Al Sharpton: Prince Harry Marrying Divorcee Megan Markle Proves White Male Supremacy Is Dying

Via Breitbart:

The Reverend Al Sharpton has claimed that the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and the mixed-race actress Meghan Markle is evidence that white supremacy is “on its last breath.”

Sharpton made the remarks while speaking at his weekly National Action Network rally Saturday in Harlem as the Royal Wedding took place.

“When you got little white girls in Wales saying, ‘I want to be like Meghan,’ there’s a shift worldwide that white male supremacy is on its last breath,” Sharpton said.

He went on to suggest that now many young girls look up to successful black women, a fact he says is concerning to many white parents, and a fear that he says was exploited by President Donald J. Trump.

“When you have little white girls in Arkansas look up and say, ‘I want to be beautiful and smart like Michelle Obama,” he continued. “I want to dress like the Obama girls (Sasha and Malia),’ that’s where that white supremacy is questioned. White parents in their living room say, ‘We’ve got to do something.’ That’s what Trump played on.”

The 63-year-old civil rights activist added that many white supremacists are “losing their minds” as black people continue to improve their lives in modern America.

“They’re losing their minds because the world is passing away where they are the standard,” he added. “Where they decide what is beauty, where they decide what is of intellectual depth.”

Markle, however, has previously described scrutiny of her background and ethnicity as “disheartening,” adding that she would prefer people to see her for who she is.

“You know it’s it’s a shame that that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that that would be discriminatory in that sense but I think you know at the end of the day I’m really just proud of who I am and where I come from, and we have never put any focus on that,” she said in an interview with the BBC last year.

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251 thoughts on “Al Sharpton: Prince Harry Marrying Divorcee Megan Markle Proves White Male Supremacy Is Dying”

  1. This woman is white she can never pass as black person from cape to Cairo. Instantly they will see her as a white person not a black person. Even her father is white.
    Did not mean to offend anyone. Until they marry proper black person like Danai gurira then will know it’s dying

    1. Wow, you’re implying ‘it’ actually exists. Who knew that white monarchs in white countries had to even bastardize their bloodlines to appease hostile Third Worlders? Last time I checked, colored people had their own countries. The real issue is they don’t want whites to have white countries in their own lands. Until the last white person is enslaved or killed off is when ‘white supremacy’ will end to these people.

      1. ‘The real issue is they don’t want whites to have whites countries in their own lands?’ Are you effing kidding me? Lol Not a fan of Sharpton…but you can have your cold rock and stay away from ours. Then we won’t have any issue.

        1. Is that why you people throw your own infant children into the water for photo-ops that tug on the heartstrings of white people, as you sail across shark-infested waters and arid deserts just to have access to white people? Sure, you’re not a fan of Sharpton. All of you say that, yet he is still there representing you. You would have toppled him by now.

        2. All blacks need to leave whites alone. Whites don’t seek the company of blacks, yet blacks continue to insert themselves into our societies. Just piss off back to Africa and build your “wakanda”

        3. Man, I wish “they” would get that. They complain we’re racist when they fuck our women, but hang on, besides that fucking fag ginger, and that fag who married that bloke Serena Williams, we stay the fuck away from their women.
          As for us taking their land, well South Africa throws that entire argument with their lack of tolerance and overt racism.
          What else? Technology? What technology, we, whites, invent most things the rest of the world take for granted.
          And the thing is, we’ve been FUCKING generous, sharing left right and center, but that’s just not good enough for these parasites. And they really are parasites by the true definition, they live off us and are an infection. And I just wish for once they would just say, “Thank you.” I’m not holding my breath.
          Note: this really goes out to all the non-white races that suck the life out of our societies.

      2. Globalish shill line. Fucking royal family aint shit, bunch of pedophilles and homosexuals. Fags need to be killed enmasse. Send them to the gas chamber or shoot them in the head.

      3. Weimar Republicans
        I don’t understand the cuck mentality of USA/Anglo-Saxon white males. I understand why black men are upset but why the hell white men are getting upset?? MM’s father is a white male & she only dated white males. Isn’t it a win for white men? MM looks like a beautiful latina girl because of her white father. White fathers always makes beautiful babies while black men makes ugly babies. Would you guys be happy if she only dated black men instead of white men?
        Only thing I don’t like about MM is that she is a feminist. Other than that there is nothing to get upset about her marriage with the price Harry.

    2. Keith, I think you have a point. Plus, in a propaganda war, the likes of which we are in, why not? I too say she is not black enough to be considered “Black.”

    3. You have a valid point: her mixed heritage greatly helped Megan in this case. I highly doubt the Royal Family and the English would be equally accepting towards a lady with a darker complexion, straight from the African continent.

        1. Fuck you dude Im a proud cockfag. Ill take a fireman’s blast of cum to my face anyday baby!

      1. Um, then why are you here? This place isn’t for fags. And that’s not me being mean, I’m just saying, you will only be told to shut up or fuck off, so what’s the point? Seriously. Go away.

    4. You’ve all missed the Queen’s ‘cunning plan’.
      As nobody believes Harry is real royalty (is in a Hewitt), they don’t want his line to continue. Easy option, marry him to a woman who is no longer fertile and can’t reproduce.
      Job done!

      1. She can have 1 or 2 if she gets on the job QUICK. She’s 37 in a few months and her fertility has been tanking like a drop on a steel coaster for a number of years now.

      2. John Dodds … you’ve just posted what is possibly the most pertinent and accurate comment on this particular mixed marriage. The media images of this ‘royal’ occasion having thankfully escaped my attention.
        I knew of Harry’s illegitimate origins, but hadn’t sussed out my Queen’s — not really mine by choice, but birth obliges me to toe the line a little bit — cunning plan.
        As you so presciently suggest … it’s job done.

        1. G.R.
          come now, theories about that brit army major aside, dont you think they’d do paternity tests.
          also, diana’s affairs started far into her marriage in the late 80’s.
          i know at the end she was having sex with rentboys procured by her gay male friends but that is a real stretch.

        2. Greetings your Highness Prince Harry:
          So good of you to stop by so soon after your wee event at the weekend, with your wifey-come-American-actress.
          Almost like a double-curse eh? “American” and “Actress”.
          If you’ve got any superior theories, then let’s please have ’em.
          You ask in all innocence … “don’t you think they’d do paternity tests?”
          No, I don’t think they’d want to do paternity tests. Got it?
          As for your rent-boys speculation, you’d need to provide the ROK community with some hard evidence for that, my boy.

      3. & Appoint him a Duke ??(Can’t be an Archduke like Franz Ferdinand) Then dispatch the Duke & Duchess to Sarajevo & find an Iranian terrorist ??
        There you have a real Casus Belli with Iran ??

      4. john
        she will squeeze 3 or 4 out I guarantee you…black women are extraordinarily fecund long past 40…
        that is why they are always at the welfare office.

      5. Good point.
        But why not choose any infertile English lassie instead of an american mulatto who adherer to the jewish faith?
        Something is fishy here….

