The Single Belief That Many Men Foolishly Believe About America

When we hear about the rise in cultural degeneracy, it is typically associated with cultural Marxism, feminism, multiculturalism, and the umbrella term leftism. How did all of those gain traction in the nation of freedom, the nation founded by patriots who bled and died for independence? The machinations of the wealthy elites certainly put things in motion, and their greatest tool was a single piece of propaganda that has become so ingrained in American thought that both Republicans and Democrats repeat it.

The meta-propaganda that enables all other devious influences is the belief that America is built on an idea rather than the American people.

America As An Idea

Here is a quote from Bloomberg about Senator Lindsay Graham:

“America is an idea, not a race,” the South Carolina Republican said, adding that diversity is a strength and not a weakness. The senator reiterated these sentiments in a statement released as the controversy over the president’s words grew. “I’ve always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people but by its ideals.”

Michael Koplow writing for International Policy Digest writes in his article titled “America Is An Idea” that:

America is not just a place. America is an idea…The power of the United States comes from many sources, but more than anything else it comes from the strength of the American idea.

In his 1993 inaugural address Bill Clinton says:

“Today we do more than celebrate America. We rededicate ourselves to the very idea of America, an idea born in revolution and renewed through two centuries of challenge; an idea tempered by the knowledge that, but for fate, we, the fortunate, and the unfortunate might have been each other…”

In his 2016 film “Hilary’s America,” Dinesh D’Souza teaches an incoming group of immigrants that America is an idea. He can’t go to Mexico and become a Mexican any more than a Mexican can go to India and become an Indian. Anyone, however, can be an American because America is an idea.

As you can see, this belief spans the left-right political spectrum. Some like Dinesh D’Souza have probably just been brainwashed since birth that America is an idea. Others like Bono and Michael Koplow are probably just useful idiots. Politicians like Bill Clinton and Lindsay Graham are purposefully spreading the idea like a virus.

What Is The Idea Of America?

The idea of America can be anything, and that’s precisely what makes this the meta-propaganda. If huge corporations want waves of third-world immigrants to provide them with cheap labor the idea of America becomes “diversity is our strength” or “America is a melting pot” or “America is a nation of immigrants.”

If the rich want to get richer they spread the nugget that America is the idea that a person can be anything they want to be. So Americans believe that the rich are rich because they earned all that wealth. Yet when they clearly do a bad job they’re not held accountable for crimes or even allowed to go bankrupt.

Just look at the big bank bailouts of 2009. The idea of American social mobility was very inconvenient then, so social engineers stopped pushing it for a while. The wealthy elite loves the social mobility fallacy as a means to lower taxes for themselves. After all, if people believe that they can be one of the wealthy elites they won’t want to pay more taxes at that time, so they vote for tax cuts for wealthy elites now. Yet the chances of the average man becoming rich do not portray America as a land of social mobility.

When social engineers want to inspire racial hatred they say America was built on racism. Yet when they want to bolster feminism they say that America was built on equality and proceed to spew some lie about women making less money for doing the same job as men.

The “idea” of America can be anything. It is used to push an agenda that benefits very few at the cost of many.

America Is Not An Idea, It Is A People

When the founding fathers and settlers of this nation fought the revolutionary war and won their independence, they didn’t do it for an idea. They risked their lives (many gave their lives) for the people that surrounded them. They fought for the people of their new nation and the American way of life. They had no one but each other then. Even if the settlers of Scottish heritage were hostile to the settlers of German heritage (or any such rivalry), they came together against common enemies that threatened the American people.

People get the idea that America is not a nation of people because of the diversity of settlers. Hungarians are Hungarians because they were born in Hungary and so were their ancestors. America is such a young country that for a long time it didn’t sound right to say somebody was an American because their ancestors were not born in America. If their grandparents were immigrants, where does that put their long-term heritage?

Now America is over 240 years old. We have many high points in our history and also some low points. That puts America on par with every nation-state in Europe. America has been around long enough for us to say that America is a people and has been for a very long time.

When we accept that America is a people it becomes much harder for Americans to be callous to other Americans. Maybe those people on welfare will do everything they can to get off of it if they believe they are taking resources from their own people. Maybe criminal bankers would be imprisoned for their crimes if we suspected them of doing damage to our fellow Americans. Maybe we would have more compassion for people than dogs if we believed that those people were our people, Americans like us.

Those are dangerous beliefs to social engineering puppet-masters. The only way Americans can unite is if they cast aside the belief that America is an idea and accept that America is a nation of Americans. As we have proven in the past, when Americans unite and care for each other there is no enemy we can’t defeat.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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  1. Great article. As much as I’d like to believe that “we as Americans” can be united by our shared country, the reality is that multicultural societies simply don’t foster that mentality.
    Unity comes natural to homogenous nations. The Japanese don’t even have to ponder questions like this. When they look around, they see their fellow Japanese. When I look around New York, I see a cesspool of low IQ migrants who I can’t relate to, and vice versa.
    Until America becomes a nation of majority European immigrants driven by a common goal, America will never be united again. The truth is bitter, but one must accept it to grow.

    1. Theres about 4 major ethnic groups in Japan, but in nature metal must be continuously beaten to be properly forged. Japanese had a history of warring America simply doesn’t have. Who knows in the next 500, 100 little civil wars might break out. Little gang on gang crime simply doesn’t have the scale to unite.

      1. but they speak the same language or language is mutually intelligible therefore culture is the same like bantu [people of southern Africa defferent but the same whereas America

      2. Germans and English are different ethnicities but they are still the same race – white. Japan may have different ethnicities but they are still the Asian race.

        1. So you going back to the 3 type category regarding race: Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid? If you do that you’re categorizing, Jews, Arabs in the same vein as Anglo-Saxons, Vikings.
          The template branches off and depending on environment, various traits are altered.
          Ethnic groups need a common enemy to gather to form an entirely new culture.
          Culture doesn’t happen because we talk about it. It is the realization of the desire of a group of people.

        2. Haha, “white” is totally a New World concept, and it didn’t exist in Europe beforehand. The Spanish called themselves white, the French did too, and in the context of the United States, only Anglo-Saxons were “white”. Even Benjamin Franklin loathed Germans and German immigrants, degrading them as “swarthy” and the “sons of Africa”. When they say “free white men” they mean settlers straight from the British Isles. Besides WASPs, most white Americans are a mix of different European ethnicities like German, Irish, or Italian, peoples that were not considered to be “white”.

          Perceptions always change, and they will in the future.

        3. @Facts…the founding fathers had the same mindset that Europeans back then had BECAUSE EUROPEANS were really the only people achomplishing anything in the world, and they were competing with each other, aka, British vs French, British vs German, German vs French…etc etc, this is why they would talk shit to each other, and it is just like Southern whites talk shit about Northern Whites. To pretend that blacks, Arabs, and Indians will ever be considered white because of “changing” perceptions is dumb as shit. “Haha, “white” is totally a New World concept, and it didn’t exist in Europe beforehand.” Not really, but even then it does make sense because before the Age of Discovery white people had only ever SEEN OTHER WHITE PEOPLE…amazing how diversity is what actually starts racism, right? “When they say “free white men” they mean settlers straight from the British Isles” They obviously didn’t because Germans and Irish were coming to America from the very beginning (where do you think the Amish came from?), along with some French, Norwegians, and Swedes. The founding fathers were not stupid, and they knew what a white person was.
          Look, I know you want everyone to be a mixed breed like you so you can feel better and be around “homogeneity” that matches you, but whites don’t need or should even tolerate “others” coming in and passing on their genes at our expense. These “others” are unproven people, and they should not pass on their genes in our country. It would be like the strong bear feeling sorry for the weak bear so he just lets the weak bear fuck and impregnate all the bear bitches. It is anti-evolutionary, sorry.

        4. Facts…”perceptions change and they always will”…is that why Native Americans still live on reservations and consider themselves Native American? Is that why Mexicans still believe America was stolen from them by the whites?

