The New York Times Wants To Make New Hampshire Less White

Recently, the New York Times came out with an article discussing the idea of diversifying New Hampshire, and also floated the same idea for Vermont and Maine, due to their majority white population along with the struggle of a “lack of community” that non-natives and immigrants face when moving here.  Being fed up with this “diversity” bullshit, I felt a response was in order.

Dear America,

We, the states of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, have heard of late through the southern rag known as the New York Times that you think we are too white. And we have  only one thing to say to you…

We are not too white, you are just too racist.

We are not too white; that is not a thing a state can be. We are not keeping people of different races from living here. They simply do not wish to live here. And that is something we always considered just fine. We cannot force people to want to live here anymore than you can bully us into wanting to change who we are simply to fit into what you currently consider “the correct mix of people”.

We have no problem with minorities and the “issue” of our whiteness has never occurred to us. In the same way that the “blackness” of Kenya or the “Asianess” of Japan never occurred to us either. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps it’s not us who have a problem but you?

You are spending so much time concerning yourself over race that you are beginning to become almost a basket case over it. You rage over three small states having a majority white population while you praise the future that minorities will hold in the nation. Why does this matter to you so badly? Aren’t we all just people? Can’t we be who we are?  

Your racism on the matter has shown through perfectly. You think that by making us “the correct mix of people” will achieve something? But what? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, and we cannot wrap our minds around why you continue to pretend that you’ll somehow make us better in this way. We are prosperous just the way we are. And to be entirely honest, we have grown rather tired of your bigotry towards us more photosensitive Anglo-saxon types.

This is just an attempt to justify your racism and ethnic hatred towards a group of people because their population percentages in a few states don’t suit your narrative. You dislike us for our skin pigment and our culture, consistently try to belittle our food, fool our youth to into your indoctrination camps known as universities, and enable crime dens you call cities to suck us dry of our vitality like the shameless vampires you are. All the while, you send in people from other states and countries to serve as your shock troops to change us so we bow down before you.

The threat of genocide that you have levied against we New Englanders is as horrifying as it is pathetic. You pretend it is for our betterment when you know full well that we are already just fine. We may be somewhat liberal, but we are neither fools nor Californians (I repeat myself). We have pride in our culture, identity, and way of life.

In truth, we have a just fine mix of people. We’re liberty minded, hard working, and grounded to the earth. We did not ask for your opinion. Nor did we ask the fat cats who want to bring in cheap labor what they thought. The immigrants who come here both from other parts of the country and from abroad are welcome to stay, but we do things our way, not theirs. This is our native-born home, not theirs. They can adopt a New England state of mind or get packing.

We invite you and all who take issue with how we are to take a long walk off one our fine short piers. We do not desire to be like you, we do not desire to take in thousands of people and become a modern tower of babble like you. We do not wish to be an ethnic colony fighting over the crumbling remains of our once great civilization. We want to be America. We want immigrants to come in small numbers, if we even want any at all. And we want to retain our cultural heritage for future generations to come.

You need to stop with the white hatred towards us and stop trying to change the world in degrading ways. There are far more pressing concerns like the imminent collapse of your welfare state and the current brewing Civil War caused by your constant subversion.

We three states, along with the rest of New England, will be 400 years old in 2020. We have gotten along just fine being ourselves this whole time. We are of the same stock today as we have been since the pilgrims first landed here in 1620. On our 400th birthday, we will continue to enjoy our hearty, underwhelmingly seasoned food, we will burn at the beach and call it a tan, we will still not pronounce our Rs, we will continue to pick apples in the fall, and eat delicious cider donuts. We will continue to shoot our machine guns, go to our agricultural fairs and drink our craft beers. and lastly we will be white majority, not because we are racist, not because we dislike minorities, but because that’s just the way we are and happy to be so. We appreciate your concern but mind your own damned business.

Sincerely, your older cousins,

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont

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75 thoughts on “The New York Times Wants To Make New Hampshire Less White”

  1. The New York Slime is garbage. Hired an openly racist and lesbian SJW. And they were aware of her past. Continue to be a propaganda machine for the deep state and has zero credability at all. Fuck them.

    1. New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine are demographic featherweights in the country with a combined population of less than the city of San Diego.
      Not even 3 million.
      It just really irks the tribesmen at (((NY Times))) so much that a few (goy) white pockets remain.

