San Francisco Tourists Are Shocked At Aggressive Vagrants, Discarded Needles And Dead Bodies

Via Zero Hedge:

San Francisco – a Democratic stronghold known for cable cars, quaint architecture and its diverse culture, has become a bastion of squalor and crime as city dwellers and visitors alike dodge aggressive, drug-addled vagrants. And it’s beginning to scare the tourists.

An Australian couple visiting the city were shocked by what they saw after deciding to walk back to their hotel:

“Is this normal or am I in a ‘bad part of town?’ Just walked past numerous homeless off their faces, screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ and then a murder scene. Wife is scared to leave hotel now,” reads a Wednesday posting by Reddit user /u/nashtendo.

When another Redditor said “put on your big boy pants… scared to leave the hotel?”…

The Aussie replied:

It was my wife that was scared and it was partly the mass of concentrated, drug affected homeless mixed with a guy being rolled into an ambulance dead. –/u/nashtendo

“We did La and Nyc on this trip too. Both felt safer,” he said later in the thread, adding “Syringes were visible, people were staggering, others had wide aggressive eyes. ‘Off their faces’ might be an Australian thing (sorry) but I meant just visibly drug affected.”

Another Reddit user replied:

It’s pretty normal. I’m honestly hoping tourists will realize how shitty this city has become and stop coming. Maybe the loss of income will finally push the city to stop allowing the rampant drug dealing and homeless people treating the entire city like their toilet. You would think a city that deoends so heavily on tourism and conventions for the bulk of their income would put more effort into maintaining a certain standard, but there is rampant drug dealing out in the open in some of the most heavily tourist areas. The city know about it, they just don’t care. –/u/SgtPeanutbutter

“You see things on the streets that are just not humane,” Kevin Carroll, executive director of the Hotel Council of San Francisco told The Chronicle‘s Heather Knight in April. “People come into hotels saying, ‘What is going on out there?’ They’re just shocked. … People say, ‘I love your city, I love your restaurants, but I’ll never come back.’”

In a completely seperate thread, another Reddit user posted in the San Francisco subreddit “Why is this city so terrifying?”

I’ve wanted to visit SF my entire life and I finally make it here and my goddddd it’s terrifying. Anyone have any advice for a tourist aside from “don’t be such a pussy.” –u/xnmb1

“The streets are filthy. There’s trash everywhere. It’s disgusting,” Joe D’Alessandro, president of S.F. Travel told the Chronicle’s Heather Knight in April. “I’ve never seen any other city like this — the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs.”

The city, which hands out up to 4.8 million syringes each year, has struggled to figure out how to keep streets clean and safe for residents, while accommodating a growing homeless population and longstanding HIV and Hepatitis C epidemics. There are roughly 16,000 residents in San Francisco with HIV, and 13,000 with Hep C.

City Health Director Barbara Garcia estimated in 2016 that there were 22,000 intravenous drug users in San Francisco – around one for every 38.9 residents, while the city hands out roughly 400,000 needles per month.

Of the 400,000 needles distributed monthly, San Francisco receives around 246,000 back – meaning that there are roughly 150,000 discarded needles floating around each month – or nearly 2 million per year, according to Curbed.

Mayor Mark Farrell has said, repeatedly, in recent weeks that the problem of discarded syringes on city streets has become a sticking point for him, and the city promised millions of dollars to curb the problem of hazardous waste on sidewalks and streets.

Meanwhile, San Francisco Chronicle’s Matier and Ross chimed in Wednesday with an uncomfortable observation: Most of the needles littering streets in downtown neighborhoods came by way of the city itself, as part of the Department of Public Health’s 25-year-old needle exchange program. –Curbed

While certainly nowhere near the top of the list, crime is also a problem in San Francisco – which is higher than 92.7% of the United States according to

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  1. What? SF turning into another Detroit? Hahahha USA is going to shit… just imagine what it will be like in few decades, full blown dystopia combined with 3rd world shithollery and Brazil like favelization, but hey at least nobody will assume ur gender or deny ur right to drug ur body with whateva spiritual shit u like!

      1. Fact is that white girls in tents in Detroit would be raped the first night. Maybe even some of the males.
        And killed.
        I don’t think they would live through the first night.
        Young Detroit blacks were known to set homeless on fire for shits and giggles back in the 80’s.
        Finally, you need a middle-class of whites, Jews and Asians to create a surplus economy that homeless can live off.
        How does a homeless junkie scam quarters from a welfare-dependent crackhead?

      2. welfare dependent crackheads are not going to give homeless heroin addicts money for a fix is your answer to Detroit.
        Besides, the white girls would raped and killed in their tents the first night. Probably the males would just be killed.

      3. Detroit has no surplus economy for homeless to subsist on.
        Good luck trying to panhandle enough money for heroin in Detroit.

    1. My last visit to SF was nearly 30 years ago, it was a clean vibrant city, didn’t see any homeless. Clam chowder on Fisherman’s Warf in the evening, jumping on and off the cable cars, driving up to Lake Tahoe for a spot of ski-ing. Can’t believe it’s turned into a homeless refuge.

      1. Wasn’t it San Francisco in the original Dirty Harry? Looked like a clean nice city where a random shooting was just something so Crazy it needed a .44 mag needed to fix it. Not now…

    2. These homeless would not last a night in Detroit. The women would be raped and even some of the men. They’d be killed in a single night sleeping in a tent.
      You have to have a middle-class population of whites, Asians, Jews etc to support a homeless populace.
      Detroit does not have that surplus.

