Why Is Donald Trump Allowing Melania To Cuck Him In Public?

Ever since the “Locker room talk” incident involving president Trump and Billy Bush, it seems he hasn’t received as much support as he normally would have from his wife. It’s as almost as if Melania is using some form of passive aggression to get back at him, especially after the accusations of Trump having an affair with a dirt bag prostitute.

Over the past year, incidences such as slapping Trump’s hand away have raised suspicion as to what is really going on between them, but from her behavior it just seems to be due to anger. However, it appears to be expressed tactfully in subtle ways only a smart woman would do and this is hurting Trump’s position as president giving his enemies more fuel to fire more attacks.

Praise was given to Melania by Republicans, making her look like the perfect conservative housewife, but with the latest incident involving the feud between LeBron James and the president, Melania is revealing more of her true colors, and oddly enough, her actions do not appear to be inline with the president but rather against him.

LeBron attacks Trump

The ‘dumbest man in television, Don Lemon’, interviewed the dumbest man in sports, LeBron James. They laughed saying Trump is dividing people and LeBron referred to him as a “Bum”, and that he wouldn’t sit across from him in a room. He promoted his “I Promise” school and at a follow up interview, expressing no remorse for his name calling.

Instead of standing by her husband and defending him, Melania praised LeBron, taking the side of the enemy.

On Saturday afternoon, Melania Trump also issued a surprising, positive statement about James, but did not reference her husband.

“It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today,” a statement provided by her spokeswoman said. “As you know, Mrs. Trump has traveled the country and world talking to children about their well-being, healthy living, and the importance of responsible online behavior with her Be Best initiative. Her platform centers around visiting organizations, hospitals and schools, and she would be open to visiting the I Promise School in Akron.”

CON-servatives and Republicans were praising her for being the perfect elegant wife as though she has always been the conservative obedient spouse so this is a big slap on their faces.

When women gain power

I remember watching one of the presidential debates while Donald was still running, and the cameras were recording him getting out of his limo in the parking garage and then proceeding to walk into the building for the debate. What stuck in my memory is how he was walking. He had the billionaire’s walk – chest out, head held high, chin up with a little smirk like he didn’t give a dame.

Trump slowly made his way inside swinging his arms like he owned the place. He looked like he was a single man with no care in the world. What happened next made me laugh – after Trump entered in followed by security and other suits, then after a good gap of time came Melania scampering behind like a mouse. She hurriedly followed after Trump, and her head was held down. That was when Donald was in full power, at least more than he is today.

However, ever since the vicious assaults from the media, he started walking side by side Melania with arms locked. That’s when it all went downhill. Shortly after, you saw other small things like slapping his hand away and the almost cold shouldering by her.

Melania now walks with her head held high and said in an interview that they disagree on things but in the end Trump does what he wants. What she doesn’t understand as the First Lady, is that it is her job to support her husband, not showing the world that she has a different opinion.

Melania is out of line

Siding with LeBron was a very foolish move by her. One can only wonder why. Based on her background, she can’t be stupid; it’s likely something else. Now, all of a sudden her parents become US citizens and their lawyer is attacking Trump. Something doesn’t smell right. This is what happens when women become Americanized and given more attention than they deserve. Melania thinks she is independent and self-made… from what, posing naked for millions of men? Without her husband, she’s nothing. Nobody would care about who she is.

Most men fall prey to the charms and beauty of Eastern European women, but experienced and seasoned men are well aware of their manipulative and diabolical nature. Let this be a lesson for those who blindly believe that Eastern European women are obedient slaves who just want to serve your every command. And also the dangers of giving women too much power and control. Look what equality is doing to Trump’s marriage. Women by nature, are all the same, they just have different tactics for getting what they want.

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164 thoughts on “Why Is Donald Trump Allowing Melania To Cuck Him In Public?”

      1. You are too mean, man. You’re going to trigger all the Trump snowflakes here. Don’t you know that this is their safe-space from which they can engage in virtual ass-licking?

        1. @True “pussy” !!
          There were NEVER and NO “snowflakes” for the President Mr. Trump.
          He has FULL support of real MEN (and not just white MEN).
          The otherwise not even worth of to be a “toilet cleaner”, the so called “first lady” MUST be grateful to her MAN and the President Mr. Trump. If she tries to be too smart and tries to dishonor or annoy her Husband, she will face the “consequences”; she might suffer from a serious health problems/diseases, she could be “paralyzed”… GOD will keep her in “place”, for sure.

        2. Here’s the Good News guys! The more down votes for my comment (and other similar) means the more number of pussies are shivering through their spines and are pissing, literally in their pants !!
          Way to go…you shameless and ungrateful creatures !!

      2. Maaaaann yall guys are fools!
        Of course Melania wants that superior Melanin snake, as opposed to the wimpy pinkman
        As the white girls say today, we got dat BIG D ENERGY!
        whiteboys can’t compete!

        1. Any African American or latino that has a big dick can thank his white genes for it. As well as any other positive attributes or qualities either physical or mental.

        2. @ Natural selector
          Are you low iq as well as having a small pink willy?
          The ones with zero inferior white admixture are the true big ones!

        3. micro willie black man
          I always thought well endowned black men were too busy drowning in white poosy, so what are you doing here? Convincing us or yourself?

        4. So if this stereotype about black men is true, are all other stereotypes about black men generally true?

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    1. Melania is an over-the-wall, overpriced whore. Trump knows the game and can easily replace her — one 40ish with two 20ish bimbos who are smokin’ hot ever-Trumpers.
      If Trump wants to “drain the swamp,” he can extend it’s boundaries to silly ideological constraints of monogamous marriage. I hope he becomes the first president in US history (at least the first we know) to put his bitch in her respective place, and, if necessary divorce her ass while in office.
      The Donald can set an example for men by becoming the first bachelor President, by choice, and courting girls 1/3 his age in the baddest mofo bachelor pad in these United States.

