The West Has Lost Its Vital Energy

Back then when our forefathers still chased deer in the woods, when they wrestled invaders in the mountains and threw their spears at ferocious beasts, they did it with fury in their eyes, full of strive and keenness, full of power, full of energy. Those who lacked it were prone to die as energy back then meant life force. Most men today would let the deer flee, would be stomped into the ground by invaders and would be ripped apart by the beast instead of killing it. Men today simply lack energy.

The Tyranny of Comfort

A realm of ease already spans across most of the Western world and turns men into bugmen. The most comfort, convenience, ease and idleness seem to be the highest goals and dreams of the modern human. And this decline, this devolution, is continuing and it seems that nearly everyone, even a lot of right-wingers, support it.

Are you a bugman?

The Industry is doing its best bring us wider screens where we can watch TV or YouTube the whole day while sitting on our cushy couch, jacking off to other men fucking plastic women in porn while sticking our third leg in a synthetic vagina. Truly glorious and manly isn’t it?

Maybe sometime in the future, all men will fuck plastic sex robots from Japan that our truly wise and self-sacrificing scientists will develop. And I bet they will do it. They do it with such fanaticism, such faith that they are even willing to use the little remaining amount of energy they have left to attain that ultimate goal in the service of the realm of ease. Surely this leviathan, this god of ultimate degeneration to the most lowly, lethargic, and meaningless, is a form of “progress.”


A happy future for the bugmen

Generally we live in a low energy society where low level individuals are rewarded through even more ease while spending even less energy. The bugmen choose the easy way of going through life, they kowtow before the establishment, before leftists, before feminists, before women. They go through school without questioning anything, they get a job where they sit around all day in the office, marry some crazy spinster and produce more bugmen with them, until they get cucked and their wives will continue their rule over them as single moms in form of economic servitude without the small benefit of sex they experienced before.

The energy to overcome those parasites has vanished in the bugmen, there is no true strive, no aspiration, no pursuit of any true goal in them besides worshiping the god of ease. This is the foundation to erase men’s true energy, the little remaining energy that remains is used for slave work.

It’s not only mental

In my own homeland of Germany, the military is so desperate in its search for new recruits that they even need to take in fat beta men. I even personally know a girl who is barely 62 inches high with a small childlike body serving in the military. Germany is even upgrading tanks and uniforms to be more comfortable for pregnant women. Young men in Germany are often bragging about being manly and strong and hard while simultaneously putting no energy in being so.

Single-moms can finally serve in the military!

Most men I know “approach” women only online because they are such faggots that they would never dare to approach girls in real life, while the fat girls get impregnated by low quality men and live through taxpayer money. At least these fathers don’t live in economic servitude of their land whales as in this case both partners don’t have any money. Those men are still powerless, aimless, useless. They don’t understand what they could do with true energy if they even had some.

Bugmen are nothing new

With the end of the stone age, men began to slowly degenerate and lose his energy. Strong and independent hunters became puny agriculture dependent farmers—kowtowing bugmen of their new elite: morose and joyless old hags and grouchy and grudging old men envious of their youthful energy—and worshipers of comfort and ease.

In rare cases, true alpha men ruled this bunch of bugmen and at least showed them an example of true energy and power. They could aspire to become as strong mighty and manly as them and weren’t broken by old hags.

Today’s old hags

With increasing commerce and dwindling isolation, men could achieve some degree of independence by using their energy in craftsmanship and becoming masters of it. They could become cunning merchants or great warriors showing their bravery in glorious battle not for old hags but for their and their rulers’ advantage.

Those were men who founded nations, progressed not only in technology but also in their existence. They progressed in becoming stronger, smarter, swifter. They tried to become higher men trough goals and aspirations. Instead, the industrial revolution, Marxism, the creation of welfare states, and unhealthy technology resulted in an unhealthy gigantic increase in bugmen.

The Answer

The only answer to this reign of idleness is revolution, revolution in form of strive, aspiration, ambition, in following a path to greatness, in discovering one’s own energy, in manifesting it in from action and change. In finding the fury in your eyes. In becoming the storm over the once windless forest and breaking those trees who can’t resist your might and energy.

