5 Ways To Massively Upgrade Your Shoe Game

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about ways women make themselves more masculine. It occurred to me after I wrote that article that I missed one of the worst ways women make themselves more manly: ridiculous physical strength.

I’m not talking about healthy women. Women should have some strength. It is necessary for traditionally feminine roles (you’d be surprised how much strength you need to care for children). But so many women today are going well beyond the strength they need to be good at what they should do. When you consider also that being too strong makes women unattractive, it becomes obvious that all their strength-building is done for a sick sense of vanity. Or perhaps penis envy. You decide.

That’s not to say fit women aren’t attractive. On the contrary, fit women are the most attractive. The women I’m referring to take their workouts/athleticism/muscle-building/fat-burning to extreme levels. These images will demonstrate just how ugly women’s pursuits to be physically manly makes them.

1. There’s a lot to not like here, but the neck is what really gets me.

2. I’d be genuinely frightened if she offered me a good ol’ fashioned

3. Is there anything more selfish, vain, or disgusting than a woman risking the health of her unborn child just to keep her clean-and-jerk up?

4. At least she has nice hair

5. What machine works the neck like that?

6. So this is what happened to Chong Li after Bloodsport

7. It’s not just strength training that makes women unattractive. This woman is clearly damaging for no legitimate reason.

8. Is the “virgin” on her shirt a sponsor or a label because I can’t see many men being physically attracted to her?

9. I see nothing feminine here

10. From pretty to untouchable in what, three rounds?

11. I really do not want to see the front

12. She should’ve stopped in 2013

13. If you couldn’t see any of their faces you’d think this Seal Team 6

14. I’d bet all three have chest hair

15. I’m only assuming they’re women because of their outfits

Again, fit women are the most beautiful. You don’t get a body like this without being fit:

But the women featured above took their fitness to obsessive, self-destructive levels. They wanted to be more like men, and unfortunately, they got what they asked for.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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49 thoughts on “5 Ways To Massively Upgrade Your Shoe Game”

  1. Even the very best outfit (formal or not) can be ruined by crappy shoes. It always amazes me how many guys walk around in worn-out or even dirty footwear. Women rarely do this. Also, women often say that the men’s shoes make or break their first impression…
    Even if one is on a budget, there are ways to find great-looking leather shoes, only takes a few clicks to find them.

    1. My Nike and Reebok running shoes go with everything.
      Nobody wears black leather shoes anymore.
      (Apart from corporate office slaves)

    2. Random jottings:
      -Brown shoes with a blue suit? You’re going straight to Hell! Might as well go all the way and wear white mid-rise socks while you’re at it.
      -Brown is OK with a beige or grey suit, but it had better be the color of belting leather. Otherwise, you look just like you’ve two muddy feet.
      -Brown Suit? No. Nooo. NOOOOOO! You might as well go all the way and roll yourself in a pool of shit! Just don’t do it.
      -Oxblood Shoes are OK with blue suits – blue so dark it’s almost black BTW; anything less is just comical – because, well, it’s the color of congealed blood. (Think about that. And try and match it with a tie and belt of the same color.*)
      -Forget the Chukka Boots they show you. It’s the Clark’s of England Desert Boots or nothing. Classic and comfortable whilst relentlessly macho. Standard issue to British Troops in North Africa during WWII, and the haven’t changed a bit.
      -Oxford shoes are OK, but unless the flaps close completely over the instep, then everybody knows that they’re just store bought and probably cheap. Better to send off to Hong Kong – or travel there yourself – and have a bespoke pair made instead. More money, but they last a lifetime.
      -Not a word here about Tassel Loafers or the oh-so-classic Penny Loafer. (And with actual *copper* and not copper-washed zinc pennies inserted please!) A shameful omission.
      -The last pair of shoes shown are just for pimps. If you want to be a pimp, then buy a pair.
      Hope this helps!
      Just a thought.
      * And while you’re at it, worn with a rounded eyelet collar shirt with a actual and functioning collar-pin, not one of those clip-on monstrosities. Very squared rigged!

