5 Habits That Make Me A Superhuman Fornicator

Having casual sex with promiscuous women is not a sport, but it does take on sport-like attributes if you do it for decades. To a normal man, getting laid mostly involves a night of drinking heavily and getting lucky, but to a more serious man like myself, there is discipline, work ethic, and penis hacks that allow me to keep going in a way that has prevented many other men from reaching their fornication goals.

I’m inching closer to 40, but thanks to some tinkering, I’ve been able to maintain my sexual vigor at nearly the same level as when I was 25. Here are five things I do…

1. I eat two eggs every day

I’m convinced that egg yolks are God’s elixir to man. I don’t have any scientific evidence to prove it, but eating two eggs a day has noticeably increased my horniness, along with other testosterone boosting foods like broccoli and avocados. While a lot of men go on testosterone replacement therapy to increase their T levels, I believe lifestyle changes concerning diet and weightlifting will get you there without the pharmaceutical dependency.

2. I moisturize my penis with coconut oil

As you get older, your penis will get less supple. You may also get chafing or dryness from rough sex sessions. On days I have sex, I lather my penis with extra virgin coconut oil after showering. I maintain that regimen for a few days until my penis is silky smooth to the touch. I also rub coconut oil in the pubic area to combat any vaginal yeast odor that wants to attach itself to me.

Not only does coconut oil help your skin, but it gives your penis a tropical fresh smell for any lucky lady that gets near it.

3. I conserve precious seminal fluids when not getting laid

Within the past couple of years, I can actually feel a mild hangover the day after I masturbate. I believe it is due to my body marshaling its resources to replenish the valuable sperm that I wasted into the ether. More crucially, masturbation takes sex off my mind for at least a couple days, which is bad when you want to have sex with a real-life female.

These days, I only masturbate when I’m approaching a sexual emergency, but not more than twice a week, and never with hardcore pornography. Young men can probably masturbate daily and still have plenty of fluid left over for sex, but not when you’re my age.

4. I empty my balls with every sexual encounter

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve received compliments from girls in their early 20’s about how I can go for more rounds than guys their age. The reason is that when I’m with a girl, I assume that it is the last time I will ever have sex, because you never know. I keep going until I no longer get a boner or faint. If I haven’t been laid in a while, the girl will get the night of her life and certainly come back for seconds. I’ve surprised myself with my endurance on hundreds of occasions.

One thing I don’t like about having a girlfriend is that I have to space out my orgasms to keep some gas in the tank, but the drawback is that sex stays on my mind throughout the week. I much prefer Ball Drainage Events so that I can’t do anything but focus on work for several days.

5. I maintain proper urethra functioning with 100% pure cranberry juice

Even if you use a condom, it’s not rare for the tip of your penis to at some point come into contact with a girl’s vaginal fluids. This could lead to a urethral irritation or a urinary tract infection that falls short of a full-blown sexually transmitted disease.

After I sleep with a questionable girl, which is most of the time, I buy a 500 milliliter bottle of 100% cranberry juice and take 100 milliliter doses every eight hours until the bottle is done. I’ve knocked out some crotchal symptoms with this formula, including a case of acute ball pain. Be sure to check the label of any cranberry juice you buy, because it may be adulterated with apple or grape juice.


If you’re finding yourself less horny than before, or if you take too long to recover from a dynamite sex session, the things I listed above will keep you in peak physical shape for when sexual duty calls. I’m confident they’ll keep me fornicating at a professional level for at least three more decades.

The above article was first published on Roosh V

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52 thoughts on “5 Habits That Make Me A Superhuman Fornicator”

  1. Cranberry juice can stop kidney stones from forming, and since I have no desire to pass a marble out my wang………..I drink a fuckton of cranberry juice.

