“My” Rape

Four out of the last five girls I went out with told me they were raped. And two of them told me this within the first week of dating.

One girl said, “My rape happened during freshman year.” As if she knew that every other girl I was hanging out with had also been raped. As if all girls were raped. As if rape was happening everywhere. As if right at that moment there was probably someone being raped out in the parking lot while we sat at the bar and drank our beers.

She of course expected me to frown and nod and be worried and concerned for her. Which I was, because what the hell else was I going to do? I was also worried and concerned I was on a date with her. What kind of nutjob says something like that to someone they barely know?

I began looking around the bar. Which of these people could be a witness to the fact that I had NOT raped her? How was I going to politely wrap this up and get out of here? Maybe go to the bathroom, climb up on the back of the toilet and crawl out that little window? But that might be a form of rape. It probably is.

Date escape

The next time this happened, I handled it better. We were on a second date at a dumb Japanese restaurant. When she dropped the R-bomb, I maintained a firm and neutral demeanor. I did nothing and stared down into my thirteen dollar bowl of ramen noodles. Then I changed the subject by cleverly taking one detail of her rape (in a youth hostel in France) and asking her something about it. “Really? You got raped in France? I heard they have good wine there. They say the cheese is awesome.”

The way these girls talk about “their rape”, it’s like their pet, or their imaginary friend, or some sort of bauble they can show off to each other. These girls must get together to talk about their rapes. In the old days girls gathered to compare notes on their boyfriends:

“Mine snores.”
“Mine smells bad after he eats Doritos.”
“Mine falls asleep still on top of me.”

Now they gather together to compare and contrast their rapes:

“Mine was in a youth hostel in France.”
“Mine was my best friend.”
“Mine was with my boyfriend, after we broke up.”

My rape happened in the top right bunk

Women do this to compete with each other. Whose was the most embarrassing rape? Who was raped at prom? Whose been raped by a famous person? Being raped by a famous person is like having an ace in the hole in poker. If you’ve been raped by a famous person, hold back for a while before letting everyone else tell their story and then BAM you smoke everyone with your incredible rape story by a real celebrity. (Of course you let him have sex with you, but if he hadn’t been a celebrity, you probably wouldn’t have, which is rape.)

Obviously, this phenomenon is all about the redefinition of the word “rape,” which now means “sex,” or actually just the word “no,” since you can be raped by hostile words or inappropriate staring or someone following you home, even though he wasn’t following you home—he just happened to live in the same neighborhood and was going to the same store.

Women are literally out of their minds at the moment. How do we re-attach them to reality? Oh right. They were never attached to reality in the first place.

Of course, everything they know about rape they learned in college. When I gently suggested to one of my dates that an incident she described might not be rape, she told me, that no, it was definitely rape because “rape isn’t about sex, it’s about male power,” she knows this for sure, she told me, because she took a class in it.

I’m sorry but my definition of rape is when a man forces a woman to have sex against her will. But that’s just me. I’m old fashioned I guess. In the meantime guys, better work on your “rape face.” A lack of concern for past rapes may constitute rape.

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101 thoughts on ““My” Rape”

    1. Writer should stop dating white women, Asian women usually claim not to like men from their own country, which is far easier to dale with than false rape stories.

      1. deal.
        I always ask the single moms, “where is your husband?”
        They usually say “dead in m/c accident”
        If anyone I met claimed to have been raped, I’d just get up and leave.
        No explanation, “Excuse me” then leave.

        1. “Get up and leave”
          Agreed. Why would any guy want to wait around to be the next accused, sometimes years after last contact with them.

        2. “I’d just get up and leave.”
          Totally agree. It’s just too bad that you just raped her by doing that.

