Globohomo Rainbow Mafia Is Forcing The U.S. National Soccer Teams To Wear Gay Pride Jerseys

In the late 2010’s, the alphabet soup “LGBTQ” agenda in western countries has successfully made the decades long transition from tolerance (stage 1), to acceptance (stage 2), to support / pride (stage 3), to the next frontier of workplace coercion (stage 4).

Depending on your line of work, you may now have absolutely no choice as to whether or not you despise, tolerate, accept, or support the ever-expanding homosexual juggernaut.

In 2018, the United States national soccer teams are now the latest bigtime organizations to be 100% on the butthole surfing bandwagon, and are mandating that their players wear special sodomy supporting jerseys during their June matches for “pride” month.

This is nothing more than a growing element of queer fascism infecting western society with more cultural AIDS, and is akin to being made to wear an unwanted Star of David on your back while earning your bread playing kickabout.

More Globohomo Workplace Bullying Of Christians, Conservatives, And Masculinity

Are you Christian and think that homosexuality is a sin? Do you think that two men having their merry way with each other is absolutely revolting? Or maybe your just plain sick of this degenerate agenda being shoved down our throats via relentless Twitter hashtags, Google doodles, and Youtube ads?

And finally, ‘won’t someone please think of the children!’ when the untrained eyes of our offspring are forced to bear witness to all these salacious and lewd gay pride events?

Well Globohomo Inc. doesn’t care about you when it comes to professional soccer now. Support the sodomizers or be benched, booed, and roasted! Because “this is America” and like, “it’s the current year” and stuff.

The Rainbow Mafia Already Made A Sacrifice

Jaelene Hinkle

Meet the devout Christian Jaelene Hinkle. She’s currently a defender for the small market ‘North Carolina Courage’, and last year she turned down a call-up to the U.S. national women’s team because of the jersey the team was going to wear for two friendlies to honor the LGBTQ community. Hinkle respectfully said she “felt so convicted in my spirit that it wasn’t my job to wear this jersey.”

Accordingly, Hinkle was axed from participation in those June matches, and has not been called up to the national team ever since. (Professing your love for the Bible and the 97% of people who are heterosexual has consequences didn’t cha know?)

Let’s sacrifice her to our gay God! – Portland fans

Now apparently this has only become news this year, as another set of June “pride month” matches are about to take place, and news travels fast.

Hinkle recently received boos in SJW-magnet Portland (where else?) when her Carolina Courage beat the Portland Thorns. Some in the crowd waved rainbow flags at her, and one fan even brought a banner saying “Personal Reasons” in rainbow colors, a clear jab at the reason given for Hinkle’s dissenting choice in 2017. She didn’t give any interviews after the match, obviously bewildered and perhaps even somewhat fearful of her safety.

Conclusion – Say No To U.S. Soccer

Look how “down with the cause” and soy we are!

I was never a big fan of U.S. Soccer / Association Football to begin with. In fact, the biggest interest I ever took in the sport was when the men’s team actually made it to the World Cups. My far-fetched dream was that success in the tournament would silence snooty Europeans and Australians who always bitch about the United States being too insular, and improve the common citizens (admittedly) rather pitiful understanding of global geography.

Well, that ain’t happening this year.

Iceland, a tiny “white supremacist” island of little over 300,000 Nordics, qualified for the 2018 World Cup as the smallest participant in history. Meanwhile, “diversity is our strength” USA with over 300,000,000 people from every skin color and hair color imaginable from the Crayola crayon box, couldn’t seal a win over tiny Trinidad & Tobago to (barely) make it to the tournament in Russia.

The diversity-free Icelandic soccer team is going to the World Cup, with less than 1/1000th the population of “diversity is our strength” USA which failed to qualify.

It really does tear into the American psyche how tiny and benign countries like Portugal, Iceland, the Netherlands, or Trinidad and Tobago can dominate the United States in the realm of well… anything, and accordingly interest in international soccer will remain only a niche market for quite some time to come.

That niche market is only going to get smaller still, as the more right-leaning half of an increasingly polarised country is going to tune out international U.S. soccer in large numbers now. I highly recommend doing the same, and punish the U.S. soccer administration for their moronic pro-HIV and anti-fertility virtue signaling which is leading to kindhearted heterosexuals being bullied.

