Are Leftist Radicals Literally Mutants And Mattoid Freaks?

Have you ever thought of today’s leftists as a modern-day freak show? If so, perhaps you’re onto something.

Degeneration theory

During the mid-1800s, concern about degeneration began. Many feared an Idiocracy scenario. Others believed Western civilization might become threatened. Some focused on degenerate individuals. Bénédict Morel speculated that degenerates eventually would become too dysfunctional to procreate. Others were much less optimistic, apparently a well-founded concern. During the mid-1900s, these concepts became taboo.

Cesare Lombroso was a criminologist who noted that offenders tend to have certain primitive characteristics. So this was the beginning of profiling, likewise the “funny looking criminal” stereotype. Of course, having a brutish appearance doesn’t make someone guilty. Rather, the idea is that nonstandard anatomy can coincide with abnormal psychology that encourages antisocial tendencies.

It’s easy to read too much into the concept. Perfectly normal people fuck up sometimes. Likewise, an ugly guy can be righteous and outstanding. Consider all this a matter of statistical correlation, not absolute causation.

Anthropological criminology created mugshots. Featured, Communist Party USA leader Gus Hall. Looks like trouble?

Max Nordau developed this further, though focusing more on mental characteristics. He was a highly influential old-school Zionist. Despite what cynics might say, he was on the right track about some things. For starters, he figured that his fellow Jews needed more sunshine, fresh air, and especially exercise. He helped popularize fitness, disliking the (((wimpy intellectual))) stereotype. Indeed, working out is good for everyone.

Also, Nordau didn’t appreciate degenerate art, which actually wasn’t too bad when he wrote Degeneration. This book contained a psychological profile of degenerates. He called out some contemporary cultural figures and intellectuals. Again, they were small potatoes compared to today’s celebrity horribles, or postmodernist sickos like Lacan, Foucault, and Derrida. Apparently things have deteriorated.

Degenerates need proper guidance and to be kept on a short leash. Like everybody, they’re responsible for their actions and have moral agency to choose between right and wrong. Bad outcomes aren’t inevitable; normal social standards usually restrain deviant tendencies. However, if unbridled degenerates become cultural trendsetters, then degeneracy becomes fashionable. If they become politicians or society’s upper crust, then they start writing the rules to suit themselves. These things accelerate societal decay.

Mattoids and their origin

Lombroso speculated that mattoids are throwbacks with primitive characteristics.

Lombroso’s term “mattoid” basically means half-crazy, describing characters who look like trouble and are prone to criminality. Nordau focused more on misfits and degenerate intellectuals. (Indeed, antisocial behavior is the real problem.) Consider it a category beyond eccentricity.

Do physical and mental oddities coincide? Sometimes they do. Syndromes that cause retardation often have a distinctive look. Lesser abnormalities might also produce certain peculiarities of behavior, appearance, or both. Mutations and chromosomal abnormalities lead to hereditary diseases. Random changes to DNA occasionally advance evolution forward, though usually this causes a biological BSOD.

Was Andrea Dworkin bitten by a radioactive hippopotamus?

The following factors might put populations at elevated risk:

  • Past genetic bottleneck or small number of founders
  • Dysgenic mate selection
  • Present-day inbreeding

In these groups, maladaptive recessive mutations can accumulate, leading to above-average incidence and varieties of hereditary disorders, some affecting the mind. The deranged hillbilly stereotype is a little overdone, but it can happen. This also accounts for some screwballs among hereditary nobility, likewise ill health.

Fetal development problems (such as exposure to toxins or lack of specific nutrients) are another possible factor. However, entirely psychogenic conditions can cause degeneracy. Often this results from dysfunctional childhoods. Again, antisocial behavior is the major concern. Looking weird might be a tip-off, but not always.

Mattoids in society


I’ve noticed that gays tend to have an above-average incidence of nonstandard anatomy. There’s no clear consensus on “queer theory” yet. Some do get turned out by early experiences. However, maybe some others really were born that way.

Also, back when I was dating strippers, one brought me to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Half the White attendees looked rather strange. Could some inborn disinhibition or lack of impulse control make mattoids more inclined to get hooked on dope, part of the criminal tendencies Lombroso discussed? However, the Blacks looked normal. Likely the inner city drug problem unfortunately is worse, ensnaring more average people. At least these recovering addicts realized their mistake and were trying to get better.

Actually, some degenerates are very talented. Nordau explained this essentially as an idiot savant effect. They might even become brilliant, if their skills are channeled in the right direction. If not, things like degenerate art and screwy philosophy will result. Hollyweird even has a few with striking features (unusual appearance doesn’t always look bad), odd personal histories, and peculiar parenting styles.