      2. Agree.
        I got my D sucked 5 days ago by a 22 year old Chinese massage girl.
        It was a 1 hour nude massage for US$90.
        Towards the end, I started rubbing, then fingering her without asking, putting my finger deep in her.
        She loved it and asked for $30 more for Beejay.
        What follows was 20 mins more of fun. She licked my D, balls and taint.
        I even rubbed her anus without asking, but it was too tight to slip a finger in lol.
        She loved it and was giddy when she took my load in her mouth.
        Feminine women don’t give a fuck about ‘enthusiastic consent’

      3. Agree.
        I got my D sucked 5 days ago by a 22 year old Chinese massage girl.
        It was a 1 hour nude massage for US$90.
        Towards the end, I started rubbing, then fingering her without asking, putting my finger deep in her.
        She loved it and asked for $30 more for Beejay.
        What follows was 20 mins more of fun. She licked my D, balls and taint.
        I even rubbed her anus without asking, but it was too tight to slip a finger in lol.
        She loved it and was giddy when she took my load in her mouth.
        Feminine women don’t give a fuck about ‘enthusiastic consent’

      4. “Asian pussies usually claim not to like MEN from their own country…”
        Is it !? And the same Asian pussies like the pussified & maniac pale skin MEN, who call them ugly & smelly !!

        1. Strangely enough Indian men (aka Kairks) are widely despised by SEA women, usually described as cheap and dirty. Only the lowest and most desperate of hookers will have any contact with ‘Kairks’.

        2. Hahaha! As if (most) asian males are really even MEN. They’ve been soyified for a lot longer than the west (soy sauce friggin CAME from Asia!). Most Japanese men have been incel far before the term ever existed.
          The asian martial artist trope is the exception that proves the rule.

        3. Fellas, this IS NOT our Ravi Macho.
          This is a leftist sent here to subvert the masculine agenda.

      1. @AutomaticSlim
        America may be home for you
        But not its women
        Visit a more hospitable land
        In poontane you’ll be swimming!

    2. Women have been getting progressively more fucked up as the years pass, but I notice most of the females in my city are PARTICULARLY salty in the last couple years and I am 99% sure what the reason is…
      Donald Trump is president.

      1. As if President Killary Grlpower Clinton would’ve been better??
        The feminazis hate Trump because he is immune to their shit tests, which is exactly what we need these days.

    3. Actually being “raped” in America is very different than being raped in say Cape Town South Africa. In Cape town, the victim is dragged off by a gang, raped for hours, tortured and degraded, and 90% of the time requires emergency surgery to repair the tear between her vaginal cavity and anus. Often she suffers a raging infection requiring her ovaries and uterus be removed lest she die. She loses her ability to have children which means she’s never getting married, and suffers actual social stigma akin to being a leper. PTSD and night terrors for decades round out the package. I think each of these feminists bitching about rape should be culturally enriched by being forced to spend a few summers in a slum in Cape town until diversity pays a visit requiring months if not years of hospitalization. Assuming they survive (60% chance of this) then they can hit the Oprah circuit from their assisted living center. #Justice

  1. Hahaha nice.
    I have had so many women insinuate about ex’s/workmates/party goers raping them.
    Modern western culture seems to be all about leveraging victimhood. As a white male im sh1t outta luck though as we are public enemy numero uno and the fall guy for everyone’s problems.
    Im not sure who is going to pick up the tab for society though once we’ve been eliminated.

    1. As soon as she claims that she was raped in the past, that’s your cue that you’ve just wandered into a minefield. Damaged, crazy, or whatever, she’s just let you know that she’s just not quite right in the head. Excuse yourself, and leave. Don’t let her know that you’re doing it. Avoid any drama. Simply get up and go. Get out clean.*
      (If you’re in a restaurant or bar where you’re a regular and well known, then quietly and confidentially settle the bill with the staff first, good relations and all that. Otherwise, stick her with the bill and just disappear.)
      Oh, and press the pause button on you machismo and instead *do* the non-fact-driven-thing and *listen* to your feelings. If, when you first meet her, you sense that something is “Off” about her, then decide that’s indeed the truth of the matter and distance yourself. Far better to puzzle out the reasons why later in peace and quiet vs. post…whatever and with a great deal of regret whilst sitting in a prison cell. It’s called “The Gift Of Fear” for a reason.
      You have to reckon that 25% of the women you encounter are crazy on some level. Sad – really sad – but there it is. And you’re peace of mind, freedom and finances take precedence over the (uncertain) possibility of sexual gratification.
      Hope this helps.
      Just a thought.
      *Don’t forget to block her on your phone. And if she chooses to act out later at you residence or work – a possibility unfortunately, the reason you don’t date neighbours or co-workers – then don’t hesitate to file a criminal complaint and get a restraining order. This is no time to be “Gentlemanly.”

