The Real Reason Women Get Abortions

This isn’t political or religious, but there are red pill implications around every corner when it comes to abortion. This is a fundamental right to human decency.

I’m not anti-abortion for religious reasons (I’m in a bit of a transitional phase regarding my own religious views these days). I’m not anti-abortion because of my political views (I’m certainly not Democrat but that doesn’t automatically make me a Republican either). I’m anti-abortion because abortion is wrong. I’m going to talk about why it’s wrong, and the real reason women get them.

Let’s get one thing straight here: abortion is literally killing people before they’re born. We can give it all kinds of fancy medical terms like and terms like “early pregnancy termination”, “forced miscarriage”, and things like that, but at the end of the day, abortion is killing people before they are born. Period.

Something people seldom realize…

Anytime there’s a polarizing political or religious issue, the two sides become very angry with each other. We’ve seen it on the news, on social media, and on YouTube videos. The thing is, most of these people don’t feel as much passion for their side of the cause as they do anger for the opposition. And at some point it becomes more about pissing the other side off and hating those who oppose them than the actual cause itself.

It’s almost as though if there were no opposition, there’s no cause.

People who are pro-choice (which is pro-abortion without actually having to say that they are) are generally very angry because of people who are pro-life and vice versa. Bombing abortion clinics is an idiotic thing to do but they justify their anger with their position. Encouraging young women to sleep around for the sole purpose of getting an abortion then posting it to social media is equally foolhardy and is only done to incite anger and hostility with the other side.

At some point it becomes more about the opposition than the actual cause

People can say whatever they want, there’s no way pro-choice advocates are this passionate about killing babies before they take their first breaths. In an honest moment, if posed the literal question “Are you really this gung ho about inserting sheers into a vagina and cutting up a fetus?” they’d tell you they were not.

But their anger simply comes as an overcorrection to pro-life advocates and that’s all there is to it.

The excuses they use to justify abortions

Let’s keep it 100 here… there are so many bad excuses I don’t even know where to start, but I’ll point out a few of the most ubiquitous:

“I don’t want to bring an child into this cruel world!”

Bullshit. You don’t give a damn about anybody but yourself and now we’re supposed to believe that all of a sudden you care about your unborn child? So much so that you’re willing to kill it to keep it away from the perils of life? Get the fuck outta here with that noise.

Have the kid, put it up for adoption. There are plenty of barren couples who would love to adopt an infant and raise it as their own, and you know this.

“I’m not ready to be a parent!”

Nobody is, sweetheart. But you shoulda thought of that before you let him raw dog you and beg him to shoot his load in you because it was “soooo hawt!” Thankfully for you, as stated above, there’s the adoption option if you want to circumvent the consequences of your slutty actions… again.

There are also thousands of firehouses, police stations, and other organizations that will take a newborn off your hands no questions asked. But that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

No excuses not to take advantage of this easy, free option

“Well I don’t want it to be in foster care! I’ve heard stories!”

So raise it yourself. Oh, you don’t want to? Right…. that “cruel world” excuse again.

“My body my choice!”

Ahhh, so now that you want an abortion, daddy doesn’t get a say but if you have the kid NOW you want his financial support. NOW you want him involved. Making selfish decisions is always unilateral. Making selfless decisions has to involve the father, especially if there’s a financial windfall.

You don’t have the kid without his sperm. Your baby’s body does not belong to you. Making a decision to end his or her life is not your decision.

“What if the mother’s health is at risk?!?”

It ain’t 1820 people, it’s 2018. Women don’t die during childbirth anymore. With all the advances in made science and medicine the last half century, mother and child would both be just fine. Try again.

“What if she was raped?!”

Regret sex isn’t rape. Getting raw dogged in a bathroom club isn’t rape. Having consensual sex under the influence of alcohol isn’t rape. Getting knocked up by your boss isn’t rape.

Even if a woman was forced to have unprotected sex against her will, why would she punish the kid? It didn’t ask to be conceived. Again, give it up for adoption if you can’t stomach looking at it as a reminder of your assailant (and make sure you call the cops).

All of these weak “reasons” are just excuses not to carry a child to term. So let’s stop beating around the bush and say out loud what people are afraid to say when it comes to why women get abortions…

Women get abortions because they don’t want to ruin their bodies

Childbirth is hard on a woman’s body

That’s right I said it. Women get abortions because they don’t want to ruin their bodies. And any pregnant woman thinking about abortion would tell you the same thing if she’s being honest.

Having a kid destroys a woman’s body. They get stretch marks (if they don’t do what’s necessary to avoid them and most don’t), their tits sag, their vaginas get looser, the list goes on and on. If a girl’s body isn’t as tight and supple as it was pre pregnancy this means she’s going to get a lot less of what women covet the most.

Male attention.

Girls can say whatever they want but they don’t want the the c-section scars, the weight gain, the postpartum depression, and everything else that comes with passing a kid through their money makers. Then in order to get their bodies to some semblance of what it used to be, they’ve gotta do kegels, live in the gym, slather on cocoa butter, watch their diets, all while raising a miniature person who doesn’t speak English, cries every hour, shits every two hours, and requires ’round the clock monitoring. A tall task indeed.

“Oh c’mon Donovan! You don’t know what’s in people’s minds! You don’t know this is the reason women get abortions!”

Oh? Well consider this: 99.9% of women who get abortions don’t have children. This means that most women who terminate their pregnancies have never carried a pregnancy to term. Do I need statistics to back that up? No.

The only exceptions are wives who get knocked up by their paramours and don’t wanna blow up the sweet deal that is married life as a woman in this day and age. And most of those women end up having the kid anyway and let the husband think it’s his (unless of course, she gets fertilized by a brotha, but that’s for another post).

But women who get abortions aren’t women who have had children. Most women who make this choice have never carried a pregnancy to term because they simply do not want to ruin their bodies. A woman with children has already ruined her body, so what’s another kid?

Girls don’t want their young, tight, nubile bodies to go through the arduous task of having a kid so they take the easy way out and blame it on the aforementioned “reasons” to justify their bad decision to do so.

I will never understand…

Why do people seem to care more about animals than people? Sure, familiarity breeds contempt but that doesn’t rise to the level of losing our minds when we find out Michael Vick had a dog fighting ring but yawning when Dante Stallworth drives drunk and kills a pedestrian. These liberal fucktards think it’s cool and chic to “prefer animals to people.”

Micheal Vick caught more heat for this than Stallworth caught for killing a PERSON

If we found out there was a veterinarian aborting puppies and kittens we’d lose our fucking minds. But human babies? Oh we’re good with that.


Regardless of religion or politics, there’s no way you can tell me that killing people before they are born is the right thing to do in any situation. 99.9% of the time abortions are performed for selfish reasons.

