Rick And Morty Is Targeted For Beta Males Who Crave Alpha Male Fathers

Dan Harmon, a co-creator of the very successful adult cartoon Rick and Morty, is in some heat lately because of a tasteless comedic sketch he filmed some time ago. It’s pretty disgusting, and a result of the fact that he didn’t have an alpha father.

Hopefully the sketch was nothing more than being a beta comedy writer. For decades, comedians have been telling each other the Aristocrats joke. It’s a stupid joke only valued for it shocking, improvised nature. Harmon, as a comedy writer, probably tried to impress his comedian friends with a shocking sketch. It’s still horrible, but more than anything, it demonstrates that nobody ever taught him how respectable men behave in society.

More than that, Harmon and crew clearly yearn for an alpha male father figure. This is evident to those who watch Rick and Morty and are willing to do some armchair psychology.

Beta Pussy Pedestalization

To give my argument legitimacy, I must first establish that the show’s creators are beta. Fortunately, I have some evidence for that.

Years ago while Harmon was the head writer for the show Community, he got a boner for one of the female writers that worked for him, Megan Ganz. Megan rejected him and he hated her for it. That hatred continued well into his 30s.

rick and morty

Dan Harmon and Megan Ganz

Harmon felt like he was cruel to her for the rejection, despite employing her as a writer for a successful show. He said that if she wanted to be treated only as a writer that he would do just that. It appears from his written and spoken words (which can be read in this Time article) that his idea of treating her cruelly was actually treating her like a professional. He goes into no more specifics than that. Eventually, he apologized to her publicly and privately.

The fact that he needs to virtue signal, call himself a feminist, and take the rejection so personally all signal that he is a complete beta male. But it’s not just Harmon. He and the other co-creator made a conscious effort to hire more female writers to write the third season of Rick and Morty. They say that having a gender-balanced writing room made the third season that much better.

The women may not have hurt the show, but to say it needed more female writers despite the fact that it was such a success without them point to beta feminist virtue-signaling.

The Characters


Morty is the 14-year-old boy at the center of the show. He goes on sci-fi adventures to alternate dimensions with his grandpa Rick. During the course of the show, he gains more competence, confidence, and understanding. In short, by spending more time with Rick, he becomes more masculine.


Rick is the Smartest man in the universe and Morty’s maternal grandfather. He’s competent in just about every way. Moreover, he acts like a strong man. He’s always confident. He’s (almost) always calm and collected. He scores the hottest women. His only flaw is that his supreme intelligence has lead him to nihilism, but in the course of the show he grows to be more caring of his family and thus a more complete man.


Jerry is Morty’s father and the epitome of a beta male. He’s a coward, not just to strangers but to his own wife and children. He’s incompetent at his job and just about everything that he does. He’s weak. He’s lazy. He’s selfish, even willing to risk his kids’ lives more than he is to man up (so to speak). Even his own daughter at one point calls him a beta-male sexist. He has almost no redeemable qualities. Also, in one episode he is homosexual.

The Arm Chair Psychology

At the beginning of the series, Morty is like Jerry, afraid and incompetent. Through his adventures with Rick, Morty grows in all metrics of manhood. Morty is a representation of the creators (and perhaps some male writers) at age 14. Jerry is a representation of the creators and writers as adult men. Rick is the man they all wish they could be and the man they wished had raised them.

Rick is clearly an aspirational figure to anyone who has seen the show. Other characters acknowledge him as a living god. He’s cool. Because of his talents, he is free, freer than any man can ever truly be. If he wants something he goes to another dimension and takes it. If he is tired of something he goes to another dimension to avoid it. What man wouldn’t want to be Rick?

So the creators of the show made a character they wish had raised them and contrasted that with a miserable character that is essentially their view of themselves. It’s a hilarious dynamic and I won’t hide the fact that I think the show is funny and well written.

I draw a direct correlation between the beta tendencies of the show’s creators and their inability to present themselves as respectable men to society at large. Patton Oswalt and Michael Ian Black fall into this same trap, I suspect. Both defended Disney director James Gunn’s horrific tweets. I believe they did this because they’re both soy boys (watch Michael Ian Black’s stand-up and tell me you don’t think that he pleasures men through glory holes) just like Harmon. As such, they don’t know that child abuse jokes are tasteless and inappropriate.

