4 Ways To Stop A Woman From Manipulating You

There are many reasons women manipulate men. The more prevalent reasons these days are money, gifts, financial favors, etc. For example, if your woman wants a to go on a weekend getaway so she’ll let you fuck her brains out the entire week.

Another example would be if she wants a kitchen upgrade so she tells you that you can have a “man cave” and one night of anal sex with her so you’ll agree to a 5-figure mortgage refinance loan so she can get her overpriced kitchen.

Many kitchens have been negotiated with “man caves” and anal

The best example would be being on her best behavior because she wants you to propose. She sucks your dick every night, let’s you do it in the butt, cooks you meals every night, she’s kind, agreeable, feminine, etc. (Note: A woman is never more well behaved when she hears the sounds of wedding bells in the not-too-distant future)

The bottom line here is that women rarely do anything for a man just to be nice. There’s always an ulterior motive and that’s where the manipulation comes in.

Manipulation vs. Good behavior

While it’s important to know how to nip female manipulation in the bud, it’s equally important to know the difference between a woman attempting to manipulate you and a woman exhibiting good behavior.

The difference between the two is that manipulation is good behavior occurs close to the time when a woman wants something. Good behavior happens all the time.

If a woman knows she’s good to you and doing what she needs to do to hold it down with regular sex, cooking, looking good for you, representing you well in public, giving you access to her phone, staying off social media and so forth, she doesn’t feel the need to manipulate you into doing something for her. She knows she’s entitled to good treatment from you because she’s a good woman to you.

Girls who do this on the regular don’t need to manipulate their men

Women who manipulate men for gifts, trips, iPhones, etc. know they are not doing what’s necessary to be a good woman. Women who use manipulation tactics know they haven’t built up enough equity with you to simply ask you for what they want. So they dress like a slut, cook your favorite meal, or whatever it is they think they can do you manipulate you. Once they get what they want, the good behavior stops and that’s how you know it’s manipulation.

Women who are good all the time know they have the right to ask you for things and they know that in order to keep that privilege they have to continue to do what’s necessary to feel entitled to  good treatment from you.

So now that we’ve laid down the basics, let’s get to the first step on how to stop being manipulated by your woman.

Be proactive and set the tone. Setting the tone and letting your know you are not the kind of man who cannot be manipulated is absolutely paramount. Not only does this reduce the odds of her trying to pull any bullshit with you, when she actually does (and she will) she’ll be far less confident because you let her know early on that you’re not here for the games.

So how do you set the tone and let your woman know you’re not who gets tripped up by mind games? Let’s take a look at four examples and how to properly respond:

Call bullshit on her sob stories


Her: “My ex boyfriend was horrible! He was an abusive alcoholic who gambled away our money while he fucked hookers and snorted cocaine while he simultaneously beat and raped me every night!”

You: :::roll your eyes and chuckle::: “Oh stop…if he was so bad why’d you stay with him for 3 years? We both know you weren’t the perfect girlfriend either. And don’t talk about your ex around me. Save that shit for your friends.”

Cry me a river….

This accomplishes two things. First, it shows her you’re not gonna buy the bullshit stories about her ex like all her other boyfriends did which means she won’t try to bad mouth him again and second, it stops her from talking about her ex around you.

Don’t take everything at face value

When she makes a statement you find questionable, quiz her on it. Ask her questions. Ask for details. That tells her in no uncertain terms that you won’t believe just anything she says. She knows that if she tells you something it has to be true, and she has to be able to back it up lest you question her on the details.

If you don’t ask questions about shit you have questions about, this WILL come back to bite you because if you start and you didn’t do it in the beginning, she won’t answer your questions when you try to. Be skeptical of everything she tells you that doesn’t make sense or sounds strange or suspicious.

Tell her about your ex’s unsuccessful manipulation attempts

It’s inevitable that your girl is going to ask you “So why did you and your girlfriend break up?” Rather than going into some long diatribe about what really happened say this:

“We broke up because she wanted to manipulate me and she couldn’t.”

