Some Women Only Marry Men They Can Cheat On

In the past I wrote about an Italian friend who taught me how to play “real-life Tinder.” One of his specialties, if you want to call it that, are Polish and Ukrainian women who are in relationships. He concluded that a Polish woman will only marry a man she knows she can cheat on, which is compatible with my own experiences in Poland. After further consideration, I started to wonder if that could be applied to all women.

In Poland, it’s common to see attractive women with “beetroots,” the local slang for a standard-issue Polish man who always happens to be far uglier than his woman. In a globalized world where a Polish woman can date any man from the world, why marry a beetroot? The answer is that Polish women are aggressive and blatant with cheating.

I’ve seen Polish women grind on other men in the club while the drunk boyfriend was nearby; I’ve heard incredible stories of Polish men allowing their girlfriends to enjoy what is essentially a single lifestyle; and I’ve been on the receiving end of many casual sex encounters from women who had Polish boyfriends. If you have a Mediterranean or African look, it’s almost a guarantee that any Polish girl you sleep with already has a boyfriend, or a man who at least considers himself the boyfriend.

Even when a Polish girl gets married, her eyes stay open for attractive men. I feel almost disturbed when one gives me long eye contact while holding hands with her man. Polish women are smart with securing their future by marrying a beta male at a relatively young age (though that is changing for the worse), but that doesn’t stop their pursuit of alpha cock on the side. This is far better than the American woman strategy of wasting prime years with alpha males to only look for a beta when it’s too late.

Not only does a Polish woman marry the beta male, but she settles on one she know will be so clueless to her true nature that she will be able to take a trip every summer to Spain or Greece with her girlfriends. Sadly, I’ve also seen other Eastern European men get cucked in this manner.

A common manosphere belief is that women want strong, dominant men. This is not the full truth. A woman wants to fuck strong, dominant men, preferably when she already have a stable provider, and maybe even cuck her husband with superior alpha seed, but she doesn’t necessarily want to marry the alpha. There are two reasons why: (1) a true alpha offers little long-term stability since he has so much choice in women, and (2) he can’t be controlled.

When it comes to marriage, most women will choose the rich beta provider who she can dictate terms to over the less resourceful but sexy alpha. In fact, many women specifically marry men they know are much uglier than they can get to maintain a dominant frame in the relationship where the man is more scared to lose her than the other way around.

If you don’t believe me, simply think of all the men you know who are married or in long-term relationships. Are they dominating their women? Are they upholding strict standards? Are they fielding multiple sexual offers from other women? The answer is that a man who willingly gets into a long-term monogamous relationship is opposed to being the real alpha that women get instantaneous sexual excitement for, because to voluntarily enter a relationship with a woman means to compromise and bend your masculine will for the sake of comfort, stability, love, and female happiness. You’re still a man if you get married, but you’re likely not the type of man that many women who already have beta providers would cheat on and sacrifice their relationships for.

The very word “husband” further proves the point. The images that don’t come to mind when you envision one are warrior, killer, barbarian, sexy, or famous. Instead, you may think of words like compliant, hard worker, reliable, hen-pecked, fatigued, and boring. I may very well be a husband some day, so I’m not criticizing those who are married, but the nature of marriage will stuff a man into a beta male mold that then creates desire in his wife for an alpha.

Therein lies the double-edged sword: either you started off as alpha but marriage softened you into a beta or your wife picked you out because you were beta and offered her the comfort and stability that the previous alphas in her life didn’t. If she picked you because you’re a beta, which is what happens in Poland, that means she has room for an alpha in her life, and sees you as someone who wouldn’t interfere with that plan.

Strangely enough, men who are most successful with long-term relationships are not the most alpha. Women want to feel attraction to a man but she also wants to exercise all the options that modern feminism allows her. She wants to work, party with friends in venues that serve alcohol, flirt with other men, and take girls-only vacations. She doesn’t want to be limited or controlled compared to her peer group, and the only man who won’t dare to wrangle her choices is the beta male.

I ended things with one girl because I wouldn’t tolerate behavior that other men she had known would. It’s no surprise that her next boyfriend was not only more beta than me, but more beta than her. When it comes to getting laid, being alpha is key, because it’s raw attraction that you transmutate into fast sex, but it’s not the key for relationships. This is why men who are good at casual sex often don’t get into relationships and men who are good at relationships don’t get much casual sex.

