4 Reasons America Needs An Elected Monarchy

At one point while serving in the military I was pursuing a master’s degree in international relations. The first course I took for that was about the history of international relations. In that course, we learned a great deal about the formation and subsequent prominence of the nation-state and the evolution from feudalism to democracy. The professor asked us, “Is democracy the end of that evolution? Should it be? Is that what is best for the citizens of the nation-state?”

It was a rhetorical question. We discussed it, and a surprising amount of people did not think democracy was so great. But if not democracy, then what? The answer is a democratic monarchy. Here’s why…

1. Accept That We Will Always Have A Government

I’ll never claim to be in the top tier of intelligent people, but I am smart enough to know when smart people say dumb things. Libertarians take the cake for smart people who say dumb things. For them, the government is the root cause of everything wrong with society. If only the government were abolished and got out of the way people could solve all of their problems. But first libertarians need everyone to adhere to the non-aggression principle because they’re such proud nerds that they can’t admit they need the government to protect them from stronger men.

Yet the libertarians from their high horses have never been able to address why we have governments at all. People chose governments. We saw a benefit to having a government and stuck with it. Man in his primitive state did not form governing bodies until it was pertinent to do so, probably because of population growth and resource limitations. Government organizations could have been abolished in those early stages as counter-productive, but they weren’t. As populations continue to grow and resources become depleted in greater amounts, government organizations become more valuable, not less.

Once you accept that a governing body is necessary you can begin to address the problem of fixing our current corrupt and inefficient system.

2. Monarchy = Simplicity

Democratic republics have never been and never will be simple. They weren’t simple in 1776 when universal surveillance, internet censorship, and ocean pollution were non-existent and it has only gotten more and more complex since then.

One of the principles of logistics is simplicity. In order to accomplish any task, added complexity allows for more points of failure. In government, added complexity allows more opportunities for corruption. Forget the philosophical questions behind internet censorship for a moment (though they are relevant) and just ask, has YouTube broken any laws by removing the Infowars channel? At this point, it doesn’t look like they did, but it would take a team of experienced lawyers and judges to answer that conclusively.

With a monarchy, the state moves back to simplicity. The monarch declares whether or not YouTube was justified. If the monarch finds corruption in the FBI, he has the guilty parties imprisoned or beheaded, or (if he wants to go more medieval) quartered. Is there any doubt, given all of the baseless investigations about Russia collusions that leaders in the FBI are corrupt or at the very least incompetent? If the monarch says off with their heads and decrees that the FBI accomplish its jobs, the jobs will finally get done correctly.

3. Decrees Get The Job Done

The best part of a monarchy would be the decrees. If the monarch decrees taxes be cut, they get cut. If he decrees they be raised, they get raised. No need for months of back and forth on the Senate floor. No more filibusters. No more do-nothing politicians spouting empty words. The monarchs words are law. His will be done. If it works, great. If not, there’s nothing to blame except the decree.

The worst part of our current government is how much we pay for it to do surprisingly little for us. That’s because it’s too complex. There are too many points for failure. When the monarch decrees something you will feel its effects.

4. Bad Monarchs Get Pushed Out

What’s to keep the monarch from corruption? That’s easy—we’ll elect him, every three years. If he’s incompetent or evil or whatever, we’ll elect the next guy. What allowed monarchs in the past tyrannical control was their ability to use the military to suppress their own people. The American military would never obey an order to harm its own people. The monarch would be entirely at the whim of the citizens (no illegals would be allowed to vote).

Everyone remembers monarchs as tyrannical. That’s just because they’re interesting. Here are some incredible monarchs:

Emperor Meiji of Japan (1867-1912)

Emperor Meiji (a posthumous name) took Japan from the middle ages into the modern world. When he took power Japan was feudal, not so different than European middle ages. The emperor saw the writing on the wall. He made the hard call to reform Japan to industrialize. As a result, Japan had an industrial revolution and became one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Augustus of Rome (27 BC-14AD)

Most people think of monarchs as power-hungry warlords but Augustus of Rome initiated the Pax Romana, a period of two centuries of peace. He also had roads, police forces, fire-fighting forces, and a courier system developed. One man with the authority to do great things can do many.

Louis XIV of France (1638-1715)

Commonly referred to as the Sun King, Louis XIV made France the most powerful nation-state in Europe. He ended feudalism in France and consolidated power for the monarch. As a result, he was able to make France stronger both militarily and commercially.


The fundamental problem with our current government is bureaucracy. Nothing gets done because of it. It’s so complex that we can’t hold anyone or any system accountable when things don’t get done. We just keep pouring our tax dollars into that system. But the answer isn’t to get rid of government altogether, it’s to choose a government that eliminates the bureaucracy and complexity. An elected monarchy accomplishes that. Therefore, I reluctantly nominate myself for the role of monarch.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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98 thoughts on “4 Reasons America Needs An Elected Monarchy”

  1. Correct a monarchy is best. As I’ve been saying, the majority rules system we have now leads to the dysgenics and collapse we see going on around us.

