully fix the scale or the problems of western society. And all I can see is that all options lead to the end of the white Anglo-Saxon, nordic peoples en masse, with only a very very few surviving – not enough to call a race. America is the epicentre of this global degenerate disease and both men and women are to blame.
    Ironically, it is the proles(the white underclass and lower class) you are dependent on to wake up and hold their brothers in the middle and upper-middle classes to account(as well as the tribe). That will never happen. Too few are ‘woke’ and despite having guns, America is the biggest shill and warmonger for the tribe in its overseas ventures.

    1. jmaloney
      1. What war against white brethren? Hasn’t been one in 70 years.
      2. Jews are SORT of white. Not exactly. Rosanne Barr and Leonard Nimoy look awfully Central Asian/Khazar/Eurasian. Nimoy played Asians and Native Americans his entire career.
      3. Jews were against Vietnam. They were against Iraq. The last war a Jew did not protest against was Korea. I’m not Jewish but let us face the facts that Iraq was waged by Texan hicks in the petroleum corporations spearheaded by Bush who was elected by white hicks-all the Jews voted for Al Gore. Of course they did.
      4. Despite having guns. The lower-class whites are too beset by social problems and geography. They never have any money and have to work to support their kids and have less education and often drink/drug problems. But more than that, they are in the US interior-it is a long way from Montana or Alabama to NYC/Beltway or Los Angeles.

      1. people attending a Jewish synagogue /= Zionists
        The Great War did annihilate tens of millions of whites, and the world today is facing direct consequences of that. However, wars against whites happen all the time. The current war in Syria is one, where the western powers have chosen to align against the Christian Alawhite peoples of Syria and funded Al Queda “rebels” who are slaughtering Syrians, not to mention the side effect of supposed refugees, who are invading Europe and the US by the hundreds of thousands, and most are not even Syrian.
        Jews are decidedly NOT white. And whatever their skin color, they are not my people. They of course know this, which is why they are such strong proponents of multiculturalism.
        Yes the mideast wars are fought by poor ignorant southerners and blacks and hispanics without better options. But they are funded and fomented by powerful elites. None of whom are directly involved in fighting them. The entire *point* of them, other than financial gains, is to break down the people with constant war.
        America is the heart of the degenerate culture spreading throughout the world and I know not the cure for it. The world seems to embrace it and love it, with the exception of the Islamic nations.

      2. Israeli News- Haaretz
        In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town: the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history. They believe that the right political idea entails a fusion of morality and force, human rights and grit. The philosophical underpinnings of the Washington neoconservatives are the writings of Machiavelli, Hobbes and Edmund Burke. They also admire Winston Churchill and the policy pursued by Ronald Reagan. They tend to read reality in terms of the failure of the 1930s (Munich) versus the success of the 1980s (the fall of the Berlin Wall). ‘
        Thx for chiming, Rabbi Marz

      3. This totally ignores a host of Jewish neocons starting with Roy Cohn, the Rostow brothers, Henry Kissinger and Irving Kristol going all the way to todays AIPAC/PNAC crowd (Bill K., Doug Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan, Scooter Libby etc.). (((They))) weren’t all Abbie Hoffmans or Daniel Ellsbergs. Yes most Jews vote Dem because they see the GOP as the Christian-fundie party, and that gives them the willies.

      4. “Jews were against Vietnam. They were against Iraq.” Some were against it. Plenty of (((necons))) starting with the Rostow brothers, Henry Kissinger and Irving Kristol all they way to the AIPAC/PNAC crowd that had W’s and Cheney’s ears were quite gung ho about it all.
        “Iraq was waged by Texan hicks in the petroleum corporations spearheaded by Bush who was elected by white hicks-all the Jews voted for Al Gore. Of course they did.”
        See above. Most, but not all Jews vote Democratic because they see the GOP as the party of Christian-fundies, and that creeps them out.

    2. There’s the ‘based’ minority living in a white country bitching about white people again. Notice how he never has anything to say about nonwhites?
      He just wants another white civil war (World War) to wipe out another two generations of white men so the rest of his parasite peasant race and trickle in from their Third World hellhole to fill the void.
      Stop falling for these shysters. They hate us more than leftists do.

    3. Oy Vey.
      Whites are still 10% of the Populace, control All of Eastern Europe, are well armed in the USA, have NZ, Australia (Not PC there either), and parts of the British Isles like Ireland and Scotland are not diverse at all, nor suffer from white guilt.
      But alas, we must throw in the towel. Its all gloom and doom and you must have more vagisil.
      The reality- 10 years ago, home schoolers were 100,000 Now theyre over 1 million. Trump ran on a Build the Wall platform. Tribalism and Nationalism is rising everywhere. Youre a silly Fn Cuck. Neuter yourself pronto

  12. I kinda feel this article misses the point in a variety of ways. Firstly, there are more important things going on than this side-distraction of men vs women. Secondly, those US/western men who hate on American women are often not ‘sore losers’ but have legitimately suffered in the pro-divorce society that favours women and separates men from their children’s lives/upbringing.
    Lastly, who cares how many guys a woman has fucked as long as she contributes to maintaining a good society. Its this last point that western women fall afoul. It would seem that in general, women with very few sexual partners make better wives and mothers than those raised in the ‘slutsville USA’ culture. This current western society is an anomaly and is only sustained by western women being dependent on western males to support such a society, as well as billions of third worlders to be the slave labor to make the clothes and foodstuffs such women enjoy. This is coming to an end one way or another, and it wouldn’t surprise me in future if there was another men vs women article here disparaging women for contributing to our social and economic decay.

  13. Great article. I have to be honest, I’ve always thought your exercise articles were pretty weak, so I almost clicked off of this one. I’m glad I didn’t though.

  14. Cant you smell the smoke guys? ROK is now writing neutral articles so as not to be classed as a hate site to protect their revenues. After years of promoting toxic masculinity (not all masculinity is toxic), this can only be a good thing!! At last an end to woman hating.

  15. the woman hating isnt ending. It will just get more hidden.
    Incel losers DONT ever stop hating women.

    1. Pay very close attention to the language these cunts use. They HATE men who can’t fuck them with ease. Homophobia and male virgin-shaming are creations and weapons of WOMEN.
      Women are dripping with misandry. They can’t even see the irony and neither can most men. She hates the men that she rejects and she hates the men that reject her…and the men who fuck her.
      Who has a pussy? AWALT
      Get over your chivalry, cowards, and put these bitches back in their harnesses.
      Make the internet unsafe for their delicate sensibilities. That is where we start and then it will work its way IRL.
      Isn’t it ironic how the average whore can bury her face in another THOT’s wet pussy at a party in front of people ‘for fun’ and then never think about it again because it isn’t considered ‘homosexual,’ yet men cannot even cry/hug at funerals or be friends and have anonymous conversations online without being accused of homosexuality because it didn’t include or benefit women?
      I despise gays, but I don’t allow this ‘hermeneutics of gay suspicion’ shit-test to affect me anymore because I don’t care one way or the other about gays.

      1. “Isn’t it ironic how the average whore can bury her face in another THOT’s wet pussy at a party in front of people ‘for fun’ and then never think about it again because it isn’t considered ‘homosexual,’ yet men cannot even cry/hug at funerals or be friends and have anonymous conversations online without being accused of homosexuality ”
        Men ENJOY watching women get their lez on, that’s why they don’t stigmatize it too much. They abhor effeminate behavior by other men. Double standard? Maybe, but that’s the reason.

        1. I suspect that most of it is just conformity. When in history did this rampant lesbianism ever occur and men fawned over it instead of burning them at the stake? Only nude paintings. Not at all the same thing.
          How do you explain the female obsession with homosexual-metrosexual vampires?

        2. Watching two women together does nothing for me. Never has, never will. I’m not involved so why would I care?

  16. As usual you give women too much credit. They are simply children – everywhere in the world. Your attraction to them is nothing but hormonal driven. Women do not even have beautiful bodies as your hormones try to convince you. The male body is far superior!
    So long as you see them as sperm holes you’d wake up and realize that you’ve been living in a bubble.
    No matter, American or Asia treat them as children and they’ll be happy to lend you a pussy once in exchange for your wisdom.

