How The Elites Are Using Radical Islam To Subvert And Destroy Western Civilization

While touring Washington, D.C., I saw a wrinkly old geezer with frizzy hair and thick glasses leaving a posh nightclub for the wealthiest of the wealthy. While getting into a limo, a note fell out of his pants pocket.

It was an encrypted message. Surprisingly, my vintage Little Orphan Annie decoder ring could decipher it. This correspondence from someone calling himself Maximum Leader Rosso began:

Your last note questioned the wisdom of Open Mankind Foundation Governance doing everything inhumanly possible to overrun Europe with Muslims—particularly ones least inclined to assimilate and become productive citizens. Obviously it’s imperative that we make Europeans strangers in their own homelands, import a violent underclass we can mobilize as needed, and eventually fulfill the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. However, you fear we’re shooting ourselves in the foot, threatening our entire power structure in Europe.

Rest assured, this is merely one of OMFG’s classic pincer strategies. Radical Islam won’t become a serious threat; OMFG also intends to neuter the Middle East. We’re building up Muslims to knock them down. I’ve mentioned this briefly before; here are the details.

Whew! I figured I was onto something big. Here are some highlights of the long-winded text.


We have to fix this, pronto!

Muslims obviously have some rather provincial attitudes about their ladies. Fortunately, our own useful idiots in the West have paid little attention, even though they’re paying with their lives! As for Arab women, we certainly don’t give a damn about them, but there’s a huge opportunity to create discord and weaponize it. OMFG will divide society in two and stab those bastards right in the heart.

Say it like you mean it!

Should we merely convince Middle Easterners to stop doing acid attacks, quit cutting off clits, forbid husbands from beating their wives, that sort of thing? Certainly not! After they acquiesce to reasonable demands, we’ll keep pushing ad infinitum. We’ll choose the bitterest and craziest bints for our figureheads. Then we’ll convince normal Muslim women that these hags speak for them and are working in their best interests. Meanwhile, the men will be endlessly browbeaten.

It’s heart-warming that Rosso is so enlightened.

After three generations, Arab society will be utterly transformed. Women constantly will be told that all men are oppressors, making no distinction between actual wrongdoers versus guys who treat women decently. When men start getting sick of the snotty attitudes that result, it will be a major milestone.

After about five decades, Yemeni girls will be tatted up, have pierced faces, and show off their funbags in the street. Further, bad life choices must be promoted as “empowerment”. Soon, dysfunctional families will be the norm, not the rare exception. As an added bonus, getting women out of homes and into cubicles means lower wages and more tax revenue.


Gay pride parade in Istanbul: already there!

This one will be faboo.

There’s a large covert homosexual underground in the Arab world, despite the extreme penalty for getting caught. Polygamy makes it difficult for average young men to find wives. Even straight guys are turning into part-time faggots. (No offense meant to you, of course! It helps that our Arab cousins are a little pervy like we are.) This is a huge opportunity for OMFG.

Even stupid Bible thumpers in Flyover Country can see that throwing gays off of buildings is a little extreme. OMFG’s bathhouse front will start by seeming reasonable, but have hidden agendas. We intend much more than simply leaving people alone to do in private whatever twists their nipples. After society accedes to reasonable demands, we’ll push much further.

I can hardly wait for the Oscars parties!

Tolerance is merely the first step, followed by celebration, then mandatory acceptance of the agenda. The first gay pride parades in Riyadh, Medina, and Mecca itself will be a huge milestone. The next is when liwat is taught in schools as an alternative lifestyle choice. Another biggie is allowing Adam and Istifanus to get married.


I always figured there was something a little weird about Saddam.

Everyone leading OMFG is well aware that transsexuals either are biological aberrations, or (more commonly) suffer mental delusions. However, the useful idiots doing all the work for us are poised to use these freaks for the next human rights crusade in the Middle East.

It’s getting fruitier yet!

Will we convince Muslims that trannies are just a little different and deserve tolerance and compassion? Ha—that’s merely the beginning! We’ll make society cater to them, new laws will force people to use those weird pronouns, Persian dudes will be in the women’s bathrooms, and we’ll even use the schools to try to convince little boys that they’re actually girls.

We’ll also gradually erase the distinctions between the sexes. Arabs are getting pretty chubby already from all the new junk food. Soon, the residues of agribusiness pesticides and plastic congealers will lower the testosterone levels in the men and make them androgynous. Meanwhile, women from Morocco to Pakistan will be encouraged to start looking and acting like lumberjacks.