    1. Yep. The “majority rules,” one man one vote system has one big flaw. Example: You have a nice white male, college-educated, employed, house in the suburbs, with wife and kids. The American ideal. Then you have some black knuckle dragger, high school dropout, in and out of jail on misdemeanors, and several illegitimate kids who the taxpayers support.
      In our democratic, one man one vote system, each of these guys casts a vote that carries equal weight. Think about that. The vote of the total loser is likely to cancel out the vote of the intelligent and productive fellow. And with the changing demographics in all the white countries, the majority will eventually be lower intelligence, non-assimilated blacks, hispanics, and muslims. And just look at the sort of morons they elect in their own countries.
      Some years ago my dad said that the answer for America might be a benign dictator, maybe from the military, who would have the real best interests of the country in mind. I think my dad was a pretty smart guy.

      1. Unfortunately, right now you are correct. But imagine how bad it would be if that dictator were Hillary instead of say Trump.

        1. I dont like the idea of voting for a king because that gets us back to the majority rules problem. If we were going to vote for a king there would have to be very strict rules.
          1. Only MEN could be king and only men could vote.
          2. The term of king would be for a predetermined length of time and the king could be impeached if not performing well.
          3. There would be a predetermined high IQ level requirement to be king.and only those who have said IQ or higher would be able to vote.
          4. The king would not get paid for his service, he would have to have some other means to support himself.
          5. Only men who have made certain achievements in life and were productive members of society would be able to vote. i.e. no bums.
          6. Men with a background of criminal or degenerate behavior would not be allowed to vote.
          7. Homosexuals would not be allowed to vote.
          These are just a few.

    2. I’d like the point out that the last absolutist monarchies in the world exist in the Arabian Peninsula, namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.
      All three countries are characterized by huge bureaucracies where virtually nothing gets done despite being ruled by absolute rulers.
      Also bad monarchs (aka dictators) do get pushed out all the time but they usually leave chaos in their wake.
      As for the three so called good monarchs listed above, Emperor Meiji was far more of a figurehead then people realize, Louis XIV bankrupted his country fighting pointless wars (sound familiar?) leading to the French Revolution, and Augustus for all his achievements (and there are many), couldn’t construct a succession plan that actually worked which created all sorts of instability after he was gone even during the Pax Romana.
      If a monarchy is so great, how did a rag tag group of rebel colonists defeat King George during our American Revolution?
      Our country and our government have serious problems that need to be fixed. And the solutions actually exist within our current form of government. If you want an efficient government that gets things done, we don’t need a monarchy, we need to do the following:
      1) Restrict the vote in Federal Elections to those who pay income taxes (Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid taxes don’t count) and restrict voting in Local and State elections to those who pay property taxes.
      2) Repeal the amendment that allows for direct election of Senators. Senators should be elected by State Legislatures so the States have representation on the Federal government level.
      3) Pass an amendment prohibiting corporations from contributing to any person seeking any elective office on any level government with two caveats. First, corporations can spend what they like to advertise for someone they support so long as they make that public. Second, individuals should be allowed to contribute unlimited amounts so long as it is public record immediately…we have the Internet and computers…shouldn’t be to hard.
      Doing these three things will go a long way to creating the country we want rather then becoming a monarchy which is a dead end for both freedom and for actually trying to achieve something.

      1. I would add:
        1. Abolish Township level government and consolidate it at the country level.
        2. Give states more authority to run their own affairs and keeping most of tax revenue.
        3. Limit the Federal Government to a few core functions like Customs/ border protection, Military, and Disaster relief.

  2. You are already ruled by monarchy. The USA is controlled by the City of London, the queen and the families from the old Peerage.
    The “King” was the first feminized man. He wore dresses, garnished himself with jewelry, perverted the hunters into soldiers to guard his castle full of stuff, and all in all, behaved just like a woman. He was rich and powerful – which women admire. And he set a feminized, materialistic standard for what men should be like.

  3. Anyone looking for the best form of government needs to research National Socialism. There is a reason it has been so heavily vilified and de-platformed. There is a reason the corrupt international banking oligarchy went to war against the one nation that tried to enact it.
    Under NatSoc, you get a unified people that put the good of their entire society above all, while parasitic bankers and parasitic layabouts alike are soundly rejected. What you lose in individual freedoms, you more than regain in safety, security, peace, and prosperity.
    Capitalism and Democracy are on their deathbeds. There is no debating that, only quibbling about what their replacements will be. You think Capitalism can triumph when its single largest supporter is running a $22 trillion debt? You think Democracy can flourish when any piece of garbage that is able to step foot on our soil is dubbed a “citizen” and given voting privileges? Ha! We will see cataclysmic changes in our lifetimes.

    1. Yeah, no. To the NatSoc Fake-Righters part.
      Yes, there’ll be cataclysmic changes. I’ll take monarchy over any form of Marxism any day.

