Girl Tricks Hundreds Of Men To Show Up For Tinder Date At The Same Time

Via NY Post:

Dozens of dudes showed up to Union Square for Tinder dates on Sunday — only to learn they were all there to meet the same woman, and she wanted them to battle it out “Hunger Games”-style for her heart.

One Twitter user recounting his version of events says he met a woman named Natasha through the hookup app and she invited him to meet her at the public space to watch her friend DJ — but he arrived to a totally surreal scene.

“I make my way to Union Square. Eat a hot dog and look over by this open lot by 17th Ave and there is a stage and a DJ and about 100 ppl and cameras and sh-t and I think well this is some random ass Manhattan sh-t,” wrote @bvdhai.

“Eventually I see a girl moving towards backstage with two enormous bodyguards in sunglasses and realise it’s her and I’m thinking WHAT THINE F–KETH IS GOING ON,” he continued.

Natasha then took to the mic and told the assembled men that she knows they all came from Tinder.

“Then she says I’ve invited you all here for a chance to go on a date with me and proceeds to give a hunger games speech about what its gonna take to date her,” @bvdhai recalled.

“Every man in the crowd looks down and mimes WHAT IN THE NAME OF SCOOBY DOO THE IS THIS S-IT to themself.”

At that point, he says, he left — but others who stayed told Gothamist that Natasha began discarding men and making the rest compete to go on a date with her.

“The gist of it was she wanted to do Live Tinder. Folks were pretty mad,” a guy named Nicholas told the website.

“And she started calling the different characteristics she doesn’t like. ‘If you’re Puerto Rican and support Trump, leave!’ ‘If you have a long beard, leave.’ Then she did a competition.”

“The majority of the group, like 95 percent, were like aaahhh, watching as the f–king idiots fell in line to her demands to do pushups and run … She did a live swipe line, right and left. I left at that point,” he continued.

Video of the spectacle shows at least 10 guys participating in a sprinting competition.

It’s unclear who, if anyone, won the coveted date.

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117 thoughts on “Girl Tricks Hundreds Of Men To Show Up For Tinder Date At The Same Time”

    1. And all for a Puerto Rican skank with obviously fake hair color, in this case.
      The thirst is getting out of control, and I am SO glad I’m not a young white guy in the present age.

      1. That ugly slut, wanted men to fight for her ??
        My Rottweiler would piss in her only ??
        Pretentious ugly slut ?

      2. You know when society is correcting course when a sham like this is pulled, and all 100 men leave. Thirst games, well, at least she proved just how bad it’s gotten.

      3. Puerto Rican? Nitasha? I figured she was a janky Russian Jew princess, especially with that prominent nose.
        She’s a swipe-left girl from any angle. I’m not even sure 4 drinks would get me to swipe right on that schnoz.

      4. Curious to know, what does her national origin have to do with anything? If she came from somewhere else would that make a difference? No matter what “color” you are we all face similar problems.

      5. Has anyone actually watched the video all the way through, extreme cringe, but gotta love the dude starting the chant,”BULL-SHIT! BULL-SHIT! Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!” – it seems beta and whiny in some ways, but hell, at least some dudes didn’t fuck around with it. Can you imagine the reverse; if some man made a profile and got 100 girls to show up to compete for him, ha. We need some chad to pull that shit off ASAP.

    2. Holy fuck!
      Seriously? Do any of these “men” have balls?
      Instead of an eager crowd hoping for a shot at a “date” with an obvious attention whore, they should have been hurling insults for being the manipulating cunt who, for the sake of attention whoring, would waste the productive time of a 100+ men.
      The fact that any of them stayed for anything more than to pelt her with rotted fruit is offensive to all self-respecting men. Call the cunt out. Ditch the bitch! Don’t be one by standing there like a thirsty simp. JHC!

  1. Bland chick with fake blond hair and an apparently bitchy attitude who has enough time to lure hundreds of men to one place at once. I suspect she is suffering from a serious mental illness. No thanks.

  2. These men should of grown some balls and walked away that’s what I would of done. I have a bettee idea instead of going on tinder just get a escort you pay the bitch to leave that’s what I do.