The best solution we have to this problem is to be the alpha provider, meaning that you satisfy both alpha and beta desires within a woman to ensure that a relationship is successful:

The fabled Alpha Provider is the captain of his ship and has the genuine respect and adoration of both his woman and his children. He does not tolerate foolishness in his household and is quick to punish such shenanigans. But he is equally bountiful whereas he rewards his woman for the nurturing of his brood, her sexual loyalty, and the upkeep of his domicile and property. Though it took him quite a while, his patience and red pill wisdom allowed him to successfully find a woman worthy to be his first mate.

The verdict is still out on if this can work in the real world, but it is the one that I am open to attempting. I’ll tread the middle between being an attractive, dominant man while also showing that I’m ready to provide for my family. The problem with this approach is that a woman doesn’t expect to have both the alpha and beta in one man, and they much rather compartmentalize them like Polish women do.

In the end, I rather be seen as a side dick to a girl than a stable provider because then I will experience no hidden deceit in believing she loves me while fooling around behind my back. In other words, I choose truth over love, because I know that if a woman has targeted me for marriage, it won’t necessarily be my idea of what a marriage should be.

The above article was first published on Roosh V

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49 thoughts on “Some Women Only Marry Men They Can Cheat On”

    1. This is really easy,
      If a woman lives in a country that gives her welfare, you shouldn’t marry her.
      So essentially all white women are worthless and only good for a pump and dump.

      1. Bingo! Welfare undermines the value of a provider and weakens relationships.
        But I think most ROK readers won’t get this because they haven’t spent long enough in welfareless states to appreciate how it changes the game.

        1. My thoughts exactly. Life outside the west couldn’t be better. Women are feminine, cost of living is cheaper, and being a man actually means something.
          Welfare is the problem and unless it goes away (it won’t) women will continue to take full advantage of it while being true to their nature.
          I’ve seen so many men throw their life away because they believed in some bitch. But hey, can’t put all the blame on these hoe’s because men should know better than to believe in fairy tales.
          I get it… I’ve been that man. Fortunately I learned my lesson young and the damage was repairable. Sadly, for most men, this epiphany will come too late or never come at all.
          So if you’re a man reading this (regardless of age), leave the comforts of home behind for at least a year and and give this a try. Even Roosh himself has lived this truth and the reason he is wise beyond his years is because he left home in search of new booty to plunder.
          Trust me, life can get a whole lot better once you leave the walls of the barn…

      2. It is very simple.
        Any Man (in the West) that marries a Woman who is NOT his financial equal… a fool. End of.
        By putting a ring on it….you are sending her a message that you are now her thirsty inferior. She KNOWS this.
        Who but a fool would invite the State(as her lawyer) into his personal life….knowing full well the divorce and the suicide rates (suicide rates for divorced men = +100% compared to never married men).
        Don’t be a fool…give up the idea of a unicorn.
        If she is not your financial equal = No Marriage No cohabitation.

        1. Age also factors into “financial equality.” I’m married to a woman significantly older (before I knew any better!), and while we have roughly equal assets, she is much closer to retirement than I am.
          If we get divorced I suspect a judge may shaft me despite our “equality.”

        2. Not really,
          One can do a faith based wedding nuptial ceremony without ever applying for a marriage license. Or Common Law as was the custom. No need to run down to the county for a ‘license’
          Why some of you fail to recognize this, Ill never know.
          Wife stays at home and raises white children, the way it is intended. What youre describing is a modern marriage that is prone to fail, as its based on nothing but a financial contract. Marry smart, and have children. Multiply. Be fruitful.

      3. Should include any woman you take to your country that promotes welfare. You’re screwed then too.

      4. True. If a woman lives in a country that gives her welfare she’s already married. But not to you. You just get to pay for her marriage.

      5. Such a J EW comment, John.
        Men Marry for Heirs, Wedlock fulfills that purpose.
        Among LDS and Catholics divorce is less than 20%. Find conservative young girls among them, agree on matters of finances, and your risk of divorce is in single digits.
        White babies will only come from white women. You may not like that as a
        J ew, but others of us would like a white world. Id pump n dump a Latina or Asian girl if I was so inclined, but never marry one. And honestly, wouldnt waste my time on such things. Instant gratification= total j EW

        1. Nowadays, women (including White women) are ok with popping out bastards & either going on welfare or marrying some beta. Therefore, men can have heirs, without burdening themselves with onerous roles of husband, dad or provider.

