4 Reasons Why Men Should Read Bronze Age Mindset

The minds of Western men have become calcified through the years due to repeat exposure of the same lies, convenient half-truths, and disinformation campaigns. Our media, academia, and politics have become so full of these pestilent falsehoods that one is hard-pressed to name a significant, positive contribution to the Western canon from recent years.

While Return of Kings and associated online communities excel in providing men with actionable advice, a truly novel work of philosophy has yet to emerge. However, all of this changed recently upon the release of Bronze Age Mindset by Bronze Age Pervert: a work of stunning clarity that provides men with a distinct path forward to usher in a glorious new era of Western thought.

Who is Bronze Age Pervert? In truth, nobody knows for certain. Some say he worked as Steve Bannon’s contact within the White House. Some say he rode with Achilles on the wind-swept plains of ancient Troy. Others still insist that he’s part of all of us: the indomitable spirit of ancient man incarnate. Whoever or whatever Bronze Age Pervert is comes second to his vision and how you can apply it to your own lives.

1. Sun & Steel

Anyone who has taken the Red Pill knows how difficult it is to convince others to see the truth. These days, people are so ingrained in their own false beliefs that it seems impossible to help friends and loved ones along the right path. Bronze Age Mindset advocates that before revealing the truth about reality to someone, you must first prescribe them a course of “sun & steel.” Here, in this allusion to Japanese author and bodybuilder Yukio Mishima, Bronze Age Pervert refers directly to sunlight and weightlifting.

It’s no secret that men who hold far left wing views are weak, pale, and timid creatures. Take a look at the body politic of any major American urban center and you will observe that weakness of mind and body leads to a weakness of spirit. This causes such men to adopt a mindset of victimhood and makes them susceptible to the progressive ideologies that seek to exploit this.

Thankfully, this can be remedied by stepping out of the office, getting some sunlight, and hitting the gym. A man dedicated to improving his physical health will soon cast off such ideologies of weakness as he develops confidence and mastery over himself. In time, he will grow more willing to adopt proper ideas about masculinity.

2. Ancient Inspiration

The men of antiquity were exemplars of power, wisdom, and courage. When the Greeks defeated the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, they immediately ran twenty-six miles—clad in full armor—back to Athens to prevent the landing of additional Persian forces. These types of manly feats are discussed in detail in Bronze Age Mindset, and examples are provided on how you can use these historical events to become powerful in your own life.

While we may never be as great as the heroes of lore, there is no reason to despair. The world is large and full of opportunity. It is essential that a man find his calling from within and pursue it obsessively. What this means for you will vary: perhaps you wish to be a professional athlete, a renowned physicist, or master woodcrafter. Whatever your calling is, you can draw inspiration from the men of the past who accomplished great deeds.

A man separated from his history is a man without roots. By reading about great men, we learn that anything is possible with the right discipline and application of effort. Bronze Age Mindset contains such stories and serves to guide you along your own path to greatness.

3. Dispelling Falsehoods

Though taking the Red Pill puts you on the path to truth, it is a mere entryway into dispelling the lies you have been told since infancy. Many men find the PUA community after having realized that the advice they were given concerning women results more often than not in abject failure. However, the truth about masculinity and femininity is just the beginning.

We are told in secular societies that science is to be our new religion. We are told we must believe in everything scientific experts claim and that those who don’t are flat-earth fundamentalists who think Jesus walked with dinosaurs. But, science as it is practiced today is just another institution that has been corrupted by progressive thought, moneyed interests, and corporate lobbying.

Take, for example, the lies we were told about the purported healthfulness of soy and soy-based products. Much of this was disinformation by large agribusiness to reduce the quality of the food supply and cause permanent, testosterone-decreasing endocrine damage to men. This is but one of the many lies we were told. Bronze Age Mindset takes this concept further, exposes modern science for what it has become, and explains how men can retake control of technological innovation.

4. Heroic Friendships

Loneliness is an epidemic in the United States. Though this phenomenon has traditionally affected the elderly, it’s become increasingly common in young men. Many young men do not have close friends, let alone girlfriends or wives. It’s clear from the recent “incel” phenomena that this has potentially deadly results for civilization.

Bronze Age Mindset advocates for the return of the heroic friendship. Many such friendships were formed in battle: Achilles and Patroclus, Alexander and Hephaestion, and many others. Modern academics are quick to dismiss these relationships as “homosexual” because they are both incapable of comprehending male friendship and fear the return of what two devoted heroic friends can accomplish.

Here, Bronze Age Pervert stresses the importance of forming your own band of men to achieve great tasks. Many in the PUA community also share this sentiment, and responses to mere happy hour meetings of likeminded masculine men have been met with harsh criticism, violent protest, and even travel bans from certain countries. It is clear that what the powers that be fear the most is the heroic friendship; the unbreakable bond of great men set on achieving a common, noble cause.

