Popular Country Singer Chris Janson’s Teaches You How To Be Captain Save-A-Ho

Chris Janson’s new song suggests that a real man takes care of a drunk girl and assures she gets home.  I’m haven’t decided on what is more disgusting: Chris Janson for making this, or anyone who puts this on the airwaves.  I speculate that this is a parody like Weird Al Yankovich used to do.  Below you will find the music video for the song in question. Try not to spit out your whiskey.

I recommend you watch the video itself as it is cringe-worthy of your time.  The girl in the video is shown to have a tough childhood because she had an angry father.  Years later, she is shown drinking too much at a party, goes to a room with a guy, passes out, and, I assume, has sex with said guy.  This isn’t x-rated so I can’t confirm without evidence.

The pretty blond in the video doesn’t seem to learn accountability as she is then shown throwing herself at some long haired guy more years later.  What we don’t expect is the long hair is a real man because he sends her home rather then give her what she wants.

Chris Janson’s Advice: Be a man; take a drunk girl home

Since the song is a plea directed at men, and some of you prefer to read instead of watch a video, I will present to you what Chris Janson suggests you do in order to be a man.

Couple cover charge stamps got her hand looking like a rainbow
In and out of every bar on a whim just like the wind blows
She’s either a bachelorette or coming off a breakup
Take a drunk girl home

Look at her.  She’s been to more than three bars tonight.  Whatever her situation is, she needs a night of heavy drinking.  You, White Knight, should make sure she gets home.

She’s bouncing like a pinball
Singing every word she never knew
Dancing with her eyes closed like she’s the only one in the room
Her hair’s a perfect mess, falling out of that dress
Take a drunk girl home

She’s getting belligerent, don’t be afraid.  Her red eyes, slurred speech, tangled dress, and messy hair are all so beautiful.  Appreciate her and make sure she gets home safely, Beta Boss.  She can do no wrong; she had a bad dad.  That’s enough of an excuse for anything.

Take a drunk girl home
Let her sleep all alone
Leave her keys on the counter, your number by the phone
Pick up her life she threw on the floor
Leave the hall lights on walk out and lock the door
That’s how she knows the difference between a boy and man
Take a drunk girl home

You’re the only one left around her at the end of the night.  It is your sole responsibility that she gets home and sleeps alone.  Fight the urge to say yes to her, hero.  Make sure you tidy things up and leave her keys and phone is an obvious spot.  She’s a physical and emotional mess and you need to clean it up, Cuck Captain.  When she wakes up, she’ll realize you’re a real man and not like her father.

Took a drunk girl home
In the sober light of dawn
She left you a message she thanked you on the phone
Cause you picked up her life she threw on the floor
You left the hall lights on walked out and locked the door
That’s how she knows the difference between a boy and man
Take a drunk girl home

Congratulations.  You took a drunk girl home.  She leaves you a thank you message before she texts her friend with benefits.  You did deny her action last night.  But trust me, this time she’ll know the difference between a boy and a man.  You’ll be a man.

You took a drunk girl home
Take a drunk girl home

Wow, you actually took a drunk girl home.


Drunk Girl is a ridiculous song and you can’t help but laugh, although if the humor is intentional is uncertain.  Read the advice that Chris Janson gives and do the opposite.  I shouldn’t have to say it but you should never follow a woman who is unstable or can’t consent to sex. Janson doesn’t understand that now women are allowed to drink however much she wants—she doesn’t need a hero.

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92 thoughts on “Popular Country Singer Chris Janson’s Teaches You How To Be Captain Save-A-Ho”

    1. I remember when country clubs were good places to meet nice goodlooking white women and you knew that they weren’t n*gg*r lovers. I guess not anymore.