    2. Any socialism is bad. We’re 22 trillion in debt because of domestic and foreign handouts. Especially domestic.

      1. I thought you guys were smarter than this.
        Just because it has the word Socialism in it doesn’t mean it bears any resemblance to marxism or liberalism. You guys are extremely uneducated on the larger issues. NatSoc is basically the only thing that could possibly work – if you are educated enough to understand it and to grasp what the points of comparison are.

        1. It means strong government control of private industry and private property. I want no part of it. It only benefits those who are less capable. Smaller government is the answer. That combined with a strong dose of social darwinism.

        2. it started out ok – but there is no way to
          “..keep it”(Benjamin’s)
          “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time…” (Jefferson)
          we all know the quotes…
          The antifa/leftists etc are committed to violence against whitey/west.
          it is the reason so many work on forums to disrupt/dox, etc…
          At this point nothing can work in USA – and other Western countries -which are being Detroited…
          TINVOWOOT stands for There Is No Voting Our Way Out of This
          looking forward to watching more antifa tantrums…

        3. Another thing most people don’t realize, the word Socialism was included in the name originally to help draw people from the Communist faction in Germany. The Communists were very close to coming to power in Germany before being defeated electorally by the National Socialists. National Socialism is the very opposite of Communism and Socialism.

        4. @Cavalier
          Your post made me do some reading. What you say seems to be true. There was a good deal of privatization under the Nazis. And they seemed to have decreased certain social programs as well.

      2. muh libertarianism
        such a stunted, ignorant, and literally retarded political philosophy.
        libertarianism has absolutely no answers for the most pressing issues of our time. it is supported heavily by Js because it allows them to rape and pillage unfettered with no restraints at all.
        I don’t want a society that leaves little old ladies to rummage through trash cans in order to eat. I don’t want a society that has no response to the corrosive effects of diversity and multiculturalism. And I don’t want a society where the only way to get rich is to set up sweetheart backroom deals with other crooked and corrupted pieces of sht or join their secret societies.
        Seriously man, if you are still thinking that libertarianism is viable or even desirable in a diverse country, you are just too ignorant to take seriously.

