Let’s End The Obesity Epidemic By Requiring Fat People To Wear Burqas

Today I was wandering through a Marshall’s to kill some time, because I can usually get cheap socks or T shirts.  What I like about Marshall’s is that even though it’s full of cheap stuff, the type of people you encounter have a decidedly less “People of Wal-Mart” vibe than Ross or Burlington.  But today my retinas were subjected to the type of abuse usually associated with staring at solar eclipses for hours on end, and I’m still shaken.

When I went to leave the store, I had to slow down because directly in front of me, taking up the entire width of the double exit doors, was a Giantess outfitted in yoga pants and a crop top.  The curious side of me wondered about the square footage of material and what it was re-purposed from to make her pants, and it remains a mystery whether or not the crop top was intended to be worn as such or if the fit was a happy accident when she discovered that a quad X men’s Tee could only cover so much of her torso.

What really attracted my morbid fascination, however, was her triceps; like a parody of one of those horrifying Brazilian “bodybuilders” (a parody of a parody, then) that show up on the internet as cautionary tales with cartoonishly enlarged and disproportionate muscles inflated with site injections of synthol, her upper arms took no heed of the limitations her shirt sleeves theoretically enforced, instead choosing to swing freely several inches below her elbow.

This needs to stop.  No longer should I have to fear for my sanity any time I venture into a public space, when around any bend I might witness a scene like the one described above. And for God’s sake, think of the children.  Forget the fact that body types like this are becoming normalized and gaining mainstream acceptance; the real problem is the hypocrisy of a society that prevents kids under thirteen from seeing certain movies but turns a blind eye to grotesqueries once reserved for the circus.  Becoming nauseated and losing one’s appetite certainly can’t be doing good things for the much maligned American diet, either.

In light of this epidemic, I have proposed a solution.  First, stop calling it an epidemic, as though fatness is an airborne virus that strikes unsuspecting victims at random. Obesity is a choice, and while not everyone has the Adonis genetics your humble author was gifted with, neither are the DNA limitations so stacked against anyone that being in a healthy weight range is really all that difficult, let alone impossible.

The second part of my two stage solution is more difficult to implement but infinitely more gratifying: make fatties wear a Burqa.  It’s well documented that Islam is a backwards religion that curtails the rights of millions of women, and the Hijab/Burqa is perhaps most symbolic of this.  I propose we appropriate this piece of “culture” and use it to our advantage by outlawing it, except for those over a certain BMI.

This does two things; for one, it eliminates the damage inflicted on innocent bystanders when they see the obese in public, and secondly, it encourages them to lose weight.  If you live in Texas and it’s July, wearing a few billowing yards of polyester just might make a person reconsider their life choices, and if they’re stubborn enough to carry on with their existing lifestyle they may still lose weight through sheer amount of perspiration.

I’m well aware that this proposal carries with it certain challenges, namely infringing upon a person’s rights.  (There’s also the chance that Muslims will bulk up in order to blend in and smuggle IED’s, but no solution is perfect.) To that I ask, is a fatty really still a person, and do they merit the same rights as the rest of us?

If you’ve turned on the news at all recently, you’ll see plenty of people calling for gun control in a variety of forms and severity, and the argument they all make is the same: giving up freedoms is the price you pay for safety, or distilled to a basic aphorism, desperate times call for desperate measures.  I for one cannot think of a more desperate situation than the obesity crisis.

It’s well documented that leftists have a much lower disgust threshold than those on the right, as well as usually being uglier.  This isn’t propaganda (a quick Google search can supply you with the studies), and it makes sense.  The left would have you believe that truth and beauty are social constructs, which is the type of philosophy that leads to retarded ideas like “fat acceptance”.  Never mind the fact that obesity is demonstrably worse for your health than being in a healthy weight range, because facts don’t matter as much as feelings with these people.

The fact that I have to reiterate a self-evident fact that being fat isn’t good for you is hilarious to me, and a sign of how bad things have gotten. So to conclude, I’d like to stress that all these measures I’ve suggested come from a a place of empathy and kindness.  The people that coddle the obese and rob them of their responsibility in the matter care not a whit for these people, and if they did they’d join me in shaming them.  Perhaps with enough insults and enough time in a Burqa they’ll decide to make a change for the better. #Fatshame2k18 (it works).

