Why Do Liberals Care More About Other People’s Children Than Their Own?

By far the most bewildering feature of the liberal worldview is their denial that they have any responsibility towards the generations of the future.  Liberals have a very low penchant for inter-generational responsibility. This is most observable in the stark differences between liberal parenting strategy and right-minded parenting.  This difference ultimately influences the amount of parental investment observed between the offspring of liberals and the offspring of right thinking peoples.

How can we draw more attention to ourselves in Church?

Liberals seem to show little concern for their own offspring or the well-being of their genetic descendants, preferring investment in the children of “others” to investment in their own. This contrasts sharply with the parental investment strategies of right-minded peoples who invest in their children as opposed to investing in the children of others.

What Is Parental Investment?

When I refer to parental investment in one’s offspring, I am alluding to the effort expended on raising them to become competent and confident members of the society in which they live. Such efforts include: time, attention, affection and monetary investment. These resources are finite and scarce by their very nature. Time spent working is time which you are unable to spend on hobbies, exercise and gaming. Time is a non-renewable resource.

Poster child for misguided “charity.”

Likewise, money spent on a vacation is money that cannot be spent on a home. Money may be a renewable resource but in order to obtain it the non-renewable resource of time must be expended in its pursuit. The scarcity of the earth’s resources and the finite nature of time are readily understood by every child who has reached the age of reason.

Now, you may be wondering what resources and time expenditure have to do with liberalism and their penchant for low-investment strategies in their own offspring. I contend that right minded men and women invest heavily in their offspring at the expense of stranger’s offspring and that liberals invest heavily in the offspring of others at the expense of their own descendants, usually out of an irrational and misguided desire to virtue signal and a total disregard for the generations of descendants which succeed them.

Case In Point

“Why focus on parenting your children when other people’s children need your time and resources too?” Cuck

This observation was highlighted for me recently when a recently divorced, co-worker of mine announced that he was moving in with his new girlfriend and her two children. This co-worker already has three children of his own. At the family level of parental investment, a man that has children and whom has been divorced owes it to his children to devote his energies to their development.

When a man marries a single mother and blends his family with hers, he is transferring his resources, wealth, time and affection from children whom he has fathered onto the offspring of another man. It is right to assume that any man you meet who has married a single mother is a liberal of the highest magnitude as he is funding his children’s competition, or has no offspring of his own.

This is an obvious betrayal of one’s descendants and a slap in the face to one’s ancestors. Such a man is so emotionally needy and desperate for sex that he will jeopardize his investments in his own children in order to assuage his emotional and sexual needs.

Societal Scope of Parental Mal-investment

“How the hell did this happen?” Naive soy-boy

When men and women invest in the development and rearing of the children of others at the expense of their own, the injustice is palpable yet limited to the two families involved. This investment becomes more malicious when it is societal in scope.

At the benevolent end of parental investment in the offspring of “others,” liberals invest in their children’s competitors through the encouragement of mass migration into their ancestral home lands. They saddle their children with future dependents in the form of third-world immigrants and their offspring – truly, a gift that keeps on giving. Likewise, liberals saddle themselves and their children with overly generous welfare states which largely benefit immigrants and single mothers at the expense of the hard working people of their society.

At the other end of the spectrum, the malevolent end of parental investment, liberals even condone and participate in the murder of their own descendants in the wombs of their mothers. Nothing indicates a hatred of one’s own offspring more than murdering them in the womb; yet, abortion is the sacred sacrament of “tolerant” liberals everywhere. One cannot invest in the rearing of the children now dead and so liberals devote still more of their time into causes diametrically opposed to their surviving descendants.

Privilege Your Own: In Group Preferencing

That idiotic grin says it all.

The ultimate difference between liberals and right-minded parenting is the level of parental investment each group puts into their children and the level of commitment to ameliorating the conditions of future generations.

Liberal minded people will almost always invest in the offspring of others, whether by marrying single parents and forming “blended” families, encouraging the immigration of “others” into their countries thereby causing an influx of their children’s competition or by outright murdering their children in the womb.