        5. Here comes “Facts” playing semantics so he can pretend like he actually has something to contribute to the discussion.
          Only a retard wouldn’t know that today the word white is used interchangeably with European.I could have just said caucasoid because caucasoid craniofacial morphology evolved in Europe. All other people around the world that are classified osteologically as Caucasoid are the result of admixture between these original back migrating European caucasoids with the autochthonous stocks of those regions.
          The oldest Caucasus skull ever found is called Mladec1 and was found in what is today the Czech republic, it’s dated back to 31kya.
          All of this can be verified with some google searching. You can thank me for the education later.

        6. Caucasoid craniofacial structure? That belongs to Northern Europeans. Sicilians have the same craniofacial structure of Levantines. So why are they White? Same with most Meds. Be consistent.

        7. @Fits
          All Europeans are caucasoid.
          There are sub racial categories such as Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean, etc. but all are caucasoid. Many Scicillians have Moore admixture which is why some appear darker.

        8. Wes the great ,you say before the Age of Discovery white people had only ever SEEN OTHER WHITE PEOPLE…So those Europeans who were part of the Crusades don’t count as white people seeing others of a darker hue? How about the Moors from Africa invading Spain?

        9. Germans tend to be more blond and rounder skulled then either the English, Welsh or Scots. Probably due to Alpine admixture, which is highly prevalent in Central Europe, France, and the Balkans.
          You have 3 major skull shapes among White European peoples:
          1) Nordic- dolichocephalic, tall statured, blond-medium brown hair, predominately blue eyes. This comprises a large portion of people from Scandinavia, northern Germany, parts of the British Isles, the Low Countries, and some of the Baltic States. Examples are Max Von Sydow, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Stewart, etc…
          2) Alpine- Brachycephalic, characterized by a short, round skull shape and robust, heavy boned body structure. Medium height, comprised of people living in France, Central Europe, Balkans, Poland and other Slavic states. Examples are probably somebody driving a truck or farming equipment in those areas.
          3) Original Mediterranean- Dolichocephalic, characterized by people living in and around the Mediterranean in Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal and parts of the British Isles. Examples are Roy Scheider from Jaws, Timothy Dalton, Jordi Molla (Spanish Actor), Andy Garcia…No Negro DNA present compared to other Meds in those areas today!

      3. BArbatos….lol, Japan is homogenous as fuck. Not only are they all Northeastern Asian to begin with, but they also share the same exact culture. You could not take a random Japanese person and then determine where in Japan they come from or what ethnicity in Japan they are a part of.

        1. What you say contradicts history, but whatever. Probably didn’t even read the link I posted, (Benjamin mentions tons of other Europeans besides Germans). I want everyone to be a “mixed-breed”? Nice strawman, you fucking idiot. This is like arguing with a leftist. You’re not so “great” when it doesn’t even seem like you graduated high school.

        2. “Probably didn’t even read the link I posted”…I read the link, and to think that one white man criticizing other whites for the way they acted means that race doesn’t matter anymore is ridiculous. Your cherry picked and exaggerated history is not truthful history bro, so don’t give me this BS about how what I said contradicts history. The naturalization act of 1790 stated “free white men…of good character”. The idea that they only meant men from the British isles is fucking retarded, and it is not backed up by anything except for your personal opinion. The 1790 immigration act allowed Germans, Norwegians, Irish and other western Europeans into this country, and that act was signed into law BY THE FOUNDING FATHERS. Race matters dumbass, it always has, and always will. Preceptions on race do not change bro, unless a race is completely wiped out. Every human desires to be surrounded by people who look and act like them, it is based on evolution…just like you want this country to be browner because your brown, and so you go out there and cherry pick history and then exaggerate it to fit your personal opinion. What I said is not personal opinion, it is WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
          “Nice strawman, you fucking idiot. This is like arguing with a leftist.” LOL, you are the one posting liberal garbage to fit your narrative you dumb fuck. That source you posted was literally just a copy of what the Washington post, huff po, the new York times, and just about what every other liberal on this planet uses to justify their pro-immigration policies. It was just another “your on the wrong side of history white boy” message that you posted.
          So, do you actually have something logical to say, like, what was I wrong on and some details, or are you just going to childishly say that I’m “not so “great”.

      4. There are 4 you left out Australoid. Some Middle eastetners may have craniofacial morphology that is Caucasoid and so do many latino/mistizos. However, they are genetically mixed breeds and are not European.

      5. Japan also had the Tokugawa Shogunate that laid down a totalitarian rule of 250 years or so that forced the various clans to bend the knee or face destruction. It also enforced the policy of almost complete isolation to prevent the western powers from intruding into the country.

    2. Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan = Libertarian, civic nationalist cucks. You people seeing it, do you get it? It is no wonder ANCAP and other Anarco-communist groups share so much in common with Libertarians way of thinking. To believe rights are “natural” or divine is pure insanity, and it is the excuse that every “lord/King” has made in every feudal society. Your rights come from the state, and the state is made by a tribe….always has been and always will be, and that state, especially if it is taken over by others, can strip you of those rights.
      Libertarianism is the trash-bin of ideologies where all the demoralized, lost, and cucked men go to make excuses, or to rationalize, the current predicament they are in without acknowledging the fact that they are a part of the problem. Just like that cuck Tibbets whose daughter was murdered by an illegal. He didn’t raise her right in the first place, he was just like every other Ted Cruz libertarin boomer cuck out there who thinks “race don’t matter, it is just economics and du govment bro”, and who participated in bringing these illegals in as “worker serfs”. It was people like him who helped kill his own daughter, but don’t worry he will never accept that and will just continue to bitch about the government and taxes. Or it is a lot the cuck whose wife is fucking other dudes, who then trys to rationalize why he is actually STRONG for tolerating her behavior, it makes him STRONGER for putting up with all her bullshit, you know, way stronger than those other “sexist” men who put their wives in their place. Libertarins are just whinny, selfish, cowardly little bitches who will never accomplish anything, they will never pick up those rifles they always talk about, and they will just continue to bend over and get fucked….such a garbage ideology.

    3. Great point. And there are two things we must undertake. White’s need to start having more babies and caring for those babies in intact families, and we need to kick out everyone we don’t need whom we can kick out, and start taking only those immigrants whom would benefit the people of America greatly for being here. Those 4 things alone would go a long way to making everything better. But then we still have to deal with all the different people that are already here. Bare minimum, we will have whites, blacks, mexicans and american indians in large numbers, and we will always have others from all over the world here in at least small numbers, if for nothing else conducting business and going to school. So we still have to get rid of all the socialists, marxists, feminist, racist, gayist BS and move back to the basics of private property, life, liberty, etc… We need to run things entirely as a meritocracy. What, your parents were poor and treated badly? Too bad, overcome, make yourself better and move up. And the real hard part is rooting out the corruption. In fact, we’d have to root out the corruption first before we could implement anything else here. For the corrupt won’t let us implement it, if they have their way.

      1. One political group allowed many people into this country to ensure continual re-election. That’s all.

        1. Republicans? They are the ones that started it…Reagan gave 3 million amnesty with no strings attached. Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and all the other neo-con libertarian cucks love illegal workers serfs, and continually want to bring more in, and they LOVE LOVE LOVE the LEGAL imports too. Don’t pretend this is the liberals, back in the day it was environmentalists who were at the forefront of wanting ALL immigration to stop, and they were ignored and laughed at by the “muh individualism, muh growth, muh capitalist” morons on the right. The left wing unions (many of who turned blue states for Trump in the 2016 election) also were always against mass immigration and outsourcing, but they were laughed at by the “muh individualism, muh growth, muh capitalist” retards on the right. Modern day Liberals (aka Marxists) just found the weakness in Republicans ideology and they are exploiting it, no different than when the rich abused American citizens and then the liberals took advantage of that. Marxism just doesn’t pop up out of thin air, it usually requires libertarianism and elitism before it can be implemented, like Venezuela, and all other Marxist movements. No closed border, wealthy, fair, and large middle class society goes towards Marxism. Stable social safety nets are not Marxism either BTW.

        2. One self chosen tribe encourages mass 3rd world immigration to create a disunited people in chaos. The more easily to rule them as slaves. There fixed it for you.

