2 Obstacles You Must Overcome To Rebuild Your Life

Soon after my wife died I poured out my grief onto my hard drive, then later I posted it to ROK. You can find it here. Thanks to you guys who offered support.

Men commented on that article saying they wished they could have what my wife and I had, but it was too late for them. This is a common thread on ROK; youth following their passions, then having nothing left to attract a good woman. Or they were divorce-raped or cuckolded. Men wrote of cynicism and betrayal, society’s collapse and the rise of feminism.

Men are expected to marry but marriage isn’t easy. A man is expected to love, honor, and cherish a mate with emotional needs which no man can fully meet nor even understand. As for me, there were a few times I wanted to kill that woman and we had discussed drowning the children. But I didn’t. And we didn’t. Then we quit fantasizing and went back to the work of making it work. And it did work. And we fulfilled our vows, loving and staying faithful “til death do us part.” Which happened last month. And now here I am with a lot of other late-middle-aged men wondering what do I do now?

I wanted to wait before writing again, but men asked for more. I mulled this over and recalled those writings on ROK and so… I’m going to be blunt about this. Hang on.

Two Obstacles We Face

There are two obstacles to starting over in life. The first is ourselves. Within our spirits we each hold the accumulation of a lifetime of… life. We have so much dreck in our spirits that it spills out into our speech and all over our actions and settles deep into our hearts. We carry this on our backs while desperately trying to run away from it. We just can’t do it.

Which leads to the second obstacle: We can’t fix ourselves. This is common to all of mankind. (Some call it original sin, but it’s not. Babies aren’t born guilty, they’re born incapable). The damage is deep in our spirits and we don’t even know for sure what or where our spirits really are. Think your spirit as your “heart” but much more.

The First Start

Let your imagination wander back to when you were a newborn baby. Just born. Pure, innocent and helpless. Now think back even further, to your time in your mother’s womb when your soul emerged, your body was still forming and your spirit was clear.

You heard your mother’s heart, her voice. You should have heard your father’s voice, deep and steady. Other sounds gently intruded as you tumbled in your darkened, water-filled world. Your young spirit took all of these in and you were at peace, pure and innocent. God knew you, and all you would later do, and he loved you, deeply.


Slap on butt! PAIN! Nurse with needle! OUTRAGE!

“Oh, he’s SO cute!”

Thank God Almighty that our memories weren’t working very well back then. Nevertheless your spirit took it all in and you started becoming you.

You should have gone home to a warm house and a loving family. A lot of men never got this. You don’t remember, but your spirit took it all in.

There are no perfect parents nor perfect homes and you ran into problems well before the age of two, maybe three. You won’t remember them, but those things were absorbed into your spirit and became a part of who you are now. But you couldn’t know it at the time. By the time you were four, your spirit had absorbed it all, the good and the bad. Most of who you are was already formed by then.

You remember kindergarten. You may have had wonderful parents and good friends. Or a single mom, or way too many “parents”, and gangbangers on the couch. If you didn’t grow up in a home with your own father, your chances of growing up to be a strong, stable, competent man were greatly reduced. You had no say in that.

Too Late

You hit puberty and reacted to your mom and the girls in pretty much the same manner as your dad did, or whoever did (or didn’t) fill that role. Your spirit continued to absorb your world into itself as you struggled to become the man you wanted to be.

You began making major decisions then and, as your body grew to adult size, you made some that would affect the rest of your life. Ready or not, you were on your own. Many boys grew up to be adults without achieving manhood at all. I wrote about this here.

So you barreled through your twenties, thirties and beyond, mostly on the momentum of decisions you made as a young man, and now you find yourself in the middle of your life, which may be completely off the tracks. You’re not going anywhere. The best you can do is survive. What do you do now?

The Second Chance

We all made big decisions back then, but who we are was pretty much set in those pre-memory days when our spirits were absorbing everything. And we couldn’t do anything about it. We were born incapable. But you are not incapable any more. You don’t have to stay this way!

Remember that the first obstacle is you and the second is that you can’t do anything about the first. Now remember that God knew you way back before then, and he knew what you would do and what you would become, and he loved you then, and he still does now. Because of this he made provision for you to receive his Spirit and begin again. Same body, same soul, rebuilt spirit. A new man, a new you.

Just go into any Church with a cross on top and ask how to do this. You can start over again. I did, and so have hundreds of millions of other men over the last two thousand years. And just as many women have had their righteousness restored. You can meet them in Church.

As for me, I’m hurting but I’m gonna be okay. Leave a comment. Let me know how you’re doing.

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120 thoughts on “2 Obstacles You Must Overcome To Rebuild Your Life”

  1. Wanna start over?
    Go overseas.
    You can tell anyone you want to get fucked. I did. Just leave for 20 years, get job overseas, build a career, fuck women of every nationality, live in different nations.
    You’ll stop giving a shit about the stupid people in some 40 mile radius who will still be there long after you have gone overseas doing the same shit things, experiencing nothing.
    To “start over” you get on a plane. You don’t e mail people or stay in touch. You do what I do and just build anew.

    1. Well put Shawn,
      I finally did that last year, albeit for four months, and it was the best four months of my life.
      I’m currently working on trying to make that happen permanently. Im still that guy that wants to meet Ms. Right and one has a better chance of finding that outside the Anglo world. If I find it as some point great, if not, it is what it is as Ill be smashing hot exotic women in the interim. The alternative is to remain in the U.S. and live a life of no female companionship, unless you’re cool with smashing land whales, then it’s heaven, but Im not cool with fatties.