Some high-functioning mattoids even flourish in universities, lately an asylum for kooky professors and grad students in unproductive soft studies departments. It’s particularly troublesome when they’ve been educated beyond their ability to understand, but overestimate their intellect. Many degenerate trends and ideologies have thrived and even originated in academia.

Mattoid radicals

In formal rhetoric, ideas should be evaluated on their own terms, independent of whoever articulated them. However, personal perspectives can shape viewpoints, also a hot topic in literary analysis. Leftists often bring personal stuff into political discussions—“You only believe that because you’re a straight White male” and all that. So, turnabout is fair play.

There are oddballs in any “fringe” pursuit, including unconventional politics. Rightists should screen out anyone with signs of instability, shady personal backgrounds, incorrect motives, hobbyism, etc. These troublemakers aren’t really in it for the ideology, so they often betray their friends. Also, they create drama and controversy. Fortunately, degenerates are usually disinterested in efforts to sustain or reinvigorate society.

Leftist causes are naturally a better fit for mattoids. Leftists are special and don’t have to worry about their public image, which their media cronies always airbrush. As Nordau indicated, degenerates are naturally malcontented. Thus, their sympathies don’t align with normal society. They’re more likely to identify (at least for rhetorical purposes) with others they consider downtrodden. That’s why screwy SJWs find cultural Marxism’s privilege rhetoric, radical egalitarianism, and Victim Olympics so appealing.

It’s not difficult to guess their ideology.

For leftists, fanatics and mental cases make for great useful idiots, agitators, and bomb-chuckers. However, they even can rise to the top. Kerry Bolton provided some interesting new perspectives. He identified several textbook degenerates like Marquis de Sade, Jean-Paul Marat, Karl Marx, and Leon Trotsky. I’ll add that St. Che fits that profile too.

He also had some interesting observations about Comrade Lenin. Soviets eager to pronounce him a hereditary genius commissioned an independent physician to study his brain. Embarrassingly, it turned out that the USSR’s founder was rather “special”. If that wasn’t bad enough, he suffered from late-stage neurosyphilis.

Bolton also mentions Theodor Adorno’s “F-scale”, which this Frankfurt School figure presented as a scientific psychometric test. It’s essentially like an online quiz about “How Fascist are you?” It presented rightist values as abnormal, and leftist values as healthy. (Ain’t that cute?) Actually, that’s the overall theme of The Authoritarian Personality, which speaks volumes about Adorno himself.

Today, most leftists actually started out as decent, normal people. Then toxic influences turned them freakish and made them hate their own society. Most opinion-forming institutions (particularly the media and the educational system) were converged long ago. They aggressively indoctrinate the public, and their increasing degree of degeneracy is infecting society with these mind-viruses. That’s why freaks shouldn’t be allowed in positions of authority and influence.

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  1. “Today, most leftists actually started out as decent, normal people. Then (((toxic influences))) turned them freakish and made them hate their own society”

    1. Other possibilities:
      1) Mandela Effect from Large Hadron Collider (first made operational in 2008) could of transported us into a parallel universe where 99.9% of what we see is the same…And we’re noticing the .01% that didn’t exist more then 10 years ago. For all you know, we could of entered several parallel universes since ’08. I think this hypothesis is utter nonsense though!
      2) Heavy Chemtrail Activity since 2005 has caused irreparable harm to the brain of some individuals because of mercury and aluminum fallout. This seems more plausible then Mandela Effect BS! And its factually backed they’re spraying the public daily with toxic heavy metals and chemicals.
      3) Fathers no longer picked who their daughters would date over the past 50 years and the daughter made the ONLY DECISION IN HER INTEREST! This is fact!
      4) Being exposed to 4G and now 5G cell phone technology and Smart Meters/WiFi (first used in the US around 2005, 2006). Being exposed to these RF signals in close range (within 30 feet) can cause bipolar disorder, cancer, autism, anger issues, etc…
      5) Horrible fast food diet laden with GMO ingredients and glyphosate herbicide. McDonalds on almost every mile or block.
      6) Toxic friendships, toxic acquaintances, toxic coworkers, toxic family members, toxic people, in general…An example are alleged friends making out w/ your girl in the same room. Maybe even ejaculating in her mouth 6 feet away from you. Seen this happened to guys and they just sit their, barely getting angry. Usually if a girl wants you to meet her guy friends at a house, its almost a warning sign to pump and dump REAL FAST!
      6) Civilization breeds weak men (babyboomers in Congress to High School Administrators to City Councilmen all the way to 25 to 30 year old millenials). “Weak men destroy Civilization. Hard times create Strongmen. Strong men create Civilization. Civilization brings Good Times.”
      7) Or all of the above except for number 1.