      1. They have been working overtime and spending millions to make black male country singers go mainstream, aiming the marketing directly at young white women. There is nowhere to hide from the Eye of Sauron. Anything that was once good, pure, clean, strong, traditional, honorable, and WHITE is set to be purged from the collective consciousness. We won’t be able to keep running away for much longer.
        There is a country nightclub in my city and the change has been incredibly rapid and blatant. The only unsigned acts they book anymore are Black singers, and white soyphaggots who sing about being a beta b!tch. It’s really disgusting. They are pushing the same line of streamlined propaganda that shows up EVERYWHERE that they control: white men are weak and undesirable, black men are virile and strong.
        There is no longer any discernible difference between mainstream country and Top 40 or R&B. Just a big ugly muddy mass of garbage.
        The fantasy life of the eternal parasite, written right into the fabric of our national culture.

        1. And the individual libertarian boy is going to do what about it? Oh that’s right, he is going to buy a big ol’ Truck, blame taxes for his lonely and miserable life, and then preach about how awesome he is with his AR-15…meanwhile, white women are whoring it up with everyone and everything, the country is getting invaded, and the libertarian white boy can’t do shit about it but bitch and whine. Eventually, little libertarian boy just joins in on the degeneracy the best he can like a bitch.

        1. It’s no secret that negroes constantly fantasize and obsess about the women of other races because their own women are so fat, ugly, stupid, obnoxious, and disgusting.
          It must be horrible, existing on the very bottom rung of the sociosexual hierarchy, but we don’t need to hear about your sick fantasies man.

    2. NO, NO, NO!
      Take a drunk girl home and you’re likely to be on the business end of a sexual assault or rape accusation. Of course, she’ll have no proof. BUt in this day and age the only thing needed to ruin a man is a baseless accusation based on the thinnest circumstances tried and convicted in a kangaroo court of media and self-proclaimed experts, by a jury of irrational emotard liberal whores who, just like the alleged victim, are ready to lynch any male as a convenient rationale for their pathetic behavior.

    3. Just wait several months from now and you will hear about this singer raped / sexually harassed a woman.
      they’re always the beta feminists cucks who creeps on these bitches and manipulate them.

  1. There is far worse than this in country these days. It has been fully (((infected))) with feminism, white-knightism, multiculti, miscegenation, negrification (introducing rap beats and vocal styles through shills like Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line.).
    It couldn’t be more obvious that You Know Who identified the Nashville scene as a potential gateway to redpills and masculinity so they set up shop to infect, subvert, and destroy from within. The lyrics are absolutely chock full of cultural marxist propaganda. This goes back a ways, cucks like Garth Brooks were doing this garbage back in the nineties. You better believe they are paid stooges of the Sons of Satan.
    You have to go back to 1980s and before to find real outlaw country. Just another Western tradition subverted and destroyed by the international gang of parasites.

  2. Country music has been beta for years now. Here’s the worst one yet… https://youtu.be/p_IwENcMPOA
    These drunk sluts put themselves in these situations and far too often want to cry “rape” when they got exactly what they were looking for. They obviously do this to avoid any accountability. “I’m not a slut! I fucked 50 guys last year but they all raped me! I had no choice!” Lmao crazy..

    1. This fugly song would better be called “divorce rape me”. What utter rubbish, not least to speak of the comments under that crappy whiny song.

  3. He probably has a female family member that got drunk & ended up getting raped by homeless people.

    1. “Give a woman a compliment, and the devil will repeat it to her ten times,” old Italian proverb.

  4. Anything that is seen as White and Masculine was targeted for destruction in the think tanks of the sixties and seventies. Their plans began to really take shape and gain momentum in the eighties and nineties. Today, we are in the sorry state where every single one of our entertainment institutions has been thoroughly corrupted and perverted from within for at least a full generation. We must set up parallel institutions on all fronts, while refusing to put one single penny in the pocket of The Enemy, and mocking anyone who does.
    Anything promoted by the mainstream is subversive poison, leading 100% in the direction of radical leftism/global communism. Every single song, commercial, tv show, and movie, serves to re-enforce the transhumanist and pseudo-equalist global religion of Luciferian Materialism.

    1. Add country music to the same list as professional sports and the U.S. military. I knew that the Evil Ones would try to subvert these bastions of tradition and masculinity, but I never thought they would succeed. Yet here we are.
      Invest in rope futures.

