Women Are Destroying The Lives Of Their Children By Choosing To Work

Working moms… is this anyone more vain than a mother who has prioritized her career over the care and safety over her children? No, there isn’t.

Men don’t have a choice whether to work or not. A man’s ability to provide is a prerequisite to manhood. A man may choose not to support a family, but if he can’t support a family he is no man. We don’t have a choice. Women do. And if they choose to spend their time working rather than caring for their children they choose their own vanity over the safety of those children.

According to Time magazine, daycare costs on average $198 per child per week and an after-school sitter costs $215 a week. Even if a mother has only one child the amount of money she brings home after paying for child-care is negligible. Perhaps if women were better women and dropped the whole feminist act they’d be able to find a man who could support her and wanted to. Then those women could be loving mothers. Instead, women are choosing vanity, and it results in harm to their children.

These cases exemplify that.

Daycare Workers Neglect Your Children

The people work at daycare centers don’t love other people’s children. They may like to play with children or care for children… until they stop enjoying that. Children can be tiring and annoying, especially babies. When daycare workers get tired of children or annoyed by children they neglect children.

This is a first-person account of a working mother. On her first day back at work after maternity leave, she dropped her baby off at daycare. She went back less than three hours later to check on her baby, but by then it was too late. A daycare worker was incorrectly performing CPR on her deceased child. She later learned that the baby was furiously kicking in his sleep but the daycare workers chose not to investigate. The baby was also put to sleep on his side, not on his back. Mothers who love their children don’t typically make these mistakes.

The worst part of this mother’s account was how she contemplated daycare before doing it. After daycare costs, she was barely bringing home any money. She talked about it with her partner, the androgynously named Lee, who is not identified as the baby’s father, but decided that she would keep her job at a publishing house because of the health insurance for her child.

With hindsight, we see the wisdom of her decision.

Working Mom’s Neglect Their Children

All those laws about children not being allowed left in cars alone are because of working mothers.

In this first example, 35-year-old Karen Osorio-Martinez forgot about her 15-month-old baby, Sofia Aveiro, because she was running late for work. The baby was in the backseat of the car but the mother hurried to work as a scientist at Proctor & Gamble instead of going to the daycare just five minutes away. The baby forgotten in the backseat died due to heat.

Her husband’s name was Henrique Aveiro. Karen didn’t take her husband’s name. This is a signal of her vanity. She neglected her family because her job as a scientist and her individual identity was so important to her.

In another example of women loving their careers so much they’ll forget about their babies in the car, 38-year-old Nicole Engler of Oregon left her 21-month-old baby in the car while she went to work as, you guessed it, a pediatric nurse. The baby had passed away by the time she realized it was in the car when she left work for the day.

But the worst part of that story is what happened at lunchtime. She went out to the car to get some money to buy lunch at a coffee shop and still didn’t remember her baby in the backseat. Then she talked about the baby at the coffee and still didn’t remember the baby.

Needless to say, if these mothers were at home with their children these deaths could’ve been avoided.

Daycare Are Targets For Child Sexual Predators

Again, daycare workers care for your children until they don’t want to. Then they don’t really care about your children as long as they’re getting your money.

In this example, a woman ran a daycare out of her home. Her brother was the handyman there. He’s also a child molester. Years ago a mother told the daycare owner that the handyman molested her daughter. The owner said she would fire the handyman. But because the handyman is her brother, she didn’t. The sibling duo was finally arrested after another mother of a seven-year-old girl went to the police.

In the most sickening example yet, a woman working at a daycare admitted to raping four children. Her boyfriend was in prison for possession of child pornography. He told her to sexually abuse children and photograph it and send him the images and videos so that he could masturbate in prison. And she did it.

There she is, the child-rapist with whom mothers left their children, and the pedophile she loves.

When young women decide to get knocked up by bad boys rather than save themselves for a good man they have to pay for daycare themselves. It’s a safe bet they’ll pick the cheapest daycares they can, which don’t do background checks on their workers. And this is what happens as a result.

Is it worth it, the empowered lifestyle?


I can hear it now, “But some women have to work because…” Sure they do. “But those are the extremes.” Sure they are. Women have to use daycare because our individualist, feminist, post-industrial culture tells everyone they can do whatever they want. To young women that means sleeping around with bad boys or pursuing some career. Children won’t get in the way of their lifestyle, even if it means death or sexual abuse.

The purpose of this was not to blame individuals. I think those mothers learned a lesson too late. The purpose of this article is to highlight what happens to children when we encourage women to work rather than do the most important and noble thing a woman can do, raise the next generation.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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153 thoughts on “Women Are Destroying The Lives Of Their Children By Choosing To Work”

    1. There are plenty more examples everywhere. Every day care is packed with vain working mothers of the same ilk. Susan Smith was a stay at home mom but she was as bad as any working mother. She drowned her two sons while her husband was at work. A lot of working women would snap and become like Susan Smith if their job entitlements ended. They’d eat their young because a woman who has tasted unregulated freedom is the same as a carousel whore and slut. They must remain virgin to ever tasting male freedom and we males must master the tools of patriarchal control. Women can be nothing but wicked otherwise. The only sanct and happy woman is one who is steered into the right path in the beginning where she BREEDS, TIT FEEDS and SERVES her patriarchal master.

      1. Hahaha brilliant mate, summed up the whole stupid article great there! I mean, neglecting their children? WTF? My missus works and I look after our three year old (I work mainly at home as a freelance web developer) and honestly, it’s great. I get quality time with my little man, she keeps a foot in the door at the publishing company she works for (instead of having to battle for her old job once our son’s old enough to not need hands-on parenting all the time). She loves our son just as much as me, but obviously only I was in the position to stay at home; she still baths him most nights, plays with him, and reads him a bedtime story every night… And cooks 3/7 nights a week, does a “big clean” round the house at weekends, and cleans the toilets (she insists that nobody else, bar her mother, cleans toilets to her standards). And our sex life has gone through the roof since the arrangement started! Apparently doing the ironing and wiping the kitchen down are the sexiest things a man can do 😉

      1. Semicastrated nonsense!…. I have 3 daughters, all axter the operation. But birth control is always on my side!

        1. The purpose of a vasectomy is to render a man infertile, so how could you have 3 children? Did you have it reversed? Honestly no one should ever get one, it messes up your testosterone. I had a foolish friend whose wife didn’t want to get pregnant so he got a vasectomy. Well he seemed to puff up a bit after that, his health seemed to decline, but worst of all his wife cucked him and is now married to someone else.

        2. @Cavalier, you can freeze your semen, vasektomie has no influence on your testosterone level and, most important, if you are wealthy, no woman can rob you by pregnancy.
          In sexuality you are in open range.
          My daughters came after 12years of wifeys proven loyality.

    1. What horrendous female logic to think that white vasectomy will cure this:

      It’s the other way around. That clip should cure white vasectomy.

  1. Are there many decent women out there, or are they just sleeping around until they realize the biological clock starts ticking?

  2. +1 for mentioning zlutd getting knocked up by bad boys. That is half the problem. The other half are all the civil rights /AA/EEOC laws that force corporatuons to hire unqualified workers. Yeah, I am sure miss Chiquita Banana was a crackerjack “scientist”.

    1. I’m an experienced technical writer who can make 60k a year in a mid-cost city despite my bullshit humanities degree.
      I’ve been rejected from most “science writer” jobs for not having a PhD or Masters in a lab subject despite it being damn near the same work when you interview the subject matter experts etc.

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