    3. TROLL
      You’d never see these kind of homeless in Detroit. They’d be killed the first night in their tents by the blacks-no homeless woman is not going to be raped in Detroit.
      Also, try panning a fix from a welfare-dependent crackhead. You won’t get a nickle.
      Most of the homeless in San Francisco ARE from cities like Detroit.

    4. Its going to be spectacular as actual third world world countries today will be developed and they will have strict immigration policies to safe guard their societies while west crumbles. We see beginning of it in Angola althou its still third world lots of portuguese. like to immigrate there due to booming oil economy that was 2012 and the decline of Portugal. Angola at one point upped the requirement of set of documents one needs to have if they want to go there previously you would just take plane from Lisbon to Luanda. Now you need visa.

      1. KIETH
        The best Anglo countries like Australia or NZ or Canada (I’m not saying they’re perfect but better than the U.S. in terms of living standard, crime, infrastructure) are going to be impossible to get into. Tokyo is damn near impossible to get into.
        This will never happen in Africa, and unlike most of the redneck townies on this site I’ve actually visited there.
        There’s too much tribalism, too much corruption, too much overpopulation, etc. etc.
        Asia, yes. Africa, no.

        1. You’ve never been to Aus or NZ, they aren’t the best Anglo countries, they went down the toilet faster than the US and Europe. They are the most expensive countries, the most feminized and the harshest police enforcement for trivial crimes in the world.

        2. Race
          If you actually traveled in African extensively (I have ) you should know better.
          Some African countries, for example Namibia, Botswana or Gabon -have higher GDPs per capita tan most Eastern European countries.
          Cities like Windhoek (Namibia), Gaborone (Botswana) or Lusaka (Zambia) are a lot safer for an average European/North American visitor than supposedly European cities of Warsaw, Budapest or Moscow.
          The central parts Kigali (Rwanda) is cleaner and safer than the eastern boroughs of London (UK).
          Lagos (Nigeria) and Accra (Ghana) have more millionaires per capita than London or Paris. I am not saying that deep poverty is widespread there but as a wealthy visitor/expat you won’t need to interact with that.
          The main issues for you in those places in Africa would be the harsh climate and the lack of decent healthcare facilities (sometimes even private ones).
          But try to explain this to some of the hillbilly idiots here who have never been more than 20 miles away from their recessed flyover towns.

        3. Peter
          The keyword is “some”, Africa is a very big continent, “Some” is not the norm. Flyover country is a derogative term, remember IS OK TO BE WHITE.

      2. The third world is the third world due to it’s people.
        In South East Asia the Chinese ethnic minorities are smart enough to build commie block tier housing or even “upscale” condos due to the hotel style construction that some of their elites learned, as well as malls.
        If it wasn’t for them flips and thais would all live in mud huts and tin shacks.
        Just because the costs are much lower to buy yourself into relative luxury doesn’t mean that these places aren’t third world shitholes…
        Third world elites generally don’t want white competition and keep us on a short and arbitrary visa leash + it generates a lot of visa money for the powers that be.
        Angola is just another Apefrican shithole made popular via natural resources. Mandatory visas are just another graft as that’s all that apefricans can do. Monies paid flow straight to the elites in the government apparatus.

        1. There are 50 shades of third world shitholery though. Thais, and to a lesser degree the Flips, are intelligent enough and docile enough to let their chink-roach overlords manage the place without major disturbances rendering in turn the quality of life for the expat community more than acceptable.
          I do not like Thailand* at all, easily my least favourite country in Asia, but I’d rather be randomly parachuted there in the middle of the night than any place in, say, Latin America.
          * The country seems like a weird hybrid combining the dreary, dull, stern atmosphere of China and other industrialized Asian countries with the mondo bizzarro disorganization, stupidity and general favelado lifestyle of South East Asia.

        2. PHILIPPINES
          This place is unique in having been ruled by Spain and administered by Mestizos who intermarried with the Filipino locals.
          So it had the Latin American caste system and Spanish corruption BEFORE the Chinese merchants showed up.
          Today, the Philippines land is owned by Mexicans-this is what the so-called Haciendero (Plantation) Mestizos are for all practical purposes-and the businesses owned by the Chinese.
          So there is no possible hope for the average Filipino.

        3. A.J.
          Chinese basically fucked the Philippines when they took it into their heads to start making meth.

        4. You know nothing about angola or Africa for that matter. in 2000 more than 90% of the country was living in poverty today its below 30% they are building new towns and houses from the ground.
          25% of african countries already have a middle cash that is the same as china or even above in terms of income. just by 2025 all of afrca will be middle income at current growth rates and serveral contries will be upper middle income and totally wiped out poverty. No wonder people like you are just looking while those investing in africa are getting untold wealth.

        5. I thought it was because it wasn’t part of NATO (1st world), wasn’t part of the Soviet Bloc (2nd world), and was lumped in with the other non allied countries (3rd world).

    5. TROLL
      Detroit never had much of a problem with white homeless. They’d be killed within the night. And the female homeless would be raped 50 times.
      When you talk to white homeless junkies out West 9 x out of 10 they are from the Rustbelt and have moved out West because homeless get killed in places like Detroit or Pittsburgh on the street.
      Plus, in largely black cities there is no surplus economy anyhow. Homeless heroin addicts cannot get handouts from black crackheads.
      Blacks do not want to give whites a damn thing-just look at the Boer refugees in South Africa.
      Many of the white non-junkie homeless in San Francisco are rustbelt internal migrants from Michigan or Indiana or Kentucky. They simply showed up looking for a paradise that was not there.
      Axel Rose sang a song about it. Welcome to the Jungle.

