7 Types Of Dangerous Women You Should Avoid

Though we often state that “All women are like that” (AWALT for short), men who are red pill aware know that not all sluts are created equal. They’re all different in their own way in terms of what motivates them.

There are, however, a subset of women who are radioactive to men within the context of a sexual relationship. This might seem as though I’m stating the obvious, what with the current state of the sexual marketplace in this day and age, but believe it or not there are women out there who will positively turn your life upside down if you allow her to get her hooks in you.

Here are seven of the most dangerous signs:

1. Claims to have been raped

“…and when I saw he was shorter than me the next morning, I realized I had been raped!”

We all know that there are false rape accusations made all the time by women but there are women out here who have truly been raped. In either case, if the words “I was raped” comes out of her mouth, she’s radioactive.

You’re either risking a false rape accusation or you’re gonna be dealing with a woman who’s so fucked up in the head she’s ruined for life. Whether she’s lying or telling the truth, a woman who claims to have been raped is dangerous to you as a man.

Don’t even fuck her. If she claims to have been raped get the hell outta there and block her number.

2. Biological clock girl

Tick tock…

The biological clock girl is the woman who knows she’s running out of time to have a baby. She can’t lock down a man because the cock carousel has turned her into an entitled bitch who doesn’t know how to act like a woman anymore with the kind of thousand cock stare that scares of the kind of men who she’d want to impregnate her. It takes her a few years to figure this out which gobbles up previous time and at some point she starts to realize her biological clock is ticking even faster. She then resorts to drastic measures to get pregnant.

Now I’m not talking about poking holes in condoms or fishing condoms outta the trash after he leaves and injecting herself with his sperm. That stuff is for young girls or amateurs who haven’t figured out it takes more than that to trap a man with a kid. These chicks are normally in their mid to late 30s, a lot smarter and they take it to a whole different level

There’s a website called fakeababy.com and it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s a site where women can buy things to make a man think she’s pregnant with his baby. Fake positive pregnancy tests, fake ultrasounds, fake sonograms, you name it, they’ve got it. It’s described on the website as a “gag” gift but I’ll bet my nest egg that most women don’t buy their products as a joke or a gag…especially considering what they charge for their “gifts.”

Yes…this is a real website…

These women are dangerous because if a man thinks a woman is carrying his child, he feels obligated to share his resources (as he should because that would be the right thing to do if a woman is pregnant with his kid). But here’s where the REAL con happens: if a man thinks a woman is pregnant with his kid, he’ll start fucking her without protection thinking it doesn’t matter if he shoots his loads in her and then when she does become pregnant, there’s no news to break.

These women trick men into having unprotected sex with them to get pregnant by faking a pregnancy and they use this website and others to do it. There are women out here who aren’t even pros at this who still fool men in this way.

In either case, if you’re fucking an older woman who doesn’t have kids, has never been married, and mentions the desire to be a mother even once to you, watch out. Females like this are more than likely looking for a mark to run this gambit on.

3. The Pathological liar

Your girl is different— she’d never lie

Women lie. We know this and that’s one of the main reasons the manosphere exists in the first place. But every once in a while we meet women who lie about things they don’t need to lie about. Things like what she ate for lunch yesterday or what color panties she’s wearing—completely benign untruths she tells because she’s a pathological liar.

Women like this are dangerous because if you can’t even believe what they tell you about things she doesn’t have to lie about, then you know she’s lying to you about anything and everything else that matters. Catching your girl in a lie every so often is one thing. It happens. It sucks but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker depending on the what she lied about.  But when you’re catching her in lies weekly or sometimes even daily you’ve gotta drop her.

4. Raised by a single mom

“OMG I luv being a mom!!”

Women who were raised by single moms are guaranteed sluts. Yes, I’m making a generalization and I’ll say it again so there’s no mistaking what I’m saying here: 100% of women raised by single mothers end up as sluts.

Listen guys, single mothers are single for a reason. They have no discipline, no impulse control, no respect for men, and huge entitlement complex. You put all that together and you’ve got a woman who’s had either an STD or an abortion (or both) before she’s 30. Guaranteed.