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80 thoughts on “Globohomo Rainbow Mafia Is Forcing The U.S. National Soccer Teams To Wear Gay Pride Jerseys”

    1. Nope. Thank God.
      And beyond everyone on ROK supporting their national side which is participating, we should indeed be down with Iceland 100%. One of the least populous white nations on Earth going the distance would be just as good a pie-in-the-face of progressivism as Donald Trump’s election victory. haha

      1. Iceland is totally pozzed, most gynocentric country on earth. Paternity certainty there is about the same as in Africa.

        1. Are you implying Africa is perverted, gynocentric by looking at the behavior of African-Americans?

        2. They always had what appears like feminism due to the climate and location. An idle princess would starve. They can’t export their feminism but the Iceland case is unique. Refugees are being peddled there like it’s a fad, to be hosted by families. They’re bored. One refugee going on a rampage would teach them.

      2. Icelandic men, are the last Vikings on this Earth ??
        The rest Norwegian, Swede, Dane, are emasculated little pussies today , with the backbone made of marshmallow ??

    2. If you’re really going fuck up the rainbow, commandeering a natural phenomenon to celebrate an unnatural LBGTQ-ish cause, then the more fitting tribute is shoving a rainbow colored double donger your pussy and/or asshole, letting it protrude outta of your athletic shorts o show your solidarity for the sexually deviant fudge packers and dickless carpet munchers.

      1. . . There’s an awful lot of ((anus porn)) that pops up when you turn off your browser filter, like 80% of white woman depections showing them being plugged in the ass – and instructing white males how in reality NOT to do their wife. The anus porn is false sex education intended to arrest white breeding. IT’S THE WRONG HOLE DUMMIES. The girls portrayed are no name non stars or celebrities, just random pretty genes out there being squandered and going to waste while they’re either earning ten bucks or they’re being given a whiff of blow. The next time some sh¡tter porn comes on my screen I’m tempted to smash it. I remember many times when I wanted to throw my TV out the window back in the 80s with all the anti cultural garbage that was televised, but this internet bung garbage is too much.
        I’ll admit it’s always funny seeing an unnaturally small thoroughbred mini dog humping a fire hydrant – or a guest’s leg – but of course they don’t know what they’re doing becaust they’re genetic mutants. It’s mostly the unnaturally small dog breeds. Rarely do you see a large german shepherd service dog humping inanimate objects although occasionally a big retarded mutt comes along and shows he’s got some rainbow defect or some shitzu ancestry.
        The mini mutant dogs typically need tons of help just normally breeding a litter of 2 if they’re lucky. You have to peel them away from the cat first. But healthy normal sized white humans being tricked into sh¡thole poking like we see in the k¡keporn??? WE’RE NOT POMERANIANS dammitt!! I’m so sick of the brainwashing. It’s not a bit funny anymore. And enough of the rainbowization of masculine sports. These sportsmen who are the least genetically prone to being incels are being propagandized to incorrectly visualize anuses and inanimate objects for sex so as to arrest normal breeding. Oooh I’d just like to shove a fire hydrant up some globohomo’s ass and a pomeranian down their throat – and then shake like a power ade drink tumbler. Then they would crap a humping pomeranian the next day right there on the corner of the sidewalk. Now THAT would be funny. .

  1. The qualification process is essentially rigged so the USA is almost assured entry to the world cup only having to overcome a couple of third world banana republics to make it. And Still didn’t qualify lol. Diversity is our strength indeed…
    Much respect to that lady who sacrificed her career to uphold her moral values, bravo.
    The progressive movement once again showing extreme hypocrisy with its bigotry and tyrannical rule.

    1. And she’s a BIRACIAL FEMALE to boot. Despite having two major victim hierarchy points which you imagine would have helped mitigate a lot of potential fallout, she still got thrown under the bus for not kissing the ring of faggotry.
      There’s a reason none of the white men on the men’s side are taking this same stand. They know will be absolutely done for as far as their careers and future dating/marriage prospects are concerned, after they have been google and twitter bombed in a digital-age Dresden firebombing.

      1. Yep, its the ((Bolshevik))) revolution all over again but now they have figured out how to execute and imprison dissidents in Gulags without firing a bullet.

    2. “Much respect to that lady who sacrificed her career to uphold her moral values, bravo.”
      Roseanne Barr?

      1. Sure, if it was legit. few points though
        Roseanne is already filthy rich and had her career.
        Her message was odd and questionable, Nazi’s/Soros/Obama, an ugly woman it just didn’t really make any sense. Was it all theatre? an angle? Was it just a dumb b1tch mouthing off? hard to say.
        I believe her 80/90s sitcom revived show wasn’t very successful and on the chopping block anyway.