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63 thoughts on “Let’s End The Obesity Epidemic By Requiring Fat People To Wear Burqas”

  1. We need less idiotic laws and rules and more freedoms. Let fat people just live free and die young.

      1. Beautiful women need the burkas to keep them in check. Burkas were invented to cut the flaunting and hypergamy of women who were owned by their patriarchal masters. The only thing you cover with a tarp otherwise is a pile of sand so it doesn’t blow away while you’re doing landscaping work. Really a burka isn’t to conceal ugliness. It tells you that there is something prized and fine beneath, something that is spoken for, claimed, hands off and owned.
        A burka is a protective coating for your valuable investment like Endust for your coffee table or Armor-All for your car’s dash panel. Wasting a burka on a grotesque fatty is a waste of good material because no one is going to covet them anyways. You could make a lot of good table cloths, drapes, du rags and so on out of all those 5XL burkas. Think about it. Pillow cases, couch throw covers, you name it. Like thrifty MCGOO always says “a penny pinched is a quarter to my balls and half past my ass”

        1. Most burkas and hijbas I see are covering hairy monsters with either high BMIs or that bear little resemblance to an attractive woman.
          700 years of first cousin marriage tends to cause inbreeding, which is bad for aesthetics. Not many good looking muslim women out there. Most are fat or look like fire hydrants with moustaches.
          You can keep em and their fucked up religion.

        1. Yeah you’re right about Arab Muslims, both male and female being hairy and fat. Someone who’s more Muhammadologically knowledgable than myself should do an article on where the heck the women got their moustaches from. I would start with the premise that it was some kind of a curse and run with my intuition and imagination. But I’m sure there’s a real reason for the women having moustaches whatever it is.
          On the Arab obesity I can tell you they were nomadic desert tribes who evolved into water retainers/efficient metabolizers and their bodies store every bit of fat that they consume much like the Micronesian Pacific islanders who have the ‘conservation gene’. A triple baconater burger and fries permanently sticks to their ribs – and their ass, and jiggling limbs and face and neck. They literally turn into half-ton piles of jiggling blubber when they eat high carb high fat western fast food. Their bodies can’t deal with it.
          A 20yo Saudi man Khalid Moshin Shaeri weighed 1300 lbs and had to be hoisted by a crane from his apartment by EMS.

          You very rarely see people half that size (650 lbs) in the deep south. Maybe 300+ lbs for a poorer, budget food eating rural trailer dwelling white woman. And there are many 300+ pound black women who approach the weight of a literal gorilla in the projects who are sedentary with idiot box TV dishes sticking out their windows – but even 650+ lbs is still rare in the US deep south and the west in general. A 600-700 lb bedridden overweight person is quite common now in Arab countries and Pacifica. Khalid is the record holder as far as I know at 1344 lbs. Conservation gene at work folks. Khalid probably ate the same amount of bacon cheeseburgers as you or I, but the fat conservers ‘grow’ humongous once the bedridden phase begins and they continue ordering fast food delivered. They require assistance sponge bathing and wiping their ass, but need no help eating cartons of tendies and other assorted finger foods. Strangely, in nearby India and especially Myanmar (Burma), people are as brown as Arabs but Myanmar is one of the skinniest nations. Burmans eat well, dogs and cats even, not because they’re starving but because they like eating dogs and cats. They don’t share the same conservation gene in the rainforest areas it seems.
          And yes you’re right Arab women can become disgustingly and ghastly gargantuan. See the time lapse map of world obesity where Saudi Arabia leads the way:

          Burkas cannot help the inbred obese Arab women anymore. Now it’s the skinny white western coeds and cheerleaders who should be the ones who get the burkas I believe. It would keep the acid rain and UV from turning them into prunes and it would keep them chaste thereby raising their wifable market value.
          Yeah babeee

  2. For a lot of obese and overweight folks, the issue stems from childhood where they had no choice in the matter. Whether the parents/caregivers were unable to offer nutritious, healthy food or sporting activities remains to be speculated. The fact remains that overweight and obese people know they’re overweight and obese. I’ll play the devil’s advocate here and say that shaming isn’t going to do anything for this problem. Shaming might actually go so far as to reinforce the negative eating patterns and lifestyles that these people are dealing with. Being overweight in school is not easy as I’m sure we can all imagine. I’m all for the off the grid articles and opinions on this site but to write an article on obese individuals with a remedy of shaming and making them wear burkas is absurd. The author is clearly speaking down from his high horse. Gross.