  17. I hate to say it, but when I size up another man or woman, I am doing it with the mindset of ‘how is this person going to help me make a better society’? Since most people don’t pass this test, my mindset then changes to ‘how can this person be quickly disposed of where I preferably expend the minimum amount of effort interacting with them’? What bothers me is not just that I view men in this way, but in recent months, I have begun viewing women with such a disposable attitude too. Even the attractive ones. I can sense that the society is going to fall – whether it takes 5 years or 30 years, its going to happen within my projected lifetime. I kinda resent all the useful idiots mindlessly serving this agenda, even though it will result in their own demise(which they may not have figured out yet).
    The first thing that goes through a man’s mind when he sees a woman is likely or not whether she is attractive enough. The second thought should be ‘can this woman continue on my legacy’? Since the answer is ‘no’ for most western women, it is reasonable to think of them as being utterly expendable. I mean, c’mon, women have been around for millions of years, so it surely cannot be that hard for a woman to present herself as attractive and pleasing, right? The bar in the modern era is so low that all she has to do is be thin (attractive) and be pleasing (nice, have some domestic skills). If she cannot be what her ancestors have been for millions of years(which has worked for millions of years), then she is a right pain in the ass and completely useless. I don’t care if this sounds mysoginistic, seeing as we’re at the end of this society we might as well tell the truth.

    1. Has society not already collapsed? Marriage, an institution for joining virgins to males via a dowry, fails 55% to 60% of the time.
      Despite living in the most wealthy society ever, most people have less than $1,000 to their name and slave away at a job where they likely have neither health coverage or time off. They must work 50 weeks out of the year to simply exist.
      Females in the west are on the whole totally useless for relationships.
      Political correctness has made speaking many truths impossible.
      Yes we are not waiting in bread lines and zombies do not patrol the streets yet… or do they?
      The lines have merely been digitized–Capital One and Shittybank have taken over management of the food queues and will charge you 19% compound interest to finance quick access to GMO foods and needless trinkets. Zombies roam the streets staring at small screens, unaware of their surroundings and incapable of interacting with the outside world.
      How much more do we have to fail?

      1. Divorce runs only about 10% For Couples WHEN they agree on Faith And Money budgeting, says Dave Ramsey, Pastor of 30 years, and famed author and Radio host.

        1. You are fucking joke. Admit you are a feminist you coward. Look at how pathetic you are shilling for the status quo. I’m embarrassed for you. I am almost glad the white race is dying out now. I would rather 100 million savages kill us off than have to put up with one more cucked parent like you. You are just the male version of ‘shiksa goddess’ who can only mention (((them))) without criticizing anything else just because she wants attention. We get it, stupid. We know who (((they))) are. You are such a white knight that you can’t take white women being criticized for the dirty whores they are.

    2. 1. fuck society
      2. millions of years is not possible if we are only 7billion now and we were only around 1,5 billion 100 years ago and the industrial revolution was only around 200 years ago.

  18. I definitely thought the articles here lately were getting weird. The whole premise of this website was to criticize American women and other women from western countries. I get new writers lately are trying to represent a new perspective, but I think the OP probably lacks some international dating experience.
    As someone that has been to Asia, there is absolutely a difference between American women and women from traditional countries. Also, I really don’t buy into the myth of if you can’t get laid at home, you can’t get laid abroad deal. You just can’t expect to go up more than 2 points in the QUALITY you get back home. Trust me, my numbers go up big time abroad.
    I’m not promoting to be obsessed with hating American women. But at the same time, let’s not pretend that we can’t find more/better elsewhere.

    1. Case and point…the beta-cull Muslim/African migration into Europe. Privileged white women will literally get themselves killed by this asocial, virgin, impoverished, unskilled, half-homosexual jungle fever just to get themselves off for a few minutes with this otherworldly genetic refuse, who already failed spectacularly in their own choleric villages where the women are already topless and their dicks are already out in the open, albeit with bamboo cone hats.

      1. White men engage in Yellow Fever at much higher rates than Mudsharking white women with black males. Ju’s pushed this phenomenon very hard in the last decade-Kardashians & all Tabloids/Media. It still is staggeringly Low, as in the single digits Low.
        They are also taught the heresy that Love means removing all racial awareness and boundaries, when the opposite is actually the norm and was traditional for 2000 years.

        1. LOL no they do not you fucking retard. Holy shit. You may actually be a female troll. I recognize the illogical persistency. Pretending white men are with more Asian sluts than white whores with black men? Who the fuck are you kidding? This country is 13 percent black and less than 5 percent yellow. GTFO
          No man says this shit. This is beyond mere BDSM fantasy lots of InCels have. You were not a football player ever you liar. You are a woman. The way you fawn over them and defend them at every man’s expense.
          We are done with gynocentrism on the Right Wing. Not going to happen. I would rather spit-roast some white whore than respekt wahmen ever again.
          I can’t wait to see you worthless cunts in burkas. It’s gonna be hilarious. I will be high-fiving Muslims and giving them our most useless sluts on the open slave markets as a fig leaf.
          LOL (((they))) are bringing in these Third World savages, but WHITE WOMEN are the ones fucking them.
          Get that through your empty feminist skull, Sinead.

  19. About fucking time. Thank you, Larsen.
    I’m about over (actually, was over it months ago) two particular individuals whose names rhyme with Ron Fodds and Fadman Parz who feel the need to shit post in every single fucking topic about moving to a third world country to court Mei-Ling and Fuk-Yoo-Too.

    1. JANE
      It is better than spending every Thursday at a club hoping buying the same skanks their Ladies Nights drinks in the hopes that maybe one out of every 4 months one of them decides to fuck you because there is not some other dude and they are drunk.
      Instead of the relative pleasantness of a hotel room in the tropics they lie on the bed drunk and you fuck them in a missionary position.
      Or, for variety, you date some chick for 3 months before she lets you do doggy style sex with the lights on.
      Fuck all that vanilla shit.
      I intend to get down and dirty with my time on this planet and get the kind of sex I like!!
      But to each his own, to each his own,

      1. Again, I have to ask: where the hell are you meeting these women that refuse to do anything than missionary position? I’ve never had that experience. Just cross a woman’s legs, apply pressure, flip her on her stomach, and bang her if you want doggy style that bad.
        You can get rough with women, they’ll like it.

        1. LARSEN
          I’m 44 and things have probably changed since I was drinking in clubs to the sounds of Celine Dion in college bars in 1997.
          Gen Y women raised on porn and different social mores maybe different.
          I would not know, sadly. I have not fucked a college age woman since 2002.

        2. Larsen,
          All I ever wanted was a home, children and a woman that loved me. Sex with different women using different positions isn’t something I ever chased. But I ain’t criticizing your choices, you want to live alone having casual sex with many women, up to you. My Asian lifestyle was not something I ever choose, welfare and family court forced it on me.
          Doggy style was never a problem in the west, reverse cowgirl and crouching tiger are entirely normal in Asia. I was surprised!

        3. Dodds and marz, you both did well in the pussy department. Do you guys lack male companionship though? Asia seems like a pussy upgrade but perhaps a meaningful male friendship downgrade.

        4. GRAPEFRUIT
          No, there are white males from every country who feel the same as we do. I’ve done business with them, been hired by them, shared apartments with them.
          Not all are white, by the way. If you are a law-abiding black American with a pension it is much more appealing to live in Philippines than a black ghetto of Detroit or Atlanta.
          What is lacking are kids and white women. Which is a relief because there is none of the Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence misbehavior of adolescents. You don’t have to cope with monstrous little ghetto kids running completely out of control like you would as a working middle class neighborhood in America.
          A bit like a gated community, the expatriates you meet will be of a higher standard.
          Your real trailer trash, Cholos and Hoodrats cannot possibly get a passport or scrape together the money to live overseas.

