UK Dissident Tommy Robinson Freed After Being Imprisoned For Reporting On Grooming Gangs

Via Breitbart:

The British Court of Appeal has released street organiser and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson from prison on bail, pending a fresh hearing over his contempt of court charge.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett quashed the contempt of court conviction handed to the former English Defence League leader in May, which saw the activist going from arrest to trial, and to prison in just five hours and under a blanket of enforced media silence.

The court’s written judgement stated the speed with which the original conviction was made “gave rise to unfairness”, and that there was a “lack of clarity” over evidence for the charge of contempt given to Robinson.

Further, the document states the original judge should have resisted “the temptation” to rule on Robinson’s behaviour there and then, as after he had offered to delete the video he created from Facebook the “urgency went out of the matter”. Instead, the judge should have referred the matter to the Attorney General rather than acting immediately.

In all, the judgement found, the original case had the opportunity to “have avoided the risk of sacrificing fairness on the altar of [haste]”, but failed to take it.

Robinson’s defence team have maintained that the unusual speed with which he was jailed had led to “deficiencies” in the legal process.

The QC defending Mr Robinson in the appeal told the court the original trial had been “unnecessarily and unjustifiably rushed”, had featured “procedural difficulties”, and the sentence was “manifestly excessive.”

Robinson had been live-streaming the arrival of defendants of another trial outside Leeds Crown Court at the time of his arrest, and part of his bail conditions prevents him from returning to that court. Another trial has now been ordered to take place by the Court of Appeal, but the Lord Chief Justice ruled that Robinson had already served sufficient time pending the outcome of the retrial, and was, therefore, to be released.

The order to release came after a short hearing which followed longer proceedings on July 18th, where the judges hearing the case delayed their finding to give themselves time to confer.

Following the hearing, it was claimed by Robinson’s lawyers that the judge who served the first sentence in May was in such haste to pass his judgement, he didn’t even take time to watch the full video created outside the court, which was the basis for the prosecution.

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51 thoughts on “UK Dissident Tommy Robinson Freed After Being Imprisoned For Reporting On Grooming Gangs”

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      2. You call yourself a “smart girl”. That is code for ugly, fat, and vile SJW FemiNazi.
        So a UK citizen reporting on Muslim abuse and trafficking of young women is a bad thing now that deserves jail? 🙄
        We know your type exactly here. These cops won’t even get their dicks up for you to suck them, honey. 😆
        Go back to your bucket of Ben n Jerry’s sweetie. You will likely be along a really, really long time, so get used to it. 🙂

      3. Smart Girl from the Ozarks, congrats on having a 98 IQ among those with an average IQ of 88. You truly are smart….in a relative sense.

      4. Anything calling itself ‘SMART’ since 2006, is in reality, dumb as fuck…Examples are Smart meters, smart TV’s, smart cars, and smart girl from Ozarks who is actually a Rob Reiner looking liberal boomer pig from some SMART Fucking City surrounded with Welfare offices, Churches that transport Nigerian immigrants with TB to their brand new apartment. Turns out you couldn’t find your small little dick without mapquest.

      1. I don’t think this Tommy is part of a psy-op. He’s undermining the New World Order’s mantra that immigration enriches the West. Not exactly helpful for them, unless they’re trying to start a civil war because they want to eat some popcorn.

      2. I just watched the video you provided. I be damned!
        Thank you for posting it. Truly, everything I know is wrong.
        Good day.

  1. My guess is they’ll put him on some probationary terms which are a gag order and restrict him from other such reporting. This was a huge international embarrassment to the UK system of justice, and it stirred up a lot bigger hornet’s nest there than they’d expected. Better to very quietly let him out on terms so restrictive that he can’t be a nuisance without risking jail, and if anyone asks, they can very softly say ‘oops’, and in a couple of weeks, something else will grab the attention.
    They want to keep the populace happily marching off to the socialist one-world dystopia. Let it quiet down, keep him living under threat of renewed prosecution for violating his parole terms, and the people will happily go back to sleep.