      1. One in a million also comes to mind…actually can you imagine a song like that being put out by a major nowadays ? It was 1989, feels like 2 centuries have gone.

        1. A.J.
          There was some groaning and complaining even then from the watchdog groups. I was 15 in 1989 and remember it.
          Also about the “Diceman” and his infantile nursery rhymes.

        2. @Race,
          Truth. Some gays are so perverted that they actually seek disease as a turn on, so many in fact that they have a name. “Bug chasers” seek “the poz,” the ultimate prize… AIDS.
          Great plan, deliberately becoming a burden on society.

      2. Kentucky isn’t a Rust Belt state and it never was though. Any blight there predates the fall of Rust belt cities like Detroit and Pittsburgh. Even Louisville which borders Indiana was never much of a manufacturing hub.

  2. Umm, maybe its good ShitFranciso was never and will never be on my tourism list unless it is disaster tourism.

  3. San Francisco has always been a tolerant city. Hell, it even hosted its own Emperor of the United States, Norton I, and gave him a fine burial with a large impressive headstone.
    That said, you can easily trace all of this back to the late 60’s and the Summer of Love along with the Anti-Vietnam War student radicals. Those same people – leftists who are all about feelings and virtue signaling – are now the ones in charge of the city. (And to top everything off, they’ve just elected themselves a Black Female Mayor. Let the frivolity and mirth begin.)
    Add to that Reagan closing the State Hospitals, an overall crap State economy, a housing bubble, the various “Advocates” and appoligists who otherwise wouldn’t allow these same homeless into their living rooms, and a city (and state) stretched thin financially, and this is the predictable result.
    Victor Davis Hanson – VictorHanson Com – has often commented on the disconnected elites in the California Coastal Cities. He has pointed out repeatedly that they’d rather virtue signal than face the hard issues of, say, illegal immigration and pushed to the limit infrastructure. I think he would now add the surge of homeless
    (In the case of San Francisco, he’s dwelt on occasion about the hypocrisy of the citizens there have who obsess about dam removal and environmental purity to protect a bait fish, yet are not similarly inclined to do away with the Hetch Hetchy Dam that blocks a Yosemite-like valley and provides their water supply.)
    Yeah, some of these homeless are just plain down on their luck, stymied in their job hunt by, variously, age discrimination, do-nothing corporate Human Resource systems, housing costs, and shifts in Technology that left them behind. But they’re the minority (and deserve our help and compassion.)* The remainder are in fact drunks, druggies, loonies and people who actually enjoy living on the streets. In a past era, the former three would be in the now closed State Hospitals. (And where do you put them now?) And the latter would be treated as vagrants and told to move alone.
    Only a hard turn to the Right in San Francisco City Government will change all that. It remains to be seen if there is a realization all parties that all their feel good virtue signaling is in fact toxic. With their new Mayor, I doubt that will be the case, and the problem will only get worse instead of better.
    This is one of the ways cities fail.
    Just a thought.
    *I was talking to an attorney who lives in the Pacific Heights section of the city. We were talking about the homeless. I flat out asked him if he really wanted his young daughter to have to see some guy taking a dump on the sidewalk. No answer, but a look of inward reflection, a light going on.
    He then mentioned that he had a homeless woman living, staying, whatever on his street. I said something like: “Look, here’s a solution, a win-win. Assuming she’s not crazy or anything, everybody on the block give here a job. Make her into sort of a block warden. Everybody pays her, say, $100 a week cash, twenty houses to the block so that’s $2000 per week, nominal in an expensive city. Somebody probably has a granny flat that she can live in for skinny or no dollars. And she can watch the block and all your houses for you. She can make sure that nobody steals the UPS deliveries off your front porch. Make sure your kids get home OK. She gets her dignity back and without a lot of minimum wage bureaucratic B.S., and you get a huge degree of safety, security, and loyalty for a reasonable price, something that otherwise could only be obtained individually for thousands of dollars. It’s a complete win-win,”
    I left him thinking, you could tell by the look on his face. I don’t know if he actually put together a consortium to hire this woman. Probably not; attorneys hunt for all the reasons you can’t do something after all. But then again who knows? But I think it did make clear to him that it wasn’t going to be the city and its various and useless jobsworth agencies and commissions that would solve the homeless problem. Rather, it would be individuals or groups of individuals like himself, in the trenches so to speak, who would be willing to sweep the rules and buck-passing aside so as to create a win-win solution for all.

    1. Attorneys don’t want to liable for anything. He was probably thinking how he’d have to put her on payroll, start paying payroll taxes, insurance, etc. Once he becomes her employer, she can sue him because of some grievance. One of the reasons why there are so many unemployed people is the complicated labor law. It’s a liability to hire someone, so companies try to do without people, hence automation. This attorney is better off purchasing some police robot who will patrol his neighborhood because robots don’t complain and don’t sue you.

      1. Doubly so for women. They are far more likely to file HR complaints and lawsuits than men are.

    2. VIC3B
      Most of the homeless and crazies are from other states. The fruits and nuts “roll west”.
      When I was in Michigan the hippies and real hardcore punks, potheads etc were all on their way out West for warmer climes and better drugs.
      They were tired of being hassled by local cops. If you are a local druggy and the cops just hassle you over and over again in some Midwest working-poor or blue collar exurb you’ll eventually shift to the West Coast.
      My guess is that the local-born homeless are merely crackheads.