Some other agendas

Slavery has featured prominently in Islam, even long after it was abolished in the Western world and eventually elsewhere. We’ll make Muslims wallow in guilt about their historical misdeeds. That’s effective even for those whose families had nothing to do with it. While we’re at it, we’ll browbeat them about past imperialism too, even though the Islamic Caliphate was building an empire just like most other major superpowers have done. Although OMFG intends to reduce the world to serfdom, hypocrisy certainly is no barrier to us!

I’m so glad to know Rosso really cares.

The Middle East doesn’t have many descendants of slaves, because they were castrated upon arrival. However, OMFG can flood the place with tens of millions of migrants that have a grudge with them. We’ll use universalist scriptures in the Quran selectively to promote all this, and browbeat anyone who doesn’t want their countries invaded. The more diverse we make the Middle East, the easier it is for us to operate unnoticed.

Earlier you expressed doubt about disarming the militias that OMFG has propped up to keep them destabilized. However, they’re not our target at all. Neglecting crime to justify repression works wonders! The more trouble they cause, the easier it will be to sell the Middle Eastern public on gun control. The common citizens will hand over their weapons, and accept police state “security” measures too, convinced that all this is for their safety.

I’m beginning to doubt Rosso’s good intentions.

Other measures to make the Arabs become docile will include silly distractions like video games, sports, and so forth. Bread and circuses, my friend! Finally, it’s imperative to make them lose confidence in their religion. It’ll take a while, but constant mockery and removing official support will help.

How they’ll accomplish this

The last part of the letter is badly stained, because the old geezer’s adult diaper had leaked. I got bits and pieces of things like subverting their education system, taking over the Boards of Directors of Al Jazeera and other Arabic media outlets, bombarding them with constant propaganda in movies and television, and instituting thought control laws.

The letter’s last sentence is fully legible:

Don’t doubt that all this will work; it certainly has before.

Gosh, what could Rosso mean by that?

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72 thoughts on “How The Elites Are Using Radical Islam To Subvert And Destroy Western Civilization”

  1. I stopped being a White knight for “Brown princesses” a long time ago. Arabs are adults, they don’t need some soy boy from Canada to tell them how to behave. I expect the same form them, of course.
    Above all, their women are perfectly happy, much more so than “empowered” woman from Swedistan or Canadistan are with their men. These women will take their masculine father or brute husband’s side any day of the week, so it’s futile. Arabs know exactly what they want to do with their countries and their women and the women know their place, too.

    1. Trudeau talks non-stop about how liberal and tolerant he is, but he can’t go to another country for five minutes without telling them how they’re supposed to live.

      1. The Canadian government with holds aid from countries that don’t katow to the Canadian version of feminism.

    2. this, fucking finally white westerners are understanding.
      SInce this site started we get these so called “redpillers” turn into rapid male feminist when suddenly brown people or muslims become part of the question.

      1. Time to gtfo
        Lets just change islam to white nationalism.
        “The only solution for the white nationalism problem is removing white nationalism from existence. There is no other way. This can be done peacefully or by force. The choice is up to those who choose to practice this nonsensical ideology.”

  2. The only solution for the islam problem is removing islam from existence. There is no other way. This can be done peacefully or by force. The choice is up to those who choose to practice this nonsensical ideology.

    1. and you want us, forcibly or peacefully, to replace our perfect Islam with what? Western cuckism and materialistic atheism? No thanks. We are happy as we are!

      1. And Sahrah, no problem, you can have most western women and sell them in Dschiddah.
        You will do us a favour!

        1. And Sarah, we are really not interested in your faith or traditions. We aren’t even interested in your person and your co believers.
          We are interested in distance to you, as do all other non muslim people who ever had longer contact to you in the geographic “bloody half moon!
          There is no country in the world, where Muslims live in peace with other denominations.
          You have only allies in our lefties and feminists in the fight against western values.
          But I’m sure after your victory they have the fate of the iranian lefties and that’s a nice perspective for me.

        2. @Satcadir
          Same. I’m not interested at all. We don’t want your degenerate women either. Deal with them yourselves.
          I don’t live in the West and never wanted to.
          No one wants to live in the West except poor people who are looking for a living.

      2. You don’t love Islam, you love the idea of uncucked and masculine patriarchy that takes charge, makes the rules and dominates. That’s all. You hate all the rest of it. You loves the certainty of what the men Do and not say. Nothing discomforts women more than feminized wishy washy shifty weak men. It’s why women fight each other so quickly, because you are so random so unpredictable so conniving and so selfish. Real men are none of those things, so women actually respect and crave certainty and predictability. That’s an observable fact of all women even the most vicious femenists. They crave certainty and predictability even as they denounce men because they they think they can do it, but no it’s always catty snotty disrespectful emotional rulership that fails when feminist trash try to lead.

