American Corporations Are Taking Steps On Their Own To Limit Gun Sales

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With Gary Ramey’s fledgling gun-making business taking off in retail stores, he decided to start offering one of his handguns for sale on his website.

That didn’t sit well with the company he used to process payments, and they informed him they were dropping his account. Another credit card processing firm told him the same thing: They wouldn’t do business with him.

The reason? His business of making firearms violates their policies.

In the wake of high-profile mass shootings, corporate America has been taking a stand against the firearms industry amid a lack of action by lawmakers on gun control. Payment processing firms are limiting transactions, Bank of America stopped providing financing to companies that make AR-style guns, and retailers like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods imposed age restrictions on gun purchases.

The moves are lauded by gun-safety advocates but criticized by the gun industry that views them as a backhanded way of undermining the Second Amendment. Gun industry leaders see the backlash as a real threat to their industry and are coming to the conclusion that they need additional protections in Congress to prevent financial retaliation from banks.

“If a few banks say ‘No, we’re not going to give loans to gun dealers or gun manufacturers’, all of a sudden the industry is threatened and the Second Amendment doesn’t mean much if there are no guns around,” said Michael Hammond, legal counsel for Gun Owners of America. “If you can’t make guns, if you can’t sell guns, the Second Amendment doesn’t mean much.”

The issue has already gotten the attention of the Republican who is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho sent letters criticizing Bank of America and Citigroup, which decided to restrict sales of firearms by its business customers, over their new gun rules in the wake of the Florida high school shooting in February.

“We should all be concerned if banks like yours seek to replace legislators and policy makers and attempt to manage social policy by limiting access to credit,” Crapo wrote to Citigroup’s chief executive.

Honor Defense is a small operation with a handful of employees that include Ramey’s son and his wife who work out of a non-descript building in a Georgia office park north of Atlanta. In 2016, its first year, it sold 7,500 firearms. Its products — handcrafted 9mm handguns that come in a variety of colors — can now be found in more than 1,000 stores.

When Ramey noticed that neither Stripe nor Intuit would process payments through his site, he submitted a complaint with Georgia’s attorney general’s office, counting on help from a state law that prohibits discrimination by financial service firms against the gun industry. But the state rejected it, saying that credit card processing is not considered a financial service under state law.

He views the credit card issue as companies “infusing politics into business.”

“We’re just a small company trying to survive here,” Ramey said. “It’s hard enough competing with Smith & Wesson, Ruger and Sig Sauer.”

The financial industry actions came amid a broader pushback by corporate America in the aftermath of the Florida shooting. Delta and United Airlines stopped offering discounted fares to NRA members, as did the Hertz, Alamo and National rental car companies. First National Bank of Omaha, one of the nation’s largest privately held banks, decided not to renew a co-branded Visa credit card with the NRA.

Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods both decided they would no longer sell “assault weapons” or firearms to people under age 21. REI, an outdoor-gear shop that doesn’t sell firearms, joined in and decided it would stop selling such items as ski goggles, water bottles and bike helmets made by companies whose parent firm, Vista Outdoor, manufactures ammunition and AR-style long guns.

There’s been election-year response from some lawmakers, notably in Georgia where Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who is running for governor, led a move in the Legislature to kill a tax break on jet fuel to punish Atlanta-based Delta over its NRA actions. The move cost the airline an estimated $40 million.

Gun-control advocates have applauded the efforts, saying it demonstrates responsible leadership at a time of paralysis in government. Experts say it’s a sign that the business world views wading into the gun debate as not at all risky — and, in fact, potentially beneficial to their brand.

“Companies by and large avoid these issues like the plague and they only get involved — whether they’re credit card companies or airlines — when they feel like doing nothing is as bad as doing something and they feel completely stuck,” said Timothy D. Lytton, professor at Georgia State University’s College of Law and author of “Suing the Gun Industry: A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts.”

The gun industry acknowledges that there’s nothing requiring companies from doing business with gun manufacturers or dealers. Monthly reports from the federal government show background checks to purchase a firearm are up over last year so far, so the early actions apparently have not put a dent in sales.

Still, the industry believes it needs stronger laws against financial retaliation in the future.

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56 thoughts on “American Corporations Are Taking Steps On Their Own To Limit Gun Sales”

  1. Isn’t it obvious at this point? It’s nothing more than divide and conquer. People, come on. Pull your heads out of your

    1. We live in an economy that is about to blow. Massive concentrations of wealth at the top (due not to the free market, but rather to massive cronyism) with emmiserating poverty at the bottom. It’s all but increasing.
      The elite want to proles disarmed. Corporate America does not want its debt slaves revolting.

