New Star Wars Film “Solo” Is A Big Improvement From The Previous Grrl Power Edition

Lucasfilms seems to have learned a lesson from the power of Return of Kings’ $4 million boycott. Rising from the ashes of feminist self-immolation, Solo is a man’s film which takes no hostages in describing the reality of human frailty and the raw power dynamics of society.


For years, Hollywood has been attempting to portray a romantic narrative which somehow combines women’s go grrl masculine competence with men’s gentlemanly noblesse oblige. This dilemma finally went critical during Tinseltown’s scramble to pay its Danegeld-dues to the impending #metoo-wave of casting-couch feminists.

The schoolmarm heroine and unintentional slapstick of The Last Jedi bore witness to the bankruptcy of the sexual revolution and the collapse of the Romantic epoch. Audiences had finally had enough of watching the drab suburban platitudes of political correctness – even if they were transposed to a galaxy far far away – and walked out.

Rey, telling someone to write lines after class.

And so it has arrived: the first post Sexual-Revolution Fairytale. I’ll use the first act to illustrate my point, but you can skip to the next sub-heading if you don’t want this spoiler.

The Inconvenient Truth in Act One

The plucky knave Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), is separated from from his passably feminine sweetheart, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) by powers of state beyond both of their control. For years he strives up through the military ranks of the emerging Empire, defecting, scamming, double-crossing, camping out with bandits, gambling on credit, running rackets for dangerous criminals, but his goal always the same: to rescue his fair lady from her enslavement on distant Corellia. Imagine the scene, then, when he finally gets his big break, only to discover his sweetheart is already a guest among the shimmering and svelte guests at his new boss’ luxurious drinks party.

It speaks to man’s reality rather than his aspirations that the mechanism of female mercenary ascent (at least for the hotties), leaves a man’s (dis)honest day’s work in the dust. There is little to no attempt to disguise, excuse or explain this in terms of morality on screen. After Han’s years of risking life and limb Qi’ra was able to rise further than him simply by spreading her legs. In its portrayal of the bittersweet truth, Solo earns itself a gravitas which more than compensates for the sense of disappointment that its chief protagonist mush choke back.

Of course – a lot happens after that and their relationship continues a haphazard development, but it is refreshing to see that hypergamy on screen is finally beginning to match hypergamy in real life.

A General Review of the Film

Solo is obviously meant to be taken as an aside to the main Star Wars franchise – which may be because or why they dared to push the boat out on the social narrative. There’s no classic opening crawl and very little music from the original series. Perhaps I’m reading too deep into it, but there seems to be slight homage to the Yuge orchestral scores of late Imperial Russia. Certainly, the great-coats and mud trenches of Han’s youth build an association with the battlefields of the First World War – whereas the original series seemed to take its aesthetic cues from Communist East Germany (Rebellion), WWII Japan (Empire), and the cockpit of Enola Gay (Millenium Falcon).

In its cinematography, Solo struck just the right balance between rugged simplicity, (Han and his merry company of toxic males camp like Balkan partisans in the mountains of Vandor-1), and extravagant space monsters (you get to see a mile-wide Octopus get sucked into a black-hole).

Continuing a theme of increasingly self-conscious droids, Solo makes a brilliant mockery of Social Justice Warriors with a very ugly female robot whose circuits are possessed with a familiar mantra about her ‘oppressive organic overlords.’ The droid also harbors a badly suppressed crush on the young Lando Calrissian. This is not the sort of joke Lucasfilms would have made a year ago and I’m giving RoK the full credit.


For the first time, we have the true explanation of how Han Solo became the roguish asshole who Princess Leia later fell for aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Look and learn:

The account of Han’s maturation (red-pilling?), is ultimately realistic and unembellished with curmudgeonly finger-wagging and ‘man up’ spin. The lack of effort to rationalise female behaviour as always and everywhere good speaks of a deep shift that we can now expect to see in the substructure of movie narratives. The pendulum is swinging back, and Lucasfilms is heading the charge (just behind RoK, of course).