    1. If you ever get kidney or gallstones the first thing you need to do is juice green Granny Smith apples. Drink as much as possible (at least 3 glasses a day), the malic acid helps to melt the burs on the stones to make them easier to pass. But it needs to be Granny Smith apples because they have much more malic acid than other varieties.
      Next you need to get Hydrangea Extract and Chanca Piedra Extract. About 3 full droppers of each in a glass of water or with some green tea. Honey is the best sweetener and you will need it because the Chanca is rather bitter. Don’t drink more than 2 or 3 glasses of the extracts to avoid a headache. The Chanca breaks the stones and the Hydrangea has cortisone which helps to deaden the pain.
      That’s it! If you have never experienced kidney stones then you don’t know what real pain is. Ifin your smart you will remember my recipe. Ifin your dumb you will end up rolling on the floor of the ER in pain and they will send you home with nothing more than a huge hospital bill.

      1. Maybe, but Longjack (Tongai Ali) is probably a lot stronger; it’s the strongest boost I’ve seen from loads of different supplements for older me; for multiple mojo aspects, because it significant prevents free Testosterone from being converted into a useless form by an annoying enzyme which is produce in increasing amounts with increasing age.
        Taking any Test. booster is premature/pointless if you haven’t already started protecting the free Test. from being converted to a useless form or Estrogen by various enzymes. Preventing blood vessel damage from Blood Sugar and bad fats (Omega 6), and getting enough Nitric Oxide sources are also useful to prevent erection problems.

    2. After trying all five of these recommendations I can report resounding success although my cholesterol is now through the roof. The coconut oil on my crank didn’t go so well though. I made the mistake of going to the zoo afterwards which caused a small stampede. I found the best defense against itchiness wasn’t cranberries, but instead, not drinking alcohol when hunting which ensured I didn’t insert my uncloaked John Thomas in some festering hole.

    3. 8 hours is my max. After that my dick goes limp. Need to increase my stamina. Note: like Roosh says, that’s reserved for one night stands; I always fuck them like it’s the last time. I prefer one night stand sex to regular sex by a mile.

  2. Now this is the ROK I know and remember. Good article Roosh! Thanks for bringing the site back on course!!

    1. Tbh this site was a whole lot better before all the white nationalists and stormfronters arrived and infested this site like flies to shit. Make ROK great again.

  3. Know what makes me fornicate like Superman? ROKapalooza! It’s just like Burning-Man, way out in the middle of the desert, but the whole point of which is to get falling down drunk, get into fun fist fights(no weapons allowed) and to screw the brains out of all the horny skanks that show up to be serviced. They seem to particularly like the sucking of the slave cock. It’s like a modern Bacchanalia! Dionysus Reborn! It is fuckin awesome! Hope to see you all next year!!

  4. Excellent. Eat foods without GMO whenever possible. Don’t drink cow’s milk. Stay away from hard liquor and avoid drinking beer just to drink. Exercise is important. A minimum of four 30 minute cardio sessions (heart 80% of maximum bpm) plus a variety of strength training exercises should be done. Do not take unnecessary drugs (prescription, OTC, illegal.) NEVER smoke–anything. Drink a minimum of two litres of water per day. Don’t drink gatorade. Do not drink protein powder shakes or anything that comes in powdered form in a giant canister–it’s hard on your body. Most men do not work out enough to benefit from protein powder anyhow. They just end up with big arms with poor definition, which quickly turns to mush after 2 or 3 days away from the gym. Trim your pubic forest to a reasonable level. Don’t fuck women who take any type of hormones, especially estrogen. Some of these hormones can enter your body and cause harm to your masculinity. Always have backup women on the ready. Fuck and dump women that are on the pill. Never touch women that you suspect have been with black men. Do not touch bisexual women.
    That should make your willy last longer.

    1. CleR alcohol, brandy or whiskey, wine in moderation is fine.
      Raw milk is fantastic.
      There are some natural plant based powders that are fine. I get mine at Costco. Hemp, pea, rice protein with veggies and fruits. Good stuff.
      I’m late 49s and bang like I’m in my 20. Legit 4 pack. Bench 110# for 10 reps.
      18 dead hang chins.
      I fast 15 hr days and limit carbs, sugars and sugars.