        1. In Spanish theres a saying that goes “o follamos todos o la puta al río”. Be translated as “either we all have sex or the bitch into the river (sinc.)”. It teaches you the value of association among these misfortunate men. Going away just makes the problem bigger.

  3. It’s actually quite brilliant. Very red pill explanation coming tomorrow to Good Morning America.
    I think we all know… Social Media, Feminism, 80/20 rule, obesity, careers, male thirst, wall at 30, too many men, lazy men afraid to approach, imbalance on dating apps, sausage fests, women afraid to go to night clubs and use dating apps due to being hounded by unattractive men, etc

    1. Yes – it truly is an accurate sign of the times. I’m actually glad she did this to show a prime example to everyone. I coulda set up a Soy Stand.

  4. And of course, a woman’s idiotic standards and how quickly to write people off who arn’t 6 feet tall. But this is all because of male thirst and attention. All those likes, comments, DMs, friend requests, its getting out of hand.
    Hope they expose Instagram “stars” who take trips to Dubai for a pair of red bottom shoes

  5. Just like prison inmates, Americans are turning on each other rather than attacking the prison guards that are enslaving us.
    Part of the reason the US is collapsing now is that Americans have tunnel vision and are being distracted and divided about what the biggest problem is.
    Some Americans think the main issue is illegal immigrants, homosexuals, statues, or Russian election hacking when the real problem is that the elites control the corporations, the media, and the government and have turned the USA into a bankrupt warmongering police state.
    Unless the 99% unites and agrees the real enemy is the ruling class that has rigged and corrupted the US, the 1% will continue their destruction until there is an economic crash, civil war, WWIII, and Americans end up in concentration camps.
    Wake up.
    Spread the word.

  6. Thirsty men earn stupid prizes…pathetic vagina whoreshipping cucks… Glad the vile b*tch used them publicly and humiliated them.
    Slut shaming and cuck(white knight) shaming needs to be done more often and more brutally.

    1. I got revenge on my ex :D. I’m learning the art of slut shaming. In the west its just telling the truth.

  7. Man, while social media overall has been beneficial for me to find attractive women… It is also a nightmare.
    The “People who you may know” feature that got added to facebook, quickly made attractive women receive 5,000 male friends. And if they resisted the requests, your friend friend request got buried. You DMs get buried, just like in online dating.
    And it’s hundred times worse for women who have there profiles set to public (public so that their Alpha can find them) You can tell by the number of followers they have. Followers are thirsty men that she ignored the friend request.
    I literally have to unfollow a girl that I am dating, because the male thirst on their walls and pictures is so disheartening and disrespectful. 300-500 likes, 20 your so hot comments. And man, if it’s there birthday, a line of men like a WW2 era soup kitchen, wishing them happy birthday every 2 minutes.
    And if she’s on instagram, the male thirst on their will destroy you.

  8. Any so-called man who stayed to compete with the others is a sad excuse for a male of the homo sapiens species. Any man who played her little attention-whoring game has zero self-respect.
    I respect NONE of those who stayed to compete. I respect those who saw what the attention whore was up to and left. What would have been REALLY great to see would be a Youtube video of some ripped clearly-alpha-male bluntly calling her out on her whorish behavior and on any man who stayed as a beta cuck. That would have been a classic!

    1. That would be truly epic. What the thot doesn’t even realize is that any man who stayed for all of her shit tests would probably get rejected anyway, simply because a true Alpha wouldn’t allow her to own the frame. Those men were all lied to before they even showed up.

      1. EXACTLY! Anyone who stayed fell into her frame. NO ONE got laid. As Patrice Oneal would say. We fuck women’s bodies, women fuck our time. When we trade our time and don’t get pussy they’re raping our time. Ok, maybe Patrice said it a little better but the gist is definitely there.

  9. It was a joke to poke fun at what is going on today with male thirst. The creator, was the guy who created the video of the chick walking around NYC with all the annoying simp catcallers. She is also going to poke fun at self worth today being equal to the number of followers, likes, comments, DM’s, etc that you get.
    Explanation on GMA tomorrow morning.

