Autistic Male Student Is Hit With Title IX Harassment Violation For Offering Fist Bump To Female Student

Via The College Fix:

A “fist bump” and a selfie may have ended Marcus Knight’s educational career right as it started. The student, who has autism, cerebral palsy and a shunt to relieve fluid pressure on his brain, was not allowed to defend himself against allegations in two Title IX investigations this past fall, his mother told The College Fix.

Aurora Knight has raised more than half of the money to cover legal fees through a GoFundMe campaign as she challenges the sexual-misconduct findings on her son’s record.

Though Saddleback College lifted Marcus’s suspension a day before a hearing last month, it has thus far refused to remove the findings from his record, Aurora wrote in an update to the campaign Wednesday.

Her son (below) has limited expressive language capabilities and cannot negotiate social situations as easily as others, she told The College Fix.

Though he receives academic accommodations for his disabilities, he was not offered accommodations in the Title IX process, Aurora wrote in an email. “When we look at individuals with limited social skills, we cannot expect that they responded the same way as a typical individual.”

The family has raised money to defend against the accusations

Former Drake University trustee Thomas Rossley, whose learning-disabled son is suing the university for a similar ordeal, told The Fix in a phone interview that Marcus’s case “goes to the whole problem with disability issues with Title IX.”

“Most schools don’t even let the students know how to ask for accommodations within a disciplinary process,” said Rossley, whose own “Title IX retaliation” claims against Drake were dismissed in court last month.

“So these students don’t know that they can even get accommodations within the disciplinary process,” whether the accused student or the accusing student, he said.

Aurora Knight laid out her narrative of the allegations in a phone interview with The Fix.

The first incident occurred in the first week of September when Marcus was in the Student Services office and asked a female student working there if he could “fist bump” her. She agreed but soon filed a Title IX complaint.

The next week Aurora and Marcus were asked to meet with the school’s Disabled Students Programs and Services coordinator, who allegedly called the fist bump “inappropriate behavior.” Aurora told The Fix that Marcus did not “bump” anything other than the female’s knuckles. (The Fix has reached the coordinator but that person has not been available for a phone interview as of Thursday night.)

His mother told the coordinator that Marcus had been at the office seeking campus employment. The official allegedly said that would be “totally pointless” because Marcus was “obviously incapable” and should be taking adult disability classes instead of college classes.

Though the coordinator said the incident would not go on her son’s record if the behavior stopped, according to Aurora, the mother became aggravated by the description of a consensual fist bump as “inappropriate.”

She asked the coordinator “Did he touch her? Did he hug her? Did he follow her? Did he try to get her phone number? Did he expose himself?” When the coordinator allegedly said no to each, Aurora said she responded: “Then stop calling it inappropriate. He’s just trying to make a friend.”

Aurora explained to Marcus that the female student did not want to be his friend, and he agreed not to interact with her anymore.

A month later, an official who served as both vice president of student services and Title IX coordinator called the Knights into another meeting – with police present – because the female student had reported the incident as sexual harassment, according to Aurora. This official did not respond to a query from The Fix.

The student had changed her story to say Marcus hugged her, sat very close to her, grabbed her with one hand, and with the other tried to get her hands onto his upper thighs. Aurora said that did not seem physically possible, given that the female student had been sitting behind the counter. Marcus acted out what he did – a two-handed fist bump – at that meeting.

Ordered to bring a ‘personal student assistant’

Aurora and her son were never allowed to formally defend him throughout this process, and didn’t hear back from the school between meetings except for an email from the coordinator recommending life-skills classes for Marcus, the mother told The Fix.

College staff present at the October meeting had Marcus sign an informal resolution of sexual harassment and told him not to have contact with the female student, according to Aurora.

Because of his autism, Marcus did not understand that he could not apologize to the student in person. When he approached her in the cafeteria, “everybody was pointing at him” because the female student “had been telling everybody he was weird or dangerous,” Aurora said.