In contrast, right minded people marry for life, have children with one spouse (barring exceptional circumstances such as re-marriage after the death of one’s spouse), and work hard raising them into proficient adults necessarily privileging their own children at the expense of others.

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115 thoughts on “Why Do Liberals Care More About Other People’s Children Than Their Own?”

    1. Ive said it before and il say it again. The psychological warfare conducted on white people has been a greater weapon of destruction than any nuclear bomb.
      White people don’t even realize they have been attacked and march to their demise with a sh1t eating grin on their face.

      1. White people are wimps.
        What do you think the psychological warfare waged on non whites for CENTURIES was like? And we are overcoming it and reclaiming our traditions.
        White people have folded after a few decades of not having their butt kissed. They are a weak, mentally inferior people.
        Best that they are flushed away like a turd.

        1. Yeh ok so called brown man.
          Good luck to your peoples future under the (((new))) order. Probably resemble something like Palestine. You’re about to see some real oppression.
          Although if other peoples did manage to rise up and defy them I would applaud them. They would have succeeded where the white man failed dismally. Hard to see that happening though. Perhaps it would take a united effort from all the different tribes to set aside their differences and expose the great nemesis to mankind. But that kinda talk scares the sh1t out of the J. That’s why they’re always stirring racial hatred between the g0yim. Divide and conquer. Im guessing it scares you too 😉

        2. How come you’re living in a cold place like Paris among strangers? You could live in your sunny ancestral homeland instead, among your own people, immersed in your own culture and helping to develop your nation’s future.

        3. “And we are overcoming it and reclaiming our traditions.”
          Any overcoming by non whites is SOLEY due to whites lifting them up and pedestalising them just like the ’empowered women/feminists.’ have been given what they have today by white men.
          Furthermore, if all white people disappeared tomorrow, without the white man to keep the other races in check, blacks specifically would be re-enslaved by arabs or Asians would just exterminate them. Israel would be destroyed by Arabs and Asians would dominate the Earth.

        4. Yeah Brown man, there’s soooo many nations run by brown or black men that are better places to live than ANYWHERE in the “white” First world…such as…yup…still waiting…waiting…

        5. Non white people lived on this earth for 100 000 years and we will continue to. No matter what will happen when honkey goes extinct.
          I live in an area with middle easterners, Orientals, Indians and blacks. All have basic respect for each other.

        6. @ Brown Man in Paris: ,,What do you think the psychological warfare waged on non whites for CENTURIES was like? And we are overcoming it and reclaiming our traditions.”
          Yeah? Mind if I follow your example?

        7. @pink man
          Go ahead, I welcome respectful separation , and all races living according to the tradition.

        8. Who do you think was waging psychological warfare on non-whites for centuries?
          Who do you think is currently waging psychological on whites?
          I can assure you that brown people are not waging any type of psychological warfare today. They’re just biological weapons controlled by some other group.

        9. Your traditions of what? Spear-throwing and stone age nomad share-cropping? It’s always adorable when brown people talk about overpowering whites while conveniently forgetting that whites invented every aspect of the modern world. Get back to me when your people do something other than mooching off white ingenuity.

        10. White Men: Do you see your enemy? Do you think this asshole wants to give your kids affirmative action when they’re the minority?
          Brown Man In Paris: Keep it up. I need you posting on every cucked out site possible. Every site where Whites agitate for open borders or civic nationalism. Ben Shapiro’s site, FreeRepublic, moveon.org, huff po etc.
          Share your hatred for us and tell us how we don’t matter. Tell us we don’t deserve to inherit the achievements of our ancestors. Tell us how weak we are for not stomping you out of existence. How our kids will suffer under your rule. Just keep agitating. Keep talking. Keep writing checks with your mouth your ass can’t cash.
          Because when one looks at weapons technology, one quickly realize Whites have invented the most terrible weapons. Weapons capable of sterilizing the entire planet (canned sunshine), bio-weapons capable of targeting specific races (namely yours LOL), and of course all aviation, firearms, and gyroscopic guidance. And so much more.
          You brown men have another thing coming if you think you’ve won.
          One of us can wipe out a billion of you with the press of a button. I’m not advocating it (yet), simply pointing it out. We don’t need numbers to wipe you out completely. Only the will and a conscious decision to do so. You’re here because of our mercy and generosity. That’s it.
          Our will to go medieval is currently lacking but at the pace things are going and the continuing uncivil behavior by all of our brown ‘guests’, you never know.
          I think you will one day become intimately acquainted with the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.
          Cheers. For now. And if by some unlikely chance we meet on the field of battle: NO QUARTER.