      1. Yeah, I agree. That is looking like the best choice.
        As I despise entitled bitches, land whales and wrinkled middle aged bags, I have been “smashing” escorts and paying a fortune for it for a very long time. 3rd world looking better and better.

        1. Indeed, I stopped dating and resorted to p4p, which has been putting a hefty dent in my wallet.
          Best thing to do is to have the discipline to p4p only once or twice a month, to kind of get it out your system, and save your money.

        2. TBH, at this point I have no reason to keep saving. I still contribute 15K /year to my SEP IRA, but that is it.
          I see escorts 3 or 4 times a week. And I live in NY.
          I don’t touch my portfolio though, and thankfully it has been growing on its own. I have a good financial advisor.

        3. Paying upfront for ‘p’ is one thing and you’d never wife up or domesticate a ‘p’ contract worker. You’d get to know her personally while enjoying her seasoned ‘p’ services, but she’s not wifable or mother material. At little league games while the kid is playing, she’d be blowing other coaches in the port a potties because she’s been programmed to service stiff dicks when a $20 is waved under her nose. Not a good LTR choice. P4P defines the paremeters. It’s ‘p’ that gets payed for.
          Domestic help doesn’t have to originate as a P4P arrangement. You can hire a young female to babysit your goldfish or to clean and dust. Anything you ‘pay 4’ her to do puts her into your house. THEN you work the relationship from there. I don’t know how many men have procured relationships and eventual LTR with hired domestic servants. She doesn’t have to be an Aztec midget either. Any suburb is bustling with a cornucopoea of sweet young females eager to earn honest side money babysitting, walking your pomeranian, making you plates of small square sandwitches and whatever else evolves as mutually enjoyable. Heck bring home new shoes and show her how you like the bunions on your feet shaved and have her clip your toenails and assist you fitting on your new pair of suede pumps.
          The agreement at the onset of household help is that she’s there to serve you. Then you take it from there. Remember many many babysitters get hot with the daddy. It’s the unfamiliar pheromone smell in someone else’s house that triggers her noob brain. For a single guy, it’s all a clean slate with a clean young noob. A housecleaning gal who knows the location of your broom closet is way easier to game and domesticate than some girl from a club.

        4. “You’d get to know her personally while enjoying her seasoned ‘p’ services, but she’s not wifable or mother material.”
          If you want kids, why not?
          All you need for mom, is a working womb.
          In SEA, about 50% of the women you can hire for sex are available to have your children (at a cost, usually quite reasonable).
          Those who stick to the old ways will die childless, or suffer divorce rape.

      2. Dat Guy,
        you’re off to a good start by being here, but you have to reach a point where you fully understand there is no “Ms. Right”, 100% of women will exhibit hypergamous tendencies. This has to be ingrained to the point you don’t even have to remind yourself of it. Has to be instinctual, and far deeper than intellect. Some men like Madman learned it early. You may meet a woman who is suitable to marry, raise your kids and keep a good house, but never ever consider her a “soulmate”.

      3. Hang on, you pay for sex and yet claim to have a wife? Come on, Gen x-ile, keep your story straight. Oh, and fuck off with your prostitute promoting, it’s fucking weak. ANYONE can fuck a prostitute.

        1. @ asdasda
          What’s your point?
          Sure, anyone can f*ck a prostitute, but the choices become much more limited the more upscale the prostitute is. Big difference between a $40 street whore and a $400 to $800/hr escort. “Anyone” cannot f*ck an upscale escort. It takes a man with the intelligence to attain a high income and net worth to do that. How many muscular bad boys with tattoos and motorcycles can afford to do that? Yes, they may “get it for free” for a short while, but what about when they hit their 40s and 50s? Most likely shacked up with a wrinkled old bag and having to rub her feet for spare change. Not me. I’ll take escorts, thank you.

        2. Point is it’s fake victories. If money is your only measure of “success” fucking “high quality” (women who sell their cunts for money)…. fuck man, you’re more pathetic than you realise.

        3. @ asdasda
          Beats the shit out of banging old bags.
          I’d rather be a “pathetic” 50+ guy banging hot girls in their late teens and early 20s for $$$, then an “alpha” with a wrinkled 40+ year old wife with cellulite and stretch marks…and an attitude.

        4. Well weren’t you the one “boasting” about being able to afford “quality women.” Fuck man, don’t be a hypocrite, if you actually had fuck off money you could easily be banging younger girls. But you don’t. So you use your midlife crisis money to fuck literal whores.
          I’d shoot myself rather than try to justify that existence.

        5. @ asdasda
          How am I being hypocritical?
          I am an ugly guy who uses his income to bang hot young escorts. I could NEVER get them just by “being myself”. The ONLY way I get them is with money. These types of girls would never give me the right time of day without $$$. And I still GREATLY prefer that to banging 40 year olds. I am simply being honest here, as always.
          Never “boasting”.
          I still don’t get your point.
          Is it to rag on guys who can afford to live differently than you?

