Female “Changes” Her Sex To Male—Then Gets Accused Of Male Privilege

Via The Blaze:

Zander Keig “was an outspoken radical feminist” prior to transitioning into a male and “spoke up often, loudly and with confidence,” the Washington Post reported.

Then Keig made the transition — and life hasn’t always been easy being seen as a male.

“When I speak up now, I am often given the direct or indirect message that I am ‘mansplaining,’ ‘taking up too much space’ or ‘asserting my white male heterosexual privilege,’” Keig, 52, told the paper. “Never mind that I am a first-generation Mexican American, a transsexual man, and married to the same woman I was with prior to my transition.”

Keig — a Coast Guard veteran and now a licensed clinical social worker at Naval Medical Center San Diego — told the Post that workplace suggestions that angry or violent male patients were suffering from trauma or depression were often “dismissed or outright challenged. The overarching theme was ‘men are violent’ and there was ‘no excuse’ for their actions.”

Still, as a transgender male, Keig noted to the paper that the “assertion that I am now unable to speak out on issues I find important” is “offensive and I refuse to allow anyone to silence me.”

‘I was put off by the way that some women want to be treated by me’

More of Keig’s revelations to the Post:

I do notice that some women do expect me to acquiesce or concede to them more now: Let them speak first, let them board the bus first, let them sit down first, and so on. I also notice that in public spaces men are more collegial with me, which they express through verbal and nonverbal messages: head lifting when passing me on the sidewalk and using terms like “brother” and “boss man” to acknowledge me. As a former lesbian feminist, I was put off by the way that some women want to be treated by me, now that I am a man, because it violates a foundational belief I carry, which is that women are fully capable human beings who do not need men to acquiesce or concede to them.

‘Significant reduction in friendliness and kindness now extended to me in public spaces’

Keig added to the paper there has been a “significant reduction in friendliness and kindness now extended to me in public spaces. It now feels as though I am on my own: No one, outside of family and close friends, is paying any attention to my well-being.”

Then a few years into Keig’s transition came a ride on a bus, the Post noted, during which “this difference hit home.”

Shoe now sometimes uncomfortably on the other foot

Keig said there were six people on the bus, “including me. One was a woman. She was talking on a mobile phone very loudly and remarked that ‘men are such a**holes.’ I immediately looked up at her and then around at the other men. Not one had lifted his head to look at the woman or anyone else.”

Then the woman looked at Keig — and “commented to the person she was speaking with about ‘some a**hole on the bus right now looking at me.’ I was stunned, because I recall being in similar situations, but in the reverse, many times: A man would say or do something deemed obnoxious or offensive, and I would find solidarity with the women around me as we made eye contact, rolled our eyes and maybe even commented out loud on the situation. I’m not sure I understand why the men did not respond, but it made a lasting impression on me.”

Here’s a clip of Keig discussing life as a male — about five years ago — noting that “I love being a man. I love everything about it.”

You can read the complete Washington Post article here, which also profiles two other transgender males.

Read the entire article

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49 thoughts on “Female “Changes” Her Sex To Male—Then Gets Accused Of Male Privilege”

        The hens (or x-gender roosters) have come home to roost, yet again.
        Just goes to show that the targets of feminists and SJW’s are not real, but merely ideological straw-men (no pun intended) for them to bayonet with nonsensical rhetoric. It’s the end stage of a supernova culture collapsing in on itself, creating a hole from which no one escapes, once trapped in it’s dark gravity.
        Another dark ages is in the making, and I know not what can stop it. No, Mr. Anderson; It’s inevitable.

        1. Truth. In fact, given the current climate I can actually envision a future in which “white” men are actually hunted and killed. The ultimate turn of fortune, especially since we as individuals did exactly NOTHING to earn our “privilege” nor our fate.

    1. Where is the courage to whine like a bitch for being mistreated as a manafter VICTIMIZING AND VILLIFYING MEN as a lesbian feminist? Great now she can be self hating and her well deserving boyfriend can be that unfeeling bitch Karma too. You Fucking kunts dont get it. But your vile crap is and can’t come back to you in spades fast enough. Couldn’t happen to better fitting people you vile bleeding haters. May it all come back on you 100 fold.

      1. “But your vile CRAP is and can’t come back to you in SPADES fast enough.”
        “May it ALL come back on you 100 FOLD”

    2. “His courage, of course, is to be admired”
      No, she should be shot in the head to put her out of her misery.
      Just like you would do for any other ‘mad cow’.

  1. Bwah ha ha ha ha
    Bwah ha ha ha ha
    America is still a country where a man can carve niche for himself and live a happy life.
    That said, you must learn to distance yourself from the distractions of a civilization in decline.
    Then, laugh hard and often.

    1. “United States is still a country where a MAN can carve niche for Himself and live a happy life.
      “…you must learn to distance yourself from the distractions…”
      Well said and so True.

    2. I’m not sure how one can distance himself from it where it perverts every facet of society. The western mantra is the Non cosmopolitan, non multicultural, non progressive, non ‘democratic’ are savages. But if we look inward are we not savages ourselves.