      2. Mr Connor’s article is spot on for all but one bit of cuck Christianity that keeps popping up with whites. And that is ››› “marrying only one white woman and breeding only her for life until she hits the wall” ›››
        ARE YOU KIDDING? DID YOU WHITES FAIL MATH? C’mon you ‘people persons’ of the melanin conservative persuasion. You whiteys who put rockets on Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa for Chrissake. Don’t sh¡t me you’re that bad at math. So you’re allowed only one white woman eeeh? And what are you going to do when your dear ‘lifelong’ wife’s eggs run dry? Are you going to refinish furniture in the garage for your remaining 60 years like a Shaker or something? And are you going to shaker your wang into a kleenex once your one white wifey croaks? WASSAMATTER you??? Gimmee the tissue you making ME cry.
        DO THE MATH. Two pumping pussies pumpeth out twice the progeny. It’s so cuck christian to shut your eyes to 2/3 of the Bible pages you cuckians.
        TWO WOMEN is like having two engines on aircraft versus one. If a single plane engine goes out and it has a poor glide ratio, it drops like a shot goose or duck. Remember O’Haire AA flight 191 that lost an engine on takeoff? It spun half circle and slammed. It wasn’t pretty – – Not pretty like it was seconds before since there were 3 Playboy editors with their wives and many Playboy models on board. Maybe it was cursed.
        Eeeh not a good analogy. Okay a two stroke engine is a better analogy for having TWO breeder wives. Two is a good number. A two stroke engine is one piston (you) doing two flip functions whilst performing exhaust powered suction. That’s like TWO women in the house. While one is crapping out offspring, the other is getting stuffed with your cock so the rapid playback of house activities looks like a see-saw or a toboggan carnival ride. Simply put it works in balance like a fine Singer sewing machine. You carpet bomb the neighborhood with offspring shooting out yoor bitches holes like cannon fire. “kathunk-pow-kaBLOOEY”
        Again please brush up on the math folks. An article back or so dealt with the man having ‘me’ alone time. The time spent with wifey needs to be divided too into two wifeys, sometimes both to tone the powerlift regimin, but one at a time since the other always has her nose in some unmanly domestic detail or task. Switcharoo on twooo is a must to break the monotany of monogamy, and believe me monotany arrives in the time it takes for mayo to dry hard on a crusty old leftover sub sammitch.
        Like MCGOO says “a house ani’t no good without both a front and back door. And a back door ain’t no good without a shiny doorknob”

    2. It has nothing to do with white guilt as liberal “educated blacks” also do the same yet proper black african culture say its an abomation for a young man to marry a woman with kids as she os considered high risk of cheating and waste of resourse.

    3. Perhaps some of it…Most of it is just simple minded people following trends and then virtue signaling how amazing they are at following them…like a fashion statement. These people don’t actually give a shit. Many feminist women do it because they are afraid to have children on their own, they hate white men and want to insult them by either A)Fucking minorities B)Adopting minority children (darker the better), and then they just virtue signal….all at the same time. White females exhibit many traits of female dogs, as this article explains: https://pets.thenest.com/female-dog-behavior-3643.html

        1. Yes keeping a pet chimp could be dangerous. It might be necessary to keep it on a chain or locked in a cage when it grows up. Come to think of it our jails are rather filled with them .

