Become The Self-Sufficient And Self-Assured Man Who Feminists Love To Hate

The latest wave of modern feminism and identity politics has ushered in a new level of intolerance towards men. Mainstream media and our increasingly effeminate culture continue to declare the masculine man an anachronism—an identity belonging to the men of a bygone era. Well, I say fuck that.

It’s high time we reclaim our collective identity as masculine men, and one way to do that is by developing skills that require working with our hands. Doing so will make us more self-sufficient, and it will boost our self-assuredness during a time when our identities as men are under constant siege of the post-modern feminist machine.

The Pencil-Pushing Desk Jockey

Today’s men are not as strong nor as manually skilled as the generations that came before ours. There’s no denying that. And as the information age continues to usher in more desk jobs and usher out more manual labor jobs than ever before, it’s easy for us—an Army of pencil-pushing desk jockeys—to become complacent and let ourselves get swept up in the female-dominated culture that’s typical of today’s office workplace. Shit has to change.

The Flashback

A few years back, I sat at my work desk, and for a few brief seconds, I had a flashback to my former life as a soldier. I was sitting out in the field, leaning on my ruck, holding my rifle, and it felt good. It felt right.

Once the moment passed and I came back to reality, I felt strange sitting at that desk. I almost felt sad, like I was mourning the loss of the man as I used to be. I was having an identity crisis, and I knew shit had to change. I eventually decided to buy a project muscle car with the hopes that that would help me shake the cobwebs from my masculine identity.

The Fox Body

I got a great deal on a Fox Body 5.0 Mustang and was stoked thinking about how badass it would be to drive to work in that thing. It made me smile imagining the uptight women in my office grimacing at the sound of a muscle car pulling up to our building.

I soon realized, however, that pissing-off those stupid bitches would have to wait. There was a major issue with the car, which the dickhole who sold it to me—a self-proclaimed Mustang expert—“forgot” to mention. The car would intermittently crap out during city driving, and instead of rising to the challenge and figuring out the problem—something I’d expect any self-proclaimed Mustang expert to do—the guy made it my problem.

At the time, I knew next to nothing about cars, but I had bought it as a project and was committed to it, so I had no other option than to figure shit out and learn as I went.

Fast-forward nine months and hundreds of hours worth of trial and error into the future, and I had that sumbitch ripping up down the street like a raped ape, as it still does to this day. Was it frustrating as fuck having to dick with the thing for that long? Shit yes, it was. Was it a gigantic pain in the ass having to constantly google shit to know what the fuck I was doing? Absolutely. Was it a huge waste of time fixing it myself? Not in the least.

I went into it knowing I knew jack shit about fixing cars, but I walked away from it with more than technical knowledge acquired; I walked away as a more self-sufficient, more self-assured man. And while I certainly felt like a better man for having accomplished something cool and manly, the fixing part wasn’t the pivotal moment in the experience. Nope. The pivotal moment was the moment I bought the car because that’s when I committed myself to becoming that more self-sufficient, more self-assured man I knew I could be. I just didn’t realize at that time that I’d be taken on a nine-month journey through 5.0 Mustang hell and back to get where I was trying to go.

The First Step: Do Something

I fear that thanks to feminist efforts to turn us into the submissive self-hating lapdogs they desperately want us to be, we are losing sight of the importance of retaining our self-sufficiency and self-assuredness as men. There’s never been a more important time to buck the feminist movement than now, so take the first step and do something that will commit you to becoming the type of men feminists love to hate. And once you start acquiring those skills and feeling invigorated with renewed manly self-assuredness, go rub that shit in their stupid grimacing feminist faces.

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148 thoughts on “Become The Self-Sufficient And Self-Assured Man Who Feminists Love To Hate”

  1. Half baked article.
    Your car screams try hard low income prole on parole.
    If you aren’t cut out for corporate bullshit don’t compensate with a broke tryhard car, just move innawoods and do your own thing. No women there tho.

    1. Quick, corral the author back onto the plantation…Right? Pathetic really, Arrogant f*ck.

      1. Neal,
        You are a fucking homo. Get a new avatar. Fuck your chin you coward either show your face or not but stop trying to look like some intellectual with your gay t shirt as well. NO to homosexuals like you.

        1. Lots of infighting among what appears to me to be legitimate posters.
          Maybe we should just put aside our differences, and just concentrate on being ‘manly men’ for a while.

        2. JOHN
          You and “Blue-Eyed” argue over something specific to your generation which is the military because being born in 1955 you and he both came of age during an unpopular war/Hippie Era.
          Furthermore, you more or less speak the truth of a middle class man who had more opportunities-you did not need military service to get three meals a day and it did not pay as well as what you did for a living.
          Myself and the “townies” are another group that bicker. We intrinsically despise one another because they have never been anywhere and lack the qualifications or money to do so.
          The third group on here are the teenage males, who may in fact be 25 but are unemployed and have nothing better to do than to trying and elicit hilarious responses-RW, Ravi Macho who is 16 and has not yet lost his virginity etc. Some of them, oddly enough, are lower-class Brits trying to impersonate Americans for whatever reason.
          Finally, you have the nutcases. These are the posters like Asdasda who have a genuine screw loose.
          I’d also include in this group the Zio-boys who thing the rest of us are Mossad.

      2. Neal,
        The people seem to agree with Steely Dan on your faggotry. More upvotes on his shit and you in general seem to get more downvotes. Seems you a little bich afterall?

        1. like i care what the POS feminist thinks or her collection of upvotes or down votes? Really? Hahaha. Priceless!

        2. Neal is just a Basic Bitch Cuntservative who thinks he is being edgy but has yet to discover any of the real red pills. I try to lay off him even though he’s pretty lame, but guys like this are dominating the site these days, which is not a good look at all.

        Someone impersonated me. I don’t know why my particular posts have that kind of appeal but I am changing my avatar.

        1. By the way how one can change his avatar here ?
          Regular posters should change theirs this will avoid identity subversion by those leftists scum who come here trolling us.

        2. SASQUATCH
          Don’t you have some Hymie or Saul to attend to for your lack of savings and earning power and the mud sharks lined up at the welfare office downtown.
          Sarah, that filthy J-wess, she let some Irish-American media bigwig named Kimmel fuck her up her Matzo Ball reeking asshole for the sake of her career and then bragged about it….
          Its destroying my identity and my ethical boundaries again.

        3. FARAWAY
          I think its pitiful. Some middle-aged man like me who has nothing to do but type a few comments on a blog has somehow roused the ire of Antifa who would take my remarks seriously.
          When I was their age 25 years ago in the Rush Limbaugh era nobody gave a fuck to stand in the street and protest or focus on what were then called “chat rooms”.
          We were making money, getting laid, getting high, had a careers.
          How can grown men and women in the bloom of their earning power stand in the fucking road all day like Carl the Cuck protesting in defense of blacks that would not cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire.
          Why doesn’t Gen Y get a life?

        4. SASQUATCH
          “Sarah” is ruining my sense of self-identity. I came home the other night and she was talking about getting fucked up her hairy ass again.

    2. Fuck you buddy. Beat off to many blue-hairs recently? They won’t fuck you anytime soon, though.
      Have to say I agree with the principle of this article, completely. You often have to move away from your objective, struggle much, before coming back months, sometimes years later stronger, better, more assured by having DONE SOMETHING! Rather than just carrying on in a passive manner, slowly dying inside. Fucking show respect to the man, Larry-Fuck-Simmons, you dick

      1. We need an army to build stuff, just like we have an army to destroy enemies. Then we can put all these lazy millennials to work to build the wall, build infrastructure, build new power plants that stop global warming, build new homes, build stuff that protects the wildlife from getting destroyed, build space ports. All we know how to do is come together using our government to destroy other groups of people with their government, but we don’t really know how to work together as a group with our government to be constructive. We need a WWII level effort to stop global problems not another group of people that we don’t like.

        1. DENNIS
          “Lazy Gen Y”
          If things get much worse, the ones with money will leave the United States. They’ll just move to Switzerland or somewhere, not hang around to build a wall.
          Actually, I think you’d need Mexican illegals to that job.

    3. Larry Simmons,
      The Chinese communist advocate writer for ROK. You sonuavbitch want to take the cars while fucks like you dream of being gods. Do us a favor and shove your computer up your ass then go die muthafucka

    4. Judging human worth according to corporate utility speaks volumes of your slave mentality.
      Good goy, get back to work now, that mortage isn’t gonna pay itself, and your neighbors are watching.
      Might wanna get a new car too.

      I find this impostor a bit humorous and also, given his rhetoric, a bit stupid-since I am apparently a “shill” whose liberality indicates a Levantine physiognomy why would I suddenly be hurtling incoherent racial insults.
      Its a compliment.
      Someone listens to me on this site.