    4. low iq? Then I wonder who pushed this gay agenda in india….they dont have food clean iar or toilets but now they can increase their Aids rate, knowing full well its almost as bad as south africa

  2. Because politicos of all stripes take single ideas out of context to bend them to their political needs.
    This concept of America is an Idea is part of the new religion right up their next to “All men are equal”. Which is 100% obviously FALSE in observable objective reality.
    There reason these two concepts go hand in glove is they allow shitlib lefties the moral high ground from which to strike. Cuckservatives too busy pissing down their leg they may be called rayciss! will then feebly go along.
    The reality is FAR different. This was a nation found by, and for, Christian Europeans. There are a dozen quotes that I can think of that back this concept.
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams
    As a society we are godless and amoral. We are however, highly religious still, but the religion has a new name. It has fanatical disciples literally willing to die for the cause (see: Molly Tibbets, et al.)
    That new religion is Die-Versity. As fanatical as radical Islam but in a different and much more dangerous way. Being a martyr, however, is fine in both. The jihadist takes others with him when he dies. The white cuck race martyr sacrifices herself to wash away the original sin of Whiteness.

    1. Wow! Deep insight. You REALLY stated the obvious in a humdrum and boring way. Sorry, no gold star for you, D –

    2. About that quote from John Adams:
      The above is a partial quote that leaves out an important piece of what Adams said and an even larger piece of context about his religious views.
      First of all, here’s the full quote of John Adam’s letter written on October 11, 1798, to the officers of the Massachusetts militia:
      But should the people of America once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another, and towards foreign nations, which assumes the language of justice and moderation, while it is practising iniquity and extravagance, and displays in the most captivating manner the charming pictures of candour, frankness, and sincerity, while it is rioting in the rapine and insolence, this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world. Because we have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
      Note that Adams is equating morality with religion. He’s using religion as a synonym for moral thinking opposed to greed, revenge, and other motives that make the workings of democracy difficult.
      Some people today have been using the last part of the quote to quite inaccurately claim that Adams was a supporter of organized religion and a proponent of a closer relationship between organized religion and government.
      That’s simply not the case.
      Context demonstrates that clearly. Take this excerpt from a letter Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson on December 12, 1816:
      I return the Analysis of Dupuis, with my thanks for the loan of it. It is but a faint miniature of the original. I have read that original in twelve volumes, besides a thirteenth of plates. I have been a lover and a reader of romances all my life, from Don Quixote and Gil Bias to the Scottish Chiefs, and a hundred others. For the last year or two I have devoted myself to this kind of study, and have read fifteen volumes of Grimm, seven volumes of Tucker’s Neddy Search, twelve volumes of Dupuis, and Tracy’s Analysis, and four volumes of Jesuitical History! Romances all! I have learned nothing of importance to me, for they have made no change in my moral or religious creed, which has, for fifty or sixty years, been contained in four short words, “Be just and good.” In this result they all agree with me.
      I must acknowledge, however, that I have found in Dupuis more ideas that were new to me, than in all the others. My conclusion from all of them is universal toleration. Is there any work extant so well calculated to discredit corruptions and impostures in religion as Dupuis?
      Once again Adams equates morality with his personal religious beliefs, which boil down to being “just and good.”
      Adams dismissed works of formal religious philosophy and theology as “romances” and equates them to fairy tales.
      Adam’s correspondent Jefferson, of course, was a celebrated Deist who was so disdainful of religion that he famously cut much of the text out of his personal New Testament.
      He and Adams shared very similar sentiment.
      Anyone looking to claim a founding father as sympathetic to the idea that the United States was founded as a Christian nation had best look beyond Adams.
      He was not sympathetic, despite efforts to quote mine him and distort his intent.

    3. The (((people))) growing stronger and more powerful in this nation and globally are the same people that completely ignore these ideas in regards to their own (((tribe))) remaining very ethnocentric and secretly racist whilst propagating these crippling ideaologies on the different groups they parasitically feed off.
      They used to be kicked out of nations for such practices but now they prevail undetected playing the diverse groups off each other and have psychologically ingrained into the cuk mindset of the sheep they are the ultimate victims above reproach with muh holohoax you’re an anti-Semite nassi.

    4. Founded by Euro Christians, so NO other Christians are welcome which at any level is INCONSISTENT with the Bible, teachings from people with Jewish history from the Middle East not Europe. Sounds like the America you say should be is a enigma wrapped in a Shroud of Turin hypocrisy.

  3. Wasn’t Deng Xiao Ping the most recent avatar for the idea of America? The place where one can come from humble beginnings and rise to stardom is now China.

  4. I agree with you about the Founding Fathers and how we were most certainly founded as a people — and a race: the White Anglo Saxon or Northern European generally, preferably PROTESTANT. In your article though, you do not define what an American is racially or ethnically, even though our Founders and up until well into the beginning of the 20th Century, most people in this country certainly understood what it meant and most importantly, who was NOT or could not be considered White American.
    I have said time and time again on this site that the beginning of our current racial and social disaster began in the 19th Century when we opened our shores to Southern European and Jewish/Eastern European migration, a problem that many, many, many Americans fiercely opposed at the time and that even led to the Immigration restriction laws of the 1920s.
    It was only inevitable that these new immigrants, alien to the founding Protestant “White” ideals would also bring with them a vulgarity without precedents.
    The new immigrants which came in the late 19th Century were no longer exclusively Northern Europeans who came of their own impulse to improve their
    social conditions. We have always been far too kind and noble and that is why European governments in those days took advantage of our generosity (some would say naivete) and unloaded on us the trash of their prisons and other social undesirables. In fact, American prisons quickly filled with these people who were bringing social problems to America (much like our prisons today are mostly filled with the same type, even though increasingly White males, totally broken by this degenerate “new” America, increasingly fill our jails).
    If you look at who fought mostly for the “Civil Rights” movement in the 60s, which became the precursor (as MANY WHITE MEN WARNED VEHEMENTLY at the time) to the illness of America today, they were mostly the children of these “new” immigrants: “the chosen” primarily, but also “ethnic” types such as the Italian-Americans to some extent.
    We have become so confused and brainwashed, that for over 100 years, the term “Native American” actually meant a WHITE MAN…not an INDIAN…but today, most people are so stupid that they will say “you’re not a real American, only Indians can say that and you stole their land”. A lot of degenerate Whites will say that without blinking. But the fact is, our Founding Fathers understood the term to mean White. The problem in all this is that we never developed national consciousness, we lacked the instinct of racial preservation that older nations had and we see the effect today: you go to any European country and even though they are in a terrible social state, they at least understand that a foreigner is a foreigner even if he was “born” there. In France, they always distinguish between real French and “beurs”, even in the UK, they would never call a Pakistani an “Englishman”.
    We wasted the only opportunity we had to correct things and we allowed the 60s to happen with full force. America today is a lost cause for the most part, in a racial sense and we are living on borrowed time. Nothing at this point can change the fact that Whites will be a minority shortly. You can kiss this country goodbye, so the only viable future will be ethnic and racial nationalism, since we lost our country culturally. I am a strong proponent of separatism and parallel communities.

    1. Yes, lets forget that 25% of Washington’s army was Irish Catholic, as well that three signers of the US Constitution were Catholic. If it were not for the Catholic powers of Spain and France you would not have a country. You are welcome.

      1. The Anglo-Protestants live in a delusional world where they arrogantly believe that they have done everything themselves without any, let alone major contributions by other groups.

        1. Cavalier:
          Well we hadn’t been defeated historically. We stood up for what we believed in. Can other groups say the same? As a matter of fact, historically the battles for freedoms have been fought by predominantly Anglo-Protestant men. Look at history: even the Scandinavians have been known for (until recently) fighting for freedom. France? Vichy dictatorship. Italy? Mussolini. Spain? Fascist Franco. Portugal? Salazar, another Catholic dictator. Greece? Pretty much a banana republic and of course a dictatorship for a long time, almost comparable to Turkey. Then there are economic facts: no other peoples have historically, in modern times, been as wealthy as the Anglo countries. You can kick and scream all you want about how “we think we are better” than everyone else, but it does seem history supports that. As for today, you name me a single country in Europe or North America that is not degenerate. You can’t.

      2. We would have one without Spain and France in the long run. The only reason they “helped” was due to their hatred of England, not anything to do with love of freedom and if you really believe that, sorry for your ignorance.
        25% of Washington’s army was Catholic? You’re having a laugh! Show your source. 3 signers? Nope — only ONE and his name was Charles Carroll. So 1 makes all the difference? You’re ignorant of history.