      1. That’s exactly why we keep trying to convince ourselves that the “others” are worthy of revulsion; we resemble them a bit more than we like to think.
        One thing I’ve said often when people talk about hillbillies is that it takes a different kind of intelligence to survive in those environments. Just watch an episode of Naked and Afraid or two. I know it’s overdramatized TV, but there’s still some value…

      1. Don’t think a female to male is much of a problem to reverse.
        Stop taking the male hormones, wear a dress and a padded bra.
        Job done!

        1. John, After a woman takes testosterone, there is no way to go back to feminity. Voice will always be unnaturally deep and masculine. Male pattern baldness is likely to be permanent. Facial thickening of cheekbones and brow ridges stays. So too with the beard, they won’t be able to continue growing one, but they will still have coarse thickened hair growing above their lip and on the chin, as can be seen on many old women.
          The clitoris is permanently enlarged.
          Not quite as bad as a post op male to female who wants to go back to male, but not a great option for a woman who wants to go back to femininity.

  2. Fuk wahmyn cunt hypocrites literally and figuratively regardless of what body they use currently, behead bitchez acquire glory!

  3. it´s a common theme among trans men. All this trans hysteria is meant to be for men transitioning to women. Why would a woman want to become a man? she could stay a lesbian. Now She is whining for experiencing the real male privilege. The male privilege of being the disposable sex.

  4. My God, this creature must have been one really ugly chick before it’s transformation to a man.

    1. It would be difficult to know for sure without a previous picture. But she sure is one ugly chick now.

    2. “Transitioning” to FTM takes about five points off of the HB scale. There are lots of “before and after” pictures out there – someone who started out looking pretty hot, but ends up looking terrible.

  5. Mexican, Coast Guard veteran (as opposed to serving in the real military), social worker, and radical feminist-turned-man. This chick/guy is just the total package.
    I predict suicide within 5 years or so.

  6. Ha-ha! I just read a feminist blog post in which the writer attacks a “trans-woman,” saying: “You may have conveniently forgotten about your 27 years of male privilege, but Shon baby, it still shows.”
    So, you’re privileged whether you used to look like a man, or whether you might look like a man in the future! And by “privileged” they mean an appropriate target for derision and discrimination.
    Transexualism is moronic, but at least it demonstrates the pathology of our man-hating, gynocentric society😘

    1. Indeed. But what else we can expect from a fuckin femicunt blog post !! These creatures will remain the same; arrogant, bitchy, entitled & ungrateful.
      Until and unless MEN takeover.

  7. This tranny is totally stuck between worlds, in more than just the obvious ways: Can’t “femmesplain” any more (privilege revoked) and gets chopped down for mansplaining. Celebrating a newfound masculinism, but pilloried by the pretentious feminist institution that once embraced him on shallow appearances and vapid anti-male shit talk. Poetic purgatory for a modern age of gender wars and gender confusion.

    Underscoring the twisted, conflicted dichotomy that runs through the heart of 3rd-wave radical feminism itself: anti-male *and* anti-feminine, at the same time. They want the sperm from our bodies to complete their purpose in life, but they secretly despise birthing a masculine son. I could go on and on…the hypocrisy is endless.
    They aspire to become exactly what they have begun to look like to the rest of us in 2018: as “inferior men” in deed and character. Such mentally ill revisionism cannot hold against the laws of nature itself.

  8. That bloke/woman/thing has Mad Cow Disease. With any luck that thing will kill itself as most things like this have a very high suicide rate
    Men over to women cross overs have the highest kill rate once they have their meat and 2 veg chopped off they have to inject themselves daily for the rest of their stupid lives most of them end up as druggies, alcoholics, followed by a quick death.

  9. “the men on the bus did not respond” – what did he expect them to do? Nowadays, in a public space, you just cannot do much about some arrogant or aggressive bitch – there is no way a man can “win” in this situation – you barrel over her, you’re branded an asshole who pick on women (plus all white-gnats around you will rush in). She barrels over you, you’re branded as a pussy who let the woman barrel over him.
    In situations like this, I usually laugh in their faces and walk away. Fully understand why men on the bus did nothing…btw why is it mostly women who talk on their phones in that loud, obnoxious way…

  10. I dread to think how hideous this freakazoid looked like when he/she/it/whatever was a “woman”

  11. Never mind the point if the article. Did this “dude” say she was a social worker? How does one with an obvious mental health disorder become qualified to give mental health advice? Worlds gone crazy!!!

    1. Actually Brad, it’s ONLY people with a shitload of unresolved issues that set out to become social workers. Pretty much everyone I know who desires to get a job counseling other people are actually in desperate need of some good, sound counseling themselves.

  12. Do you ever stop and think about the nature of reality these days?
    A woman – who is still indeed a woman no matter the ultra vires science experiment – who hated men, decided to “become a man”. Now, ironically, finds herself being treated as though she were a man.
    Is this a Twilight Zone episode?

  13. Well Honey, you wanted to be a “man” so bad you had the titties lopped off and you took testosterone that would permanently alter your body.
    Now that you are a “man”, you’re going to have to take EVERYTHING that goes with it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Honey.

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