4 Reasons Why You’re Failing To Find A Good Woman

The “player “ lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Hell, most men don’t want to be “players,” and by that I mean they don’t enjoy the process of playing the game. More than anything, men want to be secure in their ability to get sex when they want it, but they don’t want to burn so many calories pursuing the base, biological urge to orgasm.

Even experienced players can spend time, money, energy, and emotional investments trying to get laid only to be left watching Pornhub alone at the end of the night. That’s the main reason so many young men want loyal women; they don’t want families (even though they should)—they just want to get laid and move on with their lives.

And yet, so many men today complain about not being able to find wife material. They blame society and feminism and the chosen people, but the reason you, the man reading this, can’t find wife material is that you’re not willing to work for it. Yes, western decadence and degeneracy have shrunk the pool of good women, but that’s not why you haven’t found a good woman. Men out there are still finding good women.

So why aren’t you?

1. You’re Expectations Are Too High

Here’s the truth behind each young man’s complaint about modern women. When they ask, “Where can I find a good woman?” they really mean, “Where can I find a young, beautiful virgin who loves to give blowjobs but only wants to give them to me and who cooks well, cleans, doesn’t spend money, avoids social media, doesn’t have any baggage, and respects her elders?” You don’t want a wife or a good woman, you want a beautiful virgin-sex slave-maid servant.

Women are people and people have flaws. There’s a girl out there who might want to blow you in-between cooking and cleaning for you, but she’s definitely not a virgin and she’s probably chubby (to put it nicely). You want an ideal, a fantasy woman. The best advice I give men I know is to lower their standards for happiness. You might just meet your standards for happiness if you don’t set them impossibly high.

2. You’re Not Willing To Sacrifice

Jeff Bezos earned his wife, with whom he has four children. Notice that she still looks great at almost 50 years old

There are beautiful virgin-sex slave-maid servants out there, but why would they choose you? Good women typically come from good families. They know their value, and it’s greater than yours.

If you’re not a player, how much are you worth today? How about five years from now? If the answer to either of those questions isn’t $1 million forget about getting the woman you envision. She can get a millionaire. What exactly are you sacrificing to be as valuable as good women, who are increasingly rare and in-demand in such desolate times?

If you are a player, why would a good woman want you? Getting with you lowers her value because she loses the ideal that men want. As a player, you spend your time banging loose women, you don’t have much value to good women with family and domestic values. If she gets with you, by definition, she isn’t a good woman anymore. You’d have to give up the player lifestyle for a few years before genuinely seeking a good woman. Otherwise, as a player, your inability to find a good woman becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The regular guys aren’t busting their butts spending time and energy to get a good woman, but neither are the players willing to sacrifice casual sex with loose women. Why should you expect to get something valuable without sacrificing for it?

3. You’re Not Mormon

I’m not Mormon, nor do I particularly like or dislike Mormon people, but Mormon women are good women. If you really wanted a good-looking woman (especially guys who prefer white women) who cleans and cooks and isn’t a whore but will do what you want in the bedroom, you’d convert to Mormonism. The reason you’re not a Mormon is that you don’t want to sacrifice your time for church, alcohol, caffeine, R-rated movies, etc.

From a study by Brigham Young University’s Family and Demographic Research Institute

Even red-pilled men can have a sense of entitlement. Even we can blame feminism and the deep state for a problem when a solution to that problem is right in front of us. Do you want a truly good woman? Make the sacrifices, convert at your local LDS church, sell your car and ride a bike, and go on a mission to convert aborigines to Mormonism. You’ll get that good wife.

4. You’re Looking For Shortcuts

You already knew about Mormons. You also know you haven’t done much to earn that good woman most men seek. You also already know deep down that what you want is an ideal, not a genuine person. But instead of doing things the hard way, making the necessary improvements and sacrifices to attract a good woman, you’ll look for a shortcut.

How many guys travel to Southeast Asia for a wife while knowing nothing about the culture there? Western men think that Laos (or wherever) is filled with beautiful virgin-sex slave-maid servants eager to worship a Western cock. Guess again. Those women are flawed too. The more shortcuts you take the more you feel the burn. How many American men have been divorce raped by Filipina women?

It’s the same in Eastern Europe and South America. The good women there don’t want you any more than the good women of your own country. They can smell that you’re not worthy and that you’re trying to take a shortcut. The bad women there will gladly take advantage of you. They’ll fool you into thinking they’re good women because you don’t know any better and you have already put them on a pedestal in your mind.


So stop asking where to find wife material. Be worthy of wife material by doing it the hard way: sacrifice and energy and effort and being good husband material. Accept that women will always have some flaws, though some women are undoubtedly better than others. You can lead a woman who will follow you to improve herself as you improve yourself. It won’t be easy, but you also won’t have to search for sex whenever you feel the urge.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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113 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You’re Failing To Find A Good Woman”

    1. “It’s the same in Eastern Europe and South America. The good women there don’t want you any more than the good women of your own country.”
      Marry a girl in a country with favourable laws towards a husband, and keep her in that country, once you bring her back to the USA she can divorce rape you as well as your fellow countrywomen.
      As for Laos, that’s a communist hellhole that doesn’t allow a foreigner alone in a room with a local woman. Try being a PUA in Laos and rot in prison for several years (the hotel gets a reward for reporting you so don’t ever try it).

      1. The author is wrong about the $1M.
        $1M to $2M range net worth not nearly enough to snag hotties for free. Emphasis on free. At least in NY, Ca, or Fl…Civilized regions of Fl., that is.

        1. Apparently, Angelina Jolie (net worth $160M), is suing Prad Pitt for child support, even though none of the kids are his, and she has more money than she can ever hope to spend.
          Western divorce rape madness in action!