        5. GRAPEFRUIT
          There are some white expats that never leave the local foreign bar and others who want nothing to do with other Westerners-it all depends.
          You’d be surprised how many males are now getting out of the United States to live cheaply in other countries. If you are an American male with $2000 a month to spend your life is going to be a fuckload more pleasant in Southeast Asia than it is in the United States. This is pure currency exchange. Who the fuck wants to live in some creepy old farmhouse on a dirt road with potholes 3 miles from the nearest crossroads instead of a vibrant Asian city?
          Insofar as the prostitution is concerned, sure, many expats live in Southeast Asia for that reason.
          Then there are others like me who are working middle class and would never be able to afford to get away from Mexicans and black crime. In the US now on the street level, it is everywhere in major US cities. And okay, you can move to some Deliverance town in the woods but what are you going to do for work there?

    2. Dodds is a dork. I like MM. The guy’s had a lot more experiences and more interesting life than the average 44 year old.

        1. FRANKIE
          I’ve lied about nothing.
          The reason you might believe I am a liar is that you are such a townie and so restricted by your city limits and so untraveled that the notion of fucking a woman’s pussy of a different country is entirely alien to you.

        2. FRANKIE
          “Chronic liars”
          Our experience overseas is garden variety.
          Not everyone wants to hang around their city, doing whatever few things the local economy allows, jerking off to internet porn instead of having sex with real women, fighting over the few local skanks that are not attractive enough to latch onto some Chad…

        3. Yeah, why would I lie on an anonymous forum, the photo I posted was the wife divorcing me in the UK (age 50) and the girl I was living with in Thailand (age 30) while waiting for my divorce to be finalized.
          Neither MM or myself are claiming to be especially ‘hansum’ or ‘alpha’, good looking younger women are just available to white men all over Asia. You don’t even need to approach them, they chase us. OK, so I wouldn’t have believed it either until I came here. But Larsen is totally wrong, with a bit of cash in your pocket ANY white man can have an attractive Asian woman in his bed at minimal cost. If you’re old, fat bald or smell they don’t care (but they will force you in the shower and wash you before sex), it’s just so easy. Agreed, LTR is harder, you need to put in a bit of work with that.

        4. JOHN
          If you went to the US at your age here are your options-
          1) Hitting the Irish-American pubs in the hopes that some barfly who, no offense, looks like your wife on crack, let’s you hit her up.
          2) Some SCARFACE type motel transaction with clammy unease when you wondering if the “Martha’s” pimp is going to burst through the door with a chainsaw and start torturing you to get your ATM card.
          If these options are more appealing than Asia, by all means, head to your nearest US metropolis.
          As for me, I am too old to sit in college bars with youngsters who take drugs I don’t do (SPICE, what the fuck is that?) and a bunch of post-adolescent males swinging chairs in the inevitable brawl with big black giants in uniforms coming into the melee and beating everyone up.
          CRAIGSLIST Hookers? Half the time they are female cops. I don’t relish having a big boot in my mouth as I am forced down on some bed and handcuffed by storm troopers like I am some James Bond villain, which is how they treat men trying to get laid with hookers in the US today.

        5. JOHN
          Let these guys sit on the street they were born and wait to see whether some other pointless stupid conflict with Iran heats up because of Neo-conservatives who would never want their kid to have to spend a year in a dusty middle-eastern toilet bowl.
          I’ll do the same thing I did all through the Bush years.
          Make sure I am someplace else.
          Let these fools continue to play backstroke lover with their porno pics like 14 year old schoolboys who found Dad’s stash in the closet…
          Let them complain that the blacks and Cholos who are getting sex action are making them pay out the ass for it in taxes to support the stupid white sluts lining up at the local welfare office.
          I’ll continue to enjoy my view of Asian sunsets and swim in the warm water and fuck young smooth women while they call some pasty tattooed slag 90 times on the phone until.
          Fuck them.
          Let the proud American patriots on this site remember that when their town was in total recession from US expenditures in Iraq and gasoline prices that I was making good money from the roaring economy of Dubai and skyscrapers sprang up while their own downtown crumbled into empty brick windows and rusty bridges.
          Let them go on about getting away from blacks or Cholos by moving to some old farmhouse that looks like Leatherface is going to burst out with his chainsaw on some dirt road with potholes 5 miles from the nearest crossroads.
          Fuck em.

  20. I think the majority of men here have successfully gamed American women in the past… and at some point realized they simply aren’t worth the effort. Bad hygiene, hyperinflated SMV, entitled attitude, brings nothing to the table, – the list goes on.
    It’s not that most of us CAN’T game American women – we simply don’t WANT to. A truly confident man has nothing to prove- If I choose to game foreign women, it’s for a good reason, not because I can’t I’m a sore loser avoiding a “strong independent cunt”
    Yes, there are beta men who go to Asia and expect to magically metamorphasize into Chad overnight. However, I don’t think this applies to most of the readers of this site, which at its core value, is for masculine men. An alpha is alpha no matter where he goes; and I personally believe its better put to put your skills to use in a land with largely feminine counterparts.

    1. I agree. I don’t necessarily “hate” American women. They are just utterly useless to me. I do hate the fact that it is so difficult to obtain a serious long term relationship / mating partner, as my forefathers were able to do for thousands of years, because the quality of females here is so low, but I don’t rant and rave about it. And I don’t need an article telling me not to do it.
      Ask me my opinion of American women, and I can go on and on with their shortcomings. But otherwise I don’t really think about them much.

    2. JIGGY
      “Bad hygiene”
      My Filipino friend fucked a female US Air Force servicewoman stationed in Luzon-a Hispanic female who was so slutty she undercut bar girls who were doing it for a living.
      Leonard the Filipino told me her vagina smelled so bad that he could not return her phone calls.

  21. I stopped reading once I saw you shared the surname of a nefarious Yankee general. I assume you are a descendant since you don’t disclaim this connection in bold letters in your bio.

  22. Peter Frazer
    The author fails to realize something.
    Many men go abroad to find decent wives. Most of them do not do so because they “cannot get a women in their own countries”.
    Most red-pilled men go abroad because the quality of women in some countries tend to be better than in the US or the whole of Europe.
    Finding the decent girl to marry, starting a family and raising requires strength, dedication, hard work…and money. Whether in the US/Europe or elsewhere.
    The difference is your marriage with a foreign girl abroad is more likely to be harmonious, more likely to give you a stable family…and is more likely to last for a lifetime.
    I married a foreign girl abroad. Sixteen years of marriage and three beautiful children later I have no regrets.

    1. To me, it is not the quality of the woman, but the quality of the culture. If I date a girl from a more traditional society, it is precisely because she was raised with the feminine values that I yearn for.
      My biggest problem is where to live if I marry one. My life is good here in the US, but then in a generation or less, my offspring and possibly wife, could become just as bad as the women already living here. It’s the culture that is degenerate, not the white girls living in it.

      1. SPICY
        Depends on the woman.
        I’ve know guys married to Filipino women who unpack their suitcase and as soon as they get the Greencard through hubby the find a strip joint.
        A great many low-class Filipinos will drift into the US sex industry-its all they know and when they actually get to the GI’s dead-end post-industrial Podunk town and realize that it is not the America of LA they saw in the movies they leave.

    2. Oops my question was did you live in the west, or abroad in her country, and how did that work out?

    3. PETER
      The one time I fucked the white female sailor in the Philippines I was reminded of the combination of crudity/high expectations.
      Now granted, this was Southeast Asia and white women there are going to be tough.
      But the next day it was obvious there was no point in trying it twice.
      And why bother? She was talking about her boyfriend mortician in Missouri and how they had a kid and shit and how much money he made.
      Cannot be fucked to meet the expectations of a white American woman.