    1. It’s called “Filling the void in your life with food.” Also, Obesity and Chronic Ill Health are both markers for poverty, and usually brought on by stress, low social status and depression. A trip to the rural Southern United States where poverty is endemic will verify that.* (The Bible Belt is called “Coronary Alley” for a reason.)
      A lifestyle change can work wonders for these people. Transplanting someone to, say, the Southern California Beach Cities where everybody is physically active and the lifestyle and nutrition bar is raised can and does provide an obtainable and better alternative can work wonders. Time and again I’ve seen the pounds melt off and the muscle grow on transplants who are surrounded suddenly by an alternative and achievable lifestyle.
      (Also consider the role of genetics. Persons of African or Native Ancestry are plain old predisposed to obesity and consequent diabetes. Latina asses are there for a reason.)
      Finally the Burqua thing: They already exist and are referred to as Maxi Dresses or Mumus. Note that they usually show up on the fashion radar when things are getting bad financially, most recently around 2008 when you had the financial collapse. In other words – financially – you really don’t want to see people wearing them. Research the relationship between skirt length/heel height and economic performance to learn about this reliable socioeconomic indicator.
      Hope this helps.
      Just a thought.
      *Also a greasy diet and climate conducive to outdoor activity a few months of the year.

    2. Beautiful women need the burkas to keep them in check. Burkas were invented to cut the flaunting and hypergamy of women who were owned by their patriarchal masters. The only thing you cover with a tarp otherwise is a pile of sand so it doesn’t blow away while you’re doing landscaping work. Really a burka isn’t to conceal ugliness. It tells you that there is something prized and fine beneath, something that is spoken for, claimed, hands off and owned.
      A burka is a protective coating for your valuable investment like Endust for your coffee table or Armor-All for your car’s dash panel. Wasting a burka on a grotesque fatty is a waste of good material because no one is going to covet them anyways. You could make a lot of good table cloths, drapes, du rags and so on out of all those 5XL burkas. Think about it. Pillow cases, couch throw covers, you name it. Like thrifty MCGOO always says “a penny pinched is a quarter to my balls and half past my ass”

    3. @Burton – As usual big overextended government is to blame for obesity. The kids in school are fed big government contract processed foods. I’ve seen trucks of Schwann’s frozen foods delivered to schools. That’s all they serve. Obama got some sweetheart deal with Schwann’s and now the school lunch ladies just thaw n serve pre coked nuggets and mystery meat patties. Lunch ladies don’t even have to know how to cook anymore like when I grew up. I remember REAL cooking at school back in the day – chicken fried steaks with cream gravy, steamed greens and good stuff. Now it’s processed Schwann’s crap and a bag of Lay’s potato chips and a Hi-C box drink with HFCS and enough red 40 to make you go mad.
      The socialist services facists play left field intimidating parents to shitload their kids up with the crap too. They’re all a part of the system that needs done away with. A kid screaming that they’re ‘hungry’ is just withdrawing from the last dose of processed kosher HFCS sweetened goop. School kids need to go on a fast and dry out from all the crap food and then watch them go paleo and dig in to a nutritious lean roasted deer carcass and a bin of lightly steamed and spiced greens like real Roman kids.
      The biggest indictment of processed food can be seen in the Pacific Island nations that are isolated and rely on imported food shipments. Small Pacific island nations all top the list of most obese countries. They eat nothing but Spam and chips and drink HFCS soda daily. Their staple foods are all the processed frankenfoods so the islands are like a controlled laboratory experiment of what happens when you exclusively consume nothing but junk food. The data is irrefutable.

      The islanders were once the leanest tribes on Earth who for 10,000 years foraged coconuts and fished. They would paddle boats for weeks fishing so they evolved a ‘conservation gene’ where their body stores every bit of fat that they consume. Now LOOK at the diabetes. They rate 80+% obesity and 30% diabetes and lead the world in foot amputation.