  10. Much like feminism, this wasn’t financed, organized or even thought up by this chick — who is most likely from the (((tribe))). Where did the $$$ come from??? The organizers and promoters are men, and if it’s NYC, then the decision makers for this spectacle are from the J-tribe. That’s how they roll. And of course, it becomes a big media story. Same shit, different day. Yawn…

  11. I’m glad she did this. It’ll serve as good training tape for when the patriarchy returns as an example of pozzed societies at peak thirst.

  12. Here comes the beta male rage. Could get ugly…
    NATASHA AND HER HANDLER ROB BLISS HAVE CONFIRMED THEY WILL BE AT GOOD MORNING AMERICA STUDIOS ON 44th AND BROADWAY FROM 7 AM – 9 AM. We’re going to be there to to exercise our right to peacefully protest outside the studio, where we will be visible to cameras with signs. Also, anyone can try to get in line to be in the live studio audience, so please try that too. Natasha said that our voices will never be heard. She doesn’t think we deserve to speak. We will prove her wrong. We already have, as The NY Times ran a negative article about her and Rob Bliss’ cruel actions, and Rob Bliss has already deleted his Instagram. On his Twitter, he punted the issue to Natasha, making her take all the blame for what he did. This is our last time to do something and be heard. Be there tomorrow. You already went all the way to Manhattan for a girl, will you do it for your pride? Be there at 6:30 am.

  13. The girl didn’t do this. The publicist hired the professional model to do this for his own reasons. A viral video? A TV show?
    All this stunt means is that Tinder isn’t a good means of meeting women for most men.

  14. Looks like Good Morning America was behind all this. Maybe wants increased male viewership. Be on the lookout for male focused advertisements.

  15. Whoever “won” was discarded within moments. What a fucking trash move, but this is what western society has come to. Women can operate with impunity and men are dumb enough to capitulate. Fuck that shit. I’ve heard revenge stories of gay guys(!) posting their ex’s address on craigslist wanting a hookup and scores men would show up. A woman doing this to men is straight trash and abusive, and this is why no one, in the end, wifes up women anymore.

    1. I would say the men who stayed to compete in beta olympics, dutifully and voluntarily humiliated themselves…

  16. There needs to be a MASSIVE RED PILLING MOVEMENT. Women are Only able to get away with things like that because probably Upwards of 90% of Men are clueless Blue-Pill Beta-Simps! Make no mistake Red Pill Men make up a VERY small Minority of Men. There is NO NEED for Any Man to be on FB,IG Twitter, dating sites or Any other social media medium. It Only serves to Further Inflate these Narcistic Bitches Egos who just like in this video had NO Intentions of Meeting or Dating Anyone anyways!. A woman makes an Online Dating profile is the Equivelent to becoming a celebrity & any Man shes sees on there she sees as beta by defualt. Which Nulls & Voids the point of actually being on there.

  17. Oldtimer here – I say all those who “participated”, deserved fully what they got. Even the ones who as much as showed up to cater to this narcissistic bimbo’s whims. Have you guys nowadays got any self-respect left?
    WTF has become of young men these days – clowning for some vacuous narcissistic idiot, whose only aim was to make herself known and picked up by the media, who will be more than happy to feed the general public another piece of irrelevant minutia…
    Would never have happened a few decades ago (and not because there was no social media bs then)…

    1. It’s not our fault. I am currently seeing 3 attractive women under the age of 30, 2 of them under 25 (I would see more, but I can’t afford it). Because of social media and the attention whoring culture (# blessed) and hypergamy. It’s impossible. Our attractive women today are brainwashed beyond repair to having the most followers and expensivest material things. Your generation could be to blame, as the princess spoiling started with you fathers.

      1. Yeah, it’s not our fault – another millennial go-to move – blame someone else for own predicament. Ya think there were no entitled princesses before the social bs media era? Women will take everything they can get out of the men – that’s how they are programmed. All what is needed is to not cater to their whims and demands at all cost…

        1. you remind me of that online simp that always thinks hes right. So much wisdom and knowledge with old age eh?

        2. But but but but it’s all the boomers fault ! Everything wrong with the world is the boomers fault ! cause cause cause Andre Du Pole said so !