Train in the gym, carve out your body like a Donatello or Michelangelo, sharpen your mind like the great Greek philosophers of old, learn to fight and make yourself and your ancestors proud of you, be a father, be a true man, be the energetic storm in the windless idleness.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “There is nothing permanent except change”

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88 thoughts on “The West Has Lost Its Vital Energy”

  1. As much as I like reading stories about how terrible the world is and how terrible I am as an America, I suggest you write stories about something positive for once and how we can overcome the negative. Just a suggestion..

    1. Yeah, especially when the real reasons for laziness are down to:
      1. bad food.
      2. too much fapping.

    2. Agreed.
      I fail to see how the manly men of ancient Rome were served by dying for the likes of fags like Caligula or his whore mother?
      How were those “manliest of male virtues” served by paying their last rites as respects to the debaucherously murderous Tudors of medieval England?
      How were those manliest of men served by being forced into wage slavery post WW2, our greatest generation, so the rise of their drug addict fag whore baby boomer generation could run their greatest success into the ground at the feet of the faggish EU in Brussels?
      Men are more than disposable! We didn’t die so our “alpha leaders” could fuck numerous women!
      We died so our families could be safe, secure, and able to express themselves for who they really are. Human. In all that it is, and is not!
      This article wants me to become imbued with “manly energy” so I can fucking die for some intelligent faggot who will have me and my sons killed. Or, better yet, if we make it back in one (or several hehehe0 pieces, we can be frivorced raped and denied access to our kids.
      This article is masculinism. It is Don Draper to feminism’s Donna Draper. I will have none of it.
      And don’t come at me with any BS about how I’m a cuck. Fuck that shit. I’ve nailed over two hundred women, from every continent that is inhabited. I’ve served three tours of duty. Done two professional fights. And have brain, not just a dick, that works. Just have the author ask his mom.

      1. Caligula’s mother Agrippina (and father Germanicus) were both decent Romans. Caligula’s sister, and Nero’s mother, Agrippina the Younger was the whore. Just saying.

    3. Shit, we should be reveling in masculinity rather than speaking of it as a modern first world cucktard and feminist problem. That’s the whole fucking point. Masculinity independence strength daring courage willpower and ambition are not bad things to anyone but the lazy excuses of testosterone that have already surrendered to sloth and second hand existence…. Fuck them if that’s all they deign to be. Good place for them to be on their knees whining like bitches and sucking dick with soi faces.

    4. I would consider the gym to be a part of bug man life. It isn’t real, all comfort and air conditioning.

      1. Exactly. My grandpa never went to the gym once in his life…
        Who needs a gym when you spend 12 hours carrying a 100 pound acetylene tank and swinging a hammer?

    5. “The only answer to this reign of idleness is revolution, revolution in form of strive, aspiration, ambition”
      If we want to avoid wasting time on useless women, how bought playing the male mode roll to our single mom sisters kids?

    6. thats like asking for safe space but hey, end of the day people come here for better life otherwise wed mass migrate to shitholes but we dont we just white flight from big cities and let it go broke like detroit and chill in small towns

    7. “Decline of the West” (with it’s observations about the lack of reliably dating and recorded history until about 400AD, and radial changes in civilisation systems), with “Iron John” spiritual manly development becoming increasingly forgotten myth with the rise of the modern; Industrialism and later mechanised mass production probably started hammering the coffin nails in. The old Pagan symbolism and values had a damn sight more worth than Christianity and its ample hijacking of native culture, as the much smeared Nazis seemed to realise.
      Civilisation may well need to collapse to kill off the r-type vermin, so that a fresh civilisation can be born, preferably without intervening primitive shit like a centuries long Dark Ages like previously by the damned alien Christian Eastern fanatics and the resulting corrupt Catholic Church.

  2. No shit Sherlock… in the past, humans had to wage wars and literally fight for survival while now everything, literally everything is a matter of one safe and comfortable office job. It is clear that uve reached the end of ur civilizational development when the most hardship being the guy at the grocery lookin bad at u or ur most existential crisis revolves around where to travel next. This is why the shithollers gonna win/prevail/survive in the long term, they are living by the rules of old, their main existential crisis is not how to save money for that spiritual vacation on some tropical island but how to literally colonize and conquer UR territory, build THEIR mosques on it and impose THEIR way of living. Fuk u hipsters!