Unlike Gunn, who has been connected with a known owner of child pornography, Harmon seems to be more of the tragic, beta soy boy type who doesn’t know how men behave because a masculine man never raised him.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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52 thoughts on “Rick And Morty Is Targeted For Beta Males Who Crave Alpha Male Fathers”

  1. Never seen the show, but this description makes it sound exactly like Back To The Future. Morty = Marty

      1. You let you six year old watch Rick & Morty? Then you really need to watch an episode, as there is no way any child should be allowed to.
        The show is one of my favorites on Hulu, and there are times even I feel guilty watching it.

    1. It is “inspired” by Back to the Future. YouTube has old parodies of BotF done by Justin Roiland which are crudely drawn–and hilarious–forerunners of Rick and Morty.

  2. Adult cartoons are generally shit. They’re for beta males. Why are grown men watching this unfunny garbage instead of working on their life?

      1. For some reason National Policy Institute types love anime. I think they see it as the one form of art or animation that wasn’t co-opted by the (((jooz)))

    1. I’d generally agree with you but I’m well into my 30s and love South Park. So do a lot of other readers here I would assume.
      There’s certainly a few exceptions.

    2. Is life all work to you? I’m not trying to defend laziness or the sorry ass party life but being a workaholic is a pretty dull way of living. You might as well be a slave.

    3. Even grown men need their downtime to chill and enjoy some entertainment, and if that form of entertainment is a brain-dead animated comedy, so what? Is a brain-dead sitcom “better” because it’s live action instead of animated? Animation is a medium, not a genre and a lot of normies confuse the two. Anybody who has seen Heavy Metal, Fritz the Cat, Akira, or Sausage Party knows animation can be more than mere children’s entertainment.

  3. My friends and I joke about this show a lot that people on reddit circle jerk to this show all the time. Maybe because they want that father figure they never had so they look at Rick in that way…
    Morty’s dad always pissed me off how pathetic he was and I cringe every time he opens his mouth

  4. I had never heard of this cartoon until reading this article. In fact, last night the mainstream “news” reported on the overdose of Debi Lovato(?)… and I’d never heard of her, either.
    As the years pass I find myself becoming progressively more disconnected with popular culture. I wonder if I am alone in this regard.

    1. I’m in my 30s and I had no idea some multiplayer shoot em up called “Fortnite” was the hottest thing with teenagers and college kids until just days ago due to media reports.
      You’re not alone bruh.

    2. Nope, you aren’t alone. Haven’t watched any TV in over a month. Didn’t know I was missing anything, but suspect not. I remember way back when they were all Black and White and had dials to turn to change and tune channels. Seems like so long ago, but now with all the HD and everything you have great technology and utter sh** for “programming”. Progressives version of 24 hour “Hurl”…and people still pay too much for it all. Pure mind cancer.

    3. That’s called getting older. I haven’t had a TV plugin for 4 or 5 years now. Only that which is truly famous (see: shoved into your face) is what I know of pop culture these days.

  5. Your analysis sounds reasonable but you wouldn’t have needed to go beyond “it’s a cartoon”. I don’t care what it’s about, grown men shouldn’t be watching cartoons. Heck, grown men shouldn’t be watching TV. Except maybe for some exceptional news or event broadcasts.
    Ok, I’m crawling back into my cave now.

  6. This essay is a prime example of Freud’s (and I’m not putting ((())) around Freud cuz I’m not an alt.fag) old adage “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” being forgotten. It’s a cartoon. Full Stop. And animation genius Justin Roiland, the real creator of the show, isn’t even mentioned. Good grief. If you want an alpha male dad, watch The Flintstones. But avoid season one. Wilma has Fred on a really short leash.

  7. 100% the guy abuses babies for real. just watch the youtube clip he did that foreal not just with a doll. im 10000% convinced he is like that. no other explaination. its not a joke. Death penalty even for this “joke”. Death penalty worldwide for such display/deeds.

  8. Off topic question:
    Why is Elon Musk so popular? There seems to be an army of soyboys jerking off to every word he says.
    Tesla is on the verge of bankruptcy, SpaceX is non-commercial. SolarCity and tunnel are nothing but projects. Physically turning Mars into Earth seems like a fairytale.
    Paypal? It doesn’t seem to be extremely profitable (at least, for other shareholders)
    Yet his fortune is growing exponentially? Is he a scammer? Is he a someone else’s puppet?

    1. It’s because he is the Alpha of Betas, if that makes sense. He possesses and embodies a lot of the character traits (at least in public) that hey hold dear, and use to define themselves. Of course I find his Beta persona difficult to buy, even with his businesses appearing to fail, you don’t reach his level of dominance without possessing some Alpha traits.

