Texas Law Student Forced To Write 6-Page Essay About His “Toxic Masculinity” Or Face Expulsion

Via Breitbart:

A law student at the University of Texas was forced to reflect on “toxic masculinity” as a punishment for harassment.

An anonymous law student at the University of Texas at Austin spoke to Toni Airaksinen of Campus Reform about his experience with ideologically-driven punishment after the school found him guilty of harassment.

The student was asked by University Hearing Officer Jennifer Zamora to write a six-page assignment that would “identify gender role stereotypes/concepts and how [these] have impacted your relationship with women,” and “define your idea of ‘healthy masculinity’ and describe what active steps you can take today to encourage healthy attitudes around masculinity at all levels of society.”

Toxic masculinity essay reminiscent of Chinese communist “struggle sessions”

“Be advised that this [reflection assignment] may not serve as a defense of your actions, but as a reflection of what you have learned about yourself through this experience,” Zamora continued.

While the student should certainly face punishment after being found responsible for harassment, it’s entirely unclear if reflecting on “toxic masculinity” is an appropriate punishment considering its ideological origins. It is appropriate for public universities to suspend students who harass others. It is not appropriate for them to adopt partisan talking points about the negative impact that men have on society.

“Repent you masculine scum!”

The anonymous student told Campus Reform that the assignment made him feel like the university was pathologizing his gender. “That’s not just discrimination; that’s treating masculinity as a mental health issue, and pretending they have some pretentious duty to correct the supposed defects in my sex for the betterment of all society,” the student said.

“If the University of Texas-Austin had a program to counsel black students on how to tamp down characteristics associated with black stereotypes, nobody would hesitate to call that racist,” he added.

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145 thoughts on “Texas Law Student Forced To Write 6-Page Essay About His “Toxic Masculinity” Or Face Expulsion”

  1. Who could have imagined someone with the title “University Hearing Officer” would behave in such a way…

      1. Its time for white males to stop going to university altogether. Just boycott it unless you are into Stem, Engineering, Doctor, and a few other things you will just have $1000s of debt.
        Let all those silly SJWs with their worthless degrees fill up all the spaces they will end up shelf stacking in Walmart.

        1. Yes, if you are into STEM then by all means go to school and be treated like highly paid wage slave. All professions require state issued licenses which can be withheld, never issued or revoked, all in the hands of the state and subject to their whims. Your whole professional and financial life is theirs to do with as they please.

        2. Bro, nothing wrong with licensing as long as YOU DON’T HAVE MARXISTS running your government. Licensing is no different than a degree in some respects, it shows that you know and understand what you are doing, and it is also a legal issue. A licensed engineer has to sign off on many engineering documents, and if they do a bad job, they can get their licensing revoked. However, you don’t need to be licensed to do engineering work, work for a company, or start your own company….you just cannot sign off on certain documents, you cannot take legal responsibilities for certain things, so its not that big of deal. It sucks though when licensing fees are too large, too ridiculous (things you do to have to get them), and when you can get your licensing fee revoked for bullshit like sexism. You also typically get paid more when you are licensed.

      2. This is why we need to fight to retain the right to bear arms.
        These guys are totalitarians and will only stop at the total destruction of society as we know it. Everything good will be destroyed by these cultural (and economic) Marxists. They are willing to kill everyone who disagrees because the ends justify the means. We need to get angry and STAY ANGRY.
        “If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.”
        Friedrich Hayek

        1. @HayakFan Dude, white man has more guns than he knows what to do with and weak ass women and third world illiterate morons are ethnically exterminated him, and “treading” all over him. What will happen is once they (the Marxists) get enough people on their side they will begin implementing very strict gun laws like in California, and then in the more advanced stages they will just implement laws where the use of a gun will get you in trouble, like if you defend yourself from a robber your ass will go to jail to get raped too, and then they will search your house/land and remove the rest of your guns. Or they will just serve out random warrants to search your house, and I am sure they will show up in armored vehicles and with a small army to do so. A decentralized group can easily be taken out one INDIVIDIUAL at a time. If you ain’t tribal, if you ain’t organized, and if you are too chicken shit to even acknowledge the importance of race….than there is no point to having guns.
          “Everything good will be destroyed by these cultural (and economic) Marxists” Civic cuckery detected. You are a part of the problem bro. Do you really think the goal of Marxists is really about socialist economics? Do you really think George Soros does all the shit he does in order to implement communism and have his wealth taken away?….Nope, it is all about taking power from WHITE MAN, destroying the WHITE TRIBE, and ruling as a rich elite over the disconnected and low IQ masses. White nationalism and ethnic-tribal loyalty has been the only thing out there keeping these Marxists at bay, keeping the corruption at bay, and calling out the crimes of the elite….once white man is gone it will be smooth sailing for these elite types.

        2. @ Wes the Great
          I agree with you. Im no ‘civic cuck’ . I am appalled by the atomization of the family and community. How else we supposed to fight this when our communities have been blown to bits. I am a race and gender realist. Don’t worry. I am pissed by libertarians being too weak to defend their shit or to point out root causes of these problems.

        3. @Wes the Great – You say…”Bro, nothing wrong with licensing as long as YOU DON’T HAVE MARXISTS running your government.” That is a contradictory statement, as occupational licensing is state (government) control of a persons right to earn a living, thus it is Marxist to require such licensing. Many in the area of law, has declared such required licensing as being unconstitutional, as it is the states (government) placing restrictions on a person’s right to the pursuit of life, liberty and property.