        1. The Protestant countries were the handmaidens of Socialism. The coming destruction of Western Civilization can be put right in their lap. While Catholic countries were keeping the Muslim Turk at bay, at Lepanto, Siege of Vienna, etc., the Protestant countries were taking advantage to enrich themselves. In Protestant countries the Tribe found fertile ground to initiate their plan for world domination. And really don’t be proud of WW2 because what foolish tools both Britain and America were for destroying the opposition to the Tribes agenda and enabling the NWO to move forward. Never been defeated? What do you call what is happening to the Protestant countries now. They are in the midst of defeat.

        2. You are living a delusion. Without the French and Spanish keeping the English busy in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and in Europe proper the full weight of British arms would have crushed you. France gave you so much money they went bankrupt and it helped usher in the French Revolution. The Spanish and Governor Galvez kept thousands of British regulars busy in the Southern Colonies. Comte Degrasse led a French fleet that fought the British fleet in the Caribbean and they helped assure Washington’s victory at Yorktown.
          As to the Catholic signers of the Constitution, there was more than one. Check out Thomas Fitzsimmons a Catholic from Pennsylvania who also signed the Constitution.
          You are welcome once more.

        3. Again, living in fantasy. The Poles fought for their freedom for decades after disappearing as a country. The South Americans also fought for their freedom as well as the Haitians the Cubans and even the Phillipinos against the Spanish in the USA. So no, Protestants are not the only ones who fought for freedom.
          You sound like a follower of James McCarthy. I am glad the rapture did not occur this week and you were able to find time to respond.

        4. Again a delusion. If it were not for the Spanish and French keeping the British busy in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Europe proper the full weight of British arms would have crushed you. Governor Galvez fought the British in the Southern Colonies, Comte de Grasse defeated the British navy at Yorktown, and the Spanish besieged Gibraltar for years. By the way, Carrol was not the only Catholic signer of the constitution. You forgot about Thomas Fitzsimmons. You are welcome once more.

  5. Sorry, I think I posted a duplicate comment but my comments are not appearing. Is there a glitch on the site?

  6. I would sacrifice and endure hardship for people I am related to by blood and common heritage. I would not sacrifice for some “idea.” Good luck trying to keep a society together based on some vague and constatly shifting “ideas” America.

  7. Huge corporations don’t need huge waves of immigration to the US because they have already shipped many jobs overseas.
    If America isn’t an idea as you argue, and it is its people, are you arguing that anyone born in the United States of US parents is an American, irrespective of all other factors such as race or religion or creed or the rest?
    You can’t have it both ways…

    1. “If America isn’t an idea as you argue, and it is its people, are you arguing that anyone born in the United States of US parents is an American, irrespective of all other factors such as race or religion or creed or the rest?”
      Yes that is exactly correct. And you are a fucking shill which is why you posted a wall of text above attempting to discredit the simple idea that this nation was based on the ‘mandate of heaven’ which is universal moral principles as envisioned by WHITE Europeans of that era.
      I am guessing you are a (((you))) because you twist language with the best of those skinsuit wearing lizard people. The entire POINT of America was to assimilate. There were no hyphenated Americans prior to the 90s and it was an understood fact you were AMERICAN when you came to fucking America. Take your BS back to HuffPo try hard sperg.
      p.s. You have to go back…

      1. Apex…do your homework before opening your mouth. Only beta losers rant and rave when exposed as being morons.
        Facts are facts…it helps to face reality rather then deny it and live in a delusion.
        Oh, my bad, you aren’t actually capable of accepting reality or critical thinking, just braying like the ass you are.
        FINALLY, Proverbs 26.4
        “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself.”

      2. Apex you once attacked me as an anti-Semite and posted a lot of disguised pro J garbage.
        On the old forums you used to try to diffuse and misdirect topics when people began to discuss the J question.

        1. I’m pretty sure that was my dick-riding doppleganger who likes to call himself apex predator is a fag who posts all sorts of gay shit himself.
          The only thing you will hear me say on the JQ and its been my position forever is that white cucks and useful idiots having taking their poison and now distribute it willingly. So yeah, they got the ball rolling, but the dumb ass self-haters are the fuel in the engine.

  8. If America is based on “ideas” then if someone comes up with better ideas everyone will betray America.
    A nation based on blood can survive bad leaders, bad ideas and bad policy. A nation based on “ideas” is screwed once some citizens start deciding that someone else has “ideas” they like better.

    1. A small group of people that remain loyale to blood/religion/race can easily conquer and dominate herds of individualists that are hypnotized and bedazzled by ideas that keep them enslaved.

      1. Correct. “Individualism” only works in a homogeneous population that shares the same interests, loyalty and desires.
        In a multicultural society ethnic cohesion is the winning strategy, so you either adopt to it or get steamrolled by those who do.

  9. America is a place to work (if you can find it, that is) and that is it. Just “opportunity” (economic only). If you want money bad enough- America is for you.

  10. Very insightful article. Ultimately the elite class wants all of the masses to be fungible. They want to move people around as if they are playing a board game. They don’t want anyone having strong ties to a nation, religion, culture, or way of life, because those things interfere with social engineering plans.
    An analogy would be that they see the U.S. Government as the operating system, and the land we sit on is just the computer hardware. The OS is dictated and controlled with patches and updates, by the (((engineers))) who hold the levers of media, academia, and law.
    This is obviously a fallacy. If the OS were the important bit that drives our success, we could export it to other nations so that they may employ our superior template to raise their own economies up. Any casual observer can tell this approach has been a dismal failure and colossal waste of resources.
    There would be no need to import foreigners into our lands if it were merely our government and cultural model that guarantees success. The entire world would be prosperous by now if it were true.
    Everything is built on lies heaped upon more lies. Blood and Soil is all that matters in the end. Who can you trust to fight beside you?

  11. “listen to me you filthy little goyim! and listen well! we will infiltrate and subvert your societies. not by force, mind you, but covertly! insidiously! we will twist and turn and cajole until we have our way! we will call the european races evil! we will deem nationalism and your love of country a pathology! your love of the impostor yeshua will be ridiculed as idiocy and your religion will be a symptom of low intelligence! you will become addicted to fornication and you will worship gold! it will all come down to sex, you see? any of your cherished petty little beliefs that do not fit with our program will be a symptom of sexual repression! our psychoanalysis will teach you how to think! we will say truth does not exist! we mean your truth, naturally, not ours! soon enough, you will be so demoralized, so lost, so out of tune with what you were, that your boys will begin to dress up as girls and we will call this progress! sound fair?”
    “yes massa! yes massa! sound very fair! thank you massa! thank you massa! i love you massa.”

    1. only because the human cattle have IQ’s of 100-105
      the jew is too smart to fall for this nonsense

  12. America was founded by people who survived the harsh conditions of the new world.
    And it will continued by those, who will survive the next apocalypse.

  13. Excellent article and spot on. The Founding Fahers would have scoffed at this “America is an idea” nonsense. That made it quite clear, in no uncertain terms, that America was a country of European immigrants bound together by (mainly) English traditions. This “idea” crap was cooked up by Abolitionist radicals and Eastern European Jews. There is nothing American about it. True, over the yearsd Americans have expanded their vision of who we will allow to join our family but you come here to become part of the family, not to start a new one or disrupt what exists.

  14. SOOOO many targets and so little ammo..
    The threats are as follows:
    (((THE Synagogue of SATAN)))
    Radical Islam
    Main Stream Media
    The Radical Communist Left
    The Radical Nazi Right
    3 letter agencies
    most everyone that carries a badge
    inner city gangs
    ms 13
    la raza
    These big fvkin corporate conglomerates on social media that is censoring us.
    all in all.. Billions of people.