And don’t start with the outlier situations. Don’t come at me with “Well I know a girl who would have died had she had the kid” or “I knew a girl who couldn’t find the right family to adopt her kid so she said fuck it!” Miss me with that bullshit.

My own mother had at least 2 abortions after she had 5 kids as a result of an affair she was having, so there’s your outlier. My sisters on the other hand have had multiple abortions. One has 3 children, but the first time she was pregnant, she had an abortion. My other sister doesn’t have any kids and has also had multiple abortions. It is disingenuous and irresponsible to refute a macro argument with a micro argument.

The bottom line is that women get abortions to keep themselves fuckable, so they get more chances to have unprotected sex which leads to… wait for it… more abortions. Its’ fucking sad but that’s how it is.

Killing people before they’re born because women can’t be bothered to carry a pregnancy—that she was complicit in—to term so she can go out and party and do drugs, and drink, and continue to have unprotected sex so she can do it all over again is wrong. And that’s all there is to it. 

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130 thoughts on “The Real Reason Women Get Abortions”

  1. Good piece
    IE. Modern Women are monsters, esp those that support and consider infanticide.
    And “””Planned Parenthood””” makes billions. Lots of Lamborghinis selling body parts from babies.
    It’s ghoulish.

      1. Black women get the most abortions john dodds. In fact over 50% of black fetuses in America get aborted.
        I’d say you’re horrible, condemning an entire race of women because you can’t get one.
        LMAO, have a red.

        1. Mike Gevin.
          The so-called Black women in the USA might have a lots of abortions.
          Real Black ladies whoa re from Africa- would never think of aborting their babies.
          In normal, traditional (and most of Africa is still in that category) children are seen as blessing, not as a burden.
          Just saying.
          P.S Gotta agree with John Dodds: White women are the most horrible creatures on this planet.

        2. Mike Gavin,
          I bow to your greater experience and intimate knowledge of black women, Where I lived in the west (UK) everyone was white, except for the Chinese couple who rant the local Chinese restaurant, and a guy from Nepal that owned the Curry shop. Where I live now, it’s all Orientals (Buddhists and Catholics), they love children and would be horrified by the thought of women who aborted their own potential descendants (As am I).

        3. Gavin, do not fuck with Dodds. The guy is emeritus here, for a good reason: he’s usually spot on. His experiences and statements warrant attention, and your own was dry, day old dogshit.

      2. Oy gevalt John
        I’ll toast to you and your Kosher stamped statement over some kosher wine, gelfite fish and potato latkes.

        1. RW, you seem obsessed with Blacks and J_ews. Outside the USA (and some inner city areas) they only exist in their own countries, people like me really never encounter them. The only two races I meet on a regular basis are whites and Orientals. The white women I have met are all entitled bitches, the Oriental women I encounter are universally pleasant and polite. (I use the word oriental as I don’t know any Indian ladies)

      3. Dodds and Frazer are correct. Look at the fertility rates in Africa. Black African women do not abort their children. Black women in North America abort their children at alarming rates. Just because someone posts something factual but unpopular doesn’t mean they deserve the thumbs down. I don’t blame any masculine man for being horrified at the state of women (of all races) in the so called advanced nations of W Europe, N America, and Oceania. The dynamic between the sexes is broken and it is not worth it to try and find your dream girl in the west. The chances are somewhere between slim and none.

    1. Quality article Donovan.
      Best article I’ve read here in weeks and one of the most lucid and incisive articles I’ve ever read about abortion.

      1. Yes, it was bar none the best article in a long time.
        Four out five American girls I’ve met during my dating career mentioned they had an abortion.
        It’s fucking insanity.

    2. Any woman who has an elective abortion is a dumb animal. Look in their eyes and you see the same dumbfounded wild stupid simpleton gaze that you see looking into the eyes of any critter at the petting zoo. They know not what they do because they’re too stupid and low grade to know their place and what is required of them to do their part in man’s civilized world. If they were in a wild tribe, they would be crazy or defective to kill their offspring. They’ve already proven themselves too defective to be a true noble asset to any man no matter what their ‘profession’ or station in the civilized world.

    3. Corinth, Gavin got 74 likes and only 16 dislikes. I’d say hes’ doing quite well for himself.

  2. Spot on, except for the comment on rape. If a woman really is raped by some Tyrone jumpin gout of the bushes, the result is not a “kid”, it is a monstrosity that should never see the light of day. All genuine rape victims should be properly treated the instant they report it, to ensure these misbegotten creatures are not born. The product of a rape should not be allowed to live, period. If some jig jumped my daughter you can bet your ass she would have an abortion.

    1. Agreed, and in general I am a very anti abortion guy. But rape, especially if by some Tyrone or Juan against some white girl, is the big exception.

    2. Its 2018. If it really is rape. They can report it. Go to the hospital and take the Morning After Pill, to prevent pregnancy. No abortion needed.

    3. You have no more right to abort an unborn child conceived in rape than you do to murder an already-born child of a rapist.

      1. Aborting the child of a rapist denies the rapist “free” reproduction and prunes his genetic line so that there are fewer like him in succeeding generations.

    4. So not true. How can you judge someone that hasn’t been born? Did you miss the story of the Marine born to a mom that was raped?

  3. Firstly, to Donovan the author, great article. Best I’ve read in at LEAST 30 days, likely more.
    Mr, Sharpe, there are some gramatical errors in your post, which is unfortunate since it’s obvious you’re an intelligent, self-aware man. If you need a proof reader, I’d do it for free since I respect your content.
    Lastly, to be fair, I’ve met sluts who have openly told me about their abortion (s). For the sake of intellectual honesty, some get knocked up by a guy they KNOW is no good, while young and dependent, and so opt to abort the child in order to prevent a child being born into a less-than-ideal environment.
    I think it’s to save face, but whatever. Good luck beating a female’s hamster with logic.
    Kudos for the article sir. Popcorn ready for the triggered.

  4. I guess evolution of humans by natural selection didn’t prepare us for the easy world we live in today, where survival is almost a given. Without much pressure to fight for food, to defend against other tribes, etc. there is room for degeneracy to take hold. Only in the modern world could we ever possibly spend our time defending and praising the infanticide of our own species.

  5. You’re a cool guy, Donovan. As you said, you know right from wrong. That is becoming rare these days.

    1. look at all these blue pilled homos with their disgusting display of negro worship
      they don’t make these fawning comments to any other writer

      1. Sure I do, you dumb fuck who obviously hasn’t been around long. I’ve complimented JPB, Roosh, Mo Saleem, and others. That said, I have no use for most American blacks. But a few, like Donovan, know the score and are on the right side of issues. You need to keep your mouth shut and your eyes open, child.

        1. So ‘blueeyeddevil’ has worshipped a black man, an Iranian man, and a Muslim man in comments
          Sounds like you are a devil only at sticking your tongue between coloured men’s cheeks!