      6. I agree, you’re spot on there. But one question then, why did she let him and William both marry a man? No real heirs to the throne.

      7. She’s still young enough to have one or two kids if she works fats. My great grandmother had her last child at age 42, although, she had her first child at 20 with 7 in between the first and last.

      8. JD
        Right you are. The petri dish is brewing in the lab right now. Her uterus is probably as boggy as an old wet sponge. Add in at least 20 years of hormones via birth control, no doubt a couple of abortions, STD’s and voile! you have a uterus that is a used up athlete past its prime. Her messy hair is due to the weave and extensions which can’t be stretched into a neat style.
        I wondered what was going on behind the scenes that MeeeeAgain seemed so readily acceptable. The royal family of GB hasn’t survived over a thousand years of revolution, assassination and murder to have Darkle strutting in like the second coming.
        I’m waiting for when she finally realizes that years of boredom disguised as “duty” is what she signed up for. Then again, she seems to have the scruples of an alley cat.

    5. Honestly the Globalist jews probably love this shit. Forcing homofaggotry and all this interracial bullshit on the people. Fuck all these bastards.

    6. According to Plastic Surgeons she has had nose jobs and probably skin lightening, boob job, etc., etc. So she isn’t “natural”.
      The British monarchy is a cancer on England, evil, corrupt which should have fallen centuries ago. Whether Elizabeth is reptilian or not, they are parasites on the English people, offer no redeeming qualities as they defend nothing, and own most of England; and according to some, most of the world.
      They have shamelessly intermarried with jews and other rich non-Whites and do not deserve the title of nobility, let alone royalty. The Windsor Monarchy – may it fall yesterday!

  2. Al Sharpton continues to play his role in the victim Olympics.
    Meghan Markle is an SJW feminist whore with more crabs than season two of Deadlies Catch. She won’t be able to sit quiet without stirring up some drama. A royal divorce is sure to satisfy her appetite for attention in a couple of years.

    1. Al Sharpton can eat a bag of white dicks. Nah, wait, wouldn’t want those huge, filthy lips anywhere near human male parts.

    2. I saw Roosh say he thinks she’ll stick with it due to the fact there is no higher branch to swing to. But if red pill theory has any credence, having ridden the cock carousel, other facets of hypergamy will definitely come into play in the coming years like it did with Princess Diana.

    3. She’ll lose her ‘Duchess of Sussex’ title or whatever if she splits and she’ll never have to work a proper day again in her life now with all the perks. Doubt she’ll want to divorce.

      1. you guys are missing the point here. being “white” doesn’t mean shit. there are plenty of whores and feminists who are actually white. Many white guys are brainless soy boys / homo / SJW / feminists / pussies. on the other side, many black / brown guys are traditionnal / christian and masculine. Roosh for example has Persian blood.
        There are some women you just don’t marry. it’s a simple idea. it should be simple to the mind of a guy who was raised with both parents and a true masculine figure as a father. Because Meghan is one of those women, because she’s divorced, previous model and actress and god knows how many cocks she had blowed, because of that she’s not a wise choice for a good marriage.
        Reverend Al Sharpton has a business, followers.. he would say whatever it takes to please them. if he was congruent and honest in his analysis he would say that this woman doesn’t represent any of the christian values that he’s supposed to defend.

        1. Marrying your prostitute is counterproductive to the hole idea of getting guaranteed sexual satisfaction with all of the greatest whore tricks and none of the problems or entanglements beyond payment for services, I mean your really don’t what your servicer to outright use you for their long term retirement plan, right? Poor Harry, so lacking inn economics and personal financing skills.

    4. 1. Al Sharpton will not live long enough to see the White Man’s “supremacy” die.
      2. When the White Man’s “supremacy” dies…it will NOT be the Black’s Supremacy that will replace it (as ANY shi*hole Country that is ruled by Blacks can prove)……it will be Chinese Supremacy….and they will be RUTHLESS!
      YKW won’t be able to hide, infiltrate or plot against it….Political Correctness won’t save them.
      But BEFORE that happens….there will be blood!

    1. It’s pretty pathetic that blacks champion one of their own being married off to a rich, privileged white male halfway across the world as some sort of accomplishment. It is reminiscent of some Medieval battle where one side would slingshot its infected corpses over the besieged castle walls of its foe to infect everybody inside with the Black Plague. I’m convinced the American black exists as a walking suicide bomb to destroy the white race. These people were created by us and they resent it so much that our demise is their only serenity.

  3. You had one job Harry!
    Your one job in life was to not marry an American mulatto divorcee.
    Congratulations on fucking up the easiest and most luxurious job on planet Earth.

    1. BUT BUT BUT “SHE LOVES ME!!!”….
      Men thinking with their dicks gets you this kind of abomination…Fun to play with and walk away, but marry it and get ready for a rocky ride on a derelict roller coaster sure to end in a blood messy wreck. Put a crown on that, but a train wreck is train wreck no matter modern diesel engine or steam engine.
      KOWTOW to SJW’s and the abomination of Progressivism will move right into your bedroom.

    2. I saw a total of about twenty seconds of the wedding and saw the hand clapping black gospel music. I suppose they wanted to appease the half black part of the mom and virtue signal. Of course they knew some people wouldn’t be happy with this and they went ahead and gave them the middle finger. I think the worst crime here is giving in to liberal lunacy. There is no end. But they’re too naive to realize it.

    3. One possible back-story to the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is that it offers a new appeal to “American Audiences”.
      If someone had intended to arrange a mixed-marriage within Britain’s Royal Family, as a marketing ploy, then they’ve certainly scored full marks with that heist.
      Hang on to your britches … this couple is about to fill Jew Yawk’s Mass Media Bitches hard-drives with big, brash, colourful copy to last them for the next 10 years.

      1. GR
        I think Charles desire to transform into tampons and all of the hilarious shit during the nadir of their marriage/divorce in the 90’s will never be surpassed.
        Also, you already had one abdicate to the US to marry an American actress.
        Your Royal family has been acting out for so many generations now that the US public is slightly jaded.

        1. @the real madman … I’ve just upvoted your comment. Cheers!
          Would just like to add (in passing) that Wallis Simpson (wife of our abdicated King) turned out to be a great lady.
          She was a divorcee, that is true. But she stayed 100% faithful in both deed and thought to King Edward VIII until her dying day. Anyone who reads of her life-story will be impressed.
          Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor) did the American nation proud, and she should be remembered with both respect and affection. A great, great, and very elegant lady!!!

        1. “mothers basement” and “burger flipping” are the most American of non-profane insults.

        2. ROLLOV
          I knew one ex-con who lived in a trailer with his mother after he got out of jail. Isn’t that sad?
          But the reality is that the US welfare system unlike Oz or UK or Scandinavia will not subsidize grown men’s independence.
          So if they have to walk into the apartment they share and see Mom lying on her bed covered in drying spunk with her panties pushed aside where a man shot his goo and walked off, there is no choice.
          This, I believe, has a profound effect on the average white loser’s psyche. The fact that he listens/witnesses his mother being fucked by cads.

