4 Reasons Why Social Media Is Killing Your Game

With all the hoops a man must jump through in order to achieve moderate success with women in this dysfunctional sexual marketplace, it’s no surprise a lot of men are dropping out of the game.  The aspiring Casanova is faced with many obstacles as is; your social media accounts are probably not doing you any favors.  Below are four reasons why social media is inhibiting your success with women, and why you are better off without it.

1. It’s Not Masculine

Masculine men have little use for social media.  Nothing says beta cuck more than a man that gets satisfaction from uploading and sharing unoriginal pictures of his cookie-cutter existence.  Think about some of the premier alphas of old.  Would a modern-day John Wayne have any use for an Instagram account?  Absolutely not.  Real men don’t need to showcase to the world what they ate last night or what concert they attended.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram catalog their users’ activity for the world to see.  It’s easy to identify which types of users have little going for them.  Choosing to spend your free time seeking validation from strangers and stalking insta-whores that you will never touch is not only beta, but is also a complete waste of time.

2. It Invites Scrutiny

“Only 600 followers. He must be a loser”

When you meet a woman through day, night or online game, the first thing she is going to do before she considers going out with you is carefully go through your social media accounts with a fine-tooth comb.  What she is doing is looking for any incriminating evidence she can use to disqualify you.  She is also, albeit, not always an accurate method; appraising your social and economic standing in society by the number of followers, likes, and extravagant vacation pictures you have on your timeline.

She might even seek the opinion of a jealous and bitter friend who more likely than not, will find something negative to say about you, in hopes of dissuading your prospect from going out with you.  You might think you have an impervious social media presence, but trust me; if you put your stuff out there in public, you are inviting some degree of negative scrutiny.  Not having a Facebook or Instagram makes this a non-issue.

3. Cultivates Male-Thirst

It is widely known in the Manosphere that social media is one of the core reasons for the lopsided dating market we see today.  Social media has devolved into a platform for women to attention whore, boost their egos, and con thirsty beta men out of their hard earned money.  It also, subconsciously makes you more thirsty and needy.

There was a time in my life in which I was addicted to Instagram.  I would spend countless hours scouring through the feeds and stories of attention whoring skanks; marveling at all the edited half-naked pics. It took me a while to realize this unhealthy obsession. One day it finally occurred to me that Instagram was essentially a Pornhub lite.  It was distorting my perception of beauty and causing me to pedestalize degenerate and phony women.  There is already enough desperate men in the world who choose to naively validate these damaged women—don’t be another sucker.  When you like or comment on a woman’s picture you’re effectively relegating yourself to beta simp status.

4. Not a Worthy Use Of Your Time

Social media game is only worth it if you’re that guy.

What utility does social media have for heterosexual men?  There are other methods that can be used to stay in touch with family and friends; such as text, email, Skype, or a phone call.  When you really think about it, unless you are using it as a marketing outlet with a monetary incentive in mind, there is really no point in having it.  You are better off allotting your time to self-improvement, honing your game by throwing yourself in the trenches, or pursuing some other form of enrichment.

A person I use to work with told me his obsession of social media became so severe, his job was put into jeopardy due to low productivity and performance.  He was forced to put a locking feature on his account to limit the amount of time he could spend on Facebook to no more than one hour per day—that is pretty pathetic, don’t be that guy.


All things considered, there is very little benefit in having social media.  If anything, it limits the amount of time you could be spending pursuing more worthwhile endeavors, further skews the dating market, increases male thirst, and offers another medium for disqualification.

If a woman you are pursuing inquiries about your Facebook or tries to bust your balls about you not being on social media (I have had this happen before many times), shrug your shoulders and tell them that social media is for little kids who require validation, that the people close to you in life know how to reach you, and that well-to-do people like yourself have little time or utility for such brainless recreation.

Disclaimer:  If your social media contains pictures of you with models, bottles, weekly trips to exotic places or over ten thousand followers, disregard this advice.  For all other men, you’re better off just ditching social media; the return on investment just isn’t that great.