        2. @What the devil. Once you get some hard, real world experience under your belt, as I have, then and only then are you qualified to speak to me as an equal.
          “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.” ~Aesop

      2. It’s time for men to be pro men. I refuse to take a WN stand or to blame all the problems of the world on them ((())). That is a sure fire strategy for defeat. Smart non white men are realizing that not only us white guys are in the crosshairs but all men (except for the super elite) are endangered. Donovan Sharpe wrote a great article. Recognizing that does not make me a traitor to anything.

        1. What a dumb response. You’re mixing all kinds of issues together as if you don’t know which way is up.
          It’s time for men to be pro-men??? Wake up dummy – White men are the ONLY ones willing to extend such courtesies. Non-White men despise White men because of their intense envy, and will take every opportunity to undermine and sabotage them. You see this sentiment every day right here in the comments (well hung black man, anyone?). There is no brotherhood among men, tard, there are only predators and dupes.
          You won’t blame all your problems on “them”? Okay, great…nobody mentioned anything about that except you. But while we’re on the subject, which problems ARE you willing to blame on them? My guess is none.
          Sharpe wrote a MEDIOCRE article. It’s very bland, unfocused, poorly researched, and littered with editorial mistakes. But you don’t just compliment him – you FAWN over him, you fall all over yourself to suck him off. It’s not a good look bro. I’ve never seen this done in any context except a White beta boi fawning over a Black who doesn’t give two squirts about him.
          Traitor? Who mentioned anything about that? I said it was disgusting, embarrassing, homosexual, and blue-pilled, all of which is true. But I did not use the word traitor.
          You’re ridiculous man.

        2. Dear Mr. Embarrassed, you need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’m a WN but that doesn’t mean I cant applaud and support the few blacks that have their shit together and are basically on the white mans side. I think Donovan here fits this profile, but you ever heard of Ken Hamblin, Sheriff David Clarke, Alan West, or Clarence Thomas? You really hate them the same as you hate the average ghetto black or BLM thug? C’mon dude. We need to support and encourage the good guys whatever their race. Though admittedly there isn’t many blacks like that.

      3. You sound ridiculously insecure. BlueEyedDevil is not “engaging in negro worship”, nor is he bluepilled. I admit sometimes I don’t agree with the guys comments but you sir, are a fucking fag. All
        non-white men” envy white men? What a ridiculous generalization, you sound like those obnoxious blacks that always brag about “muh dik”. I’m…embarrassed for you.

        1. If you don’t understand the very basic, fundamental, obvious, readily observable fact that all non-Whites envy Whites, you are as blue pilled as they come.
          Non-Whites are unable to create beauty, unable to produce helpful inventions, unable to control their own women, unable to produce attractive women, unable to build functional cities, unable to enjoy living around each other, unable to have a decent life without being a parasite off of better people, etc etc etc.
          It drives them absolutely insane with rage and envy that the White man effortlessly produces everything of value and beauty in the entire history of the world.
          Their response is ugly, bitter hatred and the unceasing urge to destroy everything Whites have ever built.
          If you don’t understand this stuff you’re too stupid for words.

        2. Well I am non-white so that is where I’m speaking from. Your claims are absolutely insane, but I’m guessing you don’t know BASIC HISTORY There have been hundreds of non-European civilizations, inventions, etc. Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Mesopotamia, Islamic civilizations and caliphates, the Mesoamericans and Andeans, the ancient Hindus, the Israelites, many of which influenced Europe (mainly the Semites). The only civilized Europeans were the Mediterranean ones, the north was savage and tribalistic, and it had to take Christianity (a religion that is Semitic in origin) to tame them. We don’t have attractive women? Funny, coming from a site where there are numerous articles dedicated to having sex or picking up Asian and mestizo women. Not all non-whites are the same. “It drives them absolutely insane with rage and envy that the White man effortlessly produces everything of value and beauty in the entire history of the world.” Non-whites have NEVER ever produced anything of value of beauty in the history of the world? Yeah, forget about the Vedas, the BIBLE itself, and tons of other religions )the Abrahamic and Dharmic religions) the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, pyramids, the numeric system you use, the alphabet system which the Greeks took from the Phoenicians, paper, etc, etc, the list could go on. Yes, whites have made a lot of modern era inventions but remember there were many foreign influences that help gave them a boost. I can’t fathom just how stupid and arrogant you are. And non-whites can’t have functional cities? What about Tokyo? Shanghai? Does it make you envious that East Asians and Ashkenazim Jews have higher average IQs than whites, or is IQ just a spook now? What an idiot.

  6. Good article, got me to thinking. There are some more red pill reasons women get abortions, none of them very pleasant, and so the pretty lies prevail to protect the fragile egos of all involved:
    The father is not alpha enough.
    He doesn’t have a promising financial future.
    She was planning on dumping him before long.
    She likes some other guy.
    She is too lazy to clean her own bedroom let alone care for a child.
    She doesn’t have any money but doesn’t want to be financially dependent.
    She has nowhere to live with the baby except her parents house.
    Short version is that women get abortions because of some combination of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. For them to argue that it’s some carefully weighed decision that they only make in drastic circumstances is absolutely false.
    The entire procedure should be outlawed for as long as women are unilaterally able to make that decision to kill a man’s child. If both parents were required to sign off it would introduce a modicum of fairness into it, but it’s still a dirty rotten disgusting affair.

  7. One nasty reality that the abortion industry keeps from women is that the procedure can be exceptionally dangerous and produces wide ranging adverse health effects that can persist for years.
    I had a friend who was completely normal and happy before she had an abortion. She could run marathons and spent 5-6 nights a week at the gym. After her abortion, her muscle tone just disappeared, she gained probably around 20+ pounds in the course a a month or two, and started suffering from horrible depression including terror nightmares of her baby being adducted or even murdered by shadowy unknown figures.
    After two psychologists one quietly referred her to a Christian counselor telling her that it would put his license in peril if someone found out. She went to the counselor and got the whole fun bag of conditions that comes with an abortion (none of which the abortionist or any doctor will ever discuss). Medical science mostly didn’t investigate it (censorship through inaction) and most of what existed was the works of what were considered to be fringe quacks. She was given a stack of publication, most of which are impossible to find even on the internet and told to read them.
    Over the next two weeks she read every world and was horrified. She sought out treatments and even traveled a great distance to visit one doctor who had done a study (but later had his license revoked on trumped up charges). That doctor said he never got as far as treatments before he was silenced, but the only anecdotal “cure” he found was sometimes symptoms would disappear after a woman who had an abortion carried a child to full term.
    Lost track of her after a few years when she moved but see the occasion social media update. Wasn’t very long after the move she got married and had a kid. Have no idea if that helped with her symptoms, but I hope it did.
    Women out there be very, very cautious before getting an abortion. It is not a simple minor procedure. It can have long term effects on your overall health.