      1. @PrepZ
        Sadly, we are not yet mature enough as a country to accept a Bachelor president. 🙁 The electorate is still too controlled by female voters. So many men do not vote because they become nihilistic or angry at the system and throw their hands up and do not vote. That is why FemiNazis policies win in national elections.
        Unfortunately, thanks to our political toxic climate in this country, even a solid Prenup today can and would be dismissed by a leftist Feminist Family Law judge on a whim (and at least 85% of family law judges are leftists and feminists/misandrists). Not only that, in civil court today, the judge’s political biases and the jury pool (conservative vs leftist) can completely turn cases upside down.
        How do you think Illegal alien killer got away with confessing to killing Kate Steinle and being found “not guilty”? San Francisco jury wanted to “end racism” and acquitted the illegal criminal to piss off Trump/Conservatives.
        This is America today. Contracts are only enforced if thye political lines are there in your favor. Political prosecutions are becoming common (Michael Cong Grimm, Cong. Aaron Schock, Trump’s associates, Cong. Duncan Hunter)… all you need is a leftist prosecutor and your life is ruined.
        That is why Stormy Daniels can break her NDA with Trump and not pay a dime, even though she violated it 48 times and each violation is a guaranteed $1 million in damages. A NYC jury would never award Trump any damages because they are leftists shitbags. If a Trump family member was killed on camera, the killer confessed, and trial was in NYC, he would be not guilty.
        That is the reality of America today. Politics “trumps” a prenup (pardon the pun). DO NOT GET MARRIED, period. That is the only solution (for now).

    2. john dodds- Not Donald Trump. He uses prenups, that withstand challenges. No woman has yet to trump him in a divorce.

    3. First of all, I would not say that Melania is “cuking” The President. 🙄 That is far too harsh of a term. Yes, she was disrespectful on Tweeter, but I attribute that to 2 simple reasons:
      1) Melania is pissed off to find out that The Don POSSIBLY banged that ex-Playboy Playmate McDougal while she was pregnant with Barron. ANY woman would be pissed at that, no doubt, as she feels publicly humiliated by the whole thing.
      2) Melania is a woman and as a woman, she sees The President is under siege from ALL sides. The Deep State, the “Intelligence Community, the leftist corrupt within the DOJ, his scumbag shyster lying NYC Democrat lawyer Michael Cohen, the Russia Hoax Special Counsel, the RINO fake Republicans (like Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, McCain, Ben Sasse and others), 99% of the US and global media, the UN, countless foreign govt enemies like China, NK, the EU, Mexico and every Democrat in the country. It is a lot of enemies against 1 man.
      So regardless of The President’s never-ending energy and uncanny strength, he is still a human being made of flesh and blood and he is feeling beaten down and tired. Melania sees weakness and uses this opportunity to challenge him, even if over some small matter just on Tweeter, because she saw and opportunity to do so!! Women can smell weakness and they resent it and she is either testing him or annoying him so he
      BTW, who cares what Melania says on Tweeter anyway? 🙄 She is barely visible in public anyway and unlike her predecessor Michelle Hussein, Melania does not have her own agenda or her own “school lunch” program type taxpaying wasting program. Melania is not a factor in this presidency by any means.
      Therefore, this whole article is a moot point.
      Finally, I want to add that The Don denies the whole McDougal thing and the Stormy Daniels thing vehemently. McDougal may have happened, but Stormy never happened for sure. Having been a part of a lot of litigation, depositions, and dealing with scumbags for a good part of my working life, I can prove that to you as a lowly Paralegal and law student that Stormy is lying and I could crush her in minutes if I deposed her. Just based on Stormy’s TV interview with the Fake News and based on her timeline she claimed this hook-up happened, the whole thing is simply was physically impossible to have happened.
      The Don may very well be telling the truth, especially when he says he never banged Stormy. And the fact The Don paid her blackmail cash demand off is NOT proof it actually happened. Here is why:
      I worked in legal field for years and I can tell you it is common practice for wealthy people to pay off “nuisance value settlements” to make false accusations of any variety like this go away. Rich people in America have a target on their backs, they get falsely accused of all sorts of things by employees, contractors, co-workers, and even so-called friends. People accuse them of discrimination, abuse, racism, affairs, and more. The goal is simple: money. They do not want fame or anything, they just want cash.
      These scoundrel know to litigate this case would harm the wealthy person’s (the target) reputation and cost hundreds of thousands on legal fees to fight off. So the rich simply pay off the scum to go away. We call it a “nuisance value settlement” because the amounts is cheap for rich person and comparing to cost of litigation defense, it is a no-brainer. Often times, the rich person has “personal Liability Coverage” insurance and the insurer may FORCE a settlement to save in defense costs. I have done settlement payout agreements anywhere form $500 to $50,000 to make them go away. I have personally done out-of-court settlements and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) many times in the past.
      A rich AND famous guy like The Don would have paid off hundreds, if not thousands of such claims, because he has a fortune of over $9 billion USD and a few grand for payoffs is nothing for him. It is part of his common business expenses. This is so common, we use “canned forms” in law offices and just fill in facts and names, DOBs, and basic events in a “form” contract.
      This is a shitty system, no doubt. If we had torn reform in America where loser pays all court costs and frivolous lawsuits resulted in disbarment for lawyers and serious financial penalties on the Plaintiff acting in bad faith, this shit would end, products and services would cost less, medical care would be 40% cheaper across the board, and it would make our lives better. But the trial lawyer’s lobby is well-funded and consequently, powerful, and they literally own the entire Democratic party and the RINOs are terrified of them.
      Anyway…. Melania is a woman and she is simply acting out of embarrassment or opportunism. Regardless, that is the nature of women, that is what they do. This is why men are fleeing the marriage trap and are even avoiding non-serious date-relationships with women today. It is not worth the headache anymore, not when poosy is cheaply available and we have a hook-up culture.
      Understand this reality and act accordingly is all I can say.