    1. Yes friend, but I must add one important point, which overwrites the ALL!! :
      IF you wanna deal with them browns / dirty blacks / muslim scum / leftists / liberal scum / etc. ———–>>> THEN YOU MUST DEAL WITH THE K-I-K-E ! ! ! ! ! !
      Always been the feckin’ JOUUUUSSS!!!
      To round them up ( muslim dogs / cholos ) or at least segregate them for the sake of the remaining WHITES, –>> you must take out ALL THEM K-I-K-E-S from all power!!!
      Those hebrew parasites are working hard more than 3000 years now to DESTROY ALL WHITE NATIONS, so they can be the only white colored race on this Planet!!
      Everything roots from the JOUUUSSS! All the bad shit! :
      -wars ( for profit )
      -biggest slave traders in the history of mankind !!!
      -transhomofaggot agenda
      -they are behind ANTIFAgs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      -they are behind BLACK LIVES DON’T FUCKING MATTER movement !!!
      -media brainwash
      -interracial fucking marriages ( TO DESTROY THE STUPID WHITE WOMAN!!! )
      -man made ( designer ) plagues / AIDS&co. !!!
      So yes, FUCK the J-s !!!

    2. One more THING :
      —“radical nazi right” ?????????????????????????????
      ARE YOU A RETARD???????????????????????????
      Unless you some brown, then you’re an idiot buddy!!!
      Grow up!!
      Or go home to your third world shite hole dude!!
      Peace out!

      1. Gabe the Clairvoyant
        So, you are going to remove what? 50-60 million brown people in the US?
        And you call me an idiot.. You don’t have enough ammo and you don’t have any backing.
        All your “patriots” are fvkn posers that wont get their fat asses of the couch and do jackshit.
        So please, stfu and gfy.
        Because FVKYou.
        quit lying to yourself.

          I’m talking world wide not just your feckin’ US!!
          READ between the lines retard: I wrote —> “at least segregate” !!!
          Your eyes only see selective shit libtard fuck!!
          The ones MUST go–> are the JOUUUS !!!
          + muzzies!
          But you are not white, that’s clearly obvious!!
          Should move yourself to a full black / brown / muzzie area and see what’s waiting for you!
          ( there’s no IF and BUT ) Them or WE WHITES!!!
          Retard: I’m NOT a neo nazi / right wing / or whatnot, BECAUSE THE JOUUUS ARE RUNNING THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT!!!
          I’m ANTI J E W !!!

  15. America is an economic zone. Don’t feel bad if you don’t feel patriotism and allegiance to it. I don’t own a house in the US or even rent anymore. I don’t borrow money. I make my money in the states and bring it to a country that hasn’t cucked itself out to diversity, where I get about 2.5 times the “bang” for my buck. I don’t care about the politics, the military, or the mentally-ill queers you have running your institutions. Do like me, get what you can and get out.

  16. Going to SEA this winter.. Vietnam mainly.. never traveled overseas but am now looking to gtfo of this insane asylum called the United States of America..
    It is NOT united by any means and I fear war, death and destruction is on the horizon.
    I swear there is a mass hypnosis, plus systematic poisoning of the food chain and deliberate dumbing down of the populace.
    I am looking to purchase or lease real estate and live among the people in the land of smiles..
    FVK this place!!!!!

    1. SEA is great…for a small amount of money one can live a simple, hassle-free life. Not having a social welfare system prevents society falling into a victim mentality; people there don’t have the luxury of sitting around and feeling sorry for themselves.
      Just read up on social norms…especially the concept of “saving face” and you’ll be fine. You have the right mentality of not wanting SEA to be the same as home.
      I also recommend you also explore Thailand, Cambodia, and Taiwan. They are also great places for a man to start a new life. Best of luck, cheers!

      1. Vietnam is a communist state. Wouldn’t moving there from the States be like going from the frying pan (and not a very hot pan at that) to the fire?

        1. It’s Communist In Name Only (CINO). Same as China. They both realized that shit didn’t work in the 80s and basically undid everything. The bureaucrats make more money letting big business come in and then getting bribes than they do with a weak communist gov’t.
          tl;dr: Asians in gov’t love money too much to ever be communist.
          The only communist holdover is the large amount of bureaucracy. the massive amount of government workers doing nothing, and those workers that do nothing wanting bribes.
          The actual policy. Not communist. Hell, the (official) tax rate in Vietnam is lower than in the US. You do have bribes and a shitload of permits to do anything though (see above).

    2. Vietnam definitely isn’t the land of smiles lol. People rarely smile like they do in Thailand.
      Anyway, foreigners can’t really purchase land in Vietnam. Maybe you can in Thailand.
      You can do it in Cambodia, but when the US topples Hun Sen’s government (5-10 more years) you’re fucked. Or if the government just wants to take your property you’re fucked. Property rights suck here in SEA.
      Other than that it’s a great place. I just wouldn’t do business out here.

      1. If/when America go’s to shit and the zionists move to their next Golem what makes white men think they will be safe, have wealth or be respected anymore. The Thais or whatever SEA country may just say fuk you, seize your assets and kick you the fuk out.
        The psycopathic J are probably going to hunt every last white man down on the face of the earth. Running is not really a long term solution.

        1. You are right. They may even become enslaved in those countries because the inhabitants will have no fear or respect.

  17. Who the Founders wanted the USA to be for is given in the Preamble to the Constitution: “ourselves and our Posterity”. The first immigration law, which was in effect for a very long time, allowed entry to “free white persons”. So anyone today saying that the Founders wanted a global melting pot is being pretty disingenuous. Civic nationalism only works if the populations are mutually compatible and don’t push for agendas at the expense of others.

    1. Beau, Its the same with freedom of religion. Back when the bill of rights was written freedom of religion meant your right to choose which type of Christianity you want to practice. They never envisaged citizens would be stupid enough to invite muslims on mass into America.

  18. Reality
    yes I know.. But it seems almost all SEA is the land of smiles.
    From what I have researched the Asians are way less violent as a people and seem to be happy.
    Kinda like I was in the 70s.. Now all I do is wade through land whales that are forever pissed off about something..
    EVERYONE seems to be about ready to go ballistic and a lot of people are.

  19. Excellent article. It grinds my gears when people, especially immigrants, come into America and spew pompous garbage such as “America is an idea.” They really seem to think that this country is up for grabs, as if we don’t have any right to pride of our white/European race, culture, and historical achievements. No foreigner has the moral right to redefine who we are. It’s time us Americans recognized our right to national pride, just like every other non-white country does.

  20. America is a country based upon Northern European genetics and a Christian heritage. Italians are a mixed bag but got a pass, because they mostly look white.
    In real America one can look at other whites and be relatively content the they are similar to you. Anyone with an open eye can pretty well pick out the different genetic groups – English, German, Scots, Irish, Italians, and Slavs.
    America insofar as it was an “idea” was an idea for Northern Europeans and the predominant portions – Germans and English – made America the powerhouse of the world.
    But America was NEVER an idea for 3rd worlders from shithole countries.

    1. Southern Europeans and Slavs are basically 2nd worlders IMO and have the genetics to act like ethnic shitskins if need be. Same with the Irish. How those low IQ negrofaced albinos got accepted into white mainstream I will never know.

      1. And I am sure your brain is bigger than a pea. If the Irish and Italians in this country joined the other side it would be game over for you buddy.

        1. “If the Irish and Italians in this country joined the other side”…they would just be fucking themselves over and eventually wouldn’t exist either. Slavs have potential, and many actually score fairly high on IQ tests, and there have been some brilliant people that have come out of those countries….but they do have some third world habits, a lot of which could come from the soul destroying cancer called communism that many of them lived under for 70+ years. The Slavs entire existence has been a desperate attempt at copying the west, which I hope they stop doing now, but there is a reason (not just racism/bigotry) that the west considered Slavs to be more mongrel, etc.

        2. @Wes
          My point was to Fitz that being a Super Bigot and thinking that the only “white people” are those that burn like vampires in the sun is foolish. If the Anglo-Protestants want to lose kick the “Dagos” and Mics” out of your group. I for one would sit back with my own, watch the brown hordes consume them, say good riddance, and then fight to defend my own.

      2. England and America handed themselves over to Jews willingly and you’re shitting on Southern Europeans and Slavs… Okay buddy…

        1. Exactly! The English Protestant Puritans under Cromwell worshipped the Jews and England has been their tool ever since. Of course America founded by England has become an even bigger tool. The NWO could not have advanced without the clueless help given by Once Great Britain and America.