If she asks “How did she try?”

Dismissively say: “You know how women are.”

This tells her that you know a woman’s nature and that you know that she knows what women do to manipulate men. 

This makes her far less likely to try any bullshit with you later on because she knows you’re wise to how women really are and what they do.

Point out examples when you’re out in public together

Example 1: If you see a woman being overly affectionate to her man in public, say “She must want something.”

Example 2: If you see a man buying something expensive for a woman, say “She must have let him go back door last night.”

Example 3: If you see a marriage proposal in public say “Welp! I guess he’s not having sex anymore!”

Example 4: If you see a woman crying in public, roll your eyes and say “Oh please…”

Example 5: If you see a woman throwing a fit or bitching about something say “That chick needs a stiff drink, a stiff dick, and a nap”

At some point your woman will inevitably challenge your pithy Red Pill arrows with what she’ll rationalize as “the voice of common sense.”

Challenge to example 1: “Well how do YOU know she wants something?! She might just be in love him!”

You say: “You don’t believe that.”

Challenge to example 2: “That’s not what it looks like to me!”

You say: “Of  course YOU don’t” (then laugh)

When she’s heard enough of these she’ll finally say, “God you’re so jaded!”

You respond with: “You call it jaded, I call it experience.”

Taking these steps at the beginning of a relationship will drastically reduce the odds of her attempting to manipulate you, but keep in mind that nothing will completely eliminate it because this is just how females operate. She’s going to try at some point. Count on it.

However, taking the measures above lets her know that you’re not the typical guy who gives into her emotional shenanigans or believes everything she says. And when you make that clear to her both directly and indirectly, she will have more respect for you than she’s had for any man in quite a while.

Part Two will cover some of the ways women try to manipulate men and how to handle it directly so as to squash it like a bug…

…but if you don’t want to wait for the article, click here to watch or listenAnd watch Donovan Sharpe drop Red Pill truth on TSR: Live weekday afternoons at 1pmE/10amP 

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72 thoughts on “4 Ways To Stop A Woman From Manipulating You”

      1. Why? Just because you can’t even compete with a black guy?
        Most White Trashionalists are gay anyway.

        1. It’s not about competing with blacks, you Idiot.It’s about survival of the White Population.According to reports, Blacks will be the Majority by 2050 anyways.So the question of competing does not arise here.But, we also have to to think about the survival of our Own Race, unless we want Our White Population to be extinct before the start of the 22nd century.So I suggest making a Law which Will Ban the Black’s and African’s from marrying White Women for at least the Survival of the White Race till the 22nd century.

      2. The problem with left and right is left follow through, while right just suggest shit they know that wont happen or have no will [power to do.

      3. It’s not interracial marriage that will screw America. It’s the hideous law of marriage in America… and modern feminism.

    1. I was reading and then saw the part about anal being a treat. I don’t see how bunghole is a treat. It’s like it’s being put out as a value added commodity but it doesn’t resemble chocolate one bit nor is it yummy. Sure it’s tighter until it’s blown out. Yader did that excellent piece about his black hole experience.
      A blown out rectum on your woman can result in perforated anus where a brown oily substance oozes out all day long and retired porn stars are known to have to wear adult diapers. Promiscous fags grow old requiring diapers too after the millions of assaults on their sphinctor muscle.
      Tightening a sloppy pussy with kegel exercizes saves the asshole on your woman for what it’s intended – shitting. The smell of bung is a tell all on some people. The bung sex people get used to the smell but others think they smell like a 3rd world foreigner or the characteristic ‘packy’ smell. Also people who shit outside or wipe with leaves or their hands regularly get this perma smell that impregnates their hair, their clothes, everything. It’s kind of like that Greyhound bus station smell or ‘boat people’ smell. Goodwill and thrift stores when you walk in have a similar donation bin aroma from millions of socks and underwear skid marks from generations of folks. I don’t know how employees get accustomed to it. Hobo camps too have the same marked odor.
      The best smelling thing is a virgin sweet teen noob who’s breeding age and who’s from a culture that wipes their asshole clean, never touching their own shit or getting it under their nails and who bathes in softened water and bath oils with fine soaps. Their face and hair smells good and even their underarms smell sweet. Their poot you know is cleaner still and swee-eet. THAT’S the definition of ‘wifable’.