      1. You bragging about bench pressing 110 pounds for 10 reps? Did you mean kilograms?
        I do 10 reps sets at 210 pounds and know that I’m nothing special (age 44).

        1. 110# lb dumbbells. Each hand.
          They only go to 125 at my gym.
          I can get the 125 about 5 reps. I was once a legit natural 405 bench presser. Still strong as an ox
          Grab a 100# dumbbell and see how you do. If you get 2 reps that’d be great.

  5. Huah, the first thing after a “questionable woman”. Don’t fall asleep, second: check your assets before she leaves!

    1. Unprotected sex? I always bleach my dick in the shower after the fact. Make sure a lil goes down yer pee-hole! I got a staph inf. 1″ from my dick 4 days after an all night fuck fest cuz i didnt clean up when alls said n done😢

  6. the problem with contemporary understandings of masculinity is that they are based on a judaic concept of what man should be and strive for. placing sexual conquest at the center of life is devotion to the realm of the senses, of excess-and-novelty-as-happiness. all these are fundamentally judaic understandings of man and manhood. placing christ at the center of our lives, instead, would mean a revolution of the spirit and the transcending of worldly judaic concerns.

    1. Old canonical judaic law is actually the most moral transcript I’ve ever read. The seventh commandment of the commandments given by Moses, per example, forbids fornication.

      1. true, but it remains a tribal way-of-being, which is what christianity transcended. when i talk about a judaic character i refer to the jew-out-of-the-shtetl, who refused the closed-circuit of rabbinical studies and was let lose on -(indeed against) the world of the gentiles.

      2. somehow my post did not appear. i´ll paraphrase it: yes you are right, old judaic law was such, even though basically tribal in nature (christianity was truly universal). what i am referring to though, when i say ´judaic´is the jew-out-of-the-shtetl, who, refusing the closed-circuit of rabbinical studies, is let lose on (indeed against) the world of the gentiles.

      1. Big surprise! Jews selling the goyim some useless shit.
        The same people who sold you the Pet Rock (1 1/2m were sold) and the Chia Pet.
        You can’t teach ‘game’, you either have what it takes to get females or you don’t, and what they teach is more likely to repel females. You’re more likely to get some just being your nerdy incel self and hope that some fat girl takes pity on you.You’ll have to lower your sights quite a bit haha

        1. Learning game is more for those guys whom can’t be their selves in the presence of hot girls. It allows them to be “someone else,” in front of the women they find attractive, until they can develop enough confidence to be themselves.
          Me for instance. I had no trouble having girls interested in me in high school and early college, as long as I had no interest in them. But usually, if I was around a girl I was really attracted to, I said almost nothing and the stuff that came out of my mouth was borderline retarded.
          So I learned a bunch of canned bullshit lines and in presenting those over and over again, I realized I could get very positive responses from smoking hot females. After a while, I forgot most of the canned lines, and it was already internalized that hot girls do like me.
          Then you get even older and realize that doesn’t matter as much as it did in your twenties.
          So you can knock it all you want, but many men truly benefited from it. If I had never faced that fear of hot chicks and conquered it, I would still be stuck in an underdeveloped man boy state. I had to reach a point where I could pull cute girls easily, in order to be able to move beyond it. Learning “game” helped me do just that.

  7. The Bible (specifically Biblical Law – Torah) is much more sexually liberated than your average Christian church.
    For Example:
    – A man may have multiple wives

    1. It is true that the Bible permits men to have multiple wives. It is also true that the Bible does not permit the “pump and dump” fornication philosophy of folks like Roosh. I appreciate Roosh, having learned a lot from him (and this site), and sincerely hope that he comes to saving faith in Christ, and finds a nice wife (or several) with which to start a family.
      A life of fornication with skanks is pretty empty (and at 40, Roosh knows it).

      1. Amazing to me how LDS Mormons took over an entire region in just 100+ years. Entire states and industries are under their control.
        Large families and or Multiple wives was the key.