      1. We may have the tech but they have manpower. In the end, survival is a battle of attrition.
        You might be able to eliminate half in a instant but at the current state of western men will not cope with the grueling task of going against a horde.

        1. I’ve seen scant few men with balls and brains to conquer stupidity and win over it. It can be done but men would cry foul to follow a man who sets aside virtue to do what must be done to WIN TO BE A VICTOR A LEADER A CONQUEROR AN EMPEROR…. fuck no… Men these days have no spine for greatness just excuses. Mankind will not be saved by a man of virtue and morals but only by men who accept nothing but success and winning by doing what all others cringe away from. Hell they cannot conceive it much less be audacious enough to fucking say it.

      2. Open the hatches on just one Trident submarine, and the concept of Islam becomes a historical memory.

      3. Who is the real enemy? It’s not the outside savages, if you haven’t guessed already. It’s the traitor inside. The traitor to race, family and heritage. The slimy leftist cucks, femoids and beta enablers are the real enemy. Not the outside savage.

        1. If the ‘conservative’ cucks hadn’t become complacent and corrupt, partly due to (((tribe))) activism, these degenerates would not have multiplied and be escalating to ever more extreme r-type dysfunction.
          Alt-Right is is a reaction to and only necessary because of this FUBAR, as is the related Red Pill.

      1. Personally (((soros))) the dark master chose me for the mission of destroying the manosphere by instilling cynicism and demoralization. I am the culprit!!!

  3. Men are responsible for technological innovation. The same innovations that allowed men to colonize distant lands are the same ones used to make our lives easier. Reading a book may reveal how to design an incredible war machine but it will also require you to sit on your ass for hours instead of hunting deer. It’s so easy to call for revolution but why would we revolt against the technology we took hundreds of years to create?
    The transition back to barbarism will never be self-imposed no matter how beneficial it may be because instinctively we have a will to make life easier, not harder. Good luck with your revolution though.

    1. I think you might have misunderstood me, I am not talking about a return to hunter and gatherer lifestyle but I think that we lost allot for abandoning it. I think that we need to emulate the challenges, the diet and other effects their bodies and minds were exposed to not degenerate. We can emulate this in our modern world in a modern way. Through this we can keep up with our ancestors while living in a modern world and not fall behind them.

      1. Definitely appreciate your input. If you are not familiar with him, you might appreciate the wisdom of retired U.S. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink

    2. I’m 38. I’ve killed approximately 30 deer over the years by my best count. Most of them from tree stands, and most of them when I had a book to read. So, you can do both.

  4. “Train in the gym, carve out your body like a Donatello or Michelangelo, sharpen your mind like the great Greek philosophers of old, learn to fight and make yourself and your ancestors proud of you, be a father, be a true man, be the energetic storm in the windless idleness.”
    There is merit to what is being said here, especially for younger guys, but the author does not explicitly state what will be given up. Spending significant amounts of time in the gym, fight training, studying philosophy and the classics and such will be difficult to impossible for a guy who is spending 12 to 14 hours a day working and commuting. Which is most white collar workers in large metropolitan areas. Yes, finding a job close to home (possibly non-corporate) and working less hours is possible, but their will be less money. Less money means less freedom and power.
    Not saying the trade off is a bad one, but it is there and should be spoken about.
    When a guy is in his 20s and early 30s, being a “warrior” may be great, but when he hits his 50s and 60s, it’s nice to have that FU fund built up from working your ass off all those years when you were younger. Maybe spend a reasonable amount of time exercising/training but give being the best you can at work and earning the best living the priority? Just a thought.
    Also, the part about being a father. I saw nothing written about the risk of alimony and child support…