    2. Amen
      We need to stop tolerating and groveling for what we think are little red pill scraps in this subversive quagmire.
      Boycott all this shit and mock it openly.

    1. Women wouldn’t like it. Boomers wouldn’t like it. Civnat Cucks wouldn’t like it. White Knights wouldn’t like it. Manginas wouldn’t like it. Betas wouldn’t like it. ChristCucks wouldn’t like it. The Tr!be wouldn’t like it. Millenials wouldn’t like it.
      How many country fans does that leave us with?

    2. Great idea, but it’d never sell. It would lose more money than Solo.
      Why? Because women only have agency when it benefits them.

  5. If a woman gets drunk without proper male companionship around, she is responsible for anything that happens to her.
    In general it’s a huge red flag when a girl likes to get drunk.
    Thanks, Jews, for ruining Western women. Thanks, white men, for allowing the Jews to get away with this.

    1. people behind this have evil powers behid their back you cant win against them with logic this is speritual warfare

  6. That is not our problem. If that’s the case, it was their fault in the first place. I never understand the purpose of being drunk.

      1. You are so damned right. 2013 I went thru hell, bluepilled that I was at that time, with a promiscuous, hemp and alcohol addicted polish cunt with heavy anxiety states, that drank to get away from her miserable life.
        The worst thing, although bluepilled, I recognized the many many red flags and tended to ignore them. Facepalm myself about myself!

  7. There is nothing to be found in the bottom of a whiskey bottle or beer bottle or mixed drink glass, that needs a person to drinks its content to discover there is nothing there to find but heart break and likely a headache and vomiting. If people persist on going there, they deserve everything that they find there, being most already know that there is nothing to find there but what I already said. The worst part about the JJEEWW trap of the country music and its useful tools like Chris Janson, is it pushes the narrative of feminists NOT being responsible for anything but their own tingles and that ONLY “good” men are white knights and cucked fools.

    1. “…ONLY “good” men are white knights and cucked fools.”
      Truth. When you check in on her in the morning, pay no attention to Chad Thundercock riding away on his Harley setting off all the car alarms.

  8. I donno if it’s that stupid advice. at least you don’t get the freaking scary “where am I ?”, “who are you ?” the next morning.. you hear the drums of your heart beating, you’re two or 3 “logical” statements from serious stuff..
    by the way, I still don’t get why average dudes go to a club in 2018. spending hours in this hypergamic nightmare just to put your dick in a drunk ho with all the fucking risk.. I’d rather pay 100€ for 1 hour with a latina hooker and save myself the trouble.

    1. But the songs message was: ‘take care of a drunk girl without an expectation of getting anything in return’. I can’t agree with that. A more sensible message in the current environment would be: ‘If you see a drunk girl run the other way!’
      Clubs are just a scam to separate single men from their money with false promises of the possibility of getting laid by good looking hypergamous skanks. News Flash: If you’re attractive and have enough game to regularly pull cute women in clubs; then you don’t need to waste your time and money going to clubs in order to get laid.

  9. That sound you hear is Merle Haggard and George Jones puking — and, no, they ain’t been drinkin’.

  10. How does he find the drunk girl’s home in the first place or wherever she’s staying?
    Also most of these types of pop songs arent gears towards men. Its like those boy band or justin beiber: its meant for young and dumb roasties to feel good about themselves. Feel good roastie music makes more money and makes up the majority of pop music so I’d suggest staying away from it.

    1. Her phone, or social media like Fuckbook? Though in real life, one could just record her and post it, as a public service. If you’re willing to chance getting fired instead.

  11. There IS a positive side to all this!
    Any blue-pilled Cuck that decides to follow Chris Janson’s White-Knight advise and interact IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM with a drunken stranger (much less take her home and leave your name and phone)…..will soon find himself doing 10-20 in the clink…..and becoming Leroy’s new bitch to boot.
    EVERY TIME a blue-pill cuck gets divorce raped…or commits suicide (Bourdain?)…or gets done for False-Rape accusations….WE WIN.
    These are the SJW that called us Nazis/misogynist/Racists etc…..
    Their White-Knight blue-pill is our revenge.