In conclusion, Bronze Age Mindset marks the beginning of a new era of Western thought. Bronze Age Pervert guides us through the past to show us how we might learn from it and apply ancient wisdom to create a better future for ourselves. His ideas are novel, compelling, and show us that we are finally at the dawn of something greater than us all.

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96 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Men Should Read Bronze Age Mindset”

  1. “These days, people are so ingrained in their own false beliefs that it seems impossible to help friends and loved ones along the right path.”
    Very true, you only have to count the number of ‘copsucks’ posting on this site.
    Know your oppressor and their front line enforcers.

    1. The cops are just doing their job, dude. And in America, thank God for them, and their training, discipline, and weapons. Otherwise our black and latino areas would be war zones, with many white casualties along the way. The cops here do a good job finding, arresting, or sometimes killing the human trash among us. The mantra that they “oppress” the populace is liberal BS.
      Yeah, you got divorce raped. Yeah, you’re mad at the world. Deal with it instead of scrapping on *all* authority.

      1. We’d be better off with less laws and less cops. The US would immediately go back to being a geeat country if we repealed all laws passed after 1945. And susequently laid off all state employees needed because of those laws.

      2. @uncle
        Example. Do we really need cops on the internet wasting time and money pretending to be 14 y/o girls while we have MS 13 sneaking over the boarder daily?

        1. That would be a valid point if there were a substantial number of full-time cops doing the under*ge sex sting thing, but there isn’t.
          There are ~765,000 full-time law enforcement officers in the USA. Only a tiny %, guaranteed under .5%, are engaged in the activity you refer to.
          There are a HELL OF A LOT MORE out there walking beats and driving on patrol, keeping a lid on what would otherwise be the wild west due to the criminal tendencies of our substantial black and latino populations.
          Come on dude. You live in a huge, racially diverse city. You know the score.

        2. @ Uncle
          Yes, I do know the score.
          The cops do next to nothing to prevent “interracial” or “stranger related” crime. They are not patrolling the streets looking for “thugs” and “troublemakers”. They are enforcing the parking and traffic laws. And going on calls for “domestic violence” (mostly false). NYC tried the “stop and frisk” policy and it worked, but it has been eliminated by DeBlasio. The best way to avoid violent crime is to not associate with violent criminals. Don’t want to be murdered by “the bloods”? Then don’t act like Eminem and don’t go to places where you don’t belong. Thugs might jump you in Harlem or Bed Stuy, but they aren’t coming to Murray Hill or Turtle Bay anytime soon. I don’t need thousands of cops to protect me because I use common sense.
          And speaking of thousands of cops, just think about the BILLIONS we waste on lifetime pensions and benefits for them. This is why so many municipalities are in tremendous debt and property taxes are so high. Teachers and firemen too. It is insanity and it has to stop. Why should they taken care of for life when those of us in the private sector must fend for ourselves. It has to stop!

        1. Why don’t you tell everyone how you had s**ual affairs with und*rage girls in Angeles City? As a professor and worldwide activist, I have knowledge that you pry on little girls and rape them.

        2. Even a lamer response than I expected, and I never have high expectations of you.

      3. People oppose police states not police.
        These same “hero” cops you worship btw would throw you in the slammer, rip your rights, children, private property away in a heartbeat if they do much as whiff attention from some “damsel” in distress.
        Don’t be a state cuck.

      4. Regular people would take unimaginably better care of street crime if they were allowed to do so, at a fraction of the cost. The whole point of law enforcement is that there be crime, cops don’t do anything, the government doesn’t take care of crime because they don’t want to, it’s deliberate, if they really wanted to you wouldn’t have an illegal drug problem, not that I support criminalizing vice. If you don’t pay taxes (resist extortion) they will come after you in a heartbeat, take everything you own and chuck you in jail, but somehow when it comes to real crimes the government tolerates it, and is ridiculously inefficient, gangs are running wild. I can give some slack to homicide detectives, but you talk like a rookie, true believer, low IQ cop, one made to take orders from the cunning and cynical top dogs above you.

        1. Very true Dariusz.
          Some people do not understand that it is not the job of the police to protect people from crime. It is their job to come to you after a crime was committed and take down notes.
          Then they will try to find the violator. And more often than not, they will not find him. Yes, once in a blue moon the cops will apprehend a criminal while the crime is in progress. This is very rare. In the end, we are responsible for our own protection.

      1. What a bunch of unscrewable, post-wall, lard asses in that picture, y’all instant boner killers. Know ’twas not your choice that your bodies are so fckng ugly.

  2. Wishful thinking …
    What are you going to do about the declining testosterone levels? No testosterone means no men, no courage, no strength and most importantly no intelligence.
    And you will NOT find the solution at the end of a needle, nor through any testosterone restoring hacks that are so popular today.
    Because the decline of testosterone levels and the decline of men, started long ago with the invent of agriculture and the following structures that formed what we call today “civilization”. Since then we have progressively adopting female values and forsaking the male spirit.