        1. It has been tried. They tend to be lazy and it costs more to feed than the work you get out of them.

    1. Adopting per se is not exactly what I would call a wise decision as it’s highly likely you’re gonna be stuck with raising an already highly damaged child with a very low genetic potential to begin with.
      I mean what kind of trash abandon their offspring ? Adoption is a textbook case of adverse selection basically.
      One of the things I admire the most about North East Asian cultures is their opposition to adoption and the great and highly sophisticated care they reserve to their women during pregnancy as they recognize it’s absolutely instrumental to the future potential of the child.

      1. “the great and highly sophisticated care they reserve to their women during pregnancy”
        Your hero, Lothrop Stoddard says care during pregnancy is bullshit, let the strong reproduce and the weak die at birth.

        1. In medio stat virtus John. Too much pampering indeed may weaken a country (I’ve read somewhere that Koreans suffer from one of the weakest immune systems in the world due to the highly sterilised environment here), on the other hand with too much brutality and sheer survival of the physical fittest you end up with a violent, primitive society where only thugs reproduce, see for instance the Yanomami.

    2. Absolute nonsense.
      If you think the color of your skin confers any superiority on you, it is proof that you are utterly misinformed. Please take your baseless racism elsewhere. When did ROK become a racist’s den? Pl

  1. There is no future for white offspring.
    I will get a big muscular non white daddy to impregnate my girlfriend so I can raise a non white offspring
    I don’t want my white lineage to continue. It would be better if we were all brown.

    1. There you go! another inferior, incompetent & trashy (pussy or a faggot!) “troll”, trying to spew hatred between other MEN & local MEN !!

  2. Leftists are into raising pets, they consider the life of their pets to be just as relevant as that of their own kin.
    They believe that raising African & south Asian kids is just as important as important as raising white kids.
    The reason for this bullshit is them actually embracing equality, they consider All life to be equally important. The extremes of this type of thought eventually lead to cucking, basically men of a tribe choose to offer their own resources(women are resources btw) to other tribes, willingly, just cause empathy.

    1. One hypothesis of mine is that women who are with blacks are basically like cat ladies. the negroid is their pet.

  3. Because they don’t have children in the first place? Cmon, we all know that u don’t have time for children when u are working 8 hours at some feudal corporate office then spend few more hours at starbucks with ur hipster friends then u go to see the latest SJW propaganda movies and then u go to travel the world and find ur “spiritual self” by touring all the south asian countries.

  4. Great article, and you bring up a point I have been telling people lately. You have all these white women protesting nationwide about Trump and ICE supposedly separating children from parents crossing illegally at the border. All the hysteria, all the pretentious talk about the poor children, etc., etc. The fact is, these chicks don’t REALLY care about children. Because I guarantee the vast majority of them are pro-abortion. Killing an innocent unborn baby is the antithesis of loving kids. These women protesting are just using the “kids” issue as another sledgehammer to bash Trump and his administration over the head with.

    1. White women are absolute garbage. The most traitorous scum on the planet. I can’t wait to witness the brutality and oppression that will be unleashed upon them in the post-feminist “utopia” that they are so busy creating. There is hardly a white woman alive who does not favor “the other” over their own kin. They are sick animals – even dogs show a thousand times more loyalty to their blood relatives.
      The only cure for this mess is a level of patriarchal control that has never before been witnessed in Western society. We are too far gone to play nice guy anymore. There isn’t enough time. The cvnts have destroyed us 85%, there is only a sliver of light left.

        1. don’t be so fast on judging “whitey”, we already conquered the whole world, we can do it again if pissed off enough. the silent majority will do it in a heartbeat if supported by the state. and the state is what we vote it to be.
          the whole world is ruled by european and american (white) culture and tech, along with the asian (chinese, korean and japanese). we don’t have anything against them now, because they are normal enough, but the rest of you will suffer a worse fate than in the last centuries if you piss off the western world.
          pray for the “whitey” to not be frustrated enough to make you their bitch again.