    2. I’m a brown (even Muslim looking) male and I don’t feel any luck as well, because I am educated and talk with no accent.
      Unless you are an illegal immigrants, a ‘fugue, a woman or a non cis, you are treated like dung.

    1. Actually, the data is that approximately 1 in 10 men in prison are sexually assaulted. The CDC data is that 1 in 5 American women/girls have been raped, and that 1 in 71 American men/boys have been raped. In almost all cases, the rapist or perpetrator is male. Analyzing the data, a man in prison has less chance of being raped than a free American female.

      1. Do you really think that cdc data is credible in how it defines rape? 1 in 5 women have been forced to have sex? Maybe in Nigeria, certainly not in the USA, I don’t buy that.

        1. Yea, they take surveys where they ask things like: Have you ever had sex with someone and later wished you hadn’t? A “yes” answer means she was raped. The idea that you can retroactively be raped because you “changed your mind” after the event is pure BS. The actual rape rate in the USA is about 4 per 10,000 people per year. Assuming that nobody is victimized more than once, over an 80 year lifetime the percentage of people raped in their lifetime would be 3.2%. Nowhere near the BS stat of 1 in 5.

      2. I’m calling bullshit on this. Post links to some stats from the real world. The one in five and one in seventy one are feminist wet dream stats they made up and then you go and barf them up all over us as “facts”.

  2. Western women are the ones importing literal rape culture.
    Refugees welcome.

  3. Either saying nothing or asking “Did you go to the police?”
    seem to be the only reasonable ways to respond to such an utterance.

    1. Once woman goes to police after sex to claim being raped, a man is totally fucked. Brutally fucked. Fucked like there’s no tomorrow. By default, police are the biggest white knights. If he’s lucky he’ll simply get fleeced by a lawyer.
      “Saving the women from other men to get access to their pussies, and meanwhile proving your “high” hierarchy status” are the two main reasons young white males are joining police. So they are always on women side. Once my ex called cops on me, cause I said I didn’t wanna be in relationship anymore, they were literally begging her to press charges against me. Even thou, I was the victim of her assault. And I had a voice recording and video.
      Instead of finding out what was going on, the younger cop was looking at me like I am a fucking criminal, saying that “next time she complains, i’ll get fucked by “a law”. It wasn’t that much of a pleasant experience, but everything ended up fine.
      So yeah, here we have it: white knights with deep mommy and daddy issues are given firearms and power against defenseless you.
      When women file fake charges is a moment of pure orgasm for the majority of Canadian cops.
      So beware!

      1. @ Benny
        Oh, that really sucks.
        Yes, I know the cops are the worst “White Knights”. My point is that these females spewing “rape” stories almost NEVER go to the cops because they weren’t raped. But yeah, you are right, the potential for a guy to fall victim to a false accusation is both high and horrible.

        1. Automatic Slim,
          I agree,
          I doubt there is any considerable number of rapes committed by white men. White men are raised in matriarchal culture so they are taught to worship pussy from kindergarten.
          How can you cause any harm to the thing you worship?
          As we can see from Swedish statistic, for example, the majority of reported rapes around 70-80% are committed by Muslim refugees, the rest 30-20% are male/female pedophilia, female rape, small percentage of rape by a white male, and the rest is totally fake.
          So if a girl says she got raped by a white male, she is probably checking the level of white knight in someone

        2. I don’t know why white boys like cops so much. They are white night beta pussies.
          They literally hate masculine men, no matter the colour.