    1. It is 100pc possible to increase testosterone at an individual level. And if every man takes it on himself to work at it eating right drinking clean water he can do it for himself.

      1. Increasing your free testosterone would mean nothing if the androgen receptors did not get activated in your mothers womb.

      2. Don’t forget hex-bar deadlifts, weighted pullups and Turkish get-ups!
        Plus hitting the heavy bag, chopping wood and running stairs for endurance.

    2. the way you describe it the male spirit is solely bonking your enemies on the head with a stick

      1. No.
        The male spirit is the hunter’s spirit, the fisherman’s spirit, the one which relies entirely on himself, his skills and intuition and a bit of generosity from nature.
        Agriculture/civilization. is hording of resources. It’s a female instinct.

      2. No, it would also include running them through the torso with a sharpened stick.

    3. Its because we stopped eating male meat. The meat we consume is from female animals or castrated animals (easy to breed). Male meat contains testosterone.

      1. @Kory … you are of course correct. But this line of reasoning is a VERY hard sell in the United States.
        Without Christianity, most (good) American males completely lose their bearings.
        In contrast, most Blue-Pilled Europeans waste no time returning to Asatru, to the Runes, to Odin and Thor.
        America’s biggest historical mistake (thus far) was in destroying Germany on behalf of the (((globalists))) … instead of bombing the sh*t out of England and destroying the City of London.

        1. Here I go again! Mixing those pill colours. I don’t know why the Matrix Movies chose RED as the desirable colour, as this to me is counter-intuitive!
          So … erratum … please re-read in my above comment:
          In contrast, most RED-Pilled Europeans waste no time returning to Asatru, to the Runes, to Odin and Thor.

      2. Ever notice how tire-biting atheists always focus Christianity? With all the countless religions, its always the default religion. Even when unspoken.
        Because Christianity is true. Jesus is real, and they know it. They feel constantly threatened by a real and living Savior, Jesus Christ

  3. Ummmm…
    Manly virtues are all well and good, but the Author omits or glosses over a few things:
    -Yukio Mishima was gay. (So were a lot of Samurai warriors for that matter.)
    -Greek warriors would have made pretty good members – no pun intended – of NAMBLA. Man-boy sex and love was *the* thing in Greece Women were for children, and were otherwise pretty much cloistered, much as in traditional Muslim society.
    (True, he does touch upon the whole gay warrior thing towards the end, but only to poo-poo it. Talk about denial.)
    The one thing he does get right is that the History of Science and Scientific Experts is the history of people and assertions proved wrong. But that doesn’t mean that Science is wrong. Rather, it points out the people in Science are often weak, flawed, fraudulent and greedy. Too many examples to cite. Go ahead and research “History of Scientific Fraud” to see what I mean.
    Regarding lowered testosterone levels, nobody seem to ever mention the Behavioural Sink, often informally called The Mouse Crowding Experiment. You saw a lot of bizarre behaviour and physical degradation there too, and it wasn’t because of soybeans.
    Anyway, you get the feeling that the Author pretty much just wants to shill for a book. I Wonder what his cut is?
    Just a thought.

    1. You posted the ugly truth, especially the part about the Mouse Experiment…The downrating hordes of butt hurt broken reality spheres will be after you with a quickness. God damn don’t disturb their cognizant dissonant versions of history.

    2. The only true manly virtues are Christian ones where faggots, pedos, and other various sexual dysfunctions get you a sharp rock dashed against your head.

      1. Jack Smith
        The Koran stones women to death for adultery, the Bible gives them your house, children and pension.

    3. Your condescending, soyish “Ummm…” at the beginning sets the tone for the rest of your dribble.
      If you actually read anything about antiquity for yourself (and not for some Steinberg leading an obligatory Ancient History 101), you’d know that ancient Greek and Roman men were fucking vast numbers of women.
      There is absolutely no elephant in the room. The Iliad is the most hypermasculine book ever written without such much as a hint about homosexuality. Everything revolves around honour, courage, glory and yes — women (as wives & spoils).
      Furthermore, every Greek city state had a drastically different approach to women. In Athens the Athenian women were cloistered (and rightfully so — mothers/wives have no business loitering out of doors), but the prostitutes (heterae) were free to roam and even engage in conversation with men and many of them achieved great fame and wealth due to thirsty men.
      In Corinth, there was something called “sacred” or “temple” prostitute where the main temple in the centre of the city was constantly stocked with thousands of female prostitutes.
      Prostitution was banned in Sparta but the first historian to hint that the ancient Spartans were boylovers was Plutarch who lived in the 2nd century AD, hundreds of years after Sparta had fallen from greatness. That would be the equivalent of some historian stating that America had always been extremely homo/LGBTQ/leftist due to the last 30 years of its 300-year history.
      Proculus, a Roman general, bragged to his friend that he received 100 of the most beautiful female virgins as a gift after conquering several Sarmatian tribes and “made women of them all in two weeks”.
      Even regarding the Sacred Band of Thebes there is no contemporary source which states categorically that the men were homosexual lovers.
      Generally speaking was boy-love present in those times? Of course, just like it is today. Was it the norm? Not at all, just like today it isn’t.
      So archaeologists unearth some pottery with homosexual images and then the leftist hacks go to town and portray these acts as the norm. No. Literally out of hundreds of thousands artifacts we have a handful with homosexual depictions. That wouldn’t indicate a norm but an exception.
      Read the originals and some Steinberg’s interpretation. Learn to think critically. You’ll soon start to see that prevalent ancient boy-love is just another lie being peddled by the you know whos.