    6. LOL @ Larry, “If you aren’t cut out for corporate bullshit…” Dude, do you even know what you’re saying? The lack of logic. You act like it makes you tough talking and taking bullshit, and yet show me one fucking politician who’s tough (and Arnie doesn’t count, he’s an ex governator), and they swim in bullshit.
      You should really write down a list of what you value, hopefully you’ll see how bullshit that list is.

    7. Larry Simmons — Everyone has a different idea about what is a worthwhile way to push their minds and bodies and to derive enjoyment from doing so. For him it is working on a car, for myself it is hiking, working out, working, reading and calligraphy. Do some people buy a car as a substitute for having a pair of balls and taking responsibility for their lives? Of course. Does that mean that everyone who works on cars is a “tryhard”? Not at all. I would suggest keeping an open mind when it comes to the way people do things (not blue-haired-transexual-open, just reasonably open).

  2. I work at an office job in a female dominated industry and I am starting a business in another field which I really enjoy working in. I got the same feeling last week when I picked up signs for my truck with my new business logo as well as the letters “LLC” on them. It might not seem like much but for me but finding out which licenses, permits and insurance I need and dealing with several different county government agencies was a huge pain in the ass. Those signs mean I am one step closer to quitting this job and doing something I enjoy while being my own boss and not having to deal with toxic office politics

        I’ve dropped my MADMAN avatar. This man is an impostor.
        Jeez these Gen Y have nothing to do…think that when I was 25 I would have been sitting at home in the middle of the day imitating some middle-aged washout expat in Asia?
        Gen Y need to get a life.

    1. @Dan, Wish you the very Best. I pray my Lord to give you the Strength, Courage, Determination, Patience and Confidence. May the Lord bestow you with SUCCESS.

  3. Desk jobs are possibly the deadliest by-productz of the modern era. Nothing quite suppresses masculinity like waking up to the prospect of traveling to another building, sitting down, and staring at a screen for the next 8 hours. It’s terrible for your eyes, your posture turns to shit, and boreout becomes a common occurrence. Not to mention the career women and soyboys that usually flock to such cushy work environments.
    Currently in uni and have been interning at your typical Globocorp desk job for the past year or so. I would say on average I spend about an hour doing actual work, and other 7 hours either dicking around on the computer or more often, finding ways to keep my sanity intact.
    I plan to go to trade/vocational school post grad, as working with my hands and other men appeals to my root masculine nature. It’s also important to note that skilled, blue collar jobs are generally immune from getting offshored/automated. Seriously consider learning a trade before you willingly enter the cubicle gulags of the modern world.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with the take on modern office environment. Soulless holes. Spent most of the naughtiest in half a dozen or more such offices. Utterly repellent female workforce and management, sitting around talking all day or crying in the toilets. Recently gone my own way, doing my own copywriting-proofreading service (internet does have a strong buisness purpose when utilised properly), largely inspired by my discovering manosphere online after a small breakdown three years ago! Thank you guys. Thanks Roosh. Helped put purpose back into my life by giving a framework to work with

    2. Im a tradesman. Yes there is a sense of masculine self accomplishment but its not all its cracked up to be. Whilst im out busting my balls rain, hail, snow or shine most of the office staff for my company are fucking around all day at their desks sipping coffee’s in nice comfortable heated/air conditioned environments earning similar or greater incomes than I.
      When I reach my 50’s I hope to hell I can land a cushy office job.

      1. “Reach my 50’s”
        Is that how long it requires to get a desk job these days, Bigfoot?
        So much for the land of opportunity.

        1. When I reached my 50’s I had finished working forever.
          I’m enjoying my retirement.
          In fact I’ve been enjoying my retirement for 17 years, since I was 45.

        2. JOHN
          A Thatcherite could not possibly comprehend the situation for people the age you were 85, man.
          Take the coal miner situation and that is about as bad as it is for these guys today in the States.
          It is real Dickensian poverty for a great deal of them.
          Even a four-year degree does not guarantee you much in the US.
          I had to go overseas JUST TO GET A JOB.

      2. SASQUATCH
        When I REACH MY 50’s I hope to get a job in a cushy office.
        That is tragic.

        1. If you haven’t worked a physical job, you might not realise how much of a toll it can take on your body, by the time you get to 50 its not as easy to do. Not so much an issue with an office job, but even then some people get a fucked up neck and back from sitting at a computer all day.

        2. WILLIAM
          I held about 10 in my college years. Dad was a research scientist who never earned more than $50,000 a year. He paid my tuition but I had to trim trees, work as waiter, short order cook, roofer…well the list goes on and on. Off campus jobs.

      3. Why wouldn’t you just immediately get your contractor’s license after 4 or 5 years in the trades, and build a business where you send other younger guys out to do the dirty work?

        1. Because like everything its easier said than done. Risk verse reward etc
          Ive seen guys go out on their own and lose everything. Some guys do well and good for them more power to them. Some do well but sacrifice everything to do it. Some like me would have to give up a lot sport or weekend physical activities. You get sick or injured, that can send you to the wall.

  4. A man should know how to fix just about anything. With youtube videos this is possible.
    Learn how to sweat a pipe, weld a bead, cut a mortise, wire a basement, change your timing belt, fell a tree, rebuild a small engine and on and on.
    I restore old things for pleasure. Doesn’t matter what it is. Furniture, tools, cars, toy trains, vintage high end stereo equipment, whatever I can get my hands on. It’s fun and keeps your mind busy trying to find parts or sometimes figuring out what to do next.

    1. A few months back I had a local rebuild my m/c engine. $50, including parts and oil. Not everyone lives where mechanics chard $50/hour. Something went ‘spang’ in my m/c gearbox last week, grinding sound and the kick starter was forced down and locked. Wheeled it to the local guy, collected the next morning, $3. Not even worth getting my hands dirty.
      When the zombie apocalypse comes, youtube will be gone, along with all digital storage. If you’re gonna prep, do it right, you need to store your knowledge in printed books.

      1. He he John, drive an electric bike, and all your problems with gearbox etc are gone.
        And you have a silent approach to zombies :)).

        1. RAVI
          I’m not that guy but I worked in India and could say far, far worse things my stupid teenage Desi.
          Far worse.
          I say that your Dad goes to the temple and kisses some Brahmin’s ass because his own Russian ancestors came down from the Caspian sea and showed the Dravidians some dirty pictures and set up the caste system.
          I could say that before you were born I was drugging on Goa beach with Bengali hookers.

        2. Sat,
          You’re assuming there will be electricity. If the world ends with a mass coronal ejection, there won’t be any at all.
          Although I’m still betting on Zombie Apocalypse.

        3. Ok, John, a carrington event would be really nice.
          But yes, I’m driving a pussy Nissan Leaf and see it as a weapon against carpet pilots.
          No Money, no dschihad…

      2. YouTube is knowledge and education you DONT have to pay for that is actually worth something. get it before the lights go out.

        1. Great news faggt. How do you get that cool shirt? Always wanted to some virtue signalling ashole

        2. @mad..,
          How dare you to address Deplorable NJ in that tone !? You are crossing your limits. GTFO here and show your “madness” some where else!
          Never ever “assume” you can simply type whatever your “madness” prompts you to!

        3. RAVI
          I know you are a 16 year old Desi kid whose Mom still wipes your ass and wants you to enter an arranged marriage and your Dad wouldn’t touch an onion but even a kid born after I was in Goa getting my cocked sucked by Bengali hookers on Vasco beach in a hut for 1000 rupees should know that the other man is not me.

        4. RAVI
          I’m a Gora who made more money in Kerala and Andheri than your Dad and if you want to hear some articulate filth about Desis I’m the man.
          But I am not that other guy with the avatar.
          Hopefully my writing is better than that.

        5. RAVI
          You really think that guy is me?
          Go kiss some Brahmin’s ass because his Russian ancestors moved down from the Caspian see and whored out your Dravidian great grandmother with some dirty pictures.
          I had to work in India and you’d never believe this Gora’s nasty comments.

        6. RAVI
          Stupid little Desi.
          It is not my.
          How does it feel to be a 5’5 Indian teenager in a high school full of corn fed 6 foot blondes.
          I bet your sister wants to marry a Gora because his dick is bigger.
          Your nephew will pass for a Brahmin or a Parsi though, if ever your Dad returns with the family to Jo-Jo.

        7. AFTER RAVI
          Listen Poggle Gandhu.
          I am a Gora who worked in India and you are triggering a man who will insult your family and Hinduism.
          I’ll start in about your Bania-caste Mom and her arranged marriage to your Dad.
          Unlike these other shit-posters I’ve worked in India and I’m not some Gora who writes about “street shitters” when I never walked the Red Earth of the Malabar coast.
          I did filthy things to Indian girls in my life.
          Remember that Ravi.
          I’ll say filthy things about your caste, your religion, your history.
          I’ll be your teacher.