    2. Exotic name media makes him out to be genius and everything about him screams “g*y”, but just a scam artist with big dreams and enough connections for him to be successful at scamming everyone enough to get grants and give aways from Congress.

  9. Mark my words, someday soon we will be FORCED against our will to accept the pedo agenda. It’s already starting to happen but soon it will be in the category of gays and trannies. There were will be a label “pedophobia” for people who don’t accept the sick agenda. And, firings, censoring those who don’t accept it, etc.

    1. I’m 44 years old. When I first moved out and joined the world I met some gay dudes. They creeped me out but fascinated me at the same time – back then gay guys were not as “in your face” as they are now. I distinctly remember having conversations with them where they said, all we want is to be left alone. We don’t want gay marriage, that’s ridiculous. And we don’t associate with bisexuals, those are just people who like to fuck and don’t care who. And crossdressers (transsexual was not in common use at the time, and transgendered hadn’t even been invented yet) were sad, sorry men and they wanted nothing to do with them.
      I am telling you guys – social changes are happening QUICK. I have no idea what the next ten years will bring, but I would not be surprised at all to find polygamy legalized and some major inroads to pedo made. If you had asked an 18 year old Jomsviking if gay marriage would be legalized nation-wide by 2018 I would have laughed in your face.

      1. To be honest polygamy is not worse than queer marriage. Their are only 2 things worse than faggotry and they are pedophilia and bestiality.

        1. @ugh
          Faggotry is a choice a depraved, immoral and disgusting choice. If you see nothing wrong with that then you really can’t go any lower, other than participating in it.

  10. Considering Harmon’s a SJW and the current revelation of the *ahem* tweeted video….this article honestly is in poor taste.

  11. Can’t we just enjoy a very funny and well-written show instead of deciding whether it’s an “alpha” TV show or a “beta” one? Not everything in the world needs to be overanalyzed and broken down into such a dichotomy.

    1. Its not even funny. Its just Robot Chicken in Cartoon form in a blatant and poorly done Back to the Future “Parody”.
      The very fact that the majority of writers and producers are Progressive SJWs and may most likely be into pedophilia judging by Harmons “Skit” just means that shows like these are Dumpster fires that should be avoided.
      The only people I know who watch this show are A. Soyboy Star Wars Types B. Immature Teens and C. General Morons who’ll eat up anything they think is “Edgy”.
      Anyone remember the Autist Szechuan Sauce Riots?

  12. I use to love Rick and Morty…back when I was a blue-pilled moron. Rick and Morty intially was funny but now I realize it is absolute shit. The show itself, its themes, the crew behind the show, and the god-awful fanbase, its all utter shit. Dan Harmon is a virtue-signaling liberal faggot and a creep, the people drawn to the show are just as pathetic. He also want on a cringy rant about how much Trump sucks, and its still on YouTube. The shows constant pushing of “atheistic nihilism” is tiring and degenerate, and painfully unfunny. Much of the audience of the show is braindead and they think they are like Tesla because they laugh at the juvenile humour, (just look at the whole “to be fair you have to have a fairly high IQ” meme to see what I’m talking about). Most Adult Swim shows these days are made by loser homos, for loser homos. Rick and Morty is for soyboys.

    1. And anyone remember when the Rick and Morty fan hordes had nationwide riots at McDonalds because of that fucking shitty sauce (and a big surprise, its a type of chinese SOY sauce). Thats the modern west for ya.

  13. This article is giving this budget Futurama too much credit.
    I don’t see how a nihilistic and degenerate old man inspires manliness in anyone. The humor isn’t even good either, the show still promotes tons of beta programming, and the jokes are clearly written for 13 year old atheists with the attention span of a doorknob.
    Stop watching Talmudvision

    1. “budget Futurama”
      Futurama is the Arrested Development of adult cartoons–a cult show that’s overrated as fuck. Matt Groening should have stuck to the Simpsons just like Seth MacFarlane should have stuck to American Dad instead of belaboring Family Guy and popping out that abortion The Cleveland Show.

      1. The Simpsons ran out of steam by 1999, Futurama was much funnier then and should have been Groeining’s main focus.
        Seth Macfarlane on the other hand is a complete hack. It doesn’t matter what show he sticks to, since pretty much everything he creates is just a variation of Family Guy. Even that teddy bear character he made is basically just Brian.

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