      1. This is truth. Pillow-biters couldn’t have conquered the known world — and then populated it with their seed.

      2. I’m bored, so here you go:
        -“Your condescending, soyish ‘Ummm….” Honestly, an ad hominem attack. And from the git-go? Really?? Is that the best you can do? It means I’m already ahead.
        -“If you actually read anything about antiquity for yourself….” I have about 10,000 books in my personal library. Truth. All subjects. Mostly hardbound. (Want to know how to build a railroad trestle bridge? Launch a ship? Electronic warfare? I have the book.*) How many do you have? And I’ve actually read (and listened to, since they’re both really oral) both the Iliad and the Odyssey. Ditto the Argonautica. Herodotus too. Might as well toss in Xenophon while we’re at it. So, yeah, I know about the heterae and the temple prostitutes. But that doesn’t negate the fact – unless you can prove different -that pederasty among the warriors was the norm.
        -“So archaeologists unearth some pottery with homosexual images and then the leftist hacks go to town and portray these acts as the norm….” Actually it was mostly the Victorians and Edwardians that unearthed them. Then hid them away. All the so-called by you “leftist hacks” did in the Twenties and Thirties did was point out that they existed.
        -(((Steinbergs))). Honestly, can we try to keep them out of the discussion just this once? It only serves to devolve and cheapen the debate, as well as cause you to debase yourself in the process.
        -“Learn to think critically….” No problem there. Do it all the time. So on that theme consider that some of these sources might be the Bronze Age equivalent of Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler techo-thrillers. Hardly an accurate depiction late 20th Century politics and war. But what if they were the only writings that survived 3000 years hence?
        Look, we’re talking about History here, and if you read enough of it then you know that it’s all about interpretation. ** And if the facts are slim pickings to begin with – and that pretty much describes the Bronze Age with its Late Collapse and dark age – then that interpretation becomes prey to political winds and wishful thinking.
        And that wishful thinking pretty much seems to color the Author’s approach to the supposed glories of the Bronze Age. He’s all involved in supposing, deep down, that he would have been some mighty bearded warrior glorying in eternal combat and brotherhood. Reality instead is that he’s whitewashing that life for most people – and that would have included himself, the 99 percent – was pretty much brutal, cruel and short. *** He’s like the people at Renaissance Fairs who rhapsodize about the Merry Old England and Gloriana, oblivious to the fact that most likely they would have been peasants, dirty, cold, ignorant, malnourished and sickly, with no prospects or real security.
        Truth is that our present era, even with its social political problems, is much more pleasant one to be alive. And the Eastern Bronze Age Mediterranean doubtless be interesting to visit in time machine, but I wouldn’t want to live there. And neither would you.
        Hope this helps. Gotta’ run.
        Just a thought.
        *BTW, I collect guns too. Full disclosure and all that.
        **And interpretation often means revisionism. Richard III maybe wasn’t the evil hunchbacked monster after all . Maybe that applies to Caligula too. WW II and the death camps? Hell, that’s all over the map. David Irving? Well….
        ***For an excellent overview of the era in question, as well as the Mediterranean in general, pick up a copy of The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean by David Abulafia

