Social Justice Writer Angela Nagle Plagiarized Wikipedia To Attack The Manosphere

“Author” and attention-seeking SJW Angela Nagle has been caught plagiarizing Wikipedia and Rational Wiki in her book Kill All Normies, including stealing parts of Roosh’s Wikipedia page. Nagle’s rambling tome, which basically attacks anyone who isn’t a social Marxist as a white supremacist and/or misogynist, received effusive praise from the mainstream media.

In addition to its plagiarism, Kill All Normies is a textbook case of false sincerity. Nagle feigns self-consciousness, attributing the rise of people like Trump to a backlash against bizarre SJW ideologies, ideologies she herself largely endorses but pretends not to follow. Unable to contain her hatred for long, however, she then dives into the familiar and disingenuous spiel of “All our non-leftist opponents are white supremacists and Nazis.”

While ROK hardly needs the support of left-wing media outlets to make a point, we note that The Daily Beast, an otherwise odious publication, is also drawing attention to Nagle’s atrocious attribution of sources and outright plagiarism.

An elementary school student’s idea of plagiarism

The initial complaints over the copy-and-paste effort of Angela Nagle came from Libcom, a sort of communist blog run by Mike Harman. In one example about Russian political theorist Aleksandr Dugin, Harman notes how she stole information from Wikipedia and presented it as her own. She writes (p. 121):

On Radix Journal they draw on the idea of the ‘The Fourth Political Theory’, with reference to the Russian theorist Aleksandr Dugin and the French New Right’s Alain de Benoist, an entirely new political ideology that integrates and supersedes liberal democracy, Marxism and fascism.

The original Wikipedia entry read:

In the book, Dugin states that he is laying the foundations for an entirely new political ideology, the fourth political theory, which integrates and supersedes the three past “theories” of liberal democracy, Marxism, and fascism.

Even if some people think that plagiarism is actually a copy-and-paste job of sentences in full, this lifting by Nagle is still about as egregious and blatant as it gets. A high school senior or college freshman would have been failed for this kind of academic fraud in an essay.

Nagle plagiarized her references to Roosh as well

Joining the throng of female journalists who have obsessively raged about Roosh, Nagle went one step further and copied Wikipedia to describe him in her book. As The Daily Beast confirms:

When Nagle writes that, “Roosh V doesn’t identify with equality-based men’s rights activism or the MGTOW movement, calling them ‘sexual losers’ and ‘bitter virgins,” that too is parroting his Wikipedia entry.

As a result, should any of us be surprised when typist after typist slanders Roosh as being “pro-rape”? If some among their number need Wikipedia to write for them, it’s little wonder that they cannot (or refuse to) recognize his familiarity with the satirist Jonathan Swift.

Like I have said in the past, Roosh’s biggest and, in fact, only “crime” is to have taught men how to get laid and to avoid broken leftist women in the mould of Angela Nagle. In return, he is ridiculously and falsely portrayed as a brown man’s fascist. Considering her undeniable penchant for plagiarism, perhaps Nagle’s rage got in the way when she was writing her book.

The hilarious Kony 2012 campaign is another topic in Kill All Normies that has been outsourced to Wikipedia, just as she outsourced her description of A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam to Rational Wiki. But hey, the only thing better than defaming or criticizing your opponents as misogynists or white supremacists is plagiarizing others to defame or criticize them for you!

When the media becomes fawning sycophants

All aboard the SJW circle jerk!

Though it is not possible for an individual reviewer to uncover every example of plagiarism in the books they write about, the left’s obsession with ideology over facts and rationality explains its reluctance to publicize Angela Nagle’s plagiarism. Its regular hit jobs on non-leftists aside, The Daily Beast at least had the integrity to call out the farce (or it was simply punishing Nagle for allegedly being “transphobic”).

Vice’s flattering review of Kill All Normies, for instance, will almost certainly not be accompanied by a subsequent and proper examination of the now confirmed plagiarism. That would clearly be asking for way too much. In the meantime, anyone who contravenes SJW orthodoxies can expect to be vilified and demonetized in order to silence them.

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54 thoughts on “Social Justice Writer Angela Nagle Plagiarized Wikipedia To Attack The Manosphere”

    He was the first.
    Other MSM will come along and realize that he was prescient but you cannot replace the first.