      1. 8) Peoples bodies being taken over by off-world entities (from something as simple as cosmic dust or viral particles penetrating earth’s weakened atmosphere from planets thousands or even millions of light years away). Similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Thing. The new person becomes more malevolent, deceiving…having no qualities of compassion, remorse, or fear that a normal human being has. The attacks daily on innocent children from police, RCH, and even parents themselves. You see it every single day in the news!
        9) Absolutely ZERO sex life and being rejected during what should be the best times to be alive (18-29).

  2. Look, you don’t like the Antifa and leftist types…we get it.
    No sane person likes these people.
    That being said, why resort to pseudoscience as a means to be an apologist for these sorts?
    Irrational and emotional people on both the left and the right are tearing our nation apart. What we need is more rational thought not emotion and pseudoscience masquerading as rational thought.
    The only arguement you made that might actually hold up if ever studied using empiricism and the scientific method is the notion that repeated exposure to toxic ideas makes people themselves toxic. Likely true for both the leftists and right wingers alike.
    Beau, you’ve written far better articles for RoK

    1. I respectfully disagree… I think there is some intellectual, even physical abnormality associated with leftism. Even the most simple animal fights for it’s own survival… but leftists invite their own demographic extinction. That is a clue that something’s not quite right in the belfry.

      1. Precisely. They favor every single cause and movement that is bad for society and their fellow countrymen. And being the weak people they are, mentally and physically, they are the ones who would least be able to endure the sort of Marxist societies they wish to create. They have zero patriotism and zero racial pride.
        A few are just kids trying to be trendy, and don’t really know anything about the world or what they want. But I believe the majority are mentally-damaged/dysgenic in some way, as this article suggests.

      2. Beau mentioned the ‘genetic bottleneck’ on which you could write a whole article aside. The ‘bottleneck event’ graph:
        It is evidenced that aboriginal American Indians originated from 70 original survivors who crossed the Bearing Strait 10s of thousands of years ago. Natives were susceptible to bottleneck events like the infectious pathogens introduced in the 1400s which reduced their populations drastically and they lacked the genetic diversity to recover.
        When a handful of Alphas sire the majority of offspring, diversity is limited and the population accelerates towards a genetic bottleneck which also makes the population susceptible to reduction via an event such as environmental or ‘brain drain’ where there are too many similarly stupid people to craft raw materials and form an infrastructure that supports advancement and population growth. Otherwise a large low IQ population suffers an arrest event. They literally die down their numbers from being weighted down by their massively idle ‘meat’ population with no exceptional brains.
        It is a titrative chemistry formula trying to balance the alpha breeders with the needed beta diversity. Ergo Tesla should have been given some incentives to breed. He was as busy and emotionally unavailable to a wife as any airline pilot or soldier of fortune, but a dignified patriarchal society should have embraced his kind and formed harems of open mouthed pussies in a row for him to relieve himself regularly.
        The American Indians – their story is of a repeating bottleneck CRASH. Aside from the Pueblo, the native indians quarried very few stones and mined no metals or made a smelting furnace. They made no ball bearings or machinery and their genetic bottleneck showed little promise of improvement especially under the default matrilinear state of their societies.
        For whites to avoid a genetic bottleneck and still evolve positively, we must breed outside the 2nd cousin relationship but within the 7th or 8th cousin relationship. Barbara Lerner Spectre proclaiming “Europe won’t survive” may be referring to a white bottleneck but her panacea is wrong. Sub Saharan Congoids would transform Europeans into semitic mongrels which is what the globohomo semites see as a perfect likeness of themselves, yet dumber and more docile and easier to segue into a globohomo semite controlled plantation state.
        The Greek city model provides the best environment for gene positive expression over time. Greek city states numbered between 10-80,000 and admixture between the city states was minimal. A city of 10,000 that breeds within itself peaks with 5th to 7th cousin pairings. Pairings of 2nd cousin and within are easy enough for a family clan to police internally and prohibit and they did so diligently.
        The specific human traits incubated from the “2-7” breeding of the Greeks produced the most remarkable advances and achievements of the time. No bottlenecks and no mud puppy mongrel pit. They held their own and they adhered to the “2-7” rule.