        1. “And if the facts are slim pickings to begin with – and that pretty much describes the Bronze Age with its Late Collapse and dark age – then that interpretation becomes prey to political winds and wishful thinking.”
          What’s odd is that your “wishful thinking” is heavily pushing the pederasty/homosexual angle, while there’s absolutely zero mention of any of that in the Bronze Age bibles of the Iliad and Odyssey, and little to no mention of it in much later writings. And when someone finally does mention it (e.g. Plutarch — and not in the context of the Bronze Age but Lycurgian Sparta), he does so in passing meanwhile constantly talking about women in both Greek and Roman cultures as wives, lovers, slaves, prostitutes, spoils. Why would you do that? Why would you insist on making bona fide boyfuckers out of our masculine, woman-loving heroes based on no contemporary evidence? What is your agenda? Do you have a dog in this fight?
          “But that doesn’t negate the fact – unless you can prove different -that pederasty among the warriors was the norm.”
          Like a typical Frankfurt School subversive sophist you write a wordy essay on everything but the topic at hand and then once you think you’ve obfuscated enough, categorically state that your opinion is a “fact”. Well, stating something is a “fact” and the “norm” doesn’t make it so. And the onus of proof doesn’t lie on me. I’m working objectively with all the literature and evidence those times have provided us. The onus is on you. And I’ll gladly read any excerpts from the originals that would so much as hint at boyfucking, let alone boyfucking being the norm.
          However, based on what has been handed down we can easily conclude woman-fucking was definitely the norm and those men stayed true to Nietzsche three thousand years before Nietzsche:
          “But what is woman for man?
          … A real man wants two things: danger and play. Therefore he wants woman as the most dangerous plaything. Man shall be educated for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly…”

        2. Disregard my questions to you. I already have the answer based on your last recommendation:
          David Abulafia (from Wikipedia):
          Abulafia was born at Twickenham, Middlesex, into a Sephardic Jewish family that left Spain for Galilee around 1492 and lived for many generations in Ottoman Tiberias. He was educated at St. Paul’s School and King’s College, Cambridge.
          To anyone reading this. Never ever read (((interpretations))) of anything regarding antiquity. Go directly to the source and read it and understand it and interpret it for yourself. It’s all out there available for free.

      3. @Lysander
        well played; you know your stuff, and in some ways this is more interesting detail than the main article.

  4. I read Bronze Age Mindset and its a great book for a certain kind of man.
    IF absolute freedom is your calling, and the modern world appears to you as mediocre and stifling, this is the book for you.
    It is an inspiring mix of prose, myth, history, and poetry. It calls to the man who is most comfortable in a world without rules, laws, or petty and womanly sensibilities.

  5. It’s funny, I just picked this book up yesterday. So far it’s relatively interesting, with a couple of passages in particular that really, really stuck out to me and hit home in a big way. I’m not too far into it yet though mainly bc I’ve now been spending the last few hours reading about Ray Peat.

    1. His twitter feed is — for lack of a better word — captivating. A mixture of humor and education as a celebration of beauty and excellence. No one quite like him. To me, he speaks of a world where people consistently function at the very top levels of their physical and mental ability in an environment that blends the best of nature and technology. A beautiful vision.
      Of course, that’s just one middle-aged white man’s opinion…

  6. Someone here on ROK should write an article about the gender gap in politicial preferences. The nationalism and anti-leftism is gaining huge popularity in Europe, but there is still many more men who vote for them then women, and there are women on tinder and similar crap who says that If you vote Trump, you can go away. Are liberal women trying to frighten white men in voting anti-white, by scaring them that they won’t get sex with them if they support Trump and similar parties?
    There is videos on Stephan Molyneux youtube channel about this. Videos like “My girlfriend think I am a racist”.

    1. “there are women on tinder and similar crap who says that If you vote Trump”
      Dude, learn to lie.

    2. Beeyotches like that don’t realize how easily they can be replaced. The sexual market is world-wide.

  7. The bottom line is that basic masculinity has been lost on most if not all of us. The only way to get close to where our ancestors were is to increase our test and tune the fuck out.
    Reading about real men who were heroes of a past era is a great way to begin to learn what our family and society hasn’t taught us. Bronze Age Mindset and 48 Laws of Power are great places to start. Then you must take action on the knowledge you have absorbed.
    Raritan Jague wrote an excellent piece on this subject a while back; I highly encourage checking it out if you haven’t already:

    The Agenda To Silence Masculinity

  8. Sounds interesting by the why the fuck did the guy have to go by “Bronze Age Pervert”?
    Marketing 101. Talk about losing credibility from the very beginning.
    Anyway read “The Iliad” first. That’s the real Bronze Age Bible.

    1. He also goes by the handle of Bronze Age Mantis, which I prefer, for the reasons you allude to.

  9. If it comes down to anything itcan be summed up with a quote from Shawshank redemption, “get busy living or get busy dying.” I really don’t know if I can trust any mainstream institution and knowledge anymore, but we are the architects of our future. I like to think most of us are on the right path carving out a better life step by step and will one day look back at how far we’ve come and smile.