      2. Dude, there are so many Eastern European women that come in to my work in the US, I don’t feel I would fit in much if I decided to stay a few weeks in Prague, Kiev or Bratislava. Most here that stay in the US, already exhibit, self centered, Western behavior…Its true they’re a little more respectful towards men then an Anglo bitch but where the Anglo bitch is now, the Slav is only 5-6 years off. So, they’re in 2013, while Anglo Bitch is already in the 2020’s. 2013 was a bad year for most Western men. Not much different! I think everyone is about to be on the same page very, very soon! Nowhere to run by then!

    2. As long as we continue to live in societies where the majority rules, (the majority being Betas and omegas) we will continue this downward spiral into oblivion.

    3. Butthurt much? This hits way too close to home for you. Let me guess you must be the dad bod schlep sitting on the couch yanking his peeper all day long to the porno insisting he isn’t going to settle for anything less than a 9 right?
      You’re exactly like the femfatties who think they’re entitled to the millionaire 6’4 basketball player when you’re both equally unattractive, dumb af and deluded.

    4. Balanced article Mr. Trueheart.
      I don’t dispute that humble self improvement to make one a worthwhile man and husband is a valid course of action as is not having a sense of entitlement about anything in life including the idea that one is owed a great wife because one is a worthy man.
      However, I want to point out that most women, whether in the US or abroad, aren’t worthy of a good man. The sacrifice you make to be a better man and good potential husband should be for yourself and not to get a wife or the attention or approval of any other person.

  1. A reminder of some things to consider, indeed. The standards lowering is controversial, brought up every so often in posts (Roissy has himself suggested to a degree). I have had luck now later in life with relatively recent widows, traditionally minded, who are slightly above plain-looking but are solid 7s all made up for a semi-formal night out (and back :)… For younger guys, take a closer look at the friendly nerdy girls who are ‘into’ both you and perhaps a technical field, don’t dress like hookers, then apply the mental dress-up program in your mind before others do.

  2. So True. In these hard times good woman are always around their good church and are encouraged not date outside of their church the woman who does not fornicate the pone you want for a wife does not want a man who does not believe in God has has no time for God. You are drinking having sex with sluts she does not need you there are ten church guys pulling a ring asking for marriage and you are trying to sleep with her she will choose the church boy unless if she is not real or you are an outsider but very wealthy and asking for marriage as well otherwise she will be banished if she just gives herself for nothing to you.

  3. Bezos wife looks like an alien in a skin suit..uhf…shivers…..WNB. Bezos looks like Pinnochio sans hat.

    1. Sensible article by Mr Trueheart, unfortunately too many “know better” already, so it will likely go over their heads. Entitlement unfortunately runs in both sex camps, the women’s though is artificially imposed and societally induced, men’s entitlement tend to be from already being through the ringer, burned and divorced raped a couple times, and due to experience. In the latter case, if you get divorced twice, you should not be thinking at all about going round three with dumbass. I wont, I learned my lesson, I set my standards so high to ARTIFICIALLY price myself out of dumbass as a self protective measure, and I have never been happier. My oldest keeps telling me that I have women everywhere I go trying to hit on me and get my attention, but I have become so numb to the stupid antics, its like its not happening at all. I love denying them satisfaction, I wish I could actively savor their disappointment more and to watch them suffer the true bitterness of their complete UNIMPORTANCE, but it also keeps me from gagging all the time as there is so few that even have visual appeal at all.

      1. Staying single is so very much easier than having to pick your way through this entire “Good Woman” morass.
        Reality is that people change. And even if she’s a “Good Woman” now, there’s no guarantee that she’ll be one in, say, seven years or so. (And for that matter, you won’t be the same person either.) Just ask any guy who’s ever gone though a divorce.
        Easier just to focus on yourself and your ambitions while safeguarding your finances than wander all dimwitted and idiot-grinning – for the time being anyway – into the unmapped but certain minefield that is modern marriage. That battlefield is littered with the trusting smucks who had their financial and emotional legs blown off, thinking that it would never happen to them. Do you really think that you’re going to be luckier than they were, that your plan is so much better? Really??
        Yeah, OK, maybe you’ll get lucky and be the big winner in the marriage game. Maybe. But like entering any casino – all bright and shiny and exciting to get you through the door – the certain odds are very much against you. (And at least the casino gives you free drinks instead of a Honey-Do list and visits to her mother.)
        Just avoid the whole mess and be happy.
        Cynical, but hat’s my take anyway.
        Just a thought.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far. I can certainly see why some people wouldn’t.
        But being his wife for 25 years, she’s kept herself up quite well.

    2. If my math is right, Bezos qualifies for a harem of 10,000 loyal wives because he’s so filthy rich. It’s always been my belief that a man should take no more wives than he can support. But Bezos is so off the charts stinking rich that I’m blowing fuses here. How many women can a man physically screw if the pool were limitless? For Bezeos it is limitless.
      Seriously a man is just TOO STINKING RICH if his fortune exceeds the human capabilities of his own dick to service the projected number of sisterwives he could concievably support with the amount of money in question. A hardworking millionaire construction contractor guy or mega farmer might qualify for three to six wives so his estate has future generational support to continue the business – But Bezos?? My God Bezos would need a hundred offspring from ten wives at least to ensure that there are sufficient heirs to carry on with the fortune.
      But Bezos is lopsided. His fortune way too far exceeds his sexual prowess. He has only a single digit number of offspring from one post wall woman and that’s just soooo gat dang risky with that much loot. His whole immediate family clan could be killed instantly in a single Volkswagen crash because they could all fit in a Volkswagen Passat cray tel.
      Now if he had a harem spread of multiple wives (8+) with ever increasing numbers of offspring as heirs and prospective future managers of his empire – – than that would provide ostensible security. I get nervous whenever I think of how much wealth Bezos has and how it all hangs on the ever thin hair of a mere five or six mortal family members.

      1. i’m a bum and a gigolo according to my exe’s divorce attorney – I agree.
        And even I think i’m entitled to 10,000 8-10 harem…

    3. Bezos wife looks good because she can afford to bath in the blood of dead babies. Most women with lots of bucks do not have hard skin on their elbows or heels. She has to maintain because of all the gold diggers that no doubt are hiding under the bed. Life is tough when you have personal trainers, chefs, housekeepers and nannies. It is exhausting being married to the Amazonian Son of Satan. Those charity galas are a killer.