5. Drug addict/pill popper

Drugs like ecstasy, crystal meth, and cocaine really fuck up your system because they cause a dopamine and serotonin overload. Everything looks better and feels better including dick which is why there are so many girls out here can’t enjoy anything anymore because their receptors are fried because of all the crap they’ve snorted up their noses. At some point they have to use these drugs in order to feel any enjoyment or excitement having sex.

Obviously women like this are dangerous because if they have drugs on them and you get pulled over, she’s putting your freedom at risk. Also, if you’re with her when she buys her drugs she could also be putting your life at risk. Don’t get serious with girls who use drugs on the regular. Fuck ‘em and chuck ‘em and keep their numbers in case you hit a slump. That’s your only option.

6. On anti depressants/anxiety meds

Now if she’s a former drug addict it’s only a matter of time before they need these drugs to feel normal but here’s the thing: Women are emotionally volatile by nature. They’re women. They’re never chemically or hormonally identical from one day to the next. One day she loves you, the next day she wants to kill you, the day after that she wants to have your children, the next she wishes you got hit by a bus.

Then there’s her menstrual cycle: For a few days she wants cock in every hole, then for another few days it makes her hate herself and the world (PMS), then it bloats her, makes her body hurt, and causes her to be lethargic while her pussy bleeds and it all starts again on day one.

You factor all that in and then you wanna throw in anti depressants and anti anxiety meds which can cause suicidal and homicidal ideation on top of that??? Proceed with caution but DO NOT COMMIT.

7. Engaged more than once, but never been married

Women want nothing more than to belong to a man. They also want access to a man’s resources. The easiest way to get both is to get married. Simple math.

But if you meet a woman and she tells you she was engaged to be married but the wedding never happened, that’s a red flag for obvious reasons. But if she tells you she was engaged more than once but has never been married, you need to watch your back because she’s hazardous to your mental health, your emotional health, and your financial health.

Women like this are parasites and there are more of them out there than you think. These are females who never really intend on getting married but they go through the motions for no other reason but to inflict as much emotional and financial damage to men.

Something really bad happened to her and it’s warped her mind to the point where she’s dangerous to herself AND men. These women are called black widows for a reason and if you find out she’s been engaged more than once but has never tied the knot, you’re playing with fire if you stay with her.

Wanna hear the extended version which includes 6 more dangerous females that should scare you? Watch here! You can still watch Donovan Sharpe drop Red Pill truth on TSR: Live weekday afternoons at 4:30E/1:30P 

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122 thoughts on “7 Types Of Dangerous Women You Should Avoid”

    1. Are in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, or elsewhere in Northern Europe? Sorry mate, your SOL finding young women without those things. Especially the clown hair.

        1. It has its pluses and minuses.
          Here are a few.
          + As long as you can afford it, you can get exactly the kind of girl you want. For me that means young, thin, and pretty.
          + You never have to even consider banging a plain jane, ugly, fatty or worse of all, an old bag.
          + Never have to worry about alimony and child support.
          – Loneliness. Can lead to excessive drinking.
          – No one to cook and clean for you (unless you get a housekeeper).
          – No one to take on vacations.

        2. @ v
          “If your clean, polite and not horribly fat most hookers are aroused.”
          Very true. And the more you show attraction towards them, the more aroused they get.

        3. AUTOMATIC
          You have to pretend to be interested. Her life etc.
          The hooker will like you more and get into the sex acts.
          It also helps to be clean.

        4. V
          I ask that question to a prostitute, if they do it with those creepy greasy nasty fat guys, she told me that usually they don´t or charge them triple, and if they look very nasty dirty no amount of money will make them fuck those guys, unlike the dubai porta potty girl who does not consider herself a prostitute who eats diarrhea shit in Dubai for a one only big payment, the street prostitute was more clean. She also told me that the women who do the dirty guy were also the dirty low cheap ugly slut. And those guys know it, they aim for the low fruit and hire the ugly crack whore. Every girl who is thin and young that will be considered above a 5 will not touch those guys.

        5. @duncan
          Lol I imagine the sexual market is going to get so bad men will be researching game articles on how to be good enough for 5/10 prostitutes whilst still paying top dollar.
          Do people not see the toilet we are spiraling down…

        6. AS,
          Never take a woman on vacations, plenty more women when you get there, and bringing your own is way more expensive than renting one there.
          Learn to cook and clean yourself, I far better at cooking than any woman I’ve ever met (including my mom).
          Cleaning, I’m a bit lazy about cleaning and so is my wife, she says, “I’m only for the bedroom, you want to fuck no problem, you want a cleaner, hire someone else”
          Not sure about loneliness and drinking, my house is packed with women and kids but I still like to get a bit drunk every afternoon.