      1. One of Mrs. Gavins college friends had 3 before marrying a multi-millionaire and living it up in Manhattan and a house on Martha’s vineyard.
        She’s (((tribe))) and never showed a sign of remorse. Of course she is also virulently anti-Trump and basically drove away my Mrs. because of MAGA and the crazed baby-killer believed that Trump would put her one handicapped kid (born to a 40 y/o mom — little guy didn’t have much of a chance) in a camp — I shit you not.
        TDS is real. Sociopathic baby killing gold diggers are real. Ashkepathy is real.

    1. They are already mental health cases anyway, so lets pile on all the baggage of the abortion and its physiological costs as well and it becomes painfully clear that mental nut cases shouldn’t be in the business of killing their unborn babies….THAT THE MEREST MODICUM OF (GASP) RESPONSIBLE PREGNANCY PREVENTION…I.E. a condom would prevent so much heartache…But then again, responsibility and women is like Exxon Valdez and a reef. But alas that gets in the way of the “heat of the moment ” and interrupts HER “mood”…so raw dog the irresponsible road whore….and she will certainly greatly aggravate her mental conditions anyway AFTER the abortion because ATTENTION.
      Ever met a sane woman? No, I would guess not because I never have either. Not even my own Mother, god bless her, but being a slave to emotions and no logic or reason does that to people.

    2. What saved her sorry barren womb and otherwise wanton and depraved soul was probably the redeeming love of Yehushua Hamasiach/Christ Jesus.
      Good thing that therapist led her to a Christian counselor who proabably gave her material on spiritual warfare. Her premonitions were likely demonic attacks. Abortion as a ritual, and yes it is a ritual, is an offering to moloch.
      Don’t really care for the fate of thots, but I’m glad it appears she found some measure of peace, Lord willing.

  8. Everything the article said was truth. However, I am ok with abortion. The vast majoirty, nearly all, people who receive abortions are leftists. If conservatives win and make abortion illegal, in a generation all conservatives would be voted out by their own creations.
    Is abortion murder? Yep. Do I care? Nope. The state, ie my taxes, would pay for the little shit anyhow.

    1. Partially correct… now do a demographic analysis of who gets abortions by race.
      Get ready for some BLM cogdiss. Just like ~4% of America’s population commits 52% of the murders, every year. The other 5% murders as many or more fetuses.
      Like you I have mixed emotions. I would never support it in my family , but without Roe v. Wade, we’d have 2-3x many blacks in the USA and that’s a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anybody.
      <- lived in a black majority city for 18 years after growing up in whitetopia. You want redpills, I got your redpills LOL.

      1. Wave a magic wand and abolish all abortion and you’ll be up to your armpits in mongoloids, welfare moms, gangbangers and car thieves. There’s a joke about abortion but I’ll only repeat the punch line–crimestoppers.

      2. I agree. Who do the conservatives think these blacks who grew up living on government handouts will vote for? Having the moral high ground isn’t worth it.

    2. I only concern myself morally in what I can personally control in life. Since I have no legislative power on abortion, just let the leftist fuckers terminate their unborn kids.
      Let me just shun them and get back to making money and fucking leftist whores on Tinder (with a condom).

  9. Don’t wanna bring a kid into this world? Take the pill- $10 a month and it would solve all the reasons folks give for abortions.

  10. Also I think a lot of the time girls get an abortion it’s because the father is poor. The only reason single females would have a baby is to get money off the dad and big daddy gubmint. If daddy is unemployed or a whopper flopper, she’ll get an abortion.

  11. I was so angry with Andre Du Pole’s bullshit that I quit reading for a couple of weeks. Donovan Sharpe just reminded me that there are still some top notch writers on this site. This is the best article I have ever read on the sad subject of abortion.

    1. top-notch writers don’t include glaring grammatical errors in their second paragraph. they at least take the time to proofread once before sending it off for publication. but I guess you’ll lap up whatever is vomited in front of you, and ask for seconds.

      1. LOL I used to be a teacher. I don’t need a lesson on how standards have eroded. This entire site could use an editor. Some of the most hallowed and decorated journalists of all time would never have achieved their honors without the benefit of good and timely editing. Yes there are errors in this article and I chose to stress the overall quality of Sharpe’s arguments. I find grammatical and historical errors on almost a daily basis everywhere in print and internet journalism. I make errors too and try to catch most of them. The rot is everywhere. It’s depressing. Sharpe’s main point still hits the mark in my estimation.

    2. best article? He told women to give birth to rape babies. LOL! And he overlooked developmental disorders. I guess all women are to spit out retards and give them up for adoption. No doubt there’s a waiting list for babies with mental retardation/physical handicaps, right?

  12. My favorite characterization came from the recent murder of a pregnant woman. The perp was charged murder of the woman and with illegally terminating a pregnancy, not murder. Real cute.

  13. Two thoughts here:
    1) an older friend in Russia (long story) noted that in the USSR, abortion was a free part of health care and was used as a method of birth control. Problem – after 5 or 6 abortions, the woman’s uterus often was so scarred that they couldn’t conceive when they were “ready” for children
    2) the mental health aspect is never mentioned, nor is the suspected (i.e. studied but denounced by the abortion industry) ABC link – abortion, breast cancer. The emotional aftermath is often devastating to the woman, but they’re never told what to expect.

  14. “Have the kid, put it up for adoption. There are plenty of barren couples who would love to adopt an infant and raise it as their own, and you know this”
    YEAHH where all those gay marriages will get their sons?. Pro abortion is homophobic!!! You are denying the GLBTP to have families you monster!!

  15. What about abortion in the case of developmental abnormalities in the fetus? Many pregnant women get the amniocentesis test in the early stages and it can indicate genetic disorders or a chromosomal abnormality (IE Down syndrome) . Many pregnancies are terminated after the test reveals abnormalities.

    1. Thank you. A rare voice of sanity amongst the screams of male howler monkeys. 90 percent of women who find out they’re going to pop out a mongoloid have an abortion. If there are 100 people in a room, and 90 of them tell the other 10 they are drunk, maybe those 10 people should lay down for a while, or at least have some coffee.

    2. There can be false positives with those types of tests.
      Who are we to say that anyone shall not be born without blemishes?
      It’s still a selfish motive of the mother; not wanting to raise a special needs child.

      1. Depends if the mother plans to have, or already has other kids. What actually happens is any normal siblings end up with the lifetime burden of caring for a retard.

      2. False positives with the blood tests, most definitely. That’s why docs invariably follow up with amniocentesis. No false positives there. Either the cell has an extra chromosome or it doesn’t.