Though he left the cafeteria before reaching the student, she filed another complaint against Marcus, his mother said. When Aurora complained that the student was spreading around rumors about Marcus, Aurora said an official told her in so many words that “gossiping was not against the law.”

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75 thoughts on “Autistic Male Student Is Hit With Title IX Harassment Violation For Offering Fist Bump To Female Student”

  1. Are there any wealthy, like minded folks that would consider opening up a university catering to actual education? Studies could range from the arts to math to the trades, but every man would leave with a better grip on the skills and knowledge required to support himself and make his way in this world.
    We desperately need to secede from the College Industial Complex.

    1. sometimes seceding from the system or creating a new one is the answer. I would say in this instance take the fight to their doorstep. This guy is absolutely in the right and we are dealing here with an absolute injustice, gross discrimination, and a glaring exposure of the inequality at the heart of the education and title ix system. This case needs maximum exposure

    2. The only reason the College Industrial Complex exists is because of the colleges acting in profit seeking. ALL of the losers that demand to go to school that have no business going to college at all is so they can get loans and then go party. They don’t really care about academics or study or improvement, just Spring and Fall break excursions to party areas frats and sorority prostitute mills.
      Colleges fleece the lazy and the ignorant and award them useless degrees for their contributions to their bank accounts. In fact, the colleges serve an important function if you think about it, relieving the useless oxygen thieves of their borrowed monies and of their earning futures ensuring that there will always be an indebted class of subhuman morons to be taxpayers. unfortunately when they DEFAULT on their borrowed party monies, the rest of us GULLIBLE WORKING MORONS end up footing the bill but we can at least be glad that they will be punished the rest of their lives for it.
      Higher education should ONLY be for people with the intelligence perseverance and true desire to reach higher and LEARN and be useful with it. the other 90% need to get f*ked and go party on someone else’s wallet, even if they only accomplish it through prostitution

        1. Yay! That’s so cool! I bet communism would work if we just tried it again! Never mind the 100 million people it killed last century! Idiot…

      1. I recently went to college and the students would not respect anything outside their groupthink viewpoint.

      1. I’d love to open one but I don’t have the financial capital. If you (or anyone else) does, I’d be happy to teach at your new U.

    3. Ave Maria in Southern Florida set up by former Dominos Pizza mogul Tom Monaghan is just that. An entire community for Catholics. No Porn or condoms sold in their community. High schools and a college.

      1. In South Florida in 1994 during 9th grade Science class, I sat behind Carmen Vasquez and put my barefoot or knee straight into her big ass. We were in the back row and nobody saw a thing. I was a happy 15 year old boy because science class bored the f%&k out of me unless it was Astronomy.
        I knew she liked it because she moved her ass back in the seat. I would go home thinking about her in bed at night all through the 1990’s. Sadly, she moved out of state and I lost contact.
        I can honestly say 1994 was pre-sexual harassment days and boys could use some initiative without worrying about being expelled or some Title IX Sexual Harassment BS. That sex harassment crap started after Billy Clinton’s 1998 debacle with Monica Lewinsky.
        With Carmen, I would slowly inch my knee behind her butt, just brushing against it (almost accidental in the way I did it), then when she moved her butt back, I moved my knee and later my foot (no shoe) forward. Rome wasn’t built in a day. A little bit at a time!
        Less chemical/heavy metal estrogen crap in the environment in the early-mid ’90’s, had me sometimes jacking off 5-7 times a day. Also by ’94, most of the student body were Hispanic and I was about the only one with bright, blue eyes in that class. So many Spanish girls loved my blue eyes.
        Sorry for digressing, but what you have happening today is seriously f#%&ed up!! If all you like is SMART technology, high def and instant communication, 2018 is definitely the place for you! I prefer 1994 and putting my knee or foot up some girl’s rear end during Science class.

