Donald Trump Fails To Appease Left With Executive Order Solving Manufactured “Family Separation” Crisis

Via Breitbart:

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to halt the practice of separating illegal immigrant families apprehended at the border, despite questions about its constitutionality.

“We’re going to have strong, very strong borders, but we’re going to keep the families together,” Trump told reporters at the White House before signing the order. “I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated.”

The president said the order was important adding that he, the First Lady, and his daughter Ivanka felt strongly about the issue.

“I think anybody with a heart would feel very strongly about it, we don’t want families separated,” Trump said, and noted that it was an issue of “compassion.

He clarified that the issue of separating families was not a new one, but he would continue tackling the tough issues surrounding immigration.

“At the same time, we are keeping a very powerful border, and it continues to be a zero tolerance, we have zero tolerance for people who enter our country illegally,” Trump said.

Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen joined the president in the Oval Office for the signing ceremony.

Nielsen thanked the president for his leadership on the issue and again demanded Congress to change the loopholes on immigration.

“We ask them to do their jobs, the laws need to be changed,” she said.

Trump said it was tough to watch the children separated from their parents and the troubling images on television.

“You’re going to have a lot of happy people,” Trump said as he signed the executive order.

The order instructs his cabinet members and the Department of Homeland Security to maintain family unity by detaining illegal alien families together and provide or construct adequate facilities to do so.

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67 thoughts on “Donald Trump Fails To Appease Left With Executive Order Solving Manufactured “Family Separation” Crisis”

  1. Kamala Harris – “This Executive Order doesn’t fix the crisis.”
    Isn’t this the same pea-brained woman who said that Haitian immigrants helped build our country? Well of course this executive order doesn’t fix the crisis. It’s the illegal aliens coming here ON THEIR OWN FREE WILL and from a FOREIGN COUNTRY which we do not have jurisdiction over.
    With libtards, your damned if you and your damned if you don’t.

    1. Jared Taylor makes an excellent point about this “crisis” between 4:00-4:30

      1. @ Reality
        Jared makes sense, as always.
        The Espaillot guy is a joke.
        The only sensible policy here is to prevent the illegals from entering the country. I don’t even like that we put them in the detention centers. We should be defending the border and not letting them cross. If they want to sit at the border and starve, let them. Not our problem. But don’t let them in. A wall + about 50K troops on the border should do the trick.
        Take them out of Germany, Okinawa and Korean and put them on the border. 3rd world immigration to the US has to stop.

      2. Well, there’s (((a reason))) that third world illegal immigration is being promoted. (((They))) need a steady supply of people that will live like roaches and work like slaves to stay indebted to the banks. Face it, white men are being assaulted and exterminated bureaucratically. We are the inventors. We are the high IQ humans. In general, we enjoy higher salaries for our quality work, which is often dangerous.
        Everything useful has been invented by now. There is no more use for us. It’s either put (((them))) in the oven now or face certain doom.

    2. Please god let Kamala be on the 2020 ticket. Keep on rocking in the free world 🤘🏿

      1. Kamala Harris is the dumbass who said “California is the future of America”.
        Have you SEEN what California is like today? A raging shithole 3rd world country. I wish California could separate from our country, it is a dead weight and a hellhole. About 30 billionaires pay for 50% of the California’s income taxes. If they leave, the economy would collapse.
        Check it out:

        Everyone who is white, middle class, or not illegal aliens are leaving California quickly enough.
        Kamala will have to defend wanting to make Commiefornia into the whole USA.
        Please put that Kamala dumb bitch on 2020 ticket vs Trump! 🙂

        1. Correct. It is a clear minority of Californians of White, Jewish, or Northeast Asian ancestry which are propping up the tax revenue and GDP of the state. Not the humongous burden of the Latinos and their illegal population.

        2. @CC,
          Sorry I have down voted (guess almost for the first time). I know that you said “Please put that Kamala dumb bitch on 2020 ticket vs Trump!” in a sarcastic way.
          But I just can’t take it, even as a “sarcasm”. That dumb bitch is NO match to Mr. Trump. She is not even worth of “working as a toilet cleaner” in Mr. Trump’s Home or Office !!

        3. Didn’t know Fabio was so based. Good for him. Hope he does more speaking out and interviews like this. He could be a very effective voice for the normal people of Cali.

