Top 7 Skin Care Tips That Help You Attract More Women

I’ve always been fascinated by how small events can lead to massive changes—how one decision can lead to a ripple effect that alters the course of history forever.

In their own ways, the Cyrillic alphabet and Orthodox Christianity have played important roles in the shaping of Eastern European culture. The Cyrillic alphabet is used by around 250 million people around the world as the alphabet for their national language, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the second largest Christian Church—with over 250 million members.

The spread of Orthodox Christianity throughout eastern Europe would have likely failed, however, had it not been for the birth of the Cyrillic alphabet. Interestingly enough, the Cyrillic alphabet was born partially by accident… or was it divine intervention?

Sviatsolav I of Kiev

The Death of Sviatsolav I of Kyiv

During the 10th century modern-day Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were joined together in what was then known as Kievan Rus—a federation of Slavs ruled by the Rurik dynasty. The Rurik dynasty was founded by the Varangian (Scandinavian Vikings).

Kyiv was, strategically, a very important settlement. It’s location along the Dnieper allowed the Varangian to form a crucial trade route stretching from the north, all the way to Constantinople, and the Byzantine Empire—a vast, rich empire and trading partner.

Varangian Trading Routes

In the year 927, Sviatsolav, ruler of Kievan Rus, died. He had three sons. Two of his sons, Volodymyr and Iarpolk, were embattled in a feud for control of the empire. While familial feuds were very common in 10th century Europe, they would play a particularly prominent role in the failures of Rus over the next 800 years.

After many years of feuding, Volodymyr overthrew his half-brother and become Prince of Kyiv.


Volodymyr the Great

Legitimizing His Claim

Overthrowing his half-brother was just the beginning. People were accustomed to familial feuds by this point and wanted stability throughout the empire. Volodymyr’s people were in a state of discontent. He needed a way to legitimize his claim to the throne.

To accomplish this, he embarked on a campaign of religious persuasion. According to legend, he stood atop a hill in Kyiv overlooking the Dnieper, and announced that he would welcome all gods in his empire; Norse, Slavic, Finnish and even Iranian. His ploy worked.

In a sudden turn of events, however, he suddenly abandoned these Pagan gods, and adopted a new religion. Volodymyr was exceptionally violent in his abandonment of the Pagan gods—destroying statues, and symbolically dragging them through the streets.

Volodymyr went as far as to proclaim he who does not adopt this new religion will be his enemy. While some suggest Volodymyr was hasty in his decision to abandon the Pagan faiths, it’s clear that he spent a lot of time pondering the decision to switch faiths and researched multiple religions before making his final decision.

Many point to this moment as emblematic of Slavic culture—prone to extremes, never able to choose the middle ground.

Choosing A Religion


Several years into his reign, Volodymyr, sent emissaries through Europe to inquire into the teachings of several different religions. These religions were Islam, Judaism, Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity.

Record is perhaps hyperbolized here, but according to legend, he had no interest in Judaism, was unimpressed by Catholicism, and couldn’t fathom adopting Islam as it prohibited alcohol consumption. Alcohol was used as an effective tool to increase army morale and encourage male social bonding.

Volodymyr was thoroughly impressed with Orthodox Christianity and subsequently adopted Orthodoxy as the federation’s religion. While Rus’ sources say he was impressed with its beauty, it’s more likely he adopted Orthodox Christianity to strengthen his empires relationship with Byzantium—their largest trading partner at the time.

Secondary to strengthening his ties with Byzantium was that Orthodox Christianity legitimized his monarchial power, and demanded law and order throughout the empire… and for an empire in a state of near-chaos, Orthodoxy provided an optimistic respite.

The initial reaction to Volodymyr adopting Orthodox Christianity was initially negative, as for years the Slavs had been Pagans. What allowed Orthodox Christianity to succeed and flourish in eastern Europe, however, was something that happened, almost by accident, nearly a century earlier.

Divine Intervention

In 860 AD, Byzantium dispatched two Theologians, Cyril and Methodius, to convert Pagans in Europe, beginning in Moravia—modern day Czech Republic.  To do this, Cyril and Methodius learned the Slavonic language spoken in Moravia and devised an alphabet for it. This alphabet was called the Glagolitic Script, and is the oldest known Slavic alphabet.

Saint Cyril and Methodius

The Glagolitic Script did not receive much support in Moravia. The Germanic clerics in the region convinced Moravians that the Latin language was the only way to properly read, and recite scripture.

Moravia ended up not adopting the Glagolitic script, eventually banishing Methodius and Cyril from their empire. Seeking refuge, the brothers traveled to Bulgaria. Khan Boris of Bulgaria wanted Methodius to help him create an alphabet for their language.