        1. I thought it was directed at the Americans on the board, your nickname kinda made me think so

        2. The 1389 thing made me think you’re a Serb and I thought you might be (understandably) pissed off at the Americans

  2. …and the Grade a malignant cancer kills another segment of society…
    Get cracking, there is a whole lot of the rotting corpse of humanity to consume. You can have my share.

    1. Oh wait, is this where I am supposed to bash Putin and wave the Stars N Bars about how great we are? Putin doesn’t tolerate this crap. I can like him for that much at least and his rope a dope routine he did to Obama…but that was really funny though. The US deserved to be kicked around for those 8 years by Putin for electing that POS.

  3. I used to be completely indifferent to fags, now I hate them with a passion. I doubt another professional victim group exist on earth as petty, vindictive, cruel, paranoid and DUMB as the ass roaches. Even BLM types appear reasonable in comparison…
    I hope AIDS finish ’em off, all of them

    1. A.J.
      “I hope AIDS finishes them off”
      It used to, but these days you can live with it like diabetes.
      The other problem is that women who would have been married 30 years ago to some Yuppie in 1987 are now exposed to sex with bi-sexual Negros (Like the Amanda Knox case where middle-class kids who would have been normal in the 80’s were involved in a drug fueled sex killing because of a black club dealer) and AIDS travels from an African homo’s anus through the penis of a black who will jam his penis into any old hole and into the vagina of a white girl.
      In the old days, gays got AIDS and died within a few years. Mores of the young limited exposure to the disease to white women.

    2. A.J.
      Two problems-
      1) White women have more exposure these days to blacks who often have sex with gays if the opportunity exists and AIDS is shot into their vagina.
      2) People live with AIDS for 10 or 20 years.

      1. is extremely hard to get AIDS from normal vaginal sex. I bet those women are taking it in the ass.

    3. Hmm I wonder if this is a true statement of what you’re thinking, or is it just a facade? Are you trying to hide something from yourself by saying these vile things?

  4. I’ve mentioned Iceland before. They are the only modern country that have used some of the “economic strategies” or “banking reforms” that were employed by the Nazis during the early 1930s, which lead to the greatest economic recovery the world has ever known. Recall that the German nation was in absolute economic and social shambles in 1933 (thanks to the tribe-controlled and completely degenerate Weimar Republic), when the Nazis came into power, but had the best and most robust economy in the World a mere 5 years later. And I state this without any praise for the upper leadership of the Nazis, who were largely psychopathic douchebags. Tiny, non-diverse and hard working Iceland provides a template for all modern nations to regain their governments and economies. I wish that courageous country well in the World Cup.
    Speaking of diversity, there have never been any valid studies showing that diversity amongst a group (any type of group) improves their efficiency, creativity, productivity or success rates at achieving any goals whatsoever. On the other hand, there are many studies and obvious examples of homogeneous groups achieving incredible feats, whether it be in sports, in times of war, within politics or in the work force. Hard-working, like-minded people who can communicate clearly and are not confounded by cultural barriers or hamstrung by any social issues ALWAYS perform the best, especially when they are allowed to take pride in their group (as a nation, company, organization, family, etc.). But that is exactly what our (((enemies))) understand and try to prevent us from doing.
    Now I will say this, when I go to a party, wedding or any social gathering that’s meant to be fun and entertaining, I enjoy and PREFER diversity because I find it interesting due to the social interactions. But, when productivity or achieving goals is at stake, give me other men very similar in cultural / educational / economic / moral / ethical backgrounds as me.

    1. “Hard-working, like-minded people who can communicate clearly and are not confounded by cultural barriers or hamstrung by any social issues ALWAYS perform the best, especially when they are allowed to take pride in their group (as a nation, company, organization, family, etc.). But that is exactly what our (((enemies))) understand and try to prevent us from doing.”
      Well said, 100% truth.

    2. The Nazi Germany economic “boom” was prompted up with Wall Str capital. I thought, you, of all people, would know that.