  1. It’s possible that her Lebron comment was just trying to show that she is classier than the mud slinging done by he and the God Emperor but who knows.
    Either way I’m glad she is our first lady and not Michelle O. or, worse yet, Bill Clinton.
    She is the only WB first lady in a coon’s age.

  2. Melania is a snake who only married Trump for his fame and fortune. She has her own boyfriend in NYC, it’s known, but I can’t remember his name. I think he was in charge of security at Trump Tower and other high-profile venues. Not a famous guy.
    His daughter Ivanka is a (((snake))) also. She has taken opposing positions with him on a number of issues, like the border and so-called separation of kids from parents. She and husband (((Jared))) also pushed him hard to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, further inflaming the muslim world against us.
    Now Don Jr. is dating that skank Kimberly Guilfoyle who was married to ultra-lib, gay-loving Gavin Newsome.
    This is just one effed up family.

    1. Sounds like (((they))) are working overtime to surround Trump; and being the typical boomer he just sit there and slurps it up. I mean; what guy with that much money marries for a THIRD TIME?

    2. Birds of feather flock together. Did people actually expect Trump to pull a homely woman?

    3. The Kim Gargoyle thing is really odd. She’s really old and tacky. The only plausible reason would be it’s a political move as Jr is planning his own big career in politics. It’ll be like a Bush Sr/Barbara scenario.
      It could also be he’s trying to seal his marital assets against Vanessa. Could you imagine if Jr got himself a 23 year old girlfriend? Vanessa would take him to the cleaners. Instead she’s 100% supportive of her soon to be ex-husband dating a post wall fossil.

    4. Big Shon…nice comment man. My opinion is that Trump is basically a shill for his masters in Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem move was a pointless and provocative act just to please Jared and possibly his NYC business partners. The Chinese tariffs, Russian and Iranian sanctions and now the Turkish currency debacle which resulted in the US President publicly rejoicing about the difficulties of a NATO country and doubling tariffs on it does not bode well geo-politically. Trump is an idiot for pushing an alliance between Russia, China, Iran and Turkey.

      1. Danny is either a ((())) or a stupid goy sucking up to them.
        Won’t make you any friends here, dude.

  3. LeBron is a NAPA (North American Pavement Ape) and maybe we will see Melania mudsharking in the future.

  4. Possibly all true.
    She sounds like she and the God Emperor share the same trait; that they give zero fuqs about how their actions appear to anyone, they’ll do what they want to do. Maybe that’s a bad idea.
    I’m glad to finally have a WB First Lady. I know of few women that age I’d tap. I’m really glad we didn’t end up with B Clinton as first lady.

  5. Trump has turned into a slightly beta bucks guy with his woman.
    Can’t really blame him. The guy is 70.
    Any man who is going to get women at that age has to use some form of beta game.
    Ofcourse at a biological level, for what women in the west want, LeBron is a far bigger alpha than Trump.
    He is basically a billionaire himself. He probably has more $ in liquid assets, is not in debt or bankrupt, and is 6’7 with alpha physical genetics.
    Problem is because of the position Trump is in, he can’t just ditch her and get a new 30 year old.
    Being connected to the system makes a beta out of all men.

    1. Come on now, enough of the negro worship. LeBron may possess those attributes you mention but he’s still a dumbass, and if he’s a liberal then he’s mentally cucked too. That’s pretty feminine and unattractive for any so-called Alpha to be tearing down other alpha males and preaching slave morality. And now he has drawn the Trump Curse on himself.
      If it weren’t for clownworld bestowing such lofty status for simply tossing a ball around, and having African genetics which produce freakish height by western standards, he wouldn’t be worthy of the slightest mention.
      Let’s put it a different way. Just because a lazy, slovenly shlub with a comic book fetish goes to China and is treated like royalty for his round blue eyes, he’s still a shlub.

      1. I get what you’re saying, both about LeBron’s leftist mentality, as well as a white guy in anothet country.
        It’s all subjective, though.
        Women respond to men they value and NEED.
        A woman in a non western country may respond ton a western/white male because of his looks and money/status, regardless of whether he is a beta.
        A woman in the west who is wrapped up in feminist ideas may respond to a guy with all Lebron’s characteristics, even it he preaches a victim mentality.
        In fact, feminists and non white men who have this mentality seem to be attracted to each other, because they are both trying to bring the white man down.
        There is no morality in what a woman wants, it is biology and hypergamy.
        There is no objective reality on what type of alpha is more attractive, it depended entirely on a woman’s needs, and what the women of that country/culture need.
        Bottom line, go for women who NEED you.

        1. I fully agree with all that. I am only arguing that trash culture elevates trash heroes, and LeBron is the beneficiary of this perverse paradigm. To watch these guys strutting around like the cock of the walk just because a handful of cucked fatasses watch them on the talmudvision every weekend, it’s just mind-boggling. All you can do is hope that someday all of this is set right, because every bit of our modern culture is anti-nature.

