Deep Diving Into Text Game With A Real-Life Example On An American Girl

The art of text game has to be one of the most contentious subjects around.  Various so-called experts will advocate for one strategy, while other so-called experts will preach another.  All of the conflicting doctrine can be highly frustrating for someone who is in search for a reliable gospel.

While there are certainly text messaging do’s and don’t’s, when it is all said-and-done, text game is not all that black and white.  The obvious axioms of not texting too much, not excessively validating the girl and so-forth still hold true, but many situations require a case-by-case approach.  Below are a two real life examples that showcase some of the different strategies I use when texting a girl.

1. Keep it light, Keep It Flirty, Keep It Alpha

The “Lol Jk” response was probably not necessary. I was tipsy though.

There is a sizable contingent of men in the manosphere who believe in order to be successful with women you have to be a frosty, no-nonsense, dark-triad , Tyler Durden ( Fight Club) type of character.  While adopting some of these characteristics can be beneficial, a lot of men struggle to find a happy medium, especially one that is congruent with their identity.  Most men are too submissive and needy which unequivocally decreases sexual attraction.  The other side of the coin is being so brash and disagreeable that you actually become off-putting to the opposite sex.

I am a proponent for being self-assured, unflappable, direct, but approachable and disarming.  This is most easily achieved through your actions, but can also be conveyed through text.  In the example above, you can see that I inquired if the girl I had just met was still at the bar (this was roughly an hour after I got her number by cold-approach).

Her response was “who’s this”, which is a common hot-girl response to an unknown number.  This broad happened to be a solid 8.5.  Early on in the interaction she was glued to her phone. I could sense she had a host of eager beta males lurking in the fringes, waiting for their shot to pounce.

The women you encounter, particularly the higher value ones, are going to attempt to throw you off your game in order to test your resolve. In order to succeed you’ll need to have an answer for these cheap gimmicks.  As you can see from the next response, she reveals her hand to me.  She knew it was me who texted her, but instead she decided to play coy.

The second text message she sent me, “Wait were you leaving green light and gave me your number,” is a seemingly harmless response for most, but when you truly adopt an entitled give-no-fucks disposition, you’ll recognize the indignity of such a statement.  She obviously remembered who I was and tried to pretend like I forced my number onto her.  This is a subtle shit-test and a common strategy women will employ to quickly appraise a man’s value and to establish the “I am the prize” dynamic.

In my response, instead of going along with it, I re-frame the interaction and insisted it was her who sought after my number. Shit test passed.  My witty, yet confident response conveyed to her that I have high self-worth and I don’t take myself too seriously, a stark contrast from the typical soy boy type she is accustomed to dealing with.

The reward for my unorthodox response—an admission of interest; “i think i did tbh” and some validation, “we both did the double take”.  As you can see, a little fuck-boy-confidence and some ingenuity can pierce through a woman’s bitch-shield.

2. Give Her The Gift Of Missing You

Never get relegated to the pathetic text-buddy status.

When it comes to texting a female, it is my contention that less-is-more.  The most optimal dynamic to fashion is one in which the woman is texting you more than you are texting her.  This may sound rudimentary to some, but the reality is, most men text way too much and therefore never attain this dynamic.

When you text a woman profusely, not only are you pedestalizing her, you are acknowledging to her that you are a low-status male with few options and way too much free time on your hands.  Texting should be used as a medium to create attraction and schedule meet-ups—not to have meaningless and sterile small-talk.

Unfortunately the screenshots in the above message do not show timestamps. In the first exchange, I texted “i look forward to it” in response to an earlier conversation we were having about hanging out over the weekend.  She never responded, so neither did I.  Abstaining from texting back takes discipline and mental fortitude.  You should never message a girl who does not message you back first, especially if your last message was something warm and sincere.

I proceeded to not text back and instead decided to devote some time to my other leads (abundance is paramount).  Two days later my patience pays off as seen from her “hi” response.  Mission accomplished? Well, not quite.  I decided to take it a step further.  I respond to her “hi” message and she replies immediately.  Instead of continuing the conversation as normal, I opted to not reply to her “laying around in bed” response.