      2. Benny said “I doubt there is any considerable number of rapes committed by white men. White men are raised in matriarchal culture so they are taught to worship pussy from kindergarten.”
        So true. Especially the part about being forced (taught) to worship pussy from kindergarten. I wish I had come to this red pill truth at a much younger age.

        1. There have been a couple of very high profile r*pes in Australia recently committed by Anglos, so the white feminists are all over it, saying it’s proof that they should worry about white men and not immigrants

        2. @Masculine Man,
          It’s exactly like how the lefties in the USSA are all over gun control, when absolutely NO ONE is asking how that worked out in the UK…
          Gun deaths way down, but knife deaths are way up. Pretty soon they’ll be talking about candlestick, lead pipe, rope, and wrench control (all the remaining murder weapons in Clue aside from the already covered knife and revolver for those following along).

    2. No it won’t work, we must reverse this shit and say “well, I’m gonna rape you, but for real”.

    3. “Did you go to the police and get a rape kit done? If not, it didn’t happen. Actual Rapes get investigated, imagined rapes are nothing but attention whoring”
      My answer when I hear that bullshit. I give less than a fuck aboutt their feelings. If they didn’t report it and get it investigated and DNA collected it didn’t happen. End of story.

  4. Combine virtue signaling with victim wannabe and add a dash of this “me too” shit for good measure and here’s what you get.

  5. Rape stories are like a Swiss army knife for females.
    1. They tell you they been raped to trigger your protector instincts.
    2. They tell others they been raped to get victim points and to humble bragg that they’re hot enough to get raped.
    3. They dwell on rape so can have an excuse to keep hating and demonizing men.

    1. Nail on the head dude!
      The first time you hear it your protector instinct kicks into high gear. Now I just assume any woman who says it is BPD.

    2. 4. They use rape as an out/cover-up after throwing themselves at high-value men who use them briefly for sex and then discard them. This is why celebrities and athletes are the targets of so many false rape allegations.
      The recent false rape accuser at Sacred Heart basically said as much in her confession this month: https://fox61.com/2018/06/05/former-sacred-heart-university-student-pleads-guilty-to-false-rape-accusation/
      They’re born narcissists. For example: An average 20-year-old female has spent the past couple of weeks fantasizing about and actively trying to attract a high-demand male in one of her classes. But at a party one night, there’s two drunk football players. Normally, these football players are far too popular and important to even considering banging anything less than a virginal 9 or a slutty 10. An born opportunist, the average 20-year-old female throws herself at them. In their drunken horniness they decide “what the heck, she’s DTF” and tag team her. The entire time, she’s loving the attention and pleasure. But then she wakes up in the morning and they’re long gone, and they don’t leave a number, and act cavalierly about the encounter. Feeling the harsh reality that she is not good enough for them to invest time in as a girlfriend, and realizing that the boy she’s pursuing in her class will be disgusted by her degenerative sexual depravity, she quickly crafts a false rape accusation to erase any responsibility for her actions, to erase the reality that she isn’t good enough for the highest-value males even in her prime, and to even garner fame and increased social standing. To absolutely evade any chance of having to prove her accusation, she first confides in a man-hating, lesbian, feminist professor who wants to white knight and bang her herself–again, using sexuality as a tool to get what she wants. Then she even tweets to the most liberal media outlets she can think of–Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone…
      Fast-forward 10 years and mediocre girl is now 30 years old with a PHD in woman’s studies, getting her honorary Harvard degree as she speaks about rape at a commencement ceremony. The two football players have been in prison for 8 years a piece, one just hung himself after being repeatably forcefully sodomized by gangmembers at his prison. The other has HIV from needle drugs. The high-value boy she pursued felt obligated to date her once he heard her rape story, and then feared being accused himself and ended up proposing to her. She obliged, then divorced him a year later taking his entire life’s savings and his parent’s house.