      2. I agree. The hero eworship of negroes in sports and entertainment is sickening.
        LeBron is just a NAPA (North American Pavement Ape)

        1. I agree. His (((owners))) need to rein him in.
          At the end of the day, he plays bonobo golf (for animals too stupid to know how to swing a stick and have to just throw the ball in the hole) and dances at the end of his chain for the organ grinder because his (((owner))) will throw him some peanuts at the end of the show.
          That’s it.

      3. @Johny Its not the African genetics that produces the extreme height. It’s hybrid vigor. African American people have 30-50% European blood at least most of them.

        1. Wrong. James clearly lacks much White admixture. His features are almost prehistoric. He certainly traces lineage back to a part of Africa which produces exceptionally tall people, like Niger, Ethiopia or Somalia.
          If I went to SE Asia I would be considered a giant among men, even though there is not one droplet of “hybrid vigor” in my blood.
          And incidentally the entire theory of hybrid vigor in humans has been thoroughly obliterated.

        2. @yeah no
          Slaves came from West Africa and West Africans are tiny diminutive people. Even today the average height in West African nations ranges between 5’2 – 5’8, this can be easily verified by a simple google search. As far as Eastetn African nations like Ethiopia and Somalia, they have ancient Eurasian admixture. These groups are 40% Caucasian and their cranial facial morphology is clearly different than West Africans.
          The tall and massive black sports celebs seen in the US today is soley due to white genes from back when the white slave masters fucked female slave blacks.

        3. Natural selector has a small pink willy
          And little pink brain matter
          my guess is 90 iq
          I have an iq of 120
          I am superior

        4. Yeah, I could pretty much play low-post center on the Laos national basketball team.

        5. @Yeah No Norther Europeans are the tallest ethnicity in the world.
          I’m not saying hybridization is a good thing. It produces extreme characteristics which are not good for the individual. What is LeBron good for if not basketball? Probably not much else. Hell extremely big people have a much harder time even reproducing. I’m against interracial mixing as nature has endowed each race with the sufficient amount of variation needed to sustain it and sufficient similarities to keep the group together

      4. The “who’s the biggest Alpha” game is quite entertaining to watch. I watched Trump greet Lil’ Kim (Jong-Un, not the “musician”) and it was clear that Trump was the bigger swinger in the room, just watch the body language.
        However, Trump has lost the battle vs. LeBron. Reason: The bigger “alpha” move is to ignore him, which Trump did not do. The lion is not scared of the gnat.
        Alternately, if LeBron were a legitimate threat to Trump (he is not), he should take him by surprise with full force.

        1. I beg to differ. Le baron epitomizes this mythical and saintly African American super-male, who may not be blasphemed against and Trump is trashing him. He is the one smashing icons here not the other way around. It is to shock the cucks out of the BBC worshiping stuper.

      5. Lebron isn’t a dumbass. He possesses the average American IQ; the average American man is not smarter or dumber than Lebron. Trump is only slightly smarter than Lebron; his success, just like Lebron, is & has been the result of a team of highly intelligent individuals who guide, advise, & make major decisions for the man. Politicians & athletes are usually not the smartest, which is why Trump’s insults of Lebron are laughable.

        1. LOL. Exactly. I don’t know her name, but it was LeBron’s female educational assistant and her team that made his school. He is just the over paid celebrity financing their social experiment. One that I hope works enough to be tried nationally.
          Trump is smart enough to surround himself with people more intelligent than he is. Far more intelligent. LBJ is the same.

        2. Lebron graduated from the Wharton school, the only MBA program in the US more academically rigorous than the Harvard MBA?
          Huh. And yet his giant lips still move when he reads.

      6. Or maybe it’s time for everyone to admit that their savior is nothing more than a Zionist beta gamma cuck.

    2. If she wants her kids to bear her no resemblance (or any of her ancestors) and she doesn’t mind the fact that her kid will likely inherit Lebron’s temperament and intelligence, then yeah. And her kids will not fit in either culture, and will likely hate her for not marrying a White man.
      If she’s that kind of woman, then quite frankly she deserves her upcoming set of mudshark goggles, and we don’t want her back.
      And if you don’t think Trump couldn’t ditch her and get a new younger, tighter, and hotter model, I’d suggest that you’ve not been paying attention.

  6. In the west, most women get sick of a man with $.
    Melania could divorce him tomorrow and take hundreds of millions, so he has no power.
    Go outside the west and you will find women who love you for your $, or go on seeking arrangement, where you don’t marry or live with a woman, and they have to consistently earn your affection and everything that goes with it

    1. It’s been said a million times on ROK, if you marry, keep her in her own country. Bring her to the West, and every woman will do what Melania is doing.

      1. The west lets them fulfill their attention whoring fantasies. The quickest was in America to get attention is to hang out with LCD morons like LeBron. And by this I mean hang out with high social status niqqers.

    2. When a woman understands that she can be kicked to the curb at anytime without receiving alimony for life is when she will work hard for your affection. In the West, once a man puts a ring on her, she knows she has daddy government to go after him and her true colors show.

  7. Let’s face it. For all the good Trump brings to the office, he is NOT red-pilled on women, race, or the J Q, and those are the only red pills that matter.
    Just a typical boomer, with the added problem of being sheltered and pampered his entire life, surrounded by yes men and slithering snakes.
    Our first true right wing president will be one of the youngest ones on record. He sure as hell won’t be a boomer.

    1. He has pretty much always used beta bucks for women.
      His game is sloppy.
      But I’d still rather be a iq 160 (or whatever he is) and have the opportunity to bed 1000s of women with that wealth, even if my game is sloppy, then be the best red pilled ‘pick up artist’

    2. Nah, we’ll probably get a full libtard instead. It’ll probably be someone like Ocasio-Cortez. She ticks all the diversity boxes, and most millennials are dumb enough to entertain socialism.
      She herself isnt too bright and easy to be puppeted.