    1. Wherever the is an ideology without rational restrain, there you’ll find a Pol Pot to enforce compliance under threat of life and limb.
      Women are exceedingly adept despots. The universities of the west are their killing fields. There, young men must drink the Kool Aid of reeducation and indoctrination, lest they are shunned to the loss of their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    2. If I were in his shoes…
      Page 1: Men
      Page 2: must
      Page 3: not
      Page 4: be
      Page 5: men
      Page 6: #CurrentYear

    3. Rather than simply quit or be kicked out, I believe he’s made a sensible tactical move to go along with this farce. Simply copy and paste six pages of feminist jargon and mouth some formulaic mea culpas and he’s golden. After all, why waste the past two or three years of study for the sake of opposing what will otherwise be seen in a few decades as transient ideological madness?
      That said, there’s such a thing as Coercion. By forcing him by means of Threats – threats to both his education and future professional earning potentials, as well as the time and monies already spent to obtain them – to perform this exercise in self-debasement and public humiliation – Defamation of Character if you wish – both the school and its individual administrators have left themselves wide open to a lawsuit in the near future, one with substantial and punitive damages attached.
      One trusts that he’ll soon have a both a shiny new degree and the professional license to use it. Hopefully, he’ll in turn decide to take them for a spin and turn them loose on his recent tormentors. If so, one can only wish him all the best.
      Just a thought.

      1. ALL governments are nothing more than Coercion, Threats, Intimidation, Theft and Force. There is no love in government. Only Violence.

        1. @ Eat the Rich,
          Govt is simply an instrument of violence. Very true.
          Sometimes violence is needed to protect private property rights, but govts are abandoning their core duties and now simply harassing the populace.

    1. Actually, he should have sought legal advice from a lawyer he paid for before doing anything. Most likely Zamora would have dropped out dropped out of that battle either by her own choice (if she’s smart) or by the university’s legal team forcing her to walk away (if she’s dumb).

        1. If the name isn’t RED/Native INDIAN sounding, then they don’t belong in this Country !!
          By the way, I am NOT supporting the illegal & border crossers, especially the putrefied pussies !!

      1. …only as long as they have not resided here (illegally or legally) for some time !!
        Unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly, MEN in the west “pedesteled” their pussies; way beyond the limits !!

  2. Also, what is meant by “harassment”? He probably just said that men make better lawyers than women (which is true) and score higher on the LSAT (which is true) or something, and then the university wanted to punish those ideas because of their concept. If this was real sexual harassment, it seems weird that they would give him punishment about “gender [they mean sex] stereotypes.”

    1. Yes, I would like to know exactly what is was yhat this guy did. Did he grab a girl’s tits without her permission? Or did he merely state his opinion regarding male female roles during a conversation with other students?

    2. Only an SJW tribunal at some sh¡tlib besieged college could make a kitchen court and try him antifa bench style and hand him some some bakery puff doodle hoops to perform on a tray. All they wanted him to do is spout their party line, that’s all. All they wanted was to see him perform a song and dance for them in an act of humility. He just had to bend over and let them mop the floor with with him pleading remorse for them to let him pass go and then be handed off to the next level of sitting radical activists.
      I’ve seen how these LGBTQ/sjw culture terrorist activist street/campus leaders toss their judgements around. I’ve witnessed a professor who inadvertantly got in their cross hairs, so then he turned around and spoke back to them with a lisp and ‘played gay’. It was hilarious but it neutralized the enemy and they backed off and left him alone. I myself would never play gay or play mangina. In fact I wouldn’t even acknowledge any radfem bitch in a skirt running some bogus family courtroom. I couldn’t because I’m too loaded with a red pill sermon whenever and wherever the cult marxist troublemakers stick their ugly head at me. Some people could play sjw or LGBT group infiltrator or spy but not me. I could never be a spy. My style is blasting a fiery sermon from the tooth. I think it takes a woman type brain to spy or infiltrate and bait the enemy, but yeeeah some say it might be necessary to deceive the enemy like that in order to flank them. Still I always think of spies and infiltrators as dubiously trustworthy for any side. It’s because with a spy or actor, their brain is a big wired PUSSY that acts out like a performing hypergamous whore for a bid. But me, I’d throw full on frontal FIRE at the beasts. An expensive college degree is a terrible thing to forfeit and hand over to SJW MUGGERS!!
      And the prof who played queer – well the queer army then left him alone and he went back to his family to tell the laughable story, and the mob went on to look for another target. Maybe the mob was a little more or a little less savvy, but they were warmed up into a pesky swarm that should have been countered with shields and hoses. They really stink up a place of learning. They want a perfect target who has clout and credentials to lose, someone in the establishment who they can hang for being racist, sexist or homophobe or even just plain non communist or traditional, and they never find it, but they do leave an atmosphere of intimidation wherever they go. That is what must be countered and broken. No one must be intimidated by them.

  3. I was planning on transferring to UT next year for engineering but maybe it’s too far gone. I’ll be considering A&M instead.