  4. Yes, of couse my expectations are too high after all wanting a wahman that doesn’t smoke today is just too much, how could I deny wahmyn the right to smoke, I’m being so selfish. Joke aside there should be reason 5: because u don’t look for a wahman at all.

      1. I deliberately use twisted version of “woman” to indicate that I refer to what I perceive to be the broken majority of them. Women is reserved for “decent” ones but since in these times it is hard to define what constitutes a decent one (if such a thing exists at all) it is simply easier to put them all in the broken category.

  5. So a man looking for a good wife should decide to just go make a fuckton of money or become a Mormon essentially. Seems reasonable.

    1. Money won’t save u, she could take ur money and dump u for the motorcycle bad boy and hit the road. Also marrying a man for money is not so fashionable these days, the modern social norms state that wahmyn should be independent and make their own money as HRs or lawyers or beautiful office faces.

      1. Youd have to be an idiot with said money to get taken.
        Tax Write Offs, Trusts, Firearms and art that she has no idea of etc.
        Show as little income as possible with your CPA.
        This isnt rocket science. That men still get taken almost amuses me.
        My dad did all of the above in the 1980s.

        1. Nope.
          If its illegally hidden sure.
          But you have her forensic accountants and legal teams; and the IRS up your ass…
          If it was easy everyone would escape…

  6. This is pedastalization at its finest. You can’t achieve blue pill ideals with red pill knowledge. The same girl who you deem to be a good woman will blow chad in the church parking lot. I’ve rammed virgin praise team leaders, virgin youth “pastors”, and girls fresh from sexless multi year ltr’s that held out for marriage only to branch swing to me and give me their vCard in three dates. All different ethnicities and nationalities. They will make wonderful wives one day.

    1. The only thing that involves “ramming” with you is taking it up the pooper from your strapping yound lad boyfriend. Everything you just said is fake and gay.

      1. Truth be told, the most predator people are those in positions of “trust” solely because of who they represent yet are anything but trustworthy as is later found out. These people naturally prey on people who are naïve and trusting and often very insecure such that when they are abused or victimized they cover it up for years before revealing it out of embarrassment. There are two job titles that the sociopaths use because they are grad a conmen/women. Teachers and religious leaders. The next most common title is Psychotherapist/Psychiatrist because they have the built in protection factor that their patients are already mentally ill so any complaints by them are immediately discounted as fantasy or fraud. The sociopaths KNOW this implicitly. You want to know where the real extreme perverts and pedophiles are, those three professions are it. Notice also that those professions are also held almost exclusively by leftists and communist simps, manipulation and trust games is their modus operandi.

        1. @deplorable
          There is much truth in your comment about teachers and “guru” /therapist types. Some athletic coaches are like that too. People should beware.

    2. real church girls will not go out with you without a chaperone.
      it must be thoise liberal churches while at it real churches have no female pastors

  7. It is what it is with the society today.
    But what is indisputable is, that pool of marriegable women in the west shrunk considerably (maybe to 10%?) in comparison to the say 50ies, when seemingly everyone got married.
    It doesn’t help to just “man up” to get married anymore, you know…

    1. Man up is pure shaming and manipulation language. people that say that deserve to have their tongues cut out with a dull dirty knife.

  8. The REAL reason is they are whores to the highest bidder, no loyalty, no respect for the male gender, it’s all about me attitude, they are whores and THEY ARE WHORES. What about hypergamy you ask? PFFT Not even in the top ten reasons.

  9. Assuming you do not want to sire children, the modern answer for many middle-class, middle-aged North American and European guys is a sugar-daddy / sugar-baby arrangement. No need to lower your standards. No need for Mormons. No need to bang anyone over 25-years old. In fact, it can be the ultimate shortcut.
    Make a short-term contract (3-month intervals) and spell out exactly what you want. Pay at the end of the week (or month) after services have been rendered. It’s best to think of this arrangement as extended Escort dates sprinkled with some “girlfriend experience.” Significant experience has taught me that these arrangements can transition into a more traditional GF / BF situation if the chemistry is right.
    This concept works best in South America and many parts of Asia, where economic conditions forces the young women to consider different economic strategies. With these arrangements, you are the BOSS and the girls tend to try really hard to earn their money. It’s amusing to see them on their best behavior and actually apologize when they must be on their phone when around you!! But when they stop trying hard or fail to appease you, don’t renew their contract and move on to the next vixen. Wash and repeat. The key is to figure out your budget and how many times you want to see them weekly, then clearly state such on a site like SA.com (seeking arrangements).
    Pro tip: don’t pay up front and never offer to pay for tuition / medical costs etc — just pay the cash at the end of the week as if you are the employer.

    1. Paying at the end of the week is not a fair deal for the girl, which means only desperate girls will accept such an arrangement. Correct way is as many coffee dates as she wants to feel comfortable before visiting your apartment (if you are offering a good deal, she should be anxious to proceed quickly and visit you after one date, but offering to go slow will reassure her), then you count the money together after you’ve both showered, then money remains on the table until after sex (to protect against snatch and run scammers and also in case shes a beginner and freaks out and can’t go through with the full sex, in which case she only gets paid for showing herself naked, whatever that is worth). She still has to worry about you taking the money back by force and you have to worry about false rape accusations. Intuition and street smarts is only way to deal with those issues.
      For subsequent visits, money should be on the table when she arrives, spread out so she can count with her eyes rather than vulgarly counting by hand. Counting is important since YOU might make a mistake. If she doesn’t count and later discovers the mistake, she has two options, both bad. Confront you, in which case you suspect her of trying to cheat. Not confront you, in which case she suspects you of trying to cheat. Always count in front of the other person immediately after cash is handed over, to avoid such a mess (or wors spread out so counting by eye possible). That goes for any business deal.
      Otherwise you’re right. Mistress type arrangements are wave of the future. Barter economics, which is what traditional dating amounts to, is much less efficient than auction type markets with cash prices. As the market for buying and selling sex, love, friendship (we already have a version of that with psychologists), massages, hugging, etc become more developed, prices should drop considerably. As with Uber, AirBnb, etc, there is a huge inventory of unused sex, love, friendship, etc that can and eventually will be auctioned off by market mechanisms.