      1. I met a girl at a local swimming hole the other day. Slow touching led to massage and soon enough we were making out. We both got out and had sorta agreed to eat some food (maybe get to know each other aside from our bodies). Once we are both out and drying off, I ask if she wants to “tailgate my van” and I assume she preceived my invitation as one for sex instead of EXACTLY what I WAS OFFERING>
        She declines, I go to my car to get food…and by the time I come back (2 minutes, literally) she is laid up against another guy who was already getting close and frisky with his own girl
        fucking thots just go with the moment

        1. you should not nhAVE TALKED ABOUT GETTING TO KNOW each other other than your bodies a girl for that type of re;lationship would not even kiss you within moments of knowing you. s o u tried to turn a whore into a housewife

  5. Lots of people simply hate the civilisation they were born in (basically because they feel they get a smaller slice of the pie than they are entitled to) and more or less consciously try to sabotage it.
    It’s a common phenomenon, not even especially intense among Whites, in every highly sophisticated society throughout human history, Lothrop Stoddard wrote extensively about it.
    It’s no coincidence the traits described are particularly widespread among media types and humanities graduates in general: a group whose grandiose sense of self-worth scarcely matches their meager income potential.

      1. Hi Beau, thanks for your question: Stoddard talks about it a lot in The revolt against civilization.
        While the book is primarily known for his Malthusian analysis of different birthrate trends among groups of different IQs, imho the best and most innovative part of that work deal with how, in Stoddard view, most radical political movements can be explained by a process where a civilization gets too complex and stratified for lots of people of modest mental means, who in turn react basically with forms of organized nihilism.
        I think this thesis offers potentially a valuable tool to the New Right: leftists love to cast themselves as the educated thought elite of the planet, while in real life they’re mostly simpletons unable for instance to grasp the fairly complicated science backing up the reality of racial differences, hiding instead behind simplistic and decidedly unscientific modern anthro junk.
        Once this preposterous moral and intellectual high ground is gone, their worldview becomes much less appealing to the masses.

        1. Thanks for the tip. Before Boas / Montagu screwed up anthropology, even leftists were concerned about dysgenics. These days, they think IQ is only a number. There’s still some awareness on the right, but only the “deplorables” say anything about it.

    1. The reason they hate their own civilization is cause they have spiritually stagnated. No God = nowhere to ascend to. Comfort, entertainment & vacations is all there is to life. Thus now that they have that, all there’s left for them to do is to bring minorities & other rejects to their social & monetary lvl(a pointless & destructive thing to do) & protest against anyone who opposes them(Trump), even mildly.

    2. “It’s no coincidence the traits described are particularly widespread among media types and humanities graduates in general: a group whose grandiose sense of self-worth scarcely matches their meager income potential”
      I loved Louis CK’s comedy bit from “Chewed Up” where he talks about minimally-competent yet “qualified” with “credentials” college children whom consume resources like a black hole but have yet to offer any value to society
      I’m 31 years old. I like to share stories about my experiences as a roughneck on a drilling rig in North Dakota. Many inquire about the amount of compensation $$$
      I’m much more proud to say, “I drilled $1.3 billion worth of crude shale oil by the time I was 26.” The real world gives no shits about your credentials unless they’ve solidified or are backed by competence

  6. No, they indeed don’t care about other children at all.
    The point is that adopting a kid of a different race gives them couple of extra points in virtue signaling.
    Virtue signaling is the worst type of pride as it is nothing but a pure hypocrisy.

    1. She shit tested him, he failed, after that she realised there will be no consequences to her cucking him. True love.

    1. The greatest tragedies always are misrepresented from the best comedies hidden because of the bitter irony involved. A whole ethnic suicide fad though….is tough to look at, you kind of just have to laugh so no one will see you cry. So f**king sad, its criminal.

  7. I’m alarmed at the left’s overinvestment and faux concern for children, in general. Anything and Everything is “for the children.” From property tax hikes, to bake sales, to why you should date single mothers, to gun grabbing, to reasons why you need to vote for leftist candidates… it’s all, according to them, “for the children.”
    Want to see a serious melt down? Watch what happens when I tell them that I have no moral obligation to care for children who are not mine!
    None of what they advocate actually benefits children, by the way. The children are simply pawns and stage props for the leftist agenda.