      1. No question that Hitler and Co. received financing from various Jewi$h bankers, particularly those working for firms in New York and Switzerland, but the real economic miracle of Germany during the 1930s was triggered by renouncing their foreign-owned central bank (which charged face value on the money they created like the Federal Reserve does to this day) in favor of printing money via their own treasury at the cost of only the paper / ink / labor. This is what the USA did also prior to the Fed being pushed through in 1913. As such, a $100 bill should only cost 3-4 cents to produce and put into circulation, not $100 plus interest.
        This switch in Nazi Germany had to be done to dramatically stimulate the economy, reduce unemployment to almost zero and rebuild / rearm the country to a high level. They also renounced the Versailles Treaty, which was a big financial burden. But it was all a set up to get the German people fully behind the Nazis / Hitler and the devastation that occurred in 1945-46 was obvious payback — and then the foreign-owned central bank was quickly reinstated. BUT, life in Germany for the average Christian national was pretty special for about a 10-year period and is a clear road map for any country to follow if they have the balls to thumb their noses at the (((international banking community))).

      2. The J’s and of course their international financial mafioso boycotted and enforced trade sanctions against Germany.
        They defied them and still flourished. No wonder the J were calling for the extermination of Germany.
        Iceland is under the radar and minimal threat but it will be on the hit-list just like Sweden.

    3. Iceland is a matriarchal feminazi state. I’d much rather live in a large , racially diverse country where MEN still retain our rightful authority than a homogeneous, white leftist gynocracy that is beloved by SJWs throughout the West. Productivity requires labor. That means division of labor. Not everyone can or should do the same thing.

  5. LGBTQ” agenda in western countries has successfully made the decades long transition from tolerance (stage 1), to acceptance (stage 2), to support / pride (stage 3), to the next frontier of workplace coercion (stage 4).
    Overton’s window at its finest

  6. First they got their right to “pride” and parades. Not enough.
    Then they got the right of “sexual orientation” included as a protected class. Not enough.
    Then they got the right to adopt children. Not enough.
    Then they got gay characters being depicted in TV shows and movies. Not enough.
    Then they got the right to “civil unions.” Not enough.
    Then they got the right to serve openly in the military. Not enough.
    Then they got the right of gay marriage. Not enough.
    So now we have the transgender phenomenon, gender neutral/gender fluid, 28 different genders, restroom controversy, public and private sector employers actively recruiting and hiring gays, the top enlisted man in the Navy saying he’s proud to serve with transgendered sailors, and the US national soccer team being forced to wear an LGBTQWTFOMGLMFAO logo.
    The mind boggles, but what’s next?

    1. Honestly, I used to be “somewhat” tolerant with fags, as long as they didn’t shove their faggotry down my throat. I had to change my opinion when they were given right to adopt children.
      Any children raised by fag couples/fag singles are almost %100 fated to become gay as well due to sexual imprint.
      Sins of parents are transferred to children.
      We also have to stop using term “homosexual” as it is a euphemism for “sodomite”
      Any “homosexuals” that I happen to know are very capable to fuck the other gender. They just opt for perversion instead

      1. BENNY
        I cannot get worked up over men fisting one another in seedy clubs or working glory holes.
        Who gives a shit?
        The problem is having to see it.

    2. @Blue Eyes
      News Flash: Miss America contest to eliminate bathing suit competition. This will definitely open the door to trannies being allowed to openly compete.

    3. then they accuse you of a slippery slope when we ask What´s next [insert their next demand here], and deny the existence of a gay agenda.

  7. This explains why the U.S men’s team is so soft and has no fight. Virtue signaling is back at it. The left is making the lgbthdvdhdbcjdbdbdbdgdjnfb even more unlikable.

  8. “queer fascism”???
    Mussolini and Hitler had military parades, not this gay shit.
    Take responsibility for your own homos.

    1. True story: there were so many “bull homosexuals” with clear psychopathic and pedophilic bents in Hitler’s elite entourage (SS leadership mainly) that Mussolini eventually refused to invite them to Italian soil for meetings because of the carnage they would leave behind. Queer Fascism, indeed. Strangely, many of these deranged men kept a common secret: jewi$h origins. Only when you go down enough “rabbit holes” will you come to appreciate that the significant j-tribe involvement in the Nazi party (in terms of its financing, leadership, policy planning, negotiating with leaders of World Zionism, etc.) makes perfect sense. But without doing the homework, such facts seem absolutely bizarre and contradictory.

    2. Fascism and homosexuality actually go hand in hand.
      There was even a saying that went “Eradicate the homosexual and fascism will disappear.”
      The Nazi party was riddled with homosexuals.