      1. Then maybe they should actually go along with redistributing some wealth. Henry Ford even knew that if your own workers can’t buy your product then you likely won’t be around for long…

  2. Divide and conquer? People who want to take away gun rights are the enemy. They are complicit in tyranny. They are outing themselves.

    1. I agree. Those who want to take away gun rights, disarm the public for “safety” (whose?), work intentionally or not for Globalists and others who want easy prey – an unarmed people too weak to defend themselves. A primary Globalist Operative is MSM.

  3. Man I’m so sick of these gun grabbing libtard fags can’t they just go hate freedom in their commie utopia Venezuela

  4. If your guys don’t put a stop to your politicians soon you won’t be allowed the right of self-defense just like in my homeland.
    Here they tell us that we are supposed to “trust” in the government to protect us from everything….
    Watch out guys! This is how many dictators start centralizing their power!

    1. Oh don’t worry, our white libertarian retards will do nothing but bitch and whine about taxes and “muh regulations”, even though they probably don’t know shit about regulations. In order to change your government with guns you actually have to form militias. Most white dudes in this country are just planning on going to Thailand. LOL, most men in this country don’t even care if they get racially replaced, they think the free market will fix it all. Honestly, a tribalistic people with no weapons could control their government better than a libertarin white trash country like ours with guns everywhere. Guns just give white dudes in this country a false sense of security.

      1. Wes
        Claims libertarians are complaining on ROK. Spends thr whole day bitching and complaining on recent articles.

        1. @hank…uh, when have I ever said that “libertarians are complaining on ROK”? I really don’t understand your criticism, do you actually have something logical to say? Libertarianism is pretty much destroying the west. Libertarians are pretty much dumb when it comes to anything. I am not bitching, I am just telling the truth and my high up-vote ratio tells me that most agree with me on this site.

      2. WES
        If you have ever used a pay toilet, its a smelly dirty affair that you want to get the hell away from after you have had your shit in the brown toilet.
        The walls are scrawled with homo graffiti and there are rubbers and needles everywhere.
        That is how I and many white men feel. We have done our business and simply want to be somewhere else that blacks and Mestizos cannot find on a map and cannot afford to go where none of our tax money will go to some corner of the Levant bordering on North Africa.
        White men vote with their feet the way people flee a dirty pay toilet before they get a disease. That is how Gen X and Boomer men feel. It is how rednecks and Jewish liberals both felt about Detroit when they fled. In the end, everyone runs away the pay toilet.

      3. WES
        White men fled Detroit. Why would they not flee the US when it turns into Detroit?
        As for the lower-class whites I knew as a youth who had kids in 1994 and got stuck and their kids had to attend public schools full of apes and tacos who turned them into addicts and mudsharks and they are renting shitty efficiency apartments with crack-dealing blacks next door because they only got a GED and did jail time for trying meth back in 1992 and getting hooked on it.
        Well, that is their problem. What do you want me to do?
        I followed the rules, went college, wore a rubber, never got addicted to any drug, obtained a passport and bolted.
        On the subject of liberalism, what do you want me to do?

      4. Please shut the fuck up. You don’t know shit about the men in this country you incel pussy.

        1. Oh really? So women and minorities run country pretty much, and white dudes are letting themselves get ethnically exterminated. Even the Republican party preaches the same Marxists ideas of equality and diversity. Donald Trump was literally elected thanks to ex-Obama voters in the rust belt and it was still a close race. Most baby boomer men vote for right just for low taxes and “muh regulations”. Most Republican and Liberal men have cucked attitudes towards their women and daughters…..I grew up in a fucking rural Texas town, trust me, there is a lot of white trash in this nation who think Ronald Reagan was a god.

  5. The ‘gun rights’ or second amendment issue is one of the things that drove me further ‘right’ than I would have gone. I hate to parse things into left-right, but for the sake of semantics will call the people who are advocates of gun restrictions or taking away guns the liberal left.
    The liberal left just doesn’t stop. They are relentless. They are very predictable. Whenever the opportunity appears, they want to enact restrictive gun laws.
    These people don’t learn.
    I don’t get it.
    And now corporations are joining the bandwagon?
    Yeah, go ahead, we all know how well Prohibition went.
    Fucking retards.

    1. Difference between prohibition and gun control is it’s quite a bit easier to make moonshine than a firearm.

  6. In the other direction, I still can’t quite get my head round the Tesla flamethrower

    1. Corporate sabotage. Musk is working for the white hats now and the Joos are our I destroy him. Deep state car computer hacks. Expand your thinking.