    4. I have run across some nightmare relationships in Asia where a man was taken to the proverbial cleaners by a young woman but those men were suckers who did not safeguard their assets. Most relationships I run across here between a white man and a local are better than the ones back in the US. Not perfect but the bar is low to be better.
      Not only do Asian cultures encourage women to stay in a marriage but women face stiff competition. If a woman isn’t obese in the US she thinks she is a hot number. Women in Asia go to a restaurant, look around and see that the vast majority of young women are slender and feminine. They also know that as they age their husband can easily get a younger woman. Add in the lack of divorce rape and women are incentivized to stay looking good and to stick to the relationship. Still have divorces here but most of the time it is usually a case of the man having an affair with at least one other woman, sometimes 3 or 4.

  23. I get the point of the article, but I’ve opted out of North American culture and gender relations and couldn’t be more relieved that circumstances allowed me to make that decision many years ago. I was a very eligible professional (white) male, of above average height, looks and charisma who banged, dated and even married a variety of good-looking Canadian women, but I came to the conclusion I could be MUCH happier both professionally and personally in a different culture. The transition hasn’t always been smooth, but in hindsight, that’s part of the fun and spice of life.
    I haven’t lived in my home country for about 16 years now, and whenever I go back for occasional holidays to see family, I’m in utter disbelief how difficult it is for men to be men and simply enjoy the basics of life — this despite projecting a veneer of materialistic wealth, albeit heavily mortgaged. I’ve never seen more misery and stress on the faces of such worthy and eligible men, despite climbing out of their sleek German sedans to grab a $5 coffee and $3 biscotti in attempts to distract their minds from the cultural bullshit.
    However, once in a variety of different Latin cultures, I discovered an alternative to dealing with Cultural Marxism and rigged gender relations, which is present in every country now to varying degrees. And that wonderful option, gentlemen, is Pay-for-Play. Or in other words, whoremongering and paying local women for sexual services. Once you’re in this world and navigating it safely and successfully, then the imperative to leave the United States and Canada is even more clear — because the quality and cost of North American whores absolutely pales in comparison to countries of South America (and Asia too, obviously). And that’s not to say I don’t date Latina civilians in the traditional sense, because I still do, but knowing that I can bang a cute 19-year-old anytime I want without denting my finances makes a profound difference in how I deal with all women and how I prioritize my life and live it.
    So, in summary, I still tend to justifiably hate on American women because I have traveled extensively and been able to compare civilians to civilians and whores to whores, and without doubt, Americunts in all forms are dangerously toxic to your manhood and your soul. Just my 2 cents…

    1. Don’t you get tired of used pussy?
      I personally find it very hard to stick in hole that’s seen thousands of other cocks in there.

      1. Quality, I repeat quality, whores tend to be far cleaner and more health conscious than typical, I repeat typical, American/Canadian/etc women. Sure, there are Amish girls in America and girls in places like Saudi Arabia who are genuine untouched virgins, but your average American slut is just filthy. Doesn’t insist on condoms, doesn’t get regular health check ups, doesn’t know squat about STDs, has sex with low quality guys who themselves don’t use condoms, etc. Quality whores are professionals. Like doctors and dentists, quality whores are exposed to potentially dangerous bodily fluids, and they take precautions to avoid contamination by those bodily fluids. Are you queasy about receiving medical/dental care from doctors/dentists who have treated thousands of patients, at least some of whom were HIV infected? Low quality whores are another story, of course.
        Also, a quality whore does NOT make you feel like a loser but on the contrary her prmary skill is not so much physical but rather mental, so feel like a winner and keep coming back to see her. Yes, it’s an act and you can see through if you want, but if you are really jaded then everything in life looks shabby. Play along with her act instead of trying to see through it, same way you play along when watching a movie instead of saying “hey, this is just fiction, it didn’t really happen”. Done right, nothing makes a man feel.more alpha than paid sex with a quality whore.

        1. goat
          True. While it is stupid to fuck crack whores with or without a rubber the fact of the matter is that you are more likely to get Chlamydia or some other STD from a run-of-the-mill slut and not some professional.
          Not only that but hookers are always having checkups-unless you are fucking crack whores at truck stop.
          Whereas your average slutty hippie chick you meet at some rave will have no idea that her vagina full of herpes, genital warts etc. as she is too busy partying and being fucked to visit the Gyno.

        2. What an accurate comment with great insight, Goat!
          I can confirm that nothing feels more Alpha than paying for a quality whore, flirting with and gaming her for a short while to build sexual tension, then performing like a champ in bed and believing (sometimes erroneously perhaps…) that you gave her the ride of her life. Then laying the money on the night table with some respect, and walking out to join your buddies for beverages, story telling and more shenanigans without any guilt, nagging or passive / aggressive BS. Fun stuff!!
          AND, this is coming from a guy who has taken down some pretty fine civilians in his time, and created a bit of mythology while doing it!! Regardless, sex with quality, young and pretty whores is ALWAYS better than civilians — and much to my initial astonishment — they have FAR less issues with their pussies and asses. For example, if a quality whore has “anal” on her menu, you can bet she has prepared herself (enema??) such that there will be no disturbing odors while banging her in doggie. Same can’t be said for any civilians I’ve pounded in the ass. Fishy and unkempt pussies are also far less common with quality whores, which surprised me because I’ve dated many upper-middle class women who appeared to spend lots on “maintenance”. Go figure…
          As a final note, almost all my favorite conversations with women, in terms of refreshing honesty and interesting insights on gender relations, have been with whores.

        3. “nothing makes a man feel.more alpha than paid sex with a quality whore.”
          i can list 1000000000000 things. but for conveniece i will just say: sex with your own girl that was not a cum dumpster for anybody else makes a man feel alpha. what do you rather eat a water melon you cut open yourself or nasty rests of a water melon picked out of a pigsty?

  24. JANE etc. on SHITPOSTING
    In every single article somebody starts posting about Jews. We might be talking about exercises to do while traveling or meeting women and someone starts accusing everyone of being a fucking Jew.
    I’ve had a few run-ins with Jews in my time on planet earth but I am not blaming the fact that every aspect of my life sucks shit because of the “tribe”.

    1. It does get old. People who are very interested in the “JQ” tend towards myopia, more than any group that I can think of.

      1. JOMS
        I’d lay odds you are a Swedish-American yourself.
        Northern Wisconsin and your avatar.
        My grandparents owned a cottage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near the Northern Wisconsin Border.

  25. Not going to lie, the title of the article triggered me.
    However, you all your were points were valid and I agree with you. I will say that Southeast Asian men don’t seem too confrontational about sex tourists.
    Good article.

        *Shithead US Cops who bust you for DRIVING through a US city’s red-light area will GO ON about “Freedom” and Muslim tyranny when NOBODY IN DUBAI will bust you for getting a hooker.
        * Most cops who themselves served in the military bounced from whorehouse to whorehouse within the base perimeter of other countries but will ruin some guy’s life in their own city who is caught with a hooker in his car.
        * However, I moved overseas because there jobs paid better at that time and also less hassle because Dubai boss paid for the flat and the cheap car. Also, tax free.
        * Blacks, Cholos and white trash shitbags cannot live overseas. Dubai or Bangkok is FAR FAR SAFER for the average white man on a budget than moving into the average urban city. If you have any kind of skill set unrelated to agribusiness or ranching you have to live in US cities and risk walking into Fast Food Chimp Outs, living next door to some Cholos selling drugs or white trash tweakers. You cannot get away from them if you earn under a certain amount of money in the US.
        * I never picked up on the Ju thing in the US as a young man although I lived around a few working class Jus who were skeevy. However, I do not want to live in a country run by “Zeke the stupid Beastie Boy” I knew in my college years. If the JUs I knew in my Detroit neighborhood passing a bottle of JD in the park are running thing I’ll live in Dubai, thanks. Run-of-the-mill Ju obnoxiousness gets on my nerves anyhow. The screeching Yentas I knew in Detroit, the Necro rap artist type tough guys…They cannot live in Dubai and most of them never want to leave their tight-knit US ethnic communities so I have never seen one.
        * Most of the males on here who write about the Antifa collecting information on this site are compensating with their anonymity and poverty with delusions of importance. Nobody gives a fuck about us working white middle class men. The antifa are jobless asshats who look like they stepped out of Lalapalooza in 1994 with their dreads and tattoos and the Democrats with money do not care that people in Iowa do not share their values because outside of a few bubble cities nobody has any power or influence or knows anybody with any power or influence anyhow. Trump never had any power or influence, he simply had the money to transcend lacking it. To the 1% he is a dumb landlord son of a German immigrant carpenter.
        * Real non-hackers or dissidents do what I do and simply walk away from the US, not sit around and fight the antifa on the street. I do not fight with dirty hippies on the street. I take my business and career elsewhere and I don’t pay any taxes. If all white men did what I did and left America it would collapse tomorrow. Detroit has collapsed. Atlanta. St Louis.
        * As for prostitutes, I’ve saved a great deal of money and time and hassle. No need for sitting in the same stupid club every Thursday on “Ladies Night” watching the same old slags do the “big Bird” on the dance floor. When I need a nice blowjob to clear the old mind, I get one. My sexual adventures are not limited to watching some hairy hideous Jewish failed actor of the Ron Goldman variety fucking a crack whore in a ratty apartment in San Fernando valley and beating off to the thrusts of his penis. I get real sex unlike you Gen Y wasters.