  4. Americans scream for their chains.
    Americans are so fearful, brainwashed, dependent, or ignorant that they think like children and justify every law and overlook every abuse carried out by the government. They believe government workers are kind gods who can do no wrong. Americans would rather blame the victim of government abuse than the government. Americans feel that the government can run their lives better they can and that safety is more important than freedom.
    Americans feel that the correct response to tyranny is surrender. Americans believe the only ones who support freedom are pedophiles, hippies, retards, foreigners, terrorists, faggots, spammers, trolls, shills, bots, racists, junkies, CIA employees, traitors, nutjobs, Communists, or Fascists. Americans think freedom only benefits other people. Americans believe that they will never be a victim of tyranny. Americans think the only possible way to solve any problem is force.
    Americans are so fat, degraded, and drugged up that they eagerly allow themselves to be molested to ride a bus, offer their fingerprints to get a driver license, and open their bags to be searched so they can ride a subway.
    If Americans are asked about the US debt, they respond that it doesn’t matter because it is not real money and doesn’t need to be paid back. Americans say the USA should start a trade war because there might be a war. Americans say tax breaks are theft. Americans think the post office should lose money. Americans believe roads would turn to dirt and people would be forced to ride horses if there was a smaller government. Americans insist government decrees made the USSR successful. Americans feel countries are strong when white people are dead. Americans believe the US always had seatbelt checkpoints and TSA groping. Americans say revolting against the British was a huge mistake. Americans say interstate trade should be banned. Americans believe Americans do not live in the USA. Americans say those who love freedom do not use cash. Americans insist that the US didn’t have black people before today.
    Americans think private corporations print the US dollar. Americans say building fewer houses indicates a booming economy and leads to lower home prices. Americans believe the government should set a maximum wage. Americans think unemployment is high because people are working two jobs. Americans believe North America was uninhabited before the Europeans arrived. Americans say Jesus was immoral.
    Americans claim that they will start a blog when the US shuts down the Internet. Reporters are being arrested now, but Americans say reporters are never arrested. Americans say the US cannot revoke passports because Americans are dual citizens. Americans say cellphones cannot be wiretapped. The USSR had concentration camps, but Americans say the US could never afford them. Americans say high gas prices are not a problem because the US has unlimited oil.
    Americans think the homeless should be beheaded. Americans insist that you can’t have a society without concentration camps.
    Americans say everyone would be a slave if there was no minimum wage. Americans like low priced imports, but think companies are evil for off-shoring jobs. Americans say choosing to work for a wage means that you are exploited. Americans think those who oppose taxes support slavery. Americans believe being forced by the government to serve every customer means freedom. Americans feel everyone would be raped, stabbed, or shot by homosexuals if the US was a free country. Americans think people should be arrested for withdrawing money from their own bank accounts because they might do drugs. Americans say beer taxes should be raised to stop people from drinking. Americans don’t mind having their faces scanned for a facial recognition database. Americans think the US had freedom because it became rich first instead of getting rich because it had freedom. Americans say responsibility means obeying unconstitutional laws.
    Americans believe aluminum prices are cheap because the world is flooded by WWII salvage. Americans think tyranny that happened last week is no longer relevant. Americans scream facts are lies. Americans claim politics is not news. Americans believe living in a police state means freedom. Americans say good is evil. Americans believe gold is more abundant than silver. Americans think illegal immigrants should get welfare. Americans believe making a profit is theft. Americans think only white people are allowed to have freedom. Americans believe learning history and rebelling means that you will remain a delusional puppet of the police state. Americans insist that they live in a free country if they can get away with breaking laws. Americans think being dependent on food stamps means freedom. Americans think tyranny is acceptable if you live in a republic. Americans say the government should decide what the truth is instead of the media.
    Americans think police officers who don’t arrest suspects should be executed. Americans feel that computers should be outlawed because technology and high productivity leads to low wages and low prices. Americans believe the police state is necessary because dangerous machines and chemicals exist. Americans will say that the USA is collapsing because there is too much freedom.
    Americans think people should be arrested for feeding the homeless. Americans think car owners should be jailed for warming their cars in their own driveways. Americans say the police should be allowed to shoot unarmed people in the back. Americans think porn should be banned because naked pictures destroy society. Americans believe the government should force them to buy things. Americans say the government should increase housing regulations to make rents unaffordable for black people.
    Americans think the government should force car companies to install airbags that deploy with knives inside to kill drivers so that they will drive carefully. Americans believe people should be jailed for filming public buildings. Americans think endless wars are fine because US bombs are just gathering dust. Americans support government secrecy because the USA has enemies. Americans think taxes create more jobs than the free market can. Americans think government workers deserve high wages because they work hard. Americans feel that the economy should be destroyed to save the environment. Americans say that regulations encourage people to start companies.
    Americans feel that everyone accused of crimes are guilty. Americans say people should be in prison to keep the unemployment rate down. Americans would rather increase punishments for victimless nanny state laws instead of repealing them. Americans think the desires of neighbors are more important than the rights of property owners. Americans believe the government owns everything because the government is the people.
    Americans think billboards should be banned to protect the scenery. Americans want protesting to be outlawed because protesters might break windows. Americans think forcing people to stand for the national anthem means freedom. Americans say people are helpless so they need the government to force them to do everything. Americans would think a president who wants to restore the Constitution is a dictator.
    When asked about gun control, Americans say it’s needed for safety. If asked about free speech, Americans respond that no one should be offended. Americans think Muslims don’t have religious rights because Islam is not a religion. Americans say asset forfeiture is fine because the police have been doing it for years. Americans defend NSA wiretapping because it’s just metadata. Americans believe being molested by the TSA is good since they have nothing to hide. Americans say torture is okay because other countries do it. Americans even say the Bill of Rights should be abolished because George Washington owned slaves!
    The collapse of the USA is disgusting and shameful.
    Those who still support the government are just tools for the elites.
    The US deserves everything coming to it.

    1. You are so far off-base with what normal white Americans believe, and how they behave, that I don’t even know where to begin with your screed. ~90% of what you wrote is total BS. But you have an active imagination coupled with some good old-fashioned paranoia.

      1. Whether Red Pill’s post was written satirically or not, it does raise plenty of interesting issues. It also illustrates the oxymoronic times we live in, where diametrically opposed beliefs are supposed to coexist peacefully and form a functional society(which is impossible under these conditions)

        1. That is because the problem is diversity and the hyper individualism associated with it. A homogenous; constitutional; mixed economy ruled by men is where it is at; and it is what we use to have in the “good times”…libertarianism; monarchy; ANCAP; Marxism etc are all just desperate ideologies that simple minded people come up with to solve a problem that never existed. The problem is not the structure of our government; or even our economy; it is the people and the diversity in our country who are the problem. A first world nation needs first world people.

    2. Redpill Forum
      Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.
      • If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
      • If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.
      • If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.
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      • If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.
      • If you are depressed, it doesn’t matter which number you press. No one will answer.
      • If you are delusional and occasionally hallucinate, please be aware that the thing you are holding on the side of your head is alive and about to bite off your ear.

    3. You make some very good points in your long rant. The only thing you overlook is that when you break it down there are roughly 2 types of Americans: the useful idiot American that you have described that swears loyalty to the government and elites, and the real American who is loyal to the country and its people and would love to see the government and establishment (from silicon valley and Hollywood, to wall St and the Federal reserve) be absolutely leveled.

  5. I drunk the libertarian Kool-Aid for a good while, and especially when Ron Paul was a genuine candidate for President in 2012, but have quietly backed away from that camp.
    I DO fundamentally still appreciate Austrian Economics which is the core economic philosophy of the libertarians (the 180 of Frankfurt/Commy school), but we definitely have to have a solid central government to be taken seriously as a developed society. Just stay out of private business as much as possible and keep regulations to a minimum.