A ballsy move to some, but one that would instantly pay off as seen by the double-text I received after she had not heard a response from me for the second time (the double text is the holy-grail of IOI’s).  I finally reply roughly four hours after the double-text, disregarding everything she said and alternatively, inquiring if she happened to be back home.

This obviously did not sit well.  “Can you not give me attention via text” and “too busy with one of your gals” says it all.  I am unapologetic in my response, by telling her “all of the above”.  Since I got the desired effect I decide to bring it down a notch.  I give her a disingenuous “just kidding” and assure her that I was only ignoring her because I was working, and not because I was seeing other women (obviously a lie).

Someone with an untrained eye would tell me that I blew it, but that fool would be dead-wrong.  This girl happens to be one of my most loyal harem members to date, thanks to my aloof  and outcome independent nature.  When a man is unavailable, unapologetic and cares little about the outcome, this gives him a mystique that happens to drive women crazy.

Texting too much also increases the likelihood of fumbling or saying something incriminating.  Many times the most powerful and influential reply to a text is no response at all.

Male sexual privilege at its finest.


Good text game is an art form.  It is something that can only be developed and refined through trial and error.  Most men over-complicate matters or invest too much thought into crafting the perfect response.

Always remember, when it is all said and done, texting means very little unless the net result is a meetup or best of all—sex.  Maintaining an assertive, flirty, entitled frame, while also regulating availability, seems to be the most effective approach for keeping women interested.

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78 thoughts on “Deep Diving Into Text Game With A Real-Life Example On An American Girl”

    1. “Her response was “who’s this”, which is a common hot-girl response to an unknown number.”
      Whenever I give a girl my number, she immediately rings it to check, then we both put the names on our phones. Sounds like your girl wasn’t interested in meeting you. Although I live more in the modern world and usually just let her scan my ‘Line Qr code’, which saves the time of typing names.

    2. There wasn’t much in this article that anyone would find useful.
      Jon Vonstroke, if fornication is your game, this isn’t gonna get the job done.

  1. to a certain extent, directly and indirectly, ‘game’ can be seen as a contemporary judaic creation. the confident PUA or ‘player’ is still an obedient sheep in the matrix.

        1. Why not writing?
          “What is your nationality?” “I am a drunkard!” “And that makes Rick a citizen of the world!”

  2. Who cares what the fuck Ameriskanks and Angloskanks think? They all fuck dogs and Grade school pupils. I pray to God that Salman Adebi will visit that nudist professor’s office at the University of Cambridge. I hate Moslems just like I hate Joos but it’s okay for them to eradicate every feminist, lesbian, homo and pedophile off the face of the earth.

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    MMMM!!! SUPER TASTY!!! Thanks Feminism! Get yourself your favorite fish dish. All courtesy of the all you can eat Digital Dating apps! YUMMY!

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      HPVHIVandMTVonmytongue for keeps! Yeah!
      I prefer nothing that requires pills or shots after acknowledging them. Thanks.

  4. Honestly game is almost exactly like chess in some ways – its more about side stepping possible mistakes than making some huge proactive move(s). The ‘art’ behind it is to play the game in such a way to where it looks like a ‘win-win’ but to where the check-mate isn’t obvious and it comes out of nowhere. People don’t like to lose but if the check-mate come sin such a way to where they didn’t see it coming and hits them by surprise than it makes the victory all the more sweat. No one likes a sloppy win where the checkmate was seen by both players ten moves ahead and the game is a bore to play. There’s the excitment behind it to where it looks like both players are really dueling each other and in it to win it and both are making good moves and keep the other person on their toes. Some guys like to think being not ‘wordy’ in text or overly expressive comes off ‘needy’ – and generally it does – but its entirely situational. Mens ego think its ‘gay’ to type an emoji or smily face – and it normally is – but again, all situtional and should be moving towards that ‘good game’ where its fun playing for both people. Gotta keep um on their toes. I’ve always spammed hard with girls in the past, but being subtle is rewarding also, they both have their moments. As long as both players are involved and engaged and realize they are both ‘playing’ together. When the game is one-sided (with either guy or girl) the game is just boring, its not interesting at all. Nowadays alot of guys just are trying to get the lay as soon as posisble, but thats not nearly as rewarding. Getting a checkmate in two ro three moves isn’t a ‘game’ – no one enjoys it and it looks like you play chess way too much. Real ‘game’ is actually about playing the game, not getting the fastest checkmate possible.