      1. Oh and 21st century women are SOOOOO worth getting with…… NOT AND NOT EVER AGAIN. BANGING these cunts is such the non productive risk anymore. Somebody please call me Beta or a faggot again…. Fuck this shit of chasing pussy, especially if only for the adrenalin rush of the risk itself.. It is equivalent to attempted suicide. No sane man would bang women in the Western world unless it’s paid prostitute and you video you time to protect your self.

  6. My rape is bigger than yours!
    That’s why we have idiocies like the #metoo movement. Which in fact is simply wishful thinking.
    Everyday, I thank the Gods I was not born a woman! It must be terrible to live with the thought that the best you’ll ever be is a time slot of 10 year!

  7. When a women cries “rape” the first thing I think is bullshit. Too many bitches cry rape too. The boy who cried rape.

    1. My feminist hot-cousin told me that all heterosexual sex is rape. I thought at that moment she might be closet lesbian, I continue my talk not reacting to that provocation. Lately I found out she is indeed a Lesbian, and her girlfriend is now living with her. Her sister, my younger cousin was also contaminated by feminism, and might follower her sister. These women are lost. I will do everything I can to avert my daughter becoming a feminist, by telling her red-pills from now on. Let’s hope her generation does not get lost, like my cousins generation.

      1. The lesbian agenda has always been to manipulate as many young women into their Sapphic sisterhood via feminism as possible. Sadly it seems to be working.
        Thankfully some grow out of it, but usually the damage is done even if they return to relationships with men.

      2. I will stick my brown dick in both of them and cure them.
        Only the melanin men can’t get them back to normal.
        Will you offer them to me as a token of gratitude for me enriching your country?
        You’re welcome.

  8. Women are all attention whores who love the concern they get from others when they share their false rape stories

  9. Her: “I was raped”
    Me: “how many times did you cum/did you squirt, ect.?” or “seconds again? Fuck”

    1. I read somewhere that one of the top (if not the top) white female searches when visiting porn websites is “violent rape” or something like that. Thus most women fantasize about being forcibly raped. All this feminist garbage about rape culture is just wish-projection. That’s how I see it, anyway.

    1. They are par for the course in the Anglosphere.
      When a woman doesn’t get the attention she needs, from healthy sources..Ie being appreciated as a wife and parent..
      she seeks it out in these messed up ways.
      It’s all for attention from men and society, to fill the misery in their pathetic life

  10. The author handled these situations incorrectly what he should have done was one up her rape story like other hoes he said did. “Oh really? Yea I was molested as a child by my neighbor, priest etc, it was so humiliating I still feel so guilty to this day blah blah blah.” You render their B.S. sob story useless and now its focused back on you or she will decide to drop the victim shit for a better conversation about her again lol.

  11. An ex girlfriend told me within an hour of our first date that she had been raped. She later called me one night crying about how her parents were ruining her life and she was considering whoring herself out for a plane ticket to Hawaii. Aloha you goddamed lunatic!

    1. If you truly said aloha, I doubt you’d call her an ex girlfriend. To me that status is reserved for someone I’ve actually had sex with more than once and actually hang out with.

  12. I came a cross a couple of these “take back the night” vagina warriors at university. Any self-focused rape talk = Nexted. Cold pass. Even if it really happened; politely drop the damaged goods and move on. And who pays for the rape of our ears every time a woman lies out loud about their checkered, promiscuous past? We do; we have to pay for them being complete phonies and victim-frauds, too. Women seek attention from the exceptional privilege of their weakness, and manufacture crises on a regular basis. And if two of them ever get together to lie in a court of law, you will lose basically 100% of the time. It doesn’t matter what the truth is.

  13. Awww man, Maynard (TOOL) just got #MeToo’d. I’m sure he’s put it in a few poopers and has done a few bukkake chokeslams, in his day.

    1. That’s hilarious. Thots everywhere swoon over the idea of fucking a rockstar. “He invited me to his hotel room for a party…” WTF did you think would happen???