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51 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Social Media Is Killing Your Game”

  1. a true story : I approached a girl at the gym, after few talk we exchanged facebook (easier to remember than 10 digits..), she added me, we agreed to meet for a drink the next day.. just to wake up in the morning with tons of “scared” messages from her : she dug into my wall I donno how many months to find a video I published (with hilarious comment) about Cossacks soldiers kicking the shit out of some bitch Femens trying to play a song to insult Putin .. + another video of me supporting president Assad. I tried to explain to her, it was useless.
    I understood that you need two facebook accounts, one for dating, another for your (true) self. I ain’t do this shit though.
    now I don’t have facebook at all. feel much better.
    here’s the video for the record.. they beat the shit out of them with lovely instrument called “nagaika”, it’s the same used for horses.

    1. Facebook and twitter no, but if you want a hooker in a hurry for most of Asia, WeChat, and BeeTalk will get you one for a reasonable price. In WeChat you can even specify a girl within 2Km of you (or whatever distance you specify), then browse a list of available women in your area. Hiring young hookers has never been so easy.
      This probably doesn’t work so well in the white western world.

      1. Aside for business purposes any man using social media is just another bitch looking for validation.

    2. IDK why people rag on the Russki’s… They got it right and dealt with these uppity vulgar screaming broads.

      1. tried to explain what those degenerate Femen are and why supporting Assad in Syria is the most accurate choice regarding the mess there.. it was useless.

        1. Anything other than “Did you just stalked me? Call this number, my lawyer would like to have a word with you and I suggest you get one” will fail immediately.

        2. I think logic doesn’t work on women. Also every conversation with them is like shit-test, even on serious topics.

    3. That video is awesome.
      They also look like horses – so it’s just adequate.
      We should also get this trend started with crazy, screaming leftists in the west. That’s probably the only thing they’ll understand. (I’m especially thinking about that trigglypuff sort and others like here in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDpQ9He0SMM)

    4. @RandomGuy
      Mistake #1: being on FB to begin with. Mistake #2: You have to learn how to operate under the radar, my friend. Enabling someone (anyone, really) to know where you went to school, your politics, the types of women you date, what you believe in, etc ONLINE is just crazy.
      If a b!tch is THAT insane to scour your FB looking for anything and then cancels, you are better off without her, even if it is just a quick pump ‘n dump. Nutcases like this looneybin who cancelled the date are the exact types that make false criminal accusations or go stalker…. or worse, get impregnated on purpose. ❗
      I am NOT a fan of rap or hip-hop, but Pitbull, the singer has it right. Pitbull told “Objectifed” TV show host Harvin Levin that “if you need a video or photo online to show people where you are and what you are doing, these people are not your friend”. He was answering Levin why he is not on social media at all and why he will not share pictures of him partying and banging women. Pitbull parties insanely and bangs boatloads of women, but no one, not even paparazzi ever sees it or hears about it. Why? Because Pitbull flies under the radar. He gets it. He understands America’s litigious blackmail culture. He does not want some b!tch who sees how rich he is accusing him of false rape for case (like it has happened twice now to Chris Rock because he is a dumbass posting pics of his wealth online).
      Chris Rock could easily be mistaken by some random black guy on the street, with minor tweaks to his appearance. Same with Pitbull, just add and sunglasses and a ballcap and Pitbull becomes a random Cuban white guy. Chris Rock would be better off picking up harlots anonymously in a Ferrari than putting himself at risk online. But Rock is an idiot, he doesn’t get it. Pitbull gets it.
      There is a strange mindset today that if you are not on social media, it do not exist to the scammers these days. The scammers seem to leave guys like Pitbull alone and target social media ones more. (Recently, Pitbull’s publicist is now posting some BS on social media to increase his sales and all, but his REAL life is all under the radar, so we will see how that will affect him henceforward.)
      One guy who will soon be 100% guaranteed targeted for false sxual allegations is Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott. He is bragging online and banging b!tches left and right.
      Look above. :arrow_up: Every single woman in these pictures with Eastwood above can now make a “credible” #MeToo “abuse claim” to being harassed/[email protected]/assaulted by Eastwood. They have a photo. And her word, which according to the Beta-fied States of America’s Online Judicial System (a/k/a/ Tweeter mob) that is all needed for conviction and punishment. Multi-million Dollar lawsuit to follow.
      BIG mistake by Eastwood. Bragging about this online is like wearing a bullseye on his back with blinking yellow lights. Mark my words (as it will be time-stamped here: Scott Eastwood will be accused by some clam in no time of some “MeToo crime” to be blackmailed for millions. If he refuses to pay, he will be tried online immediately, with judge Rose McGowan presiding the Tweeter trial, and a mob of fat angry FemiNazis as jury and sentencing panel. Eastwood will then be black-listed from movies and all social life globally.
      Once you put yourself online, you open yourself up for all sorts of crap, from false accusations to online Tweeter lynch mobs. Or in your case, needlessly losing a free bang. 😉 MY strategy is to say “I am so busy partying in Vegas/whatever” I never have a chance to upload my pics to FB, so I am not on anymore” or “my successful business takes a lot of my time, so I don’t have time for FB”…. then I show the woman pics right there on my phone.
      If a woman I meet either from online game or approaches in person wants to know who I am, let’s meet for drinks and talk. No way I am gonna let strangers do research on me online. That is insane. Stay off FB…. and if you Tweet, go anonymous. Get a ProtonVPN Premium proxy and stay under the radar.
      My .02 cents, for all its worth!