        7. JOHN
          The expectations of white women who grew up in the 90’s during the Clinton/Blair era of roaring prosperity are so, so high that no white men could meet them-especially now in this economy.
          It is a bifurcated arrow-the average middle-class white guy whose Dad made good money in the 90’s and owned a house at the age of 30 in 1993 is living at home or has a male roommate and earns far less than his father.
          Same arrow for white Western expectations of females is raised at the bar of what they had as kids in the 90’s.
          Never the twain shall meet.

        8. JOHN
          Asian experience.
          Most women want to experience sex with another race in their life.
          Asian women feel the way about white men that white women feel about black males.
          This could just be the JH f (John Holmes factor).

        9. @Duncan: she told you what you wanted to hear. Women, like dogs, are great at figuring out how to make men like them, when the man has something they want (money in your case).

        10. @ Automatic, Why can’t you sugar baby a hooker on a vacation? Your rental fee will just be more (provided she has half a way decent disposition for your time you want her around), AND you can still kick her to the curb AT ANY TIME. The rental time and fee is just longer, AND can still be a one shot deal subject to termination of rental agreement ANY TIME AND ANY PLACE.

        11. @goat 34664, you said “@Duncan: she told you what you wanted to hear. Women, like dogs, are great at figuring out how to make men like them, when the man has something they want (money in your case).”
          How dare you. My dogs actually LOVE me and all I have to do is give them some attention and food. Compare women to dogs…pffft. not even a respectable comparison.

        12. @ Deplorable Neal Jensen
          Yes, I have done that. With me Korean SB/GF (not really an escort). Was nice. Except that she wanted to sleep till noon everyday, and I was up before 6 AM and wanted to hike mountains and walk beaches and see sunrises in the morning. This would potentially be BRUTAL with an American escort. Expensive, yes, but even beyond that, many of them are night girls. They only want to go to clubs and drink and do “other substances”. They are also flaky and can be cranky as hell after more than 3 hours or so. And They can make scenes and embarrass the hell out of you when drunk. Been there, done that. Been tossed from clubs, bars, and hotels that way. In fact, the ONLY time I have been tossed from establishments has been because of crazy escorts. These are the American girls. The Russians aren’t as bad but still can be a problem.
          The only ones I would ever consider taking on vacation would be the Asian ones.

        13. @ RW
          Banging plain janes, uglies, fatties, and worst of all, old bags, is for losers and saps. I’d rather bang escorts than be dating/married to a 6. In fact, I’d rather be dead.

      1. I have to agree.
        I can just about tolerate a belly button ring on a girl I am just seeing casually, as this has unfortunately become so common as to be mainstream; but anything else and I will skip.
        Even, so I will semi-playfully make my displeasure known, usually by poking it and asking what the heck made her do that.
        Rolls eyes.

        1. Depends really Jizm.
          If a girl decided to remove it just for me so soon I would be a little wary that I was being manipulated and perhaps a little amused that she thinks she can get me to commit simply by removing a piece of metal from her belly button.
          If it came about after a longer period and I truly believed she was being genuine then why not?
          Still, a better predictor of good character would be for her not to have got her belly button pierced in the first place.
          As I said, it depends.

    2. Any tattoos? Eh, I don’t think you can go that far anymore. Too many women were dumb teens once and got a tat and have become decent. I know two of them right now, good women. No odd piercings though, and no dye jobs.

  1. Post-Wall women who can’t decide if they mant a man or if they actually just need a pet to groom.

  2. “…and when I saw he was shorter than me the next morning, I realized I had been raped!”
    Lol. Men should make a countersuit for that. For every one inch she deemed you too short, she should be sued for being 10 pounds too fat.

  3. “Women want nothing more than to belong to a man.”
    This! That’s why you have “empowered” women changing their last names. The trend is getting traction by the day among Westernized women here in my shithole, too, but it’s never been part of the culture.
    One of very few articles that I remember once in a while long after I’ve read them.

    1. Toronto ones are strange because they are allowed to take off their panties in front of school boys on Toronto District School Board property and the Toronto Police are FORBIDDEN to investigate her, even if she is a teacher.