  2. This case needs to be given much wider coverage because beyond the obvious absurdity of the situation, and the absolute unfairness of treating an autistic kid trying to make friends as a serial sexual harasser it reveals the fundamental flaw in the feminist run system: not just the subjectivity of women deciding what harassment is according to whether they like someone / how they are communicating, but that in prioritising subjective feelings of alleged victims over any kind of objective measure it fundamentally discriminates against everyone (male, but ultimately female too) who is insufficiently attractive or social competent. Women have always determined the measure of male sexual / social success, but now under the current system (title IX etc) they have the arbitrary powers of the emperor’s thumb. The fact that feminists think such a system could possibly be fair or compatible with an equitable system of law is a measure of how unfit they are to influence public policy

    1. 1. The mainstream media will likely write no more than a blurb on this case.
      2. Modern feminism has nothing to do with what is equitable or fair, and everything to do with abusing men via family courts, employment law, and extra-legal proceedings such as this one.

      1. there’s about 3 obscure articles on it so far, so the MSM are already ignoring it. But this really should reach Breitbart, Stefan Molyneux, Prison Planet, those sort of outlets where it could get the traction it needs. I even think the MSM might run with it, if the angle is right. Remember this guy is black, autistic, and has some physical disabilities. I could see even the left wing media wringing their hands in a confusion of loyalties

        1. Wasn’t it Thomas Sowell who said that white liberal females treat black males the worst when they choose conservatism over democrat plantations?

  3. Here we see that the left tolerates everyone so long as they are normal and fit in, those who behave “inappropriately” deserve to be shamed and mocked as much as possible. This is just an eccentric young man who wants to make friends but will never be accepted by the left because he does not behave as they expect him to.

  4. What the officials were probably thinking, “sorry, kid, but better 10 innocent punished than one mattress girl.”

    1. Feminists are pedophiles because they don’t have any issue with letting middle school and elementary school students seeing them naked for swimming classes or sexual education.

  5. Well this article just gave me more rage. Poor kid. And I would wager based on the report that all odds are against him and his gonna be drummed out soon in that uni. If he does survived this one, he’ll be a pariah and that would be just a more agonizing situation even though he might not comprehend it at all. I guess the best option for him and his family is possible lawsuit against the woman and the uni itself whatever the decision on the case would be.

    1. Let’s leave aside for the moment what we all might think of the disaster that describes modern education. Let’s just look at the facts of the case in terms of a straightforward act of discrimination against a clearly handicapped person:
      The counter-argument against the (ginned up) charges against him might be that the “Woman” – really just some immature, insecure, entitled and vicious little girl – actively discriminated against him because of his Autism, “telling everybody he was weird or dangerous.” That, and by not calling her out, the school aided and tacitly encouraged her discriminatory behaviour.
      An investigation of her – and yes, I know that these things are not cheap – might reveal to the plaintiff that she planned somehow to “get even” by fabricating sexual harassment charges from whole cloth. (Indeed, it might even reveal a recurring pattern.) Again, the school might he held liable for not coming to his aid as the little girl in question spread rumors against him, the official stating to his mother that “in so many words that ‘gossiping was not against the law.” In short, the school created a climate where such discrimination can take place.
      Legal judo of course, but this looks like a case of reverse discrimination. with the school just as culpable as the silly little girl who brought the charges.
      Just a thought.

    1. Lexter
      Swimming instructors who teach youngsters at summer camps are not banned from wearing thongs and one-pieces at the public swimming pools. Feminists might have claimed that a woman’s butt crease is not sexual or smth.
      August 28, 2018
      Reminds me of the good days in middle school at Etobicoke. My gym teacher wore a teenie bikini suit for swimming classes and seeing the gentle water splash on her baby hair gave me a boner. The baby hair on her ass turned into goosebumps once she left the pool. Her ass was phat and I wanted to bang her.
      Feminism is worse than we thought!

      1. Feminism is all about whoreshipping the vagina just because vagina. Men who do that are simps and part of the problem because they can’t think beyond getting their precious peepee wet and nothing but that. Sure, admire a nice body and fine roast beef and cheddar lips, but don’t let that thirst override sense and common sense logic and reason and self preservation.