  14. My first girlfriend claimed to be raped, by the frontman of Bad Religion (groupied, more like it). She said he had a small dick. I believe her.

  15. Maybe she’s dropping a hint that she’s into that type of fantasy? Many women are, despite what they may say.

  16. Dear *ROKers (and trolls, etc., etc., !), Wish you ALL:
    *** Happy INDEPENDENCE Day ***
    *ROKers = Real MEN and Feminine Women; irrespective of Color, Race & Religion.

  17. I’d guess about half the women I have dated have claimed to have been raped. I don’t think a single one would count by my definition. None have reported to the police.
    By contrast, a guy was arrested for abusing me when I was 11 years old. He had taken photos of me in the shower. I don’t think I suffered – I didn’t even know. Images were found on his work computer and I was identified and interviewed by a woman police officer who wanted him “nailed”. The guy who had a wife, a very successful career, theee kids and 6 grandchildren was arrested pending trial. He hung himself by a towel in his not very tall cell – god he must have suffered. It’s part of my early red pill awareness.
    I haven’t mentioned this to any of the false rape girlfriends – i’ve Just gradually ignored them and dropped them.
    But next time, I think i’ll respond with “ha. Me too!”

  18. I know this dumb bitch who was super jealous of all the attention her friend was getting because she was “raped”, so she decided to announce on facebook that she was raped too. When I pressed her for the name of the guy that supposedly raped her, there was a long pause whilst she did some mental sums to come up with someone who I didn’t know or associate with. Pretty sure she just invented a name. Most retarded shit I’ve ever seen.

  19. Only a coast-to-coast cleansing war followed by a famine, the kind with mountains of dead Lefties and all their enablers, will end this.

  20. These cunts need a good whip to bring them into line again. That’s what we can learn from the Muslims.

  21. Me: Did you file a police report?
    Psycho: No.
    Me: Did you take a rape evaluation at the hospital?
    Psycho: No.
    Me: Then you weren’t raped. Check please.

    1. One media craze and pandering by the authorities later…
      Lawyer: “I know you’ve been in jail for two years, but I am trying to get you out of here. You know the mere accusation is enough.”

  22. If I were not married, I would go visit an expensive whore twice a month. As to dating anyone, I would rather bang a whore.

  23. I blame Gloria Gaynor for all this. This is all part of women trying to create an ‘I’m a survivor/hero story’ angle to their meaningless lives.

    1. I’m just worried about how much more insane this will all become if (when) President Trump is reelected in 2020.
      It all really started in the 1990s, coincidentally(?) after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Guess it was considered safe for feminism to really start up again, with the threat of WW3 well past.
      By the way, why can’t I post comments here, only replies?

  24. Date escape with that Fiehard I make… that was awesome!!!!
    … that was something you did that I noticed and the effect that had on me for you was – increased likelihood he’s cool… 1 thing I noticed among many…
    Great article!!!!
    Liberal women are a big mess!!!!

  25. Date escape with that Diehard image… that was awesome!!!!
    … that was something you did that I noticed and the effect that had on me for you was – increased likelihood he’s cool… 1 thing I noticed among many…
    Great article!!!!
    Liberal women are a big mess!!!!

  26. My mom has a rape story, and my single mother neighbor a few years younger than me has a rape story. However, a Chinese ex of mine does not have a rape story about a guy who was relentless, wouldnt leave and she gave in. She knows she gave in, and regretted it.

  27. “They were never attached to reality in the first place.”
    Im going to loosely, and improperly quote Dave Chapelle here and say “The worst thing to call someone crazy. Maybe their environment is a little sick” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56qUENYYjxE
    A woman’s environment is her relation to other women. The author even said it “They compare and contrast their rapes” and the ace in the hole is a rape by a celebrity. It mirrors victim culture of the left.
    My point is these women aren’t unhinged from reality, and its wrong to dismiss them. Their perception of reality and values is what is unhinged because its based in the responses, sympathy and emotions of other women.