  16. Fantastic Article. I believe abortion is wrong from a religious standpoint but I think it’s even worse from a non-religious perspective. A religious person most likely believes that an aborted child will go straight to Heaven. But if you’re not religious, that aborted life doesn’t go anywhere. That one-of-a-kind, unique being was forced to stop existing and will never exist again, anywhere.

    1. a “non-religious” person could be an agnostic, unsure as to where a dead fetus goes.
      Also, many aborted fetuses would’ve ended up in horrible situations. Many mothers would’ve rejected adoption, forcing unwanted offspring to live to live in poverty. It’s also very difficult to place minority children. Even minorities generally request non-minority adoptees, given a belief that minority children are difficult to parent. As a result, many aborted fetuses would’ve been shuffled from foster home to foster home, before ending up as fodder for our criminal-justice system. They would’ve been better off not existing at all.

  17. Ironic that a site dedicated to enabling men to bone as many women as they can find condemns an escape hatch if things go wrong.

  18. Totally disagree I used to think like that Donavan but now have done a total 360% U Turn. Why? You will have millions of low IQ humans being born not knowing who their Fathers are, finding out their Mothers gave them away this will put a huge toll on their mental health. Most of these Mothers get banged up by some worthless low IQ drug dealer or Thundercock Chad.They will then repeat the same process the world will be in a larger shit hole than it is now which is bad enough. Let the fucking Hoes abort their unwanted kids they are not fit for Motherhood anyway.
    Don’t get me wrong I would love to live in a world where there is no such thing as abortions and those babies are not killed off. But the reality is there would be millions of extra single Mothers all repeating the same process, millions of extra low IQ humans committing untold crimes no thanks.

    1. One of my best friends was given up for adoption by a single mom that had a one night stand with a guy at a bar.
      My friend has gone on to have a very successful life, she has her own business, marriage, and two beautiful and amazing daughters.

  19. Yesterday the government wanted your photo.
    Today the government wants your fingerprints.
    Tomorrow the government will want your DNA.
    Next week the government will want you to register your guns
    Next month the government will confiscate your guns.
    Next year the government will send you to the concentration camps.
    How much are you going to take?
    Americans should go hardcore about resisting oppression now.
    The police state doesn’t keep you safe. Tyranny actually increases danger because it gives people a false sense of security and leads to more terrorism. The government takes away your right protect yourself, but the state won’t protect you.
    The main point of the police state is to crush resistance to the 1%
    If there is TSA groping and NSA wiretapping then why is there still terrorism?
    Americans should start wearing wigs, disguises, bandages, beards, hats, sunglasses, head scarves, and surgical masks.
    Americans should report everyone to the police as terrorists to keep the police busy and to make a mockery of the police state while waking people up about the danger of tyranny.
    Americans should get fake ID’s and sell, trade, or give away like candy copies of their birth certificates, Social Security cards, passports, and driver licenses.
    Americans should smuggle to avoid taxes and tariffs and make victimless gun possession, prostitution, drugs, licensing, and gambling laws unenforceable.
    No one rules if no obeys.
    They can’t kill us all.
    The government and illegal immigrants don’t obey the law, so why should Americans obey the law and pay taxes that they didn’t vote for?
    The USA is no longer a democracy. Everything is illegal and everyone is a criminal. Obeying the law is difficult when the laws constantly change, the laws are contradictory, and our overlords don’t even tell us what the laws are.
    Many Americans feel powerless to do anything about the expanding police state, but they can still fight back.
    What if Americans just dropped out and stopped supporting US wars, debt, and tyranny?
    What if everyone became stateless?
    What if everyone stopped using their name?
    What if everyone stopped using banks and started buying gold, bartering, and hiding cash?
    What if everyone bought farms using anonymous private shell corporations?
    What if everyone stopped driving cars and getting driver licenses?
    What if everyone stopped using phones and the Internet?
    What if everyone stopped flying?
    What if everyone stopped paying taxes?
    What if everyone stopped joining the military?
    What if everyone stopped voting?
    What if everyone avoided being photographed?
    What if everyone took responsibility for themselves and refused to sign up for Obamacare instead of relying on the government?
    Maybe the elites want everyone to give up, but at least we won’t be paying them.
    Pass the word.

  20. I’m against abortion on religious grounds, but all for birth control. Hopefully there will be a male pill in the near future. We all know who really gets raped with having children. $$$$$
    It gets me why abortion is even used now that they have free birth control under obama care and over the counter after morning pills ( one type can even be used up to 4-6 weeks).

    1. @J — “hopefully there will be a male pill in the near future.”

      Have you read about the “male pills” being developed in clinical or pre-clinical trials? You go first, man… notice what those are designed do to your T/hormones and sperm count. You’ll be saying hell NO pretty quickly. They’re also being developed by feminist biotech scientists and pushed foremost by female biotechnology execs. Gee whiz, what a coincidence! Most of the media interviews with the developers of the “male pill” are with females explaining how males will take “their turn” and “adapt” and “not have a choice” about this in the future (no exaggeration). FUBAR — there’s a lot of that going around so let’s be careful about what we endorse.

    2. Some women can’t take birth control (nasty side effects). Although a condom breaks, some of them just assume they won’t get pregnant, only to be proven wrong later.
      Doctors tell some women that “they can’t get pregnant.” Then some of them end up pregnant.
      There’s rape of not-on-birth-control women who, because of emotional trauma, don’t take a Morning After Pill within its window of effectiveness.
      Incest is another problem. Some dudes bang their teen daughters and just pull out. Then there’s an “oh shit.”

  21. I’d disagree with (in some cases) having abortions means never having kids. I’m pretty sure my sister has had a few (she’s one of those pro-choice until some woman she barely knows decides to keep the kid types, then it’s all ‘WHY DOESN’T SHE JUST HAVE AN ABORTION!?’) but she now has 3 boys.
    I pity the poor little guys.

    1. How does these vile wretches reconcile which ones to kill and which ones to keep and torture, I wonder? Rhetorical question as I am not sure I want a glimpse inside that insanity where the decision is made.

  22. I like Donovans content, but will disagree on this. Women are solipsistic and emotional and many want to get pregnant. Tome Leykis also promotes the use of abortion to get a crazy chick out of your life. I lucky have only gotten one women pregnant in my life and she had a miscarriage and I was so glad that that occurred. She was planning on keeping it without any consideration for me. Men have no reproductive rights. Lastly, I’m a misanthrope and really don’t care for people. No point adding more spawn to the planet that is currently in decline.

  23. Woman: My body is important & I wanna be worshipped, should I give up sex(unprotected sex at least) or kill my future child. I hope it’s a boy, that way I won’t feel bad when I dispose of it.