        2. When someone enters a topic clearly trying to stir sh1t between different white ethnic groups you have to put a huge question mark over its authenticity or if it’s simply a divide tactic from (((them)))
          In the recent movie about David duke they constantly emphasize he hated Italians and Irish and some white Anglo master race BS. Having followed Dr Duke and read one of his books I can say this is an absolute lie.
          J shills and media always play this divide amongst whites/Europeans and cast doubt on who is ‘white’ enough. They don’t want whites to have a cohesive team. It’s frustrating that people fall for it and will be unable to unify by doing so.
          Ask yourself white man who does it benefit most when this narrative of lies and animosity is spread amongst us. Get smart, question everything and be aware a cunning clever enemy is pulling out all stops unscrupulously to annihilate you.

        3. @Sasquatch
          I thought Fitz might be one of THEM, but took the bait anyway. I did it because their are some people in this country that have a very narrow definition of what white is. On their own they really would have no chance. Their are many people that have at least some Irish,Italian, or Slav in their heritage, probably more than there are of just straight Northern European.

  21. Gabe the Clairvoyant
    So, you are going to remove what? 50-60 million brown people in the US?
    And you call me an idiot.. You don’t have enough ammo and you don’t have any backing.
    All your “patriots” are fvkn posers that wont get their fat asses of the couch and do jackshit.
    So please, stfu and gfy.
    Because FVKYou.
    quit lying to yourself.

  22. America was never made for anyone except Anglo Protestants. Show me where Meds and Slavs were considered equal to Anglos before you spew this false rhetoric that we were founded for “European immigrants”. Just fucking lol if you can’t see the difference in accomplishment between Anglo WASPs compared to Arab looking Sicilians or pseudo gook Slavs. Aren’t Croats Iranians anyway? It gets me how the most racist of “Whites” were treated like shitskins themselves when their families came to shores from 3rd world Southern Europoor shithole countries or the Slavic territories.

    1. Human nature.. want to get a real good look?
      Look how the Irish were treated when they- WHITE MEN- landed @ Ellis Island.
      But it gets even better.. A real good indicator is how the Californians treated the Okies that were fleeing the dust bowl.. It was nothing short of slavery.. and don’t forget the 7 million Americans starved to death by the (((bankers))) that crashed the economy on purpose in the 30’s and ushered in the Great Depression..
      The death of 150 million or so people in Europe, Russia and China last century.
      Pol Pot.. etc..
      Remember, times change humans don’t.

    2. The Mediterranean civilizations were in existence when your ancestors smelled like pigs and wore animal skins.

      1. Exactly. Mediterraneans of Southern Europe, the Near East/Levant and North Africa (Egypt), and Persia (not Mediterranean but you know what I mean) had amazing, advanced, flourishing and influential civilizations while basically the rest of Europe were running around like savages pillaging, raping and killing each other. Romans saw Germans and other Germanic/Celtic peoples as barbaric animals. They lived in woodhuts while the Mediterreanan and Middle East were building monuments of architecture, expanding their empires, developing their knowledge of philosophy, science, the list just goes on and on. Even ancient Mexico had civilizations like the Olmecs thousands of years before Northern Europeans. It is just simple history. Nordicism is a ridiculous and idiotic belief, akin to Afrocentrism. You white fellas will never be united if you keep fighting and dividing amongst yourselves. Different European ethnicties have always been rivals, fighting with each other and competing, looking down on each other, etc. but in this place and time, you all have to team up for the greater good, at least this once.

        1. Nietzsche referred to them, those who understood the broader historical, racial, and cultural unity of Europe, the “Good Europeans”.

        2. “Romans saw Germans and other Germanic/Celtic peoples as barbaric animals. ” No they didn’t, they saw them as an enemy like anyone else, and many Romans actually admired them and even adopted their war tactics. “They lived in woodhuts” Lol, nice attempt at trying to demoralize Germanic people by discretely trying to tie their woodhuts with mud huts. Living in extremely cold and harsh climates meant that war, food, and warmth were more important than building large coliseums. Hey, not taking anything away from the great accomplishments of the Mediterranean’s, but lets keep things in perspective. BTW, Mediterranean’s and Middle eastern people were a lot whiter back then too, FACT.
          The Olmec were nothing bro, grow up. Carving some head statues and roaming around in the TROPICAL forest is nothing compared to what colder climate people had to go through to survive. The Olmec hadn’t even entered the bronze age, and Stonehenge predates all of them by 1000 years+.
          “Nordicism is a ridiculous and idiotic belief”, uh, no it is not…preserving your genes and heritage is not ridiculous, and unlike Afrocentrisicim, Nordisicim is based on things that actually happened and it is defending what we ACTUALLY created. Race matters dumbass.
          Bro, you need to get an understanding of real history because you are just regurgitating the most basic bitch Marxist talking points. I’m sorry, but just because whites use to fight each other back in the day does not mean that it is alright that Mexicans, Blacks, Asians, etc can come into our country and spread their seed at our expense. Also, as you may have noticed about history, the only way people earned their respect was through hard work and WAR…not just immigrating to a nation and then expecting love, tolerance, and white pussy. White people in this country need to preserve themselves, and protect ourselves from the invading hordes of people who are OBVIOUSLY not white. It would be so nice if white people could visit each other and travel amongst our own without having to let every white-pussy worshipping colored person into our nation as well.

    3. Southern Europeans–and Middle Easterners for that matter–were building great architecture, writing literature and posing philosophical questions that have lasted to this day, and waged sophisticated wars of conquest on land and sea, while northern Europeans were painting themselves blue, eating berries, dwelling in mud huts, and generally living not that much differently than savages in Africa or faraway America, except that the northern Europeans were lucky enough to have a game changer–the horse.

      1. You need to brush up a little bit more on your history. Just the basic fact that is was warmer where they lived helped the Mediterranean’s out A LOT. Not to mention their access to trade in the Mediterranean. They were actually able to grow a lot of food and have large populations. Large populations are needed in order to build things like Aqueducts, etc. As soon as the Germanic populations grew then they themselves started building massive and “advanced” civilizations. However, the more a “colored” country like Mexico or Nigeria grow the more problems they have, and that is even with access to current technology. The city of Rome probably had more people living in it than all of Scandinavia at the time. Also, those Northern Europeans actually entered the bronze age just like most other Europeans…Africans and Native Americans had not. So, this in no way proves that race doesn’t matter, and that colored people just need more help and they will be just like us. It wasn’t just horses bro. Races are different, evolution does exist. Nice try though.

        1. The original point was presented as somehow only Nordic types are white and superior to Mediterraneans. That of course is not true. Western Civlization would not exist if it were not for Greece and Rome both of which were darker in complexion than Germanics.

        2. @Cavalier…The Mediterranean is only darker because of 600 years of constant Muslim invasion. The demographics of Italy, Greece, and even Eastern Europe was way different back then. Hell, most of Ukraine, Poland, etc were inhabited by German tribes during the Roman periods. Oh, I agree with you, I think Italy and Greece are both cool and accomplished places just going through hard times right now. Italy is going full nazboy at the moment, WHICH IS AWESOME, so ya, I have never taken anything away from the Mediterranean people in any of my posts.

        3. @Wes the great
          Correct, The very thing that caused northern Europeans to evolve higher IQ’s is the very thing that inhibited them for. using it – the ice age. While the Mediterranean and other parts of the fertile crescent allowed for the precursor of civilization which was agriculture. Even after the glaciers receded most of the Northern regions were covered in permafrost.
          Also as you stated, southern Europeans were not as dark back then. Interestingly, genetic analysis has shown that even the ancient Egyptian mummies were genetically closer to the British than anyone else.

    4. You need to read more history. Maryland was started by Catholics and Washington’s army was repleto with Irish and Bavarians.

  23. I’m non-white but my family has been in what is now the continental USA since the 1700s, and we have been in the Americas since the 1500s. I don’t ever plan on leaving the USA because I’ve been part of it’s soil for centuries, I am just waiting for it to balkanize, probably after the “European Spring”, (think Arab Spring but with Europeans), in which if things keep getting bad, North America will follow. Be prepared, brothers.