      1. Agree. Also, there’s a trick done by drug smugglers which they put a small package of heroin down their asshole so it cannot be detected by the machine. It caused their rectum to became damaged and loose. You know sometimes you gotta hold your fart in public or you gotta hold your shit when you’re waiting for your turn to use the bathroom? Yeah. They can’t do that. When they shit, they shit. Right there. When they’re standing up, walking, talking, could be anytime, anywhere. Their shit just fell down out of their ass uncontrollably. It’s horrendous. Ew.
        You called it “leaks”? You were being too kind.

  1. Wishful thinking …
    Women have evolved to use deceit and manipulation because it’s their only strength as they are neither strong nor intelligent. You can’t blame them for that and for that matter you cannot win at their own game.
    If a woman feels she cannot manipulate you (read: eat you alive) she’ll walk away or false accuse you of rape.
    There are exceptions of men being good in the manipulation game but they are not proper men.

    1. I dont manipulate woman but can see through people mu gt feelling is strong and natural. most of the red pill stuff I knew internally almost all the time I see something its like “ye I knew I waqs right”.
      Donavan left a few stuff or he will put it in next article. When catch them or say no they say “you are weak and not confident” when you regect your girl hanging with other man after that I just say you are right you find you a confident man and move to a search of a real woman who is focused on you.


  3. Great article. At some point we have all been in these situations. And hopefully treated it differently after red pilling ourselves.

  4. “Call bullshit on her sob stories” – why seriously date a woman who has sob stories? You know there’s a lot of crazy built in before you get a hold of her.

    1. Having sob stories is one thing, it’s how she deals with them. If she’s still bothered by them – forget it. If she’s learned, grown and moved on then there’s no reason not to give her a chance.

      1. Problem is that they don’t . The crazy and entitlement and “it wasn’t my fault ” keeps accumulating

  5. First time in a while I’ve book-marked an ROK article. This seems like great advice, so I hope it is good advice. Part of me does look for the line between a paranoid-jaded mind, and an honest-prepared mind. I mean, this stuff seems logical, but since it does, is that an indicator that I’ve lost some optimism? Nothing’s easy these days, but at least difficulty brings out strength.

  6. Excellent advice.
    Especially the list of comebacks.
    Never take the comments seriously – always be negging and joking.
    “she will have more respect for you”
    the effect is often immediate – with physical affection

  7. If things don’t run exactly I like, there is 1 (one) warning. Life is too short for useless discussions.

  8. The picture of the women in purple high heels, apron and panties is a sight every man should come home to. A beautiful, slim woman who has cooked a nice dinner for her man and is ready to take a pounding.
    Unfortuantely, this base right has been stripped from men in the anglo sphere. Instead we have entitled, fat women everywhere who can’t cook and in turn are not even worth the time, hence mgtow.
    Mgtow or move abroad sound like the only options.

  9. Truly brilliant article. I was in a year-long relationship with a master manipulator and decided her shit wasn’t worth it anymore…costs were exceeding the benefits with no end in sight. Vote with your feet & do NOT go back. I would rather be alone and use my hand than be in that kind of relationship again.

    1. A master manipulator would not have made you feel that the costs outweighed the benefits while continuing to manipulate you and slow cooked your ass.