      1. Haha funny one Detroit. It’s all just tinfoil stuff silly g0yim, go back to sleep….

  7. Power devours.
    Sometimes I wonder what really drives most lefties. It’s like they want to overturn the 2nd amendment, simply because it’s there. Just to see if they can.
    On the other hand, when it comes to acquiring power over others directly, I agree with Ayn Rand; power-lust is a weed that grows in the vacant lot of an abandoned mind.
    The disease of our age. It’s unquestioned value. Especially by women. In a world perishing in an orgy of power-lust, the only solution they offer for our problems is more power. For them. And none for the rest.
    Of course, Rand’s theory extended that a bit. She called it the “death premise”. Power-lusters know a country needs freedom to live and thrive, but would rather allow even themselves to die, than give up the quest.

    1. ” power lust is a weed that grows in the vacant lot of an abandoned mind “, that describes religion pretty well.
      For proof, just look at the way christians have abandoned the biblical teachings of Jesus to pursue political power.

  8. Let me see if I understand this. If a bakery tells a gay couple “I’m not comfortable baking your cake”, the bakery gets sued and the owner gets put in jail.
    If a bank tells a firearm manufacturer/dealer “I’m not comfortable providing my financial services for you to make your legal product”. It’s perfectly fine

    1. It’s called hypocrisy, influence and selective enforcement. Both sides of the political spectrum do it. (It’s the reason why both Hillary and Cheney – naming two off the top of my head – aren’t rotting in Butner or Danbury.)
      Welcome to the American Politics.
      Just a thought.

      1. And a lot of legal bills to go with it. I’m sure owners still feel screwed. (I wonder who paid the plaintiff’s attorneys? Or was it pro-bono?)
        This yet again is why the United States should embrace the concept of “Loser Pays.” in civil lawsuits. It would, at least in theory, forestall a lot of nuisance lawsuits, this clearly being an example.
        Just a thought.

  9. @stinky Pete
    Yep, I mean that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Backed by “muh oppression” feels policies.

  10. Pay cash for your guns, ammo, and gear. No credit card needed. As for financing, maybe find local banks that don’t play that game.
    And make a list of every one of these self-righteous asshole corporations so we know don’t shop there.
    Any time they get sued the have attorneys fight for their rights. The Second Amendment is an American right. I would say a human right but I digress.
    I’ll start here…
    Walmart, Fuck You! I won’t be shopping with you no more. Suck it!

  11. This is the same way the First Amendment has been whittled away at to nothing. I have high hopes for cryptocurrency giving us back some freedom where we can make payments free of any oversight whatsoever and buy whatever we want.

  12. Solution seems simple enough. Identify the corps who are becoming politically active about taking away guns and stop shopping at their stores and stop putting your money in their banks.
    It’s a tactic of the left called boycotting. While I’m no fan of the left and their tactics, many of their saner decisions work pretty good. It’s what the right did back in 2016 when Macy’s kicked Trump’s clothing line out of their stores in retaliation for his statements about illegal immigration. The right simply stopped buying Macy’s. Got Terry to retire.

    1. “While I’m no fan of the left and their tactics,”
      This is why we lose, 100 percent.
      Mayan Warrior 1- “The white man from the ocean has armor made of metal and fire sticks that spit flaming death from far away.”
      Mayan Warrior 2- “I am no fan of the tactics of the white man. We are honorable warriors and use only knives and spears!”
      Find me a Mayan today, any questions?

      1. I’m not a fan of it does not mean I won’t use it to win. In war there is nothing more honorable than victory. How it is achieved doesn’t really matter.
        But the reason the right loses so much is because the right’s leaders are lapdogs of the left. I am quite convinced that the left’s job is to convert the USA into a communist country as quickly as possible. The right’s job is to slow the left down and allow the rest of us to become comfortable with the latest socialist step towards communism. That’s so the rest of us won’t take up arms against the left’s leaders. Trump, in my mind, represents an attempt to not only put the brakes on the left’s march to communism but undo the damage caused by the communists (yes I know they prefer to call themselves socialists, progressives, liberals, anything other than communists).
        But, in case you haven’t noticed, Trump is running off those lapdog republicans by backing candidates with a will to take on the leaders of the left head on. Just as he does. And what he’s doing is causing the left to completely lose their minds and subsequently their cohesiveness. They haven’t had to fight a real fight in a very long time. Their one unifying element, hate, is causing them to argue internally over how to solve their Trump Derangement Syndrome. And it’s starting to fracture their party. And in true Red Pill, Alpha fashion, Trump is having a hell of a field day over it. And frankly so am I.