  26. There are decent and hardworking men, far from being “sore losers” who were divorce-raped by American women. There’s no mystery, US is the epicenter of global feminism and gender propaganda.. because of “empowerment” ideology, every American woman feels entiteled to her Christian Grey, simply because she has boobs and a vagina..
    Just look at some youtube videos of Steeve Harvey to see the ((quality)) of women there. I live in Europe and I think I’ve never encounter that amount of ugly women in my life. a bunch of dragons, without the grace and the fire of the beast.. yet every one of those chicks had 20 times my confidence (still working on that though..), talking about their “criterias” and how a proper man should act with them and how they are “tired of dating games”.. you must see this shit to believe it.
    American are dangerous creatures, they are fed with all this bullshit of “rape culture” and they have this big capacity of reverse engineer every fucking date to suit their ego. you better record this shit, keep every text message and be aware what you’re doing. Here in France this happen only to celebrities and politicians.
    a Foreign woman don’t want a loser for sure (providing she’s attractive) but she will go beyond look/fame and value more masculine/traditionnal qualities.

    1. You have to do some digging, but the US has plenty of good girls. My ex-gf (before I moved to Asia) was a young, petite, white girl that cooked and cleaned.
      Also, you’re citing a reality TV show as representative of a country of 300 million people…. ok.

  27. Another fine example of the RoK circle of life. Tomorrow’s article, “How to find a hooker in Asia and why you should”.

    1. FRANK
      My ROK article
      “My wife got a Jew lawyer for our divorce and I was jailed for being with 1 mile of my old house after the divorce”
      “I sit in clubs when I am 45 and try to get laid with Gen Y girls who are 20 (What the fuck music do we talk about? WHEEZER was on the radio when I was a sophomore!)
      “A woman prick-teased me for 3 months until I got one unsatisfying fuck”
      “I blew my wad and she laughed to her friends”
      …I don’t have lifetime to waste on the folly and snottiness of American women.
      Besides, at 45, none of the ones my age are worth fucking. I would not even want to SEE the girls I fucked in the 90’s…

    2. Haha, yeah, this site’s a mixed bag. I only recently discovered it, thinking it would be more themed on male rationality and self-improvement. I’d heard of Roosh V. and recognize that he gets a bad rap by the leftist media and SPLC due to some of his fiction writing.
      Instead, this site appears to be where escort hobbyists, incels and cryptofascists meet to call each other names and race bait.
      That said, the articles like this one are worthwhile.
      I also think articles like the linked one below can help inexperienced men avoid bad decisions with the wrong women:

      35 Signs The Girl You’re Dating Is A Whore

      Any conspiracy theory about the Illuminati or whatever, race theory and defeatist AWALT or blackpill bullshit not so much.
      I’ll probably sign off here and leave you with this:
      We owe it to ourselves to be better people and live virtuous lives in that we don’t seek to elevate suffering (of ourselves or others).
      I don’t like the direction I see society going and still think there’s a way to change course while neither surrendering to a bunch of neo-marxist trannies nor electing an incompetent orange clown as our leader. I’m nonplussed at how western men have lost the plot and can guess it’s in part due to the steady uptick in broken homes and single mothers between 1980 and now. As a generation lacks guidance, it finds itself lost. Now we enter an era where men and women see each other as adversaries rather than partners. That needs to be mended.
      I care about what the younger generation of men think and do because I don’t want to spend my old age living out the dystopia depicted in the book 1984 or see my kids and grandkids inherit a world where the average woman is a contumacious prostitute, the average male an emasculated slave and where the individual no longer matters.

      1. The articles represent a wide variety of arguments, but not any argument, as long as they’re well written. Ultimately the site owner decides if an artile matches the site well enough and if an article is written well enough. If you’re new you don’t fully understand how different the comments section was when the site used Disqus. Disqus refused service to RoK, part of the left silencing the dissident right on-line. Back then there were more comments and more commenters. Nowadays you’ll see 3-5 commenters making a disproportionate amount of comments that do not necessarily reflect the views of any author. This is still a great site for self-improvement. Great new guides/arguments/observations come out all the time. The old stuff is still there. Anything by Tuthmosis Sonofra or Donovan Sharpe or A.V. Yader is RoK classics.

        1. the only good poster from disqus was the jeep guy. the other idiots were an annoyance blabbering about stupid shit wanting to get their dick sucked by their man fans. that new york faggot and the old guy who wanted to portray himself as the most interesting man in the world posting 40k times a day.

  28. Great article! I just recently had a conversation with a young man who was frustrated that he couldn’t get a date and he blamed feminism and the quality of women in america. Look bud, has feminism made it illegal for you to get your dick wet? No? Then what’s the problem? Now I’ll agree that marriage in america is a raw deal for men, but there’s no shortage of pussy by any means, and if girls are such sluts then wouldn’t it stand to reason that you should be getting some of that pussy with relative ease? If you can’t get laid in a nation of whores then the problem is you. Spot on Larsen!

    1. Yes, if all our women are such sluts why are these guys celibate? They’ll say, “they aren’t worth my time” when in reality they’re afraid to try.

  29. This Article is ON POINT! Someone had to say it and I’m glad that you did.
    Every under Game Article I have to see some whining bitches in the comments talking the same shit again and again. Murican’ women are shat, asian women are wifeeeeey material broo. STFU! Can’t here it anymore.
    If you suck at gaming women here, you will not have any real success anywhere else, besides some gold-digger-chicks and whores you won’t get your dick wet. Lol.
    Oh and if you think game is buying drink for girls and hoping that they are needy enough to go home with you, you have no idea what game is.

  30. ” if you can’t get laid in America, you’re probably not going to get any in some random country either.”
    This is simply untrue, and indicative of an author with little to no experience overseas. If you’re white in SE Asia, for example, you’ll literally have attractive 20-somethings coming up to you in the streets looking to bang you even if you’re fat/old. Granted, most of them are pros, but that kind of stuff can’t happen in the US. And it will probably stop happening overseas too as the women become more westernized and the American loser population grows.
    But as of right now, absolutely anyone can get laid there with zero effort.

    1. So, let me see if I get this right… American women are sluts and THAT is why they won’t have sex with you?
      Am I following your reasoning correctly?

  31. I’m young, attractive, fit and own a business. I’ve been in the pick up game since the early days.
    I can confirm most American women are complete shit. They really are just sexual objects (what they’ve reduced themselves to).
    There are only about 3% that are worth dating or Pursuing.

  32. Agree 100% with the premise of this post. Lots of ‘ keyboard alphas’ may disagree but they don’t do fuck all in the field anyway so fuck em!