  4. Love to hear it. Couldn´t happen to a nicer bunch of arrogant liberal assholes. I hope each of them slips and falls into a pile of steaming shit on the way home from their high tech jobs. ” I fell in poop in San Francisco……….”

    1. Or they tripped on a crumpling piece of sidewalk (no money to fix it) and they fall face first into the shit, get an eye infection and then go blind.

  5. San Fran is shit. Literally and Figuratively. Pelosi is useless as are the others Dem in “charge”

  6. What a shithole SF is. How’s California making out with the secession? I’d like to help speed it along.

    1. Yeah, America was great long before incorporating the Mexican shithole known as California… it looks like the cholos are finally getting it back!

      1. TROLL
        That is a common misconception. The Spanish barely occupied much further than So Cal. San Francisco was actually RUSSIAN-OWNED at one point, then went into British hands, and was purchased along with Washington and Oregon from the Brits.
        Mestizos were too dim too really do much with the place and the power base was mexico City.

        1. Just look at city and place names to know what was Spanish. Presidio, Mission, Alameda, San Leandro, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, San Jose. Hell yes the Spanish were all over the Bay Area. They were overwhelmed and pushed aside during the post 1849 gold rush.

    1. CLARK
      East Hastings is mostly heroin addicts and crackheads.
      I think it is actually WORSE than San Francisco.
      The main reason for this is that it is the gateway for Chinese heroin into North America.

      1. I live in Richmond. Those outside of Richmond in Metro Van think it’s all kind of funky and ethnic-foodie. I like to remind them that these are not Hong Kong Chinese anymore, with some English Tradition. They are Communist Chinese, or, using an old handle that was used in the past, I call them ChiComs. This offends my Leftie colleagues. Too bad. ChiComs are not here to make this a better place, they are here to exploit and Hastings Street, along with the fentalyl crisis is a manifestation of this. I also tell my acquantances that I like the Duterte solution to the drug problem. The Flips that I know here love the guy and are actually amazed that I know anything about the guy.

        1. LANCE
          Heroin enters the United States via Vancouver from China. The Chinese government allows this because it is one more way of non-military aggression against the U.S….contribute to our social problems with heroin.
          The Sicilians long-retired from the heroin rackets and Mexican brown tar is not of the quality of China white.
          Because Vancouver is the nearest point in North America to China it is the gateway for heroin importation and that is the reason for Hastings and East Vancouver.
          Junkies from the US and from all over the rest of Canada go there to get a cheap fix. Plain and simple.
          Hong Kong crime gangs battle it out with the bikers for drug sales territories.

  7. Who would dare to decry a liberal utopia?
    Clearly all of those syringes are just disadvantaged and misunderstood??
    Been once, I second that–will never, ever go back if I have a say in it. Steaming cesspool.

  8. Great news! To reiterate what one commenter said, couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people! 100% spot on. Funny how all the major US cities that promote degenerate liberalism, “diversity”, aka lack of straight white males, and loads of AA hires are all steaming dumps of garbage (NYC, LA, SAN FRAN, CHICAGO, ETC.) Bbbb bbbb butttttt it’s systematic and institutionalized racism that causes “less fortunate” people and places to become like this! And this is precisely why this whole agenda needs to be crushed, before this entire country one day looks like San Fran and the likes. I always think back to Clayton Townley’s speech in “Mississippi Burning” when the (((powers that be))) want to make another American city a stronghold for “tolerance and equality”. Townley says ” they cannot by force turn our communities into replicas of their communities….”. Has everyone had enough?????

  9. Judging by reading this story, and having never been there, my guess is the police have just given up. Or perhaps their hands are tied by liberal second-guessers. Pity, too. All that love and tolerance and acceptance and see what happens! Mmmm, mmm, mm.
    I bet if a heterosexual white knight, Christian, right winger, armed to the teeth, came in and cleaned that city out, they would arrest him or shoot him. Even if the tiny handful of decent people there were happy he came thru.

    1. EDWARD
      You mentioned that you were homeless for a year in Los Angeles in 1990.
      Were you a junkie? Or just an “oakie” or Southerner who migrated West? What were the circumstances of your situation?
      I’m curious.
      You strike me as probably working lower-middle-class to middle class, high school education but no 4 year degree, probably from a rural or exurban white background and not born in Los Angeles. But I could be wrong.
      So how did you end up homeless?
      You should write an article on it.

    2. EDWARD
      What is your story? You did mention being homeless for a year in Los Angeles?
      What was it? Starving artist? Migrant from the South or an Oakie?
      Underage and kicked out by your parents (Though you come off as being about 50 so you would have been an adult in 1990).
      What was your story.
      I’m curious.

    3. @EE
      Your second sentence contains the answer — decent cops are abundant here but are hamstrung by their feckless, cowardly liberal overlords. End of story. They have to apply “feelz” training, ignore low-level crimes and cannot “clean house” like Guliani and NYC did a while back. In some ways I think many SFPD are as supremely frustrated as anyone else who votes conservative here (myself included). We just had a big election 2 weeks ago and my ballot was like the “death of idealism and rational, patriarchal thought” — in other words, nobody I voted for won. My independent opposition, however, is fully registered. And so are my guns.

      1. MIDWEST
        You can legally prevent illegal aliens from entering a country.
        But most of the homeless in San Francisco are internal migrants or junkies born in California.