        1. Interesting.
          Classic Greek period perhaps witnessed most advances in humans until 1400s.
          Ptolemies(Macedonian Greek) in Egypt – intermarried with siblings to keep the bloodline pure -amazing they made it 300 years – with Alexandria greatest city till Rome…Apparently plenty of weird disfigurements…

        2. Damn, this is *very* interesting.
          But when mentioning Barbra Lerner Spectre, you have to use the ((()))s.
          For those who don’t know, she is yet another of the chosen who are doing their best to make sure Europe (or anywhere white) doesn’t remain white

        3. Ease off on the ((())). That’s just cornball alt.right crap. It does make a decent symbol for a vulva, though.

    2. Well I think this is one of his best. Some good research and references. Why don’t you write something Mr. Critic?

    3. I should clarify this. Consider it as 1) signs to look out for, and 2) basically as an explanation of how some of these types got to be the way they are. I don’t intend to pick on ugly people as a category – they can’t help their appearance. Rather, it’s just that sometimes someone who looks like an orc will act like an orc. Then if they’re allowed to become influential, they start making the rest of society dysfunctional too. As for normal people who deliberately ruin their appearance (like many feminists), it’s a sign they’ve been influenced by degeneracy.
      As for scholarly research, there’s been plenty of that already – the figures I’ve cited, along with several others I didn’t have the space to include. Then when the Columbia University crowd got influential -Adorno was only the tip of the iceberg there – research into those topics became taboo. I could conduct my own research on how “nonstandard appearance” whether innate or by choosing bizarre fashions (neon colored Skrillex hair, a face full of piercings, etc.) correlates with abnormal psychology and how all that correlates with ideology. Then I’d have some cloud charts with regression lines. However, I don’t have the research budget for that.

    4. Political views, as well as behavior and IQ, are now proven conclusively to be 100% heritable.
      Physiognomy is real bro. How many examples do you need?

    5. Well said Mr. Powers. The only difference between the extremist on the left compared to the ones on the right is the flavor of their socialism. ALL extremists are usually quite ignorant. The leftist demand a feminine nanny-state and the right-wingers pray for a despotic masculine big-brother state. They both want the same thing, collectivist socialism and death for their ideological enemies in a society devoid of all art, philosophy, humor and love.
      Check out the opening page of ROK, scroll down and check out the number of comments on each article. The articles which are more cerebral and intellectual have very few comments and the articles which are focused on knee-jerk cultural/emotional issues which require no thought, intelligence or education are brimming over. I see mostly beta males here who think they are red-pilled because they watched a few videos on youtube but in reality are very shallow, unread and of average to below average intelligence. They use, in psychological terms, what is called Transference whereby they project their desire for a strong male father figure onto whomever they admire because of their own emotionally and/or physically absent father when they were a child. They desperately NEED a big, strong Daddy-God to control everything and ease their worried minds. They DEMAND to labor under the delusion that everything will turn out alright and they and everyone whom they care about will never die but live happily ever after. Who would I hang first? Lefty or Righty? Who cares. Just flip the damn coin so we can get on to contestant number two…

  3. surprises here. The freaks and fringe mental cases that make up the currently violently hostile left……and they have been revealed to be the next version of crystal meth and K2 mixing addicts.. No surprise, they need a ball bat across the brow or bullet at the bridge of the nose.

    1. K2 is actually the drug that finally reached the nadir. The zombies who smoke it are gone…

    2. Some Chinese fentanyl works wonders on hard drug addicts. Too bad they can’t just get real cannabis.

  4. No self respecting human would stick their parts in any of these animals, so its no wonder that these LEFTIS INCELS would of course be so aggravated and violent from being spurned by the rest of the human kind.

  5. Antifa unmasked is full of white liberals and the the antifa own lists of known nazi white supremacist is full of blacks, latinos and asian men and women, funny how the right is more diverse. Those white liberal rich kids will not dare to be near the people they suppose to fight for, when they basically segregate themselves you either get protest groups of 80% white antifas today and another protest with 95% blacks tomorrow, and another with 80% latinos the next day, but never the real diversity that they preach try a 50/50 latino and black protest and see how diverse and tolerant they are with themselves.

    1. Jews manufactured artificial divides, pitting races against one another, so that they wouldn’t notice their real enemy.
      For that reason, it will take a while for various races to mend their artificial differences and coalesce for upheavals.

    1. What’s the over/under on his biological dad actually being that smooth-talking commie Castro?
      IIRC, his mom was a notable tramp, even by 1960’s standards.