  6. Ive stated previously we are moving into the 3rd phase such as Rome.
    OctavianAugustus? Trump Jr – shit lord extraordinaire. Only fit women for USA

  7. Democracy is basically a left wing style of government. It’s egalitarian ideals are the direct cause of feminism, multiculturalism, and other degeneracy in the west. I don’t get why supposed right wingers actually support it.

    1. It’s the flaw of democracy. The checks and balance is gone. If you have a proper republic, the gov works for the people, the people checks on the gov and vice versa.

    1. I’m not going to even begin to argue that a ‘Benevolent Dictatorship’ is truly the best form of government there is. It’s just a tough gamble whenever a Dictator comes along if he’ll be truly good and otherwise stay out of the commoners affairs.

    2. Totally agree Hal. It’s a shame. This site was unique and awesome. Came at the right time for me. If it could have stayed on course it would have drawn in so many new guys. Now it can be easily tossed aside. Its whole masculine basis is invalidated to the casual passerby due to other controversial issues that have little relevancy to men as a whole

  8. As a student of history, I understand why American rejected a monarchy when it was founded and also why self-governance was dominate up until the 1920’s and even in a major semblance till the 1960’s. It worked when men were supposed to work, the government was to be kept out of your personal business, and the nation was mostly homogenous. Then came along the open borders liberals that ruined it all.
    Saw the downfall of the UK monarchy. Travelled there a good bit for work in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The political buzz as “devolving” any vestiges of the monarchy. The House of Lords still had some power but didn’t do much except function basically as our Supreme Court does. It did “veto” (or whatever it is called) the stupid fox hunting bill for a few years (and I think the queen used her power to stop it for an additional year), but eventually it became law. Screw national tradition we must care about an animal that doesn’t even care about its fellow animals. But anyway…
    After the monarchy was placed in just a ceremonial role (essentially that of a rich family given state titles), the country went to socialist hell within a few years.
    An American monarchy would look much different though. One of the intriguing questions would be how do we pick how does it start and what family/association will continue the line?
    The evolution of most societies has been tin pot dictator, monarchy, empire, then failed state. To start from democracy would be interesting.

    1. “how do we pick?”
      Never happens
      Power decides. By war.
      And war is in full frontal assault for decades- on the down low. “By deception.”
      A Stormin Norman type General coup d’etat is needed.
      Or Trump is in motion…
      Or gulags-r-us very soon

      1. A Mad Dog Mattis John Kelly style coup de tat is happening as we speak. Just takes a careful eye to be able to see it.

        1. Lets hope so.
          And off to the labor camps for all fatties that use “cisgenered” and other anti-man rhetoric…
          Look to Eric Prince too

        2. Eric Prince, leader of Private Special Forces Army, is the Billionaire brother of Billionaire Betsy Devos Secretary of Education under Billionaire president Donald Trump.
          I have this theory that Eric Prince is head of the Praetorian Guard.
          And Devos is clearing the institutions of leftists swamp creatures…
          that would be a great start.
          Why are all these Billionaires involved in this polluted end of empire swamp?

    2. I would argue for cultural purposes our country started as monarchy, under English rule. A previous commentor suggested we are following Romes pattern of monarchy, republic, empire. I acknowledge that the United States started its independence as a confederation of smaller republics, but our founding was under the crown prior to that, and thus why I suggest for cultural purposes, the assessment is correct. I can only hope we’ll hit 1000 years as an empire before we hit the failed state button. Or maybe we can blaze a new path backwards to a confederacy.

      1. Remember:
        “What government did you give them?”
        “A Republic” —– “If they can keep it”
        And we didn’t…We are here now.
        Stacking Benjamin’s has never been more important.

      2. The USA wont survive this year if the government don’t ruthlessly crush the SJW’s, leftists and PC culture. They are literally destroying everything and forcing censorship in all media forms including the internet. The top Internet and Social Media sites must be crushed and nationalized to eliminate the censorship and automated algorithems that are choking out all but leftists communications. America needs to follow in REAL TIME the election theft that is being engineered yet again by the Democrats and leftists with allowing and making it possible for illegals to vote and vote tampering at state levels. there are two things that MUST happen prior to this November…DHS takes over Election polling station and equipment security, and ALL voter fraud fraudulent registrations dead and illegals scrubbed from the rolls. VOTER ID REQUIRED NOW FOR THIS ELECTION to stop the fraud, and those caught ruthlessly prosecuted. (END OF STORY)
        The nation cannot stand when the election system is so badly compromised from within.

        1. well said.
          mid terms seem pivotal.
          SJWs state a blue(haired) wave would result in impeachment…
          true or not? i don’t know.
          Would it be catalyst for drastic change from conservatives?
          And if more republicans elected – would the SJWs cry more or go full violent???

        2. Doesn’t matter what they do….. If they do anything violent Civil War 2.0 commences. And they won’t win a hot war

      3. The progression, Moarchy, Republic, Empire really only describes Ancient Rome, I know of no other such progression in history. Do you?