      1. Points well taken, but forcing the girl to give it up once or twice without getting immediate cash (although she’s likely getting dinner and drinks bought for her) is a nice test that shouldn’t be overlooked. That’s my take it or leave it deal. I pay every Sunday, after getting 2 nuts on Wednesday night, 2 nuts on Saturday night and usually 1 nut Sunday morning before brunch. Chica gets paid later Sunday afternoon and maybe gets an item of clothing on sale from the mall every other week if she’s been fantastic company.
        So she gets her money, a few items of clothing, free food at good restaurants, free drinks at fun bars, some dancing, lots of social validation and good sex. Whoever is my sugar-baby is LUCKY and I tell them that constantly.
        BUT, when I deal with escorts, bar girls or street girls, then I tend to do what you recommend in terms of payment.

      2. Disagree,
        Always money on the bedroom table the morning after while you shower. That way she feels better about herself and what she’s doing. No woman wants to feel like a whore.

  10. Sorry, the author is an adiot.
    1.Just because you don’t have the money to travel to Southeast Asia/Latin America/Africa – it does not mean that you don’t have a better chance to find a decent woman in those places than in the US/Europe.
    2. Mormons. Apart from a small number of radical Mormon (you as convert will have no access to their women.) Mormon women can be just as bad as any other. Why do you think the mainstream Mormon “community” is exempt of the overall societal changes. Stay in Salt Lake City for a few weeks – it will open your eyes.
    Part of the red pill wisdom is that there are no set rules to a man’s success. There is no secret recipe. You have to find out what works for you. And the best person to know that is yourself.
    It can be a lonely but enjoyable journey. And if you do it well, you will get there.

    1. Good point, Peter. Although Red Pill truths are universal, we all have different tools in which to apply said truths in our lives. For those of us who are tall, handsome and rich, the journey might be easier, but every man must use a unique “recipe” for finding personal happiness and success with women, work and the surrounding community in which we live. There is no “one size fits all.”

    2. The rate of divorce for Mormons and Catholics is far below the National average.
      And the community polices itself with shame. Do you ever think or research before making a statement?
      “Divorce is found among all groups, but those who profess no religion have by far the highest rate. Some 39% of the men and 45% of the women in this group have experienced at least one divorce. 20% of the Catholic men and 23% of the women have been divorced. About 14% of the Latter-day Saint men and 19% of the women have experienced divorce. Within each group, frequent church attenders are less likely to have been divorced.”

  11. I actually feel sad for the author; it seems the sole purpose of his existence is to find a “good woman”. He is willing sacrifice his true self on this quest. I’m betting he was raised by a single mom

  12. It’s Jared Trueheart’s maturity and logic that keeps ROK from disintegrating into just another Incels.Me or MGTOW. We need more articles focused on self-improvement and less on bitching and moaning.

      1. No u are wrong, the incels found this site just look at roosh, where is his happy alpha patriarchal marriage? Where are his children? Oh yes I forgot he is also playing the fake alpha game of trying to manipulate some whores into sex…

    1. Can’t argue with any of that. Honestly I’m convinced that at least half of ROK’s community, both contributors and commentators, are incels and idiots from the weird-ass articles that get published on the daily — Roosh included.

    2. Akee – Why must you assume that those who disagree are incels? I’m betting at least a few of them are getting laid a lot more than you PUA playas are. The Manosphere and ROK are a mess. Be an alpha and bang lots of chicks, ignoring the fact that you’ve soiled these women for guys who want a decent wife. Go to Europe, SA, SEA and find lots of willing women. Don’t go because if you can’t bang chicks at home nobody else will want you either. The manosphere has more contradictory rules than the SJW feminists. How about be your own man whatever that means to you. I would advise young men to find a well paying trade, build wealth, make your body your temple and be strong enough to say no to a popular culture that wants you dead anyway. It will be tough and lonely at times but will most likely work out in the end. I had no father or male figure to mentor me and had to learn things the hard way over a much longer period of time. You young guys are now in a position to know the score as early as your teens. Run with that knowledge. As for the so called alpha chads getting laid at home or abroad, very few of them impress me in the least and I’m convinced that more than a few of them are complete bullshitters. Real alphas are rare in both animals and humans. This article will just not work for most young men in the west today.

      1. Misterioso: I work for the U.S. government. I’m also married with two kids. Thanks for playing though, brother.

        1. Akee- Sorry you took offense. Even in the big bad manosphere shaming language is used to put us men in our place. I’m glad you have kids and believe me I wish them nothing but the best. However that proves nothing just as me being a grandfather also proves nothing. Men have a right to chart their own individual course and following the dictates of this article just will not work for most men. Not in the decadent west anyway. That is all I was trying to say and again nothing but the best to you and yours. As I reread my original post I can see that you might think I was calling you out as a playa. I probably should have been more judicious in my choice of words. The “you” was meant in the general and not the specific sense.

  13. JT,
    Pull your head out of your four point contact. The worst mistake I ever made was marrying a Mormon woman in Austin, Texas. I used to be a Mormon myself, and I quietly left the church after my Mormon wife divorced me. I was away from home with the Army, and she was back in Austin trying to see how many guys she could pfuck. I just had another guy I know a few months ago that went to see a woman he had been talking with online and he spent several days pounding her snatch, and then he learned that she was engaged to a Mormon guy that she finally came clean about. So, going the Mormon route could get you divorce raped very easily. Some of the worst people I know hide behind religion as their crutch. I am a retired Army Colonel, so don’t give me the BS about these are a few isolated incidents…I assure you the Mormon church has plenty of these sex flings going on as we speak. I would proceed with severe caution with the Mormon church, and in all fairness with just about any of our feminized American churches. You have been warned.