The Glagolitic Script

Khan Boris and his son eventually adopted and introduced Orthodox Christianity to his empire, with a brand new alphabet modelled on the Greek language—as opposed to the Glagolitic script, which was based on unknown sources—perhaps a loose mixture of Greek or other alphabets.

This new alphabet was known as the Cyrillic script, and helped spread Christianity throughout Bulgaria and Eastern Europe like the plague. Without this script, Orthodox Christianity would have not spread; Catholicism was already beginning to encroach on eastern European borders.

Orthodoxy Christianity Makes Its Mark On Rus

Eventually, Volodymyr married the sister of the Byzantine emperor, further strengthening the relationship between the two major empires at the time. After this marriage, and the adoption of Orthodox Christianity, Eastern Europe changed forever.

Greek craftsmen spread throughout Kievan Rus, building churches wherever they went. Bulgarian clerics appeared throughout the empire with their holy books and using the Cyrillic script in the Slavonic language—easily converted people. This led to a major shift in law, with a larger focus on ecclesiastical decree.

Blood feuds, at least for a time, were reduced. Marriage and social bonds were strengthened, people were more optimistic, and the monarchial rule of Volodymyr was affirmed, as well as the legitimacy of his reign.

The rest is history. Orthodoxy spread like wildfire, despite facing some tough tests later in Moscow. In Moscow and western Russia (notably, Novgorod) there was a conflict between Christianity, and Catholicism (the Lithuanian-Polish empire was Catholic). Some Russian citizens despised how Orthodoxy was being interpreted to create an authoritative, monarchial power, and veered towards adopting Catholicism for the prospect of a better life.

Nevertheless, Orthodoxy and the Cyrillic alphabet have stood the test of time. Had Saint Methodius and Cyril not been sent to Moravia, had they not survived, had they not been banished by Moravia (or had they been killed instead), it’s very likely that Catholicism would have prevailed, and would have eventually westernized Eastern Europe, destroying the traditional values that we admire today.

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62 thoughts on “Top 7 Skin Care Tips That Help You Attract More Women”

  1. Question from some chic: “How do you look so good?”
    Answer: “I smoke cigars, drink Grey Goose, and sit in the sun…”
    Yeah, take care of your skin…I wish I did, but don’t make excuses for looking like a man who’s seen life…worked late hours, made serious money, spent even more serious money, raised kids, divorced a wife, found a younger, more eager, women, shoots decent golf, and works out hard at the gym.

    1. “suddenly you are 50 and those crow’s feet around your eyes are looking seriously messed-up.”
      If only I didn’t have those crows feet, I could have scored a 20 year old virgin.
      Damn you for not telling me earlier.

      1. who the fuck doesnt have crowes feet at 50,jesus christ. This article while doling out a few handy tips is surely to god a piss take. Arent we always been told about how men are falling into the same trap as women in terms of body esteem and social pressure to look good ??

    2. If you don’t have the right face shape, spending a few thousand dollars a year on facial cream and other garbage is pretty much a worthless endeavor. You only put that crap on your face to maintain the ideal face.
      No 6 or higher is going to go with a boring white guy with a long face, fat face, tiny face, ugly face, or high receding hairline unless they have capital.
      If you don’t have an Enrique Iglesias, Cristiano Ronaldo or Jude Law type face or are a Arab, Hispanic, eastern European, or black man, you better hit the gym and heavy weights hard! You are also competing with Annunaki men who were a lot less numerous 30 years ago! They have an edge on you and they’re becoming the majority.

  2. Why there are literally like billions of articles like “How to attract women”, “What to do to be liked by women” and such stuff while I’ve almost never seen the reverse? Why should I do something to attract them in the first place? Am I some kind of business trying to attract investors or what? Why they don’t try to attract me? Let’s break it down, I am supposed to try to attract them because I like them in the first place but they won’t try to attract me cuz they don’t like me at all so what is the point in the whole thing?

      1. Lol when a woman says that men have to earn her validation u go like yessss u go girlllll, but when a man says that women have to earn his validation u call him a 14 year old… oh I guess the world is full of cucks!

        1. Good, don’t give a sh*t what women think about you but it’s still important to take care of yourself. Your body is your temple and nothing good will come from continuing to have the mentality from decades ago. We’re lucky to have the information we have today to take better care of our bodies’.

        1. ROK used to be great site but now its got taken by a bunch of incels and their shitty negativity.

        2. I know two incels in their 20s. They both need to lose a few pounds but nothing major. I think their biggest problem is that they’re painfully shy around women. This causes them the appear meek, which gets them friendzoned. Plus they both always want women who are out of their league. Some common sense, exercise, and improved social skills could get them laid, but they seem to have given up. I think guys like that can benefit from RoK. So if this is an “incel site,” it’s an incel self-improvement site.