        6. @ asdasda
          BTW, I’ve been doing this long before I was middle age.
          Since I was 20. I was never one to settle for 3s, 4s and 5s. Which is what I would get if not paying for it. I got a good degree and went in to a good field to make the $$$ to afford to bang the kind of girls I am attracted to. Accepting reality is a big part of being “red pill”, as far as I am concerned. I accept reality. You can’t fix genetics. I applaud the younger guys here who invest in “self improvement”, but some things cannot be improved upon. Accepting reality, and finding another way is sometimes the only answer.

        7. A prostitute is always <5. Regardless of how young or hot. The reason? ANYONE can fuck a prostitute. If there’s a true measure of the 1 to 10 scale this is it.
          If your excuse is you’re ugly, that’s no fucking excuse. Seal married Heidi Klum. Rod Steward fucked multiple Super models. Pete Doherty dated Kate Moss when she was still hot. I can go on and on. These men didn’t make excuses for their looks. Charisma and confidence are two things that make pussies drip. Duh.

        8. So you’re getting laid by 9s all day every day every week and every year? How’s it going Troy Francis ?

        9. I love how keyboard alphas mention famous people , rock stars , and athletes but never themselves.

        10. I can see this is going nowhere.
          Rod Stewart and the others you mention are famous multi-millionaires. I am simply an upper middle class / well-off working guy. Big difference. I do what I have to do. I Play the cards I was dealt. Have a good night.

        11. That’s my point, Automatic, you’ve achieved nothing of yourself, which is why you have to pay to play. Not something I would be proud of. In fact, I would be depressed as hell about it, rather than trying to promote being pathetic to a bunch of impressionable youngsters.
          Fuck your feelings, you’re a loser. And you know it.

        12. @asdasda
          A loser who can afford to bang hot young escorts at will. I can live with that. And have been living with that for a very long time. Wonder what you’ll be doing at 50…

        13. And I can live with you living with that. What I don’t agree with, and will never agree with, is you and that fucking faggot Gen x-ile promoting prostitutes here. You do realise teenage boys will be directly influenced by your comments.
          I want a future of less whores, not more.

        14. Apparently ‘forbidden’ is becoming a problem on this forum.
          Fix your fucking bad word checker.

        15. @ John, Just don’t write a certain word that begins with a J, or another word that begins with an M and you should be alright.

        16. Let me clue you in onn a fact little kid . All women require some amount of resources and money or combinations of the above . I know men with charm but low paying job who may get lucky occasionally but will never get a woman to marry them . I also know bad boys who get laid by women who are dirtier than whores . Nobody is just getting laid by 9s or even 8s by verbal game alone it requires also a combination of looks and money and famous people get whatever they want .,also most of us don’t have time or the patience to approach 100 women per month . That’s a fruitless goal and a waste of precious time . I would hope young men around 18 buy a high class hooker instead of staying in friend zones or dating average looking women . Once you’ve had beautiful whores you know In life you don’t have to kiss an average girls butt .

        17. Everyone with a wife is paying for sex.
          The only time I ever scored a free one, was with a slut from a disco who was too drunk to care.

        18. You just prattle on endlessly about “Gen X”. One poster who changed his avatar a dozen times.
          There will always be prostitutes and there will always be those who seek them out.
          Trump uses prostitutes. Probably 50% of males use them.

        19. asdasda
          The fixation with some poster is obsessive. For months you have been getting on this blog and blabbing about “Gen X”. The posters do not even know what you are referring to.

        20. AUTOMATIC
          Confessions of a lifelong “monger”
          When I first started using prostitutes at age 20 or so I was seeing other guys go to college meat market bars.
          Sure, I picked up a few chicks there but mostly you sit around for hours.
          You go to the same club and the same skanks are encircling the same Ecstasy dealer or DJ.
          Plus sometimes a man wants the pros who fuck like porn stars.
          Life is too short not to have great sex.

        21. @asdasda
          Telling them to get a good college degree and go into a lucrative field…yeah, that’s real bad advice I am giving them. God forbid they work for big corporations and make money to afford what they want. They’d be better off as personal trainers and MMA instructors, right? Only 3 more years and that motorcycle is paid off…

        22. @ Shawn, aka Gen x-ile. What’s more pathetic? Pointing out that you always talk about prostitutes, your wife (lol) and how much you love J’s? Or changing your avatar every few weeks and using the EXACT same style of writing making the whole endevour of changing your avatar a waste of time?
          Go fuck some ladyboys.

        23. Slim claims to be “upper middle class” yet spends >88k a year on escorts.
          So either you’re stupid for not doing the basic math involved in checking your own story, or you’re stupid for spending nearly your entire earnings in a sad attempt to externally validate yourself. Oh wait, I’m missing a figure in the calculation – how much does it cost to have the hookers tell you that you’re important and that your name will mean something 2 months after your death?

        24. @ Roosh VI (nice try)
          Where do you get $88K/year?
          Mr. Collins asked what my average is and I honestly told him $1.3k/week. That is $5.2K/month which is under $65K/year. I live in in the NYC metro area. Upper middle class means between $200K and $500K per year.
          I suppose in Podunk Arkansas upper middle class might mean 100K/year, but not here. Take care.
          BTW, why would I possibly care what happens or what is said after I am dead? I care about others exactly as much as they care about me. Which is NOTHING.