    2. This Canada thing is like a revelation to me. I was told that all Canadians are so friendly. Apparently there was more to it than just hockey, syrup and ‘bacon’ (ham).

  4. Top Beauties. Had always princess problems with them. Same with women who had too wealthy parents.

    1. That’s because they have so many options and need to be sure they pick the absolute best one.

    1. Hey what’s wrong with German women? Just curious. I have a neighbor here in Silicon Valley, he is from India, works for Google and looks total beta, although quite fit that the typical Indian. He is married to a tall, athletic German blond HB9. She popped out 2 kids and promptly lost all the weight and got back in top shape within months. I have to admit occasionally feeling a bit envious of this fucker but then realize (or rationalize) that she probably has him by the gonads.

      1. Over 90% of german women voted for lefty, immigrant friendly parties last elections….
        Think,with this fact, all is said.

        1. Either that, or shit. No lie. Germans smell like shit.
          Look up “German Shit videos”.
          Gaaaaaaaah, all that schnitzel…

        2. They are indoctrinated in HoloHoax White guilt from the age of 5.
          Its MENS job to take back their nation and expel 50,000 US ZOG Forces there.

    2. German women by far have the greatest genetics- Looks, brains, physical stature.
      Your comment in Marx esque….or shall I say Trotsky-Bronstein like….?

    Prostitutes vs. Strippers
    When I flirted with the stripper scene I never saw so much cocaine in my life.
    Every time you are around strippers you are basically a felon who is getting involved with the fringes of the criminal underworld.
    Following happens-
    1) Cops see you date a stripper they figure you are a mob guy, drug dealer, or pimp.
    2) Mob guys, bikers, drug dealers and pimps think you are one of them.

    1. Agree.
      Strippers are worse than escorts.
      Of course, some do both. There used to be an underground strip club here in NYC that rotated locations. Many of those girls did both. I knew two of them. They were both nuts. And yes, they both associated with criminals.

      1. AUTOMATIC
        I find it tough to enjoy a sexual encounter in a tiny booth.
        If you’re going to rent a prostitute, make it a nice clean hotel.
        Who wants to be getting blown and maybe the bouncer bursts in and breathes on you for breaking the law.

  6. Also add AV Yader’s great advice: Any woman that’s high notch .. or that’s low notch ( <5 )where you are not The Best she’s ever had (ie the classic Alpha Widow).

    1. I am interested if the downvotes are from from some of the ladies on the thread.
      I don’t mean to discriminate but there are too many instances of ‘regular’ (i.e. not the alphas or the players…) guys getting screwed over in nearly every LTR by women who can hamster easily any number of reasons to leave them. It doesn’t take much if you are a high-notch woman or if your Man is not the Best you’ve had thus far. Conversely, the same guys (‘regular’) don’t have trouble sticking to their relationships through thick and thin and honestly emotionally committing to their woman without the intrusions of such influences (i.e. for a woman, the AlphaWidow memories). Please comment further.

  7. Avoid empowered Canadian women living in Toronto. They are fucking garbage and worse than pond scum!

  8. Tradthots should be avoided as well. There’s no unicorn gentlemen. Don’t get fooled by these neo-traditionalist colour shifting chameleon cunts. They can be as bad as the regular feminist. They are just better at hiding their shitty personalities from men.

    1. So you are telling me that Lauren Southern is really just traipsing around Europe on the cock carousel instead of saving the white race? I refuse to believe you! I know she is fashy trad because I sent her bitcoin and she put a heart next to my sycophantic comment.

      1. Weimar Republican
        Exception doesn’t prove the rule. You may know this better than anyone else here. She may be genuine but she’s doing it in a wrong way. I am not sexist but I don’t think women should lead men which is what she’s basically doing. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t trust her. I will be happy to be proven wrong but I have seen videos flocking in YouTube of her picture with a random black man. It may sound a normal thing to you but imagine if gender is being flipped what reaction people will have. If a prominent WN/Alt-Right leader’s picture with a random black girl was found then how many people are going trust him let alone support him. But of course Lauren Southern is still getting supported by the thirsty beta male brigades masquerading as race warriors even after discovering her old photo with a black man.
        Conservative/WN/Alt- right women should be making/raising white babies. They don’t need to do activism or making silly YouTube videos. Only thing they need to do is giving birth & raising white babies.