  6. OMG! What’s next, you twats !?
    I have been offended because the guy did not “smelled” my stinking fart !!
    I felt abused because that MAN refused to look at my “bushy arm pit” !!
    I am harassed because a MALE colleague did not look at my “cleavage”, which I am exposing “deliberately & desperately” !!
    Ungrateful bitches!

    1. Female teachers are already wearing thong swimsuits for gym and swimming classes in Toronto, Canada, from what I’ve read….Feminists are insanely pedos!

  7. This trying to put a stop to males attempting to interact with females and be sociable and form bonds with them is Gay and has no place in a civilized society.

  8. Women are too retarded to run society
    They should be under the control of men at all times
    A woman is only if any value when she realized her place as below a man
    That’s what I think when I make s** workers lick my D, balls and anus
    If a woman can feel humiliation at being so useless and pathetic below a man, that is even better

    1. Hit the nail right on the head. Women don’t think, they just plop out a bunch of bullshit because they “feel” something.

      1. Yes that’s why they need to be controlled and pushed in the right direction otherwise they are just like dogs chasing their tails

  9. The next time anyone sees a feminist, put her on her back, stand on her elbows, squat down, let loose a nice dry, ripping fart & say: “ah baby, that was from my soul!”

    1. You’ve supported a feminist academic who posted illegal images of children on Twitter.
      Yet the mods ban anyone who posts the JQ.

  10. I’ll just post what I shared on The Book of Face about the incident:
    I find this especially galling seeing as I have a cousin with severe cerebral palsy, though the editor preferred to concentrate on the autism in the title I guess. There are few non-violent actions I can think of that are as scummy and low as effectively suing a mentally-impaired person by exploiting equal-rights policies. Also note that the girl’s name in not mentioned once; she’s an adult, why isn’t her name out there like with any other story on a legal matter?

  11. Autism (bullshit) cerebral palsy (huh?), and a shunt in his brain?!? Ok. This is bullshit and I’ve heard enough. This is female nature gone to far. Fuck this shit.

  12. “Marcus was in the Student Services office and asked a female student working there if he could “fist bump” her. She agreed but soon filed a Title IX complaint.”
    This mirrors “rape” accusations. I’ve had something similar levied against me in 2004 when i was a college freshman. Since she consented it should be thrown out with prejudice. Its being given full terms to a transaction, but once you find out someone made a profit off of you, then you file a lawsuit. Fucking dumb.

    1. Yep. Just like when a woman agrees to have sex and then later says she was raped. She probably was smiling and going along with it, not showing the slightest bit of discomfort or annoyance.

  13. “The official allegedly said that would be “totally pointless” because Marcus was “obviously incapable” and should be taking adult disability classes instead of college classes.”
    So why is he in college? When I was a freshmen I was shocked to know that there was help for people with learning disabilities and such. Or help for people who did a skill below a HS level. This was a private 4 year institution. Weren’t these people by default not allowed in, the same way short people aren’t allowed in the NBA save for anomalies like Mugsy Bogues? This information invalidates everyone who has a degree from this place. The parents ought to be ashamed of trying to think their kid is normal.

    1. The girl is stupid for reporting him for giving a fist bump. In any case her testimony should be disregarded because she’s proven herself a liar. She either lied when she originally reported the incident, or lied when she changed her story later.
      The parents are stupid for sending their physically and mentally disabled son to university. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and resources. I bet they’re not paying for his tuition, and its being covered by the taxpayer. Even if he somehow graduates he’ll be borderline unemployable; and certainly won’t be working in a highly skilled field requiring a degree.
      Regardless if he’s going to a community college which has no admissions requirements then they have to give him a shot. Which I think is fair. I just think that his parents instead of the taxpayer should be forced to underwrite such a risky proposition.

      1. indeed. She changed her story and upped the transgressions. Based on the video of this kid there’s no way he touched her like that.

    2. Asperger’s and autism are related conditions, but people with Asperger’s tend to be exceptionally intelligent. Just not socially intelligent. Also, the rise of medically induced births and c sections have correlated with the rise of autism and Asperger’s, but only in males. Pitocin, the synthetic brand of Oxytocin which they give to women to induce labor has been shown to be a big culprit.