    1. A&M is a diversity shithole surrounded by libertarian and spoiled rotten hicks who inherited land. College station is just a party town in the middle of nowhere. Austin at least has awesome parks, awesome food, and even though it is more expensive you shouldn’t need a car in Austin either, good bus service, and plenty of sidewalks/bike paths/and a more compacted layout (while still having lots of open space). A&M is pretty much everything I hate about this country and more. It’s degeneracy is just slightly hidden more. Slutty, stuck up, white Christian girls whose daddy though A&M would be a safe/conservative place for her to go like back when he went. Tons of diversity, nothing to do but drink with retarded hicks. Sprawled out suburban type city where you have to DRIVE everywhere. Just as big of frats and sororities, just as stuck up, and just as retarded. Lots of Jonny Manziel types there. Oh, and the cool spots are all still inhabited by liberal hipsters, or you can fit in with a group of big truck drivin hicks who typically leave college on the weekend (to escape the hipsters)to go back to their home/ranch to have pasture parties and worship the local hot blonde slut they all fucked back in High School (you might get to shoot some guns though). Bro, I wasted most of my 20s looking for that “sane” place to live; in this country they don’t exist. This nation is a retard factory, don’t get your hopes up. The Hill country is still better than East Texas. Who knows, maybe you will like it more than Austin, I was big into biking and going to parks, playing beach volleyball, swimming at Barton Creek and stuff like that; and I already grew up in hick pasture party central….so what I got from A&M was that it was boring as fuck, and I visited it a number of times, knew a lot of people there in my old days…not impressed.

      1. You’re right, there’s no escaping this shit, I know a few girls at A&M, they may be more indoctrinated and entitled than the ones at UT. They take advantage of the traditional attitude most hicks have. Austin also has no scarcity of beautiful women and the girls know it, which gives me power.
        Might as well live somewhere you can enjoy life.

      2. I love how my post get some down votes, but nobody really comes backs with anything of worth. Libertarian faggots, I guarantee you that is what it is. “Muh individualism”….”Muh gold standard, Muh Hong Kong; Muh Muh Muh Constitution” Ya, the constitution pretty much says you libertarians are inbred white trash and it gives the government all the power it has…sorry faggots, stop smoking pot and grow a brain. College station is absolutely a shithole like the rest of the USA…at least Austin itself has more going for it …FACT…it is unbelievable how many college kids for college station drive to Austin or San Marcos to get away from A&M…..there is a reason for it.

    2. I’m a college educated, well off, 6 figure making, 48 year old man. It made sense to do college 25 years ago the blue collars didn’t make anything. But today, I’d go to the tech school, learn to weld, and go make $60, $70, even $80/hr (nearly double my hourly rate today). Nobody wants to be the plumber, electrician, lock smith, truck driver, whatever blue collar job you can name today. But that welder, plumber, electrician, lock smith, truck driver, etc. is making bank as good or better than I am. And he doesn’t have to put up with Suzy secretary…I mean executive assistant’s bullspit drama and risk a losing battle with HR over her drama queen mental illness. I do have to risk it every day.

  4. just my 2 cents here : considering all the money around college education and the fact that it’s mainly female environement, those guys in charge are doing their best so those chicks feel “safe” until they got their degree.. then start a wonderful life with huge debt.
    legit quesùtion : if you’re a girl, in your prime with a 200.000$ debt, living in a sluggish downsized-Uberized economy and not much skills beside “women studies”.. what’s the most high paid “task” you can perform ?
    for me this system is genius. ugly but genius.

    1. Women are in their prime when they hit puberty – maximum childbearing potential. After that, it’s just decline. Evolutionary psychology doesn’t care about arbitrary laws or what’s acceptable in culture (after all, we are supposed to believe anywhere from 25 to 35 as “prime age” for women). We were programmed to find females attractive whom we can train most effectively (less bitchy) and have maximum number of children with.
      Men are in their prime when they earn the best, protect the best, and have highest authoritative command – it can very somewhat but is fixed in case of females.

      1. Muslims would agree with you. Hence, fuck off with the “They’re prime the millisecond they have their first period bullshit.”

    1. He’s already in camp. This is the first mental phase of his re-education. When all the “System” worshiping authoritarian white cops show up to begin the physical phase he will be beat down in a socially justified way. HA! HA! HA! All by white people who are being willfully used by that very system to crush their own people and the future lives of their very own children and relatives! I swear to fucking god, you simply can’t make this shit up. The China-man’s curse has finally took root here. We are definitely living in “interesting” times. Then again Evil always thinks it is doing Good. “Excuse me Mr. Storm Trooper but these ARE the droids you’re looking for.”.

  5. The white guy forced to do something and pointing out, “if it was x then you would be saying x” is starting to become a meme. Hopefully it will become so ubiquitous and fail so uniformly that collectively we all realize, they cannot be reasoned with. We simply have to take back what’s ours.

    1. It should go full circle until no one can say anything about anyone without it being discrimination or X-ist. Unless of course the real agenda is simply to make everyone submit to a big brother type spanish inquisition environment.

      1. I call people racist (or sexist, x-phobic, etc.) for ragging on straight white men more often than I say good morning. Believe it or not, a small handful have checked themselves and realized that what they just said WAS actually pretty bigoted. If they don’t, a dry “you realize you’re talking about my children, right?” usually at least makes them squirm a little and shut up. More boldly, I’ll sometimes repeat what they said back to them word-for-word except sub in some other group (black people, Mexicans, Jews, etc.) and watch the horrified looks on their faces – though at that point they usually don’t get it, they’re just horrified that I would dare say something like that. I recommend this tactic to everyone – although, I’ll admit it’s a lot easier for me to get away with it because I’m a girl.