        3. REALITY
          They would be lucky if their mother HAD a basement. The real dregs of rust belt redneck trash have to share a trailer with their mother when they are 40. Or some welfare apartment.

        4. Prince Harry,
          Welfare is designed as a free ride for women.
          It ain’t for men anywhere in the world.

        5. reality
          “most american”
          1. US houses have cellars.
          2. US has less of a safety net and poor white males that would be smashing bottles of cider ale in UK “town centers” have to work.

      1. PETER
        You’re aping the shit of Madman. Rust belt and wanking 17 year old boys. Its all true of course.
        But its a parrot.

      2. PETER
        You’re parroting Mad Man’s tired prose. It is all true, of course.
        The guy beats off to images of blonde trailer trash sucking penises as long and black as a police night stick.
        Given the opportunity, he would rim her anus while he wanked himself off just to be near a live female.
        But you are still parroting Mad Man.

        1. the wedding was a (They) conspiracy with Rev Al for white race miscegenation
          when were you going to start in on that, im disappointed in you

    1. and people who like these kind of event are worthless cucks too.
      Seriously, giving praise and admiration to these useless people.. smh.

      1. faraway
        True. People mourned a 37 year old divorced Cougar running around high on pills and booze. What was Princess Diana? What was Prince Charles but a white trash waster who lived off the state and could not even keep his affairs private who told bitches he wished he was a tampon and shit?
        I’m not surprised his one son became a druggy to kill the pain. Let’s face it, the kids Mom was a slut who ran around with men after her divorce and was fucking Arabs in night clubs.
        The Royal Family are a bunch of white trash. Put some people from Appalachia who live in a trailer in a government subsidized palace and give them a free allowance and they would act the same.

        1. Diana was to marry a powerful Muslim man who didn’t like J’s
          I’d dare say the whole British royalty are Rothschild puppets and bastard children.

  4. Harry’s not Windsor and will not inherit the throne ever so they don’t care. They allow him to be stupid as in fact it plays in their favor. The royal family gets to look contemporary multi-culti and now they have owned many black people over for the royalist camp. Plus, this marriage helps re-built some bridges with USA. Besides, the Windsors know that H & M will be divorced within 5 years and if she misbehave she could be follow Diana’s fate.
    As for Harry – any man who marries a woman with a darker skin than his has mental issues.

    1. You said:
      “As for Harry – any man who marries a woman with a darker skin than his has mental issues.”
      You are wrong.
      Harry has a wife who is attractive for her age and is likely to give him children.
      Meanwhile, you are a 17-year old troll who is wanking on porn all-day in his mother’s basement in some recessed Rust Belt town.
      You wish you had a girlfriend/wife like Megan but chances are you are never going to have any.
      There is only one winner in this story…and it isn’t you.

      1. Did you at least earn some obscure backseat invitation to the Royal Wedding for such sychophancy?

      2. Chanses of conception is about 50% less at age 35 as compared to age 22. For someone with multiple previous partners and stds that might be even less. Women are made to believe (and obviously many men believe it to) that they can wait and have children near 40 after riding the cock carousel for many years just to wake up to their sterile wombs cry for babies.

        1. With Harry’s pale, ginger-haired genetics, and Meghan’s negro genetics, I think any kid produced will be exceptionally ugly.

        2. BLUE EYED
          Harry’s Dad is ugly as all hell. And they were never pure anything. They are Greek, Romanian, Spanish, German…whatever.
          The idea of pure Europeans is a load of shit.
          Look at Al Pacino and Ralph Macchio. They are Arab half-breeds. Put Stallone in a sheet.
          Spanish are half-Arab.
          Look at Eastern Europeans. You telling me Charles Bronson was not an Asiatic?

      3. Peter,
        ‘Harry has a wife who is attractive for her age and is likely to give him children.’
        Good luck betting on the fertility of a 37 year old woman. It’s a bet I wouldn’t want to make. Not to mention, the more cocks they’ve had, the less fertile they become, and I’m betting she’s had plenty.

        1. JOHN
          Black women are extraordinarily fecund. She’ll pump out three kids until she is 45 or 50.
          That is why so many of them are on welfare.
          I knew white males that oil-drilled in my life.
          You cannot do the withdrawal method.
          It is why black women are always down the welfare center.
          Each time they fuck it costs the government 18 years.

        2. JOHN
          Like all US black women she’ll cost the public taxpayer that support her husband’s white trash ass 18 years per fuck.
          Better your taxes pay to subsidize the oil-driller than mine, bro.
          Thanks for taking her off our hands.
          Your public can pay for her housing and allowance.

        3. We can see the train wreck approaching. However, a surrogate can do the job and certainly the peasants and press will clamor for every detail of Darkle’s fertility problems. She will have the best IVF on the planet.

        4. Not a bad move on Megan’$ part marrying Harry, The Holly/Nollywood Train has about run it’s course.

      4. peter
        the sad thing about these guys is that their mom is usually a slut and they have to live with her.
        this compounds the issues they already have by having to live at home with hot-to-trot mothers in their forties who are fucking men in the house they cannot leave.
        in UK or Oz grown men can at least get welfare and move out of home.
        but the us does not have that kind of safety net so they have to live in a house and they would be lucky if IT HAD a basement so the guys who are fucking their mom’s are out of hearing range.

    2. Papa Zel … your take on white guys marrying women with darker skin than their own as revealing a mental problem … has become established fairly recently. It’s a growing emotional force that stems from the White Man (at last) re-asserting himself, after being too accommodating and too generous for too long.
      I don’t disagree with it. Although using the term “mental issues” is perhaps taking things a little too far … especially when it comes to the life choices forced up us older guys.
      I did my best to find a White Female … right up to the late 1980s, when I was forced by bitter experience to give up. I was a highly qualified engineer working overseas in oil-rich Muslim countries, so I really had the odds stacked against me. Made worse by having a home based in the South of England … a region highly infected by radical feminism.
      And let’s not forget. Back then, there was no (zero) access to East European, Ukrainian, or Russian girls. That was a pipe-dream. In fact, prior to the mid-1990s we all still thought Russian women were among the ugliest in the world … thanks only to Cold War propaganda.
      So being a Brit, I was forced by circumstance to find the next best thing … even though there isn’t really any “next best thing” to be had.
      A large proportion of North Indian (with a dot) girls are genetically related to whites … and many can trace back their lineage to White Men impregnating Indian gals during the days of the East India Company. And they can speak English.
      A man’s gotta get his dick inside pussy from time to time. So I thought I’d give kudos to the power of the White Man by giving orgasms to some good-looking Indian gals. I thought I was doing good for my tribe.
      Although when I look back at the photos of my (long-time) white girlfriend from the late 1970s, I can sense where it all started to go wrong.

      1. G.R.
        North Indians trace their white roots to the Volga River and Caspian sea.
        They did a DNA test and the high-caste Indians are Slavs.
        Sikhs are descended from Scythian tribes on the Pontiac steppe.