        25. @ Roosh VI
          Are you an MMA instructor? Or a personal trainer maybe?
          Do you have tattoos and own a motorcycle?
          “Roosh VI’s” life 3 years from now…bet that’ll be real funny. Like rolling on the floor funny. I suppose the girls at the supermarket MIGHT think your EBT card is a credit card…

    2. “but marriage isn’t easy. A man is expected to love, honor, and cherish” Only under Protestant Christianity.
      Buddhist marriage, I provide and protect for her, she serves me.
      I would suggest you try marriage in a different country under a different religion.

        1. Commands are for the stupid masses too close-minded to do their own thinking.
          Religion is too, but I had to put it a line down to make sure the fanatics on this forum don’t actually read this (there’s a high correlation between the strongly indoctrinated and short attention span/illiteracy)

  2. Most red pilled men come to the realization that they were given a raw deal when it comes to women. Men today are expected to wife up a woman who is post wall, post 100 cocks, etc. The Mgtow movement has caught on to this as an extension of the red pill. Most of us men know in our hearts that we will never have what we wanted and what we are entitled to as men: a good, decent, God fearing women who isnt corrupted by society, to raise a family with. This realization brings about anger and the feelings of betrayl. But really this is the biggest obstacle most of us red pilled men have, simply coming to terms with the fact we’ll never have the chance to have a family and that society (feminism, cultural marxism) is to blame for that.

    1. Great comment. I am only 25 and realize this. Who in their right mind would want to put a ring on a woman that has been ran thru by so many guys. No thank you. I rather be single and alone before i marry a whore who has been alpha widowed. Even beta males are starting to wake up.
      In 1980 66% of adults under the age of 30 were married. In 2014 only 40% were married. In 2018 i bet those numbers are much lower. We all know that deep down every woman wants to get married and have kids but feminism is ruining that for women and man. feminism is basically telling men that we should wife up the woman with the 50+ notch and enjoy it without complaining. the “You go girl” attitude is also screwing things up. They are telling girls to “discover yourself and travel” in your 20s then settle down in their 30s.
      But riding the cock carousel has dangerous consequences.
      1. Being pumped and dumped will destroy a girls soul.
      2. After having 100s of c0cks it is impossible to settle down with one guy.
      3. When she is 30 the dating pool is smaller. The alpha males will be f9cking much younger women. Hence the phrase “Where have the good men gone”
      3. No men wants to start a family with an old women when their are Young women available. Too many health risk.
      4. Every guy the woman has sex with gets a little piece of her heart so by the time she is ready for marriage there is nothing left to give. She will not be the sweet little angel she once was. Instead she will be bitter and have a b1tchy attitude. Her happiness has been F##cked out of her.
      5. There is also a chart that has the divorce stats based on a girls previous partners.based on the chart the marriages that succeed are the ones where the girls is pure for her husband. Notch count 2<.
      6. Their a no new sexual experiences that she will enjoy. Anal: she has already tried it plenty of times with the frat guys. Bondage: Chad Thunderc0ck has handcuffed her plenty of times. B%kkake: she let tyrone the weed seller do it to her. Every fantasy you want her to experience has been taking away from all the guys in her 20s.
      These are just a few that i thought of on top of my head. If you ask an average man under the age of 30 most of them will tell you that women arent marriage material anymore. Keep in mind that most guys haven’t even heard of the redpill but know deep down that something is wrong. We all have heard what feminism does to men but what it does to women is much more damaging. When a women is in her 30s and isnt married she is sad and depressed 24/7. I have cousins who are not married and during thanksgiving they are so miserable. So for any guys who arent getting laid and think they are missing out on life just remember this:
      The women who are getting pumped in their 20s will pay for it later in life. They will be sad and miserable creatures.

      1. Avatar Aang
        Your comment, with a little bit of rounding out, would make a good article. In a few words you speak volumes of truth. Accurate portrayal of the singles scene in America today.

      2. “3. No men wants to start a family with an old women when their are Young women available. Too many health risk.”
        Young women are not available though because they’re busy having their souls and brains and intestines fucked out.
        And judging by male thirst being at an all-time high in history, I’d wager a bet that the main reason millennials aren’t getting married isn’t because “beta males are waking up” but because more and more 28+ women don’t want to settle for a beta. They’d rather adopt, in vitro, get pumped and dumped by some alpha cad and embrace single motherhood or just remain childless and pursue their careers and ride the cock carousel till they’re thrown off.
        I mean, if I were a financially independent woman then I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be with some beta loser who worships me, worships other men (pro athletes), drinks beer, is physically disgusting and is a boring simp.
        Generally speaking when I look at the state of men around me I’m genuinely surprised that so many women are still choosing to be in relationships and/or get married and actually cohabit and procreate with these dregs of manhood. Now that’s what I call biological imperative. Because I’d be all “give me Russell from Gladiator or Gerard from 300 or give me loneliness and cats — no one else is entering this womb IDGAF”.

      3. AV
        This is because none of 25 year old males have an fucking money.
        In the old days, by 25 a man who walked and talked had a decent-paying job.
        25 year old men live at home. Their job barely keeps them in beer. How will they marry?