  9. I heard the US soccer team instead of taking the knee, has been bending over at the hips, during the national anthem. “Brown dates matter”. (date for those that don’t know is an humourous Australian euphemism for the butthole)
    Goddamn Faggets!

  10. Mixture
    Age of Conflict
    Universal Empire

    If this isn’t decay, then what is..

    1. “Do you want more falling faggots? Because that’s how you get more falling faggots.”

  11. I really don’t care if you are gay or lesbo or wanna cut off and mutilate your natural parts. That’s your business. When anyone wants to shove their agenda down my throat or up my ass that’s when I kick back. Also, don’t tell me a child knows about what sex they want to be. That’s parental and Government abuse combined with special interest agenda.
    Keep your rainbow flag to yourself and have a nice day.

  12. “97% of population is hetero”
    It’s actually 100% because homosexuality is a choice and a social construct unique to the West. (Other nations have/had similar thing but they all get married to females and are usually attracted to feminine young boys.)

  13. “That niche market is only going to get smaller still, ”
    Probably not. As hispanics continue to be an ever larger part of the US population interest in soccer will show the same upward movement.

    1. Not necessarily. 2nd Gen Hispanics tend to get Americanized very quick and follow the same sports as the rest of the nation.
      Baseball is actually a bigger sport in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela.
      Florida and Northeast Hispanics (who are mostly not Mexicans) do NOT follow the soccer trend by and large. It’s a 1st generation Texican and Mexifornian thing.

  14. I don’t care about homos, I don’t care about their rights and sheit and I don’t care when talibanen throw them from roofs, it’s life you know. Oh, and btw I would hit that Hinkle!

  15. The teams to support-
    Russia- the simple fact that Russia competes drives the globohomo insane. I absolutely loved the fact that the Russian hockey team won Olympic gold and then sung their national anthem in defiance of the cucks live and worldwide, and it would be awesome to see them do it at home.
    Poland. All white and all right!
    Croatia. Not down with EU faggotry either.
    Serbia. Might get into a burly fight with the Croats because they’ve hated each other for centuries or any of the muslim cockroach teams because ditto.

    1. The western pussies cant find a way to wind the 2nd cold war and are trying veeeeerry hard with ridiculous methods, from economic sanctions to doping smearing while in fact doping is pretty standard procedure for every pro sportist, but hey we have to weaponize it against Russia. Damn faggot western pussies, if u had the balls u would attack Russia physically, Hitler at least had the cohones to try that instead of hypocritical female style passive aggressive bullshit.

    1. They failed to qualify for it despite only having to beat a couple Third World banana republics to get there.

  16. Homos are fairly talented at being annoying, and now we’re seeing it as a massive campaign to steamroll mainstream sensibilities. The rainbow flag was hoisted on the grounds of our corporate campus last Friday, on the same halyard as the California state flag and next to the flagpole bearing the stars & stripes. I was told it’ll be there the ENTIRE month of June. That’s gay today…totally in your face. All of June is now THEIR month. And the virtue-signaling, how boring, bandwagon-y and meaningless these gestures seem when all companies want is more money, no matter what. It’s my duty to not give a shit about the LGBT visual clutter intruding on our lives, but do we really need constant reminders about guys who are into shit-stained balls and butthole pleasures? As the article points out, US culture is getting saturated in their relentless campaigning, and Corporate America is totally locked in (or else). The softer, live-and-let-live stance I took in the 1990s and 2000s has been slowly disintegrated by the group that “refuses to be ignored.”

    We gave them an inch of compassion and recognition, and the “3%” took a mile.

  17. Soccer is a queer sport anyway, I wouldn’t expect any less. Hockey is about the only masculine non social justice sport left besides car racing, if that can even be considered a sport.

  18. This certainly explains why the USMNT sucks so bad lately. I laughed so hard when they failed to qualify for the World Cup (which starts in a few days), while Panama made the cut. Mexico and the USA are supposed to be the shoo-ins for Concacaf, with the other spots taken by Central American banana republics. Team USA is completely poz’d.

  19. Until the war, women were little more than chattel. With Iceland’s strategic location, it inevitably became the site of a lot of Allied activity. The GIs there would ask the girls on dates, bring them candy & flowers, treat them to dinner — nothing remotely like that ha ever happened to them before.

  20. It is telling that Hitler saw homos as a threat to society along with the Jews. And that both are pushing “degenerate art” in our society.

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