      1. ahhhh, Vermont, the liberal safe space and voters who gave us Senator Bernie Sanders and 60 years of his freeloading and corrupting America.
        My former home state of (J)New York….another bastion of treason and scum that took all of the rest of the conservative portion of the state from 50 miles out of dead center Albany and NYC and raped it for ever to fund their liberal addictions. Only Maine has a sense of sanity…to cold and too sparsely populated for the liberal cancer to really take hold.

        1. They planted a cancer colony in Lewiston, called Somalians, or as I like to call them: 70 IQ mohameddan dindus — the absolute nadir of humanity.
          Fucking Brilliant!

        2. @ Mike Gavin, likely doing so for the federal dollars under Obama thinking how easy it will be. Pray for coldest winter you can stand and maybe they will freeze enough to perish or go back to their mud huts goat f*king and HOT DRY desert.

    2. Don’t worry; you just need to be an individual and not worry about others. Who cares about race; let them flood in; the only problem is the government and welfare…lets all forget the fact that these states have access to as much; or even more; welfare systems than the rest of the country; but OMG; they are not unproductive; violent; ghetto shitholes like the rest of the country…I wonder why? They kind of remind me of places like Iceland; Norway; and what use to be called Sweden…I wonder what all these places have in common? LOL

    3. Anti-white leftists are virtue signaling against Laura Ingraham’s comment but Ingraham is 100% correct.
      In 1960 census, USA was 90% white.
      Anti-white j ews want to use legal and illegal Third World immigration to ethnically cleanse and blend whites out of existence.

      1. It factors down to this…
        Take a Pride of Lions at the zoo. A zoo keepers job is very dangerous.
        They are focused and in unison solidarity.
        Now, throw in some hyenas, jackals, Rhinos, babboons in the cage.
        Suddenly, the Lions are distracted, and the zoo keeper doesnt fear the eyes of the lions at feeding time as he gives them less and makes the pen smaller.
        Oy gevalt goyim

    1. I did. I highly doubt they actually took the time to read it. They are a Soros mouth piece aling with pro open borders Slim Helu.

  2. Nobody ever answers my questions on “why” we need diversity. How would life in New Hampshire or Maine improve if they imported thousands more Africans or South Americans? It would drain their treasuries and force those states to raise taxes to fund the welfare state – which would make the Democrats happy but do actual harm to the taxpayers in those places.

    1. That’s how every single tenet of leftism is. The “why” of it all is treated as if it’s a foregone conclusion that everyone already naturally agrees with. That is how they manufacture false consent on all issues large and small, they simply pretend that it’s a given that everyone agrees with the reasoning, and there must be something terribly wrong with anyone who disagrees. But that is not satisfactory for anyone with an IQ over 95. We need to know WHY we are doing something, and the reason needs to be incredibly compelling if we are to spend the resources on it.
      You can only get away with this kind of blatant brainwashing and manipulation if you control ALL mainstream media outlets. And, now you know why THEY have been obsessed with controlling every single last radio station, newspaper, television network, music and movie studio – it’s how they manufacture consent among the populace and get away with making wide sweeping changes to our society that only benefit themselves.
      The exact same principle is used in advertising. The advertiser wants to hit every possible media in a coordinated campaign that repeats their message over and over, drilling it into your head. They do this because it works. The technique is precisely the same for implanting suicidal, nation-wrecking ideas into your head.
      Edward Bernays laid it all out for us. The amazing thing is there are still people who watch TV, go to movies, listen to popular music, and watch cable news shows.

      1. ” The amazing thing is there are still people who watch TV, go to movies, listen to popular music, and watch cable news shows.”
        You mean most people.

      2. Your assumption is based on feelings. Leftist assumptions are based on feelings. You can’t have a logical argument with someone whose emotions are swinging wildly from one extreme to another. The Left is acting like a woman in menopause.

      3. Correction … I meant to say that your assumption is based on logic while their assumption is based on feelings.

  3. I saw this article and laughed it has been spewed before by self-haters at Dartmouth College. I don’t think calling them out on it matters the NYT knows what they want and don’t care what anyone thinks. These dying newspapers are only propped up by billionaires who treat these “businesses” like charity work knowing they will never turn a profit. Won’t be long before they all end up being volunteers instead of paid staff not sure how much they can hold out at that rate. Ignoring their articles and not clicking or engaging them is the best damage you can do.

    1. I would be thrilled to see every single big city newspaper in America fail and fold. They are all hopelessly liberal and anti-white.