    1. Monarchs last as long as ((tribe)) determines them to last and how well they serve their puppetmaster. No leader ascends to power without the tentacles of the tribe being firmly around their necks.

  9. Decent meta-critical article and comments, destined to provoke reaction for those who seek changes in perceived flaws in Western politics, culture, economics and the existing world order. One of the hidden footnotes in this piece is the nerve-wracking realization that the whole of history has led us to this imperfect moment. When the system becomes tainted, we’re left to wonder how we would have done things differently. I’m among those who *don’t* feel the current world humankind has built is an error, one that must be turned to ashes and rebuilt. But we have work to do, and some reexamination of American capitalist democracy’s failure points is coming to a head. The form of economic organization we refer to as capitalism ceased long ago to be simply that. It has now become a means for organizing the consciousness necessary for that economic system to flourish. When you add the overpopulation, unquenchable appetites of modern consumerism and the insurmountable debt loads, etc., it starts to look like we’ve created a monster.

    Right now we’re seeing a lot of Americans whose joy for America has been replaced by fear for America. When the political process fails to perform as we would like, idealists become disillusioned and embittered. In times of crisis, there will be much uncertainty and herd behavior. The tension threatens to build a political hamster wheel as we invent new forms of savagery to replace the existing disorder/chaos/savagery.

    I’ll try to find a “flow state” in the current geopolitical atmosphere. The outlook is grim, especially for those who are still ignoring neoliberal capitalism’s death knell. Instead of buying into the manufactured panic, why not embrace the opportunities afforded by the collapse? Being orphaned by an outmoded system not only inspires some of us to live more creatively, it also offers a humbling chance to re-evaluate our obsession with money and our abilities to innovate. Did we get too comfy, expecting the cavalry to swoop in and save the day?
    /random thoughts

    1. Can always tell when ((they)) are disturbed about a topic, you see the same trolling names come out to attack the article…So predictable. To know who is in charge, just know who you cannot criticize or talk about, and then see their agents attack and disrupt.

  10. Well, folks, sometimes I think some sort of monarchy or authoritarian government would work better than what our republic has become. But what if the monarch goes off the deep edge once he’s been elected? It happened with Akenaton in Egypt, and Caligula after a fever apparently destroyed his mind. And look at the present Pope, whose authority cannot be questioned within his communion. Would an elective monarchy really be able to renew itself and the nation it controls every so often? The Papacy is an elective monarchy – and look at it now. So I wonder.

    1. Caligula like most of the bad Roman Emperors didn’t last long. The Praetorian guard took care of him when he started getting too crazy.

      1. And that’s the problem. The Romans never solved the problem of peaceful succession to the throne. There were peaceful successions, but there were a lot of civil wars led by generals contending to be the next Imperator.

  11. Interesting article.
    Here’s the problem.
    If someone like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush ends up being monarch. Now what?
    Elect a monarch?
    We already do that, basically. It’s called the President.
    He’s not monarch in the USA?
    Remember ICANN?
    What authority did King Obama have to give away the internet?
    One among countless instances I can recite.
    Maybe all my facts aren’t right. I am typing these words the best I remember them. But many times no one else here gets all the facts straight either.
    BTW I like your book about the Odyssey.

  12. I agree with much of this author’s points, but my only point of contention would be the ‘elected’ part. From where I’m sitting, most of the problems we’re seeing in our country right now are brought about by politicians so interested in getting re-elected that they’ll willingly sell their own country down the crapper to stay in office for a few more years. An elected monarch would be no different. No one, no matter how venal or corrupt, wants to see their children live in a worse world than they do. A traditional monarchy where sons inherit the throne from their father is the most stable form of government because suddenly the men making the decisions actually care what this place will look like in 20 or 30 years.
    I read an article about a year ago that totally changed my mind about modern politics. In it the author pointed out that most of the heads of Europe are childless. Think about that for a moment. The vast majority of people have children at some point in their lifetime. How astronomically low are the odds that MOST of the heads of Europe would have spent their lives ignoring the most primal urges of their biology, and how unlikely is it that this has nothing to do with them willingly turning their nations over to hordes of military-aged, single foreign men?
    A hereditary monarchy, moderately curtailed by a parliament of nobles and elected officials, might not be a perfect form of government (there isn’t one) but it’s damn close.

  13. Dumbest idea I have heard. Except for the National Socialism (Nazi) thing. Monarchy’s are concerned only with maintaining their their power and money. Democracy or our republican form of government is not perfect but there is a reason why the founders of the US wanted nothing to with a monarchy. It is scary a bunch of idiots think this is a good idea.

  14. The reason that we have the Second Amendment is to not have a king/tyrant. What a bullshit article.

    1. The reason is to protect against a tyrannical government not a King specifically. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked so well at preventing the Tyrannical Government.