    2. @John Vancouver – Justin Trudeau falls into the ‘adult child’ category which was a massive slowing in many of the X generation’s development. The politically correct of the boomers produced many X-gen adult children. The X-ers then practiced ‘helicopter parenting in the 90s which produced millennial ‘adult babies’ who were prone to become sjw or antifa dupes. ‘Francis’ is such a likeness, like an x-gen adult child kindred soul of Justin’s and many others of his era. Francis also had a rich daddy. Note the resemblance between Justin Trudeau and francis in this video:

  6. These Antifa members are most likely Vegans and very low in nutrients. Fucks your brain up and changes your mind. I was Vegan for 18 years and recently went back to eating meat. I found that my mood is better, and my stamina during long runs has gone up a ton. I was disgusted by the holier than thou mentality that existed. ROK is one of the last outlets for men not polluted by feminism and leftism.

    1. My response to Vegans is this, The humans that left Africa and moved into frozen lands had very little to no vegetation to eat. Some like the Inuit have eaten exclusively meat for 1000’s of years. These groups not only evolved larger brains but also longer lifespans. While the humans tbat stayed in Africa did also ate meat they ate way more vegetation than those that left Africa and lived in frozen wastelands. If vegans were correct, the African people who consumed more vegetation should have evolved larger brains and longer lifespans.
      Furthermore, the longest lived people today are Icelandic people followed by Okinawa Japanese. Their longevity is attributed to eating fish not vegetables.

      1. Those people ate “wild, unadulterated meat,” right? Were those animals force fed cheap grains, packed into close quarters (where diseases spread) & pumped with hormones?

        1. I are bison the other day.
          Totally organic. Grass fed. And delicious albeit a little expensive.

    2. Our eyes are located on the front of our skulls, providing the binocular vision that carnivores and omnivores require. Four-footed vegans, such as cows and horses, have their eyes on the sides of their heads.
      It would seem that Nature has spoken.

    3. PD Mangan just called and said yeah, you are exactly right. Veganism is unhealthy for omnivores like ourselves.

  7. We already know that lots of inbreeding over centuries have given us the crazed, violent, backwards muslims, as well as the culture-destroying, unattractive, anti-human and neurotic (((j)))s.
    There is definitely something not right, often physically and mentally, with the hard core lefties which I believe to be either profound dysgenics (their parents not being a good genetic match), or just weak minds that are easily led astray by the universities, (((popular culture))), and various agitators.

    1. Meth heads aren’t at protests man. They’re too busy getting high or stealing shit to get high to worry about politics. It’s simply the cheapest high there is other than booze. And even that is debatable. That’s a big part of its appeal, as it were.
      Used to be I knew a fair amount of blue collar workers that used it, when it first came on the scene in the 80’s, to be more productive. At first. Then they either recognized it was damaging and stopped, or spiraled down into what I describe above. No exceptions.
      Same story here in Appalachia as it was on the west coast 30 years ago. You use meth, you either quit or you’re fucked.. in a remarkably short period of time.

      1. You make an important point here: these folks aren’t participating in Antifa because they give a shit about current events and politics. They’re doing it because they’re being paid (to buy more drugs), and they’re willing to debase themselves doing all kinds of stupid and dangerous things in the process.

  8. Mental obesity begets physical obesity.
    Notice the obesity epidemic right alongside the douchebag and retard epidemic?
    Patriarchy led to this. Yeah you read that.
    Because the rise of marxism/socialism and feminism started at roughly the time our class systems and high attrition for the dumb/unhealthy started to end . “Every man a king”, meaning every man having kids, when not every man should have kids, and no winter wolves to correct things, means dumber people each generation.
    Women, meanwhile, appear determined to wreck “every man a king” and civilization. We ask “Why?”. Here is why: Women are naturally hardwired for optimal reproductive strategy. Even if they were aware of it, their 2-ton hamster would rationalize it anyway. This is why they were never originally allowed to vote. And there are past civilizations that, as soon as women voted or could run the place, went downhill from there.
    Now, what happens when civilization collapses?
    Ultimately you get into a structure of “warlords and harems”. This arrangement of the top alpha male, a true alpha who can kick ass, lead other men, and survive battles, selecting women indicating optimal reproductive parameters for mating, is in fact the most favorable reproductive strategy for the human race. In that order, warlords and higher ranking proven men get to reproduce. Weaklings and retards die as slaves or cannon fodder.
    But now, weaklings and retards have kids, who are even bigger weaklings and retards. Compare warlords and harems to “fat slothlord goes to Shartmart and finds fat slothlordette and together they make even fatter and dumber kids with health and developmental issues”.
    Patriarchy built this. It was a good show, and a good system, but it destroyed itself, for the industrial age saw “the more bodies the better” but quantity over quality in a democracy where the most evil and stupid can turn their evil and stupidity into laws enfforced with weapons really does not stand for long. So every man, even a low quality one, getting a woman, even a low quality one, means lower quality kids, kids who will fall for every bullshit movement you can imagine. You wonder why the media outright lies? You wonder why the blatant double standards? Because people are that stupid – or what intelligence they have is used to take advantage of others or concentrate only on self gratification.
    War is coming.