      Due to isolation islanders have little choice of food selection, but western parents who are not stuck on a remote island and who feed their kids the processed junk DO have better food options and are definitely to blame.
      A stupid fat single mother on food stamps who feeds her kids junk garbage does so because it’s what she herself eats. Low IQ welfare mothers make stupid choices all around and get addicted to anything including food. And smarter working women like the fat vapid whales who work in government building cubicles also eat themselves to the grave due to the government worker culture of laziness and entitlement. How retarded for all of them.
      And being big arrogant fat entitled wretches with government gravy jobs as well as their dumber adjunct welfare freeloaders, they all tend to force their own kids to live like they were confined on a Pacific island when they’re not. So it IS their fault. Those stupid fat shitfood eating mothers, especially the single ones need bitchslapped with a bag over their head and rolled into the nearest gutter. Shame shame shame on them feeding Junior that crap.

  3. Watch out, I’m going to pop…..(f**king mad puking)..
    Jesus H Christ…no wonder I’m closer to hermit these days…I cant afford a purge diet like a bulimic. The alien invasion cannot happen fast enough.

  4. I think the easiest way to “treat” obesity is to hit them in the wallet. Now that the US government requires everyone to have health insurance base part of the cost on being overweight. In fact, if you want health insurance require annual physicals like used to be required before the feds started regulating private health insurance in the 70’s. Back then if you wanted any kind of health insurance you had to see the doc at least every 12-14 months for your annual physical. Missed it. Eventually your plan got cancelled. Oh and the physical wasn’t fun either. You basically stood naked in front of a doctor and nurse for 45 minutes while every orifice got poked, prodded, and had something inserted to it. There was no option of even a skimpy gown to cover you up. Everything was just hanging out for God and Man to look at. My wife would tell me it was even worse for women who had their “down there” parts probed like an alien had abducted them.
    So, if you are fat that is fine. You just pay more, probably a lot more seeing most medical conditions have a causation link to obesity. Fat people can go on weight management plans that are monitored by medical professionals. If they follow the plan then let’s give them some incentive in the form of rate reductions and/or amnesty periods. For instance, if you had a decadent summer at the beach and are ten pounds overweight, but lose it in a few months after your annual visit, then no rate hike for you.
    And time to change food stamps. Processed food should generally be banned. Saw a woman the other day buying a dinner sized portion of a frozen meal for her and the two kids she had in tow (at least she also had a can of green beans too). Paid with an EBT card, no surprise. If you want to feed your (probably single mom) family off of tax dollars the least you can is give them a healthy dinner. For as much as I saw her spend on frozen food and “convenience items” I purchased fresh vegetables, fruit, and a lean protein to feed four. So don’t tell me it can’t be done.

    1. I purchased fresh vegetables, fruit, and a lean protein to feed four. So don’t tell me it can’t be done.
      Lean protein is not good, you need fat, so you can just as well buy cheaper meat that even has more taste to it. btw, look up, rabbit starvation, if you’re not familiar with it and you’ll see what I mean.
      Fresh vegetables also have a lot of bacteria in them and people have died from eating lettuce.
      Fresh fruit is a waste of money. Fruit is not ripe when picked to allow for it not going bad by the time it gets to the market so many times you have to wait for it to ripen and then eat it fast when ripe. There’s a lot of waste on it too that has to be cleaned so you lose a lot.
      A better way of eating fresh fruit is to buy it in jars. It’s picked when ripe, fully cleaned and then packed in fruit juice on location. Perfect and really no more in price than the so called fresh fruit. Like this:

      1. Interesting doctor. I’ve never heard it called ‘rabbit starvation’. I used to raise meat rabbits and one guy bought some because he was a heart patient and his doc told him that’s all he could eat. Aside, I’ve heard of what was coined ‘runners pneumonia’ in the 70s where distance runners tried to reduce their fat intake to zero and they had symptoms similar to pneumonia when they fell below the ciitical level of fat intake. I guess it depends largely if you have a body type and exercize regimin that burns fat. I know salt levels too are critical. Sodium deficiency can resemble a stroke along with severe disorientation. When you sweat profusely, you need to replace the salt immediately. Grazing cattle on pasture would die without a salt lick but humans lack instincts to replenish essentials that their bodies needs when the levels get critically low. Most people though know when they need water but that’s a no brainer.