      1. Roosh, the Alt-Ayatollah, is better than America! (That’s us saying “yes” deep in the crowd).

  2. The Ladies Doth Protest Too Much
    On some level, feminists are aroused by Roosh. It is undeniable.
    You can detect this in the passages of his prose they reprint and the breathless excited way they respond to it. On some level, Roosh turns them on.
    He also has the look that Feminists like. Feminists are not aroused by fags in skinny jeans who wear gay theater director beards and over-style their hair. Those guys never get laid with feminists.

      1. Halford is the best singer on earth.
        His vocals are so great that even Russians have forgiven him for being a shit-grinder.

  3. This chick’s bullshit has (((yeah, them))) written all over it. Though I can’t find much about her background.
    Gee, without normie white males, I wonder who will be roofing her house, fixing her car, repairing her air conditioner, carrying her damn furniture and appliances up stairs, keeping the electricty and clean water flowing, etc., etc.
    These extreme feminist cunts are so short-sighted.

    1. BLUE EYED
      There’d be cannibalism in 3 days.
      Remember places like Brazil are still run by whites at the top.

      1. Places like Sweden are still run by cis men at the top and at the bottom.
        Feminists want men to create females high-paying, badass sounding jobs that essentially contribute next to nothing to civilization or economy. If our culture was truly gender-blind as feminists claim they want, we’ll have men in much higher percentage in almost all jobs than a few like primary school teacher, nurse, etc.

        1. The Swedish nationalists may rise. It has to get bad before things get better. Given the state of Sweden, France, Germany, ect. it seems like past glories mean very little. Every German I meet hates Merkel, one of these nations will snap out of it.

        2. If society was based on merit, on true equality, then women would lose EVERYTHING.
          Absolutely everything. This child murderers would get no protection.
          And not only women, but banks, Google, Hollywood, the media, Microsoft, the government, etc.

    2. BLUE EYED
      I have to wonder who finances them.
      In the roaring 90’s economy, you would not have found young people with the kind of time to stand on the road wasting their time defending the rights of minorities who would not cross the street to piss on their face if they were burning alive.
      Part of this seems to reflect people with time on their hands.
      Soros could not have found 25 year olds in the era of Bill Clinton who would have spared the time.

  4. The only reason women like this can yammer away is because WE have, and continue to, turn the gears that keep the world moving. If all us packed up and left overseas, who would keep her cushy little bubble from popping? Sarah Jessica Parker? Jamal from last night? Highly doubt any fellow participants in the Victim Olympics will step up to bat. Women like need need to shut the hell up and stop criticizing those who make her luxury-laden life possible. As they say, don’t shit where you eat.

    1. “If all of us packed up”
      Well for one thing the economy would blow up and dry away because most of what women purchase is intended to make them sexually attractive.
      Also it is money they get from white men.
      Other groups like Hispanics would assume control of the primary economies and form monopolies that impoverished blacks even further because they would ignore the laws.
      I think Jews would bolt. Then the Hispanics would control the economy.
      Presumably white women would have to intermarry with them.
      Since a white woman and a Mestizo beget a kid that looks like Al Pacino or Daniel LaRusso you’d just have another Brazil.

    2. “We” ? “We” is too many, boy.
      A big percentage of males live parasitically.
      Women got their false rights because parasitic males wanted equality too.

  5. All women fantasize about being raped by alpha males. The idea makes all these fat blue haired freaks wet.

    1. A.J.
      Roosh turns them on.
      Its like us dudes fantasize about the girl that gives blowjobs to everyone and then call her a slut afterwards.

        1. Have to agree. I fantasize about petite, perfect teenage girl next door types. I bang whores, but never ever fantasize about them.

      1. JP,
        I’ve not fantasized about white (or negro) women for 10 years.
        (Apart from the black latino woman in ‘Sin Contrato’)

        1. Some black birds really know their place around me. Last thing I want is mullato kids though, so black women are just two holed creatures.

  6. There is no gutter low enough or dirty enough for the SJWs. There are no boundaries at all for them. The end justifies the meanness.

  7. Angela Nagle is not married and she’s ugly. I’m also gonna go out on a limb here and assume she’s childless. No surprise she projects her bitterness onto her targets. I give Angela a rating of 4 and I definitely WNB.