      2. @Midwest
        That fuckface, mulitple-offending Mexi degenerate got off scot-free and got in trouble AGAIN soon thereafter. His whole defense was to act confused and pretend he was ignorant in court. RIP Kate Steinle…so sad.

        That is because they fucked the Red Indians instead of killing them as the British did in North America.

        1. Lots of Alaskan natives with surnames like Chertkoff. They’re Eastern Orthodox. And there are a lot of beautiful 19th century churches that blend the Russian style and native decorative arts.

  10. My nearest big shitty is New Orleans and it’s basically all the same problems San Francisco has from “gutter punks” etc. It’s a magnet for junkies and just people who in general who utterly suck at life.
    When I describe the shithole to people from other places, I tell them to imagine San Francisco and Haiti had a baby.

    1. @swamprat
      LOL!!! @ San Fran and Haiti had a baby. I spit some water out on that comment. I went there for the first time a few months ago and you description couldn’t be more accurate. I have a gym acquaintance who was just there for the first time for a wedding. His description was: smelly, humid, junkies all over, homeless skels, and lots of 300 lb bonequishas twerking in bars and cubs on Bourbon Street. Although, I do have to say I had the best cheese grits with ground beef and brown gravy I’ve ever ate at some little bar/restaurant down there. I have been to Lafayette and Scott and enjoyed it. Like the Cajun culture. Oh and the boudin is unreal.

      1. Yea loads of 300lb shoniquishas. Between them and the blue hair visibly Democrat crowd, it’s tough to do random day game. The cute waitress/ girl behind the counter thing is gone.
        I hope everyone goes home and tells people how shitty New Orleans is.
        Hey want some google fun? Look up new Orleans new mayor. I rest my case …………

    2. SWAMP
      I met them in Phoenix. In some ways, you have to be grateful for blacks. In the Northeast and upper Midwest “crusties” on the street get their ass kicked so badly by black thugs for taking up space that they are zoned out of Detroit, most of Chicago etc.
      The blacks, whose gang and drug-dealing activity is fairly structured, tend to beat them out.

      1. Blacks beat up retarded kids in Chicago too. Polar bears and girls that reject them get punched. Maybe blacks are just violent.

        1. GRAPEFRUIT
          The white gutter punks and scag-monkeys are so disgusting that the black gangs are sort of doing society a favor there.
          Generally, the homeless anarchist-punks and heroin junkies will know which parts of the city they can squat in. If they go out of a certain radius the blacks kick the shit out of them simply for taking up space or for shits and giggles.
          In Detroit when I was young they use to “torch” the homeless. Teen blacks would by some gasoline at a station and walk around until they found a homeless sleeping and douse them and then light them up for the fun of seeing someone on fire.

    3. SWAMP RAT
      If you are a white from the Rustbelt or East Coast who sucks at life or is a gutter-punk, the blacks ironically are more effective than the cops at running you out of town because black gangs who inhabit the same city streets as the “crusties” and white homeless don’t want attention from the police because of whites with no money to purchase crack cocaine. So THEY kick the shit out of these whites.
      As a result, the gutter-punks and homeless tend to gravitate to cities where there is some district that they will be safe from blacks but can hang around on the street.
      Preferably warm.

  11. What’s wrong with LGBTQQIKP2SAA people? In my opinion, as long as they don’t bother me, they’re OK. I don’t see how gay marriage and other issues affect anyone on this site. Only 3% of the US population is LGBTQQIKP2SAA. Why would anyone worry about them? They can’ even have children. They will all disappear in a couple of generations.

    1. YUROK
      It COULD be argued that gay males spread AIDS. I don’t think anyone cares about Lesbians at all.
      Generally when gays move into a scruffy urban district they tend to improve it.
      Out goes the female prostitution (Yes, there are gay male hustlers but these are strapping athletic type young men who are not being violently “pimped”).
      Out goes the juvenile crime resulting from single mothers and bad homes (Though some rob homosexuals).
      Out goes the crack and heroin because the gays are weekend warriors who like Molly. In any event, gays tend to have their own discreet dealers as oppose to “corner-dealing” crack-slingers blacks or Cholos.
      Generally, less welfare because both partners working and no dependents.
      The fact that gays do not have some of the problems that straight people do-rape, juvenile crime, domestic violence, pimping, single mothers…cannot be denied.

  12. I thought this was a scene from Batman Begins, where Bruce Wayne and his parents leave the opera house and get mugged in the street. Batman isn’t real, but Gotham City clearly exists.

  13. cuz their fags and they need to die they can never be true ALPHA they will always be omegas omegas are abhorrent and despicable and a plague among god’s earth we can’t allow them

      1. GAYS
        Gays are not the problem in San Francisco. To begin with, they usually find another gay to co-habit with. Secondly, they are usually “weekend warriors” who use Molly or Ecstasy and not heroin junkies. Thirdly, they are docile and not the anarchic punks or mental loonies that CAN’T hold a job.
        Another thing is that most of these homeless are from other parts of the country. The US interior Podunk towns and Midwest whose police force just hassled them until they blew town for the West Coast-all the fruits and nuts roll West.
        San Francisco had a program for giving the homeless bus tickets but few of them want to be rousted non-stop in their little Indiana burg because the cops all know them.
        So they prefer living on the streets far away.

  14. I used to drive up to SF to go to concerts and eat at great restaurants, but between the high cost, crime, and crazy homeless I never go anymore. I once saw a smash and grab robbery on a busy street, and homeless smoking crack out in the open with cops around doing nothing. The residents are completely numb and disaffected to the fucked up situation they live in. Now I just fly to Vegas for the weekend.