  24. Abortion comes down to one simple thing -lack of responsibility. The pro choice people want to fuck as much as they want and when said fucking results in the very thing fucking was designed for, pregnancy, they want to swiftly resolve this obstacle so they can keep behaving irresponsibly and fuck ever more. These people are both too immature and too irresponsible to handle sex, it’s that simple. If you can’t use the any one of the numerous and ubiquitous forms of contraception to include just pulling out, then you have NO business having sex. And society does not have to pay for these people’s mistakes. You say well how’s that ultimately solve the issue, people will still have sex and so on. Yes they will. Society has to jettison this immature attitude towards sex and embrace that sex requires a great deal of maturity before we do it. We had such attitudes once and they were effective. Today we have a militant attitude towards sexual “liberation”, which is nothing more than unhindered sexual impulse. It’s to the point that we are seeing the beginnings of pedophilia, in addition to the millions of aborted children. Golly gee, how could this go wrong?

    1. About 90% of at-risk-for-an-unintended-pregancy women are “responsible.”
      That other 10% (is very likely) women looking for a welfare check for 18+ years, or women who, without abortion, would go on welfare for several years. There’s not much that can be done about the first, strategically opportunistic group. But at least abortion keeps the second group from enlarging welfare.
      Abortion provides other benefits, too: fewer babies from rape/incest, fewer Corkies (whose defects weren’t noticed until after the Morning After Pill was ineffective), and pregnancies that developed high-risk, life-threatening complications to women carrying those babies).

      1. Last line should be: “and fewer deaths from pregnancies that developed high-risk, life-threatening complications to women carrying those babies).”

  25. yeah abortion’s awful, but let’s face it, it keeps the pop’n of “pro-choice” types down. i used to be EXTREMELY pro-life – i’d sometimes even pray outside the clinics with the old people. then i went to a pro-life march, and saw the counter-protesters. so much ugliness, nastiness, malice .. and i realized, if any of them wanted to have an abortion, i would have a hard time making myself try to stop them. and since then i’ve become even more like that. when i see the lena dunhams, sarah silvermans, michele wolfs, etc of the world celebrate abortion, i can’t help but think hey, skanks, knock yourselves out. your souls, not mine. and if planned parenthood wants to put a disprportionate share of its centers in poor inner-city neighborhoods, ok, fewer dem voters. sorry..

    1. Funny, those three chicks you named are all Js. They really are an incredibly nasty and culturally destructive breed.

  26. Guys, if we’re really honest……this is men’s fault.
    With all the available evidence on how western bitches act, you, a man, glorious in awareness, logic, and intellect……would fuck one raw and expect her to make sound decisions?
    I have said this before for the benefit of my younger brothers from other mothers-
    You have absolutely no business sleeping with a woman you don’t intend on (or at least would mind) getting pregnant.
    Wake up and look-false rape, me too, online dating….hell women can’t even RAISE a kid alone.

  27. Step 1: Get pregnant by Donovan.
    Step 2: Get paternity test proving Donovan’s paternity.
    Step 3: Donovan on hook for child support for the next 18 years!
    You didn’t think this thing through, did you Donovan?

  28. The ideal of “pro life” is noble but not rational in this age of rampant overbreeding. Since we can’t have a proper eugenics and population control program the way we ought to (!), abortion helps set some semblance of a balance in ridding the planet of the unfit/unwanted. Life is cheap now with 8 billion, and let’s face it most of these people are amoral, don’t serve the greater good and barely think beyond their immediate needs. In these numbers, in this modern societal atmosphere, we’re no longer living by any sort of ancient biblical code (“be fruitful and multiply” did not = 8 billion replicating like cockroaches)… we have developed into an aggressive mold spreading across the face of the Earth (nod to Schopenhauer). It’s not morally righteous or psychologically healthy, but we have to kill more or we will drown in our own numbers. Cruel world.

  29. Apparently you did no research at all before writing this piece, because your data is incorrect.
    Most women seeking abortion are already mothers and cannot afford another child, economically or emotionally. Childbirth is dangerous, 1 in 5 women used to die in childbirth and in countries like Afghanistan that is still the case. In the USA, the rate of maternal death from childbirth complication is now over 26 per 100,000, the highest death rate of any democratic country (in Sweden the death rate is 4 per 100,000.
    The rate of abortion is developed countries is going down, as contraception becomes widely available and RU-486 obviates the need or surgical abortion.
    Those who claim to be Pro-Life are actually pro-death, as illegal botched abortion is the leading cause of maternal death in countries where abortion is illegal. The WHO says over 70,000 women die annually from unsafe illegal abortions. Where abortion is legal, it is many times safer than childbirth.
    If you oppose abortion, get a vasectomy or avoid sex with women. And in the meantime, you could get a job with the T-Rump administration, since you ignore science, data and the truth in favor of delusions, propaganda and misogyny.

    1. You ever hear men bitch about combat deaths?
      Women need to stfu about muh childbirth deaths!!!
      You have only one job.
      STFU and take it, woman.

  30. Eyes, just look at the eyes of anyone who had abortions. It freaks me out everytime when I see selfies on media with that soulless, dead stare. When you speak with them, that bad feeling is ever present, your intuition is working full time. It does not matter what “reason” they will say to the world, deep inside they know the truth, a destructive truth, and hence the running with alcohol, drugs, and A LOT OF SLEEP, but with no rest at all. For our culture is a culture of dead. Then you can dig even deeper, and see for yourself, what they do with remains of all those dead children. There are companies built on them. It is sick beyond any imagination. I dare all of you to investigate yourself!
    Last year in my country, on a local RAVE event. five pregnant women where hospitalized after bleeding. Well hello there future mother!
    And last but not least, this IS man fault as well. Just have this thing in mind, every time when you do something bad, betray someone, do any kind of wrong to someone, you tilt this world a little bit more to the evil side. After all everything is one big system, and whatever you do matter if you can see the bigger picture. And especially things we dont do, and we should.
    There is no salvation from this, no free ticket out, no repair of system, for we are very deep in wickedness on all fronts, and belive me, I am the one that is the optimist back with my friends.

  31. The plain truth is that Western women are brought up to be self centered demanding little tyrant princesses, unwilling to do the only thing women can actually do that men can’t (no matter what lying liberal jackass jerks claim).
    If they’re so worried about their bodies and so brilliant as they claim they can get into the growing field of ageing control. There ought to be some pretty good breakthroughs around 2050 when their kids are grown up and they can take part. Otherwise nothing’s happening to them that doesn’t happen to everybody one way or another….

  32. The “rape” excuse is the most egregious. So every woman that is raped will automatically become pregnant? Really? And since the actual incidence of rape is low; then how is this a viable excuse?

  33. Hey Donovan
    Nice article. When I read it I didn’t know you were black – not that it matters.
    But I’ll tell you something funny – some guys with last name Donovan get a kick out of it when we see a black guy with first name Donovan – means one of our clan probably made an impression on someone sometime. (In general we hate racists – and aren’t afraid of making a direct impression on them).
    Glad to have you. Google up “William J Donovan” – since CIA is in the news this week.