  5. Good grief. I read this article, have a quick bite, then go outside to cut grass and trim a tree. First thing I see is the hamplanet who lives behind me, in a swimsuit, setting up her chair and things to do a little sunbathing. I have fatties on both sides of me, behind me, AND across the street. It’s an epidemic I tell ya.

    1. Soaking up the suns heat and suns gravity at the same time. How do you know black holes exist? they weigh more than the rest of society and their body mass keeps growing.

    1. In 100 years when all beta/incels have gone extinct, Chads will beat eachother to death gladiator style, for the pussy rights of bed ridden land whales.

    1. Letting your kids get fat should be child abuse. How you can be a parent and be ok with having fatass kids is beyond me.

    1. Nah your average fatty is used to it. Fatties have whole range of insults ready for you, thanks to brainwashed pc society. Burqa, on the other hand will make you feel shitty, specially if it is reserved for only the fat ones. No male can live in a burqa too, even fat ones haha.

      1. Why are you taking the topic of burqa with MALES, you ungrateful bitch !
        99.99% of what you use on daily basis, right from the Tissues you wife your ass with, to the Technology & Devices you used to type your “garbage”, is the courtesy of MEN.
        I know there is no point in arguing with the F1-then-CPT-then-OPT-then-OPT-Stem !! After that, a “Bakra” !! Dumb ass “ungrateful” bitches !!

  6. Shut up peanut gallery, with your stupid critiques and suggestions. This is the kind of article is so perfect, it demands that comments be deactivated so one can just bask in its truth and brilliance.

  7. Pretty sad what passes as an article on ROK these days. Absolutely no literary merit in this article. The author comes off as a straight douche bag as well.
    I love fat shaming articles, but this one is just a joke.

    1. I assume you must be one of those fatties.
      I do agree that this article is not of the best caliber but the message is clear.

  8. ROK,
    You’re better off reposting archived articles during the week like you do on the weekends than trash like this.

  9. I don’t understand how these obese people live with themselves. It’s just unfathomable to me that I would eat so much and move so little that someday I would look down and couldn’t see my feet. The astonishing lack of self-awareness combined with the lack of self-respect and basic discipline is truly a sight to behold when one of these obese zombies comes into range. Which is very quickly and very repeatedly when going just about anywhere. It’s not an epidemic, it’s a SCOURGE.
    The Chinese are laughing their asses off at fat ass Americans.

    1. Western states were lobbied/tricked by big agriculture and big pharma to push grain, sugar, processed vegetable oil, and dairy, with the idiotic and corrupt smearing of saturated, tropical fat, and Cholesterol for the damage actually caused by toxic, synthetic trans-fats in Magazine and Vegetable Shortening, which still hasn’t died after several decades of critique!
      We should go back to a more Paleo (hunter gather) like diet and eat tuber/root crops for energy, preferable containing plenty of fibre and resistant starch (digested in gut to our cleanest energy source, short chain fats) after cooking, with plenty of green vegetables for nutrients and protein, with some seasonal nuts and only a little seasonal fruit, with some wild fish in preference to land meat. We shouldn’t eat much dairy at all, except some Butter, and a little Cheese, because much Lactose is harmful, and the most productive dairy cow breeds have the A1 Casein mutation, which acts like a harmful alien Lectin.
      All common grains, cooked potato, and sugars should be significantly taxed for food use, maybe with the exception of rice, because they are fast carbs and contain harmful lectins, and so-called whole-meal flour contains even more harmful WGA and rancid fats! White rice can be OK in moderation, provided it is high pressure cooked with a little salt, oil (e.g. Coconut oil) and vinegar, then chilled, to maximise resistant starch formation and to make the rest of the starch harder to digest. I compress triangles of freshly cooked Japanese White Sushi Rice in a Japanese Rice mold, then wrapped each with a Toasted Seaweed strip, as a convenient finger food after chilling.

  10. Fat shaming is a must!
    I can’t see those fatties being so confident over their unnatural grotesque flesh.
    It makes me sick. Moreover as you said they are a bad example for children, they should be out of sight as much as possible.

  11. I’m all for blimps being forced to wear burqas. Just as long as obese men also have to wear them too.

    1. Ungrateful bitch !!
      Saying anything more to you is like throwing stone on “pile of shit” !!

  12. it’s also men’s fault. if fatties couldn’t find sexual partners they would have changed their behavior / lifestyle .. fucking thirsty betas are dating them, validating them and be around them as “friends”. why would they change ? medias tell them they are “beautiful” and “spechul”, guys agree cause they want to fuck them..