    1. “I’m non-white but my family has been in what is now the continental USA since the 1700s, and we have been in the Americas since the 1500s.”
      Tricky language there bub. Does that basically mean you’re a Mexican?
      You’ve made a lot of questionable comments, I hope I’m not the only one who pegged you for non-white from the moment you opened your mouth.

    2. I’m a mix of Spaniard, Anglo-Saxon, and Native North American, (Quechan and some other tribes). I don’t see why I wouldn’t have Mexican ancestors, since they use to rule about all of the Southwest. Why, do you have a problem with that?

      1. @Facts So your essentially white? Lol, even I have some native American in me, and I am not trying to pull an Elizabeth Warren here. The natives are fine, even though they are drunk and violent fuckups, where else would they go? It still doesn’t take away from the meaning of race, and the need to protect your genetics and identity from being destroyed by foreign peoples. The Indians tried protecting themselves, like everyone should, but they were defeated through war at least, and even though they lost they at least won’t be remembered as cowards. BTW, your comments are all over the place dude. Mexicans didn’t rule shit, they slaughtered Indians violently, and they eventually even got their asses handed to them by the Indians. The Southwest was a part of the Spanish empire, hardly anyone lived there but some desert Indians, Indians who where probably the most prolific warrior tribes on the continent at the time (Apache and Comanche). Muh Southwest stolen from us Mexicans; not really….and like I said in an earlier post, white man actually had to earn his right to live there through war, not just immigrating to a place and expecting to be worshipped as equals.

        1. Apache War Chief Geronimo: “I have killed many Mexicans; I do not know how many, for frequently I did not count them. Some of them were not worth counting. It has been a long time since then, but still I have no love for the Mexicans. With me they were always treacherous and malicious.”

        2. Apache War Chief Geronimo: “When I was at first asked to attend the St. Louis World’s Fair I did not wish to go. Later, when I was told that I would receive good attention and protection, and that the President of the United States said that it would be all right, I consented … Every Sunday the President of the Fair sent for me to go to a wild west show. I took part in the roping contests before the audience. There were many other Indian tribes there, and strange people of whom I had never heard … I am glad I went to the Fair. I saw many interesting things and learned much of the white people. They are a very kind and peaceful people. During all the time I was at the Fair no one tried to harm me in any way. Had this been among the Mexicans I am sure I should have been compelled to defend myself often.”

        3. Uh, what theory are you talking about? Most of those Texans were Mexican citizens, they literally paid for it and were invited in by Mexicans because the area was unpopulated and they, the Mexicans, wanted white people to act as a buffer to Comanche raids into Mexico. So what are you talking about, Juanisaac?

        4. Lulzworth,
          Simply shoveling the same argument paragraph after paragraph isn’t the same as “tearing them up.”

        5. 5,000 southerners were invited to settle Texas, but by 1835 that number had ballooned to 30,000 to include 25,000 illegals. Let us look at the people in the Alamo. Davey Crocket was a Congressman from Tennessee who went to Tejas as an ilegal. The New Orleans Greys were volunteers from Louisiana who were also in the Alamo as illegal aliens. So no, most of the people inside the Alamo were not Mexican citizens but illegals. The point is the original illegals in Texas were your ancestors. And now you are against illegal immigration when the USA was built on illegal immigration.

        6. Juanisaac…A) Your numbers on Texas illegal whites is highly exaggerated, B) Ya, white people were tribal back then so when Texas did go to war many whites went down there to fight with their brethren. C) White illegals did not get affirmative action, did not receive 150+ points on their SAT score to go to college, and they paid for their own children. D) Texas had almost 0 population before whites moved there, and Mexicans knew so little of the area that their armies would even get lost during the Texas revolution. So no, that does not make that land “Mexicans” especially the Mexicans of today, which are mostly brown skinned, low IQ, Aztecs who only exist in large numbers because of the agricultural, medical, and civil technology WHITE SPANIARDS brought to the WHITE SPANISH EMPIRE. Mexicans are not the people that made America great and wealthy, and that is the only reason they are flooding into this country and making up excuses like you in order to be here to parasite of the WHITE ECONOMY.
          So no, even if your exaggerated numbers where right that 25,000 illegal Texans came to Texas illegally, that in no way compares to a civilized and developed nation of whites accepting MILLIONS of low IQ, affirmative action, welfare addicted beaners flooding into our nation. You are making the same LOW IQ excuses that liberals and every other anti-white group has made. You’re a Marxist liberal, and the only reason you come to this site is probably because your not getting worshipped by white pussy enough or something.

        7. @juanisaac…oh, and it is not like the Mexicans liked illegal whites. The Mexicans tried forcing them to speak Spanish, tried kicking them out, and even tried forcing them to catholisim……so in other words they fought against illegals…can whites do the same? Or are whites just suppose to sit back and let failed and unproven people repopulate them? BTW, like I said in one of my earlier posts, whites actually had to fight and win their right to exist in an area, you beaners just want to be able to immigrate legally, get welfare and affirmative action, and get worshipped by white pussy all for free……BIG DIFFERNCE THERE BRO. Mexicans fight against “25,000” illegals located in an unpopulated area whose sole reason for being “Mexican” is thanks to white imperialists somehow = Millions upon millions of affirmative action welfare beaners flooding into our DEVELOPED and CIVILIZED nation illegally. Hmmmm

  24. Europe is the real home of Europeans! It`s here that we evolved to become the “modern” dominant hominids that we are today. I belive that all other Euro enclaves will fall in time, South Africa, Australia/New-Zealand and the US. Europe is the only hope for European survival. The US us long gone already.

  25. Maybe the US debt will be paid off by illegal immigrants, technology, a zero percent tax rate, or magic fairy dust, but the reality is that the US debt is increasing constantly, no one cares, and spending more money to reduce the debt will only lead to disaster.
    Debt didn’t work out too well for Rome, Germany, Japan, Greece, or Zimbabwe.
    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  26. “America is a nation of Americans.” Yes, we became a nation and this has always been assumed. We became a superpower by being a nation-state not some multicultural “salad-bowl.” But then again, people cant support the nation above turning the whole world into a giant neo-liberal free trade zone. It also makes sense that the US is an “idea” as things come from ideas. Indians not considering Mexicans Indian while relocating to India is also an idea for instance.
    Another thing that both the dems and republicans support is the idea of freedom. Many of our founding fathers liked to talk about freedom in their writings but what is interesting is that “freedom” only appears once in our constitution and “free” twice if you don’t count the 3/5th rule. One of the “free” words also has to do with being free from another state and not having to do with being free form other citizens.
    So really, when it come to being “free” we have two options and one of those “free” guarantees has to do with religion not the average joe.
    So when it comes to what freedom we actually have, it is very narrow which is we can say what we want when we want, we can peacefully assemble when/where we want, and we can petition for grievances.
    It does not say that we can do absolutely anything we desire at any time while somehow magically not having the consequences you don’t want; in other words being unburdened by everything but also having rights to everything (because that is freedom in a nut shell). In exchange we get three rights which are rights to life, liberty, and property. Liberty being near opposite of freedom since to be liberated means to not only practice what you may like but you also share the responsibility that this comes with such as being punished if you murder someone.
    So, right now we might be acting like a “free” society with free everything (trade zones, welfare, riots, etc.) yet there is nowhere in our actually laws that recognizes someone to be completely free and its interesting that both Republicans and Democrats support this “idea” of freedom.

  27. I totally agree Fitz — see my comment above. Meds and Slavs were always inferior and vulgarized this country. It’s a shame so many were let in and it led to the famous Immigration Act in the 1920s. People often forget how many of our ancestors were horrified at the influx of Southern European Catholics and Eastern Europeans. They were always considered “colored” and not fully a people ready to be compatible with Constitutional government. Even today, our ancestors in England are fed up with European immigration, particularly from the poor South…hence, Brexit.