    2. With regret I must agree. This enemy uses words to violate all minds. There is no other solution but action.

    3. That is a very important point Tiberius.
      I see people still bringing up the hypocrisy of liberals and I just roll my eyes. It’s like they think that if they just discover the right example, then liberals will collectively realize they’ve been lying phonies all their lives and they will suddenly start playing fair.
      We’ve been calling out their hypocrisy and contradictions for decades, and what good does it do? It doesn’t work because they don’t pride themselves on being fair-minded, rational, and logical. They simply assume they are right about everything, and anything that opposes their rightness is the enemy.
      We need to adopt the same exact approach. The time for talking is over. Next time some communist prick starts mouthing off just punch him right in the mouth and watch his entire worldview change in an instant.
      Hypocrisy is an exercise and show of power. It’s the luxury of the powerful. They revel in their double standards and they love it when we notice how unfair everything is.
      It is almost time for action. Get ready. I can promise you this, they will never listen to reason.

    1. So you will hire a tribal lawyer to present your case against another tribal lawyer, before a tribal judge, and surprise surprise, they render a tribal verdict against you and then all go off to have a bowl of Manischewitz together. With the ‘brews, you lose.

      1. Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws! – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  6. Pleased to see an effort has been made to expose this academic Twilight Zone of PC zombie group-think. If he’s stuck at UT Austin and won’t transfer out (just wants to graduate and move on with his life), there are things he can do to retain his sanctity until the bullshit storm passes. Ultimately it’s not too difficult to turn in a “heartfelt” (i.e., totally rigged/phony) PC “punishment paper” laced with lies and contrivances when you need to stay in college (not that he should have to in the first place). Coddle them and tell them the superior virtues of toxic feminism will help fix all us bad men. Lay it on thick and tell them you aspire to be just like them someday. Hit them with tactical feels because the rigors of thoughtful debate or logic is a lost cause on the SJWs already.

    Austin’s got the San Francisco infection real bad these days, shit is metastasizing.

    1. “Coddle them and tell them the superior virtues of toxic feminism will help fix all us bad men”.
      Placating & sarcastic strategies … good tact ! Thanks.

  7. I have been sending my son who is a senior now at UT Austin many articles to train him about what has taken place in America with women and what will continue to take place in America. I am advising my son to do like I have done and leave the borders of America and go search overseas for a woman that was not raised under feminism and our fubared American culture. I am sending him this article. Stay red pill and do not give in to these chitbags.

    1. Not until your son is shot or killed or maimed or assassinated by the toxic masculinity of a man! Or otherwise bullied. The male reign has expired; a feminist regime though not perfect is better than the partriarchy with all it’s violence.

      1. Uh, what about all those brutal women serial killers? Aileen Wuornos, Myra Hindley, Jane Toppan, Nannie Doss, Amy Archer-Gilligan, Rosemary West, Kristen Gilbert, Juana Barraza, Beverley Allitt, Marybeth Tinning, Dagmar Overbye, Belle Gunness, Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova, Karla Homolka, Delphine LaLaurie, Marie Fikáčková, Francisca Ballesteros and the list just goes on and on. How about Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed who murdered young girls aged between 10-14 and then bathed in their blood? What about Lorena Bobbit who cut off her husbands penis? But then again why should I expect you to be sane or make any sense at all? I find very few of my fellow humans who make much sense with their muddled thinking which in reality is little more than pre-programmed emotional/behavioral responses. I recommend:
        Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman’s Guide to Reality Selection

    1. Conan the Barbarian always knows best.
      One of the most under rated masculine movies of all time. A triumph of a man’s will over bad circumstances. A strong influence on me when I was young.

    2. Are you one of those limp dick faggots who shits out subwoofers at all hours? I think your are. “Big20s”….. Grow up bitch. That’s not a Conan move.

  8. Wow!
    I think the writer forgot though, given the situation at colleges with Title IX thanks to ManFem Obummer and men being instantly guilty and even proof of innocence being literally ignored, he may not have even done anything wrong. They just take HER word for it!

  9. One day you or your child will get thrown acid on, shot or stabbed driven by the ego of a man, your daughter you raised fed and brought up killed because she said no to a man’s advances. You yourself shot by a male armed robber. There’s a reason men comprise over 90% of incarcerations worldwide; all these things are due to toxic masculinity. One day you will get affected by toxic masculinity and you will start speaking against it….. the only reason you ridicule the notion is you haven’t been affected yet. I especially pity those in the United States; toxic masculinity (which is largely ego driven + guns = deadly combination).
    Being male or being masculine is fine; there’s nothing wrong or bad about real non toxic masculinity.

      1. Alek Miniassian of Toronto is white
        Eliot Rogers is white
        Most men try to use white/ black to deflect responsibility/blame.
        It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white what matters is the staggering statistic that men comprise over 90% of prison populations WORLDWIDE for violent crime.

        1. Alek Minassian, father Vehe Minassian that doesn’t sound like a white name to me, more like Turkish Muslim or some other Untermensch.