  8. If Trump can get cucked and disrespected, any of us can.
    Don’t judge your worth by the whims of women, for we are living in a demented time.

  9. “Why Is Donald Trump Allowing Melania To Cuck Him In Public?”
    Simple: He’s a cuck who got elected by giving false hopes to other emotionally vunerable cucks who believed that he was “The One.” Were people who voted for him really retarded enough to believe that Trump wasn’t a (((deep state))) puppet? Doesn’t your jaw get numb from sucking off Trump all the time?

    1. The alternative being the full socialist libtard that would rape us all with a gigantic strap on with no lubrication.
      While he may be a cuck, he certainly isn’t a deep state puppet. Why else would the Dems, the MSM, and the unelected, “unbiased” CIA/FBI officials be furiously scrambling to take him down?
      By the way, the whole Russiagate thing… Guess who is neck deep in it? (Oh, shit, we need a distraction… Omarosa! Perfect!)

      1. I take a third view of Trump. I don’t think he’s merely a mind-controlled puppet, nor do I think he’s an independent thinker capable of any kind of real change that would worry or threaten the so-called Deep State. Instead, he’s simply part of the Criminal Elite and acting an assigned role — that of a chauvinistic and slightly buffoonish phony patriot in order to appeal to and take the growing anger and disillusionment out of real American patriots who were (still are?) getting close to revolting against the Matrix, and could ultimately do so because they are well armed and somewhat organized. In this sense, he’s a participating and consciously aware actor acting as a “safety valve” of sorts. No Billionaire is an outsider in this modern world. He’s also a member of some of the biggest and most powerful “clubs” in the modern world: Freemasonry, Satanism / Luciferianism and Club Pedophile.
        Trump may also be a so-called Crypto J*w. Why do I think that? He grew up with Jew$, associated with them, gave money to their causes, and employed them. His dead brother was in a Jewi$h fraternity in college because he claimed his father was a member of the tribe. Daughter Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009 and married (((Jared Kushner))). Son Donald Jr. married part-J*w Vanessa Kay Haydon. Other son Eric married Lara Lea Yunaska in a lavish Jewi$h ceremony. The Donald is also in love with Israel and supports Chabad.

    2. A fatalist opinion. If we’re all cucked then so are you or you’re a liberal which is still cucked but worse.

    3. Your grasp of two-year old history is rather flimsy. Few of us thought he was “the one.” It was more like he was the only logical choice when the other choice was choose-your-republicunt in the primary or HRC in the general.

  10. What makes me sick is that the only reason idiots like LeBron aren’t serving french fries is because of the White Cux who watch Sportsball. Man I hate sports fans. They are just so damned stupid. Almost as bad as the White rap fans that prop the diseased music industry up.

    1. Maybe you can become a good, White role-model for those confused souls instead of calling them “cucks” on the Internet in bitterness. But first, you’ll have to get off the Internet and change your attitude.

      1. Sure, once I command the (((megaphone))) that dictates our entire culture I will get right on that whole turning lives around thing. Oughtta be easy for a White Heterosexual Conservative Gentile with no access to the (((banking))) or (((media))) elite.

        1. You don’t have to single-handedly change the whole world. Just do what you can and live well. Know what you can control and let go of what you can’t. But all this complaining, venting, and reading negative shit on the Internet doesn’t help anyone.

        2. @john dodds
          unfortunately, there’s a downside: you have to put your dick in flat-faced, slant-eyed, piss-stained monkeys.

        3. @john dodds
          downside: you’re stunk putting your dick in flat-faced, slant-eyed, piss-stained aspies who eat cats & dogs three times a day.

        4. @johdodds
          My hand can get my dick hard. But flat-faced, slant-eyed, piss-stained aspies who eat cats & dogs three times a day can’t. Therefore, my hand is superior to flat-faced, slant-eyed, piss-stained aspies who eat cats & dogs three times a day.

      2. Thanks for the inspiration!
        Things to do: Replace Lebron and his ilk with white athletic role models…
        But damn! I forgot to be 6 foot 7 with a 42-inch vertical and arms that hang down below my knees!
        Maybe we can make “Passing SEAL Hell Week” a major professional sport. Nary a black face in sight in them there parts.

  11. Lebron is dumb but he’s done more for people than you will ever do. You are nothing… you fucking child. Lebron exudes power you dream you had, but instead you jerk off to interracial porn wishing you had the same prowess. Fucking beta cuck.

    1. Right-wing cockroaches always go on the Internet to bitch about other people who are happier and more successful than they are. I really wonder why they don’t just unplug, forget about world affairs, and just work on their own lives.

      1. Because a man who cares about his country and his people cannot afford to sit idly by why those things are deliberately destroyed.
        This JIDF concern troll/joker is telling you all to sit down and STFU while his compatriots orchestrate and cheer on our destruction in every MSM outlet, Twitter, and of course the FAGS (facefuck,apple,google,spotify).
        If your post is sarcasm, it is well done.

        1. But you ARE sitting by idly by reading bunch of bullshit on the Internet. In all honesty, how much difference are you making in the world by reading bunch of right-wing clickbait articles on the Internet? Fuckers at Breitbart behave the exact same way as MSM when they peddle negative bullshit for profit. But what the fuck are the readers actually doing? Most readers just read stuff to get themselves riled up and to confirm their pre-existing worldview. Let’s face it: they’re not going to do shit. Most right-wingers are othing more than key-board warriors who just need a place to vent out their frustration. They’re fucking nobodies in the real world.
          That said, your real options are as follows:
          1. Continue reading clickbait articles and pretend like you’re saving the world while wasting your life away.
          2. Get off the Internet and do something about the world if you care so much.
          3. Accept the world as it is and make the best of it. Just live well.