        “ROK used to be great site but now its got taken by a bunch of incels and their shitty negativity.”
        exactly my thought since some time reading comments here.
        Seem that some people take pleasure by being stuck in the anger/grief stage of red pill.
        writing an angry and negative comment = ton of upvotes
        trying to uplift pov of people by writing something inspiring = downvotes

        1. @Faraway
          Absolutely true.
          I was really surprised by the comments on troy latest article about game denialists. and the MGTOW poisonous mentality. its really no different than the feminists tactics to spread hatred/anger and hating anyone who try to lift them or reason with them.

    1. @Troll…, Bless You MAN. I have raised the same “Billion Dollar Question” hell lot of times !!
      And almost immediately I get this stupid logic of 80/20 or “demand & supply”. Literally fed up of this cowshit !!
      Does not the pussies Masturbate, Orgasm, Think/Enjoy/Desire/Fantasize about Sex !?
      Many regular coments here also express the bizarre notion of “pussies always give” !! As if the pussies do not enjoy & get anything in return !! Where in fact, they make the most out of Sex! Way more than the “Pleasure”.

      1. @Ravi Macho
        “stupid logic of 80/20 or “demand & supply” ?
        we can add : weak fatherhood + princess syndrom + thirsty beta swarming + social networks + feminism +demonized masculinity + propaganda of almost all media + activism of lesbianism + glorification of feminity over masculinity + SJWness + loss of values + loss of the sacred + porn + feminization of men = The zeitgeist which we all fight against with more or less success.
        girls are so narcisissistics they love themselves only. Thus, almost all men are weak to their eyes, thanks to the social engineering we see everyday.
        That’s just reality. As sad as it is. Bring on the downvotes for saying some truth, now.

        1. @faraway, lets not be tooooo faaaaaar from the “real” reality !! You have to accept that majority of the “pussy pedestaling” only happened in the West. Ever other Culture & Tradition on this Planet kept the women where they belong, need & excel; and this does not mean (never it was) “oppression” !!
          You indeed raised valid points, but just imagine; if more MEN were Conservative, United, doesn’t Heed to the “tactics” of pussies & didn’t Allow them to feel like they are some “celestial” objects,… Things would have been different.
          I am also surprised that few guys think here (“delusion” !!) that only white MEN are facing this situation. For GOD sake, NO, damn it! Almost all the MEN are going through 100% similar situation !!
          Clearly, its the fight against MASCULINITY. I will not be happy if a white (or whatever-color) MAN gets cucked or insulted by a pussy (directly or indirectly). Seriously, I will take that as if its happened to me.
          I am still with @Troll… & he pointed out the naked Truth. Shame on these “ungrateful” pussies !!

        2. @AutomaticSlim
          I’ll see a change if our life conditions change dramatically : war, disease, major economic krach and so on.
          In that case, and only in that case, people will be able to separate what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s important and what’s futile, know the difference between a price and the real value of things.
          Side effect : feminism, biyatch attitudes, false social network fame and celebrity, undeserved entitlement of overvalued females and whining minority will disappear real quickly, because real problem will arise.

        3. @Ravi Macho
          Not being too far from reality, i agree with all the points you said.
          if most guys, whatever their skin color and their origin (sound like sjwness lol), were more conservative, rise their value, act like real men and not like beta or omega suckers on social media ie giving praise and attention to girls that have no value except being girls, of course the world would be better.
          The game is rigged from the beginning and it’s not our fault.
          All of that stuff had been said over and over in ROK articles and ROK comments section. So what do we do now ? catharsis can feel good for some time but come on, one can’t dwell on that his entire life.

        4. @faraway,
          That’s the exact problem! What do we do now !? Well, one thing is for sure. Its not going to be an easy task for real MEN to fight with the System and Government; favoring leftists, pussies and “vested interests”.
          I admire Roosh for his Courage to raise his voice against the injustice happening to MEN. If not because of ROK platform, I would have never got a chance to meet so many of you guys (read: real MEN).
          I am also observing a dramatic “increase” in the way pussies are being highlighted/promoted; from the Billboard ads to TV Commercials to Websites (Banking, Medical, Universities, Retail … you name it !!). May be the “losers” are trying to somehow “console” themselves !!
          I am eagerly waiting for the day when MEN openly object to this “pussy promoting” and even “ban & boycott” the Products and Services by those Businesses/Corporations !!