        2. Eliot Rodger has parent of British WHITE nationality.
          The American law Vegas Shooter that carried out the worst shooting in US history is white.
          The thief in London that ran robbery as a career is white.
          SJW have done an excellent job of addressing white privilege; whites are bitter because they are losing their power.
          You can no longer attribute every evil to blacks and Asians.
          Yes gang violence is mostly blacks. Knife and mass shootings are mostly white. I don’t have time to pull you the list of all massshooters over the past 30 years – mostly whites.
          Regardless of which class of violence (gun/gang/mass) it’s all due to an enraged toxic male ego.

        3. Ya, because Eliot Rogers is the only mother fucker on earth to have ever killed someone. I love how you liberals have to use stories that are years old, or even a century old (remember Emmett Till!!!) to try to paint white man as evil, and yet all I have to do is use news that is just days old, you know, like the brown beaner illegal immigrant who just killed that white girl Mollie Tibbits, or that Muslim training compound out in the desert where a black dude was training children to commit school shootings, while also starving and killing them.

        4. @ Mollie Tibbits
          She was killed as a result of toxic masculinity which is my point which is obvious but callous male egos won’t accept. Blacks is gang, white mass shooting and killing intimate partners, Muslims is another. But all these are MEN. Which is why it’s not called toxic blackinity or toxic whitinity but TOXIC MASCULINITY.

        5. (Replying to another post that’s too deep to have a ‘Reply’ button.)
          “The thief in London that ran robbery as a career is white.”
          Oh, yeah, that guy, we all know him. You really are stupid.

        6. @Detox you have just exhibited toxic masculinity by using an insult to try an argument which is not too far from using violence to resolve issues. I will no longer reply to your comments to prevent further displays of toxic masculinity.

        7. Eliot Roger’s mother is Asian. His father is a Jew (not white).
          A minority of mass shooters are white. Violent and petty crimes are a normal and often accepted way of life in mud countries, whereas in white countries, there are laws in place against them.

    1. “There’s a reason men comprise over 90% of incarcerations worldwide”
      I agree non-white men behave badly, and women hardly ever get jailed for their crimes, but I’m white so why are you blaming me for the behaviour of uncivilized primitives?

      1. Alek Miniassian of Toronto killed people with a van because he could not get get a girl friend
        Same with Eliot Rogers
        Domestic violence perpetrators are men.
        White privilege had exempted white men from this in the past.
        White men are just as savage as other men and partake equally in:
        – Armed robberies
        – Acid attacks
        – Assassination – a white man assassinated a black man and a UK politician
        – Knife crime
        – Ego driven murders
        White privilege is now a thing of the past and can no longer protect white men from collective toxic masculinity of males which can be unlearned.

        1. White men created the móst peaceful civilizations on the planet. Diversity and the brown hordes destroyed thóse civilizations. The mass shooters you mentioned aren’t white. Rogers = half JEW, half ASIAN. The Toronto killer was Arab.

        2. “White men are just as savage as other men and partake equally in:
          – Armed robberies
          – Acid attacks
          – Assassination – a white man assassinated a black man and a UK politician
          – Knife crime”
          White men commit acid attacks “equally” to non-whites!? White men commit armed robberies “equally” to non-whites!? WTF.
          You obviously have no exposure to crime statistics by race. Start by reading The Color of Crime by Jared Taylor. Plus you conveniently omit murder and rape. Guess who commits 80+ % of those crimes.

        3. The Color of Crime is institutionally racist literature; the heart of men is very wicked. I blame black men who gave away their power to whites though and keep going to western countries. That’s what gives the audacity to publish such material…… I was almost robbed at gun point by a white man…. anyone can write a book and put nonsense in it.

        4. Like when Germans and other subhuman barbarians sacked Rome, one of the greatest European civilizations of all time? When Scandinavian Vikings sailed all across Europe raping and pillaging, as if they were albino n1ggers?

      2. JOHN
        Elliot Rodgers was half British and half Chinese. He wasn’t Jewish. His father was C of E and his mother was born in Malaysia to Hakkan parents.
        Now that a good number of lower-class women are getting so fucked on Spice in places like Manchester or Florida that they cannot even remain coherent enough to get by latching on to men, more and more of them are ending up in prison.
        Additionally, Gen Y women in the West are incapable of much in the way of feminine charm.

    2. I got your toxic masculinity you worthless whore. Right here where it’s always been. Among those who pray that their daughters do not become fodder for shitbag homies and their “progressive ways”.

    3. Actual men (not men raised to be pansy losers by feminists) can take no for an answer from a woman. The weirdest, creepiest males I have met are always the male feminists. Sexually frustrated at heart and massive losers.
      Real, strong men don’t creep women out.

      1. “The weirdest, creepiest males ….. are always the male feminists”.
        Example: True-Duh of Canada. Emphasis “creepiest”.
        Exactitude Mr. HayekFan !

    4. The scenarios you describe did not exist when the Men of the West were masculine and dominant. We put a stop to that straight away. But liberals and Communist Tribesman created laws to hamper the Western Man’s ability to defend his own people and culture. NO MORE TOXIC FEMINISM!

    5. Hmm. Remove a certain sub-species, Homo Africanus and it’s remarkable how all that “toxic masculinity” suddenly disappears. It’s almost enough to make one think we have a negro problem rather than a male problem.

      1. It is a negro problem for gang violence (toxic blackinity). But a white problem for mass shootings and domestic violence(toxic whitinity). Both have one thing in common – MEN. So it’s called toxic masculinity.