  34. Oh – and to summarize –
    “Freedom of Choice” is what they say, but “Freedom FROM choice is what they want”. (DEVO, 1970s).
    Abortion is not about “Freedom of Choice” – it is about Freedom from responsibility for the choices that they have already made. (2 prior choices – to have sex, and have it un-protected.)
    It is really just women claiming the right to be irresponsible.

  35. You lost me when you said you expect women to give birth to rape babies. I can understand someone being pro life in every other circumstance because anyone can choose to be abstinent, but no one gets to decide whether or not they are raped. Giving a baby up for adoption also causes serious, lifelong psychological trauma, which isn’t only unfair, but ‘birth mothers’ are often so screwed up from the experience they become a burden on society and often do not live productive or happy lives. Do you really expect a raped woman to go through that? Do you know how many issues adopted children often have? They are also greatly over represented in just about every mental health and substance misuse facility and institutional setting. The overall collateral damage on society is often much worse from adoption than it is abortion. If a few not yet sentient beings have to be killed off then so be it.

  36. Psychopathy, that is the reason…
    The traits are clear, their brain configuration is undeniable…..
    Do you know how many women suffocate, strangulate, drown, kill their kids, each year, big numbers, and historically? huge numbers; No remorse, no mental problems, just murder. Also millions of millions of children in their wombs murdered through abortion, NO GUILT.
    What you think you know about them, is false.
    And stop inventing theories about life, girls and men, stop being PATHETIC with articles like this one.

  37. At the end of the day abortion is the fail-safe contraceptive; if contraception fails or is failed to be used then abortion is the get-out-of-jail card. Abortion will not end until we as a people reject contraception and do away with a contraceptive mentality.
    But that also means the end of our hedonistic culture and women having to accept that when it comes to children they are more tied to them than men are; the end of the carousel.

  38. You’re wrong about one thing: women do still die in childbirth here in the USA, and the rate is rising. These are women that had pregnancies that looked normal, right up to the crisis that happened during birth, when, bang! She’s dead. I agree with the idea that what women should want is conception prevention, which is readily available, much safer, and cheaper. An abortion is like shutting the barn door after the horses have eaten your family. But one can take all forms of precautions to prevent pregnancy, but other than abstinence, they all have non-zero failure rates (so does abstinence, as abstainers do on occasion get raped – and some studies have shown that the pregnancy rate from rape is as much as twice as high as from consensual sex). Should a woman who took reasonable precautions against conception be required to enter the “will you survive childbirth” lottery when they fail? And there are many valid medical reasons to abort. For example, the medicine a woman might be on for a chronic condition that would horribly deform or mentally impair the fetus. Rheumatoid Arthritis medicines are one example of this. So, yes, if you’re wanting to not have a kid for selfish reasons, then use conception control. But for reasons stated above, and many others, abortion needs to be kept legal. Making it illegal for reasons you disapprove of is the camel’s nose in the tent; and I don’t think we should be letting the camel of government decide reproductive decisions. It’s too important to be left up to them, they suck at anything important.
    And since we’re sharing anecdotes, I have one. My maternal grandmother, whom I was quite close to growing up because she lived with us almost continuously for 10 years, almost died giving birth to my mother. The doctor told her that another birth would probably kill her. Since this was in the 1940s, effective birth control was unavailable, and she and grandfather didn’t want to abstain. So she became pregnant again, and the abortion almost killed her.

  39. Not the brightest tool in the shed, are you, Donovan?
    In your own words “abortion is literally killing people before they’re born”
    If someone isn’t even born, are they alive?

    1. Thot detected.
      Is punching a pregnant woman in the stomach assault or murder?
      One simple question.
      Answer it or STFU forever thot.

  40. Rape is a legitimate reason for an abortion. Yes, it is punishing the unborn child (who may or may not be aware), but giving a birth to a rapists child is also punishing the child, because all children deserve a father. Also, you don’t want to prolong those filthy rapefugee genes.
    Here I’m talking about real rapes, not “rapes”.

    1. But it is not a discussion that needs to be had until it is accepted that generally, abortion is wrong. Then we can talk about exceptions.

  41. “Even if a woman was forced to have unprotected sex against her will, why would she punish the kid?” Sorry bro; I don’t want to become an impoverished shithole full of children born of rapists. I don’t want rapists spreading their genetics around. Would YOU want to take care of some rapists kid for the rest of your life, especially when a woman’s sexual marketplace value and quality of life are directly affected by it. No, the problem with abortion is that men have no say in it, yet are held accountable for it.

  42. How many time travel movies have you ever seen – generally sci-fi but maybe fantasy – where the threatens to or attempts to or actually does change the past such that the heroes or some innocent victim or some extorted/blackmailed shithead caught in the middle is not just killed but erased from existence in that they were never born. It’s a trope that is used to instill a certain horror in the audience and turn up the dramatic stakes to 11.
    If this seems a bit off the wall then just get into a discussion regarding the difference between abortion and homicide.
    The other thing is about “potential” and it’s value, and the idea of wasted potential.
    “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”
    –Ronald Reagan
    A few years back, 3 of my colleagues in China became parents within the space of about 10 months. The mothers were back down under 22 BMI within a few months of giving birth. Even my mother, back in the early 1970s as a 30 year old mother of 3 was 130 pounds at 5’7”. Among today’s western women there is this convenient myth that a woman will put on a bunch of weight during pregnancy and it is not expected to come off afterwards. It’s convenient to think that giving birth will ruin their bodies thereby justifying an abortion (at least subconsciously) or as an excuse to stay fat and hide behind all this body positive nonsense rather than getting back into shape.

  43. I don’t have strong feelings about the morality of abortion one way or another. But the practical implications of outlawing abortion would be staggering. Blacks are only 12% of the population, but constitute 40% of abortions. Effectively eliminating abortion would mean turning the demographics of America into those of Detroit within a couple of generations.
    Then there’s the massive government intrusion into the personal and economic lives of innocent bystanders to consider. Mostly male taxpayers would be forced to pay for the massive increase in future criminals being whelped out by single mothers. More men would be enslaved and jailed by the already giant child support bureaucracy, and large amounts of resources in the form of child support would be involuntarily transferred from men to women using the threat of violence from armed government agents.
    Also what’s the writers beef with women wanting to remain hot? We already have an epidemic of land whales. Why would you want to make that even worse?!

  44. ‘Women get abortions because they don’t want to ruin their bodies.’
    A woman told me a few months ago that friend/s of hers had had abortions because they didn’t want a baby bump to show when they posed in another girl’s wedding photos.
    So, you can’t claim women destroy innocent life for NO reason, can you?

  45. if she aborts your kid, it’s her choice.
    if you abort your kid, it’s murder.
    Abortion is unequal right to murder.
    Condom, pill, pulling out, diaphragm,
    sponge, IUD, celibacy, are all options
    how do you get to the last resort of abortion
    if your original intent was not to murder?