        1. Thank you, Your Highness, for that input.
          You may well be correct.
          I already knew about the Sikhs, and their distant origins; but the other info, I did not.
          But when posting that type of comment, you should always try to include a link to some source. How can we verify?
          To simply claim “They did a DNA test …” doesn’t really pass the sniff test.

        2. R1ab is the DNA and Brahmin share it with Ukrainians among other groups.
          I think you can look that up.
          The entire “Iran” theory appears not to gel with the genome studies.

        3. If you’re married to a Jatt she’s a Scythian amazon.
          She probably told you this, its in their distant history.
          Punjab also absorbed Greeks.

        4. Why so many Negs ( not In PUA sense.)?? The Highest Hindu caste: The Brahmins’ were descented from invading northern paler skin tribesmen.

    3. “As for Harry – any man who marries a woman with a darker skin than his has mental issues.”
      Yes, but if you marry the average Western woman with fair skin you have mental issues anyway.

  5. The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
    As weddings become more spectacular and dreamy, divorce and infidelity goes up.
    Does anyone recall the Ben Goldsmith/Kate Rothschild wedding?
    He looked so self-satisfied in his wedding photos; impeccably dressed as he showered his bride in a lavishly indulgent ceremony, almost as if this gesture had purchased him exclusive rights to her pussy.
    And… she fucked some shitty black rapper a few years later.
    lol cuck lol
    Money is no substitute for manhood.
    You can dazzle a thot into a temporary stupor with money, but depriving a thot of masculine authority will leave her increasingly irritable, chronically unsatisfied and ultimately contemptuous of you.
    The cringiest thing is when you see such cucks bend over backwards to placate their bitch’s bad behaviour, as if satisfying some trivial female demand is the key to her happiness. No cuck, ur bitch doesn’t give a fuck about the demand; she’s testing you, trying to bait you into putting her in her place.
    But these cucks just NEVER get it.
    To the point where even some chad with a modicum more honor than her cuck house pet becomes necessary to satisfy her need for masculine authority. Hence the (((Ben’s))) trainwreck of a marriage.
    Once respect is gone attraction is the next thing to go out the window.
    I predict similar result for this royal wedding.
    Prince Harry is such a deferential little pet, and his bitch is one dysfunctional whore. He will not control her lol

    1. RedPillMill:
      How have you come to learn that “women have a need for masculine authority”? And by authority, what does that mean to you? What constitutes this “place” that she consciously (or subconsciously, I suppose) seeks to be “put in”, and how did you arrive at that conclusion?
      Just curious.

      1. By authority I mean just that. As a man you have the right to make decisions for a woman, to direct her life, and to veto her dysfunctional decisions.
        Not only is this a right, but it is a male NECESSITY. Meaning that if you fail to fulfil this function your woman will become unhappy and you will become optional and expendable.
        Hence the divorce rate.
        Women are incapable of making themselves happy, they look to a man, whether they realize it or not.
        Feminism is not serious, women do not have the intellectual acumen for serious philosophical thought.
        Feminism is a shit test to vet out the men too weak to stand up to them.
        A woman’s place is subservience to her man.
        Moreover this is what makes women happy.
        Authoritative women are never happy.
        I learned this from my time at the now defunct Manhood Academy. But putting it into practice was by far the best teacher of all.
        When you know how to subjugate a bitch, even going to extremes of risking the relationship, no matter how ugly the instant, if you don’t back down the woman will ultimately come back with a loyalty most men will never experience.
        I really feel sorry for cucks.
        When a wife tells her husband to stfu just so she can hear you speak, she’s giving you something her cuck husband will never enjoy: respect.

        1. RedPillMill: If you don’t mind me asking, what do you mean by “Manhood Academy”? What personal experiences are you referrencing that would prompt you to draw such definite conclusions about women?

      1. 1) marrying an older woman
        2) marrying a divorced woman
        3) marrying an actress
        4) marrying an sjw (though granted, he is one himself, so to be expected)

      2. PETER
        “Cuck” in an insult that hapless whites throw around because they do not know what it means.
        Its like the word “faggot” comes from burning gays in pyres in Medieval times.
        None of them have the education from going to shitty rural public schools to know what it means.

      3. Fell in love with a slag who gulped gallons of jizz, rode the carousel for miles. She probably mesmerized him with her well-practiced fellating skills, just like a fool American sailor who marries some Filipina prostitute just because she gave good blow jobs. Surprised Madman doesn’t see the connection.

  6. ““You know it’s it’s a shame that that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that that would be discriminatory in that sense but I think you know at the end of the day I’m really just proud of who I am and where I come from, and we have never put any focus on that,” she said in an interview with the BBC last year.”
    NOBODY cares about her GENETICS/ Ethnicity except the Social Justice Warrior NAZI terrorists, its when you look at the rest of her history where you realize the serious error of Prince Harry’s ways. WTF were you thinking, Harry? What makes you think AT ALL that your ROYALNESS is going to be insurance against the very same crap she did to her EX?

    1. His military buddies should have kicked him the balls to get his attention and tell him to stop being thirsty and stupid.

    2. Erroneously using terms like “Nazi” to describe SJWs is one of the main reasons you’re considered a Cuckservative Doofus around here, Neal.

        1. That’s it goy everything that is bad should be recognized as the last people to stand up and have a chance to defeat the Zionist terror that wishes to consume the world and enslave the non J ‘nazi’
          Forget the (((Bolshevik))) (((Marxist))) and (((communist))) tyranny that has claimed countless lives and destroyed nations as it continues today. It was white people! And never forget it slave!

        2. exactly.there is no difference between them except to them, hut in reality, they are exactly the same

      1. the SJWs act and reason the exact same way. my comment is accurate. they are scum of the worst order. get over your fag self.

        1. You’re an 1diot.
          “Nazi” = Jewish slang for National Socialist
          “SJW” = Bolshevik shock troops
          National Socialism
          You obviously don’t understand the difference between the two, so you lump them both together, just like you were indoctrinated to do. Tragically misinformed and yet spouting inane opinions to anyone within earshot.

        2. Shit man, everyone knows that “SJW’s” are Marxist commies. I know you hate them as much as you hate Nazis, but they’re not Nazis.

    1. Yeah but Harry was a son she actually wanted.
      William was just some house chore she had to perform to placate that cuck she despised so much.
      Even in her sons’ childhood photos together her favoritism for Harry is obvious.

    2. Diana fucked so many men that nobody knows WHO the father of those kids are. She fucked her driver, her cook, arabs in nightclubs, singers…the only men she did not fuck were Elton John and George Michael and of course Versace…these guys procured male hustlers of the Andrew Cunanan sort of the street to take care of her mad sexual needs.
      WTF knows whose kids those are.

  7. Yes Rev. Al, “white supremacy” (cue danger music) is ending; prepare to starve to death fine sir. Also, this Markle woman is barely, barely “Black.” It is ridiculous to even call her that. If it was not known, no one would even guess it. I’m gonna go ‘Brazilian’ her and call her ‘cabocla’, very, very, very slightly cabbala- at the most.