  14. From the comments and article, I’ve come to the conclusion that no religion, political, or family background is a safe bet.
    Proceed with caution

    1. Patriarchy worked fine for thousands of years, heck it still works for Muslims today.
      The worst ideology that ruined everything is the enlightenment era bs that dictated men and women are “equal”.

  15. Finally, someone gets it.
    “But I should be able to wallow off my couch, turn off my X-box and pull a nine iff the street because I’m such a nice guy!”
    No, you shouldn’t.
    Betting half your shit that she won’t cheat is a bad idea from the start but, if you must, become interesting and marketable and food women will come. It’s almost magical.
    I got in shape, learned game, dressed better, started climbing mountains and learned to dance and VIOLA, pussy arrived; lots of it. Quality women came too.
    If you aren’t finding quality women, IT’S YOU!

  16. So many articles say to never settle for less but this one says to sacrifice and settle.
    You incels really need to get things straight.

    1. Honestly a good friend of mine married a 5-6 but she made up for it in loyalty to the guy due to esteem issues and so on. Fairly conservative, familys republican. Overall pleasant person.
      I wouldnt touch/ bang her but sacrifices do help some people come down to earth.

    2. You misread. It isn’t about “settle for less” but be realistic in your expectations.
      Like if you are fat, you can’t really expect a thin woman. Or if you are ugly a pretty one.
      All of that of course is bypassed with money. But for those that haven’t that level of power, understanding reality is a great way to live life.

  17. 1. Expectations are too high
    I expect only what I can provide (or a bit less). If I’m fit, she better not be fat. If I’m wealthy and successful, she better not be in debt and is able to be a decent house wife (cook decent meals, and sucks dick). If I don’t have any baggage, she better not (previous relationship children on both sides). When it comes to virginity, I’ll frame it like this. If I’m a functional person able to peer bond, then she better be able to (essential if she ever rode the cock carousel, she’s out).
    2. You’re not willing to Sacrifice
    Sacrifice for what? I’m asking only what I bring to the table, see number 1. The only reason this is hard is this the quality of women (and men to lesser degree) has degraded so much due to the decline of Western society that the good women have even better men going after them. $1 Million bucks is not hard to make, but it is hard to make before you are 40. By the time you start having kids, you’ll be a grandpa at their graduation.
    3. You’re not a Mormon
    Fair enough, I wasn’t born into that set of people.
    4. Looking for Shortcuts
    Lifting weights, saving money, educating myself, all these things (See number 1) I’m doing to become a better man ain’t no shortcut. Fact is that finding a good woman in USA is hitting the lottery, and smart men know the lottery is a tax and those who can’t do math. So what if I want to turn the lottery into more of a gamble? I will agree tho, that unless you are a decent man, you still won’t have good long term results no matter what country you go to.

  18. 5) Western men are too fat and dress like toddlers. “Dad bods” and chubbies are not attractive and not alpha. Go to the gym and gain muscle.

  19. Great article and agreed that most men would do better doing some soul searching as to why they arent finding good women. This IS NOT to say that we should play captain save-a-ho, but that we should really ask ourselves if our actions of sleeping with easy sluts helps, or damages our chances of settling with a decent woman.
    The only people angry with this article will be MGTOWs and Incels.

    1. Not correcto. A lot of men who disagree with this article are getting laid regularly. I guarantee it.

  20. Lower your standards and stay away from foreign countries? Why does this article seem like it’s been written by an American woman? These bitches need to learn to keep in shape and serve their man. If you’re going to lower your standards then in turn your dick will lower and your self esteem will disappear. I would say that if your a 5/10 than accept a 5/10. If you’re an 8/10 then 8/10 etc. Otherwise, I’d rather just be alone that go hoggin.

  21. Your Mormon observation is so wrong. Hypergamy and feral instincts exists in all women. AWALT. Add to that this hypercharge sexualized society where female hypergamy is unleashed, plus the natural heard mentality of all women who see other women satisfying their hypergamous needs—It’s going to happen. In this modern society when a woman is in a strict religious culture, like Islam or Mormonism, they just hide it better with discreet hookups and “that didn’t count” or “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”
    A perfect example is a GDP episode where this strict Mormon girl wanted to do something daring and exciting by doing a porn that was told was for a “private collector. She was engaged when she did this and had the big Mormon wedding afterwards.
    A side note to that is the internet sleuths found out and sent the future husband clips of her scenes. He still went through with the wedding.

    1. Still went through with the wedding?
      What in the exact HELL is wrong with these guys?
      Should have taken the damn video to his church and showed it to her parents, then immediately break it off with her for good.
      Damage her local reputation to the point SHE has to leave town, and makes all her slutty friends think twice about repeating said behavior.

      1. Feminism has tried to kill off slut shaming. We as men should makes sure to not let that happen, not in an organized fashion mind you, but as a matter of our own character. Whoredom should be kept in the bedroom where it belongs, where it used to be acceptable when it was also composed in a LTR, and discouraged outside of the bedroom (for the obvious reasons, but mostly as a DISEASE control measure). With the advent of feminism taking the stage and control, disease (especially incurable ones) became rampant and getting worse.

  22. The writer of this article is a cuck. Traveling to SEA is a shortcut? No it’s what smart men do. You could find women over there who accept you for who you are by being yourself. The reason men go to these countries is cause their local women suck. You think for one second if I could find a decent woman that is willing to date me here in the matrix and doesn’t have a list of entitled demands that I would fly out far away? Of course not. But that is not the case. I know many guys that have traveled the world and I’ve talked to many SEA women and everything falls into place just by showing them interest. You don’t need to be covered in tattoos or be some wannabe thug to have them date you. Waiting to find a good woman in the USA is like waiting for the second coming of Christ. Also the Mormon thing everyone doesn’t want to be strapped into a religion. All religions do is brainwash and some of the highest divorce rates come from t he churches. My friend gets rejected by women in Christian churches. And he is a good guy. Religion doesn’t make people good. You are either good or not. Religion doesn’t guarantee a partner. So I’ll keep traveling enjoying exotic locations and enjoying feminine women who like me for being myself.