        3. No one is listenting, no one cares about old people and there opinions. You dont exist.
          How annoying it is intetacting with you people. How annoying when you stare at my hot chick and I at Red Lobster.
          And only losers use the terms millenials and boomers. Lets use young and old instead.

  18. Absolutely pathetic. Men need to get their dignity back.Stop worshipping these hoes! Seriously what kind of a woman needs Instagram or online dating to find a man?

  19. This bitch actually made them do pushups. Lmfao. Perhaps the worse part is that they enthusiastically obliged.

    1. I think ROK turned off additional comments for this article in the event that something does happen at tomorrows protest…
      The girl is receiving death threats on her Instagram.

      1. Threats should be used against the losers who got used by this bimbo on their own volition…they are the ones making women into what they are today…

    2. Update: ALL Instagram comments deleted. This girl is scared.
      Lesson: Big mistake using men like this and this experiment went TOO far.

  20. Check out her Instagram. Men are starting to threaten her life…
    I’d be weary if some people show up in trench coats tomorrow at there GMA interview. I would think at least 1-5% of the 200 men publicly humiliated, would have “nothing to lose”

  21. All this trouble just to find some shmuck to pay for her ultra expensive dinner and drinks, then calling it a night. Dating just went down another notch.

  22. This would almost be hysterical if it wasn’t true. Sadly, it actually happened. And that’s just sad and pathetic. Every “man” who stayed and actually “competed” for this bland, basic bitch should be castrated.

  23. Piece of shit Puerto Rican 5/10 low iq garbage
    This is why men oppressed women since the beginning of time.
    It’s the best way

  24. The tragedy here is what’s real. Faggot ghetto comments about thirst are worthless. After the downfall any human who uses the word thirst in reference to something other than dehydration will be shot by me. Buncha bitches.

  25. This why these bitches end up with their asses face down in ditch with their throats cut, It’s not the men’s fault for wanting some female companionship. THEY ARE MEN. It’s what these whores are doing during and after the fact. Bitches better stop with the games. More and more of them are going to meet their demise. For the ones that stayed,well we all know some of us are just pathetic weak bitches.

  26. Regarding the men that participated in this fares, I think this underscores how important it is to have self control, not to mention, self respect. The thing is, these morons succumbed to their dicks and an otherwise unremarkable female led them all by the nose humiliating them in public. Look, as men we like sex. But sex is a very powerful urge and too bad so sad in this imperfect world you have to control your urges. The problem with today’s culture is that we insist in a militant manner that urges must be fulfilled. It’s nihilistic at its root because if one is not doing so then they are only another moment closer to death and oblivion. Such is the culture that leftist freaks and celebrities have unwillingly imposed on all of us. And where has it gotten men? To be made a public spectacle, demeaning themselves for a remote chance at pussy for a lifetime of shame.

  27. HOW FUCKING MISERABLE GUYS CAN GET??????????????????????
    For all who shoved up :
    Those SHOULD NOT call themselves a MAN, because they’re NOT!
    Fucking pussy fuck, chicken shit BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETA BOYS!!
    Face palm!

  28. This reminds me of knight tournaments from the good old days of patriarchal Medieval era. The best man wins her over! And if she’s so picky, it means she’s not a slut.

  29. She thought Christian Grey would land his helicopter and take her away because she is so high value. ” Look! all these men want me! I must be so awesome! Right? RIGHT?”

  30. Had they been third world men, they would have shrugged their shoulders, looked at each other and started running a train on her. Gang bang challenge accepted.

  31. This proved how easy it is for an average looking female to meet men and get dates online. She had no problem arranging for 100 guys to show up to a location. And that is why a while back I completely gave up on using any kind of dating site or app. There is nothing but a continual oversupply of dudes on dating apps and a very small minority of females. Beyond that, most well adjusted normal females don’t need dating apps which explains why most females now days on dating sites usually have radical politics, are atheists, tattoos, piercings, fat. Of course, we all know this. I didn’t state anything new.
    Another reason why this whore did this is because she has no fear. She knows that if any man looked at her the wrong way while pulling her whore-stunt, she has the police to protect her. Had this been like 200 years ago, those 100 men would have formed a circle around her and taught her a good lesson. Females back then didn’t dare disrespect men. But they can today in mass quantities with no fear.