  5. You lose your “frame” when you respond to them at all if you do so at their demand. Respond at your leisure and be in control. Really doesn’t matter what you say to her, she will get tingles merely at the dinging bell of receiving a text (see also Pavlovs dogs). You already KNOW she wants d*k simply because she texted you. I see this behavior in my oldest kid when her phone goes off..Its instant drop everything for the validation fix. Product of the times, sad to say.

    1. Also, I don’t speak “emoji”, and WILL NOT. It is g*y and soooo needy to have to graphic representations of your “feelz” to communicate (if you can call it communication). If you are going to text, text don’t emoji (emote) like a needy horn* girl. That’s her job. With every single Pavlovs Dogs “bing” text received, she moves closer to getting naked and you banging her. That is the “game”. Each “bing” she is waiting on, is the validation noise that loosens her mind with dopamine reward and gets her pretty pink pant*s wetter wanting your attention to her and to her wet spot. Say the right thing in the most minimal amount of texts to get her wound up enough and she will carry herself the rest of the way into orgasm with your help because you will have maxxed out her tingles with attention (if carefully teased and applied) to get to your favored position (doggy or missionary)..and then reward her feelz wither own gush of release after you get yours.

      1. Emojis? Only if it’s an ass smack emoji. Never met a woman yet who didn’t like her ass smacked…and smacked hard, really hard.

  6. DNJ is correct. Way too much thought going into this.
    She knows why you wanted her number.
    You know why she’s communicating.
    Who cares what she thinks? Only what you both want matters

  7. Clearly a fake conversation…girls dont go texting guys to ‘give me attentionnnnnn’…get this tryhard poser garbage out of here. I miss when roosh wrote articles here.

  8. This is a pretty amateur-ish text exchange.
    When she outright demands he serve as her clown he should have flipped the script and demanded a nude photo. If she has any real romantic interest (come on you got her number at a stop light) then one will pop up in a minute or two. If nothing, then move along as you are just a clown to her.

    1. Your reading comprehension skills are pretty amateurish.
      Seeing as you’re conflating the two text exchanges. These are two different examples with two different girls.

  9. ROK is dead. Roosh has an extinct skill set. The one skill set he clearly never had is vetting his own writers, very disappointed. Don’t sell out Roosh, I know you need traffic and clicks and other SEO stuff to maintain an internet presence. But as the old saying goes, quality over quantity.

    1. My skill set is the same as my ancestors. Burn, loot, rape and take whatever you
      want. Been workin pretty good for me so far.

  10. Worst writers:
    1. Troy Francis
    2. Von Stroke
    3. Jared Trueheard
    4. William Adams
    5. The old broke man from Brazil, Roark or something.

  11. so weak .
    be rich.
    be an asshole.
    yesterday chick txts she has put on 3 lbs while on vacation.
    I send her this:

    multi txts today with flight delays and other bullshit…
    I would be going home and staying home she txts: “when can I see you.”
    She will catch train out tomorrow…

  12. A poem for the author;
    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    I forget the rest
    But your mother’s a whore

  13. You read too much into this.
    Text game is inherently passive and beta.
    It brings out the worst of feminine evasiveness and indecisiveness.
    Just call the dumb thot and arrange your demands face to face.
    She can’t hide and she can’t wilfully misinterpret you.
    Chad’s pick up the phone.
    Virgins text like effeminate fağģøţs.

    1. i agree. texting is still necesary at times
      youre with your girl and cant speak
      tinder and the bitch hasnt give you her number yet

  14. thanks for the article but in my opinion it lacks concrete tips for improving the text game. it all seems vague.

  15. Lol the second text exchange hit close to home.
    I actually had a girl text me “give me attention!” yesterday and I see some people on here are doubting whether that happens.
    Spinning multiple plates (and being actually busy and interested in cool things) keeps your text game non-needy and short as you don’t want to bother texting 7 girls paragraph long texts.

