Feminists Shut Down Advertisement Of Man Politely Explaining Things To Women

Via ABC News:

An advertisement outside a future university building in Adelaide [pictured above] which attracted big criticism on social media has been replaced just days after making international headlines.

The ad hoardings outside the old Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) site featured an image of five women surrounding a man talking with his arms raised.

It wasn’t long before the image circulated online, with many describing it as “mansplaining”.

Ad removed from hoarding

The controversial ad — which belongs to Renewal SA — has been replaced with an advertisement for an open day.

The replacement sign depicts the words “experience the new creation and innovation neighbourhood” in an advertisement for a former RAH site open day to held on July 11, featuring demolition tours, virtual reality, 3D printing, immersive art and robotics.

Renewal SA is the State Government’s development body responsible for projects including the old RAH site.

A spokeswoman said the photograph in discussion “was taken from a series of engagement workshops held with real university students to showcase talented students actively expressing ideas for the future of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site”.

“The image taken was not a staged photo shoot, and intended to help promote the site and attract future business leaders, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to be a part of Australia’s first creation and innovation neighbourhood,” the spokeswoman said.

“In recognition of the personal impact of the social media speculation for the individuals in the image, the image was replaced with details about the upcoming open day, on Wednesday 11 July.

“The images on the hoarding boundary are expected to change over the evolution of the project to reflect our continuous engagement with stakeholders, community and on site activation experiences.”

‘Master of mansplaining’ post made international headlines

Mansplaining’s misogynist cousin, manspreading

The advertisement was noticed around the world with one of Britain’s highest-circulating newspapers, Metro, and the BBC both reporting on the ad.

A photo of the advertisement hoarding was posted on Instagram by a local parody social media account which commented that the “innovative education precinct” now appeared to be offering a “Master of Mansplaining”.

The term ‘mansplaining’ is widely used to refer to a man explaining something to a woman in a way that is considered patronising, arrogant or condescending.

The Instagram post received more than 400 comments with many of those criticisms of way the ad had condoned ‘mansplaining’.

“What the hell were they thinking with this photo?” one user said.

“How was this image approved?!” another user said, while another suggested “it was a room of men who came up with that ad”.

Others were not as unforgiving, with some adopting a more irreverent tone.

“How do you know it is a man? How can you decide gender by appearance?” one said.

Many users also thought the post was being taken too seriously.

“I cant believe a simple joke turned out this way. Original post was hilarious and shouldn’t have been taken so seriously,” one user said.

University distanced itself from ad

The University of Adelaide distanced itself from the advertisement and a spokesperson said it would not be commenting further following its replacement.

Over the weekend a spokesperson said the ad was not linked to the university, and the people depicted were not from the institution.

“The hoarding in which that image appears belongs to Renewal SA, not the university,” the spokesperson said last weekend.

“The photo of the hoarding has been deliberately angled and cropped to suggest that the image is directly related to the university, which it is not.

“Our logo is part of a separate image, which has been cropped out.

“The photo in question on the Renewal SA hoarding is not a university image. It was not supplied by us. It was not approved by us. The people depicted in that photo are not university people.”

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59 thoughts on “Feminists Shut Down Advertisement Of Man Politely Explaining Things To Women”

  1. I’ve been to Adelaide before. Most boring-ass sleepy city I’ve ever been to in the world which has a population of around a million or more.
    It’s the one major place in Australia where there is a lot of external migration, chiefly young people moving to Melbourne which (by Australian driving standards) is fairly close.

        1. more woman is better even if they are crazy ones as soon enough there wont be enough man to carry them then the whole city goes sideways while at it some smart woman will improve trheir act

    1. HAY!!!! I live in Adelaide you arsehole! Stop putting shit on my town!(Please take not I did not disagree).

    2. The feminists were right this time. Clearly he was mansplaining how big his dick is. Misogynistic bastard!

    3. Why you fuckers & losers always drag other MEN or people for all the shithole attitude of your very own pedestaled pussies !? How are the others responsible for the degenerative behavior of your very own pedestaled pussies !?

  2. There is only one man and still they lose their shit! Imagine if there was only one woman in the photo, the harpies would lose their minds.
    Feminists will always find something to complain about. They have zero sense of humour. Just laugh at them for the pathetic, bitter bitches they are.
    Australia is a feminist wasteland these days..

  3. Fuck Australia!!! No wonder the government gave $10,000 to men to impregnate their dysfunctional women (baby bonus).

    1. If you allow them to be entitled, pedestal, no consequences, no repercussions, no accountability, no punishment; then they will say & do anything !!

  4. Australia sounds like a PC hell hole these days. I remember back in the early 90’s a lot of survivalist/militia type guys though it and New Zealand were going to be the last refuges of freedom if the US fell. Then came the gun ban and remembered thinking to myself “well it is all over for them”.
    In the major cities and universities it is pretty bad, but if you hop on your motorcycle and head out west you still find large pockets of independence. In some of those towns you can pull right into the general store and just ask straight up for a room for the night. There will always be one in a church, upstairs, or down the street. Half the time they just want you to strip the bed in the morning and help clean up from breakfast. Drop them a few dollars on the night stand and hit the road. These people know you aren’t looking for a handout and also know one day they might need a stranger to return the favor.
    Same things goes for roadside dinners. Pull up. Ask for a modest meal. Offer to do an hour or two cleaning up after close. The owner appreciates the help and you part ways.
    Even had the local sheriff wake up the nearby gas station owner for me so I could top off my car when I was running dangerously low in a very rural area. I didn’t have enough gas so he just wanted some basic barter. A few boxes of shells was enough for him. He even offered to put me up for the night, but I really needed to put some more miles on the road before sleeping.
    Too bad we are losing this type of culture and we have to listen to whiny feminists complain about of all things a man speaking.