    1. Yes, what’s the point of this warrior life? The goal of life is happiness, not impressing guys on ROK with your warrior alphatude. As a 57 yo man looking back, I can say that only two things made a real difference in my happiness over the years:
      1. Finally getting my diet, exercise and sleeps routines in order. Bodily beauty is the true foundation of happiness, whether it not it makes you a warrior. 30 minutes calisthenics and yoga is plenty, don’t need a gym. If and when the alien hordes invade, I plan on buying a gun and using that to defend myself. Fuck throwing spears or hand to hand martial arts. Better yet, use my money to pay someone else to defend me.
      2. Early semi-retirement at age 34 and full retirement at age 38. I got lucky in the dotcom boom, but I was on course to retire at age 40 at a modest level of income anyway, just from savings. Work sucks for most people, definitely hated it myself, and the older you get, the more it typically sucks. It’s one thing to be in your 40’s or above and working because you enjoy the social status of a higher level job. Another thing entirely to be forced to work because you have no savings and/or face imprisonment of you don’t pay child support. I really pity those guys and am glad I’m not one of them.
      Women were always a mixed bag when I was young. When I was without one, I felt deprived. When I had one, I felt suffocated and kept hoping the relationship would end. Finally, in my 50’s, I started using escorts and now I no longer feel deprived, since anytime I want a girl I can get one, but also totally free. Have my cake and eat it too. I have missed feelings about recommending escorts to younger men, since every dollar spent on sex is one dollar further from early retirement, which is what really matters. Sex doll sounds great for young guys, but using your hand is probably good enough until the sex dolls are available.
      Zero regrets about not having children. Let somebody else do that job, same as let somebody else collect garbage and do all the other miserable jobs that have to be done to make the world go round.

      1. @ Goat
        We have many similarities.
        I started using “pros” much earlier though, at 20 (now 52).
        I bought my gun in 2008…right before Obama’s imminent election. I have no delusions of surviving the rampaging hordes. Just want to be able to take a few with me when I go.

      2. @goat
        Can you explain a bit about escorts please? I have been considering them but don’t know where and how to start, pitfalls, legality, cost, etc. I would be honored if you could elaborate. Thanks in advance.

        1. Read the threads on international sex guide. Read the archives, not just the latest news. Lots of nuggets of philosophy buried amid the reviews. Do not let yourself be influenced by the many misogynistic guys on ISG.
          One thing guys in the manosphere often don’t understand is that escorts are still women, so the rules of game and dating still apply to some extent. Difference is that you now have something to offer which girls really want (money) and which is in short supply (unlike dick, which is currently available in huge oversupply relative to demand, so the market is glutted), so you can trade for what girls have that you want. Balanced trade means everyone tends to be polite and businesslike. Whereas with regular dating, the man is usually in the position of a beggar who has nothing to offer, unless he’s a rare gorgeous Chad gigolo type. You can’t get top service from escorts if you don’t make an effort to be sexually attractive, meaning well groomed, in good physical condition, friendly, good in bed, etc. Best service usually goes to regular clients, aka LTR mistress arrangements.

      3. I think you’re missing the idea here. It’s the “warrior ethos” that this article is more so focusing on. Something all boots learn out of basic in the U.S.
        *YOU* are the weapon, not what is in your hand. Your mind, reflexes, muscles, skills, resilience is what ultimately determines your surivival. If you’re weapon fails, then what? Improvisation and internal competency will have to take its place. Whether it be a booby trap, running away, hand to hand martial arts, a stick/a rock, or even building a laser guided rpg, it does not matter.
        That internal competency is honed and forged on the alter of training and living a spartiate lifestyle. Where you can live among normies with the best of them, but they can NEVER live the life you walk. *That* is being alpha.
        And the goal of life is not happiness on this existence or reality, it is eternal life with Father Yahuah by the grace of Yeshua Hamasiach.
        But that’s my solid belief at least.

        1. “does you?”
          Get back to usafter you learn to correctly match subjects with verbs in English.

    2. I understand your thought on why earning the best living can give you more freedom and power and I think its a possible way to do so.
      Nevertheless @Another Guy posted a great example of a man lacking energy here. There are still enough possibility’s to sustain and improve your life and your family while working a reasonable amount of time. Working can also be seen as a tool for self improvement with the benefit of earning money. Certain physical labor can enhance your physique if you take care of yourself. Self improvement outside of work can help you acquire skills needed in your career. For example by acquiring social skills through improving your game. But improvement just for work does not guarantee a good and energetic life.