        1. White people are under-represented in mass shooting. Toxic masculinity and competition between men is why we developed as a species. Women are also just too weak and scared to do anything violent even though deep down inside they are disgusting humans. That same aggression created by our testosterone is also what gives us more focus, strength, and intelligence. We would be living in mud huts if not for toxic masculinity. Also, women like toxic masculinity and will many times get toxic masculinity to fight for them, they fuck all the bad boys, and they reward toxic masculinity with sex. Feminists like you are actually responsible for bringing in toxic third world masculinity because of your female stupidity and low IQ; that illegal beaner who killed Mollie Tibbets was brought here because of the emotional stupidity of females like yourself. The first “feminist” government, Sweden, is now experiencing huge crime spikes, an increase in rape, destruction of their welfare system, etc etc…..yet, more patriarchal, less diverse, nations like Norway are peaceful and prosperous.
          It is a known fact that Queens in Europe who ruled over their respective country where actually more violent, and went to war more often, than kings. Women are not only low IQ, pathetic, and weak; but just like yourself, you’re easy to brainwash, you’re narcissistic, immature, and you are all sociopaths. You are also really violent, you just don’t get punished for it, and you idiots tend to raise and create many of these male psychopaths.

        2. White people are under-represented in mass shooting.
          >> White fools (not all white people though) will go to any extent to preserve their perceived superiority because once they lose that sense and realize they are equal to every one else, their major ego boost, source of self confidence etc vanishes. That’s why white men fight head over heals to preserve supremacist notions.
          Toxic masculinity and competition between men is why we developed as a species.
          << Until you or your son is killed by a lone US white gun man or a black gang member. No it’s not why we developed as species. It’s just blind defence. Men often hail themselves as the epitome of logical thinking yet become senseless when they see a girls body or when trying to defend privileges like white privilege.
          Women are also just too weak and scared to do anything violent even though deep down inside they are disgusting humans.
          That same aggression created by our testosterone is also what gives us more focus, strength, and intelligence.
          We would be living in mud huts if not for toxic masculinity.
          Also, women like toxic masculinity and will many times get toxic masculinity to fight for them, they fuck all the bad boys, and they reward toxic masculinity with sex.
          The only argument feminism has is male violence; once males curb their toxic masculinities then they will be on par with the female gender; till then males are an inferior gender to women. Someone even said it’s women that inspire men to violence – are men really that dumb?
          Regarding Norway/ Sweden – I would pick a martriarchy any day but that’s just my choice.

        3. White people are under-represented in mass shooting.
          >> White fools (not all white people though) will go to any extent to preserve their perceived superiority because once they lose that sense and realize they are equal to every one else, their major ego boost, source of self confidence etc vanishes. That’s why white men fight head over heals to preserve supremacist notions.
          Toxic masculinity and competition between men is why we developed as a species.
          Also, women like toxic masculinity and will many times get toxic masculinity to fight for them, they fuck all the bad boys, and they reward toxic masculinity with sex.
          <they like dominance but without murder; there’s healthy dominance like gentle insistence, being protective vs toxic masculine ones like killing someone to show dominance.
          The only argument feminism has is male violence; once males curb their toxic masculinities then they will be on par with the female gender; till then males are an inferior gender to women. Someone even said it’s women that inspire men to violence – are men really that dumb?
          Regarding Norway/ Sweden – I would pick a martriarchy any day but that’s just my choice.

        4. Toxic Masculinity and competition between men is not why we are developed as a species, that thesis has no backing or proof. Competition between men and toxic masculinity causes men to kill themselves (women rarely kill themselves yet they now earn more than men on average in the United States and bag mode degrees – it didn’t take killing ppl and competition that results in undermining people to achieve that. Toxic Masculinity causes wars and breeds violent men. One day you will raise a child only to hv ur child slain by a sick man in an unprovoked or provoked incident. Toxic Masculinity kills us all. It’s indefensible and the men who defend it proves toxic men are sick!

        5. Oh boy, I triggered someone …LOL…and nothing she said made any sense or was backed up by ANY F**KING LOGIC. Sorry bitch. Sorry you didn’t get some alpha white boy because you are too crazy and too ugly for them, but keep bitching. Hey, I know, why don’t you move to a third world shithole like Somalia and go have fun.
          “they like dominance but without murder” First off, Dominance is an aspect of violence and murder in general, and it is why all these mass murders in Jail get so many love letters from whores like you…how many love letters do murdering savage women get????
          Ok bitch, why are you stupid sluts bringing in the most murderous and rapist men on this planet?….goddamn you women are stupid. Oh, and men typically murder each other, usually over a lying selfish bitches, and men cannot get away with the “muh, he was attacking me and trying to rape me” excuse when they murder someone, like most women get away with doing.
          Murder? Oh, so I guess you hate blacks who killed the majority of people in this country, right? LOL. You fucking racist, lol.
          “preserve their perceived superiority”….Perceived? Pretty sure it is proven by fact, and pretty sure we are just preserving WHAT WE CREATED, is there something wrong with that? White man created the modern world, and they are the only reason you even have an ounce of freedom you stupid slut, lol.
          “Toxic Masculinity and competition between men is not why we are developed as a species, that thesis has no backing or proof.” It is called History and evolution you stupid bitch….Why do you think Men are bigger, stronger, and more accomplished than you stupid sluts? What nation or government was ever created by women? What women were out there riding around on horseback conquering the Indians in order to built this nation were you have all the freedoms you have? What women have actually done anything great without a man helping them, teaching them, giving them something? I am waiting for your answer.