        1. This is true. We’ve been handed a raw deal but no excuse. Adapt or die.. I’m 24 here in the states and I’m pulling 90k/yr in my industry while working on my bachelor’s.. Most of these suckers scrape by with pocket change and will ask you for gas money. Poor souls think that degree will help.. You’re fucked

        2. Damn straight. These ‘men’ can’t even support themselves. We all know “money doesn’t buy happiness” is for soft, moist pussies. Take what you want, earn what you want, fuck what you want. And drive over anyone who gets in the way. THAT is the true key to happiness.
          @Bilbo Shaggins Good for you bro, keep it up. We need to show these American ‘men’ how a real man looks. I was making ~160k/a year out of high school (multiple drop-shipping and investment ventures), and I didn’t need a degree or anything. You’ll probably get there pretty soon; I know some people still have a keen eye for business even if they’re late bloomers.

        3. IT start pay is about 80k. Thats at 22 years old. I know many kids this age making this kind of money, same with engineers and electricians.

      4. “Her happiness has been F##cked out of her.” this is gold right there.Young man this needs to be a seprate article and a good one at it submit it for helping others.

    2. “what we are entitled to as men”
      Men aren’t entitled to anything. We gotta earn everything ourselves. That’s my problem with MGTOW. They think they’re entitled to women and just quit when they realize they have to put in work.
      Back in the old days getting women involved going to war, killing all the men, and capturing all the women from an opposing tribe. 17 women reproduced for every 1 man that reproduced back then too. Doesn’t sound very fair to me.
      Getting women now requires game and resources and things are MUCH easier.

        1. John
          kikikki you said that some asian chicks are available to have your baby for a fee kikikiki. Now thats somehting new I lent today

        2. Keith,
          I bought my wife from her mom for just under $3,000.
          10 years later we now have a 6 year old son, and she’s still here.
          OK, so I did put her through high school and two years of university, but that was just a little bonus for her.

      1. in other socierties like in most parts of africa most man above 30 are married in some villages its even upto 95% ONLY THE VILAGE IDIOT IS NOT MARRIED

        1. In parts of Africa they fuck babies to try to get rid of AIDS. Africa isn’t a continent (or race) anyone should even consider copying. They’re an embarrassment to humanity. I mean, fuck, if aliens came and the first people they saw were Africans they’ll almost definitely come to the conclusion that there’s almost no difference in IQ and civility between animals and humans and just wipe us all out.
          I really wish blacks would own up to the fact they’re dumb. It really is the only answer for that race. The minute they own it they can stop blaming the tooth fairy for being racist.

        2. asada shut your stupid ass up. In some parts of America, white men fck their daughters. In some parts of Mexico, parents whore out theirs. There are human beings behaving erratically in any race. If you want to make a claim about Africa, at least choose a relatively exclusive issue before stating a conclusion. Otherwise, shut your simple ass up.

    3. Fearing god is for pussies.
      Marriage is for cucks.
      Having kids is for retards.
      Marrying a god-fearing woman to have kids with is for a combination of the three: you.
      Try taking a few more red pills and see if any of them actually digest. In the meantime, I’ll be reading Beckett and Nietzsche to try and recover the double-digit IQ points I lost by reading your garbage-brained ‘comment’.

  3. Nice article Pete.
    I commented on your previous article about your wife and I am one of those middle aged guys speaking about emptiness.
    But I have to admit, while your advice about church may be good for some, it is just not for me, for reasons I won’t go into. No, the more I think about it, JD, and MM, and Shawn (above) are correct. The only way I break out of my pattern, a pattern that has been in place for 32 years, is to go overseas. I’ll probably remain where I am until I can no longer find lucrative contracts. Then try to find some 3rd world country where an old programmer can fade away. Hopefully with an appreciative young girl.

      You can “change” all you can but a PLACE cannot change except by external forces (So Cal, inner cities).
      Therefore it is better to leave.
      What you would discover is how little people who don’t or cannot leave can ever change.

    2. you can go now.
      like I say – go at xmas for few weeks. try all the flavors.
      then you will know.
      can always do remote contracting – even at $30 per hour – live like a king….
      “Hopefully with an appreciative young girl”
      no way
      appreciative womensssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    3. Anyone who claims to remain here only until a lucrative contract comes along doesn’t really want — or doesn’t have the cujones — to leave his family, friends, culture, country. Hey, it’s hard. But at least admit to yourself that you’re not really committed to it, because if you were, you’d pack up and go somewhere & THEN land the contract.

      1. I have no family.
        Friends? Meh.
        Culture and country and hot young blondes?
        Yeah, on that I will agree that you have a good point.

  4. You are a nice addition to the stable of writers here at ROK.
    You’re correct… marriage and raising kids isn’t easy. I got relatively lucky in terms of both, and it *still* isn’t always easy. But now it’s hard for me to imagine, at my age, being single or without kids.
    I like the suggestion of church at the end of your article. Believing in something bigger than yourself, and that there is something better beyond this temporary, mortal coil, can be therapeutic. But in the west, there seems to be no middle ground… the churches are either PC to a sickening degree, or way over-the-top fundamentalist/evangelical.
    Other than that, in about an hour I’m taking an 88 year old widow who never gets out of the house on a nice ride around town. I do things like that. Peeps reading my posts here would never know it, but I’m actually a nice guy once you get to know me. 🙂

    1. Helping the elderly and simply giving them some companionship is a very admirable thing. That’s awesome!

    2. BED, I agree with your summation about churches in the west. I grew up in evangelical Protestantism. For me, it was “an inch deep, and a mile wide”. 20 years ago, at the then age of 40, I converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church (Antiochian Orthodox-Greek Church of Antioch). By far, the best life decision I ever made. I only regret not doing it sooner in life.