        2. TRWKW.. Mike Gavin definitely knows the score, but what you’ve written here makes sense.
          I have fallen into that trap myself, and like Mike, Neal, Observer, and others here I am just extremely pissed of by what is going on and come here to find like-minded peeps and vent.

    2. Supreme and TRWKBW have caught the essence of the alt-reichers here like Big Shon who hover in their masturbatoriums wanking off to (((porn))) hating themselves for loving the vile product produced by (((them))).
      A few days ago, a thot with agency, Faith Goldy has announced a run for Toronto mayor. She and people like little Ben Shapiro, reviled by people like Vox and ZMan, do more in an hour preserving traditional values and Western culture than the Nazi LARPers do in 100 hrs of monkey-spankings and “it’s all (((their))) fault” rants.
      Step out into the sun, get out of mom’s basement, wash your jizz-stained hands and learn to deal with the changes going on in the world. You can prepare, adapt, adjust, beat (((them))) at their own game, or you can stay in your hovels whipping your hands raw and seething with hatred at anyone outside your inbred 40 family members.

    3. Giving away money that you don’t need does not equal “doing things for people” lol.

  12. Dude she signed up for a GREEN CARD so she could become an American Citizen & had a kid to seal the deal. She is probaly like “Holding hands in public is Not part of the deal & you Never told Me you where gonna run for President to get back at Obama for humiliating you at that Coorespondance Dinner!”
    On that note even a girl im on a DATE with! Not even my girlfriend or wife. If I get into a spat with ANYONE in public weather Im right or Wrong I would expect her to support me. A woman especially one you call your Wife should ALWAYS stand behind her Man & have your back!
    Thats NOT his chick. PLAIN & SIMPLE!! But the MEDIA LOVES to play the Women are always Right & Men are wrong ect. Its setting them up for the Next Female Presidant! I was surprised to Learn recently that Princess Diana was quite the whore. From the pool boy, to her publicist to security guards & cucked her then Husband by having a baby that wasnt his “Prince Harry” who is probably the son of one of the Staff members she was having sex with. But of course a Woman being a whore or just a Woman being a Woman doesent play well into the narrative of what the media wants to sell. That would be Misogynist!! So of course while shes Riding Cock after Cock they downplayed it & paint her as the VICTIM! Because as you know WOMEN ARE ALWAYS VICTIMS! AWALT

    1. Yeah, Diana foaled the red-haired prince with her — wait for it — “riding instructor”.
      Check the photos. Hard to dispute it.

  13. Banging porn stars while married to Melania did not help the relationship. That is why she can cuck him. If you are going to be married you need to just bang your wife.

    1. @CSFurious
      “Banging porn stars while married to Melania did not help the relationship. ”
      She’s in her 40s. Almost 50 now.
      Can you blame him?

    2. CSF,
      Only in the west, outside the Christian world you can bang as many different women as you can afford, and your wife is OK with it. In the Muslim world you are supposed to marry as many as you bang, but that’s still better than being Christian.

    3. No matter how good-looking a woman is, there’s some guy(s) out there who got tired of bangin’ her.
      I mean, Brad Pitt got tired of doin’ Jennifer Aniston, f’r Krissake.

      1. Amber Heard put dog pooh in Johnny Depp’s bed.
        Angelina Jolie is suing Brad Pitt for child maintenance (despite a personal worth of $160M).
        All women are batshit crazy (and toxic).

        1. Women lack respect for men who turn into cucks.
          Marriage = you’ve been cucked (absent unusual circumstances. that ex-con who recently married a rich woman is one example of an exception to the rule)
          why did johnny marry amber? made no sense, given that women are predators who plan to DIVORCE RAPE their husbands long before marriage. he let her cuck him.
          why did brad marry angelina? made no sense, given that women are predators who plan to DIVORCE RAPE their husbands long before taking marriage vows. he let her cuck him.
          these cucks have nobody to blame but themselves.

    4. FALSE. Man must cheat on his wife, since he can’t watch her 24/7. What if he’s faithful but she’s not? He’s being cucked.
      If he’s got enough $ for 24/7 surveillance, then he should still cheat, since he can’t know with 100% certainty that his surveillance team is 100% honest/competent.
      Trump blundered by picking girls who could expose him without destroying their own lives.

  14. He’s being cucked because he’s not redpilled. Populism is not synonymous with the red pill. He might talk tough on immigration and whip up hysteria about non-threats like NK or Iran, but does he actually know the reasons behind America’s cultural decline? I doubt it.
    He fully buys into female empowerment, as is evidenced when he allows his daughter to conduct ridiculous feminist programs right out of the White House.