      1. Asperger’s is known as higher function autism. I just found out last year that I have this disorder. I personally don’t read the more subtle cues, which makes social interaction with other people more awkward.

    3. Yo, Money. If a university turned down autistes who somehow had the quals to get in, earned or not, it would lose out on a big chunk of cash. Anyone who thinks the modern education sysytem is anything but ‘for money’ is a fool, Universities are no longer associated with prestige but with making a quick buck. Gents with an ounce of sense should attempt to begin their own businesses.

  14. Feminists don’t have a problem giving a view of their naked ass to middle school students in Canada, but a fist bump to an Americunt leads to suspension because the male is over 10 and is black? Liberal hypocrites!

  15. This young man is clearly being bullied by other students and the college because of his mental handicap. Look at the guy, he’s harmless, he has a mental age of about 6. People are just as brutal as they ever have been, times are hardly ‘progressive’. It’s fine if you bully and spread slander about people if it appears to be for a ‘good cause’.

  16. How you know when Feminism has TRULY won and needs to be burned to the fucking ground-
    A BLACK RETARD (literally!) has no defense against some story fabricating shit-lib lefty white wah-man. Clown World has nearly reached its peak.
    A ‘Mollie Tibbets’ a week would solve this problem REAL fast. Women without any fear will act like complete sociopaths. Sooooo many false accusations now for even the most basic shit. Ms. Tibbets can no longer Hate White People, Virtue Signal, or Protest Rape Culture. She was Made Good by a little brown fella.
    More please…

  17. Is it because he’s black and technically impaired/disabled?…..
    I bet it was because he’s black and technically impaired/disabled.
    Lefties double standards of hypocrisy yet again.

  18. Ok, This is just fucking insane. This guy has enough challenges in life. If some self absorbed cunt can’t be a good sport and be nice to the guy who despite his disability is trying to do some thing meaningful in life, she needs a real lesson in humility. As for the administrators who promote this shit, they wonder why guys off themselves, drop out or go postal. Seriously this shit needs to stop. This is not the law in any sense of the word this is just insane crazy witch hunt shit.

  19. I guarantee you that if it was a “hot” guy with normal social skills who fist bumped her, not only would this have been a non-story, she would probably be slurping his knob in her dorm room an hour later.

  20. Saying that you support freedom does not mean that you are a pedophile.
    Saying that you support gun rights does not mean that you think people should murder.
    Saying that you think baseball hats should be legal does not mean that you think people should wear ugly clothes.
    Saying that you think drugs should be legal does not mean you think people should be junkies.
    Saying that you think there should be no minimum wage does not mean you think people will work for free.
    Saying that you think there should not be seatbelt checkpoints does not mean you think people should not use seatbelts.
    Saying that you think there should not be NSA wiretapping does not mean you think terrorism is okay.
    Saying that you oppose Trump does not mean you support Obama.
    Saying that you think there should not be TSA groping does not mean that you are a Russian shill.
    Saying that you think there should not be food stamps does not mean you think people should starve.
    Saying that you think the US debt should be reduced does not mean there should not be roads.
    Saying that you support free speech does not mean that you are a Nazi.
    The government is not your daddy. The government is not your mommy.

  21. This is a clear cut case of a female student using a title ix complaint to tell someone to go away. It’s an abuse of the system that gives young men no recourse.

  22. Shit like this makes me want to pull an Elliot Rodger. We need to start fucking killing females and liberals when they fuck up this hard.

  23. These places of higher indoctrination should have been shut down long ago. It should be considered mental abuse and a waste of fertile years (for women) to push Marxist brainwashing as a viable path for young adults while they acquire debt.