        1. My comment was pure sarcasm, which is apparently difficult to see. I don’t think any woman is ‘fashy’ or ‘trad’ or has actual political beliefs. They are only made to be by a man or circumstance.

      2. Lauren Southern is a fake ass cunt, and so is the other fake-ass blonde who folded like a cheap suit on the View.

        1. Maybe so, but I have noticed the J online feel very threatened by them. One has to wonder why.

  9. I can’t this website seriously when other articles say that some of these chicks are easy to bang are are great fucks and you should
    Go for it.
    “Single moms always want dick.” “Drugres are freaks in bed”.
    Pick a side guys.

    1. Just some,
      Happy to bang em, but they aren’t worth a second visit.
      Mind you, almost no-one is worth a second visit.
      Been there, done her, NEXT!

  10. 8. If she says, “I hate my dad,” (or mom) you are about thirty seconds away from getting a blowjob. Dump a load in her time wasting mouth and run. But keep a record of what went on 😉

    1. If a woman excessively talks about how much she hates one of her family members, guess who’s on deck? You!

    2. I learned that one the hard way. You show me a woman who doesn’t get along with her father, and I’ll show you a future ex-wife. And take a good look at her mother, ’cause every woman turns into her mother, for better or worse.

  11. it’s fun looking through the comments and seeing every guy posting the physical/personality attributes by the girl that hurt them or couldn’t get lmao

    1. I appreciate your honesty…which in a woman is usually a sign of social awkwardness because women are raised to lie and omit as part of their manipulation tactics. Women have nothing to gain from honesty, which is why you don’t typically try it.
      But what is really telling is the glee you say you get from watching anonymous men expressing their angst over particular brands of women they have had problems with (none of which are you btw)…because it is more proof of the hive-minded female in-group preference (since what do these hypothetical women have to do with you?)…
      …Also you reveal another strange dimension of female sexuality: rejecting men they deem ‘beneath’ them is a turn-on for women. It is like female-friendly porn. You gain something by spurning a man: reassurance that you can do better (or at least you think you can), whereas a man just sees your rejection as a lost notch on his belt loop, and an empty space on his wall for a THOT scalp he would have hung in his elk gallery.
      Using your actual first name in anonymous commentary is a usual female troll tactic because it gives you instant male attention (negative and positive, which are the same to women), and also shows women literally cannot handle any sort of boy’s club or salon. Gynocentrism is intolerant of anything that isn’t 100 percent pro-female/anti-male.
      So I am laughing at your desperation.

    2. Are you saying men should be unconditionally attracted to all women and have no standards? You sound like an incel ready to pop off.

    3. The woman who hurt me was an ugly white 50 yo (ugly 60yo now), I have no problems with 25 year old Asian ladies. Getting the 50yo (when she was 19) wasn’t the problem, the false rape accusations on divorce 30 years later were.

      1. JOHN
        “They Call Us Losers”
        One of the reasons white women are so disdainful of Western males who overseas we have simply transcended the rules of the sexual game.

        1. I’m only in the USA two months for business reasons each year, and women there don’t even register as sexual beings because I don’t want to get involved, but sometimes a woman comes on to me. When I mention I travel to and spend much time in Ukraine, they suddenly look deflated. They can despise men in SE Asia on the grounds these men had to lower standards and go for inferior (in their racist minds) oriental women, but that defense mechanism doesn’t work with Ukraine, since slavic women are at the top of the caucasian female pecking order. God help if they ever inquire for details because their heads works explode if they learned my girlfriend is 35 years younger, a former model and I have enough money to make her a part-time mistress.

      2. hmm…interesting
        Similar for me
        never had a young girl feel the need to insult me on deep emotional level, they would just be like, “ok that was fun…but I think we need to mov on/get serious or break up”. Easy.
        It was only a 36, now 37 year old that tried it.
        My God what was I thinking, I can do better any day of the week.
        I think it was her niceness and motherly caring that pulled me in. But dam did she turn ice cold when I refused to buy her stuff or give finical support in anyway(not married…so why would I?).
        She waited and planned her event to max out the emotional pain level.
        Then pretends she does not understand what she just did…hello crazy.
        wow…just wow
        An eye opener for sure and good lessen that at least did not cost me any money.