    1. @Ion Antonescu “He’s being cucked because he’s not redpilled” DID YOU EVER THINK OF RED PILLING YOUR PRESIDANT ??? I KNOW I HAVE & WROTE TRUMP LETTERS MANY OF TIMES ON WHATS HAPPENING IN AMERICA & THE WAR ON MEN & MASCULINATY. My letters where more focused on REVERSING the toxic LAWS made to Destroy Men. Which of course goals was to Destroy the Nuclear Family. Laws he can Relate to so I personalized the letter. Such as Women being able to DIVORCE RAPE a Man. (Something that Im sure is coming to him in the Near future) Women getting preferred custody of children. FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS. Which he can Also Relate too. As well as the NEW Definitions of RAPE which makes ANY encounter with a Woman basically RAPE by definition.
      INstead of like ALOT of you Lames just coming Online Complaining I actually Want ACTION! And want things to Change in My Lifetime. NOT just log onto sites like ROK to Complain! Hell I didnt even vote for the guy! I didnt vote for ANYBODY!! I thought they where Both Bad cannidates! But while he is in office I figured he would be the BEST Person to get My views accross too in regards to the UNFAIR TREATMENT MEN GET IN AMERICA. ESPECIALLY IN REGARDS TO FAMILY LAW & THE LEGAL SYSTEM. In the letter I put : “Dear President Trump. The Mens Right Movement helped support you & helped propell you into Presidency.” And I went down the list by copy pasting ALOT of things he saw Here. http://www.realsexism.com . I would Recommend ALL OF YOU TO GET ACTIVE TO BRING AS MUCH ATTENTION TO THESE ISSUES NOW WHILE YOU CAN! By Midterms Trump will be a Lame Duck President & have NO power what so ever or worse be IMPEACHED! You ONLY have NOW!! If Not Brace yourself for a female president. And It will be too late at that point!

      1. ” In the letter I put : “Dear President Trump. The Mens Right Movement helped support you & helped propell you into Presidency.” And I went down the list by copy pasting ALOT of things he saw Here. http://www.realsexism.com . I would Recommend ALL OF YOU TO GET ACTIVE TO BRING AS MUCH ATTENTION TO THESE ISSUES NOW WHILE YOU CAN! ”
        The problem is, he has no control over the (((news and entertainment media))), who have incredible influence over the popular culture and will keep pushing feminism and anti-male thinking until the cows come home.
        And legally he can’t do much without support of Congress who wouldn’t dream of being seen as anti-woman or pro-men.
        Besides, Ivanka and Melania would tell him not to push any pro-male agenda or executive order he might have in mind, and he would roll right over.

      2. @ GOD
        I wrote him an email.
        A very strongly worded one imploring him to veto SESTA.
        I don’t think he read it.

      3. naive much? His “gatekeepers” determine what he reads. You actually think they’d let that knee-jerk reactionary read anything as inflammatory as what you wrote in your letter? LOL!

  15. I think it’s all a bit reaching. For each instance of cold shoulder, there is the opposite. If Melania wasn’t into her husband, she wouldn’t have giggled at the 14:53 mark here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xih0W3l7OqI
    There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than we, the public, know. Melania looked utterly miserable at the inauguration, likely because there were credible threats against her family on that day.
    If you buy into the 4D Maga Chess theory, it could be the feminine tweets from the female side offer him the chance to gauge people’s interest and use it to his advantage.

  16. She is eye candy nothing more. ” Oh she’s so elegant!” Gag me, people presume because you have a European accent you are so cultured. This women’s job was to look good wearing cloths. James’s job is to play basketball, Trump is POTUS.

  17. Pure garbage. This article reeks of utter ignorance. Melania is entitled to her opinion and is free to express it. She wasn’t elected or appointed by anyone, so she isn’t obligated to defend all of her husband’s actions.
    Silly article.

    1. These days, Melania isn’t getting paid to merely be DJT’s wife anymore (that was a given from the start)–now she’s getting paid NOT to divorce him for at least the next 2-6 years (presidential reputation first, her needs second; those are hard rules). Echoing what the author said in the first paragraph, Melania’s a typical female and probably applying some soft revenge over the Stormy Daniels scandal. Women generally hate her for her complicity, and the media onslaught’s probably starting to wear her down. Although she’s probably the dimmest bulb in his personal history of marriage/LTRs, Trump’s clearly about impregnating high-SMV women and moving his genes forward, so he selected her for that. They made a good-looking son together; mission accomplished.

      1. The son is a hyper-skinny, autistic tard. Are you serious dude? They were not a good genetic match.

      1. They’re all whores. Only difference is soft whores need to feel attraction to the man, hard whores don’t. Honest and disciplined (and thus capable of monogamy as long as that serves their interest) soft whores are what blue pill guys call housewife material. But housewife types are still whores. If and when monogamy no longer serves their interest, expect shortly to be served divorce papers.

  18. He let her do that so she could learn that if she wants to please the Left, they’ll still treat her like crap, way worse than he treats her.
    Don Lemon brings up some crap about her being a birther the same night she tweets something nice about LeBron.
    She’s probably already curled up in Trump’s arms like a puppy after that shit.

  19. Nah Nigga ,de decent and beautiful women like a hard orange cock like mine Not a gross ugly black piece of beast that don even get hard it so gross!

  20. It’s good cop/bad cop. And anyone who unironically uses the non-word “cuck” should be ignored.

  21. Melania seems like a nice person. Kind, submissive, soft spoken, and undeniably beautiful (especially in her younger days) But you’re kidding yourself if you don’t realize she is bought and paid for. She is a prositute. That’s why Trump has cheated on all his wives. And I don’t blame him. Deep down inside he knows they’re all there for the resources and money.
    Did you see Weinstein’s wife? Also a stunner. She dropped his ass like a hot coal once his net worth and status tanked. You’d best believe Mrs. Trump would do the same.

    1. Best advice for any man: PUMP and DUMP!! Just like this website explained over 2 years ago. Let the bitch blow up your phone with texts when you don’t call back. Let women beg for your company and your cock!

  22. “she married him for money and fame, whaaaaaaa!”
    No shit? Really?!
    Think he married her for her sewing skills?
    He wanted a sexy fuckbag and she wanted financial security. Welcome to the human race. I’m sure that this isn’t the first time this as happened.