  16. If you made millions from being a politician, reporter, or actor, would you feel successful for working hard or would you feel like a sell-out for being a Deep State puppet?

  17. Best ways to get better at texting:
    1. Always leave your phone on silent
    2. Forget your phone exists by doing more useful and fulfilling stuff
    3. Never take anything through a text that seriously
    In other words don’t think about it you got better things to do than text some puss anyway.

    1. doing fun stuff will make you forget about your phone. pick up some weights, pick up a bow and quiver, pick up a gun and some rounds, grab a pole and some tackle, learn to saddle a horse. what I mean is trade the blue screen for the blue sky and prosper.

  18. Gotta channel that inner Patrick Bateman game!

    Texting is strictly for logistics. Millenial women are even more vapid and self absorbed than 80’s women portrayed in this clip. If you don’t seize their attention immediately, forget it. A woman who wants to fuck you will do so immediately. They have terrible judgement and are highly impulsive, appearance is all that matters.
    This article blows, go back and read AV8R’s stuff.

  19. This is 100% better than your Austin article simply because it reflects objective reality better.
    I was your main critic on that article but I don’t tear a person down for the sake of. Lotta people taking cheap shots here, that ain’t how I roll. I didn’t see anything ‘wrong’ with what you laid out, but it certainly isn’t any different than the other dozen (read: hundreds) of RoK articles stating the same basic concept. This is not a -you- fault as much as a ‘they’ fault.
    Like the other guy stated, quality over quantity is the name of the game otherwise you start moving into national enquirer territory. As a pretty decent (read: excellent) writer, I give honest critique and not butthurt shit talk. You are headed in the right direction.
    Lastly, it is possible this was an entirely fake text exchange, it doesn’t matter. The take home points are still valid. And even if it was fake you could boil down everything you need to know about women, –especially— millennial women in that single line– “Pay attention to mmmmeeeeeeeeee!”
    That is the essence of wah-men distilled, and once you learn to control and shape that by will alone, pussy is yours for the taking. Being a chad helps, being rich helps, but being manipulative can make up for the lack of either. That is ‘game’ is it not? Manipulating stupids for a desired outcome. It just so happens most women are as dumb as a bag of fucking hammers so it is a, how do we say? ‘Target Rich Environment’ in the West. 🙂
    I guess I better get off my ass and cook an article for RoK soon and stop just mentally masturbating and talking about it.

    1. Thank you for the objective and thoughtful response. It’s pretty easy to identify which people are offering constructive criticism,(which I appreciate) versus which people are just trolling because they are bitter incels.
      While you can make the argument that there are hundreds of articles on ROK that cover similar principles, there are probably ten times as many articles that lament about the blatant degeneracy of western woman.
      While I find these articles amusing, in moderation; I feel as if we are beating-a-dead-horse here. I know these types of topics satisfy the dispirited and downtrodden types of men on here, but I personally prefer the articles that offer some kind of utility. Even if it is marginal, i.e self-improvement and game strategy types.

    2. The “text game” is one thing and one thing only. It is a very personal attention paying game that girls play ( it is instant self validation with someone she considers a possibility as far as sex is concerned) if they are even remotely interested in getting you out of your clothes or else they would not be texting you at all. Texting is instant belle ringing reward for her attentionwhoring directly at your phone number..nothing more. If you manage to get it to be a breeding situation in the end, it is because she has already decided that your d*k will do what she needs for now and possibly your wallet will respond to her demand too. So here it is distilled down tot he final points.
      You have text game ONLY because she has vaginal tingles for you or you would not be getting text at all.
      You will LIKELY get into that poosey ONLY because she texted you or gave you her number. If you didn’t meet the needs of her immediate itch she has too scratch you wouldn’t have her number. PERIOD END OF STORY.
      You have two things that she is betting on getting from you aside from your attention (which she already has because you have her number) Your di* and your MONEY, because she sense she will give up the stink hole if she can scrape he green out of your wallet..she fancies herself to be a GREAT manipulator, and likely she is, because you already have her number. She senses a simp under the halfway decent bod, she is likely right.
      The rest is immaterial. And clearly the posters on here desperately need some psychological classes and attention skills themselves to actual observe and understand what they see happening in front of their damn eyes. Easy to do if you aren’t thinking with your pe*s head. Don’t care if anyone is offend, GFY. Don’t make the simple complicated because you think you have some unique angle.
      If you control the text “game” by controlling the tingles value of that default “bing” noise (just like Chaturbate tones) control them and where it goes, no matter what you say. Each “bing” is a shot of tingles, tingle her enough, and you will be banging her.. END OF STORY. Pavlovs dogs.