        1. Same reason the Muslims are taking over…it’s easy to conquer when you have 14 kids and your “enemy” has 1 or 2…its just a matter of time

  8. What type of quality are you pulling now that you are 40 with broken game and no money? Does the bread maker really make up for all that?

  9. Wait, you’re having sex with girls that are giving you things that cause your actual nuts to hurt?
    Uh, I can’t say that’s a badge of honor. I get that this is a website for alphas and that includes banging women all over the place and all that… But sleeping with questionable women who are dirty enough that you have to go on a “regimen” to clean out your balls and rid yourself of their yeastiness is not really something that alphas need to be doing…
    I know most women are skanks, but there are some who aren’t strictly disease ridden cum receptacles. Try to get with the OTHER ones, now and then. You know, the girls who sleep with a new guy every few weeks instead of every 8 hours. Start there.

    1. @Wat
      Unless he’s joking maybe that’s Roosh’s aspect… to bang plenty of randos and such; this article leans toward the visceral of regret with the dirty-dick confessional. Seems that is the sport-fucker’s life.

      I mean this sounds nerve-wracking and terrible:
      “After I sleep with a questionable girl, which is most of the time, I buy a 500 milliliter bottle of 100% cranberry juice and take 100 milliliter doses every eight hours until the bottle is done.”
      I don’t really know too many dudes who are living like that.

      There are more disciplined real-world ways to properly vet some honeys, keep sex clean and high-grade and still notch 100+ by the time you’re 30 or so (based on principles and benefits of selectivity/patience). Maybe better to get the skank lessons out of the system by 20-22 if at all, then focus on quality game and delayed gratification. Skank world is a bubble world, anyway, not quite real.

      I think ROK draws a fairly wide spectrum of the male social hierarchy (+ a share of curious but usually spiteful women), some of which are too inept/withdrawn/depressed to even post so they are less heard from…it’s sometimes (but not always) in peak form when alpha-positives drop advice, reminisce about conquests, and enjoy the echo chamber of philosophy and thought. Bitter betas tell tales of loss, longing and redemption via red pill detox. Intelligent and scarce gamma-positive males occasionally stop by to shed wisdom or laugh at the folly of it all.
      Occasionally I think we see Roosh playing the comedic alpha-negative as he tried to shed whatever vestiges of it he still has at 39, and I only say alpha-neg because women seem to dominate his thoughts and he is highly desire-driven, but he is admired for being bold in revealing his flaws in articles like this.

  10. R-man – love your site, but these sound like urban myth remedies.
    Take it from a man that that was laying pipe before you were a wet spot on the sheets, I advocate the following:
    1. Sufficient sleep.
    2. Control your weight thru diet and exercise.
    3. Hydrate.
    If you are getting regular pussy your dick should be well calloused and not need palm oil, unless you are charity-fucking retirees…

  11. My girlfriend drinks cranberry juice when shes on her period, its a natural diuretic. Are you on your period?

  12. I noticed how the puritanical American educational system has somehow put the idea in mens’ heads that heterosexual sex is on par danger-wise with jumping motorcycles over fountains at Caesar’s Palace. More like the “risk” of boarding a mundane commercial airliner.

  13. You’re not superhuman anything you deluded fuck……you just really like fucking goats.

  14. I’m wondering about ways to get my notch-count up. I have tried exclusively banging mature women, like 60+. I also asked some more mature men if I could sleep with them, and a lot of them said “sure” at first, but then informed me that they were actually in their sexual prime and forget about it, maybe when I’m older. According to them, they are banging women who have recently turned 18, and simply don’t have the time for my lousy asshole.
    How do I, as a straight millennial male, game an older boomer, presumably straight, guy? I’m willing to wait, but not that long.
    Also, how many old horny guys are marriage material? I met this one guy, really mature and seasoned, probably 70+ and he gave me one hell of a blowjob. Can’t stop thinking about him. I know what you’re thinking, but he wears a skirt most of the time and lifts dumbbells. He also cooks. Wife material?

  15. That looks like a 15 year-old boy’s bedroom with that goofy Superman pillow. But I guess it matches the Frank Frazetta posters.

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