  46. I’m pro abortion because I’m also pro sterilization. The law should be, you are allowed one abortion for when you genuinely have an unwanted pregnancy. However if you try to have another you get the choice, either have the child or be permanently serialized.

  47. The choice to have an abortion should be taken away, and in it’s place abortion should be imposed.
    What I mean is that if a person on welfare has a kid, she shouldn’t get a choice of weather or not to have an abortion…the state should impose one on her regardless of what she wants.
    Likewise a felon should be completely disallowed from having children through sterilization.
    Pregnant illegals should be aborted upon entry.
    Keep abortion, but remove the choice.
    Impose it upon those who have shown that they are a drain on society.
    When abortion was legalized in the ’70s, crime took a nose dive 20 years later as those children should have come of age.
    Now imagine if abortion was targeted and imposed as opposed to being a choice.

  48. If abortion is actually outlawed, birth control will be next. Don’t think it won’t be. Yes, it will. It has always been number two on the Christian hit-list. Don’t laugh. It’s always the extremists who win these things. It might take a long time, but that’s what happens.

  49. Honestly pro choice people are more concerned with the right right to choose what to do with thier bodies! And abortion has gone down tremendously since the 1970’s More women are on the pill/IUD/naxplanon form of BC I really can’t completely think why abortion should be illegal SOME women need that right in cases of rape,incest, or bad judgment! However I feel if the women is married or in a consensual relationship she needs the consent of her husband or partner to have an abortion if he doesn’t agree well she’s shit out of luck I feel once that women is married she belongs to her husband and he has to decide! She should have no choice.
    Yes. There are some cases whare mom has a condition and may die in childbirth! That is a reason for termination as well. And I have to say…yes it’s 2018 but giving birth to a child can still kill the mother!! From infection and lack of training on the hospitals part.

  50. Dude if not having abortions meant more people like you and your buddy Micheal Vick to possibly be on this planet then I’m all for abortions cause your a real f-ing i***t of the worst kind. Does this go against the guidelines for posting ? Did I hurt someones fragile feelings of self righteousness ?

  51. fuck you and this entire site. I see articles from you and others about sleeping with random women and how to get ONS yet you guys are pro-life?
    doing the math, one of you guys had a woman who aborted your child. given that you guys actually sleep with women and aren’t a bunch of kids pretending to be playboys who sleep with a ton of easy women.
    alright what if that slut with the tramp stamp, tongue ring and dyed hair who you banged in the car got pregnant with your son or daughter. would you man up and take responsibility or will you beg her to get an abortion? condoms and the pill arent 100% effective.

  52. I hope you guys realize abortions are keeping the leftards at bay
    Because liberals have abortions, and every abortion is a future liberal getting aborted.
    Abortion statistics show the vast majority of abortions would have grown up to become criminals and thugs
    It’s a necessary evil

  53. Good article. Broadly agree on most of it.
    I could have done without seeing that pic of the scarred up post pregnancy tummy though.
    And if women have a kid at <23 y/old their body does bounce back.
    Its just women are having kids too late which is what’s causing such a breakdown of their bodies.
    Abortion is basically birth control for women and it does what birth control does. Enable and excuse promiscuity and promiscuous behaviour.
    I’m no puritan but I agree Abortion is murder. You article covered the main points well and basically did the same job Ben shapiro does in his anti Abortion arguments but you wrote it in a much more interesting manner

  54. You guys are fucking idiot. Everyone knows blacks have no natural affection. They kill their children and won’t shed a tear. But they can sure put up a gofundme page so the racist white people can give then another hand out.

  55. That is the dumbest article I’ve read by far…
    Sorry man. Abortion should be a viable choice not only for women, but also for men. I actually strongly think that men should have their say here too. Against and pro the abortion of let’s call it a bunch of cells. Yes, this bunch of cells could become a wonderful human being. But there are stages where it’s just nothing but a bunch of cells. Or something that looks like a cebrafish or some other animals fetus. And since I’m not a vegetarian, I’m actually eating meat from grown up animals. Those were real living mammals that I don’t even blink about being killed to provide me a meal. So why so ecstatic about a fetus barely a few weeks growing? Because its DNA is human? Try to understand what makes a human being what it is. It’s the ability to think, to reason, to create emotions in our brain which help us navigate through choices. It’s all that we think what makes us superior to other mammals. All that we think what gives us the right to decide about other mammals live and death for our well being and joy. Whether you like to go hunting or fishing or eating other meat – you are taking life for your joy. Now you are telling me that anyone should not be allowed to remove a fetus out of convenience just because its DNA is human? It’s really screwed up to treat that fetus as a human being and give it rights… Agreed that after a couple of weeks (!) of development a brain is starting to form and sometimes later an almost fully functional human body is formed. But way before that, all is not even comparable, for example, with a full grown pig, ready to become sausage. There surely should be choice to remove that bunch of cells at will and for any reason. And that kind of process (people make a fuss about and call it abortion) should be a normal thing. No woman should have traumatic experiences after that, just because people around her make her believe she just took the life of a human being… That is ridiculous! Be real and not religious at this point. Bringing a life to earth should be a thoughtful process, not a forced one after having some fun! Is anyone on this side going through the thought of becoming parent every single time you are having sex? Or do you so much enjoy the use of a condom? Or do you enjoy your partner popping hormone pills or using other hormone delivery systems to avoid pregnancy? Whatever makes you go… Or do you enjoy the population exploding because of every pregnancy being forced to full term? WTF…
    If you read so far, understand that it’s all exaggerated to make the point.
    Just give it some second thought. What I do think is that abortion is way overrated. Try to avoid it as good as you can, but it should always be a very normal option for both involved – the woman and the man. It’s nothing wrong with it. And anyone trying to compare it with taking a human life, please reconsider what really makes us human humans. It’s far away from a human being. And if you are concerned about taking a life, you better be super-vegan taking no medication or using anything that went during its development or production through any kind of animal testing (which is nearly impossible these days). Your whole life depends on taking life of other animals in some way. So why being so obsessed by a sperm (which I dispose off in millions when jerking off) after it combined with an egg (which women dispose off regularly every month)? Just because of what it could become? Lot’s of things could become something… Just a thought.

  56. I agree, abortion is wrong in all aspects. But women aren’t doing that to “keep themselves fuckable”
    Think about girls who are young-14,15- in poor countries. Do you think they are doing this to keep themselves fuckable?
    Maybe a tiny, tiny minority is doing it (even that is quite unbelievable) but generalizing it as such is downright disgusting and degrading to all women.

  57. Didn’t know you guys remove comments you don’t like… bet you’d classify them as not following your guidelines?
    Lame… more lame… lamest…

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