  32. If they follow orders this faithfully,
    they will also kill non-communists
    for the chance to lick her snail trail.

  33. There are always gonna be guys like that. You wonder why cuckholding and bad marriages exist. Tupac said it best “bitches will put one nigga in jail and another in hell.”
    She and women like her should be publicly humiliated but a new sucker is born every second.

  34. I’m not faulting any guy that showed up. But once she made that announcement, if you stayed you’re lame, just lame

  35. The headline says “hundreds of men” the very first line of the article immediately retreats to “dozens of men”.
    Fuck that clickbait.

  36. Can only imagine the reaction if a guy did this to women…. “If you are over 150lbs please exit stage left” the shrieks of indignation would be loud enough to cause deafness to every cat within 3 miles

  37. A REAL man would have disfigured her face with some substance. ANY woman that is attractive but demanding should be disfigured along with any man that defends her.

  38. Actually it was a stunt to prove how bad, shallow, and stupid dating have become. The thirst is real in the USA. Someone I know is about a 6 in real life and she had almost a thousand matches on tinder. 10:1 ratio. I blame porn and the extreme sexualization of everything for this.

  39. Hello PrepZ,
    Right on target!! None of these ‘men’ have any balls!! They’re performing like circus monkeys for this bitch who is an attention seeker. Who the fuck does she think she is?Appalling. It is so fucked up today. This joke of a woman is why it’s good policy to carry an ice chest in your vehicle with a cartoon of eggs because you never know when a woman will have a need to act out. It would have been entirely appropriate under the above circumstances to hurl eggs at the bitch. I’d be tossing if I were there with eggs.

  40. None of these ‘men’ have any balls!! They’re performing like circus monkeys for this bitch who is an attention seeker. Who the fuck does she think she is?Appalling. It is so fucked up today. This joke of a woman is why it’s good policy to carry an ice chest in your vehicle with a cartoon of eggs because you never know when a woman will have a need to act out. It would have been entirely appropriate under the above circumstances to hurl eggs at the bitch. I’d be tossing if I were there with eggs.

  41. Right on target!! None of these ‘men’ have any balls!! They’re performing like circus monkeys for this bitch who is an attention seeker. Who the fuck does she think she is?Appalling. It is so fucked up today. This joke of a woman is why it’s good policy to carry an ice chest in your vehicle with a cartoon of eggs because you never know when a woman will have a need to act out. It would have been entirely appropriate under the above circumstances to hurl eggs at the bitch. I’d be tossing if I were there with eggs.

  42. All I can say is, thankfully I had a few opportunities with these whores (6’s at most) in the old days (1997-2010), back when I was young and horny enough to shoot several loads past their pretty little heads. If I knew it was going to get this bad, I would of made sure I tripled the amount of women I did during that bygone era.
    And the most ridiculous thing is I thought women were toxic then. Today, it would be like comparing Arwen from LOTR (pre 2010’s) with a real Imp (that red haired fat feminist with nasty mouth, glasses and white jacket).

  43. God – even before I started reading ROK and was an insufferable bloody white knight I would have walked away from this. What are these idiots playing at? If they had all left she would have looked really stupid

  44. What baffles me, is that a sub-par caked on whore, was actually able to get that many men in one spot at the same time. A mere decade ago, she was a 3/10 on a good day, the kind you’d leave with if you really had to wet your cock after 2 weeks of going without. What’s happened?

  45. To all of you super Men out there:
    Why the f&ck are you on Tinder?
    Get a life?
    What kind of man goes on Tinder in the first place.
    Think about it.
    Criticize as much as you want, she is smart and maximized her opportunities,
    grew her fan base and brand, and had a good laugh.
    She is free to do whatever she wants.
    Retards buy into it.
    Now they want to act like victims.
    This is 2018.
    Play the Game.
    Stop Whining.

  46. Ha ha ha ha ! What a bunch of morons!
    I love this video. Men are thirsty for any old thing.
    The gal in the video isn’t ugly and she is taking them all for a ride.
    You go Girl!
    Most men don’t care about a woman of quality only her booty and tits.

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