        4. What we are seeing is “white flight” but on a national scale. The middle class whites are escaping the state while the multimillionaire and billionaire kommissars stay behind in their gated communities lording it over the peasant/proletariat population.
          Coincidentally no Jews have fled South Africa. They seem to feel very safe there… almost as though they have some secret pact with the ANC… hmmm…

        5. What we are seeing is “white flight” but on a national scale. The middle class whites are escaping the state while the multimillionaire and billionaire kommissars stay behind in their gated communities lording it over the peasant/proletariat population.
          Coincidentally no J-ws have fled South Africa. They seem to feel very safe there… almost as though they have some secret pact with the ANC… hmmm…

    3. @Reality,
      You are right. That pea-branied pussy saying “… doesn’t fix the crisis” is like a hooker saying getting fucked & paid for a couple of days “doesn’t pay for my year long bills” !!
      Who created the so called “crisis” in first place ? Who asked them to enter this Country illegally !? Who advised them to leech out Tax Payer Money & Resources !?
      Not me, not you, not Roosh and neither the President !! They knew its Wrong, they knew its Illegal, they knew its Cheating.
      Kick those dumb ass holes out of this Country, with their “families”, NOW !!

      1. Well said bro. They came to the country on their own free will. If they don’t want to get separated from their kids. They are welcome to leave the country back to their cesspools along with their offsprings. No one is begging them to stay in the US except a few dumb whites. Honestly, I don’t see a future for whites, they will be terminated by their own idiotism. Read the below, this is the future.

  2. Trumps EO was never intended to appease anyone. He’s doing what he does best — negotiate. He drew out the libtards from underneath their progressive rocks to reveal their true selves for the entire country to see. Sure the media is spinning it as separating families. Hell, they are trying to parse together “child abuse” and “Trump” in the same sentence as they fire volleys of accusations questions during the last few pressers. These anti-Trump media and activists are being pushed beyond to their breaking point — so much so that they are only left to fight and scream like petulant toddlers, some launching death threats, against Trump and congress.
    Trump knows how to expose the swamp creatures while shaving off increasing slivers of formerly democratic voters, and building the case that he’s the president that delivers on his promises, addresses the real issues of his supporters, and setups up himself, and consequently other republicans, for winning elections. He forced the issue and exposed the problems that Congress created, Obama and Bush allowed and prosecuted, that Democrats silently supported, and the deep state embraces. He’s exposed the hypocrisy of those who attack him and shown their immigration for the importation of votes and fresh kids for the pedo rings of his predecessors.
    Trump and his unwavering duty to enforce federal law FTW

  3. Anyone advocating that we fail to enforce federal law “for the children” should be redirected to the essential question: When should immigration come to an end?
    If they have no definitive answer, they are for sure a Democrat Party supporter. If they can’t pitch a coherent political platform that Americans will vote for than dammit, they’ll import people who will.
    Trump needs to wake up and realize that you can’t appease tyrants, you can only fight them.
    And the hardworking men and women of America need to wake up and realize that the financial cost of immigration outweighs the benefits. it is not the job of “the village” to financially subsidize children–particularly those from other nations. If you feel so inclined to help, you are free to donate your own money to such causes, but it is unethical and immoral to demand that other taxpayers foot the bill.

  4. Trump should have doubled down and made an exec order placing ”de keeds” in cages made to look like sombreros or something

  5. The only thing that will fix the “crisis” for the leftists is “open borders”. No one who truly loves America would ever want that to happen.

    1. Open borders is like leaving your house to go to work with the front door not only unlocked, but WIDE OPEN. Come in and take whatever you want!

  6. Rule number one: don’t negotiate with terrorists.
    I’m sure he had some other motive, that we will see you in the upcoming days and weeks-but never give your detractors what they want. It won’t satisfy them.

  7. Insert negro dude pointin to his head sayin “cant be separated from family… if whole family lives in their own shithole and doesnt try to invade the civilized world.”

  8. NEVER apologize to liberals!
    It’s like feeding alligators. They just want more.
    See also previous article on “Starbucks closing stores”.

  9. NEVER apologize to Liberals!
    It’s like feeding alligators. They just want more.
    This is my second attempt to comment. I keep getting 502 messages.