        6. “Regarding Norway/ Sweden – I would pick a martriarchy any day but that’s just my choice.” Hey slut, those nations were made by men, and are being destroyed by feminism…matriarchy, lol, matriarchy is the worst thing FOR WOMEN…Sweden is a prefect example if you actually paid attention to what is going on in the world you dumb feminized slut. I also love how these “matriarchies” exist ONLY IN WHITE ETHNO-STATES…interesting huh? I guess us evil toxic white boys where actually pretty nice to you race traitor whores and dumb degenerate sluts, eh? Funny how white men created beautiful and prosperous nations that are incredibly tolerant to women, then we give women freedom and all that hard work and sacrifice goes to shit so that you dumb sluts can have “power” you never earned and were just given, and then you import your lovely colored immigrants who actually treat you like shit and destroy the very nation that even gave you freedom, lol. You do realize that you yourself is a product of a male orgasm and your father pounding your mothers pussy, right? You dumb whore, lol.

  10. TM I don’t know what planet you live on, but the types of behaviour that you have mentioned have been going on since the beginning of mankind and even before that in the animal kingdom. That is why civilized societies have police and military to protect those who can’t protect themselves or are too infantilised to confront reality as it is(yes that means You).
    Guess who comprises the majority of these forces? Yes its men who try to protect your ungrateful arse. Many of them have been killed or injured doing that. A lot more men died in these conflicts, than women have died in peace times through domestic violence or other crimes.
    People, both men and women do bad things. Domestic violence is actually highest among lesbian couples, despite the fact they only make up a tiny segment of society. Drunk drivers of both sexes kill other people through indifference to the law. People with an acute delusional psychiatric disorder of both sexes commit horrific crimes.
    Assassination, acid attacks, and even knife attacks are primarily not a part of white cultures, they are an advent of ethnic cultures and through multiculturalism, in once white societies.
    Take responsibility for your own safety, and your own behaviour , because there are always going to be threats of some kind or other out there.

    1. A white man assassinated Martin Luther king in the United States to preserve white privilege; white privilege is the privilege afforded to whites that exempts them from taking responsibility for the behaviours of males. A female UK politician was also murdered by a man.
      There’s no data to back up thr lesbian figures you quote.
      In the United States white men use guns when their egos are bruised as evidenced in school shootings, road rages and other acts of toxic masculinity.
      Crime has existed since the beginning of time yes but its only recently that the core reason has been identified. David in the bible murdered another man to sleep with his wife- dats toxic masculinity – it’s only recently we are calling it out.
      It doesn’t matter of its black or white.

      1. David in the bible,
        You talking J_ews again, middle eastern and not white.
        There are no white folk in the bible, they’re all semites.

      2. If white men are as bad as you say, we would have wiped out anyone else that we wanted to with nukes, or some other piece of superior technology. It still hasn’t happened so there goes your argument. In fact white people have bent over backwards trying to help other races, bringing them out of the stone age, with medicine, education, to give the others a better standard of living. Its nice to see how grateful you are.
        Killing MLK didn’t do anything to preserve so called white privilege. All the pro integration, and black rights positive discrimination introduced by white people increased afterwards. You have white people to thank you for your rights. You didn’t win them, they were given to you.
        No back up data to support lesbian domestic violence ? I beg to differ. The Centre for Disease Control’s 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey study, says Lesbians have the second highest rate of domestic violence at 43.8% prevalence. Only bisexual women had a higher rate, at 61.1%(I guess they really do like it both ways). Bisexual men 37.3%, heterosexual women 35%, heterosexual men 29%, homosexuals 26%.
        You can put that in your pipe and smoke it! (after you have had faux sex with your lesbo partner). It seems lesbians are more violent to their partners than heterosexual men after all. Shame on your toxic lesbo behaviour( I can’t use the term toxic femininity, because lesbians are not feminine)
        I’m betting there is also lots of data on gun crime in the US that shows male blacks are the most prevalent. So actually it does matter if its black or white, cause blacks be doing most of the violence.
        While I’m at it Michael Jackson was a black man ashamed of his blackness, and a pedo too. (he was a good musician though)

        1. No China has nukes. And many other non white nations have nukes.
          Without getting personal it will take years for folks like this to realize years of white supremacist programming/ privilege is over; Britain had an expedition to Africa once that’s it. Whites did not “bring Africans or others our of the stone age”; superiority is a privileged position so it satisfies the toxic male ego to keep believing white supremacist lies. Polish immigrants have left britain; many African migrants are going home; technology has a point of marginal utility. There are cancer research institutes across Africa I can give you names filled with black researchers.
          It is the blacks that are dumb enough to live in the United States that disrespect themselves; it was won not given to; this is why hero’s like MLK are celebrated. With that said any self respecting African in the United States who can should go back to their homelands and many are.
          2010 was 8 years ago any recent data?
          Gang related gun violence from perception is on the domain of blacks/Hispanics. Mass shooting gun violence e.g. the las Vegas Shooter is white America; Eliot Rodger parent was British. Violence is violence, black males appear to do most gang ones while whites do most mass shootings – it’s all underlined by toxic masculinity.

      3. No one ever existed named Martin Luther King (junior or senior). He may have called himself that but it was not his name. And if you read up on him you will see that his treatment of females was less than exemplary. In fact, he was a woman beater and rapist. And an anti American communist as well.