    1. True. High property taxes benefits public school teachers and administrators and othe munipial employees. No one else.

      1. The Janus decision will have a long-term impact on balancing things. No, I do not think your property taxes will be significantly reduced. However, public unions will become more local, less political, and more politically conservative people will enter public service fields such as teaching. This will take a generation–its like steering the Titanic , but ultimately more social and political balance in our classrooms will be a good thing.

      2. That’s exactly where it goes, to the salaries and benefits of ineffective, bureaucratic and morally and ideologically bent public school teachers and administrators. It does not benefit “the children”.
        I witnessed several levies be passed and renewed by voters in my suburb here in NE Ohio with the promise of a better education “for the children” and higher property values for us homeowners but the schools have only marginally improved performance ratings and test scores and we have seen no gain in property values since the wave of levies and their renewals started in 2005. And out suburb is a growing one too which makes matters worse.
        My response and motto to further requests for funds off the backs of us homeowners is “No You Can’t Have Any More Money !” Or “Take A Healthy Sh*t And Forget About It!”

    2. It comes from the right as well. In my local community here in NE Ohio, voters cuck themselves with more and more property taxes passing school levies and their never-ending “renewals”, bond issues for new school buildings.
      Even our Republican mayor (who is also a former Marine and a fire captain) tried to get another bond issue passed for a much needed new city hall, our existing one was converted from a 1950s school building where the roof is deteriorating, there is no central air and is a huge energy suck. His administration stupidly tacked on a community recreation center with and indoor soccer arena to the project and the voters fortunately shot it down in flames.
      There is a huge amount of “child worship” here in the burbs. Local politicians, parents and other citizens want taxpayer dollars to go to things for the kids but their responsibilities should be to provide essential emergency services, keep the infrastructure updated, have proper zoning, attract new businesses other than a new Wendy’s restaurant, and provide adequate park and recreation services for all citizens , not just for their and other people’s spawn.

    3. “Watch what happens when I tell them that I have no moral obligation to care for children who are not mine!”
      I go further, I have no moral obligation to care for children for whom I don’t have custody.
      Once she has custody of them, they’re not my problem.

  8. I think it is mainly because they like to tell other people what to do. Also, I do not understand how you can support abortion and then also be worried about the “children”.

  9. What we are seeing is the poison fruits of individualism and liberty, destroying us from within. We simply can’t allow this to continue. The insane and suicidal walk among us and are treated as if they are intellectual equals, entitled to a say in society. But they are not entitled to anything but a boot in the face. They are brainwashed lemmings, weak, corrupt, soulless, and evil – but if we allow them to destroy our nation from within then we become the evil ones.
    The family of disgusting cvcks who adopts a n!glet is not only destroying their own lives unwittingly, they are destroying their neighborhood, their church, and their schools, all of which were previously white. They are destroying their descendant’s futures. They will drag us all into hell with their insanity if we don’t begin to physically stop them and remind them who is in charge.

    1. “…all of which were previously white.”
      Is it !? Really !? How about;
      “all of which were previously RED.” !!
      Sorry if that makes you “butt hurt” !! TRUTH be told!

      1. “….. previously RED.” ??
        It was previously WHITE before the asiatic RED savages killed peaceful White SOLUTREANS!

      2. @Ravi
        “all of which were previously white”. Yes. and before the “red” people, were whtie caucassian people before them. There is no “first” people in America. The whites conquered the inferior people who lived there before. such is life- get over it. you must be “butthurt”.

  10. See Minnesota, with all the crime, poverty, and dismal demographic/economic outlook, in a state that was once pristine. What these fagg0t pieces of sh!t are doing there, importing somalians, is the height of treason. They need to be punished. This can’t be allowed to spill out to the wider culture, it is sheer suicidal and irreversible insanity, on the same lines as transgenderism, abortion, and child exploitation, all of which are championed by the Left and the CuckRight alike.