  20. Akh! this text game shit again.. dude, you’re alpha BEFORE text game and WAY before any sort of game. it’s your body, your look, your status that determine 90% of your success with women. then you get the famous “confidence” from the look women give you, hence you become flirty (cause you had green light).
    All the light stuff you put on is just a cherry on the top, it’s just a way to accelerate the banging process. successful people without game just need a couple more dates to get to her panties.

  21. The James Bond icon is juxtaposed to the pic of the shirtless beta boy playing My Little Pony Black Ops on his phone when there is a partially clad women in the background. What’s the point of being a skillful looser? The best advice in regards to “text game” is DON’T.

  22. This is sort of timely for me because just a day ago a homely girl 19-20 years old gave me her number on the street after a brief discussion (never happened before) and I texted her today with a line that may have sounded a bit infantile or innocent for someone’s tastes but I figured that I wanted to be real from the beginning and not try to go for canned lines or wait it out so as to seem less ‘needy’. She replied quick but only to say that she might be available next week.
    In the past I would have soldiered on but now I just went ‘meh’ and decided to never text her again unless she gets back to me. I’m an incel more or less but my standards keep getting higher in the sense that I do not pursue dead leads anymore and try to milk what is not (seemingly) there. Last did that 1-2 years ago and I’m not looking back. All the work I’ve put into my lifestyle, physique etc. should be paying off with the right person(s) but whether she ever comes my way is a different matter.

    1. We must learn to walk before we can run.
      The fact that you cold-approached a girl on the street and got her number, with admittedly developing game in this climate is worthy of merit.
      Most men on here just whine and moan about the nature of women, or give misplaced advice; but don’t actually put the work into acknowledging and correcting their deficiencies(we all have them).
      Self-improvement should supersede everything else, particularly as a younger man. The hard work and the experience you gather on this difficult but worthwhile journey will eventually pay off.

    2. agre with John.
      you passed the hard part.
      follow up…nothing to lose…
      “great, how about Tuesday or would Wednesday be better?”
      “I’m available Wednesday – early – seeing my friend in a band after”.
      it will not happen without trying.

  23. I frequent this site a lot and although some of the content here is interesting, articles like this are misguided and gross, in my opinion. I once dated a guy who used to text me exaaaactly like this, and had this same BS “alpha” attitude, and despite the fact that he told me he wanted to marry me, his attitude annoyed and pissed me off so much that I ended things with him

    1. Misguided? Or effective. I wouldn’t expect a woman to give affirmation to game/manipulation strategies.
      This man who use to “text me exaaaactly like this” managed to put his tonsil-tickler in your bacon-hole, with this supposed BS “alpha” attitude…..
      You found this to be annoying and still played along—that sure speaks volumes about your character and credibility.
      For any newbies out there; looks like Valentina is quite attainable on the cheap.

  24. Two quick text game tips:
    1.) if you have an iPhone put the girl on “do not disturb.” You will naturally take a while to respond and it won’t seem forced
    2.) for new chicks you’re gaming give them a goofy name in your phone. For some reason psychologically it makes it less of a big deal and you’re less likely to overthink it

  25. Never do these things that the author did in his texts if u want to be alpha:
    1. Never use emoticons
    2. Never type “LOL”
    3. Never type “J/K”
    Easiest ways to dry up a gash are this guys examples at text game. Heartiste has way better text game advice. Always take double the time to respond as it takes a female to respond to you, and always respond with 2/3rds amount of words she wrote to you. If you have to text at all, imagine something Clint Eastwood would text.

    1. A 40 year old Clint Eastwood texting for a date:
      Uh uh. I know what you’re thinking. “Did I buy you tequila shots 6 times or 5?” Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a IPhone X, the most powerful smartphone in the world and could track all your purchases in real time, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?”