  28. This article and these comment lines…ROK deciphers and awakens to the subtle negative forces shifting the Overton Window (yet again). I hate to say it because “muh XL ego,” but this resource & community has been a real mental life line for me as I watch the majority of western society fall under what *appears* to be a mass political hypnosis, including several in my own family. They miss the big picture and I’m a villain for paying attention to what’s going on outside the lines, or for mentioning it at all (lest I pop their bubble world or merely test the integrity of their narrow, groupthink-infected chicane). Aside from the philosophical adventure and personal growth that transpires here, it’s otherwise depressing. Changes, including the diminished of hope; I’m human so I require some form of hope as fuel for my willpower. Now I try to time the arrival of some distant (?) societal collapse without trying to succumb to wild conspiracy theories.

  29. Ideas are an expression of power, not its source.
    All culture is based on ideas.
    America is nothing exceptional in that regard.
    Ideas need to be judged by the purpose they’re intended for.
    What’s America’s purpose?
    womp womp womp
    > muh bounty
    > muh blessings
    > muh burgers
    I guess liberals aren’t wrong then.
    Anyone can partake in consumer culture.
    And anyone did right from the get go.
    So it’s no surprise America is blending into Brazil.
    It just took longer because Anglo Protestants were just slightly more racist than Iberian Catholics. But not racist enough to avert a melting pot culture.
    Not even close.
    In fact, it was precisely European racial-based fascism what America annihilated during WW2.
    America made it’s bed long ago.
    If you want a state based on European ethnic homogeneity, get as far away from Americanism as possible.

  30. I propose the “alt-right” label, which was hijacked by Nazi larpers, be replaced with a term eastern Europeans have. They call whites “Real Americans” and are perplexed by the idea of a brown person calling themselves “American”. To them, American is a distinct race, in the same way that Australians are a distinct derivation of English genetics.
    The term “Real Americans” is ambiguous enough it can be flexed at times to include pro-Trump blacks or other groups, but it will enrage leftists, who will take the bait and position themselves as anti-American, etc. (The recent Cuomo gaffe is a great example of how this works.)

  31. The term “Real Americans” also conveniently lends itself to another term: “Fake Americans”. I can think of a few groups to apply this to.

  32. @Cavalier: Catholic countries were totalitarian to the core, so they wanted to establish a monoculture of Catholic (NOT racial) identity. All you have to do is look at the failed and pathetic Spanish colonization of the Americas to the South to see the effects of “mestizaje” (mestizos). Catholicism was only concerned about religion, not a racial identity. In fact, to be “Hispanic” meant to be Catholic up until 100 years ago. Even today, with the notable exception of Italy, NOT ONE Catholic country in origin has a right-wing racial party. NOT ONE. There is no BNP or UKIP (not that UKIP is racial in theory) but you get my point…there is no “English Defense League” or similar in Spain or Portugal or any hispanic country in the Americas. Only France (which is very “northern” in many aspects has someone like Le Pen)…but Spain? Not a chance.
    Yes, it is true that “the tribe” found a less hostile people in the Anglo countries — because when it comes to making money, we are in fact very similar…we are a mercantile, commercial people, unlike the backward and mostly illiterate (until recently) Catholics who bred like rabbits and worked the land until well into the 20th Century.
    I am indeed proud of WW2 – We wouldn’t have become the world’s ONLY superpower without it and I certainly would not have wanted ever a united Europe as Hitler wanted. A united Europe would have spelled the end of Anglo-Protestant power and we simply could not have it.
    As for what is happening now, I already said that we ALL have lost at this point, we no longer have a country or a majority race to sustain it…but don’t get so proud…Catholic countries have gone down the SAME ROUTE. Do you honestly believe there is no widespread degeneracy in Spain today? Or in Portugal and France? Please…
    Juanisaac: I’m sorry but you’re talking nonsense. The Poles, in WW2…SURRENDER in 1939, much like Catholic FRANCE on June 22nd, 1940. Spain? Sympathetic to Hitler…even though Hitler would’ve wiped them out along with Italians under Mussolini…in fact Mussolini was detained in Switzerland for racial reasons, because back in those days there was no way in hell an Italian would pass for truly White.
    Cubans and filipinos? Yeah, thanks to USA influencing them to do so. If the Cubans were so freedom oriented, they wouldn’t have allowed Fidel Castro over 50 years in power without firing a single shot from within.
    James McCarthy? No way…I’m a Calvinist through and through.
    Thomas Fitzsimons? Right, OK…so 2! LOL. 2 Roman Catholic signers, BIG DEAL. Compare that to the dozens of Protestant and deist signers.
    By the way, Gibraltar will remain British territory…even the locals there who are Spanish speaking would NEVER want to be Spanish. Who can blame em!? You’d have to be really dumb to surrender British liberties to a low cost pseudodemocracy like Spain.

  33. This is one of the best articles I have seen on ROK. The reality of what is going on is not a left right thing its an us verses them thing. More specifically, its 90 plus percent of people “us” getting fucked by a relatively small elite “Them”.
    I have friends who are hard core Christian fundamentalists, libertarians, and those who are socialists or communists. Guess what? They are all saying the same thing: Things are fucked up and everyone knows it. Whats even weirder is that when you push, for instance, my commie friends they end up agreeing with my right wing friends albeit using different terminology.
    Simply stated the divisiveness is a useful tool for those who control us. If it is going to change it needs to stop. Even if it is hard to get out of a rigid ideological mindset and go talk to someone who disagree with you its a good idea. At this point in American society you will likely find more in common with your perceived enemies than different.
    The mark of the red pill is realizing this.

  34. Unlike Europe, the US was not founded on a single ethnos, and as it wnt it became increasingly less so. Yes, the ethhoi were all European, but a single people had to be foreged out the British, Scotts, Irish, German, Sicilian, Polish and other European immigrants. After the Civil War, the problem of the former slaves emerged and was not solved, even in theory, until 1965. It’s the Shimmer paradox – America is both an idea, and a people forged out of many different European peoples. American was unique. Similarly, America was founded without Marx or Jesus – and will be maintained the same way.
    American ideas are highly exportable, and their influence has been mostly for the good. But no country can hope t replicate American simply by adopting its idea. You needed peoples and the unifying idea.

  35. Unpleasant to accept, but true. The America that people drooled over was 90% white: i.e the America that Cubans tried to get to on a raft, the America that people stand in line for in foreign embassies, etc. When they think of the American dream, they don’t think of Watts or a Navaho reservation. That’s the straight-up reality.
    But alas, like every great white civilization, the Jews eventually set their traps on it. They landed and began with their lies, manipulation, and class warfare. Americans were too trusting to see that Jews were not like other Europeans: they were a tribe that had destroyed countless nations, arriving to destroy another.
    White Americans have failed to learn from history.

  36. ‘When we accept that America is a people it becomes much harder for Americans to be callous to other Americans.’
    No, it does not.
    As always seems to be the case, American thinkers studiously avoid CLASS in this discussion of national/ethnic identity.
    If we look at British history, we can see a very strong national identity that is obviated by CLASS.
    The British working class hated the middles classes who despised them in return. The upper classes feared them both and repressed them with tax for free stuff. all remain callous in their attitude toward each other.
    ‘ Maybe those people on welfare will do everything they can to get off of it if they believe they are taking resources from their own people.’
    Sadly, this simply does not happen. Welfare parasites regard it as their right to live off of others, just ask them. There is zero pride in a welfare state. Welfare never works that way.
    British joke about the NHS, ‘If it’s free, I’ll have two!’
    ‘Maybe criminal bankers would be imprisoned for their crimes if we suspected them of doing damage to our fellow Americans.’
    Never happens.
    If we look at post WWI Europe, everybody suspected the Bankers of profiting from the war and from the millions dead.
    No European country ever ‘punished’ the bankers, nor the industrialists who made so much money.
    ‘Maybe we would have more compassion for people than dogs if we believed that those people were our people, Americans like us.’
    Won’t happen if the State exists to ‘provide’ for others.
    Pre-Welfare State Britain had hundreds of micro-charities to provide assistance. This went back to the humane and effective Poor Laws. Unfortunately, as soon as people realise they could vote for welfare without responsibility (as soon as women vote) all that is gone forever.
    European history provides many answers to the questions raised by this writer.

  37. “America is a people” still doesn’t make sense. What am I , ethnically American? No, I’m European.
    “America is an idea” sure, if that idea is globalism.
    So, not really feeling American. I think I should have more rights because I was born here, that’s it. I think I should have preferential treatment from my own tribe.

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