  33. Good article. You correct, which is why your getting so much pushback from masturbators. Millennial American women are DYING for man to be the anti-modern male, strong, confident, with ambition, and rescue them from the Tinder, work-a-day urban Hell they’ve been corralled into. They are miserable – but only those with enough success can see it. The Matt Forney types will always be bitter, whether 1980, 2018 or 1618.

  34. The sore losers to me are the greater betas and the lesser alphas. The men in the sexual market place who feel they deserve a slice of a pie but watch broad after broad go for the alpha that cheats on them and abuses them. Of course, the weak fathers and truly betas are to blame. You can’t really blame women for anything. Their lives are so different than that of men’s, that their playbook is completely different. I know an Asian beta that was orbiting this one chick I was talking to and he gave her a 50 inch flat screen TV because he had one laying around. Just said here you go. No sex, no blowie was given, and this girl now has a brand spanking new television. If all I had to do was wake up and look pretty to get free shit, I dunno, id probably go out and look as pretty (slut it up) as much as possible. If society is going to reward that, why change? So you see, the only way to win this game is to accept women for what they are, make them feel like a million bucks, and to use each of their holes as enthusiastically as you wish.

  35. Bravo, Larsen Halleck. Bravo. An internal locus of control is what inspires good character, not an external one. Thank you for this article. It’s pieces like this that are restoring my hope for this site.

  36. – Losers talk about how men hate women to disguise their own incapacity or hate
    – They constantly try to teach other men how to be men, e.g.:
    A real man shouldn’t… A real man should… How to attract girls’ book…buy now…
    What women find attractive… … and other “reversed” things that only cause men to become more feminized, like these “losers” already are.
    – They also pretend they are pro women, not for women but for their own ego, it is an act where they need to describe men as bad in some way to so present themselves as good men, morally superior.
    – They accommodate their speech based on the situation.
    – They have a very poor knowledge about women.

  37. When is the manosphere going to drop the whole idea of alpha and beta? It’s not based in science whatsoever. Acting more manly attracts more women but it has nothing to do with alpha or beta. Social hierarchies obviously exist but an alpha at a pub isn’t going to be an alpha at a wine bar 99% of the time. This obsession with bedding women in the manosphere is ultimately pathetic. It points out the obvious need and obsession people in it have for women’s validation in order to boost their egos.

  38. Exactly! So many beta, so losers here try to opt out with the, “American women aren’t worth my effort” BS.
    The fact is that they aren’t doing what Troy Francis and others tell them time and again will work.
    Oh well, more for me!

  39. I’ve banged in 41 countries. One thing I can say with certainty is that American women are the absolute worst. For all the reasons previously discussed in the manosphere, I would never touch one again.
    I laughed at the title of this article. Men like me aren’t mad at all at American women. We don’t try to meet their impossible and lopsided standards. We set our own. We live by our principles and work hard only for our dreams and personal gains. Better women come as a result of this, and yes, they happen to be foreign.
    It would be foolish, though, to ignore AWALT. It comes in varying degrees in different places. In America, its AWALT on steroids.

  40. No need to hate American women, just understand how they work and ‘profit’, accordingly. All women have a dualistic mating strategy — Alpha fux, Beta bux — depending on where they are in the mensural cycle (read Rollo Tomassi’s “The Rational Male” series). You can play either side of the cycle. I don’t date much, anymore (I’m 38). However, I went on a Tinder bender, a few summers back. It was interesting. I banged a few single moms (it’s mostly single moms, at my age) and a few mid-to-late 20s, childless women.
    With single moms, you play the beta provider angle. They’ll desperately ride your dick, trying to cuck you and make you feel special initially, so you’ll help them financially or raise the kid(s). You know the story. Just turn the game around on them — pump, dump, and bring your own rubbers. Poindexter’s Revenge, as Tom Leykis put it. I would show up in my BMW, with nice clothes on, sometimes a suit, to drive home that I have resources (for them, they think). Yeah, right…
    With younger, childless women, you can play the alpha angle… I would use mysterious/scary guy game. Shave my head, a little bit of stubble (think Jason Statham look), aviator sunglasses, 3/4 baseball shirt, black jeans, loafers without socks. Looking presentable, but not ‘nice’, per say. Show up late. Play on your phone a bit (I’m a currency trader, so I actually had a valid excuse for doing this). Make them feel like they aren’t very important. Don’t explain yourself. You guys know all of this…
    Rollo Tomassi, explaining his books, for the more visually-inclined:

  41. Great article. If a guy wants to have a feminine, compliant woman, he has to be the guy women need to be feminine for. I have women at my local banks, grocery stores and deli’s wearing dresses, long lustrous hair, makeup, and chasing me. I’m not the best looking or richest guy but I’m attractive, successful, strong as an ox and GENUINE. Every one of them knows I’m dating the other women but they do all of this to please me. “No woman wants a man… no woman wants” CH. In the process, some of these lovely ladies have met men of my caliber. They became very appealing because of my game. You can avoid the problem, be part of the problem or be the solution. Thank you for this very good article.

  42. I live in South Jersey and work in Wilmington Delaware. I am surrounded by the ugliest skanks that ever defiled the earth.

  43. This site is getting ridiculous with its censorship. How does blocking posts for 24 hours help anything?

  44. 1. American men turn their women into unbearable, insufferable slags via Feminism and Beta behaviour
    2. American men can not bear it anymore, they travel to foreign land to find the mythical “Pussy Paradise”
    3. American men turn the foreign local women into unbearable, insufferable slags via Feminism and Beta behaviour
    Who needs that shit?

  45. So our friend Larsen tells us that life with women is about challenges. That we need to look within ourselves to see what is wrong with us inside instead of seeing that American society has infected American women with the disease called Feminism. And that scoring one of these (standby for the obesity to set in) skanks who’ve proven that there is never too many dicks in a girls life, is the mark of accomplishment on par with scaling Mount Everest. Then he shows us his expertise in the dating world of Asian chicks in their home country. We in denial if we believe we can’t get an over the top hottie that will in fact be happy staying home, raising kids, and being a great home maker and wife. By the time you finish reading this article you are left thinking this guy is the biggest BLUE PILL boy on the planet. When and where would you ever think that American chicks with a clearly short shelf life would be a catch in anybody’s book. And how can you comment on dating and or marrying Asian chicks from SE Asian for example, when its clear he has really no experience with the process. Larsen should just admit, he is not into Asian chicks whatsoever and that his lack of a real job makes him compensate by being a full time player, whom I suspect probably using his fitness to scam White girls into paying his bills. I’ve looked inside myself and I see someone who did not want to get a STD from a Ameriskank (good word) nor be her beta boy, purse holder……BTW…it takes an alpha male to get and keep a real Asian hottie….I mean an 8-10…hottie….

  46. Uh… No.
    I can do whatever I want, go wherever the fuck I want and be with whomever I want. Because I can and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
    I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. I don’t owe anyone an explanation of why I do this and that. Call me names for it. I don’t care.
    I don’t give a shit of whatever pills. You can have all your pills. I’m good on my own.
    I miss the old ROK and the old commenters.
    Now this site is full of sissies and undercover Jezebels. ROK is not what it used to be.

  47. The majority of Western females (I am in the US) want “age appropriate” relationships. A guy in his early 50s, like me, would most likely have to settle for wrinkled old bags 35 and over if resigning himself to “conventional dating”.
    Yeah, I ain’t doing that. By using my wallet I ONLY deal with girls that are extremely age INAPPROPRIATE. And I will NEVER give that up.
    Keep your “frame” and your “game” and good luck to you. I’ll stick to paying for hot young girls.
    Your advice is not so bad for young guys. Pretty on spot actually. But will not work for older guys like me who need tight young poon.

  48. I left what I thought was a very good comment here at the bottom of the article and now I don’t see it. If it was deleted, I would ask the moderator to tell me why.
    Not saying that ROK does not have the right to moderate, just want to know what I said in that comment that made it unsuitable. Thanks.