    2. A lot of big city newspapers are like $2 now while they were 50c even through much of the 2000s.
      Trust me, we haven’t had 400% inflation since then, while better quality news and sources are ubiquitous and free online. Why bother?

    1. thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s amazing how much grunt work this sites editors actually do. It’s my first article so it was rough going in but they made it quite presentable.

  4. Great letter, Paul! I hope that you sent it to the NYT, although I would be surprised if they were to publish it. I have friends who live in Maine, NH and Vermont, and they love it up there and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I don’t blame them, because the landscape is beautiful and the population is overwhelmingly White and civilized. I live in southern New England, and although we have rural pockets that resemble northern New England, in general it is a much different (in a bad way) world from where you live. Whenever I visit up north, I am reminded of how America in general was when it was just under 90% White in the early 1960s (yes, I’m that old). Do whatever it takes to keep it that way, where you live.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, hyperborean.
      I agree with you, we need to keep our home just the way it is. like I said in the letter, it’s not that we have a problem with immigrants or anything. The trouble comes when they refuse to join the rest of us in the community and then grow in size to form a colony that is in competition with the traditional community established here. If we had more people who spoke Spanish, Chinese or even Russian how could the ideals of New England even be conveyed to them. Freedom, liberty, homeland. To people of different cultures, regardless of their race, all have different ideas about what those words mean to their respective people. And that’s fine when you don’t have all these groups in close proximity to each other but when you do you will only find chaos. Lord knows the US has experienced that even among its own cultural subdivisions like in the civil war or various state vs state conflicts. People of different cultures have always fought, that’s the only truly predicable thing about people. It’s bad idea to smash them all together and not work to assimilate them to the traditional culture which even then is almost nearly impossible for certain cultures. But that just my opinion.

      1. The USA is nation build on hard work of immigrants. Each wave of immigration contributed to the country and shaped the US to what it is today.
        What you call New England today once was inhabited by Native American people. Did anyone petitioned them back in the 1600s whether they agreed to their homeland become more diverse due to immigration? (It was a rhetorical question.)

        1. Haha, that’s cute. ive got news for you, most people living here have been for multiple generations, my own being 17 generations in. Boston is the home of the immigrant, mostly Irish. New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont are the home of the voyageur and the English Puritan pilgrim. Just take a look at an ethnic background map of our area. English in the south, French Canadian in the north. Immigrants haven’t contributed much up here, friend. Save for maybe a few recipes maybe. As for the natives, well maybe they should have fought a little harder for it. Not saying they deserved it, not saying they didn’t fight for it, but conquest is the way of mankind, and we just wanted it more.

        2. I would say immigrants up until the immigration reform act contributed to our society, not so much after that. Your rhetorical question actually points to a cautionary tale. It is true the Indians weren’t asked for a consensus but look what happened to them. So would we like to be driven off our land.

        3. @Paul – re: ››› “we just wanted it more” ››› – – I don’t think it was a matter of wanting it as much as it was a natural progression to step off a boat and claim the turf, kind of like the progression of climbing a stairway automatically brings you to the second floor. The progression of sailing a great sea automatically brings you to new land to claim especially when it is sparsely inhabited by simple foraging aboriginals.
          The Wabanaki and Micmac indians of Maine and New Brunswick areas were the only aboriginals that built whaling boats. They were small vessels but the aboriginals handled them like master spear chuckers riding a surfboard while harpooning the largest sea creatures on Earth. It was a sight to behold but still it couldn’t hold a match to the GREAT WHITE MAN and his majestic vessels as big as fifty whales combined. The sailing ships were taller than the tallest trees and more sophisticated than anything the aboriginals could dream of even on the brightest sunniest reefer smoking day in May.
          Even the Aztecs lacked something. Something that specific white tribes only possessed. The Dutch, Portugesee, Spanish, Norwegians and English all share a compulsive instinctive drive to venture the globe and scour every last corner. To survey and map every last fijord, coastline, savannah and mountain range. It is in their blood to forge forward with the human will and steam it takes to row and sail across an entire ocean. The native Indians lacked that compulsion completely. When the white man arrived, he didn’t have to then make a choice “Oh well do we step foot here on this land? Are we welcome? Hello Indians. Are we invited or should we go home and try later?” SHEEEIT (I’ve got snot blowing I’m laughing so hard. Are you kidding? Just the mere fact that the white man made the great journey means he claims the turf by default. The question is already answered whether or not he has a right to be there. It’s a no brainer.