  11. Anyone who still refers to leftists as ‘liberals’ is part of the problem. No wonder such cuckservatives always lose.

    1. It’s a subtle but important point.
      By the same token, it would be fallacious to refer to modern Republicans as “conservatives” or “traditionalists” or “right wingers”, as they are nothing of the sort. They are just soft, weak, centrist, virtue signalling turds like their leftist counterparts – both determined to destroy White America in order to prove how magnanimous they are. For all the hype and bluster, Trump is your typical middle-of-the-road milquetoast centrist, whose views would have been completely unremarkable just 20 years ago. The only reason he represents the Right is because the Left drug the Overton Window so far to their side during the past 50 years as Republicucks fell asleep at the wheel.

  12. Jesus fucking christ. Another racist article. So basically your whole fucking point is for white people not to adopt black children ???
    Just say it then !!!
    I agree with the premise of the article and even the caption under the first picture. Because there are lots of sickening cunts who think adopting a child of a different race sets them ahead of others but really did ALL the pics have to be of white parents and black children ????
    We’re loosing ourselves here. I’m learning less and less. The site is becoming more irrelevant by the day. I get it. It’s easier to pander to the lowest common denominator. The fuckin loser white guy who’s worried about black people for some fucking reason.
    Keep it liberal vs conservative.

    1. The “loser white guy” worried about the genocide of his race and the subjugation of all people under the most evil tr!be of psychopaths to ever walk the earth.
      Nice try (((Gerard))).

    2. Your comment would relevant if it weren’t a just a cheap naked attempt to troll the discussion so your SJW brethren can label ROK by your racist comment.

      1. Jesus christ you are some clown. A bitter angry paranoid man. I read some of the posts you write and while often with merit you have a deep seated anger.
        I wasn’t trying to troll and I am the very opposite of a SJW.
        I know you probably can’t comprehend but while I’m anti liberal I can also think for myself.
        By your logic if I see racism in the world and call it out Im a SJW ???

    3. I have no problem with black people, but I do have a problem with black people replacing white people. Our whole western civilization is based on white people being in the majority. Once you get too many black people and not enough white people, our civilization can no longer be maintained and everywhere becomes Detroit.
      Do you want to live in Detroit Gerard?

      1. Was it black people OR liberals and democrats ???
        Black people in America werent always welfare babies and victims(even though at the time they possibly were actually victims) No when America as whole had good values so did african americans. As the whole of america has lost it values so have the african americans. It’s all culture and class with racial undertones of course.
        If you need a boogey man thats fine.I understand. But if you think a people that was enslaved by your own people for hundreds of years and marginalized till very recently is the ones calling the shots and ruining the country then I’m afraid that makes you a very stupid man John. Don’t be stupid.

    4. What’s to worry about? Paris looked fucking beautiful after the World Cuck victory.

  13. It is all about virtue signaling. Why do wealthy people always adopt babies from some foreign country when there are millions of kids here who need families. And all races of kids too. You basically screw the American kid at a chance to help some foreigner… it makes no sense other than to virtue signal are your upscale NYC Cali cocktail parties… its fucking garbage bullshit, typical liberal bullshit.

    1. Sorry about this haze…it’s the only way I can comment here, it’s not directed at you.
      One significant factor here is projection. It was Generation X, the first post-Baby Boomer generation, that really had to deal with this.
      For years Baby Boomers bought into the self-hate propaganda, the sort you saw against Archie Bunker in “All In The Family.” If you were white, male, heterosexual, American, and Christian as well (so I fit the first four) you were the source of the world’s problems, an oppressor, a literally Hitler sort. Down with the PRIVILEGE.
      The only problem is that Baby Boomers are the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, me-first bunch on the planet. They are so great, they cannot be wretched scum, which is why the rampant sex of Woodstock 1969 was fine, but today would be mass rape.