      1. Hello Wilfried.
        Thanks for the reply.
        “But improvement just for work does not guarantee a good and energetic life.”
        Sure, I agree. That is why I said that a reasonable amount of time should be spent on exercise and other pursuits. I am probably older than you and grew up in a different era. My father left the house early every morning to go to work — before I got up for school. He owned a medium sized business. I grew up with the very strong impression that this is what a man does. Gets up early and goes to work. I get up at 5:20 AM every weekday so I can do some exercise before work. But make no mistake about it, work comes first. It’s just how I am wired.
        You made some very good point in this piece Wilfried. I chimed in with my opinion only to stress the fact that work is very important. Too many people here (not saying you) are very focused on this “dude-bro” crap: personal trainer, MMA instructor, Club DJ or Bouncer, or “take part time jobs while traveling” stuff, which will lead the younger guys here down a path of failure. How happy and energetic will they be at 40 making 45K per year? Unless you are born rich or win the lottery, the only way to acquire wealth is through hard work and long hours. Our fathers and grandfathers knew this very well.
        I agree that physical labor is fine, AS LONG as it is in a lucrative trade like plumbing, carpentry, electrician, iron worker, etc.. Digging ditches may keep you in good shape, but that minimum wage salary will end up killing you in the long run.

        1. @AutomaticSlim
          Hey Slim,
          I fully understand your concern about the “dude-bro” crap. Frankly I do not see jobs like being a Bouncer or Club DJ as something reputable. I do greatly value craftsman and alike as I think that the creative power which in-itself inhabits these men and their works can be something truly glorious and the work put into creating those highly energetic. Skilled craftsman are prone to get a good salary if they keep up with the competition. I may focus an article on that if I get the chance.
          I do think that merchants and businessmen can be energetic, as you need cunning, finesse and cleverness in this field of economy if you want to rise high.
          On the unionized employees, they are a similar problem as the unemployed bugmen I mentioned in the article, its true they at-least pay taxes and contribute to general society but by voting for the Democrats in the USA or the SPD in my state here in Germany they hinder the ambition of the energetic and just ruin their homeland. The part of the state where I live is red as fuck even though these men experienced communist dictatorship they seem to have learned nothing compared to our eastern-european brothers.

      2. @ Wilfried
        Forgot to add that putting on a shirt and tie every day and working a white collar job in a corporate office in no way implies that a man is a “bugman” or “cuck”. One is only a cuck if he allows himself to be “cucked”. I work with plenty of guys who speak their mind, exercise, have no part in “diversity initiatives” and don’t participate in “fantasy sports leagues”. I am one of those guys. On the other hand, there are plenty of cops, firemen, transit workers, and other unionized employees who vote Democrat to keep those salaries, pensions, and benefits rolling in. They vote for the party of the Clintons, the Obamas, and Maxine Waters. That sounds pretty “cucked” to me.

    3. It’s called the internet. Learn to carve out a piece of the bottomless pie for yourself. Then, with that freedom, you’ll have all the time to do as you please.

  5. Absolutely incredible article!!!!!!…. Thank you good sir for your article!!!! The manliness oozing from your writing impresses me greatly!!!! This is an hero!!!!
    I would fight to the death among you!!!!
    Thank you so much for this article!!!!

  6. I visited a friend this weekend. We went out to a local bar about a 15 minute walk away from his house while his wife watched the baby that night (or just listened for it to wake up and cry since it was sleeping). It was a nice place, beers were priced right, and the food was decent. Asked him when was the last time he came here expecting his response to be at least semi-regularly. He said he had not been to this bar in about two years. Confused, I asked why. He then went on for a few minutes on how he prided himself he didn’t really leave his house or yard. He arranged so he could work from home to avoid the commute and has spent the last few years on endless “home improvement” projects. He just didn’t leave the 1/2 acre that he “owned” (as long as you pay your property tax) and was happy for it. Now this was a guy who used to love to go out, travel internationally, and even worked abroad for a few years. Now he was so low energy he wanted to depart about 1.5 hrs after we arrived. It was 9PM on a weekend.
    Men of the West are getting soft. How can you actually live life if you restrict yourself to a house and the backyard? He shops online and either his wife does the grocery shopping or it gets delivered. He has a small home gym he uses and garden to tend to but that is the extent of his physical activity. Sadly I know many men who would be envious of this kind of lifestyle.