  3. Well this guerilla marketing attempt wasn’t very subtle all.
    Hey Rookie, read a book. Don’t you know you’re only supposed to sell ONE PRODUCT AT A TIME?

  4. You dont need all this bullshit. All you need is to take a shower once a day if your doing manual labor in the heat. Shampoo your hair once a week. No body soap. Only part that needs soap is your asscrack, dick, and feet. Besides, obsessing about your skin is something a woman does. Men arent supposed to have beautiful, perfect skin anyways.

    1. You need to also use SPF. The rest of your advice is pretty good. However, your armpits probably do need some soap.

  5. Here is your men’s skincare guide in a nutshell.
    Face Wash
    It is called soap. Most bar soap with moisturizers are going to be fine and are basically the same $20 stuff in the fancy cosmetic counters. Just look at the ingredients on the back if you don’t believe me.
    Cost: About $1 for a mult-bar pack from just about any store
    Face Scrub
    Once or twice a week use a face scrub, something with some grit and I like one with salicylic acid too as it cuts down on my adult acne.
    Cost: About $1-2 from big box or mainstream drug stores.
    Unless you have really sensitive or oily skin use the stuff that you smear all over your body on your face. I get a big generic pump bottom from my local big box store that has aloe in it. Ingredients are, again, just about the same as the stuff at the expensive counters.
    Cost: $2-3 from big box or drug stores.
    I use a 6 blade disposable razor (prefer safety razors but can’t beat the convenience) that I get off the internet for about 35 cents a razor. Then just use a generic shaving cream soap (the kind where you make the suds with a brush). Have shaved against the grain, one pass, for decades now and can’t really see any downside except my shave lasts about 3-5 hour longer. Just replace the blade about every 2 weeks.
    Cost: $25 for a giant box of razors from internet. $1 for shaving soap.
    Wrinkles and Fine Lines
    This is where spending a little money goes a long way. You want a product with “retinol” listed under the “active ingredient” section. There are many available. Just make sure it is above 1.0% or it won’t work as well. If you can get your doc to write you a script for Retin-A that is the best. If not just ask the pharmacist. Just make sure retinol is listed as the active ingredient and it is 1.0% or more.
    Cost: Around $20 for a 3 month supply, available at most drug stores.
    If you get redness, uneven skin tone, or irritation all you need to do is apply hydrocortisone cream (the same stuff you put on bug bites). Look for the “active ingredient” to say at least 1.0% (which is the OTC limit in at least the US). Any brand or generic will do. Ones with aloe or moisturizers are just marketing gimmicks that have no real effect.
    Cost: Around $2 for store brand, available at most stores.
    That is all a man needs in his bathroom. Save your money on the expensive stuff sold at department stores.

    1. Forgot one.
      There is a lot of research that suggests minimal use of sunscreen can drastically reduce facial aging in people with paler skin. A lot of face moisturizers have this built in, but if yours does not (giant bottle of body lotion generally doesn’t) I just spray some of the aerosol version, SPF 10-15, into my hand and lightly apply a few minutes after putting on lotion. Get a waterproof kind as this will resist sweat throughout the day. Modern recommendations are up to about 30 SPF now but I don’t buy them. Your skin needs some UVA/UVB to produce necessary vitamins and shouldn’t be blocked out completely and your face (unless you are a woman) is generally the only part of your body not covered by clothing. A 10-15 does me just fine but still lets me get a little bit of a glow as summer progresses.
      Cost: About $5, available at most stores.

      1. Hey Ronald in general that’s very sound advice. I was wondering though what the role of your white face make up was(special sunscreen for gingers)?
        I bet your hands are really smooth wearing those gloves all the time?
        Last question I promise, cause you wear extremely large shoes does that mean you have a massive dong?

        1. Didn’t say anything about gloves. Or shoes. Just some practical advice for men.
          Sunscreen is usually what the local store has on sale. A bottle lasts me 3-4 months.
          I understand you are either trying to be a smart a– or just a troll, but fail to see how anything I said won’t 1) save men a lot of time and money and 2) improve their quality of life without spending time and money.

        2. No Criticism on your advice or even your fashion sense. I am pleased that we have a legendary lover of hamburgers here though. Just watch out for that rascally Hamburgler though.

    2. Dear Mr. McDonald,
      ALL Commercial soap is toxic chemical nastiness in a bar usually made by Unilever in India. I make all my own soap now (essentially NaOH + oil), it’s easy and it’s much better for your skin. If you want to use some other skin care lotion try a mixture of Witch Hazel + Aloe gel (50/50) whipped together. Beats all the commercial products on the market and cures acne almost instantly.