  28. If a women doesn’t like – she dry… Why do I here raped women have orgasms?…
    …What I can come up with is that <99% of our species history was stone age and I thought maybe they adapted to the rife rape of those times (stone age)… it’s still gonna happen if she says no bc no white government to protect her then…

  29. I’m just worried about how much more insane this will all become if (when) President Trump is reelected in 2020.
    It all really started in the 1990s, coincidentally(?) after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Guess it was considered safe for feminism to really start up again, with the threat of WW3 well past.

  30. I went to college with my friend “Sarah.” Two weeks into our freshman year, she had sex with “Brandon” at a party. She was a little surprised at herself, but we laughed and giggled at her ability to pull in the cute guys. All she could talk about was how hot he was and that she hoped to run into him on campus soon.
    Two weeks later, I saw “Sarah” in the campus commons (the lunchroom) and she was looking sad, dumpy and defeated. She explained to me that somehow everyone found out about her one night stand and that she felt humiliated. She then said she wasn’t really sure if he coerced her into having sex that night, but that she had an appointment with RD (college dorm resident director) to discuss what “actions” might need to be taken next. I was disgusted and told her that she couldn’t accuse a guy of rape because she was simply embarrassed. I reminded her that she didn’t feel this way before everyone found out about it. I’m not sure how her “discussion” went, but I don’t believe it went any further than that.
    This story is absolutely true but it happened in 1991. I have not seen “Sarah” for 20 years. I’m now married to a great guy and have a 10 year old son. I’m horrified by how much worse things that gotten for men (and boys, for that matter). I will stand with ANY guy accused of rape – innocent until proven guilty. I am a white 48 year old woman who is NOT a feminist, and definitely not a liberal. Things have gone way too far men need to start taking their power back. I am sick of the man-hating and all of the BS that goes with it (we have a term now for men who spread their legs on a public bus?!).
    Please remember, not all women are like this. The ones who are, are crazy AND the loudest, most obnoxious voices in the room.
    I agree with the men posting to this board. If a woman says she was raped – RUN. You may be the next one accused.
    Take care, Jaime.

  31. Any man of sufficient experience has picked up on the fact that every girl has a “story” about some sort of abuse or trauma that they’ve been through. After the girl I was with that had a physically abusive ex-boyfriend, and she had solid evidence of it, my ability to pity them took a dive. It’s always they choose to be a part of it, are exaggerating, are lying or it just really isn’t that big of a deal at all. I don’t react, I just change the topic, not out of some sort of sensitivity but because I genuinely don’t care anymore. If they tell you this in the first two weeks of dating, consider it a red flag.

  32. Rape claims as female competition — alongside their divorce and abortion tallies? And we’re supposed to immediately grasp them as showing their superiority to other women as we become aroused and protective….
    What today’s women don’t know about men (I don’t mean what they know about some boys) is amazing. It must come from feminist theory class.

  33. Red pill, everybody!
    I have never seen anyone — of all gender, orientation, race, etc., etc. — claim they were raped. Obviously this may have to do with the fact that I go on very few dates, but if women are all attention-seeking whores then why would it matter if I was dating them or not?
    Maybe most of you are just being paranoid. Or maybe she was genuinely raped, and is attempting to open up to you by telling you her life story, and now you’re trying to escape through the window because of the three words “I was raped”. Look, if you’re so worried about false rape accusations, why don’t you just hold up on the actual sex? Why not get to know your potential life partner first by listening to her?
    Sorry, but I really don’t understand this website.

  34. “As if rape was happening everywhere. As if right at that moment there was probably someone being raped out in the parking lot while we sat at the bar and drank our beers.”
    I LOL’ed for real, dawg.

  35. rape happens, and I’ve known a couple of people who told me. But not at a second meeting. It was years of friendship before it came out during conversation.
    If it’s so casual, like discussing a movie you’ve seen, then it’s sign that it’s a badge of status rather than a trauma.

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