Solo is a man’s film – go and see it.

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42 thoughts on “New Star Wars Film “Solo” Is A Big Improvement From The Previous Grrl Power Edition”

  1. Good summation and accurate title. It was better than the ricockulous SJW movie, Last Jedi. The Last Jedi was so heavy handed with the feminist tripe it was like walking into a all female office where their cycles had all synched and they were all in heat at the same time, same overwhelming noxious stink. Yes, “ladies”, some men (especially those who are not buried in that estrogen stink in their residence, MGTOW has such great advantages )can smell that time of the month (outside of your pheromone cascades) on you no matter how much perfume and “cleaning” you do, and yes the horniness you exude is that obvious too. then the following days of your combined periods is migraine central as the stink of your internal rot peaks.

    1. This part “Good summation and accurate title. It was better than the ricockulous SJW movie, Last Jedi. The Last Jedi was so heavy handed with the feminist tripe” was fine. Everything after that was over the top wackadoo. You’ve obviously seen–and internalized–too many “mom, why don’t I feel fresh” commercials” during your childhood. I’m sorry about that.

      1. If you live in a vagina dense environment you go noseblind because you are assaulted by it, drowned in it. It’s real, be assured of that. But when you whoreship it blue pill like you don’t even know THEY OWN YOU through their pheromones and monthly odors. But men who are Dillard’s and unaware won’t get it don’t get it unless they are forced to detox their sense of it… And then, whammo, suddenly you can’t get away from it.

  2. Nope… my favorite SW films are still the prequel trilogy, say whatever u want about them or the absurd acting skills of Anakin but at least they were politically neutral and were made in times which were not heavily burdened with politics and SJW shit like now.

    1. 1. V 2. III 3. IV
      Fuck the prequel haters, the third one was not a bad movie. Having said that, the entire series is kinda shit.

  3. Yes, it’s a good sign!
    The elite are going to abandon feminism too as they abandoned communism in EE. Because they are going to just realize that women can’t get shit done and it’s bad for business.

    1. Doesn’t work out like that!
      The idea is for white cucks to encourage non whites to go after nonleftist whites. After that, the infrastructure will Crumble & the elites will return as gods & rule over the survivors. That’s their plan, destruction of the western world(literally) is what they’re after.

  4. I’ll probably check it out when a good quality rip is available for free on (good site to get movies for free without lining the pockets of Joo Hollywood by the way).
    Disney isn’t getting another dollar of mine after how badly they insulted even the most fairweather of Star Wars fans with that incoherent feminazi shitfest that was The Last Jedi.

    1. And then split the hand and doubled down both sides when they called anyone even SLIGHTLY critical as a racist or bigot.
      We’re not the fans they’re looking for apparently.
      Even if Solo is better, I refuse to fund Social Justice Wars ever again.

  5. No thanks . I will not be watching . Lando’s character is a pansexual. I don’t see why we keep having articles praising Hollywood. A red pill man shouldn’t be watching any of this trash. There are other activities to do instead of sitting your fat @ss on a couch. Hiking, fishing, reading, sky diving, traveling, collecting, banging wh0res, etc. why would any men want to spend his free time watching this crap after a 40+ hour work week. The average working man rarely has personal time so I’ll be damned if I spend it watching Hollywood and it’s sick perversions. Hollywood and (the people behind the scenes) are responsible for most of the stuff we deal with today. Bull sh!t article.

    1. Jewish controlled Hollywood and its related Pedogate franchises need to die a horrible death. BDS ( Boycott Divest Sanction ) baby.

    2. CIA/Jewish controlled Pedowood should die a horrible death. These are social engineering constructs and GMO-food-for-your-brain designed to slow boil you, the frogs. Learn to purge the propaganda and Boycott to regain your “Red Pilled” sanity.
      Here’s a MAJOR “Red Pill”. Most won’t have the courage watch, much less, understand and implement protective measures. For those who are unwilling, you have my condolences.