  2. having no social media i also get that question…. like, its so strange you dont have a facebook, instagram account…
    i just reply that people lose their lifes on that crap living behind a screen. im taking no part of it

  3. Social media is cancer and contributes to the downfall of society. No man should have one or spend time on it.

    1. I saw two mediocre-looking American young tourist women with the typical american nasal voices at a restaurant in Bulgaria recently. One of them mentioned something about her dating app. I though to myself: she probably spends a lot of time on that app looking for someone she cannot find there (or in real life) because she is so damn picky. I felt despice for her.

    2. I’ve never had any social media accounts nor do I intend to ever get any and that’s simply there is nothing social about it…it’s a fraud, a time suck, and a way for big government, big business, and big media to keep tabs on you.
      Swim in the social media matrix at your own peril.

  4. I categorically will not have a social media account aside from commenting as I do. Eff the world. I have an opinion and give less than a f*k if people like it. If some POS SJW is going to take the time to gather and save all my comments, so be it. I hope they nightmare until they heart attack in their sleep over them. every single one of those FREEDOM and decency haters.

  5. I have never had any social media and besides I didn’t have my first mobile phone till I was 17 years old (funny enough, I am postmilenian, so it was a smartphone). I have always felt some kind of natural resistance when it comes to using technology. What is the point of wasting my time delving into other’s people life in my free time? You can call me weirdo, but I’d rather DO THINGS in my free time instead of watching other people DOING THINGS. Besides, I don’t need the approval of anyone. I am going to do what I want to do because I like it, not because I want to make a good impression on other people.

    1. You’ve already risen above your generation’s baseline social condition. Nicely done…convince your friends and keep it going.

  6. What will supporters of the police state say when their beloved police come to arrest them for racist hate speech, confiscate their guns, and force them to board trains headed to the concentration camps?

  7. Got sucked into it for a while, but never invested much in it compared to others, and the experience was exactly as expected. I found it mirrored the feminine social world of gossip, bitching, backstabbing, attention whoring and validation.
    The most fun I had was spinning the hamster wheels of virtue signalers, and confirming the true nature of many western women when chatting to exes. Its essentially a digital representation of school or college in the 21st century, used to gather valuable marketing information on your persona, and certainly not any kind of acceptable pursuit for a self aware and masculine man.
    I hear FakeBook is considering a paid subscription option where they promise not to market your identity like they usually do! You’ve got to give it to them; selling a service that both stops what is essentially an abuse of human privacy and individual consent, and a sort of identity theft as any money made from you is actually yours in the first place.

  8. Depends what you use it for. Books can be equally worthless like most social media posting, like “Twilight” or “50 shades”. But it can also be a carrier for masterpieces like The Iliad or Bhagavad Gita.
    But snippets of wisdom in a format like Dao de jing can be spread on Twitter. Facebook can be great to organize social events or even spinning plates if you do it right. And instagram is great for posting your art, poetry or just useful memes.
    Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    1. Social media could have its place, but those companies you mentioned are more like private media, in a sense that you can intrude a lot in the privacy of most users.