  49. As a Black man from America with Yellow Fever, you cannot tell me that a guy that cannot get laid (albeit due to my standards and tastes) in his home country cannot have a fuckfest in a different country. I agree with the idea of working on oneself no matter where they are though, as they will likely have a much better time abroad. Muscular Admiral in his mid-twenties did much better in China than nineteen-year-old Anime nerd Admiral did in Japan, for example.
    I also believe that wasting too much time complaining about AmeriKKKunts (or any other villainous entity) is a waste of time. Take actions to better yourself, better your squad to enforce your will, or go off and enjoy the women overseas. Complaining might be good to vent, may have legitimate reasons behind it, and at times can be hilarious, but it’s really not productive.

  50. OK. I guess I am not going to get an answer on why my comment disappeared. Did it have anything to do with the “age inappropriate” thing I said? Of course I was referring to legal aged girls, whom western hags consider inappropriate for guys my age. Anyways, would be great to get an answer if possible. Thanks.

  51. This is a hating site.
    That is very clear. This is why it needs anti-hate articles.
    (cowardice) ^
    This forum is also part of the incelhood kingdom.
    A PUA is basically that, an eternal omega with incel mentality.
    This is why this site is very similar to a feminist forum.

  52. I shagged dozens of attractive American women 20 years ago before Starbucks, junk food, obesity, social media, and smart phones ruined them. Now I only date foreign slim women under 30 or nothing. Makes me far happier to keep it out of the USA and away from the anti-male legal system.

  53. On posting crap-
    900 x a day I have to read about JOOZE.
    Somebody is now going to accuse me of being a Rabbi or something.
    Sure you are tired of hearing me go on about having to pay for sex but when guys on here just go on and on about the “J” aka “Ju’s” aka “Mr. Fuller Brush Man” it is just really repetitive.
    1000 x a day young men in the prime of their life on this site declare that they cannot do anything because of JU’s.
    They spend all their time obsessing over a bunch of people in NYC who don’t give a shit about them at all.

  54. IMO, women have been romanticized and placed on a pedestal for far to long. Today, it’s become fashionable to glamorize and celebrate anti social and dysfunctional women. Just reading articles and commentary on this site (e.g. praising strippers, bedding club sluts, or the continual use of prostitutes, especially Asian prostitutes) seems to stress this point. Hollywood and the media have their twist on this as well. Glamorizing single mothers (one of the greatest curses on American society, and has destroyed a generation of young men), sociopathic women, unhealthy rotund women, and every other form of aberrant behavior they can find. Sad state of our culture, and its decline.

  55. Fuck this comment system. Roosh you need to fix this shit ASAP. It’s an endless spam of Madman and John Dodds. I can’t even see the one comment I posted the other day.
    Make ROK Great Again

  56. I got a job and moved to Vietnam last year, met and married a school teacher in a primary school, will have my first born kid this July, and I did it all within year and a half.
    I don’t have to deal with the spoiled rotten, entitled Western skank that offers nothing ever again in my life. Call me what you want.

  57. I agree with your post and I’ve lived abroad. There seems to be an obsession among American White males in particular that “going abroad” is the best option – eg. running away from your problems.
    First, anyone who thinks Europe is not just as degenerate (or worse, rather) than America is totally a fool. The trend, globally, is going in one direction and it isn’t very good at all.
    Second, THERE ARE traditional women in America. Of course, you’re not going to find them in Midtown Manhattan or Spring Break Miami. That’s obvious…but this country actually has a better percentage of “trads” of both genders than anything you will ever see in any messed up cowardly Euro country. American men, when compared to White men elsewhere, are a lot more vocal, tougher (yes, even nowadays).
    Now, Latin America? Much of L.America is a cesspool and there is already gay marriage in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and some other places.
    Divorce: US divorce rate is high, but Spain’s is even higher (along with some other countries).
    All around Latin America, UNWED mothers are now the norm. Feminism is also very much on the increase in L.America. In Asia, the stigma is much higher, but increasingly less.
    My point with all this is that there are no earthly paradises and the problems we are facing are rooted in IDEOLOGY, BAD MORALS AND BAD HABITS. Most of the Western population today has disgustingly bad habits: a poor diet, BS jobs, zombified and distracted with entertainment. If, say, thousands of people died today in a major natural disaster, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference “moral quality” wise. Look around you at people, at the average Joe or Jane and ask yourself: could this person ever be counted on to build anything, to save a country, to sustain a civilization and sound morals, convictions and NOT EVER bow to the politically correct tyranny of today? Most are unable and will immediately cower at any mistake.
    Today, people will destroy you online if you have any job and say something not politically correct. Take a look at what happened yesterday to the Jew Aaron Schlossberg. In a matter of 30 seconds or less, he just completely destroyed his job and tranquility…all for saying that some workers should speak English. Most people will not ever DARE to face any consequence and for me, people who will not fight back are utterly useless. Most people today are utterly useless and can’t even fix a tire (men in particular).
    I will say it again and again and again: until we learn to be SEPARATISTS and build alternatives, NOT depend on what is given to us by the system, the rot will continue. As someone said earlier, most Whites today are not worth saving anyway. Our ancestors would be so disgusted by this degeneracy that they would agree with me and say “let em die, they are useless”.
    But here we are: most of you will read this and go back to your crappy job and continue to dream there are great places you can go to without the malaise. That’s a slave mentality. You are too hooked on your gadgets, your Netflix, your petty comforts that many of you will in fact hate my comment. My comment is more for those who know we cannot ever depend on the system at all.

  58. The abundance of butt-hurt commentators proves the author’s point.
    Probably a lot of ex boyscouts like I wrote about.

  59. I agree with the article and I’ve lived abroad. There seems to be a delusional belief among American males (mostly White) that somehow, life abroad is better. The fact is, the global trend is SAME WORTHLESS degeneracy we are seeing today in America.
    Most of today’s problems can be traced to faulty morals and a breakdown of strong religious conviction (not talking about fanatism or superstition…I mean just the “standards” that were commonplace until the 1960s when everything went to hell.
    In America, THERE ARE traditional women…but you’re obviously not going to find them in Midtown Manhattan or on Spring break in Miami. In fact, I’d dare say that in America, when compared to TOTALLY worthless and cowardly Europe, things are a BIT better here. There are more trad men and women in America than in Western Europe. The best example of the modern European male I can think of is that little dwarf called Macron. Same look, same uselessness. A guy like Macron would be punched out in any rural American bar or area.
    It’s so pathetic how some men here think that somehow things are much better in Latin America – Latin America now has gay marriage in several countries, feminism is on the rise and single motherhood is VERY common…in fact, just look at the behavior of Latina women here in the US – mostly they have spawn out of wedlock, just as in the cesspools they come from…and most of L.America is a huge cesspool.
    In Asia, single motherhood is indeed more frowned upon, but that’s quickly changing.
    I will say it again and again and again: until many men here learn how to be SEPARATISTS and LIVE OFF THE SYSTEM, you are not going to make any changes. We are living in such a terrible system today where a man can basically destroy his life in 30 seconds or less because people will dox you or destroy you on yelp, google…all with support from the media. A case in point: look at what happened yesterday to Aaron Schlossberg ONLY FOR telling some Mexicans to speak English. Oh and please spare me the “not all latinos are Mexican” …I don’t give a crap what nationality they were…they all look the same and everyone knows they’re not White. I am not saying Schlossberg is intelligent by any means…I am using him as an example of just what will happen if you say anything remotely different. They just destroyed him, no mercy.
    And guess what? Most “White” folk today either don’t care or actively work against other traditionalists. Honestly, most Whites today aren’t worth saving. Ask yourself this question as you look around you: could the average Joe or Jane of today be counted on to build anything? They mostly can’t even change a tire today let alone build nations and standards! I know our White ancestors would take a look at today’s degenerate White mass and say “let em die”. If a natural disaster happened right now and thousands of Whites were swept away, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference morally…they offer nothing to civilization today. We are living on borrowed time mostly: living from the wealth of generations past.
    Many of you will read this and go back to your useless job (most people today have useless made up jobs where they are lucky to pay rent and some food – latest statistics show more than half of the American population can no longer meet many basic needs). If you cannot produce independently and as a separatist, you are doomed.