  8. To US-based ROK-readers: while Megan may be considered “Black” or “African-American” in the USA…anywhere else in the world (including the UK) she is considered “of Mixed Heritage”. Not that it really matters. I, for one, wish Harry and Megan a lifetime of love and happiness.
    However, I also believe that her mixed heritage greatly helped Megan to be accessed by the English elite. I am sure, the Royal Family and the rest for the elite would have been much less accepting towards a lady who had a darker complexion or was straight from the African continent.

    1. If the typical British male is a cucked soul with deeply embedded slave morality, such as yourself, it isn’t difficult to understand why England is now the laughing stock of the civilized world, determined to self-extinguish.

    2. peter, African-Americans are essentially a race of Angola side-women of Irish roustabouts. The average African-American is about 20% white. Even the black ones have a surprising amount of white blood.
      Your average white Southerner has Cherokee blood because in the days before steam ships the English males had no choice but to take up with Cherokee women.

    3. peter
      your statement is the reason that jamaicans and pakis groom your 12 year old daughters.

      1. Prince Harry (aka Madman Marz)
        Not mine.
        I married a non-White lady and no longer live in the UK full-time. (Albeit still spend some time there every year). My children are safe. (I won’t go into more details about my personal life)
        Many of your past comments have a lots of truth int hem, but not this one.
        PS BTW, most victims of child grooming tend to be neglected children of White single mothers.

        1. PETER
          Since you’re married to a Nikki Haley I should add that the offenders are Pakistanis, not Sikhs.
          As for the white victims, the white British working class are sitting ducks. Let us face it.
          Middle class Brits like you can get out of those neighborhoods and half the British professional class is retiring to France.
          So it is of course the serfs who get it the worst. No argument.
          And that is the same everywhere.

        2. PETER
          Nobody on this site wants any of these guys to know anything about them so that is understandable.
          If you’re married to a Nikki Haley type she is basically a Soviet.
          As for the 12 year old white girls, regardless of whether they are from Bradford or Miami the silhouette is going to be the same deleterious low-class attributes-Dad a waster who drifted off years before, Mom poor, cannot get out of a badly disintegrating neighborhood.
          Half of your professional class lives in France.
          At some point like the Norman invasion the natives will end up fleeing to the mountains of Wales like old Roger in Ivanhoe or, like the Celts in the past, move to Brittany.

    4. “I also believe that her mixed heritage greatly helped Megan to be accessed by the English elite.”
      “Accessed by the English elite”, hey?
      Freudian slip, Peter?
      Just let it all out, Peter. No need to virtue signal here. Tell us what you really think of women of “mixed heritage”.

  9. 1. Isn’t Harry the love child of Diana and a stable boy? That would make him not real royalty.
    2. Didnt Megan also have a past as a stripper as well? I remember seeing something about that a while ago. What a prize!
    3. Are we sure the royal family is even human? I have a hard time believing they’re not reptiles every time I look at Queen Elizabeth.
    4. How do People live with themselves knowing theyre forced to subsidize this family? I kind of feel sorry for the anglos now.

    1. 1. There is no evidence of that.
      2. No evidence.
      3. This is so stupid that I would not even comment on it.
      4. This one is a fair question: the Royal Family rules the UK, whether they admit it or not. In fact, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is currently he largest landowner on the planet.

      1. Wow even the Royal family’s official spokesman visits ROK to enforce groupthink.
        go away zazu.

      2. There is plenty of evidence that Merkle is a mulatto, Jewess who is also divorced from a Jew. That is all the evidence that really matters.

      3. peter
        diana’s affairs did not start until the mid-80’s after the kids were born.
        paternity tests were done by the way. they are charles’ kids.
        towards the end diana was fucking telephone poles when she was drunk but up to the point that charles started treating the marriage like a sham she was faithful.
        it was the decadent 90’s…everyone got seedy in the clinton/major/blair era and into sex and drugs.

      4. Peter … HM Queen Elizabeth II does not rule Britain. I suspect you’ve made a Freudian slip as few Britons who know how to spell their own name would suggest such a thing.
        The Monarchy is bound by Parliament. And it is Parliament that, in the end, dictates what becomes law in the United Kingdom.
        No British King or Queen can set foot into the City of London without prior permission of the Mayor of London. Not that Khan fellah but the Mayor that represents “the City” (The Mansion House).
        Which would suggest to most of us that ultimately, it is the City of London which rules the U.K.
        And if the Rothschilds basically own most British assets (including the Bank of England) then the de facto rulers of the United Kingdom would have to be the Rothschild family (and their cohorts).
        The Queen is kept highly visible simply to pull in the tourists.
        P.S. Someone is breathlessly following me around the ROK site with an instant downvote. So let’s see how quickly he can find this new comment! :~)

        1. G.R Wilson
          The “City” runs the world of banking and finance simply because the Royal family allows them to do so.
          “The Monarchy is bound by Parliament. And it is Parliament that, in the end, dictates what becomes law in the United Kingdom.” You clearly lack critical thinking if you believe that.
          The Monarch conveniently stays away from things that would make her unpopular. Despite what your Anti-Semitic comment suggest, Jewish people do not control the UK. They may be over-represented in banking and finance -but that’s simply because the Royals and the English aristocracy let them “take over” those sections of the economy that the general public view with suspicion and resentment.
          Nothing goes down in the Commonwealth of Nations without the Monarch’s agreement. Try to resist and don’t say nobody has warned you. Robert Mugabe and Yahya Jammeh quit the Commonwealth. (Look where are they now)

        2. @Peter Frazer
          I don’t bother to dialogue with those who foolishly peddle the “anti-Semitic” canard. The last refuge of ignorant scoundrels.
          There is no such thing as a ‘Jew’. Judaism is a mask for an international criminal network.
          But there does exist an Asiatic tribe of scum who came out of the Pontic Steppe / Pale of Settlement region (during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries) to infest both the British Isles and the United States of America, with their Talmudic garbage.
          And YOU have things back-to-front. It was the City of London that helped to install the current British Monarchy. Have you never heard of the so-called “Glorious Revolution”?
          I would strongly urge all my American Cousins to study the history of the arrival of William of Orange very closely … while stuffing that stinking, feted canard of “anti-Semitism” right up the back-passage of Hillary Clinton.
          That’s all we need to know to make massive progress.

        3. You describe my comment as “anti-Semitic”.
          What exactly do you mean by “anti-Semitic”? I don’t recognize this term. Sounds like nonsense to me
          Should we presume that whenever you use this term, it makes you feel bwig and stwong?
          Perhaps you could start by first explaining for us what being “Semitic” requires people to do and say?

    2. among other male lovers she had may have been andrew cunanan, as George Michael and Versace often procured “rent boys” who fucked for bucks.
      andrew cunanan was provably in the company of versace and diana and their circles in miami.
      at the time, celebrities seemed to know him and he’d been making the scene for years.

  10. Yeah well , whites still run pretty much everything Al. So everyone can dress up as their favorite black person and it doesn’t matter. True power is not cultural trends, fucking moron.