    1. There are so many attractive women to choose from in SEA, that despite finding a decent one half my age to marry and have children with, I also find plenty to bang on the side. And everyone seems OK with that.

    2. Like you for being yourself?
      Holy shit you are blue pilled. Yeah I am sure they like white men incels because of “who they are and not because white men have a world reputation of being rich Westerners. Nooooo that has nothing to do with it. Keep coping.

  23. What a petulant written article. Must earn $1M dollars or this supposed ‘quality woman’ won’t want YOU. Excuse me oh petulant one…that’s exactly the issue here with the culture. Last I checked, an actual QUALITY woman doesn’t rank her man’s value solely on his bank account and how good looking he is relative to other men.
    THAT is the problem – no quality women are left.
    Moving out of this god foresaken country at this point is NOT a short cut NOR is it WEAK. It’s pretty much the only strong hand a man has left to play here, IF he has the resources to make it.
    Fuck this guilt trip article.
    Quality of articles here lately has really taken a nose-dive.

    1. “Last I checked, an actual QUALITY woman doesn’t rank her man’s value solely on his bank account and how good looking he is relative to other men.”
      I’m sorry bud but women have ALWAYS looked at how much dough a guy has. It’s just reality. Men are attracted to youth, physical beauty and pleasant dispositions. Women are attracted to security (i.e. cash and social status), intelligence and self-confidence. That’s just how it is. Railing against that is a waste of time. It’s no different than some fat chick with purple hair complaining that men don’t find her attractive.

      1. You could try actually reading and comprehending my post. I said SOLELY on bank account and looks. Never once did I say something as dumb and obtuse as a ‘quality’ woman wouldn’t care about money and looks at ALL.
        A quality woman considers other attributes, as well, such as appreciating a mans character and kindness and other things about who he is as a person and how he treats other people, especially people he doesn’t need anything from.
        You missed basically the entire point of my post.

        1. Right. The entire female gender is to blame, not you. OK.
          If you are red pill then you can handle the truth and you won’t cry like a little bitch when people point it out.
          If you have looks and money and are still not getting laid, then you are a fucking loser.
          If you have great character and kindness (?) but are broke and ugly, you will never get laid by any woman worth a damn.
          If you think women in other countries are actually LESS shallow than Americans, then good fucking luck. Unlike most people on this site I have actually lived (not visited, but lived) overseas and I can tell you they are even more stupid, shallow and materialistic than American women. You might go someplace where people are so poor that you seem rich by comparison but so what? You want to spend the rest of your life in some 3rd world shithole surrounded by dumpy foreigners? Have fun.
          I don’t want to date some ugly fucking loser, and every woman I have ever been with has felt the same. It’s not rocket science.

        2. There are no quality women, they are all heartless, narcissistic sociopaths. AWALT.
          Blue pill is looking for something that doesn’t exist.
          Red pill is accepting reality.

    2. So essentially you are saying “I am an ugly fat guy who deserves a harem of 9s because QUALITY women don’t judge that!”

  24. Good article that RoK needs more of. The goal for all of us (I think) is self improvement and a return to more traditional social norms. Part of that should include procreation and fathering the next generation t carry on our genetic and personal legacy. Plus getting laid is always good.
    The shit test is real and isn’t just about getting laid. You’ll run into it with in law situations, child rearing, your professional life constantly. Women respect consistency and strength COMBINED with respect and generosity. They want you to set the rules and apply them fairly.
    As a personal example, my in laws just sold their home and expected that we (my wife and I) would give them open access to our home indefinitely. I told my wife 1 month max and held firm and explained why to my wife. She easily accepted it and took the brunt of my mother in laws whining/nagging because she KNEW what our (my) house rules were. Magically my in laws went from needing multiple months living in our house to needing to use my garage as storage for 3 days total.
    The Bible has a great directive that wives respect and obey their husbands and husbands love their wives. Damn accurate if you ask me.

  25. There’s nothing wrong with improving yourself but doing it to get a woman is kind of silly. The prize is so small today. I don’t think women ever really liked men – they are naturally pretenders. But, today woman offer no value – at all.
    I am an older guy too and I have never seen a relationship or a marriage work out – ever. If a couple is still together – he has a TV and beer fridge in the garage and she lives in the house.
    The only way to deal with woman is to be prepared to walk away at any time. That means not living together, not splitting expenses and not getting married. I understand people want to have a family but that is just part of the dream. Having a wife and kids, a house, a car and taking a vacation once a year is good for the economy.
    Everyone has to figure this out for themselves. It’s not easy out there. I don’t think the failure is on you if you are paying your own way.
    Cooking and cleaning are easy to do. So is laundry.

  26. I almost took this article seriously until it said convert to Mormonism for a woman. Are you fucking serious, RoK?

  27. If you are healthy, able-bodied and employed, you are good enough.
    Anyone who tells you that you are inadequate for women in your given state, and that something else has to happen before you can become worthy of a girlfriend/wife, is just moving the goal posts on you. Don’t fall for that bullshit.

  28. Simp shit, “quality” women don’t exist in a gynocentric society where women are granted the same privileges as men along with the options of robbing a man blind through divorce court. Sacrificing yourself for a woman today is about as noble as jumping off of a cliff to make your friends laugh, what do you get out of it?
    You want a quality woman? Take womens rights away. Inb4 all the “red pilled” women call me gay because I want to end their gravy train of exploiting thirsty men.