      1. Brown suit oh yes. If a physics professor has on a loose brown suit, you better believe he’s got some serious intellectual clout. If a physics prof had some sharp fitted black or navy suit, I wouldn’t believe a bit of what he says and I’d want my money back for tuition. If he’s wearing some high end CEO get up, he’s probably running some ponzi scheme. But the prof with brown suit and quality perscription shoes of any shade of naugahide, now that functions. It’s just plain smart.

        1. Let loose your inner fashioned-challenged nutty-professor geek and be freeee!!!!
          (Would Geekism even be considered a philosophy? Just asking.)
          Acutally, you have a valid point. But you forgot to mention the crooked bow tie and the half-wire frame/semi-rimless glasses that are straight out of the 1950s. And don’t forget the booger-vault and weird jokes that practically nobody understands. (But he’s still probably a lefty like David Suzuki, who always looks like he just fell out of bed and is in desperate need of a shower, shave and haircut.)
          And you’re also right about the other guys as well. A little too slick and studied, the result of having both a good stylist and publicist. (That, and they rarely have the expertise that they claim for themselves, Neil deGrasse Tyson being one that come readily to mind.)
          That said and just the same, when it comes to brown suits, just don’t do it. OK?
          Just a thought.

    3. Shoe+game’ really? Your shoes arent the issue, its your ugly face. Should go without saying but having some fashion sense is fine, but overall it won’t substitute for bad game. Its less about being ‘preppy’ and more about just how the clothes ‘fit’ on you.

  2. There’s a massive popup advertisement on the Paul Evans web site that simply will not go away. I cannot access the shoes.

  3. I made the $2,500 investment and purchased 6 pair of Allen Edmonds: 2 Oxford, 2 brogue, 1 boot, 1 driving moccasin. Well worth it, plus, the recrafting service is top-notch. Made in America.
    Shoes are the foundation, literally, of your life. Make ’em count.

  4. Black shoes are also perfectly OK for a navy blue suit, in fact, they are preferred. In London, for example, you NEVER wear brown shoes with a blue suit. You might get away with oxblood.

      1. Blue blazer, button-down oxford with or without a regimental tie, and *khaki chinos* – aka The Uniform – will go with dark brown loafers. Ditto oxblood, that kind of goes with everything. However, anything darker on the pants, then go black or oxblood. And if by chance you’re wearing white pants, then just go with Sperry Topsiders and no socks.
        Hope this helps!
        Just a thought.

  5. You need black and brown shoes and you need to keep your colors separate, i.e., black with brown is very bad and makes you look like a dork.

    1. What are you, a chest beating gorilla? You know, some of us are executives and other professionals and work in environments that require decent shoes. Others prefer higher quality shoes. And yet others appreciate the look of good shoes and the statement that can be made with them.
      Stop trying to make every man the same one dimensional mouth breather that you aspire to be.

      1. “What are you, a chest beating gorilla?”
        “Stop trying to make every man the same one dimensional mouth breather that you aspire to be.”
        Lighten up, tinkerbell

  6. To quote Frank Sinatra; “What kinda ‘clyde’ wears brown shoes after dark.”
    ‘Clyde’ is what Sinatra called anyone who wasn’t cool.
    And, for anyone in Sinatra’s circle, old blue eyes had a dress code. If you wore something he didn’t approve of, he made you change it for something else. Upon doing so, then you could hang around with him again.
    Good article. A man needs good shoes.

  7. Absurd. I was holding out hope that this would be in some way satirical but no. A fucking article about shoes. I boo this.

  8. It’s good to focus on style details. Well, shoes are not even a detail but an essential part of one’s style.
    1. Hair – the most optimal for year face and individual circumstances
    2. Body fat and physique (natural athleticism)
    3. Hygiene – as good as possible regarding smell, breath, teeth etc
    4. Clothes – better-than-average to splendid, like a nice street style or a cool suit or jacket without being too flamboyant or metrosexual; it’s a thin line sometimes.
    5. Shoes – semi-expensive dress shoes or white sneakers

    1. Any sort of ‘peacocking’ for women is beta orbiter fag game.
      If women don’t want a share of my money, I’m OK with that, they can go plant rice paddy for $5/day in 40c heat.