    1. BOB
      You have to leave America to that. A young man with adequate skill sets or finances can set himself up overseas in Asia or Australasia but fighting the corporations running the US and hoping some jobs will suddenly materialize in a Podunk state is “dying”.
      Here is the strategy-
      1) Don’t have any faith in your government and no attachment to the history or beliefs of your country. Follow the capital, which in my lifetime has gone to Asia.
      2) Don’t have children or marry until you are overseas or at least in a “bubble city”.
      3) Move overseas by the time you are 25.
      4) Don’t return to the US if you don’t have to.
      5) Don’t waste time in youth with bullshit relationships. Get your degree and go.
      6) Avoid hard drugs.
      7) Accept the fact that everything the Mainstream Media says is a load of shit. Only idiots watch “Death Wish” and believe that muggers look like Jeff Goldblum.
      8) Live in overseas because blacks, Mestizos and Trailer trash cannot afford to live overseas, and lack the skill set.
      9) Don’t bother watching television overseas. Watch BBC and local news.
      10) Maintain no relationships with anyone but your family in the US.
      Pretty soon, you’ll be free.
      Like me. I sneer at cucks and wimps who complain about Hispanics destroying their neighborhoods because they cannot afford to leave or lack the initiative to do so. Blacks behave that way and that is why they are trapped in ghettos. White men since the Bronze Age explore new countries.

      1. ” White men since the Bronze Age explore new countries.”
        Haha what a bullshit! Whites had no significant role in the world until the 16th century, when THEIR Golden Age began. Other parts of the world had their Golden Age more than 2000 years ago.
        Just because all the non-white civilizations didn’t come to Europe doesn’t mean they didn’t explore other lands. They did, but they just didn’t come to Europe, because it was a shithole land with primitive people who had nothing to offer. Except for the Greeks and Romans, who did had something to offer.

        1. HISTORY
          White men colonized North America and Iceland back when you were grunting in your jungles and steppes going “Ugga Wugga Wugga”.
          White men had the first maps of the world because other races from the jungles and steppes don’t have the logic or testicular fortitude for long voyages.
          Chinese and Indians had NO IDEA that Europe existed until Marco Polo showed up.
          The Africans thankfully cannot still master the art of sailing the Atlantic 600 years after Columbus or we’d have refugees on Cape Cod.

        2. No significant role…
          Stupid slope or Desi…the Silk Route was in the 12th century.

    2. BOB ?
      Why don’t more white men in America move overseas like I did?
      Can someone answer that here?
      I, for example, have not watched US television in 20 years. Don’t give a bloody shit.
      Why do guys stay in some Podunk state where they are unhappy and complain about the television instead of going overseas like I did?

      1. I would say becoming too comfortable or not knowing how much better life is abroad. Most people don’t care to explore, improve their circumstances or take any risks. There’s many people I know stateside that have never left the country or even their home state. I guess it’s a safe and comfortable life but also a very boring one.

        1. BOB
          If you talk to the average pensioner in the Philippines they will tell you they are safer in Asia.
          Try living as a white man on $1500 a day in the average US city.
          Blacks and Cholos will surround you. Crime is omnipresent. Cops will always be in and out of your neighborhood on arrests.
          Forget the culture wars or purported J brainwashing-you’re in physical danger.

    3. BOB
      “Right Path”
      You have to get overseas to be on the right path. That way you are not on the US grid. Nobody knows where you are. Blacks and Hispanics and Trailer trash are not around although they are restricted to bases and break up shitty bars and Korans will be happy when they leave. You pay no taxes. You stop giving a shit about the media because you don’t live in America. You make your own money (I won’t disclose what I do) and you spend the shit tax-free. Mine is in a HK bank account IRS doesn’t touch-that is the law.
      Moreover, you don’t get divorce raped. I’ve gotten more pussy (Albeit paid) than most of the guys on this blog combined because I don’t sit in the same fucking bar on Ladies Night every Thursday watching the same skanky sluts hoping that after 10 Chad’s cocks have been in their mouths that they will get sloppy drunk and come home with me.
      Why don’t American men just go overseas? Immigrate to Australia? Live in Southeast Asia?
      Its a great deal safer to be around Asians than Groids or Central American Indians.
      I obey nor respect ANY American laws. I use drugs when I want, have sex with girls of whatever age I want, say racist things on e mails to others when I want…no recrimination.
      Don’t some of you want to be free?

        1. JOHN
          You’re probably right. As an American I grew up with the frontier romanticism of Australia as the last rugged manly place on earth.

        2. I can confirm this 1000%!!! If you are an over 40`s white male, done well for himself financially and don`t conform to the feminazi`s & cuck mindset that is so prevalent here in Australia, then this hellhole is to be avoided at all costs!!!!

        3. DRAGON
          I don’t think crime is QUITE the issue it is in the US.
          You don’t have blacks or Mexicans. You have aboriginals and they might attack you but they are pretty stupid and can be avoided. You’ve got other crime-prone groups and indeed some Lebanese raped women at the beach but that is nothing compared to MS-13.
          Even the Italian mafia are much more mellow than the ones in New Jersey or Philly.