        1. Thanks for the suggestion but no thanks!
          Modern Christianity is paganism.
          And Jesus Christ belongs to us. He was a monotheist, not a cross-worshipper.

      3. @Satcadir
        No, Leftists are NOT our allies. We are their target, too. They are the allies of like-minded coconut mozlemz (westernized & cucked), i.e. the loudmouth feminist Linda Sarsour.
        You don’t really know, but it’s part of their leftist propaganda to appear “tolerant” and anti-racist and pro-equality and pro-minority etc etc, but they truly hate our version of Islam: the patriarchal and supremacist Islam. The Islam that my family and our conservative society embrace. Not the cucked, softie version of Islam that most mozlemz in your western countries follow just to be free of responsibility and so they can “fit in” and live comfortably among the kuffar they serve.
        And for your information; it’s religiously haram (forbidden) for Muslims to migrate to a non-Muslim country and live among the kuffar.
        Plus it’s not “western” values that you try to defend; because traditional values are the same across the globe. West or East.
        Western values today translate to = gay rights, trans rights, nudist rights, slut rights, “LGBTQ+ education”, and all types of depravity and cuckism.

    2. Low T right-wing cucks: talk tough on the Internet, but piss their pants when faced with Muslims face to face.
      I would like to know what Islam-bashing keyboard warriors have ever done with their sad lives. It’s like they come to the Internet to spew shit because they know they’re meaningless nobodies in the real world. Sad!

      1. Muzzy sand nignogs only attack in large groups. They’re the biggest cowards when someone stands up to them.

        1. Even if that’s true I still feel sorry the poor men who have so little choice in life but to spew hatred on the Internet. I hope they find a happier path in life.

        2. But your culture doesn’t raise men anymore. It raises homos, trannies, feminine beta males, softies and weaklings.
          The right in some sense is just jealous Islam does what they wish they could do and what christianity has failed at. The left hates Islam because they are sodomites and hate it that Islam stands in the way of a Globo-Homo World Order.
          Da sand nignogs are about to fuck you up. Only a matter of time until you pay up the jizya.

      2. Facts =/= hate. But keep pounding your dead moral high horse like a good bestiality loving Muslim.
        I’m doing just fine with my choices of career, a wife and a newborn son.

        1. You mean Muslim men attacking their own women and children? It’s a cultural norm for them along with pedophilia.

    3. Incredibly ignorant comment. Islam is about the only institution today standing up against all the degeneracy, consumerism, and poz.
      However, I will say that Islam is for the Middle East. It is not for White Europeans.

  3. Anything less than full-blown societal (read: female behavior) control and taking their suffrage rights is a slippery slope, that Middle East brutes instinctively know and we somehow (choose to) forget it it. Always.

  4. Depends. Nature (biological fitness) doesn’t care about your IQ or wealth, only your fertility rate. Radical Islamic ideologies are doing a pretty good job if they will make their believers genetically conquer the world while Japanese and Swedish with their Western, cucked ideologies go extinct.

  5. The government is destroying the US with wars, debt, and tyranny, but what do we need government for anyway?
    If a private association like the MPAA can regulate movies, why can’t the private market regulate other things?
    When people smoke now, people just call the police on them, but people in the past either took some personal responsibility and ignored smokers, moved away from smokers, or asked smokers to go somewhere else. The problem with a police state is everyone now is either or a slave or a criminal. Who pays the taxes to pay for tyranny?
    If smoking is dangerous, can’t nonprofits raise funds to pay for educational campaigns that warn of the dangers of smoking instead of outlawing smoking?
    Can’t people use the BBB to verify if a business is good or not instead of forcing companies to pay fees to get a government business license?
    Can’t private charities funded by volunteer donations provide homeless shelters and soup kitchens instead of being at forced at the point of a gun by the government to pay taxes that fund welfare?
    Can’t people use guns to protect themselves instead of relying on the Gestapo?
    Can’t neighbourhoods hire private security firms to protect their homes?
    Can’t the free market provide toll roads?
    Can’t the free market provide private airports?
    Can’t the free market provide private schools?
    Can’t the free market provide private mediation services instead of being forced to use courts?
    Can’t volunteer fire departments provide fire protection services?
    Can’t the free market provide disaster relief instead of FEMA?
    Can’t the free market run delivery services instead of the USPS?
    Can’t the free market run railroads instead of Amtrak?