      2. “it’s not that we have a problem with immigrants or anything.”
        LOL. Decent letter, but you are in for a big shock if you think that ‘aw shucks’ brand of cuckery and civic universalism is going to serve you well in the coming war. You don’t seem to get it – this is the FINAL WAR for tribal survival. The time for being open, accepting, liberal-minded niceguys toward foreign invaders is OVER. We need a hard line stance if we are to survive, it’s that simple.

        1. Thanks for the advice. I know one thing, If I have to choose between some immigrants or my home region my home is gonna win out. I don’t have a problem with immigrants or immigration as an idea but I agree we have had enough immigrants coming in from the rest of the country and abroad. That time is over.

    2. I echo what Hyperborean said. My Facebook friend often takes daytrips with his family to Vermont and the state looks clean and peaceful. I grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts and, yeah, not so much.

  5. “They can adopt a New England state of mind or get packing”. Well said…wish someone would dare say the same thing about the entire country.

  6. Paul Padmore
    I don’t think many people (whether White or non-White) from other parts of US would want to move to New Hampshire.
    The good things about NH: the mild, moderate climate and lots of green areas.
    The bad thing about NH: the local people. Yes, they view anyone who they deem as “outsider” (regardless of complexion) with suspicion at best or with downright hostility at worst.
    So the reason why NH is unlikely to get more diverse is just that: the attitude of the local people.

      1. We actually have a saying;
        “If your cats had kittens in the oven it wouldn’t make them biscuits ” if you’re of outsider stock you’ll have a hard time fitting in. So will your children. It’s a hard thing to be accepted by Us, though once you are you’re in the club. It’s harsh, But it’s our way of keeping our communities ours.

        1. And you wonder why certain genetic disorders are common in NH. It is due to inbreeding.
          You people would benefit from immigration : some new, healthier genes would make the future generation of locals healthier.

        1. Frazer is a Fn J EW.
          The real genetic diseases are found among Israelis, due to inbreeding. Many hospitals treat them specifically. They include Tay Sachs, Bloom among others.

    1. meh, I doubt it’s that much higher. I mean there are groups who were much more isolated for much longer spans of time than we have been. Plus like I said, it’s not impossible to become part of the community, actually not very difficult at all. Just do stuff and interact. Over time the distrust fades as the community gets to know you. I’ve been giving kind of a hyperbolic version of what it’s like to be new to New Hampshire. in all honesty it’s not hard to live up here. Just know your neighbors, know your community or don’t. It’s the same as every other place. No ones gonna come after you if you don’t interact and you’re not gonna get chased out by an angry mob. your children will be treated kindly, we are still humans after all. You just won’t be well known in the community is all. This is practically impossible unless you’re a complete shut-in or live way out in the forest. I personally have never been to a town meeting so I don’t know how that works but I imagine you might have more sway if you’re well known.

      1. Great Article BTW. Born and raised in Hampton (Yup… that Hampton… as in ‘Da Beach’) Back in the day, VERY small community… knew everyone, town population about 40K +/-, including Seabrook, North Hampton, and Hampton Falls… so small we had a regional High School… all four towns I just mentioned went to one centralized H.S….
        In the summer? 250K +… nowadays even more… and it’s gone WAAAY downhill… think tattooed multi-ethnic gay ghetto trash overwhelming the Area of Operations… went back to bury my Dad 6 years ago… I’ll NEVER return…
        One thing left out from the article is that what I discovered when I joined the Army was that the blacks et al. ALL prefered to stay/live in the southern N.E. area… “Too damned cold for a brutha!!!” was the common refrain for the Northern Climes… add on the “Ayup… not from around heir ar ya?” and an outsider was/is marker from the get go…
        Hell… The Number One selling T-Shirt/Bumper sticker at the Beach for a number of years was “Welcome to Hampton Beach, now go the Hell Home!”
        Sums it up nicely IMO

    2. It’s a nice place to visit but it’s too damned crowded and winter lasts 8 months.
      I find the Yankees to be a bit too uptight as well. They have a rule for everything, laws, regulations, signs, little to no real freedom. My bro-in-law nearly went to jail for having a garage sale without a permit. Who ever heard of such a thing? In the Live Free or Die state? WTAF?
      The local PD showed up and my liberty loving 2A supporting BIL nearly had a dustup until his wife stepped in.