  14. I’d like to see Michael Moore who claims he sees illegal alien children to be his own to start paying child support for all those children that are “his”. Come to think of it, perhaps all those bleeding heart elite liberals would like to start paying child support to the state. Nancy? Chuck? Maxine? Why do you prove how your ways are better than mine by opening YOUR personal wallets (not the US Treasury)…first. And I don’t mean give a dollar, you’re all millionaires, let’s start seeing $100k checks from your accounts on a regular basis.

    1. And when does Elvis get here?
      Not going to happen. The sad part is leftists do not understand that when the economy (i.e. white men in this country) is ruined, the extra wealth needed for their welfare programs is gone too. Then what?

  15. Saying the same paragraph over and over again but with slightly altered wording doesnt make it true

  16. Sorry about the above…it was the first successful comment in a while. To whoever repaired this problem, thank you.
    One significant factor here is projection. It was Generation X, the first post-Baby Boomer generation, that really had to deal with this.
    For years Baby Boomers bought into the self-hate propaganda, the sort you saw against Archie Bunker in “All In The Family.” If you were white, male, heterosexual, American, and Christian as well (so I fit the first four) you were the source of the world’s problems, an oppressor, a literally Hitler sort. Down with the PRIVILEGE.
    The only problem is that Baby Boomers are the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, me-first bunch on the planet. They are so great, they cannot be wretched scum, which is why the rampant sex of Woodstock 1969 was fine, but today would be mass rape.
    What to do?
    Project that hate upon their sons and grandsons, if not their daughters and granddaughters- because of feminism. But being white can put even girls in the crosshairs under certain circumstances.
    Folks, whites are being encouraged to commit suicide. It’s all around us. The media pushes it openly now.
    Just wonder what The Other will do when the Asians, who are not stupid enough to fall for this sort of thing, take over. Some people are going to be in for a very unpleasant surprise indeed.

  17. Why did you show white people adopting black kids? As an American, I work in Europe, and the same issues that you just talked about are the same issues that Germans/Romanians/Lithuanians make about their people adopting other kids from European Countries; all white I must add!! So your argument makes no sense? If fellow white folks in Europe are PO’d about other white folks in Europe adopting other white kids in Europe. Then what is your argument about white europeans, or Americans, adopting black kids from another country? Your issue is out of ignorance, come to all of the countries that I just listed and see the white kids that they have adopted from other European countries by white families who are not looked well upon by their own countrymen for adopting white kids from a different country. What you are talking about is pure stupidity and ignorance.

  18. most of what leftists call “compassion” and “empathy” are really just code words for mental illness

    1. Yes, code words for mental illness but also for cowardice, weakness, lack of resolve, lack of ambition, mediocrity, low sexual value, and low standards.

      1. A black guy a while back said it best:
        What the hell is wrong with white men?
        You white men allowed propaganda and brainwashing that made your women into man-hating *******.
        You white men allowed your economy to be ruined. You allowed endless propaganda that taught you to hate yourselves. You pay big money for “entertainment” that’s nothing more than kill whitey.
        You have no idea about the hate against you- everyone else sees it, but not you. Jews, Muslims, blacks, Mexicans, Indians, your own women…all being taught to hate you- what do you ever do about it?
        I’m afraid he was right, folks. Shows like “All In The Family,” Hollywood garbage…Baby Boomers in particular, especially male Baby Boomers, ate it up and went back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths. It was never enough. But if you go to see almost anything Hollywood produces today, you’re part of the problem. We didn’t get here overnight.

  19. Why did you only show pictures of whites who adopted black kids? There are plenty of whites who adopt asian children.

  20. The answer to your question is in R/K Reproductive Strategies. It is a complex and morphing mix of genes, environment and epigenetic effects. Stefan Molyneaux had a great 3-part Youtube Series called “Gene Wars.” Well worth the time to watch and learn.

  21. Great article. At both micro and macro level. I know, as my father divorced and then set up with another broken family – all resources and time – completely discarded us. ‘Emotionally needy’ is the perfect description of this weak and selfish behavior – but it is also deeply immature. Same concept applies to broader society.

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