        8. RAVI
          Don’t trigger a Gora who worked with Brahmins and Bania caste Indians and hates your country.

      3. YouTube is the free knowledge and education you really don’t have to pay for. Getting the skills for AFTER the lights go out is why youtube matters. Sure be hating it for those of you who don’t take advantage of it. LEARN these skills so you don’t have to pay other or be completely dependent on others. That’s why the current technology is so disposable and expensive and PLANNED obsolescence if standard. TO CRATE AND REQUIRE DEPENDENCY AND SLAVERY.

        1. Neal,
          Right on. It’s free info, and a lot of it is good info. You’d be a fool not to take advantage of it. By the way, YouTube vids can be saved. A quick Google will show you how. I keep separate thumb drives by topic: Woodworking, Auto, Electronics, Plumbing etc. Small investment for lots of reference material.

      4. JOHN
        Gen Y were the children of the first generation of symbol manipulators, John.
        They cannot even operate their penis to have sex…this requires a computer screen and a mouse.

  5. Just bought a house for $2,500 to do this very thing. You NEED man time or you’ll soyboy/blow your brains out.

  6. If I have a hobby, I have a hobby.
    Wtf has a relation to women if I do that?
    I want to develop my skills or fix a problem, not impress a woman.
    Satcadir presently desperately gunsmithing a shortbarreled Molot V12 Police Shotgun that doesn’t sing.

    1. Our consumerist (not capitalist) economy has become so specialized that it has decentralized the handyman of yore into various domains and fiefdoms.
      All of our dads and neighbors all had entire garages reformatted as giant tool sheds to fix anything, even if they were white-collar professionals. Now, all of us move out into apartments without knowing anything about tools because we don’t have to. It is just too convenient to find a bargain online (even though these ‘experts’ seem just as clueless as you).. So the blue-collar Renaissance Man of yore is a lost art, especially since our wonderful ‘modern’ harlots now look down upon him since he wears dirty coveralls and not a three-piece suit for a living.
      The most important thing if you do possess these skills…never provide charity to women. This is part of exorcising the beta-orbiter mindset from not only yourself but society (and converting your beta equity into liquidity)… This will deracinate women of their overinflated value, which they have monetized without putting out (prompting this obscene beta-usury, where women throw out breadcrumbs to clueless simps hoping to someday break the bank).
      Give them an invoice. They must pay for your services because they will not trade it for sex like they hint at. It won’t happen. The vaginal vapidness of that IRL emoji (scrunchy-faced ‘thank you!!!!’) will not cut it anymore. She will just keep asking you for more favors until you’ve completed all of her chores after that initial ‘help’ you provided her.
      Like a dog that piddles in the house in the same spots, she will just keep coming back to you because she has marked you as her go-to simp provider in her platonic harem of clueless (but specialized) beta-orbiters. You are just the socket wrench in her purse next to her tampons, antidepressants and emergency condoms, as she pines for the shirtless guy on her phone background that never calls her back.
      Look, just let this disgusting, talentless (((creature))) explain it from the grave.

      1. Weimar, you are absolutely right.
        My personal problem….wifey is socialized in 70 and 80 s in eastern communist germany.
        No chance for me to gain power by blue collar skills.
        And she has university degrees in mathematics and physics.
        Life is hard….

        1. SATDICAR
          I didn’t know Calculus teachers made that kind of money or had that kind of influence or power in society.

        2. MM,
          I used to teach ‘A’ level maths, I love calculus, could never really get a handle on Laplace or Fourier Transforms though.

        3. JOHN
          Actually, I am glad I cannot be stalked by white women anymore.
          There was one incident where a white girlfriend in college left filthy messages on my parents telephone.
          Another white women took pictures of me naked-before the internet thankfully-and photocopied them to post around the campus.
          This does not happen in Asia. There just is not that kind of intrinsic aggression in Asian women of rocks through windows, restraining orders, showing a picture of you naked.
          So I am glad that I live in a country where a woman is out of sight and out of mind.

      2. Man I would like to meet the woman who fucked you over. You write like a sonofabitch but you are one bitter dude. I hope this year brings you some peace.

        1. Why do you assume that one woman did ‘this’ to me? How do you know I’m not just learning from the mistakes I’ve witnessed? I sang karaoke last night in a foreign tongue to women who called me guapo and clapped… and their people are fixing my car. I’m not bitter. It’s literary. We write differently from how we speak. Don’t worry. I promise I will cease writing very soon and everyone can go back to the one-liners and virtue-signaling that get 104 thumbs up.

        2. @Weimar
          I’m not criticizing you. If I had a problem with the way you write or your ideas I’d tell you. But read back over what you just wrote and tell me that it’s not bitter.
          And the reason I assume that one (or multiple) women did this to you is because in my experience people do not have such passion about things that have not directly affected them. I can witness other people making mistakes and be concerned for them, even advocate for them to a point. But to truly feel passion – anger even – like what you’re exhibiting, a personal incident of some kind is almost always required as a catalyst. As in, I’ve never met anyone in my life who was otherwise.
          Again I’m not criticizing you. I meant what I said, when I said I hope you find some peace. If you can find something that helps you pull yourself up a bit and see the world for what it truly is, I think you’ll find that it’s not quite so bleak and hopeless.

        3. Clearly I’m a terrible writer because all you take out of my posts is that I’m just some vengeful InCel who is so butthurt he just wants to watch the world to burn.
          My comments are laced with politics. I have a broad political goal. I am taking the path least traveled though because I have not heard a single person advocate the way I advocate – through women.
          I am reversing the ratlines, which inevitably meets not just any resistance, but as great of resistance as could possibly be manifested by society. It takes nastiness to chip away at this bulwark, not virtue-signaling or delusions of rapprochement because people respond to raw, dedicated, visceral energy. It converts enemies faster than money because it is intrinsic.
          I think we are from entirely different eras. You see a pareidolia of sadness in my words when I am painting a map of utopia that ANY man can reify for the collective with even the tiniest level of commitment (rebellion) and do my work for me.
          I could easily take your pretentious joviality and apply it to you. Why are you on this site (presumably ‘self-improvement’) if your life is so peachy?
          Am I happy? Well, I could always be happier. Anybody can. I’m just really into sabotaging gynocentrism at the moment and replacing it with the natural order.
          Just like when I was into music 5 years ago I would sit in a basement for 10 hours straight until I figured out how to play guitar… and then practice into the night in my car outside to not wake anybody up because I was just really into it at the time and my high-time preference kept me at it until I learned it.
          I empty every ounce of energy I can as fast as I can into projects or interests before I am burned out. Then I move on to something else. Right now it is the economics of gynocentrism.

        4. @Weimar
          My joviality is not pretentious. It’s genuine. You say my life is peachy as though that’s some kind of insult, but I’ll take it for what it is and call it a compliment. Yeah my life is pretty fucking peachy actually. I’m in my mid-40s and have been working for a very long time to get where I’m at. And I don’t mean financially. I’m actually solid middle class. I mean working hard to get to a mental place where I am happy probably 90% of the time. What the fuck is the point in living if you’re miserable all the time? Cut the things out of your life that make you miserable (if you can) and focus on the things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Otherwise this life is nothing but a circle-jerk of misery and angst.
          And the reason I’m on this site is because I am very interested in self-improvement and topics relating to masculinity. I think our culture has a dearth of male figures for younger men and it is gratifying to me to pass some of it on, and glean what new things that I can. There is always room for self-improvement.
          I’m only concerned – and it’s a genuine concern, not affected – because I’ve started to notice some percentage of the discussions in the manosphere veering well into the mentality of the feminists I ran into in college. That type of incestuous, exaggerated, and frankly, largely IMAGINARY thinking is unhealthy and ultimately not useful. They have an entire fantastical world that they’ve concocted about men and our world with literally NO input from any of us. They’ve made some inroads into politics but even now their movement is dying out and most normal people (i.e. non-academics) have largely written them off.
          But keep writing and posting. I love reading your posts and always find them interesting even if I don’t always agree with them. Besides what’s the point of all of us being in agreement all the time? That would be boring as hell.