  7. The NYT should go up to Lewiston Maine and ask the natives how the importation of thousands of Somalians has worked out. As usual, the locals had no choice in the matter. The government said we’re relocating them there, and tough luck if you don’t like it.

    1. It’s not just the government, it’s the traitorous demons in the Lutheran and Catholic churches, taking millions of dollars in taxpayer money from the government in exchange for poisoning their formerly-white communities with violent and criminal-minded immigrants. The Church is a massive part of the problem, and anyone supporting these churches with tithing is paying double for their own demise. Once to the taxman and once to the preacherman.

      1. Actually, you are correct about that. I’ve been told it was mainly Lutherans who brought all the Hmong and Somalians into Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as Sudanese and Arabs into North and South Dakota..
        But the government had to approve this immigration, and were more than happy to “diversify” some of the whitest states we have.

        1. It’s a very well known arrangement, all out in the open. You can look it up. The government directly pays these churches, primarily Lutheran and Catholic, to take over the receiving and administration of benefits to these alien invaders. It’s happening all over the USA but it’s been most noticeable in Lewiston and Minneapolis because of the formerly pristine state those locales enjoyed.
          It creates a perverse incentive for the churches to import as many hostile aliens as possible with no concern for their fitness as a community member. They get paid “per head” so the more the better! The preachers are becoming millionaires by facilitating White genocide along with the traitors in our federal government.
          I would imagine this scheme is the same throughout the western world.

        2. It’s been happening with the Mormons in Salt Lake City as well. For the life of me I can’t understand how grown men with children can be so unbelievably short-sighted about their land and culture. Cucks gonna cuck, I suppose.

    2. It wasn’t just the government. It was the Lutherands and the Catholics who got paid handsomely to inoculate Maine with the dindu virus. And not just any dindus, but 70 IQ mohameddan dindus — the absolute nadir of humanity.

    3. It wasn’t just the government. It was the Lutherans and the Catholics who got paid handsomely to inoculate Maine with the dindu virus. And not just any dindus, but 70 IQ mohameddan dindus — the absolute nadir of humanity.

    4. It wasn’t just the government. It was the Lutherands and the Catholics who got paid handsomely to inoculate Maine with the diversity virus. And not just any diversity, but 70 IQ mohameddans — the absolute nadir of humanity.

  8. Only the left is openly trying to mainstream the idea that some forms of racism and hate speech are acceptable. Unlike the left, those of us who believe in transcendent truth can say that we believe all people should be treated with equal dignity and respect. Its revealing that such a belief is now “offensive” to the left.

  9. So, this is basically “Democrats are the real racists!” argument?
    And this:
    “I don’t have a problem with immigrants or immigration as an idea…”
    You, Paul, wrote many nice words. Very nice Conservative words. Words that can’t even conserve a bathroom, much less America.
    And this:
    “The immigrants who come here both from other parts of the country and from abroad are welcome to stay, but we do things our way, not theirs. This is our native-born home, not theirs. They can adopt a New England state of mind or get packing.”
    So much Magic Dirt! They must be capable of thinking like you, and all they have to do is adopt your ideals in your native born home, and voila! They’re the same as you!
    You will no more conserve your native born home than you will conserve America. That’s why the term “Cuckservative” is so much better at describing this self-immolation of virtue signaling.

    1. Yep, you are correct. Our author exhibits all the signs of self-doubt and nice guyism that has brought us to the brink of ruin. If most people in these states think like him, they will welcome millions of Africans and Muslims with open arms, because they are so damned gullible and naive. There is no such thing as just ONE immigrant. They ALL use chain migration laws to turn a small household into an entire ghetto full of them. There is no such thing as assimilation…they simply bide their time until their numbers are strong enough. There can be no peaceful coexistence because every other race besides Whites are hellbent on conquest. This is a black and white issue, there are no shades of grey here.

    2. There’s no place among conservatives for nationalists, because conservatives haven’t conserved shit. Not even safe bathrooms for our daughters, sisters, and mothers.
      Mike Gavin — Nationalist.

  10. The problem is not with the great states of NH, Maine, and Vermont – the problem is the NY Times is, and always has been run exclusively by Zionist/Marxist elites, from NYT reporter Walter Duranty deliberately suppressing the mass starvation of Ukraine (Holodomor, 16 million dead) to the current clumsy and ugly attacks on Whiteness -except in Israel, of course, where the Druze and Palestinian residents have been judged to be ‘a little less equal’. The Sulzberger’s and Och’s should go try to tell the citizens of the Congo “they are too black” and see what happens. Boycott, Divest, and sanction the NYT.