  10. I am a Latina and white woman, I have an Italian surname and I am from the South of Brazil. Where are they men under 30 who want to get married? I am 30 years old and single, I do not remember scorned.
    In fact the most effective way to repel a man and say that he wants to marry and have children. Men want party and pussy card.
    I was born in 1987 and ALWAYS wanted to get married and have a big family and that was exactly what separated men.
    Men are never ready for anything, with low lives and destabilized, many of my friends accidentally recorded and just moved in together.
    Being 30 years old and single, I see many men married to women more beautiful than me wanting sex with me, men who live with their girlfriends but do not buy a ring.
    And my friends, the younger women, the young and the virgins are exchanged for younger, abandoned women. Today she is a woman who can not be executed and is lost because it is very difficult to establish before the age of 30.
    You should be what is not what it works, promiscuity, the same does not out?
    I like this type of misogyny ALWAYS, if I do casual sex I’m a whore, if I do not I’m very very difficult.
    Women who manipulate men on their hands, because they are worshipers, bit a bait, love to play the game, but when they lose they become misogynist. Good women as they end up getting single, stranded, fat and alone.

      1. Johny Bravo, sorry about my bad english, I wrote fast on my cell phone, I’ll try to be more exact.
        What I meant is that the same complaints men make about women, women do too.
        Blaming a woman who passes the age of thirty without being married, and men do not want and can not marry before 30.
        And many young girls who marry virgins end up being traded for new ones.
        Women always want to stabilize, and many end up getting pregnant to force a marriage.
        Manipulating women have everything from men, because you love to play the game

    1. the ones who do want to get married to you are the guys you DO NO WANT like skinny nerds, and men who do not look good in expensive suits and have nice hair styles. Would you marry Steve Urkel?

      1. Have to disagree on this one DHCA.
        Urkel was WAAAAY cooler than me, and I don’t want any part of marriage! 🙂

  11. I agree with McGoo, anal is for homos. Heterosexual men put up with women’s bullshit because they have a pussy. if anal is what you eant, why not just fuck men? Straight guys willing to fuck homos are in high demand. I know because I lived in San Francisco and not a day went by that some homo on the street didn’t offer me his mouth and anus both. Homos pestering me for my dick, bums pestering me for “spare change”: pretty soon I sympathized with beautiful women with bitch shields.

    1. Jeez, that must’ve been horrible.
      I lived in the Bay area for 2 years and I was never bothered by any of them, thank God.

      1. Bay Area or San Francisco itself? Also, what neighborhood of SF? Makes a big difference. Housing situation on SF itself was a mess then (late 1990’s Dotcom era), so you didn’t get to pick your neighborhood unless funds were unlimited. I was in the Tenderloin back before it became gentrified. I had to visit the post office each day and that meant a walk down Polk Gulch, past the tranny bars including the works famous Motherlode, the rent boy block, the halfway house for ex-cons, countless liquor stores, the drug addict social services offices, etc. Aside from pestering from homos and bums, I’d also typically be witness to at lead one instance of street pooping daily, wherein some guy squats down and shits right there on the sidewalk. I once saw a guy take a crap in the corner of a laundromat I was using. Also witnessed frequent beatdowns and robberies of street prostitutes from my apartment window, since they hung out on my block. Rampant drug dealing. Police sirens wailing all day and night. Crazy people shouting at demons in the air.
        Memories of old times, it’s all coming back now!

        1. SF Suburbs.
          1990 – 92.
          About 15 mins south of the airport — right off 101.
          But I used to hang out in the Tenderloin on the weekend.
          The Green Door & the New Century Theater.
          And the strip clubs in North Beach too.

    2. with MCGOO and Oldgoat on this. Why is this anal perversion made fashionable and advertised by people like Donovan Sharpe?.

  12. it is quite easy to flip the script. Promise them riches, exotic vacays, and expensive high heels. Have sex with them and don’t pay out what you promised. Move onto the next.

    1. As discussed previously, that is a good formula.
      But my thing is that when I find a good regular, I like to stick with her for a while. At least until she starts driving me nuts.