    4. The usual feminist sh** insults vomited at men. try losing about 30 uglyass pounds lardass dependapotamuss before you type another POS comment.

  12. Women who claim (whether falsely or truthfully) to have been beaten by an ex.
    Sometimes they lie about this to elicit a beta protector response.
    If they really were beaten and opted to stay in the relationship it’s probably because they need to be beaten to value her partner.

  13. I would submit that #3, The Pathological Liar applies to all of these hairy assed cunts. And, having dated a cunt that was on anti-depressants, I can validate Mr. Sharpe’s comments, 100%.
    Bottom line, these assholes are just about good enough to be considered a place to put your dick. Fuck & chuck. Cun & run. Pump & dump. It’s literally all these scumbags are good for. The day of “The Good Woman” is far behind us, gents. Far behind us.

  14. 10. Women who own birds or reptiles.
    I don’t know why. But they’re are all. ALL. BATCRAP FUCKING CRAZY!
    You’v been warned.

      1. They are less pets than available warm flesh and blood lovers (its the new progressive craze these days. They are the ersatz “CHAD” that will never out them verbally, they can’t get.) being they already accepted men don’t want anything to do with their nasty fatasses.

  15. Motherfucker. I would like to have been told this 4 months ago. I have been reading this blog the last 10 months and boy it has changed my view on many things and confirmed many others. This is the first time I dare to comment something. Here I go.
    I was dating/FUCKING this thot and I ignored so many red flags. Ho got a tattoo, “loves” cats, she was raised by a single mom and attending college in a different city than her mother’s, she lives alone, and has many male “friends”, also popped a great lie (“I’ve never been interested in raising children,but with you is different. I want to” ). I am really ashamed of what did happened to me and very upset with myself to allow it to happen but finally break up with the thot after finding out she had been flirting/fucking with many other males. I found out after seeing her facebook conversations. When I broke up with her, she started to make suicidal comments, etc. And recently she told me she is pregnant, I really wish she isnt. I am very young and I dont want to have a children with a so unfaithful woman. I hope it is just a psychological pregnancy. Damn.

    1. I think I’m pregnant.
      Turn up unexpectedly at her place with a pregnancy test kit, wait outside the toilet while she wees on it. Take the test kit from her and wait for the result. 5-10 minutes. If it’s positive (unlikely) take her to the hospital for a DNA test (it’s unlikely to be yours).

      1. JOHN
        These days that ole ruse is less common. Women don’t want to suck a guy into a marriage-they don’t want a marriage.
        When they do at 35, it is some bone-thirsty dork who is so grateful to be having sex with a woman instead of his keyboard that he is happy to bankroll her and raise her kids.

      2. JOHN
        You may be thinking of Southeast Asia but not the West.
        In the West that ruse is as out of style as Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket.
        Women just eventually find some bone-thirsty dork at 35 to raise their kid.

    2. You’re being played. When a man breaks things off (rather than her), the woman already has several arrows in her quiver to shock you back into communicating with her (like a call center agent)…a pregnancy or ‘scare’ is already typed on her texting retort sheet as the Hail Mary before she starts recycling ‘wanna fuck again?’ and ‘I’ve been dreaming about you’ or ‘I had such a good time, let’s hang out again.’
      If you hope to be a father someday, offer to support the child financially if she can prove the kid is yours (which it isn’t because she’s not pregnant) because knowing it’s your progeny would be worth the risk.

      1. fuck offering to support the child. its just a lump of dna the guy provided. If he wants to get involved in a child’s life, lots of ways to do that without risking child support payments for 18+ years.

        1. Yeah it is just some dna. Besides, if she decides to have it in case She is pregnant it will be her decision, not mine. I told her we cant have it. I am not interested in forming a family with her.

      2. Weimar republican,
        Yeah, I suspect this isnt more than a desperate last resource scheme to get my attention. She said “this will bind us forever”. But I am crossing fingers to not be the case she is pregnant. Thanks for your advice.

    3. Ashamed of your thirst yet? Ashamed that you let your d**k think for you and not the wisdom of men who ALREADY made the same mistakes trying to save you from them? Young men are so stupid and so lack the mentorship that would prevent them MOSTLY from being stupid when the experience is freely shared just so they don’t make the same mitakes..
      OH, THE TOXIC MASCULINITY the feminists scream……Now you know WHY they say it, to keep young men stupid and manipulate-able.