        5. ‘Imaginary’ and ‘irrelevant?’ Are you serious? You never heard of Title IX rape hoaxes, rape culture, #MeToo, divorce stats?
          Like I said, we are from different generations. I used to not be a big believer in that sort of divide, but it’s real. You see certain things myopically because certain parts of your life have already been lived and thus no longer affect your future. So you have no ability to think vicariously through younger people because of how drastically different their environment is from yours.
          I can tell you that the world has changed since you were in college and it is going to keep on changing. The negativity you see in guys far more radical than I is not going to stop just because you want it to. It’s been building for some time and now it is exploding because for too long it got treated like the Mighty Mississippi River…just keep channeling it downstream to other towns and sandbag your flood walls instead of addressing the source…just because the cityscape looks too nice the way it is.
          There is trouble in paradise and the rot has set in. So I don’t pull any punches.
          But I am giving these guys an alternative. Something real and constructive that can and will change Clown World little by little…and you don’t have to be phonily positive to do it. Everybody knows that, even apolitical types, which terrifies them. They can feel it and they try to reproach men for it because even the lowliest female or mangina trolls successfully operated as satraps, rearguards and vanguards in anything resembling a mannerbund for generations to steer them away from actual truths and stifle any actual progress.
          But now enough skeptics like me can ferret out these Judas Goats ferrying everybody back to the pussy purgatory of false hope.
          I congratulate you on your accomplishments (has a touch of Boomer pride). But the path that your generation took to broad success has largely closed for people younger than you. I know this is very difficult to understand.
          I can give you macroeconomic examples: gas prices, inflation, digitization…all drastically different from your youth. The way housing loans were handed out. The ambiance. National pastimes. National dialogue. All different and not coming back. So I really have no patience for nostalgia and the pretend grit of GenX.
          You’re not gonna like the manosphere because it’s going to get incredibly more colorful in its viciousness, just like every other political movement that gains cultural hegemony. Feminism is so pervasive and gratuitous that it’s palpably inescapable for men without means. You can pretend like being Mr. Smiles will solve everything, but it won’t…and thank God for that. No offense.
          I predict ‘Dr.’ Peterson will have his downfall soon because that no-nonsense charade can only function for so long before men see through it as just some diversionary placebo, like he has openly admitted (also his globalist connections are being exposed).
          ‘Cleaning your room’ is not going to solve your problems or improve society. It just means your room is clean. You either have sex with women or don’t.
          I never make my bed and I still get action. I just light a couple of scented candles and scrub the toilet when I think I may be bringing somebody home.
          If I’m so miserable, how is it that I can now sleep soundly after taking the RedPill, yet in the 8 years prior when I was Mr. Funny, I had such severe insomnia that I become so hopelessly dependent on antihistamines that it probably ruined my liver?
          -Because I know I am finally being productive. I can see evidence of it. Every gynocrat I piss off is proof.
          I also stopped listening to the counterproductive, unsolicited advice Baby Boomers would impart upon me about how I needed to ‘smile more’ and ‘tell her how I feel’ because that is what worked for them in 1967.
          When I started looking dour and aloof women would start approaching me…and keep on approaching me when I stopped being funny and talkative.
          That’s all the proof I need that people of a certain age should be mandatorily retired from giving advice like an elderly airline pilot because the world has passed them by.
          This prerogative to ‘being happy’ is an invention akin to the ‘American Dream.’ Just needless platitudes. And no, I’m not being some crank because I am not hopeless or miserable. I’m just not anxious anymore.

        6. @Weimar
          I’m not a Boomer. I was born in 1974. When I say that I worked hard to be where I’m at, again, I’m not talking financially. I’m making the same money now that my dad did 30 years ago so I fully get the anti-Boomer sentiment. But I worked hard to get to a place of peace with my life, is what I mean. Contentment as it were.
          I’ve been through a divorce. Finalized two years ago. I did not get ‘divorce-raped.’ I live in a no-fault, gender neutral state. I have 50% custody of my kids and pay MINIMAL child support (as in a bit over $100 a month).
          Title IX doesn’t mean shit when you’re out of college.
          #metoo is irrelevant for 99% of the population. No woman is going to come after you because you groped her on the first date or eye-fucked her on the subway. Give me a break.
          Are there serious problems between the sexes in this culture? Hell yes. Dating is a fucking minefield. It was a little easier in the 90s when I was first getting into it but it was a mess even back then. Is feminism to blame? To a large extent, yes. But also to blame is the rise of ubiquitous tech, a moribund middle class, globalization, and a general coarsening of the culture.
          You can try and change the culture if you want. In some ways I respect you for even trying, honestly. But I’ve found that it is much more effective to focus on yourself and your immediate surroundings. Trying to change the culture? Good luck. But that way lies frustration and anger.

        7. That, my friend, is the definition of solipsism.
          ‘I live here, all the problems are there, so those problems don’t really exist.’
          I used to think like that and it didn’t pay off, but maybe it does for you.
          College is pretty important if you haven’t noticed. You sound so suspiciously sympathetic to feminism that you probably don’t even believe in gynocentrism.
          Do and think whatever you want. It’s your life. I’ve never been married, so I can’t relate. But my entire family line has been divorced for a century, so it’s not in the cards for me.
          How do you know that my writing/research skills are not improving based on what I post here? Isn’t that self-improvement?
          I know many people here probably want to say exactly what you said about the alleged bitterness. Good. I welcome it. It’s understandable, but to pretend that it’s not slightly disingenuous is as hyperbolic as the things I post.
          I honestly don’t read any of these articles verbatim and almost no comments (and I assume nobody reads my comments verbatim) so I have no idea if we have tangled before or not.
          Like I said, I promise I will cease posting here soon since I know it causes too much pearl-clutching.

        8. JOMSVIKING
          “Dating was a little easier in the 90’s”
          I was born in June 1974.
          It was easier when were were 16 or 17 but PC came in with the Clintons and shit changed.
          The difference was in those days, if you were intent on beating off 20 x a day to porno you had to actually haunt sleazy porn stores downtown where perverts jerked off in front of you just to buy a XXX magazine or video…
          It was cheaper to try and convince some girl to get naked. And indeed they were more amenable to it than they seem to be today.

        9. JOMS
          I’d send him to the Philippines or even to South America.
          After a week he’d be glad she left him.
          John has one point. Once you go somewhere and meet women-and you can meet women in Spain if you want whites-and are getting laid, the broad seems less important.
          I don’t give a shit about any of the relationships I had as a young man. I’m glad they did not work out, I might have gotten “stuck”.

        10. WEIMAR
          I you moved to the Philippines you’d forget a great deal faster, let me tell you.
          That’s a sign.
          Go East young man, Go East.

        11. WIEMAR
          So go to the Philippines, man.
          Your mood will improve.
          Remember this, as I discovered from experience.
          The white girls that trampled on your feeling will just get old in the same place doing the same thing.
          Unlike we males they cannot go anywhere.

        12. WIEMAR
          I’m glad I don’t have to earn my living in America where some cooze can text? something and you get fired from your job and end up getting your throat slit by groids in park because she was on her period.
          Good gosh, is this what the US has come to?
          Sure glad I got out 19 years ago.
          I celebrate the month. June 1999 I flew out of Phoenix.

        13. What a cuntish thing to say. Feminist shaming language. “Who hurt you? Why are you so bitter?”
          GTFOutta here with that BS, shlomo.