  1. With that shit white beard and autistic hair you got you also dont give the impression of a warrior or barbarian. More like the wise aspie hermit with weird theories thinking novody likes him because of strange conspirqciea. Not even an husband because that would imply getting laid and submitting and a true aspie is too proud to submit to the evil foids

  2. What about just marrying an average or slightly below average-looking girl if you don’t want to deal with this shit? Her options would be limited, and you could raise a nice family.

    1. try that get into a relantioh ship with a 6, no matter her rank she still want to have fun. I end the relationship because she began associating witn known promosiucus women who hate men who partied every saturday with the YOLO mentallity, I told her that I don´t like the idea of her friend constantly pushing her to go clubbing and pushing her to suck dick. I known the drill sooner or later some of you will end in the house of one chad after she implores you to stick around. I known what´s next, alcohol with a group of women cheering to do it, women love to get social points, alcohol plus bad company and hamstering equals the classic “I don´t know how that happen” and “that does not count” hamster BS. AWALT even the 5s and 6s. I end the relationship there, take into consideration that the was barely a 6 who was young. She was cute, young and very thin, her attractiveness was incremented for being very young (18yo), she starting gaining weight and the nightlife and alcohol consumption was destroying his youthful appearance she was downgrading herself to 4s and 5s territory, so I ran faster away.

    2. No John, the key is regularly banging specific whores (so you gain some familiarity and get that “girlfriend experience”) or entering into a sugar-daddy / sugar-baby relationship with specific financial terms. Both situations allow you to bang young hotties while likely spending less money on sex than the average married schlub does. No need to demean yourself and bang below-average pussy, when young hot pussy can often be had for the same or slightly more $$$ — in Mexico or SA, at least.

      1. I agree if you just want to bang. But if you want the marriage and family thing, as the article implies, everybody should be able to see from the media even the most alpha rock star/movie star does not have game enough to deal with beautiful women. Even they get fucked over with modern hypergamy. So if you want a family, even though Duncan is right, sometimes you can’t even trust 5s and 6s, that’s your best bet.
        Song for you, Dr. Hook, “When you’re in love with a beautiful woman”

    3. If you marry to breed offspring, it should be with two women Roosh. And never officially marry with the state. Just cohabitate and breed. Call them your friends or baby mamas or wives proper or say they’re the cleaning ladies. It depends on who’s asking, otherwise it’s none of their business unless they’re your allies and the state is never your ally any more than Mr Death or the Taxman. Your bank loan officer and landlord are never your true friends either. They are in the same boat as the taxman and the grim reaper. Shit test them and see if you don’t believe it.
      But marriage to two women should be done out in the woods by a creek by some unlicenced feral mountain man preacher if you want to make it official. That’s as official as marriage to two women can get in the cucked west. True matrimony is a covenant you and your women make with God Almighty himself. The state can take a hike otherwise. It is none of their business. What happens under the patriarch’s wing stays there and whatever info goes to the state is privy unless the PATRIARCH SAYS SO. The PATRIARCH is boss. It’s YOUR balls and YOUR seedline we’re talking here. Patriarchs everywhere need to stand up and assert this divine right. Your seedline is YOURS and not the state’s. YOU selected ye women to breed YOUR seed did you not?? Monsanto doesn’t own your DNA. It’s YOURS. Hail the Patriarchy.
      Basically TWO WOMEN are easier in the (lifelong) long run to maintain in an extended supportive domesticity than one single dependent breeder woman. It’s EASIER flat out on both you, your ankles and your lower back if ya know what I mean.
      Now here’s the important thing about TWO WIVES that you have to get right in the beginning – – and that is they can’t be similar like identical twins or it won’t work. Ergo they can’t be both super smart or super dumb. But they can both be super hot or ordinary or whatever. But one dumb chick compliments one smart chick in any trio sex wise and domestically in the mule tasks. One monogamous dumb wife equals the gallows for the best rocket scientist of a man and one monogamous smart wife also equals effective castration for the same man. But the man who is good with the wrench can assemble differing task oriented women together into an amazing working breeding machine. A finished whizzing breeding clan trio is always an amazing thing for neighboring patriarchs to behold.