    1. What you said might hold good, maybe, 50 years back !! In the present day and this MASCULINE hating elites, govt., businesses, media, vested interests and the pathetic pussies; for most of the MEN, whats being more important is ROI.

  13. I was driving with my kids and saw one of those land-whales poured into a motorized hover-round. I told my son, “there you go,” and pointed at fatty. My son made a disgusted face, barfing noise, and started laughing.
    I dare say he’s on the right track.

  14. People didn’t use to be obese. Just look at any old photos before WW2. Obesity came with industrial farming, high fructose corn syrup, high carbs diet, fast food and sedentary life style.

    1. MEN didn’t use to be bad, creepy and/or rapists !! Just look at the previous/old society and culture before WW2. All the blame goes to the fuckin entitled, arrogant, bitchy, slutty, whorish, opportunistic, cunning and ungrateful “pussies”; deliberately and desperately showing off their “assets” and Provoking the MALES !!
      Just being sarcastic! but there is some truth, you see !!

  15. truth and beauty are social constructs
    The genus, Homo, has been on earth for 2m years so man’s subconscious instinctive feeling about how a female should look was perfected and pretty hard wired.
    And yes, heavy cheap polyester would help them to sweat it off and protect our eyes as well. Something like this existed in the 60’s although not as extreme for the uncommon fat girl to wear. It was called a moo moo and were dresses with ample and tent like material used to cover the fat on females.

  16. I agree. Whether as a (former) christian or recently turned fattist, I believe gluttony without personal body responsibility is a terrible thing. Fattness has ruined my country (America), ruined it’s (fat) taxation system (by increased taxes on thin people), ruined my mother (now obese), ruined my parents marriage, ended my grandparents life much too early and done so much more evil. Fat is personal, and should be for everyone. Every single thin person should take offense about fat people and every fat person should be mandatorily enrolled in fat loss re-education programs. Even if you have a severe disability, are very old or have terrible genes it is still very much possible to keep a healthy weight. So go for that fu*:×%= chicken salad with no dressing and start a daily exercise program. It’s that easy. I’m sick and tired at (accidentally) looking at ham chops. Down with fat.

  17. while i don’t know if this would solve the problem, something must be done.
    I am sick and tired of seeing landwhales everywhere i go. heck you don’t even need to go to the damn gym to not be an eye sore, just stop fucking eating 10,000 calories a day. when your stomach says you are full, stop eating.
    you’re disgusting to look at.
    while i completely understand and am sympathetic to escapism and having a drug of choice….for the love of all things, can you please pick something that doesn’t rape my eyes? heck how does being a landwhale not rape your own eyes?

  18. I think it would be best to intentionally make things difficult for these cows. For instance, if you own a restaurant, make the entry door width narrow as they will have to squeeze themselves if they want to get in and out.
    When faced with such difficulties frequently, they will subconsciously start to reconsider their choices and will try to loose weight as it will ease their lives.

  19. Fat females are a major problem. There are probably just as many fat sloppy men around but I’m not concerned with them. There is a severe shortage of females. We need at least 3x the number of females to men just to sort of equalise things a bit.
    Men, regardless of age, want young females, which immediately disqualifies 1/2 the women.Then you have females who are pregnant or who have just given birth and are taking care of infants, more disqualified. Then you have even with the young ones a week lost each month due to PMS and their period. In addition to all of this you have these fat unfuckable landwhales.
    So as you can see even with 3x the number of females it would just barely balance things.
    Pussy is supposed to be so common that females have to compete for men and cut each others throats to get one so they won’t have any time to bitch or push feminism.
    Some men worry that more females means they’ll take over vote in things for their benefit. It will never happen because even today they are the majority voters and could have done this now. Look at the President, Congress etc etc not many females. Females don’t trust other females and also know that they can’t MANipulate them. If there was 3x as many females it would mean that they’d have to work and pay taxes and pay for their offspring. Now, do you think any female wants to pay taxes to support another unwed female and her kids? Females only like it when they can tax innocent men to pay for welfare,schools, cops etc and all of the other money draining that females are prone to do. Without men they could never run a gov’t or really do much of anything so never fear that females will take over.