      1. Sometimes I like the ones I actually paid , then after 2 episodes of drama I remembered what my true purpose is !

        1. I learned my lesson over the years.
          Let the other guy deal with the bullshit.
          I’m just there to have a good time.
          When the bullshit starts to build up, time to say goodbye.
          I’m still learning. Things sometimes do get better as you get older…

  13. Don’t believe in what she says instead pay attention to what she actually does. All women are more or less manipulative liars depending on person to person but if her words contradicts her actions in most of the time than you should end your relationship & communication with her.

  14. Great article Donovan. I differ on the part about anal with your woman being a treat though. It’s no Scooby snack. Sure the asshole is tighter than a pussy when the girl has a properly functioning asshole that closes tightly when done sh¡tting. But if her pussy is getting loose and she isn’t too lazy, she can do KEGEL exercizes to give her some rockin’ control moves with her ‘p’ that she didn’t know she could do. A KEGEL trained pussy on a woman beats her asshole hands down.
    Overuse of the asshole blows it out and can result in her having a perforated anus which results in constant seepage and leakage of a smelly oily brown dribble. Quite a few ex porn stars require adult diapers because there’s no fixing a busted rectum. You can fix a sloppy puss with KEGEL routine and even the beefage can be trimmed by a skilled labiaplastician and the pussy on your ol hoss mama rocks again like when you met.
    SO if your gal has an anus that isn’t blown out, then why waste a good anus that shuts tight? Shit smell and filth and constantly having to discard shit saturated mattresses must be a nightmare and Charlie Sheen can probably attest but doesn’t care.
    LADIES if your asshole is good and tight then please take care of it and focus on do KEGEL for your pussy regularly. A tight properly functioning asshole is a terrible thing to waste. And ladies be proud of your pussy and soulfully serve your patriarch master with it always. Keep your pussy snappy with KEGEL and avoid wasting a perfectly good asshole.
    Now on the other hand, if your shitter looks like the exhaust side of a commercial jet engine, then you’re cooked. You’re an old blown out ho. If your shitter is wasted then go ahead and knock yourself out with it I guess but it’s your cross to bear. I once had a lady who had slight bladder control and sometimes she really reeked down there like piss. Now if you were to throw in shit smell – – OH GOD! She would be unbearable. She’d smell like a complete bag lady. Hmm . . I guess there’s a reason why bag ladies are bag ladies.

    1. Giving me some thumbs down doesn’t change the fact that he did call his anus “back pussy”. LoL
      Did I offend some anus fuckers here?

  15. EXCELLENT POST MR. SHARPE! I don’t know if ‘Sharpe’ is your actual name or not, but ‘sharp’ nevertheless you are. Kudos good sir.

  16. If you meet someone who says “All (men/women) are out to screw you over and manipulate you” just ask “What are you doing to manifest that? Why do you keep meeting people who are like this?” You attract what you put out. If you keep meeting negative, manipulative people it’s because you hold a lot of negativity – simple Law of attraction.

  17. Communication opens you up to manipulation.
    Being the cold distant guy is the easiest cure, however MGTOW is even better…

  18. There are numerous ways of doing this, and they don’t even have to involve violence.
    The problem is that in 2018 a man doing ANYTHING a woman doesn’t like- even just telling her to shut up- is counted as domestic/date violence; feminists and their leftist allies in the court systems have the game rigged so saying something she doesn’t like a few days later or beating her to within an inch of her life are treated as the same thing- not unlike having a bikini poster in your work space is now called “rape.”
    And the system keeps moving the goal posts around. If another article like this one came up with several entirely new ways of dealing with women- again, even if non-violent- feminists and their allies would move to counter it with punitive laws.
    None of this is by accident. The people who were behind the feminist movement wanted to ruin male-female relationships, and they did, especially thanks to the Baby Boomers.

  19. If you meet someone who says “All (men/women) are out to screw you over and manipulate you” just ask “What are you doing to manifest that? Why do you keep meeting people who are like this?” You attract what you put out.

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