  9. What’s the fascination with asshole Bilzerian around here? He’s a spoiled brat rich kid who has never done an honest day’s work in his life. What kind of an asshole throws an 18 year old girl off a roof? Regardless of her profession snd whether or not she agreed to it. I’m a heavy drinking whorechaser and even I would never pull a stupid stunt like that. And he was dumped by the military in basic training for being reckless and out of control, which tells me he most likely had no intention of sticking it out. He’s a jerk, and probably always was and always will be.

    1. No fascination here. And while he may be all those things he’s got an endless supply of “fuck you money” and is swimming in more poontang than he knows what to do with; facts.

    2. Just like the ROK fascination with rappers. Today’s men are so lost in so many ways. It’s beyond sad. I could care less how much “poontang” this jerk is swimming in. I would never model myself over this alleged man. He’s not even worth having his name mentioned.

    3. BUDs twice. Made it to 3rd selection both times before being dq’d for health reasons.
      I’m not supporting the guy or blindly worshipping his every move. But getting close to becoming a United States Navy Seal is something only .0000001% of the population can do.

      1. @ SM
        Sure, agree 100%.
        But this guy tanked out due to bad behavior, not inability to make the cut (which he probably could not do anyway). I really think he did that to be able to post on his instagram crap: “hey, I was too rowdy for the seals!”. Something about this guy seems very off.
        On another note, we had spoke about trying to get an NYC meetup about a month or two ago. Are you still up for that? I’m in if you are.

        1. Sorry, been traveling a bit during the last few months, so didn’t get back to this in an expedient manner.
          If you don’t mind, create a burner email and shoot it over.

  10. I agree with the article, of course, and I’ll add a few notes of my own:
    1. I had Facebook until recently (mainly to share opinions or debate on a particular matter) but even that is absolutely a WASTE of time. I recently said “no more posting at all” on FB. I have never used Twitter or, God FORBID, Instagram. I will not share my data and life with companies, let alone companies run by absolute scum such as Mark Zuckerberg and his ilk.
    2. One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES men are making is putting their personal info out there, open for domestic terrorists such as “antifa” to “dox” you. Now don’t get me wrong, I WISH patriots did MORE DOXING of undesirables, but the fact of the matter is leftist scum are winning at this game and some of you are making it SO EASY for them. I NEVER put my real name, or birth date, or any true personal info on social media. NEVER DO THAT. Some people even put where they work! Are you out of your mind? Also, never post pictures of you…especially potentially compromising pics.
    3. Side note: at events, the use of cellphone footage should be banned. I’m sick and tired of things going “viral” in this age when any POS can film you. This is happening ALL OVER the West — people are getting filmed for “racist rants” (in reality, speaking the truth) and then your life is destroyed. DON’T MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM. Whenever you are out in public, make sure you don’t put yourself in a position where the left can harm you. Anything you say WILL be used against you…so choose your battles carefully. It’s really not worth it to tell someone to “go back to your country” when there are far more productive things to do to facilitate that.
    4. Related to #3, develop a “separatist” mentality. Let’s face it, this is no longer “our” country collectively speaking – we have no society anymore, just an amalgam of unrelated ethnic and racial groups, competing for a piece of the shrinking rotten pie. This is why separatism should be the new development: our own schools, our own social networks, our own things in general. This is not to say “disengage” and not fight the status quo, but it is much easier when you are organized properly.
    5. Yes, ditch ALL social media unless you have nothing to lose. In my case, I don’t work for any boss, I am my own boss, but even then I choose my battles carefully and won’t waste time on social media…particularly when it is rigged against you.

  11. I pretty much agree with everything in this article. Social media attention whoring is for losers and teenage girls. I have Facebook for my subscription to various groups (my hobbies – and no they’re not anime or MLP) which can be quite useful.

  12. Social media use for me started waning when I realized I would lose hours arguing with people about politics. And in all of this did I get any pussy from it? No I only got busted by my girlfriends for having side pussy. And you’re better off getting busted by having her walk into the room seeing you balls deep in the other girl. Human decency must be considered.