    1. Redpill Forum
      You are obviously a thinker, don’t expect any sympathy or support here. This site is for idealistic “men” who worship The State, Law Enforcement and the Military. Basically Force and Violence. These christian fascist moralizing old women want to turn the clock back to 1950. You want to turn the clock back to 1850. All of these authoritarian fascist “manly men” have more in common with the progressives in FDR’s Bull Moose Party than with the party who fought and died at the Alamo. You want freedom, which is a word that is despised by Today’s right winger; or left winger for that matter.
      What was it that Freud said? “Never underestimate the power of the need to obey.” These “men” desperately need SOME father figure to obey, be it Trump, God or the next white political hack who comes around the bend and offers them the false promise of getting back their old place in society. I swear, they whine, bitch and complain the same way as women, fags and negroes did before the 60’s.

    1. @Vagueness
      Maybe start using the correct terminology — it’s ANTI-Islam ideology, absent of fear, not a “phobia.” Those of us who aren’t brainwashed by religion or the media are also not scared of Islam or its backwards, expired, myopic culty garbage. Muslims and low-information liberals keep trying to spin it the other way with false words like “phobia” because it makes them feel better inside. Neither faction are my equals in the real world — the compensate with cogdis and fool themselves into believing they are equals or even superior in the world y suggesting others are frightened of them frightened of change, etc. And perversely, the gross anachronism known as Islam is also now counter-intuitively very much a part of the “progressive ideology” as it is subsumed by western multicultural New World Order ops.

      1. You don’t wash your asses after you shit. And you also eat pork which eats shit.
        Why you jealous cuz our supreme religion is dominating the world while Christianity is declining everywhere? The sand boiisss are coming you beta yankee.

  6. The Western conflict with Islam is nothing more than a game of “Let’s you and him fight!” courtesy of the Jews.

    1. When I served in the Army, I once overheard some ‘we was kangs’ nigg*rs talking and one of them said that ALLAH stood for Arm – Leg- Leg -Arm – Head. Nigg*r sure are stupid, just thought I would share that.

      1. Likely he belonged to the “Nation of Gods and Earths”, or was influenced by their ideas. It’s one of the fruitier spinoffs of Islam. Muhammad would shit a brick about them if he were still around.

      2. I will bet my house that you never revealed any of your feelings to any of them. I can bet anything that you’re most angry & comfortable online. & I already told you my previous conclusion: you are a closet fag obsessed with Black men. Sad!

    2. The right in some sense is just jealous Islam does what they wish they could do and what christianity has failed at. The left hates Islam because they are sodomites and hate it that Islam stands in the way of a Globo-Homo World Order.

  7. elite )ews want western white Christians and islamic hordes to mutually annihilate each other whilst they sit back and laugh. To be honest, after tricking the white man into ww1,ww2, feminazism and endless wars in the middle east, he has destroyed whites, especially since whites pay taxes for these wars and pay taxes to be race replaced. At least the muslims hate )ews and know their woman should not be feminist. This is why )ews were kicked out 109 ties since 250AD – they’re like AIDS, the variety of diseases they bring along with them will kill you if the main infection doesn’t.

  8. So the author got jealous of this guy become of his wealth, picked up the note, read it, made up this bullsbit stoey, and has devolved into an Alex Jones-level conspiracy theorist.
    What a loser.

    1. This is explicitly satire, The “OMFG” group and the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring should make this obvious. The main subjects are social engineering by corrupt NWO types, cultural Marxism, and divide-and-conquer strategies. The commenter directly above got the basic point.

  9. Why doesn’t the author post pictures of this note? Oh wait, that’s right, because it doesn’t exist.

      1. So this guy makes up some bullshit story for no reason other than boredom and I’m the retard. Okay.

  10. Nice prose.
    Reads with the same tone as The Occult Technology Of Power.
    Drawback is they both ring all too true.

  11. Hahahahaha that title picture is absolutely amazing. I live in a Muslim country so I’m not going to share it on whatsapp in case I get in trouble!

      1. Fatwa has been issued! ;^)
        Time to contact Salman Rushdie for some “freethinking writer” survival tips, Beau.
        Hey, if Islam wants to infiltrate the west then they can get a taste of our satire and criticism and get served a few logic bombs in the process. Assimilate this, a-holes.

        1. If anyone wants to chat with me about my “Muhammad’s Fabulous Disco & Club” illustration, call me at 212-989-4994, or better yet, stop by my workplace at 235 W 23rd St in New York City.

  12. If you were black, would you rather be enslaved by European Protestants or Arab Muslims?
    Hollywood (((movies))) aside, White plantations owners treated black slaves much better than these Arabs. Even to this day you can still hear stories of how cruel Arabs treat their SE Asian maids.
    I should know, we were a White family with a SE Asian housemaid in one of these Muslim countries. And my parents treated our housemaid very kindly. She was like family to us children growing up. I’m glad she was in our house and not one of these sand monkey nîğğēr’s houses.

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