    1. The two-year gap can be easily explained by the baby. Pregnancy + 1 year of baby’s life. It’s also the reason why your friend did not get excited about being in a bar. (It’s like getting excited about being at the bus stop again after buying your own car.) Bars are full of lonely people who have no one to go home to. Your friend has a wife and a baby to return to. They depend on him, they need him. Why would he hang out in some stupid bar? He probably just did it for you. Next time, do sports instead. It will restore his depleted energy and be a nice change to his daily routine.

  7. Frankly sex robots could be a good thing, if the government doesn’t outlaw them. They could very possibly lead to a decrease in feminism when women finally realize that men don’t need them for anything other than the hole between their legs.

    1. If you want them to shut up about feminism, show them a youtube video of a sewage worker. Then ask them if they would rather do that job.
      Gets them every time.

      1. Well said. Not just asking, PUT them on that job! Equality at its best! Its time for them to face the consequences !!

    2. @onetruth
      Sir, the only thing that can lead to a decrease in feminism is men stopping it culturally, psychologically, legally and politically. Waiting for situations to abolish it will not work, they won’t learn- ever. Wasn’t this post about being proactive? It’ll take all of us- literally. We cannot wait for our society to be saved by sex robots.

        1. Yep; right now feminism actually benefits minorities to some degree…it weakens white men; grants them access to white pussy; and allows their race to repopulate the west while getting victimhood treatment the whole way. In the case of Muslim they just tell western governments to fuck off; they keep their women chaste; they breed profusely on the backs of white men’s welfare and then they rape and fuck white women. I mean; why would any white man fight against feminism just so that colored men can continue to fuck white women in peace? I sure as fuck ain’t. There is no reason to fight for a civilization if it is not your civilization.

  8. As far as the “The Answer” section goes; none of that can be done without a full-scale social revolution. Guys, manospherians need to stop trying to individually do what must be done collectively. You will be thwarted at every turn. The social change needs to be focused on and achieve FIRST, or else none of that will be possible. Time to stop skirting around the leviathan.

  9. Was out at a “street dance” last night in a small town. Every woman there was the size of a car. America is in deep do do

    1. @Jolly Joker
      I came back to the States recently. My mom moved to TN. so I’m here visiting for a few months. The women here are fucking sweathogs! Holy shit, tbe south sucks ass. I told one of my current Venezuelan girls back in Peru that it was easy to ne faithful, because here in Tennessee there’s no temptation.

  10. When you’re not hungry, you have many problems. When you are hungry, you have only one problem.

    1. Why would he want to rub elbows with the herd?
      Train and make ready in monastic solitude.
      Interesting times approach.

  11. Poor bug men have no thunder in their souls.

    It’s 1:20pm on the west coast…so far I have eaten a giant breakfast featuring eggs and bacon; went on a 4-mile hike in steep hills and a canyon; put the finishing touches on an article I’m writing; cleaned up my bachelor pad and ran the laundry. This afternoon I am headed out for a semi-aggressive bike ride, having been inspired by the Tour de France (THE greatest race in the world, bar none). Tonight, a two-hour session is scheduled at the music studio with 3 naturally red-pilled mates (I’m the drummer/producer); we bond like brothers, give each other tons of shit and push each other to the next level of talent. Tomorrow: work, gym, chores (embracing the Monday routine).

    The key maneuver is to simply live a significant and full life, even on a muggy Sunday afternoon. Stare derisively at ALL bugmen, but try to give some of them a leg up if (big IF) they show genuine interest in improving. You’ll know it when you see it. CONVERT them if you have the energy to do so. It’s not so crazy, and it’s not so hard. Lots of men who LOOK like lost causes are actually ready to handle some pressure, and break out of their pattern. That’s how we improve the future. I’ve seen other men change their habits for the better simply by observing mine. Then you have a friend for life. In a year’s time, there’s no reason why certain bugmen could not grow into “woke” alphas if given the proper motivation. Just keep leading by example.

  12. The other factor is the modern corporation where everyone is an expendable human resource. No point really going the extra mile or doing things competently anymore. It simply does not matter.