    4. A typical guy does exactly that. But why? He’s stuck with a woman who doesn’t physically excite him. And he’s stuck supporting kids who will (most likely) go on to be losers, since they have 1/2 of mom’s shitty genes.

  3. Pre 1960s America, before women’s liberation, widely available contraception, yes, stable monogamous long term relationships were possible. Those days are gone.
    I don’t believe it’s possible to be a ‘alpha provider.’
    I live in a part of America where you can keep a poor girl on a short leash. Inevitably, they will all start wanting more financial investment out of you. If you give in, your done.
    Do I even care anymore knowing the true nature of women?

  4. ” If you have a Mediterranean or African look, it’s almost a guarantee that any Polish girl you sleep with already has a boyfriend, or a man who at least considers himself the boyfriend.”
    Oh yes, Roosh V is a Middle Easterner so that’s why he is so popular among white women.

  5. Women are always testing the red lines of a man.
    That’s normal. Even my beloved hunting dog tests me if I’m still able to be the leader of the pack, or if he has to do the job. So does wifey.
    A short unsentimental fight and all is quiet on the family front for the next 3 month.
    And every alpha rates down his testosteron level by pheromon showers, if his wife turns pregnant.
    So be careful guys!😁

  6. Gentlemen, lets concede one matter:
    All women are like this, tis the demeanor that veils this character that nature has bestowed on women for their survival.
    Having lived extensively in CEE (central and eastern europe) the women have a different modus operandi underneath the surface of being feminine. Its very hard for the western male to get past this hence the barbaric situations they face with women in the west. If you can’t delve beneath this it becomes fool’s ploy my man, fools ploy.
    Once you know that all women are prone to this, it feels painful, but alas making peace with this alleviates suffering and will make you more prepared than Abraham Lincoln’s axe, with your next relationship.

  7. I think part of the issue is two fold.
    1. Social media, women are constantly bombarded with whats’ new and better every waking moment. Seeing their newly divorced girlfriends “having their time of their lives” on Facebook but are crying into their pillow at home because they can’t find someone.
    2. No delegation of roles for the household. Marriage counseling asks to be wedded couples who will do the various tasks out and around the house like dishes, who will pay the bills, what’s to be expected of one another etc. Most couples just seem to jump in feet first without any real understanding of what needs to be done for a successful happy marriage

  8. This is insane. Not only are you insulting Polish women, but you are making the enemity between genders even greater. You all need to grow the fuck up. Seriously. Go to a shrink to help you deal with your issues.

  9. Essentially what Roosh is trying to say: “Eastern European girls are actually worse that White girl in the US and Canada. However, I cannot say that openly…since for years I was parroting that the place was full of feminine and traditional women.”
    Roosh, face it: Polish girls (and most Eastern European girls, for that matter) are FAR worse than American/Canadian women. Their rampant promiscuity would make an average Western European/North American club slut on shame. And they are the most money-oriented women out there, bar none. Provider game, you say? It won’t work. Roosh probably had more disposable income than 99% of men in that Polish town where he resided- yet his girls still cheated on him. (If you can read between the lines, you realized that.)
    Mind you , Eastern European guys probably understand what Roosh & co don’t. That why 99% of Eastern European male migrants who arrived to the West never marry/date women of their own kind. They usually do everything to date women of any ethnicity except Eastern European.
    On on thing Roosh is right : if you have the African/Middle Eastern look, you will be able to get laid in Eastern Europe and the Balkans (with the exception of Albania and Kosova – the last two ethnic and conservative societies in Europe. – but changing rapidly) with relative ease.
    So if that applies to you, and you just want to pump-and-dump, by all means, go there. Otherwise, forget it.