  11. I live in a place that is enriched with ((((diverse)))) ((((vibrancy)))) one side effect nobody talks about is the blackification of white people once diversity has reached critical mass.
    Your mid and lower level white people exhibit behavior like blacks due to black behavior being the “new normal”. And the coal burning………… oh the coal burning….

    1. I’ve seen it in every major US city I’ve lived in. The White people start deliberately dumbing themselves down, celebrating garbage culture, listening to horrible black music, watching trash on tv and the internet, etc. When too many people from failed cultures are allowed to insert themselves into a community, the failure follows them to their new home and infects everything around them.
      There are only two choices here: brutal civil war, or peaceful separation. There is no third option. If you think so you’re just deluding yourself and being a coward. The white liberals who try to stand up for their murderous pets will be lumped together with them…no mercy whatsoever.
      You can either cultivate a militant mindset right now, or you will almost certainly not survive the coming decade.

    2. LOWER LEVEL whites have always been here and acted stupid…Stifler or Eminiem are your basic type of lower level whites…One is a wigger and one is a jock/drunk reveler (we’ve always had jocks but you’ve only had hard core wiggers since the mid ’90’s). Most of these people are beyond repair with or without SMART technology.
      More and more whites will fall under this category as the rate of Autism goes up. So, a new category between lower and mid level whites would need to supplant the lower level portion. Most people with Autism do not exhibit violent, stupid or aggressive behaviors exhibited among lower level whites such as the Stifler or Eminiem individual. The only reason Autistic (or Aspergers) people would not go into mid-level category is they shy away from almost all social encounters. Almost all positions in mid-level, require, strong social communication. Especially as a police officer or in a managerial position!!
      MID LEVEL whites are basically 55-65% of whites, depending on region…These are typically home owners and could be your boss (construction foreman, garbage truck drivers, long haul/tanker truck drivers, bank manager/loan officer, retail managers, government worker, IT specialists, union worker in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, aircraft maintenance, HVAC, police officer, firefighter, EMT, warehouse supervisor, nuclear power plant operators/managers, machine specialists)…This group has probably denigrated significantly in the past 20 years due to loss of jobs during the 2008 Economic Crisis…Most of them ,as of today, stare into a SMART phone all day compared to 15 year ago. Obesity, cheating/martial affairs and poor general health plague mid-level whites even more so then low-level whites. Without mid level whites, most of civilization would collapse as no one would have the ‘know-how’ on how to fix things.
      The HIGH LEVEL whites are your engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, CEO’s, CPA’s, CFO’s, venture capitalists, business owners, real estate/stock brokers, airport managers, airline pilots, college professors, wall street analysts. Some of these people (depending on status) report directly to globalists and work in conjunction for their interests. Most (not all) have a high disdain of almost anyone below them. The rate of disdain probably increased 10,000% since the 1950’s.

  12. I’d bet good money the vast majority of white leftists who write such garbage live in white areas.

    1. It’s not hypocrisy it’s war. They know full well what they are doing. They want you and I erased from the planet.

  13. If you ever though there was a bone of “tolerance” in the Left take this as proof it does NOT exist. If you are white, and especially a man, THEY WANT YOU DEAD. Nothing else is acceptable. These people openly hate whites and the difference between now and 10 years ago is they are not going to try to even hide it.
    Get ready for a war because it is coming.

  14. They did this to the middle class whites in the late ’80s and ’90’s…Once, nice, quiet suburban neighborhoods, that looked ideal places to live-in, something out of a Steven Spielberg film such as ET, Poltergeist, Gremlins, all middle class and white, turned into inner city slums. Now, it finally moves to areas of the upper middle class and rich and their fancy golf club resorts of New Hampshire.
    Don’t they get it now, if you aren’t pulling in a billion a year in net income, you’re NOT part of the club. I don’t have any pity or tears for these rich babyboomers that live their. They tore this country to shreds with their policies the past 30 years. You reap what you sow!

  15. “We are not too white, you are just too racist.”
    Cuck or leftard response.
    Instead of “racist”, you use “antiwhite”.
    We are not to white, you are just too antiwhite.
    Stop using leftard newspeak. You will lose arguments by using their terms. You use their terms only for mindfuck purposes.

  16. The NYT also recently published an article about how museums need to have more nonwhite curators. They hate how museums are bastions of white culture and want our museums to become antiwhite propaganda centers.

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