      1. Harsh but true.
        You know we’re fucked when half of the ROK message board are still clueless.

        1. That’s coz ROK never got out of 2010;
          > gonna suit up
          > get her drunk
          > act aloof
          > ????
          > then gonna fuck her #alphamale4lyfebro

      2. (They) could not shut sharpton down…they hated his guts…youre too young and hickish to remember when JDL spokesperson Irv Rubin was after him and the crown heights riots of course…

    1. Whites don’t run anything.
      White Shabbos Goyim are “allowed” to be the face of power, so they can take all the blame for the evil being done, but the true power resides in the hands of the international cosmopolitan nation-wreckers.

  11. If so-called “white supremacy” is dying doesn’t that mean people like Al Sharpton need to shut up and stop making their money off the manufactured grievance industry?
    Thanks Al for just saying we ought to put you out of your job.

  12. Look, I like all races. I like Black folk. Black men, in particular, like Donovan Sharpe are awesome and very important to the men’s movement. But, I believe that the alt right will only grow in significance. Not because of systemic racism or any of that. Simply because the left keeps pushing and antagonizing white people. Watch the recent Monk debate with Jordan Peterson and this asshat micheal dickweed (I can’t remember his name but this is all over the place). Dickweed is why we’ll continue to see increased tribalism. Why? Because Michael Dickweed wants what every member of a specific ethnic group wants…the best for his people. I don’t fault him for that, I fault and hate him for pretending that he’s for the greater good. Truth. We all gravitate to people we like and prefer. To legislate this away to coerce away via culture ET al is very unethical. Because ultimately this requires controlling individual preferences ergo micro managing lives ergo tyranny. To a degree “racism” that Michael Dickweed would describe exists and will always exists. But Michael is just as racist as the rest of us. We all should look to our heritage with pride and seek to conserve it. In lieu of a leftist dystopia, late 1990 conditions are as good as it gets. I hope and see a better future where boundaries are respected. Race is but one of many boundaries, but I would take a Black nuclear God fearing family as neighbors any day of the week and, above all, would prefer those kinds of people to a liberal/leftist white family. Yes PC needs to go. I think it is. What we need to do is confront “inclusion”. Because I do not want anything to do with a racist like Micheal Dickweed and his sophistry. As it stands, I’m supposed to, but real freedom, like it or not, gives me the right to deny him and anyone else like him…ahem white or black.

    1. Absolutely disgusting, filthy, traitorous cucking in your comment there, phaggit.
      People like you, with no values and no loyalty, ARE the problem. You sicken me. You will be punished right alongside the far-left communists that you falsely imagine are different from yourself.
      The fact that you proudly admit to unironically listening to Juden Peterson really says it all.
      Go back to school little boy.

    2. Blacks and whites working together and respecting each other’s boundaries to undo the zio Programs inflicted on them greatly terrifies the J. That and genuine non stooge ran white nationalism sends them into a frenzy. Code red. Makes you think.

  13. Honestly, her being half-black is the least of the issue (if one at all). Meghan Markle looks like she’s 40 and is the equivalent of used underwear given that she’s already failed a marriage. Why someone in royalty would even bother with trash like that when there are far better women in their early 20s is beyond me.

    1. By the “half and seven” rule, 34 year old Harry should be able date and marry a woman as young as 24 (34 divide by 1/2 + 7 = 24) without ANY major social backlash or family disapproval.
      Harry is in a league of his own though because he is a prince for fucks sake. 24 should have been the OLDEST he was going to marry but he’s making a lifetime commitment to a woman whose closer to 40 than 30. Cucktastic Harry. Cucktastic.

    2. How do people not understand how much of a catastrophe it is that European Monarchs are race-mixing when Europeans are on track to lose all of their ancestral homelands and political agency.
      Like Holy Fuck. I can’t believe it took me until age 30 to realize that everyone is basically mentally retarded.
      I’ve got nothing against te black man, but that is completely besides the point.

      1. I know what you mean. It’s lonely here bro. Guys like you give me some hope. When it’s all said and done atleast we can say we tried and weren’t pussies.

        1. arent white americans from the sticks like you all part-native american? i mean you always say that.

        2. the problem is that the guys who would try to warn the world are protestant anglos from backwater rural cities in the US interior who are never going to meet a celebrity anyhow.
          who would listen to them?

    3. Yeah, this prince gets a free ticket to the finest ride in history. An easy life, great riches, fame, a mind boggling wedding, and no real responsobilities
      He and his wont be king, so why not marry some extremely hot party gal, and enjoy the best of what she has, then trade up?
      I am Ok with older, slim women, and experience has its positives, but why, when there is some dynamite poon out there?
      Nor does she seem like the docile type who is going to disappear in the shadows after popping out a couple heirs

    4. He’s just doing what’s socially appropriate in western culture. Significant age gaps are frowned upon when the male is the older partner in a heterosexual relationship. So let’s say he, a 33 year old man, was marrying a 21 year old girl. He’d get nothing but derision from the media. I wouldn’t be surprised if they called him a pedophile. But, there are times when the social prohibition against age gaps are waived. Like in the following situations:
      1. If he was marrying his 21 year old boy lover in a gay marriage. Then the age gap prohibition would be waived.
      2. If he were marrying a 21 year old transsexual (mtf or ftm really doesn’t matter).
      3. If the girl had some obvious physical deformity or was what most would consider ugly or if she was morbidly obese. So if she was 21, but a dwarf or weighed 400 pounds at 5’8.
      However, a 33 year old man with an attractive, in shape 21 year old girl with no obvious physical deformities? That’s just sick and no real man (TM) would want an attractive 21 year old girl. They would want a mature woman their own age (or older, it’s ok if he wants a 45 year old woman 12 years older). He obviously has a mental disability or something.
      I was watching this one show on Netflix about couples with large age gaps and the girls with the much older guys seemed normal for the most part. The guys with the much older women, without exception, had something fucked up about them. One guy who was 29 and with a 68 year old woman looked normal, but it turned out he had random seizures and he said women his age or younger were put off by that, but not the 68 year old.

  14. Imagine being a rich and famous Prince and still being so cucked that you willingly marry a pre-menopausal roastie retread.

  15. as someone who’s mixed race I’m perfectly happy with her being mixed race, although I would have been so if she’d been white or whatever. Her being older, a feminist, a divorcee and trying to wear the pants in the relationship is a bigger issue. I rather hope Harry can handle her as she is sure to try to grab attention at every stage. As for Al Sharpton, he’s a POS for what is effectively twisting the knife re. the race issue. Most of you here are taking the bait

    1. I know you know this is much bigger than that.
      You’re the one acting like a “progressive” this time MM.

      1. Mm is very crafty, probably the most skillful I have knowingly come across. Much more so than someone like madman marz.

        1. what is this with marz
          the guy was nobody
          are you such a smalltown hick that you never met some washed up expat before like that

  16. Unbelievable and outrageous piece of propaganda ! Do they really believe the majority will take this seriously ? it’s almost like it’s written for an utterly retarded person, I dont believe anyone is this stupid.