  12. Go ahead, take a drunk girl home, but don’t be surprised when you wake up to a #MeToo accusation the next morning.
    I’ll never figure out the insanity of White Knightism. Women who aren’t your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother, don’t care about guys, their safety, or their well being. Songs like these fail to mention that such actions 1) won’t be rewarded with sex, and 2) will NEVER be reciprocated.

    1. ” beta bieber” what does that mean? Are you saying Justin Bieber is a cuck? A beta? He is one of the most ZFG, unapologetic MFs out there. His beautiful GF is submissive as a well-trained poodle. The man he is today is not the effeminate boy doing gay dance routines anymore.

      1. I will say he is completely lacking in talent and if you think he is an example of hard core manhood then what else can I tell you?

        1. Who said anything about talent? Who said anything about hard-core manhood? You did, and it’s irrelevant. If anyone here can’t recognize that the once-phag, now owns everywhere he walks, he can dress like a slob while his beautiful submissive GF dresses to the nines, and follows his every command. The guys here who can’t recognize that simply have not really taken the red pill. They harbor petty jealousy against the boy-phag because he gets all the girls and has all the money and just absolutely does not GAF. If you can’t recognize that as Alpha, then what can I say?

  13. I’ve seen this only once. Even the bartender was annoyed by her, and made her cry. It would have been so easy to take her home, and have my way. The few others there, were no doubt thinking the same thing. Because she was a looker. Blue jeans, blue work shirt tucked in just right, long hair, and rainbow suspenders. But that would have been pathetic, and wrong.
    And never forgot the impression, one of the reason’s she cried, was because no man had approached her. In a hunters bar, high on a hill top far from town. My last visit there, maybe 30 years now.

  14. She doesn’t need a captain save a ho since everyone knows a fat mother hen will be there by her side at all times. Let the cock blocking hen take her home.

  15. Ummmmmm, where are her strong independent feminist sisters to protect her from the ravenous male rapist that scour the earth everyday for prey?
    On another note, since they proclaim that what, 1 out of 3 girls get raped on campus, the guys that I see that are university students, aren’t mentally or physically capable of raping the half-half 2% pistachio lattes they carry around.

  16. So called modern day country music is nearly completely pozzed out music for faggots it had been infected with every SJW call to arms you can think of.
    Another music genre rubbished by (((The Tribe)))

  17. I gave up drinking many years ago and I’m married so there really aren’t many places where I would run into drunk chicks. However, drunk people can be obnoxious when you’re sober, the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath can be very nauseating for me, plus drunk people puke. Who wants to clean up some stranger’s puke from your car? Those are enough reasons to stay away from drunk chicks