    1. Bloody excellent write-up.
      “War is coming”
      Yep – so many unnecessary eaters, has necessitated wars.
      But now? The Information age. Seems so many people are very unnecessary. if I were king – I would only wish for fit plebes to breed…
      Seems the crazy/insane/ridiculousness of all this leftist tripe is intended to incite the conservatives to strike – just like Rome did with Carthage.
      Here’s to surviving the brimstone and having a harem.

    2. At one time, a promise of reproduction motivated “alpha males” to step forward, at least during low-tech, primitive times. But now, in 2018? If you’re “alpha,” why burden yourself with parental/leadership obligations? Just buff yourself. Then hit up birth-controlled thots on Tinder (or wherever) for quick sex. And hit up ugly, affluent chicks, trading sex/companionship for $$$/gifts. If you’re particularly savvy, manufacture a big following on Instagram, pimping various products that appeal to lazy morons. Then devote lots of leisure time to various amusements (Internet, TV, music, motorcycles, fast cars, guns, vacations, ROK, etc.).
      No need to worry about the dumbs, as they’re distracted with MSM, a clownish POTUS, PS4/Xbox, online shopping, fake “radical” movements, and Kim Kardashian’s latest make-up iteration.

  9. The majority of the anti-left cucks aren’t any better. They look like Dylan Roof or low IQ Neanderthals. Fuck both left and right.

    1. So, peeps should be neither left or right? Sounds like fence-sitting. Having no core principles. An unprincipled wimp who doesn’t want to offend anyone..
      “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.”
      So which oxymoron do you consider yourself (((Warrior)))… moderate conservative or moderate liberal?

      1. Sometimes, a leftist idea would work better than a conservative idea, and vice versa. Also, sometimes a marriage of left-right ideology would be optimal. So perhaps “pragmatism” is good, doing “whatever works?”

      2. I never said people “should” or shouldn’t be left or right. Whichever retarded side they choose is none of my business.
        You don’t even know me yet you strawman and assume I don’t have principles because I refuse to be a sheep. The conservatives have already cucked themselves to Jews and feminists, so to accuse me of lacking principles is laughable.
        You call me a coward, but that’s just your projection. You’re the true coward who can’t even think for himself and has to blend in with other right-wing pussies to feel secure behind the keyboard. When’s the last time you actually got off the Internet to fight for your beliefs?

    2. Fetal alcohol syndrome is at least partly responsible for the alt.right. Makes as much sense as this article.

        1. DJ Khaled has another song I once overheard, and the lyrics caught my attention called No New Friends.
          It goes a little something like this:
          Fuck all y’all Nibbas
          Except my Nibbas.
          over and over and over again. Whe I heard it I thought yeah I like this guy. He doesn’t like nibbas either. LMAO

    3. This fucker is anything but right wing. He has to go back too. (I smell JIDF concern troll–and bagels).

  10. I sure hope this article is a well-meaning attempt at satire, because if Bo is serious about this as science, he is, as we said back in the 70s, hurtin’ for certain. Were those North Vietnamese leftists who defeated every army they encountered and conquered “South Vietnam” weak, degenerate mutants? Were the Soviet leftists who held back–and eventually smashed– a powerful Nazi invasion, weak degenerate mutants? Of course not, because that gallery of freaks and mutants Bo posted as visual aids, are, as are most examples of “cultural Marxism”, products of decadent late-stage capitalism. The more you know …

    1. ROK’s demo is very conservative (as you may have noticed). As a result, most articles are infected with a not-so-subtle right-wing slant, telling readers what they want to hear. This is not a place to come for scholarship.

      1. Your Mom was a white liberal who was impregnated by black radical Muslims at college.
        She was a “J” who raised you without a father in a household of Yentas.
        Your stepfather was a Mexican who molested you.
        Now you give rimjobs in the gay bars on a Friday to queer Negros.