  17. Sorry but the so-called Royal Family are nothing more than upper class welfare bums so in other words: white trash with money not earned.

    1. They had a purpose up until now (at best). I honestly think the English should cut them off and let them fend for themselves.
      Harry should clearly be fired from his make-work job.

    2. at least the british public is subsidizing an african-american for once. let them pay for her kids.

  18. Wouldn’t the fact that she’s marrying a white guy only prove that black girls see white guys as superior marriage material? She could have married a black guy. I wonder why not?

    1. Valid point. 30 years ago, I had a good friend (we were both 30 year young bucks then) who got married to a then 28 year old black woman. This guy was a strict evangelical Christian, and remained a virgin all the way to his marriage bed. In contrast, his wife had lived a promiscuous and drug addled hipster lifestyle in Amsterdam with strings of white only boyfriends, then returned to the states to continue this lifestyle with yet more white only boyfriends. He knew of her past, yet married her (?). All her girlfriends were black, and they in turn had white only boyfriends. She was very disrespectful to this guy, his friends, and his family (a bad-bad sign), even though this guy busted his chops as a security guard in a high brow department store to put her through culinary school. She frequently attempted to race bait me, and was often very combative. The guy wanted to divorce her, and agonized over it, as he believed he had no biblical basis to do so (such as adultery or abandonment). He didn’t have children, nor a pot to urinate in, or a window to throw it out, so he didn’t really fear divorce rape. One day, she got off on the evil white male rant, so I asked her why all her hipster boyfriends had been white. She dropped it, and I soon stopped hanging out with them. Later, I heard they bought a diner in some small town in Iowa, and I never heard of them again.

      1. Ur cuck friend deserves what he’s getting for having no spine. That’s probably the reason ur not friends anymore. Cowards are impossible to like.

      2. I’ve had similar experiences with socially liberal girls dating my friends.
        “Race-mixing is the future! Race-mixed people are so beautiful!”
        “So you want the entire world to look like India or Brazil?”
        ” … ”
        I’m getting more anti-social as I get older. I know it’s my misfortune but how am I supposed to just lie all the time? I think that would be worse.

        1. I thought she was Indian when I first saw her. If you’re a swarthy kid in Poland, other kids at school will call you names like Romanian (Polish: Rumun- pronounced roo-moon). In Ukraine there is a catch-all term for racially non-white people like Bulgarians, Romanians, Georgians, Armenians, Caucasians- Chechens, Dagestanis, Albanians, most Yugoslavs, Turks and others like them- they’re all simply called Gypsies, even Kazakhs fall into this category. Then back in Poland most Latins like Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese or French are referred to as black, owing mostly to their black hair and eyes, and dark complexions, not that they’re Negros, and to be honest, the Portuguese footballer Ronaldo is blacker than this Markle lady. So if you’re white, for the sake of diversity, don’t let your progeny be mixed race lest none except Gypsies will be crawling the face of the Earth.

        2. dariuz
          youre so dumb you dont know that gypsies are from punjab with some white and iranian genes possibly loaned out during their 1000 year migration into eastern europe.

        3. @ prince harry
          You have zero reading comprehension muh niggah, why aren’t I not surprised. I never mentioned where Gypsies are from or who they are, just that swarthy people are called Gypsies in Ukraine, no matter their origin, and I quite like this nomenclature, for it clearly says you ain’t white if you ain’t white.

      3. it ain’t black females with mixed race babies at the county applying for welfare. look at famous black women married to white guys. like David Bowie’s wife. think her kids are on the county welfare rolls?
        give black women credit. they don’t hang around/get impregnated by sean penn type white scum or jax teller type thugs.
        they avoid white thugs like the plague.
        black women are actually smarter than white trash women who end up standing at the welfare rolls with the baby of some black thug who will never pay a penny for his kid.
        you never see black women with white scum of the sean penn or jax teller mold.
        they find a white guy who is solid and dependable.

      4. antonio
        thats typical of how anglo middle americans are “had” by just about every other race out to make a buck in north america
        they just are not very street smart or informed

      5. Doesn’t the Bible say to avoid immoral women?
        Proverbs 5:6 “For she cares nothing about the path to life. She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it. So now, my sons, listen to me. Never stray from what I am about to say: Stay away from her! Don’t go near the door of her house!”
        Proverbs 21:19 “Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife.”

  19. It’s not that she’s halfrican.
    It’s that she’s 37 year old sloppy seconds.
    Harry is A PRINCE ffs! He should be marrying a 16-18 year old virgin 9.5 minimum.

    1. big
      the chick probably fucks and sucks like a pro. lets face it. sure she has sucked 1000 cocks in casting offices but the fact of the matter is that she probably keeps his shit satisfied and fucks like a thunder storm.

      1. PH.
        She certainly sucked the marrow out of that ginger compared to the posh totty he previous had. That’s how Walls Simpson got his great Uncle to abandon the throne.

      2. That’s clear. She’s had many years to practice her fellating skills, riding the carousel, sucking and fucking a division of men. Harry has mommy issues and the older Meghan somehow satisfies his need to fuck his mom while she calls him a good little boy.

    1. sharpton and (they)
      you guys are such stupid hicks you dont know how much (they) HATED sharptons guts, do you?
      Irv Rubin? JDL? nah, you hicks down there in your small towns with your potholed dirt roads dont remember the crown heights riots?

      1. The J sure does especially hate him some white man. The twisted loathing borne of jealousy, vengeance, paranoia and insecurity. All trademarks of the J… hey madman marz…

        1. “jealousy”
          no j is jealous of the sort of white hicks who say the stuff you do
          they are busy riding around malibu in some audi snorting coke and having sex with c-list blonde actresses or making money on wall street or whatever
          if some genie came down from the sky and told them they could be a protestant from a backwater interior city where nobody ever met a celebrity and choose from the wide variety of zero decent jobs available they would say no thanks.

      2. When is this KYKE SHILL going to be fucking BANNED??? Why do the idiot mods keep letting ONE ASSHOLE ruin the entire comment section???

  20. Now American sluts will think they can stay on the carousel till their mid to late 30s and still marry a younger Prince Charming. The beta prince has enabled the worst instincts in slutty women around the world. Thanks, prick.

    1. Shame on you for not being a real man then.
      Can’t wait to see your incel ass on the television soon.
      Keep being buttmad. 🙂

  21. I don’t know about you guys but to me Harry is a damn moron. Why? You don’t get yourself deep into the rabbit hole with an actress. Harry is literally paying full price for a used car. A very used car with extremely high mileage. All those casting couches, producers, directors and probably Harvey Weinstein and most likely tons of bros with money got some of that snatch. I say the notch count is in the triple digits.

    1. when we (peasants of low status) laugh about “royals” and consider them as rich clowns hahaha.

    2. Also I doubt this. She grew up on the set of Married With Children. I’d like to believe she had knowledge not to mess up Daddy’s chances.