  13. The only thing more pathetic than the men whining about where we are now is the one complaining about how bad life is with all the conveniences of the technology around them… There is not single “genghis Kahn” or “alexander the great” I have seen in this age that will be notable among mankind…. Just pathetic whiny wannabes who cannot even fathom the acts that are considered crimes that would turn around our fate as humans at this point in time. I’d join up in heartbeat to have a real purpose for this lifetime but saving the current pathetic human race would not be one. Conquering it, hell yeah. Putting to death the 80 percent useless perverted ash and trash resource and air stealers. Now you are talking. No wonder the world is the shit all it is. Men don’t think big, they think about cheetos pornn and beer, not legends and life and true greatness of purpose. Then again what useless people to round up and make armies of to do so, when men are more pathetic than donkeys. Leading orcs to victory would be more noble at this point.

    1. I know already my comment will get me lots of down votes and make most feel aghast, but you know what, stop thinking in socially acceptable frame for minute and actual set aside horror and revulsion long enough to see clearly. When was the last time mankind knew what its purpose was and what life was all about, for real. And finally you may have broken free from all artificial reasons and constraints that keep you meek and living in the system Afraid of what it is that you actually are missing out on. What is today’s sad plodding through your solar day like? No imagine what it was for real and powerful men like Khan and Alexander were like, and not the phony bankers and schemes and communist players of the modern age. What real purpose is your lives right now but slutting women and play acting martial arts contests and games? The was a time when men lived and strove to be God’s, now they collect Starbucks cups and participation trophies while being lectured and punished by clown haired feminists… Yeah big difference. Aim to be God’s among men, dare to think big. Now down vote me.

      1. ‘The was a time when men lived and strove to be God’s,”
        And I bet those same men (given the choice) would have preferred playing Xbox and drinking Starbucks in the comfort of their own homes with the occasional ‘bang Asia’ holiday.

      2. I like Temujin and Alexander of Macedonia too but you have to realize that, even in their era, those two guys were exceptional. Temujin came from virtually nothing and built an empire which lasted for a few generations. His descendants fell into the civilizational trap. As soon as Mongols conquered China and settled there, they started emulating the Chinese lifestyle and religion. The Mongolian princes were educated by Buddhist monks, they lived in cities and palaces, where they hoarded gold and concubines. Their Mongolian subjects accused them of being too Chinese and of having abandoned the nomadic way of life. The empire teetered and eventually fell apart after the death of a khan. This is the main problem with a political system based on a personality cult. Once the leader is dead, all goes to shit. Everybody knows how it went for Alexander of Macedonia. He was like a comet that burned itself up. When he was gone, his successors didn’t give a damn about his legacy. They killed his wife and son and divided the empire among themselves. Another problem with conquest is that you have to rule the empire and it’s damned boring. I bet that both Temujin and Alexander hated being in palaces where they had sit at meetings and listen to the endless whining of bureaucrats and wives. They probably wished they could just leave it all behind and be free.

        1. Not sure of your assessment of the longevity (or rather the lack thereof) of nations based on a personality cult. There’s no nation more based on a personality cult than North Korea (the nation’s founder is “Eternal President”) even though he’s been dead for 24 years, and yet I can’t think of a regime more destined for long-term, centuries-long survival than that of the Kims. That’s because they have the science of regime survival down pat. Cow your supporters, destroy anyone who might pose the slightest threat, train only your descendants to succeed you and your next of kin to be your inner circle. I suspect the DPRK will be around long after the USA, Russia and Japan are footnotes, and China is an impoverished hulk.

  14. A large part of this is the testosterone drought. Lifestyle and attitude can’t account for 100% of this neotonous slack-jawed faggotry.
    There’s somethin’ goin’ on…

  15. “Most MEN I know “approach” women only online because they are such faggots that they would never dare to approach girls in real life”
    Damn it! MEN are being shamed & getting punished for merely “looking” at females! and you talk about “approaching” them !! I can only call you a moron & ignorant; for generalizing most MEN as faggots!
    MEN are brave, vigilant & clever enough to play by the “unfair” rules!

    1. @Ravi Macho
      I do not no if you were ever shamed or punished for interacting with females in any shape or form. If so I dis-value that form of unrighteous punishment.
      I understand your concern about that issue even do I think that there are only certain areas of public life effected by this disease like university’s, certain companies etc.
      I generally do only cold approaches and I had the luck to never be confronted by something like this. While I do understand the benefit of online dating I still dis value it as does not seem manly to me. There are many other man doing cold approaches and I do think that men doing this deserve respect for it as it is seldom seen in this days. Change means action and every men doing cold approaches is contributing to it. If we want to change this pile of shit that is western civilization we need to do something about it and we not only need political change but cultural to. If we promote a certain type of culture which does not includes the possibility of certain fucked up women threatening the life of men through false rape accusations etc. then if we succeed this will be a thing of a past. Remember minorities can triumph over majorities, such was the case of the German Democratic Republic being overthrown by 20% of the population, such was the case of many dictatorships such was the case of many battles and wars. How about we strive to change that then?