    2. To add to what I said: This place trolls very “right.” But it’s also hilariously contradictory.
      (3) Men should avoid marriage. It’s a scam, since women are stupid, manipulative whores. You’ll most likely be divorce raped, after raising some chad’s offspring.
      (4) Men should go into ghettos/barrios/trailer parks, anonymously impregnating various whores.
      (4) Men should marry & have children, since these things are good for “society”
      (5) Left-wing degeneracy is killing “civilization”
      See #4: You should actually be a degenerate, since women & society rape guys who play by the rules.
      This is a place where others should be upstanding. But you shouldn’t be, since immoral people will exploit your goodness. What’s so-called good for “society” is not good for you.

        Your Mom was a white liberal quasi-hippie of the late 70’s who had sex with Chicano Mestizo “Brown Pride” and was left as a single mother to raise you in apartments on government assistance.
        She dated black men and that is why you are a gay.
        You give rimjobs to other men in gay bars.
        Your sister was the child of another “Brown Pride” Chicano Aztec.
        She is now a crack whore who sucks the penises of white tweaker mouth breathers and has a pierced clitoris.

    3. Chad I shouldn’t have to explain this to you, but the Soviet and Vietnamese commies, who were primarily fighting for their lives and their countries, as well as ideology, are not a valid comparison to the spoiled little dysfunctional leftist punks in the west today, protesting naked, tattooed, with blue and pink hair, torching SUVs, hiding their faces, throwing things at their own police, etc., etc. The Soviets and Vietnamese were fighting a real threat and invading force. Today’s lefties (commies) are “fighting” against imagined oppression and phony issues.

      1. BLUE EYED
        I pity them. They have no economy, apparently. There what? Twenties, some of them in their 30’s. Still live at home. Never held a decent job. Stayed in school for 10 years.
        They’re pathetic.
        The males look like they have been jerking off in some basement fed on cheetos for all their 25 years and never went near a woman.

      2. The 2 world wars were European/Russians fighting each other for fun and profit of the wealthy elite and bankers.
        I think tax payers are still paying from 100 years ago.
        Vietnam war was also another bs propaganda campaign, same as Afghanistan/ME now->
        Natural Resources.
        And natural resources includes people(slaves).
        Vietnam is full of sweatshops – seems much better to have your kids in a garment factory for NYC Park Avenue elite, than eating napalm.
        I’m dating a boat person. Family was wealthy French Catholic – dad sent to re-education camp.
        escaped to USA (with the help of some gold). And vote Democrat…
        The commies here have completed their “long march thru the institutions”. (look that up – will explain everything) Law/Education, etc…The brain-washing is complete….
        Antifa may go kinetic soon. they are deranged, but they are organised and dangerous, as they lack reason and accountability

    4. The early Soviet leadership had quite a few absolute whack-jobs:. Aside from the well-known figures, there were lots of special snowflakes like Yagoda, Litvinov, Molotov, Ehrenburg, Frenkel, Sverdlov, etc. Those ones were about as normal as Jeffrey Dahmer. As for the military. they were mainly draftees.
      I’m less familiar with the Vietnamese situation. Ho Chi Minh seemed to be fairly normal (AFAIK), pursuing at first mainly an anti-colonial agenda and later in life turning to Communism to gain support for that. However, the folks running the “re-education camps” might not have been the most pleasant company.

      1. “The early Soviet leadership had quite a few absolute whack-jobs:. Aside from the well-known figures, there were lots of special snowflakes like (((Yagoda, Litvinov, Molotov, Ehrenburg, Frenkel, Sverdlov)))”
        Fixed your text with the appropriate parentheses. Even though I suppose it goes with saying, cuz it’s always them.

        1. Molotov wasn’t Jewish. His wife was, but he wasn’t. As for the (((echoes))), well, yup, this place has been totally co-opted by the alt.right.

    5. These people are weak. Vietnamese and Russians may be a lot of things, but weak isn’t one. Viets were fighting foreign occupiers mostly. And they have a history of defeating invaders.
      Russians eh? Most of the Bolsheviks weren’t White or Christian so fuck them. One of the largest genocides in history, the Holodomor, was something I never heard of HS or college history. Why? (((Why?)))
      It’s 5x the holowhatever.
      Pinochet did nothing wrong.
      Vlad Tepes did nothing wrong.

      1. Pinochet was a friend of traditional values (good) but also a friend of moneyed elites and hostile to interests of the working class (bad). So it’s a wash as far as he’s concerned,

  11. The photo of Gus Hall reminds me that John Brennan — our future CIA Director — voted for him in 1980.
    Things that make ya go “Hmmm…”

  12. If Justin Trudeau and Jacinta Arden had a love child, would it look more like Fidel Castro or Bugs Bunny?

  13. If physical appearance and political ideology are linked then there is a good argument to be made that genetics determines politics. If that is so, then the political scene in then west will get really weird. If race, sex, and sexual orientation are determined at birth and create “protected classes”, then political leanings is shown to be determined at birth, then it would follow that it follows that political positions should also be protected.
    So it explodes the double standard that conservatives can be refused service but businesses can be forced to serve gays or face severe punishment.
    The alternative is to do away with ” protected classes” and “enumerated grounds” completely.