  22. when did ROK become stormfront pt 2 ? i dont remember the comments being so white-centric in 2013-2014. the most absurd part is that Roosh is middle eastern lol

    1. Don’t feel. The conservatives Nd patriarchs among us tend to eat themselves first and sooner. You get what you asked for.

  23. Wait a minute, ”I want to be beautiful and smart like Michael Obumma”, I thought it was a man? A bloody ugly and dumb one at that! But still, don’t be so hard on the ((blue)) blood nut prince Harry Snow, as the lowest ranking member of these social welfare bludgers he must have a function, there’s a lot of junk wooden furniture in them old houses they get to use. With skin like that grade of sandpaper, Ms Meagan Muttley will have it all down to prep for new coats of varnish. BTB none of them are Windsor, those sausage munching rascals changed from Saxe-Coburgs so no one would stick em in the tower during WW1 & WW2

  24. I’d put a 1/4 black and 100% autistic baby in her close-to-the-wall ass. Other than that, fuck the crown and their atavistic displays of monarchy. Spirit of ’76 baby!

  25. Posted a comment, now it’s gone? Okay, I’ll try again. Perhaps I’ll leave out the part of Michael Obama being an ugly, dumb man. Don’t be so hard on ((blue)) blood nut prince Harry Snow, as the lowest ranking member of these welfare bludging parasites he has to have some function. With skin of that grade of sandpaper Ms Muttley will be able to get all that junk, wooden furniture down to prep for varnishing in no time at all. By the way, none of them are Windsors, I believe they changed it from Saxe-Coburg to avoid the tower during the WW adventures, cheeky rascals that they are!

  26. Al Sharpton is an attention whore of epic proportion whose every race-baiting verbal ejaculation is eagerly lapped up by the news media. Whatever credibility he had as an activist should have went down in flames with the Tawana Brawley hoax, but instead his perceived value as an important black activist leader has only gone up. Al’s worst nightmare is to speak and to have only the chirping of crickets break the deafening silence.

    1. You are lying. Al Sharpton is well known for the charlatan that he is. No one gives a fuck about him.

  27. “When the designs of wicked men or the aggressive urge of mighty States dissolve over large areas the frame of civilised society, humble folk are confronted with difficulties with which they cannot cope. For them all is distorted, all is broken, even ground to pulp.” – Winston Churchill

  28. If I was a prince… Id be releasing myself inside of a new hot young girl every other night as they squeal in delight then collapse in ecstasy.

  29. ‘I want to be beautiful and smart like Michelle Obama,”
    these girls might as well say: ‘I want to be beautiful and smart like Brock Lesnar”

  30. groids will have sex with her and prince harry will raise her coal-black kids from encounters with black males whose BBC she craves.
    like “me, myself and Irene” harry will attribute their appearance to her grandmother….my great-grandmother was half-italian…

  31. theres nothing right about this marriage.
    shes part black
    shes not attractive
    shes old
    a man of his status should be getting a young fertile beautiful same race in this case white woman.
    its a clear PR move to appease the PC culture of the west
    it is yet another nail in the coffin of britian that is openly embracing suicide by letting in every possible mutt to roam freely in their country.

  32. you guys are missing the point here. being “white” doesn’t mean shit. there are plenty of whores and feminists who are actually white. Many white guys are brainless soy boys / homo / SJW / feminists / pussies. on the other side, many black / brown guys are traditionnal / christian and masculine. Roosh for example has Persian blood.
    There are some women you just don’t marry. it’s a simple idea. it should be simple to the mind of a guy who was raised with both parents and a true masculine figure as a father. Because Meghan is one of those women, because she’s divorced, previous model and actress and god knows how many cocks she had blowed, because of that she’s not a wise choice for a good marriage.
    Reverend Al Sharpton has a business, followers.. he would say whatever it takes to please them. if he was congruent and honest in his analysis he would say that this women doesn’t represent any of the christian values that he’s supposed to defend.

  33. u ppl r really sic on this site.
    it is ur kind of feeling that led to ww2
    the xenophobia and bigotry on this site is breathtaking

  34. i agree with all the cuck stuff.
    But, I reckon she’s hot and bang-able – not princess-able…but a good few drunken fuck feasts – definitely.
    In any case; who would you rather spend the next glorious weeks of marriage bliss?
    or his Dad’s mom’s ex-husband’s new wife: Camilla…

  35. well prince harry is like the 4th or 5th in line? They will need to wait a few decades until the son of William get a black wife queen. If…

  36. Or is Sharpton pissed off because it means her African blood will be further diluted in her children?
    I once knew another white guy who said we should all have to marry black women (apparently in addition to white ones) because there are so many more white people — in the US, that is — that in another century or so Africaness would be so diluted that black people will approach disappearing without any violence.

    1. Most American black women have way higher testosterone then most men across all races.
      Are you sure you want to mess with that any further?
      You and every race will sign their automatic death warrant.
      Sorry, it’s true.
      But if it helps, find a feminine woman regardless of race. Don’t hurt her. Black women who are feminine certainly deserved to be loved in cherished, however those women like others are rare unicorns.

    2. Also, the best African women are Ethiopians. The worst are Nigerians. You’re welcome

  37. For the record, Al Sharpton and co. need to mind what’s going on in their own backyard.
    If it’s true that white are looking up to black women of all people and races, then this world should be burned.
    Have you been around most black women?
    The loudest rudest of the bunch.
    The black community as a whole is going to die off as damn well as it should at this point.
    If you want to see what your future looks like any further, observe the ghetto black community.
    There’s a difference between black Wall Street and Detroit/Chicago today and it’s that they don’t even want to try anymore.
    Honestly at 70+ babies out of wedlock and single motherhood, it’s time to let it all burn.
    Maybe it would fix the dynamics there a bit.
    Black men aren’t and cannot be men in their own communities.

  38. The absolute most distressing thing about this circus is that the dumb retard ginger didn’t get a pre-nup. He needs to be locked in the tower for that one.

  39. I was at a park the other day in the US and predominately most the white fathers I saw were around 5’9-6’ and between 270-350 lbs, with tattoos covering most of exposed skin. I thought that most blacks and Hispanics were like that because obesity in their culture has been bad for a few decades but YOU ARE REALLY STARTING TO SEE ALL OF SOCIETY DETERIORATE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES! I don’t think even 10 years ago it was this bad. It’s rare to even find a medium built person anymore. Someone between 190-230 lb range, 5’10-6’3. They are either morbidly obese (fucking huge) or emaciated vegetarian druggie looking things.

  40. Don’t forget how last year the blacks were up in arms because one of the Obama daughters was allegedly dating a white guy. Fucking hypocrites.

  41. half j half b
    whiter than white
    proves sharpy
    will be iced by
    one of his own in the night

  42. Sadly Harry is the half-cucked Prince put under the spell of a well-seasoned slut who has developed exquisite fellating skills after Hoovering the cocks of scores of Hollywood men. He also has serious mommy issues having lost Diana to tragedy and never received the hugs he so badly needed. The older Markle satisfies his need to fuck his mom while she caresses his head and calls him “baby” or “good little boy”.

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