    3. ‘Breaking Bad’, you need to accept who you are, I’m a bad guy.
      And I’m happy with that.

      1. If you think you’re crazy you’re not. And if you think you’re bad, you’re not.
        If we want to talk bad, just wait for the video of Hillary and Huma murdering that girl. 7 days till Julian Assange takes the stand.

  5. I went my own way before mgtow existed. At the beginning of the 90’s I saw that shit had flipped in the US for the worse. I went first to Mexico and explored the whole country, I lived in Mexico for. 4 years. In 2000 I went to south America; Colombia first and have traveled most of South America. I currently live in Peru, where I have been since 2007. I have my business here and I’m financially free. Now that Venezuela is collapsing many Venezuelans have migrated to Peru so you now see hot women here. No need to go to potentially dangerous Venezuela or hop over to Colombia or Brazil anymore. I just bang fine ass Venezuelan immigrant women. Best thing I ever did was leave the US.

    1. Venezuelan girls seem like a great choice.
      They’ll probably worship all night you for a steak dinner.
      Good for you.

      1. I think you may be being sarcastic, but I do not think most of us can understand the seriousness of the situation in places like Venezuela where the situation for the typical person is descending into starvation.
        A few years ago there were reports of women in Greece selling them self for prostitution for as low as five euros; the reasons being is that many areas had fallen into starvation, the economy was totally destroy with no demand for anything, and moving away was not an option since they had no money to make the move with. What else could they do?
        Many of us would ask why would someone prostitute them self for such a small amount of money, but if the only other option is starvation, what else is there to do?
        I expect that many women in those areas would take an opportunity to marry someone outside of the country and leave, but there is little chance to meet someone willing to take them out of the country since who would want to go on vacation in a place that is having food supply problems and sky rocketing crime along with a complete breakdown of soceity?

        1. So what?
          The same people that cause the starvation, are responsible for feminism here. and the extraordinary high cost of women…And abuse/ disenfranchisement of men.
          I believe Ukraine has such beautiful women because of starvation. Only the hotties get fed – one way or another…

  6. How bout a change in article topics? Like how insurance companies are ripping us off, & what to do about it. Or how to feed yourself on 5 dollars a day or ways to make your car last forever. Or a good ol’ boomer thrashing article will suffice 😄

    1. E.t
      Luxury, 5 dollars a day feeds my entire family (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 kid).
      Soup, chilli, spaghetti, rice …… cost almost nothing, learn to cook.

      1. 50 dollars a day feeds myself something other than what peasants eat.
        Learn to stop being poor.

  7. Thank you so much Pete. A wonderful article and I am glad you are doing better. I believe I am going to walk into a church this week, break down, and ask how they can help God/Jesus renew my spirit. 39 years old here and my story is (of course) very different than yours, but I had a freakout recently regarding coming to some hard realizations about life and do not want to embrace nihilism. Thanks again, your article really hit home and touched my heart, truly!

  8. Well said Pete.
    I tried to forget God heading into my late teens early 20s and started banging sluts and finding meaning without him. Only lasted a few years before I realised he is the only meaning to satisfy the soul. Him my father me his son. I even got to Mary a virgin from my religious community who holds to western values. Truly a God of starting over. I get that many will find it hard to do church, but that doesn’t change who he is and that we were made to be his family.

    1. “western values” !!?? interesting !!
      Yada yada yada!!
      pussy pedestal, slut walks, pussies marching with image/hat of their “orifice”, affirmative action, aborting MALE fetus, pussies walking with naked breasts, body piercing & tattoos, pussies imitating & behaving as MEN, movies / tv shows / ads / news / government / business; all projecting pussies as “superior” to MEN & constantly disrespecting and dishonouring the MALE gender etc. etc. etc….
      Indeed! western “values” !!

      1. RAVI
        How’s Draidian dork like you in Kansas going to meet a Gori?
        If you are actually only 16 I can only imagine school is tortuous.

      2. Fair call. What I meant to say was traditional western values. The kind that was shameful to do the rounds with every chad in town, when women had a code of conduct. Had to go OS to get her but they still do exist

    2. Thanks for giving up on your fellow Man to worship some imaginary, invisible incel. Your cucklordliness will forever be enshrined by this comment. Just do us Real Men a favor when a world-wide epidemic inevitably wipes out a significant amount of the population: please volunteer yourself to be a number in the statistic so that our ‘worldly’ resources can be spent on people who actually give a shit.

  9. My uncle is hopelessly lost in the throes of blue pill Born-again Christian bullshit too. Just read the KJV Bible (Sir Francis Bacon’s un-attributed masterpiece) without the intercessionist dogma. Evangelicals are one step above illiterate and a handful of followers away from thinking they’re the true Messiah.

    1. Paracelsus – your words fall on mostly deaf ears. 90% of the ‘men’ on this forum are indoctrinated blue-pill cucktards. They act all independent until you call out the bullshit on their precious book of fairy tales. They are quite literally too stupid to understand that it’s a book of moral guidance, and not a life manual or history lesson. However, it is good to know that there are still Real Men (unlike these god-fearing bible slaves) out there like yourself who are prepped to deal with not only reality, but whatever comes next.