      1. Deplorable Neal,
        I do know the feminist agenda and women degeneracy are to sides of the same coin. I want to say that more than ashamed, i regret letting my D i c k do the thinking. I know I shouldnt have done many things I did, like trusting the skank in the first place.

        1. Feminism does everything it can to block criminalize and prevent rational and sane MENTORSHIP by men who can provide it because it messes up their hypergamy and financial gains and derails their agenda otherwise as well.

    4. Even if she’s pregnant, it’s not your child until a paternity test proves otherwise. Don’t fall for her schemes. You’re smarter than that.

      1. Nevermore,
        Thanks for your support. It may be a last desperate attempt to lock me down. The skank cucked me and she got batshit crazy when I found out and broke up with her. So it is likely tgat this is just another scheme.

  16. Thanks for the advice. The test was positive but those things fail sometimes. A friend of mine told me he once were in a similar situation. The bitch made a couple of tests and They were positive. Then they went to a lab for a blood test and it was negative. I hope it is my case. Thanks, he also suggested me that I go forthe paternity test. He is quite red pill himself.
    Maybe the girl I was dating its trying to manipulate me through this “I am pregnant bullshit” so I get back with her. Sorry for my bad english and thank you, sir for reading me. I have been reading RoK lately and I knew you are one of the frequent commentators. You g8ve good advice.

    1. Johnny,
      So she did the test in front of you, with a kit you provided at the time.
      You purchased it, unwrapped it, handed it to her, and viewed the results yourself.
      (Every kit shows positive after 60 minutes)

      1. No, I didnt provided her with it. We live in different cities. I broke up with her and I cut off contact with her. So she went to her mom’s. And after two weeks she messaged me with the typical “we need to talk” then she threw a photo of the positive test.I was shocked but then started more clearly. It is unlikely as you said that she is pregnant. Her family history includes many infertile women. Also she is ver irregular with her cycle. I am suspecting she has got a syndrom of poliquistic ovaries.

        1. Sounds like a total bs.
          She probably googled the image of positive test and sent it to ya.
          She can still be pregnant thou by a different guy as, like you said, she had been riding a cock carousel

        2. On the off chance she really is pregnant with your child, does she know your real name or real location? if not, try to hide, so you don’t get stuck with child support. Investigate the law. Don’t trust the idiots in this forum (including me) for legal advice.

        3. Don’t be a manipulated rube. Its a lie until you can personally witness the test take her for a blood test yourself and get the results UNTAINTED by her hands.

        4. Deplorable Neal,
          Thats what I told the skank. That those tests are known to fail in a regular basis (false positives). I watched a video the other day in which a guy,a male, did a pregnancy test and the test was positive. Sp I think those tests are not that reliable. I also told her she needed to get a more specialized test (i.e. blood test) but she refused to.

    1. Maybe,and they charge way less lesey in the area I live.
      My brother tell me that too. That maybe the image of the positive test maybe it is not even hers. Yeah thot has been riding the carousel but thanks god I find out in time. Yeah I am considering going for the paternity test n9netheless.
      Unfortunately, she does know my name and where I am based. I really hope she is not pregnant and,if she is I really hope it isnt mine. But, on the other hand,where I live, the law aint too hard in matters related to chil support and etc, I guess.

      1. Make her fight for the child support. She can try to put your name down on the birth certificate, but I think she had to notify you first. Then you can demand an independent government approved DNA test. Research this issue yourself and don’t rely on this forum for anything but emotional support, since we’re not putting a lot of effort into our comments and might be drunk or high.

    2. Bullchit.
      If you believe this, Ive got ocean front in Kentucky to sell you.
      Some of you are freakin retarded. As if hookers dont lie or scheme.

      1. RW,
        You mean “As if all women don’t lie or scheme”.
        Hookers tell at least one less lie, you know they’re fucking you for money.