  16. Actually in my observation, people today lack vigor and courage to face the elite establishment. They have become docile sheeps so as to avoid confrontation of politically correct people. Moreover, as mainstream media is obsessed with 9/11 and terrorism, people fear the possibility of getting under the limelight which paints them as an enemy of the society.

  17. “Strong and independent hunters became puny agriculture dependent farmers” yea farmers back then were such pussies huh. The fuck dude?

  18. I don’t think there’s any right answer to this. We don’t know why our species exists or if anything of it has meaning. We wander through life trying to make sense of our surroundings and ourselves until we expire.
    The one thing psychology seems to have down is that our minds are made to work a certain way and we feel a need to establish ourselves as distinct, special, respected or at least maintain ego integrity by avoiding knowledge that could shake our sense of safety.
    For some people that will mean a life of playing video games and for someone else it’s about climbing the highest mountain and just doing the alpha routine until they choke. A lot of one or the other can be derived to childhood influence.
    I’ve been on both sides of the fence and still juggling every day. I’m a fitness freak, trying to learn many languages (or maintain them these days) and break into the helping professions (not medicine though) but there’s another side of me that’s saying “fuck this” or even “why not just commit suicide?” Almost like a demonic alien voice in my head and indeed, according to one theory of personality our selves are actually composed of multiple voices, some of which are literally the voices of our parents, society, foes and what not. Those voices can be competing and they can be harmful and negative too.
    I was surrounded by shiftless scumbags in my formative years and my professional and social development was greatly hindered well into my adulthood given everyone wanted to medicalize my situation for long. I lacked some good voices. My cousin used to be such a voice but I only saw him a few times a year until he moved in with a woman and now the only people I have in my life are my aging parents, sister and a beta friend abroad.

    1. “I’m a fitness freak”
      I’ve never actually ever met a ‘fitness freak’ that suffered from depression. Depressed guys usually just go to work, then sit at home in their downtime.

    2. On days like that, I listen to Jordan Peterson’s lectures. He cries too much but he has good ideas that can lead you out of darkness. He says that it’s easy to feel contempt for yourself and for mankind in general, because we are weak and we give in to that weakness. The devil in us whispers “Destroy it all!” If you give in to that voice, you may feel some smug satisfaction while destroying something, but you will also hate yourself and everyone around you. That is no way to live. The only way to overcome the darkness is to strive for a noble existence. And nobility of being is not in wanton destruction or contempt. It’s in reducing the suffering around you, fixing what is broken, helping others through their pain. In doing so, you will find respect and a meaningful life. You will no longer need poison, medication or mindless entertainment to get you through the day.

  19. Why don’t you explain how all those things in that “starter pack” are indicative of the bugman phenom. Looks like you tossed a bunch of trendy but meaningless shit together. As for those knocked-up soldaterin, that’s the Bundeswehr’s problem.

  20. It is called comfort zone dude. Life is very comfortable in Western countries, so people are not hardened. Our ancestors were hardened by everything: forces of nature like the weather, daily hunting for food, the threat of getting killed/robbed by other tribes etc. Nothing was granted to you. Every day was a gift, because you were still alive. Every day you had to be strong, because things needed to be done. Every day you had to be brave, because there was a threat of other tribes who would come and take your stuff.
    It is the reason why ancient people started to teach boys about fighting and hunting at the age of 4. By the age of 13 you were considered old enough to take care of yourself. Being weak or a pussy would mean you were a liability to the rest of the tribe or community.
    So would you prefer the life of our ancestors or would you prefer the current comfort of Western countries?

  21. Hit the gym or at least just do some home workouts
    Eat better
    calm down the jerking off
    Don’t be thirsty for females
    You can still enjoy today’s tech and entertainment and have a balanced lifestyle.

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