  29. There is some hard truth in this article. Some guys’ first instinct will be to get pissed and defensive about it because it strikes close to home.
    I can say that over my lifetime I have seen a general pattern play out. Not that this always happens but grown men don’t focus on the exceptions we live by what typically happens. So this general pattern is that if a person goes through the effort to make themself more valuable to , they will get rewarded by more access to that thing. So if you want a good job, then make yourself a more attractive hire or employee. If you want to get on a particular team, then bust your ass and get better at whatever sport your interested in. And in the same vein, if you want a good partner, then bust your ass and make yourself a more attractive man.
    This same rule applies to women. If they want a good man, then they need to get off their ass, lose weight, dress well, learn how to shut their mouth 75% of the time, and learn to enjoy sex. If they can’t (or won’t) do those things then they won’t get a quality guy.
    So you need to ask yourself: do you want a quality woman? If not, then who gives a shit? Ignore articles like this. Like if I’m on a website and I see an article about how to get rich flipping houses, I ignore it because I have zero interest in getting into real estate. I don’t read the article and then bitch in the comments about how much I hate real estate. That’s fucking stupid. If you think all women are pieces of shit that can’t be trusted, then why do you give a shit what they want? Why would it offend you if they had unrealistic expectations?
    And yes there are lots of stories of shitty women running rough over guys. I get it. I’ve seen it. I was active duty in the Navy for 10 years and saw lots of good, quality guys get fucked over by women. But I also saw lots of guys traveling around the world, throwing their pimp stick at everything that had a pussy. People fuck around on each other. Not everyone does, but lots do. MOST do if they are presented with some solid temptation.
    But there ARE quality women out there and if you find one you will at least MINIMIZE the chances that they will flame out and destroy your life. Same goes for us men – there are quality men out there who bring home the bacon, don’t beat women, and don’t fuck around. But some women have a few bad experiences and assume all dudes are pigs and refuse to even engage. If you don’t want to take that chance, then congratulations you can ignore articles about how to meet decent women. Just saved yourself some time.

  30. 4 Reasons Why You are Failing to Find Faithful and Obedient females:
    1. Your Expectations Are Too LOW!
    Instead of ignoring and having a “care not” attitude for the Slutty, Whorish, Arrogant,
    Bitchy, Entitled and Ungrateful females; you are “pedestalizing” them! You are making
    them “feel” far more than what they are worth of! females Think, Need, Want, Fantasize and Crave for love, relation and S%X; as much as (read: more than) You !!
    Set your Expectations Higher, let them know that you can’t be taken for “granted”. They
    should love, admire and Respect you as their Protector and Provider.
    2. You are Willing To go Bankrupt!
    If you are expected to be a “player” and/or to be worth of $1 million, then just forget
    about that bitch! All other factors aside, the Legal system is totally biased when it
    comes to MEN! Your bitch can make you to go Jail apparently for no reason and can
    also make you Bankrupt in the name of Divorce, Alimony, Child care…you name it!
    A TRUE companion in life long relationship aka “marriage” first thinks and cares about
    You, not how much you are $$$ of! We all know that money is essential to survive and
    enjoy a comfortable life; but that doesn’t mean everybody should be a “Bill Gates” !!
    3. You are Not a MAN!
    There is absolutely no need to “convert” to another faith, religion or belief system.
    Especially in the search for a Faithful and Obedient female. You should be Proud of
    your own faith, culture, traditions and practices. If you cannot find a “feminine”
    female, that doesn’t mean you should convert!
    If you are a real MAN, you will surely find a way to get what you want; rather than
    “conveniently” converting to other belief systems!
    4. It may NOT be Worth to get into Longtime relations!
    If you are finding “shortcuts” to get on with the current “breed” of females, maybe You
    are RIGHT! Maybe you could clearly see the Risks involved in going for a Longtime
    relations! Maybe you don’t want to loose your “hard earned” money and assets! Maybe
    you don’t want to “entertain” the egoistic & ungrateful attitude of females! Maybe you
    don’t want to end up as a mere “scapegoat” in the game scripted by “sugar daddy” !!
    Lastly, MEN are NOT failing to find good females. How the hell you expect MEN to
    find good females; when there are (almost) NONE !!

    1. “Lastly, MEN are NOT failing to find good females. How the hell you expect MEN to
      find good females; when there are (almost) NONE !!”
      that’s it.
      we are in cave man territory – women will stack on the “elite”( which means what ever – alpha, celebrity, mr right-now, etc)
      everyone else – is incelafied….
      Be the best you can be and get some…that is all.

    everyone knows the best quality women
    are on Plenty Of Fish and Tinder.
    They all wish to learn to cook someday
    They all plan on getting jobs someday
    They all have traditionalist goals
    like a BMW and a 6 bedroom tudor home.
    Pure wife material, and they
    all fall in love with their men.

  32. I am dating a Thai women in USA.
    She is an immaculate virgin.
    Her hubbie was “..too nice and gave up – not like you bad man”…
    Tightest chick I’ve been with.
    Hubbie must have blown his load in the entrance…
    Anyway – everything you want – cooking with JOY, cleaning with extreme detail, etc, etc.
    Traditional Values – and enjoys doing it…
    Another chick would be to some degree -and probably was. But, hubbie cheated for years with string of NJ hookers…so she is jaded – and rich, and her mommie friends are more rich – so they live the good life, daily…Not good marriage material – but good fun…
    Had tight line into traditional Swedish chick – 10 Swede face -bleach blonde hair, piercing blue eyes…But, her 45 year old immaculately beautiful aunt went full cockblock on me. Handled it well – lots of laughs, and punches on shoulder . I am excellent shit stirrer – very bold and irreverent…
    Almost got the 2 for 3some but the mom kyboshed it eventually. The young one was touching me with full acceptance due passing the aggressive shit tests from aunt “25 year age difference etc…”
    never answer the questions
    always use the typical retorts, and more, there are no rules.