  10. Good column. I read your last piece, but had no idea what to say, other than condolences about your wife.
    “Go to Church”, may be good advice, but it lacks detail. More please.
    I use to be an atheist, until experiencing a miraculous healing. Actually, I was more an agnostic by then. And yes, I said a miraculous healing. Just like in the Bible. Absolutely true. Even though I probably did not deserve it.
    I’ve considered alternative explanations, of course. But only one thing really explains it. I went to church again for awhile, then stopped again. In part, because frumpy middle aged divorced women, began introducing themselves to me. And in part, because I’m an asshole, who failed to develop social skills.
    Now I’m blanching at the thought of adding more detail to my account. I’ve tired before. About my healing, and a UFO I once saw.
    Uh oh.
    And the haunted duplex one of my sisters use to live in.
    Double uh oh.
    Yes, those are true stories too. I never saw anything happen while at my sister’s place, and was doubtful at the time of her stories anyway. Not that I thought she was lying, or pulling a gag, just that there had to a rational explanation. Well, turned out there is one. Her duplex is haunted.
    Just as there’s an explanation about my healing. There is a God alright.
    But no one believes my stories. Not my sisters, or brother. I guess that is what they mean, by getting what you deserve. Along with me winding up alone, and never married.
    But now at least, I know more than most get to know, here in the information age. As the west continues its seeming decline. Which I like to believe will not be the end of us. Not at all. Guess why.
    (And no, I don’t think UFO’s have anything to do with this)

    1. MattTarngo:
      I believe you. I’m pressed for time right now but I will get back to you.
      Pete Fletcher

  11. Does anyone get the feeling that if the elites decreed that everyone must have their thumbs amputated, Americans would agree that the law makes sense and must be obeyed?

  12. I was in a desperate need of change when I was frustrated with my life and everyone around me who was guiding me how to do this and that. That was the time when I completed my school life.
    It that moment, I made a huge positive life changing decision. I decided to go under isolation for 3 months. I just stayed in my room, kept my phone unreachable, just showed up to my family at the time of breakfast and meals and got disconnected with the outside world. I just looked in the mirror, thought about my childhood, past decisions, my interests, strengths and weaknesses, and I learned anything that interests me online.
    It even got to the point when I once played chess by myself playing both the sides one after another(white won).
    I those times, I rediscovered myself. I felt like I took a rebirth. A new me. An authentic personality. I made a pact with myself to challenge my weaknesses and all the upcoming adversities in my life. I decided to face the fears of my life and when I felt I was ready, I showed up to the world.
    Today remembering those moments provide me immense amount of willpower in facing current difficulties of my life. I am looking forward to relive those days when I would get burned out with my life again in future.

    1. RAVI
      Well your Mom was arranged to marry your Dad when she was 14 so I presume you have the same option.
      Of course you’re more attracted to Goris but I am sure they think you are a dork.

      Yeah, that is Gen Y for you. “Don’t leave their room” as in they are living at home with Mom and Dad when they are 21.

      1. I think in his case, “Didn’t leave his room” was more to limit outside influences so he could have time to think without distractions from the outside world interfering or making demands on his time instead of not wanting to do anything that was work. So of like a personal retreat.
        If anything, spending time to think was probably harder than a lot of work, at least the mental aspect.

      2. I am endlessly entertained by those who are objectively too stupid to understand basic economics in a capitalistic society. Please, continue to enlighten us with your profound discoveries on how “THINGS AINT LIKE HOW DEY USE TOO BE” and “WHEN I WAS A BOY, I HAD TO WALK TO BIBUL CLASS UPHILL BOTH WEIGHS”.
        Also, congrats on inserting a two-syllable word into a sentence, presumably all by yourself. That’s a big achievement in special ed communities.

    3. Finally, a comment with actual advice that isn’t laden with garbage or religious fantasies. It’s unfortunate that it’s buried 3/4 of the way down the page on a trash article written by some cuck who just realized marriage might not be a wise idea.

  13. Men Who Go There Own Way
    The stuff that is talked about endlessly on here is actually relatively trivial-a bunch of (Them) dumping piles of porn on the internet because Gen Y wants to marinated in dirty pictures of BBC destroying a blonde girl’s asshole.
    Facing a reality of either going to some club and watching skanks hop around a DJ or using a hooker.
    Reading stupid stories about what a big bad monster some landlord-President is.
    It is all very dull and men who live overseas are too good to waste their time on this boring shit.
    There are more intoxicating things to do than come home from some job where your tax money is siphoned off to the ghetto to keep people from rioting over the wealth gap and watch a bunch of Armenian whores on TV in a house where a washed up cokehead black athlete threatened to kill himself in front of their father.
    Some men don’t want to walk around Aztecs and Trailer trash on the street.
    We are too good for that.
    It is not MWGTW
    It is Men Too Good For That Shit.