        14. Yeah, I thought about it… he is exhibiting classic ‘dad behavior’ or ‘dad chivalry’ or ‘dad feminism/gynocentrism.’
          This is the corner of manosphere that the RedPill has not yet covered, but I am seeing it again and again and it has become a nuisance. These Gen-Xers are nearly as bad as Baby Boomers in their faux grit stories.
          This type of ‘dad chivalry’ is distinct from (((deception))) or simping.
          This over-the-top blind protectiveness for all young women because a divorcee sees them all as potentially being his own [email protected], and thus projects the classic ‘devious intentions’ of all other men towards his [email protected] (possibly from his own predatory behavior), and thus does this self-flagellation bit to counter-signal antifeminism.
          For instance, the age-old image of a concerned dad scowling at the timid, pimply prom date with the flowers in his hand, as his wh0re daughter provocatively descends the staircase in lingerie…saving all his suspicions for this brace-face v!rgin and all other men, instead of the wh0rish nature of his $lut daughter, who started giving bl0wjobs at 13.
          This is the same type of creep who high-fives the 12-year-old boys (expressing his bizarre envy) who get m0lested by 30-year-old female teachers, as she gets a slap on the wrist, but demands the [email protected] penalty for the 21-year-old assistant coach who bangs the 17-year-old cheerleader.
          I got news for ya, Mr. Father of the Year, your [email protected] is already on her knees doing filthy things…to really unsavory, older guys. Sorry, but you guys need to face reality. Stop displaying your old guy escapism of a picturesque virg!n [email protected] that needs protecting. It’s worse than the young vidya escapism of InCels.
          Instead of letting anybody identify the problem, you just do the Glenn Beck/Alex Jones thing in blaming ‘GMO, free trade, the Federal Reserve,’ and all the other unrelated innocuousness to deflect from the bullseye of gynocentrism.
          Notice how he pathologized me? Classic Freudian-Marxist invective. That passive-aggressive underhandedness. Total b!tch move that he didn’t have the fortitude to use on his ex-wife, whom he is still ‘friends’ with. Ha she resents you…and for good reason. You’re a virus. I’ve never seen a man defend the terms of his own divorce that he didn’t win.
          Look at our thread. He literally cannot handle anybody criticizing women. His wife left him and he STILL defends her. She’s back on the c0ck carousel (if she ever even got off it), and he thinks she is still idling herself, waiting to reunite with him.
          He is the sleeping white-knight fantasist who will not tolerate being awoken from his wet dream. That is where the pushback from antifeminism comes from the most virulently – the bitter blue-piller bringing yuletide carols of defeatism and pretend happiness.
          I realized he and I tangled on the female combat question too because he has something to defend: his teenage [email protected]
          Something that is not going to happen no matter what (female combat), but he is soooooooo afraid of the image of his [email protected] being injured that he cannot even allow it to become a meme. So he lashes out with these underhanded compliments and passive-aggressive insults.
          He will counter-signal and denigrate everything somebody like me says because I am ruining his IRL fantasy of having all other men potentially under the thumb of women like he was during his failed marriage because he doesn’t want to sulk alone – he will even send young men to their deaths in a hypothetical war to protect feminists and Clown World. He sees it as his duty to maintain gynocentrism because he foolishly sees himself as invested in it just because he has a [email protected]
          I call this ‘The Cucked Man’s Burden.’
          You can see it in a few other guys around here that were born in the early 1970s. The faux-macho Jordan Peterson thing of self-effacing cuck0ldry. These clowns literally get off on blaming themselves and the male collective for the behavior of women and all other degeneracy for ‘letting it happen.’ They cannot think otherwise. Their muscle memory will not let them. That is why they lash out at me. They are jonesing for feminist placebos to sate them when they read my posts because it makes them apoplectic.
          To sum this up: guys like him want to maintain their archaic fantasy of yesteryear, and they want us to pay for it.
          God bless them though because maybe if I had a daughter I might develop this pathetic instinct too, but I don’t…so I shan’t.

        15. Weimar,
          “This over-the-top blind protectiveness for all young women because a divorcee sees them all as potentially being his own [email protected]
          I see them all as potentially being my lover.

        16. KYS,
          We’ve all been fucked over by women, either in particular by betrayal or in general by indifference. No point in denying it.

        17. Paternalism is the word I was thinking. It is a form of investment chivalry (already-haves) distinct from the covetous (have-nots): beta-orbiting, thirsty simping and mangina white-knighing.
          It forms the strange nexus between trad-cuckservatism and feminism, enabling the vicious circle of gynocentrism (matriarchy) to triumph uncontested… because often times ‘Daddy’ is allegedly a no-nonsense trad-cuck, while Daddy’s whittle gurl is a fem-slut.
          So in this instance (ironically), an absentee father is actually less corrosive to society than ‘world’s greatest dad.’
          I don’t mean to unload on this guy, but he kept on with his little grating shtick, which has prompted this opportunity to discuss the looming issue of the helicopter parent/Electra-Complex dynamic.
          These trad-cuck gynocrats are the reason for the integration of the Boy Scouts, youth sports etc, not feminists.
          They are the ones paying to send their daughters to college, even wheeling their daughter’s suitcase on the first/last days.
          These cucks are the types pushing the stupid ‘make more white babies’ meme without seeing the futility of it. (Btw, good luck trying to meet women with this weirdo strategy.)
          If you seek to make more whites ‘at all costs’ (while strangely preserving feminism) at this point (without changing anything structural), you’re making just as many white SJWs as white nationalist reinforcements.
          You’re just creating an excess of leftover white women who will hand themselves over to Tyrone (genetic espionage), while also leaving an excess of InCels.
          So these matriarchal cucks really need to just chill and put on some flannel, pop on some headphones and listen to some Seattle grunge or whatever it is ‘Generation Grit’ did.

        18. @Weimar
          Well I’ll make one more attempt at this and then just let it go. You sure can write! Although 99% of it is abject bullshit. Your assumptions/guesses about me are almost completely wrong, with the exception of my age (which I think I may have explicitly stated). Basically you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. Which kind of fits what I was saying before about how your line of thinking so closely resembles that of the feminists that I was forced to study while in college. Circular, wholly imaginary, and perpetuating anger and grievances for which the rest of society has no time. I won’t bother refuting you point by point since basically nothing you’re stating is true about me, anything that I’ve seen in life, or anything described to me by other people. There’s probably something of value in there but I can’t be bothered to sort it out.
          I despair of even effectively explaining to you my position. Obviously legit dialogue is out of the question. Perhaps some other young men will come across this exchange at some point and so for them I would say:
          1. Push your keyboard back, get outside and experience some of life. It honestly is not as hopeless or frustrating as some of the men on this board are making it out to be. I suspect that some of them may be either bored or perhaps even a little bit crazy. Maybe not…psychoanalysis is difficult even when you know someone. Its practically impossible from afar.
          2. Concerning yourself too heavily with social or cultural change is interesting but ultimately frustrating and almost always fruitless. It is very alluring when you’re young and I get that. But even personal change is extraordinarily difficult for most everyone. As an experiment try picking one thing about yourself that you don’t like, and try to change it. Most people have to exert an enormous amount of effort and focus to even do that. Now imagine doing that with someone else! Even someone who you know. With social change- you’re talking about doing this with millions of people you don’t know. I myself had three demons that I wrestled with for much of my adult life. It took me a decade of focused effort and I finally put a stake through the last of them. It was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done. My advice? Focus on THAT (self improvement) and you’ll be surprised at how many other things just seem to fall in line.
          Hopefully there are a few of you out there who find some value in these ideas. But for the most part the conversation on these boards has become so caustic and hysterical that its no longer interesting or of any value. So peace out brothers! Good luck.

        19. I don’t want or need your unsolicited boomer-tier advice, like I mentioned. Nobody does, including you. That would do nothing but steer me towards some loveless, sexless failed marriage that you ended up in and out of quickly. No thanks. You prove me right all over again sentence-by-sentence. I call that Boomer autism. I pegged you right. Underhanded compliments, passive-aggressive insults, total disingenuous. Like I said, you can’t help it. It’s muscle memory.
          You said’ 99 percent of what I say is bullshit,’ when earlier you said that you agree with much of it. That is your feminine rage expressing itself in cognitive dissonance. You are a male feminist, but you can’t admit it.
          I will not subscribe to your gyncentric defeatism that you cloak in a sunny disposition. It has been tried countless times and failed most times. Take for instance, your life. It’s funny how you gynocrats are in such a panic by the prospect of the younger generation no longer providing you cannon fodder for the continuation of your cuck fantasy.
          No matter how many times you say it, YOU are the unhappy one. YOU see bitterness everywhere because it resides within YOU, not other people. I pity you for the troubles you’re suffering from, but it’s not my problem until you start projecting it onto me. Then I have to reproach you.
          Keep failing with your (((psychoanalysis))). Maybe try it on yourself, ‘doctor.’
          Also, stop ‘complimenting’ me. I’ve never seen such insincerity. LOL you called me a ‘son of a bitch’ as an ‘ode.’ No wonder your wife left you and your daughters don’t speak to you.
          I hope everything works out for you and your teenage daughters, but not at the expense of me or anybody else.

      3. And when you do present a bill, they’ll first be offended, then begrudgingly pay it. You’ll never hear from them again, after that. It’s happened a couple of times, to me, when I kept female friends. That time has long passed.

      4. WEIMAR
        I agree with you but let me put it this way-in my own immigrant neighborhood your grandparents were blue-collar types (Though my German grandfather managed to open a lumber yard) and your parents were the first generation to go to college (Mine a research scientist) and you were pushed hard to do the same.
        Nobody in Detroit whose parents were immigrants and who was the first generation to have an undergraduate degree wants his kid to be a blue-collar worker.
        So there was a great deal of pressure (In the 80’s when I was kid) for me to go to university. My Dad never made more than $50,000 a year but saved and saved so that his kids could have tuition (We were three years apart and this must have broke the motherfucker although he never mentioned it).

      The men women want to fuck most never changed a tire in their life. They had their house servant do it.

  7. Most former soldiers get that same feeling after they leave the service, given that the service teaches fidelity and brotherhood, self sufficiency, problem solving skills and frown on dependency UNLESS it is required for cooperation and coordination for mission completion.
    Society breeds dependency these days, but then again to subjugate a population you must weaken them first sufficiently by suppressing the independence and ingenuity so they cannot resist the powers that seek to control them…..ala Feminism and Marxism.
    as a veteran, if you lose your self sufficiency and independence, you also lose your self respect and your purpose…then what are you? Oh yeah, you become one of the 95% beta shitheads that masquerade as “men”, a useless eater breather and god help you useless breeder for the feminist cattle.
    Suicide before subjugation to the progressive society trash.