    That was because of an illegal immigrant, not a homegrown homeless.
    Generally, the non-junkie homeless are just belligerent street punks from lower middle-class white blue-collar homes. “Repo Man” types.
    They usually skirt on the right side of the law-just barely-to stay on the streets (literally).
    Their background is invariably white, blue-collar or lower-middle-class, GED or barely graduated from high school, political pretentiousness (Anarchists) and from the Midwest or East Coasts. Not born in San Francisco. Whites in San Francisco are either homos or upper-class.
    We use to call them “crusties” in Phoenix. You’ll never meet them in the Rustbelt because the blacks kick the shit out of them for attracting the police to areas where the blacks are selling drugs or simply for taking up space. Crusties show up in liberal or fairly nice cities in the warm climes.

  16. A once-great city, brought to its knees. It actually hurts me physically, in the gut, remembering how it used to be. As the resident expert on this location, I could go on a 20-paragraph rampage. I also hesitated to post my ire on the other recent “California / Lynyrd Synyrd” ROK article because I’m living in it, and I’m frankly exhausted with the subject of “what’s wrong with California, what’s wrong with SF” and all the attending hyper-liberal Fauxtopian failures. As everyone in my family knows, it brings me genuine psycho-social pain to see it unravel. The “experiment” meant well — but it has failed miserably. I can no longer find the words (emotions get in the way, can’t thin clearly), but trust me, after what I’ve seen here — NOTHING is shocking anymore. Suffice to say…steer clear of this city if you can, gentlemen. There are so, SO many things that defy logic and common decency here. This is why I own property in two other states and intend to retire far away when the time comes. Until then, I keep on fighting for what’s right while “embracing the decline” (a common theme here at ROK, natch).

    1. OCEAN
      The great “social experiment” starting 50 years ago-
      Pot and acid gave way to harder, more destructive drugs like crack cocaine, crystal, Oxy.
      Free love ruined marriages and gave birth (Literally) to a population of bastard out-of-wedlock kids whose single mothers raised them on welfare. This is especially common with blacks but when I was a kid in the 1980’s, there were far fewer out-of-wedlock white births because when were born in the 70’s free love had not hit Detroit yet.
      Homosexuality was always around but instead being zoned to a district where everyone disgustingly ignores it, the characters in Star Wars are homos.
      The intelligentsia invented IT and proceeded to send every US job overseas or import coolies. Ironically, the real “sons of soil” white rubes are immune to this because they become cops or plumbers but the middle-class is devastated by it.
      And so on.

    Question 1
    So we jail these homeless heroin addicts who probably don’t really care that much if they go to jail and probably have spent time in jail before. What then?
    Question 2
    There’s no money in the fiscal budget to actually feed, clothe, house and provide other amenities for all these seemingly healthy-looking anarchist punks who could work but are too anti-social and the scag monkeys who are going to be doing heroin for 20 more years no matter what.
    Question 3
    Most of these homeless are from other cities or states. A great many of them are from the East Coast or the Midwest. I’ve heard of San Francisco sending them back to Indiana with free bus tickets but homeless white proles from broken blue-collar homes in Indianapolis or Detroit or Pittsburgh don’t want to return there anyhow. There’s no surplus budget.
    Question 4
    How do you actually FORCE people who WANT to live on the street to get off the street. Most of the hippies and punks don’t look like junkies, they look like hardcore leftist dropouts who don’t want a 9-to-5 and the women have too much of an attitude to peddle ass. So what to do with them. Hold a GUN to their head and MAKE THEM WORK.
    Question 5
    Historically, Europe thinned out its underclass by sending them to Australia or U.S. or Canada. But there is nowhere left to emigrate too. So where do they go?

      Why does America have these problems to a degree that other Developed countries do not?
      Australia has its King’s Cross and Canada has one patch of East Vancouver and Tokyo as well but not to the same extent as the United States.
      If America is such a tremendously great country, and I am an American, maybe one of you patriotic types can tell me why so much of the US is a shithole that looks like a Third World country?
      Many white posters here will call Indians “street shitters” but parts of the US have people shitting on the street and living in tents like I saw in Mumbai.
      Can a patriot answer the question?
      Why, by the way, has poverty risen and homelessness exploded since the Clinton Era if liberals are so much dumber than Republicans. The last economic surplus we had was in his liberal presidency.
      If America is so wonderful and you patriots will get on here and talk about what a great country it is than why does it have these sort of problems and not NZ or Australia or Tokyo or Finland.
      And by the way, these folks are WHITE. They are not blacks or Mexicans but most of them are whites-specifically Anglo-Celtic Protestants though probably some are Irish-Catholics background or Polish or whatever. But the vast majority will be WASPS.
      So what is the reason?

      1. @madrace: idiots see one of (((them))) behind every social problem with perverse incentives, I follow the money trail. US has the biggest security apparatus among the western democracies and the only one that really matters, since Canada, Australia, etc can always rely on the US to bail them out in event of a real war ( or at least that was true from 1945 until fairly recently, since US may no longer be able to protect Asian allies from China). Big government of any sort leads to corruption and rogue bureaucratic entrepreneurs” building empires within the bureaucracy. Street violence, drug trafficking, etc means a budget increase for various police agencies, profits for privatized prisons, etc. Corruption and empire building in the other western democracies focuses more on non violent problems. For example, Unemployment means growth of the bureaucracy to deal with unemployment, such as job training bureaucracy. So the Europeans have a massive unemployment problem and then a massive bureaucracy to deal with it, and a few bureaucrats at the top benefit from the mess, just as police chiefs and head of the DEA and owners of private prisons benefit from the mess in the USA. Always follow the money trail. Who benefits from a mess. And no, (((they))) arent planning. Bureaucratic entrepreneurship is as unplanned as the private sector of capitalism. One person at a time looking to feather his or her own nest and damn the consequences for society as a whole.