        1. The stupid whore has never even bothered to look up a single fact or statistic to support her obsessive hatred and bitterness.
          She doesn’t even understand basic facts, like that in America, 6% of the population commits about 80% of the murders – young black males. She doesn’t understand that mass shooters are overwhelmingly non-White, as she cherry picks a high profile case and ignores the hundreds of other cases.
          This bitch is way too ignorant to waste time arguing with. She didn’t do her homework.

      4. If “White Privilege” is real, why is every single institution in the West obsessed with penalizing White Men for things they aren’t responsible for?

    2. Also men commit 90+% of violent crimes and represent 90+% of prison populations world wide; even in white majority countries.
      The good news though is toxic masculinity can be unlearned. If we can get men to think and act like women while preserving healthy masculinity, we can drastically cut these shameful and disgraceful figures.

      1. If women stopped sleeping with violent men, men would suddenly become extraordinarily non-violent within a single generation. When they are rewarded for their violence with sex and affection, they don’t have much incentive to stop it.
        So, in reality, you can say that women are 100% responsible for all violence in the world. They commit their own violence, they encourage men to commit violence, and they start wars by playing “Let’s You and Him Fight” on the global stage.
        When the millions of muslim and african invaders in Europe and the U.S. are slaughtered in a spectacular orgy of violence, the cvnts will claim they had nothing to do with it – even though the invaders would not even be here if not for the cvnts.

        1. Yes indeed. Universities should have re-education camps for women. There women would be taught to let go of their love of bad boys and learn to be aroused by geeky nice guys. Fight your internalized toxic masculinity, sleep with a nice guy today!

        2. This proves males are an inferior gender and that women call the shots. Doing whatever a woman wants just to sleep with her is stupid. Are males stupid?

  11. If the school can actually expel him with impunity because of something he doesn’t believe, we are already in a leftist dictatorship, and just because we happen to have something called a Congress, Senate, President, doesn’t mean squat.

    1. And where is Trump in all this? He felt the need to comment on the Charlottesville protest and say how abhorrent White Nationalists are, but remains silent every time Whites are abused. The Orange Joo ain’t going to save us, he is 1000% owned by Shylocks.

  12. “While the student should certainly face punishment…” For what!?!? Eat fucking shit you scum fucking bottom feeder! Bitch needs a lesson! End of. I’d say give this kid a medal if that meant a goddamn thing in this fagnazi age. Call the Morning Star! There’s no hope left.

  13. I wouldnt send my children to college on my dime, rather have them join a branch (never Army or Marine) then hit college on GI Bill when theyre 22+, have half of credits given from military & can buy booze. IF they went to college for STEM rather than pursue trade or family business. My buddies who have American fiances are LOL. These thots have $80k of debt in useless degrees & not even a car to drive. You people realize a mail order bride from some bumfuck hole in the world is about a 4x more solid investment, right? No lifelong USA media poisoning, no debt, no tats & no skank USA female friends to shit talk your every move behind your back. That is the reality numb nuts, a mail order bride is leaps & bounds better for you than these scumbag American females.

  14. This will continue to happen until employers start actively discriminating against college educated people. Once that threshold is reached, that leftist power structure will break, and you’ll see those useless dregs spill out onto the streets.

  15. The whole world is a police state now, but some countries are more free than other nations.
    You could find countries with the least tyranny by looking at the Index of Economic Freedom.
    Another way to find free countries is to look at the number of prisoners in a country. While every
    country is a police state today, some countries are too poor to jail criminals. You would have more freedom
    in a place where the government doesn’t enforce the law or imprison people.

    1. Prison in poor third world countries is a trip. They don’t have the money for upkeep so they just basically throw everyone into a walled shanty town and let every man (and woman, and child) fend for themselves. To say they are inhumane and barbaric is an understatement. I certainly wouldn’t mess around breaking the law in any foreign nation. I have seen the prisons of Latin America and I was dumbstruck by how hellish they looked, how any mother could tolerate her son being in one without raising heaven and earth to seek justice.
      White Europeans truly are the only humane and compassionate people on the planet.

  16. Once again, in prison, the pussy pass bails women out. Watch some episodes of Locked Up Abroad, where they often interview the main characters in real prisons. The male prisons of Brazil & Peru etc are absolute hell on earth, while the female prisons are literally an adult daycare. So couples who are busted smuggling come out a bit lop-sided, while male part of the equation gets sodomized & dodges shanks, his female partner comes out bitching about slow wifi.

  17. Domestic Violence happens to women who do not obey.
    Bring back the patriarchy, If she doesn’t obey, choke the fuck out of her.

  18. All men need to educate themselves about the erosion of our rights and freedoms. YouTube MRA and MGTOW content producers offer amazing insight into the destructive power of modern feminism. Universities are a hot bed of man hating and male bashing promoted by radical feminists.

  19. Feminism is here to stay thank God. It’s time for men to be relegated to the background where they belong for they are inferior to females; no more violent crimes, no more rape and sexual assault, no more men murdering women, no more toxic masculinity.
    Thank God for feminism – it’s the ultimate bruise to the male ego.

  20. Easy. Turn it around on them. Six gender role stereotypes about women that are blatantly false, and how these have affected having genuine relationships with women. Myths include things such as ‘women are the fairer sex,’ ‘the wage gap,’ ‘women as victims of violent crime,’ etc.

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