  20. https://www.shmoop.com/inferno/canto-vi-third-circle-summary.html
    Many lessons here…
    Dante awakens and finds himself surrounded by new sufferers. Thus, he concludes he’s in a new circle of Hell.
    Now for a weather report: it’s raining. Correction: it always rains in the third circle, where the Gluttonous dwell. Not pure water, either, but filthy polluted stinky rain and hailstones. The earth itself reeks.
    The sinners here are so traumatized by this rain that they turn back and forth, trying unsuccessfully to keep some part of their body clean and dry.
    Above these writhing sinners looms Cerberus, the gigantic three-headed guard dog of the Underworld. He snarls at the pilgrims as they approach.
    Unfazed, Virgil picks up handfuls of stinking mud and hurls them straight into Cerberus’s jaws. The dog actually eats it and, in the meantime, grows quiet. Get it? Cerberus is a glutton too.
    As Dante and Virgil tour this circle of gluttons, none of the sinners pay attention to them, except one who sits up and demands that Dante recognize him. The sinner knows that Dante is a Florentine (someone from Florence).
    Dante, being a poet, gracefully asks the glutton to remind him of his name.
    The sinner suddenly isn’t so free with his words. He introduces himself as Ciacco (also a Florentine), names his sin as gluttony, and then clams up.
    Dante doesn’t seem at all interested in Ciacco’s life, saying only that Ciacco’s suffering moves him to tears. Then he changes the subject to the future of Florence.
    So Ciacco goes into prophet mode. (Of course, what he “foresees” is history by the time Dante writes the Inferno.)
    In very cryptic language, Ciacco presages political strife between the Blacks and Whites (see “In A Nutshell” for more on this). First the Whites will win a battle and drive the Blacks out. But then the Blacks will return with the help of the hated Pope Boniface VIII and crush the Whites, eventually driving many of them into exile, including Dante. Ciacco sees the two parties ignoring reason in favor of “envy, pride, and avariciousness.”
    On that note, Dante continues interrogating Ciacco, naming a bunch of famous Florentines and asking where he can find them now. Ciacco answers that they’re all in Hell, so Dante will see them later.
    To top off his speech, Ciacco requests that Dante make his name famous in the living world. Then he falls silent. With that, Ciacco lowers himself into obscurity.
    Virgil interjects with some prophesying of his own. He states that Ciacco will not rise again until Judgment Day.
    Dante inquires if these sinners’ punishments will get better or worse after Judgment Day.
    In his convoluted way, Virgil answers with “worse,” because then the sinners’ bodies will be reunited with their souls and it won’t be just their souls that are suffering.
    Our two heroes ponder this sad fact as they walk towards the next circle. Along the way, they meet Plutus, whom we’ll learn more about in the next canto.

  21. You want to punish fat people? Hit them where it hurts. At the wallet. They have to pay double or triple for things. Pay double the tax. When it comes to transportation double the price because they take up more than one seat. If they want to sue because of some discrimination bullshit they have to pay triple the fees to a lawyer and if they lose triple the penalty.

  22. Life has a way of teaching us hard life lessons. I once thought exactly like you and laughed at fatties. Then my thyroid and adrenals went on strike and I was given an education in hypothyroidism. It’s genetic and is passed from parent to child. I upped my workouts and cut out sugar, dairy, and grains. And the weight still kept creeping up higher. I hired a personal trainer who cut my caloric intake to 1300 calories a day and did intense workouts at the fitness center 4-5 times a week for a year. No real weight loss. In fact I began gaining, because my body thought I was starving to death and plumped up the fat cells. Got a new endocrinologist who was well versed on the latest research and was told that even with a lean diet and intense workout routine, those with my disease will still gain 8 lbs a year. Sure, there are people eating themselves to death. But a lot of those who you despise have medical problems that create the weight problems. You should pray that you and your loved ones never develop such medical conditions. The odds are that you or someone you care about will. Will you hate yourself or them? Will you want to be ridiculed? How about letting go of some of your pride and instead practice some compassion? Be a person of encouragement in advocating for a healthy lifestyle, otherwise one day you will be the one ridiculed for some physical flaw.

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