    1. I can confirm the UK is exactly like this, I’ve been accused, I been gagged, I’ve been held unlawfully in a British jail (about divorce). Roosh has also been accused, been held in cells, had his freedom to travel restricted (about hate speech).
      No trials required, it’s how Britain works, a country best avoided by all those that can.

    2. Adam Selene: “They want to keep the populace happily marching off to the socialist one-world dystopia. Let it quiet down, keep him living under threat of renewed prosecution for violating his parole terms, and the people will happily go back to sleep”
      My thoughts exactly. We’ll see what Tommy does after this, and hopefully he will continue the good fight. But indeed Robinson’s release was only to quiet the protestors down – so this is a very small victory at best, and a very long way to go if the UK is ever to be saved.

  2. The west is so pussyful and pathetic that they can’t even stage a proper dystopia, they are unable even to deal with their political enemies. They are trying to build a 1984 style dystopia but they can’t even make their opponents disappear instead they give in to social pressure… what a joke is the west.

    1. The ironic thing is that George Orwell was a pinko commie who even fought for the communists during the Spanish Civil War.

      1. No he wasn’t. Orwell fought on the side of the anarchists and chronicled how the communists betrayed them. Animal Farm was a satire of communism and many of his essays are condemnations of the left. Orwell hated both fascism and communism.

        1. He also made sure to never call out the J and even made them a victim piece otherwise he would never have been published and he has probably seen first hand the fate of those that defy the (((tribe)))

  3. I hope Muslim gangs lynch him, beat the shit out of him, and rape him in his faggot ass.

      1. Because ‘small d1ck ju’ here is trying to destract us with racial tensions away from the (((truth))) piloting different golems inciting hate.

  4. I read somewhere, when Robinson was arrested, the judge who sentenced him smiled as he did so. That judge ought to be thrown in prison.
    Police can cover up grooming gangs, but a man is not supposed to say anything about immigrants and the destruction-of-culture they cause.
    And Robinson is charged with contempt of court?
    How about everyone covering up the filth of immigrants to the UK be charged with sedition and treason! Covering up crime makes them accomplices (in my world view).
    I am glad Tommy Robinson is free of prison. If there is any justice (I hear you laughing) he will remain free for life!
    Any contempt he MAY have for their courts is due to their own idiocy.

    1. Britain has long been run by blue bloods who sacrifice and eat white babies in dungeons. They need a supply of white kids to sacrifice constantly. Tommy Robinson was hot on their trail. That’s why they have to gag him. British families lack the bullets to fight their own power structure, so people like Ian Josephs, a wealthy French businessman who is pro family helps Brits flee to more family friendly countries like France and Morocco when the British children’s services comes to steal their quota of white British kids to feed their Satanic minions.

  5. Don’t be fooled – Tommy Robinson is a Zionist shill.
    Problem: weaponized migration
    Reaction: ‘left wing’ useful idiots & societal weakening
    Solution: ‘right wing’ idiots & authoritarianism
    Israel is, and has been, supporting just about every single far-right movement in Europe who will accept its support in exchange for supporting Israel against ‘radical Islam’ in the Middle-East. It has created for itself any movement with the phrase ‘Defense League’ in it. That includes Tommy Robinson’s former comrades of the EDL – English Defense League.
    Israel is doing three things, following the basic ‘problem-reaction-solution’ formula. First of all, their influence should neither be over-estimated, nor under-estimated. There is a strategy of tension at play here, and it does not necessarily revolve around Israel, but also revolves around the US which is actually at odds with the EU. But Israel is undoubtedly gaming this whole thing.

    1. Good post.
      Any ‘right wing’ organization that demonstrates opposition to Zionism/world j3wry is promptly crushed or relegated to obscurity.
      When so called ‘right wing’ groups are pro Zionism, pro war on terror and steer well clear of the JQ they are not really doing anything but placating and distracting any resistance. Often appearing foolish doing so further crippling any true uprising.