    1. You just described Roosh. And the level of bitterness and hate this website and its commenters project on women is obvious from Mars.
      So, why whine when they give you your own medicine?

  8. This is what feminists do. They cherry-pick ideas and claim them as their own, and they take credit for other people’s accomplishments.

    1. So it’s not surprising to find plagiarism in a book written by one. The article is correct to point out MSM ignorance of it, and for giving credit to the outlet that actually did call it out. Because that deserves as much scrutiny as the book itself.

    2. Women have stolen a lot of ideas from me. I drop knowledge and they run with it, this reeks of a lack of creativity. Women really lack substance.

      1. This is very true. They are imitators.
        Their brains memorize concrete things, but can’t process well abstract things.

    3. Exactly like PUAs
      Feminism is also attractive to female losers(sluts, child murderers, etc.)
      PUAs(ROK) does exactly the same, it is an extension for pathetic males.
      Both ask for money to those easy to fool by promising them masculinity.
      Both promote parasitism, equality, to steal money and attention.

    1. Turbo
      No it’s definitely the wasps and the jesuits. Besides (((they))) are just smarter than white people. Your average white is just dumb, like negro’s and deserve what they get.
      Now let me tell you tale about Detroit. I was there with my best friend from NYC. He had a dodgy knee but was a really cool guy and set me up with a Russian model. We slayed all night they loved our big J corks. Then we made fun of the local blacks and polok workers. Damn white people are just dumb. They should go to Asia.

      1. A member of the “synagogue of Satan” speaks. Think you’re on the wrong site, yarmulke boy.

      2. The average iq in Israel is 92.
        That’s lower than whites in Europe and in America.
        JUs thrive by cunning, favoritism, blackmail, bribery, extortion or in the case of Harvey Weinstein….

      3. Why does one idiot impress upon you that much?
        You come back to this blog merely to regurgitate what guy posted days ago.

      4. Shilly
        I am a UK chav who is probably a Pak. I live with my Mum in a Council House because my Dad left to sell ecstasy in Majorca when I was 3.
        I’m 17 and have 3 GCSE.
        I’ve never been anywhere and it is really illuminating to get onto a blog and read posts from men who have actually lived overseas and been employed.

        1. Good work V
          Please continue to be a degenerate, impregnate as many white women as possible, burden the middle and lower classes, create a divisive populace and culture that distracts the masses from us hehe. You’re our little pawn foot-soldiers that is killing off our greatest adversary.
          Get this, it will make you laugh. Whilst we invite you in and promote how wonderful it is and you follow to a tee abandoning your homeland for the goodies we lay out on offer, we also convince the silly white goy that bombing the sh1t out of, murdering and [email protected] your motherland is fighting terror. These idiots are forever indebted to us for doing it too. You couldn’t make this sh1t up yet they fall for it everytime. Its a great time to be a J I tells ya. Satan said we would conquer the world and its all coming to plan. Who needs an afterlife with riches of gold and goyim slaves.

  9. White people support tyranny because they think it only applies to black people and black people hate freedom because they think liberty only benefits white people, but what if the police state punishes everyone and freedom benefits everyone?

    1. Most men don’t care about tyranny or freedom, give them a house, wife, family and enough money to support that lifestyle and they’re happy enough.

  10. David G Burns fell for the SJW tactic. They were OBVIOUSLY going to go after Nagle because she put some blame for Trump etc on the SJW movement itself. They’d view that as treason that must be discredited .

  11. This article is whining.
    You could have reported it, made an pithy observation, mock them, and that’s it.
    But no, you had to whine. Like most articles in here.
    Roosh is an eternal omega, who lives parasitically by telling other omegas how to beg for pussy to prostitutes, how to feign masculinity, then he asks for donations, MONEY.
    In other words he lives parasitically as a collectivist, like a communist.

    1. 43
      Roosh graduated with a degree in Microbiology and possibly still receives proceeds from the book that he published.
      Obviously with the degree of time he can spend traveling, the man is far from an Omega.
      In fact, you are an Omega.

  12. v
    SJW is an attempt by the government to create jobs in an economy so post-industrial that millions would be unemployed without it.

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