  9. “Shoe game”? Let’s just add the word “game” to everything shall we? How’s your socks game? How’s your handkerchief game? What a load of bollocks.

  10. Corporate drone 101.
    If you have to do the corp life, it’s best to look unassuming unless you’re a high level manager / CEO.
    Out dressing your managers and decision makers can breed subtle resentment.

    1. Who down voted the above comment? He’s giving some good advice. Kissing ass is the real game for getting ahead in organizations. Fuck shoe game.

  11. Welp looks like all the slobs outed themselves in the comments. If you don’t know how to wear dress shoes, or never have need for them, or don’t own any shoes that cost more than $250, you’re a slob, period.
    Not only do women notice a man’s shoes, but other professionals, investors, mentors and affluent clients notice as well. If you are still slouching around on the couch eating hot pockets I guess this sounds like BS, but then take a look at your life. Successful men wear expensive leather dress shoes on a routine basis – no two ways about it.
    As for the sponsor, their offerings look fantastic, of a quality on par with some of the dominant brands that C-suite executives are wearing in every boardroom in the country. I am considering a pair of the Martin Wholecut’s and I’d urge you lads to do the same. If a young man showed up to one of my job interviews in a pair of those he would mark himself far above the competition.

    1. A successful man in 2018 equals the 10% of men on Tinder or other social dating app that almost any 18-34 swf 7or above is going out with tonight, discreetly of course.
      The multiple hot bangs will easily render anything you wear or work in as a positive. When you don’t have a single thing to worry about, success puts you in the clouds.
      You either have it or you don’t…You either have the right face or you don’t…If you can sing…You either have it or you don’t. You either have a 9 inch curved, uncut cock that any woman or fag would go after or you don’t.

  12. What I effin’ hate is if you’re a white Anglo guy (or any white guy with descendants north of Sicily, north of the Iberian Peninsula, west and north of South Slav country) and dress to the nines (at least to the sevens and eights), since the mid 2000’s, they will label you as an effin’ metrosexual or even a fag. However, if you’re a Sicilian, South Slav, black or Arab or Hispanic and dress to the nines, you’re an Alpha.
    Also, if you’re a white guy and decide to go casual, grow some facial hair or wear some Carhartt cutoff t-shirt with a baseball cap, I’m goddamn white trash! That’s not right! I’d prefer to look my best, but when no girls are looking or care about it anymore, I’m ok just looking like Floki from Vikings!

    1. ArdaricKingoftheGepids
      I like your comments. Spot on.
      Putting your best foot forward means looking your best. Regardless of what others think.
      Naturally, if a man feels better about himself when he looks unbecoming, that is his right.
      I prefer to look my best.

  13. What kind of sellout faggotry is this just for a show commercial ?
    I keep one pair of Red Wing steel toes oiled and looking nice for church and customer visits. After they show some mileage they rotate down to my farm boots and get replaced by new
    I see some guys wearing expensive dress/designer shoes that are not taken care of and look terrible.

  14. Frankly a lot of Men’s Business/Formal clothing is a ridiculous, expensive, uncomfortable, ironing/steaming slog, pain-in-the-butt, and a lot of dress shoes are uncomfortable and/or only really suitable for walking on dry coarse stone or concrete, or preferably carpet, and a liability on smooth surfaces when they have smooth soles; Clarks Shoes (UK) have fixed some of these faults! I really hate the pretentious, ridiculous, snobbishness of people recommending/wearing stuffy blazers, vests, smart shirts, and related clothing for more casual wear; f’ing dandies!
    It’s about f’ing time that dated clothing/shoe designs/materials were rendered obsolete/niche by most menswear designers using smarter materials (like some crowd funded innovators) and design which are more comfortable and needs much less maintenance. We shouldn’t still need to iron most fine weave clothes, including shirts and trousers! Leather may look premium and have some physical advantages, but it is often much heavier and can be much more costly to maintain than fabrics e.g. for bags, including misguided backpacks.

  15. Haters (and feminists) gonna hate…
    Doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re white, you’re wrong.

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