  13. Like many ROK regulars, I am also a pragmatic outlier and deserter of social media accounts. 3 years without Facebook. Never Twittered. I do comment lines on a few different web sites and that’s about it.

    The Facebook/Twitter lifestyle ripples with blowback, undermining our ability to concentrate (on work, our surroundings and other human beings). More of us need to rediscover the low-key virtues of detachment in an age of digital fetishism and disinformation.

    When you do social media, you are nothing more than a consumable in Big Tech’s “stack.” Prevent them from harvesting your identity. Re-learn the art of social scarcity and the forgotten power of absence.

  14. Im 35, used social media when it first came out and it served one purpose…banging women and going to parties. There was no like button, no sharing of posts to trade likes, and there was no smartphones allowing women instant access to the dopamin rush. Most important, your employer’s hr did not know facebook existed.
    Young guys need to understand that the types of posts women like that make them follow men…ex: ass eating jokes, dan bilzerian level partying, a body created with drugs, over the top selfies…are the things that will make you lose a job. So if you use social media, you better be your own employer. If you are your own employer, well then you better be selling a product that will not get hurt by social media. Dan bilzerian can post what he wants because his line of work is getting paid to show up at bars and to act like hes on drugs. If you run a law firm, might want to look respectable.
    Prior to the iphone being released, the best a slut could do was send a mass text to 10 guys saying “watcha doin” and wait for replies. Only the slut’s slut would do this kind of thing. Now, women get 100 random likes a day. Ive seen average women I would have pump and dumped back in my day, command 20k followers and nonstop attention. That bang ten years ago was easy cause i only competed with men the girl knew. Today, you are not competing with your peers. You are competing with the world. If you make 80k, have a home, look good, ect…well in a womans eyess you are not as cool as the south african model (who she will never meet) that liked her profile. You only have 1000 followers, he has 23k followers…you must be a loser.
    The best play is to avoid social media. If you have a business that needs social media for a revenue stream…use it. If not, dump it. If you dont make money on it, why waste your time. Avoid social media…it will add mystery to your life. If a woman acts weird cause you dont use it…mock her or find a different one.

    1. This is precisely why I have extinguished my social media accounts. Like you notated in your post; “it will add mystery to your life”. I have only had a small subset of women give me grief about not being on social media. Most of the women who extended judgment were unsurprisingly the attention craving gold digger types. Most cases it piques interest and gives you an aura of mystery which.

  15. Funny, my ig does include some of the following items listed at the end of the article. Yet I still don’t feel the need to amass large followership (my acct is on private and mainly for business networking), and certainly do not spend more than an hour a day on any social media platform (outside professional reasons).
    Go forth and make something of your God-given hands and wits!

  16. Just don’t do any kind of social media. It is a trap. Say anything remotely offensive even years ago and prepare to get fired from your job and kicked out of polite society. Also, gives a way for crazy ex’s – ones that might have a kid they would like to call yours even if it isn’t – a way to find you. Plus it is just a giant time suck. Stay away.

  17. I have an Instagram, I think if you use it interestingly enough and sparingly, maybe one snap a week, and edited every now and again, it can’t be too bad. Mine is mostly nature and books I’m reading. Thoughts on that?

  18. Good article.Fully right.
    Nowadays more and more women are unable to give eye contact to a stranger.They try to pretend that you “ are not there and invisible“.Virtual people on a little screen are more real to them than a real person in front of them.It sucks more and more.
    It has a become a very degenerate society.

    1. I get approached by women all the time. Vietnam is particularly bad for women hitting on foreigners. I just sit in September Park (Saigon) reading a book and I get, “Hello, I’m a student, do you want to buy me a coffee?” or “would you like to see my room?”, and I’m over 60. You dudes are living in the wrong country.

      1. You don’t get the straight up, “I want a white baby”? Even during the day I can get propositioned while sitting in Starbucks (or starfucks, as I like to call it) and Pizza Hut of all places. It’s why I frequently use those loctions to work. They also filter out less attractive girls on the lower economic spectrum.
        It’s a dirty job, John, but someone’s got to do it.

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