  14. Men Too Good For That Shit
    This is a movement for Gen X who were able to move away from the US as Gen Y is less likely to do because they are 25 or 30 and live in the same house they were in back in 1989.
    But some Gen X see how shit went downhill since the Clinton Era.
    Who wants to be around trailer trash or even working class whites losing their dignity as Antonio admits has happened?
    You go overseas.
    The blacks, Aztecs and to a lesser extent trailer trash who really are the ones who have turned the US into a dangerous and unattractive place cannot go anywhere because they are too stupid to be educated or get a passport and adaption is hard on a Bell Curve IQ.
    So you get out. I don’t see big fat “Boons” or Richard Ramirez type Mestizos with their mirthless grins or land whale mud sharks in Wal-Mart.
    Their violence and scum-qualities cannot get overseas.
    As for prostitutes, that is a personal choice and not one that society should make.
    It sheds light on the US hypocrisy. If a camera is present, you can pay a woman to do anything. Maybe that is “They” and the extent to which porn is part of the US economy. Take it away and billions are lost.
    So Men Who Go There Own Way sneer at this shit and at fools who would actually spend 2 minutes watching some daughter of Orthodox (They) who looks like a Russian madam in a low Dubai whorehouse pretending to be white trash like Rosanne. It is shit, the US media is shit.
    There is money to be made overseas, natural wonders to be experienced.
    But nobody posting knows that because they are all wrapped up in what Fake News says about this or that. Who gives a shit?

    You don’t understand, John. These guys cannot GET AROUSED by a prostitute.
    They have to look at pictures of wimpy J men with huge circumcised dicks that don’t match their gay looks like Deen or Jeremy FUCKING PROSTITUTES.
    If you took their porn away they would suicidal. They cannot go and have sex with a prostitute. They need to see big black and J dicks going into skinny dole fraud thickos who look like Trump’s daughter. Otherwise, their dick won’t get hard.
    These guys who jerk off to J w whoremongers screwing prostitutes often J wish themselves then go on and on about prostitutes when they jerk off to prostitutes all day.
    “I cannot stop fapping to porn”

  16. Starting over.
    Have done so many times. Divorce, loss of business, bad decisions, etc, etc…
    I consider myself the “Hare” and run round doing great and fantastic things all over the world.
    But now, some “tortoise” friends are doing better. I have a reasonable nest egg, but not good income presently. And need cash to get women – period.
    thinking about later life – retiring, fake health insurance… etc…
    I agree about not marrying – very bad deal for men.
    I’m dating (on-line) older ones – some things I’ve noticed:
    mostly divorced, and really secure and happy about it. They may come and fuck me while babysitter, or separated/divorced dad minds kids.
    I always pay -they never offer, or have any gratitude – not one – ever.
    Old women have dating app messages scrolling thru their iPhones like a stock ticker. there is no wall for them.
    Chicks can date guys between 15 years older and 15 years younger…
    Even I can get dates every night – but is much work – organization etc…
    Women can fuck 10 guys per day – and some do…no matter how old/ugly they are…
    late 30s are mostly no go – very pro-active and assertive about marriage/kids – no sex. Must get married, etc…So waist of time…
    early 40s want to fuck – no issues with kids, money, marriage, etc…And plenty around here are in good shape.
    A better tactic would be going out drinking – but I’m just not into it – and too old…
    I will hone my skills -get younger, and hotter on-line – hopefully…but….
    I agree with others – it is much better in SE Asia…I have a 5 year plan to move there.
    Hopefully with more cash.
    About religion – don’t know – trying a bit more “gratitude”, mentioned across disciplines – seems important…

  17. Annnnddd that’s it for me with this site.
    Too many manlets thinking that the solution is ‘duuhhhh, just go lift and date women from overseas, bro.” You forget one simple reality: when you hook up with that awesome SEA girl who you think is going to make that great *snicker* wife you are also going to be providing for her family. And they will not have any sense of obligation or remotely consider anything in terms of ‘thank you, white man.’ Forget about it. Also, the predilection to just run away underscores a bigger issue and that is of cowardice. Again, this used to be an interesting – which is not the same as great – site, but it’s been flooded with men who are desperate to appear greater than they can ever hope to be. Good luck!

    1. Maybe you should have read his post. He said, literally, nothing about anything you mentioned.

    2. DLG,
      I give my MiL $100 a month not to live with us, it’s actually worth $$$$$$s because in any husband/wife altercation or dispute, my wife has NOBODY on her side. MiL is bought and paid for and always on my side, and boy she really wants that $100.
      (PS. MiL is my age, I could probably shag her too …… Ewwwww)

  18. Beautiful words man. Red pilling one Christian after another. Sad, but the manosphere and game is going to save Christendom.

  19. “LIGHT! COLD! NOISE! SHOCK? Slap on butt! PAIN! Nurse with needle! OUTRAGE!”
    What comes after that? How about CIRCUMCISION?
    Having your sexuality destroyed by unethical doctors and nurses and uneducated parents crushed your spirit from day one. What a way to welcome a child into the world.

    1. Interesting –
      victim mentality about female genital mutilation. like everything in feminism – projected outright lie.
      When it is males that experience genital mutilation – by the hundreds of millions….
      And the fem-cunts laugh about it…

  20. Lol, these children don’t lift. You think a keyboard warrior with the name of “Burner Prime” or “john dodds” (Did your wife force you to remove the capitalization?) could bench press over 185, or get any ass without paying for it? Obviously not. Instead, they get their false validation from some website run by what I assume to be is an Armenian child slave trafficker. The circle-jerk of other cucks help embolden them, leading to this hollow sense of pride. And thus, the electronic embodiment of mental retardation is born in the guise of an rok comment section.
    These cucks were too pussy to swallow the whole pill.

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