  8. If your boss in the office is a male, you can try teach him to be a masculine buddy and give him a red pill. Then advice him to be a badass to all those feminist employees by not catering for their womanly needs, meanwhile shaming the unwanted soyboys.
    It would be best if he can manage to make them jobless.

  9. As life in the first world becomes easier, I think that men will have to be more and more diligent in finding these exercises in self-sufficiency. Much like the (increasingly rare) woman who takes the time to sew up tears and patch clothes rather than just throw them out and buy new ones for her kids.
    I got into hunting a few years ago and had a similar experience. It is extremely time consuming, frustrating, and expensive AT FIRST. State governments have thrown up all kinds of road blocks in front of people who want to go out and take part in an activity that our ancestors did every day and considered as normal and necessary as our morning commute. But once you learn to navigate the Byzantine regulations, purchase your gear (most of which will last a lifetime), and spend some time at the range, the actual act of hunting is truly exhilarating. And the culmination of it – taking an animal, dressing it out, and stocking your freezer with good, lean, organic meat – is something that every man should experience. It’s a hell of a lot easier to just meander on down to the supermarket and buy yourself some steak. But doing something yourself, even when you don’t have to, gives you a sense of self-confidence and competence.

    1. JOMS
      “As life in the First World gets easier”
      It ain’t going to.
      If you served overseas even with a base perimeter and attendant curfew you must have observed that the economic center of the earth is shifting to Asia.
      I was long-discharged from the Michigan National Guard Reserves on a general (Heart murmur, half deaf in my right ear) by the time I was overseas in 99 but even then it was obvious which way the economy was going.
      Visit parts of Milwaukee. The copper wire is stolen out of buildings. If that is not third world I don’t know what is.
      Rural cities are sort of isolated because of a localized service sector economy and primary economy-another words you can work on a farm (Or cutting forestry in Wisconsin) or for the city.
      But will the standard of living improve in major cities. Not hardly.

    2. Joms
      “As life in the first world becomes easier”
      That ain’t gonna happen for white men, ever.
      Things will only get worse, working hours longer, employment less secure, taxes higher, health care more expensive, laws and regulations more restrictive, housing more expensive, a family less obtainable and easier to break.

      1. JOHN
        1) The guys who have served in the military in the countries we have lived only saw the seediest aspects of life there so your average former Sergeant is going to say “Frankfurt is a shithole” because he was only in the red light district whorehouses. It is called a “base perimeter”.
        Jeffrey Dahmer for example, was beaten up by gay-bashing thugs.
        Dennis Nilsen assaulted a Yemeni taxi driver with a crowbar and locked him in a trunk.
        2) American whites can move into the rural locales where crime is low and also carry a gun they are prepared to use. A Jamaican nutter with a knife is simply going to be shot in Northern Wisconsin and the cops won’t care. The UK is a bit different.
        3) These guys have no perspective. They’ve never been anywhere. Its all normal to them. If you were out of Western society for a long period of time you would come back and notice the difference but these guys have not been so they don’t. The average 25 year old here thinks it is normal to live at home and jerk off to porn all day your entire life. If this reality nags them, they fire up another bowl of marijuana and then have another wank.

      2. JOHN
        “Taxes higher”
        That’s math. Muslims and blacks have 5 kids, of which maybe one will hold gainful employment. The others go to jail, or drug deal/pimp/fence and one girl is a hooker or constantly pregnant.
        Additionally, a load of money has to go to law enforcement to control them.
        “Laws and regulations”
        This won’t stop lawlessness and the most atrocious crimes being committed by minorities. You can bust white guys for some improper advance but MS-13 is going to run around chopping the heads off high school girls and Pakistanis will still groom 11 year old white girls. They don’t care about jail anyhow since it is just one more form of free living in the UK. The American prisons are harsher but in the case of the UK prison is a pleasurable joke-even to a white American. Little snooker, nice meals, soft beds, televisions with HEADPHONES! and no need to work.
        “Family less obtainable”
        Most of the white women of their generation are brought up in roaring 90’s prosperity by Dad’s like you who were making good money back then.
        Few white women will want to live with a man in his house with his mother.
        So most of these guys are going to sit around nursing a drink at Ladies Night in the local club once a week and then go home to flog the bishop at the end of the night.

        1. JOHN
          Mathematically it is simple enough-
          Women like your daughter grew up in the 80’s and the 90’s in a time of great prosperity. Thatcher and Reagan broke unions but people your age were making fantastic money and kids in the 90’s were spoiled.
          Now the economy is terrible and most Gen Y cannot possibly afford to provide the sort of lifestyle girls grew up with.
          As a result, girls expect more and men can provide less.
          So what happens is simply that grown adults live at home. Males wank to porn, girls like your daughter turn to Lesbianism and cats, the white middle-class shrinks.
          In other mathematical terms there is a geometric progression-blacks and Muslims will either be unemployable or the smarter ones will be pimps, drug dealers, thieves etc. who eventually go to jail-as a result the whites pay a staggering amount of tax to feed, house and clothe a family of 5 of say, 5 blacks-one girl becomes a crack-addicted prostitute, two of the boys go to prison, one of the boys joins the army and never goes home again and one of the children is simply a mental case or retarded.
          As white decline in population there is nobody paying into the tax system so they have to raise it 900% until finally it gets to the point where Sweden will get where the money will run out-as Thatcher said.

  10. Last year I bought an 80% glock lower. After a couple months of pissing with it, I got it to fire and fire correctly. I knew nothing about glocks or guns at this point. Ya I shot them but knowing how they work is different. This year I built an AR. Next year I’ll stumble into something else. Point being that challenging your self with that kind of stuff is fun. But more importantly its what makes us men.
    Challenging yourself is something men do. I have yet to see a women challenge herself. Nor will I ever imagine I will.
    One more thing, owning tools and using them sets men apart from cucks. Its like that car insurance commercial where the teen age kid doesn’t know how to change a tire. I mean shit, my dad taught me that before I was 10. That commercial just shows how bad some western men are. You can’t fix a flat nor can you educate your teenage son. How sad.

    1. Klaus, FYI-I’ve owned every handgun known to man and god (including Glock model 17s and model 19s), and when it gets right down to it, I swear by my short slide officer’ model Para Ordinance 1911 colt .45, and my 9mm Browning High Power. I keep them cleaned, maintained, and respected. Worked flawlessly. John M. Browning, IMHO, was one of the greatest inventors in history.

    2. Challenging yourself is making a sword out of a car leaf spring. That skill will actually be useful after TSHTF.

      1. JOHN
        I had to open a new avatar because some 17 year old stole mine and these fools actually believe it is me.
        Anyhow, when the shit hits the fan I have a feeling that the middle-class white men will all move to Asia where the economic gravity has shifted anyhow and the 1% will use that NZ passport to simply set up shop down there.
        In the UK we are already seeing a great many of the middle-class moving to the French countryside.
        I don’t think an AK-47 will help anyone in the Midwest if the 1% on the East Coast decides to pack it in and use that dual passport to truck off to Nice or Auckland.
        The “haves” in the US are already so near the edge of the continent that they would fall in the water if they got any nearer.
        Also, these guys are worried about Asians taking over the US but in point of fact every Indian and Filipino in America would be on the next plane back home if the economy tanked. Civil War? Forget Asians, Jews, Hispanics, Indians, Muslims…they will beat a fast retreat to the airport. So will Irish-Americans with that passport and the cousin in Dublin. So will Italian-Americans with the sort of money to bribe Uncle Vito into an ancestral visa.
        If the SHTF you will see more of what you see in UK-the middle-class just buys the French farmhouse and leaves London to the Jamaicans.

        1. MM
          ‘when the shit hits the fan I have a feeling that the middle-class white men will all move to Asia’
          When TSHTF there will be no international travel, and probably little option of travel from your current position, unless you walk or cycle. As a prepper of 25 years, I realized it was pointless unless you could be somewhere you can live off the land (with no urban hordes) without moving far when the apocalypse happens. Behind my house, paddy fields, 2Km away jungle. My sword is ready! Come to think of it I could do with a few spares.