    1. Peter Frazer – Your observations are as the British say “spot on.” I never understood the allure of Slavic women. I grew up in a city where Poles were the most numerous white ethnic group. Not only that but up until recent times there were still significant numbers of immigrants from Eastern Europeans, competing for jobs with hordes of Mexicans and Central Americans. In any case I found Slavic women to have wooden unfriendly personalities and to be financially mercenary in the extreme. Not only that but they seem to hit the wall hard sometime between the ages of 35-45. As bad as things are in Western Europe and the Anglosphere you are better off with a woman from there than one from Eastern Europe. One more thing, Polish women are feminist to the core. Poland has a hideously low fertility rate. Face it all you WNs out there. White women have brought civilization to the brink of destruction and it may be too late to do anything about it.

    2. Peter Frazer
      You’re correct. Russian men in overseas are choosing non white women over Russian women. Like this Russian guy in USA choose a chocolatey black girl instead of an obnoxious coldhearted Eastern European/Russian bitch.

      1. Hes a dumbass Oil Driller. Who cares?
        Russians still appreciate fine white women. As does any and every other man.
        They are the pinnacle.
        So many Fn j ews here, its like a bar mitzveh.

  10. It seems this article can be summed up thus:
    Some women you shouldn’t marry. (All if they’re from the US. Or UK. Or France. Sweden. Germany too. Finland isn’t too great either. 🙂 )

    1. Hm, that’s exactly to the point.
      You listed the big cuckistans, but you forgot Canada and the other anglo countries like AU, NZ.

  11. Mr. Frazer, commendations on your astute observations.
    I consider that you have more greater grasp of how things are unwinding in Eastern Europe. The majority of gentleman here have a portrayal of being the main man, being foreign and special attention and making love to multiple women and finding a wife.
    Grossly mistaken.
    During my stints in corporations (originally i was sent over as part of a repackaging to Eastern Europe, but alas that is for another rant) it is a microcosm of western ideals. The corporations here are vehemently pushing American liberalism and enforcing as many women regardless how incompetent to take the utmost middle to senior management.
    When the women from Eastern Europe come to the U.K. they gravitate to foreigners and especially if they have the currency for a lavish lifestyle. If it doesn’t work they go back to Libor or Petr after being ejaculated in and on ferociously by foreigners and then carry disdain for their husband.
    The mindset of the Eastern European men who work for these women is boggling. One has to see this in action to fully make a comprehension that you will analyse for the months to come.
    As stated, this is just another modus operandi, they all have this and you need to be on your best form because the thirst is the same.
    Side note: The Thirst. A horror movie based on what happens when men start to worship women and lose the raisen d’etre. The whole planet is on the brink of destruction but a handfl of crack red pill men led by Major D. RV are sent to take it down.
    Out this summer, rated: banned by liberals.
    I enjoyed your summary of the situation. Well done.

  12. Sorry buy women will not genuinely care about you as long as your life isn’t on the line.
    Alphas are alphas because they’ve killed, maimed, kidnapped, burned. Literally some death defying behaviors.
    Our current state doesn’t exactly allow for us to be worthwhile emotional investments for women.
    Just cycle through women and stop wondering what they are thinking.

  13. I didn’t read the harangue. You’re not enitled to speak about marriage, because you don’t know what is a marriage like from your own experience.

  14. You’re getting to be a querulous greybeard rocking an enlarged prostate.
    Time for you to return to the lands of sand and find a nice goat. Make sure it’s a -4 or it will cheat on you.

  15. I believe I have at one point fulfilled the alpha-provider role for a female. I was absolutely dominant and she was ever so satisfied with her position; blow jobs on command, never heard the word no from her, cooked, laundry etc. However, I also would buy her things and take her out – not all the time mind you, I would have her pay fairly often. She was also aware of my current financial security and the potential of even more earnings in the future.
    We were very happy with each other for a time but my own desire for personal growth overcame my substantial desire to be with her. She respected my decision and understood that it was not because I didn’t think she was great but because I didn’t think I was as great as I could be. That I need more time alone to further myself. Multiple times she would contact me just to say she still supported me and that she cared about me months after the parting. She even messaged me on my birthday year. I think this ideal is the only way that a marriage can be successful. A leader, unyielding in his control but also giving of himself to his mate.