  23. You gotta realize that the Globohomo/Deep State/Resistance has a lot of dirty tricks in their trick bag. One of the many handfuls of $#!t that they’re throwing at The Don is all these efforts to create discord and dissension in his family. The whole Stormy Daniels brouhaha is not about any kind of legal issue; it’s simply a way to drive a wedge between DJT and Melania. If he’s distracted by marital issues, he’ll be less effective in draining the swamp. The bit where DJT Jr.’s wife got the envelope of faux anthrax and then filed for divorce is part of the same general scheme: Attack the man by attacking his family. Old-school Mafiosos had more honor than the DNC and Pantifa.
    It’s incorrect to place too much blame on Melania or Jr.’s ex in these circumstances. They’re women – they’re not built for serious conflict with serious consequences. If they were able to stand up under this kind of fire without bending or breaking, then they wouldn’t really be women, after all.

  24. Another one of countless examples for not getting married, at least in present day circumstances. As soon as you do, you are “cucked” by the legal system.

        1. Now that the real Melania has shown her true face, an enemy of white men, I wouldn’t even let her give me a full minute golden shower even if she begged to do it on me. And she has reptilian like eyes to boot!

  25. This is what happens when the measure of a man is strictly his money. It cannot be any other way so long as they, and we, worship filthy lucre gents. We can de-power such people by simply not be awed by and by publicly not giving a fuck about such things. Unless a man is specifically talking about the things that made him wealthy, we need not imagine him capable of all things for simply having money. The guys in the “deep state” have a lot less of it than the prez, and they are cleaning his, and our, clock. Manospherians are notorious for worshipping money- stop that shit. Make money, don’t worship it. Onward and upward.

  26. who gives a fuck what a ball bouncing goon has to say. why is everybody consumed with the opinions of dancing monkeys whose sole purpose is to entertain us for money. actors singers and ball players are the lowest thing in society. figure it out and quit covering shit like this.

  27. After reading Melania’s tweet (or whatever post), I was left wondering, “Where the EFF is the meat here?” This is a nothing burger, and if you think it shows strength for a President to give his beautiful wife the pimp hand over something so minor, you have the simple mind of a child. It would have the effect of showing he get’s easily butt-hurt – more than most already think – and fears his wife. Only desperate blue-pilled incels like the alt-reichers here would make such a big deal about what their wife says. Trump is an Alpha who says, “Meh she can say what she wants…” (like a man with options should) while the punters here, lacking any confidence, would have to exert desperate excessive control over a woman so beautiful. But that’s not a worry since exactly 0.000000% of those guys will land anyone like her, other than their 300lb 1st cousin.

  28. Women shouldn’t vote, or speak in Church they should obey their husbands as the lord commanded

  29. Trump is an old white guy that is barely over 6 feet barefoot (he looked an inch or so shorter then Obama’s 6’1 unless Obama was wearing lifts) out of bed now that he is in his 70’s. Lebron is a 7 foot swinging yard ape! Of course Melania or any woman living in the US for at least 3 years will start to side with the brothas!

  30. Trum wasn’t loyal in his marriage so what does it matter? He had this coming. You people deride women for acting a certain way while ignoring that the men have been acting just as dishonorable.

  31. Gentlemen, I hate to burst your bubble but, Donald Trump is not the Great-White-Hope you’ve been fantasizing about. He a rather ordinary textbook-narcissist. What ever you do, don’t bet the farm on him because they are usually prone to self-destruction and they often take everyone down with them. Besides, recklessness is not an admirable trait in a leader. Don’t be foolish, prepare a backup plan.

  32. As a radical black Moslem who is 6 foot 5, 230, high income in my southern state and is red pulled to the toe nail it warms my heart to read the butt hurt comments from the beta white guys pretending to be alphas who are upset that their precious female cave beasts like negro sing along. It makes me sad I’m not attracted to the cave beasts so I can get in on the action. But your caucasian years are enough of a reward.

  33. it is her job to support her husband, not showing the world that she has a different opinion
    Yeah, good luck with that.

  34. Why is that racist a-hole still President? THAT is the real question. Rosanne Barr got her ass ripped a new one for the same shit – yet this dickhead is still around. DOUBLE STANDARDS MUCH? OF FUCKING COURSE!!!!!

  35. Guy,
    YOU WILL LOOK OLD TOO ONE DAY – maybe you already do. BET your a fat gross slob today.

  36. LOL. I love Roosh, but this site is turning into ReturnofKlickbait. I get the being contrarian to stand out gimmick, but God Emperor has banged too many 10’s for me to entertain this kind of speculation.

  37. You’re such a fucking faggot for Trump. It’s not even about your political leanings anymore. You want Trump’s little dick in your faggot ass.

  38. Melania likely has realized that she is the one with the power in the relationship. When Trump became in theory the most powerful man on the planet, he lost his power in the relationship because he can no longer afford to walk away if he wants to win reelection. Melania can afford to walk away. If she stays she gets to play first lady. If she walks she will be wealthy and, assuming she trashes Trump, the belle of the media ball, going to all the right parties with a major book deal. Either way, she wins. It is never good for a woman to have more power than a man. They love to exercise it and quickly lose respect for the man

    1. She may go the way of Princess Dianna.
      So far I still love her(and the Trump Family) long time.
      However, if there is divorce, does she get 50% of the Cabinet?

  39. Trump is a total chad. Unless the author is banging 10’s left and right (or has at least banged a 10 in his life), he should STFU and see what he can learn from Trump.

  40. I’m late to this conversation but will say this: Melania is with Trump (as others have noted) because he’s a powerful and rich man. At his age getting some fluff like Melania requires more than aging charm. That being said, Melania isn’t American, and I don’t give a darn what it says on her passport. She is not, nor ever will be, American. She’s just eye-candy play-thing for a billionaire, and she should better understand her place.

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