    1. Liberals don’t see an apology as an act of true contrition, they see it as a vindication of their warped, narrow views upon which they can savagely lay slaughter to the person who utters their remorse…

      1. You’re either on their side or you are:
        racist, evil, stupid, sexist, homophobic, Nazi (LITERALLY Hitler!), “wrong side of History”, …

  10. Trump’s EO certainly doesn’t solve the family separation crisis.
    All he did was to give the kids (Democrats) a bandage to cover their narcissistic injury, outrage, and indignation … to which these kids are still ungrateful.
    In my opinion, I think the end game for the Democrats is to ultimately allow illegal immigrants and their families free reign of the U.S. after they’re arraigned, much like how the European Union is doing for Middle-Eastern refugees.
    I do find it interesting that many Democrats that I know are not aware that there is a difference in how DHS and HHS handle illegal immigrant families.
    If I am not mistaken, people who cross the borders at legal crossings can lodge asylum claims with ICE agents and they will be processed without being separated from their kids. On the other hand, if they cross at any point that is not a legal crossing, they can face being separated…even if their asylum claims have merit.

    1. Trump works for the joo’s and throws the conservatives and nationalists a bone every now n then. Democracy theatre.

      1. SASQUATCH
        Would you rather he worked for Mestizos or North Koreans?
        Obama had no love for the Joos.
        If Trump has to appease them to some degree it is better than appeasing Mexicans by selling them guns.

        1. Obama’s has no love for the ju’s????
          Bahahahahahahaha whatever you say shill, he was AIPACs House [email protected] Just another presidential front for his cabinet of Ju cronies and paymasters that run the show.

      2. Hmmm. Hot take. If that’s true then why did he disobey his Zionist masters and deny them the billion shekels for (((their))) embassy move?

  11. Well the fuck tards Liberals are forcing the issue so it looks like rather than even bother to process them if President Trump is playing his cards correctly they’ll just stop treating them at all and just load them right the fuck up on planes and send them back their home countries or busses and send them back across the border. In any case fuck them straight to hell they’re invading the country and they are illegal aliens because they are not coming to America legally so they have no fucking rights as far as I’m concerned

      It would not matter what country they were entering from but Mestizos are Indians and therefore they are primitives.
      This means a system buckles under the weight of supporting them

  12. Not to detract from Our God Emperor, but I’m wondering if someone can write a comprehensive post or guide on how to deal with some of the lower-level manipulative tactics that women will pull in a work environment, for example. I’m thinking something with broad categories and simple solutions. I know that I’d find it very helpful. There has to be some way to quasi-idiot-proof things.

    1. One example I can think of is, for example, what would could someone do to make a woman feel threatened into not manipulating someone, on a subconscious level? What are general counter-moves to common disruptive behaviors?

  13. Of course if you don’t cross the border illegally, there is no chance you will be in an internment camp, with or without your children. Simple really.

  14. Thats right. Anyone who speaks spanish can blend in mexican society. Isn’t that better than US prison?

  15. As someone from Eastern Europe to me it’s clear that Trump is as liberal as Obama or Hillary. Criminals should pay for their actions, according to law, no matter how many children he might have. He’s not a good father in the first place if he commits crimes knowing that he might be sent to jail. Trump’s decision makes no sense from a logic point of view.

    1. “Criminals should pay for their actions, according to law, no matter how many children SHE might have. SHE’s not a good mother in the first place if SHE commits crimes knowing that SHE might be sent to jail.”
      As far as I know, there are more female (including the pregnant) Illegal border crossers than MALES.

  16. The REAL race problem-
    Spanish-descended Creoles run Latin America with the exception of Cuba, where all the Red Indians were killed.
    There for the Indians and Mestizos will continue fleeing to America because the white supremacy of Latin America is enforced by the Harnizos who enforce the laws of the pure Spanish whites upon the Mestizos.
    Because Indians are prehistoric gooks of some sort they are not smart and the Spanish will not only not assist in their advancement but will use the Castizos/Harnizos as shock troops to maintain the status quo of Latin America.
    Therefore the Indians have to run over the border to America.

    1. Yes that is part of the problem. But another part of the problem is US meddling in Central America. I am talking about the Banana Wars, the CIA intervention in Guatemala, the Contra War, the Salvadoran Civil War, and invasión of Panama. If the US does not want to be invaded by there people it needs to leave those people alone.