  10. JOHN
    Aren’t these guys sad? the ones that stay behind and cannot actually experience freedom?
    They go to the same shitty clubs/bars every Thursday night and watch the same wall-eyed slags clustering around some black dealer or DJ knowing they won’t get laid.
    Most of them have only been laid with 5 different girls in their entire life.
    They go on and on about creaky low-production value shit on TV that you and I are having to much fun to be PAID to watch.
    They get mugged by blacks in the street (I have) who then impregnate their white sister and daughters and then walk off laughing as they zip up their trousers while the white woman stands pregnant in the welfare line for taxes that come out of the same white man’s salary who was mugged by the black thug.
    They worry that some Indian in a jungle in Southern Mexico is going to decide to walk over the border and take their job or maybe just kill them for the fuck of it as a gang initiation.
    These men are so sad.
    Some of them EVEN COMPLAIN that we bolted overseas to enjoy the good life and call us cowards and turn coats just like the blacks in the ghetto who complain about “white flight”.
    Aren’t you glad you got out.

    1. I don’t class them as ‘sad or losers’, but ‘normal.
      I class us as ‘adventurous’, and most men will never make that.

      1. JOHN
        After 20 years abroad, your idea of normal is far different.
        If I don’t like a place for 3 minutes…I leave. I don’t sit around and complain or wish it would change…I change my geography.
        These guys complain about television? How can they waste their time watching some Armenian tarts with fat asses being followed around with some camera?
        You could not PAY me to go to a cinema and watch THE BLACK PANTHER with some nerdy-looking black guy in a Halloween costume. WTF cares?
        Don’t they have anything better to do with their life?
        I like to swim in the Pacific. Hike mountains. Make money. Have sex with tight young bods (Okay I often pay for it).
        WTF wants to sit around the city they were born in when it is a shit hole and dodge blacks or Cholos on the street?

  11. I think the relevant difference between today and the Bronze Age is the mindset of the masses.
    Although I was not living in the Bronze Age, I strongly believe that the majority of the people back them embraced heroes, manners, nature and most of what we call ‘Red Pill Philosophy’ today. So, heroes were welcome and celebrated, due to the healthy mindset of the population.
    What we are facing today is totally different and for sure never has happen in the past before: Messing up the brains of almost the entire world with every perverted and anti-natural philosophy possible!
    Since this seems to work well, heroes are no longer ebraced! Let’s face it: The stupid masses will fight against their own rescue! I think this lifts the problem onto a new level.

      Only white cucks believe a word of the shit. Blacks, Mestizos, Italians, Muslims, Asians and of course Jews DON’T BELIEVE A FUCKING WORD OF THE SHIT.
      Do you see many blacks on the street backing Carl the Cuck when he screams about being a “fucking white male”. Do you think they would not waste HIM in a second if he came into their ghetto.
      Does a cuck white believe that a Hispanic would do shit for him?
      Only fag white cucks, and I am white man, believe this shit.
      Hipsters and bubble-city elites don’t believe it. You’ll see hick-ass small town white girls mud sharking with black thugs and not white Fem liberal girls from the coasts who have PHd’s. Wiggers who imitate Eminem are most often poor and rural and not downtown wops or Irish-Catholics.
      So what I am saying is that the only motherfuckers that are not Red-Pilled are whites.
      Muslims, Mestizos, Blacks all cynically understand that everything in this life comes down to supply/demand and profit and fear.
      Whites are the only people that believe that shit.
      Jews and Italians in NYC don’t believe a word of the shit.

  12. “The Jews do the Brainwashing”
    That is because none of them believe that muggers in Death Wish film would look like Jeff Goldblum in real life or that South African Ambassadors would sell drugs like Lethal Weapon 2 or that having a baby with a black thug won’t end on the welfare line.
    Only whites eat this shit up. Nor Asian-Americans or needless to say blacks or Mestizos.

  13. Physical strength and courage mattered in the Bronze Age. Not so much in the age of drones.
    Anyway, the Bronze Age is irrelevant. When the people around you go mad, as they periodically do including now in the West, the important thing is not so much to bring these people back to sanity, since time will take care of that, but rather to avoid going mad yourself and to stay out of the way of the crowd. Keep a low profile, keep flexible, be ready to move at any time, don’t tie yourself down with a wife and children, if you’re old enough go with escorts versus girlfriends, etc.

    1. OLD GOAT
      Drones and air forces did not save any city in America from being turned into danger zones by the more-feral and generally powerful blacks (Huge exceptions but what is Conor McGregor going to do against 50 blacks or Cholos?).
      Detroit and East LA were safer BEFORE Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.
      You cannot bomb blacks, Mestizos, Muslim rapefugees who enter a society and transform it into a chaos. Turning your own country into a pile of rubble does not work.