  33. It’s important to work on yourself and raise your value to the point that you’re seen as a catch. I think that there’s a lot more to it than simply earning a ton of money – while I think it’s important to become successful, to have goals, ambitions and to aim high, I don’t think that basing your value solely on how much you have in the bank is necessary or a good idea. I think it’s important to have many other masculine qualities. Many rich guys for example lack those other qualities and often have no game, so all they can attract are gold-diggers who only marry them for the lifestyle that he can provide them with. If anything basing your value entirely on your wealth is a sure-fire way to ensure that women will only ever see you as a beta provider – a wallet with legs.

  34. Get a job teaching English in Asia and live there for a while at least. Every man I know who wanted a wife got a much better one than he could have back home. You can definitely punch above your weight. Almost all are still married

  35. Wait, you mean to tell me that Southeast Asian women have flaws and aren’t necessarily the most amazing wives in the world? That is NOT what a bunch of other RoK articles told me! Also, white Mormon women can’t possibly be good women: RoK has been telling us for years that American white women are all terrible and we should go to SE Asia or South America and find a non-white woman so that we fail to pass along our white genes.

  36. I get what the author is trying to say – look at yourself first, and make improvements and get real with yourself first, instead of just immediately looking to the outside and expecting to find a great woman without examining your own shortcomings.
    That’s a valid point and one worth exploring.
    But, the article is extremely poorly written, and it makes me question just how much of the author’s life he has spent brutally examining himself and committing to excellence as a man and a person.
    I also think he lacks a deep understanding of women, or at least didn’t show his understanding in this article.
    The first two points when it comes to the modern age – 1. Sacrifice, and 2. Your Expectations Are Too High – are horribly explained.
    1. Sacrifice
    Why would you go through all the pain and sacrifice that truly improving yourself and your life demands, only to have to sacrifice again when it comes to a relationship?
    Isn’t that the entire basis of a free market (in dating, in business, in anything?) – be the highest value product and get paid the most money for the work and investment you’ve put into that product?
    Why would you put all that time and money and sacrifice into developing your product and then discount it by 30-40%?
    If you know you are going to have to sacrifice from the beginning, you may as well work 50% as hard from the beginning of life and make 50% of the sacrifices.
    The girl you end up with may be different, but you will end up with a girl, and even relationships are relative – so you’ll be equally as content/happy.
    How is that good for individuals and society as a whole if you are telling people that hard work most likely won’t be rewarded?
    Is this what we are going to tell our sons if we have them?
    2. Lower Your Expectations
    If you have to lower your expectations – what expectation and standard are we setting for women to meet?
    You could make an incredibly strong argument that the REASON society is the way it is today is because of how desperate men have become for both sex and good relationships, and subsequently how that attention women receive and the behavior shown towards them affects them.
    I don’t even blame them – in fact, if I was a woman, I’d most likely turn out the same.
    Women are getting hit up all the time, and men will say and do whatever it takes to get and keep a woman around – including sacrificing his self respect and values, not telling her the hard truth, or manipulating her emotions and lying to her.
    Being alone can be hard for anyone – life can be rough, and we are biologically wired to seek connection and love. So, when you find a good girl – whether you are a low or high value guy – whether you have put little or a lot of work into yourself – most men will do whatever it takes to keep her around out of fear of being alone INSTEAD of doing the right thing by their goals and by their compatibility level first.
    You also mention women are attracted to money, but my experience is that that is definitely not the only thing.
    Women are also attracted to feeling good and certainty – and I’ve experienced that women also like a man they know they have the ultimate power over (giving her certainty), and a guy who tells them what will make them feel good (giving her good emotions) instead of the truth or reality.
    If as a man your occupation and the rest of your life involves you having to be brutally honest with yourself and make sacrifices, it’s very hard to switch that off when it comes to a woman. You have to maintain a good level of honest and communication with her – and women these days mostly don’t want to know the truth – they mostly want to know what is easy and what makes them feel good.
    I’ve met a couple of the most intelligent, hard working, fit, good looking women from stable families – but their level of entitlement is still high, their dads let their mums be the head of the house growing up (so they are used to ultimately pushing over men and getting their way and be supplicated to), they don’t want to communicate openly, and are bad at dealing and accepting any real problems – they want everything (including a relationship) to be easy, and they can still go super cold on you if you say or do one thing they don’t like for any small reason – once again, because they have so many other options waiting and because of the standard other men hold them to.
    A man accomplishing things doesn’t have time or energy for that sort of behavior. He is straight up. That’s a horrible recipe for keeping a girl happy in this day and age unless your value is unbelievably higher than hers and she knows it.
    The point the article is trying to make is OK.
    But, the context and the knowledge shown of what is really going on in modern society for the average man who IS or HAS improved himself and his life situation a lot, is bad – really bad.
    You can’t ignore the realities of the system and the sexual marketplace and where we are at as humans altogether.
    The bottom line is this – you can improve yourself as much as you want, but you will always be subject to the external world – as just or unjust as that seems.
    Can you find a good girl who offers equal value? Yes. But, statistically, the odds are very very much against you.
    It seems like if you want to find a relationship these days as a normal guy that will last – you have to sacrifice and lower your expectations ALOT, or get really really really lucky in when and where you meet her.
    For me personally, if I had known that from the beginning, I can’t honestly say I’d have worked so hard and sacrificed so much.
    The problem with that is that if a younger man came up to me and asked me what to do about women, I’d ask him if he wants to find a great girlfriend one day. If he said yes, I’d tell him “Don’t work yourself too hard and don’t make many sacrifices. Take advantage of the system and get maximum reward out of it for yourself. Don’t tell women the truth – tell them what makes them feel good and if she challenges you, let her win even if it keeps feeding her ego. Once you find a good woman, do whatever it takes to keep her, even if it goes against your values and self respect and slowly erodes the very thing that makes you a man from the inside”.
    The world is descending extremely fast into a sh*thole based on that – UNLESS men start holding women to higher standards, and vice versa.
    I still think you can find solace and happiness as a single man – you just have to keep a realistic view of things, and it will be a different type of happiness you find in a relationship. That’s the price you pay for freedom vs perceived comfort.

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