  15. An elected monarch only does us any good if those people electing him are good. But if the people electing him are good, then we wouldn’t have an issue, as they would have elected better peoLow on average.
    This issue can be fixed leaving our current system of government intact. The answer is first to through out women’s votes, followed by through Ong out the votes of anyone receiving state welfare, followed by tossing out all votes of non property owners.
    Basically, you give voting rights to adult, male citizens with skin in the game only. But will this happen? Probably not. We are on the way to a failed state within 50 years. It’s like we will either fail and fall into civil war with UN and Chinese troops keeping the peace everywhere, or a dictator will see the moment of opportunity right as failure is commencing and take over. Depending on the abilities of said dictator, the state will either still fail, or get propped up, possibly to even greater heights. What do you think? I think in a moment of great distress, the people of this country would welcome a king. Anyone keen to enter politics?

  16. Elected Monarch?
    Like Padme Amidala from Star Wars?
    And for how long, you think, that monarches gonna be elected?
    How long it will take them to perverse the election to such level, than they guarantee
    their re-electing? How much time it will take them to replace the army with brainwashed troops?
    I do not say monarchy is worse than democracy, democracy stinks ass. But I do say, elected monarchy isn’t possible, and that’s why the history doesn’t remember such system.
    Closest thing to elected monarch is Kim, and you know how “elections” work in North Korea.

    1. “Elected Monarch?
      Like Padme Amidala from Star Wars?”
      I was thinking the same thing!
      “Closest thing to elected monarch is Kim, and you know how “elections” work in North Korea.”
      If that was Hillary Clinton (or Barak Obama) staring in the mirror instead of “Daddy Trump” would the author feel the same way? Somehow I doubt it.

  17. Basically an a “king” with wide powers elected for 3-5 years at a time. The electorate would consist of property-owning, taxpaying men ages 25-60.

  18. “The American military would never obey an order to harm its own people” Given the right circumstances they most certainly will…

    1. It’s notoriously difficult to get a regular army drawn from the population at large to fire on its fellow citizens. A classic example are the Novocherkassk bread riots of 1962, in the southern RSFSR. The police were ineffectual in curbing the unrest, so regular troops were sent in. They sided with the rioters! Their commanding officer even stated that he saw no enemy there. Kazakh Ministry of the Interior (MVD) troops had to be sent in to crush the riot. And yes, I know there are “alphabet agencies” here of questionable loyalty to ordinary people, but we don’t (thank goodness) have a 500,000 man “internal security force” to put down upitiness in the provinces.

  19. Poland has been there, done that, it sucks. Generally elected monarchs are at whim of electors and only weak people want to be at that position ..
    For 10 elected monarchs we had 1 great (Stephan Bathory), 2 partially competent (including John III Sobieski – great warrior but mediocre king), 7 incompetent and weak .. while country got rotten for lack of long term thinking
    Correct way is to have a dynasty with possibility to remove bad apple – dynasty gives the monarchy the long term survival goal.

  20. I beg to differ with you Jared Trueheart about King Lois XIV ??
    Cardinal Richelieu made France great, Louis XIV dilapidated the work & greatness that Cardinal Richelieu has achieved ??
    Reade proper history & not Hollywood or A Dumas one ??
    IMHO Cardinal Richelieu was the best PM & adviser to King Louis XIII ….

  21. “for them, the government is the root cause of everything wrong with society. If only the government were abolished and got out of the way people could solve all of their problems.”
    Libertarians don’t want to abolish the government. What libertarians want is to have minimalistic government ( a good example would be the USA from its beginning to 1920 where the public spending was around 3%) https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/historical-gov-spending-gdp?country=USA
    Absolute monarchies used to be libertarians to a large extent economically speaking. Taxes used to be very low and regulasation wasn’t a big deal in comparison with our present day. In the old absolute monarchies, the only public services that the state provided were things such as military power, police, etc (pretty much the same things that libertarians reckon that the government should provide) Just look at Monaco or liechtenstein (yeah, I know the later one it’s not an absolute monarchy but still is not completely parliamentary one)

  22. A rainbow Gadsden flag…..THAT is f**king triggering like nothing else I have seen….WTF. Talk about disrespect. I don’t know why its got me raging mad….but I can’t even think straight the defilation of such an important symbol of the beginning of FREEDOM and the people who dared to go after it….only to have shat on like it has for 250 years….im going to go break sh*t outside..i have to..split wood or something or chop a tree down with an axe…..tame the rage…..F**K!!!!

  23. I hope this is satire. Otherwise Roosh is allowing some really stupid people to write articles these days.
    Do you seriously want to hand over all power to one man/woman? What would you be saying if Hillary Clinton was the queen and she held absolute power? People can and will vote for terrible leaders.
    Do you seriously want to do away with checks and balances and allow one individual to have the power to execute people without any due process?
    Do you seriously think that an absolute monarch wouldn’t be able to corrupt the state apparatus to serve his/her purposes? There are plenty of examples of democratically elected leaders murdering huge swaths of their nations’ populations.
    You noted a few good monarchs but it would only be fair to list history’s many tyrannical, murderous and incompetent monarchs. Of course, you conveniently neglected to make any mention of them.
    Perhaps you could make a decent argument if you recommended increased power for the chief executive. But there is a reason we have a system of checks and balances. To remove that would be absolute madness except for those in the monarch’s inner circle (and even they could be screwed if they piss off the king/queen).
    The author obviously didn’t read up about libertarianism either. I’m not a libertarian but libertarianism does not call for the abolition of the government…..that is anarchsim. Libertarianism posits that a government is necessary to protect liberty. Even a most cursory reading about the subject would establish that.