      1. Make your own soap if that works for you.
        My main point was the cheap stuff in the store works just fine. If it is “toxic” I haven’t noticed in 40+ years.
        I’ve used witch hazel and home grown aloe in the past, mostly left it out for word content. But yeah both can do wonders. A good scrub though a few times a week with salicylic acid is going to do wonders. Wish I started the practice when I first started to get fine lines.

      2. I used witch hazel for a few years with minimal results, I switched to a charcoal soloution 6 months back and haven’t had a single problem. Highly recommend.

  6. I eat a keto diet now and no more alcohol which helps as well as lifting weights. Sleep and hydration are key as well.

  7. Honestly don’t think I could take a man seriously if his skin care routine is more intensive than my own. Sorry.

  8. Sunscreen is toxic. You dont need sunscreen unless you are going to get a severe sunburn.your skin tans for a reason. Also, the majority of the us population is vitamin d deficient due to lack of sunlight. Your skin tans for a reason. Just let your skin get a little red. Its not going to kill you, and youll tan and get the much needed vitamin d.

    1. You definitely need sun exposure, but the white man needs sunscreen for prolonged exposure at the beach etc. UV ages the skin, paint anything really.
      The skin does tan, but the white man is prone to developing melanoma from getting burnt.
      Men who didn’t play out door sports like cricket where you spend a lot of time in the sun, or a lot of time at the beach, when you are young, usually have less wrinkles. The bloke who cuts my hair(indoor job) is nearly 10 years older than me but has virtually no wrinkles or crowsfeet, whilst I am developing them(late 40’s).

      1. You’re right, look at the face of a forty year old rice farmer, looks like a leather moccasin.

    2. Didn’t say anything about gloves. Or shoes. Just some practical advice for men.
      Sunscreen is usually what the local store has on sale. A bottle lasts me 3-4 months.
      I understand you are either trying to be a smart a– or just a troll, but fail to see how anything I said won’t 1) save men a lot of time and money and 2) improve their quality of life without spending time and money.

    3. Sunscreen is “toxic” in that it is artificial but have found no natural forms of it that work. There is a reason everyone at the beach, in pictures from the 20’s, were wearing full body cover ups. It wasn’t because of modesty but because of sunburn. The bikini only became popular in the 1960’s when modern sun screen hit the market.
      UVA, etc. is necessary to hit your skin and sun screen blocks that out. The key is to wear just enough to keep your skin from burning but allow enough through to regulate vitamin manufacturing internally, etc.
      I blame a little of my adult acne on sunscreen but if you wash your face twice a day and only use a sparing amount of low SPF then you should be fine.
      To each his own though. What works for me might not work for the next guy.

  9. If you take the time to care for your skin like in this article, the you’re probably more interested in other men than women.

  10. “I don’t need to look good for women, they need to like me for me” is just like fat landwhale women who refuse to try to look decent.
    MGTOWS, incels, etc. are pretty much just what we used to refer to as pussies when I was younger.
    Yes, take care of yourself so you look better. Work out, get a good job or two, lose the neckbeard, dress well, take up manly hobbies—be a decent man. Is that too much to ask?! Do those things and, heaven forbid, learn a little game and you will have a better life, THAT is what ROK is here for.
    I don’t care if you try or not, there will always be plenty of women for me to fuck. I don’t worry about competition, there are always more women.
    As my favorite woman said once, “your next girlfriend probably hasn’t been born yet.”

  11. *******************************************************
    Another feminized article, from omegas to omegas
    And the king omega is still asking for money ? Yes he is.

  12. Your skincare product has been gently taken from our COUI shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow.
    A team of 11 employees inspected your skincare product and polished it to make sure it was in the best possible condition before mailing.
    Our world-renowned packing specialist lit a local artisan candle and a hush fell over the crowd as he put your skincare product into the finest gold-lined box that money can buy.
    We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party marched down the street to the post office where the entire town of Austin waved “Bon Voyage!” to your package, on its way to you, in our private COUI jet on this day.
    We hope you had a wonderful time shopping at COUI. In commemoration, we have placed your picture on our wall as “Customer of the Year.”
    …I’m amazed… wait, how did they get my picture?!

  13. Back acne is coming from your towel.
    Face and neck acne is coming from your pillow.
    Wash them weekly and get silver infused replacements.

  14. Guys can we ditch the stubble face look? These guys remind me of a 14 year old who wants the world to know he’s started shaving.
    Shaving is also a good way to remove dead skin cells from the facial area.
    Clean up and get smooth!

  15. I believe in taking care of myself, and a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine.
    In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I’ll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now.
    After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion.
    In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser.
    Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub.
    Then apply an herb mint facial mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine.
    I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older.
    Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

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