    2. OLD
      Be Realistic Here-
      Sure, the middle-class whites and above can move. Young people who are smart enough not to get pregnant at 20 and obtain qualifications and remain single can easily move. I did. Ditto those who stay off some totally debilitating narcotic and don’t run up a criminal record.
      “Low profile”
      9 times out 10 in the US, you won’t know who your assailants are. You’d cross the street to avoid them. They actually know this and will usually creep up on you so you are cornered.
      No white walks up to a Mexican or black and tells him to go fuck his mother. When they are robbed or killed it is a blitz attack where the a strange black or Hispanic simply gets within physical distance on the street.
      “Be ready to move at anytime”
      So you move to the country from the city. Then what? In the US remoter Podunk cities and towns there are limited job opportunities.
      On this basis you then have to evaluate to what degree the rights of the white working class or their lives matter.
      Yes, the parents of the 12 year old white girl getting pimp-groomed by Pakistanis are probably low-class dull-minded lumpenproles.
      Similarly, the white kids trapped in some shitty inner-city in America are the kids of a single mother are trailer trash.
      Some of these people are hard-working, but they are not educated or intelligent and will never have any fucking money to live in a gated community or by a $200,000 house in the suburbs.
      Do their lives matter?

    3. OLD
      Be Realistic
      Are drones saving Europe from Muslims? Muslims have been stomped for 2 decades since 9-11 and Al Quada and ISIS destroyed but the Muslims are still destroying Europe through courage and strength.
      You cannot bomb Europe into rubble because Muslims and blacks commit street crime.
      “Be Flexible”
      You’re a white working-class kid from Detroit whose parents were Polish. You’re IQ is 100, maybe. You manage to finish high school but there is no money for college. You’re a hard worker, but not too bright. You follow all the rules. At 21, you marry your girlfriend and have 3 kids. Both you and your wife work hard to pay taxes on a tiny house.
      Then the Groids destroy your city.
      Where do you go? Your car is not in good enough shape to even GET to California and where is the rent money?
      Your house is worth jackshit on the market. You cannot afford to move across the street.
      The white working class is not terribly bright.
      As a result, they are easy prey for the blacks. The white girls are mud sharked or become crack whores or in England are groomed by Paks.
      The white males adopt a degree of toughness, perhaps integrate with other white toughs, end up with their own prison records or drug habit.
      By 25 a great many of them are trapped in the exurbs.
      And slowly, blacks and Mestizos and Muslims prey upon them.
      See what I mean?

      1. @madman aka all these other names:
        who the fuck is sho kosugi?
        I don’t have space to present my whole argument. It boils down to what sorts of skills are highly valued by society, which in turn relates to technology. Society values brains today, and when the crisis comes, the technology types will be preserved. Those who have brawn but no brains, regardless of skin color, will be left to die (either the coming pandemic or the starvation that follows the pandemic or murder by ape-like hoodlums reacting to starvation). And by drones, I’m thinking more of robot snipers maintaining perimeter control over the cholo/negro/wigger infested ghettos, where the pandemic and starvation will hit hardest, not planes dropping bombs on said ghettos. Guys who want to survive need to be designers and maintainers of those drones, or otherwise part of the power system, and they need to avoid losing their jobs because of shooting their mouth off with politically incorrect remarks about cholos and mud sharking and whatnot. Keep a low profile, like I said before, at least until you’re retired, and even then confine your mouthing off to internet forums.

        1. GOAT
          I keep getting banned from this site though I feel there are worse offenders and as a result I have to change avatars,
          At any rate, you are might be correct.
          Weak whites will go into the cannibal’s pot.

  14. When the Greeks defeated the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, they immediately ran twenty-six miles—clad in full amor—back to Athens to prevent the landing of additional Persian forces.
    No, they didn’t. One guy ran the twenty-six miles back to Athens to carry the message of the victory.
    Getting inspiration from the past is a good thing but if you don’t get your facts straight you end up looking a bit foolish.

    1. The Greeks were not that impressive compared to the Vikings. They did not discover North America and their only colony was in Egypt.

      1. The Greeks had colonies all over Asia Minor, and in Italy and Sicily, and other islands across the Mediterranean. Comparing two societies from vastly different times isn’t a very accurate or fair way to make a comparison.

  15. Americans seem to have forgotten US history.
    Americans either believe the USA is the most free country in the world or think that the US never was a free country.
    No one remembers that the US used to have freedom, but lost it.

  16. Read the opening on Amazon. It really needs a proof read, the structure isn’t acceptable if money is being exchanged for it.

  17. Seek the friendship of greater men and become greater; seek the friendship of lesser men and become less.
    However, if you seek the friendship of a woman instead of a man, expect to become less than a man.

  18. Bronze Age Pervert? The same guy that was on Nicolo’s lame-ass ghey forum? lolololol

  19. WTF is this book? 10 pages in & it reads like a caveman Borat wrote the fucking thing. Author thinks it’s cute & witty to write in chopped caveman speak while waxing about philosophy? Fuck you ROK on this book recommendation.

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