      The Matrix is coming to you whether you like it or not.

    3. Straight up dude, i was done with star wars after TFA. It sucked so fucking hard, worse than the prequels, SO much worse. After all the prequel hate, i never thought it possible that i would look back at them fondly, but god damn were they better.

  6. Any male adult person still watching and pissing themselves over all The Star War films are pozzed out faggots. They should fucking grow up I cannot believe adult men talk about this crap FFS.

      1. “They should fucking grow up I cannot believe adult men talk about this crap FFS.”
        and you, just come here with a video sequence of a video game and an sequence from an animation film… enough said.

        1. Steve
          look closely : I was answering to BloodThirstyDick (but with a quote from you). Of course, i agreed with your post.
          And for others fags who downvote me : go fuck yourseleves with your star wars.

  7. I thought the movie sucked. If I didn’t get tickets (thanks to a local discount membership card) for $5 for a daytime show I probably wouldn’t have even gone.
    Yeah it didn’t have the same obvious grrrrrl power as previous spin offs, but it still sucked. But then again I can’t think of a movie I have actually enjoyed since maybe the early 2000’s.

    1. Sometimes i feel like rok is controlled opposition with some of the stupid ass articles i see on here…quality control has really gone down in the last couple years.

  8. Lol, I’m sorry but if you think Hollywood learned anything from RoK’s $4 million boycott of a movie that made over $1 billion (yes, with a ‘b’), then you are hopelessly delusional.
    Besides that, they retconned one of the characters into a faggot (sorry, a “pansexual”). So, why are we defending this on RoK?

    1. I had heard Lando was rewritten as gay, before I saw the movie. It turned out to be a false rumour as far as I could tell, one of the reasons I was pleasantly surprised, no fags. The closest thing that might be seen as hinting, was that he had an extensive wardrobe, of fancy capes. Lots of mother fuckers have worn capes in the film franchise. His character was more of a smarmy git, all I can remember was that he had girls hanging off him.
      Did I miss something?

      1. Apparently someone asked the screenwriter if he was gay or pan-whatever, dude was just like, ‘uh, yeah, sure, guess he could be’. That means no, but the screenwriter can’t be dealing with the fallout of saying no.

  9. Nope you can’t trust anything that comes from a poisonous well.
    What exactly have we gained by tolerating and accepting our enemy. A d1ck square in the @ss that’s what. They will win the war of attrition because we keep placating and surrendering to their demands.

  10. I heard darth maul is in it?
    Only thing I care about in sw are force users. So if he’s in it, I’ll bootleg it.
    I’m never giving money to hellywood.

    1. Of course darth maul is there, for the same reason weve had 2 new movies set around the times of earlier star wars movies…to regurgitate previous ideas rather than create anything new. At least the prequels had new villians and new fantastic worlds in every movie…disney is just rehashing old content for money.

  11. How has nobody written an article about the new Incredibles movie yet? Mr Incredible stays home to play househusband while Mrs Incredible saves the world…and the evil genius villain is also female. Can’t wait to see the thoughts on the highest earning opening day animated film EVER. (Not to mention the new Blue asymmetrical haircut superhero avoid) *eye roll*

  12. This movie is a flop. And flops are the norm now. “They” got away with the sjw shit in the first two because of the pent up demand for old Star Wars. No one is going to be fooled again. The world is changing and old media is dying.

  13. There are only two good Star Wars movies, Star Wars and Empire. And they’re not that good to start with, unless you’re a kid.

  14. WTF is “write lines after class”? Does Rey mean “DO lines after class”? Just wondering.

  15. guy looks gay and so does lando. I skim watched last Jedi on netflix– what a horrible feminist movie. Its kind of sad what disney did to this cultural icon.

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