        2. JOHN
          Cockroaches survive in my case. I was so broke and anonymous that nobody cared that went overseas in 1998. I owed no money, sold my piece of shit used Ford for $1000 in cash, had no dependents, had never been married, was subleasing, paid everything in cash, was discharge on a General from the Michigan National Guard Reserves, had no record. Now I don’t have a driver’s license.
          So when I left at 25 it was without a trace.
          I have no credit card and pay everything in cold hard cash from residuals from my business deposited in my Hong Kong bank account.
          My house in my wife’s name.
          When you don’t give a shit about your country, not one single bit, it is not hard to disappear.
          The source of my income is not dependent on stupid bitches in an office. I do business with other men, because women hold worthless HR or corporate positions dependent upon the government creating jobs for them whereas only males are rugged enough to do cash business overseas.
          I say what I want. I use racist words every day. I use prostitutes sometimes twice a day. I don’t drug out of choice but I’ve been at parties with mad piles of cocaine held by the children of the ruling elite and knew I would never be busted.
          Blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, white trailer trash and hicks are all dependent upon a system.
          I’m not.

  11. Fantastic article. For you fags who can’t comprehend, it’s a story about a man who got shit done. The car is gay, but it doesn’t matter. Homie got shit done.

    1. Getting shit is nothing remarkable in human experience.
      Even amputees can get shit done.
      It’s the why which needs an answer.
      And in a nihilistic culture predicated on hedonism and avarice that question becomes harder and harder to answer.
      We’re not machines, we don’t just automate on command with no thought of what we’re doing. In fact, how can you have any pride is motioning through an inevitable process?
      Do you take pride is breathing?
      Are you better at it than others?
      Is it worth competing over?
      Accomplishment is fools gold.
      It means nothing unless you do it for someone else.
      Curing cancer, building a car, a black belt in BJJ, a briefcase of cash… imagine doing all these things on the moon. And it means absolutely nothing.
      It is relationships you should be building.
      But that’s beta isn’t it?
      World doesn’t owe you shit, up by your boot straps, you’re on your own…

  12. Work at a desk with computer systems, so it’s all brain work. That’s why my hobbies are all manual and involve making stuff I can touch. Made furniture for my house (which I lost in the Harvey flood!) I need to feel like I’m doing something with my body besides sitting around – and my family couldn’t understand why tearing up my shoulder so bad that I couldn’t do that for a long time was worse mentally than dealing with the pain.
    Man’s gotta make things with his hands.

    1. Adam, I totally get what you’re saying – inactivity kills me – I’ve got a thrashed knee, torn bicep (left) torn tricep (right) and torn shoulder socket (left). Still do more than most of my neighbors combined, just cannot sit on my arse…and I love the feeling of instant gratification one gets after seeing what he just finished…saved me thousands upon thousands over the years and made me realize that I can do a better job than most “trades” I used to hire when I did not have time to do all things by myself…

  13. I live in a neighborhood where all of my neighbors have even their lawns mowed and leaves raked and walkways swept by slaves – there are countless trucks with “help” cruising the neighborhood every day, trimming hedges, pruning trees and whatnot. I am the only weirdo in this place who mows his own lawn, edges it and, for the past 3 years (as I have more time as semi-retired) cut my 10′ tall, 300′ long hedges (paid a lot to have it done before, never quite liked the results, so went out and bought all the equipment which paid for itself first time I did the hedges). My garage walls have all kinds of tools on them. Worked in mining and bush exploration (where self-reliance is necessary) – can fix most appliances, small car repairs, construction fixes and small builds (patios, garages) – I always believed that any man worth his salt will not pay someone to do something he can do himself. I swing shovels, axes, dig whatever needs to be dug – some of the next-block neighbors stopped their cars and tried to hire me – thinking i was just another of the “help” people. Quite funny…I feel sorry for young guys nowadays, they don’t know how to do even basic stuff, and, most of them don’t even want to know…
    Makes a man a man…

    1. When I was kid in Detroit 12 year old kids did those jobs. Especially me, whose father made $50,000 which was not that much even in 1985.

  14. So you were stupid enough to buy a lemon, and then spent thousands of hours learning how to repair a car. Great. Most people don’t have time to become “self-sufficient” enough to repair their car, fix their plumbing, rewire their homes or tune their piano. That’s why we have auto mechanics, plumber, electricians and piano tuners. It’s called “division of labor.”

    1. It is called problem-solving…
      Where I live, a plumber or an electrician charges 100/hour to come and wire your basement for about a grand/day including material. Auto Mechanic charges more than that, dealer repair shop almost 200/hr labor. I don’t make 100, let alone 200/hour, so the choice is clear – and I hate to be a sucker who, with a uni degree would pay someone with G-9 education more than he makes himself. So I find time to do most stuff myself and even though it may take me a little longer (because I try to do a perfect job whereas the “trades” try to do the fastest job before running off to the next one), it usually ends up done better.
      Or I could be sitting in front of the TV, flipping through 200 channels of PC shit while paying someone to have the proper “division of labor” adhered to…

      1. Here Here!
        The “division of labor” [or specialization] is great since it gives some one a certain set of expertise about something that others don’t, or can’t, do as well. The drawback to a division of labor based on specialization is that it sets people up for too much dependence where, in theory, cannot do basic tasks such as what maartan mentioned.
        Back then everyman had a DIY encyclopedia in their garage. YouTube also does wonders and there is always time for repairing you own property and the like for what you can handle. Plus you accomplish something and it feels good having a point or purpose even as small as that might be.
        One might not save time (what are you going to be spending on it anyway – a couple more hours of TV or video games?) yet he will certainly save money.
        Another good example of having a specialized leaning culture is the rise of restaurants and outsourcing of basic home maintenance tasks coinciding with the decline in the number of women with good domestic skills (not a good thing).

  15. Pursue things/activities that are timeless where you can’t fake it to make it. Either you can, willing to develop it or you can’t. Live it up genuine and authentic. With that you will attract like minded people and your life will be much more fulfilling. You will weed out all the mediocre and the blah.

    1. for a man to have self respect and self esteem, having a do it yourself attitude, the actual skills and finesse to do it right and do it well (what ever it may be), and the self discipline to see a project all the way through, and the earned pride of doing it at all, MATTERS. If a man doesnt have self respect and self esteem( what women…ahem feminists hate the most as it makes him the least manipulateable), then what is he? an easy to yoke and manage labor animal. thats why i am hated and smeared so viciously by feminists in the comments. my message is more dangerous than any other tactic used against them. awakening to certain truths that muck up their game for domination.

      1. My grandfather used to make household furniture,things like chests of drawers and display cabinets etc. Even as a young girl I recognised the craftsmanship and love of the task that his furniture displayed. He was so skilled that he made furniture for friends,family and neighbours. He only charged for the materials with a small token payment for the labour. My grandmother told me that she never saw him more happy if alive than when he was in his workshop.
        I strongly urge men to learn to do something with your hands,something that will give your life genuine meaning and will in many cases will outlive you. My grandfather is long dead but my mother has in her home an exquisite display cabinet that he made and everyone who visits wants to know all about it.

  16. A woman I know has a motorbike that’s been standing around too long and won’t go. Offered to have a go at fixing it for her, which I’m sure I could do, but she preferred to spend bucks having a shop pick it up, take it away and fix it. At a guess I would say it’s something to do with being “independent”. She’s also 43 and still single……….

    1. SIMON
      She thought you might put the moves on her and apparently you were not as attractive as the mechanic whom she fantasized having his hands smear grease on her naked body.
      She needed other servicing, bro. She looked at you and figured you did not measure up in the masculine department.

    2. Never offer a woman any assistance, unless you’re already banging her.
      Let them die of despair and loneliness and a house full of cats.

  17. If you are a guy in the office world, chances are you are doing your work better then women.
    It’s difficult to see because of the lower standards that both hide your greater results and some guys use the lower bar as an excuse to not do as well as they could.
    At most work, it really boils down to just getting the job (minimum standard) done without much emphasis on getting the job done well which matters but not as paramount.
    Factor in mass gynophile politics and the like and you have a lower bar.
    So it’s an appearance that your job can be performed by a female but the reality is, due to the lower bar, that cannot be the case for work done well.
    Although having secretaries to take pressure off the specialized employees and the like is something to look at.
    The following is simplistic but starts a good thought process about the decay of good quality when one says patriarchy made things out of metal and steel (better quality) and now everything is made of plastic (lowered bars that need lower results).
    So your article makes sense, which we are not meant to sit in an office anyway with a mind numbing job with office politics and gynocentism.