        1. GOAT
          You make a good point about the surplus budget and the military. When Clinton was in office between the Cold War and 9-11 we had the highest surplus budget ever and when Bush came into office he ran a deficit with a useless war in Iraq.
          US cannot do shit to defend Germany or Finland from Muslims because they infiltrate like termites same as Hispanics in the Southwest and just chew holes in the entire society from the street level upwards. You cannot do anything about this with the military.
          Muslims are not going to parachute into Idaho swinging scimitars and Chinese are not going to send ground troops into Omaha. No matter what the military budget.
          I doubt that Jewish deli owner on Fox News really enjoys having ruined whites taking shits around his Deli and shooting up or that he meets on his Sabbath with the Hasbara to plan further destruction of the white race through subliminal messaging.
          Of course now the real nutcases on this site will accuse me of being Jewish again, which I am definitely not, but anyhow.
          I am not sure how old you are but if you remember a time before the “Three Strikes Law” when non-privatized prisons were a revolving door crime was actually worse and more whites were street criminals than now. Blacks are too stupid to care and Mestizos know that they will just be deported back to Latin America but many white petty criminals of the Clockwork Orange-type just decided they did not want to spend their entire life in prison and stopped committing crimes. Not all of them of course. But common thuggery among whites dropped in the 1990’s after the Three Strikes law came into effect. White teens who were thinking about common thuggery as a form of self-expression and fun just decided life in prison was no fun.
          China will never invade the Philippines or Indonesia-its Chinese-born overseas citizens own the economies of those countries anyhow. China does not win through war, they are shitty soldiers anyhow, they win through business because you cannot bomb trade agreements.

        2. GOAT
          I doubt that Jewish deli owner interviewed on Fox News really likes ruined Anglos taking shits on the sidewalk outside his Matzo Ball display window or meets every Sabbath with his Zio cabal to plan how to further degrade Anglo-Celtic so that his country is one great big Calcutta.
          Someone on this site will accuse me of being part of the Habara or something now.

        3. Goat, you are without a doubt one of the biggest apologists on this site — and for reasons unknown to me. The fact of the matter is if you follow the money trail, it leads to (((them))) and their flunkies each and every time. It’s obvious in the extreme. Yet, you think everything awful and destructive around us is due to randomness created by greedy (unaffiliated) singular individuals just trying to navigate and game a capitalistic system??? Wake up, man!
          “And no, (((they))) arent planning.” Jajajajaja. They’ve been planning for many hundreds of years and the fruits of their labor, intellect and patience is on full display in places like SF and many other cities / regions. You (we) are at war with a people that have far more hate for us than is rational to understand. (((They))) have declared it publicly numerous times and (((those))) who control our money supply, political process, entertainment industries, communication avenues and social constructs have SHOWN US THEIR HAND blatantly over the last few decades. But yet thick headed Americans (even potentially well meaning ones like you…) get nervous of being labelled anti-whatever and intolerant or conspiratorial. Your enemy scoffs at your stupidity / naivety and justifies to (((himself))) why he has the superior right to control and manipulate you like he does.

        4. I’m neither thick-headed nor well-meaning. I’m living in a world full of crazy ideas that could hurt me if I give them space in my head. By arguing in forums, I’m able to keep my wits sharp and preserve my sanity. I really don’t care if anyone reads what I write much less if I help anyone else and its laughable to think I’m affecting the world at large writing here. I’mn just trying to help myself think clearly.
          Time and time again, I’ve seen otherwise intelligent people go crazy because of Jjjj fever. The German nation damn near destroyed itself because of jjjj fever under Hitler. jjjjs are intellectual hired guns. Its their speciality, just like physicalmilitary hired gun is a speciality of Southern white men of a certain type (those who have long dominated the us army commissioned and non-comm officer corps). As intellectual hired guns, jjjjs will say what they are PAID to say, just like military hired guns will fight who they are PAID to fight. Follow the money trail. Yes, some jjjjs have a lot of money and so sometimes these rich jjjjs pay middle class jjjj hired guns to argue the case of israel and middle class military hired guns to fight for israel. But sometimes there are other people with money paying these hired guns to do the opposite, so Israel doesn’t always get its way. What does always get its way is money. Since 1945, money has become progressively concentrated, for technological reasons, and the interests of the rich no longer coincide with those of the middle class, and this is increasingly true everywhere, and explains what is going on in the world. truth is something I struggle to keep in mind, stifle against the forces of stupidity which are and always have been everywhere, as I try to enjoy the remainder of my years on this earth. If you want to fill your head with stupidity, go ahead. Beats me how being stupid will helps a person navigate the treacherous rapids that lie ahead, but then again, sometimes being stupid actually helps in this world, at least for a while. Germans who went along with Hitler’s stupidity, for example, did very well for a while, though eventually the stupidity blew up on their faces. (And no, not one of (((them))) myself. Baptized and raised moderate Anglican, don’t believe any religious shit currently.)