  16. It is absolutely possible to be an alpha provider and I believe that most women would prefer that. My husband is one such man and there isn’t much I would not do for him. It is exciting, safe, convenient, fun, free of distress. I feel a tremendous sense of security, gratitude, respect, appreciation, loyalty, and love for this man who takes care of me while also maintaining frame. I don’t have to worry about anything but making him happy.
    I’m sure it’s more work for him to be both alpha and provider and maybe that is why most men don’t want to do it. He would tell you it’s worth it though. I have seen even him struggle with being tough on the woman he loves and maintaining a balance of care that doesn’t seem too beta.
    Every man who wants a good woman should strive to alpha provider but know it is not for the weak or lazy!

  17. Every cock-carouselling, monkey-branching, raised on “Friends” and “Sex and the City” cunt I ever had to suffer all had the same opinion on gun ownership: “I won’t be with a guy who might get angry and shoot me”.
    (Typical Cuntus Americanus, so programmed, does not consider the racks of cutlery and raw strength all around. Women should not be allowed to vote)
    Why would they presume somebody is going to get angry enough to kill them?
    Could it be that they do things that they figure will enrage some people?
    It’s always a tell.

  18. here are a couple facts about women from the U S that tell a deeper story: American women initiate divorce 75% of the time…AFTER divorce men are more likely than women to kill themselves at a ratio of 3:1. what I derive from these statistics is that women aren’t as emotionally invested in men (which is part of the point Roosh has highlighted in this article.

  19. If a girl is married to you and she fucks other dudes, you should gather as muvh proof as possible, divorce her abd take half of her money. Thats actually a good thing. Then u go and get a younger girl. Easy money earnt.

  20. Being a happily married “Alpha Provider” is very much possible. I myself pulled it off. Been married the better part of two decades now, never regretted it a single day. My wife has always respected me as the head of the household, defers to me in all decisions, keeps herself sexy, fit, and attractive for me, doesn’t nag me, never refuses me sex, and is teaching our kids to respect Dad as the leader of the family and head of the household. She will quite readily and explicitly refer to herself as my “surrendered wife”, as my “submissive housewife”, and as a good wife who “knows her place.”
    It’s an amazing experience to live a lifestyle so contradictory to the nutbag feminists in our society. And you know what? It’s not just me it works for. The irony (from a feminist POV) is that my wife could not be happier or more content, as she tells me all the time.
    The downside? It’s a lot of responsibility to take on, to be the leader of the family…who is responsible for ALL decisions, and responsible to financially provide for the family (my wife has been a SAHM for almost 15 years). But I don’t mind..I look at it as part of being a man. At least I get the rewards that go along with it – a peaceful home, a loving wife, adoring children, etc.
    Btw, my wife explicitly thanks me almost everyday for “working so hard to take care of me and the children”. She has taught the kids to regularly thank me as well. It’s amazing how far just a little consideration like that goes!
    So in summary, if you’re the kind of guy who’s so inclined, I highly recommend finding and marrying a NAWALT and settling into the role of Alpha Provider. The rewards can be great. As I said, I’ve never regretted it.
    P.S. I posted something similar to this at Dalrock’s site, and the guys in the comments ripped me a new one. “Don’t you know”, they whined and screamed, “there’s no such thing as a NAWALT? How dare you claim it’s possible to find one, wife her up, and live a happy family life! Marriage can only result in endless misery and the total destruction of the husband…don’t you know that, dumbass? I hope she leaves you tomorrow and takes you to the cleaners!”
    Lol, bitter much? But those guys aren’t jealous, no…no way, lol. Really sad. They don’t realize that in their current frame of mind, they guarantee their own dreaded outcome. As a wise man once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

  21. I suspect that women only decide to marry a man if they catch the man having feelings for them. The catch here, of course, is that betas let their feelings all hang out, whereas alphas only let their feelings leak out by accident.
    This may be one reason women run, for example, jealousy ploys: to see if the man they’re interested in shows a flash of jealousy. They’re not really interested in the man getting into possessive-Arab mode and starting fights — which would indicate an insecure beta — but they’re not going to marry an alpha who never reacts to anything, as he’d be far too much of a cheating risk.

  22. For those who still don’t believe AWALT;
    there was a song on Funkmaster Flex Volume 3
    the lyrics said: You think the way to teach a bitch
    is to eat a bitch? No stupid mothafcka you gotta
    beat a bitch, dats how you reach a bitch, who
    think she all dat, whip her one time
    two minutes she’ll call back.
    **Follow his advice

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