  17. The reason the US has an illegal alien problem is that the Spanish fucked the Red Indians before they killed them and the English brought prostitutes/beggar women from England to the United States.
    Also, the Spanish who settled Latin America (But no Cuba) were Arab-blooded Andalusian and even Canary Islanders who could barely qualify as white men to begin with.
    This is why the Cubans who are from Northern Spain like Castro are adamant about not being lumped in with the Mexicans who are the result of Spanish soldiers and other dregs from the Iberian peninsula having sex with primitive Aztecs and other tribes.
    Moreover, the North American Indian tribes came over the land bridge from Siberia and are more similar to the Japanese or Mongolians.
    The Central American Indians crossed the Ocean from Polynesia or somewhere and are primitive prehistoric gooks.

    1. Ha! facepalm
      Two words KALERGI PLAN
      “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with the diversity of individuals. ”
      Take one guess who Kalergi believes the new worlds spiritual leaders and nobility should be. Yep you guessed it your tribes-people the Ju.

    2. facepalm redux Detroit
      “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The [email protected] race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with the diversity of individuals.”
      And the spiritual nobility and leaders of this planned new world are none other than the Ju.

      1. SAZ
        Not the ruling elite. Look at the history of Latin America.
        Whether this ruling elite will be the J or the Chinese or whites, they will remain a distinct group.

    3. Much of Mexico and Latin America is run and controlled by Marrano or crypto j ews. Castro is a Marrano j ew. Many if the elite there are. Most of what you type is utter rubbish.

  18. The left will never be happy. They don’t want to be. Their misery makes them content. Kamala Harris is a cum dumpster.

  19. Pretty sure no ICE agents would separate the parents and kids if they’d stayed in Mexico

  20. Solution: end the Drug War. That one act would even reverse the immigration flow back to Latin America. But there are too many people with vested interest in not ending it.

  21. Interesting that they (the Democrats) are worried about separated children from their parents if they came here illegally. But they couldn’t give a damn about parents of US citizens that are in jail and separated from their kids. Not that I’d want them to take up that issue.
    But if Nancy and Chuck are so worried, perhaps Nancy and Chuck, and the other rich demos, could take those kids into their personal homes and take (personal) responsibility for the well being of the kids.

  22. Yep, disgraceful clown-world hypocrites will gaslight the shit out everything — all while getting NOTHING real done. They’ve overplayed their hand and exposed themselves, so they’re running blind at this point in the Trump administration. The left wing is obsessed with a low-IQ “obstruction game,” permanently inflated with false righteousness, and tragically overloaded with double-standards and skewed perspectives. It’s a pleasure to see their souls crushed by flawed, virtue-signaling groupthink. The worse things look, the better the blue-pill echo chamber thinks they’re going to do. This entire herd of bitter buffalo should do the world a favor and run themselves right off a cliff.

  23. It’s deliberate.
    Trump already said he can’t do this
    because he can’t supersede Reno V Flores.
    They lied and said there is no such thing.
    Now they turn around and only talk about
    Reno V Flores. So this executive action
    will not survive by the weekend.
    Thereby exposing them as not
    interested in the kids at all, but
    only interested in illegal invasion.
    **and the homicidal-as-a-teenager
    Laura Bush really is that stoopid
    not to know her own husband signed
    separation of kids from parents into practice

  24. Fact: Those kids are better off in American cages than in their shithole countries with their parents who have five kids they can’t afford. Fuck them, and Trump needs to stop listening to his daughter who is now part òf the (((tribe))).

    1. Trump definitely need to stop listening to his wife and daughter. Women are sentimental. They are emotional. Unable to see the big picture. Tell them to slaughter a chicken, they freak out. Give them a slaughtered chicken, they will cook it way better than men.

  25. What disturbs me the most is the hypocrisy and crocodile tears the Left is flooding us with.
    For decades leftist-leaning family courts have been separating fathers from their children on nothing more than baseless accusations from the mother, too bad smirks the Left.
    Now all of a sudden it’s so TRAGIC and INHUMANE this is being done with illegals.
    In other words, if the Left got its way and these people were allowed in and simply made citizens, soon family courts would be doing to them what Trump is being accused of now- and those same leftists would not say a single word.

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