  18. Men together typically form stable hierarchies of cooperation.
    Women form hostile atmospheres of competition.
    The object of feminism is to wreck male solidarity by throwing female monkey wrenches into male co-ops and social spaces.
    The ensuing competition and pettiness makes cooperation foolish and liable to slow you down. But what do you end up achieving? Nothing worth remembering. Perhaps you get to bang the “alpha female” (lol @ that concept), but since she’s such a whore, what does it even matter? Will she give you good children? Is she even capable of raising children, even if they come out looking like Waffen SS posterboys, they’ll end up dysfunction future convicts coz you couldn’t control their slut mother.
    It’s funny how not even the most red-pilled in this alt-right movement seem to notice that the reason it’s so hard to get a decent woman are the EXACT same reasons it’s so hard to keep a decent friend.
    It is so rare, even among white men to meet people who’ve maintained friendships past the 5-year mark.
    It’s coz today in the West NO ONE has your back.
    You got NOTHING going for you.
    Wealth expends itself, even the real estate you’re sitting on will be squandered by your children because they’ll be too directionless from your lack of guidance to use it intelligently. They’ll be too busy stabbing each other in the back like their parents generation before them.
    Meanwhile you got groups of Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Indians, and Chinese working together as strong aggregates and actively conspiring to dispossess you.
    Once the soft power has been covered they will take off the mask and ethnically cleanse you like the dead weight you are.
    It doesn’t even matter what they will inherit, the point is you will have no part in it, no part in even determining it.
    That is the harvest of competition.

  19. Dude I have to tell you my eyes lit up when I saw the Fox Body Mustang part in your article. I have a Fox Body Mustang and I bought it back in 1993 when I saw 22 years old 25 years later I still have it. I read some of the comment and some of the morons who commented negatively don’t get it. Yes you have the purpose to fix your car which is great but I don’t know if you know about this the FoxBody Mustang is one of the most wanted collectable cars from that era. Google it to the morons who commented negatively. This guy did nothing wrong. When I take mine out for a spin, people honk me on the road and give me thumbs up every time I drive it. The thing about MGTOW and taking the red pill is know haters are going to hate. The truth is they are jealous because we have the most popular vintage muscle car on the road. The fact is even if some one has a shit box Fox Body people are willing to pay $5000 or $6000 dollars to get one and restore it. My advice keep it and never get rid of it.

  20. Awesome article.
    A self-sufficient mindset naturally leads to personal sovereignty. Also, it’s fun to watch the useless fags who lurk around here that have no desire to improve themselves to improve their lives, blow themselves up after reading this.

      Try being a civilian in Southeast Asia with $200 in your pocket who has to get a job (I won’t share my personal finances) in a new city or you’ll starve.
      Sovereignty is moving overseas off the grid. I live in the jungle and my wife owns the house and I no longer even have a state driver’s license in my name. The only thing to identify me is my passport. My money is a Hong Kong account.
      That is independence bro.
      Its been tough. I was jumped in Bangladesh by Western-hating locals who switch-whipped me on the street until I bled. I was threatened by two Filipinos in my job in Cebu and robbed three times. I lived in Dubai and went through Ramadan. I’ve had my cell stolen by hookers.
      But in the end I am beholden to nobody. I owe no alimony, have no debt (Don’t even have a credit card, I pay in cash), no mortgage in the US, paid no taxes most of my working life, never had to blame a “JOO” for anything, never sat around in my own rust-belt city hoping the jobs would come back.

      1. You guys need to get the hell of the States instead of sitting around flipping through one crap channel after another with people that look like Ben Stiller playacting.
        I’ve never heard so many grown men sound so powerless-they cannot do this, they cannot do that, they cannot get laid.
        If you are rotting in your house and Saul is up in the Beltway flying through Wall Street in a Ferrari with a blonde Shiksa shoving cocaine into his nose with a coke spoon…why not just leave the country.
        None of you have an ounce of initiative.
        You’ll talk about some chick who broke your heart years ago like the sad assholes in that sequel to Karate Kid and then you’ll sit down and light another fucking bowl of weed and log into some porn site to beat your meat again.
        You should go overseas.

  21. People should go down the streets and engage in a worldwide deathmatch where people team up according to superficial sympathy like color of skin or facial expressions or lack of aspie traits and kill those who are different or seem inferior. Obviosuly the ROK readers and the catholics and the intelligent fedora wearing IT pussy slayers will finally officialize that they are on top of the social food chain and will gain their birthrifht to domination and fuk all the white gurls who have alwazs been blind to them. Masculinity will then become meaningful again and we can start a new world made of churches, nofap, burkas, no nigg4s, agriculture and abolition of everything that seems new or different from medieval ages. We will go around with swords and have our own secret manly handshake like we dreamed when playing WOW and we’ll hunt for game on sunday as a sport, instead of the primitive stupid soccer or basketball, and do a hip thrust dance and fire our rifles in the air when victorious!

    1. JMUELL
      You remind me of a Latino whose mother I used sexually one time when I was in Arizona.
      She was nearly pure Aztec and I met her at a wake that I was dragged to by a Castizo. The woman was basically an Amerindian and so drunk she was staggering but she dragged me to her apartment and I could smell her fermented breath as her mouth closed around my penis-she had been sucking cocks for decades.
      After I was good and hard she rolled over her body heavy in middle age and lay nearly comatose as I pushed her panties aside and fucked her until after a few strokes she seemed to reach an orgasm and passed out-I withdrew and shot my jizz all over her groin and stomach and breasts.
      Then I zipped up my trousers and left her apartment as she lay passed out with my spunk blown all over her body, legs spread-eagle.
      Her Cholo son was about 17 and he walked in only a few minutes after I left and saw his Mom half naked on the bed with door open and some man’s jizz shot all over her body who had walked off.
      It was not your Mom but it could have been.
      Because you are the son of a divorced Latino woman who conceived you with a black stud who quickly exited his life.
      You have grown up with a single mother who is a cougar who has feasted on the cocks of cads like me.

    2. JMUELL
      This is the stage that your people will always be without the technology and systems of law of the West.
      You will always be a primitive medieval people because your ancestors came from the tropical belt of the world and your frontal lobe cortex lacks the cognitive functionality.
      Because you are the son of a sluttish Amerindian Mestizo or Mulatto who craved Groid dick you were raised by a single mother and you are of course gay.
      Lacking a father figure you emulate your mother by using your butthole as a vagina because you fear and loathe your own penis as the symbol of masculinity that you resent as your absentee father.
      You value rainbow racial spectrum because you yourself lack an identity as a possibly tri-racial Mulatto conceived in random lust.
      Masturbating constantly is your own companion besides allowing black males on the down-low to use your rectum as their own masturbation device.

    3. Churches, no porn addicts sending their dick pics, women in veils instead of jeans showing whale tales and tramp stamps, no blacks.
      If a genie asked me for another wish I’d want a cold coca-cola.
      See you are the product of such modern liberalism-your mother was a 90’s slut who conceived you out random lust with a groid and you are strange color so of course you celebrate rainbow leftist multiculturalism.
      Why wouldn’t you. As the child of a single mother who depended upon the welfare state you of course celebrate the Leftist dogma of redistribution because your father was an absentee black man and your mother was a Latino or Afro-Caribbean with no skill-set.

  22. JOHN
    You know I cannot believe these sad bastards. Is this what Western Civilization came to after I bolted for greener pastures in Dubai and Asia? A bunch of guys who can lose everything because some cooze texted a hashtag on twitter or whatever?
    What sad, sad shit this is to read.
    These guys apparently have been disenfranchised by short people with funny hats who look like Ali G and now they sit in their rooms all day jerking off to porno…
    There is the guy who cannot get over some chick who broke up with him about 2 years ago…
    No way to pay for sex either. You hire some 30 year old and the cops bust you and it goes on your record as a sex offense.
    I mean, I knew the US took a dive in the Bush era but this is just fucked.
    I cannot believe the sadness of these posts.
    Your city in post-industrial decline and you just sit there.
    You know John, I am so lucky my life disintegrated to the point in 1999 that I no longer had anything to lose by leaving the United States and earning my living abroad.
    There’s one guy on here whose 60 and his boss is half his age and smokes crack and then treats him like shit.
    I mean what is that. What kind of way is that to live?

  23. The writing/content quality on ROK has been getting pretty lazy lately. Archive pieces all weekend long. Original “content” such as this. I remember so good intellectual work back in the earlier days not just simply “5 Reasons…” or articles such as that which pretty much just restate standard man advice found all over the internet.
    I hope Roosh an get his personal life settled and find a good stream of revenue for ROK to kick back up the editorial standard.

  24. TIM
    You don’t come here for the articles, you come for the honesty of the posts.
    We see real truth in these posts from internet safety. The blacks hate us. The rednecks think everyone is a Mossad agent. The Gen Y despise Gen X for being slackers who had more opportunity while they have to live at home and beat off. It goes on and on.
    Beneath the veneer of polite society is deep dislike.

  25. I got to agree with Dodds…
    Lately, there seems to be a staggering amount of infighting between regulars here (not trolls).
    Maybe there is a usn/avatar hijack, considering one can input any name at any time.
    Anyhow, no point lamenting the past, but boy were the disqus days so much cleaner.

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