  5. What if the dude was explaining how the girls behind him are mistreated by manageement.

      1. Unless she is fucking on ON THE REGULAR and you are confident she’s faithful then dont help her, but even then there caveats and reasons to not help her. I.E. dont incentivize her fuckery.

  6. Ironically this ad displays the globalists latest play-thing, the ubiquitous “Black Female with Afro” which I have been seeing absolutely everywhere the past few months on all kinds of websites, ads and newspaper articles. I don’t have a problem with black females with afros but seeing them everywhere all of a sudden is a great indication that the entire media infrastructure takes its orders from a very small group of people. They give the orders and the results go global virtually overnight, from bus shelters in Sweden to posters on campus in Adelaide. And that’s not a good sign, (excuse the pun).

    1. The Communists had a term for institutions that distribute the Party Line: “transmission belts”. SJWs use social media in order to pick targets to dogpile. I bet there are also some interesting email lists among advertising and media execs. Maybe that’s why narratives suddenly get popular.

  7. Professional victims. Everything offends. People have no strength. They are weak as paper walls. Imagine a small missile strikes a city in America. Not even enough to destroy a whole city. The country would surrender to that country. It would be over. This is how weak MOST Americans are. Even the so-called “strong” Americans are overweight, drunk half the time, and so addicted to entertainment they have no attention span left. These people have no idea what real hell is like. What it’s like to go without food, friends, TV. To be without loving parents. To be without a self-image worth anything.

    1. If there was one thing that 9/11 proved it was that Americans do actually fight back when provoked. Trouble is actual Americans are becoming a minority.

      1. 9/11 was a CIA plot implemented by Saudi citizens.
        When did any American fight back against the Saudis?

      2. 9/11 was just another (((lavon))) affair on a much grander scale.
        Israel has a sordid history of false flag attacks on American targets to drag them into war.
        But that’s all just ‘conspiracy’ stuff. The (((media))) and our (((compromised))) governments wouldn’t lie to us. Just like the (((banks))) are too big to fall.

  8. It’s already illegal for a male’s eyes to linger in the wrong place.
    Pretty soon talking while male will be a crime.

  9. Since women have no ability to think logically, explaining anything to them is a waste of time. It was better back in the day when they were told and they just followed.

  10. What a fucking joke. Women are clowns and adult babies rolled into one package; like Illimitable Man has written, they are (and always will be) man’s burden. You know how you “mansplain” to them? Shoot a big load of cum into their shrill pie holes and shit them the fuck up. Done.

  11. Am I the only one who saw the word “hoarding” and thought surely, they mean “whoreding” don’t they?
    The opposite of mansplaining is obviously cuntsplaining.

  12. Just leave these useless fucking cunts to their own devices, sit back, watch the inevitable meltdown, and be prepared to laugh for days.

  13. Women should NOT go to college.
    Enough of this farce. It costs lots of money to maintain this fantasy for them.

    1. NIBBANA
      Few men in their 50’s want their 20 year old daughter hanging around their house.
      Since Gen Y males cannot afford marriage and will be “flogging the dog” in their room in Mum’s house at age 30 it begs the question of what a population of women who cannot be married do?
      They can be prostitutes, work shit service jobs, strip or attend college so that the world can at least have the pretense of a veneer of sophistication.

  14. I will never understand why people can’t figure out that feminism works based on assumptions. It’s so easy to counteract this type of thinking. I guess you need weak men for feminism to thrive.

  15. “Mansplaining” is a dumb word used by a dumber cunt to describe when a man discusses facts instead of her feelings.

    1. I think ‘mansplainers’ deserve all they get.
      No need to ever explain anything to a woman, if she can’t do it, let her fail.

      1. Only thing you should #mentorher to do is what to do with her mouth when she’s down there.

  16. Today, women are complaining about every aspect of man even if it has no significance and mansplaining is one of those aspects. Why do they complain?
    The answer is simple. Inherently, they felt deprived in the era of patriarchy and now they seek revenge and tend to dissipate their suppressed anger on men. They are just grabbing the opportunity that government provides them which include ruling over men.

    1. The women get incited by social-marxism propaganda. If there haven’t been any propaganda,women don’t even know that they need to be ‘liberated’. The JWO propaganda raises artificial confict between men and women – exactly as told in their text: ‘The Learned Elders of Zion”. It’s their roadmap.

      1. No no no it wasn’t planned or an attack. Repeat the mantra it was the g0y… I mean weak men’s fault. Women just woke up one day, hijacked all the institutions and funded this propaganda. Weak men just need to slap them back in line. Yep according to the trolls… I mean strong red-pill men, all it takes is for men to start slapping women and be manly to change the culture/government/law/education.
        Fuking idiots…

  17. I don’t care about women. The only time I want a women is a escort you pay the bitch to leave.

  18. Australian women are the most pathetic specimens on earth. Utter garbage.
    I agree with Black British guy just pay a worker and have your wicked way with them

  19. False flag to promote Adelaide university as a safe space for American shelias.
    Nothing more to see here.

  20. What do feminists care? It’s a person explaining things to other people, not a man explaining things to women. Apparently, their belief in gender neutrality is not as strong as they portray.

  21. “The advertisement was noticed around the world with one of Britain’s highest-circulating newspapers, Metro..”
    Metro isnt exactly ‘circulated’, it’s a free rag that’s handed out to commuters at stations, and mostly ends up as litter on the tracks and streets…

  22. Adelaide is a fuckhead city and in my service in the military out of all the people I met from Adelaide only 1 of them was normal
    If you don’t believe how shot Adelaide and especially Adelaide uni is you only have to look at the greens senator Sarah Hanson young from Adelaide university just to know how shit these people are

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