    Dana Heintz had a sugar daddy named Carl, an ancient rich pervert who’d met her in a strip joint. He paid for her rehab, bought an apartment complex to her to rent to college kids, sent her to rehab for crack cocaine addiction and then passed away.
    Dana was okay when I rented and seemed like any other no-nonsense landlady.
    But when she got back on the crack cocaine her complex went downhill in 1 week. She started dealing out of her office.
    I simply ate my deposit and bolted. But some other tenant got pissed and called the cops.
    Most women who smoke crack will relapse because the nightmares of the beastly negros who raped them will remain and they will have to suck the pipe to forget. Then they will have to be involved with beastly negros.
    As I mentioned, Kathleen was only my age but she got hooked on cocaine in the 5th grade in 1984. Her dad was mega-rich. By 13 she was stealing and when she was 14 in 1988 crack cocaine hit Detroit suburbs. At that point she began fucking any black who had some crack.
    One night, a bunch of blacks fucked her in a car and she smoked so much crack that she was swirling around in a mad daze half-nude and could not even put her clothes back on.
    So they left Kathleen in the middle of a road rolling around naked and drove off.
    I later heard some other guys found these girls and married them.

    Rick was my workmate, a professional photographer who did some jobs with me.
    Rick was 45 and still into cocaine. He often had sex orgies with women on cocaine.
    His latest would-be conquest was a French-Canadian chef of 36. He brought her around to my place. I smoked pot at that time (Never a hard drug user) and all three of us got high.
    A few days later she came back to my hotel and kissed me and invited me to her house. Foolishly I went over there.
    We talked for a while and then she gave me a blowjob. The funny thing is how fast a woman who is experienced at blowing men can perform it. She huffed all the jizz into her mouth and managed to rinse and get ready for work.
    She continued to hang around Rick for his cocaine. One night, after doing lines with him, she called me up. I came over and did rough doggy style sex with her and ejaculated into her rectum.
    Rick meanwhile had no idea about our trysts. He kept telling me how-hard-to-get she was and how much cocaine he laid on her and how he had piteously offered to eat her out after they had done lines but she would not even let him do that.
    Rick was kind of loser. He was separated from his wife and 4 kids and still dealing/using cocaine (With high end white professionals however) in his mid-40’s, heck, older than I am now.
    Jo thought he was a loser. When we were not fucking she would talk about what a loser he was-how he had laid so much cocaine on her and wanted to kiss her only and she would not let him…I thought of how sad this was considering the times my jizz had shot all over her mouth and tongue and lips. One time, she had gone out with Rick only 10 minutes after sucking me off.
    Rick eventually caught on to the tryst and I was on my way to another city anyhow so I blew that town but that is some other story.
    Point is, beware of girls whose love is bought by the gram.

  19. Single moms and grandmas , yes you heard me . I have friends chasing grandmas , those women who were young single moms now in their 40s with grands . Sad

  20. BUT, if you kinda like sluts, (and who doesn’t) then when you notice these signs, hurry up and figure out who lives closer and remind her to bring that hair tie on her wrist.

  21. Aww this is so sad. I suspect you guys are like this because you haven’t been able to figure out how to have power in your real lives. It is hard to do, but good luck to you! Maybe then you won’t be so hateful.

    1. As I commented my wife ended up scoring 1,3,and 6 on this list. She wasn’t brought up by a single mom but foster parents (who are extremely decent people btw). I’d say this list hits the nail on the head.

  22. Ex wife was 1,3,6. Found them out in that order too. She wasn’t raised by a single mom but was a foster child so close enough. Lesson learned.

  23. The “daughter of single mom” just doesn’t hold water. Too much of a generalization. Biggest warning sign: hair dyed any fucked up bozo color.

  24. You missed a few.
    College educated women are indoctrinated man haters, come with student loan debt, and are competition for jobs. They cannot be a partner if they are a competitor for limited economic resources.
    Single mothers couldn’t take care of the first man to the benefit of their children then why would they care about you for anything other than your paycheck. Note this may not include widows. Additionally their children will always win out over their bad behavior which stems from their screwed up mothers.
    Liberal women who consider all men their enemy. There is no middle ground in their culture war and they will do everything in their power to lash out. The #metoo movement is their new campaign for many but not all.

  25. Most women are best avoided. The trouble is that dangerous women hide their bad sides quite well until one gets involved with them on a serious relationship level. That includes ALL WOMEN even the foreign women that men here seem to put on a pedestal as magical and not the same when reality is otherwise. Escorts are the best route for men. Until the legal system changes that is honest and fair to men which will probably never happen at least in my lifetime.

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