  60. oh, sorry for the duplicate comment. I did not see my initial one published so I thought it did not go through.

  61. Great article Larsen. Your dollar goes further some places more than others, women are more agreeable in some cultures more than others, the world still views America as this magical place, the lure of a green card entices, and it is assumed you are rich if you can afford to travel. These are all advantageous and helpful but will not replace investments in oneself regarding appearance, BMI, some degree of disposable income, making a woman feel safe (via strength around other males and calm demeanor), and overall self confidence via achievements elsewhere in life. Charm helps and being a good dancer also help tremdeously, especially in Latin and Asian cultures. My articles are savaged because toI refuse to pitch “life hacks.” To get the hottest women anywhere, one must first invest in oneself. Daying is much like acing the SAT exam: test prep courses are essential but in the end many hours of study are also a necessity. Thank you for stating in clear terms that while it is important to understand and “game” the female psyche, there are also no shortcuts.

  62. Larsen Halleck,
    Are you an idiot, dude? Roosh himself produced a video several years ago about all the things wrong about American women. So what do you do, pursue fat-ass feminists as a self-proclaimed “alpha” male? You must be insane. In fact this labeling of human beings as alpha, beta, etc. is also insane and the clearly the conception of insecure egotists such as yourself. Don’t criticize those of us who are smart enough and brave enough to leave the matrix (shit-ass America) for something better.

  63. I’m neither ugly or great looking average with a fit body . I approached a white woman at a bar here in LA this past weekend and she told me that she just left her friends wedding . Her friend married a Muslim and she finds Muslims to be Hawt. I didn’t say anything weird and I was dressed well . I approached with politeneness and was genuinely interested in her . Nothing creepy . You can’t beat liberal indoctrination and stupid values that have become popular in the USA

  64. Though I think American girls are rude, entitled, overweight and unfashionable, I agree with the main idea.
    Things don’t change magically when you go to different place right away. If you have shitty personality,shitty looks, and loser mind set you will still be ignored.
    If you have read the article about dating in China, there is a term LBH (loser back home). Asian or latina or other foreign girls are not stupid. They would dump your ass the moment they finish using you unless you show some real manly behavior. (Please stop complaining or bad mouthing your people at least, it looks like you are making excuses. And the horniness of these expat guys, yuck so gross!!)

  65. Do you know what bothers me the most? Not the fact that the writer of the article creates strawmen and is so full of himself and his supposed “skills” with women, but what really bothers me is that this is just a typical “Well its all your fault” bullshit response you already see a thousand times on the internet, but this time made in the format of an article, the author said nothing new or interesting, and he has zero solutions to the problem, its just “Well its all your fault” and that’s it.

    1. Sad to see this on ROK of all places…maybe he can write for Jezebel and blame men over there for under appreciating American women.

  66. Considering the author doesn’t know much about women, there is one thing that I would like to teach you.
    Women are not “naturally” subservient, they do it when they have to. Every country that grants women freedom have feminism, abortions and men getting fucked over by the ‘justice’ system. Sorry to bust your bubble, but women are not perfect little angels who are suffering because the evil men are not masculine enough, they are what they are, and they will always fuck it all up when given enough freedom to do so, when women get power, they turn a country into ruin, it has always happened, which explains why every successful civilization on the planet happened to be patriarchal.

  67. I’m gonna trust Matt Forney on this one!
    “…I don’t care how much difficulty you have getting laid in the U.S. or whatever country you happen to be in. There is no, no fucking way you can fail in this country. If you can’t get laid in the Philippines, you should honestly just kill yourself. I’m not even joking, it’s that easy here.”

    1. 100% correct. It seems common among some guys in the manosphere to say things like “if you can’t get laid in America you can’t get laid ANYWHERE” but honestly I’m not sure how any honest man can write this with a straight face.

    2. I have found no place as easy as the Philippines. It is true that if you can’t get laid by an attractive non pro there, you might as well give it up.

  68. Gotta disagree here. The problem is that American and Western women just aren’t worth it. They are not attractive enough, skinny enough and their attitudes are of entitled bitches. I’ll make some exceptions – small town girls or girls in close-knit religious communities MAY be worthwhile ..but again the most attractive of these women tend to be married pretty early and it will probably be difficult places for most guys to break into if you’re not from the area/community.
    Getting accosted by foreign men in other countries? Has to be a joke. Most of those men are quite intimidated by you actually as – and this is correct in most cases – they view you as superior in terms of looks, intellect, education, career prospects, wealth etc. Excluding the tiny upper class in 3rd world countries, what does the average Colombian or Filipino have to offer a woman vs the decent looking American/Westerner? The answer is nothing.
    If you really need to chase bar sluts, fatties, feminists or get divorce raped to “feel like a man” then go for it.

  69. The main problem I have with the article is that it is another one with a theme of “I am an alpha male. Don’t you losers wish you could be like me ?”
    Yes. There is a tendency in some articles to make it seem like all American women are no good. However, the good ones are now a minority and dwindling as a percentage of the population. And, even if they are hot in their 20s, women increasingly are likely to end up fat as they age.
    Reality is that most men have never been alphas but that, once upon a time, didn’t stop them from success with women and finding a woman to marry. It still doesn’t stop them in Asia where I live. Few Asian men are typical alphas and, like the US of old, the average beta does quite well (multiple attractive girlfriends and, when married, mistresses). I imagine the average male who is young and in a red state small or mid size city can still do well but the situation gets worse the older you get. Even alphas after mid 40’s can start having problems in the US when it comes to quality women who are worth their time.
    Add in the cultural Marxism that portrays white men as the greatest evil doers of all time and women as perpetual victims and you get a culture where the deck is increasingly stacked against most men. That isn’t the case in a lot of the planet.

    1. If the author loves American women so much he should write stories of how he met his beautiful, chaste American bride and how he has a lovely, successful marriage with her being happily domesticated, making cookies and babies. Why shouldn’t he be married to an American princess? After all, only sore losers wouldn’t be.

  70. Look at that toxic, spoiled attitude! According to American women, “real” men have enormous, sprawling, luxury mega-mansions on 100+ acres of land with every single amenity in the world. They drive the biggest, loudest, fastest, sleekest, most expensive souped up luxury sports cars on the road. They drive the most luxurious iridescent stretch limousines on the road. They earn at least 10 figures a year; they are rich and famous. They own immense luxury cabin cruisers capable of circumnavigating the Earth. According to American women, “real men” can and will give her every single luxury in the world on a sparkling gold platter.

  71. The level of ignorance in this article is insufferable – does the author even have a passport? Lars, you have *zero* idea of what you’re talking about beyond your “Camaro & douchebag” American approach to picking up 100+ notch count skanks. But that can be forgiven as I suspect you’re a young guy. I hope you learn quickly, though.
    They’re fine for P&D fun, but if you still want to get seriously involved with women who no longer value their fertility (read: western, white women), have at it – you will pay the price one way or another. With their finger on the eject button at all times, you are playing with fire.

    1. You occasionally come across a woman who seems fairly decent and it gives you renewed hope that they’re still “out there”, that we’re all just exaggerating and need to cool it with the misogyny (even though I agree we should be on guard against ourselves on this one as it can be destructive for our mental well-being), that all hope is not lost with White womenfolk, so I can see where he’s coming from. But yes, once you dig a little deeper you will find that all of them have, albeit to varying degrees, been corrupted by the Welfare State and its Feminist lackeys. Those Aryan princesses, whether conservative, religious or not, are still brainwashed into thinking, say, that it’s unnatural for a 35 year old to be with a 22 year wench, and that they still only want the “very best”. Only your wallet and social prestige count. So yeah, what do you do? AWALT.

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