  6. It’s my considered opinion that any prosecutor who has a case thrown out on appeal or a judge whose ruling in court are reversed on appeal needs to be thrown out of office or off the bench. Once a prosecutor gets his hands on a case, he doesn’t care one whit about possible innocence. All he wants is to add another ‘kill’ to his record. If he violates due process anywhere in the system, he should be jailed – for twice as long as the innocent victim of his prosecutorial abuse was sentenced. Any judge whose conduct against an accused person causes the case to be tossed on appeal, especially in cases of clearly demonstrable bias, needs to be stripped of power and possibly imprisoned.
    Those insiders who abuse the justice system need to be most thoroughly punished.

  7. No, he was thrown back in prison for breaching his bail conditions for attempting to pervert the course of justice a PREVIOUS time.
    Unsurprisingly the court took a dim view of him trying the same stunt again, it does take a special type of retard to live stream yourself breaching your own bail on social media too!
    By the way his real name is “Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon” and he’s convictions for just about everything from drugs to domestic violence against his female partner.
    He’s a piece of shit who only idiots think is some sort of icon.

    1. “he’s convictions for just about everything from drugs to domestic violence against his female partner.”
      Who hasn’t?
      If they put everyone in jail who had taken drugs or slapped their women, there would hardly be anyone outside the jail system.

    2. Drug convictions and DV convictions are favored pet rackets of all you stick in the mud (((government))) pieces of sh¡t. You must be one!

    3. “By the way his real name is “Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon” and he’s convictions for just about everything from drugs to domestic violence against his female partner.”
      Are those bad things?

  8. Look at the rough slut face of that woman in the last picture……. She’s been spit roasted.
    As for the UK, write it off, place is done.

    1. Pretty much all white nations are write offs by that criteria. No free speech, no avenues to oppose globalism.
      Where do we stand and fight?

  9. Another Israel first ‘white nationalist’
    “This is why we need to bomb the Middle East and have a war on ‘terror’ for israel g0yim. Everything will be ok if the hordes sent to displace us just conform”

  10. I believe that you cannot be found guilty of defamation if the words you spoke were true … can you still be in contempt of a court if you can prove that it was in fact contemptible?

  11. Roosh freestatr is down but maker support is still working and is bigger and better and has bigger people as freestartr was the wrong choice in the first place as it was too small and precariouus. Get on maker support to raise funds!! Maker support seems to be allowed by the over lords of the worlds financial systems for the time being and also has a free speech policy or at least used to and allowed Weev for a while i believe tho.

  12. You are all being fooled again. Tommy Robinson is a pro-israel zionist. He only helps out Britons so much, but as long as the west kowtows to their masters in Tel Aviv, the muslim problem will never go away. Feminism will never go away. Communism (21st century liberalism, socialism, call it what you will) will never go away.
    Keep spreading the word and waking people up to who you cannot criticize, and when you have strength in numbers, then can you strike at the head of the serpent. If there was once chance to attack and destroy one enemy, and you had to pick destroy feminism, destroy islamic jihadism, destroy rapefugees and migrant invasions, destroy liberals and all their ilk, or destroy the propaganda machine (zionist/nwo/bankers/think tanks) that allows all of these entities to exist, flourish, and leech the life out of the rest of the world. You destroy the machine, then the rest will fall in quick succession.

  13. #tommyrobinson spent 23.5 hours a day in solitary confinement living on 1 tin of tuna and piece of fruit a day for over 2 months because he stood outside a court reporting on muslim men raping white girl children – the UK is in a very very very serious mess!!

  14. Why do you think so many people of English descent are spread out across the world? In the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand…To get off that miserable, forsaken island…Feminism and the women’s movement started in the 18th century in England. Any place you go to with a high standard of living, you will run into the Anglo-Saxon.
    Watch Mutiny on the Bounty! Those men had no desire to go back to that hell hole! They would rather stay in the Pitcairn Islands and Tahiti with a beautiful, brown skinned Pacific Islander.

  15. You Native Brits don’t even realize
    you’re gonna be exterminated.
    Your Constabulary will round
    you up with ease, since you
    have no 2nd Amendment.
    At least over here; when
    (not if) the fateful day
    arrives, they will get
    f*cked up once and
    for all. The most
    they got are a
    few MRAPs
    and body

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