  18. The video had an extra outrage for me. At the beginning the father is portrayed as a “bad dad” for not taking princess to the father/daughter dance when she was a child.
    My childrens’ school system has a father/daughter dance in grades three through five. One day we were sitting at the dinner table and my eight-year-old daughter was telling us the school gossip and made reference to the father/daughter dance of two weeks earlier. I immediately asked “what father/daughter dance?” Her chin hit the floor, she covered her mouth with her hand, looked with terror at her mother and apologized to her mother. Her mother shook her head and stormed away from the dinner table. I asked again…“what father/daughter dance?” She explained that the school had a father/daughter dance two weeks earlier and when she had come home and told her mother about it her mother told her that I don’t like dancing and she was never to tell me about the dance because I would get angry at her for asking me to take her. I assured her that her mother was wrong, she had no cause to think I would ever be angry for being asked to take my daughter to a dance, and that I would love to take her to the father/daughter dance.
    Alerted to the fact that my wife was intentionally and maliciously sabotaging my relationships with my daughters, by concealing their events from me, I began keeping a calendar of all their school and extracurricular events at my office. I damn sure didn’t miss my daughter’s next two father/daughters dances or those of her younger sister.
    This situation continued throughout the remainder of my daughters’ childhoods. My wife would intentionally conceal my daughters’ events hoping that I would miss them so she could accuse me of being a “bad dad.” However, due to my knowledge of her tactics I never missed them. It actually got to the point of great humor. I would show up to events that my wife thought she had successfully concealed from me. Upon seeing me show up she was unable to hide her frustration and anger – so much so that the girls would notice it.
    What I didn’t realize at the time was the extent to which my daughters had also figured out what their mother was doing. The only other event I missed was just last year. My daughter had a solo music recital as a high school senior. That one got by me. I simply didn’t know about it. Anyway, the location of the recital was only about four blocks from my office. About fifteen minutes before the recital my daughter asked my wife if I was coming. Believing she had finally nailed me my wife shook her head with feigned sadness and told my daughter that she didn’t know if I was coming or not. My daughter then asked my wife if she had told me about the recital. She lied and said she had but, again with feigned sadness, that I probably didn’t care enough to come. My daughter then said, “that doesn’t sound like Dad. Maybe he just forgot. Here, I’ll call him on my cell phone.” Clearly, my daughter knew exactly what was going on and wasn’t putting up with her mother’s bullshit. In any event, she called me at work, confirmed that her mother never told me about the recital, and I was able to be there about 30 seconds after she started.
    The point is that even the most saintly dads are portrayed as “bad dad” in order to give women and excuse to behave as drunk girls. As long as they have a bad dad (or in my wife’s case, a bad husband) all of their own immorality, lies, sluttiness and bad behavior is excused. Clearly, my wife’s tactic was to make me “bad dad” in order to blame me for the low opinion my daughters had of her. Same with the drunk girl.

    1. Dad- And you stayed married to this woman? Because I thought were going to say, that’s how you found out your wife was cheating on you. Check with your daughters.

    2. Dad,
      Don’t you mean ‘former wife’?
      I can’t believe anyone would remain married to a woman playing this game.

    3. Damn, that devil went that far?
      I agree wholeheartedly that the most cringey moment in the video is when the poor little her went to daddy-daughter dance. Isn’t it (daddy-daughter dance event) the one most recent sjw pushed controversy? Now they blamed the dads for not showing up for their single mom? WTF

  19. Becoming beta? Where have you been? I haven’t heard a hit country song in at least 5 years that wasn’t a man telling a woman how great she was. And there have always been those kinds of songs but when I was a kid there were plenty of country songs about manly men, trusting in God for protection but having a gun in case he’s busy, and vigilante justice. Willie Nelson’s whiskey for my men and Beer for My Horses comes to mind. When’s the last time you heard a new country song like that?

    1. And I forgot to mention all the songs about men that women wanted to be with. Songs like the fireman by George Strait.

  20. Fuck the bitch (not literally though). Leave her on the floor to choke on her own vomit for all I care.

  21. Wow. Well, at a minimum, it sounds like they are smart enough to identify her bullshit. Good for you. And yes, I agree the “bad dad” bullshit is largely contrived.

  22. “Chris Janson is married to Kelly Lynn.[1] They have four children, two of whom are from Lynn’s previous marriage ”
    “Apart from being such a loving and caring husband, he also loves surprising his wife. He keeps surprising her with many things, especially beautiful flowers. He also has a tattoo on his chest with the name KELLY.”
    Chris Janson, the kinda house nigga that’ll raise and/or devour other men’s creampies and tattoo his massa’s name all across his chest.

  23. Her: I have an addictive personality.
    Me: you mean an addict’s personality.
    Her: can we go get more alcohol?

  24. Country has been getting more and more beta since the millennium. Right around the big Kenney Chesney boom.
    Now it’s to the point that what they call country is just another flavor of crap pop.
    That Taylor Swift though………… Fine Little piece there.

  25. Nek minit, bitch has you up on rape charges when you did nothing of the sort.
    Leave the drunken cow, who can’t control herself to drown in a pool of her own vomit! It’s not her dad’s fault, society’s fault, men’s fault or any other fault than her own for not being able to handle her booze.