  24. “He is being persecuted because of his Autism.” – Join the club, Marcus. Women’s social agency is in CONFORMITY – and anyone who doesn’t follow the rules (even in what appears to be a MILD way), threatens that sense of power they have. That comes from others. Zero independence inherent in it. Weak as fuck. AND THEY KNOW IT. Which makes certain people completely lose their sh1t and they cannot handle living in that real world so take it out on the ‘weirdo’.
    Yes, the ‘weirdo’ (aka ‘creep’) who makes them feel a little uncertainty and perhaps paranoia at the loss of power over men. Power that they ONLY have via that social-conformity control mechanism. Note, this is always at someone else’s expense, and enforced by someone else’s muscle.
    Acting on feelings to that narcissistic, world-must-revolve-around-me-despite-proportionality-or-reasonable-empathy-for-others, is unfortunately quite common as we all know on ROK. Especially as Feminism (or you tell me what to call it, Feminists) has tacitly-enabled and defended such narcissism, unless of course it’s a MALE’s narcissism. In my naive case, when I was kind enough to sleep with a woman with issues, who was interesting and seemed up for some fun without too much bullshit – I was drugged. With MDMA I believe – which I have never intentionally-taken as it’s against my policy and needs. I woke up with a big headache and dehydration on New Year’s Eve, so that killed my party vibe from the off! Which is NOT something I’d be stupid-enough to allow to happen to me through my own actions. I was drugged and manipulated by a woman due to her paranoia, just in case I was a narcissist like some abusive ex of hers was. This is all I can guess, since she was too busy pointing the finger at me to listen to sense, of course.
    I have narcissistic tendencies, but it’s due to Autism – not directly – don’t conflate narcissism and ASD please. No, it’s indirectly, due to the subsequent emotional hole caused by being abused *severely* throughout my life for about 25 years and counting. I don’t exaggerate about such matters as those who’ve struggled to down-play their own recurring photographic memories of abuse and flashbacks, tend to respect the real abuses in this world, and not try to play the victim, quite the opposite. So we keep it inside like so many do. Abused, including physically as well as the obvious mentally, by lying parents with an agenda: Feminist and Narcissist Mother then also an enabler (victim) Father. Thus lied-to and gaslighted severely, despite a materially-comfortable life. Met many women who had such vastly lower self-control standards than myself, such vastly-lower moral standards, that they lied through their teeth that they were the victim, every time. Because for them, morality is a tool to control MEN as well as women – and when only men are held to moral (Political Correctness) standards, then what we have is tyranny.
    Autism is “the extreme MALE BRAIN” (quote: Simon Baron-Cohen). Thus WE are the ones – the canary in the mine – most likely to notice and be first discriminated against in any society-wide anti-male cultural shift. Think about that. I have a top 10% IQ (At least measured on a mildly-stoned-hungover day in a 78-question online mixed topic test). I got into one of top FIVE or top THREE colleges in my country for my chosen subject, despite severe abuse in the years preceding that. I put women’s pleasure first as a lover. They take any kindness as a weakness – at least the kind of women I have attracted. They are ANIMALS with no morality, let alone empathy. Maybe they’re undiagnosed ASD but that’s the whole point! They can get away with SERIOUS abuses, just because they are women, and coping strategy is to conform and hide behind a mask, so anyone acting weird around them, threatens that cover of theirs. Ask my mother – she’s one and abuses me to this day because of this issue. Whilst I refuse to be a sociopath mask-wearer on principle. What am I so ashamed of that I must hide it? What is so objectively – or even subjectively – harmful about my behaviour, or Marcus’s that it must be exaggerated or criminalised? People FEAR what they DON’T UNDERSTAND. We have let mentally-weak women’s harmful behaviour being over-tolerated by many orders of magnitude yet benign men’s weirdness is heavily-criminalised, in effect. Forget Godwin’s law, that anti-non-conformist scapegoating is literally Fascist as fuKKK! (Note – ‘disclaimer’ ‘given’ under duress of bullying for painting all women with the same ‘misogynistic’ brush, even though those who would accuse me, so often stand idly-by when it’s someone from THEIR in-group who abuses or generalises men, especially: respect to any strong women who don’t need to label themselves as such and just get on with life – in general, ‘real respects real’).

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