  26. All this text game is bullshit for thirsty men who have nothing else in life but to chase after pussy with a very low rate of return on time invested. Treat the situation like a Gordian Knot. Don’t be like the other PUA players who try to unravel it; draw your sword and chop it in half. Cut to the chase and don’t get drawn out in time-wasting text sessions. Show her by example that you are important and have high SMV by what you do. You won’t have time to waste on text game when you have other things to do besides chasing pussy. YOU set the standards of how the interaction will occur. Get her away from texting and on to speaking. Text has no nuance and you cannot present a masculine voice. If she does not want to talk on a phone for a few minutes, move on.

  27. Ironically I hate texting, I hate touch pads, and I hate smart phones. Recently smashed mine actually. And I’m going back to the 90s, sort of. Wanted to get a land line with an answering machine but realized I can use skype on the internet I already pay for.
    That said, my dislike of texting has won me some boons, or poons more like. My delays in response were because it was a chore. My short answers were because touch pads drive me to frothing rage. Hence my old android phone with its dead battery and shattered screen. And when a text comes in? I can’t help but to blurt out “Oh who is bothering me now.Fucking fuck”
    Frankly all this “men on strike” and MGTOW stuff is random noise. Get away from these slave devices and when no men are on them, except thirsty betas, women will lose their love for them too. We’re on strike against the wrong things.
    My next phone is going to be a prepaid phone on it with one hour and it will live in my glove box for roadside emergencies.

  28. I’m not going to play these ridiculous fuck fuck games with these idiotic, airheaded broads. I don’t need fifteen women hanging on my texts and attention. That’s a good way to accidentally end up interacting with a nutcase. If you can’t be satisfied with two or three decent girls who are above the shallow club scene, then you are the male version of an idiotic, airheaded broad. Just as thirsty and just as deluded. Take some STEM prerequisite classes at the local college and see if you can’t find someone worth knowing.

  29. I’ve noticed that getting any chick’s number the past 5 years usually gets you as much in nowhere land as much as if you never got her number in the first place…The phone has morphed into a 3rd hand for most people (especially women)…Most are too busy texting, downloading apps, playing games, and looking at email on it, too have any meaningful conversation.
    So, if you’re not arranging a date on it in when you first text or call, or didn’t have any success, delete the number. I remember the days in the late ’90’s where I would talk to a chick on a Sony 900mhz cordless landline for 2-3 hours…I remember one liked the sound of my voice so much, she wanted to talk to me all night. You will never see days like that again! Women have too many distractions, too many messages from Alpha meatheads on it from the 4 different dating apps she has on it. With such a broad range of guys too choose from, someone a couple clicks above you (normally a better face or younger) is within 10-100 miles of her tight, little hole. She just texts her address and some sawed-off, 6’3 mulatto alpha dude with a cock twice your size is on the road in his brand new Dodge Charger black HEMI or Ford F-150.
    The way I see it, is I will sit back and enjoy it when these 20-34 year old Western females get into their forties and are saying “wtf did I just do to my life” after riding the cock carousel.

  30. The way I see it, back in the day, about 7 years ago for me, once you take one of these chicks to home plate, she will text you until your phone explodes…That’s how you know she liked it! It will probably take, nowadays, until Nibiru completes its 3,000 year old elliptical orbit, just to make it to 1st base.

  31. there is some weird shit going on in your head bro. “imma amog all the afc’s like da bic alfucking male i am!!!!!!!!!!”
    right. text game is an art. and you create attention. with your textgame.
    you’re starting to catch up with that adam williams guy who keeps writing nonsense like this. he got that webcam routine haha maybe you two should get together to “game strategize” while you “regulate availability”. dont forget to machiavellize dem bitches tho with da holy grail of ioi’s

  32. Any woman who is “glued to her phone” is just playing you. You sound like someone who needs to turn off his phone for a few days. Or weeks.

  33. This is a horrible example of Game. Fails the Jumbotron test. “LOL, jk”, are you serious? You almost flipped the sent/received ratio.
    Don’t write about Game anymore.

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