  14. The “AIDS Skrillex / howling monkey” image about summed it up; poster children for cogdis self-loathing. Beautiful. ROK not afraid to go knee-deep in the meme wars.

  15. I came over to this site after reading the news.
    Fitting article.
    I just learned another Confederate statue has been torn down.
    I find it very strange. If these statues are so offensive why weren’t they torn down 20 years ago?
    Because leftist propaganda hadn’t yet taken deep enough roots. As we know, what happens in the universities is the future. God help us!

    1. What’s sickening is that when you see these videos, it is mostly braindead white kids, and after the statue is down they have to take their virtue signalling to the next level and run up to the statue and kick it, spit on it, etc.
      I predict in 100-200 years, once the US turns into Brazil (or worse) demographically, almost any and every white historical statue, street name, school name, image, museum display, etc., will be eliminated.

      1. Hell it may not take that long. Sweden is still 80% white yet they let a female minority “Minister of Culture” order viking artifacts be removed from the national museum there because they were offensive and celebrated white supremacy over darker peoples.
        Funny, I thought the vikings mostly explored and plundered other white countries.. Ireland, Russia, etc.

        1. common vikings!!! – stop this shit…
          interesting that Vikings “probably” traded with the Saracens.
          Damascene blades etc…
          Now traitors let em in without a shot fired or blade swung…

        2. Vikings are “offensive” because their accomplishments shame the darkies and the SJWs by comparison.

  16. The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.
    Your country is collapsing.
    Be silent.
    Don’t think.
    Allow your overlords to rule over you.
    Tyranny is the American way, right?

    1. I think the UK and Europe will collapse first simply because of so many Muslim refugees.
      Eurabia is screwed.
      The US is hard to get to. The half-breed Indians from Latin America are a little better.
      But Europe is finished.

      1. If Sweden is any example, even if white Europeans through some miracle, remained in the majority, they will totally roll over to the demands of the blacks and muzzies.

      2. Italy and Salvini are saying NO. They haven’t forgotten the martyrs of Taranto. You shouldn’t either.
        Austria is turning rightward, and now it looks like Germany and Sweden as well are having something of a populist uprising against the open borders international socialists, we rednecks call jews.
        First they will hang the traitors who enabled the immivasion and told them they were bad for opposing it, then deal with the immivaders. They can leave of their own free will back to their shitholes, or face the most severe consequences. Cutting off welfare would have most of them leaving within 90 days. Here and in Europe.
        Let’s make it happen. Vote for a border. Vote for your people. Vote to win!
        IF that doesn’t work, then you know the old saying about what comes after the ballot box. It’s coming to a head despite some peoples’ wish to ignore it.

  17. I learned about Cesare Lombroso during Lawschool’s Criminology class. Have been paying attention to “the face of crime” ever since.
    Gotta say, despite the obvious Freewill tangent, his studies are pretty accurate and contemporary.

  18. i went (huge mistake) to a WELL-known “Catholic” college. i was pretty devout at the time, that’s why. i coulda gone to an ivy league but didn’t want to put up with liberal nonsense 24/7. little did i know..
    one time, a “progressive” campus group put a cartoon on their website, of the Virgin Mary propositioning a female passerby. so a friend and i decided we’d pay that group a little visit at their next meeting. we weren’t gonna get violent, just do, well, we weren’t quite sure.
    anyway, we got there and i was all set to hate them .. until i saw them. i’d never seen such a sad bunch of deformed misfits in my life. and i went to a public high school, in a very depressed (rural) area.
    so my hate turned to pity. but the point is, they were nasty malicious libtards out of RESENTMENT. there’s no arguing with people like that. you can try to get them into the gym, or to give heterosexuality a try, or to eat better, but short of that, they’re gonna let their inferiority-based hatred rule their minds

  19. My own observations from working in the criminal justice system is that folks in trouble with the law often so have the “dirtbag” look about them, but flipping through their rap sheet photos (which include drivers license photos as well as prior bookings) its apparant that they didn’t start out that way.
    A couple of decades of alcohol, drugs and crime will an otherwise healthy or wholesome man or woman and turn them into a stereotype. Maybe the same is true for SJW ideology.

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