  13. I’m considering getting into gun manufacturing as a hobby partially to snub both the government and filthy corporations that want to trample ordinary people. It also sounds like fun and is interesting. Maybe it’s time for a Return of Kings Ak-47 workshop?

    1. Bob the destroyer of worlds
      Be sure to offer the Return Of Kings Katana as well. Traditional.

    2. RooshV certainly doesn’t have enough heat already. I really think he should become an arms manufacturer so he can get ATF up his ass too.
      You people really do live in a fantasy world, get off the internet beta herb and go outside FFS.

    Its rare for criminals to challenge you mano-a-mano in a gun duel-see the scene at the end of Death Wish 1 where the black guy is surprised when Bronson tells him to “fill his hand”.
    Most criminals use an ambush. In the mafia, for example, where everyone is armed, people are executed from behind.
    Similarly, in a home invasion you wake up and the intruders are in your bedroom with the sawed-off pointed at you and telling your wife to strip. The 45 can be loaded buy you’ll never reach it.
    In massacres the mad gunman is usually blazing by the time you can react to anything.
    My experience in real-life in Detroit is that the law-abiding citizen and the hood rat both empty an entire clip and a few rounds get into one another.
    If you look at the way Italians usually operated they drive by the target’s car and shoot a shotgun through the window.
    No criminal comes up to you and demands a draw for your money.
    In situations where you are jumped by common or garden thugs, when you shoot them its a long court case. You’ll probably do a year or two years. If you killed a black, that will get out in the prison and you’ll be shived and the black guards will target you as well.
    This is the reality of life on US streets and guns. Some of you in the woods who are serious hicks do not have to worry about this.

    1. Grrr- Alarms, for home invaders. Even home made. Motion detectors to prevent alarms being disabled on the sly. Dogs for the park walkers, and at home too. And one day soon electronics will keep everyone on the radar. Safety will be the reason, tyranny a likely result.

    It is good to have a gun, and it can save your life. But most of the time criminals assume that the guy standing in the park at 10 pm might HAVE a gun so they usually get the jump anyhow.
    Home invaders do not noisily burst through your window. They slip in, fully aware that you might have a 45 auto in your nightstand drawer. They make sure their sawed-off is draw on you when they enter your bedroom.
    In the mafia, where every criminal is armed at any moment, hits always involve the element of surprise.
    Most of the writers on ROK indeed seem to be the kids of liberals or yuppies who grew up in a suburb and have no understanding of urban guerrilla warfare.
    Also, professional criminals no longer rob banks much. The response time is too fast. The days of restaurant and bank robberies are all but gone. Gangs today invade homes, steal cars but above all else they sell drugs.
    Another thing to make note of if you smoke pot or use any drug is that even if your weapon is legal if the drugs and your gun are in the same vicinity you’ll be charged with possession of a firearm.
    Many of the posters on this site are obviously hicks who live in middle-class cities in the interior of the US where the local criminals look like Eminem. They have no idea how Italians and Russian syndicates operate.

  16. My guess is that these companies are driven more by a fear of potential lawsuits, and maybe bad publicity, than by any “conscience” or moral stance. They believe (as opposed to know) that opportunities to make money are outweighed by the prospect of losing it.
    Another major factor may be that the companies, at least some of them, believe they are so entrenched and powerful that they don’t have to care about their bottom line.

  17. Americans seem to have forgotten their history and have tunnel vision about the past.
    Conservatives think the US never had black people before today.
    Liberals think the US always had food stamps.
    Americans insist everybody worked for free when there was no minimum wage.
    Americans think the USA always had TSA groping.
    Americans say everyone died when there were no seatbelt laws.
    Americans think either that the USA is the country with the most freedom in the world or think that the US was always a police state.

  18. “…they need additional protections in Congress…” <- They need Congress to protect them from the strongly held beliefs of the corporations who refuse to do business with them? Good luck with that.

  19. How do we kill the banks?
    They are one of the pillars
    that need to be destroyed
    along with the education
    indoctrination system
    and mainstream media.
    Andrew Jackson’s last words
    were “i Killed The Banks”
    They never forgave that.

  20. I got a Citi MasterCard last October with 0% interest for 18 months. First thing I bought was a Colt LE6920 for $700. Now I’m getting a SIG P229. Let Citibank aid and abet m6 gun purchases!

  21. Hertz still has the NRA discount – it just doesn’t show up as an NRA discount. Not sure if you can use it as a newcomer, but they still honor my code. It says something innocuous like “Association Discount” or something. They know enough not to listen to mobs of twitter asswipes who are not their actual customers.

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