        5. I’m neither thick-headed nor well-meaning. I’m living in a world full of crazy ideas that could hurt me if I give them space in my head. By arguing in forums, I’m able to keep my wits sharp and preserve my sanity. I really don’t care if anyone reads what I write much less if I help anyone else and its laughable to think I’m affecting the world at large writing here. I’mn just trying to help myself think clearly.
          Time and time again, I’ve seen otherwise intelligent people go crazy because of Jjjj fever. The German nation damn near destroyed itself because of jjjj fever under The Leader. jjjjs are intellectual hired guns. Its their speciality, just like physicalmilitary hired gun is a speciality of Southern white men of a certain type (those who have long dominated the us army commissioned and non-comm officer corps). As intellectual hired guns, jjjjs will say what they are PAID to say, just like military hired guns will fight who they are PAID to fight. Follow the money trail. Yes, some jjjjs have a lot of money and so sometimes these rich jjjjs pay middle class jjjj hired guns to argue the case of The Promised Land and middle class military hired guns to fight for The Promised Land. But sometimes there are other people with money paying these hired guns to do the opposite, so The Promised Land doesn’t always get its way. What does always get its way is money. Since 1945, money has become progressively concentrated, for technological reasons, and the interests of the rich no longer coincide with those of the middle class, and this is increasingly true everywhere, and explains what is going on in the world. truth is something I struggle to keep in mind, stifle against the forces of stupidity which are and always have been everywhere, as I try to enjoy the remainder of my years on this earth. If you want to fill your head with stupidity, go ahead. Beats me how being stupid will helps a person navigate the treacherous rapids that lie ahead, but then again, sometimes being stupid actually helps in this world, at least for a while. Germans who went along with The Leader’s stupidity, for example, did very well for a while, though eventually the stupidity blew up on their faces. (And no, not one of (((them))) myself. Baptized and raised moderate Anglican, don’t believe any religious shit currently.) Lots of censored words I this forum, hence various euphemisms, not trying to be cute.

        6. I’m sure that J deli own in the Fox interview meets with his J superiors every Sabbath to discuss how more ruined whites can take shits outside his Matzo ball display window.
          J if anything are stupid idealists. They go along with immigration and then the Muslims or the Cubans in Miami turn on them. They go along with Civil Rights as shock troops and then the blacks turn on them. They go along with porn and then Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt and Bob Guccione EXPLOIT THEIR WOMEN (Though recently the Christian women have been doing porn it used to be a J female occupation).
          On the subject of hired guns, I’d agree. They’re inclination for verbal dexterity really puts them in a position where they will say anything; just as the Southern man who hates Yankees will allow some President from NYC to send him off to war.
          This is the same Gino Tarantelli being told by the Underboss to execute some deadbeat degenerate gambler he does not know or give a shit about.
          J in Madison Avenue are told to write a jingle and they do. They go along with the program to pay rent.

  18. For those disaster porn voyeurs thinking of visiting Babylon on the Bay to see for themselves how bad things are, the hot spot used to be 6th street just south of Market street, Little Calcutta we called it back when I was living in the city. Constant street pooping, loonies screaming at the air, people running around in their underwear, Hindus desperately trying to keep some semblance of order at the SRO hotels. BTW, If you ever stay in one of those SRO weekly hotels, as I did for a while due to the housing crisis, NEVER use the elevator. You do NOT want to be trapped in a small space with drug-addled psychotics armed with sharp objects who might suddenly decide you are Satan, etc. Turk street was runner up in terms of craziness to 6th street. That was 20 years ago, but I doubt things have changed much. I lived near Polk Gulch, which I believe has been gentrified.

    1. GOAT
      That was in the Clinton era, so it is probably worse now.
      People who END UP homeless go crazy fairly quickly and the economy back then allowed many people to stay off the street.

  19. SF is a prime example of the complete disintegration of western societies.
    Housing absolutely affordable for non tech workers and upper management, apartments starting at 800k surrounded by homeless people aggressively begging and nobody can be bothered to get together to find long term solutions.
    Any affordable housing is allocated to favorite oppressed groups and anybody else can btfo.
    Everyone is out for themselves these days it seems and communities are dead.
    It’s happening to European capitals as well. Berlin, Amsterdam, London etc. where all the jobs are, are total nightmares in terms of costs and safety.

    1. Dysgenic society and over-breeding, and no way to properly cull the herd given how the modern virtues of weakness in human beings has been regulated, essentially mandated and loaded up with ‘feelz.’ Up until very recently the world and America (and by extension San Francisco) was encouraged to run itself on pure Darwinism with applied force. It’s good for children to understand “the Bell Curve is real, things do get grim out there, and lots of people lose the race.” Instead, we have compassionate disunity in a semi-fake melting pot with a lot of new rules, lax law enforcement, too many “affirmative action” quotas… plus a steady supply of over-privileged dimwits and losers and pissed off, street-smart lifetime welfare recipients…leaches who seem in a constant state of dissent over whatever tired gripe-du-jour they’ve zombie-stumbled into for the moment. We reap the whirlwind, rats overrunning the city, all that good stuff.

  20. Rejoice!
    Liberalism is nature’s way of getting rid of faulty genes since humans find a way to reduce infant mortality, which was nature’s previous way.

  21. I was born and raised in this city.
    As much as it pains me to see the sh*thole it’s becoming – I, like many in the manosphere can only await with some satisfaction of its total end.

  22. So, we can house illegals that come across the border with their children, yet we can not house the homeless? Interesting.
    Katie Hopkins in the UK has an excellent vid about her San Fran experience.

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