  26. Because of this song, the next time I’m at a party and there’s a passed-out girl, I’ll sperm on her face and leave.

  27. Mean Mamma Blues, Ernest Tubb
    There’s lots of mean women on almost any street
    Lord There’s lots of mean women on almost any street
    But I’ve got the meanest Mama that ever walked on two feet
    That gal is so low down, I often wonder why
    Lord she’s so low down, I often wonder why
    That she keeps on livin’, I guess she’s to mean to die
    Now you triflin’ women always say you love your man
    Lord, you triflin’ women always say you love your man
    And when he goes out the front door the back door lets a new man in
    (Ah, maybe two of them)
    Now there’s two things in this world I don’t understand
    Lord there’s two things in this world that I don’t understand
    One of them’s a woman the other one’s a man
    I’m gonna buy me a pistol, I’ll think I’ll get a 44
    Gonna buy me a pistol, I’ll think I’ll get a 44
    And when I get through shootin’ that girl won’t step no more

  28. Queer Country. Had to happen sooner or later. Notice the “rainbow on her hand” lyric early on too. It’s why I say anyone outwardly following any fad to “fit in and be marketable,” is a loser and weak. Shit like this is no different. Submit to female behavior, white knight, etc. As others have said, don’t take a drunk girl home, call her a cab, shit, don’t even drive her to her house, she’ll claim rape on the drive home.

  29. Pathetic. Few days ago a British guy was killed in Cyprus by a nutty Georgian. Initially the press here (Greece) said that the British Guy had made ‘inappropriate’ comments to the Georgian’s girlfriend (A 23 yr old E European slut). Later it turned out that the Georgian was beating her, and the British intervened to save her, easily busting the Georgian (the British was a builder by trade, and really jacked). The Georgian shortly thereafter hit him with his car, killing him instantly. A family man wasted, for not having apparently even a small knowledge of the red pill. Needless to say, the slut never left the side of her beau.

  30. I can sort of understand the song; there’s situations where taking care of someone’s safety and wellbeing is more important than ‘gaming’ them but at the same time the woman in the video does not seem vulnerable (more than the average sober one) but rather just tipsy. She knows what she’s doing and where she’s going; the alcohol simply acts as a social lubricating agent.
    The song promotes a certain cluelessness about how social relationships between men and women really work and virtue signals a bit as well.
    For those that are already (paper) alphas and ‘spinning plates’ it’s quite convenient but for the vast majority of men living in sexual drought that kind of thinking will leave them missing some precious opportunities from women who will feign fake outrage at their intentions at most; getting another dicking from yet another man is just one random experience of validation for her (although they’ll frame it differently when it’s convenient) but for the guy it could be pretty special and perhaps even life saving. Of course they would never make a music video about that as it would be promoting ‘coercion’ of women into having sex with men they are ambivalent about but men will be expected not to follow their instincts as always, which is made even more difficult in countries or areas where prostitution is heavily stigmatized or unavailable.
    Teenage boys will look at music videos like this and think that the guys getting laid are “shallow abusive assholes” and then be miserable unless girls just jump on their lap and slap them into gear.

  31. Janson sucks. His last hit song was something about wishing an uncle would kick the bucket and leave behind money so he could buy a boat. Nevermind working for shit. Country music is 100% cucked.

  32. You’re more likely to end up in a 40 year old virgin shellfish sandwich situation. I can’t tell you how many bitches I’ve met with DUI’s. It’s like a badge of honor with these whores.

  33. This sounds more creepy then anything.. So you’ve been watching this girl, following her from bar to bar, stalking her basically and waiting for her to get drunk so you can take her home. How do you know where her house is? Were you watching her there too? Did you go through her things and find her ID too find out where she lives? Sounds like a creeper to me. Oh and FYI she wont even remember you and will more then likely be freaked by the idea of some stranger having been in her house the night before… the same one that was following her all night

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