    1. Don’t know if some of these posters are wannabe Jonathan Swifts. I’ve got to fine tune my irony detector.

  24. A monarch is just the biggest thug. The problem in America is the federal government. It is too powerful.

  25. This fucking faggot thinks that making his idol Trump king is gonna undo years of wedgies, growing up without a father, watching his crushes get banged by Chads, black dudes, and Mexicans….and the fact that there isn’t a single woman that will allow him within 10 ft of her.
    Keep dreaming, faggot ass white boy. If your dream world didn’t last when black and brown people were powerless…..it sure as hell ain’t gonna happen now that we have all the power.

  26. Negro, Please.
    Faceberg, Soros, etc.
    make sure you don’t
    even have monarchy
    in your own home!!!
    What modern slave
    can rise to the rank
    of King of Slaves??

  27. This sounds more like the Roman dictator system where the Senate would hand over the reins to an individual in times of crisis for a term or a task on the understanding that he would step down once the job was done.
    An alternative would be to become a “pirate nation” where the people elect a captain and a quartermaster.

  28. Monarchy, sure, but what is this nonsense about keeping elections? Elections are some of the worst part of democracy. It’s why we hear nothing on the news 24/7 but Trump this or Obama that. If the leader is the leader, and not elected by the people, it’s pointless to attack him in the media. Monarchies have had methods for removing bad kings forever, namely the king’s council, and the governing class. NOT by direct popular vote of the people. I’m so sick of plastic election sign garbage everywhere and the news is over 50% politics. Removing elections would eliminate all that. In what other sphere do we elect the best man for the job? Business? Religion? Our homes? Nowhere.

  29. This is the first pattonly ridiculous (deserving of ridicule. Ridicule the author of this article) thing I have read on this site. The multiple layers and co-equal branches of government are in place to stop a corrupt official from becoming a tyrant. if the system had function properly during the Obama Administration he probably would have been impeached and thrown out of office during his first term. But at the very least there would have been legislative gridlock and Congressional backlash to stop his fundamental transformation of America in its tracks. You have the weak-willed Republicans to thank for that. They were so afraid of being called a mean name (racist) but they let Obama pretty much be a monarch. And as for voting out the corrupt monarch. The first corrupt Monarch to take power during this system would be in power until the day he died or the day a violent revolution removed him. All he would have to do is fire people in key office of the voting apparatus and every election from then on would he would win in a landslide. You think investigative reporters would expose it? Not when he determined that they were publishing propaganda and not news and imprisoned them or worse. The complex three branch system of government where any one branch can stop the other two dead in its tracks is annoying when something you want something to be done and it’s being held up. But that is far outweighed by the good it does by stopping bad things from being done by those in power.

    1. Really? Google Waco Texas Davidians. The spin Masters in the deep state and left leaning media will make the use of military force against the citizenry look acceptable. I’m not saying it wasn’t appropriate to break up the Davidians, I’m just saying there’s no rule, law, or taboo against using military force to subdue civilians, And there’s precedent for it.

  30. This is the first pattonly ridiculous thing I have read on this site. And I’ve been following it for over 2 years. The multiple layers and co-equal branches of government are in place to stop a corrupt official from becoming a tyrant. if the system had function properly during the Obama Administration he probably would have been impeached and thrown out of office during his first term. But at the very least there would have been legislative gridlock and Congressional backlash to stop his fundamental transformation of America in its tracks. You have the weak-willed Republicans to thank for that. They were so afraid of being called a mean name (racist) that they let Obama pretty much be a monarch. And as for voting out the corrupt monarch. The first corrupt Monarch to take power during this system would be in power until the day he died or the day a violent revolution removed him. All he would have to do is fire people in key offices of the voting apparatus and every election from then on would he would win in a landslide. You think investigative reporters would expose it? Not when he determined that they were publishing propaganda and not news and imprisoned them or worse. The complex three branch system of government where any one branch can stop the other two dead in its tracks is annoying when you want something to be done and it’s being held up. But that is far outweighed by the good it does by stopping bad things from being done by those in power.

  31. “The multiple layers and co-equal branches of government are in place to stop a corrupt official from becoming a tyrant. if the system had function properly during the Obama Administration”
    You just stated how it doesn’t work.
    And “The Swamp” is a reasonable description of the corruption…
    personally I read the original post as “Monarchy”. missed the “elected” part which off course is an oxymoron…
    in any case I vote for King Trump: 2020
    Trump Junior: 2024
    Trump Junior Junior: 2032

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